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Woman Weighs Getting Involved In Neighborhood Case Of Abuse


DEAR ABBY: I have always tried to be a compassionate person. I have experienced a lot of abuse, and I'm sensitive to others who go through it. A man across the street from me has been arrested three times in the last six months for domestic abuse....

Adoptive Families Celebrate With Special Day Each Year


DEAR ABBY: As parents of an adopted child, we were concerned about when we would have the conversation. Then a neighbor told us about how they would celebrate Gotcha Day with their adopted daughter each year. Gotcha Day is a day to celebrate ...

New Mom Returning To Work Wants To Find Right Day Care


DEAR ABBY: I am a new mom to a sweet baby boy. I am (or was) very career-oriented and never in a million years thought I would want to be a stay-at-home mom. I will have to return to work shortly, and I'm really struggling. I have a hard time ...

Aging Mom Has Health Issues But Wants To Stay In Her Home


DEAR ABBY: My father died four years ago, leaving my 69-year-old mother alone. My mother has health and mobility issues. Her house is large and has two stories, and it far exceeds her needs. The problem is that she's extremely sentimental about it...

Don't Assume A Pregnancy Unless You Know For Sure


DEAR ABBY: Recently, while making a purchase at a local store and handing the cashier my money, she asked, How many months along are you? I was confused for a moment, until I realized she had assumed I was pregnant. (I'm not.) When I told her I ...

Daughters Blame Mom's Fiance For Breaking Up Her Marriage


DEAR ABBY: My fiancee and I plan to be married next year. I met her after she left her husband because he had cheated on her twice. She refuses to tell her daughters that she left their dad because he cheated, so I am doomed to be the bad guy for ...

Freeloading Nephew Needs To Get Help And Get Going


DEAR ABBY: My husband's nephew, Jacob, is 25 and always hanging around our house. He has had a hard time over the last four years. First, his mom committed suicide. Two years later his dad died in his sleep. My husband and I told Jacob we would ...

Daughter's Identity As Asexual Is Not Welcomed By Her Mom


DEAR ABBY: I have recently started disclosing to close friends and family that I am asexual (someone who experiences no sexual attraction to any person). For the most part they have been supportive, but my mother and one of my friends are having ...

Wife Whose Husband Fights Dirty May Need A Clean Break


DEAR ABBY: Because I had a promiscuous past prior to getting married, it was understandable that my husband and I have gone through some rough patches. It's been three years since our wedding, and he still can't let it go sometimes. A recent ...

Angry Daughter-In-Law May Want More Free Baby Sitting


DEAR ABBY: My daughter-in-law is extremely jealous of the close relationship I have with my daughter. If I spend time with my daughter and grandson, she gets mad at me and keeps my grandchildren from me. I need advice on how to handle her. I get ...