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Gemini Lunar Opportunity


At the root of suffering is a relentless drive for something better than what's here right now. The quest for happiness is one of the best searches to take on -- if your goal is unhappiness. Yesterday the moon was new, and today is full of ripe ...

Gemini New Moon


If a mistake has been made, don't make the additional mistake of beating yourself up about it. If that response has any benefit at all, it's only in the first hot minute. Get over it and seize the huge opportunity today in the Gemini new moon. ...

Appetite Moon


The moon traverses the sign of appetites, which is Taurus. It's a good time to remember that the menu is not the meal. But the meal is definitely enhanced when the idea of it comes before you in figurative form, whets your expectations and ...

Awareness Alignment of the Moon and Mercury


As the Taurus moon comes into alignment with Mercury, which is also in Taurus, our automatic responses and routines could take on much more significance. Mindfulness changes everything about a ritual. Many aspects of life can improve through the...

Teaching Moon


The Aries moon reminds us that at any age, parts of us are young and in need of teaching. Your best teachers are irritants. This may seem so untrue to you that you are, even as you read this, dismissing the idea entirely, longing for a better ...

Practicing Planets


The act of practicing sometimes feels like doing things worse than before -- and indeed even finding new ways to do them worse. That's just the nature of practice. Rest assured that the more you practice the better you get. It's definitely a ...

Gemini Solar Song


Welcome, Gemini sun! The cosmic soundtrack for this solar journey through the first air sign of the zodiac is like a piccolo band, piercing the day with a high and twinkling melody of celebration and levity. The weeks ahead will bring new trends...

Venus and Jupiter's Heavenly Tension


Venus and Jupiter face off, pulling tension across the heavens. For all of his largess, Jupiter can hardly overpower the love goddess, who is fiercely feminine in her Aries armor. Anyway, neither will win. The lesson: There are many different ...

The Situation With Saturn


The idea of change can be much more frightening than actual change. Don't overestimate how momentous the consequences of change will be. Inflated worst-case scenarios can make your journey much more difficult than necessary. Anyway, under this ...

Stubborn Taurus Sun


Humans are notorious for trying very hard to prove the ideas in which they are ideologically invested. We tend to make up our minds first, and then look for the evidence to support our decision. It's an unscientific approach to life (...