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Session: Frostgrave:: Undead Ruins raid

Wed, 24 May 2017 22:56:11 +0000

by HillKing

Played a modified version of The first scenario tonight with no "special" treasure. Mods were 2 treasures each for a shorter game, and a general central ruin for skeleton spawns instead of the blocky mos (to maximize table space.)

Warbands were:
REEVA, enchanter
Carla, apprentice enchanter
Rikon Blart - archer
Maria Blart - archer
Klavis Breakem - thug
Lana Gerai - Theif
Jon Krackinskulls IV - Knight

Sir Blackmane ( wounded from previous game) no participating.


Lord Cronut - Chronomancer
Bearclaw - apprentice chronomancer
SprEd JAMeson - thief
Sir Bran - archer
The Coffee GrHounds - 3x war hounds


Match was wicked fun but pretty much a disaster on my end. We placed 4 treasure and 2 independent skeletons on the board. Wanting to take ground, I advanced both archers along with REEVA.

She was immediately set upon and slaughtered by the undead. Her and Maria lay dead in the snow. Game starts to go downhill for me and Way way uphill for Lord Cronut.

Cronuts high speed stats ensure an easy advance to 3 treasures, along with a Crumble spell that successfully evicerates a standing pilot with a treasure atop, causing it to fall. Very cool moment. The dogs made their way to the other side of the ruins, basing Lana and making sure she can't make away with the treasure. I was boxed in. Neither she nor Klavis would make it out of that fight alive.

Seeing not many options on the table, and with my apprentice taken out by the dogs, I decide to try my luck with Krackinskulls IV and go after the fleeing apprentice. With a lucky arrow through an unlucky line of sight from Rikon, I'm able to tag team and take out Bearclaw the apprentice, along with 2 of the 3 Coffee GrHounds. The rest of the opposing team flees with their treasure, but not without sniping out Krackinskulls IV. He bleeds out in the snow (I think, I haven't rolled for his fate.)

With only a warhound and Rikon the archer left in the board, it's now a last man standing competition. The winner of the combat will take the final 2 standing treasure. Rikon makes 2 very likely shots against the charging hound, but really does not do good by any measure, is set upon and is presumably eaten (I haven't rolled, but I think he's pretty dead.)

It was blast of a game, but BOY did I roll bad. My opponent had some great strategies and was helped out immensely by the skeletal horde. Good use of Teleport too (very useful spell).

I'll post a picture when it is approved! Thanks for reading about this bloodbath. Everyone died. (I haven't rolled to see if that's true, but it probably is.)

Session: Advanced Squad Leader: Starter Kit #2:: S12: Over Open Sights

Wed, 24 May 2017 20:51:36 +0000

by kilgore234 This Scenario takes place on D+1 of the “Battle of the Bulge”, near Diekirch, Luxembourg.For a bit of background, I read (and include) an excerpt from “A Tour of the Bulge Battlefields” by William CC Cavanagh & Karl Cavanagh. Emphasis in BOLD type is mine:“On 16 December 1944, at 05.30 am, all hell broke loose when, quite unexpectedly, German artillery opened up with a deadly and intense rain of shells and rockets. The thirty minute barrage pinned down the men of the 109th who initially didn’t realise what was going on. Shells ploughed into the US front line positions while others set alight various buildings in Diekirch. Massive German infantry attacks across the Our River followed the artillery barrage that signaled the start of the Battle of the Bulge. At first light, all front line companies of the 109th Infantry between Vianden and Wallendorf reported communications problems and attacks by German infantry. Enemy soldiers of the 915th and 916th Regiments of the 352nd Volksgrenadier Division crossed the swollen Our River to attack the 3rd Battalion of the 109th while the 914th Regiment and elements of 5th Parachute Division attacked Rudder’s 2nd Battalion. Backed up by their own 81mm mortars, the 105mm howitzers of Lieutenant Colonel James Rosborough’s 107th Field Artillery Battalion and the 155mm batteries of the 108th Field Artillery Battalion both positioned on the high ground north of Diekirch – Rudder’s men defended themselves well.Approximate location where S12 takes placed, on the high ground just north and west of Diekirch, Luxembourg.This Scenario introduces (to me, anyway) the first use of 5/8” Counter Guns! I wanted to spend a little time re-reading the rules and understanding each aspect of the counters before proceeding.US M2A1 105mm Artillery HowitzerNice introductory video: ROF is 1. Armor Piercing (AP) Rounds are not available. Target size is “Medium” and while Manhandling number is 7, this is not a QSU gun and thus cannot be moved at all in this Scenario.High Explosive (HE) is standard armament.High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) ammo depletion number of 6Smoke (S) depletion number of 7White Phosphorus (WP) depletion number of 8Also has Canister depletion (C74+P) but is unused in ASKSK.Gun Crew gets +2 Emplacement TEM for duration of scenario – since the guns cannot be moved. Changing CA is not movement.US M1 155mm HowitzerNo Retained ROF Factor. Armor Piercing (AP) Rounds are not available. Target size is “Large” and while Manhandling number is 3, this is not a QSU gun and thus cannot be moved at all in this Scenario.High Explosive (HE) is standard armament.Smoke (S) depletion number of 7White Phosphorus (WP) depletion number of 8Gun Crew gets +2 Emplacement TEM for duration of scenario – since the guns cannot be moved. Changing CA is not movement.I must remember that, for ITT shots, TEM applies only to the TH DRM, not to the IFT DRM.Also, a gun can change its CA prior to firing (and suffer DRM) or change its CA at the end of any friendly fire phase if it didn’t fireSetupROAR has Germans winning 52% of the time – seemingly this is the most balanced Scenario I’ve yet to play. Per the SSR, Americans do not get liberty to set up Hidden Initial Placement (HIP) at the start of the Scenario. Since it is December the large wheatfield in the center of map ‘x’ is not in season.Germans can enter anywhere along the southern edge of the board, as well as a limited range both from the east and west – this simulates the pincer movement the 915th Volks made on Diekirch that morning. I’ve decided to have the two greatest German forces coming from both the East and West edge, with some smaller, annoying forces come up from the South.For better or worse, here is the setup and entrance positions for the Germans.Turn 1GT1Germans start entering from the East. They learn quickly that the US squads defending from the central woods only have a normal range of 3. This makes it easy for them to[...]

Session: A Handful of Stars:: (Half) A Handful of Stars: a partial session report

Wed, 24 May 2017 17:34:08 +0000

by Weloi Avala Having properly enjoyed my previous 1.5 games of Handful, I recruited the same two colleagues for another go after work. Both were up for it, and slightly behind schedule we set up another three player game: my blue Bilderoids vs red Aggroloids vs Green Explormords.I came into the game with a vague strategy: I wanted to build up development tokens that met my population needs so that I could thin otherwise weak inhabitable systems from my deck, hopefully leaving me with a lean, mean deck that shuffled quickly and consistently met my combat needs. I also wanted to try playing more defensively, expanding slowly but securely, establishing starbases and relaying on space mines to keep the enemy at bay. This didn't really happen. Compared to my opponents, who started relatively consolidated, the Bilderoids were a scattered empire enjoying little security. Almost immediately the Aggroloids were conquering their outposts and taking a strong lead. Furthermore, instantly distracted by sparkly technologies, I initially focused on developing tech and extra room in the reserves. The Bilderoids leaped to the forefront of knowledge even as their enemies nibbled away the edges of their fledgling empire. Fortunately, a few chromatically unusual purple holes kept the home world relatively safe.Nevertheless, the Aggroloids continued their relentless aggression, curtailed only as the Explormords--who had been heavily building fleets--began to swiftly expand.The Explormords had secured one corner of the galaxy. Their swift ships, supported by plentiful energy, were quick to reach the front. A strong line of purple holes isolated another corner of the board, penetrated by a few key systems, and behind this impenetrable cosmic wall the Aggroloids expanded with little fear of reprisal or resistance. The few isolated Bilderoid outposts seemed doomed; fortunately, some little success meant their empire had extended a little beyond the now-safe homeworld.However, by mid-game, a definite power shift took place. The Bilderoid's slow start and investment in technology began to pay off: successive enemy assaults were seen off, partly through the tactical use of space mines but mostly through the incalculable loss of countless live poured into Mass Armies. Many key battles were won off the back of these noble droid armies. Furthermore, isolated outposts made good use of mobile factories to produce defensive fleets, and these new armaments began to push back against the Aggroloid advance. Soon, they had secured for themselves their own fragment of the galactic corner sheltered by purple holes--and the shattered remnants of the red fleet was in retreat.Sadly, the game drew to a close soon after this, on the twelfth shuffle, just as the Bilderoids has really begun to build momentum. Some culture had worked its way into their robotic society, though they had yet to implement these new findings across the empire. Having steadily built up their forces and suffering few losses, they were ready to make a major play for galactic dominance against their ascendant rival the Explormords; those battles would've doubtlessly been gloriously epic--but instead, peace descended on the galaxy.The Explormords won it by a single point! Foiled.What I learned:Again, the variable setup is a lot of fun, from the unexpected tech cards you'll start with in your deck, to the layout of the galaxy and where your systems lie within it. The dividing line of purple holes (I'd forgotten the baggie with the black discs at home) added a fun strategic wrinkle to the map.The races do play differently without railroading the player into a strategy. Many of the starting racial techs are available for normal purchase (should they come up) which mitigates some of the uniqueness--unless that race snatches them first. (Though who needs a dead Fast Ships card in their deck?) The Bilderoids are capable of, well, building combat units with remarkable speed; the Armaments card is fantastic when resources a[...]

Session: Napoleon's Last Gamble:: The Grand Campaign - 16 June

Wed, 24 May 2017 15:50:02 +0000

by Andrew H After their beating on 16 June the Prussians continued their slow retreat overnight, the French remained encamped on the field of glory and the Anglo-Dutch Army welcomed more reinforcements as they marched in. 6am – At the dawn of a hot day the Prussians and French rallied what units they could; I Prussian Corps remained demoralised.7am – The French Commanders and the centre of their army continued to recover from their exertions of the day before. D’Erlon gathered his Corps together and waited for orders. Soult decided to pursue the Prussians with his cavalry and keep them under observation. On the opposite flank Milhaud also moved his heavy cavalry forward.8am – Blücher received a despatch from Wellington to say he planned to attack the French opposite him at dawn. The Prussians continued to reorganise their forces. Grouchy’s rest was rudely interrupted by the thunder of guns and the shouts of men as the Allies poured out of their positions and hit II Corps all along the line. NLG Grand Campaign 17 June 7am – Wellington attacks!9am – The day warmed up and Napoleon and Ney, alerted by the sounds of battle to the west, both stirred. Napoleon sent Ney orders to take V and III Corps and IV Cavalry and pursue the Prussians, not allowing them to join with the English. He sent orders to the rest of his army to march towards Quatre Bras. Over near the crossroads II Corps was struggling, 5 and 9 Divisions were routed and the Corps demoralised. Grouchy and 6 Division held out in the Bois de la Hutte; as the French left was pushed back Reille was wounded, leaving the Corps temporarily leaderless. The Prussians finished rallying their men and the cavalry pushed back Soult’s scouts. Wellington was slightly unnerved to receive a despatch from Blücher saying if he was attacked in force he would have to pull back towards Guilleme; if not he would hold his position and advance in support of Wellington’s attack if he could. [Fully reorganised Blücher had - I Corps 24 SP, II Corps 52 SP; III Corps 30 SP; 106 SP in total, a lot of units were reduced and so fragile. Ney was pursuing with 52 SP, Napoleon was taking the other 141 French SP to deal with Wellington’s 137 SP. I did the maths after I had issued the orders. So 193 French v 243 Allies; Napoleon outnumbered by 20% already and 32 SP of Anglo-Allied and 58 SP Prussian reinforcements arriving today. This may not end well...]. 10am – The Prussians shake out into a defensive line from the villages of Hauters, occupied by I Corps to St Gery where II Corps is, II Corps take the centre. The French are still sorting themselves out, the Guard trailing behind the main army. Grouchy escapes from encirclement, but on the left flank Frasne falls and the II Corps cavalry are ridden down.11am- A lull in the fighting; Ney and Napoleon move up; Wellington prepares a defensive line on his left, from Thilt and along the upper Dyle stream, with the Cavalry Corps in the open ground south of the Bois de la Hutte.12noon – The day cools and the weather becomes fair. Foy take command of the remains of II Corps. Napoleon moves the Heavy Cavalry corps and the Guard cavalry across to his left. NLG Grand Campaign 17 June noon – The French lines form1pm – Napoleon order I, II and IV Corps to attack the English. The attacks are mostly thrown back; 2 Division of I Corps, attacked by 2nd Netherland Division from Thilt is saved by covering fire from its divisional artillery. The British Guards and II Corps engage in a bitter fight in the woods, Byng’s Brigade is shattered. Schoeffer’s Brigade and IV Corps artillery are shattered attacking what proves to be a very superior British force in the woods. Suffering from the heat of the day and a sleepless night Napoleon is indisposed for the next three hours. 2pm - Napoleon asks Soult’s deputy, de Mouthion to contact the Corps officers [Net result Napoleon’s Command Rating of three reduced by two and increased by one]. The [...]

