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BrowseBlast web accelerator can increase your internet connection up to 6 times faster! This modem booster uses proxy technology to cache and compress common web pages so they are devilered to your computer much faster. Only $3.95/mo and works wi


What is BrowseBlast?
Browsing the Internet with a dial-up connection can be painfully slow. In fact, 90% of all Internet users complain their dial up connection is too slow. Fasten your seatbelt! BrowseBlast is an exciting new subscription-based product that lets you surf the Internet up to 6 times faster than a typical dial-up connection. BrowseBlast turns dial up connections virtually into broadband and makes broadband connections really take off. BrowseBlast speeds up any type of Internet connection, including dial-up, DSL, wireless and cable. BrowseBlast can be used with your current Internet Service Provider's connection. You get high-speed data transmission without the high-speed cost. BrowseBlast gives you accelerated access at up to 6X faster than traditional dial-up for just $3.95 unfiltered and $4.95 BrowseBlast Plus filtered. BrowseBlast doesn't alter your current software. It's non-intrusive. Easy to install and runs seamlessly after you've dialed up. Simply double-click on the BrowseBlast desktop icon. BrowseBlast seamlessly launches your normal web browser. Lets users specify the desired image quality and in turn, the speed of surfing.

Contact BrowseBlast
If the answer you need can't be found on this site or you just want to speak to a real person, please choose from the selections below to receive personalized contact. Sign-up, Technical Support, and Billing Support: 1-888-461-8759 Support/Customer Service Email: Billing Support Email:

Why Should I Buy BrowseBlast?
It saves you money. BrowseBlast saves you money. You can experience fast Internet without paying for an expensive DSL or Cable connection. It saves you Time. BrowseBlast saves you time. Time is the one commodity we cannot create more of BrowseBlast removes wasted wait time. It puts you in the pilot's seat. Compression often means lower image quality. BrowseBlast allows you to specify the amount of compression. Plus, you can right click to see the uncompressed image. It travels with you. BrowseBlast is available anywhere you can get an Internet connection. You have high-speed data transmission wherever you take your computer.

What does BrowseBlast Cost?
USD 3.95 per month and USD 4.95 per month for the content filtered version. Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Credit Card will be billed on a monthly re-occuring basis. If you are not fully satisfied with BrowseBlast, you are free to cancel after your 1 month trial is over. You must cancel within one month of registering for BrowseBlast in order to avoid being billed. For example, if you sign up for BrowseBlast on March 15th, you need to cancel by April 14th. To cancel, simply e-mail our accounting department at

How does BrowseBlast Work?
Network Optimization - Standard web browsing uses the publicly available Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). However this "one size fits all" approach doesn't always give you the fastest browser speed. BrowseBlast uses a customized proprietary transport protocol, which automatically adjusts itself to the type of network being used and data being received. You always get to the web site as fast as possible with BrowseBlast. Caching and Content Optimization - The BrowseBlast servers keep copies of frequently visited web pages on hand. This saves you time because they are immediately available to be sent super-fast to you. Compression - BrowseBlast uses state of the art lossless data compression for text and user controlled lossy compression for graphics. The BrowseBlast server uses proprietary patent-pending compression technology to deliver the data faster. A small companion software kernel on your computer returns the data to it's original form so you see the page the way it was meant to be seen.

How to Install BrowseBlast
This section will help you download, install and run the BrowseBlast Web Accelerator. If you'd prefer more detailed step-by-step installation instructions, click here. PC minimum system requirements are: Windows OS - Pentium 200MHz running Win98, WinME, Win2000, or WinXP with 5 MB available disk space and 64 MB of RAM (recommended). PC Browser - IE 5+ or Netscape Navigator 4.7+. Opera or Mozilla require additional configuration. Macintosh minimum system requirements are: Mac OS - PowerPC G3 processor at 333MHz running OS 10.2 or later with 6MB available hard disk space and 64 MB of RAM. Mac Browser - Full support for Safari and limited support for Internet Explorer. 1. Download: Once you have completed the sign-up, you will be provided with a location to download the BrowseBlast Web Accelerator installer. Download the installer to your desktop. Once the download has been completed, proceed to the Install. 2 .Install: On your Desktop you will find an icon called "BrowseBlast.exe". Double-click the icon to start the installation procedure. Once the installation finishes, you will be prompted for a Username and Password. Enter the Username and Password you selected during the sign-up. To avoid having to enter your Username and Password each time, ensure that the "Save Password" option is selected and proceed to Starting BrowseBlast. 3 .Starting BrowseBlast: BrowseBlast Web Accelerator will automatically start when your computer starts up. Internet acceleration will begin as soon as a supported browser (such as Internet Explorer) is started. On most Windows platforms (XP, 2000, ME) a small red rocket icon will appear at the lower right hand corner of the system tray when the BrowseBlast Service has been established. On all other Windows platforms, you can verify that BrowseBlast Service has been established by selecting BrowseBlast Status from the pop-up menu. 5 .Browse the Web: Browse the web as you normally would. When finished, simply close your browser and BrowseBlast Web Accelerator will remain idle in your system tray. If you desire to stop the application after browsing, select Stop BrowseBlast from the pop-up menu, or if you desire to exit the application all together, click Exit from the pop-up menu by right clicking on the red rocket at the lower right hand corner of the system tray. Further Assistance: If you're having trouble installing the product, consult the detailed installation instructions. To get the most out of your new software, please see the Product Guide. If you experience problems downloading, installing or running BrowseBlast Web Accelerator, consult the Troubleshooting or FAQ sections for further assistance. Still having trouble? Feel free to contact us for product support or feedback.

