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utorials about WordPress, blogging, social media, and having your say on the web.

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WordPress Featured in Wall Street JournalLorelleWordPress Newswordpress on wall street journal business videoFeed on Lorelle on WordPressFeedburner icon

Thu, 01 Nov 2012 17:37:16 +0000

Matt Mullenweg of Automattic,, the self-hosted version of WordPress, was featured today on the Wall Street Journal Business talking about the fact that WordPress now supports 14% of all websites in the world, approximately 1 in 6 globally. Matt talked about the future of WordPress and made these three points. WordPress as a CMS: […]

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Adding, Deleting, and Changing a WordPress CategoryLorelleWordPress Tips and Techniquesadd category from post paneladd category from category panelcategories - set default post category in wordpresscategories - convert categories to tags panelcategory permalink with numberFeed on Lorelle on WordPressFeedburner icon

Fri, 14 Sep 2012 04:02:56 +0000

Time to add a new category to WordPress? Have enough content within a specific topic and want to add it to your category lists? Changing your mind about a category name and wish to change it? Want to delete an entire category worth of posts because you don’t want to cover that topic anymore? Adding […]

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WordPress 3.1 Beta Unleashed on WordPress.comLorelleWordPress Newslink-to-intrasite-postsFeed on Lorelle on WordPressFeedburner icon

Fri, 19 Nov 2010 18:53:26 +0000 has just released WordPress 3.1 Beta on more than 15 million blogs across the network. WordPress has used as their proving ground since the beginning, relying upon the feedback of the many bloggers from around the world, all using different types of computer hardware, browser types, operating systems, and blog setups to test […]

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Help and Tips for Windows Live Spaces Bloggers: Modules, Albums, Widgets, and ListsLorelleLogos of Windows Live Spaces and of Customized Post Listings WordPress Plugin using Random Posts for Highlightswidgets-clickanddragtosidebaremailsubscription-wpctextwidget-html-in-sidebar-wpcaddfeed-wpc-widgetmostpopularposts-widget-wpcgallery-simple-wpcviewgallery-shortcode-settingsgallery-show-hide-optionspanelgallery-shortcodes-inwpcFeed on Lorelle on WordPressFeedburner icon

Wed, 29 Sep 2010 01:54:41 +0000

I’ve been reading about a lot of the challenges facing Windows Live Spaces bloggers transitioning to I feel for you all. You’ve done great work on your Windows Live Spaces blogs and now Microsoft is ending the program. Fortunately, instead of just shutting things down, they are giving bloggers six months to change and […]

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Welcome Windows Live Spaces Bloggers to WordPress.comLorellewindowslivespacesandwordpresscomfunny-pictures-cat-comic-gluing-captionsFeed on Lorelle on WordPressFeedburner icon

Tue, 28 Sep 2010 01:38:59 +0000

I just posted news on WordCast about the and Microsoft Windows Live Spaces migration which brings Windows Live Spaces bloggers to See Updated News Below I’m thrilled about this huge endeavor, and offer up my blog tips to Windows Live Spaces bloggers. I’m also excited about what this means for the WordPress Community. The number tossed […]

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Blog Struggles: SOBCon, Idea Whelmed, and Tell It To the Telephone PoleLorelleBlog Struggles Article Seriesliz-strauss-sunday-1-sobcon2010chicago-by-lorelle-vanfossensunday-brainstorming-8-sobcon2010chicago-by-lorelle-vanfossentelephone-polebitwire-mediumlogofirefox-crash-reportbitwire-team-mapmatt-mullenweg-binocularsdahnicovagundadashwindowsmDahni, our blind catFeed on Lorelle on WordPressFeedburner icon

Fri, 13 Aug 2010 18:25:48 +0000

A few people were concerned when I started my first Blog Struggles Diary recommending that I not blog every day thus changing the whole tone of my site. This confused me as I thought this was what my site was about. I had to take some time to think about that…then life and work interfered, […]

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New P2 Prologue Theme on NewsFeed on Lorelle on WordPressFeedburner icon

Fri, 13 Mar 2009 01:29:40 +0000

P2: The New Prologue is out for bloggers to play with. Based upon the Prologue WordPress Theme that has been called Twitter-Meets-Blog, this is a form of social networking microblogging WordPress Theme. The announcement offers more information and a video, but this is not a WordPress Theme for everyone. It is designed for multiple […]

Media Files: Bloggers Get New Support and Help NewsFeed on Lorelle on WordPressFeedburner icon

Sat, 27 Dec 2008 21:54:22 +0000 bloggers now have a new resource for help: the WordPress Help Pages. Heather of the Support Team announced the new support. It features a knowledge-based style with overviews features and tasks. I’ve covered a lot of tips and techniques for using, and here are some highlights, including a lot of features […]

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How to Add MyFreeCopyright To Your WordPress BlogLorelleBlog writing tips and articlesFeed on Lorelle on WordPressFeedburner icon

Wed, 15 Oct 2008 21:16:35 +0000

404 Tech Support has just published step-by-step instructions on how to to your or WordPress blog. The directions are specific to, but will work for any blog or website. It’s also a prime example of how to use the WordPress Widget to add text to your sidebar. The code used in the […]

Media Files: Blog Bling: Show Off Your Blog BlingLorelleMember of the 9Rules Blogging Network

Tue, 06 Feb 2007 13:00:40 +0000

I’ve spent the last week covering how to blog bling your blog in the form of graphics and photographs, lines and smilies, fonts, blockquotes, social bookmark links, blogroll bling and sidebar widgets, podcasts, audio, and video, signatures, signoffs, and writing code. Now it is your turn to show off. Here is a list of […]

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