Subscribe: Outsource web development, offshore web development, offshore outsourcing, Internet marketing from USA, UK and India.
Preview: Outsource web development, offshore web development, offshore outsourcing, Internet marketing from USA, UK and India.

Outsource web development, offshore web development, offshore outsourcing, Internet marketing from USA, UK and India. is an offshore web development company from India, we welcome you for offshore outsourcing your website design, Mobile application development, Internet marketing , Web Graphic Design, Responsive website development


Offshore web development services :: Outsource your web development needs to India offers a range of services in web development. We develop ASP,PHP based database driven web sites and web applications. Outsource your work to us, for low cost development.

Outsource Web site Development
We outsource website development and do it at our offhore website development center in India.

Offshore mobile application development - Offshore Mobile Games and Software development with Java ME
Outsource your mobile and SMS application development to India by utilizing our offshore Mobile software development services

Outsource Search Engine Promotion - SEO Outsourcing to India
Website Site promotion with search engines and other places in the net is an Art. has understand it and we have more than 4 years of experience in site promotion for low cost from India.

Offshore Custom web Application development
We develop custom and personalized web based applications, intranet and extranet applications as per your requirements. Our solutions range from simple poll to corporate content management solution. We work on any budget and Indian prices. Outsource your work to us.

Offshore E-Commerce Solutions
We outsource and develop e-commerce solutions with complete shopping cart to real time credit card processing that helps you to reach the Global market

Outsource Web site Maintenance
Outsource your website maintanance to us. We take contract work, for frequent updation, content refeshment and site optimization work for low cost. Sites developed by third parties of any technologies will also be accepted.

Outsource Website Redesigning and Enhancement
Outsource website redesigning and revitalizing work to us to India.

Web design Portfolio
ere is our design samples. Our live work to give better impression about us.

Who we are - Offshore web development company
We are experienced web solutions provider from India, having more than five years in depth experience in design and implementation of back-end driven Internet and Intranet Applications.

Services PriceQuote
At macronimous Inc., we have very clear pricing policy. We work for outsourced India rates, help you saving lot of money in the slow down economy.

Scripts,code, Articles, Tutorials, Guides and help resources from
You can find articles on project management, development life cycle issues, web site promotion, web services, web site best practices, web marketing, Active Server Pages, creating COM, web servers, mySQL, PHP, Java and other Internet related technologies. Click here to see the archive of Tutorials and Articles.

Contact us :: UK, US, Italy and Indian offices
We are experienced web solutions provider from India, having more than four years in depth experience in design and implementation of back-end driven Internet and Intranet Applications.

Tutorials from
In this resource section Macronimous Inc offers you the tutorials that can teach you technologies that can be used in your web sites or web based applications.

Articles on Web design, development, management , promotion
We beleive in educating our visitors and clients. has an archive of tutorials on web development, written in a simple style. Visit this page often to get refreshed with new articles.

Download ASP, Java Scripts and code snippets offers free and low cose ASP scripts to download. You can get ASP java script CSS code snippets for free.

Search Engine Optimization for Beginners
This article teaches you prepare your site for search engines and helps you promote your site a straight forward way. The author has more than 4 years of experience with search engines and promotion. This is an updated version of the article written in the year 1998.

Practical SEO Techniques :: Download Free Complete SEO E-Book
This E-Book teaches you to apply some techniques to your site promotion activity with a straightforward and honest approach, using some proven tools and methods for focusing high Return On Investment (ROI). These methods are suggested by many SEO experts and are used by SEO professionals around the world effectively for years.

Introduction to PostgresSQL
As Web-based companies begin to need more full-featured, powerful, and flexible technology systems, many are looking more closely at open-source options.

Web Site Development Process - The life-cycle steps
The article describes the process of any web site or web based application development processes and its phases. This is a Resource for a web development team.

Getting your web presence and reaching the global market
The articles describes, who needs website and how to develop it. It also discusses, how to get a global presence and reach the world-wide customers for any firm.

Increasing Link Popularity and Getting worthy inward links
This article teaches you prepare get link poplarity with greater inward links

Creating Visual basic COMponents for ASP
An Introductory article to the Visual Basic and ASP programmers to create custom ActiveX components and to use to reuse them in their ASP code.

Secure password programming with .NET
Article on secure password programming with .NET using

Extreme Programming - A short Intro!
This is a short Inroduction on Extreme progrmmaing. Learn the new development standard in a team environment.

Tracking and understanding site visitors
How to understand your site visitors? How to use your site visitor log and interpret them? Find here to how to play with logs.

Why SEO results are not Guaranteed
Why SEO results can not be Guaranteed? Why SEO results are keep changing? How to get a good SEO results?

Developing SEO friendly URLs with ASP NET 2.0
We can develop SEO Friendly websites where the content is driven from the Database with a Content Management System which is developed using ASP.NET. We will learn to build a simple CMS driven site with no nonsense URL, which Search Engines invite.

Creating Dynamic PDF files using HTML and PHP
This article explains how to create PDF files dynamically using PHP, from html file to PDF format using FPDF and HTML2FPDF PHP class libraries.

Writing Regular Expression with PHP
RegEx is a kind of language and if you have learnt its symbols and understood their meaning, you would find it as the most useful tool in hand to solve many complex problems related to text searches. This article shows lights on RegEx concept and use of RegEx with PHP. This article also provides an example of how to create a RegEx to find US Zipcode and Telephone number.

Command Line Scripting in PHP
PHP can also be run as a command line script like c, c++, java, etc. This article provides an introduction to command line scripting in PHP and emphasise on its significance in PHP applications.

10 Most Useful Firefox Extensions for Web Developers
Firefox extensions for web developers, which can be of great help or might end up with less help to them. On analyzing a few hundreds of extensions, we have chosen best ten on the daily usage basis, which might be most useful firefox extensions to the web developers.

Google Checkout Integration for PHP
Using Google checkout, buying from stores across the web becomes simple and also facilitates you to keep track of all the orders. This articles is about Google checkout and different types of integration methods in Google checkout using PHP.

Integrate Firebase analytics with your Mobile app
In this tutorial you will learn how to add Firebase analytics with your iOS and Android apps