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What Separates Good From Great, by Gerry Thompson
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Does it take 10,000 hours of practice? An uncanny intuition for confusing the opponent? The creativity to see a line no one else could? Nay, says Gerry Thompson. Get his take on the real secret of Magic success!

Countdown To The SCG Season Two Invitational: 7 Days Out — The Main Event!, by Cedric ...
It's the core of the weekend, the culmination of months of play and effort: the main event, the Invitational itself! Cedric Phillips has the prizes ($100,000 paid out to the Top 64), the schedule, and how to find out if you're qualified!

Brad Nelson's Best And Worst Cards Of 2017, by Brad Nelson
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Brad Nelson is dusting off the soapbox! After one of the wildest years competitive Magic has been through in the 21st century, he's ready to rattle off his best and worst of 2017. Did your favorite (or un-favorite) card make the list?

Getting Started On The Magic Grind: First Steps And What You Must Know, by Emma Handy
One of the questions Emma Handy gets asked most often is pretty simple. How does one get started on the Magic grind? Today she shares the must-know details for anyone looking to make the jump!

Four Things I'm Thankful For, by Jim Davis
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For Jim Davis, Thanksgiving isn't one day a year but an ongoing process. Today he looks back at the past twelve months and gives thanks for the awesome Magical things in his life!

Video Daily Digest: Come On And Sram, And Welcome To The Jam, by Ross Merriam
Sram, Senior Edificer has had a hard time breaking through in Constructed, but one player may have cracked the code! Ross Merriam takes a look at their inventive Mono-White Vehicles deck!

The GAM Podcast, Episode 54: Analyzing Our Weaknesses, by Gerry Thompson
Gerry Thompson and Bryan Gottlieb discuss weaknesses in one's Magic game and ways to address them in the latest edition of the GAM Podcast! Have a listen, won't you?