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Today's Word "spoony"


spoony \SPOO-nee\ (adjective) - 1 : Foolish; silly; excessively sentimental. 2 : Foolishly or sentimentally in love. "There is no doubt whatever that I was a lackadaisical young spoony; but there was a purity of heart in all this, that prevents ...

Today's Word "ephemeron"


ephemeron \ih-FEM-uh-ron\ (noun) plural ephemera \ih-FEM-uh-ruh\ - 1 : Something short-lived or of no lasting significance. 2 : ephemera: Items, especially printed matter (as posters, broadsides, pamphlets, etc.), intended to be of use or ...

Today's Word "desultory"


desultory \DES-uhl-tor-ee\ (adjective) - 1 : Jumping or passing from one thing or subject to another without order or rational connection; disconnected; aimless. 2 : By the way; as a digression; not connected with the subject. 3 : Coming ...

Today's Word "provender"


provender \PROV-uhn-duhr\ (noun) - 1 : Dry food for domestic animals, such as hay, straw, corn, oats, or a mixture of ground grain; feed. 2 : Food or provisions. "It may be long ere we find any other provender now that we are leaving the auspices...

Today's Word "inhere"


inhere \in-HIR\ (intransitive verb) - To be inherent; to belong, as attributes or qualities. "The foundations of the palace, like those of the prison, inhere in the fine quality of the stone, in marble stairways, in real gold, in carvings, the ...

Today's Word "parvenu"


parvenu \PAR-vuh-noo; -nyoo\ (noun) - 1 : One that has recently or suddenly risen to a higher social or economic class but has not gained social acceptance of others in that class; an upstart. (adjective) - 1 : Being a parvenu; also, like or ...

Today's Word "esurient"


esurient \ih-SUR-ee-uhnt; -ZUR-\ (adjective) - Hungry; voracious; greedy. "Paul, whose stomach suffered no pangs, regarded the fellow with esurient eyes, the eyes of an avid curiosity." -- Carl Van Vechten, 'Firecrackers' Esurient comes from the...

Today's Word "tutelage"


tutelage \TOO-tuhl-ij; TYOO-\ (noun) - 1 : The act of guarding or protecting; guardianship; protection. 2 : The state of being under a guardian or tutor. 3 : Instruction, especially individual instruction accompanied by close attention and ...

Today's Word "exegete"


exegete \EK-suh-jeet\ (noun) - A person who explains or interprets difficult parts of written works. "Haunted by the mystery of my patron saint, I stumbled for a long time over an enigma which no exegete has yet cleared up." -- Michel Tournier, '...

Today's Word "pugnacious"


pugnacious \puhg-NAY-shuhs\ (adjective) - Inclined to fight; combative; quarrelsome. "After tolerating Patrick's pugnacious daughter, Kane would be ready to swear off women for the rest of his life." -- Carol Finch, 'Moonlight Enchantress' ...