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Session: Kingdom Death: Monster:: Campaign: Spamazonia, years 5.1-10

Thu, 21 Sep 2017 20:55:51 +0000

by spiralingcadaver (continued from part 1, including its modifications)NB: This is simpler formatting of what first appeared on my blogYear 5.1We got home, found yet another person waiting for us there (this one was a new Survivor), completed the Gorm armor, and got a second Greater Gaxe.Also, we innovated Paint. This felt like a serious turning point for our settlement, since we just picked up a lot more flexibility, doubled our strong weapons, and got 7 more points of armor.We then went out to hunt a Gorm, which dragged out really hard at the end, due to some bad hit locations, our two dagger fighters never being able to roll above a 5 to wound, and our axe guy never being able to roll above a 3 to hit. Another enjoyably close fight, despite stupid luck.Year 6The Slenderman spooked the settlement in its prologue event, then we lost 4 survivors to a Silk Storm, and two more to the Twilight Knight. We used endeavors to get some of our population back.We knew the Bone Witch was coming to town, and decided that, having completed the Gorm armor, now was a perfect time to face a Spidicules (and get it back for our dead survivors this year), and gamed it so the Bone Witch wouldn't come back and one of the Spidicules' events that doesn't make any sense to me was at least advantageous. We also dug a newb out of the Spider's nest, for a net loss of only two survivors. I think this is the fastest we've ever lost Survivors: 16 (3 intentional, 5 from actual fights) in 7 years is pretty brutal. We keep trying to repopulate, but haven't hit that magic 15 yet. Didn't help that we started with a low population.Year 7Yep, gamed the Bone Witch (that's 7 individuals or groups visiting our little town in 5 years), so she went away. Also, the Phoenix flew overhead, though it's something we'll probably ignore, as per our intended campaign.We did get a pretty good haul from the Spidicules: enough to make a Silk Mill, innovate a Settlement Watch, and save 2 resources that are both good for making Spidicules weapons.We then went through an absolute slog of a Spidicules fight: we were having trouble killing a (as in, singular) Spiderling a turn, and knew the trap was on top at one point, so managing things became a terrible chore. Mostly, we just couldn't roll above a 4 most of our turns. We managed to do everything we were trying to, including getting our two difficult weapon specializations, and harvesting everything on the field that could be, but it was just one painfully slow fight. Oh, also, it didn't help that one of our two strongest guys lost 1 speed due to the hunt.Year 8We finally hit 15 people and chose to Accept the Darkness, as we usually do (our settlement's not rolling and does have plenty of Endeavors, so we didn't want to take the penalty for the Endeavor output).We then decided to fight some Gorms again, because the Spider fights continued to not feel worth it, and we had all the special resources we really wanted for everything but the armor (which isn't amazing for the effort), so we wanted to farm for generic stuff (which the Gorm excels at, given how flexible many of its resources are).Year 9We were confronted with an option that amounted to fighting the Slenderman before the settlement phase and get a hunt this year or, with enough loot that at very least we'd be getting one nice weapon, fight after making stuff.We decided to take a gamble, and go with the former.We continued our terrible rolling (including a few spectacular whiffs on the monster's part), but slugged it out to the bloody end. We lost our best damage dealer at maybe the 3/4 mark in the fight, and got lucky with a final wound on the death blow. In the process, we managed to get 6 of its unique resource, setting us up to get some awesome gear if we could save it up for a few years. Honestly, I think that's been the best nemesis fight since the Tyrant. I think I just like movement shenanigan bosses. (Uhh, minor spoilers, I guess.)Year 9.1We continued with our regular hunt this year, making some leather and weapons, then fighting a Gorm for a pretty easy k[...]

Session: Tales of the Arabian Nights:: Escape from Castle Zurg. Woody and the crew of B.17.Toy Story Vs Zurg and the evil Empire

Thu, 21 Sep 2017 18:26:32 +0000

by moxyoron Tales from the Arabian nights.Escape from Castle ZurgWoody & GangDestiny 8 pointsStorytelling 12 Points.Has minor magic and story telling talents.Emperor ZurgDestiny 9 pointsStory 11 pointsHas seamanship and piety talents.Turn 1Woody moves to Alexandria.Draws TanaZurg moves to ShirazDraws Alexandria.Turn 2Woody no moveDraws Serpent. City 41. Rolls a 3 Encounters Fine beast ( I )Decides to aid 922A pack of dogs are attacking a horse. Slinky and potato head start hitting out at the dogs, but our best efforts come to nought and the dogs turn on the gang; at least letting the horse escape. Gain 1 story point.Zurg Moves to DamascusDraws Ne'er do well ( d ) Rolls 10 Armed ne'er do well.Chooses to avoid. No encounter.Turn 3Woody moves to TripoliDraws Rhino (60). Rolls 1. Foolish Slave (d)Choose to aid 508The foolish slave takes our offered food but when asked for guidance on how to get a map just laughs and wanders off into the bazaar and the gang never sees him again. Gain 1 destinyZurg moves to Alexandria.Plays the Alexandria fate card. Rolls a 4 .Gains 1 story pointDraws BilmaTurn 4Woody moves to forest between Damascus/Alexandria.Draws barber. (67).Rolls 1 Drunken thief (d)Choose to punish.461Buzz hits out at the drunken man ,admonishing him in the errors of drink, but the local police notice the fight and we are arrested. The thief dies and we are imprisoned in Damascus. Woody shakes his head. Its the last thing the gang needed.Zurg moves to Bilma. Plays Bilma fate card.Rolls 1 No effect. Zurg curses. Draws a special action card. Laughs to himself. Doesn't look good for those pesky woody toys.hahahahahahahaha.Turn 5Woody and gang imprisoned. 86.Roll 6Jailer is disguised. Choose to follow 471. The jailer turns on us and spits curses. Woody uses his minor magic as a counter spell and the disguised jailer slams the prison door and runs off cursing.Gain 2 destiny and 1 story point and become Respected.Zurg moves to Alexandria.Draws Magnetic Mountain (6).Rolls 5 Fine Beast (I)Choose to capture 936Zurg comes across and old man who's cow has got loose from the herd. He pleads for help, but you are an Emperor and such things are beneath you. You move away from the man and continue your journey.No Reward.Turn 6Woody and gang imprisoned.. 86. Rolls 5 Ugly hunchback jailer.Choose to question. 235.Woody asks the ugly hunchback if he can talk to the sheriff, as back home he is also a sheriff.The hunchback looks up and stares aghast.. I too am a Sher` riff and embraces Woody as like an old lost friend. Woody looks amazed. And is about to point the hunchbacks mistake. Buzz knocks in to Woody, well yes..Woody loves all the sher` riffs..knows `em really well. Please come with me says the hunchback..dine with my family..lrt us talk of old times my friend..come bring your friends too. The gang spend the night at the hunchbacks home and get the old man drunk and in the night leave the home and regain their freedom. Gain 1 destiny, I story point. Q5.Zurg moves to Baghdad.Draws Palace of 100 closets 65 KChose to enter 1218Zurg stays with a Prince in a very rich palace.He is asked to stay for the night but the prince tells him not to open any of the closets. Zurgs curiosity gets the better of him and he opens one of the closets which is full to the ceiling with jewels of every description. Reluctantly he shuts the door and takes nothing. Gains 2 story points but also gains envy.Cannot win game by being envious. Drat exclaims Zurg.Turn 7Woody and gang move to AntiochDraws ape island 56Rolls 1 + 1 Greedy thief (d)Attacks 552As the gang walk through the market a greedy thief is trying to run off with a bag of apples. Slinky extends himself and his wired body trips up the thief and is caught. Gain 1 destiny point.Zurg.No movementDraws prince (a) 87 Rolls 1. friendly prince.Chooses to court 238The prince listens to the emperor tell his tale of the evil gang of puppet toys loose in the land and that he promises fortunes untold for their capture. The prince bursts out into laughter. That's a good `un Zurg yo[...]

Session: Fury of Dracula (third edition):: A fitting end at Castle Dracula

Thu, 21 Sep 2017 18:05:49 +0000

by lukeheineman99 We had quite the game last night. This was our group's third play of Fury of Dracula, and my second time being the infamous vampire.Unfortunately we couldn't begin with the advanced rules due to a couple players being late, so we opted for the standard setup. This makes the UK particularly attractive for Dracula, but since I had tried that tactic in the first game, I was loathe to do it again.For this report I'm going to generalize the hunters' moves and actions, since I wasn't taking in game notes. I will fill in the important parts where I can. (note the photo doesn't show where the hunters actually started)1. Dracula began in GalatzThis put him one move away from Lord Godalming in Constantia. The plan was to shadow Lord Goldaming and perhaps attack him if the opportunity presented itself.However, the first five encounter cards I drew produced two vampires, so Dracula chose to bide his time and hopefully mature them for points.Turn 1:Hunters:Predictably, Godalming went west to Bucharest. The other hunters all moved inward towards the center of Europe. Mina Harker and Van Helsing were able to check to see if Dracula was in the region of northern Germany.DraculaContent to wait for Godalming to move again, Dracula played his Dark Call power card, took two damage, and drew three more encounter cards. This yielded a third vampire. Dracula was now also holding a couple bodyguard cards which would come in handy later, as well as a mob card.Turn 2:HuntersGodalming moved to Belgrade. The other hunters continued to move inward. DraculaDracula moved to Bucharest and played a Reckless Vampire encounter card and the rumor token.Turn 3:It was during these next few turns that Dracula received a few important event cards. HuntersMina Harker and Van Helsing stayed together and began moving towards Prague, presumably to check that region for Dracula's location. Godalming moved to Szeged. The good doctor was somewhere around northern Italy.DraculaSeeing Mina's intentions to search the Prague region for his presence, Dracula decided to NOT shadow Godalming into Belgrade, and instead moved to Constanta. Banking on his first vampire maturing, Dracula decided to play a few "trap" encounter cards for the next few turns, since a mature vampire will clear the three hideout cards behind it.Turn 4:HuntersMina and Van Helsing did indeed move to Prague and check the region for Dracula's presence. Lord Godalming moved to Zagreb. DraculaDracula decided to "head fake" the hunters, and he went into the Black Sea, taking another two damage (sitting now with four damage total). To sell the lie, Dracula played an event card: Story Seas, and placed storm tokens in the North Sea, English Channel, and the North Atlantic.Turn 5:The hunters fell for the ruse. Well, 3 out of 4 did. HuntersVan Helsing, Mina, and the good Doctor, all began to converge on northern Europe. The doctor went for a more western approach, thinking to cut off Dracula, should he land in Spain.Lord Godalming didn't take the bait. He decided to move south to Sarajevo in a plan to check the Greek region just in case Dracula was bluffing. No idea why he might think that DraculaDracula made landfall at Varna and played another trap encounter card. Seeing that Lord Godalming was looping back, he decided on a plan to lay a foundation of strong traps, should the Lord continue toward him, but he also threw another bluff attempt on the table.If Dracula could sell the bluff that he was indeed in the UK now and pull Lord Godalming west, the hunters would have a very tough time catching up from at least three or four wasted rounds.Dracula played a roadblock event card, and used it to place three road blocks in front of Mina, Van Helsing, and the good Doctor, who were all in western Europe. Turn six:HuntersDracula's road block bluff was too much to ignore. Godalming played an event card which allowed him to move all the way to Munich.But then, disaster.Dracula's favorite event card was drawn: Newspaper reports. He was forced to[...]

Session: Target for Today:: Mission #1 of the Lady G (my 1st playthrough).