Session: Gloomhaven:: Chapter 7 - Scenario #7 (Spoilers)

Wed, 24 May 2017 06:02:35 +0000

by sevitrm Spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk.Chapter 7 – Vibrant Grotto (#7) After returning to Gloomhaven, Ragnar and I headed to the Sanctuary to give our donations. “Your continued donations have been a true boon to the Sanctuary and to the city as a whole.” The caretaker of the Sanctuary of the Great Oak stands before you, clearly in awe of your generous contributions. “This will surely have a noticeable impact on the city, but, rest-assured, we could always use additional aid.” He bowed and then returned to his duties. I then briefly met with the gypsy ranger to discuss future times to work with my dog before heading into town with Ragnar. A great revelry seems to be underway near the docks and New Market as we move through town to purchase supplies. Investigating further, we discover a large pie-eating contest. A group of large sailors sits triumphantly at a long table on a makeshift stage, crumbs and bits of fruit scattered all around. A man in the center stands and addresses the crowd. “Can no one best our pie-eating prowess? Step up and test your mettle!” With nothing better to do and the dock workers and sailors cheering us on, we head up to the stage.The contest goes well for a while as we match the others pie-for-pie, but soon we start to slow and the sailors are still going strong. Looking at each other we nod. Ragnar emits a primal yell and we both continue to dig in. Pie after pie goes down as we focus our will on the moment at hand. Finally, the sailors concede and the crowd roars in approval at our victory. The glory and prize money is ours, but our stomachs and bodies feel like we have just been in battle again. It is going to be a few days longer before we are ready to get back on the road.After the contest Ragnar headed back to the inn to sleep off the pies while I decided to hang around and talk with the sailors and dockworkers we met from the Lurkers incident. We exchanged some information, they told me where I could find them whenever they were in town and that if I ever needed help I could ask them. I let them know that I was at the Sleeping Lion and a mercenary and that, for the right cause, I’d help them with trouble in the town if I could. While talking, I noticed a Vermling watching us from the rooftop of a nearby building. Deciding to test my theory on who it was, I said my farewells and thanks and headed towards the Sanctuary. As I did, I noticed the Vermling following me and, seeing him in the right light, noticed from his dress and earring that it was the Vermling Ragnar and I saved a couple weeks ago. I wonder if he might be someone I should try to make contact with as I watch him nod and then disappear behind the roof. Travelling north on the Stone Road we head toward the Dagger Forest in effort to find the Biteroot required for the scrying potion Hail needs. Hours into our journey we notice a large group of figures off on the horizon. Interested we move off the road to see what is going on. As we get closer, it becomes clear that the figures are not alive, but sculptures of some kind, made haphazardly out of branches, garbage and scrap metal. There are fifty or so in the middle of a field, with no other signs of life. A necklace with a dark unknown radiates evil from one of the distorted figures.“Don’t touch her!” Wheeling around we see an old man in rags emerge from a hole in the ground and charge at us with a broken broom handle. “These women are all mine!” As he closes in I swiftly ram home a dagger deep into his heart and he falls lifelessly to the ground. An unearthly stench overwhelms us as his body slowly decomposes before our eyes. “What the hell was that,” Ragnar states staring at me. “Instinct.” I shrugged. “That’s how I react when I’m charged at with a knife. Plus, he smelled really bad.”We continue to follow the map, apparently map making skills abound in Gloomhaven, to[...]

Session: Gloomhaven:: Die Realität wird durchscheinend! [Spoilers] Kapitel 2: Barrow Lair (2)

Wed, 24 May 2017 05:13:10 +0000

by UlliM Die Realität wird durchscheinend!aus den Aufzeichnungen von Lightning, einer Spruchweberin der OrchidKapitel 2: Barrow Lair (2) – Der Schlupfwinkel im HügelgrabNatürlich gingen wir nicht unbedacht tiefer in den Grabhügel hinein. Schließlich waren wir gerade noch einmal davon gekommen. Aber letztlich waren wir uns einig: Ich wollte den Bösen aufstöbern, der für all das verantwortlich war, und Tinker, Mücke und Scibbler meinten einstimmig: „Wenn wir jetzt nach Gloomhaven zurückkehren, bekommen wir von Jekserah doch noch gar kein Gold!“ Tiefer hinunter hieß es also.Der Gestank nach Tod und verrottendem Fleisch wurde stärker, als wir über die Körper unserer verblichenen Gegner hinweg hinunter in die Tiefen der Begräbnisstätte stiegen. Geführt von dem gedämpften Geräusch einer Unterhaltung fanden wir unseren Weg durch das Labyrinth der Grüfte und platzten – Mücke voran – in einen kleinen Raum, voll mit hartgesichtigen Banditen, die alle mit Bögen bewaffnet waren. Ganz offensichtlich bewachten sie etwas. Wir waren wohl am richtigen Ort. Leider waren die Schurken vorbereitet und kampfbereit. Im Gegensatz zu uns. Wir kamen uns wahrlich verflucht vor.Doch wir fassten uns schnell, und Mücke und ich riefen beinahe gleichzeitig: „Wir beginnen wie immer!“ „Wie immer?“, fragte Scibbler. „Was soll denn das heißen?“ Doch da ging der Kampf auch schon los. Mücke hob seinen Schild keinen Augenblick zu früh: 4 Pfeile wurden auf ihn abgeschossen und ließen ihn mehr tot als lebendig zurück. Ich warf meine Feuerkugel, doch Mücke stand im Weg, daher machte ich nicht so viel Schaden wie erhofft. Tinker warf ihren Enterhaken aus, und Scibbler konzentrierte sich, um Kontrolle über einen der Bogenschützen zu erlangen. Ich ließ einen Flammenstrahl folgen, Scibbler fing wieder an, herumzuwuseln und dabei den Bogenschützen kleine Stiche mit seiner merkwürdigen Klinge zu versetzen, Tinker versuchte verzweifelt, Mücke einen Heiltrank zu verabreichen, und Mücke sagte: „Ups.“Trotzdem schafften wir es letztlich irgendwie, die Bogenschützen zu besiegen, und vorsichtig öffneten wir die Tür in den nächsten Raum. Wir sahen eine große Krypta, übersät mit Särgen. „Ein Vermling-Büfett“, murmelte Mücke.Hinter einem der Särge stand der von uns gesuchte Banditenanführer. Die Beschreibung passte genau auf ihn, aber es war etwas in seinen Augen, vor dem wir nicht gewarnt worden waren – eine dunkle Macht wie aus einer anderen Welt.„Wer seid Ihr, dass Ihr denkt, Ihr könntet das Werk Glooms unterbrechen?“ Eine dunkle Energie hüllte seine Hand ein, während er sprach. „Ich werde Euch zeigen, mit was Ihr es zu tun habt!“„Ha!“, rief Tinker Bell zurück: „Dunkel kann ich auch!“ Sprach's und warf eine Farbbombe auf den Banditen und die beiden ihn flankierenden Bogenschützen. Erstaunlich, wie effektiv eine Farbbombe sein kann: Nicht nur sorgt sie für Ablenkung, sondern auch die Sicht der Gegner wird erschwert, wenn sie gut gezielt ist. Während Scibbler seinen Rattenschwarm beschwor, rief Mücke ununterbrochen: „So ein Scheiß! Die wollen mich wohl verarschen! Was für ein Scheißauftrag!“ Trotz seiner groben Wortwahl musste ich ihm Recht geben: Nicht nur mit dem Anführer und seinen zwei Bogenschützen bekamen wir es zu tun, nein, der verfluchte Hauptmann beschwor tatsächlich in einem fort lebende Skelette herbei. Und immer, wenn wir dachten, wir hätten eines davon fast besiegt, schüttelte es sich und stand wieder aufrecht. Einer der Bogenschützen warf eine Falle vor Mücke auf den Boden – und natürlich lief dieser genau hinein. Das scheint irgendwie eine Spezialität von ihm zu sein. Aber wir hatten auch Erfolge. Unterschätze nie eine motivierte Söldnerschar – und Scibblers Rattenschwarm, der so lange an den Skeletten nagte, bis diese tatsächlich zusammenbrachen. Auch die Bogenschützen besiegten wir, und während [...]

Session: Deadball:: MKSPBB League

Wed, 24 May 2017 00:51:22 +0000

by Alphagamer

Well, that didn't take long!

I haven't even had a chance to introduce my league yet and in just my 12th game I've had a no-hitter!!!

RH pitcher Nicolas Gonzalis (#3 starter & d4 to start the game) of the Eldorado Roughnecks faced just one batter above the minimum. Had it not been for two errors by 3B Caleb Bibbins, it would have been a perfect game! One of the error runners was erased when he got thrown out by C Chance Jaeger in the 1st (1st batter of the game). After that Gonzalis retired 19 batters before Bibbins committed his 2nd error.

Gonzalis' finished the game with a PD of 12, struck out 8 and walked none.

Eldorado bested the Dodge City Lawmen 2-0 for the victory.

And the really bad thing is I didn't even know I had a no-hitter going!!!

More on my fictional league later. :)

Session: Spell Saga:: Realmwalker Prelude Science//Armor//Romance. Victory

Tue, 23 May 2017 18:51:56 +0000

by qwertywraith Way out West, in the coldest part of the Wintery Woods lived the ghosts of songs he never played anymore."We died on strings” they said with voices blown through branches on the windsThings must be remembered.Ghosts must never fade.Songs will keep you alive,Now that the world has ended… (Story. Card 06/75)I’ve been on this path before. It’s colder now. The north wind brings no comfort. My starting hand is only 3 cards. Fortunately, all the 1 cost Place cards are in the deck and come out. My strategy early on is to draw every card to my hand rather than my source pile, especially given that I have to cycling cards from my hand most turns, and given that not much will happen until I get the 2nd story card.In the safe haven the Minstrel and Girl find a Mechanical Bug. There is a tavern in the woods. Inside is warmth and food, for a price. A friendly Branch Knight speaks of his kind, and trades his Coin Candle for a Meteor Coin. He warns:The oldest of us is Master Weathervein. That old bloodsucker’s 503, & the last Storm-Caster around. He’s sort of mean. (Folk. Card 22/75)The Found Girl burns the coin candle against the cold, and finds the lost coins in a safe haven. We gather what we can but the wind bites, picking up from the South and the East. Nearby they hear the clanking of gears, but thankfully it passes by. A Stranger, though, begins to shadow them.For a while I do nothing but draw cards, cycle them, and pick up coins with the Coin Candle at the Safe Haven. I do not draw to the Source pile, as I do not want to risk the Story Card I need ending up there. There is little to purchase at this point anyway.Sometimes the girl would run through trees & hide. Other times she would throw his cape over his head and laugh at him"Hide if we come across danger,” warned the Minstrel, “It’s not always safe to be seen.”“Were you ever as little as me?” the girl asked.“I was a lot like you,” said the Minstrel, “but I was never brave enough to be alone in the woods.”“But you were alone when you found me!” said the girl.“I thought you found me,” smiled the Minstrel.“Now we’re both not found” said the girl.” (Story. Card 66/75)With the second story card in play, I can start playing cards with 2 source cost, and with all 3 Wind Cards in play I have many options for Wind Casting. For the first time I draw 2 cards to the source pile. I wind cast a Yellow and Green Mineral, cycling my Cold Wine and the Potion Recipe. I now have an engine. Each turn I can use the Yellow and Green Mineral to choose a card in the deck to flip face up. My Mechanical Bug can then retrieve the card for a coin.The yellow mineral and the mechanical bug show me the way to the grave hollow. Among the bones is a knife that thinks. I revive it using the Blue Potion.Without his Wine, he begins to remember. The ways of the wind whisper in his ear.If a wanderer was lucky they might never find a potion the color of emeralds. For once a place has been visited with a certain taste in your mouth that place will never be the same again. (Green Potion. Card 32/75)On a visit to the lone way, I cycle the green potion to find the Lost Hollow and put in into play.Now with the yellow mineral and the yellow potion, I set about seeding the deck with face up cards I can use. With 3 heroes I can play the next Story Card.Potions had scarred the minds and memories of many a young minstrel. Every sip became a song in the ear. Beginning new sounds of life that could only be heard with a mouth full, or seen through the bottom of a bottle.It was the wizards in their jealousy of song writing, who crushed the first minerals.It was the minstrels, in their folly, who drank of the first bottles, & stopped making the music only they could hear.” (Story. Card 67/75)Sleeping memories awoke, and with them came the whirring of gears. Paths that ha[...]

Session: España 20: Volume 2:: Talavera 20 standard scenario solo replay: the second and final day of battle (an illustrated AAR)

Tue, 23 May 2017 14:27:11 +0000

by dmcke013

Click here to withdraw to the first day of battle!

Turn 16: July 29, Morning (French morale 8, Allied morale 5)

(Random event = ‘Cries of Treason!’ -1 to all Spanish reliability checks/+1 to distance they retreat)
Villatte moves along road towards Casa de Salinas, with Sebastiani moving towards Talavera, Madrid Garrison towards the same and Lat’r-Maub moving towards, but stopping short of engaging, Henestrosa.

(Random event = ‘Heat and Fatigue’. All units have -1MA)
Hill moves towards Casa de Salinas as Manglano moves along road towards Talavera.

With no combat nor force marching, the Allies then declare this a lull turn (+1 Allied morale)

‘Sudden death’ roll = game continues

Situation at end of turn 16

Turn 17: July 29, Mid-day (French morale 8, Allied morale 6)

(Random event = ‘Rumours of Venegas’. Really a No Effect)
Villatte moves to engage Hill, with Lat’r-Maub moving up in support and Sebastiani stopping just short of engaging Henestrosa, with Madrid Garrison also moving up in support.

