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Today's Word "tutelary"


tutelary \TOO-tuh-lair-ee; TYOO-\ (adjective) - Having the guardianship or charge of protecting a person or a thing; guardian; protecting; as, "tutelary goddesses." "But there is a tutelary deity for misers, and by a chain of unforeseen ...

Today's Word "arcane"


arcane \ar-KAYN\ (adjective) - Understood or known by only a few. "Gustav had no skills in the arcane art himself, a fact he had bitterly regretted as a child, having mistakenly imagined that magic could solve all his problems, ease all his ...

Today's Word "raillery"


raillery \RAY-luh-ree\ (noun) - 1 : Good-humored teasing or banter. 2 : An instance of such good-humored teasing; a jest. "But as matter for ridicule is always ready to hand, and as most men are only too fond of fun and raillery, even buffoons ...

Today's Word "congeries"


congeries \KON-juh-reez\ (noun) - A collection; an aggregation. "But if the congeries of past events, if congeries it was, could be separated from its usual partnership with sentiment, it cannot have been too much to cheer Lolita on in her ...

Today's Word "peripatetic"


peripatetic \pair-uh-puh-TET-ik\ (adjective) - 1. Of or pertaining to walking about or traveling from place to place; itinerant. 2 : Of or pertaining to the philosophy taught by Aristotle (who gave his instructions while walking in the Lyceum at ...

Today's Word "dotage"


dotage \DOH-tij\ (noun) - Feebleness of mind due to old age; senility. "Jess, you told me you would never wear that particular bonnet unless you were in your dotage or wished to bewitch the man of your dreams..." -- Elizabeth Thornton, '...

Today's Word "trencherman"


trencherman \TREN-chuhr-muhn\ (noun) - A hearty eater. "Dr. Zollner was arranging his large lunch in front of him with the expertise of a real trencherman." -- Nelson DeMille, 'Plum Island' Trencherman is from trencher, "a wooden board or ...

Today's Word "galvanic"


galvanic \gal-VAN-ik\ (adjective) - 1 : Of, pertaining to, or producing a direct current of electricity, especially when produced chemically. 2 : Affecting or affected as if by an electric shock; startling; shocking. 3 : Stimulating; energizing. ...

Today's Word "idyll"


idyll \EYE-dl\ (noun) - 1 : A simple descriptive work, either in poetry or prose, dealing with simple, rustic life; pastoral scenes; and the like. 2 : A narrative poem treating an epic, romantic, or tragic theme. 3 : A lighthearted carefree ...

Today's Word "putative"


putative \PYOO-tuh-tiv\ (adjective) - Commonly thought or deemed; supposed; reputed. "Having washed her hands and face, tidied her hair, and powdered her nose, she set out to find her hostess, the putative mistress of this anything but ordinary ...