How do I use BrowseBlast?
This section will familiarize you with the features of the BrowseBlast Web Accelerator. 1 - Launching BrowseBlast Web Accelerator: The BrowseBlast Web Accelerator launches automatically every time you start Windows. It operates in the background to accelerate your Internet connection. No user intervention is required. If the BrowseBlast Web Accelerator is not running and you need to launch it manually, in the Windows Start Menu, an icon titled "BrowseBlast" is located under the BrowseBlast folder. The BrowseBlast taskbar icon appears in the system tray to show you it is running. 2 - Accessing the User Interface: BrowseBlast Web Accelerator, once launched, will remain in the system tray. For the most part, during web browsing there will be no need to access the user interface. You can use the user interface to change settings, view connection status or acceleration statistics. To access the user interface features, click on the BrowseBlast Web Accelerator icon in the system tray. A pop-up menu will appear providing access to all the features of the product. Selecting and single-clicking any of the menu items will access that particular feature. 3 - Setting Username and Password Information: Your Username and Password information is located in the Connection Status dialog. To set your username and password: Right-click on the BrowseBlast Web Accelerator taskbar icon and select "Settings..." from the menu. Click on the "Connection" tab. Ensure that the "My ISP requires a login..." option box is selected. Enter your username and password in the fields provided. To avoid having to do this each time you connect, ensure that the "Save password" box is checked. To save your settings, press OK. 4 - Changing the Image Quality Setting: The Image Quality setting changes the quality of images that appear in your BrowseBlast Web Browser. The higher the quality you select, the longer it will take to load. For slower Internet connections, it is recommended that you lower your image quality. This slider can be adjusted any time while browsing. You can easily obtain full image quality for a particular image, so don't be overly conservative about lowering your image quality setting. Right-click on the BrowseBlast Web Accelerator system tray icon. See the user interface mini-tutorial if you are unsure of how to do this. Select "Settings...". Select the "Image Quality" tab. Use the slider bar to adjust the image quality setting. Press OK to save the settings. Getting Full Image Quality. While browsing, if you would like to request the full quality image, simply right-click on the desired image from within the BrowseBlast Web Browser and select "Show Original Image" from the menu. The full quality image will appear in place of the lower quality image. 5 - Starting and Stopping: When the BrowseBlast accelerator is launched, it automatically connects. Occasionally, you may need to stop or start manually. To Stop: If you are connected and you want to manually disconnect, right-click on the BrowseBlast Web Accelerator system tray icon to access the pop-up menu. Select the menu item "Stop BrowseBlast". The BrowseBlast system tray icon will change from red to grey. To Start: If BrowseBlast is stopped and you want to manually start, right-click on the BrowseBlast Web Accelerator system tray icon to access the pop-up menu. Select the menu item "Start BrowseBlast". The BrowseBlast system tray icon will change from grey back to red. 6 - Closing BrowseBlast Web Accelerator: To close the BrowseBlast Web Accelerator: Right-click on the BrowseBlast Web Accelerator system tray icon and select "Exit" from the pop-up menu (see below). BrowseBlast Web Accelerator will disconnect and close. Doing this will not close any open browser windows. Note: The BrowseBlast Web Accelerator will automatically launch again the next time you reboot your computer.

What do Customers Think?
"I noticed an increase right away and it seems to be getting quicker the more I use it, is that possible?" Susan, BrowseBlast Subscriber. "I couldn't believe how easy it was to install. I thought I was going to have to wait for my daughter to come home and set it up but I tried it myself and it actually worked the first time. The Instructions were straightforward and easy to follow -- even my husband could figure it out." Jane, BrowseBlast Subscriber / School Teacher. "I signed up for your new Dial-Up Accelerator last week. I must say I was hesitant at first but found your setup quick and easy. At first I wasn't expecting much difference, as my rural dial-up connection has always been a bit slow. To my surprise the pages started to download a lot faster. I just wanted to let you know that you have given me a whole new feeling when browsing the Internet. I just wish I had known about this sooner. I can actually browse e-bay now. Thanks!" Dave, BrowseBlast Subscriber/ Independent Business Owner. "I downloaded the BrowseBlast Web Accelerator and I found it very easy to use. It speeds up my browser considerably. I have found it to be very quick and I really like it." Kim, BrowseBlast Subscriber/ Quality Manager.

