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After the Harvest, What next? And afternoon clean up - Skowhegan

Wed, 29 Mar 2017 05:31:06 EDT

Please join the Upper Kennebec Valley Chapter of the Maine Woodlands Association, the Somerset SWCD and the Maine Forest Service for our 4th workshop addressing the complexities of conducting a timber harvest. At this workshop we will tour the completed first half of the Yankee Woodlot harvest in Skowhegan. Approximately 75 acres of this state owned woodlot was harvested this winter. Any funds from the harvest are to be used for any recreation/wildlife/aesthetic improvements on the lot. We will discuss closeout and BMPs as well as review the harvest, look at the volumes and species removed and discuss trail maintenance as we move forward. We will also look at the invasive plant problem there and assess how to move forward with control measures. At noon we will provide lunch and after that will be a clean-up afternoon of clearing some of the trails, laying out hay and seed, maybe pull a few invasive plants and whatever else we can do for the final touches to putting this particular harvest to bed. We would appreciate anyone that would be willing to stay and volunteer any time for this. It will just be a matter of wearing boots and good gloves.

We will meet the Somerset Extension office at 7 County Drive off the Back Road in Skowhegan. Any questions contact Patty Cormier at 592-2238 or There is no need to pre-register, and anyone is welcome! Bring your questions!