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Sky of Endurance Training


When one pairs the word "endurance" with "training," it sounds like a worthy pursuit, even though the word "endurance" is synonymous with "suffering" and related wholly to pain. Learning to expect and deal with discomfort makes us better and ...

Early Degrees of the Aquarius Sun


Though they say your life is created in your mind, such a thing is hard to prove during working hours. Also, isn't it a little irrelevant where life exits? Unless you can use the information to give yourself more options, it's hard to ...

Early Degrees of Aquarius


Have you ever been relieved by and comforted inside the feeling of belonging? Have you ever wished that you belonged to no one? Have you ever wanted to be claimed by everyone? As we move through the early stages of the Aquarius sun, social ...

Onward to Aquarius


Here's what good listeners don't do. They don't wait to hear the right thing, i.e., the thing that they have a snappy comeback for. Instead they ask questions and pay close attention to whatever comes back, because that's how to forward...

Cosmic Square Complicates Social Life


Bonding, cultivating relationships, connecting with others -- it's where many people find happiness. Not everyone. And not all the time. If you're pulled to solitude as Mars and Saturn move into a squared position, that doesn't make you ...

Mars and Saturn Challenge


To anticipate the needs of another before those needs are expressed in words is to earn trust, admiration and affection in one fell swoop. On the other hand, to assume needs inaccurately and try to fulfill them will not only be perceived as ...

Capricorn Sun Cliffhanger


Keep in mind in these last days of the Capricorn sun that as much as people like closure, in life things don't always end with dessert and a tip on the table. Conversations hang; business goes unfinished; debts go unpaid. As it is in any good ...

Moon of Moving On


Maybe you already forgave. Forgetting, on the other hand, is a process that usually takes longer than speaking a pardon. The productive Virgo moon urges us to keep moving forward and creating new experiences -- because that situation that went ...

Mirrors and the Capricorn Sun


Of course the reflection you see in the mirror is not you. You're the person looking into the mirror, after all. Does it please you to know that very few animals besides humans have passed the "mirror test" that proves self-awareness? The solar ...

Mercury Lauds Friday the 13th


Europeans speak more languages than their North American brethren, a testament to living in close proximity to more countries. If you want to communicate better, Mercury seconds the motion on this, the 13th day of the month -- a Friday, to boot!...