Troubleshooting the Web Accelerator
This section helps troubleshoot common problems while installing and using the BrowseBlast Web Accelerator. Click any of the following symptoms for resolution information. When trying to connect to the BrowseBlast Service, I get the error message, BrowseBlast Web Accelerator cannot connect to the BrowseBlast Service... Here is a step-by-step list of things you should verify: Check that you have successfully connected to your ISP in your usual manner (e.g. Did your dial-up connection successfully connect to your ISP?). This step is independent of whether or not you launch BrowseBlast Web Accelerator. Ensure that the ISP that you are connected to is, in fact, the one that supplied you with the BrowseBlast Web Accelerator software and connection information. In most cases, you cannot connect to another ISP and use the same BrowseBlast Web Accelerator connection settings. Verify that the Connection information located in the Settings dialog is the same as that provided to you by your ISP. If you are running firewall software, make sure that a firewall rule is present that allows access to the Remote Server Port (located in the Settings dialog). Try uninstalling the BrowseBlast Web Accelerator (Control Panel-->Add/Remove Programs and select BrowseBlast Web Accelerator) then re-install it. Contact Customer Service (888-461-8759) or to verify that the BrowseBlast Service is up and running. When attempting to connect to the BrowseBlast Service, I receive the error, The BrowseBlast Service does not allow connections from your current IP address... The most common reason you would receive this error is when you connect to the Internet using a different ISP then the one providing you with BrowseBlast Service. Your ISP may only allow you to use the BrowseBlast Service when connected to the Internet through them. When attempting to connect to the BrowseBlast Service, I receive the error, Your Username and or Password were not accepted by the BrowseBlast Service... The login credentials you specified on the "Settings" - "Connection" tab were not valid. You must enter a valid Username and Password to use the BrowseBlast Service. When attempting to connect to the BrowseBlast Service, I receive the error, The BrowseBlast Service could not be started due to an authentication timeout ... Please carry out the following steps: Ensure that the authentication information provided to you upon sign-up has been keyed in correctly. Try reconnecting to your Internet service. If the problem persists contact Customer Service (888-461-8759) for assistance. I receive the error, BrowseBlast Web Accelerator cannot be started due to an internal error ... Here is a step-by-step list of things you should verify: Try restarting your machine and launching BrowseBlast Web Accelerator. If the problem persists contact Customer Service (888-461-8759). I receive the error, BrowseBlast Web Accelerator was unable to load the sdicore.dll library ... The likely cause of this is that you accidentally deleted a file or resource required by the BrowseBlast Web Accelerator. Fully uninstall and then re-install the BrowseBlast Web Accelerator.

BrowseBlast High Speed Dialup
Convert your existing dialup connection into a High Speed Dialup connection with the BrowseBlast modem booster. It is obvious that people want faster Internet connections as evidenced by the fact that the number of people using broadband at home has exceeded the number of people using dialup connections. Interestingly, however, there are a large number of people who are switching back to the slower dialup connections because the price of broadband is not worth the additional speed and it is this group of unsatisfied Internet users that are raving about their high speed dialup connections made possible by the BrowseBlast modem booster technology. Normal dialup connections are too slow and broadband connections are too expensive or are simply not available for many people. For these people, high speed dialup is the answer. The BrowseBlast modem booster technology converts existing dialup connections into high speed dialup by compressing and accelerating Internet content such as web page text and images. Plus, because BrowseBlast can be added to any existing connection, customers do not need to change service providers in order to receive the benefits of BrowseBlast. BrowseBlast works with any type of Internet connection and is the independently confirmed fastest web accelerator on the market. BrowseBlast will accelerate your dialup connection by as much as 6 times and will block those annoying pop-up advertisements that are an inconvenience and a drain on resources. In addition, BrowseBlast's modem booster technology works to accelerate e-mail and e-mail attachments, making your overall Internet experience more productive. BrowseBlast is: - Fast: Independent tests confirm that BrowseBlast is the fastest web accelerator on the market. - Versatile: BrowseBlast accelerates dial-up, DSL, wireless, and cable connections. - Simple: BrowseBlast does not alter your current software and automatically launches with your web browser. - Customizable: If you want, you can adjust image quality settings, pop-up blocker settings, or disable BrowseBlast at any time using the BrowseBlast control panel. BrowseBlast is NOT: - Adware: BrowseBlast is a subscription based service. BrowseBlast is not an adware program that displays pop-up windows or other advertisements on your computer. - Spyware: BrowseBlast does not report or track your online activities.

Signup for BrowseBlast
BrowseBlast Web Accelerator is the most powerful Web accelerator product available today. BrowseBlast is subscription-based product, available at the starting price of just $3.95/month. Upgarde to the content filtered version for just a dollar more.