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Last Build Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2017 16:54:00 -0500

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Trump Organization Cuts Ties To Controversial SoHo Hotel

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 16:54:00 -0500

The part hotel, part condo building, from which Trump had continued to profit as president, potentially linked him to murky financing arrangements and allegations of fraud.

Video Shows North Korean Soldier's Dramatic Sprint Across Border

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 16:50:22 -0500

Newly-released CCTV footage released shows a jeep speeding through the countryside near the DMZ. Inside is a North Korean soldier making a desperate escape.

Remembering The 'Monstrous' Legacy Of Ratko Mladic

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 16:46:00 -0500

Mladic's conviction "serves as a reminder of the evil one man can do with an army at his command," writes NPR's Tom Gjelten, who covered the war in Bosnia in the 1990s.

Secretary Of State Tillerson Considering Action In Response To Rohingya Attacks

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 16:44:19 -0500

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says he believes the attacks on Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar amounts to ethnic cleansing. He's considering targeted sanctions in response.

Local Opposition To The American Presence In Okinawa Is Growing

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 16:44:19 -0500

On Sunday, a U.S. Marine stationed in Okinawa, Japan, drunkenly crashed his truck into another vehicle, killing the driver. NPR's Elise Hu talks with Anna Fifield, Tokyo Bureau Chief for The Washington Post about what the incident means for the American military presence in Okinawa.

Former U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Doctor Pleads Guilty To Sexual Abuse

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 16:44:19 -0500

A former U.S. Olympic gymnastics team doctor pleaded guilty today to child sexual abuse. Larry Nassar admitted to abusing young girls under the guise of medical treatment. It was a surreal, emotional moment – especially for survivors who say they reported the abuse years ago.

Bosnian Journalist Says Conviction Of Ratko Mladic Doesn't Mean Closure

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 16:44:19 -0500

NPR's Ari Shapiro speaks with Bosnian journalist Nidzara Ahmetasevic about the conviction of Ratko Mladic for war crimes and committing genocide during a conflict in the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

Colorado Launches First In The Nation Post-Election Audits

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 16:44:19 -0500

It's the first state to try the method on a statewide basis. The audits involve a ten-sided die, a software algorithm and the assumption that "the reported winner didn't really win."

Companies Are Trying To Get Shoppers Back In The Stores With Doorbusters

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 16:44:00 -0500

Stores are bringing back doorbuster deals that are available in-store only — a gambit to get more people physically shopping on the Thanksgiving weekend. One of the best discounts this year is 4K televisions.

What The End To Net Neutrality Means For Internet Streaming

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 16:44:00 -0500

NPR's Elise Hu talks to former Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler about what the FCC decision to end so-called net neutrality means and what it will mean to consumers of internet streaming.

How To Survive Uncomfortable Holiday Dinner Conversations

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 16:44:00 -0500

Family dynamics during Thanksgiving can be hard to navigate when political opinions collide. Advice columnist Heather Havrilesky shares her tips for how to avoid, diffuse, or otherwise deal with blow-ups during the holidays.

Trump Administration Has More Than 250 Unfilled Jobs

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 16:44:00 -0500

Hundreds of jobs remain unfilled in the Trump administration, and many are being held by temporary appointees. But a federal law limits how long those temps can serve, and many are bumping up against the end of their terms.

Zimbabwe Has A New Leader After President Robert Mugabe Resigned

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 16:44:00 -0500

Zimbabwe's new leader Emmerson Mnangagwa arrived back in the country and addressed the people about how he'll replace longtime ruler Robert Mugabe. Mnangagwa returned from a self-imposed exile after Mugabe fired him from his vice president role.

8 Rescued, 3 Missing After U.S. Navy Aircraft Crash

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 16:44:00 -0500

A C-2 Navy supply plane with 11 people aboard crashed in the Pacific while enroute to the Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier. Eight people were recovered in good shape and three remain missing.

'Detroit Free Press' Editorial Board Says Rep. John Conyers 'Must Go'

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 16:44:00 -0500

Stephen Henderson is Editorial Page Editor of the Detroit Free Press. The paper published an editorial on Wednesday calling for Democratic Rep. John Conyers of Detroit, to resign over allegations of sexual misconduct and using public money to settle harassment claims. NPR's Ari Shapiro talks to Henderson about Conyers' legacy and how his constituents are reacting to calls for his resignation.