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Neptune Offers Hopeful Holiday Imaginings


The moon and Neptune open windows of imagination. This time of year, it can be a challenge for some to use our imaginations hopefully. If the holiday blues strike, then remember that the shadows of the spirit can only occur because there's a ...

Scorpio Moon Glows on Hanukkah


The moon and Mars will come together in soulful Scorpio while many around the world light Hanukkah candles. This celebration of the miracle of light occurs for eight days indicated by the Hebrew calendar, a calendar based on the cycle of the ...

Mercury Solar Conjunction


The alignment of Mercury and the sun reminds us that everyone likes to be in cahoots with success. Far fewer will align themselves with people and situations that are unproven. It's why, if you think you have an idea, it's good to put it in ...

Lunar Security Warning


It's as if we're each encased in our own ball of energy and in charge of the security of the premises, too. Some moments are an open-house situation; others are a prison lockdown situation. And everything in between is possible, too. The Libra ...

Venus and Neptune Confusion


We are born alone yet utterly dependent on others to stay alive. There is absolutely no benefit to believing we are better than the others, yet seeing as we are each the center of our own universe, our own superiority is a rather natural ...

Mars Enters Scorpio


Mars enters Scorpio, raising eyebrows everywhere. But are we really so shocked at what we see, or are we just pretending because it makes us look innocent? Complicated behaviors arise out of complicated situations. Before pointing at offenders, ...

Leo and Virgo Lunar Feud


The moon shifts from Leo to Virgo in a swirl of energetic intention. Leo energy wants attention. Virgo vibes only want to do the work -- though, unfortunately, there will be no work if the Leo moon of publicity and entertainment doesn't bring it...

Retrograde Advice


It's said that sadness is about the past, anxiety is about the future and the present is only peace. Maybe for the enlightened masters. For the rest, some degree of sadness and anxiety will be present throughout the early stages of Mercury ...

Mercury-Saturn Conjunction Warning


This Mercury-Saturn alignment reminds us that creatures of all kinds have similar ways of dealing with pain. One way is to lash out -- either in an attempt to keep others away or with the intent of causing others to experience the pain, too. In ...

Conversation Hack for Mercury Retrograde


Conversation gets rickety these first days of the Mercury retrograde, so pull out your advanced skills. A spirit of openness and curiosity will be better than inquisition-style questions, which tend to focus on what you're interested instead of ...