Thu, 21 Sep 2017 09:57:39 +0000

by westman67

AAR – Target for Today Campaign –900th BG – 930th Bomb Squadron
Campaign Mission Number: 001
Bomber Mission Number: 1
Bomber Name: Lady G
Base Location: San Giovanni, Italy
Target City: Ancona
Target Type: RR Marshaling Yard
On Target: Yes
Bombing %: 40
Bomb Group Combat Box Position: L
Plane Number: 16

Crew: (Name)(Mission)(Kills)
Pilot: Steve West (1)(0)
Copilot: Leo Alexander (1)(0)
Navigator: Sam Ward (1)(0)
Bombardier: Floyd Young (1)(1/2)
Radio Operator: Elmer Perez (1)(0)
Engineer/Top Turret: Gordon Allen (1)(0)
Ball Gunner: Bill Morris (1)(0)
Starboard (Right) Waist Gunner: Herman Perry (1)(0)
Port (Left) Waist Gunner: Willard Coleman (1)(0)
Tail Gunner: Phil Evans (1)(1/2)

3 Claims
1 Credited

Purple Heart – Willard Coleman

Mission Details:

Outbound Zone 1: The weather was good so we had an uneventful take-off. The Lady G rendezvoused with the rest of the group and headed out to the target.

Outbound Zone 2: All quiet

Outbound Zone 3: Once again everything is quiet. The crew is feeling a little uneasy.

Outbound Zone 4: A lone ME-109 jumped us from 9 o’clock high, but was quickly run off by our escort.

Outbound Zone 5: Upon hitting target zone, we were attacked by a single wave of 3 FW-190s. Our fighter escort chased one away. The ball turret hit the one coming from 12 lvl (FBOA). The right waist gunner hit the fuel tank of the third 190 causing an explosion and killing the pilot. The 190 from 12 o’clock missed and headed home. The flak was light and we suffered no hits. The lady G dropped 40% on target and turned around to head home.

Inbound Zone 5: Still in the target zone we again encountered light flak and took two hits. One was superficial and the other hit the left waist gunner Willard Coleman which cut his upper thigh causing a light wound.

Inbound Zone 4: Entering zone 4 the extreme cold affected the left cheek gun causing it to become jammed (Random event). This came at a very bad time as we were attacked by 3 ME-110s. Once again our escort could only take care of one enemy fighter. The tail gunner was able to score a critical engine hit on the second 110 damaging the fighter and killing the pilot. The ball turret was able to score a hit on the third 110’s vertical stabilizer (FBOA) but did not destroy the enemy fighter. Damaged the enemy fighter still took a shot at us but missed and headed home.

Inbound Zone 3: We encountered no enemy fighters so the left cheek gunner tried to clear the jam but ended up breaking. Hope nothing comes at us from that side of the plane.

Inbound Zone 2: The crew was anxious to get home, but we still had some enemy fighters trying to take us out. Two JU88 C-6s hit us from 1:30 lo and 3 lvl. The JU88 at 1:30 was driven off by our escort which left one JU88 at 3lvl. The right cheek gunner scored a hit on the cockpit and killed the enemy pilot and destroying the aircraft.

Inbound Zone 1: The weather was good over the base. We set off the flare on approach to show we had wounded and made a safe landing.

Summary: The mission started of quietly and that made the crew a little uneasy, but upon hitting the target zone it was action all the way home. The crew of the Lady G performed well for their first mission.

Session: No Retreat! The Russian Front:: No Retreat! Operación Ciudadela (AAR)

Thu, 21 Sep 2017 08:37:19 +0000

by natx17 No Retreat! The Russian Front: AAREscenario IV: CitadelMuy buenas! No siempre se dispone del tiempo necesario para jugar una campaña completa de No Retreat! The Russian Front, lo sabemos bien. Para eso, puede dejarse el juego montado y disfrutar de varias sesiones lúdicas, o montarlo y desmontarlo si no nos sobra el espacio, lo que no es muy tedioso con este título por su baja densidad de contadores.Pero otra buena opción, que a veces se descuida, son los escenarios. En el libreto vienen seis de ellos, en diferentes épocas y situaciones, que permiten aumentar la variedad del juego e incluso el punto de partida de una campaña completa.En este caso, me he decidido por recrear la Operación Ciudadela, uno de los escenarios más interesantes y que permite ver las virtudes de ambos bandos en acción. Estamos en verano de 1943, y la ofensiva soviética sobre Kharkov ha sido rechazada con fuerza por los alemanes. Obviando los consejos de sus asesores, Hitler ordena reconquistar el terreno perdido y eliminar el saliente ruso...Nos encontramos, pues, con una campaña en la que los rusos ya tienen la iniciativa y necesitan 7 puntos de victoria más para ganar, debiendo llegar a 22 puntos antes del turno 19. Pero los alemanes tienen todavía mucho que decir, con posiciones defensivas muy bien establecidas y terreno para maniobrar. Para esta partida no he utilizado el módulo solitario, sino que me he dedicado a llevar a los dos bandos pero considerándome como el soviético. Así, sí he utilizado las guías generales para jugar defensivamente con los alemanes que vienen en el módulo, pero no las cartas de objetivo, obviamente aplicando el sentido común con preferencia a las directrices básicas.Despliegue inicial del escenarioEn el primer turno, y teniendo en cuenta el trasfondo histórico, los alemanes se dedican a buscar los puntos débiles de los salientes rusos, atacando en Ucrania con el fin de alejar, o incluso rodear, a los soviéticos situados en primera línea. A pesar de que los rusos se han reforzado muco, la tabla de ataque alemana sigue siendo mucho mejor, por lo que los teutones se lanzan al combate confiando en su poderío terrestre.Primer turno de combate germano; coloco varios counterblows para intentar dañar a las unidades enemigas en su propio turnoLa decisión de gastar 3 cartas para colocar counterblows resulta ser muy acertada: los ataques alemanes se debilitan en su mayor parte, e incluso algunas unidades son eliminadas frutos de resultados adversos. Los ejércitos de Hitler recuperan algo de terreno, pero a un coste humano que puede llegar a ser demasiado elevado.Llega así el turno ruso, y tras mejorar a varias unidades del Ejército Rojo el avance se centra en el sur, intentando aproximarse a las ciudades bajo control alemán y recapturando Rostov y Stalino. No solo eso, sino que varias unidades alemanas quedan rodeadas, bajo peligro de rendirse sin poder luchar...El Ejército Rojo libera Rostov de sus opresores alemanesNo obstante, la Luftwaffe, para sorpresa de muchos, hace acto de aparición al sur de Kharkov, y en una misión arriesgada consigue abastecer a las unidades embolsadas, dándoles el tiempo suficiente para aguantar los débiles ataques rusos mientras llegan refuerzos alemanes.Mientras Göring se pavonea en el club de oficiales, el Teniente General Fichtner logra romper el cerco, eliminando así el peligro de una rendición masiva de soldados alemanes. Revés importante para los soviéticos, que están trabados en Novorossiysk, en los pantanos al sur de Leningrado, y ahora también en Ucrania.Los alemanes logran romper el cerco y ganar oxígeno en la defensa del ReichEl siguiente turno los alemanes reciben cuantiosos refuerzos, principalmente unidades reconstruidas, y se centran en establecer una segunda línea de defensa. No se puede pedir a los aliados húngaros y rumanos que se muevan con la velocidad de la Wehrmacht, así que se quedan en la retaguardia.Los[...]

Session: Darkest Night: On Shifting Winds:: AAR #2 Part 4 - Final Turns and Comments with Beta Test Kit

Thu, 21 Sep 2017 07:35:27 +0000

by AfrikaKorps14 TURN 21SC (M):NM (-1S = 0) – NM attacks > Fail (-1G = 1)Blind Spots > Hide + refresh, S = 1; Crows – Eluded w/ Speed (1d +1h)WF (M):Chalice – gain +1G = 1; NM (-1S = 0) – NM attacks > Fail (-1G = 0)Attack Corruption (S = 0) w/ From the Blue (+2d) = Success; Crows – EludedRG (M):NM (-1S = 3); E: Black Banner (Lich) – Eluded w/ Vanish + Shadow Cloak (3d)Hide + refresh (+1S = 4); Crows - Elude w/ Vanish + Shadow Cloak (3d) > Fail (-2S = 2)DR (M):NM (-1S = 1); E: Dark Champion (Slayer) – Eluded w/ Camouflage (2d)Hide + refresh (+1S = 2)NM (M):D:+1 (26)M:Stays in Mountains (w/ all Heroes)B:Taint (2, with Crows) (That could have been a LOT worse!)Comments: OK, sports fans, it all comes down to this turn, I think. If we can't kill him now, I think we're going to run out of Grace to keep going, and since we can't use the Monastery, I think we'll be dead. This last turn took almost 20 minutes to plan and execute, as we had to get the Hero order right to have a chance!TURN 22 – Last TurnWF (M):(Scout plays Shelters + Probe Defenses)NM (S = 0) – NM attacks > ELUDED! (Unbelievable!); E: (none this turn)Get 3 KEYS from all players > Retrieve Holy RelicSC (M):NM (-1S = 0) – NM attacks > Eluded w/ Speed (1d +1h)Attack Crows (S = 0) > Fail, use Bottled Magic from Rogue > Success (One down...)RG (M):NM (-1S = 1); E: (none this turn); Exhaust Contacts (+1S = 2)Attack Taint (-1S = 1) w/ Ambush (3d, -1S = 0) + Sap (-1 Might = 4) > SuccessDR (M):NM (-1S = 1); Get Holy Relic from Wayfarer (-1S = 0)Attack NM (S = 0) w/ Vines (4d) + Holy Relic (+1h die) > Success!NECROMANCER KILLED IN COMBAT – WIN!(Entire team is beyond shock!)Final Board StatusCurrent Darkness Level:26Locations with 4 Blights:Forest, Ruins, VillageStatus of Monastery:3 Blights (Taint, Curse, Spies)POST-GAME NOTESWe definitely missed some rules (e.g. Sap was misused once), but I'm not sure if that was due to my note-taking (which was, in turn, affected by my cold / flu) or how much planning we had to put into the last few turns. We were almost literally plotting out a binary tree of possible moves to insure we were able to use all of our powers to the fullest extent and get to the point of attacking the NM with a Relic.New CharactersWith regards to the new characters, we made the following observations. Our questions / comments about individual powers is included in a later section.Scout: After our last game, we were very concerned about putting this character with certain other characters who have search powers. While that didn't have an impact on this game, I think this one was a bit atypical, as we had lots of heavy-duty things happen right at the beginning which forced our strategy away from the original testing plan. We still feel that the Scout could have a significant impact on the game when paired with the Rogue, Monk, and a couple other characters. Without further testing, we can't say how unbalancing that may be.Wayfarer: This character is definitely a NM magnet. While his constant movement plays into his power cards, this makes his actions difficult to arrange, as many cards require movement to charge up. While he may regain S by moving all the time, he seems to constantly lose it due to the presence of the NM. Also, he never really accumulated any powers, as he didn't search much and never found himself in the same location as the other Heroes so as to take Treasure Chests from them. Further, since he is not normally a primary fighting character, the Chests were given to the Rogue and Druid so that they could maximize their attack potential. This is definitely a character that has to be match up with some “tanks” or the team will be weak.New ArtifactsChalice – This was a neat item, especially since you could try it each turn. This really saved us multiple times, as the Monastery was virtually unusable from the middle of the game onward. [...]

