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History Is Powerful

Sun, 15 Jan 2017 03:46:49 +0000

History is powerful.   More precisely, knowledge of history is powerful.   Why is that?  Because human beings tend to make the same blunders and mistakes as those human beings who lived a thousand years ago. Correct, modern humans do not make perfect copies of those mistakes.  Students of history will tell you that: “History […]

Even If You Live in the Best and Most Comfortable Cell Block, You Are Still In Prison

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 19:21:17 +0000

Even If You Live in the Best and Most Comfortable Cell Block, You Are Still In Prison I just had this thought and I know what it means to me.  But I’m MORE interested in what you think it might mean or indicate. Please share your opinion about that this statement means to you from […]

Heart Shaped Cake Pen – Men’s Perspective

Sat, 07 Jan 2017 18:02:50 +0000

Well, that didn’t last long. We all make New Year’s decisions knowing that they probably won’t last for long. It usually takes about a month for me to abandon this practice and go back to my routine. Normally, I would make silly little decisions not looking to change anything big: one less beer a day, […]

Call of Duty: Ghosts – A Gift From Me To Myself

Sun, 01 Jan 2017 05:25:07 +0000

January is the slowest month for me, business-wise. The diminished workload leaves me with more time to spend with my family, but for the sake of this story, more time to catch-up on the things I do alone. I used to be a very active gamer, and as much as I don’t mind sacrificing that […]

My holiday plan – double dipped nachos while watching sports.

Thu, 29 Dec 2016 23:57:34 +0000

Yeah I know, holidays are about the family and spending time with the people you love. But, you see, the person I love the most is me (kinda). If there are two days that I really enjoy every year, those would be the 4th of July and the first day of Christmas. The 4th of […]