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Russia declines Japanese dog diplomacy ahead of summit

Fri, 09 Dec 2016 23:03:17 -0500

TOKYO (Reuters) - Russia appears to have snubbed a Japanese attempt at puppy-love diplomacy by declining a gift of a dog for President Vladimir Putin at a summit next week with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.(image)

Guatemalans burn Trump effigies to scatter evil spirits

Fri, 09 Dec 2016 00:26:06 -0500

GUATEMALA CITY (Reuters) - Revelers in Guatemala set ablaze cardboard representations of U.S. President-elect Donald Trump wearing devil horns during a traditional ceremony, "La Quema del Diablo", or the Burning of the Devil, held ahead of Christmas every year.(image)

South African motor bike crash victim found alive in morgue

Fri, 09 Dec 2016 09:58:09 -0500

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - A South African motorcyclist declared dead at the scene of an accident was found alive in a morgue fridge the next day when his family went to identify his body, but he died later in hospital.(image)

Actress Sofia Vergara faces lawsuit from her own frozen embryos

Thu, 08 Dec 2016 16:40:18 -0500

(Reuters) - "Modern Family" star Sofia Vergara is being sued by her two frozen embryos in an unusual lawsuit as part of a three-year battle by her ex-fiance to see the embryos brought to life.(image)

New Zealand passport robot tells applicant of Asian descent to open eyes

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 03:48:12 -0500

SYDNEY (Reuters) - A New Zealand man of Asian descent had his passport photograph rejected when facial recognition software mistakenly registered his eyes as being closed.(image)

Space oddity as Dr David Bowie treats 'starman' Buzz Aldrin in NZ hospital

Mon, 05 Dec 2016 22:12:13 -0500

WELLINGTON (Reuters) - In what can only be described as a space oddity, former astronaut Buzz Aldrin is being cared for in a New Zealand hospital by Dr David Bowie after being evacuated from the South Pole.(image)

Egyptian man grows 'Beard of Bees', hopes to promote apian benefits

Fri, 02 Dec 2016 11:15:21 -0500

SHIBIN EL KOM, Egypt (Reuters) - Mohamed Hagras stands barechested as dozens of honeybees congregate around his face, eventually forming what he calls the "Beard of Bees". To attract the insects he has a box housing their queen's hormones strapped to his chin.(image)

Philippines president pines for motorcycle, doubts will ride again

Fri, 02 Dec 2016 08:17:13 -0500

MANILA (Reuters) - Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte spoke of his sadness on Friday at having to forfeit his beloved motorcycles in becoming president, and offered tips on handling two wheels and why a Honda was better than a Harley.(image)

Bank of England asking supplier of currency to find animal fat alternative

Wed, 30 Nov 2016 18:29:07 -0500

(Reuters) - The Bank of England said its supplier of currency, Innovia, is working toward removing the use of animal fat in the production of its new plastic five pound note after objection raised by thousands of vegetarians.(image)

Police threaten Nickelback music on Canadian drunk drivers

Wed, 30 Nov 2016 16:20:04 -0500

TORONTO (Reuters) - If getting charged with impaired driving is not enough, police in a small Canadian town are hoping adding Nickelback music to the punishment will be enough to keep drunk partiers away from the wheel.(image)