Session: Darkest Night: On Shifting Winds:: AAR #2 Part 3 - Finale and Comments with Beta Test Kit

Thu, 21 Sep 2017 07:35:18 +0000

by AfrikaKorps14 TURN 15RG (C):(Scout uses Lyre – all Heroes refresh all powers) E: Blink > RuinsAtk Unholy Aura (-1S = 5) w/ Amb. (3d -1d U.A., -1S = 4) + Sap (-1 Might = 4) > SuccessSkeletons – Eluded w/ V + SC (3d); Vampire – Eluded w/ V + SC (3d), +1S = 5Crows - Elude w/ V + SC (3d) > Fail (-1S = 3); Exhaust Contacts (+1S = 4)WF (F):NM (-1S = 2); E: Latent Spell – remove Shades in Forest, -1S = 1Attack Corruption (-1S = 0) w/ From the Blue (+2d) > Fail (exhaust all powers)DR (M):E: Altar (Pure) (+1G = 4, -1S = 3)Attack Lich (-1S = 2) w/ Vines (4d) > Success, exhaustSC (C):E: Unfriendly Eyes (-1S = 6)Move > Mountains (S max. for traveling); get Chalice from DruidNM (R):D:+1 (20 – Create an extra Blight when movement die is 1 or 2)M:Stays in Forest (w/ Wayfarer)B:Unholy Aura (4, with Corruption, Webs, and Confusion)Curse (5th Blight in Forest > Monastery, w/ Taint (Come on! Taint was bad enough!)Comments: I don't see how we're going to pull this off. We can't seem to get rid of any Blights in the overloaded locations and the Darkness is 5 higher than the Turn count. If we don't get a location ready soon and lure the NM there, we don't have a chance.TURN 16WF (F):NM (S = 0) – NM attacks > Eluded (Don't ask me how!)Move > Monastery (+1S = 1), -1G = 1 (Taint), cannot gain G (Curse)SC (M):Chalice – no G gain; E: Watchers (Raven) – Eluded w/ Speed (1d +1h)Treasure Maps (+1d) + Awareness (+1d) > Search > KEY #3 (Finally! There it is!)DR (M):E: Looters – exhaust all powers;Hide + refresh (+1S = 3)RG (R):E: Desperate Bargain (remove Taint in Monastery, -1 KEY) (Truly desperate, must be done...)Move > Village (+1S = 5); Taint (-1G = 2), Spies (-1S = 4)NM (F):D:+1 (21)M:Village (Oh, no...)B:Taint (5th Blight in Village > Monastery, with Curse) (ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!)Comments: So we use Desperate Bargain (and LOSE A KEY) to remove the Taint in the Monastery and it COMES BACK IMMEDIATELY! With this kind of luck, there's no way we're going to win this.TURN 17WF (+):(No Events in Monastery); Cannot Pray due to CurseHide + refresh (+1S = 2)SC (M):Chalice – no G gain; E: Raid (-2S = 4)Search w/ Awareness (+1d) > Treasure Chest > Probe Defenses (That's helpful!)DR (M):E: Haunt (Ghost) – Eluded w/ Camouflage (2d)Search > FailRG (V):NM (-1S = 3); E: Betrayal (-1S = 2)Move > Castle (+1S = 3)NM (V):D:+1 (22)M:Mountains (w/ Scout and Druid) (*sigh*)B:Lich (2, with Unholy Aura) ( that freakin' Lich is back too...)Comments: I'm speechless. We just can't seem to make any headway in this game. Randomness is just dealing us blow after blow. The dice don't just hate us this game, so do the Event cards.(Question for Designer: Since the Wayfarer stayed in the Monastery the whole turn, should he have received a second S even though he used an action to Hide? If so, we missed this entirely on this / following turns!)TURN 18WF (+):(No Events in Monastery)Attack Taint (-1S = 1) > Fail (-1G = 0) (Well, we had to try something...)SC (M):Chalice – gain +1G (1); NM (-1S = 3)E: Vengeful Spirit (Shade) – Eluded w/ Speed (1d +1h)Search > Forgotten Shrine (+2G = 3) (Man, that helped!)Lich – Elude w/ Speed (1d +1h) > Fail (-1G = 2) (Well, it helped a little...)DR (M):NM (-1S = 2); E: Dust Storm (+2S = 4, -1G = 3)Search > Treasure Chest (given to Scout > Shelters)RG (C):E: Shambling Horror (Slayer) – Elude w/ V + SC (3d) > Fail (-1G = 1) (Oh, please...)Hide + refresh (+1S = 4)NM (M):D:+1 (23)M:Village (Great, we're back to this again...)B:2x, DECAY + Spies (both to Monastery with Taint and Curse)Comments: I think we're just about to the point of tipping over the king. I don't see any way to win this.TURN 19WF (+):(No Events in Monastery)Attack Decay (S = 0) > Success! (Well, that's a shock, given our luck.)SC (M):Chalice – no G gain; E: Upheaval – Swap with Unholy Au[...]

Session: Darkest Night: On Shifting Winds:: AAR #2 Part 2 - Complete Session with Beta Test Kit

Thu, 21 Sep 2017 07:35:15 +0000

by AfrikaKorps14 TURN 6SC (C):E: Close Call – no effectBlind Spots > Hide + refresh, S = 7, Rogue S = 7 (Yet again, the Rogue gets a boost.)DR (C):Chalice – gain +1G (3) (Man, he needed that!); E: Latent Spell (-1S = 3, no effect)Search > Supply Cache > Vines (He now has the two best fighting cards, this + Wolf Form!)RG (C):E: Dark Scrying (-2S = 5) (What the?! Both times he's lost 2S right after getting back to 7S!)Search > FailWF (R):E: Unfriendly Eyes (-1G = 3)Activate Guiding Star > Village (Well, that's no help...); Search > Stardust (-1D = 7) (Yea!)NM (V):D:+1 (8)M:Ruins (w/ Wayfarer)B:Vampire (2, with Unholy Aura) (Yikes, the Wayfarer can't stay here now...)Comments: The Druid is going to have to take on some Blights here, as he has the best fighting ability now that he's got Wolf Form AND Vines. The Rogue seems to be cursed, in that every time his S gets maxed out, he immediately draws a card that takes away 2S. Guiding Star is stuck in the Village for the moment, and the Wayfarer is being hounded by the NM. Good thing he is always moving...TURN 7SC (C):E: Dark Tempest – to Monastery (Rats!)Move > Mountains (S max. for traveling); Lich – Elude w/ Speed (1d +1h) > Fail (-1G = 2)DR (C):Chalice – no G gain; E: Shambling Horror (Slayer) – Eluded w/ Camouflage (2d)Search > Treasure Chest (give to Rogue)RG (C):Open Treasure Chest > Shadow CloakE: Dead Servant (Scout) – Elude w/ Vanish (2d) + Shadow Cloak (+1d) > Fail (-1S = 4)Search > SabotageWF (R):NM (-1S = 2); E: Lich – From the Blue (+2d, -1d U.A.) > Fail (-1G = 2) (OK, that hurt.)Thither and Yon > Refresh + Move > Swamp (+1S = 3); Act. From the Blue + SouvenirsNM (R):D:+1 (9)M:Swamp (w/ Wayfarer) (Here we go again...)B:DECAY! (2, with Lich) (Oh, man, bad combination! Someone has to act!)Comments: OK, that turn hurt. The Scout took a hit and the Rogue is losing S again. Worse, the Wayfarer is being chased by the NM to the point of not regaining any S, AND he's taking hits to boot. The Decay and Lich in the Swamp is a real problem and we can't let that go or we have nothing to fight off the Blights.TURN 8WF (S):NM (-1S = 2); E: Deamon (Deadly) – Eluded (Boy, we needed that!)Attack Lich (-1S = 1) w/ From the Blue (+2d) > Success! (All right!)RG (C):E: Cultist – Eluded x2 w/ Vanish (+1S = 5)Move > Swamp (S max. for traveling); Trade Vanishing Dust to Wayfarer for KeyDR (C):E: Blink – Village, -1G = 2 due to Curse (Yikes!)Activate Wolf Form; Spies – lose 1S (2)SC (M):E: Unfriendly Eyes (-1S = 6)Activate Treasure Maps (+1d) + Search > Fail; Lich – Elude w/ Speed (1d +1h) > SuccessNM (S):D:+1 (10 - All locations with no Blights now receive 2 during NM Blight placement)M:Stays in Swamp (w/ Wayfarer and Rogue)B:DECAY #2! (NO WAY! This is insane!)Comments: OK, 2 DECAYS?! This is just crazy! Yes, we removed the Lich, but at this rate, we'll never get to use any items! At least the Wayfarer has the Vanishing Dust now, so he has an out when eluding. Maybe the Druid can knock out some Blights in the Village and buy us some time.TURN 9DR (V):E: Omen – Betrayal (-1S = 1) (Uh-oh...)Attack Spies (-1S = 0) w/ Wolf Form (+1d) + Animal Companion (2d) > Fail, exhaust A.C.SC (M):E: Dead Servant (Scout) – Eluded w/ Speed (1d +1h)Search > Tome of Retraining (save); Lich – Eluded w/ Speed (1d +1h)WF (S):NM (-1S = 0) – NM attacks > Fail (-1G = 1) (Oh, boy...)Thither and Yon > Refresh + Move > Ruins (+1S = 1); Act. From the Blue + SouvenirsRG (S):NM (-1S = 4) E: Evil Day – exhaust SabotageHide (refresh Sabotage, +1S = 5)NM (S):D:+1 (11)M:Ruins (w/ Wayfarer)B:Skeletons (3, with Unholy Aura and Vampire)Comments: Well, the Druid dropped the ball on this one and now he's likely to be a target for the NM soon. The Tome could be helpful for someone other than the Druid, as he's found hi[...]

Session: Darkest Night: On Shifting Winds:: AAR #2 Part 1 - Complete Session with Beta Test Kit

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by AfrikaKorps14 INITIAL SETUP* Rules Set (DN):Rules included with purchased game* Rules Set (OSW):Beta rules provided with test kit(WAIL rules omitted, but non-Quest Events and Map cards used)Characters* Rogue (RG):Ambush (Spend 1S to fight with 3d)Vanish (Elude w/ 2d; Gain +1S on 2 successes)Eavesdrop (Spend 1S to search w/ 2d)* Scout (SC):Treasure Maps (Activate in your location then search; all heroes +1d when searching)Speed (Elude with 1d and +1 to highest die; exhaust after rolling for +2 instead)Blind Spots (Hide; Raise the S of one hero at your location to your current S)* Wayfarer (WF):Guiding Star (If inactive at start of turn, activate in location other than Monastery;Deactivate after you search successfully in that location to gain bonus Chest)From the Blue (Activate after traveling; deactivate before fight roll for +2d)Thither and Yon (Ignore Blights' effects for the rest of your turn; refresh; travel)* Druid (DR):Sprite Form (Ignore Blights' effects unless NM present; cannot gain Grace)Camouflage (Elude with 2d)Animal Companion (Fight w/ 2d; Exhaust if you fail)Comments: After our last session, we decided to test some of the assumptions and conclusions we had formed about the Scout's powers. In particular, we were worried that putting the Scout and the Rogue together would be too powerful, as Treasure Maps would further enhance the searching ability of the Rogue beyond Eavesdrop and Blind Spots would allow the Rogue to regain Secrecy too easily. Since the Rogue relies on Secrecy as a “currency” for using several of his powers, this would enormously enhance his powers. Since we also needed another “fighting” character (or at least one that had fighting bonuses) to balance out the Scout, we chose the Druid, as we had used the Knight very effectively last time and wanted more variety. As in the last OSW session, we only used the new Artifacts, removing all others from the game.Blights* Mountains (M):DESECRATION! (Uh-oh, here we go again...)* Castle (C):Evil Presence (Well, at least it wasn't Dark Fog for the umpteenth time...)* Village (V):Taint (Hmm...this could be a problem)* Swamp (S):Lich* Forest (F):Corruption* Ruins (R):Unholy Aura (We may have to battle this early if we take a Key-heavy strategy again)* Monastery (+):(No Blight – included simply to indicate abbreviation)Comments: This wasn't too bad, but it did seem a bit exasperating. In roughly half the games we have played through all the testing, we seem to start with Desecration on the map. In the last game, it showed up in the Forest. The good aspect is that we can get rid of it right away and that Map card won't bother us again for a while. To our relief, we didn't end up with a Dark Fog in the Castle, as we really wanted to do some searching right off the bat to pump up our characters. The Taint in the Village could be a problem, however, as that will limit our ability to get around the board quickly—except for the Wayfarer. The Unholy Aura in the Ruins may preclude a Holy Ritual strategy until we can remove that rapidly.TURN 1Start Phase skipped – Nothing happened yet which would affect another character during the Start Phase.Rogue (RG):Move to Mountains (S at max. for traveling); Desecration has no end-of-turn effectScout (SC):Move to Mountains (S at max. for traveling); Desecration has no end-of-turn effectDruid (DR):Move to Mountains (S at max. for traveling); Desecration has no end-of-turn effectWayfarer (WF):Move to Village (S at max for traveling); Activate Guiding Star > ForestNecromancer (NM):Darkness Effect:+1 (1), +1 for DESECRATION (2)Movement (from C):Village (Well, that was predictable.)New Blight:Curse (2nd Blight at this location, with Taint)Comments: We didn't do anything wrong, but we're already in a hole. We lost one turn of Darkness, but we knew that was going to happen. More [...]

