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Session: Cytosis: A Cell Biology Game:: Our first game of Cytosis

Tue, 21 Nov 2017 02:30:17 +0000

by SjakieDeBoer

So yesterday we finally had time playing Cytosis after receiving the Premium KS version a couple of weeks back. Me and my wife played a two player game.

First I had to scan through the rulebook again, as I last read it a couple of weeks back, but as it is quite a 'logical' game, this was fairly quick. Then I explained the rules to my wife, which she could understand quite quickly (helped by the fact that she's a doctor).

During the game, we were quite consistently close to each other points wise, which was very fun and engaging, never feeling we couldn't win.

Also, for me, after reading the 'science booklet' earlier, the game really felt like it was working with the actual processes that go on in the cell.

Even with two players (with the adjustments from having less spaces available), we had situations where you couldn't go where you wanted to (especially for those pesky Enzymes you had to make).

After I believe about 45 minutes, we finished the game. We finished very close together, 55 vs 53 points.

We both enjoyed this game very much and feel like this will be brought to the table many times.

Session: Mound Builders:: My First Hopewell Tradition Empire...

Tue, 21 Nov 2017 02:29:20 +0000

by TheMadWelshWizard

I've had this lovely sized solo States of Siege game sitting on my shelf of shame for longer than I remember. I saw Ricky Royal's playthrough when it was first uploaded and the theme, being a part of history I knew nothing about, intrigued me so I bought it from the UK Facebook group I think (but can't remember for sure).

So, after months and months of being a bit crap in regards to the solo section of my shelf of shame I finally got it to the table last Sunday in one of my local pubs whilst my qwife and Son were at swimming class (The Tobacco Factory, Bristol for anyone curious – great ales and lovely gaming sized tables for gaming).

I really like the States of Siege games with both Levee En Masse and Zulu's on the Ramparts being some of my most played games so I knew the basics going in but they all have a distinct feel to them. Well, Mound Builders was no exception. It, like many others in the series, is split into a series of defined periods of time. In this game they’re eras. What makes Mound Builders different from the other SoS games I’ve played is that the first era is almost a different game with unique actions only available during it. The Hopewell Era sees you growing your empire ready for when the next phase of the game begins introducing a variety of new actions as well as a host of nefarious types who want to claim your lands for themselves.

I only managed the Hopewell Era and it was very much a learning game so took a bit longer to get going but once I’d played a few turns it went quite quickly. I did bugger up the rules somewhat as I mistook one of the colours for the wrong tribe so I think I might reset things for my first full playthrough.

Thoroughly recommended for SoS fans and anyone who wants to learn about this fascinating period of American history.

Session: 1866: The Struggle for Supremacy in Germany:: French intervention via ACTS

Tue, 21 Nov 2017 02:29:07 +0000

by John_B_Firer

On August 4th (Turn 8) Napoleon III called a meeting of his ministers with the Empress present to discuss the alarming situation in Central Europe. With the Prussian 1st Army resting at Olmütz after its successful use of its siege train in reducing that fortress and the Prussian 2nd Army moving into Northern Bohemia (P-R1) with virtually no opposition, it was time to discuss intervention. Strongly supported by the Empress and his Foreign Minister, Napoleon III decided now was the time to intervene in German affairs with the intention of checking Prussia AND garnering territory on the Rhine. In Italy, the front had stabilized after Italy’s amazing victory at Costozza, which had been aided by their use of field entrenchments but cost Garibaldi his life.

Accordingly, Napoleon III ordered mobilization and Marshal Niel began forming an Army of the Rhine at Nancy to initially consist of the partially mobilized I Corps and a CD. Lebrun and the Imperial Guard were ordered to reinforce Niel. (A-R1)

Concerned about the threat in the West, Moltke ordered Goeben and the Guard Corps accompanied by an ID to move from Northern Bohemia westward and they finished their initial route march in the vic of Gotha. His march was greatly aided by Prussia’s excellent RR planning and implementation (P-R2)

Lebrun acting under direct orders from the Emperor moved forward to siege Luxembourg. (A-R2)

Goeben continued his force’s move west, cutting through Northern Bavaria and Baden, and ending its route march at Darmstadt. Von Hesse’s VIII Federal Corps at Mainz did not interfere with the movement. (P-R3)

Niel’s force joined the Imperial Guard to begin the siege of Luxembourg in earnest. (A-R3)

Goeben joined Falckenstein”s Army of the Main at Wiesbaden, detaching his ID and taking command of the I Reserve Corps and moving on to Trier. His newly designated Army of the Moselle was somewhat slowed by the older reservists who were unused to the pace of the guardsmen. (P-R4)

More dispatches to follow,


Session: Rum & Bones: Second Tide:: Second Tide Mazu/Marea

Tue, 21 Nov 2017 02:27:59 +0000

by Boots01

Me and my main opponent are slowly working our way through all the factions, and last night it was Mazu and Marea's turn.

Firstly, did anyone point out that making the generic Asian faction yellow is a bit on the nose?

We had some observations.

- What the hell are the windgates for? We couldn't find any in-game situation where it was easier to use them than to not. Partly it was because most of our heroes spent a lot of time off the board, so maybe if he'd been more defensive and I'd been more aggressive he'd have needed to move between his own ships... but yeah we just couldn't see why they existed. If you could move them, they'd be really brutal, but as they are they're a bit... meh.

- Is it just me, or is the two-ship setup really nasty? I've played as La Brise as well, and both times I've found it too easy to lose the rigging line and whichever one it is that lets you draw tide cards - it's just too hard to defend those two objectives. Do I need to be rigging more aggressively between my own ships?

- Marea don't seem to be much fun to play against.

This is such a great game. We've played loads of combos that have turned out really balanced and fun, but this particular matchup wasn't much fun. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Session: Untold: Adventures Await:: NY Real Crime (pilot): The girl in the park

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 22:33:39 +0000

by Kløve In New York City, crimes are investigated by two groups of law enforcers; the Police Officers, who take the calls, and the Detectives, who follow up. These are their stories.Title card: NY Real Crime.We arrive at Central Park along with Detective Joe Johnson, who pulls up in his old, blue car. He catches his own eyes in the rear-view mirror and sighs, then drains the last drops of coffee from his cup, wipes his mustache and gets out. It's dark, almost night. He approaches the police barrier and is halted by a young uniformed police officer. With weary routine, he flashes his badge.'Johnson,' he says, 'I'm with the stalking unit, downtown'. With that, he is let through, and joins his two plains-clothes colleagues, 'Lucky' Malone and Hank Holden. 'What we got?', Johnson asks. 'Some creep running after a girl', Hank says. 'So? What's it to do with me?' 'Well', Malone says, 'apparently he 'us following her, which brings it smack into your court, Joe'. 'Did you get an ID on the girl or the guy?' 'Naw, not the guy. The girl though, she's one of the actresses on the new show, that Sleepin' Beauty one. Name's Crimson Hansson.''Why's he after her?''Apparently she's complained of someone following her for the last week or so. Says he just loves her performance so much and can't stop thinkin' 'bout her. Shouldn't you guys in stalking know this?''Big city, my friend, and I'm here now, ain't I?'Malone leaves the other two behind, apparently caught in one of her famous lucky hunches. 'Whatcha doin', Lucks?' 'I think I found his tracks. I'm gonna check those bushes'. She steps off the path behind a tree. A momement later a sharp cry and a thump is heard, followed by a very un-lady like curse. 'Son of a ...' 'Lucks? You alright?' 'Yeah, yeah, just fell and scratched my leg some'. Hank gives Johnson a knowing look, then shuffles off to help his partner. Johnson looks around, and spots a lonely figure hunched behind a bench nearby, observing, but staying silent. A man, dirty and smelly, using a newspaper as a blanket. Johnson approaches him and hunkers down before him. 'Hey there, old timer.' Johnson fishes out a crumpled pack of cigarettes. 'Want one?' He holds out the pack to the man, who takes one and lights it by the lighter, Johnson has extended. 'So, you here the whole evenin'?' The man nods slightly. 'See the man?' Again he nods. 'What's he like?' A shrug, then 'He 'us big n'bald. Big mustache, like you, only red.' He pauses. 'He's a scar. Here'. He pulls his finger over his right eye. 'Son of ...' Johnson turns around and finds Malone being helped back onto the path by Hank. Malone's leg is supported by a branch. Hank's pants are split. 'What in god's good name have you two been up to?' 'Don't. Even. Say. A. Word.' Hank's none too happy. 'You gotta hear this. I got a description of the guy. Now, if I din't know any better, I'd have said the fella was talking about the Captain.''Bull! You don't mean to tell me, that the Cap's runnin' 'round the park chasing actresses?'.'I don't know, but the guy, we're looking for 's got a red mustache and a scar over his right eye, and his bald. Sound familiar?''Shit!'Hank's phone rings. He looks at the number, then answers. Immediately his demeanor changes, he holds out an index fingers towards Malone and Johnson, then switches the phone to speaker. 'Say again?'The voice on the phone is muffled but understandable. 'I said, your captain is a perv. He's got all kinda pictures of girls, and not the kinds you take of your family.''Where's he got 'em?''His house.' Click.'What now?' Hank says. Johnson pulls out his phone and makes a call.'Dispatch.' 'Hi Carol, Joe here. Is the Captain in?''Oh, hi Joe. No, he left earlier.''About when?''Just after 6.''You sure?''Yes, Joe. He left just after Syzmansky, and Syzmansky had to catch a train at a quarter past six.''Carol, you're the best. Stay sweet.''I'll do my best.''Malone, when did all this go down with the chasin'?' Johnson asks.'We [...]

Session: Stonewall Jackson's Way II:: Johnston Vs. Patterson, 17-19 July 1861 (All Green Alike scenario #2)

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 20:49:15 +0000

by lomn It is three months after the Civil War began at Fort Sumter, and General Irvin McDowell is assembling the Union's first field army outside Washington, D.C. Some 35,000 untested troops are preparing to march against P.G.T. Beauregard's 17,000 Confederates gathered near Manassas, Virginia. General Robert Patterson's army of the Union Department of Pennsylvania has occupied the northern Shenandoah Valley for the past two weeks (see Scenario 1) and is ordered to tie down General Joseph Johnston's Confederate Army of the Shenandoah and prevent it from reinforcing Beauregard some 50 miles away. On July 18th, 1861, Johnston receives orders to reinforce Beauregard "if practicable".This scenario is three days long. The Confederate player's primary source of VP is the withdrawal of Johnston's army, either via road through Ashby's Gap or rail through Manassas Gap, save a small garrison force that can remain behind in the objective town of Winchester. The Union player can offset these VP to some extent by withdrawing Patterson's army through Snicker's Gap or Ashby's Gap. The VP are balanced such that a complete withdrawal of both forces results in a 1 VP Confederate Marginal victory, but the Union can divert some resources to the capture of Winchester and win without a complete withdrawal. Additionally, the Army Panic rules from the advanced game (representing the historical mass Union rout at Bull Run) are in effect and award substantial VP, so combat-driven victory conditions are possible -- though the Confederates must withdraw at least some troops for any practical chance at victory. Further, the southern Confederate exit (by rail) is cut if the Union withdraw troops through the northern Confederate exit, and so a decision to withdraw cannot simply be to strictly leave by the safest route.The scenario begins one day prior to Johnston's orders to withdraw. As such, the Confederate player is restricted in their movement options on the first day unless the Union player advances aggressively. Mechanically, the Confederate player cannot move south of the dotted red line on Day 1 unless the Union first moves south of the dotted blue line. The eligible map area for this scenario is heavily restricted east-west.I attempted several play-throughs of this scenario before having a play that I was satisfied with, piling up a bunch of ways to balance the above conditions badly. I won't claim that this is a particularly skillful play-through, but it's less bad than the ones that came before it. This play is also noteworthy for several extended stretches of initiative which led directly to the unusual middle game of this play.Historically, Patterson ignored his orders to engage Johnston's army and instead withdrew to Charlestown (off-map east of the Union starting position) to cover Harpers Ferry. Johnston withdrew nearly his entire force via the Manassas Gap Railroad and arrived to turn the tide of battle at Bull Run. Confederate Substantive to Decisive victory (depending on how one scores the Confederate brigade that didn't actually entrain).This is a solo play-through.Scenario OverviewDay 1 (July 17, 1861)Early attempts at this scenario saw Johnston strike in force and lose the scenario by forgetting the strategic withdrawal objectives while pursuing tactical games. For this game, Johnston opens by shifting his brigades covering Winchester's north and west (Jackson, Bartow, and Bee) to the east along the Berryville Pike, the furthest allowed point of withdrawal under the initial movement restrictions. Johnston himself remains in Winchester near his two remaining brigades which serve as the deterrent force while he waits for Patterson's move; he orders Stuart east to cover the roads toward Berryville and the mountain passes.Patterson sends Cadwalader's 1st Division south along the Martinsburg Pike and Sandford's 3rd Division in a parallel column moving south from the Phoenix Mill. These formations[...]

Session: Holland '44: Operation Market-Garden:: A long AAR

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 19:32:34 +0000

by jcapuano328 Vorsicht! This never happened!!The Allied planners were idiots and the air force generals too cautious, leading to certain defeat, right? Would a bolder plan have changed the outcome? What follows is a replay exploring alternate landing zones for the Allied airborne divisions. All other standard conditions remain in effect, including the opening setups for the land forces, reinforcement schedules, and even weather dice roll modifiers.Alternate Landing Zones 101st AirborneThe historical drop by the 101st was ultimately not very successful, failing to take the Son bridge and also having some difficulties with flank protection. These alternate drop zones focus on those 2 objectives. The 506th will drop south of the Son bridge, the 502nd north in the historic DZ, while the 501st will straddle the Veghel bridge. 82nd AirborneWe're after the Nijmegen bridge here, so to hell with the Groesbeek Heights! These drop zones focus on securing Grave, Nijmegen, and their bridges: flank protection to the east comes second. The 504th will land in force north and south of Grave, with that historically lonely company/breakdown unit arriving with it's parent battalion. The bulk of the 505th will land south of the Maas-Waal canal with the air supply head, while the 3rd/505th and the 508th will drop just south of Nijmegen, west of the forest. 1st AirborneThis is probably the most implausible of the alternate drop zones. It presumes the air force will take risks they refused to take historically and drop in places they probably couldn't reach. The goal is to fully secure the bridge and Arnhem for the long fight to come. First, the 2nd South Staffordshire and 1st Border will drop south of Arnhem; one in the polder and the other in a clear area south of Huissen. The 7th King's Own Scottish Borderers (those Brits sure know how to name their units!) and the 3rd/1st land west of Arnhem in the historic DZ to provide some flank protection. The 1st/1st and 2nd/1st along with the artillery and supply head will drop in a clear spot south of Oosterbeek.Turn 1 - Air LandingsThe initial air landings go reasonably smoothly (the game mechanics all but guarantee it), but with the increase in drop zones there are bound to be more scattered and loss results. 101st AirborneA few scattered results and one loss. 82nd AirborneAgain a few more scattered results than "usual", but otherwise no losses. 1st AirborneMuch like the 101st, scatters and a loss mar an otherwise clean landing.Turn 1 EindhovenThe breakout begins! The focus is very much on flank protection: cannot afford to have those enemy units interdicting the road. Son/VeghelSuccess all around. The Son and Veghel bridges are captured intact and an advance is made south to Eindhoven. NijmegenThe 82nd is extremely successful, thanks to those first turn mods to the bridge demolition rolls. The Grave and all bridges across the canal are captured intact and a strong push has been made into Nijmegen, securing the railroad bridge. Henke put up a successful determined defense, inflicting a second loss on the 2nd/508th, and continues to hold the road bridge. (Sorry, for the fuzz: that was the best picture!) ArnhemAlthough it wasn't Frost that achieved the feat, the Arnhem bridge is secure! Even the railroad bridge is captured intact. A perimeter is quickly being created around the city and bridges.The Germans have so little capacity for a response on the first turn, their reaction has been omitted.Turn 2 EindhovenA combination of successful German defense and traffic marker placement has stalled 30 Corps at Valkenswaard; sound familiar? Flank protection failed and the road will be interdicted the next turn. The Germans begin a slow fighting retreat before the 3rd and 50th divisions. Son/VeghelDetermined German defenses on the north side of Eindhoven prevent the 506th from capturing the city, while the 501st pushes north to Uden. A sharp G[...]

