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My Latest Modern Excursions, by Ari Lax
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With the calendar serving up seemingly nonstop Modern events for a while, Ari Lax is getting back into the groove! Get his survey of the Modern metagame, but be warned: he's hardly unbiased...

Video: U/B Control In Standard!, by Gerry Thompson
Gerry Thompson made the finals of U.S. Nationals and his country's World Magic Cup team! Today, watch him play the deck that stopped his run just short of the title: U/B Control!

Buying Into Modern Before The Rush, by Chas Andres
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With two Masters sets and a Modern Pro Tour coming up, the most accessible Eternal format is set to become white-hot! Chas Andres shares his best financial moves for SCG Cincinnati and beyond!

Video Daily Digest: Vraska Jund, by Ross Merriam
Jund isn't just for Modern! Ross Merriam highlights a successful Standard list featuring Vraska, Relic Seeker that might provide a change of pace at the SCG Cincinnati Standard Classic!

The Boss VS. Todd: Blue Moon VS. Affinity, by Tom Ross
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Tom "The Boss" Ross pilots the controlling Blue Moon deck against Todd Anderson and Affinity in a Modern matchup with significant implications for SCG Cincinnati!

Magic's Reboots, by John Dale Beety
As Magic approaches its 25th anniversary, it's staggering how many creative details have accumulated over the years. JDB examines the ways Wizards of the Coast has jettisoned the worst of its storyline past.