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A Year Here And There Is No Way To Build A Career


Q: This is my first serious job after graduating. My boss puts a lot of trust in me and lets me do almost all of her writing. I do her business letters to other executives, create ideas for promotions at some events and I get to attend as her ...

Worker Hides From His Potential


Q: I have a friend who is intelligent, competent, and knows proper etiquette, but takes jobs that are totally beneath him. He said he wanted a career and not just a job, so he took the real estate course and got licensed. He got in with a small ...

When You Don't Jive With The Culture, Watch Out


Q: My boss is not a communicator and I am at a loss for how to deal with it. You know the phrase that "you don't know what you don't know." Well, I can't ask questions if I don't know what to ask. I like being allowed to work independently, but I'...



Q: I'm paid hourly but work as an administrative assistant who is depended on. My boss piles on assignments, telling me they need to be done, but that I can't work overtime. When I tell her I need to work overtime to finish, she tells me I must ...

Fortitude Can Turn A Charitable Passion Into A Reality


Q: My job is not just full-time -- it's an energy-draining, time-sucking career that pays well but is far from making me rich. I looked into forming a charitable organization for the arts, but it required much paperwork, forms, and money. I gave...

Worthy Cause Led By Incompetent Head


Q: My job title is office assistant, but I am relied on to provide information for every major decision and to solve problems that arise. I have worked for this nonprofit organization for five years. The Board of Directors selected a woman to ...

Axe The Unwanted Job Advice


Q: I've been seeking full-time employment for a year now, but not putting my heart into it because I'm fine with working part-time. I ultimately need a full-time job, but it's not crucial and I'm not money-motivated. This bothers my friends much...

Foreign Student Sees Vast Difference In Values


Q: I'm from Cameroon in Africa. I came to America to study pharmacology. I am an "A" student, Dean's List, who is goal-oriented. Many in Cameroon saw education as a ticket to being successful because it allows us to be professionals. We know ...

Face Stereotyping To End Discrimination


Q: I think the error in announcing the winner of Best Picture at the Academy Awards 2017 brought attention to the far-reaching problem of age discrimination in the workplace. I worked at a small company where only two of us were in our early 20s...

Public Speaking: Not Part Of My Job


Q: I've been a professional outside sales representative for 15 years, switching industries three times. I am not pushy, obnoxious, or shallow -- some of the things most thought of when people think of salespeople. I am armed with product, service...