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Ex-Spouse Questions Whether Divorce Did More Harm Than Good


Q: Should I consider remarrying my ex-spouse for the sake of our child? We recently got divorced, but over the past few weeks I've become increasingly concerned about the impact of this family breakup upon our preschooler. As the dust settles, I ...

Mom Who Abandoned Artistic Dreams Wonders What Might Have Been


Q: I studied art in college and married before graduation. Four years later, I spend my time preparing meals, wiping the noses of jelly-faced toddlers and mopping the kitchen floor -- while my still-single sorority sisters have thriving careers in...

Couple Considers Adopting Child With Abusive Past


Q: We're considering adopting a baby boy who was removed from his birth home due to abuse when only a few months old. He has been in the foster-care system for the past year. What kind of risks are we facing? Jim: You deserve a lot of credit for ...

Career Success Is Important, But Can Be Hard On Families


Q: As a successful executive, I'm gratified to now be hearing from headhunters who are recruiting me for even better positions across the country. I want to provide the best for my wife and kids. Are there family principles I should keep in mind ...