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Preview: Nice News - Finance News from

Nice News - Finance News from

Finance industry news created by UK experts in cheap loans.


Cheap Loans Hard - Latest News
Customers back in the driving seat for cheap loans at last.

Cheap Loans Hard To Find
The loans marketplace shows only slow recovery, with cheap loans still hard to track down.

Cheaper Loans without PPI
The ability of loan providers to sell PPI at the same time as arranging a loan looks set to be banned.

Cheap Loans Restricted
The availability of cheap loans is still restricted due to concerns about the creditworthiness of borrowers.

Stricter Loan Terms
Loans are still available to borrowers but lenders are enforcing stricter terms.

Banks falter on Borrowing
Banks remain very reluctant to offer new loans to individuals and businesses.

Cheaper Loans on Horizon
Falls in interest rate signify cheaper loans are set to return to the personal lending market.

Help for loans economy
Ministers are considering their options for helping the loans economy recover more quickly.

Loans marketplace recovery
We look at whether there are signs of a recovery in the loans marketplace.

Loans stopped at Firstplus
The specialist secured loans provider Firstplus has stopped selling loans.

Time to save
With people trying to cut back in all areas of expenditure we look at ways of saving money on new loans.

Cheap home Loans
The prospects for cheap loans in the home sector are diminishing all the time and the prospects for lower rates over the next two years seem slim.

Loans in short supply
Loans availability is contracting as lenders reduce their range of products in the light of uncertainty around interest rates.

Housing market woes
Housing market woes impact loans availability in the UK

Questions Answered
We answer your questions about getting a cheap loan.

Loan Interest Rates
Why interest rates advertising the cheapest loans are not a sign of the best deals for everyone.

Summer Loans
A look at the reasons why people take out loans reveals the usual suspects, but summer is a time when loans are used for different reasons.

Loan Acceptances
Acceptance rates on loans at a high street provider were revealed this week and showed that the cheapest loans are available only to a few applicants.

Loan Brand Closes
CitiGroup has announced that it will shut down it's CitiFinancial sub-prime loans operation and it's Future Mortgages brand.

Loan Tips
The credit crunch seems not to have bottomed out yet, so finding a cheap loan remains tough for many borrowers. NiceLoans offers some tips for anyone faced with the dilemma of tracking down a new finance deal.

Future of Loans
The loans marketplace has changed radically in recent months and many are wondering what the future will look like for loan providers and borrowers alike.

Loans Slow Down
The reluctance of banks to lend to one another may be the main cause of the slow down in the personal loans marketplace

Loans Company Closures
London Scottish is closing down it's loans operations, which include Easy Loans, Pacific Home Loans and The Personal Loans Centre after heavy losses

Loans Website Missing
A loans industry website may have shutdown, another casualty of the credit industry crisis

Cheaper Loans Still Rare
Attempts to pump cash into lending markets may not bring about cheaper loans just yet

Loan Reductions
Interest rates have dropped again so reductions in loans could be on the way

Home Loan Brokers
Brokers are now the preferred source of home loans for certain applicants

Cheaper Loans Ruled Out
The Bank of England does not expect drastic interest rate cuts ruling out cheaper loans

The Future for Loans
We look at the prospects for loans in the UK given recent dramatic events in the credit markets

Loans Winners and Losers
We report on the mixed fortunes of loans companies in a fast-changing marketplace.

Loans Companies Trim Staff
Loans companies are trimming staffing levels in order to remain competitive.

Cheaper Loans on Hold
Cheaper loans will have to wait as rates remain static.

FSA comments on cheap loans
The era of cheap loans may be over according to the FSA.

The End of 100% Loans
Loans totalling 100% or more of property values are becoming rarer.

Good for Loans Customers
Loans customers welcomed the recent cuts in interest rates.

Cheaper Loans Welcome
Last weeks interest rate cut could pave the way for cheaper loans, especially if further cuts materialise over the months to come.

Cheapest Loans on the Way
With interest rates being cut for the second time in two weeks in the US, we could see further cuts on UK loans rates this week leading to the cheapest loans since this time last year.

Prospect of Cheaper Loans
Predicted interest rate cuts on both sides of the Atlantic over the next 10 days could pave the way for cheaper loans to follow.

Update on Loan Charges
The way loans companies, banks and mortgage companies levy charges featured in three different stories this week.

Plan your next Loan
Keep the cost of your next loan down with a little forward planning.

Loans Insurance Fine
The FSA has issued a million pound fine to UK cheap loans provider HFC Bank.

Finance Charges under Review
The high court case brought by the OFT against finance charges made by Britain's banks starts today.

Loans Advice from FSA
An FSA guide on financial budgeting talks about controlling finances, finding cheaper loans and saving on household expenditure.

Loan Rejections Increase
Although cheap loan options are still available, Equifax reports that loan rejections are on the increase.

Loan Rates Still Low
Loan rates have increased only slightly since last summer and could drop back again in the New Year if predictions of base rate falls are correct.

Low Home Loan Volumes
The volume of home loans completed in November fell to much lower levels

Loan Plan Changes
Recent events are causing a series of changes to the loan plans being offered by lenders in the UK.

