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Carson F. Ball's tutorials

Tutorials written by Carson F. Ball.


How to Prevent Spam
The purpose of this turorial is to explain how to minimize spam over both the short term and the long term. Some of the suggestions in this tutorial will require you to have a web site, others you can use as long as you have an e-mail account.

How to Submit Your Website to Google
The first thing that you need to do is setup finish your site. This does not mean that you can never add more content, change the look, or fix typos later; by this I just mean, do not have "coming soon", "under construction", dead links, etc. all over your site. Google, and for that matter, most search engines despise sites that do this and these sites have low rankings if they get ranked at all

How to keep your computer's clock up to date
Using NTP you can keep you computer's clock synchronized to the atomic clock. If your computer's clock becomes out of sync, you may have problems access certain secure sites, may be late for meetings, etc.

How to create your own RSS feed
RSS has stood for several things over the years as competing standards have emerged. I feel that Really Simple Syndication is the best abbreviation and I use it to refer to all of the compting standards (which is, I admit, not entirely correct). You have probably seen the little orange feed icon on web sites; if not, look at the left column of this site (assuming you are reading this at my technology and humor site) and you should see the orange icon for each of my RSS feeds. RSS allows people to subscribe to your site and easily tell when it has been updated, or even to read complete articles that you publish without opening their web browser.

How to create PDFs for free
Have you ever seen a PDF file on the Internet and wished that you could create one? If so, then this tutorial is for you. For those of you who do not know, a PDF file is a formatted document that is designed to look the same when printed as it does on the screen. However, unlike most other similar types of documents, there is a no-cost reader for every major platform, and the documents cannot be easily changed by others.

How to keep your computer productive
Does your computer stay on 24/7? Are you using it during this entire period? If not, then why not put it to good use?

How to seach the world wide web efficiently
In this tutorial, I will be focussing on Google since it is one of the most powerful search engines in terms of features. However, many of the techniques featured here may also be used with other search engines.

How to check if your mail server is an open relay
In this tutorial, I will show you how to ensure that your mail server is not an open relay. An open relay allows anyone to send mail using your server even if neither the sender or recipient have accounts on it.

How to research urban legends
First of all, lets start by discussing what an urban legend is. Have you ever received an e-mail asking you to send it to 10 people because Bill Gates, Disney, AOL, or another entity with multitudes of money would pay you? If so, you have seen an urban leged. How about those e-mails asking you to send post cards to sick children? Yep, an urban legend. What about people thinking that their brain is falling out by an attack of the Pilsbury dough boy? You guessed it, another urban legend.