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Preview: Cursor Library - latest cursor sets

Cursor Library - latest cursor sets

Open online archive of cursors maintained by RealWorld Graphics, author of RealWorld Icon Editor and other software.

Copyright: Copyright © 2005-2007 RealWorld Graphics

Firestar Cursor Set

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 20:02:24 +0100

This is a set of Firestar cursors.

Agumon Breathfire Cursor Set

Sun, 19 Feb 2017 07:31:48 +0100

=== 1. Auto Installer === Here we teach you to create a program with the format ".inf" (without quotes) follow these steps: 1) Make sure you have the zip file to extract it in the form of a folder 2) copy of the script below! (After the line up before the line) 3) open a new notepad or the like! (Crtl + N) 4) paste, save as ..., change save as type to \"All Files (*. *)\" Type the name \"(Installer).inf\" (should be placed in the same folder location). 5) save, the program to install has been created. 6) right-click on your new program, then click install, cursors sets have been registered on the Scheme which you can access in the \"Control panel \ Mouse Properties\ pointers\" (our custom to give the sign \"^\" without quotes in the scheme that has been registered, deliberately as an identity cursors that we made to facilitate you find it. :) * Note: the following scripts special and can not be used on other cursor, but you can change it, if you do not get along with our setting, you can enter cursor you like the manual way, we just want to help you * ________________________________________COPY & PASTE________________________________ ;^digimon-agumon signature="$CHICAGO$" CopyFiles = Scheme.Cur, AddReg = Scheme.Reg Scheme.Cur = 10,"%CUR_DIR%" Scheme.Txt = 10,"%CUR_DIR%" HKCU,"Control Panel\Cursors\Schemes","%SCHEME_NAME%",,"%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%pointer%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%help%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%work%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%busy%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%Cross%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%Text%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%Hand%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%Unavailiable%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%Vert%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%Horz%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%Dgn1%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%Dgn2%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%move%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%alternate%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%link%" ; -- Common Information "Agumon - normal.ani" "Agumon - help.ani" "Agumon - work.ani" "Agumon - busy.ani" "Agumon - prec.ani" "Agumon - text.ani" "Agumon - handW.ani" "Agumon - unavailable.ani" "Agumon - vertic.ani" "Agumon - horizon.ani" "Agumon - d1.ani" "Agumon - d2.ani" "Agumon - move.ani" "Agumon - alt.ani" "Agumon - link.ani" CUR_DIR = "digimon-agumon" SCHEME_NAME = "^Agumon" pointer = "Agumon - normal.ani" help = "Agumon - help.ani" work = "Agumon - work.ani" busy = "Agumon - busy.ani" cross = "Agumon - prec.ani" text = "Agumon - text.ani" hand = "Agumon - handW.ani" unavailiable = "Agumon - unavailable.ani" vert = "Agumon - vertic.ani" horz = "Agumon - horizon.ani" dgn1 = "Agumon - d1.ani" dgn2 = "Agumon - d2.ani" move = "Agumon - move.ani" alternate = "Agumon - alt.ani" link = "Agumon - link.ani" ____________________________________________________________________________________ === 2. cursors bonus pack === If you have already downloaded, we hope you are happy with the bonus that we add, the identity of which we provide for bonuses already placed on the name of each cursor bonus, you are free to improvise cursors set or your scheme, manually. === 3. descriptions === recalled childhood ago, when I had a pet in a device called Tamagochi / Digivice, very happy and even waited to eat together nonstalgia long I finally got the idea to make my virtual pet in the laptop, at least I could see him moving, as though life by making cursors \"Agumon\", I really want to share and want to see if there is the same hobby with me? whether there was nonstalgia? === 4. Directly to author === for your request, please send us an email message, or other accounts that might be we read, we have Facebook :)