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Neuroplasticity, Brain Fitness and Cognitive Health News

Last Build Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2017 15:35:47 +0000


Survey: Parents view Exercise as more effective than Prescription Medications to treat children with ADHD

Fri, 17 Nov 2017 15:22:19 +0000

Consider how research support for ADHD treatments are typically established. The ‘gold-standard’ approach would be a randomized-controlled trial in which children with ADHD are randomly assigned to the treatment or control group. The treatment, whatever it happens to be, would be carefully implemented in a research-based protocol. If possible, children in the control condition would […]

14 new Speakers, including Rutger’s April Benasich and EMOTIV’s Olivier Oullier, at the 2017 SharpBrains Virtual Summit (December 5-7th)

Wed, 15 Nov 2017 14:28:50 +0000

Proud to announce excellent additions to the stellar Speaker Roster at the upcoming 2017 SharpBrains Virtual Summit: Brain Health & Enhancement in the Digital Age (December 5-7th). As director of the Infancy Studies Laboratory at the Rutgers Center for Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience,  Dr. April Benasich’s research focuses on brain development in infancy and early […]

Bill Gates announces $50 million investment to fight Alzheimer’s Disease

Tue, 14 Nov 2017 15:39:10 +0000

_____ Why I’m Digging Deep Into Alzheimer’s (Bill Gates): “In every part of the world, people are living longer than they used to. Thanks to scientific advancements, fewer people die young from heart disease, cancer, and infectious diseases. It’s no longer unusual for a person to live well into their 80s and beyond. My dad […]

Survey: Have you ever used technologies or products for brain enhancement?

Mon, 13 Nov 2017 16:00:21 +0000

_____ Question: Have you ever used–for yourself or for others–technologies or products that you think would fall into the category of brain enhancement? a) If Yes, what did you use and what lessons learned can you share? b) If No, what issues would you like to see addressed before considering doing so? Please provide brief answers […]

Responsible neuroengineering: Neurotechnology and artificial intelligence (AI) can enhance our lives if it preserves our 1) privacy, 2) identity, 3) agency and 4) equality, researchers say

Fri, 10 Nov 2017 13:04:28 +0000

_____ Four ethical priorities for neurotechnologies and AI (Nature): Artificial intelligence and brain–computer interfaces must respect and preserve people’s privacy, identity, agency and equality, say Rafael Yuste, Sara Goering and colleagues. “Consider the following scenario. A paralysed man participates in a clinical trial of a brain–computer interface (BCI). A computer connected to a chip in […]

Top Resources for Educators on Learning and the Brain

Thu, 09 Nov 2017 16:41:18 +0000

_____ In my previous post 10 Brain Training Tips To Teach and Learn I promised to share some of the resources–books, conferences, and websites– that inform my understanding of teaching, learning and the brain. Here’s an updated list: BOOKS There are many books about the brain. For educators, the best of these are books that demystify […]

Dr. Anna Wexler to discuss the Present and Future of DIY Brain Enhancement at the 2017 SharpBrains Virtual Summit (December 5-7th)

Wed, 08 Nov 2017 15:44:04 +0000

_____ Proud to confirm that Dr. Anna Wexler, a science writer, filmmaker and postdoc fellow in advanced biomedical ethics at the Department of Medical Ethics & Health Policy at the University of Pennsylvania, will discuss the Present and Future of DIY Brain Enhancement (especially brain stimulation modalities such as tDCS) at the upcoming 2017 SharpBrains Virtual […]

Neuroimaging study finds significant changes in brain structure during long-duration space flight

Tue, 07 Nov 2017 15:52:04 +0000

_____ MRI reveals brain changes during space missions (Medical Physics): “Astronauts living and working in space will experience the detrimental effects of microgravity on the human body. Astronauts aboard the International Space Station, for example, have experienced altered vision and increased pressure inside their heads, symptoms termed as visual impairment intracranial pressure (VIIP) syndrome…”Exposure to […]

News: 12 Finalists named to take part in the Brainnovations Pitch Contest (December 6th, 2017)

Mon, 06 Nov 2017 14:19:11 +0000

Proud and excited to announce the 12 groundbreaking startups that will get to pitch their idea and solutions at the Brainnovations Pitch Contest on December 6th, hosted during Day 2 of the 2017 SharpBrains Virtual Summit (December 5-7th). These are the 12 selected Finalists, together with their summary elevator pitch. Please join us in celebrating their work […]

The landscape of brain health innovation: 130 experts and pioneers in 18 countries (and counting)

Fri, 03 Nov 2017 13:32:41 +0000

Just a quick update on how registration stands for the upcoming 2017 SharpBrains Virtual Summit: Brain Health & Enhancement in the Digital Age (December 5-7th). We are proud to report that so far 130 experts, pioneers and practitioners are registered to participate. 95 seem to be based in the US and 35 abroad, based on IP address […]