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In first Oval Office appearance, Trump takes symbolic step on health care law


WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump took a symbolic step aimed at his predecessor's signature achievement Friday night, directing federal agencies to take steps to "ease the burden of Obamacare." Trump signed the executive order during his first...

If GOP defunds Planned Parenthood clinics, health centers can't handle patient flood


WASHINGTON -- Contrary to recent claims by House Majority Leader Paul Ryan, R-Wis., experts say the nation's community health centers don't have the staffing or funding to handle the estimated 400,000 people who could lose access to care if ...

What are early signs of Alzheimer's disease?


You're deep in a conversation with a friend and suddenly you can't remember an acquaintance's name. You can see her face. That name is almost, almost there. But not quite. Blushing, you laugh, call it "a senior moment" and move on. Five minutes ...

Democrats hope their unity can foil GOP drive to undo Obamacare


WASHINGTON -- Congressional Democrats aiming to thwart the undoing of Obamacare are using a strategy that served them well before: They're standing back and letting Republicans whirl in their own discord. In a narrowly divided Congress, Democrats...

Advocacy group pushes for changes in US food assistance program


As policymakers and health officials sound the alarm on the nation's obesity epidemic, a team of researchers want to improve health outcomes among the most vulnerable Americans by overhauling the federal food assistance program. In articles ...

Republican senator would let states keep Obamacare if they want


WASHINGTON -- Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy is making an offer to Democrats he hopes they won't refuse: If their states like Obamacare, they can keep it. A doctor who worked for decades in charity hospitals and clinics before joining Congress, ...

Repealing Obamacare without replacement would leave 18 million uninsured, report says


WASHINGTON -- Repealing Obamacare without a replacement would result in higher costs for consumers and fewer people with insurance coverage, according to a report Tuesday from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. In the first year, ...

UnitedHealth sees potential in 'next phase' of health reform


MINNEAPOLIS -- With speculation swirling about how Republicans might replace the federal health law, the chief executive of UnitedHealth Group offered no specifics Tuesday but said he sees the potential for health care changes focused on state-...

Infectious diseases A-Z: busting flu vaccine myths


If you are hesitating to get your annual influenza vaccine, Dr. Gregory Poland, director of Mayo Clinic's Vaccine Research Group, wants to bust some myths about the flu vaccine that may help you make your decision. Myth: The vaccine gives you the...

Trump lays down a marker to judge his health care plan


WASHINGTON -- "We're going to have insurance for everybody," President-elect Donald Trump told The Washington Post in an interview over the weekend, setting down a marker by which the health care plan he has promised can be judged. In the ...