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Introducing...Death's Shadow Burn, by Eli Kassis
What happens when Burn and Death's Shadow collide in one wacky and wild-looking Modern deck? Eli Kassis and the rest of the brewers out there are about to find out!

Mr. Nelson's Standard Mailbag, by Brad Nelson
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Questions have traveled through the aether to Brad Nelson's current undisclosed whereabouts, and his replies have arrived! Get his takes on pre-tournament routine, the best Todd in Magic, whether Zombies is a trap, and more!

Triple The Formats, Triple The Fun: Modern, Standard, And Commander!, by Shaun McLaren
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Why should competitive Canadian Shaun McLaren stick to just one topic? Today he takes rapid-fire looks at Temur Energy in Standard, Jeskai in Modern, and even 1v1 Commander on Magic Online!

Video Daily Digest: The New Solar Flare, by Ross Merriam
Is it a midrange deck? A reanimator deck? Ross Merriam played with it and he's still not sure, but he knows this successful Standard list from Magic Online could make a splash at Grand Prix Washington DC!

The Excellent Return Of Elves, by Ross Merriam
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Ross Merriam hauled Elves back into the Modern spotlight with his performance at SCG Richmond! Today he breaks down the deck he played, the changes he wants to make, and why Vizier of Remedies is better than Shaman of the Pack!

Commander VS: Commander 2017 Preconstructed Decks!, by Justin Parnell
Today's fun comes straight out of the box on Commander VS! Parnell, Green, Noell, and Suarez battle with the four preconstructed decks of Commander 2017. Will Cats, Dragons, Vampires, or Wizards prevail?