Session: Urban Operations:: Yet another AAR of Lead the Way

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 19:08:20 +0000

by harro Initial SetupNot much in the way of options for the U.S. player. The Infantry block is placed on the North side of the wreck as this side gets hot early.Initial setup for the Somalian places the Militia Platoon Leader out in the open, at risk of attack by the Little Bird. In this position it has a FP advantage over the U.S. Platoon Leader on the South side of the wreck and can lend support to the Militia unit in 0807. Both of these blocks have LOS and fix in-place the U.S. Support block, preventing it from moving/withdrawing.The Militia block 2219 is setup at extreme range and intends to use RPGs on the U.S. (Optional rule 10.5, limited ammo in effect, this is the only optional rule used for this play through).The final Militia block is located in 1515, which is in range to perform an Assault on the Support Block after two impulses.Both Concealments blocks are positioned to slow the advance of the relief forces while hiding from aerial surveillance.The Little Bird may take these out, but likely he will focus on the Platoon Leader to protect the wreck site.Card draw for the U.S. sees 'No Clear target', the Little bird is unable to locate a target. Things might get uncomfortable for the Support team.The Somalian card draw is 'Hidden in the Mob' which they keep for now.Turn 1First ImpulseThe Delta forces enter and both pairs converge on a central-west position. The Northern units are slowed to 6mp by the concealment counter in the trees and these blocks choose to end movement early, to remain outside the 3EP range of the mob. To avoid possible 'Militia hidden in the Mob' card.End of Turn1, Impulse 1Impulse 2Time for the Somalians to put some hurt on the recovery team. First up, Militia #4 spends 7MP to occupy Building 37.Militia #3 fires on Rangers #2 with an RPG.The Rangers can't really afford to withdraw as the Northern edge will see more Militia entering from this direction and he needs to cover the Support team. His LAW outperforms the RPG by +2, with and additional +1 for Plt Leadership. but the Militia is being sneaky as the Ranger will lose -2OSL anyway, one for the Pop counter, and a 2nd for the low ammo.The Pop in 2319 dies due to Weapons Effect.Militia loses the combat, but makes the Recruit save roll. So both Militia and Rangers are at Minimal operational level.Militia Plt Leader fires on the rangers Plt leader. Both units have 3FP, so it is a dice off (or flip of a coin) to see who wins.Rangers win with a Crit (8) and the Militia Plt Leaders also misses the recruit save roll, so -2OSL to them.The wall stops the Pop from being eliminated from the weapons effect.Finally Militia #2 fires on the Rangers Plt Leader. At 6FP vs 3FP, it's time for the Plt Leader to withdraw into Building #36. An 8 on the withdraw roll sees in pull back in good order.Impulse 3Under pressure the U.S. uses the next Impulse to add 1OSL to the #2 Infantry with a support action, and bring on the remaining two blocks of the Impulse. These forces are also slowed by the Block in the trees ... they will push on and move within reach of the Mob, to draw possible hostiles into the open.Impulse 4Militia Plt Leader occupies Building #58 to bring it within command range the Norther approaches to the crash site.Note that there is a double wall depicted here, which I assume costs 4 EP to cross. But there is a only a single wall on the Eastern side, which puts the block in range, including building #37.Blocks #2 & #3 move into Assault range of the Rangers Infantry, while staying far enough apart not to be in the same blast radius from the Little Bird.During this move the Ranger infantry #2 inflicts -1OSL on Militia #2 due to opportunity fire.The last Militia #4 enter the bottom-rightmost corner of the map. To put the entry hex of the Ranger Block under LOS, to slow down their entry.Impulse 5The remaining rangers enter, getting only 6MP due to the Militia[...]

Session: Shadowrift:: Two games with the Sickle Moon

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 18:34:55 +0000

by Cadfan

Both games were played as a single person playing multiple hands simultaneously.

Game 1. Versus the Harrow. Four hands. This game was... anti climactic. I had multiple rounds in which all monsters were dead, and no monsters spawned. I got three rifts sealed, then... the fourth never showed. I spent ages waiting for it. In that time I bought seven of eight walls, and nearly all of the traveler deck. I'm not kidding, there were maybe six remaining travelers. This was easy because of the new action card that gives free prowess for purchasing travelers- I had one hand spamming that card like mad. Then, on a round where I had the supplies to buy the last wall... I flipped two infiltrators, two corpses, and a guard. And the guard got murdered by the only living monster. Game over.

Game 2. Versus the Lycanthropes. THIS game was epic. At one point I was down to a single villager (the merchant), seven corpses, four monsters in play, on a full moon. That round was somehow the turning point of the game, in my favor- I fired off the elemental attack that does splash damage based on wounds, with two wounds in that hero's hand. And I had five (!!) of the loot staff that lets you preview the next few cards and discard one of them. I used those to maximize my chances of keeping merchants in the game, and managed to finally afford some shrines and magical barriers. Those staves were the MVP of the game, easily. I had a hand that, for the vast majority of the game, ran nothing but the core 10 starter cards and a staff. The staff kept its deck clean of wounds while it aggressively purchased gold, which was used to buy more staves for other decks. Runner up MVP was the shining sword, the sacrifice of which let me save the merchant's life by killing a monster who otherwise would have hunted and killed him.

Session: The Confederate Rebellion:: A First Play Through - Experimentation With Strategy

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 18:18:35 +0000

by the_prussian This session report captures my first full game of the game Confederate Rebellion and is an exploratory game to develop win strategies. The game went 19 turns and was a sudden death loss to the Confederacy due to the loss of all build points (BP) during that turn. The game lasted about 3 hrs. At the conclusion of this session report I’ve identified a few items not covered by the rules and my house rules to cover those situations.Initial Plans: General Rosecrans will move west across the Mississippi River and then south to neutralize the threat by General K. Smith’s rebel armies. General McClellan to attack into The Valley to keep pressure on Lee’s Army while taking out any lone elements of the Rebel force. A new general will stand-up in NY and conduct an assault via a port landing in Florida to place immediate pressure on Atlanta.Turn 1:• General Rosecrans consolidates the Union’s Mid-Western forces and begins moving West.• General McClellan’s move into The Valley successful, but at a cost of losing half his force. President Lincoln is not impressed.• General Sherman is activated in NY and begins to consolidate available Union forces in New England in preparation for a port landing in Florida.• The Union Navy builds an additional ship.• General Lee is reinforced with 1 army and heads north to MD which was just vacated by General McClellan.• General K. Smith is reinforced with 1 army and heads north to MO.• General Bragg receives reinforcements of 1 army and stands fast at Corinth.Turn 2:• General Rosecrans crosses the Mississippi River at St. Louis and prepares to engage General K. Smith.• General McClellan strikes south into VA eliminating the Rebel force there, but again at quite a cost. McClellan will need to return to the North in order to be resupplied and obtain replacements and reinforcements. President Lincoln is not happy as this is upsetting plans for the invasion into FL.• General Sherman is ordered by President Lincoln to eliminate Lee’s threat in the north by driving General Lee out of MD. Lee is soundly defeated and retreats with his remaining Army of Northern Virginia (ANV) to Manassas.• General Lee is resupplied and receives replacements and reinforcements. General Lee advances to Fort Monroe and attacks. General Lee claims victory with heavy losses, but is forced to retreat as the fort at Monroe continues to stand.• General K. Smith awaits the arrival of General Rosecrans in MO.• General Bragg continues to idle in Corinth.Turn 3:• President Lincoln decides to delay any invasion plans via the US Navy again and instead pursue a weakened General Lee while rebuilding Union forces in New England. Worries grow in the White House over the size of General Bragg’s army at Corinth.• Union gunboats blockade any Confederate advance north via river at Memphis.• General McClellan conducts an operational retreat from VA to The Valley as part of a general withdraw back to the North for resupply. This move by General McClellan will also block General Lee from trying to retreat into The Valley when he is taken under attack by General Sherman.• General Sherman advances from MD and attacks General Lee at Manassas. General Lee’s ANV is defeated, but at a heavy cost to both sides. General Lee retreats to Richmond• General Rosecrans advances into MO and gives General K. Smith a solid thumping driving the remnant of the Confederate’s western army into AR.• The Rebels are beginning to feel the pinch of the Union blockade as they receive only 3 BP this turn. Vicksburg receives an additional gunboat putting the US Navy’s gunboat fleet back a step in their plans to assault Vicksburg by the river approaches. The Rebels build a fort and add a army to VA as McClellan vacated earlier. No reinforcement[...]

Session: The 7th Continent: Print & Play Demo:: [spoilers] Results of session

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 00:23:28 +0000

by Silverbel

Got a good run with Ferdinand. Documenting it for March.

Card 1: Reveal 8
Action 17: Drew "you learn by doing" (keep), got Empty Can item.
Action 17: Drew "Pole" item idea (keep), got Irish Whiskey item.
Action 6 (reveal): Drew "Remember" (keep)
Crafting a Pole Item: Discarded "you learn by doing" (success)
Remember Action: Retrieved "You learn by doing". "Remember" Discarded.
Explore card (East): Got the skill card "Determined" (Keep). Card 3 revealed.

Action '16': Drew Raft (keep). Success. Got card 16.
Action 2 (reveal): No cost
Crafting a Raft Item: -3 cost, Wood, card 2. Discarded "You learn by doing", -3 cost. Success.
Action 13 (reveal): No cost. Automatically moved East.
Action 5 (reveal): Drew "Forewarned is Forearmed" (keep)
Action 5: Discarded "Forewarned is Forearmed". Success. All 3 discarded cards mixed back into Action Deck. Card 5b is in play.
Travel West: Used Pole Item (3 left)
Item Merge, Pole and Raft: Both items have keyword "skill". 6 Durability Total.
Action 6: Use Pole-Raft (5 left), effects 1 and 2. -1 Card, +4 stars. Used card 16. +8 stars.

Scenario Cleared.

Inventory: Pole-Raft (5), Empty Can (3), Irish Whiskey (1), Determined card.

Discards: Empty
States: None

I didn't get the chance to make a shovel, but overall a great run. Now to wait until March...

Session: Gloomhaven:: Family game, many points of view

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 00:23:25 +0000

by ciriquen

I'm a huge fan of this game, and played the KS scenarios online solo, and was frantic as the delivery dates approached and receded, until eventually it arrived!

I've done my own storage system with some baggies, and compartment boxes, and I timed setting up Black Barrow at nine minutes from a closed box, which is quicker than I can set up some other games...

I played the Black Barrow yesterday with my three kids (16,14,10), and it took a lot longer than nine minutes to explain enough rules to get them started! I decided to leave personal and battle goals out, and play at level zero, so we'd have a better chance...

My son immediately started complaining about the amount of story (intro, city, and road events) before we started playing, but both girls enjoyed the stories. Our events both had somewhat extreme options, and one daughter wanted to kill everything, while the other wanted to be peaceful - my son refused to care, so I went with the peaceful options, hoping to start building some reputation! Both peaceful options dumped on us!

Once we got started in the barrow, the problem became keeping them focused - if one of them is not bothering to select cards, the delay affects everyone, and they start getting annoyed, which means they're more likely to be distracted next turn!

That said, we breezed through the first room, my eldest's spellweaver blasting away with a couple of lost cards. In the second room, after reminding her to be at least a little careful with her cards, she refused to play any lost cards at all, but we still eased past the room's occupants and some characters hadn't had their second rest yet...

The last room offered a little challenge, and by this point my son was really enjoying the actual game part of the game, but my youngest was finding it hard going - it would have been easier if she hadn't insisted on playing the mind thief, even though I explained it was complicated (I might offer to swap before our next game, in case that would help).

When there was only one archer left, and we were looking to loot, the spellweaver crit missed with what we thought was our only attack, but just as my son was gleefully preparing to pick up even more loot (he had eight coins), the mind thief dashed in, took an opportunistic swipe, and pulled the crit hit card!

So the game was over, and the kids were torn between wishing it had been harder, and glad that it hadn't taken even longer - except for my son who was just annoyed that he didn't get up to ten coins...

They're all willing to play again, which makes it a success - not every game manages that, we have a few which one or more won't play. Next game I'll introduce the goals, but I'm not sure whether to increase the difficulty, knowing that scenario 2 can be very nasty!

If anyone has any tips for keeping attention on the game, I'd be interested - I was thinking of having someone be health "banker", but if their attention strays, it might just make things worse.

Lastly, the thing I'm most unsure about - should I introduce level X cards, or leave those for scenario number three, whatever that might be?

Session: Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition:: First Impression

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 00:23:22 +0000

by Leifr

Well, got my set on Thursday from the store, unpacked it and punched it out, sleeved the cards.

Played it Saturday. We had a four player game. Everyone was familiar with TI3, though my heavily varianted set.

We started a little after 10 and finished about 4:30, ending in the seventh turn on the play of Imperial. Mecatol Rex wasn't taken until turn five.

Players were:
Ray playing Jol Nar
Patty playing Sol
Kevin playing Hacan
Lance playing Letnev

Used the four player set up from the rule book to speed up set up. We knew we'd be ending the game and finishing cleanup by 5:30. I gave the players the choice of just the original six factions from the first game setup instructions to also speed up the setup.