Villatte attacks Hill, remaining engaged.

(Random event = ‘Steady, lads, steady…’. Payne remains broken)
Henestrosa moves west of Hill as Manglano continues to advance on Talavera.

Hill (is forced to) attack Villatte, but is forced to withdraw with Villatte advancing after combat.

‘Sudden Death’ roll = game end, in a French Marginal victory! (French morale 8, Allied morale 6, plus French forces hold Talavera)

Situation at end of game

Final Thoughts

Well, I’m sure that didn’t happen to Richard Sharpe …

Regarding this replay, what actually struck me was just how much of this took place in and around the city of Talavera (and the Basilica) itself, rather than to the north of the same: going in (as it were) I was expecting the majority of the battle to take place in and around the vicinity of Pajar de Vergara/Cerro de Medellin. That’s not to say those area weren’t important to the outcome – they were – just not as much as I had initially thought.

In retrospect, I also think the Spanish forces (in this game) made a tactical error in using a cavalry unit to hold Talavera rather than a stronger infantry unit, doing themselves out of the mobility of the Spanish cavalry and making things harder for themselves than it needed to be! For the French forces,, the lack of command co-ordination also told, making it hard for them to bring their full might against their foes, as was shown early in the battle when the Res Art were able to throw the British out of Cerro de Medellin, but were unable to follow up on this success!

If this had been what had happened, I’m sure history would have been very different indeed …

Morale over course of battle

Session: Terraforming Mars:: Hypocrism's Terraforming Mars Rambling

Tue, 23 May 2017 13:15:02 +0000

by hypocrism

Having created a couple of strategy videos on my favourite Terraforming topics I'm now going to keep a log of some of my sessions to inspire my own strategy thoughts and discover new video topics. Enjoy/ignore!

May 20th
Solo - UNMI
-I approached this session without pre-selecting corporations like I often do when taking video footage since I hadn't decided the topic of my next video yet. I was dismayed to find UNMI and Teractor - they aren't my favourites! There were no earth cards in my hand, so I went with UNMI. I drafted a few cards to increase heat, along with arctic algae, and went with the strategy of trying to get at least 1 TR each generation use maximise UNMI's utility. I did so in every generation except the first when it was more important to get the engine going. From there it was a frustrating game, without much money or useful cards, and I eventually terraformed by using mainly standard projects for ocean, which gained me double plants due to arctic algae, and that allowed me to save money on the greenery tiles. I terraformed with 90 points.
-What did I learn? I haven't played a huge amount solo (~10 games) and have played a lot multiplayer, and still have difficulty with solo strategy. It's very different because of the time constraints. My instinct is still to go for the high point-scoring tactics of multiplayer games, which has resulted in resounding losses solo. For solo play, I need to remember that the aim is terraforming, and it is always going to be fairly close, so that needs to be the focus, not accessory points.
-This time I was a bit more sensible and paying a bit more attention, and realised that it wasn't a good idea in this scenario to play the city component of ground game early - it's a waste of 25 mE which I could use on something else and place cities later instead. So I played my greenery game, leaving space for cities to go in the future. It worked and I was just able to get a city down in the last generation.
-I am going to have a bit of a think about solo strategy in particular, because of this different dynamic. I'm still not certain how important card choice is in solo games - do you just buy any card that allows for a more efficient terraform than standard projects? Do you just buy any card that will ultimately save you money via heat/plant production depending on its cost and the number of generations left? I think that would be a pity if that was all there is to solo mars. Perhaps I need to play more solo games just aiming to terraform asap, to gain a feel for how much the game accelerates in the last generations, before starting to plan how to gain the additional points and being able to tell if I'll have time to play in the future a card I buy now.

Session: Napoleon's Last Gamble:: The Grand Campaign - June 16th

Tue, 23 May 2017 09:20:23 +0000

by Andrew H After the marching on 15 June night saw most French Corps inch towards their destinations under the march orders. The exceptions were the Guard, 14 Division of IV Corps and II Corps, all of whom had seen combat. At dawn Napoleon was reasonably happy. I and I Corps were marching to block the English and IV Corps and the Guard were near Fleurus. But III Corps was badly out of sequence. Should he advance with the Guard and IV Corps and risk encountering a larger Prussian army before III and VI Corps had joined him? Or had enough time been lost already?6am – Heat. A warm day already as the sun rose and the French continue their marches. I and II Corps met at the crossroads of the two highways – I Corps just getting there before II Corps and forcing them off the road for a spell. At Quatre Bras the II Dutch came into line to the west of the crossroads, covering the forest flank. Prussian II Corps began filing towards Ligny as Zeithen reorganised the last of his units. I Corps had lost 6th Infantry Division and the 2 Division battery; the 28th Infantry and the 1 and 2 Westfalen Landwehr were reduced.7am – The French Commanders busied themselves writing despatches or waiting to hear from Napoleon while their forces marched on. IV Corps gathered around Lambusart with the Guard. Blücher, hearing from scouts of French troops marching to the north-west ordered Zeithen to pull back as fast as possible. I Corp’s 7 and 8 Brigades and the cavalry arrived from the direction of Liege, so not trailing along behind the rest of the Corps.8am – Albert’s Brigade of the Young Guard had arrived, followed by the Young Guard artillery and the Guard Hussars; Napoleon reasoned the Vendee rebels could be crushed after the Allies had been defeated. Napoleon finished his despatch to D’Erlon, ordering him once concentrated, and the army with Napoleon had attacked, to manoeuvre towards Sombref and the rear of the Prussians. Blücher sends a courier to Wellington to say the French are threatening his right flank, he plans to fall back from the Ligny position to hold a line Sombref - Tilly; if Wellington can attack down the Namur Road he should be able to catch the French in the flank.9am – Fair. Grouchy finishes breakfast and moves towards Frasne. I and II Corps begin to assemble at Frasne and Marbais respectively. IV Corps advances into Fleurus, removing roadblocks while the Guard assembles behind. Blücher is scrambling to get some sort of a defensive line; I Corps continues to fall back through St Amand, II Corps starts to assemble around Sombref as III Corps begins to arrive via Gemblou. The I Corps cavalry shadow the French at Marbais, the Horse Artillery opens fire ineffectively in the first shots fired today. NLG Grand Campaign 16 June 9am - Marching and assembling10am – Blücher begins to form his line – I Corps in the centre, II to the north and III to take the left flank. His courier reaches Wellington. 11am – Wellington replied to Blücher. His assembly has been delayed, there is a French force in front of him and at present he is too weak to be able to attack until late afternoon. Blücher now has almost all of II Corps assembled opposite D’Erlon’s men at Marbais. D’Erlon has stuck to his 15 June orders – assemble and wait. But Napoleon’s courier arrives - D’Erlon now knows he has to wait for the main attack before moving. 12noon – The lull before the storm – French and Prussian troops move up and prepare for attack or defence.1pm – The French attack. At Quatre Bras de Villier’s Brigade pushes over the Gemincourt brook, but the farmhouse holds out and the French brigade is routed. 5 and 6 Division attack on the French left into the woods. Detemer’s Dutch Brigade is initially forced back, but with[...]

Session: Anachrony:: Harmony - where you really do get to become one with Nature

Tue, 23 May 2017 09:19:45 +0000

by DragonsDream

I brought Anachron back to game group last week. One of the guys who had played the first time requested to play again (he won last time). A friend of mine had played previously and wanted to join. A 4th player joined us who hadn't played before. While the other 2 helped set up (having all the starting items in individual bags really helps!)

I went through the rules for the new player. He choice Harmony with the female leader (forget her name) who can recruit an extra worker each round for 2 water. We played with the B sides, so Harmony got double water for unused suits so he would have a good supply for this ability. In the first round I was Dominance and wanted to jump right into Life Support Buildings, but I didn't like the 2 on display. I first took one that gives 7 water for a placed worker, but I misread from across the table and thought the worker returned refreshed, but he returns dead. I took the other one instead (3 water right away a 1 free per round). Alex, the new guy, immediately saw the synergy between his leader power and that Life Support though. He built on Era 1.

Now, our group is pretty loose and goofy, and we love telling stories about what is happening in the game. Like how the paper-pushers go out to find brains and how when a scientist roills the wrong die for breakthroughs, next era he gets to go work in the mines. So a building that kills a worker is ripe for story telling. At first it was just "it's a deep well and people often die/get trapped down there" but quickly became "this building converts people to water" said water then be used to power the ExoSuits by feeding the plant part. Thus, Harmony was recruiting people to truly "become one with nature".

What made this even more morbidly humorous was that we had explained the Evacuation (and the game story in general) not as "you are fleeing the planet" but "you are trying to convince everyone else to come live with you" and we all agreed that based on the back stories Harmony is the only faction not... morally questionable, shall we say (we called them the not-a-holes). So the Matriarch going out and recruiting an extra guy ("hey come join the Path of Harmony, we have cookies") only to liquefy him was a good giggle.

Harmony managed to amass a huge stockpile of water but wasn't able to keep up with the 3 of us who had played before. My friend played Progress and made a run on Superprojects early. by Era 3 no one else was even trying for them. (I grabbed Rescue Pods in Era 6 just for the points since I'd already done my evac). We had fun talking about how Progressive Progress's society was when he added "Welfare Society" and gleefully forced workers back to work (Who needs water? You have welfare!)

The guy who beat me previously was Salvation and with my advice that I solicited here on how to play Caratacus, he started hitting the Time Travel track hard, warping in 2 every turn, managing his paradoxes, getting 2 anomalies, evacing, then pushing the game to Era 7 so he could clear them.

It was close in the end, but I won by 6 points over Salvation (good thing I had unused rescue pods sitting around). But who waon was a distant second to the fun we had telling stories about these factions. Especially the Soylent Green Harmony Path.

Session: B-17 Flying Fortress Leader:: Air War Begins

Tue, 23 May 2017 09:19:41 +0000

by Airborne

Air War Begins. Ended with 35 VP's, Poor rating. I did make the A/F requirement by destroying 16 A/F VP's. I completed 2 secondary missions successfully, Oil and Transportation. On one mission, I lost 2 commanders and I had the 44th BG (B24s) get reassigned. Goering was in control for the Germans the entire campaign and his Group tactic nearly decimated one Group but otherwise, losses to fighters and flak were not too bad.

Very fun solo game. Great design. it took me a couple of days to play through this campaign but I was still learning. Pretty much have it down now. I played with weather rules, but no recon yet.

My Spitfire escort groups got to be real powerful with commanders and promotions. That is, until the one commander was killed.

Totals: 16 A/F vps, 2 A/C factories, 8 Oil and 9 Transportation.

I am thinking of adding a house rule that Fighter groups can run diversion missions (as they did historically). I may also allow fighter sweeps early.

Very good stuff here. Love the components and game play. Congrats to Dean and DVG.

Session: Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game:: Dead of Winter - Solo Play Attempt

Tue, 23 May 2017 07:54:59 +0000

by DocSavage2001 My latest experiment in playing a multi-player game solo is Dead of Winter. I just didn't think this would work for me. But I figured I'd try it anyway, and see how it went.There seem to be many different Solo variants for DOW here in the DOW forum, but I just went with my own thing. I am playing the regular game (not the hard side of the objective) with Alice, Betty and Celeste as players, each controlling the usual two Survivors to start. They each also have a (Not-So-Secret) Personal Objective (and no Betrayal objectives). To win the game, I set my goal as completing the Main Objective AND completing all three Personal Objectives. For scenarios, I chose the first one in chronological order (as given in the rulebook) and went with Raiding Party. I have to clear two locations Item decks (draw and take 40 cards) in just six rounds with a starting Morale of 5. I am playing with the Crossroads cards. I just draw it at the end of each player's turn and if it applied at any time during that last turn, I use the card. I have not run into any issues doing it this way yet.Things start out like this:Alice: Starting Survivors: Mayor Brian Lee (once a round increase an unused Action die by one), Waitress Jenny Clark (once a round on Search draw and look at 3 extra cards). Personal Objective: Repopulation (12 living survivors -including Helpless Survivors - at game's end)Betty:Starting Survivors: Truck Driver Rod Miller (travel without rolling exposure), Police Dispatcher Carla Thompson (once a round, look at and keep 1 extra card during Search at Police Station).Personal Objective: Neat Freak (only hold Medicine cards in hand at end of game)Celeste:Starting Survivors: Nurse Janet Taylor (once a round, look at and keep 1 extra card during Search at the Hospital), Farmer Andrew Evans (once a round, look at and keep 1 extra card during Search at the Grocery Store).Personal Objective: Zombie Killing Robot! (hold one Weapon and two equipment cards in hand at end of game)Here they are, ready to go:Round One:Morale: 5Crisis: Food Spoilage (need 3 Food to Crisis)Alice: Jenny Clark goes to the Library using Fuel and grabs the Police Station blueprints with her power. Brian Lee goes to the School with no Exposure and finds two Survivors (great for her objective), one Helpless Survivor and Sparky, the Stunt Dog!Betty: sends Carla to the Police Station using Fuel where she picks up the Padlocks (place two Barricades at the Police Station) and a Shotgun (kills two zombies with one Attack action, but makes Noise). Rob goes to the Grocery Store and gets Medicine!Celeste: sends Andrew to the Grocery Store with Rob using Fuel. He Searches twice for 2 Food 3 cards, one which he turns into 3 Food tokens at the Colony, and a Medicine. Janet goes to the Hospital (blank Exposure roll) and finds Fuel and Adrenaline.Crisis Resolution: FAILED (Celeste didn't want to waste a Food 3 card for the Crisis, so the group takes a hit of -1 Morale and cannot use Food Tokens to modify any Action dice rolls in the next round.)Colony: FedRound Two:Morale: 4Crisis: Hailstorm (need 3 Equipment to Crisis)Betty: Rod heads back to the Colony and throws up a Barricade in Box 1. (crummy dice roll couldn't be modified after last round's Crisis resolution). The interesting thing was on his way to the Colony, he saw his old house and went inside to find his Mom dead and dear ol' Dad a brain-eating zombie! (Crossroads card) He gets Wounded by his zombified Dad before putting him down. For the rest of the game, he can attack one Zombie a turn without rolling for Exposure. Meanwhile, at the Police Station, Carla Searches twice and finds Army vet Thomas Heart, Fuel and Medicine (good for her Objective). Celeste: [...]

