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Dropping Off The Grid: A Growing Movement In America

Mon, 29 Oct 2012 11:11:41 PDT

Dropping Off The Grid: A Growing Movement In AmericaNow is your chance to flee society. Drop off the grid. Pull a Thoreau. Be you a survivalist, an environmentalist or a cheapskate-ist, you can join the growing movement of Americans embracing off-grid living."There's a desire to step out of the rat race, and in America, that goes very deep in the national psyche," says Nick Rosen, author of "Off the Grid: Inside the Movement for More Space, Less Government, and True Independence in Modern America" and editor of "You know, the pioneering spirit and sturdy self-reliance -- these things which define the American character."For some off-griders, it's a matter of having little or no impact on the environment -- literally living off the power grid. This lifestyle has been championed by celebrities Daryl Hannah and Ed Begley Jr. Then there are those who no longer want to be a blip on the societal radar."Off-grid living is a spectrum that unites greens and survivalists," says Rosen, referring to those who choose to escape city life because they either don't trust the government or don't want it meddling in their affairs.Whether you’re a Civil libertarian or just want to be private, you can relax and worry less about the intrusive State with its Big Brother databases, at least in the UK. Civil servants running the new systems are so incompetent (e.g. the Ministry of Defence stolen laptop) that the biggest fear is them losing your data. But private industry is another matter. From Facebook to Microsoft, They are watching You. Now the US Senate is considering a “do not track” command that could be issued by individual internet users.The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee held a hearing Wednesday to debate what – if any – privacy protections Internet users should be given. Most of the senators on hand agreed that consumers know little about who or what is tracking their browsing behavior.The UK government is burning $500m a year to build a national ID database that will duplicate the passport system and only cover those of us law abiding enough to register under our real names. Corporate databases will create their own parallel versions, or license government data for their own security checks.But you can take a few steps to protect your privacy. Follow these simple tips, and Big Brother will be no bother:1. How to Get an Anonymous CellphoneGo to a town you have never visited before, to an area with no CCTV cameras and pay a homeless person to buy a pay-as-you-go mobile phone for you. That way no shop will have your image on its CCTV. You will also have an anonymous mobile.In order to keep your anonymity, top it up in a shop with no CCTV outside. Or dispense with the phone altogether and return to the humble payphone, now the preserve of tourists and the super-poor.Even if you stick to your traceable phone, leave it switched off whenever possible to avoid having your movements tracked. Many phones are still traceable, so you need to take the battery out to be certain. If you have a Bluetooth phone, keep the service switched off because this is now being tested for advertising and other marketing activities.2. Hide Your EmailIf you use one of the free, web-based services like Gmail, your communications are being stored to build up a picture of your interests. Instead, you can use a service called Hushmail to send encrypted emails. Or work out a private code with friends you want to communicate with.You do not need an email address of your own. One hacker I spoke to sends emails from cybercafes via The Observer website, using the service which allows anyone to send any article to a friend. He embeds his message into the covering note which goes with the article.Others with their own computer use the free XeroBank browser (in preference to Explorer or Firefox), which includes several privacy-enhancing add-ons and sends all data through a network ‘cloud’ which hides most of the data you normally give away as you use a computer, but at the cost of reduced speed.3. Protect [...]

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Layaway Plan Allows You To Buy Nanny Cameras, Audio Bugs, GPS Trackers, Bug Detectors and More!:

Mon, 08 Oct 2012 10:20:51 PDT

Our New Layaway Plan Adds Convenience For Online ShoppersDPL-Surveillance-Equipment's layaway plan makes it easy for you to buy the products and services that you want by paying for them through manageable monthly payments that you set. Our intuitive calculator allows you to break down your order's purchase price into smaller payment amounts. Payments can be automatically deducted from your bank account or made in cash using MoneyGram® ExpressPayment® Services and you will receive your order once it's paid in full. Use it to plan and budget for holiday purchases, anniversaries, birthdays, vacations and more! allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="360">DPL-Surveillance-Equipment's Customers can now use the convenience of layaway online to help them get through these tough economic times.We all shop now and then just to face a hard reality -- big credit card bills. However, our latest financing innovation can help you avoid that. Find out why more and more shoppers are checking out DPL-Surveillance-Equipment's e-layaway plan.If you're drooling over a new nanny camera, longing for a GPS tracker, or wishing for that spy watch, but you're strapped for cash and can't afford to do credit, do what Jennie Kheen did. She bought her iPod docking station (hidden camera w/motion-activated DVR) online using our convenient lay-away plan.Our online layaway plan works like the old-fashioned service stores used to offer. But, in Kheen's case, she went to, found the iPod docking station (hidden camera w/motion-activated DVR), then set up a payment plan."It's automatically drawn from my account," she said. "I have a budget, $208.00 a month.In three months, Kheen had paid off the $650.00 iPod docking station. She paid another 3.9 percent service fee, which amounted to about $25.35 (plus $12.00 for shipping) for a total of $687.35."You pay a little bit each month," Kheen said. "It's paid off when you get it and you don't have it lingering over your head. It's great."Flexible payment terms and automated payments make our layaway plan an affordable and fiscally responsible alternative to credit cards.1. Register:It's quick, easy and FREE! No credit check required!2. Shop:Select the items or service you want and choose "e-layaway" as your payment option. Our payment calculator makes it easy for you to set up your payment terms.3. Make Payments:Payments are made on the schedule YOU set. Check your order status or adjust your payments online in a secure environment.4. Receive Products:Receive the product shortly after your last payment. The best part, it's paid in full... NO DEBT.More Buying Power:* Our lay-away plan offers a safe and affordable payment alternative without tying up your credit or subjecting the purchase to high-interest credit card fees.No Credit Checks or Special Qualifications:* Anyone 18 years old or older can join. All you need is an active bank account.Freedom From Credit Cards:* If you are near or beyond your credit limit or simply want to avoid high interest credit card fees, our e-layaway is the smart choice for you.Flexible Payment Schedules:* Similar to traditional layaway, e-layaway lets you make regular payments towards merchandise, with delivery upon payment in full. Payments are automatically deducted from your bank account or made in cash using MoneyGram® ExpressPayment®A Tool for Planning Ahead:* Our e-layaway makes it easy for smart shoppers like you to plan ahead and buy items such as bug detectors, nanny cameras, audio bugs, gps trackers, and more!No Hidden Charges or Mounting Interest:Our e-layaway makes shopping painless by eliminating hidden charges and monthly interest fees. Our customers pay a flat transaction fee on the initial purchase price.NO RISK:* You have the right to cancel any purchase and will receive a refund less a cancellation fee. See website for details.Security and Identity Protection:DPL-Surveillance-Equipment has partnered with trusted experts like M[...]