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How Bloodbraid And Jace Will Change Everything, by Todd Anderson
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Jace is blue. Bloodbraid is green and red. This means Temur, and that means Todd Anderson is hyped beyond words! He has loads of decks for the new best cards on the Modern block! Brainstorm, cascade, win!

Ross VS. Brad: Ironworks Combo VS. Counters Company - Round 2!, by Ross Merriam
It's Modern time! Both players are ready to combo off today, but who will do it first? And who will do it better? And who has the best beard? Questions abound on Modern VS!

A Three-Pronged Approach To Card Evaluations, by Ross Merriam
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Ever hear about cards having certain floors and ceilings? It's a common way to describe Magic, but few go into detail on what these things really mean for building a deck! Ross Merriam teaches you as only he can!

Look At Me, I'm The Great Designer Search, by Mark Nestico
Mark Rosewater has been in the Magic news for defending a question from the Great Designer Search 3 test. SCG's own Mark, of the Nestico persuasion, mildly disagrees...oh, who are we kidding? He's in rare form today, folks!

Drafting Digest: A Tribe Called Questions, by Ryan Saxe
Ryan Saxe sees way too many Rivals of Ixalan drafters getting into tribal trouble! Today's Drafting Digest covers the perils of first-picking a tribal lord and the tough decisions posed by tribal synergy versus premium cards!