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Countdown To Grand Prix Richmond: 9 Days Out — Main Event Registration!, by Cedric ...
Cedric Phillips has all the details on Grand Prix Richmond's main event, from schedules for Sealed Deck construction to Pro Points and prizes!

The Top 20 Standard Cards Of Amonkhet, by Todd Stevens
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The Todd Stevens Top 20 is becoming a tradition, and today he takes his swing at Amonkhet ahead of SCG Atlanta! Everyone knows the cycling duals will see play, but what about Nissa, Steward of Elements? Liliana, Death's Majesty? Gideon of the Trials? What about Glorybringer?

Your Guide To Amonkhet Standard, by Michael Majors
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Michael Majors is a realist: Felidar Guardian will be legal for SCG Atlanta, so it's time to deal with it! He divides the Week 1 metagame of decks he's built and seen into four tiers, from "has potential, needs work" to his top recommendations!

Video: B/W Smallpox In Modern!, by Shaun McLaren
Ross Merriam wasn't the only writer intrigued by qbturtle15's B/W Smallpox deck! Shaun McLaren takes this potential SCG Atlanta Modern Classic list for a three-round test drive on Magic Online!

Delirium In A World Of Cycling, by Sam Black
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With the introduction of cycling to Standard, Sam Black sees the delirium mechanic as a big winner! He explores the possibilities of Sultai and Abzan Delirium before revealing a Saheeli Delirium deck that just might go down as a history maker at SCG Atlanta!

Amonkhet Mini-Masters VS: Game 3!, by Justin Parnell
It's the halfway mark of Amonkhet Mini-Masters VS! Justin Parnell and Todd Anderson are tied so far. Who will seize the advantage in today's slugfest? Who will open the bombs? Who will simply bomb?

The Cat Came Back, by Shaun McLaren
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Felidar Guardian just couldn't stay away from Standard! Shaun McLaren prepares you for life with the combo-happy feline ahead of SCG Atlanta...and wonders why Wizards of the Coast would ban Sensei's Divining Top from Legacy now, of all times.

Daily Digest: Kiki-Jiki, Slump Breaker, by Ross Merriam
Splinter Twin decks are dead in Modern, but the dream lives on! Ross Merriam highlights a Temur version with Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker that went 5-0 in a competitive League ahead of SCG Atlanta's Modern Classic!

Commander VS: Alphabet Soup!, by Justin Parnell
It's the Hasbro crossover you've been waiting for as Magic: The Gathering meets Scrabble! With the luck of the tile draw restricting our four players' card pools, whose build will spell victory this week?