Session: Rubber Band Game:: Master of the Rubber Band Game

Tue, 23 May 2017 07:52:46 +0000

by Jrtolf

Tonight my daughter Ruth and I opened up my copy of The Rubber Band Game. We set up the game according to the first game in the rule book. The rules say to stack the blocks from one to six, with the one on the table and the six in air. Then roll a die and shoot that number off the stack, leaving all the lower numbers still stacked. She let me shoot first.

I rolled a two, then successfully shot it, knocking over all the other blocks but leaving the one on the table. Then Ruth rolled a four. She kept missing when it was her turn, and on my turn I hit the four several times, but could never knock over just the four without knocking over the rest of the stack.

She then suggested we switch games, as there a several variations in the rule book. I suggested the skeet shooting game, where one person tosses a block up in the air, and the other tries to shoot the block in the air before it hits the ground. I let her go first.

She took about 10 shots, missing all of them, and we switched places.

She tossed my first target into the air, and I fired, hitting it on the first try! We switched again, and Ruth took 8 more shots to hit it.

The rule book states that any person who can skeet shoot a block is hereby awarded the title of "Master of the Rubber Band game". I got my award on my first try, and Ruth got hers on her 18th.

Have you done it? If so post here.

Session: Russian Railroads: American Railroads:: A balanced approach doesn’t quite make it

Mon, 22 May 2017 19:33:22 +0000

by Norbert Chan

There were four of us, so I broke out Russian Railroads: American Railroads and explained the rules to Don, Trevor and Jean. Player order was Trevor, myself, Jean and Don. Don took the ruble, Jean took the black advancement, and I took the X2 token.

The engineers were #2, #5, #6, #8, #11, #13, #12.

Now looking at these new boards, it isn’t quite clear what you should be trying to do. My plan was to try and advance on the Rocky Mountaineer, but then the Transcontinental lines gave 10 VP if you complete them. I didn’t try the factory route since the #2 engineer (1 purple and 3 VPs) was being taken by Trevor.

Note, since we hadn’t played so long, I forgot about scoring the 2/3/4 VPs for player order at the end of each round, and the consensus was to keep playing that way.

It was until turn 4 that Trevor was the first one to claim the first ? token, and he took the 9 train, which he put on the Transcontinental East. This got Trevor’s game flying as he was able to get the the other ? token the same round, and gave him an advantage we couldn’t quite overcome; he used the second ? to get 5 industry advancements.

I was stumbling around in the Rocky Mountaineer. By turn 6, I finally got the tan tracks into play, which is a lot later when playing the normal game, but I had spent time on the Transcontinental West and East tracks.

Jean was the one leading the stock market, getting a mere 3 advancements in the whole game. I don’t think any of us utilized this strategy particularly well.

Jean got around 90 something points on the last round, I got 92 pts, and Trevor got 22 pts form running over the industry that scores for the engineers.

It was a fairly close game all around; given that I forgot the scoring for player order, I think it could have been anyones’s game between Trevor and I as he was first 3 times, and I was last 3 times.

Trevor 365 (303 + 40 first in engineers, 22 black track advancements),
Norbert 357 (327 + 30 for 7 X2 tokens),
Jean 344 (308+ 20 first in stock, +16 ? token),
Don 320 (260+20 second in engineers, 10 second in stock, +30 for three workers).

Trevor's winning board. Trevor is green, Jean is blue, Don is red and I am yellow. Jean is the first on the stock market board.

I think if the engineers are suitable, I like the idea of the double industry strategy as the two tokens are already there. I also would want to focus like the orginal game on the Rocky Mountaineer and see if that will give a score of 400+. Finally, there is a stock strategy, that we never really explored, but if you can get 2 industry tokens to the end, that will give you 2 stock pushes. So there’s lots to try out and I’m looking forward to more plays.

Session: Gloomhaven:: Tale of Two Parties - Chapter 11 (Scenario 6, Riftjumpers) Spoilers

Mon, 22 May 2017 19:31:41 +0000

by EventHorizon [Note: Tale of Two Parties is being written primarily as a way to see if the experiences of two groups playing in the same game world can create a cogent narrative and to communicate sessions between groups.Spoilers, such as enemy types, are included but really shouldn't be relied on in your games as I'm not tracking the game while we are playing and specifics can diverge from what happened for narrative reasons. The first session report of the series is here:Scenario 1]Current Party:o Skrrit, Vermling Mindthiefo Bonecrusher, Savvas Craghearto Esmerelda, Orchid Spellweavero Korth, Inox Brute“An open rift? That is disturbing news you bring.” The Hand paced behind his table, rubbing his goatee. “What do those cultists hope to accomplish?” “Nothing, now that we killed them,” Korth’s smile was fierce and toothy.“No, there is something greater going on here. The ones you killed were not the ones who led the group. Esmerelda recently returned with news of similar activity to the east. Please take some time to rest and I will call you when we incorporate this news with what else we have been learning.” The Hand dismissed them and turned back to the piles of papers on his desk. Korth left the room with the others, but he had no intent to rest. His companion tonight was going to be the dice cup and a rowdy tavern. His gold pouch was feeling a bit light and some boisterous company was needed after the demons he had been facing. The closest place where he knew he could find a game and some drunk people eager to give him their gold was the Dancing Dog. He arrived a bit early for the regulars to be there and, winking at the bar wench, ordered a pint of ale and let the air of normalcy wash over him. He was back in the city and the crypts full of demons would be dealt with on another day. As the games got going, Korth ordered more drinks for him and his opponents and lost himself in the rattling of the dice and the thrill of Lady Luck.Later, eyes closed, Korth swore he could still hear the rattling. Groaning, he opened his eyes and then quickly shut them again. It wasn’t rattling, it was that infernal Vermling Skrrit scraping his claws on the wall. “Stop that before I stop it for you!”Skrrit just laughed, “Skrrit sent to find Korth. We have new assignment from The Hand. Korth not around though to hear it.”Sitting up was painful, but he forced himself to stay upright in front of the runt. Despite that a moan crept out of his lips, “How much did I drink last night?”Skrrit just laughed again, “Not last night. Last three days. Korth has had too much fun for one night to hold.”Staggering to his feet, the Brute grunted at the sunlight coming through the door of what certainly was not the Dancing Dog. “Let’s not keep him waiting then.” And, swaying noticeably, he walked towards the door. Skrrit chittered to himself, amused, and followed.When they arrived at the headquarters, Korth saw Esmerelda waiting for him with a look of displeasure, “We don’t have a ton of time, but we sure have time for you to wash before we get debriefed. Please make yourself presentable by the time you come down.” And she turned abruptly and disappeared into the house.Korth was never one for washing or presentability, but he made a decent attempt because he was almost to the point of offending himself. Strapping on his weapons, he went down to where The Hand was waiting. Entering the room he saw The Hand, Esmerelda, and a few other deputies, as well as Skrrit, Bonecrusher, and some others. The Hand stood up and motioned for silence, “Thank you all for coming. We have a fe[...]

Session: Commands & Colors: Napoleonics Expansion #6 – EPIC Napoleonics:: Laon - 4 player

Mon, 22 May 2017 17:49:34 +0000

by Minedog3 Played a 4 player Epic game this weekend, which I thought I would write about, since the 4 player version is relatively new to me, a little different to Epic C&C Ancients, and 4 players tend to be easier to assemble.The 4 player version in effect is a team of 2 players, and whilst one player, the nominated CinC holds the cards, there is no restriction on discussion or planning, and for that reason, the 4 player version seems a better game for teaching new players how to play, and for two pairs of eyes to look at the opportunities and threats over the larger board. The 4 player game also keeps players constantly involved, since the play of two Command Cards requires 1 player to implement each card.The scenario played was EPIC12 Laon overcome the shortage of Prussian leaders, we used 2 homemade Leaders of Honor (Yorck & Bulow), and gave the French 2 as well (Ney & Marmont).The Prussians have a lot of units here, but the French have the quality. Prussian cavalry is rarely as good as French cavalry, and was far outclassed here. Artillery was about equal, though the French Guard artillery gives them an edge. The Prussians have more infantry in total, but the French infantry is better quality, particularly the Guard. As the Prussian CinC, the Left flank looked the most promising, with a relatively small force defending Athies. This is also where the Prussian Grenadiers started, and this flank saw a lot of action over the game. The Right flank looked a bit tougher, and the Prussians prepared to repel a French assault on this flank. In the event, this flanks saw virtually no action at all. Some small exchange of fire, including one useful volley that pushed the French LT out of Clancy at a critical moment.The Centre was opposed by the French Guard, and I wasn't looking for any excitment here. Unfortunately the French had other plans, starting with a Guard Bayonet charge on Turn 2. Ultimately this assault was repulsed with heavy losses on both sides, all the Old Guard and Young Guard, but it briefly broke into Audon. This was followed up by a charge by the French Guard Cavalry which swept away the Prussian artillery and remaining infantry between the towns, bar one holdout square on the hill.A interesting footnote here. One significant difference between the normal game and the Epic game in the Courier rack, which displays common cards. After 3 cards played from the rack, the rack is re-filled and at this point a Cavalry Charge command card became available. Being the Prussian turn, and forseeing the nightmare of a French Guard cavalry charge through the centre, the Prussians played the Cav charge on the Left flank, essentially to just move cavalry around, but more importantly, stop the French from getting the charge. I had some satisfaction of a bullet dodged, right up until the next Courier Rack refill when the 2nd Cavalry Charge card became available, and at the start of the French turn. Fate cannot be denied..Returning the the session report, the French cavalry penetrated almost to Laon itself, and this was their high tide. Converging forces of Prussian infantry shot down the Guard Light Cavalry, and consolidated a front against the French incursion. During the game, the banner score generally kept about even, with the French slightly ahead. After the cavalry charge, and the repulse of the Prussian attack on the Left near Athies, the score reached a critical point, the French on 12 including 2 villages, and the Prussians on 9. Drastic steps were needed to bring the Prussian score up, and th[...]

Session: Clans of Caledonia:: What did my wife say?

Mon, 22 May 2017 14:34:28 +0000

by svardosi

So, after asking for weeks, I FINALLY got my wife to play Clans of Caledonia with me on Tabletopia.

I'd played several solo games, and 2-player games against only myself (to see how the "neighborhood" bonus played out), and I really wanted to play against an opponent... and also to see if she liked the game at all, since I am expecting to play 2-player with her most of the time after it arrives (yes, I backed it!).

I took 7 hours total, including time to teach the game, having to reload the Tabletopia table a few times, and bathroom breaks. It was also my wife's first time using Tabletopia and there was some time lost just doing things that would be simple IRL. In addition to that, understand that my wife often takes longer-than-average turns in most strategic games we play, and here we would talk about potential actions and their potential outcomes.

She played Clan Buchanan (extra contract), which was great because it's a simple Clan power to understand, and particularly forgiving when you don't yet know how to evaluate exactly which contracts are going to benefit you soonest. So she didn't get stuck in a bad contract for long.

I played Clan Fergusson which was great because I hadn't played them before.

One noteworthy moment was at one point in round 4 of the game, she expanded to my neighboring sheep unit and bought 4 wool at the neighborhood discount for 3 each (5 minus 2). She kept them since the end-of-round bonus was 1VP/basic good. Of course, since she purchased a bunch at once, wool prices skyrocketed to 8, and in the 5th (final) round she sold a few wool for a big profit to buy cheap bread instead for their 2VP value each.

The living market is very interesting!

In the final scoring, she managed to collect 30 Hops(!) to my 19 Hops, and had 8 more points in basic goods. But I made up the difference in Cotton and Sugar Cane. We split the Contracts bonus (7 contracts each), and were practically tied at 153(me)-152(her).

...but she won the settlement bonus and won 164 to 153!

Afterward, she thought it was like Agricola, Puerto Rice, and Settlers of Catan had a baby. For reference, Puerto Rico and Catan are two games she likes a lot -- Agricola is a bit on the heavy side, and I think we only played once.

The main negative was, "It was hard learning on Tabletopia. Can't wait til the kickstarter gets here!" So she's willing to play it again!

...just not in the Tabletopia interface.

