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Ask Stacy for May 27-28, 2017


DEAR STACY: I was disappointed to learn that Vanessa Bayer is not returning to "Saturday Night Live." What will she do next? -- Jason A., Woodland Hills, California DEAR JASON: You'll have to stay tuned on that one, since Bayer has made no ...

Ask Stacy for May 20-21, 2017


DEAR STACY: Daisy Ridley is my dream girl. Does she have a boyfriend? -- O91Sky DEAR 091Sky: In 2015 and 2016, the 25-year-old known as Rey in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" was known to be dating British actor Charlie Hamblett. However, more ...

Ask Stacy for May 13-14, 2017


DEAR STACY: I saw Emily Dreyfuss reporting on the Science March from Harvard for Wired. I wondered if she is any relation to Richard Dreyfuss? -- Kaylee M., Tehachapi, California DEAR KAYLEE: Emily Dreyfuss, talented journalist and senior editor ...

Ask Stacy for May 6-7, 2017


DEAR STACY: Hasan Minhaj nailed it at the White House Correspondents Association Dinner. I see that he's on "The Daily Show." How about some background? -- 10ccNat DEAR10ccNat: At 31, Minhaj is clearly a comedic force to be reckoned with. He ...

Ask Stacy: What's Rosie O'Donnell up to?


DEAR STACY: I am curious as to whether Rosie O'Donnell has any acting or talk show work coming up? In other words, what if anything is she doing besides fighting with Donald Trump on Twitter? -- Gerri3 DEAR GERRI3: O'Donnell always seems to have ...

The Hollywood Exclusive: Ask Stacy


DEAR STACY: Is it true that Ryan Murphy is going to do a "Feud" movie about Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana? If so, when will it come out? -- Jana R., Los Alamitos, CA DEAR JANA: Yes, the prolific producer intends to follow up his ...

'Blue Gold' Filmmaker Finds Common Thread of John Wayne, Japanese Collectors and 1890 Rust Stains


Filmmaker Christian D. Bruun admits his exploration of the world of jeans might "in some ways, be a too little much." After all, Bruun's jeans journey had him skipping around the globe, delving into the intense fashion subculture of jeans for ...

Ask Stacy for April 7-8, 2017


DEAR STACY: What happened to "Doubt" with Katherine Heigl? It was on and then it wasn't. -- TGR-1 DEAR TGR-1: Despite its first rate cast -- also including Dule Hill and Laverne Cox in TV's first transgender role played by a transgender performer...

Ask Stacy for April 1-2, 217


DEAR STACY: I've been watching "NBC News" the last couple of months and I am curious about Lester Holt. Can you tell me a little about him? Age? Background? My co-worker says he's married to a white lady. Is that true? -- Anastacia B., St. Louis, ...

Ask Stacy for March 18-19, 2017


DEAR STACY: Please answer me a couple of questions about Daniel Radcliffe. Is he engaged? How tall is he? (He looks very short next to his girlfriend in pictures.) What is up next for him? -- LeaAM2 DEAR LeaAM2: The British actor, who rose to ...