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Surviving Your Next Networking Group Meeting


I don't know about you, but I find most networking groups to be exceedingly boring, unproductive and, in some cases, cringe-inducing. I'm not generally a fan of networking groups. I'm not sure people get much new business out of them. Still, ...

Homer's 'Iliad' and the Obamacare Debacle


Those trying to figure out the mood of the American voter right now are bound to be scratching their heads. Last November, the voters threw Republicans into Congress and the White House in almost record numbers with a mandate to slash ...

A Legal Checklist for a Retail Website


"I'm planning to set up a fashion accessories website. "I think I will be selling mostly on Amazon, eBay and other online platforms, but after watching your YouTube video 'Doing Business on the Internet' (, I...

Buying a Business That Has an EBay, Amazon or Etsy Account


It's no secret that selling merchandise on eBay, Amazon, Etsy and other online e-commerce platforms is big business. According to Quora, the number of people worldwide earning a full- or part-time income on eBay was estimated between 8 and 12 ...

Setting up a Worker Cooperative With an LLC


"I have run a successful service business for many years. "I am getting ready to retire and have been approached by several local competitors who would love to buy my business. "The problem is that I have several long-serving employees in ...

Before You Launch Your Business Opportunity: Part 2 of 2


You have built a successful business and set up a training program to teach people how to start and run that business successfully. They don't have to use your name, nor will they be given assigned territories. But they will have to pay a ...

Before You Launch Your Business Opportunity: Part 1 of 2


"We have operated a successful service business for many years. "We no longer want to run the business ourselves, but we think this type of business is an excellent opportunity for other people. So we have come up with a training program to ...

Some Random Thoughts on the Amazon-Whole Foods Merger


As the whole world knows by now, web retailer Amazon announced that it will buy the Whole Foods upscale grocery chain. The merger will give Amazon access to dozens of brick-and-mortar supermarkets in virtually every major city in the U.S. ...

Some Thorny Lease Problems


This week's emails are all from small businesses negotiating leases for retail and office space. "My company has an opportunity to lease space in a large office tower in our city -- a very prestigious address. "The problem is that we can only ...

Cutting Costs the Right Way


"We have a retail business (both brick-and-mortar and Internet). "We have tried every marketing trick in the book but we can't seem to push our sales up beyond a certain point due to too much competition. "We need to grow our business but are ...