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Inside My Kaladesh Testing, by Gerry Thompson
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Kaladesh isn't even on the shelves yet and GerryT has already put in tons of hours of testing with other Magic pros! So what is this format about? Which cards are not what we think they are? Which one has the best chance to stomp #SCGINDY next weekend? Gerry Thompson is here with answers to all of the above!

Video: 8-Rack In Modern!, by Ari Lax
8-Rack has been on the fringe of Modern for a while, but after Tom Ross took it to an Open Top 8, it's in the spotlight! Ari Lax takes the discard deck for a spin on Magic Online ahead of #SCGINDY!

Daily Digest: Eloquent Beats, by Ross Merriam
If 8-Rack continues to become a growing part of Modern, what can we do about it that will also survive against the other big decks? Ross Merriam says not to overthink it! Just hit em in the mouth at #SCGINDY's Modern Classic!

Paint It Black: The Complete Guide To 8-Rack, by Tom Ross
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Tom "The Boss" Ross has done it again. What was once thought a semi-rogue strategy that couldn't make the cut at the top tables has been taken to the summit by the back-to-back Invitational Champion! So how did he do it? The same way he always does: by thinking outside the box and adding new dimensions! #SCGINDY is next weekend. Rack 'em!

Todd VS. Brad: B/W Control VS. W/R Vehicles, by Todd Anderson
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It's a clash of old VS. new, doom VS. vroom! Todd Anderson has updated B/W Control for Kaladesh, while Brad Nelson is accelerating into the future with W/R Vehicles! Who has the right stuff to win this Standard showdown ahead of #SCGINDY?

Dwarves Are Awesome, by Adrian Sullivan
If you're a Magic veteran like Adrian Sullivan, you remember a time when Dwarves were a tried and true Magic tribe! It's good to have them back and more competitive than ever! Adrian welcomes them back with card-by-card analysis for #SCGINDY!

Piloting Pilots In Commander!, by Bennie Smith
Kaladesh has lots of cards that let us hit the Commander skies in ways we never dreamed possible! Sit down, strap in, and prepare to hover over the competition in your next pod!