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In Search Of Modern's Current Best, by Brad Nelson
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With seemingly nonstop Modern on the horizon for Magic pros, it's time for Brad Nelson to put down his traveling trunk! But the format's been far from a friendly home for him in the past. Watch him try to make sense of Modern's present...and future!

Video: Thopter Sword In Modern!, by Gerry Thompson
Sword of the Meek hasn't made many waves in Modern since it was let back into the format. Can Gerry Thompson's new build featuring Search for Azcanta change all that? Let's welcome Gerry back from the World Magic Cup!

I Am Reanimated! (Nestico Commands The Dead!), by Mark Nestico
Like his minions, it turns out Mark Nestico just couldn't stay gone! Today he relaunches his column, focusing on the format that has kept him connected to Magic even in the midst of new fatherhood: Commander!

We Need To Talk About Masters Sets, by Chas Andres
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Chas Andres has a self-admitted reputation for defending decisions by Wizards of the Coast that others disagree with. But even he thinks WotC has gone too far with its Masters sets, and he's here to tell you why. Plus, This Week's Trends!

Video Daily Digest: Cruel Summer, by Ross Merriam
If you've been looking for a new control experience in Modern, you're not the only one! As summer rolls around in the Southern Hemisphere, Ross Merriam showcases a Cruel Control deck for your next big event! Shards of Alara Standard fans: Let's go down memory lane...

Brad VS. Stevens: Bloodbraid Jund VS. Jace Jeskai, by Brad Nelson
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We're wading into the unbanning debates on VS! Is Bloodbraid Elf really THAT broken in Modern? What about Jace, the Mind Sculptor? Brad Nelson and Todd Stevens are here to remind you why those cards should stay gone!