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A Different Kind of Great Divide


During the past few decades, our nation has been ripped in two by extreme partisanship. One side blasts the other as "bleeding hearts," "permissivists," "panderers." The other side calls its opponents "reactionaries," "protectionists" and "...

I Now Pronounce You Mangled by Kyff


Here's a pronunciation quiz I'd fail miserably. That's because it comprises eight words I've always mispronounced. Can you show up the Word Guy by choosing the correct pronunciation? 1. fungi -- A. FUN-guy (hard "g") B. FUN-juy (soft "g") 2. ...

Why Do We Verb Nouns?


"Let's Christmas like crazy!" "How do you burger?" "People encored him again and again!" Faithful reader Oren Spiegler of Upper Saint Clair, Pa., recently spotted these exuberant conversions of nouns to verbs. Like most of us, Oren enjoys ...

Bewitched and Bothered by 'Bemused'


Jim Bond of Canton, Conn., recently wrote to ask about the shifting meanings of "bemused." Indeed, this word seems to change colors more often than a chameleon on plaid. Sometimes "bemused" denotes bewilderment. Ian Bremmer, for instance, told ...

Can You Detect What's Incorrect?


You're the editor! See whether you can identify the grammatical or wording problem in each sentence and fix it. Warning: These are tricky and picky! 1. The senator's proposal appealed to Americans of all regions, ages, backgrounds, social class...

Mixed Reviews for TV News


I've recently noticed some intriguing linguistic trends and glitches on national evening news programs... -- Missing in Action. More and more broadcast journalists are omitting the main verbs of sentences, turning their reports into mosaics of ...

Everything Is Under Con-Troll


Have you heard the story of Cornelius "Con" Trary and his encounter with the troll? Con is a conventional, traditional guy -- a tied-down cannon who thinks inside the box, pushes in all the stops, and burns his candle at one end. He likes to ...

How Can an Exception 'Prove' a Rule?


Q. I've been wondering about the expression "the exception proves the rule." Can you elucidate? I'd be interested in its history and some examples to clarify the meaning. -- Frank Aleman, via email A. True confession: When someone asked me this...

Behind the Greenscreen


Why is a lazy person called a "goldbricker"? Why is the off-stage chamber where guests wait before their TV appearances called the "green room"? Why do we say someone speaking quickly is talking a "blue streak"? Let's take out our crayons and ...

Reporters Engage in 'Tranche' Warfare


Reporters covering hurricane disaster relief during recent weeks have been donning their "tranche" coats. Many news outlets described the initial package of federal money for Harvey's victims as "the first tranche" of aid, adding that assistance...