I enjoyed it very much.

Session: Pandemic Legacy: Season 1:: A 12-1 two-player campaign [spoilers hidden]

Mon, 22 May 2017 14:08:35 +0000

by thebigbrainiac So, after long coveting Pandemic: Legacy, my wife finally received it for her birthday. We are experienced at strategy games but had only watched people play Pandemic once or twice. We played a few practice rounds of regular Pandemic for warm-up, looking up the basic rules. After 6 or so games, mostly with 6 epidemic cards, we felt ready to tackle the campaign. We debated quite a bit about whether we should play with 2, 3 or 4 characters, but we decided that we would probably have more fun if we played with two. We decided as a basic strategy to try to keep the board as pristine as possible. Here is a summary of the entire campaign. [Note: we have what must be a second printing because a lot of the issues in the FAQ have been addressed in the contents of our box.]TL;DR: [Full Game Spoilers][o]We won 12-1 with our only loss in early December, and ended with a score of 962.[/o]January:[o]We had a funny snafu the first try at January: we forgot to read the STOP card's front and didn't notice that it said to read it after the second epidemic. So, we played a full game. Mexico City had an unfortunate outbreak right at the end, and would have been unstable. But, since we hadn't played the actual January game, we started over with a clean slate. The actual game was a breeze. With the medic treating and the scientist discovering cures we made a good team. The C0dA disease was blue, which seems to be least common. With only three cures needed to win, it was pretty easy. No outbreaks. We upgraded one of the diseases and gave the Medic Local Connections which proved a boon for the entire game.[/o]February:[o]In choosing characters, my wife said, "The game seems to be trying to tell us to quarantine." So I took the QS. This was our combination until October. We called it St. Stop (QS) and Dr. Go (medic). The combination was killer: she would go around the world and cure (even to one neighbor city) quickly, and I could plop a quarantine anywhere in the world to protect something else from outbreaking. We made them coworkers, which helped with curing. The month went without incident. We chose another positive mutation for an upgrade, and facing zero funding for March, took Grassroots Program and stuck it on the Essen card.[/o]March:[o]Here we are introduced to military bases, and we briefly considered taking a new military character, on the same reasoning as before (the game suggesting it). But, seeing as we had been so successful, why would we want to change our pairing? Also, a military approach just seemed wrong to me. Descriptions seemed to imply that the character would just be killing the C0dA infected, which seemed wrong. And besides, why would we be building military bases, whose only advantage is being riot-proof, when we seemed to be capably preventing riots? Anyway, quarantine continued working for us with a third, relatively painless win. We picked another disease upgrade and made the medic the Pilot. Pilot Medic with Local Connections is really a fantastic character - the medic can jet around the board without a thought to card cost, and the reach is further extended with local connections. In an emergency, Dr. Go could go almost anywhere in one turn.[/o]April:[o]You know something good is going to happen when there is a reminder token placed in the epidemic track! Washington DC became city zero, and a few other cities faded too. Overall, we did well with our winning strategy: Dr. Stop stops C0dA from exploding and Dr. Go takes care of the rest. The remote quarantine[...]

Session: España 20: Volume 2:: Talavera 20 standard scenario solo replay: the first day of battle (an illustrated AAR)

Mon, 22 May 2017 10:23:58 +0000

by dmcke013 IntroductionSubtitled ‘The Making of Viscount Wellington’, Talavera 20 is the second of the two games presented in Espana 20 Vol 2, the first being a reworking of Bussaco 20. For many out there – myself included – the battle of Talavera is probably more familiar through the exploits of the fictional soldier Richard Sharpe than from actual history itself, with the battle forming the backdrop to the first ever Sharpe story in Sharpe’s Eagle. As such, I only really have the most perfunctory knowledge of what really happened; that there was a serious lack of trust between the two Allied armies (the Spanish and the British) on the field, while the French were led by an inexperienced commander. On with the battle!Situation at start of gameTurn 9: July 27, Night (French morale 7, Allied morale 7)(No random event)Milhaud moves south toward the Tagus river, as the Madrid Garrison marches down the road towards the same with Lat’r-Maub moving up in support, Leval moving into Casa de Salinas, Sebastiani moving along road towards the Tagus, Villatte moving onto the same road, Ruffin moving north-west and Artillery moving west to the area just vacated by Ruffin.With no units (yet) lost, the French forces then simply regain a single morale point from rest (+1 French morale)(Random event = ‘Reckless energy’. No effect at night)The Allied forces also redeploy under cover of darkness, with Hill moving north-east as Payne also moves east. Zayas moves east out of Basilica, with Mangland taking their place and Albuquerque moving into Talavera as Bassecourt moves north-east (west of Campbell) and Henestrosa also expressed heading towards Talavera.That night, the Allies then simply regain 2 morale points from rest (+2 Allied morale)Situation at end of turn 9Turn 10: July 28, Morning (French morale 8, Allied morale 9)(Random event = ‘Cries of Treason!’ -1 to all Spanish reliability checks/+1 to distance all Spanish units retreat)Only the Reserves corps are active this turn, with Lat’r-Maub and Milhaud both moving to engage Zayas as Madrid Garrison moves towards Cazalegas and as Res Art moves to engage Mackenzie. Ruffin moves north-east, with Leval moving along the road towards the Tagus as Lapisse moves (slowly) towards Talavera with Villatte doing the same and Sebastiani demonstrating against Campbell.Res Art attacks Mackenzie, forcing them to withdraw off the Cerro de Medellin but being unable to advance after combat. Lat’r-Maub and Milhaud combine to attack Zayas (who waver), remaining engaged against them.(Random event = ‘Intelligence Gathering’. Next event will be ‘Putting aside Differences’)Hill and Mackenzie both move to attack Ruffin as Sherbrooke moves onto Cerro de Medellin as Payne moves to assist Sherbrooke in attacking Res Art with Bassecourt moving north-west of Campbell.Lat’r-Maub and Milhaud combine to launch a counter-attack against Zayas, routing Zayas 3 hexes (-1 Allied morale), with the first of these a hazardous retreat which Zayas fails and so breaks instead (+1 French morale), and with Lat’r-Maub losing command control and advancing after combat.Hill and Mackenzie combine to attack Ruffin, remaining engaged. Payne and Sherbrooke attack Res Art, breaking them outright (-1 French morale, +1 Allied morale), with Payne retaining command control and opting not to advance.Situation at end of turn 10Turn 11: July 28, Mid-day (French morale 8, Allied morale 9)(‘Random’ event = ‘Putting aside differences’. May ignore command co[...]

Session: Napoleon's Last Gamble:: The Grand Campaign June 15th

Mon, 22 May 2017 10:23:31 +0000

by Andrew H With my wife away for a week, and me on leave for dog sitting duty it was an opportunity to take over the dining room with plenty of space to lay out all four maps for the Grand Campaign. NGL Grand Campaign map – Charleroi and the Sambre at the bottom, Brussels top left. The photo nicely shows the road network. From the Charleroi road the main roads are the one to Brussels, and the road to Liege via Fleures. On the left is the road crossing the Sambre at Marchienne au Pont and joining the old Roman Road. This runs towards Liege, via the crossroads near Marbais. Nivelles is halfway up the map on the left hand border, the road runs from there to Namur via crossroads with the Brussels Road at Quatre Bras and the Liege roads at Marbais and Sombref. A second road leads from Nivelles to Mont St Jean. Note the lack of roads to Warve from the south, or from Warve to Mont St Jean.Could I do better than Napoleon? Imperial Headquarters, Beaumont, June 14th 1815.The Emperor’s intention is to strike the Prussian army and defeat it, before turning to drive the English and their allies from Brussels. The Prussians being closer, will concentrate quicker and so allow the Emperor to defeat them in detail.On the 15th the army will advance in three main groups. I Infantry and I Cavalry Corps will be in the west; II Infantry and II Cavalry Corps will be in the centre; the remainder of the army will be to the east. By nightfall the left should be at Frasne, the centre at Marbais and the right at Fleures.On the 16th the left will attempt to seize and hold the crossroads with the Nivelles-Namur highway at Quatre Bras. If the English attack the troops may fall back to Frasne and protect the left flank of the main army. The centre will either fall on the rear of the Prussians or form a flank guard if the English attack, as the Emperor determines. The right will engage and destroy the Prussians around Sombrefe. Orders for each Corps are as follows –The Guard coming from Beaumont in battle order will cross the Sambre by the bridge at Charleroi and push up the road to Fleures. I Corps, coming from Beaumont, will cross the Sambre by pontoon to the west of Charleroi. They will march rapidly along the Charleroi-Brussels highway until they reach the crossroads with the old Roman Road. They will then march to Marbais where they will assemble. II Corps, coming from Montigney will drive the Prussians from Marchienne au Pont. They will then march rapidly via the Courcelle road and the Old Roman Road to the junction with the Charleroi-Brussels highway, when they will turn north. The Corps will assemble at Frasne. III Corps, coming from Beaumont in battle order will cross the Sambre by the bridge at Charleroi and push up the road to Fleures. IV Corps, coming from Philippeville in battle order will cross the Sambre at Chatelet. It will then move east, parallel with the main road and on the flank of III Corps to Fleures.VI Corps, coming from coming from Philippeville in march order will cross the Sambre by the bridge at Chatelet and move up the road to Fleures. I Cavalry Corps will cross the Sambre at Charleroi (either by the bridge or pontoon as circumstances direct) and push up the highway towards Frasne, scouting ahead to establish what the English are doing. It will then position itself between I and II Corps to act as circumstances direct. II Cavalry Corps coming from Beaumont will cross the Sambre at to the west of Charleroi by pontoon, in battle order. They wi[...]

Session: Arkham Horror: The Card Game:: ***SPOILERS*** Session report on "The Collector" a fan-made scenario

Mon, 22 May 2017 08:49:07 +0000

by Head_Rat I knew this case looked fishy.It wasn’t my usual contact who told me to pay a visit to a local collector of ‘eldritch art’, whatever that means. He seemed distant, almost elusive when I asked for more details. Still, rules are rules and where would I be if I started questioning them now, eh?I arrived at Victoria Devereux’s estate and was hastily ushered inside by a short, stocky servant. Ms Devereux was in her study, waiting anxiously.“Something dear to my family has been taken from me,” her penetrating eyes held mine. “I know it’s not your usual line of work,” she wasn’t kidding there, burglary wasn’t something we normally dealt with at the Bureau. “Surely you can help me recover what was stolen from me? Recover this item from the McLellan Private Institute for Esoteric History and I shall see to it that your superiors will be most pleased!”So I went over to the ‘Institute of Whatever’ to have a look see. Seemed harmless enough, right? Yeah, that’s what I thought. I’ve been an agent for long enough to know a rat when I smell one; this one was big and hairy too! I’d heard of this dame before, something about dark cults and strange magicks. I decided to play along so as to try to get to the bottom of what Ms Devereux was up to.The lobby of the McLellan Institute was cold and smelled ancient and musty. The collection here must be notorious if you’re into that sort of thing, but the security seemed rather lax.I’ve been hired to ‘recover’ an item stolen from a rival collector. An easy job, or an obvious trap?But why and to what end? Only one way to find out… “Oi! What you doing here, sir?” My heart nearly leapt out of my chest. I turned around to see a beat cop looking at me accusingly, clearly my surreptitious entrance of the Institute hadn’t gone unnoticed.“FBI Special Agent Roland Banks,” I stated, proffering my badge. “I’m here on a case. A case that you may have just wrecked thanks to your very loud outburst!” A little harsh maybe, he was only doing his job, I guess.“Sorry, sir,” he stammered. “Anything I can do to help you out?” I could see he was real young and overeager. I took pity on him, sue me!“Sure, tag along, kid. Just don’t bark at me any more, alright?” He seemed pretty stoked at that. We entered the eerily quiet Museum Lobby and got the shock of our lives. Huge, twisted figures of not-quite-human appearance made us freeze with fear. I clasped my faithful old machete to try and hold my nerve in front of the ‘kid’. After we began to recover our composure we investigated our surroundings. I was looking for something that connected Ms Devereux to this place; this had to be a put up job. I just needed to find out why. The statues still gave the young cop the willies, I could tell, but I seemed to find some unexpected courage from somewhere deep down and found myself able to ignore their malevolent stare.“What’s your name, kid?” I asked in order to break his focus on the ghoulish forms.“It’s Jerry, sir, Jerry MacGuire and what the hell is that?” The last was almost spat out as his eyes grew with both fear and disgust. A lumbering figure that was neither human nor animal hauled itself towards us from one of the halls beyond the lobby. Its mouth dripped blood from long fangs that appeared to have the remains of human fingers poking out between them. Did this thing eat to live or live to eat? I sprang into action from pure[...]

Session: Sentinels of the Multiverse:: Surrender your Talisman and prepare to be judged!