Session: Darkest Night: On Shifting Winds:: AAR #1 Part 3 - Finale and Comments on Beta Test Kit

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by AfrikaKorps14 TURN 13KN (M):E: Vile Messenger – no effect; Retrieve Holy Relic #2; Fight Shades = SuccessSC (F):HR -1S (4); E: Revenant Eluded; Move > Monastery (+1S = 5)WD (F):E: L Horde Fought w/ Gale = Success; Retrieve Holy Relic #3RN (F):E: Dead Servant / Scout Fought = Success; Move > MonasteryNM (R):D:+1 (16)M:ForestB:Omen + Dark Fog (no Blights present, so 2 spawned)Comments: It's a good thing that we're on our way out of this mess. There's some nasty stuff spawning around the board now. While I could have moved the Wind Dancer to the Monastery with Pathfinding, it didn't seem necessary, as the Knight needed another turn to arrive anyway.TURN 14 (Last Turn)WD (F):NM+HR -2S (0), attacked = Fail, no G loss due to Gale result; Move > MonasteryKN (M):E: Flying Demon Fought = Fail, -1S (5); Move > Monastery; HOLY RITUAL = WIN!POST-GAME NOTESI know from my notes that we missed a couple of rules at various points, but I don't think that any of them hurt the results (one, in fact, was to our detriment). At the same time, I know we missed a couple of Events and / or Blight defense rolls, so I think things balanced out.New CharactersWith regards to the new characters, we made the following observations. Our questions / comments about individual powers is included in a later section.Scout: This could be the ultimate support character. For not being able to Fight with greater than 1d, this character seemed like the linchpin of the whole group. Without the Scout we (a) would have taken twice as long to get good search results, (b) would have been chased around the board constantly by the NM, and (c) would not have received several free actions due to Trailblazer. From looking at the other cards, it seems that Treasure Maps + Awareness (+1d when searching) + Ruins is a recipe for rapid success—maybe too rapid. I will say this: with the Scout, a Holy Ritual win is much more feasible, and using the Scout at the Castle would be a guaranteed way to power up almost any character in a hurry. After discussing this character further, we were concerned about how some of these powers would interact with other characters. For instance, the Monk has a couple of cards that increase the chances for a successful search, as does the Scholar, Ranger, and Rogue. If you combine any one of these characters with the Scout, you may end up with a situation where people have to roll no greater than a -1 to get a success. Also, there are a couple of characters who depend on S for their usefulness or existence. The Rogue and the Prince, for different reasons, need S to remain functional. Paired with the Scout using Blind Spots, a Rogue will always have access to his S-dependent powers and never need worry about overusing them. The Prince has an easier time remaining hidden and using his support powers to help the other players. Putting the Scout with the Paragon would create a combo where Blights could be much more easily tackled, as both have powers that weaken or negate Blights in a location. Therefore, we had some qualms about the Scout, not as a stand-alone character, but based on how several of his powers would act as a multiplier in combination with other characters' powers. Ranger: The Ranger is much more nuanced. You can't just play a “tank” like the Knight, but you have too much Fight ability to lay back and be a support character. The fact that 4 / 10 cards are tied to locations makes this character a gamble, as you may spend absolutely no time in any location that provides a benefit. However, if you have the above example with the Scout and the Ranger has Forgotten Ways...hello Keys!Wind Dancer: This character is even more of a gamble than the Ranger. Since you have to roll for almost any power you use, you have no guarantee of any result that you need. [...]

Session: Darkest Night: On Shifting Winds:: AAR #1 Part 2 - Complete Session with Beta Test Kit

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by AfrikaKorps14 TURN 7SC (R):E: S Horde Eluded; Hide + Refresh (+1S = 7, raise KN to 7S w/ Blind Spots)Probe Defenses; Eluded Revenant, SkeletonKN (R):E: Wisps Fought = Success; Attack Revenant (-1S = 6) w/ C+CB = Success;Fought Skeletons = SuccessWD (S):E: Altar – Pure (-1S = 2, +1G = 3); Attack (-1S = 1) Decay w/ Gale = SuccessRN (V):-1S (NM) = 2; E: Ritual, +1D (8)T. Chest > Hermit (While in Swamp, never detected by NM, ignore Blights' effects,do not draw Events, and may pray) (WOOHOO!)Move > Swamp (+1S = 3); No Blight effects w/ HermitNM (V):D:+1 (9)M:SwampB:DESECRATION (2, with Curse)Comments: Wow, that was quite a turn! The Scout and Knight are making quite a team, between the searching and the ability to kill Blights. The Wind Dancer has a good turn, removing Decay, which, in turn, helps the Ranger immensely, since the NM follows him into the Swamp. Hermit came just in time!TURN 8WD (S):NM (-1S = 0), Eluded NM; Move > Ruins (+1S = 1, +1G = 4 due to wind die) + TrailblazerSearch = Artifact > Seeing Glass (Turn over top card of every deck; exhaust before drawing to search deck for specific card); Eluded SkeletonsSC (R):E: Cultist Eluded; Hide + Refresh (WD S=7); Eluded SkeletonsKN (R):E: Looters, +1S (max.); Move > Swamp (S max.); Curse = -1G (4)RN (S):Hermit (No Event, but NM present, so -1S = 2)Fight Desecration (-1S = 1) w/ Poison Arrow = Success; Curse = no effect (Hermit)NM (S):D:+1 (10 – All locations with no Blights now receive 2 during NM Blight placement)M:Village (cannot see Ranger due to Hermit)B:Webs (4, with 3x Zombies) (Wow, THAT'S gonna be nasty to clean up...)Comments: The Wind Dancer gets a real boost with Seeing Glass, as we know where the Keys will be. The Scout is saving everyone buns with Blind Spots, and the Ranger hits pay dirt with Hermit. Not bad.(QUESTION FOR DESIGNER: Regarding Hermit, if the NM cannot detect the Ranger, do you still lose Secrecy when the NM is present, and are you still attacked when your S=0?TURN 9RN (S):Hermit - no Event; Pray = +2G (4), refresh; Curse = no effect (Hermit)SC (R):E: Mind Blast, -1G = 2; Treasure Maps > Search = KEY #2; Eluded SkeletonsKN (R):E: Sloppy Search – N/E; Move > Ruins (S max.) + Trailblazer > Search = KEY #3Fight Skeletons = SuccessWD (R):E: Dark Tempest, -1S = 6; Search = KEY #4; Skeletons EludedNM (V):D:+1 (11)M:SwampB:Shroud (2, with Curse)Comments: We decided to leave the Skeletons in the Ruins in case the NM showed up, that way we didn't end up with something like Shroud + Desecration or Decay. Everyone seems to be able to Elude them without much trouble. OK, 3 Keys in one turn?! After talking it over, we decided to change our strategy to a Holy Ritual outcome. Since Seeing Glass takes the guesswork out of finding Keys, it makes sense. The Shroud in the Swamp is a pain, but with everyone digging Keys out of the Ruins, it's not too relevant.TURN 10RN (S):NM -1S (0) = -1G (3); Track > Move to Ruins (+1S = 1) > Search = Fail + TrailblazerSearch > Crown of Shadows (At start of turn, roll 1d; >=4, +1S up to 7)Fight Skeletons = Fail, -1G (2)SC (R):E: Evil Day – exhaust Trailblazer; Hide + Refresh (RN S=7), Eluded SkeletonsWD (R):E: -1S (5); Search = KEY #5; Fight Skeletons w/ Gale = Fail, -1G (3)KN (R):E: Anathema, -1G (3); Search = KEY #6; Fight Skeletons = SuccessNM (S):D:+1 (12)M:RuinsB:Revenant (2, with Zombies)Comments: Well, that was interesting. Our prediction about the NM was correct—he did show up at the Ruins, so we're back to Revenants and Skeletons again. At Turn 10, we have 6 Keys. I think our strategy was the correct one. At this rate, we'll have a Holy Ritual before the Darkness track hits 18.TURN 11SC (R):NM -1S (6); E: Upheaval – Shroud + Spies; Treasure Maps > Search = Fail; Spies -1S (5)KN[...]

Session: Darkest Night: On Shifting Winds:: AAR #1 Part 1 - Complete Session with Beta Test Kit

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by AfrikaKorps14 INITIAL SETUP* Rules Set (DN):Latest published rules from web site* Rules Set (OSW):Beta rules provided with test kit(WAIL rules omitted on this test session, but non-Quest Events and Map cards used)Characters* Ranger (RN):Poison Arrow (Fight w/ 3d; if highest die = target number, succeed and fail roll)Race the Hare (Elude w/ 2d; On a 6, you must move to an adjacent location)Pathfinding (Exhaust to move self and any heroes at your location to one adjacent location; each hero gains +1S up to 5)* Scout (SC):Treasure Maps (Activate in your location then search; all heroes +1d when searching)Speed (Elude with 1d and +1 to highest die; exhaust after rolling for +2 instead)Blind Spots (Hide; Raise the S of one hero at your location to your current S)* Wind Dncr (WD):Gale (Roll 1 wind die then fight with 1d)Wind Dance (Clear card, then roll 3d, place on card; can use when rolling wind dice)Slipstream (Roll 1 wind die then travel)* Knight (KN):Charge (Fight with 2d)Sprint (Elude w/ 2d)Hard Ride (May travel 2 spaces, but gain no S)Comments: Since we couldn't get our group together as early as we preferred, we had the benefit of reading the initial comments and feedback from other testers. Based on these comments, we wanted to test several items to see if our group obtained the same results, these items being (a) if Poison Arrow was overpowered, (b) if Treasure Maps made searching TOO productive, (c) if the Wind Dancer seemed confusing to use, and (d) was a second combat-heavy character needed to balance out the Scout and Wind Dancer. To have a better idea of what the new Artifact were like, we only used the new ones from OSW. All others were omitted. In addition, we didn't want too much complication, so we omitted Quests. However, since the Event and Map cards (respectively) from DN and WAIL were already mixed together, we left the Map deck as-is and only removed Quest cards from the Events deck.Blights* Mountains (M):Shades* Castle (C):Dark Fog (here we go again...always a Dark Fog in the Castle. What are the odds?!)* Village (V):Zombies* Swamp (S):Curse* Forest (F):DESECRATION! (Wow, that came out early!)* Ruins (R):Spies* Monastery (+):(No Blight – included simply to indicate abbreviation)Comments: The Blight draw was interesting for two reasons. First, we ALMOST ALWAYS seem to end up with a Dark Fog in the Castle, thereby rendering the most efficient search location not-so-efficient. Second, we were surprised but pleased that Desecration came out at the beginning and in the Forest, right next to us. Not only does this lower the chances of it popping up later, but it will be easy to reach and not protected by a Shroud or other nasty Blight.TURN 1Start Phase skipped – Nothing happened yet which would affect another character during the Start Phase.Ranger (RN):Immediately move everyone to F with PathfindingKnight (KN):Event: (no effect on character)Fight Desecration (-1S = 4) w/ Charge (2d) = SuccessScout (SC):Event: (no effect on character)Search = T. Chest > Escape Routes (+1d when Eluding; hide = S up to default)Wind Dancer (WD):Event: Dark Tempest – Lose -1G (3)Necromancer (NM):Darkness Effect:+1 (1)Movement (from C):VillageNew Blight:Zombies (2nd Zombies Blight at this location)Comments: Well, the Ranger has already earned his pay for the week! Helping the Knight to take out the Desecration before it can have any effect was a huge bonus. The Scout is already off to a whiz-bang start also, as combining Speed and Escape Routes makes him excellent at Eluding. The Wind Dancer gets a bad start and without much Grace, this could be a tough game.TURN 2N.B. – Going forward, moves will be abbreviated to show only important changes in game state. Notations about Events, Quests, and Blights may b[...]

