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Medicare unveils 'skeletal' site for hospice comparison shopping


WASHINGTON--Medicare launched a website aimed at helping families choose a hospice -- but experts say it doesn't help very much. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services this week released Hospice Compare, a consumer-focused website that lets...

The children are watching. What can you tell them?


How can parents, caregivers and educators talk with children about racial turmoil and recent news events in the U.S.? Several Mayo Clinic experts say the best approach is proactive and direct. "I would recommend asking questions to see what your ...

Doctors warm to single-payer health care, survey finds


Single-payer health care is still a controversial idea in the U.S., but a majority of physicians are moving to support it, a new survey finds. Fifty-six percent of doctors registered either strong support or were somewhat supportive of a single-...

Trump administration agrees to continue health care subsidy for now


WASHINGTON -- The Trump administration, faced with increasing pressure from Republican members of Congress, agreed Wednesday to continue giving insurance companies payments that are widely viewed as critical to keeping markets stable under the ...

UnitedHealth Group names new CEO


MINNEAPOLIS -- Stephen Hemsley, the chief executive who oversaw extraordinary growth in more than a decade running UnitedHealth Group, is leaving the job next month and will be succeeded by Dave Wichmann, the company's president. UnitedHealth ...

CBO: Deficit would jump, premiums would rise if Trump ends Obamacare subsidies


WASHINGTON -- If the Trump administration makes good on a threat to cut off some subsidies for low- and medium-income buyers of health insurance, premiums would rise sharply and the federal deficit would balloon, the Congressional Budget Office ...

Eclipse viewers should watch out for solar retinopathy, experts say


LA GRANGE, Ill. -- A common myth is that people can go blind from one glance at a solar eclipse, but Dr. Elita Hohner, a family specialist from Amita Health Medical Group in La Grange, said that this is unlikely. However, she did say that looking...

Health insurers face long odds to win reprieve of health care tax


WASHINGTON -- Health insurers won a victory in 2015 when a tax that was part of the Affordable Care Act was suspended. Now as they fight to repeal or delay the tax again before it comes back into effect, the odds don't seem to be in their favor. ...

Americans eager for leaders to cooperate to make health law work


Move on. That's what most people say Congress and the Trump administration should do after the Senate failed to approve legislation in July to revamp the Affordable Care Act, according to a survey this month. Nearly 8 in 10 Americans say ...

Trend of drinking hydrogen peroxide can be deadly, doctors warn


It's meant to boost your health but Minnesota doctors caution that this alternative health remedy can send you or a loved one to the emergency room. Six people have been treated at Hennepin County Medical Center this year for injuries sustained ...