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Mercury and Saturn Extend the Tension


The Mercury-Saturn tension is still going strong. For some it causes an ache of desire. Desire isn't born out of loss. It's not a longing for what we lack. We all lack many things that we don't feel desire for. Desire isn't about lacking ...

Jittery Monday, Compliments of Mercury


Mercury and Saturn perpetuate a tense situation today that could lead to a jittery start to the workweek. It's like a sound in the car's engine that signals to the driver there might be trouble ahead, yet when the mechanic gets in there, there's...

Focusing the Cosmic Opposition


There are some people you choose because they fit the situation. They work perfectly in the context in which you need them. Then there are those who are bigger than the context. You would choose them in a hundred contexts over a hundred ...

Cosmic Happiness Coupon


Children are frequently upset about not getting what they want because their limited experience on the planet has shown them only a few things to want. They don't yet know there is so much more available than what's currently in view. The...

Happy Fall Equinox


This is one of two days in the year in which day and night are of equal length, a balance represented in the very concept of Libra -- scales of measurement to ensure the justice of human transactions. The felicity of today's fall equinox is ...

Pre-Equinox Release


The benefit of that particularly awful emotion called "shame" is that it keeps us aware of other people's expectations. Who doesn't feel shame? Psychopaths, that's who. Regardless, between yesterday's new moon and tomorrow's autumnal equinox, ...

Industrious New Moon


The golden opportunity inside this Virgo new moon (just hours away from the fall equinox) invites industriousness, shrewd focus, economy, modesty and humility. Such qualities are not among the most glamorous, and yet true success and high ...

New Moon in Virgo


Small children like getting gifts but aren't easily swayed into liking the giver more because of them. As for older people, things such as guilt and the idea of reciprocity kick in to influence transactions. Under the no-nonsense, practical ...

Virgo Moon Poses a Question


Under the diligent Virgo moon, should you let them know how hard you've had to work to make something happen, or should you make it look like no sweat at all? It depends on who is on the receiving end. Inexperienced people need to be taught what...

Venus, Uranus and Happiness


Irish philosopher Francis Hutcheson suggested, "That action is best which procures the greatest happiness." In what time frame, though? Short term? Long term? Sometimes what's good for one category is bad for the other. Luckily, under today's ...