Session: Darkest Night: With an Inner Light:: AAR #4 Part 3 - Finale and Comments with Beta Test Kit

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by AfrikaKorps14 TURN 13KN (R):NM present (-1S = 0), attacks – Elude w/ Sprint (2d -1 E.P.) = Fail (-1G = 1);Attack Evil Presence (S=0) w/ Charge (2d) = Success;B: Skeletons – Fight w/ Charge (2d) = SuccessRG (R):NM present (-1S = 2); E: Black Banner (Archer) – Elude w/ Vanish (2d) = Success;Attack Skeletons (-1S = 1) w/ Ambush (-1S = 0, 3d) = Success; B: (no Blights present)(N.B. - OK, we're all set for the SR to finish the game. She has a “5” and a “6” on her Prediction card. For some specific reason, we decided to wait until the SR actually attacked the NM to transfer the Relic from the Monk. At this point, the only thing that can prevent the SR from finishing the game is an Event that prevents an attack. How likely is that?)SR (R):NM present (-1S = 3); E: Dark Tempest – SENT TO MONASTERY! (NO WAY!)Move > F (+1S = 4); B: Vampire – Elude w/ Premonition (3d) = Success x2 (no exhaust)(N.B. - After this, you cannot convince me that dice do not hate me. That is probably one of only 3-4 cards at the most that could have kept the SR from winning the game.)MK (M):NM present (-1S = 0), attacks – Fight w/ Chi Burst + Quivering Palm (4d +1 high)= SUCCESS / WIN!POST-GAME NOTESWe tried to accomplish a few specific goals in this game, but as usual, fate intervened.Holy Ritual (not accomplished) – After losing two characters, this was not a practical strategy any more. Having to start with one fewer Grace, Secrecy, and powers really hurts. After losing the Crusader, we just didn't feel confident in continuing with this goal.Test for Overpowered Crusader (not accomplished) – Unfortunately, the Crusader didn't live long enough for us to do much testing in this regard. While knocking down his Grace with use of several cards does hurt after a while, I'm not sure that the penalty outweighs the bonus of fighting with 4d or getting 2 cards on a successful search, among other things. In this game, however, the extent of this is hard to determine.Starting Quest (accomplished) – I strongly recommend this. Not only did this change our initial plan (as we added this AFTER all the Blights and after formulating our preliminary strategy), but it added a worthwhile goal to the board right from the start. One thing that I would also strongly suggest, as mentioned in the email thread—location markers to place on each Quest card. We have tried several ways of getting Quests cards on the board next to the appropriate location, and none of them work well if you have more than, say, two or three. In addition, if the board gets bumped or cards get shifted, it's easy to lose track (unless you're taking notes) of where the Quest is located. “Is that one in the Village or the Castle?”We didn't try the “Pall of Suffering”, as we felt that we had too many other goals already and didn't want to complicate things further. However, I would like to try that at some point, just to see how “deep” it makes the shield around the NM.Questions and ClarificationsWizard / Invisibility – While discussing this power, we started to wonder. If we would have failed to complete the Quest (Elude vs. 6), would this have constituted “failing a combat roll” or is this considered something different? This would affect whether or not Invisibility is exhausted, and since this could come up again, we weren't sure what we should consider a “combat roll” vs. some other type of roll.Additional NotesI'm not sure that we have played the Wizard correctly either time, but in both cases, he died very quickly and seemed to have little ability to hang in a fight. While that is reflected in the low default Grace, I find it interesting that he also has two powerful Fight cards and a very good Elude card[...]

Session: Darkest Night: With an Inner Light:: AAR #4 Part 2 - Complete Session with Beta Test Kit

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by AfrikaKorps14 TURN 5MK (S):E: Betrayal (-1S = 4); Activate Focus Chi (+1G = 4); B: (n/e)CR (M):NM present (-1S = 3); E: Tracker – Elude (1d) = Success; Move > C (+1S = 4);B: Spies (-1S = 3), Skeletons – Elude (1d) = Fail (-1G = 3)SR (R):E: Vengeful Spirit – Fight = Success; Search w/ Prediction (1, 5) = Success > WaystoneB: (n/e)WZ (R):E: Shambling Horror (Mummy) – Elude w/ Invisibility (3d) = Success;Get Waystone from SR, Move > C (+1S = 5);Attempt “Collaborators” Quest = Success (-1S = 4) – Treasure ChestGive Treasure Chest to CR > Angelic GuardianB: Spies (-1S = 3), Skeletons – Elude w/ Invisibility (3d) = Fail (-1G = 1) NM (M):D:+1 = 6M:CB:DESECRATION! (4, w/ Unholy Aura, Spies, and Skeletons)Comments: What a difference one turn can make. The Wizard is looking pale, the Crusader is taking hits, and now we have a Desecration in the Castle with 3 other Blights. We're going to have to think hard about where to go from here.TURN 6CR (M):NM present (-1S = 2);E: Vile Messenger – Fail (use Angelic Guardian, +2d -1 U.A. = Fail) (-1G = 3)Attack Spies (-1S = 1) w/ Wrath (4d, -1G = 2) = Success;B: Skeletons – Elude (1d) = Fail (-1G = 1)WZ (C):NM present (-1S = 2); E: Twist of Fate (+1d all rolls this turn); Give Hymnal to CR;Attack Skeletons (-1S = 1) w/ Lightning Strike (3d, +1 ToF, -1 U.A.) = FAIL (-1G = 0)B: Skeletons – Fight w/ Lightning Strike (3d, +1 ToF, -1 U.A.) = FAIL / DEAD! (+1D = 7)SR (R):E: Lich – Elude (1d) = Fail (-1G = 3); Search = Success > KEY #3!; B: (n/e)MK (S):E: Desperate Bargain (-2G = 2, Destroy DESECRATION);Search w/ Focus Chi + Clarity (+1 high) = Success – Supply Cache > Patience; B: (n/e)NM (C):D:+1 = 8M:Stays in CB:Shades (3, w/ Unholy Aura, Skeletons)Comments: This is exactly what happened the last time we used the Wizard. He failed two rolls in a row with at least 3 dice per roll and died on the spot (which is why we didn't use him again). The Crusader is hurting badly. We need another good fighter, so we selected the Knight (Charge, Sprint, -1 default S/G ).TURN 7CR (M):NM present (-1S = 0), attacks – Elude (1d) = FAIL (-1G = 0); Move > M (+1S = 1)B: Shades – Elude (1d) = FAIL / DEAD! (+1D = 9) (CAN I PLEASE MAKE A ROLL?!)MK (S):E: Evil Day – exhaust Clarity; Move > R (+1S = 5); B: (n/e); give KEYS to SRSR (R):E: Horde – Elude (3d) = Success; Retrieve Relic; B: (n/e); Give Relic to MK (-1S = 4)KN (+):E: (no Events in Monastery); Move > M (+1S = max.); Pick up Hymnal;B: Shades – Fight w/ Charge (2d) = SuccessNM (C):D:+1 = 10 (NM now drops 2 Blights in any location that has none)M:VB:Evil Presence (3, w/ Dark Fog, Zombies)Comments: I'm so mad right now, I can hardly think straight. Both of my characters have been killed after 4 straight failed rolls, two of which should have been easy successes with 3 dice (rolled 4 “1s”, a “2” and a “3”) and one of which had very good odds for one die (3 or better). After much discussion, we decide that the Rogue will have to save the day, as we need a character who can both search and fight with multiple dice. After selecting the Rogue (Ambush, Vanish), we also decide to abandon the 3 Relic strategy and go for the outright kill since we already have one Relic (and dice hate me).TURN 8KN (M):E: Raid = -2S = 3; Move > C (+1S = 4);B: Shades – Elude w/ Sprint (2d) = Success, Shades – Elude w/ Sprint (2d) = SuccessRG (+):E: (none); Move > F (S max.); B: Vampire – Elude w/ Vanish (2d) = SuccessSR (R):E: Guarded Trove – Elude = Fail (-1G = 4); Prediction (rolled 5, 6); B: (n/e)MK (R):Has Relic (-1S = 3); E: Shambling Horror (Mummy) – Elude w/ Quiet (2d) = Fail (-1G = 1);Hide (+1S = 4, refresh powers); B: (n/e)NM (V):[...]

Session: Darkest Night: With an Inner Light:: AAR #4 Part 1 - Complete Session with Beta Test Kit

Thu, 21 Sep 2017 04:55:25 +0000

by AfrikaKorps14 INITIAL SETUP* Rules Set (DN):Latest published rules from web site* Rules Set (WAIL):Beta rules provided with test kit; “Pall of Suffering” rule not includedCharacters* Crusader (CR):Wrath (Spend 1G to Attack with 4d)Providence (Spend 1G to Search with 2d; keep 2 Map cards if 2 successes)Anointed (+1 to default G; +1d when Praying)* Wizard (WZ):Lightning Strike (Fight with 3d; exhaust if you succeed)Invisibility (When active, +2d when eluding. Deactivate + exhaustif you fail a combat or use another Tactic.)Rune of Nullification (Deactivate all Runes; activate and choose type of Blight;Active = that type of Blight has no effect)* Seer (SR):Premonition (Elude with 3d; exhaust if you roll less than 2 successes)Prediction (Roll 2d and add to card; may use all dice on card instead of any roll)Dowse (Exhaust to draw one search result for your location without rolling dice)* Monk (MK):Chi Burst (Exhaust to use Chi Powers)Quiet (Elude w/ 2d; Chi Tactic = Elude w/ 5d, +1S if you roll a 6)Clarity (+1 to highest die when Searching;Chi Bonus = use after Search to select result from other location)Comments: My counterpart thought that we should use the Crusader as printed to really see if it “broke” the game, as I had commented about the emails which stated that the Crusader's powers were too good. He also wanted to play the Monk again. Since I had only played with the Wizard once, we decided to try this character. Lastly, we decided to try to win with 3 Relics, so good search results would be important. Therefore, we decided on the Seer, as she had Dowse which could help with obtaining keys regularly.Blights* Mountains (M):Evil Presence* Castle (C):Skeletons* Village (V):Dark Fog* Swamp (S):Shroud* Forest (F):Vampire (Yuck...)* Ruins (R):Unholy Aura* Monastery (+):(N/A – included simply to indicate abbreviation)Comments: We would have preferred not to have a Vampire in the Forest, as that was going to be our preferred path to the Ruins. Even so, this isn't a terrible draw for starting Blights. At least we don't have to defend against Blights in almost every space.QuestsRuins (R):Without a Trace (5T / 1P)Comments: We decided to start with one Quest on the board per the email discussions. At the same time, we decided to skip the “Pall of Suffering”, as we wanted to focus on evaluating character powers.TURN 1Start Phase skipped – Nothing happened yet which would affect another character during the Start Phase.Event Phase skipped – Characters start in the Monastery, so no Event cards are drawn.Crusader (CR):Pray w/ Anointed (3d) = +1G = 7 (new default due to Anointed); +1S = 5Seer (SR):Move to Village (V) (+1S = max.); Blight: (no effect)Wizard (WZ):Move to Village (V) (+1S = max.); Blight: (no effect)Monk (MK):Move to Village (V) (+1S = max.); Blight: (no effect)Necromancer (NM):Darkness (+ any Effects):+1 = 1Quest Countdown:+1T = 1 / 5 TurnsMovement (from C):VillageNew Blight Spawned:Zombies (2nd Blight at this location, with Dark Fog)Comments: With the exception of 1-2 games, the Necromancer has always moved to the Village on Turn 1. This feels awfully predictable. Even so, we had to move through the Village to get to the Ruins, or we would face defending against the Vampire. Always choose the lesser of two evils (sorry, I couldn't resist).TURN 2N.B. – Going forward, moves will be abbreviated to show only important changes in game state. Notations about Events, Quests, and Blights may be shortened to show only the relevant effect on the characters.CR (+):Move to Mountains (M) (+1S = max.);B: (no effect)WZ (V):NM present (-1S = 4); E: Horde (S) - Elude = Fail (-1G = 2); Move > R (+1S = 5); B: (n/e)MK (V):[...]