The first round went about as normal, with players expanding out to the best local system. Round two was a little slow, with the deficit of command tokens slowing play, especially as the second objective was 'spend 8 influence'. By round three the game started to move along. By the end of round four every planet was taken except Starpoint and Mecatol Rex. Round four was also when the combats started, begun by the Jol Nar, who had picked up a lot of technologies to improve their mobility, such as gravity drive, dreadnaught II, and eventually both their racial technologies. A lot of the combat was focused on trying to gain planets to score objectives, but some was to prevent other players from scoring objectives (I managed to seize Gral from the Hacan exactly at the time to stop him scoring a two point public objective (11 non-home planets) and get the last five point objective (control 3 planets with tech specialties).

Ray: Jol Nar: Two secret objectives, four stage I objectives.
Patty: Sol: Two secret objectives, four stage I objectives, holding Mecatol Rex when playing Imperial once.
Lance: Letnev: Three secret objectives, five stage I objectives, about to score a stage II objective in the status round when the game ended.
Kevin: Hacan: Two secret objectives, having Mecatol Rex and holding it when playing Imperial once, two stage I objectives, two stage II objectives.

With the four player game every strategy card was taken, so you could always be sure the secondaries were there when you wanted them. I think that's a weakness in this number of players. There was enough movement to create deep threats to other players' systems, though mostly from the Jol Nar. Most of the fighting was opportunistic, with players seeking to score objectives, though some of it was just combat lust. Some races turtled up a lot (I did) but others tried to spread out (one stage II objective was control 11 non-home planets).

The action cards were effecting, the agendas less so.

Session: Terraforming Mars: Hellas & Elysium:: My first game on the Elysium map

Sun, 19 Nov 2017 23:33:57 +0000

by Norbert Chan They had gone for lunch, and the Elysium map was on the table. I looked at the rules to learn the milestones and awards. When they got back for lunch, they dealt three corporations to each player. I asked Don why they did that, he said he wanted to get everyone corporation dealt out. Player oder was Don (UNMI), myself (Econline), Jean (Helion) and Craig (Tharsis Republic). We were playing the full corporate game again. I like the full corporate game, and so I’m glad to see everyone else playing this now instead of the standard game where everyone has one production of everything. Don played an event card, I played Micro Mills gaining one heat, with an eye to trying to get the generalist award, Jean played a city tile and played Mining Army to get himself a steel bump while Craig placed his city on Olympus Mons to gain three cards.I played Deimos Down on the second turn, while Craig played Artic Algae. Don played Imported Hydrogen, and he also played an event card where I lost 5 plants. I would later play that 5 M€ card that prevented opponents from removing plants/microbes/animals. On turn 3, Don played two more event cards (they were cheap, and being passed to Don) and he was able to claim the Legend milestone with the 5 played event cards. I was still eyeing the generalist, or the award with 4 plant/microbe/animal symbols. On turn 5, I thought about putting down my 4th plant card, which would require me to put down a greenery tile without a city, and I was short a couple M€ to claim the ecologist so I decided to wait. But the next turn, Jean claimed the generalist, then Don claimed the specialist before my turn. I was weak on the board without cities, and Don was able to leech off my lone city at the side of the board, as he knew I was going to be putting down greenery tiles there. I funded the celebrity for 8 M€, as I knew I was going to play a few Jovian cards. I had three of them in my hand, and they were greater than 20 M€. Later I funded the Benefactor (most TR) for 14 M€ as Don and I were tied around 27 TR. But a few turns later, Don rocketed up in TR with a couple of cards: one let him put down 2 lakes, and another which raised heat twice and got him another lake, so he went up 5 TR. My ace in the hole was the Jovian card that lets you get TR equal to the number of Jovian tags that you had; at turn 11, I got 5 TR, but I was too far back of Don in the TR race for Benefactor. Don had 6 or 7 energy production, and he was using the energy on his Physics Complex card (spend 6 energy to get a 2 VP token). He did this for 6 energy to earn 12 VPs for the card!Don would seal his victory by funding the Industrialist as he had the most energy and steel (Jean would finish second in that category). I had 5 Jovian tags, and two of them gave 1 per Jovian tag, so I had 10 VPs there. I had 26 pts in cards, but it was not enough to catch Don.Scores: Don 95 (41 TR 10 milestones, 5 Benefactor, 5 Industrialist, 2 greenery, 9 city, 23 cards), Norbert 81 (35 TR, 5 Celebrity, 2 Benefactor, 6 greenery, 7 city, 26 cards), Jean 77 (30 TR, 5 awards, 2 Industrialist, 8 greenery, 13 city, 19 cards),Craig 77 (31 TR, 2 Celebrity, 6 greenery, 16 city, 22 cards).Don is red, and claimed 2 milestones, and will finish first in two awards. I am yellow, Craig is green and Jean is blue. We all enjoyed the game, and are looking forward to more plays on the new maps. The variety makes it interesting and I thought I heard Don say this was his favourite game now. [...]

Session: 1775: Rebellion:: Narrow defeat for the colonies in my first game

Sun, 19 Nov 2017 23:33:06 +0000

by NeedsNewDice

I finally got the chance to try 1775 recently. I'm a pretty big fan of 1812, but never bought 1775 because I thought the two might be two similar. After playing 1775, I think they're different enough to warrant owning both.

This was my first game. I played the Continental Army with another new player, “Dave,” teaming up with me as the Patriots. The owner of the game, “Ray,” had played several times before and had both the British Regulars and Loyalists.

Like in 1812, there were a lot of back and forth battles in this game. We took control of Georgia and South Carolina fairly early on. (thanks to an early card that put down French soldiers in the area). There was some initial debate between me and my teammate whether to try and solidify our hold on the southern colonies, but we ultimately decided to focus more on the central colonies.

The first half of the game was definitely in our favor as we got lucky on turn order a few times and used it to take the lead. However, we were only able to get one truce card out. The second half of the game belonged to the British, however. Ray made good use of his navy movement cards and was able to take Rhode Island and pour into Connecticut, causing it to go neutral.

Luckily, we were able to halt a large of Hessians, Brits, Loyalists, and Native Americans with some lucky rolls. But, we also lost a lot of battles with the Continental Army running away a lot.

The game ended in around round six with Ray playing his second truce card and taking a 5-4 victory.

I was a little bit surprised at how different 1775 felt. The basic mechanics are the same, but there's enough small change that it alters the feel of the game a bit.

The biggest difference, to me, is that there's no longer homeland territories. This has two big ramifications. First, you're allowed to command decision into either a territory with your troops, or any empty territotry. In 1812, only the Native Americans could move into any emptry territory but every other faction could only do this if it was into a homeland territory.

Second, you can bring in new soldiers onto the board anywhere, as long as you control that colony and there's a city/town in the section you want to place them. You're no longer having to make a long slog across the country (in the case of the Americans in 1812).

Part of me was sad to see that the Native Americans are no longer their own faction, but they are implemented in an interesting way in 1775. They seem to provide the possibility of maneuvering a large army into a packing a whallop. It's going to take some time to go north to recruit them, but you have the potential of adding two more dice to your attack and possibly two more hits.

Likewise, the French and Hessians add an interesting bit. They're only going to enter into specific spots on the board, so you'll know where your opponent will bring them in but not when (since they're reliant on Event Cards).

I plan on picking this one up before too long. It makes me want to try 1754 as well, which I hadn't sought out for the same reasons: thinking it might be too similar to 1812 to warrant a buy.

Session: Tenkatoitsu:: Sekigahara, training game, an attempt at report

Sun, 19 Nov 2017 23:21:38 +0000

by RyTo A week ago, the battle of Sekigahara was fought at San Diego HistCon. This was a learning game and the scenario was not played to completion. The notes do not cover everything that has occurred, the mistakes have been made but - even more importantly - the fun have been had. I will try to point some mistakes, not to complain about them... but rather as an exercise even for myself, to mark the things that have eluded me during our game.The army of Ishida Mitsunari picks Battle Plan of Gyorin, hoping for forces of Tokugawa to bleed themselves dry in futile attacks. The battle plan gives coalition army 4 Defensive Positions markers (think of defensive fortifications).The army of Tokugawa Ieyasu goes for Hoshi Battle plan. That aggressive decision marks a first mistake. Tokugawa clans are not all marked with Attack/ Regroup Orders. Ishida's side also will never receive Katta, Katta marker.1st TurnWe started with Diplomacy Phase. Given that to commit a clan to one side requires moving its chit four spaces... I must say that I did not written down, which chit was drawn. Probably Tokugawa's... but I was not yet quite concerned about that.1 Activation Marker - Tokugawa, clan 4. Unfortunately, that activation becomes side-tracked by Ii Naomasa and his Red Devils. Red Devils perform their charge! As a Ishida player, I sigh in relief as the combat result forces me to retreat one space and I have space to retreat!What follows after is Marching with clans G and H onto positions endangering flanks of attacking units of Tokugawa. Clan E-1, attacked by Red Devils, is in Defense mode - which, thanks to the river, limits the number of adjacent units that have to be attacked.Tokugawa sends into attack clan 5, pulls away clan 6 to regroup. Meanwhile, Wise Otani goes to attack of his own. More clans are marching (H and 4 with 3, to be exact). The charge of Red Devils bring more and more clans closer to each other. The battle has started - the first turn is over.2nd TurnDiplomacy shifts two clans in different directions. Events of last turn favor Ishida, land promise gives boost to Tokugawa cause. Kobayakawa starts to seem more doubtful in their beliefs in Ishida leadership... but it is also very clear that diplomacy track requires several turns to bring the lasting effect into game.Next turn brings into the existence Tokugawa samurai counters. In other words, initial attacks costed his side enough losses... which only makes me think that the decision to adopt a defensive plan was a good one. Unfortunately, developments also reveal a disadvantage of my plan. The strongest, the most numerous clans on Ishida side cannot bring their numbers onto the frontline because of Zones of Control... combats are going on but at least half of them are not ending in any practical result. Tokugawa player was able to create a frontline situation.3rd TurnAnother diplomacy phase, another land promise. Clans sway to Tokugawa, albeit slowly.The attacks, some performed with Totsugeki tactics, push away units in defensive fortifications towards a hill on which hateful Ishida Mitsunari is located. Clan C, neutral, provides some support at times... but otherwise makes it impossible to reinforce units led personally by Ishida.This turn sees also the elimination of Red Devils formation, though Ii Naomasa survives the combat and carries off his own head on his shoulders. More Tokugawa units arrive in the center of the battle. Wise Otani, surprised in March formation, is able to withdraw, leading the attackers into prepared units of Ukita Hideie... I was glad with myself, though in the end it resulted only in more "frontline" type of behavior.4th TurnDiplomac[...]

Session: Spirit Island:: A slew of starter solo sessions

Sun, 19 Nov 2017 21:09:16 +0000

by TakeWalker I've just started playing and felt like giving a quick rundown of all the games I've played. Maybe I can get some pointers! Except where noted, all of these are without blight card, scenario or adversary.So my very first game was Lightning and Earth because I'm no slouch, I can game all times! It was fun, but I found myself taking to Earth a lot better. He lumbered around the island, in no hurry, and dropped the hammer where needed, while Lightning got good mileage out of making his powers fast but otherwise flailed around the island like an idiot, regularly failing to find things to destroy. Still won, but it was weird.I'm pretty sure my second game was River and Shadows and I lost, but I don't remember it.Started going with single spirits after that, beginning with Lightning again to see if he didn't work better on his own. Found out he didn't. So began a long string of losses.Well, not all of them. I won with River, and again with Shadows, even getting a Terror II victory. That feels really cool. I find River to be very well-balanced, while Shadows is actually more fun to play than I thought he would be.Then I moved on to Spread of Rampant Green and yeesh, I don't think I can quite keep up with what it needs to do to be effective yet. D:I played a game as Thunderspeaker and got fairly close to victory but again fell in the end. I made sure to play her again in a two-player game, where we succeeded thanks to Lightning's Boon, mostly. :/ I did less "marching to victory" and more "stumbling into a town and lurching against the buildings till they broke". c.c Did better than solo, at least!Then it was time for Oceans! And... I spent the game wishing I had a friend to feed me. :/ By the same token, I couldn't figure out how to work Bringer's powers effectively and the island was overrun, nor could I deal with Serpent's slow setup. With both of them, I found myself looking at the board going, "There is nothing I can do."But I had more success with the last three. Heart of the Wildfire might in fact be my favorite spirit, which surprised me. Managing blight wasn't too hard, but moreover I like being able to destroy things just by moving into a space with them. That first time I hopped into a sand and scared the Dahan away, I knew I was going to have a good time. That said, it also makes me think that I really need to get a handle on using slow powers, because that seems to be one of the biggest stumbling blocks for me.Last were the two expansion spirits, with all the base expansion rules. Blight cards aren't so bad! Sharp Fangs I had a blast with, combining the army gathering of Thunderspeaker with Wildfire's "meet 'em and weep" destroy-on-move gameplay. I don't think I got any extra blight, and the invaders were dead almost before I realized it. Beasts do a ton of work for you!Keeper's game was less overwhelmingly in my favor, but I still won. Blighted the island, but I don't think the Invaders lasted too long after that. And I didn't even realize some tricks to Wilds placement, so I think I'll do even better next time!I still want to work on getting better with the mid-range spirits (and once I'm able to teach people, Imma play Oceans again), but I think concentrating on Earth without Lightning might be helpful as well. And there you go! [...]

