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Airtel e-KYC Blocked From Aadhaar Platform After Being Accused Of Misusing Data

Sat, 16 Dec 2017 07:58:59 PST

The action follows allegations of Bharti Airtel using the Aadhaar-eKYC based SIM verification process to open payments bank accounts of its subscribers without their ‘informed consent’. UIDAI also took strong objection to allegations that such payments bank accounts are being linked to receive LPG subsidy (via) —- airtel was running an online service to trick people with Aadhaar. I hope UIDAI also takes strict action against those who have been fooling people with Aadhaar data? Who owns the responsibility of such misuse ? We still don’t know the answer.

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Supreme Court: Re-tweets can be defamatory [AAP neta’s defamation case]

Sat, 16 Dec 2017 02:57:42 PST

“Take for example a tweet which is per se derogatory, abusive or contains graphic pornographic material. Can one who re-tweets such a tweet say he has only re-tweeted the material and is not the author of it and hence should not face prosecution?” said the SC judge in AAP’s defamation case. Source: Supreme Court: Re-tweets can be defamatory, SC says in AAP neta’s case | Delhi News – Times of India

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Byjus ketchuppy ad : Makes sense?

Fri, 15 Dec 2017 03:51:04 PST

Spotted this at a superstore. Does this make sense ? I mean what has ketchup gotta do with Byju’s learning app? Byju’s also recently ran the SRK ad which to me seemed pointless – but this one is definitely. Pointless. If a company wants to ride on an existing player for distribution/cobranding, atleast the customer intent should have some level of overlap. Right? What’s your take?    

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Kanwal Rekhi: India has proven to be a bottomless pit for VCs

Thu, 14 Dec 2017 01:12:28 PST

The government has indefinitely extended the deadline for mandatory linking of Aadhaar with bank accounts under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA). Extension of deadline till 31.3.18 for submission of Aadhaar number, and Permanent Account Number or Form 60 by client to the reporting entity — Ministry of Finance (@FinMinIndia) December 13, 2017 It has been decided by the Government to notify 31st March, 2018 or six months from the date of commencement of bank account based relationship by the client, whichever is later, as the date of submission of Aadhaar number& PAN or Form 60 by the clients to the reporting entity. — Ministry of Finance (@FinMinIndia) December 13, 2017 No need to worry. No NEED to link your Aadhaar with your bank account. [via]  

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Bitcoins are like..

Wed, 13 Dec 2017 02:43:53 PST

Bitcoins are like startups. Those who have it, they are wondering what to do about it. Those who don’t, they are predicting death of the former ones. Bitcoins are like startups.

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5 Desi Business Books I Recommend: From nawabs, nudes and noodles to bandhan

Tue, 12 Dec 2017 22:45:01 PST

I read a lot and while it ranges from comics to books on product management, today I am sharing my 5 fav books related to desi businesses. The list is in no particular order. Nawab, Nudes and Noodles. Nopes – this ain’t a book full of nudity (sorry!) , but brings a great glimpse of how India’s advertising industry evolved (along with consumer behavior). Ad veteran Ambi Parameswaran looks at how advertising has evolved, reflecting the country’s culture, politics and economy in the last fifty years. From sartorial taste and food habits to marriage and old age, music and language to celebrities and censorship, Ambi examines over a hundred ads to study how the Indian consumer has changed in the past five decades and how advertising and society have shaped each other. » Buy from Amazon  / Flipkart Bhujia Barons First, a fact: Haldirams have more revenue than McDonald’s and Domino’s combined. Bhujia = Hadilrams and well, this book does a good job of unearthing the story. What’s most fascinating is how each generation has seen a ‘breakout’ entrepreneur. And of course, family drama and court cases, which most of us weren’t aware of. In the early twentieth century, young Ganga Bhishan Agarwal, aka Haldiram, gained a reputation for making the best bhujia in town. Fast-forward a century and the Haldiram’s empire has a revenue much greater than that of McDonald’s and Domino’s combined. In Bhujia Barons, Pavitra Kumar manages to tell the riveting story of the Agarwal family in its entirety—a feat never managed before. » Buy from Amazon / Flipkart The Inspiring Journey of a Hero: Learnings from the Life of O.P. Munjal O.P. Munjal started Hero Cycles in 1956, fuelled by meagre resources and an insatiable ambition. His vision was to create an inexpensive and effective mode of transportation for a post-Independence nation on the move. If you are buying into the new fad of ‘uber of cycling’, do read this :) » Buy from Amazon. Bandhan: The Making of a Bank This is the story of Bandhan, the only bank that emerged in eastern India after Independence. Founded by the son of a sweet vendor, with a mere Rs 2 lakh, the sum total of his life savings. This is a wonderful book on how Chandra Shekhar Ghosh battled hostile environment, ‘well funded’ competitors and never complained (strongly recommended for my entrepreneur friends). » Buy from Amazon / Flipkart My Journey with Vada Pav How did a popular street snack from Mumbai become a marketing phenomenon, gaining national popularity and international repute? My Journey with Vadapav’ by Venkatesh S is an entertaining read on how he ended up creating a big brand and takes a dive into his journey. » Buy from Amazon / Flipkart What about you? What are your fav desi business books?