Session: Darkest Night: With an Inner Light:: AAR #3 Part 3 - Complete Session with Beta Test Kit

Thu, 21 Sep 2017 04:55:22 +0000

by AfrikaKorps14 TURN 15PG (M):E: Fearful Demon – Fight w/ Rebuke (2d) = SuccessActivate Aura of Fortitude > Shades; B: no effect (AoF)RG (M):E: Latent Spell (-1S = 3, -1G = 2, no effect) Search w/ Eavesdrop (-1S = 2, 2d) = Success > KEY #4; B: no effect (AoF)AC (M):Possess Holy Relic (-1S = 5); E: Desp. Bargain (-2G = 3, Power > Blinding Black)Search = Success > KEY #5; B: no effect (AoF)MK (C):NM present (forgot to drop S); E: Quest – Angry Guardian (4T / 1P, Village)Move > Mountains (+1S = 3); B: no effect (AoF)NM (C):D:+1 = 14Q:+1T = 1 / 4 Turns (Angry Guardian)M:Mountains (to Rogue)B:Lich (2, with Shades)Comments: We activated the Aura just in time, as a Lich pops up on the Blight drop. With all these additional Keys popping up, it almost sounds good to go for a Holy Ritual, but too many locations are overrun. However, we can use a Key to satisfy the Angry Guardian...TURN 16AC (M):NM present (no S loss – Death Mask); Holy Relic (-1S = 4); E: Dark Scrying (-2S = 2)Attack Lich (no S loss) w/ Final Rest (3d) + Relic (+1 high) = Success; B: no effect (AoF)RG (M):NM present (-1S = 1); E: Elude w/ Skulk + S.C. (3d +1 high) = Fail (-1G = 0)Move > Monastery (+1S = 2)MK (M):NM present (-1S = 2); E: Evil Day – Exhaust QuietSearch w/ Clarity (+1 high) = Success > T. Chest > Focus Chi; B: no effect (AoF)PG (M):NM present (-1S = 4); E: Quest +1T (2 / 4 Turns)Search = Success > T. Chest > Sanctity; B: no effect (AoF)NM (M):D:+1 = 15Q:+1T = 3 / 4 Turns (Angry Guardian)M:VillageB:Curse (5, w/ Curse #1 and 2, Spies, Unholy Aura) > MonasteryComments: Here it goes—the Monastery takes its first Blight. The Rogue had to get out of there; with no Secrecy left, he couldn't do anything but elude. The Monk is making himself into a Chi powerhouse.TURN 17RG (+):(no Event); Pray (2d) = +2G = 2; +1S = 3MK (M):E: Fight w/ Patience (3d) = SuccessSearch w/ Clarity (+1 high) = Success > T. Chest (to Paragon) > Aura of AlertnessB: no effect (AoF)PG (M):E: Fight w/ Rebuke (2d) = Success; Activate Aura of Alertness (all heroes +1d Elude here)B: no effect (AoF)AC (M):Holy Relic (-1S = 1); E: Upheaval – Shades > Corruption (AoF deactivated?)Attack Corruption (-1S = 0) with Final Rest (3d) = SuccessNM (V):D:+1 = 16Q:+1T = 3 / 4 Turns (Angry Guardian)M:Mountains (exhaust Blinding Black > Forest)B:Corruption (4 already present > Monastery, w/ Curse)Comments: We need some decisive action soon, as the Monastery is getting overrun. Aura of Alertness will help with Monster Blights in the Mountains, but I may need to deactivate that for the Rebuke bonus dice.TURN 18MK (M):E: Unfriendly Eyes (-1S = already 0); Hide (+1S = 1, refresh)AC (M):Holy Relic (-1S = 0); E: Quest +1T – Zombie Horde (4T / 3P, Forest); Hide (+1S = 1, refresh)PG (M):E: Close Call – no effect; Search = FailRG (+)E: (none); Move > Mountains (+1S = 4)NM (F):D:+1 = 17Q:Angry Guardian – Expired; Monk loses turnQ:+1T = 2 / 4 Turns (Zombie Horde)M:Exhausted Blinding Black > RuinsB:Taint (4, w/ Lich, Spies, Evil Presence)Comments: If we could work out the timing of a NM attack so that the Monk is on an odd-numbered Darkness for Patience to work better, we may have a real chance. As it is, we keep sending him away so that we can get ourselves buffed for the attack. This is not looking good if we don't attack him soon...TURN 19MK (M):Lost turn – stand uprightAC (M):Holy Relic (-1S = 0); E: Fight w/ Final Rest + Relic (3d +1 high) = Fail (-1G = 2)Search = Success > Supply Cache > False OrdersRG (M)E: Tracker – Elude w/ Skulk + S.C. (3d +1 high) = Fail (-2S = 2) (With 3d +1?! *Sigh*)Hide (+1S = 3, refresh)PG ([...]

Session: Darkest Night: With an Inner Light:: AAR #3 Part 4 - Finale and Comments with Beta Test Kit

Thu, 21 Sep 2017 00:41:26 +0000

by AfrikaKorps14 TURN 20PG (M):E: Looters = Fail (all Powers exhausted!); Hide (+1S = 5, refresh)RG (M)E: Elude w/ Vanish + S.C. (2d +1 high) = Success but not 2xSearch = Success > Forgotten Shrine (+2G = 5)AC (M):Holy Relic (-1S = 0); E: Quest +1T = Expires Zombie Horde > Zombies > Monastery (4!)Hide (+1S = 1, refresh); Give Holy Relic to Paragon (-1S = 4)MK (M):E: Elude w/ Quiet (2d) = Success; Activate Focus Chi (+1G = 4)NM (V):D:+1 = 19M:MountainsB:Confusion + ShroudComments: Fine time for the Paragon to inherit the Monk's previously-bad karma! The Shrine helped the Rogue, but he needs Secrecy as much as anything. The Monastery is almost done for, and the NM dropped a Shroud on top of Confusion. Great...TURN 21AC (M):NM present (no S loss – Death Mask)E: Desp. Bargain – Power > Fade to Black, drop Key; use False Orders = 2 Blights > CastlePG (M):NM present (-1S = 3); E: Fight w/ Rebuke (2d) = SuccessGive Holy Relic to Monk (-1S = 0); Activate Aura of Alertness (+1G = 5, w/ Sanctity)MK (M):NM present (S = 0), NM attacksFight NM w/ Patience (3d) + Relic (+1 high) + Focus Chi (+1 high) + Chi Burst (+1 high)= 3d +3 to highest roll = FAIL! (-1G = 3) (YOU'VE GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!)RG (M)NM present (-1S = 2); E: Elude w/ Vanish + S.C. (2d +1 high) = Success 2x (+1S = 3)Hide (+1S = 4, refresh)NM (M):D:+1 = 20 (Extra Blight spawned on roll of 1 or 2)M:Stays in MountainsB:Lich + Zombies (oh, brother...)Comments: Words fail me. We have 3 dice and we can add +3 to the highest die. Back to the drawing board...TURN 22AC (M):NM present (no S loss – Death Mask); E: Betrayal (-1S = 0)Attack Lich (Death Mask) w/ Final Rest (3d) + Fade to Black (+2d) = FAIL! (-1G = 2)B: use Dark Veil, no effectRG (M):NM present (-1S = 3); E: Elude w/ Skulk + S.C. (3d +1 h) = SuccessAttack Lich (-1S = 2) w/ Ambush (-1S = 1) = SuccessB: Elude w/ Vanish (2d) + S.C. (+1d) + AoA (+1d) = Success x2 (+1S = 2)MK (M):Give Holy Relic to Paragon (-1S = 2); NM present (S = 0), NM attacksElude w/ Quiet (2d) + AoA (+1d) = Fail (-1G = 3, activate Harness Chi)Attack Zombies (-1S = 0 already) w/ Patience (1d) + Harness Chi (+1 h) = Fail (-1G = 2)B: Elude w/ Quiet (2d) = SuccessPG (M):NM present (-1S = 1); Holy Relic (-1S = 0) (forgot to drop S when H.R. received)E: Quest – Ill Weather (4T / 5P, Village); Activate Aura of Fortitude > ZombiesNM (M):D:+1 = 21Q:+1T = 1 / 4 Turns (Ill Weather)M:Stays in MountainsB:Skeletons (2, w/ Zombies)Comments: First the Acolyte Fails on a Lich attack with 5 dice, then the Monk regains his bad karma and fails two rolls in the same turn. With luck like this, who needs the Necromancer!TURN 23RG (M):NM present (-1S = 1); E: Quest +1T (2 / 4 Turns)Attack Skeletons w/ Ambush (3d, -1S = 0) = Success (-1S = already 0); B: no effect (AoF)MK (M):NM present (-1S = 0), NM attacksElude (2d) = Fail (-1G = 1, activate Harness Chi)Attack Zombies (-1S = 0 already) w/ Patience (3d) + H. Chi (+1 h) = Success, deact. AoFPG (M):Holy Relic (-1S = 0); NM present (S = 0), NM attacks – Elude = Fail (-1G = 4)Attack NM w/ Rebuke (2d) + AoA (+3d) + Infallibility (+1 h) + Relic (+1 h)= 5d +2 to the highest = FAIL! (-1G = 3) (AAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH!)AC (M):NM present (S = 0), NM attacks – Elude = Fail (-1G = 1); Hide (+1S = 1, refresh)NM (M):D:+1 = 22Q:+1T = 2 / 4 Turns (Ill Weather)M:Stays in MountainsB:Unholy Aura + DESECRATION!Comments: (I just stand agape, in stunned silence)TURN 24MK (M):NM present (-1S = 0), NM attacksElude w/ Quiet (2d) = Fail (-1G = 0, activate Harness Chi)Attack Desecration (-1S = 0 already) w/ Patience (1d) + H. Chi (+1 h) = FAIL! DEAD!RG (M):NM present (-1S = 0), NM attacksElu[...]

