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Countdown To Grand Prix Orlando: 1 Day Out – Food!, by Cedric Phillips
And now the moment all you Grand Prix Orlando attendees have been waiting for: Let's eat!

The Pros And Cons Of Mardu, by Gerry Thompson
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Gerry isn't really interested in the complaining; he's interested in understand the tools he has to work with now. So is Mardu Vehicles the best deck? What are its weaknesses? What are its next evolutions? Does this list without Heart of Kiran make any sense? Gerry talks shop!

Modern Mini-Masters VS: Game 4, by Todd Anderson
It's our penultimate Mini-Masters with Modern Masters 2017! Who'll end up on the wrong side of a brutal Magical beatdown?

The Most Overrated Cards In Magic Today, by Jim Davis
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Good and even great cards don't automatically belong in decks! Jim Davis sounds off on five Modern and Legacy staples that deserve a second thought before they land in your next list! There are no sacred cows in deckbuilding, people!

Brad Answers Your Questions! , by Brad Nelson
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You asked and Brad Nelson has answered! He's serving up a dozen delightful discussions, from his favorite common of all time to how Wizards could improve players' lives across the board! See if your question was one of the lucky selections!

Facts Of The Grind, by Emma Handy
Grinding Magic tournaments isn't all fun and games, but some of the perks are real, too! Emma Handy offers her insights from more than a year of playing on The SCG Tour. Got questions? She's here to help!

Ross VS. Brad: Mardu Vehicles VS. Four-Color Saheeli, by Ross Merriam
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Mardu Vehicles. Four-Color Saheeli. The "Big Two" of Standard aren't going anywhere until Amonkhet arrives, so let Ross Merriam and Brad Nelson show you how it's done!

Draft Digest: Can We Aggro Or Not?, by Ryan Saxe
Does Modern Masters 2017 Limited lend itself to aggro? Ryan Saxe is still trying to solve it, but in the meantime, he has more picks to consider!

Partners: Part One, by Sheldon Menery
Commander 2016's partner commanders promise double the fun! Sheldon Menery kicks off an in-depth look at all the cards in the cycle!

Video: Eldrazi Evolution In Modern, by Ari Lax
The Eldrazi have been introduced to Eldritch Evolution in Modern. What could possibly go wrong? Ari Lax pilots this Grand Prix Top 32 list on Magic Online!