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Free Learn Guitar Style for Beginner


The following resource is designed with the beginning guitarist in mind. It covers a variety of musical topics and touches on the basics of music theory. Learning to play guitar is both a challenging and rewarding experience. These pages have been designed to give guitarists a solid foundation in the fundamentals of music theory. As a guitarist, you will have to deal with a variety of different

Motorola Xoom priced at whopping $1,199.99?


Rumors suggested Motorola's 10.1-inch Android tablet would be priced at $800. But now Best Buy has it priced at $1,199.99 on its Web site, with preorders starting in stores on February 17. Is Motorola's Xoom being priced not to sell? That's the question a lot of folks are asking as a tipster pointed Engadget to a listing on Best Buy's Web site, showing the upcoming 10.1-inch tablet priced at $

A Cute Creative Labs Aurvana In-Ear2 Headphone


With the growth of audio and video devices, headphones / earphones become a necessity. However, not all are created equal. If you are looking for a high quality portable experience look Labs Creative Aurvana In-EAR2. This sequel to the award-winning Aurvana in-ear headphones continues their trend of sound insulation technology in a comfortable, lightweight style of practice. Creative Labs has a

Our Favorite Cross-Platform Mobile IM Client, WhatsApp Messenger, Updated…


When it comes to communication with other BlackBerry users, BlackBerry Messenger is the default IM client. When, however, you have contacts that use other smartphones, we know that you need a good cross platform IM client because you want to stay in touch with those contacts as well. This is why you should check out WhatsApp Messenger… Not familiar with WhatsApp Messenger?  Here's how it works…

SkyDrive Updated with Support for ODF, 300MB Browser Uploads and Short URLs


Microsoft announced new features today including support for Open Document Format (ODF), 300 MB browser uploads and short URLs for SkyDrive images. These features may not be big but Microsoft teases us with a promise that really big things are coming soon, we are waiting to see what are those big things that are coming to SkyDrive. ODF is a XML base

Earthquake Ready Table Could Save Countless Lives


By David Ponce Not everyone is fortunate to be born in a part of the world devoid of earthquakes. It's estimated that a total of 300 million schoolchildren worldwide go to school in earthquake prone areas and they are inadequately protected in case the building they're in collapses. See, in many places, the kids are told to take refuge under their desks if things start trembling, but most

Getting Nosy About Food


Not that airline food is all that great, but I was amused to see the kind of meal selection they offered on an international travel. Some of the diet plans were unheard of! So this brings me to the segment of society who fusses about the organic details of the produce like being genetically modified. I suppose

Dolby and Philips unveil new format to deliver full HD 3D content on 3D devices


This year's NAB show opened this Monday with the theme "The Great Content Shift." Going with the theme Dolby Labs and Royal Philips Electronics have jointly unveiled a new 3D HD format, which would deliver Full HD 3D content to 3D-enabled devices. This would include the glasses-free devices as well as the traditional ones that need you to wear the 3D glasses. The companies intend to improve the

Force Media JF-UFDP4S – a dual-connector USB flash drive


TweetShareEmailCevherShare TweetShareEmailForce Media JF-UFDP4S is a USB 2.0 flash drive that features dual connectors – a standard USB 2.0 connector and a microUSB 2.0 connector. It can be hooked up to your PC via the standard 2.0 USB connector. And what makes it handier is the micro-USB 2.0 connector, allowing it to be connected directly to your smartphone or tablet for backing up data.

Why Saving The BlackBerry And Saving RIM Aren’t Necessarily The Same Thing


I am often asked the question, "What can RIM do to get the BlackBerry back on top?" To be totally honest , I don't know that there is anything, realistically speaking, that RIM could do to regain the crown of top smartphone in the foreseeable future. As a matter of fact, a potential bright future for Research in Motion could be one where the BlackBerry doesn't even play a significant role in

Apple new iPad will be available in 21 additional countries this month including India


Apple today announced that the new iPad will be available in South Korea and 11 countries starting April 20th. A week later that is from April 27th it will be available in India and 8 other countries. The new iPad Wi-Fi models will be available in these countries for a suggested retail price of $499 (US) for the 16GB model, $599 (US) for the 32GB

Thermaltake’s Level 10 GT Gets A Paint Job, Adds “Battle Edition” To Its Name


By David Ponce Much has been said about Thermaltake's Level 10 GT case since its release back in January of 2011. And now it's gone and gotten itself a shiny new army-style paint job "to evoke the "battle" spirit of being a gamer and its true representation." That was enough to justify a new-ish name: meet the Level 10 GT Battle Edition. It's still the same case as before though, and if

