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Getting the 'Three Stooges' out of Your LLC Operating Agreement


"I just started a limited liability company (LLC) with three partners. Our attorney drafted an Operating Agreement for us, but I'm a little confused by the buyout provisions he drafted. "The agreement says that if one of us dies, becomes ...

Exorcising the Ghost of Partners Past


"Three years ago, I started a business with two other guys. We set up a limited liability company (LLC), and split the ownership 40 percent, 40 percent and 20 percent. "The business grew for about a year but then really tapered off when the ...

Does Your Employer Own Everything You Create?


"I'm a full-time employee (W-2) for a large financial institution. "In my spare time, I have been doing research on a new technology product that will have a dramatic impact on the financial industry, and would like to write a book about it. I ...

3 Easy Things the IRS Should Do to Help Small Businesses


With tax time once again upon us, it is time to give some thought to the agency we all love to hate this time of year: the Internal Revenue Service. While nobody likes paying taxes and anyone who's been through an IRS audit probably doesn't ...

Getting -- and Keeping -- the 'One-Percent Edge'


Dozens -- if not hundreds -- of small business how-to books are published each year. Most of them aren't worth reading, and some merely rehash the same old ground over and over again; they're as useful as a refresher course, but that's about it....

Dealing With Taxes When You Sell Your Stock


"I invested in a small business corporation several years ago. The investment hasn't worked out the way I thought it would, and now I'm looking for the exit door. "Is there any way I can recoup some of my investment by taking a deduction on my ...

Initial Coin Offerings: Are They Legal?


It seems like only yesterday -- wait, it WAS only yesterday -- we were trying to wrap our brains around cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum. It seems like only this morning -- wait, it WAS this morning -- we were trying to figure out ...

Business Tips for Artists


"My husband is a famous artist but isn't really good at the business side of things. I've just retired from a corporate job and want to help him out. What's the best way to set up a business like this one, and what are some of the things I need...

Selling Online? You Soon May Have to Pay Sales Tax


A case pending before the U.S. Supreme Court this spring may overturn 25 years of precedent and allow states to tax people selling goods and services on the internet (including those who sell on eBay, Amazon, Etsy and other web-based retail ...

Before You Sell Your Website: Part 2 of 2


If you have spent years building a successful business on your website and social media pages, sooner or later you will think about selling it. But selling a web-based business is different -- a lot different -- from selling a brick-and-mortar ...