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The Best Deck In Modern, by Sam Black
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Sam Black made his latest Grand Prix Top 8 with Modern's newest powerhouse! Forget the old Death's Shadow with Gitaxian Probe and Become Immense. Sam shows you the ins-and-outs of the format's new best deck in this essential article!

Daily Digest: Get 'Em With The Curveball, by Ross Merriam
When a Standard metagame seems set and your opponents can predict every pitch, it's time to throw a curveball. Ahead of SCG Indianapolis, Ross Merriam showcases a 5-0 Magic Online deck featuring...the Eldrazi?!

The Ultimate Guide To Eldrazi Tron, by Shaun McLaren
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Shaun McLaren brought Eldrazi Tron to battle at Grand Prix Vancouver, and while he didn't win the title, he liked what he saw! Today he offers a comprehensive guide, including sideboarding advice, for one of the strongest potential Modern decks for SCG Indianapolis!

Modern Tales From Vancouver, by Chris Lansdell
It wouldn't be a Judging trip for Chris Lansdell without stories and brews to bring back to his readers! He describes the Modern mayhem he saw in Vancouver and builds a brew of his own. Should you shuffle up that Immortal Coil for SCG Indianapolis?

The Return Of Valakut, by Ross Merriam
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Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle is back in style! Ross Merriam breaks down three related yet diverse decks that win with the "Lightning Bolt land" and helps you decide which one to play for your anticipated metagame at SCG Indianapolis or a store near you!

Command The Cube: Part 2, by Anthony Alongi
Special guest Anthony Alongi continues his series on Commander Cube! Get more insights from one of the founding personalities of multiplayer Magic as he shares his tips for a great social Magic experience!

Modern In Full Bloom, by Chris VanMeter
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If you're seeking a combo-tastic deck in Modern, Chris VanMeter just might have your answer! Losing Summer Bloom might not have been enough to stop Amulet Combo. Is this the deck you need to crack the SCG Indianapolis code?