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Exploring 1v1 Commander, by Ari Lax
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It only took a few days of activity on Magic Online for the Commander world to be turned on its head! We've had mid-week bans, a deck rising to the top, and all the other insanity that comes with everyone joining an already popular format! Ari Lax has analysis (and lists) for you here!

Video Daily Digest: Heavy Metal, by Ross Merriam
This card saw some Standard play, it's completely awesome, and that is the perfect formula for Ross Merriam to give it another go! SCG Charlotte's Standard Classic could mark a return for the tallest robot in the format!

Hidden Standard Brews From The Pro Tour, by Chris Lansdell
Fresh off becoming a Level 3 Judge (congrats!), Chris Lansdell has compiled all the Pro Tour lists you may have missed in the Top 8 Aetherworks Marvel fuss! Check them out before SCG Charlotte's Standard Classic!

Censoring Constructed, by Adrian Sullivan
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Adrian Sullivan knows the control cards he likes, and Censor certainly is on that list! Already he's working on making Censor a four-of, but does it have potential in Modern? Legacy?! Get his un-Censored opinion inside!

Menery's Mailbag, by Sheldon Menery
Sheldon Menery opens up the mailbag and answers your questions on Commander banning philosophy, the joys of homemade pasta, the card he would make if Wizards of the Coast let him add one to a design file, and much, much more!

Searching For Specs On The Commander Banned List, by Chas Andres
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Magic finance is used to speculating on changes to the banned lists of Modern and Legacy, but what about paper Commander? Chas Andres shares his insights on the best specs and takes a look at the wider world of Magic price movements!

Todd VS. Majors: U/R Control VS. Temur Aetherworks, by Todd Anderson
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It's a battle of GP Montreal decks! Todd Anderson takes up the U/R Control mantle, while Michael Majors commands the list that won it all, Temur Aetherworks. Who will come out on top in this clash with SCG Charlotte Standard Classic implications?