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Draft Digest: Don't Leave Me Yet!, by Ross Merriam
Aether Revolt is about to step in and replace triple Kaladesh as the Draft format of the moment! But not yet...Help Ross conquer the tough picks here!

Making Memories At #SCGPC, by Brad Nelson
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Brad Nelson already has one Players' Championship under his belt, but that isn't enough for him! Today, he's talking about all of the formats for this extremely skill-testing event, as well as how much another win would mean to him!

The Line Between What's Deserved, And What's Earned, by Todd Anderson
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To say Todd Anderson had an eventful year and an eventful weekend at #SCGINVI would be the understatement of the century! The #SCGPC has a very exclusive field, and he crawled his way at the last possible moment! What does that much pressure feel like? How do you deal with it?

The Madcap Experiment, by Matt Higgs
Matt Higgs is taking a week off of the Standard brewing to try his hand at Modern! What wild combo does he have in store for the wanting Modern masses?

Aether Revolting Into Standard, by Jim Davis
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Last year's #SCGPC was taken by Jim Davis, and he's not interested in giving up the moment this year! Join the #SCGINVI semifinalist as he takes a look at the Standard format that just won't stay still, as well as take a look at some of Aether Revolt's most interesting previews!