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Is the Antichrist alive today?


Q: Is the Antichrist alive today? I'm not sure I know what the Antichrist is, but the world is in such a mess that I sometimes wonder if we're already living in the last days.-- Mrs. A: The Bible refers to the Antichrist as an evil person of great...

How can I help my children get over their bitterness and anger?


Q: With God's help I think I've truly forgiven my ex-husband for all the problems he caused us, but our four children say they'll never forgive him. How can I help them get over their bitterness and anger? Or should I even try?

Why do people get involved in cults?


Q: Why do people get involved in cults? I think my cousin has gotten involved in one, but she won't listen to any of us who try to talk to her about it. In her view, we're all wrong and her group is the only one that's right.-- Mrs.

is it wrong to pray for God to take me?


Q: God has given me a good life, but now I'm old and crippled and in poor health. I feel so useless, and I just wish God would take me to Heaven. Would it be wrong for me to pray this way?

Why am I nervous about going to church?


Q: I'd like to start going to church, but I've never been before, and I'm afraid I'll do something wrong and make a fool of myself. A: Your concern is certainly understandable; no one likes to be embarrassed, regardless of the reason. But I ...

Why shouldn't I be angry at God?


Q: I admit I'm angry at God, because I was born with a physical handicap that's held me back all my life, and I blame Him for keeping me from leading a normal life. I know some people are worse off, but I'm still bitter. A: The most important ...

What do I do next?


Q: My family isn't religious or anything, but last week I went with some friends to a summer camp that their church sponsors, and I asked Jesus to come into my life. What do I do now? I haven't told my parents, because I'm not sure they'll ...

How much belief in God gets you into Heaven?


Q: How much do you have to believe about God in order to get into Heaven? I'm getting older, and I don't want God to slam Heaven's door on me when I die.-- Mrs. A: Only one thing will keep us out of Heaven-- and that is our sin.

Should we have planned for retirement better?


Q: I'm only a few years away from retirement, and suddenly we've realized that we have almost no savings. I guess we've spent it all on things like traveling and having a good time. I wish we'd been more careful.

Should we stay married to the same person?


Q: I think the idea that you should stay married to the same person all your life is out of date. I can't imagine being married to someone that long. I'd get bored and decide to find someone else.