Robotic Movement with a Difference


04.16.12 Radhika Seth Categories: 2 Comments

China develops Terminal Sensing Ammunition that will sense and annihilate targets


While this might not sound like much of an accomplishment to the Western powers who have already developed weapons of such capability, the Chinese are pretty upbeat about the weapon added to their arsenal. The press release from the Ministry of National Defense exudes the sense of accomplishment as it states how its new weapon seeks out targets, senses them and then destroys them with multiple

iDuck, Play Music in Your Bathtub


Staying in your bathtub, light up aroma therapy candle and enjoy the relaxing song that you like, that would be the best time you can have, to relax and release all stress inside your mind. But, the problem here is you can't put your music player or speaker together inside the bathtub. Yes, if you do that, your music player and speaker will be broken, or is that so? Let's

Now everyone can make money from their YouTube videos


YouTube has opened up their partner program to everyone in 20countries where this program i s launched. What it means is all video producers in these countries can now monetize their videos and make money. Earlier the partner program is open to select partners who producer popular content. Users who want to join the program now have to enable their

This Watch goes Ninja


There's a brand new cool and cute watch in town, and it goes by the name Ninja Time. This little beast has two "eyes" which show the hour and the minute, while the rest of the watch is dedicated to framing them in a way that looks assuredly ninja in style! The entire casing is made from molded plastic, the dials

Foursquare Clock will tell your location to friends and parents


Ever wondered what it would be like to own a clock like the one which the Weasley family owned in the Harry Potter series of books? What was seemingly an idea from a fantasy just got freakishly real, with a little help from Christopher "Kirgy" McKirgan. A student of theology, this British hacker was always interested in computing. His passion for hacking coupled with a serious devotion to

Asus intros ultra-thin U32U notebook


TweetShareEmailCevherShare TweetShareEmailAsus has introduced a super thin notebook in its line, known as U32U. The Asus U32U Notebook comes in a thinness of 0.9 inches only and weighs 3.4 pounds or about 1.5 kg, which should be lightweight enough for users on the go. The Asus U32U Notebook is equipped with a screen of 13.3 inches and a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. It's powered by a

Google Drive already launched for select partners?


Google is tight lipped about Google Drive service, it is supposed to release in this month if the rumors are true. But there is no official conformation or indication of it being launched this month. Although it is not launched for the public Google might have launched the same for select partners. The Verge published a screenshot of Lucidchart

Tiny Car Tower of Power


What you're about to take a look at is a vehicle that may be shorter and more to the point than any car you've yet experience. This is the eSetta, inspired by the legendary BMW Isetta, made to be as compact as possible with its intent being set for the car sharing environment across the earth. Will its bright red

IBM envisions Multitouch Floor that could act as security system and emergency service


Uncovering patent applications can sometimes show how firms are planning the future direction of their products. Apple's patents seem to constantly make a buzz in the gadget world, but here is a patent application from IBM that really seems to have hit on something. IBM have applied for a patent on 'Multitouch Floor' technology that will enable them to design floors of future homes that are smart

Ematic releases 7-inch eGlide Prism Android 4.0 tablet


TweetShareEmailCevherShare TweetShareEmailEmatic is to release its 7-inch eGlide Prism Android 4.0 tablet which comes in a slim size and offers enhanced gaming and entertainment experience for users on the go. The eGlide Prism runs the latest Android 4.0 ICS for improved multi-tasking, faster web browsing and a refined user interface. The tablet is equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen display

SMRpodcast #112: Chicken Wings and Beer Part 4


Check out Episode #112 of the SMRpodcast, Chicken Wings and Beer Part 4, where the big fella and I hold down the fort while he who shall remain nameless was on a road trip. This week we talk about, not one, but, two billion dollar tech deals, the release of the Windows Phone 7 powered Nokia Lumia 900 smartphone and the $150 million marketing budget AT&T is putting behind it, and, as always, our

Screenshots reveal Metro styled Windows Live web services


Windows 8 Metro style is heading to more Microsoft products, new screenshots emerged over the weekend show that Windows Live web services are also getting a touch of Metro UI. Metro is the most talked feature since Windows 8 consumer preview is released. Whether you love it or hate it, Metro is not going anywhere in fact it is making it's way into