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Daily Digest: Eternal Tokens, by Ross Merriam
This is one we haven't seen in a while! Is there an end to the Kaladesh Standard archetypes? We haven't found it yet, and #SCGMKE's Standard Classic is coming!

Next Level Standard, by Gerry Thompson
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Vehicles ran wild on the first week, then the Pro Tour showed us that you could play a true control deck. So what's next? GerryT goes deep on the format that may deeper than any Standard we've ever known! Going to #SCGMKE's Standard Classic? You'll need this!

Modern In Milwaukee, by Tom Ross
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The Pro Tour has come and gone; now it's time to get back to business in Modern! Kaladesh has made a big influence on the format whether you've noticed or not! What does Tom "The Boss" Ross expect for this weekend? What are his favorite decklists? Find out here!

The Agony Of Defeat, by Adrian Sullivan
Adrian Sullivan's fate may forever be that of the Pro Tour grinder. He's on, he's off, he's on, he's off. Pro Touring is not for the ill-prepared or for the emotionally fragile. Today he talks candidly about giving up and about being close (but not close enough).

The Control Renaissance, by Shaheen Soorani
The Pro Tour didn't lie: Control is finally back in a way we recognize! Uncompromising and undeniable! Shaheen celebrates the occasion with his impressions of the #SCGMKE Standard Classic metagame!

Modern, Milwaukee, And Shota's Mastery, by Todd Anderson
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What is the best deck in Modern? Is there any agreement at all? Well, someone better figure it out because Todd Anderson is on his way to #SCGMKE, and he's packing a lot of strong contenders! Check out what he has to say about the format on everyone's mind this weekend!

What's A Little Life Between Friends?, by Bennie Smith
Still looking for your favorite Kaladesh commander to get the Bennie Smith treatment? Wait no longer! Bennie has one of the plane's most dangerous leaders and a list to match this week!