Session: Title Bout:: Flyweight Tournament – Qualifying Round

Sun, 19 Nov 2017 18:48:43 +0000

by jhope Well, here we are two bouts completed in the Flyweight tournament setting the Quarter-Final bracket of eight! And what a fine time I had in my first ever two Title Bout fights! I am really enjoying this game, playing solo at the moment until I gain enough experience to go up against my fellow boxing and Title Bout fans.The initial set-up for the tournament was outlined in an earlier thread: first bout was for the eighth seed spot and featured Juan Jose Guzman vs. Jaime Rios, a slugger against a boxer. As I mentioned earlier I kept card by card records, detailed logs of each card draw, CF check by CF check, Random Number by Random Number. Two reasons for doing this detail, first this is the first time I’ve played the game, and if I get a few cards along in the action and realize that I misplayed a card, I like to back it up to the misplay and play it out correctly. Second is that I like to have a written record of my games for preparing detailed session reports, or at least picking out the highlights for a session report even if I don’t do a blow by blow description. I’ll spare you the blow-by-blow for this tournament, and focus on the highlights and results of each bout, you definitely don’t want to know every detail in the 16 log pages for this first fight!Juan Jose Guzman vs. Jaime RiosThe first round was pretty even, with Guzman starting the action with superior aggression, but losing control early and Rios scoring the first punch. After a series of missed punches, Guzman staggered Rios with a hard punch about a minute into the round. Rios quickly recovered and scored on a series of jabs. Guzman then took control and scored with a left and later a stinging right as the round was winding down. And then with less than 10 seconds to go, Rios caught Guzman with a staggering right uppercut, but no knockdown. The round ended with both fighters even on the cards.Guzman came out aggressively for the second round, and on the first punch connected with a hard right that sent Rios to the mat. Rios was up on his feet at a three-count, but still dazed as Guzman came in on the attack scoring with a left uppercut that sent Rios into the ropes. Guzman then missed with a couple of punches and lost control, the dazed Rios also missing a punch, then Guzman scored on a left uppercut. With the round half over and the early flurry of action wearying both fighters, the round played out with a few more scoring punches, but no further drama, with Guzman clearly winning the round with a knockdown.With no continuing effects of the knockdown in Round 2, Rios was able to get into control early in Round 3 and scored on a couple of punches until the halfway point, when Guzman landed a left uppercut that staggered Rios into the ropes and followed up aggressively with a series of scoring hooks. Guzman remained in control for the rest of the round except for one missed punch by Rios, and scored on a combination, an uppercut, and a cross. Another clear winning round for Guzman.Guzman started slowly in Round 4 scoring on a combination, but at the one-minute mark, Rios came alive and took control, scoring on a combination then a jab that opened a badly torn gash on Guzman’s mouth. Rios scored on a left hook, and then Guzman took control finishing the last half of the round with a series of scoring punches, pulling even at the end.Rios scored one punch early in Round 5, but after that it was all Guzman, staggering Rios with a hard punch at about the half way point, then scoring with a hard right [...]

Session: Gloomhaven:: Tale of Two Parties, Chapter 22 (Void Walkers, Scenario 20)

Sun, 19 Nov 2017 06:40:28 +0000

by EventHorizon [Note: Tale of Two Parties is being written primarily as a way to see if the experiences of two groups playing in the same game world can create a cogent narrative and to communicate sessions between groups.Spoilers, such as enemy types, are included but really shouldn't be relied on in your games as I'm not tracking the game while we are playing and specifics can diverge from what happened for narrative reasons. The first session report of the series is here:Scenario 1]Current Party:o Ana-Ishi, Savvas Craghearto Lenka, Orchid Spellweavero Gaius Stoneheart, Inox Bruteo Gizmo, Quatryl TinkererAfter Hail disappeared, a quick consultation led the group to a determination to move forward. Killing Jekserah would free them from the thugs she had sent and would also apparently move Ana-Ishi forward in his quest as well. With no reason to stay in Gloomhaven, they visited a merchant to purchase some supplies and moved out of the city without any further rest. The map led them deep into Corpsewood Forest. Luckily the map was good or else the endless trees would have thoroughly confused them. Finally they found what they were looking for. Hidden in a dense copse of trees, a particularly ugly mausoleum sat, rotting. This was far from the splendor that they had seen associated with Jekserah previously, and they took some comfort in having reduced her to such depths. Sneaking forward, they heard the now-familiar rustling of the undead. This was definitely a place to find a necromancer, but getting to her was going to be a challenge.Despite the protestations of Gaius, his plan of a loud frontal assault had been dismissed as unworkable (and probably suicide). Ideally they would be able to sneak in, find Jekserah, and not have to fight the mindless hordes. So they snuck through the doorway, making no noise, and stuck to the shadows. However, they ran out of shadows quicker than expected. Torches had been placed strategically to prevent the exact sort of thing they were trying. In front of them they saw some of Jekserah’s acolytes patrolling with some Living Bones. They hunched against the wall and hoped they weren’t seen. But they were. As one, the Living Bones turned, focused on the group, and attacked. Ana-Ishi and Gaius were able to keep the initial attack off the others and allowed a strong counterattack. Gaius and Ana-Ishi created some room by pushing the skeletons back and Lenka added some mystical fire that burned the lead skeleton to dust. Behind the skeletons, their acolyte masters prepared to rush in but Ana-Ishi pulled up a wall of earth from the ground to prevent that. The wall didn’t stop them from summoning more Living Bones though. Sensing that the Cultists were the larger problem, Gaius stepped next to Ana-Ishi’s wall and killed two while preventing the others from advancing. Gizmo found himself pressed against the wall by the last remaining Living Bones from the first attack. Left alone by his allies, he dodged an attack and knocked its head off with the butt of his crank bow. He smiled at finding a new application for his contraption. With Gaius bottling up the remaining enemies on the other side of the wall, the party was able to whittle them down and defeat them pretty quickly. As they moved further into the mausoleum, Lenka took point and lit the way with her magic. At the end of the hall, the group came to a vaulted chamber with ancient warriors lying in state. There, feeding off the lingering essences of those warriors were Night Demons. These horrors of nightmares stopped when Lenka’s light touched them[...]

Session: Gloomhaven:: Tale of Two Parties, Chapter 21 (Void Travelers, Scenario 7)

Sun, 19 Nov 2017 06:39:28 +0000

by EventHorizon [Note: Tale of Two Parties is being written primarily as a way to see if the experiences of two groups playing in the same game world can create a cogent narrative and to communicate sessions between groups.Spoilers, such as enemy types, are included but really shouldn't be relied on in your games as I'm not tracking the game while we are playing and specifics can diverge from what happened for narrative reasons. The first session report of the series is here:First Scenario]Current Party:o Ana-Ishi, Savvas Craghearto Lenka, Orchid Spellweavero Gaius Stoneheart, Inox Bruteo Gizmo, Quatryl TinkererTraveling back to Glomhaven, Lenka noticed that Gaius was withdrawn and solitary. This was not normal for the Inox and she was concerned. Multiple attempts at starting a conversation with him went for naught. Gizmo didn’t seem concerned about his companion, but he was always more interested in working with his various bits of equipment than what was going on around him. Ana-Ishi was also keeping his distance from the others, but that was normal for him. Their experience in Shrine of Strength had affected the group in ways they hadn’t anticipated but none except Lenka wanted to discuss it. Her discipline kept her from getting frustrated and the orb in her pack served as a serviceable distraction. She wasn’t sure what it did but was looking forward to visiting the Aesther again to find out.The night before they returned to Gloomhaven, Ana-Ishi approached her at the fire. He had a concerned look on his face, “When we return the orb, can we have her find the location of the forest bandits? We’ve had nothing to go on for a while. My need for revenge burns stronger than ever.” Lenka nodded, “I can support that. We haven’t heard from Jekserah in a while. Let’s see if the Aesther can help us find another lead.” Gizmo emerged from the shadows with a bundle of freshly harvested plants in his hands, “We agree. Forest bandits ignored too long. We can ask the Aesther.” Gaius did not look up and did not say anything, so it was settled: once back in Gloomhaven, they would focus on Ana-Ishi’s revenge.They entered Gloomhaven just after midday. Wanting to rest before dealing with the Aesther, the group went back to the Foppish Ferret. However, upon entering they were beckoned to a side room by the owner. He spoke quickly and in hushed tones, “I’m glad I found you first. I am not sure where you have been or who you have been doing things to but you had visitors a few days ago. A group of rough-looking Inox who said they were looking for you for a job but I got the feeling you were the job.” Gizmo looked at him sharply, “Anything else?” The owner shook his head, “No. But one of the serving girls heard the name Jekserah. I don’t know if that name means anything to you, but she is a rich merchant with some unsavory connections and even worse whispered about her. I don’t think that you should stay here until you know what she wants from you. I like having you here but I don’t need my patrons scared by a fight and you are known to be here.” Gizmo nodded, “Thank you. The warning is timely. We will find another place. Do you have a rear exit?” The owner nodded and ushered them through the kitchen and out into the alley. Gizmo looked both ways down the alley and gestured to the group to follow him. He walked towards the road in front of the tavern and suddenly climbed a ladder that was on the side of the neighboring building. Once they were on the roof, he gestured them to lie pr[...]

Session: Wacht Am Rhein:: A daring dash for the Meuse - Wacht am Rhein Dec 16th - 17th AAR

Sun, 19 Nov 2017 02:58:34 +0000

by Jeff67

I decided to post an AAR of my game of WaR, as the most recent reports date from several years ago. All pictures are screen shots using VASSAL. I know some people prefer photographs, and I tried making some but I couldn't make any that I was satisfied with (focus, lighting). I hope the VASSAL pictures are at least clear enough in depicting what is going on. I will update this thread as my game progresses.

Sixth Panzer Armee

LXVII Armeekorps
Also known as Korps Monschau, it consists of the 272nd and 326th Volksgrenadier Divisions. Its historical orders were to attack between Konzen (5209NE) and Kalterherberg (5014NE) and advance in the direction of Eupen. Unfortunately, both German divisions start the game severely understrength: the 272nd has been badly mauled in fighting the US 78th Infantry Division for possession of Kesternich (5608NE), and part of the 326th is still en route from Germany. Moreover, the 326th is spread out all the way from Wahlerscheid Crossroads (5515NE) to Imgenbroich (5210NE), which limits the concentration of enough forces for a ground assault with a reasonable chance of success.

Artillery support for Korps Monschau is good though, with one Volkswerfer Brigade and a Volks Artillerie Korps attached. The 683rd Panzerjäger Abteilung is available to counter enemy armor and in reserve at Corps HQ at 5912NE.

I decided to launch an attack on Höfen (5213NE) on the pre-dawn surprise turn with elements of the 326th Volksgrenadier Division. The plan was to push the enemy out of the village and advance in the direction of Kalterherberg, in the rear of the enemy. If succesfull, I thought it possible to insert one of the mobile formations (the 3rd Panzergrenadier Division) in this area for an advance towards Elsenborn (5018NE), or turn north to capture Mutzenich (5011NE). It all depended on the results of the initial assault.

All that could be scraped together for the pre-dawn attack were three Volksgrenadier battalions, reinforced by the divisional engineers and the Fusilier company. The defense consisted of an infantry battalion of the US 99th Infantry Division and a company of 57mm AT guns, dug in and on a vantage point.

The attack was an horrendous failure. Defensive artillery fire caused Artillery Shifts and losses, and the Ground Assault was inconclusive with both sides taking a hit. The Americans remained in possession of Höfen, and moved 2/CCA of the 5th Armored Division to Mutzenich later that day.

After this disaster, I decided to postpone all efforts to break through the enemy front line until the arrival of reinforcements. The 326th took up defensive positions in the West Wall, even the engineers are inserted into the line. I hope to be able to relieve them soon, as this is not what they are meant to do.

The 272nd Volksgrenadier Division didn't attack at all, it is prevented to do so on the pre-dawn turn and besides, the opposition is way too strong.

Session: Founding Fathers:: Founding Fathers in Baltimore: Part 2

Sun, 19 Nov 2017 02:58:14 +0000

by Baltimore_Pete The second session of our full game of Founding Fathers in Baltimore began with the election of 1808. The current scores were:Chris (Blue) 27Joe (Orange) 10Peter (Red) 3Dan (Purple) 1Mike (Yellow) 0Election of 1808Liberal Party leader Charles Pinckney (BLUE) decides not to run with public support running against the Liberals. This forces Thomas Jefferson of RED to run, thus returning the “favor” Jefferson gave to Pinckney in the previous election. Jefferson chooses Aaron Burr of YELLOW as VP. The Conservatives have venerable statesman and incumbent President John Jay (ORANGE), and John Marshall goes for his third stint as VP. Jefferson is cut off from Virginia by Marshall, so he places in Maryland instead. Burr takes Pennsylvania, but the Conservatives cut them off from both north and south. This leads to a landslide victory for the Jay/Marshall ticket, 163-46. The aftermath of this election was a tidal wave of newspaper dissent from the Liberal publications, and public support swung to the Liberals as a result. Two new statesmen also appeared: David Crockett for YELLOW and Winfield Scott for BLUE.1809-1812I made a mistake as the gamemaster by allowing the Secretary of the Interior office into the game before its time. But we’ll pretend the government of our game were early adopters. President Jay appoints Dolley Todd to this office, making her the first woman in the Cabinet. The admission of Alabama could not be considered since the Louisiana Purchase was never made. This made the first issue the Adams-Onis Treaty. RED convinces the president to appoint John Quincy Adams as Sec. of State to solve this issue, and Jay agrees. YELLOW asked for the Secretary of the Navy office in return for his vote. PURPLE offers his vote in return for a future delegation of an issue to VP Marshall. ORANGE accepts this, and YELLOW’s votes are not needed. Reserves are dropped by 15. The admissions of Louisiana and Missouri are also taken out of the game with no Louisiana Purchase, so the second issue is the First Seminole War. Andrew Jackson of YELLOW is made General and he wins the war as expected. Elbridge Gerry of YELLOW dies, scoring 2 points (Yellow total: 2). Next up is the Dorr Rebellion, which coincides with the death of Thomas Jefferson (RED). Mr. Jefferson was a minor figure in the country’s history and scores 2 points. (Red total: 5). President Jay wants an Attorney General who will intervene for the good of the people of Rhode Island...and to prevent public support from moving further towards the Liberals. PURPLE suggests Oliver Ellsworth for Attorney General. ORANGE agrees and resolved B is chosen. Attention then turned to Tariff III. PURPLE suggested Alexander Hamilton for Treasury Secretary with the promise of a vote on the last issue of the term. ORANGE agreed, and the tariff passed over the objection of BLUE.The final issue of the term is the Land Act of 1820. Arkansas admission was nullified by having no Louisiana Purchase. President Jay delegates this issue to VP Marshall (PURPLE), but then uses his personal IP to add 9 additional votes to pass the bill. This gives ORANGE and PURPLE the votes to pass the bill themselves. YELLOW then offers 1 IP for the three remaining offices, and ORANGE agrees.Election of 1812The amazing political career of John Jay is capped by a successful two-term Presidency, passing seven of the eight pieces of legislation on offer. He retires with great fanfare, and scores[...]

