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People Would Rather Talk About This Than Food or Money. Use It on Your Calls


In my Smart Calling Report (the monthly newsletter for my Inner Circle members with my newest tips, and great training from other experts) last month I presented a number of brief tidbits from my research and observations. Today I’m sharing a ...

Slow down, Unplug, Take interest, Really Connect, and Make a Difference


Something a bit different than a typical sales tip today. But it could have much more of an impact than an opening, answer to objection, or a closing question. This just happened a couple of hours ago, and I had to get my feelings down in ...

How to Listen Like a Homicide Detective


One of the many awesome things about being in sales is that sales actually IS real life. What we do on the phone and in person in prospecting, selling, and working with customers is the same thing we do when interacting with people in all areas ...