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Modified: 2006-08-25T01:31:00Z


New formula of WebsourceNew formula of Websource


I am testing a new formula of websource mode of Brainstorm Generator.

With the new formula, Brainstorm Generator can find more uncovered keywords.

Also, we will use "broad match" for the Adwords data. However, we keep to use "exact match" for the listing result, R/S and KEI calculation.

It is very important to know that "exact match" listings are the pages which are optimized for a specific keywords - it means they are your real competitors.

If your website is optimized with a specific keyword, it is better potential to rank higher. So it is non-sense to calculate the R/S and KEI by the result of "broad match". If you have time, please do a small experiment.

Input any keyword to Google or Yahoo. Then check the keywords at Title and Description of all listings. You can see there is an obvious difference
chicago lawyer:
1. 1st page result of Google
2. Last page result of Google
3. 1st page result of Yahoo
4. Last page result of Yahoo

The new update will be ready on 1st Dec or 2nd Dec. We try our best to complete it within this week :-).