Session: Next War: Poland:: Suwalki Gap AAR

Sun, 19 Nov 2017 02:31:39 +0000

by Johanski Situation:Russian forces staging out of Belarus and Kaliningrad have sealed the Suwalki gap effectively cutting off the Baltic States from allied reinforcements. Now the Russians want to tighten the noose by flooding into Poland. A handful of worn out NATO mechanized units reinforced by elite NATO paratroopers have to hold several critical cities for a week and a half before heavier reinforcements can arrive.GeographyThis scenario is restricted to the area north of hex XX-16 and west of hex 40-XX. The region around Suwalki and the outlying cities is a generally flat terrain with woods surrounding it. There are very few rivers that directly intersect the battlefied. To the north, the hills in and around Goldap (For the rest of the AAR, I will refer to this as the 'Goldap Plateau') dominate the victory cities of Suwalki and Olecko. The woods around Augustow give the NATO light infantry a fighting chance against Russian armor. To the south, near the Polish with Belarus, the urban center of Bialystok has decent defensive terrain. It has a river to it's back, preventing a flanking maneuver, and hills to the north. Past the initial cities and terrain, it is an armored division commander's dream.Russian DispostionsThe Russian 20th Guards army, being spearheaded by the 4th Guards Tank Division, forms the main thrust into NATO lines. They will be responsible for taking Suwalki, Augustow, Olecko (If the Kaliningrad Taskforce hasn't taken it yet), and their final objective of Elk. The Kaliningrad task force probably doesn't have the strength to break through the French and Polish forces in Elk, they will probably be conducting a holding action to tie down the French Paras. To the south, the full might of the Belorussian army (which isn't really much) is assaulting the US 1/82 in Bialystok. If they manage to break through, they will swing northward and race to Elk, hitting the NATO troops in the back. The Russian forces have significant help support available but are lacking in artillery compared to the Siege of Warsaw. Other than the 1st Guards Tank Brigade (on the map already), the Russians will only be receiving reinforcement points. Russia has a gap in capability in the form of no light infantry (I guess the paras are doing something else) and thus are limited to a frontal assault. NATO DispostionsThe NATO troops are being forced to fight a defense against a superior enemy force. Unlike in Warsaw, they have the ability to trade space for time and may therefore be able to conserve their strength. Most of the NATO mechanized forces have been depleted and are thus of limited use in counter attack until replacements arrive. They may, however, be crucial to a mobile defense if the front line collapses. About half the troops on the front line are elite NATO paratroopers whom are very capable in defense. NATO also has 4 airmobile points which can, as shown by the last AAR, be used to great effect in the Russian rear areas (The 1/101st approves greatly). NATO also has significant airborne reinforcements coming in within the next two turns. NATO's plan is to hold the three cites around Elk for as long as possible before falling back to Elk.Initial setupNATO reinforcements and airpointsI will be posting GT1 pretty soon [...]

Session: Massive Darkness:: Whisper Walks in the Dark

Sun, 19 Nov 2017 02:31:07 +0000

by Old Dwarf

FYI- if you haven't read the other "Walks in the Dark" Quest Tutorial Quest
I've used the RPG "Midnight" as a background so The Blood Guard Mob
is actually the Troglodytes.

The Winde Ward
Early Morning, Shareel 12th, 5YS

A patch of darkness detached itself from the corridor wall and glided up the corridor.
Whisper's could not believe that the Shadow Forces would dare try to establish a
presence in the Winde the very district that the Thieves Guild had their headquarters
and the center of the Resistance. The fact that were constructing one of their vile
Dark Mirrors here was a direct danger to the forces of light.

She hated being away from her friend Sybil who she was nursing back to health
after the elf's failed Quest to destroy the Temple Ward Black Mirror. Nevertheless
Whisper felt a pride that the Lord of Rags had called upon her to rid the Winde
of the abomination the minions of Shadow were constructing.

Moving in total darkness Whisper easily navigated the ancient tunnels under the
Winde until she was under the Butchers Lane on the eastern end of the Winde
and locating the ladder she climbed up into the rotting structure and entered the street.

The Shadow Forces had chosen an old slaughter house to construct their Mirror
and which Whisper now approached. Slowly opening the door she surprised a
Blood Guard and his Sargent swiftly attacking the Blood Guard was cut down
his Sargent moved to intercept but Whisper avoided his blade.

Whisper thankful that the Sargent was too distracted to raise any alarm quickly
rounded on him breaking through his defensives and struck the killing blow.
She then smashed the Black Mirror they were guarding and realizing she had
accomplished her Quest decided to explore the room. The Chests she found yielded
up a Plague Javelin and a Lesser Healing potion. Not wanting to press her luck
she returned to the street .

Returning to the building she had entered from she was down the ladder and
and soon lost to any pursuit in the catacombs

The smoothest Game yet- the Mob Combat was over quickly & no Roaming
Monsters were drawn. The main purpose of these Tutorial Quest Games is to
try out each Lightbringer so once the Objective (The Black Mirror) is secured
(smashed) I allow a treasure chest search & then exit.

Session: Falling Sky: The Gallic Revolt Against Caesar:: Caesar Heads South: A Pax Gallica Session Report:

Sun, 19 Nov 2017 01:10:04 +0000

by pnorell PAX GALLICA ~ A FALLING SKY SESSION REPORTIn previous replays of this campaign, Caesar has always begun by subduing the Belgae. This has invariably allowed Vercingetorix to rally the Gallic tribes and present a formidable front when Caesar eventually turns south.For this campaign, he will adopt a different approach and attempt to crush the Arverni before Vercingetorix can make his influence felt, then turn north to deal with Ambiorix.In this, Caesar will be relying heavily upon his Aedui allies to keep open his lines of communication with Provincia and provide the necessary military support.54 BC ~ Caesar lands on the Gallic coast in the territory of the Veneti with five legions and one auxilia and proceeds immediately to march through the Pictones region into the heart of the Arverni. There, he defeats a small Gallic force, seizes resources and, after dispersing the Volcae, Pictones and Arverni tribes, builds forts in both regions to consolidate his hold.Caesar’s allies, the Aedui, meantime, have raided into neighbouring Arverni-held territory, suborned the locals and made allies of the Lingones, as well as subduing the Arverni at Gergovia and the Cadurci.In the face of Caesar’s invasion, the Arverni have struggled to maintain a hold on their allies and have to be content with local raiding against the Aedui.In the north, the Belgae, under their ferocious leader Ambiorix, have taken advantage of Caesar’s campaign in the south to recruit tribesmen and prepare for a resumption of all-out war. A total of 14 warbands are raised; the Roman fort in the Nervii is destroyed and the Atrebates – allies of Rome – subdued. During the winter, Caesar takes his whole army to Provincia where another four auxilia are recruited. Vercingetorix arrives to rally the Arverni, while Ambiorix masses his warbands in Treveri and along the southern border of the homeland in anticipation of a Roman invasion. 53 BC ~ As Caesar prepares to march north and engage the Belgae, Ambiorix continues recruiting; then, in an attempt to delay the Roman advance, he persuades his German allies to cross the Rhine and occupy the territory of the Sequani and Helvetii. Meanwhile, in an upsurge of anti-Roman fervour settlers are slaughtered and the Aedui settlements of Biberacte and Lingones subdued, along with the Roman allied Remi tribe.During the winter, three Roman legions have arrived in the northern territory of the Morini where they have become completely surrounded by Belgic warbands. Caesar now advances with his entire army of five legions and seven auxilia into the region of the Helvetii.Germanic tribesmen harass the column, but Caesar does not pause to engage, merely establishing securing his supply lines - making allies of the Sequani and building a fort - before continuing his march. Entering the Treveri region, he has already ordered the three legions in the north to join him. One is lost to harassing warbands, but the remainder make the rendezvous, allowing Caesar to confront Ambiorix with six legions and five auxilia. A fort is built and the Treveri subdued.Faced with a difficult choice, Ambiorix declines to accept battle and withdraws to the Nervii region where reinforcements are gathered. Now, if Caesar should invade, the Romans will be unable to establish a fort and be more vulnerable to attack. Caesar, meanwhile, recruits squadrons of Germanic cavalry.The Aedui convert [...]

Session: The Lamps Are Going Out:: New Session Summer/Fall 1915

Sun, 19 Nov 2017 01:09:48 +0000

by jim bailey

The previous reports are under "New Session" --

Summer 1915

German event is Hindenburg/Ludendorff. Attrition without loss of territory on both fronts. Tech is unsuccessful.

WA event is Treaty of London, Italy joins the TE. Attack against entrenched Germans in France has minor success. Tech is P1.

Russian event is Central War Industries. Russians refit but are losing the attrition battle.

AH event is Kemal. Attrition against Russians, reinforcement in Austria against the Italians.

Fall 1915

German event is U-boats unleashed. Germans push Russians out of Minsk. All Russian units are spent. No tech advance because neither card is U tech.

WA event is Salonika. This event is significant. The AH unit in Serbia is spent. There is a spent Serbian unit in Albania. The potential for a true Balkan Front now exists. Britain moves a unit to Greece for exactly that purpose. French attacks are successful. British attacks are not, except in Africa – this was an attack of opportunity: all other attacks had been made and it looks like Britain will have surplus PP this turn. Tech is P2.

Russian event is Open Ocean. Russia refits.

AH event is AH Fleet. AH moves to reinforce in Serbia, and drives the spent Serbian army into Greece. The Austrians definitely have had to divert forces to the Balkans that they did not expect.

Comment: Four Russian areas have been taken with Poland available. Germany will probably need to divert a couple of units to the West because the WA have two artillery counters and A1 tech. I do not think Germany can afford to attempt to press hard for a military victory in Russia. The calculus is this: Germany can push the Russians back, but as the Russian retreats, his forces become consolidated. If the dice favor the Russian even a little bit, then he can have 7 fresh units in Moscow (and at least 5) heading into 1917. The likelihood of Germany overcoming that is small, IMO. I will say this, the game dynamics certainly make it VERY tempting to try for a military victory. The true unknown is whether the Russian can put pressure on Germany if Germany ceases the offensive.

Session: Pandemic Legacy: Season 2:: Thrust Upon Them - April (***Spoilers for April Herein!***)

Sun, 19 Nov 2017 01:09:43 +0000

by clarbri85 "Sound trumpets! Let our bloody colours wave! And either victory, or else a grave!" - Edward, King Henry VI - Part III, William ShakespeareGame 1April comes ominously - we have so few cubes to put so many places that we're all desperately afraid of a first-turn plague cube (or more!).Our Initial, Shaky SetupLuckily...Characters PlayedPretty Boy Floyd - AdministratorDuke Cleatus - FarmerJoe Dirt - LaborerW0FU - Radio OperatorFrom the Journal of Pretty Boy Floyd, Brockway Administrator, April 13th, 71 AFExtremely mixed emotions on this night. So much has gone so well these past few weeks, and so much so horribly. Let us start with the bad - Los Angeles is decimated, forsaken by our new leadership, and both it and Santiago are overrun with plague carrying rats. The Hollow Men are tearing down our supply centers as soon as we can get them torn down. Despite my earliest promises, Duke keeps being put in harms way - I had to act quickly to get her out of plague ridden cities. If I hadn''s possible we may have lost her. And yet...We've discovered Doomhaven in the Pacific, and with it, literal tons of fresh supplies to spread throughout the grid - for the first time in a couple of months, I'm filled with hope. We may be able to help our new connections after all. Additionally, we found new equipment to help facilitate the production of new supplies. And an experimental inoculation against the plague. I'm wary of it, however...if it's truly successful, then why wasn't it distributed? Questions for another day.Well, we never really came close to winning this one, but we completed the thing we needed to do - we found the Haven, and with it 15(!!!) supply cubes we get to add to the stockpile at the beginning of every game. We needed those in the absolute worst way.We're Saved!We also have the Innoculate free action (which lets us remove Infection Cards or Player Cards in the discard piles, as long as they're the city we're in...up to 30 of each, to be put back in Box 6, assuredly for some sinister purpose later) - we do innoculate Los Angeles, and use Lockdowns on Cairo and Lima.That's about it for the good news. Duke searches in Santiago...revealing that it's infested! And plague continues to outbreak, ensuring that Los Angeles falls down to 0 population - Tripoli and San Francisco lose population as well. Pretty Boy Floyd has to pull Duke out of the fire two turns in a row before she gets further exposed.Rats and CrapLA FallsAt the end of the game, we throw the Outrider ability on W0FU (letting him Recon for one fewer card), and raise the populations of Lagos and San Francisco. And then, on the cusp of losing four in a row, we head into...Game 2Cubes, Glorious Cubes!Characters SelectedPretty Boy Floyd - AdministratorDuke Cleatus - FarmerJoe Dirt - LaborerW0FU - Radio OperatorFrom the Journal of Pretty Boy Floyd, Brockway Administrator, April 24th, 71 AFJoy. Unbridled Joy. Finally, a few weeks where nothing has gone wrong, and our luck has turned around completely. We've scouted the rest of Africa, connecting Johannesburg, Kinshasa and Khartoum to the grid. Based on information we've found, we're certain that the Jade Lab is somewhere in Johannesburg. We've also found Satellite Towers that should allow us to transmit data more effectively.Our supplies have lasted well enough to keep things larg[...]

Session: Conflict of Heroes: Eastern Front – Solo Expansion:: Solo Campaign 1, Mission 1 and 2

Sun, 19 Nov 2017 01:08:57 +0000

by HexDude

OK I played campaign 1, mission 1 again but this time adjusted the difficulty as mentioned in the firefight setup instructions. I also remembered to remove a command order cards every time I destroy a Russian unit. I'd forgot about this last time I played. I'd wiped out 7 or 8 units so I'm sure that would have affected the balance a fair bit. This time as their units died the simulated CAP loss took its toll.

Finished up with +2 VP and all units intact bar one LMG. Still didn't manage to get anything off the board!

This gave me a lot of units for mission 2 and it was then that I noticed something else I'd missed on earlier play throughs. The Mission 2 instructions say to add an additional 2 rifle units to whatever survived mission 1.

This was more like it, a decent force at last. I decided to go all out for the village and leave the bunkers. I left my LMG and 1 rifle team in the woods on row 17 to ambush any pursuers and the rest of the units I group moved using CAPs, out of LOS of the Russians in the village.

The pursuers arrived early on and attacked the LMG and rifles in the woods. The rifle unit was wiped out but the LMG got the Berserk counter which now meant they were 15DR to hit. The cost to fire was reduced to 1 and the AR increased also. These guys were the bane of every pursuing unit that appeared from that point on.

The Russians in the village were easily overcome and I went on to loot every house without losing a unit.

Sadly the heroic LMG didn't make it off the board edge in time but 75% of my other units did, plus a truck.

I'll be tackling mission 3 for the first time next week.

I'll also come back to this mission and see if a large force can take on and overcome the bunkers.

Great game and scenario.

Session: MBT (second edition):: Three games of scenario one...