Session: Darkest Night: With an Inner Light:: AAR #3 Part 2 - Complete Session with Beta Test Kit

Thu, 21 Sep 2017 00:41:16 +0000

by AfrikaKorps14 TURN 7PG (C):E: Quest (+1T = 2); Search = Supply Cache > EffusionRG (+):E: (none); Pray (2d) = +1G = 2; S max.MK (M):NM present (-1S = 2); E: Fight w/ Patience (3d) = Fail (-1G = 1)Attack Corruption (-1S = 1) w/ Patience (3d) = Fail (exhaust ALL powers!) (YIKES!)AC (+):E: (none); Move > Forest (S max.); B: Fight w/ Final Rest (2d) = SuccessNM (M):D:+1 = 8Q:+1T = 3 / 4 Turns (Collaborators)M:Stays in MountainsB:Confusion (2, w/ Corruption)Comments: The Paragon is getting well-stocked with powers at least (not like his last game). I cannot believe the Monk. Both times we have played him, he has had the worst karma—it's eerie. We're not going to make it to the Quest.TURN 8AC (F):E: Fight w/ Final Rest (2d) = Fail, rolled a 1 (-2G = 1) (Aw, not AGAIN?!)Move > Ruins (S max.); B: Spies (-1S = 6), Lich (used Dark Veil)RG (+):E: (none); Pray (2d) = +2G = 4; S max.PG (C):E: Fight w/ Rebuke (2d) = Fail, exhaust Infallibility > Success; Effusion > +2G = 3MK (M):NM present (-1S = 0), Elude NM = Fail (-1G = 0); Move > Monastery (+1S = 1);Give KEY to Rogue (now has all both)NM (M):D:+1 = 9Q:Collaborators Expired – All characters draw and Event cardAC:Dark Tempest (+1S = 7, Move > Monastery) (Wow, that was lucky!)MK:Fight w/ Patience (3d) = SuccessPG:Quest +1T – Dark Seed (5T / 1P, Mountains)RG:+1T Dark Seed (2 / 5 Turns)M:VillageB:Spies (3, with Curse, Unholy Aura)Comments: I cannot believe how bad the Acolyte has been doing. It seems like having Grace up to maximum is anathema for him. The Monk isn't doing much better. The Quest wasn't going to be doable unless the Acolyte received some good luck. He didn't, but he did get back to the Monastery for free. The Rogue now has all the Keys, so we can start to prepare a location from which to attack the NM later. So far, the Mountains or the Castle seem likely locations.TURN 9PG (C):E: Close Call (-1G = 2); Search = Success > Bottled MagicRG (+):E: (none); Move > Mountains (S max.); B: no effectMK (+):E: (none); Pray (2d) = +2G = 2, refresh; +1S = 2AC (+):(no Event); Pray (2d) = +2G = 3, refresh; S max.NM (V):D:+1 = 10 (NM now drops 2 Blights in any open location)Q:+1T = 3 / 5 Turns (Dark Seed)M:Stays in VillageB:Vampire (4, with Curse, Spies, and Unholy Aura)Comments: Time to regroup and heal up. The Rogue will try to complete Dark Seed and also retrieve a Holy Relic. The Bottled Magic found by the Paragon could really help against the NM.TURN 10RG (M):E: Ritual (-1G = 3, -1S = 6)Search w/ Eavesdrop (-1S = 5, 2d) = Success, Quest complete > -1 Darkness = 9;B: no effectMK (+):E: (none); Pray (2d) = +2G = 4, refresh; +1S = 3AC (+):(no Event); Move > Mountains (S max.); B: no effectPG (C):E: Desperate Bargain – Destroy Vampire (V), -2G = 0; Effusion > +2G = 2NM (V):D:+1 = 10 (NM now drops 2 Blights in any open location)M:ForestB:Dark Fog (2, with Shades)Comments: Completing the Quest was helpful, as it backed off the Darkness level. Losing 2G to destroy the Vampire in the Village was not exactly the choice I wanted, but it seemed like a better use of a free “kill” than spending multiple turns fighting the Vampire later.TURN 11RG (M):E: Vile Messenger – Fight w/ Ambush (-1S = 5, 3d) = SuccessSearch w/ Eavesdrop (-1S = 4, 2d) = Success > Supply Cache > Shadow CloakB: no effectAC (M):E: Demon – Elude = Fail (-1S = 6); Move > Castle (S max.)PG (C):E: Cultist – Fight w/ Rebuke (2d) = Fail; use Bottled Magic = Success, -1 Darkness = 9Search = Success > T. Chest (to Acolyte) > Death MaskMK (+):(no Event); Move > Mountains (+1S = 4); B: no e[...]

Session: Darkest Night: With an Inner Light:: AAR #3 Part 1 - Complete Game with Beta Test Kit

Thu, 21 Sep 2017 00:41:10 +0000

by AfrikaKorps14 INITIAL SETUP* Rules Set (DN):Latest published rules from web site* Rules Set (WAIL):Beta rules provided with test kitCharacters* Rogue (RG):Eavesdrop (Spend 1S to Search with 2d)Vanish (Elude w/ 2d; Gain +1S on 2 successes)Ambush (Spend 1S to Attack with 3d)* Paragon (PG):Rebuke (Fight with 2d; can deactivate an Aura for +3d)Steadfastness (+1 to default G; +1 on rolls to defend against Blights)Aura of Fortitude (Activate, choose type of Blight;Active = All heroes at your location ignore Blight effect for that type)* Acolyte (AC):Final Rest (Fight w/ 2d or 3d; if any die = 1, lose 1G)Dark Veil (Exhaust at any time to ignore blights' effects until next turn;Bonus = Exhaust after you fail attack on Blight to ignore Defense)Thoroughness (On successful search, draw extra card and discard 1)* Monk (MK):Chi Burst (Exhaust to use Chi Powers)Patience (Fight w/ 3d if Darkness odd, 1d if even;Chi Bonus = As above, but add +1 to yout highest die)Clarity (+1 to highest die when Searching;Chi Bonus = use after Search to select result from other location)Comments: Originally, we were going to use the Prince, Monk, Fighter and another character. However, we decided that the Paragon should be tested with a starting Aura (as we didn't start with AoF last time and the Paragon gained no Auras in that game). Since the Paragon and Prince are sort of similar, we dropped the Prince. My fellow tester wanted to try the Acolyte again, as he played him during the original DN testing in our group. Since we needed a good searcher, I added the Rogue as a utility character that could fight with 3d.Blights* Mountains (M):DESECRATION! (Yikes! Gotta get on that right away...)* Castle (C):Vampire (Yuck...and in our best search location)* Village (V):Confusion* Swamp (S):Skeletons* Forest (F):Shades* Ruins (R):Lich (Wow, almost one of each Monster Blight...that's interesting)* Monastery (+):(N/A – included simply to indicate abbreviation)Comments: With prompting from Jeremy (thanks for the reminder!), we only used one Map card to determine the Blights for each location. This provided a more varied starting situation, although starting with 4 Monster Blights is not optimal for characters with low Grace and no Elude powers.TURN 1Start Phase skipped – Nothing happened yet which would affect another character during the Start Phase.Event Phase skipped – Characters start in the Monastery, so no Event cards are drawn.Paragon (PG):Move to Village (V) (+1S = 5)Rogue (RG):Move to Village (V) (S at max.)Monk (MK):Move to Mountains (M) (S at max.)Acolyte (AC):Move to Mountains (M) (S at max.)Necromancer (NM):Darkness (+ any Effects):+1 = 1 +1 (Desecration) = 2Movement (from C):VillageNew Blight Spawned:Curse (2nd Blight at this location, with Confusion)Comments: Whoops—I already made a mistake. With Steadfastness, the Paragon should have remained in the Monastery to Pray, thereby starting the game with one additional Grace. Oh, well.TURN 2N.B. – Going forward, moves will be abbreviated to show only important changes in game state. Notations about Events, Quests, and Blights may be shortened to show only the relevant effect on the characters.AC (M):Event: Upheaval – Desecration > VampireAttack Vampire (-1S = 6) w/ Final Rest (3d) = Fail, rolled a 1 (-2G = 1) (OUCH!)Blight: Elude (1d) = Fail (-1G = 0) (Aw, COME ON! Already?!)MK (F):E: Guarded Trove – Elude = Fail (-1S = 5);Search with Clarity (+1 to highest) = Fail; B: Fail (-1G = 3) (I thought dice hated ME...)PG (V):NM present (-1S = 4); E: Fight = SuccessActivate Aura of Fortitude > C[...]

Session: Last Full Measure: The Battle of Second Manassas:: Second Manassas from the start

Wed, 20 Sep 2017 20:24:01 +0000

by SgtTodd

With the game set-up in Zun Tzu, getting it off the table in time for dinner in't an issue. So, now, at last, I might get through a full game, knock on wood.

Our game begins with King's division of four brigade, marching east on the Warrenton Turnpike headed for Centreville. The head of the column has just reached Groveton when suddenly...

August 28th, 1862, 5pm

Jackson checks and is in command. He opens the ball with Shumaker's artillery firing on Doubleday some 1300 yards away. The 95 NY passes the two cohesion checks incurred.

Jackson's entire command wiggles into a more comfortable position, making use of the rail-road bed; while Talliaferro, Starke, and Baylor move forward, the latter two into contact with Gibbon's brigade on the Warrenton Turnpike. The ensuing combat put two Union regiments totaling 13 SP on the card, while the Confederate loose 3 regiments totaling 9 SP.

CS artillery rain another two hits on the troops on the pike, but Doubleday's men seem to have brought their umbrellas.

King fails his command roll, being out of command range of Sigel (acting army commander) and so needing to roll a 1 to be in command. As a result, Gibbons and Doubleday's brigades can't counter-attack and miss a chance to take out some isolated Louisiana troops sitting in the road. Instead, King shores up his line, refuses his flanks, and braces for what's likely to be coming.

Meanwhile, Sigel advances his corps to Dogan Ridge, anchoring his right on Matthews Hill and his left on Chinn Ridge. Reynolds brings the PA Reserves as far as the the Old Warrenton, Alexandria, and Washington Road. The plan at the moment is for Reynolds to take up position on Sigel's left, and King to slide to Reynold's left, but we'll have to see what Jackson has in store for us.

Aug28 5pm

August 28, 6pm
Shumaker hits the 95 NY again, running it off the road this time. Courtney fires on Hatch's troops in Groveton, but Union return fire runs off some of Trimble's men, including Courtney's guns.

Talliaferro, Starke, and Baylor attack Gibbon and Doubleday while Lawton comes forward to hit Hatch's brigade. The Confederate knock 31 SP's (all of Gibbon and Doubleday) off the map while only loosing 9 SP themselves. King only has two brigades and the Confederates have made an 11 hex gap between them.

Union artillery manages to disorder some Confederates, but not much else. Patrick sets-up on Stuart's Hill while Hatch moves back to Young's Branch to try to connect with the rest of the division.

Reynold moves west with the intend of pushing forward between Pageland and Lewis Lanes.

Schenk moves up on Schimmelfennig's right extending Sigel's line north-east just 500 yards short of Bull Run.

Aug28 6pm

Session: Pub Battles: Marengo:: First solo play-through - Image heavy

Wed, 20 Sep 2017 19:51:24 +0000

by kerpob2 I got the game on Sunday, and on Tuesday I had to take a day off work to get the car serviced.This gave me a couple of hours free to set up this beauty and run through the rules.I have played a lot of miniature rules in the 30 or so years I have been wargaming, so I was not intimidated by the lack of hexes or clearly defined areas on the map. There were issues as I went through, but I've asked about them in the rules forum. I was able to choose common sense solutions for them.Note that in these pictures units showing their label up are fresh, units where the label is on the side are spent.Here is the set-up I chose:The French are a thin line with a single unit in reserve. The Austrian's have two batteries ready to bombard the French - one in range at the bend of the river and the other a bit further back in case the French move forward. The Austrian centre is going straight across into the action - the cavalry kept behind as reserve to exploit. The Austrian right will cross further South to support, its weakness covered by the batteries on the river. The larger Austrian left is to cross North of the Tornio - it turns out there is no crossing South again to the battlefield (a dead end!) so I ruled that there was one at the far East at Monte-Castello.Turn zero is Austrian only, so they started their move. The artillery battery forced one French unit away (bombards cannot eliminate).Turn 1 and the Austrians claim their first blood with one of Lannes units being eliminated. This means that Lannes command can no longer rally as they have 50% losses. The terrain is a killer for the Austrians at the start in the centre - lots of streams and I counted them all for movement.Turn 2. I didn't read the errata about the reinforcement turn being 1 earlier than it should have been, so Rivaud's cavalry arrive to contest the Austrian Right ponderously crossing the Tornio. I made them have to manoeuvre into position one at a time in Monte-Castello and so they have to go spent as this is a town, the crossing is across a river into a wood, so that's also 2/3 move off. Elsewhere the French guard are moving up, and the Austrian artillery is moving away from the river to cross in support of their right:Turn 3 and the Austrians are finally in a position to start some attacks - here the French have flanked an attack:And so the turn ends with little Austrian progress:Turn 4 was one of consolidation as the Austrian's rallied. Dessaix appears (a turn early) and can be seen in march column (3 rightmost units) heading to support Lannes (mostly):Turn 5 and the Austrians try again and receive a bloody nose, losing 2 units to the French 1 (dead are at bottom of picture). Things are looking good for the French:Turn 6 - The Austrians reassert their predominance and eliminate the spent unit of Lannes and get a lucky 3 hits to take out another in the centre. The ponderous Austrian left is still crossing but being held up by the French cavalry:Turn 7 - Some desperate charges by the Guard and Kellerman are punished as these units are left vulnerable when spent for an Austrian counter. Losses really rack up this turn:Turn 8 - the last turn ends with the French losing a last unit and therefore at 50% overall losses they lose the game.Overall, it was a really nice experience to play on the beautiful map with the kriegspielesque counters. The game probably took about 2-3 hours with a fair bit of checking rules and a short break to make some measuring sticks (these are not any standard size). At first I doubted th[...]

