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Preview: Google Adwords & Adsense Resources

Google Adwords & Adsense Resources

Improve your Google Adwords and Adsense results. Tips for better response and lower expenses!

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Landing Page Should Fulfil the Promise of the Ad

Wed, 19 Aug 2015 04:30:44 +0000

Generally you make a promise in the ad. You offer some free ebook or whitepaper download. Or may be offer a 30 days free trial account. Whatever you offer, your landing page must fulfill this promise. And it should highlight this fact prominently. If you don’t, your website visitor feels cheated and thinks you are […]

Remarketing Increases ROI of Adwords

Tue, 18 Aug 2015 05:21:04 +0000

Are you advertising with Adwords but not happy with the ROI? People are clicking on your ads but not opting in for your demo or newsletter? May be they need to see your message more number of times. But how do you get them back to your site? Remarketing is the answer. Here is the […]

Adwords Scripts – Powerful and fast way to manage your Adwords account

Fri, 25 Jan 2013 05:22:46 +0000

I found this article on Adwords script on Search Engine Land very useful and recommend you start playing with the Adwords scripts system as soon as you can.

Adwords for Mobile Websites and Web Apps

Sat, 28 Aug 2010 11:53:41 +0000

You might have noticed already that a growing number of people are now accessing the Internet from their mobile phones. They are searching for information about services, locating restaurants and hotels, checking weather and doing many other things. If you want to reach these people with your sales message, consider using Adwords for mobiles. It […]

Landing Page Friction to Control Lead Volume

Wed, 18 Nov 2009 09:50:16 +0000

When you use Adwords or any other PPC program for generating leads, form size plays a vital role in controlling your lead volume. I am often asked “Shall we have more fields or less in the lead generation form?” My answer is simple – “It depends”. When you are just starting out and have few […]

Keyword Matching Tool Updated to match PPC Classroom Launch

Wed, 15 Oct 2008 14:19:00 +0000

Anik Singhal has launched his PPC Classroom 2.0 and to coincide with his launch, we have updated our must-have-for-PPC keyword tool. As you might know, it is very important to use all the 3 types of matching, the exact match, the phrase match and the broad match for your keywords in the Adwords campaigns so […]

Adwords Negative Keywords

Sun, 12 Oct 2008 14:38:46 +0000

As you know, you should include lots of negative match keywords in your keyword lists. You have to think about the terms that will indicate a mismatched prospect type (one who is not probable to buy your product/service). If you can avoid showing your ad on such queries, you can save yourself a nice chunk […]

Perry Marshall Announces His Adwords Coaching Program

Thu, 25 Sep 2008 10:30:48 +0000

Perry Marshall is the most-renowned Adwords expert and coach. If you are looking to master the Adwords system and make money selling your own products or an affiliate program, you can’t get a better deal than this Adwords & Traffic Conversion Coaching Program – a 12 week intensive program. Starting on Tuesday September 30, 2008, […]

Are you making these Adwords mistakes?

Wed, 17 Sep 2008 13:10:20 +0000

I have planned to release several small guides and reports to cover the various aspects of Adwords in particular and Internet marketing in general. These will be concise reports (you can read them in less than 30 minutes) and easy to act upon (specific ideas covered in each). Here is the first one – Are […]

Long Tail Keywords Convert Much Better

Sun, 10 Aug 2008 08:28:43 +0000

This is old news but needs to be retold umpteen times because we just tend to forget this and run after the high traffic words. While reviewing the site of a client, I noticed that while he is getting much more traffic from a single word keyword, the conversion rate of the more accurate long […]

Correcting Fatal Adwords Mistake Decreases CPC from $5.15 to $0.41

Fri, 07 Mar 2008 11:29:04 +0000

Fatal mistake: Setting the destination URL of your Adwords ads as your home page where the keyword you chose does not even appear! Simple solution: Have the destination URL contain your targeted keyword a couple of times. Here’s how it works– I was recently reviewing a new client’s Adwords campaign for locating improvement possibilities and realized […]

Keywords Tool Saves You Tons of Money on Adwords – FREE To Use

Fri, 05 Oct 2007 07:53:19 +0000

Did you know that small changes in your keywords strategy at Adwords can save you tons of money? Adding some variations of your basic keywords to the list of keywords in your ad group can increase the focus of the ad group, reduce your cost per click and help you identify the terms which you should […]

Adwords Expert Perry Marshall Launches Bobsled Run Adwords Training

Mon, 24 Sep 2007 18:24:10 +0000

While I work on providing more details, you should waste no more time and rush to see the full details of the Bobsled Run and sign-up as the program will be lauched today itself and you do not want to miss this unique training. The large number of testimonials on the site speak for themselves – they […]

Do you really need PPC Classroom training?

Mon, 24 Sep 2007 11:14:48 +0000

You might have heard the buzz about the PPC Classroom training launched by Anik Singal and Jeremy Palmer and wondering if you really need this. Here are some important ideas to help you decide: First, some reasons why you should NOT invest in this training: You know it all. You feel that your knowledge is […]

Do Your Adwords Landing Pages Have These?

Mon, 24 Sep 2007 06:25:10 +0000

When people click on your ad, they feel that your site can fulfil their want. Do you have what it takes to capture their attention quickly? Landing page design is quite vital for getting a higher response to the investment in the ads and Seth Godin has some nice tips here. Mark Widawer, a Google […]

FREE Adwords Fast Start Kit

Mon, 18 Dec 2006 17:19:39 +0000

Hi If you have been wanting to promote your site and offers using Adwords but have been worrying yourself to death whether you can do so efficiently, download this [Adwords fast start kit ->]. You will be way ahead of a majority of Adwords users. Did I tell you that this guide is FREE and […]

Google Launches Website Optimizer

Mon, 11 Dec 2006 15:20:48 +0000

Google has launched the beta version of Website Optimizer, its experiment in landing page optimization with multi-variate testing. This note from their site says it all: We’re looking for Advertisers who want to test variations of marketing content on their landing pages to see which version results in increased conversions for their website. If landing […]

Adsense Tracking Software – Which of Your Ads Are Getting Clicked?

Wed, 06 Dec 2006 17:51:36 +0000

Google provides precious little information about the search terms that brings people to your site and the ads that get clicked. And this information is priceless – it will let you reorganize your site to get the best ad (with the highest cost per click) in the right place. But how do you get this […]

ProjectX: Should You Buy Another Affiliate Marketing Book?

Fri, 06 Oct 2006 07:09:16 +0000

If you have bought a few Affiliate marketing books, you must have noticed the pattern. Get a nice introduction promising a great lifestyle, discuss some tips rehashed from here and there, squeeze in references to some high priced products and bingo! Aren’t you sick reading these sales letters disguised as informative ebooks? Well I am […]

The Death of Adsense: Scot Releases a Highly Controversial Report

Wed, 13 Sep 2006 18:04:34 +0000

Scot Boulch has released a highly controversial report and titled it “The Death of Adsense“. Now as an Adsense publisher and one who loves to blog about Adsense, I could not help but read it. Is he correct? Has Adsense really died? I do agree that several people are reporting major downslides in their Adsense […]