Sat, 18 Nov 2017 04:49:24 +0000

by Holbronx82 So, MBT!I've finally got an opponent after looking longingly at the box for quite some time. I introduced the poor fellow to Pandemic first. Then a bit a Space Hulk. A bit of Street Fighter deck building.Then a bit of March of the Ants, all the while scouting him for signs of interest in hypothetical warfare set in 1987 Germany. He was up for it, and with and excited/scared giggle, brought it to the next game night. Wow. Introducing this game to someone who has never played anything remotely like it before is a mission all of itself, especially with my rather loose understanding of the rules. Like a complete hero, I decided to skip the basic rules, because hey, who needs those? Hmm. So game number one, went the way of "neither of us really knows what we are doing, but are assuming tanks are tough".Within a few turns, both forces appear in front of each other at point blank range. Americans get the initiative. Lots of Russians explode spectacularly. Russians fire back. Lots of Americans die spectacularly. Tactical nuance = 0 and it appears the game is about nothing other than initiative rolls and crossed fingers. Americans win due to Soviet player conceding only by the virtue that the Americans split up, saving 50% of them from the point blank exchange of doom. However, near the end of the game, we both realised at a certain range, with the Russians in woods, meant the US could only get turret hits (1-4 being a turret front hit, only only hitting on lower numbers) that would not penetrate. The stage was set for game 2. Game 2 was vastly more cautious, Short-Mid range engagement that favoured the Russians. It started to dawn on me on how many rules I was getting wrong. So this game was spent with me being rather embarrassed and flicking through the rules going "er... I've just realised something/read something"Things I missed...Tank Size +1 for the M60Direct Fire Smoke does not appear until the close combat phaseCannot Direct Fire smoke into a friendly hexUnits in a hex with a brew up are suppressedModifiers for sights are cumulative (laser + Stereo) and outright forgetting to use sightsMoving turrets in the fire phaseEssentially using the quickfire rules for overwatch Despite these mistakes, the game was definitely starting to click. The Soviets sat themselves in the woods, and the US fired smoke as often as possible and tried to hide, waiting for enough smoke to appear to make a sneaky dash for the objectives. In the end, capturing more objectives was not enough to make up for the amount of losses the US took from brutal T72 fire. In the end it was a draw, but considering the rules mistakes with smoke, the Soviets should probably have won. US just got too scared. US player needs to be brave in this scenario once the Soviet player realises what he is doing. The bailout rules are hilarious, hidden unit rules intuitive and suppression adds a lot of drama.Game 3, we decided we were learning from mistakes enough to take on the added infantry, ATGMs, transports and towed guns from the second scenario. This lead to a lot of confusion on towed guns, which it turns out are just units that move slow and can be driven around, basically. A tactical oversight by the Soviets led to him throwing in the towel by turn 5. GP fire made us both take a deep breath before try[...]

Session: Mosby's Raiders:: Another First Play

Fri, 17 Nov 2017 23:15:51 +0000

by team_bonnie This was my first time out as Colonel Mosby. Turn 1Mosby Recruits - 1Random Events1. Harry Gilmore Raids the B&O2. General Stoughton at Fairfax Courthouse3. no effectWith awareness low (although elevated thanks to Gilmore), the inexperienced Mosby decided to act on intelligence of General Stoughton’s whereabouts and planned a kidnap.Probing Chantilly was clumsy and activated a Union 5-strength combat unit. Union initiative led to an attack at Gum Spring, but Mosby had prepared an ambush and won the battle, causing both US retreat and casualties (+9 Performance Points).Fearing the situation too hot to keep the kidnap plan, Mosby traveled south to demo the rail line at Warrenton Junction, only to run into a Union 2-strength unit. Another victory, again causing US retreat and casualties (+6 PPs).But before the rail charges could be set, the Union 4-strength unit from Gum Springs chased Mosby down, inflicting casualties on the Raiders (-7 PPs) and forcing a disband.[BGCOLOR=#00FF33]Notoriety = 1 (+8 Performance Points)[/BGCOLOR]Turn 2Mosby Recruits - 1Random Events - 1. Restore Union LinesTrying again for General Stoughton, and again a strong Union 6-strength unit was stationed in Chantilly. It did not activate, but Mosby chose to probe other sections of the Union lines. Over time, Mosby captured 3 Sutler Wagons and 3 Couriers (+6 PPs). The Virginia coast south of Bull Run proved to be lightly defended, and ripe for demo targets - the bridge at Dumfries (+5 PPs) and the rail lines at Manassas Junction (+3 PPs) and Bristoe Station (+3 PPs). Mosby had to hide from Union troops in Warrenton Junction but was able to blow the rail lines when it was again clear (+3 PPs). That last demo attracted enough attention that the Raiders had to skedaddle (-2 PPs) back home.[BGCOLOR=#00FF33]Notoriety = 3 (+6 Performance Points)[/BGCOLOR]Turn 3Mosby Recruits - 2, plus gained Pathfinders and Fast HorsesRandom Events1. Kidnap Lincoln story printed in Washington Star (+1 PP)2. Raider strength increased to 3Additional strength emboldened Mosby to commit to the General Stoughton scheme. Pathfinders led the Raiders in to Fairfax for an easy pick-up. With initiative, Mosby made a run down the pike with the prize, avoided activation through Centreville, and arrived in Gainesville to deliver the good General (+10 PPs). The Union 6-strength unit from Chantilly chased Mosby down, but another Union defeat (+7 PPs) allowed the Raiders to disband and celebrate.[BGCOLOR=#00FF33]Notoriety = 5 (+4 Performance Points)[/BGCOLOR]Turn 4Mosby Recruits - 2Random Events1. Depot in Frederick City2. Repair rail linesNew recruit French Dulaney suggested blowing the bridge in Alexandria, but on the way a Union 7-strength unit activated in Peach Grove. That started a chase across the map all the way to West Virginia. Mosby avoided the Peach Grove 7, but met and defeated a Union 6-strength unit in Hainesville (+7 PPs). An attack by a Union 3-strength unit was also defeated, with US casualties (+7 PPs). Getting hot, so the Raiders disbanded.[BGCOLOR=#00FF33]Notoriety = 6 (+9 Performance Points)[/BGCOLOR]Turn 5Mosby Recruits - 5Random Events1. Extend Union Front (3) --> caused Restore Union Lines since out of Status Markers2. Depot in Martinsburg3. Depot in Trammelstown4. L[...]

Session: Advanced Squad Leader: Starter Kit #3:: S24: Sherman Marches West

Fri, 17 Nov 2017 12:44:32 +0000

by kilgore234 This Scenario takes place during the larger “Operation Bagration”, the Soviet summer offensive of 1944. Location:Krupki, ByelorussiaDate:June 28, 1944This particular skirmish gets mention in “Bagration 1944” by Steven Zaloga… “The first contact with the advancing 3rd Byelorussian Front took place near Krupki, when M4A2 Sherman tanks of the 3rd Guards Tank Corps fought a sharp engagement with the Tigers from sPzAbt. 505 in the early evening of 28 June. The fighting continued through the night, with the Krupki station being captured by the Russian tankers around 0700 on 29 June after suffering heavy losses. The lead reconnaissance elements of the 3rd Guards Tank Corps skirted past Krupki but ran into the engineer troops of 5th Panzer Division preparing demolition of key bridges on the Borisov approaches.”The Russians have already taken over Orsha, and are on their way west and to the liberation of Minsk. Krupki and its strategic railway station was located roughly halfway between the two larger cities.Participants:Russian: 3rd Guard Tank CorpsGerman: Army Group Center Security ForcesSchwere Panzer Abteilung 505 & 5th Panzer DivisionPionier Bataillon, 5th Panzer DivisionROAR:At time of writing, Germans win 60% of timeSpecial Rules: • German Pionier Bataillon units have SMOKE exponent +2 and CCV +1• Russian Elite units not subject to ELR.Victory Conditions:Russians must finish game with control of all building hexes on board ‘v’ between hexrows J and Q. I have outlined the Victory hexes in BOLD on the map photos below.Introduced This Scenario:A) German 5cm PaK Panzerabwehrkanone 38 Anti-Tank Gun.(Previous Scenario S16 debuted the German PAK 40 [75mm] Gun.)According to the “Chapter H” rules, this gun would only be useful against the Russian T-34 (and others) when using the scare APCR rounds. • 50mm Anti-tank gun. • ROF of 3• Maximum range of 75 hexes.• Quick Set Up (QSU) capability. (May be moved)• Manhandling factor of 10• APCR (Armor Piercing Composite Rigid) available this scenario with depletion 4. B) German PzKpfw IIIN : Panzerkampfwagen III, variant N.This late version of the Panzer III had the larger 75mm MA and more effective HE capability. • Fast Traverse Turret• ROF: 1• 75mm MA• AP Rounds not available (Line over 75mm)• 13 Movement Points (MP)• Fully tracked AFV• Ground Pressure: Normal• Front Armor Factors: 6 Hull, 6 Turret• Side/Rear Armor Factors: 3 Hull, 4 Turret• Target Size: Normal• 3FP BMG, 5FP CMG• Ordnance SMOKE rounds factor of 9.• Vehicle has sD (Smoke Dispensor) factor of 7.• HEAT (High Explosive, Anti-Tank) depletion factor of 9.• “CS 5” – not used in ASLSK• “Sz” not used in ASLSK. C) Tiger Panzer VIE (L)This scenario also uses one final “L” version of the German Tiger tank. This model was first used in Scenario 22. This variant has increased reliability and close-combat defense.“The Tiger I heavy tanks of sPzAbt. 505 attempted to halt the Soviet advances on Minsk starting with a skirmish with M4A2 Sherman Tank Corps near Krupki rail station on 28 June 1944.D) Russian Lend-Lease Sherman III (M4A2).. aka “Emcha”.From Wikipedia, “The M4A2s used by the Red Army were considered to be much l[...]

Session: Gelatinous Cube Dice:: Playtest Session Report

Fri, 17 Nov 2017 11:13:03 +0000

by kzinti

Courtesy of Caroline Berg

Session Report:

Level 1, Room 1:

I do believe I am a bit out of my depth for I had not expected the spell to effect quite so much of my thoughts! What a dire predicament I find myself in. I am learning to move in my new form, and it takes 10 moves to make it to the exit. I make sure to destroy the glyph as I pass by.

Level 1, Room 2:

The placement of dangers in this room is most unfortunate, for no matter where I turn, there is one blocking the exit. I make it out of the room in a mere 7 moves, but I take 2 damage for my pains, which removes my natural resistance and takes 1 point of my health.

Level 1, Room 3:

Again, it is as if the building works against me, though my resistance has returned. There is danger wherever I look - I cannot make it out without taking more damage. It takes me 8 moves to disable the glyph and gloop to the door, but I take 2 damage, which removes my natural resistance and takes 1 point of my health.

Level 1, Room 4:

My resistance returns, protecting me once more, but I find I do not need it, for with my Spin 90 power, I can easily flow through this room like water, taking a mere 8 moves - 9 actions including my graceful spin.

Level 1, Room 5:

This room is remarkably similar to the last. I squish across the room, using my Spin 90 power right before the glyph, easily disable it, and squish to the door. It takes a mere 8 moves - 9 actions including my graceful spin. I worry things might be too easy.

Level 1, Room 6:

Alas, I am truly cursed, for there is no easy way to disable the darkfire candles in this room. I make it to one, using my Spin 90 power, but I perish en route to the second candle, going over 15 actions. First I lose my resistance, then my remaining two health. I find my sense of self slip away... I am turning into a mindless cube, which shall lurk here, living on adventurers who seek to finish what I have begun.

Thus ends the fate of Araminta... failed adept.

Session: Pirates of the Spanish Main:: 10 years since the PotC set came out

Fri, 17 Nov 2017 02:22:39 +0000

by a7xfanben Here is a game to celebrate the 10th anniversary (November 6th) of the Pirates of the Caribbean set!Only PotC game pieces were allowed, except for generic crew.Xerecs' Pirates[card="126576"] Fleur de la Mort [/card] + [card="126566"] Cursed Captain Barbossa [/card], [card="123438"] Captain Sao Feng [/card], [card="126577"] Cursed Crew 2 [/card], helmsman[card="126570"] Revenge [/card] + [card="126628"] Capitaine Chevalle [/card], captain, helmsman[card="126583"] Ranger [/card] + helmsman, explorer[card="126555"] Song [/card] + helmsmanA7XfanBen's English[card="126641"] HMS Phoenix [/card] + [card="123528"] Admiral James Norrington [/card], helmsman, oarsman[card="126600"] HMS Hyena [/card] + [card="126589"] Lord Cutler Beckett [/card], helmsman, explorer[card="126574"] HMS Success [/card] + captain, helmsman[card="126573"] Edinburgh Trader [/card] + captain, helmsmanThe game featured plenty of UT's, many of which were found early on. Beckett got his first two AA rolls, giving the Edinburgh Trader and Phoenix a fast start. The Hyena found Marines and Cannibals on the same island!The Phoenix shot two masts off the Revenge from L+L range, but that precipitated a major brawl between the 4 most heavily armed ships. The Success dismasted the Revenge but took major damage in the process. The Fleur couldn't capture Norrington from the Phoenix, who shot 1/3 to take a mast off the Fleur.The Pirates used Dead Man's Chest to get 4 extra gold, and the Edinburgh Trader found TWO Aztec Medallions on the same wild island! Not rolling a 1 for either, she found Elizabeth's Piece of Eight. However, it was likely too late.The Fleur de la Mort captured Admiral James Norrington!The Trader unloaded her coins, and the game was over! The Pirates won 40-16! [...]

Session: Untold: Adventures Await:: Spooks Away - Episode 2

Thu, 16 Nov 2017 23:30:02 +0000

by pieforteeth One more session report from our second family game of Untold Adventures Await. We used the same set (the 9 Mystery Themed cubes), and continued our story where we left off. This time we were joined by my wife who chose to play as Timmy's girlfriend - Jane Moore. She came looking for him when he didn't come home. She has a bag full-o-treats. Quick synopsis of episode 1 - Evil scientist Dr. Filch used his mind-controlled rats to drive away the citizens of Spooksville. He claims he did it for their own good for a terrible fate was in store for the town. He even made an agreement with the mayor - Mayor Milk. The team, Sam the investigator, his dog Snoopy, and Franz the reality TV show producer ended the episode at the local TV studio. Timmy, Franz's loyal assistant ran off acting very rodent-like after falling into sewer water mixed with toxins of Dr. Filch's own creation. Dr. Filch points out that there are webs all over town, and they get thicker around the library. The team goes to investigate, and it isn't long before they meet Tom the a giant spider. He seems awfully hungry! He isn't interested in any of Jane's snacks, but Snoopy holds him off and makes him cry with her fearsome bark. Tom begins crying and confesses he was only at the library to await instructions from his master, Bart. Bart was held in Spooksville prison for 10 years and planned to destroy the town! Meanwhile, Snoopy attempts to use her Fortune telling dog collar to learn the whereabouts of Timmy since Jane says he never arrived at home. The dog collar appears busted, so she heads off to the local Fortune Telling Dog collar store where, after waiting hours, is told they're sold out. Rats suddenly flood the library, and Dr. Filch begins laughing manically. He is actually Bart! He can't believe how easily we were duped into thinking he was actually going to save the city! Franz (who took a camera from the TV studio) asks if Dr. Filch would like to reveal his master plan to the camera. Of course he does! He reveals that he only scared away the citizens to keep them from discovering the antidote to his mind control toxins. He confidently claims that it is hidden in the lighthouse, and he orders Tom and the rats to capture us. We escape through a trap door down to a tunnel beneath the library. We follow the tunnel, and it exits in Mayor Milk's kitchen! Jane begins throwing food from the refrigerator at Tom who, although still uninterested in the food, realizes that we're a lot nicer than Bart/Dr. Filch. He joins our team, and he webs up Dr. Filch. Sam and Snoopy search the lighthouse and find the antidote! Tom tells Jane that he knows where Timmy went, and he joins the team! Where the heck did Mayor Milk go? Will the team find Timmy and use the antidote to revert his rat-brain back to human form? Can Tom, the giant talking spider, really be trusted or is he just gonna eat us?I thought the episode ended nicely, and we've got some interesting plot hooks for Episode three that can take us outside of town. I think this'll make for a good opportunity to mix in some new cubes. [...]