Mon, 22 May 2017 03:59:42 +0000

by collectible cardinal This will likely be the last of these session reports out of me for a while, so I wanted to do something a little special with this game. I’ve played four games as America’s Greatest Legacy and have lost every one of these, which is bizarre given that he’s supposed to be probably the single most powerful hero in the game; I think the poor record has a lot to do with the fact that I’ve never played him in a 5-hero game (and only once with four heroes); also I’ve mostly thrown him up against difficulty-4 villains, with the exception of a Villains of the Multiverse match where it was mostly bad luck and poor judgment which cost me a win. So for this match, I’ve set out to try and get him a win by equipping him with a five-person team, and mostly rather powerful persons at that; the villain they’re facing is no pushover, but neither is she incredibly dangerous, and even my first Advanced game with her doesn’t intimidate me too much.Unstable Kismet [75] in the Celestial Tribunal, vs. America’s Greatest Legacy [30], Chrono-Ranger [28], Guise [27], KNYFE [30], and Freedom Six Tempest [25].Setup: The Talisman [7] enters play under Legacy’s control. Kismet reveals Unlucky Break, Weak Heart, and Unlucky Break; Kismet damages Legacy with a massive advanced bonus [26], damages the Talisman [5], weakens Tempest’s heart, damages Legacy [22], and damages the Talisman [3]. Owwww.... Legacy draws a slightly-late Fortitude, Danger Sense, Take Down and Inspiring Presence. Chrono-Ranger has Eye on the Prize x2, with the Whole Gang between them and Displaced Armory afterward; Guise gets Selling Out, Say Cheese, Total Beefcake and Lemme See That. KNYFE starts with Focusing Conduit-Blade, Wrecking Uppercut, and Overcharged Null-Shield x2; Tempest begins holding Cleansing Downpour, Ball Lightning, Otherworldly Resilience and Vicious Cyclone.Villain 1: Shaky Arm enters play; Legacy volunteers to take it, since he doesn’t plan to deal damage for the moment. Kismet then deals him 7 more damage! [15] Not a great start….Legacy 1: Fortitude seems like a very good play, even though Inspiring Presence is tempting. Activates Gung-Ho on himself [16], then uses the power of the Talisman; this confirms that two Lucky cards are coming up, but a Jinx is on top of them and will make her next play nothing terribly worrisome. Draws Next Evolution; immunity to psychic damage certainly feels like a useful thing to have right about now.Chrono-Ranger 1: Displaces out a Compounded Bow, and shoots Kismet three times in total [72], dealing Psychic damage the third time just because he can. Draws Hunter and Hunted.Guise 1: Plays Say Cheese to snap a selfie with The Talisman (weirdly, he can’t use Lemme See That on it); reduces it to [2] and then plays Total Beefcake. Activates Tough Choices to draw “Uh, Yeah, I’m That Guy!”, deals 1 to Kismet [71], and draws “I Can Do That Too!”KNYFE 1: Plays the Null-Shield, destroys it to draw For The Greater Good and Incidental Contact, and draws Focusing Conduit-Blade.Tempest 1: Places Vicious Cyclone on Kismet, uses no power, and draws Elemental Subwave Inducer.Enviro 1: Paragon of Sentience enters play. Holding Danger Sense, Legacy volunteers to stand trial; Celestial Executioners are little threat to him.Villain 2: Plays Two Left Feet on KNYFE. Deals 6 to Legacy [10].Legacy 2: Evolves an immunity to psychic damage, and giv[...]

Session: Outlive:: A 2 players-game

Mon, 22 May 2017 03:54:30 +0000

by Shoum

Decided to start with the room that enables to build 1 room/turn for 1 resource only and choose the following advanced rooms: +1 Survivor each turn, -1 to radioactivity, +1 Survivor in the shelter entrance and +1 food on a hunt.
My leader is the hunter and I have a nice rifle to repair at the start of the game. Events are not too annoying during the first two turns: one resource scarcity and tougher preys. I got rid of this last one though because I had the resources for and did not want to face big preys for the rest of the game.
My opponent chose a room that helped him repairing objects and he repaired like crazy, beginning with the falcon that steals 1 meat on the first hunt I make each turn. He managed to repair a lot of paired objects and got nice combos when wandering in Blackwood and Silent Peak or when he climbed on the cargo.
I build a lot of rooms, did one or two great turns of hunting but gor problems to feed that many people so early in the game. Third event was the atomic explosion: my opponent was not very worried about it because he had a lot of people in his entrance. I, on the other hand, suffered a lot from this and could not manage to gather the resources to end this event, because I was very busy hunting all day to feed all my survivors, or gathering ammos. On hindsight, I did not choose between two harms and finally suffered from both.
I finally faced a very rough day on day 5 and could not feed a lot of my survivors. On the final turn, I poorly managed my workers' moves and was 1 iron short to end the atomic event.
Don't remember the score but my opponent won by a huge margin: he repaired way more objects, his radiation scale was still in the green and somehow managed to repair and fill 2 rooms in his last turn.

Great session: I got my ass handed over to me, but I am very eager to play a rematch and do a better job at managing my shelter.

Session: Star Wars: Rebellion:: Despite what the others say, war is inevitable

Sun, 21 May 2017 18:46:38 +0000

by subudai [Editorial note: this game proved to be one of our longer struggles, lasting four and a half hours and involving a constant shifting of loyalties as well as a series of major battles the likes of which we have previously seen little of in our games. This proved to be an absorbing game and hopefully a little of that comes through in this long tale. Our game commenced with the empire holding six systems: Saleucami and Mustafar began subjugated, whilst Mygeeto, Mandalore, Corellia and Coruscant were all loyal. The embers of rebellion were sparked at Mon Calamari, Kashyyyk and Bothawui. The hidden rebel base was at Tatooine. Militarily, the empire decided to deploy star destroyers at Mustafar, Saleucami and Mandalore. Assault Transports were deployed at Corellia, Mustafar and Mygeeto. The Death Star began the game deployed at Coruscant and never left that system. In each imperial at-start system was a force of two Tie fighters. Ground forces were evenly disposed, though the force at Saleucami was the largest, consisting of three storm trooper units as well as an AT-ST. The entire rebel fleet and army began the game deployed at Mon Calamari; there was nothing deployed at the rebel base. The rebellion began with the rebels agreeing their initial objective was to seek regional support]Round 1 – a bright beginningJan Dadonna led the opening rebel move with an audacious attack by what was then the entire rebel fleet against Saleucami. Rebel transport capacity limited the invading rebel ground force to two air speeder and four rebel trooper units, but every fighter and the only rebel capital ship – the Corellian Corvette ‘Freedom’ – escorted the rebel troop transports in-system. The emperor himself commanded the defending imperial forces, but Dodonna’s handling of the space battle was brilliant; two Tie fighters were destroyed in the opening round, the star destroyer was hit twice, and no rebel losses were suffered. The first round of the rebel ground assault crushed two storm troopers for the loss of just one rebel trooper unit. At that point, Palpatine withdrew his star destroyer to Mandalore, callously ordering the remaining imperial ground forces to fight to the death, which they had no choice but to do. In a second round of ground combat, whilst a second rebel trooper unit was lost (leaving two air speeders and two troopers to fight on), imperial losses – perhaps reflecting an increased demoralisation amongst their ranks - were far heavier; both the imperial AT-ST and the remaining storm trooper unit were destroyed. The imperial subjugation force removed, Saleucami reverted to neutrality.Elsewhere, Mon Mothma used her significant diplomatic skills to win the loyalty of Utupau (card – build alliance). This triumph and rebel possession of Mon Calamari meant that two Mon Calamari Class cruisers as well as a Corellian Corvette would be built in safety this round by the rebel alliance. Leia too enjoyed success, infiltrating Corellia to secure data that would shape future rebel objectives (card retained – defend the people). Only General Reeikan failed in his mission; attempting to sabotage the production facilities at Mustafar, he was foiled by the intervention of Lord Vader (Reeikan rolled a double success with his single die attempting to succeed, but Vader managed to roll three successes). Worse, Reeikan was then detained by t[...]

Session: Merchant of Venus (second edition):: Test run of Solitaire AI for Merchant of Venus CLASSIC Version

Sun, 21 May 2017 16:40:30 +0000

by DocSavage2001 Once more into the breach of playing a multi-player game as a solitaire game. But this time, instead of playing as three separate people, I tried my hand at actually creating an Automata or Solitaire AI system for Merchant of Venus.I loved the original game. It's one of the five games I gave away/sold, that I truly regret. I did get the new version from Fantasy Flight, but wasn't overly thrilled with it. The new "Standard" version in the box has an official Solo mode, but it's a Solo mode I don't like, tacked on top of a version of the game I don't prefer as much. The old Avalon Hill version had an official solo mode as well, but even it wasn't as good as multi-player because it was more a race against the clock rather than against an opponent.So, I decided to try my hand at coming up with a Solitaire AI for the "Classic" Game. I did this for three reasons, basically.1) The "Standard" Mode already has a Solitaire version.2) I prefer the "Classic" game over the "Standard" game anyway.3) This Solitaire AI can be used with either the new Fantasy Flight "Classic" game OR the old Avalon Hill version.I've been working on it for a few weeks now and finally got it on the tabletop to try it out tonight. Here is the end game mess (LOL):I know you really can't make anything out there... Anyway, I was pretty happy with how the AI worked. First off, it beat me. It crossed the $2000 mark and I ended the game with $1619, maybe one good sale behind.The AI is not that smart in some of its decisions, but it didn't end up in any infinite loops or get stuck. It's not random though, just simplistic in its decision making. To make up for its dumb play, it gets some advantages at the start of the game.The AI found a nice little sweet spot in the upper right corner of the map. Not totally efficient (Culture 9 sells to Culture 11 who sells to Culture 2 but no close outlets for Culture 2's goods...) But it made up for that inefficiency by buying up a lot of factories and spaceports that made good profits. Here is the AI's favorite hangouts this game (Look at all the green factories and spaceports):I had found another more efficient route, but I didn't have the advantages the AI had so it was going to be a question of could I outsmart the AI and catch up to the head start its advantages give it before it hit $2000. In the end, I think I probably ended up dumber than the AI. At one point, the AI HAD to break out of its corner (needed to dump some of those Culture 2 goods someplace eventually) and it went off on a hopeful jaunt that turned out to be a wild goose chase before getting on track. It ended up dumping Culture 2's goods at Culture 4 where it picked up Living Toys that it ended up selling next door at Culture 7 with THREE demands on top! The game killing cash-in for the AI:So, what made me dumber than the AI? Well, I knew what it was going to do. I knew it was going to go off someplace else before going to Culture 4 (though if that jaunt HAD paid off for the AI in the short run, that would have helped ME!). I knew there were three demands sitting on Culture 7. AND I had a Spaceport in Culture 4 that lets me buy as many goods as I could fit on my ship. Still, I thought I had a bigger payout elsewhere and miscalculated. So, it's all my fault the AI got to those built up demands before me.Still, I had fun with this and I like[...]

Session: Battle Cry: 150th Civil War Anniversary Edition:: King for a Day

Sun, 21 May 2017 16:39:27 +0000

by Cheroking1 King for a DayPrologue: The Second Battle of Bull Run was a three-day affair ultimately ending in a resounding Confederate victory. The battle began initially at and around Brawner’s Farm when elements of Gen. Jackson’s army “ambushed” a division from Gen. Pope’s army under the command of Gen. King. Gen. King had been incapacitated by an epileptic seizure and was actually not present during the fight. For the purpose of historical accuracy, I have substituted Gen. Doubleday to fight alongside Gen. Gibbon. It was the two brigades under their command that took the brunt of the Rebel ambush. A half dozen brigades under Jackson’s divisional commanders, Gens. Ewell and Taliaferro, initiated the battle.The field map lies south and north, with Doubleday and Gibbon positioned south of Brawner’s Farm. Both armies appear to have solid battle lines, however Jackson’s artillery is better positioned tactically. Not only does it dominate the center section with a good field of fire, but it also holds the high ground on Stony Ridge, providing it with excellent range. The Confederate army also has the advantage of a cavalry detachment lurking on the Federal left. Because this phase of the battle was fought on a brigade level, the units involved will be treated as regiments. Though I was an active participant, this AAR will be a TPA. An asterisk (*) represents one flag.Commentary: Initially, both armies move tentatively, each seeking to strengthen their respective positions. Jackson takes the initiative, ordering both Taliaferro and Ewell to move several regiments forward on either flank. Gen. Gibbon orders his center battery forward into the woods, offering it a better field of fire, but it is Gen. Doubleday’s regiments and artillery on the right that open things up. Though casualties are slight, the Union has drawn first blood. Ewell reacts quickly, ordering the three regiments on his left to charge the enemy position. One Federal regiment is mauled badly, suffering 75% casualties. Despite his losses, however, Doubleday counterattacks. In the melee that follows, one gray regiment is smashed* and a second bolts for the safety of Stony Ridge.Ewell is unmoved and determined to regain the initiative. After regrouping his shaken regiment, he orders a second advance. The screaming rebel soldiers tear into Doubleday’s men, crushing his regiment*, and force a second regiment to fall back. Doubleday is forced to shift his command guidon to another regiment. Gibbon, in an effort to take pressure off of Doubleday, advances one of his regiments into the woods south of Brawner’s Farm. Back on the Confederate left, Ewell decides to break off the engagement and pulls his remaining regiments back to more secure positions around the School House and on Stony Ridge. With this unexpected respite, Doubleday and Gibbon consolidate their positions defensively.Taliaferro now moves one of his regiments onto Stony Ridge. With the entire ridge heavily fortified, it is apparent Jackson is daring the Federals to attack. Gibbon maintains a respectful distance in that sector but orders his artillery on the left into the woods, providing it with a better field of fire, then advances two of his regiments forward to engage the enemy. He succeeds in inflicting only light casualtie[...]

