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Today's Word "imprecation"


imprecation \im-prih-KAY-shuhn\ (noun) - 1 : The act of imprecating, or invoking evil upon someone. 2. A curse. "While everyone assumed Calvin's daily regular statements to be little more than amusing entreaties, in his mind they were the foulest...

Today's Word "chortle"


chortle \CHOR-tl\ (transitive and intransitive verb) - To utter, or express with, a snorting, exultant laugh or chuckle. (noun) - A snorting, exultant laugh or chuckle. "Kip punctuated each of his sarcastic remarks with his customary, derisive ...

Today's Word "pastiche"


pastiche \pas-TEESH; pahs-\ (noun) - 1 : A work of art that imitates the style of some previous work. 2 : A musical, literary, or artistic composition consisting of selections from various works. 3 : A hodgepodge; an incongruous combination of ...

Today's Word "supplant"


supplant \suh-PLANT\ (transitive verb) - 1 : To take the place of (another), especially through intrigue or underhanded tactics; as, a rival supplants another. 2 : To take the place of and serve as a substitute for. "Brian was slow to realize it,...

Today's Word "coterminous"


coterminous \koh-TUR-muh-nuhs\ (adjective) - 1 : Having the same or coincident boundaries. 2 : Having the same scope, range of meaning, duration. "As Ronald was fond of pointing out, in a democracy the interests of the people are, or at least ...

Today's Word "palaver"


palaver \puh-LAV-uhr; puh-LAH-vur\ (noun) - 1 : Idle talk 2 : Talk intended to beguile or deceive. 3 : A parley usually between persons of different backgrounds or cultures or levels of sophistication; a talk; hence, a public conference and ...

Today's Word "gravid"


gravid \GRAV-id\ (adjective) - Being with child; heavy with young or eggs; pregnant. "Mel was about to ask the woman for help with the heavy lifting, that is, until he noticed her gravid belly and realized the error of his ways." Gravid derives ...

Today's Word "predilection"


predilection \preh-d'l-EK-shun; pree-\ (noun) - A predisposition to choose or like; an established preference. "While Franklin espoused a predilection for blondes, all of his girlfriends had been brunettes or redheads." Predilection is at root "...

Today's Word "scapegrace"


scapegrace \SKAYP-grayss\ (noun) - A reckless, unprincipled person; one who is wild and reckless; a rascal; a scoundrel. "A care-free scapegrace as a boy, Terry grew up into the sort of person lesser men would follow into a fire if he so much as ...

Today's Word "hoary"


hoary \HOR-ee\ (adjective) - 1 : White or gray with age; as, "hoary hairs." 2 : Ancient; extremely old; remote in time past. "While Jeff had considered the company nothing but a hoary artifact of days gone by, he was surprised to discover that ...