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Redwindling Phoenix, by Gerry Thompson
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Company decks, Humans decks, much field research did GerryT do for you this weekend at the Grand Prix? Tons! Get the expert's take on the Modern you'll find for yourself at SCG Cincinnati!

Preparing For Team Events (And A Deck For Each SCG Cincinnati Format), by Jim Davis
Team Constructed creates unique Magic metagame dynamics! Jim Davis shares his insights...and the three decks that will smash what he expects to face at SCG Cincinnati!

The King Of Humans, by Steve Locke
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Steve Locke now has two Grand Prix titles! It would behoove us to get his guide to playing the once-thought dead Humans archetype at SCG Cincinnati! Steve leads his fellow humans to victory with Humans here!

Ross VS. Brad: Naya Soul Sisters VS. W/R Monarch - Round 5!, by Ross Merriam
It's this week's Pauper finale on VS! Are you rooting for Ross Merriam and Naya Soul Sisters or Brad Nelson and W/R Monarch?