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Libratone Too
The outdoor-friendly Libratone Too speaker delivers solid Bluetooth audio with impressively strong bass considering its very small frame.

Tivoli Audio ART Speaker
The Tivoli Audio ART Speaker is beautiful and delivers clear wireless audio, but suffers from baffling functional design decisions and mono-only playback.

Vifa Copenhagen
Vifa's wireless Copenhagen speaker looks and sounds great, but its design has some operational limitations and ease-of-use issues.

'Alexa, Order Me a Starbucks Latte'
Starbucks is testing an iOS app feature and Alexa skill that will let customers place orders with their voice.

Skullcandy Barricade XL
The Skullcandy Barricade XL speaker delivers bass-forward Bluetooth audio in a portable, rugged design.

Jam Xterior Max
The outdoor-friendly Jam Xterior Max is a Bluetooth speaker built to take a beating. Its audio performance is solid, but not exceptional.

Wake Your Echo in True 'Star Trek' Style
Device owners can activate Alexa by saying "Computer."

'OK, Google' Arrives on Vizio TVs, Speakers
You can now use Google Home to control your Vizio home theater equipment.

LG Tone Studio Is a Speaker for Your Neck
Tone Studio and Tone Free aim to replace headphones, hands-free kits, and AirPods.

LG's Levitating Speaker Floats for 10 Hours
Rather than magic or witchcraft, LG opted for electromagnets to make this speaker float.