Session: Gloomhaven:: Fickleheart's Follies II: A Quatryl Scorned

Sun, 21 May 2017 16:31:53 +0000

by Willottica After a crazy night like that, Flora and I had a good talk. She told me of her family disapproving of her adventuring ways and I told her about mine being killed by royal soldiers in the last war. We agreed to watch each other’s backs for a while, and we also found a sympathetic Cragheart lying in the gutter. After Flora healed him, he refused to leave us – claiming a “life debt”. He seems genuine and trustworthy, and it might be good to have his presence to deter those who might otherwise think two women alone are easy pickings. It could get tedious having to teach them otherwise.This morning, we went down to the docks and signed in with a ship. A crazy Quatryl named Dreyl is the captain. A real powder-keg of a woman, even if she does seem a little off her rocker. I’m sure we’ll get to know a little more about her as we set sail… …Well, we know more now. She’s absolutely insane! She just rammed us right into the cargo hold of another ship and they’re both taking on water. Injured herself, she wants us to kill the captain (Barty Half-Ear) for her – we’re stuck here on this wreck, and I think she might be our only way out of it, so I guess we do our best. There’s a bunch of explosives in the hold, and they seem stable enough to carry, so we decide to grab some and take them with us.Before we can even leave the cargo hold a guard comes in, and we’re forced to dispatch with him. We can see a second one just past him struggling through a flooded section, and it’s obvious this won’t be as simple as sneaking in and killing the captain unawares. Finnick (our Cragheart companion) takes a forward position, grabbing several of the bombs in the process, and suffers the brunt of the guard’s first attack, then he takes him out with a solid hit that pushes him right into a trap!By this time, the second guard is close enough for me to use my spare dagger on, and I manage a clean shot. Flora gets a good hit in as well, and we are able to move out of the cargo hold and into the ship.Quatryls! There are two giant mechanized artillery in the room, somehow enchanted to fire on any intruders, and they don’t look easy to get rid of! Then there’s the matter of a third guard who looks significantly meaner than the first two. We start to work on him while we work out how to deal with the artillery. Flora throws a bomb at one of the artillery, and it seems to damage it, but it keeps on firing, and we manage to kill the guard with a few more hits, but at this point, there’s still 2 artillery firing at us and no easy way to take them out.Then Flora does something I recognize, she dons her invisibility cloak and jumps over to the doorway, as I disarm a trap blocking our way there. Bad news, no one is getting in there without being targeted by 2 more artillery and a couple of archers! We are in desperate need of some rest and regrouping, so I try to mimic Finnick’s move with the first guard. I pull the farthest artillery towards me into a trap, and then hit it as hard as I can, but I just can’t take it out. Luckily, Finnick has finished off the other one and is able to help me out on this one as well. Then we head for the door.Yuck, there’s no easy way to deal with these archers and artillery, not to mention anothe[...]

Session: Dragon Rampant: Fantasy Wargaming Rules:: Rob Wood and the Sheriff of Nuttyham

Sun, 21 May 2017 16:16:37 +0000

by Bayernkini

Promoted Dragon Rampant last on a german tabletop convention with
my scenario "Rob Wood and the Sheriff of Nuttyham".
Here a few pics

Here the Sheriff of Nuttyham leaves Nuttyham Castle, to collect the taxes from the poor peasants.


Rob Wood and his Merryhalfmen in their hideout, watching Sheriffs force and planning their ambush.


he poor peasants in their village, still all peaceful.


The setup of the Sheriffs force, with the taxes. All units of Rob Wood are in ambush (spread different markers over table, which Rob Wood assigned to his units).


Another view of the table, during game


Rob Wood and a few of his merryhalfmen in the dark Sherwood Forest, close before attacking the Sheriffs force.


Closeup of the halfling village


Session: Warhammer Epic 40,000:: Fighting back the Flames of Chaos and the Devourer - an Epic Campaign (in progress)

Sun, 21 May 2017 09:03:39 +0000

by StormKnight

I've spent many years trying to make a good homebrew variant of Epic 40K that plays quickly but still has a lot of variety. Its based on a mix of Epic 40K and Space Marine 2e, and is far enough away that maybe its not really accurate to put a session report under Epic 40K, but...close enough! I think we've finally got one that we're really happy with. So now we're starting our first Epic campaign in a long time!

While it may not be terribly logical, this campaign is pitting Tyrands and Chaos forces against Marines and Eldar. So apparently a coven of Chaos Sorcerers has created a powerful spell to cause the hive mind to register them as other Tyranids. Sides score Conquest Points by success in battle, and gain and lose available forces as the game progresses. Battles start as small skirmishes, and increase in size as the game progresses. The geography and storyline is being developed as we play based on the battlefiend/scenario generated. We've got a bit of a "rubber band" factor; as a force gains more Conquest Points that the other side, they receive fewer points to spend on units (their forces are being stretched thinner defending their territory).

Battles 1-3: Burning the Fields of Olstead

The initial Tyranid and Chaos assault sent mycetic spores and drop ships far from the main settlements, away from the main defense laser batteries that protect the planet. The first point of conflict was the farming lands of Olstead. Marine scouts moved quickly to set up traps and slow the enemy advance, supported by Eldar Falcons and Doomweavers. The initial advances were quickly repulsed, destroying a brood of genestealers and squadron of Khornate Marines and Daemon Engines.

The tide turned when a new assault sent in a Lord of Battles and Assault Spawn brood, but by then the area had been evacuated and defensive lines established.

We played the first three games on the same map, as we didn't feel like setting up a new one while we were still working on how the campaign should work. The Eldar/Marine side won the first two games, and Nid/Chaos won the third.

Each of these games was a small skirmish with only a few detachments per side. They moved very fast. The Eldar/Marine side tended to start well, as they had long range artillery to start disrupting the enemy early. In the first two the Nid/Chaos side didn't quite catch up, but in the third they managed to get in close and completely wipe out the defenders.

Battle 4: Through the Mountains

Facing prepared defenses rather than the surprise they had hoped to achieve, the attack forces moved to the west through the wilderness regions.

The Eldar Vypers and Doomweavers tried hard to avoid closing, but groups of assault spawn and Daemon engines spread out to corner them, overwhelming the defenders. A marine tactical detachment managed to take and keep one of the tyranid hive nodes, but were unable to make a difference to the battle.

After 4 games, both sides have 7 Conquest points, and force sizes are stating to ramp up a little.

Session: Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island:: The Ancient Tombs of Volcano Island

Sun, 21 May 2017 08:58:55 +0000

by Gribbon Announcer: please turn on your audio and press play on the below video before proceeding with today's feature presentationYoutube VideoThree intrepid adventurers had made it to the mysterious island. Their famous yet enigmatic leader, known only as the cook; her sidekick and lifelong friend, known only as Friday; and their dog, known only as... dog?They bring with them a life of adventure, a willingness to succeed no matter the cost, plus a shovel and a knife. Their goal is to explore the rumoured ancient tombs of Volcano Island (TM) and escape with whatever treasure they find. The volcano had recently shown signs of life after centuries of lying dormant, they knew this was their last chance to explore - they could not have predicted that an eruption would be underway when they arrived!!After a day of exploring they set up camp and managed to locate the first tomb on the nearby mountainside, this is the one they had known about. After getting a bit upset by a few bats (isn't it usually snakes?) they found what they were looking for - a map to the other sites. Ahead of them lay the discovery of a lifetime, behind them a slowly encroaching sea of lava....Our adventurers knew how to handle themselves but they were not seasoned fighters - luckily the old rifle they found earlier that day came in useful when a wild puma attacked! The chef took a few scratches but a tasty banana saw to any long term damage. We rejoin the team several days later, it turns out maps written thousands of years ago do not translate well into modern day English. A bit of serendipity and a second tomb was discovered in the nearby forests - a deep and scary place full of traps and pitfalls – they navigated tunnels, dodged blow darts, and it seems they weren't the only ones searching for a treasure, a huge ape nearly attacked them but fled into the night at the sight of their fearsome shovel and knife. Their 7th day lay before them, having the night before found and camped beside their ultimate goal, the final tomb of Volcano Island (TM). The Chef, Friday and Dog worked together to explore the deep recesses of this foul and ancient site – knowing every minute in the tomb was a minute less to escape from this forsaken place. However what they found was beyond their wildest dreams. Gold coins, possibly millennia old but perfectly preserved away from the elements. They took as much as they could carry! Their greed had come at a cost however. The island was now almost completely destroyed... they were isolated... stranded... and with only bananas and puma hides, had no way to make a serviceable raft to escape! (Plus they were in the mountains so a raft isn't much good anyway, let's call it a hand glider). No one knows what became of the team – only rumours now remain of a Chef, a Friday and a Dog.Epilogue - This story is told true to life as it happened. No cards were stacked, no elements taken out of sequence. Easily my most thematic play and a true testament to the storytelling ability of the game. [...]

Session: The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game – The Battle of Carn Dûm:: I manage to do it

Sun, 21 May 2017 07:38:04 +0000

by joakim589

I build two decks with many allies cards. One deck for fighting and one deck for questing. Playing the game "two player-solo". Not any ally cards had more then 2 in cost, exept Gandalf. And I think there was also only 1 card in each deck costing more then 2 also exept Gandalf cards.

I was lucky from start not getting any more enemies in the first rounds exept those that are in the staging area from start. Oh, or I think there was one more.

As heroes I did have the one that could cancel "Then revealed". That is nearly a must in this senario. Because those treachery cards are so nasty in this deck.

But sometimes you get more then one treachery card in a round. And you have to do one of them. What I ended up with was that I was close to have 50 threat on one of the players.

But I then had a card, and exactly 5 coins/mana so I could pay for it and lower the threat.

Because I didn't get that many enemies in the beginning, I could quest a lot. Sometimes I had to put one damage on each of those characters, and did lost most of them (1 Life).

But because I did have low cost on new allies, I had it.

And then the boss was flipped etc. I did have all the guys needed to give him 9 damage. And then next turn I was able to quest so the quest got 15 QP. Victory.

Session: The Red Dragon Inn 3:: How to Pass out in 3 turns (Frist game as Phrenk)

Fri, 19 May 2017 21:15:34 +0000

by BardicSkaven

So the game was Phrenk, Wizgile, Sera, Fiona and Gog and I passed out the first in fact I passed out the fastest as everyone else was concious for most of game and game went on awhile it might've been cancled if I didn't pass out frist due to store closing (I don't think that was a factor as the owner of RDI checked time after I passed out)

I know playing a I don't Think So!! Early is a bad move but I felt it was worth the effort at the time however the owner decided to be a major prat about that error and forced me to drink a FIVE ALCOHOL CONTENT DRINK. As my FRIST Drink no less!!! He said "Hey you should take any failures as they come." Basically telling me flat out that he got me that major drink simply cuz I used a I don't Think So to hit him with 2 fortitude (in retrospect a stupid move but I barely play this game and only played 4 times EVER) Things went to hell from there..

I did amusingly manage to sell a potion of Greater Healing to Gog who was about 6 Fortitude from passing out. The owner annoying was not kind to me and focused almost exculsively on me as I just went with what was the best move in my opinion. I saw he was almost out of gold and had six Gambling cards in my hand and easily won the round however I was at 19 Fortitude and 16 Alcohol after winning and Sera hit me for 3 Fortitude making me pass out...

I've played Red Dragon Inn a bit and never have I seen anyone lose from passing out due to drinks reaching the 20 mark of fortitude... The only time I ever managed to play a Ignore Drink it was forced on me by I don't Think so to rather jerkassly show me how stupidly I wasted mine...

Session: Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game:: Legendary Legacy play-through:

Fri, 19 May 2017 15:00:12 +0000

by dontfeedthegreen Hi,On another thread (link below) someone was suggesting developing a Legendary Legacy/campaign mode, and I came up with the following system (in quotes below) based on my previous choose-your-own adventure campaigns. wanted to give this a try and see how well it works, so I thought I'd use this thread to record a play through.Set-Up:Make two decks of equal size: one for masterminds and one for Schemes (minimum 5 of each?)Select a starting roster of Heroes, enough for two matches with no repeats:i.e. 6 for solo, 10 for 2-4 players, 12 for 5 playersSelections above could be made randomly or otherwise, according to preference (wherever I talk about 'selecting' heroes etc same would apply).You could also optionally tier the masterminds and schemes, shuffle same tiers together, and stack the decks with lowest tiers on top.(NB: you don't necessarily need to make actual decks; a notepad and a random number generator will work just as well)Play proceeds as follows:Use the top scheme and mastermind from each deck.If you win:-discard the defeated scheme and mastermind-Select a Hero to add to your roster-If playing with multiple players (rather than solo), select another Hero to add to your roster**could add an element of choice here, e.g. Look at the top three schemes for your next match and choose one?going to leave that out for nowIf you lose:-delete a Hero from your roster for each consecutive match you have lost (i.e. 1st match: 1 Hero, 2nd match: 2 Heroes etc)-if playing with multiple players (rather than solo), delete another Hero from your roster for each consecutive match you have lostIf you lose or draw:-shuffle the mastermind back into the top three cards of the mastermind deck and shuffle a new scheme into the top three cards of the scheme deckHeroes can't play more than two consecutive matches. If you need to use a Hero who has played in the last two matches in order to continue, then put a Wound in each player's starting deck for each Hero used. If you still don't have enough Heroes to continue then you lose.You need to keep two running totals:-VPs -Villain score: this is calculated in the same way as the deductions for solo scoring, but positive, i.e. 3 points for a Twist, 1 for a Villain escape, 4 for a carried off Bystander.Add these up cumulatively as a running total over all the matches you have played.Optional:After each match apply any of these bonuses for the players/villains:Except where noted these don't count starting SHIELD/HYDRA cards+5 VPsTeam-Player: Only Heroes from one affiliation in your deck.Clobberin' Time: You won in 15 turns or less.+10 VPs:One-Trick Pony: Only one class of Heroes in your deck.Multi-Talented: All five classes of Hero in your deck.Hulk-Smash!: You won in 10 turns or less.+20 VPs:Lone Wolf: Your deck only contains cards from 1 Hero.No one dies: You won with no Heroes (including starting Heroes) in the KO Pile.Villain Score bonuses:+5 if there were any bystanders in the KO Pile.+5 if there were no Mastermind tactics in players' Victory Piles at the end of the gameThe running VP total and Vil[...]

