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Women’s History Tour of Lower Manhattan


Celebrate Women’s History Month, with a walking tour though New York City’s downtown Wall Street area, visiting places where women--many of them journalists--took a stand for equality and progressive social change. There are 21 points of ...

 Avoid Travelers’ Back Strain and Pain


Let’s face it: travel can be hard on one’s body, and back pain isn’t a treasured vacation memory. Even travelers who are otherwise quite physically fit often find backache a frequently reoccurring problem while they’re on the road. ...

Around the World: Is Home Swapping Your Way To Go?


Whether you want a week in the heart of Paris or two months in the Connecticut countryside, it’s possible to swap your home with someone who wants to vacation where you live. The house swap arrangement alone will turn out to be much expensive ...

Around the World: Reindeer Reign at Karasjok’s Easter Festival


Perhaps the holiday you most readily associate with reindeer is Christmas, when -- as legend and wishful thinking suggest -- a gift-giving Santa harnesses his fleet-footed herd to his sleigh and circles the globe to deliver goodies to good little...

 Around the World: Escape to Newfoundland’s Stress-Free Avalon 


Residents of Newfoundland’s Avalon Peninsula don’t claim direct lineage from denizens of the mythical English domain where Joseph of Arimathea first preached the Christian gospel in Old England, and where fabled King Arthur is laid to rest. ...

Around the World: With the Oscars in Mind, Planning a Hollywood Trip


With Hollywood’s big Academy Awards weekend looming large on the calendar, travelers are focusing on tinsel town as a destination. As any Los Angelino knows, Oscar’s big day -- this year it’s on Sunday, February 26 -- is a good day to stay...

 Around the World: Put Romance on Your Horizon for Valentine’s Day


It doesn’t have to be a big ticket or a long trip.  A quick romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day will do very nicely, and there’s still time to plan it. Favorite destinations for Valentine’s Day romantic getaways are the same spots that...

Around the World: How to Interpret Travel Sites


That wonderful piece of alluring literature known as the travel brochure has been pretty much replaced by click on Websites featuring virtual video tours of destinations and properties, along with written descriptions that entice browsers to book...

Around the World: Volunteer Vacations Make Spring Breaks Matter


With Spring break on the horizon, college students from every corner of the country are looking for a getaway place that completely changes their environment.  No more classrooms, no more study sessions.  At least not for that brief period of ...

Around the World: Learning Hawaii’s Language of Leis


In anticipation of Hawaii’s legendary Aloha welcome, many tourists who visit come to the islands expect to receive flower leis upon their arrival. Lei-giving is an age old tradition throughout Hawaii, but it is, unfortunately, no longer a ...