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Taking A Swipe At Ixalan, by Ari Lax
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You've just landed on Ixalan, and you're in luck! There are singles in your area. But who's worth your time? As Ari Lax and Cedric Phillips size up notable cards, you'll learn which to ditch and which to take on your date with destiny at SCG Dallas!

Video: 8-Rack In Modern!, by Ari Lax
Pitching cards, pitching fits: that's just how Ari Lax likes his opponents when he's playing 8-Rack! Watch him in action on Magic Online ahead of the SCG Dallas Modern Classic!

How To Approach SCG Dallas, by Todd Stevens
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Todd Stevens may not live in Texas anymore, but it's the state where he first made his mark in Magic! Who better to show you how to control the maverick mages in Standard for SCG Dallas?

Lessons From The Ixalan Pre-Prerelease, by Emma Handy
Only a few people outside Wizards of the Coast can say they've played with Ixalan already, and Emma Handy is one of them! Get her thoughts on the Sealed format before this weekend's Prerelease!

The Ixalan Red Review, by Adrian Sullivan
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After Hour of Devastation revitalized red, Ixalan has a tough act to follow! Can any of the cards measure up? Adrian Sullivan has all the essential knowledge red mages need to thrive at SCG Dallas!

Video Daily Digest: Blinky The Eldrazi, by Ross Merriam
Sheldon Menery's favorite Eldrazi is making waves in Modern! Ross Merriam checks out a successful mono-white list combining blink effects with the power of Eldrazi Temple-fueled Thought-Knot Seers!

Draft Digest: Ix Gon' Give It To Ya, by Ryan Saxe
Consider yourself warned: Ixalan Draft is not all about the tribes! There are other opportunities to explore, and Ryan Saxe is ready to rock and roll his way through some intriguing picks!

The Boss VS. Merriam: Jeskai God-Pharaoh's Gift VS. Mono-Blue Winds, by Tom Ross
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Earth meets sky on VS! Tom "The Boss" Ross is all about the graveyard with Jeskai God-Pharaoh's Gift. Can Ross Merriam's Mono-Blue Winds air force soar over for the win? SCG Dallas awaits!

Freshwater Brewing, by Matt Higgs
Of the four tribes in Ixalan, Matt Higgs is most intrigued by Merfolk! Enjoy his eccentric explorations, from mono-blue to G/B and even G/R configurations, ahead of SCG Dallas!