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Here's How to Jam With Paul Simon (Virtually)
The Skirball Cultural Center's 'Paul Simon: Words and Music' exhibit in LA lets you create tunes like the music legend.

Jeopardy! Mobile Game Launches on iOS, Android
Jeopardy! World Tour lets players compete with opponents around the world or challenge friends in head-to-head matches.

FCC Officially Votes to Gut Net Neutrality Rules
The proposal will now be open for public comment; a final vote is expected later this year.

Twitter Updates Privacy Policy, Ends 'Do Not Track' Support
You may see a notice informing you about the recent privacy policy changes the next time you visit the microblogging service, if you haven't seen it already.

Facebook to Publishers: Clickbait Headlines Will Get You Demoted
Instead of lumping all clickbait into one category, Facebook will now look at whether a headline withholds information, or if it exaggerates the truth.

Always Forgetting to Share Pics? Google Photos Can Help
Google Photos is getting an upgrade to help you more easily share your photos.

Google Assistant Gets Smarter, Comes to iPhone
iPhone users can now say 'OK, Google' to get access to an expanded Assistant feature set. Meanwhile, Google Home gets voice calls and more.

Steve Jobs Wanted Jeff Goldblum as 'The Voice of Apple'
If things had turned out differently, Hollywood actor Jeff Goldblum might have added another role to his long list of credits: the voice of Siri.

Google 'Smart Reply' Headed to Gmail for iOS, Android
Smart Reply uses machine learning technology to determine which emails can be answered with a short reply, then prepares a few possible responses for you to consider.

After WannaCry, Should You Worry About Ransomware?
Modern encrypting ransomware mostly targets businesses, because of their deep pockets. How worried should you be about protecting your own computers?