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Today's Word "introspection"


introspection \in-truh-SPEK-shuhn\ (noun) - The act or process of self-examination; contemplation of one's own thoughts and feelings; a looking inward. "There is a popular cry against introspection and an insistence that it is necessarily morbid,...

Today's Word "gravitas"


gravitas \GRAV-uh-tahs\ (noun) - High seriousness (as in a person's bearing or in the treatment of a subject). "A man without gravitas was not fit to shoulder the weight of leadership. Nick wanted no part of gravitas. He wanted to be lighthearted...

Today's Word "varicolored"


varicolored \VER-ih-kuh-lurd\ (adjective) - Having a variety of colors; of various colors. "There was a small place with a sign "Books" on the window, filled with strings of wooden camels and little glass jars of varicolored sands, as well as ...

Today's Word "arrogate"


arrogate \AIR-uh-gayt\ (transitive verb) - 1 : To claim or seize without right or justification; to appropriate. 2 : To claim on behalf of another; to ascribe. "The human and fallible should not arrogate a power with which the divine and perfect ...

Today's Word "expatiate"


expatiate \ek-SPAY-shee-ayt\ (intransitive verb) - 1 : To speak or write at length or in considerable detail. 2 : To move about freely; to wander. "I will not expatiate upon her beauty. I will not expatiate upon her intelligence, her quickness of...

Today's Word "extol"


extol \ik-STOHL\ (transitive verb) - To praise highly; to glorify; to exalt. "To praise the South was to praise himself; to boast of its valor was to advertise his own intrepidity; to extol its women was to enhance the glory of his own ...

Today's Word "obloquy"


obloquy \OB-luh-kwee\ (noun) - 1 : Strongly condemnatory or abusive language or utterance. 2 : The condition of disgrace suffered as a result of public blame, abuse, or condemnation; ill repute. "It is an honour 'longing to our house, Bequeathed...

Today's Word "malversation"


malversation \mal-vur-SAY-shun\ (noun) - Misconduct, corruption, or extortion in public office. "No man can designate the extent of such an official malversation, demonstrated, as it has been here, in the presence of us all, who are the lawful ...

Today's Word "maelstrom"


maelstrom \MAYL-struhm\ (noun) - 1 : A large, powerful, or destructive whirlpool. 2 : Something resembling a maelstrom; a violent, disordered, or turbulent state of affairs. "The Maelstrom shrieked and pounded against the barrier, creating tiny ...

Today's Word "cerebration"


cerebration \ser-uh-BRAY-shuhn\ (noun) - The act or product of thinking; the use of the power of reason; mental activity; thought. "Hicks rolled another cigarette and sat smoking it, his plump face wrinkled with the gravity and labour of his ...