Session: Blood Bowl (2016 edition):: My First Full Season playing Blood Bowl

Fri, 19 May 2017 13:25:34 +0000

by jerkules Last summer I was deep in Warhammer: Conquest when I first caught wind that the game was ending. It was disappointing to say the least but what I didn't realize was how quickly my interest in the game would fade after the last Worlds match was over with (in November). Where I had gone on OCTGN every other night to try and play another game, now seemed pointless even knowing that the fan community was completely intent on keeping the game alive. Not sure exactly why that was since it’s not like I had to burn up all my cards and could still play and enjoy the game entirely. I think what bummed me out the most was it had gotten me out to my local game store as well and even though the group wasn't big, we all had a good time playing when events were held. But that would be done as inevitably everyone would move on to different things.So there I was in mid-November with this itch for something, for a community. I didn't want to go in to another LCG. Conquest was fun, but the ending soured me to "keeping up" with a game. Star Wars Destiny was coming out and while I loved me some Dice Masters, that game also burned me out with their a- supply issues and b- constant releases. Destiny may only have the supply issues currently, but its still a CCG in nature and those hold little interest to me.Then I somehow heard about a new edition of Blood Bowl coming out. Honestly, the game had never been on my radar aside from a number of years ago a buddy of mine asking if I was interested in playing some time. We never did, but I do recall trying to study up on the rules and being a little overwhelmed. Still, the game was coming back in a nice new package and everything I read about it said "if you play in a league, you'll have fun". I asked around the game store and found out that yes, in fact there was some interest in the new game and a league would most likely be forming. Sold! Black Friday came and I drove right over to the game store to get my copy along with the Death Zone book.I studied the rules over the next month and met up with a buddy to play a very basic intro game (either a 2-0 or 3-0 drubbing that I conceded about 1/2 way through the 2nd half). My first impression was “so you just roll for like everything? Wash, rinse, repeat? Huh…..” But I wasn’t going to cast the game aside. I had bought into this game, so I was going to learn why it’s fun, or at least give it its fair due. I also used the 50% code that came in the game box to purchase BB2 on Steam, which in going through the campaign for the first time taught me a lot about the game. I checked out forums, watched some tutorials on youtube, and read all the BGG posts including the very helpful "Blood Bowl Basics" thread. I was ready to play.Our league consisted of 8 coaches and started the first weekend in February. As it happened, that was the weekend the Dwarf team came out and knowing this, I inquired if anyone else was intending to play as them? When the answer was no, I decided to give them a shot, not really knowing what I was signing up for (aside from assuming they were slow [...]

Session: Labyrinth: The Awakening, 2010 – ?:: 1st Victory!

Fri, 19 May 2017 11:28:28 +0000

by tpholt So, I was fairly successful at Labyrinth: The Global War on Terror, winning 3 of my 4 games before moving on to Awakening. Kept using the same play-style and tactics, and got my behind kicked. Playing the standard 2-deck Awakening scenario, and I lost all three. Only 1 of the three times did I ever even make it to the 2nd deck.I was basically ignoring the Awakening/Reaction markers. I'd use those cards for OPs or Reserves, etc, placing them very rarely. You'd think I would have learned on my own, as it was the Bot's placing of Reaction Markers that was doing me in. Since I was getting beat so soundly, I decided a change in tactics was required. I read an article on-line by Trevor Bender where he mentioned that early in the game, one of the best strategies to pursue was the Awakening/Reaction marker placement. So, I decided to focus on that this time.Made for a much more exciting and competitive game. After the first deck, it looked like I was on the verge of winning, with 10 Resource Points (I know the screenshot shows 11, but it was really 10):But, Algeria/Tunisia was very close to flipping to Islamist Rule, primed and ready for a Major Jihad. This would give the Jihad player 5 Resource Points, only 1 other Islamist Rule country or a Caliphate/Oil Price Spike away from victory.In fact, Major Jihad in Algeria/Tunisia was the 1st card of the first phase of Deck 2, but it failed with a Major Failure. There would be one more attempt (also a failure) in Algeria/Tunisia, and after that it was just a matter of time.Midway through the 2nd turn of the 2nd deck, I performed a successful WoI on Indonesia/Malaysia, to switch it to Good. This, along with an earlier successful switch to Good in Libya (via Attrition), gave me 14 Resource Points and the victory!I could have waited until the end of the turn, and Indonesia/Malaysia would have switched to Good during Polarization as it was Fair/Ally and had 3 Awakening markers and no Reaction markers, but I didn't want to chance it or allow a freak Islamist Rule switch for the Jihadist Bot.I think another factor and strategy choice also helped me out, and that was letting the U.S. stay Soft, and using the advantages that gives...easy recovery of Prestige and less chance (and easier recovery from ) GWOT penalties. Not sure why I've read so much about how the game really wants you to play as "Hard" and how that's an advantage. I'm finding "Soft" is a much more likely victory vector.Tony [...]

Session: Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes:: Homeless Fire Giants

Fri, 19 May 2017 11:14:54 +0000

by jvincentp

New pal Zach came over Saturday night to skirmish across the dining room table. I've known Zach's wife Kerry for a few years now, as she and I are working on a Lost Art Books volume together. Saturday was the first time Zach and I got to hang out, despite corresponding for a while now, usually about cool bands (Superchunk, Guided by Voices) or the excellent scholarly work he produces on his blog devoted to Holmes-era (1977-80) Dungeons & Dragons, Zenopus Archives. I gave him a quick run through on the basic rules for our game of Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes, and then we dove into the scenario I prepared (below).

The Homeless Fire Giants (scenario)
A mysterious earthquake leveled the fire giants' keep at the base of the stony spine of the Barrier Peaks, killing all inside its halls except for Frinn, his mistress Brina, and three of their pet dire wolves. These newly homeless fire giants have been forced to tramp across the mountains to seek shelter in the stronghold of the giantess’s brother-in-law.

A nearby dwarven colony had been debating for months over ways to drive these fire giants from the area, and when they heard from a returning scouting party that the recent earthquake had decimated the giants' keep, the dwarves leapt at the opportunity to rid the land of their hereditary enemy. Correctly deducing that the fire giants would make for their kin’s stronghold on the other side of the Barrier Peaks, the dwarves—led by Klanin, a veteran giant fighter from the Thunder Hills campaign—set out to intercept the refugees while they were vulnerable in the open wilds. Unfortunately, the mountain routes the dwarves hoped to travel by had themselves been choked by rockslides set in motion by the earthquake. By the time the dwarves finally catch up to their quarry, the sun’s light is waning and the fire giants have almost made it to the south gate of their in-laws' stronghold. The dwarves hurriedly set an ambush to prevent the fire giants from making it through the gate and to the refuge that awaits within.

More photos here:

Session: Napoleon’s Quagmire:: Ocana – not such a disaster after all

Fri, 19 May 2017 06:12:30 +0000

by Andrew H Following on from Almonacid, though several months later, the final battle in this series and historically a disastrous Spanish defeat. For the Day of Battle we find eight Infantry Divisions and one Cavalry Division of the Spanish Army under Areizaga lined up from Noblejas in the north to Ocana in the south. Ocana itself is protected by a stream with steep banks, north nothing much, other than olive groves, breaks the landscape. The French, IV Corps under Sebastiani, V Corps under Mortier, the Guard under Joseph and 3 Cavalry under Milhaud are all commanded by Soult. Ocana DoB setupJoseph opens the fight with an attack on the Vanguard artillery in front of Ocana, driving them into the stream. The rest of the French army makes no move. Freire’s Spanish cavalry attack Mihaud’s, forcing then back and cutting down Milhaud himself.The French then attack along the line. It is a hard struggle. To the south the Spanish Vanguard eliminates the French Guard cavalry and along with 2 Division push back the French Guard. To the north the Spanish line is slowly pushed back and casualties accumulate, particularly 1st Division which is cut off and destroyed. The French cavalry take some time to get going, both as a result of the loss of their commander and the resistance from Osorio’s cavalry, which isolated behind French lines, held out for four hours. As evening comes on the French cavalry kill Zerain, the 5th Division Commander and finally eliminate the Spanish cavalry – but too late to encircle the Spanish army as night falls. The French lost 13 SP, the Spanish 33 SP and three division’s demoralised. With VP locations and card VP being equal it was a 17:7 French Strategic Victory, but not the rout Almonacid was; most of the Spanish army is intact and should be able to retire overnight. Ocana DoB nighfallThe Approach to Battle sees the French arriving and taking a circuitous route. As the bridge at Aranjuez is still destroyed so they have to cross at the Puenta de la Reina; the pontoon trains are with the King and so back in the march order. The Spanish have the Vanguard at Ocana and Freire’s cavalry in front of Aranjuez, the rest of the Spanish are en route. Ocana AtB setupThe French have problems with lack of fodder for the cavalry, reducing their speed, 1st Division of V Corps being delayed by bad guides and IV Corps held up by badly drafted orders. But as the French crawl down the trails and over the bridge Sebastiani, Milhaud and the French cavalry scatter the Spanish while Freire barely reacts. Overnight IV Corps continues to march towards Ocana while V Corps marches to Noblejas.The next day sees more marching until by 2pm IV Corps is in position at Ocana. Areizaga has sent 1 and 7 Divisions to Noblejas, 2 and 6 cover the country between there and Ocana where the rest of the army is concentrated, with the cavalry to the south. Ocana AtB Day 2 -2pm before the attackThe initial French attacks on Ocana are repulsed. Milhaud’s 3 Cavalry, sent to the south, clashes with the Spani[...]

Session: Pandemic Legacy: Season 1:: Pandemic Legacy Chile: "The Hackerman Campaign" (spoilers hidden for each month)

Fri, 19 May 2017 06:12:18 +0000

by Champol IntroductionHi guys. My name is Juan Pablo and I am from Chile, and this is the story of our campaign through Pandemic Legacy: Season 1.When I bought the game and told my friends, several of them wanted to play it, even if that meant not playing all the missions and getting spoilers from previous months. Since then, I've been organizing Pandemic sessions (2 or 3 per week), where I play with different groups of friends. Most of them have played more than one mission by now, and we love it so far. It has been a joy to share the experience with all of them.I am going to tell the story of each month, and I plan to do it all in this post, so I will update it every now and then.Each month is hidden, but within each month there will be spoilers about the entire month, so:[BGCOLOR=#FFFF00]>> Don't read a month if you haven't played it yet. <<[/BGCOLOR]Why is it called "The Hackerman Campaign"?After playing many months, there is not a single game we have played without the Dispatcher (who we named "the Hackerman"). He has been indispensable, becoming the protagonist of our story.So it begins...JANUARY[o]"Mission Briefing:You know the drill, we've got four viruses causing us problems. They seem to be mutating faster than usual - we have someone looking into that. For now, keep it under control as one of them may grow beyond our capabilities."In January everything started as usual. There were 4 diseases spreading through the globe and we had to cure them all. We had 4 funded events cards, and there were 4 of us, so we prepared our team: Guillermo Herrera as The Hackerman (Henry Ackerman, the Dispatcher) Pablo Leiva as Javiera Alzola (Researcher) Francisco Loyola as Evarista Pérez (Scientist) Juan Pablo Vargas as Jack Kooper (Medic)We started in Atlanta, and everything was quiet until we hit the second epidemic... Then we got an update and we opened our first secret door!Mission update:Worst fears confirmed! The disease with the most cubes on the board is now classified as "COdA-403a." The cure for COdA can no longer be found using known techniques, and it is drug-resistant [...]So, summing up, the ([BGCOLOR=#000000]black[/BGCOLOR] disease had mutated, and treating it costed two actions instead of one... Luckily, now we only had to find the cure for the other three diseases.It wasn't so difficult after all. With careful actions we managed to find the three cures, and we even erradicated the yellow one, which we named [BGCOLOR=#FFFF00]"Matraquitis"[/BGCOLOR].Also we build a permanent research station in Baghdad, right in the middle of the problem. We won January with almost no outbreaks!We went for some pizzas and then prepared for the next month...[/o]FEBRUARY[o]"Mission Briefing:We have to get ahead of this new COdA virus as it is unlike any we've seen in nature. We've managed to get authorization to start quarantining the hot spots. Treat the viruses we know about and keep COdA under control until more work can be done on it.COdA has mutated again and not it c[...]