Session: Sushi Go!:: The Return of Sushi Go! to Game Lunch Fridays at the Office

Thu, 16 Nov 2017 21:39:02 +0000

by pdzoch Sushi Go! Proved to be such a hit that my office mates requested that I bring it back again for our Friday Game Lunch event. A new worker showed up for today’s game, Pat. Yep, there are two Patrick’s in the office. Explaining the rules of the game was very easy, but it may be because I have explained the game several times before and it just seems easy. Pat’s reaction was similar to the others when they first heard of the game, “Who makes up these games?”Round 1Unlike like our first game a several weeks ago, the drafting and passing of card went quickly. Vince played a pudding right away. And Pat lead with chopsticks, Patrick led with a Squid Nigiri, and Corietha led with a maki roll. Patrick later used his chopstick to pick up two puddings and played every maki roll that came his way. At the end of the round, Patrick scored the most with Maki, and Vince had many incomplete sets that resulted in little points. Patrick attempted to play dumplings, but could not get more than a couple this round.PlayerPatrickVincePatCoriethaRound 1197914Round 2During round two, Vince was playing dumplings like mad. Pat continued his strategy of maximizing maki. On the second to last card, Patrick was passed a tempura, and he decided not to play it because he doubted another would come into his hand on the last card to complete the set. He was stunned when Corietha passed him another tempura on the last card! Despite the strong start in round one, Patrick did extremely poorly in the second round.PlayerPatrickVincePatCorietha Round 1197914Round 26161011Round 3In round three, Patrick led with a shashimi, but also started working on his puddings. Vince played maki mostly, and Pat worked the dumplings (earning 10 points). Corietha remembered to play the wasabi first and followed it with a squid nigiri. Vince came in first for maki, and Corietha second. The pudding count was split with two players tied for both most and least. PlayerPatrickVincePatCorietha Round 1197914Round 26161011Round 31081712Pudding+3-3+3-3Final Score38283935Pat won his very first game!Game 2Because the game was quickly played, we had time to play another game.Round 1Patrick led with a sashimi, Vince led with pudding again, and Pat led with chopsticks again. Corietha led with dumplings. The drafting and passing was moving much faster now. Sometimes, it moved so fast that some players had hands stacking up while others were still waiting for the hand to be passed to them. At first, it appeared that everyone was simply trying to employ their own strategy without regard to what others were playing. At the end of the round, Patrick had completed a sashimi set and two tempura sets and a squid nigiri to top it off and take a commanding lead. Vince won the maki rolls, and Corietha came second. Pat had a pair of puddings to ensure he had points at the end. PlayerPatrickVincePatCorietha Round 12312711Round 2In the second round, the fast play continued, then we noticed that Vince was making last second changes to his card selection. He was clearly watching the cards being played and switching his choice for his advantage. He was tea[...]

Session: Advanced Squad Leader:: It's a question of time: HoB. Operation Merkur. OM3 Hill 107.

Thu, 16 Nov 2017 21:09:23 +0000

by Qwirz Hi all!Second Game of the Operation Merkur campaign by HoB.If you want to have a look at the first game AAR played this second game in September, back from vacation and with life setting the pace again.On the first game my wife was pregnant, and now (as many of you already know)Just like in the first scenario, Germans enter by Gliders on turn 1, eight Elite squads, four Crews and four Leaders, heavy equipped with three LMGs, dmHMG, dmMMG, dm 50MTR, dm81MTR, dm40RCL, ATR and DC.To win, they have 7 1/2 turns to control 18 or more level 3 hexes including O31 (the hilltop, marked with the yellow H107). Not easy.ANZACs have to defend the Hill 107 with six Elite Squads, three 1st lines, five Leaders, three LMGs, a 51MTR and two 76AA Guns. Thirteen '?' and eleven 1S Foxholes complete the defense.North is the upper left corner.I think Francesco [user=Outlander000][/user] is quite good in setting up as a defender, and for two scenarios more I'll face his defending skill in this campaign. By SSR His men are not able to move at all on Turns 1 and 2. The two Platoons on the west and east bank of the hill start under No Move. They are freed at any time a German unit or Glider is within two hexes. On the third Turn the Allied player can release one or more squads, but for each released squad VC german hexes are reduced by three! Tricky choice. Also captured 76 Guns lower the VC hexes by two.Note: This will be written mainly from a German perspective. Easier for me to remember happenings.I decided to land Guns and the light Mortar on the west; the best leader on the NE in order to exploit the gully to advance with his men; the HMG a little below to cover their advance; the others on the south side of the level 3 hill to take control of as much hexes as possible, as soon as possible.By SSR the AA guns are capable of light AA fire with a IFE of 12! Despite this and the LMG AA fire, just one glider is forced to take Evasive Action, and crashes Damaged on the other side of the small house held by an allied HS. The squad is killed and with it the LMG. The Leader survives. And here a little Rule doubt: last sentence of D6.9: "SW not possessed by Surviving PRC are eliminated". That's why I eliminated the LMG, although on a Glider, SWs are not specifically assigned until landing. So being the Leader survived, perhaps he could have kept the LMG. Not sure but not very important.In Allied DFPh, that HS manage to DM the leader who have to rout away. And this leaves all the Southern troops ....Leaderless!On the SE the allied MTR breaks but another Glider is Wrecked, with no consequences for the occupants though. The rest of Turn One sees just several fire attacks with no consequences (I forgot to say Moderate Dust is in effect!), Germans preparing their Heavy Weapons...............and the allied Sniper starting his HARD WORK (SAN 3 for the Allies and SAN 2 for Gers) breaking the 50MTR crew.Second Turn: Moderate Dust turns into Light. The Germans in the gully advance CX just to suffer heavy casualties from above. I thought the gully wa[...]

Session: Root:: The Birds attack the Cats who ally with the Foxes, Mice and Rabbits while the Raccoon tries to steal everything!!!

Thu, 16 Nov 2017 16:18:30 +0000

by Amnese What follows is partly a session report, partly a review of gameplay [largely focused on my perspective as Marquise de Cat] and partly my thoughts on the game [based on this one play] to help inform potential backers of gameplay. The images are taken from the Tabletop Simulator version of the game. As of right now, the game still has 6 days left on Kickstarter: was initially drawn to the interesting artwork in Root [who doesn't love woodland animals?!] and then immediately backed the game on Kickstarter when I read comparisons with GMT's COIN series [which I also love]. Counter-Insurgency AND Woodland Animals! Brilliant! I was then fortunate to come across two Americans playing a game on Tabletop Simulator, and they were happy for me to observe as they played a few rounds. Another spectator joined shortly afterwards, and we decided to re-start a 4 player game. Two of the folks had played before, the third had played Vast [reportedly a similar game], whereas I had no experience whatsoever [I hadn't even read the rules]. They recommended I play Marquise de Cat as it was one of the easier factions to play. As I started to learn the game, I was struck by the level of difficulty. It's not an overly heavy game, but it's heavier than the 'fuzzy woodland creature' art would make you think [or at least, made me think]. Learning how to play my faction - Marquise de Cat - was relatively easy. The faction game board lays things out very clearly, and you just follow each step on the board.The difficulty came in understanding how the other factions played, how they could interact with me, and, perhaps most importantly, how I could [and should] interact with them. We all have the woodland board that we're interacting with, but we're doing so in vastly different ways. We all also draw a hand of cards, but again, we use those cards in vastly different ways.The boards and the cards are linked by types of creatures [and colours]. There are three types of areas linked with three animals: mice [orange trees], rabbits [yellow trees] and foxes [red trees]. We were all concerned that the colours were a little too similar in some areas. In the centre of the board the orange, red and yellow blended in a little too closely. But once again, each faction uses those areas in different ways. The cats use different areas to construct buildings, the Eyrie uses those areas to take the actions in their decree, and the Woodland Alliance uses those areas to gain support and build hideouts and strongholds.All four factions in Root play very differently. The Marquise de Cat is probably the most 'conventional' and easy to understand. They get three actions, with which they can recruit, move, attack, or build. They need to control areas militarily, and use those areas to construct buildings and gain VPs.The Woodland Alliance need to use supporters to take actions, and they gain supporters slowly by 'Educating' [using cards in their hand] or 'Training' [using areas they occupy]. The most important action they take is 'C[...]

Session: Massive Darkness:: City of the Dwarves Quest 5

Thu, 16 Nov 2017 12:29:23 +0000

by carbon_dragon Not all the quests are here in the sessions forum. I posted them on SGOYT (solitaire games on your table, mostly in November) but I am going to post a few here on the sessions forum for the ones I think are more useful/instructional. I'm not representing myself as an expert though. Also I'm playing one rule which might be considered a variant by at least some players -- my Ranger removes defense dice after rolling. Lastly, I sometimes add open doors to rooms that have NO doors to provide more places on the board to hide and CotD has more restrictions on items carried over from previous games. I try to stick to those as much as I can, but I usually fudge 1 or 2 depending on the situation. Thanks and I hope this is useful to players.City of the Dwarves (fan made Campaign) Quest 5 Into the CityMedium sized board, objective -- kill the "captain of the guard" and exit from the exit. But there's a special mechanic. When you open the door into the room (yes a room) that contains the 5 token on the tile, the captain of the guard (Lord Tusk) spawns at the exit. He starts with no equipment but draws a new level 5 card every villain phase and keeps the best of the two. Also the level 5 token has the possibility of spawning monsters that remain trapped in the room if you spend too much time on level 4.The wizard opens the first door spawning in his zone (not an issue as he is a teleporter). However, he decides he can take it and zaps and than attacks them taking the counter attack. Bjorn storms in and finishes off the survivors, using his signature ability (twice because of the ring of braveness) and his head butt. They go into the room and loot the treasure and go through to the next tile.I'm picturing that Justice League comic where the 4 C list supervillains break into a house and end up in a living room full of the Justice League and ALL their friends. Everyone stops and stares. The villains back slowly toward the kitchen and all heck breaks loose. This time an agent ends up right in the sweet spot of my destructive potential and is vaporised quickly.We break into the hallway of the level 3 token (so this is the last tile at my current level). The event card spawns a group ahead, but they are a melee group with a good card but at the end of a LONG hallway. This is not conducive to their continued good health.As I turn it to level 4, Elias opens the door to meet a pretty serious threat with excellent weapons. He can't take a hit. He therefore switches to magical weapons (instead of blades), zaps, attacks at range 1 and retreats. The bad guys come out chasing him and find themselves in a less advantageous position (and in a dark tile).I have Elias before Bjorn in the turn order so he can stir up the hornets and run and have Bjorn clean up after. Bjorn finishes them with some moderate luck on rolls. Their defense isn't great, it's their offense. Luckily they don't survive to counterattack. We then decide to sprint for the level 5 tile. We decide to run away from the Orcs. They're not that fearsome, but why fight them. Or[...]

Session: The Lamps Are Going Out:: New Session report

Wed, 15 Nov 2017 19:41:36 +0000

by jim bailey

I described the strategy for both sides in the Strategy forum. Here's the first report. Please let me know if you see any rules errors (I'm trying to be very careful in double-checking the rules). I welcome comments on strategic decisions, but if you read the post in the Strategy forum that may give you answers. Finally, I'm not going to be very detailed about Production decisions unless something unusual is done.

Fall 1914

Germany draws First Line as the Event. Germany takes Belgium and the Somme essentially in the same fashion as described in the Example of Play in the rulebook. Germany reinforce the Rhine so that it is in no danger of falling. Technology drawn is U1.

Western Allies draw Pantalons Rouge. Two armies move from Verdun to Paris since not doing so would tempt Germany to launch an all-out attack next turn. (Comment: if the French player allows Germany to amass a 2-1 difference in turn 2 by not reinforcing Paris and all rolls go Germany’s way, Germany will take Paris despite TSNP. That isn't very likely, but any TE player who risks losing the game on the second turn deserves what he gets. I do not think a competent TE player would take this risk, but as the saying goes: “do you feel lucky?”) Both -1 French attacks are from Verdun to the Rhine and both are defeats. Technology is Q1.

Eastern Allies draw First Line Formation. Since the Serbian Event card remains available, a tough decision is whether to strengthen Serbia on two different turns or use it to assist Russia against the stronger foe. I decide that it would be better to keep Serbia at full strength on defense than to attack and gain only a spent AH unit at the cost of a spent Serbian unit. The First Line gets placed on a Russian army to attack Prussia. Unfortunately, the attack fails as does the second Russian attack from B-L. Russia could attack again from Lithuania, but it cannot drive the Germans out so Russia opts for raising more units rather than attacking.

AH event is Skoda Works, placed in Hungary. AH moves two armies from Galicia to attack Serbia. Serbia is eliminated leaving one spent unit in Albania after the retreat.

Comment: The first turn was very successful for the CP, but it is not a disaster for the TE. The Western front is going to stabilize, and the Russians are positioned for a solid defense instead of succeeding on the offensive as they did historically (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). The luck of the die very much favored the CP this turn. Even if the First Line was used in Serbia, Serbia would still have fallen given the die rolls.