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Q & C Nano: A smart water dispenser which uses 7X less energy

Tue, 12 Dec 2017 21:46:12 PST

It is the world’s first smart, and smallest home, small office water dispenser. It uses 7x less energy than the average water dispensers. It has the first ever slide and drink touch interface. It has a beautiful sleek and clean design. It can be controlled and maintaned via the Q&C App. Godollo GET IT About the Nano team. Nano is designed by Q&C, which has delivered water dispensers and filtration devices to homes and businesses for 10 years. Q&C also manufactures small parts for various water purification products. The company has more than 5000 happy customers. After three years of product development, Q&C is now ready to unveil the Nano. Q&C Watercoolers CEO Marton Szabo states that “we must all make individual choices that reduce our carbon footprint. The Nano water dispenser can play its own small role in families’ efforts to save our environment.” NextBigWhat profiles interesting products and startups (India + world). If you are building something interesting, submit the details here.

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Baba Ramdev: I still work on daily closing. People who do weekly and monthly closing can never succeed.

Tue, 12 Dec 2017 20:53:50 PST

Interesting insights from Baba Ramdev on building a brand. To create a brand, first differentiate. Second, do something continuously because only then you’ll be able to achieve something. You will take a while to build trust. If you use shortcuts and reach, there will still be problems (note for startups) Team Management. Also getting trustworthy people to work with you takes years. Because, these days trust is broken easily. Select the right people and 75 per cent of your work is done. I work on daily closing and personally look at the mapping. People who do weekly and monthly closing can never succeed. So, work on daily closing, retain performers and let go of those who don’t meet the targets. On Being Global. We use words like the superpower and aspire for India to be No. 1. Tell me about one national news channel at the international level? There is only BBC and CNN. People need to understand that it won’t become a superpower in one way. You have to look at it in a holistic, inclusive and collective way (via). What Baba Ramdev demonstrates is the power of clarity – it is something which very few have. That is, clarity in terms of purpose, competitive strategy and choice of words.

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Good news: IRCTC app now shows options of 3 genders

Tue, 12 Dec 2017 19:56:51 PST

In a great move forward, IRCTC app now shows options of 3 genders – male, female and transgender. Helps build an inclusive society. [via]

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Interesting data about Uber and UberEATS in India: Samosa Chole most ordered

Tue, 12 Dec 2017 03:13:38 PST

Uber has shared the top trends of 2017 – interesting data backed insights on how Uber and Uber Eats has touched millions of Indians this year. Here are some interesting data points. Uber’s busiest day in India is Friday and the busiest hour of the week is 6 p.m. when riders are perhaps making a speedy get away from work. The most Ubers were taken on the August 11, which also happens to be pre-Independence Day Friday. Rider from Delhi, NCR has taken the highest number of Uber rides – 1,969 trips in 2017, that’s almost 5 trips a day! Bangalore and Hyderabad saw the highest number of uberPOOL trips taken by riders in 2017, followed by Kolkata and Delhi. A female rider in Hyderabad took a record 1,162 uberPOOL trips this year Riders from India took Ubers in 566 cities across 80 countries. The most-popular travel destinations include U.S, Singapore, Malaysia, U.K and UAE. Uber hit the 500 millionth trip milestone on July 17 this year. Riders and driver-partners have travelled over 5.8 billion KMs together. What about UberEats? UberEATS expanded into 6 cities in 7 months in India and.. Highest number of orders was made on June 18 and the most ordered dishes on Uber Eats were Samosa Chole, Aloo Tikki Burger and Chicken Biryani. While Indian cuisine continued to top the list of most ordered cuisines by Indians, it was closely followed by Middle Eastern and American. Cairns, Adelaide, Bangkok, Gold Coast and New Castle were five other cities that enjoyed Indian food.

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The world is ‘’astonishingly pessimistic’ about Artificial Intelligence, says EU research commissioner

Tue, 12 Dec 2017 02:54:06 PST

  “If you do any research on artificial intelligence these days, the results are astonishingly pessimistic. Nine articles out of ten on AI are negative. Not just negative. Alarmist and panicked, sometimes even hysterical. For me, a techno-optimist, it’s shocking. And very disappointing”, said EU research commissioner Carlos Moedas. “The fear of artificial intelligence among the public still runs deep. [But] fearing what is arguably one of the most exciting new technologies of our generation and denying ourselves its amazing benefits is not the answer”. What about you? Are you worried about AI eating the world ? source [This is a #curated article – we curate interesting insights and voices from the tech world.]

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