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Should I Pray More?


Q: I know I ought to pray more, but I'm afraid of saying something wrong and then God will be upset with me. I still say a few prayers that I memorized as a child, but I'd like to do more.

How Can I Get Through to My Co-Worker?


Q: I've tried to talk about Jesus with a man who works with me, but he always replies that what I'm saying is just my opinion, and he's not interested.

Why Didn't Jesus Flee?


Q: Why didn't Jesus flee from His enemies instead of allowing them to put Him to death? A: Yes, Jesus was fully aware that some people would be totally opposed to Him, and that eventually their plans would succeed and He would be put to death. Why?

How Can I Deal With Christmas?


Q: The other day someone mentioned to me that Christmas was only a few months away, and I just got depressed.

What Made Jesus Different?


Q: Why is Jesus any different from every other religious leader who ever lived?

Do We Still Need Missionaries?


Q: Our son went on a high school missions project through our church this summer, and now he's all enthused about becoming a missionary.

Can We Stop Our Nation's Religious Decline?


Q: It seems to me like we're becoming less and less religious and moral as a nation. A: Yes, in recent decades our nation certainly has been drifting from its Judeo-Christian roots, and in many ways has become increasingly secular.

Can God Help Me Know What I'll Be in 20 Years?


Q: I'm in high school, and we're supposed to write an essay on what we'd like to be doing 20 years from now. A: You're right, up to a point; we can make guesses about our future, but only God knows what's really going to happen.

Will God Forgive Me for Having an Abortion?


Q: Maybe some women can go through an abortion and never feel guilty, but I'm not one of them. A: One of abortion's unseen consequences is exactly what you have experienced: deep regret and guilt over what happened.

Why Did Jesus Take My Best Friend?


Q: My wife died last year, and I'm so lonely I sometimes wish Jesus would just take me to Heaven right now. A: Thank you for your email; may God comfort you and assure you of His constant presence with you.