Session: Enemy Coast Ahead: The Doolittle Raid:: Scenario 1: Attack of the First Flight AAR

Wed, 15 Nov 2017 17:51:58 +0000

by AGRAYDAY Scenario 1: Attack of the First FlightTokyo Bay 1230 Hours, April 18, 1942.Lt. Col. Doolittle Reached Tokyo east. His main target was the Tokyo Gas & Electric Factory in Tokyo West South of the Imperial Palace. Upon flying past a Factory Flak guns open up and hit the Doolittle Plane. Lt. Col. Doolittle Headed south into Tokyo west determined to hit his target. Out of the clouds came a Japanese Zero strafing them, but the gunnery crew aboard where able to fight them off. The Approach was blown and they were not in a bombing position to the Main Target. They Headed south to a known steel mill target in Yokohoma.Meanwhile, Lt. Travis Hoover, Arrived in Tokyo East seeing barrage balloons over the Nippon Electric Company they head west to the Tokyo Gas & Electric Company.Lt. Col. Doolittle pressed his plane to the steel mill, he was on a clear approach and dropped hi payload. Rising up and away from the target Doolittle noticed out his window the drydock in Tokyo Bay holding the Carrier Ryuho.Trying to avoid the Barrage balloons, Lt. Hoover had not correctly aligned his approach to his target and had to choose a new target in Yokohama, he could see the smoke begin to rise from the Steel Mill, as that was surely a Doolittle Hit!Lt. Col. Doolittle headed West for the Chinese mainland in his crippled bomber, happy to have at least hit the steel mill in Yokohama.Lt. Travis Hoover adjusting his approach to fast approaching Dock Yard in Tokyo Bay sees a Zero heading straight for him taking evasive maneuvers and having the gunners on point drove the zero off quickly. The Approach was going to be difficult, and due to the zero the approach was aborted.Lt. Robert Gray was just arriving in Chiba through the Haze that was slowly returning to the sea. He peered through the windows searching for any sign of the Chiba Oil Refinery.Meanwhile the Zero that was driven off by Lt. Travis Hoover in Yokohama Dove on them again as Lt. Travis Hoover decided his new target would be the Carrier Ryuho under repair in drydock. The Planes gunners once again drove off the Zero and began its approach to the drydock. The plane shook and rumbled and the bomber released its payload dead center into the carrier under repair. Lt. Travis Hoover Throttled up and headed southwest into the ocean.Lt. Robert Gray Caught the tops of the Oil refinery towers sticking above the Haze. Their approach was successful and a full payload was dropped on the Chiba Oil Refinery. My First two planes missed all approach rolls in Tokyo West. I did hit 3 locations with x2 blast values each, Yokohama Steel Mill, The Carrier Ryuho in Drydock, and the Oil Refinery in Chiba.My result with an even die roll: "Tokyo Hit! AIR RAID SIRENS FILL THE AIR"I would say anyone out there who has enjoyed "The Hunters" should enjoy this game just as much, and i love the idea of breaking the main game down into playable sections to learn and experiment wit[...]

Session: Too Many Bones:: Nugget's Log of the Mission to Defeat the Tyrant Nom

Wed, 15 Nov 2017 17:30:54 +0000

by flaeryn This is my attempt at using The GameMaster's Apprentice Steampunk deck to add some more flavor to the game, an idea I got from [username=Albia]Albia[/username] on the SGOYT geeklists. I used the files I got from backing the latest GMA Kickstarter and imported them locally into Tabletop Simulator to play TMB. [hr]Nugget 11/6I have accepted a mission from the elders to go north alone and defeat the Ebon tyrant Nom. It will be dangerous, and I haven't much time.Leaving Obendar, I shake down a shady peddler who smells of dark coffee. I find infused essence on him.Nugget 11/7Of course, my boot gets an arrow stuck in it not 15 steps past the gate. Where did this come from? An orc grunt and a dragon whelp attacked me and set me back a day. I was overconfident. I start a fire and recover as I sharpen my weapons.Nugget 11/8I stumble upon 2 troll brutes and 1 troll romper. We have a fierce and engaging battle, but I take out two and fatigue gets the better of the last one. A clean breeze picks up as I hear as I make my way toward the Sibron River.Nugget 11/9To cross the Sibron, I decide to wait until dusk and take my chances with the Mohlnor boat rather than take my chances of getting spotted by an enemy scout. The Mohlnor smelled of strong alcohol, but we managed to arrive on the other bank alright. He also gave me a trove loot “gift.” Is this a sign of good faith, or a consolation for what’s to come from them? I started opening the trove loot and made some progress.Nugget 11/10Another Mohlnor showed up soon after I’d crossed the river with the other. Of course the Mohlnor wanted me to play a game of Dangerous Darts. I had no desire to play games and waste valuable time, so I fought him. I dispatched the troll sage, his bloodshot eyes piercing me as his blood splattered all over the place. The next part of the lock on the trove was difficult, but I was able to manage it.Nugget 11/11Scaling down a rock cliff, I happened upon a huge Golden Golem. I lead it toward the raiders I’d been tracking, and skirt them, but the golem picks up some bulk from the surrounding area along the way, making it even stronger. Maybe they can take each other out… but no, the golem proves to be too much for the dragon hatching and troll enforcer. He finds me and takes me out shortly, my skin was clammy all night from the experience. However, I did use a scrambler to get the hard part of the trove loot open 6T!Nugget 11/12This time I decided to just face any lone golem I spotted head-on. I used my infused essence to help kill golem since he was wearing down my ability to attack him, and I was just able to get through his defences. Fatigue killed the stone golem in the end. I took the opportunity to rest in an alcove on the cliffside before moving on. A trickle of water runs down the side of my camp. I open the last part of the trove loot, and inside is a hunter’s body count necklace.Nugget 11/13An orc ambles toward me. He seems bored to tears, but I think [...]

Session: Pandemic Legacy: Season 2:: Thrust Upon Them: March (**Spoilers for March Herein!**)

Wed, 15 Nov 2017 06:46:34 +0000

by clarbri85 "So weary with disasters, tugg'd with fortune,That I would set my life on any chance,To mend, or be rid on't." First Murderer, Act III, scene I, Macbeth, William ShakespeareGame 1Initial Supply Setup for March - not pictured, new objectivesMarch arrives, and with it, two new objectives - do 2 searches, and access a new Haven, and we have to do 3 objectives to win. The initial infection draw is pretty kind to us.Characters selected:Axe Smasher - InstructorPretty Boy Floyd - AdministratorDuke Cleatus - FarmerJoe Dirt - LaborerFrom the Journal of Pretty Boy Floyd, Brockway Administrator, March 15th, 71 AFWhat do you do when there are no answers? I keep asking myself that, sitting here in Brockway, recuperating from an exhausting couple of weeks. I spent my time in South America, connecting new cities to the grid and searching for any new information. The good news: we've found one of the labs! Opal Lab, in Buenos Aires, doesn't have a cure, but they've made it easier for us to make supplies, and one of their Immunologists has joined our team - Husbando is going to be a tremendous asset. I've also connected Santiago, Lima and Bogata to our grid - although I'm not sure that's a good idea. Our supplies are already stretched so can I tell the people that look at me with such hope that everything isn't going to be okay after all? That there isn't enough to go around?While I was working in South America, the rest of the world fell apart - Plague cropping up in Cairo, Lagos, Jacksonville and Istanbul, as well as Santiago and Chicago, although we were able to decontaminate those areas. I'm not certain we can keep going at this pace, and things are looking more grim all the time. We're stretched too thin - but every new city we connect to may hold the key to ending this. How to proceed?Well, that was a real dick punch. A first turn epidemic put us on the back foot immediately, although we didn't end up with any plague cubes straight off the bat. Finding Opal was great - it lets us be more efficient making supplies in Havens and supply centers.Powers for Finding LabsOpalAnd we found a new character:Because we already have a waifu W0FUThe rest of the game didn't go so well - epidemics popped at the worst times and drew the worst possible cards, throwing plague cubes down at a stupid rate. We even had a double epidemic. Despite all of that, we were about to win - we had connected two cities, done two searches, and built two supply centers. I could build the third on my next turn...and on the last draw of the infection deck, Istanbul popped up and caused our last incident. Infuriating....and then, we drew a new rule.We've got problemsGreat. So now we start with 7 Epidemics. Doing the math, it works out about the same, but man, we really didn't need that. We end up one short of an additional point, so we put Courier on Duke Cleatus (allowing her to drop cubes in adjacent cities) and make De[...]

Session: A Feast for Odin:: Ranior Plays 4 Boards Solo Session Report

Wed, 15 Nov 2017 03:46:53 +0000

by Ranior This session report is from a 4 player game where I played all 4 players. It was the result of discussions in a recent strategy thread theorizing about what “expert” level players would achieve as scores in the 4 player game. I, and several other great players, thought that scores in the 120-130 range seemed reasonable for a table of 4 experts. Unfortunately no one really knew though as nobody felt comfortable saying they had 4 great players playing. As such, an idea was born to have one person control all four boards and play through an entire game. I finally found some time to try out the challenge. I’ll cover each player’s strategy in more depth below, along with some discussion of the round by round action. I’ve taken pictures of the boards of everyone after every round along with pictures of the ending boards. Taken together this should largely allow a dedicated person to recreate the entire game if they desire. (The only thing that won’t be clear is in what actions were taken within each round). I also will be covering the limitations of this game, and end with some thoughts on what this experiment shows. But, I’ll get to the interesting bit now: the scores. I averaged a 127.5. The four players scored 146, 129, 120, and 115. I personally believe these are pretty reasonable examples of how a 4 player game would go with four expert players. I believe it is reasonable to expect 4 great players to be able to sit down and have all of them scoring 120+. I should point out these scores just gave a flat 2 points per played occupation—and occupations did nothing else. I didn’t have the time nor brainpower to keep track of 4 players worth of options with occupations. For this reason I suspect actual players would score a little higher—because they would actually be using the benefits of their occupations and playing in to them. Part of being an expert in AFFO is knowing how to maximize your occupations, and there are certainly some more points to be had than the 2 points per played occupation I was using. I think an average occupation is worth at least 3 points, and good players probably can average more like 4 per played occupation. This would have raised all players scores by at least 3-6 more points, plus some of the players may have played more of their drawn occupations to make realize even bigger benefits than that. A concern on the other hand though of course is that I was playing all four players. I tried my best to make sure each player was doing their best to win the game—so it wasn’t like I was just being nice and having all players cooperate with each other to try and get the highest scores I could. But one of the big decisions in worker placement games is the prioritization of action spaces—can I go hunting first, and then get the upgrade spot? Or can I delay emigration to take that pillaging spot? These type of decisions are difficult to assess and[...]

Session: Massive Darkness:: City of the Dwarves Quest 2

Wed, 15 Nov 2017 03:46:26 +0000

by carbon_dragon I originally posted this session in Solitaire Games on Your Table (SGOYT) Geeklist. Quest 1 was here also in the post for this campaign in the Variants forum.I thought this was a better session to start with Quest 2. This is also reposting from SGOYT. City of the Dwarves (fan made campaign) Quest 2 Break OutThe objective of the mission is to rescue the human guard being held prisoner. There are a couple of rules issues. First, there is a door in a corridor and no rules for it. Can the monsters open it? I assume yes but don't know. Second, when you open the cell door does it spawn a door card? I assume no. There is a guard group right outside the cell. We now have roaming monsters again and a LOT more possible guard groups.We knock on the door, the Wizard zaps them and teleports out. They come out into the dark hallway and we kill them. So far so good.First tough tactical decision. Do I fort up and wait for the Rat Bully (which should have two rats there, I added them before fighting it) to walk by, or should I go for the room in the top right corner of the map? I decide to open the door myself and try to kill it as it comes down the hallway. As it turns out this is problematic.Those of you who play this game know the horror of many many many consecutive spawns and that was the case here. It was the Orcs you see here and then the goblins. I damaged the Bully but he had horrific defense. He hurt me too, but no lightbringer tokens.Trouble is, time is a wastin and I need to rescue the prisoner so I also open the door. More ratling warriors (could have been worse) but they have really good weapons (too many dice to risk). Now I have two groups coming at me. I step in and zap (ineffectually) and step out, they come out and the others are moving toward me. My archers kill the melee folks (with no counterattack) as the other warriors round the bend. That's where I make my 2nd poor tactical decision (though in retrospect, I couldn't have seen it coming.The event card gives the spider another turn. He hits the archer with a ranged attack, stuns him and pulls him all the way to the other side of the board. Sheesh!My male Ranger is a WM killer and he dares to move back and fire, forgetting that the monster is a ranged attacker and once again stuns and pulls him onto it's tile ... and, oh yeah, he's dead too. One light bringer token gone. Everybody else goes to ground. The Wizard opens the cell door and the Barbarian rescues the prisoner. The monsters can see us though. The female Ranger does kill the last goblin though.The High Troll spawns. Not the most powerful of WMs, but this is story mode and I'm still a bunch of weak kittens. The male Ranger goes to the only dark square out of sight and hides. The others hide just inside the outer jail cell guard room in the dark. The Spider turns toward t[...]

Session: Jutland:: Jutland 100th Anniversary session (part 2, conclusion)

Tue, 14 Nov 2017 12:04:49 +0000

by bnscott After almost a year and a half of trying to find a convenient time to finish the 100th Anniversary game of Jutland that we started in May of 2016, Jeff Schultz and I finally managed to get together at the October 21st meeting of the Jersey Association of Gamers in Park Ridge, New Jersey and get the job done. I was the British and Jeff was the Germans.I won’t go through the details of how we arrived at the situation in which we started our second session (those who want all the details can see the first part of this session report here.) It suffices to say that in our first session we had one major surface engagement in which the British Grand Fleet (that is to say, me) came off much the worse, losing three Queen Elizabeth class battleships in exchange for no German capital ships sunk. Needless to say, if I as Admiral Jellicoe was to avoid a court martial and eternal disgrace on my return to England I needed to avenge the unanswered losses I suffered in our first session.The image below shows the situation as we are about start the 11:00 am turn on May 31st. The battle has just taken place in hex R10, which is where the Grand Fleet remains. Hercules and Indefatigable have been regrouped into their own task force with a small destroyer escort to return home, both having been badly beaten up in the initial battle and no longer able to contribute to the action or keep up with the fleet. The entire High Seas Fleet has withdrawn to the southwest into hex S9. The only other surface forces on the board are a squadron of British light cruisers in T9 and the Dover force (consisting of HMS Dreadnought and the “Wobbly Eight” pre-dreadnoughts) in hex BB5.Given the German fleet’s fuel restrictions I knew that Jeff had to get back to Heligoland in a fairly direct way - he would be able to maneuver a bit but would not be able to take too circuitous a route and still have enough coal to get home. I had my own fuel restrictions to worry about, though, and would not have the freedom to chase the High Seas Fleet all the way back to the approaches to Heliogoland - if I wanted my revenge I’d have to bring them to battle before they reached that point.I assumed that Jeff would most likely head straight southeast, at least for a while - as long as he did he could keep one hex ahead of the pursuing Grand Fleet until he reached the coast. At some point he’d have to turn east to head home, and that’s the point where I would be able to bring him to battle. My best guess was that he would go southeast as far as he could before turning - the longer he put off a battle the closer darkness would be to falling (at 9:00 pm) and the Germans are better at night fighting than the British (just a reminder that we are using the “Updating Jutland” optional rules from the Boardgamer magazine Volume 5 No. 3). So at best I might catch him wit[...]