Careful Lending
CAB wants more care with loans and mortgages.

Loans Deadlines
Loan providers impose deadlines on cheap loan deals.

Loans Supply Lower
Loan rates cut but supply restrictions may well frustrate some cheap loan searchers.

Cheap Loans Rarer
The choice of cheap loans is getting smaller as more firms trim product ranges.

FSA Checks Loans Sites
The FSA has been checking the websites of 77 finance companies, some of which advertise loans.

New Loan Plans
A new range of secured loan plans has been announced by a prominent UK lender.

Will Payday Loans Grow?
A recent report suggests that many people run out of cash just before payday - so will loans that fix this become more popular?

Adverse Loans Dropped
Kensington Mortgages has dropped its entire range of sub-prime loans.

Loans Body Restructures
Loans industry trade body FISA has announced a restructuring of it's board.

Loans halve at Paragon
Paragon Group is set to arrange only halve the loans it did a year ago due to credit supply problems.

Loans Shares
There were some dramatic movements in the shares of different loans companies this morning.

Secured Loans Spotlight
Providers of secured loans express confidence despite significant changes in the industry.

Loans Regulation Discussed
The regulation of loans is under review and a the finding of a House of Lords committee is expected this month.

Loans Choice Shrinks
The choice of loans available to UK borrowers is shrinking.

More Loans Refused
The number of loans being turned down by UK providers is increasing.

Cheap Secured Loans Smaller
The choice of cheap secured loans in the UK is reducing as lenders review their product ranges.

Confidence in UK loans
The UK economy is said to be strong enough to see the loans industry through the problems of the current credit situation.

Loans Industry Bodies
Bodies representing companies in the loans industry are in conflict.

Shop Around for Cheaper Loans
People looking for cheaper loans should shop around says the AA.

Cheap Loan Rates Online
Research shows that loan rates are moving independently of BofE rates and online sources provide cheaper loans.

No Fear of Loans
More than half of UK companies questioned in a recent survey said they expected to take out more loans in the coming year than they had previously.

Loans Division performs well
Loan Line, the loans division of Accuma group plc, was the star performer of Accuma's different product lines.

Swift tightens up Loans
Loan approval criteria have been tightened up for the second time this month by Swift Advances

Buy to Let helps Paragon
the buy to let lending market is helping it's loans and mortgage business says Paragon

Personal Loans outlook positive
Better prospects for cheaper loans could be just around the corner We examine the evidence.

Big Loans for the Rock
NR takes on some big borrowing commitments but still offers some of the cheapest loans for customers who qualify.

Cheap Loan Comparisons
Beware of comparison sites offering information on loan rates that may be misleading

More Loans Updated
Two more loans providers issued updates to their product range this week

Loans at Risk
Is the current witch-hunt on PPI putting loans at risk for some people?

Cheap Personal Loans
Cheap personal loans take some finding

Cheaper Loans for Banks
Cheaper loans on the cards for Banks

Loans Firm up For Sale
Loans company Money Partners has been put up for sale.

Loan Insured Fairly
Loan applicants now treated more fairly after FSA reviews 150 loan companies.

Loan Protection review
The FSA is set to announce it's findings on the area of loan protection insurance.

Loan Plans Adjusted
Several loan prioviders are adjusting their loan products in the light of recent events on the credit markets.

Doorstep Loans Targeted
Trading Standards announce extra investment to setup new teams to target doorstep loan providers.

Responsible Lending
Chancellor calls for more responsible lending.

BBA slams Uswitch
The British Bankers Association calls for misleading Uswitch banking report to be ignored.

Affordable Loans only
The Banking Code aims to ensure lenders act responsibly when arranging loans.

The Future of Cheap Loans
We discuss the various opinions on the future of loan interest rates.

Loan Rates depend on Risk
The rate of interest at which banks make loans to one another reached a very high level this week.

Secured Loans in spotlight
Secured loans provide flexibilty for borrowers to raise cheaper cash.

Confidence still high
Consumer confidence in personal finance is still positive despite higher loan rates.

Record UK Loan Equity
House price growth provides UK loan applicants with high levels of equity for secured loans.

Car Finance in Spotlight
With the new September registration just around the corner, car buyers are being urged to seek out better loan deals and save themselves from the poor terms offered by many car dealers.

Summer Loan Offers
Several high street and internet lenders have dropped their summer loan offers following two base rate increases and low confidence in financial markets worldwide.

Bank Charges ruling expected
Our round up of several new developments in the banks charges sage, that may eventually lead to a precedent-setting ruling.

Government requests Fixed Rate Lending choice
The government asks lenders to offer more choice of long term fixed rate products.

Schools Set To Give Pupils Compulsory Personal Finance Classes
Government minister Ed Balls is set to get secondary schools to include the teaching of personal finance and financial responsibility as part of his secondary curriculum changes announced this week.

Personal Protection Insurance
Which? looks into personal payment protection insurance.

Paying by Cheque
Brits still prefer to pay by cheque.

Personal Banking Investigated
Personal Banking in the UK is under investigation.

Changes in Sub Prime Lending
Changes in sub prime loans market are predicted.