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Annie's Mailbox for 1/21/2017


Dear Annie: I am 44 years old and have been married for 12 years. This is my first marriage and her third. My wife had a yearlong affair with a co-worker. We tried counseling, but her inability to end the affair forced me to move out, although ...

Annie's Mailbox for 1/20/2017


Dear Annie: My husband and I are in our early 50s. We have been married for one year and have not been intimate for six months. Until he transferred to a second-shift job, our bedroom was exciting. Now I'm not allowed to touch him. Anything more...

Annie's Mailbox for 1/19/2017


Dear Annie: I am in a relationship with a widower. He is a thoughtful person and works two jobs. His two adult sons live in his home with their girlfriends. Neither of the boys pays rent. Nor do they buy groceries or cleaning supplies. They ...

Annie's Mailbox for 1/18/2017


Dear Annie: My girlfriend broke up with me in April because she wanted to date another guy. Over the summer, she sent me random emails and text messages about various things, a few of which I answered out of politeness. In September, we both ...

Annie's Mailbox for 1/17/2017


Dear Annie: We have five grown children. One of our sons, "Mark," obtained a contractor's license and asked to remodel our kitchen and bathroom so he could show his work to potential customers. He said the only cost to us would be for materials,...

Annie's Mailbox for 1/16/2017


Dear Annie: Four months ago, I joined a nonprofit that provides free tutoring and homework help to elementary-school kids. When I started, the kids coming into our center were from low-income minority and immigrant families. These were kids who ...

Annie's Mailbox for 1/15/2017


Dear Annie: For many years, your compassionate readers have brightened the lives of America's hospitalized veterans by participating in the Valentines for Vets program during Salute to Hospitalized Veterans Week (Feb. 12-18). This program ...

Annie's Mailbox for 1/14/2017


Dear Annie: I am a divorced, 53-year-old female living in Las Vegas, and I have a divorced sister who lives in South Carolina. I am retired and work part time. My sister also is retired, but shortly after she moved to South Carolina, she was ...

Annie's Mailbox for 1/13/2017


Dear Annie: I am a 26-year-old guy who is pretty quiet. I really don't go out anywhere except to the mall on weekends. A few months ago, a girl started working at one of the places I frequent. I could tell she was interested in me the first ...

Annie's Mailbox for 1/12/2017


Dear Annie: My husband and I are friends with a couple I'll call "Rusty and Cathy." We like their company, but we have very few of the same interests. The problem is, they believe that if a husband and wife do not share the same interests, it is...