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Comments on: Why Linux Mint?

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By: Norbert ( Bob ) Gostischa

Fri, 08 Jul 2011 21:27:00 +0000

You also need to realize that AARP isn't there to fight for the rights of us seniors. Those days are long gone. It's now just another political entity with it's own agenda. It's also more concerned with making a buck than defending Senior Rights. I was a member for about 15 years but have now learned to channel my funds elsewhere. The should rename themselves to something more fitting like Another Association Ripping off People.

By: MerryMarjie

Fri, 08 Jul 2011 13:26:00 +0000

Thanks for the "free music to the gray-headed crowd, including baby boomers" reference, but I'll always be blonde as long as Clairol is in business!

By: Paul

Tue, 03 Apr 2007 09:07:35 +0000

Hey, great to find out more about Linux & Windows from you, Matt. I really wanted to switch to LInux Mint, but I afraid my P3 800 Mhz with 256mb SD ram will not run smoothly with it. I would have to wait for my new PC... i guess... some day after I graduated. I am currently running Xubuntu 6.06 on this old P3. Working fine except for some windows applications that I really going to miss, and some office applications (e.g. powerpoint). Well, at least Xubuntu don't give me any virus or worm problem, not like Windows 2000, have to install darn lot of protection like Spybot S&D, Norton Antivirus... etc. Xubuntu is just smooth and cool... minus the uncool of unavailability of multimedia supports.

By: Chris mankey

Sun, 01 Apr 2007 18:21:23 +0000

"It’s comical listening to WindoZ bashers. They have to jump thru hoops to get stuff to work. Spending hours installing plugins and reconfiguring. That’s what I love about Windows, it works." Yep, all the viruses and worms are configured correctly. So you had nothing better to do with yourself than show up here and post this? Must be lonely in that basement!

By: Matt Hartley

Fri, 16 Mar 2007 23:03:59 +0000

Keith: Linspire (I am an “Insider”) is going to be basing Freespire 2.0 and Linspire 6.0 on Ubuntu. So this is still in the works, although some alphas may be out now. ;) Matthew: Ah, this will be included as xorg already offers this, but through sloppy, old school thinking, a GUI has not been presented. 99% of what p*sses off Windows users with Linux is being addressed with a vengeance. (still being built), will offer blogged tutes, a self-authored eBook taking an approach unlike anything you have seen elsewhere and a number of greatly improved Ubuntu GUI tools to take on the biggest problems people are facing today. Stay tuned, we are making history while Windows is making a mess. :) John: I would agree that Ubuntu, among other distros have a nasty habit of glossing over improvement “must haves” for basic operation. As a long, long time Windows user, still believe that Windows 2k was the best os ever to roll out of Redmond, with XP Pro SP2 in a very close second. But the problem is the love and excitement is dead. There are no frontiers left to explore. Registry, boring, WinFS is not happening, and Vista’s hardware requirements for the cool editions with 3D effects are insane. Having said this, Microsoft is master when it comes to working with their famed developers, making sure their MVPs are given the kudos they deserve and plunging into new markets to beat the Japanese (XBox). Hell, I will never use anything other than my Windows Mobile devices! Why? Because I am realistic. Windows Mobile saves me time. It works and I am not left screaming at my device for errors or bugs. On the desktop however, no OS is clear of this. Like some of the Linux distros out there, Vista has MUCH work to be done. It’ll happen and likely to prove to be a very stable, usable OS. But with their initial release, they actually leveled the Linux playing field for us! Much of the issues being had by Vista users can be seen as parallel to what some Ubuntu users have experienced. Here’s the rub though. I can fix the issues in Ubuntu. The backend needs are already there, because the “hang-ups” are not bugs in most cases, rather usability issues. Best of all, when the Ubuntu distro does things in a really foolish manner, I can simply take what they did right and then add to it. Can this be said for Windows? I am afraid not. Windows will for the time being, and likely for many years, remain the masters in the proprietary application market.But realize this: I am working with people who are developing: a new and simple programing language so simple to use, a 4th grader can use it, GUI tools that fill in the missing gaps, and I have also been working with a company to bring indie movies and music to the Linux realm as well. I even have wifi card manufactures that support Linux out of the box looking at we are doing here. Things are beginning to level out here. As for DRM-protected content and proprietary options, I would keep my eye on Linspire’s CNR release. Once this goes public to other distros, we will see a flood of proprietary options that will further level the playing field. Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose. and I believe that if you show people the problems and you show them the solutions they will be moved to act. ~Bill Gates

By: Matthew

Fri, 16 Mar 2007 20:01:23 +0000

RE: Monitor setup... My #1 request - Refresh Rate!! For the love of God/Cthullu/Flyingspagettimonster/Tux... Not everyone has LCD monitors, and 60hz, well, hurts! Why must I always hunt down a conf file to change it? As for general features/organization - copy 90% of it from OSX. (Might as well steal from the best - not perfect, but better than anything else I've seen.)

By: Keith Baddams

Fri, 16 Mar 2007 16:56:54 +0000

I believe Linspire/ Freespire is changing as Ubuntu is debian based Linspire/ Freespire has all codecs installed in it, even live cd running all video's play great Impressed by its Live CD running bye Keith

By: John Edwards

Fri, 16 Mar 2007 13:07:32 +0000

It's comical listening to WindoZ bashers. They have to jump thru hoops to get stuff to work. Spending hours installing plugins and reconfiguring. That's what I love about Windows, it works.

By: Matt Hartley

Fri, 16 Mar 2007 12:59:21 +0000

Richard: Thanks for the well wishes. The super-cool thing is that all of the back-end stuff already exists. We are just adding a pretty GTK wrapper and then making the right calls to make it all stick. To say that dual monitor could have happened a long time ago however, is a mixed bag. Because of the GPL (see today's report to be posted later), the Linux kernel make this difficult. But thanks to installable packages, I can offer this. :)

By: Richard

Fri, 16 Mar 2007 12:38:30 +0000

Good luck with the Display manager and Network manager projects! They would be greatly appreciated. Especially since I've had to try to explain to a newbie Ubuntu user how to manually edit the conf file to support his widescreen monitor. He ended up just switching to Mint. It worked right out of the box.