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Video Daily Digest: Remembering Scott Bunnell, by Ross Merriam
Ross Merriam pays tribute to the late Scott Bunnell by highlighting his Mono-Blue Turns deck and provides information about his memorial tournament.

Taking A Swipe At Hour Of Devastation, by Ari Lax
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Eight cards from Hour of Devastation have popped up in the Tinder feeds of Ari Lax and Tom Ross! Which card will get two right swipes, and which one gets both a Swipe Left and a Super Like!?

Modern, Legacy, And A Lot Of Grand Prix Las Vegas, by Gerry Thompson
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GerryT finally made it back to Vegas! Today he talks the Legacy deck he played in that Grand Prix, the innovative Grixis Death's Shadow lists that caught his eye, and what he's thinking for the SCG Season One Invitational next weekend!

Setting The Stage For SCG Season One Invitational Standard, by Brennan DeCandio
It's a new world of Standard! Brennan DeCandio reveals his top tier of decks going into the SCG Season One Invitational and the longshot brew he just might run instead!

You Must Playtest Correctly!, by Emma Handy
Emma Handy is forever exhorting readers to playtest, playtest, playtest! But all that playtesting won't do any good if you're not doing it well. Get her secrets to proper playtesting ahead of the SCG Season One Invitational!

Black And Green All Over: New Standard Snakes And Spiders, by Shaun McLaren
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Constrictor? Energy? Delirium? However you want to build in the new Standard, Shaun McLaren says the only colors you need are black and green, and he has the decklists to prove it! Will you play B/G at the SCG Season One Invitational?

Red Mana For Days! Commander With Neheb, The Eternal, by Bennie Smith
Red may get bad buzz in Commander, but the right legendary creature can bring the fun back! Bennie Smith serves up a double bill of new Hour of Devastation card Neheb, the Eternal and Feldon of the Third Path!

Got It Right, Got It Wrong: Modern And Legacy In Las Vegas, by Tom Ross
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Tom Ross went on an epic road trip with Grand Prix Las Vegas in the middle! He goes over his deck choices in Legacy and Modern and shows where he'd like to go in the latter format ahead of the SCG Season One Invitational!

Todd VS. Majors: Mono-White Humans VS. B/G Delirium, by Todd Anderson
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Todd Anderson is celebrating the banning of Aetherworks Marvel! But will his Mono-White Humans deck, on loan from Tom Ross, beat the B/G Delirium of Michael Majors in his last VS appearance? The SCG Season One Invitational awaits!