Session: Massive Darkness:: Quest 5 - Here we are born to be kings we're the princes of the universe

Wed, 20 Sep 2017 13:48:06 +0000

by EastCoast Wow, this one was intense. To many of the people declaring the game too easy, I suggest grabbing groups of 3 or 4 players, and running up against quests 2, 4, or 5. They are of course very winnable, but they are not cakewalks.So, I'm still plugging along with the single class path variant. This allows you to take the enhanced health and 1 other path on your class sheet only. It's still looking good, though once again because of the quests "timing" mechanism, it really didn't come into play.I am going through the heroes in order so I had a helping of Azrael, Mila, and Zoe. This was all at once exciting and concerning. Without Slippery or Safeshot I was going to have a difficult time navigating to the fireworks.Mila took on the role of a Charge spec'd Shadow Barbarian. I had considered making her a Nightshade Ranger in the mold of an Amazonian spearwoman, but her leg sweep simply begs to be up close and personal. Azrael was a Payback Paladin of Fury. I had of course considered going with a Noble Warrior, but having just played Sarah on the prior mission I wanted something a little different. I couldn't wait to pick up a shield to unlock his special ability. (spoiler alert, all that treasure and nary a shield).Zoe was interesting. I considered a few different classes for her before deciding I would bust out the Warrior Priest for the first time. She went Purge spec, I decided I would be using the class signature for my healing.In no way would you ever take this as the ideal group for this quest, but Darkness cares little for the best laid plans of mice and men...Mila crouched down next to Azrael and Zoe. She frowned at the makeshift drawing Azrael had scribbled in the dust. "We need to lure the beast here, and then take down these support pillars here-", Mila cut Azrael off mid-sentence "You think the beast would be so stupid to fall for a trap that even a child could see through?", she snapped. Zoe shot Mila her nastiest glare. "Perhaps, Mila, you'd prefer to bounce another spear off the beast's hide? How many do you have left? Oh, that's right, none." Mila snorted and rolled her eyes. "Regardless", Azrael interrupted, "We can't kill it with weapons and Ajax swears there are artifacts here, here, and here", he pointed at the three rooms he'd drawn "that cause ripples in the fabric of this plane, ripples that the creature cannot resist." Mila narrowed her eyes at the mention of the mad Sorceror's name. "You trust this Ajax? Are you sure he isn't in league with the Darkness?" Azrael sighed, "No, I don't trust him, but Sarah does, and that's enough for me." Zoe got to her feet "I don't think we have much choice, the Immortal is already on its way." "Well", Mila chortled "I guess it's settled, you win one and a half to one." She turned and strode toward the rooms, axe at the ready. Zoe gritted her teeth, her face crimson. "You know Azrael, sometimes she makes me want to root for the Darkness." Azrael stifled a laugh, "Come Zoe, time to unleash our vengeance on the Darkness. For the Light." The heroes quickly moved to the first location, hoping to stay ahead of the Immortal that was surely moving their way. A band of Troglodytes and Reptisaurian Blowgunners rushed to meet the Lightbringers. Mila quickly pounded the filthy humans into submission, Azrael dispensing justice to their leader with a swift stroke of his sword. Zoe, careful to stick to the light used her spear to good effect felling two of the blowgunners. A dart snuck through her armor, bu[...]

Session: Fortune and Glory: The Cliffhanger Game:: First adventure of the first game (2-player coop) ever played - "Alexandar Cartwright and the Gauntlet of Loki"

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by Uthin October 7th, 1937, Hong KongDear Hetty,I know it has been a while since my last letter, but I have been quite busy these last couple of months and have only rarely been in a place where composing a structured letter was possible, much less to send off to you. But now it seems I will finally have some peace and quiet for picking up pen and paper for letters and maybe even a new novel.Peace and quiet. Precious things in a time like this, in a world like this. To think that it is not more than two or three months since my latest adventures began.It all started when the new German ambassador, Hans Flammenwerfer, arrived in Rio de Janeiro. I had been living there for the previous year or so trying to write and had grown to like the people there. A simple and friendly people, and a country where astounding beauty can be found around any corner. But the Nazis had arrived in force and were not afraid to show it, parading up and down streets and picking fights with any local stupid enough to take the Nazi bait.I was getting sick and tired of it and about ready to do something stupid about it. But then I received a telegram from Duke Dudley, the British Lord I told you about. You may recall how he absolutely despises anything to do with the German army. He had received some fairly disturbing news. Through various channels and connections in the British Foreign Ministry he had gotten evidence that Hitler had authorized a large-scale hunt for a number of old artifacts all over the world. He did not know why the krauts were spending so much effort to hunt down things that basically belong in a museum, but he had a hunch the rest of the world could not afford to let this go by uncontested. Unfortunately, his viewpoint fell on deaf ears in the British Foreign Ministry.So he contacted me. As I said, I was fast getting tired of the Nazis in Rio de Janeiro, but they were very solidly entrenched and not a target any lucid man would go up against. But their friends in a faraway place who had no idea we were coming? Fair game.Dudley shared the most well-founded rumor he had, that a Nazi colonel, by the name of Stahl if you can believe it, believed he had located the Gauntlet of Loki somewhere in Manchuria. I was a bit rusty on the Norse legends, but I am fairly certain this artifact is only mentioned in one or two obscure places. Apparently Loki wore it or used it to confound or confuse an army of giants so that they could easily be slaughtered by his Aesir friends. Usually I would just shrug a shoulder at soldiers hunting faery tales, but something about this struck me as odd. Suppose the myth was more than just a myth?I know it sounds far-fetched, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that the world was running short on freedom from oppression...Both Dudley and I raced for Manchuria, trying to find the Germans and foil their plans. Due to some lucky coincidences and some really bad weather in Europe and across central Asia that slowed Dudley down, I got there first.In order to find out exactly where they were, I had to sneak aboard a German U-boat that was sailing supplies to a nearby supply depot for the German expedition. Now, I will be the first to admit that sneaking is not exactly my strong suit. So I was prepared for duking it out with a hapless guard or two. Maybe by stealing a uniform from a KO’ed guard I could con my way on board. The plan was good. It was working fine. Actually maybe a bit too well, because who did I run into on [...]

Session: Leaving Earth:: My last solo game before Stations arrive. Very hard setting, long- and short version of gameplay.

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by Paladin_fin Welcome to mission control. Since I fully expect that once Stations gets here I won’t be playing without it, I’m doing a last run of vanilla Leaving Earth. Here is how that turned out:Setting up for a Very Hard solo basic game, here are the missions drawn.(Mars Lander 7pts, Man on Mars 24pts, Phobos Sample Return 12pts, Venus Station 27pts, Mercury Sample Return 19pts, Man In Space 2pts, Lunar Lander 6pts, Lunar Station 15pts and Space Station 6pts.)Not great, but not impossible by any means. Looks like I have missions to 5 different planets, and 2 pretty easy missions that both still require me to get and keep an astronaut in space. Taking a quick count, there is 118pts visible, meaning that I need to aim for a score of 60+ pts. Of course if it turns out I can´t land on all planets this will drop, but we will take that as a bonus if it happens and we will not be counting on it during mission planning. (Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and all that.)The 2 hands down hardest missions are the manned missions to Mars and Venus. If I were to leave them both out, and complete everything else, that would be enough. This means my only manned mission would be to put a man on the moon, and in doing so I would also complete the 2 lesser manned missions. The rest I can do with probes.Getting the sample from Mercury takes a really long time to do with Ion engines, so I’d better start that one more or less ASAP. That or do it midgame and invest a hefty deal in going in with actual rockets.I will also try to quickly get probes out to Venus and Mars and hopefully find that I can’t land on them. The moon will be a more end-game thing, as it is comparably easy to get to and I will need a bunch of tech to get there and back in a single mission.I’ll be presenting this rapport in 2 forms. First in a shorter version with heavily summarized commentary. Second, a year – by – year more technical version with more banter. The SHORT version : Early game. 1956 - 1961.Techs bought: Saturn rocket, Ion thruster, Juno Rocket and Rendezvous. Score: 0 / 118I stock up on the basics, try to get early Ion-probes out, and try to start the Mercury Sample Return mission. I’m thinking I can do it slowly and cheaply if I start early enough. I can test tech while the probe is on its way. I am set back pretty badly when my first Saturn detonates on the pad, blowing up some 40mil of components. A calculated risk I took, and now have to compensate for. Not the best start, but I manage to get replacement parts into safely into orbit. Tech is still pretty sketchy, but time to start going places.Early Mid-Game. 1962 – 1966.Techs bought: Landing, Surveying, Soyuz Rocket and Life-Support.Score: 7 / 111I send of Ion-Probes both for the long haul to Mercury, and to Mars and Phobos. I learn that radiation is at 2, scrubbing my hopes for any “big” mission to Venus or Mars, but find alien tech on Phobos. I complete my Mars lander mission, and manage to load up enough samples from Phobos to get me the remaining techs free and functioning once I get them home. I also start testing out life-support in an unmanned capsule.Late Mid-Game. 1967 – 1971.Tech acquired from Phobos samples: Atlas Rocket, Re-entry.Astronauts hired: Buzz Aldrin.Score: 19 / 99The samples from Phobos gets to earth, earning me some free tech. My probe on mercury collects its sample and heads back towards earth. I hire and astronaut put him [...]

Session: Darkest Night: With an Inner Light:: AAR #2 Part 2 - Session and Comments with Beta Test Kit

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by AfrikaKorps14 TURN 7DR (R):NM present (-1S = 5); E: Elude with Camouflage successful;Completed Quest – Opportunists (spent Action) > Vanishing Dust, given to ShamanSH (R):NM present (-1S = 1); Start: Spirit Sight > Map card;E: -2S = 0; Move to Village (+1S = 1); Blight = Fail; Vanishing Dust > SuccessPG (M):E: Fight with Rebuke (2d) = Fail (-1G = 3); Move to Monastery (+1S = 5)KN (F):E: Fight with Charge (2d) = Success;Attack Skeletons (-1S = 4) with Charge + Oath of Purging (2d +2d) = Success (G at max.)NM (C):D:+1 (9)M:Forest (NOOOOOOO!)B:DESECRATION! (Double NOOOOOOOO!)Comments: “No plan survives contact with the enemy.” Truer words were never spoken. Despite all our planning, the NM decides to follow the Knight and drop a Desecration no less in our open location. Well, at least it takes the heat off the Shaman so that she can reach the Monastery in one piece. That Vanishing Dust really came in handy! The Paragon will head to the Forest if needed; otherwise, he will head to the Ruins to set up another possible location for attacking the NM. Since Steadfastness provides +1d vs. Blights, he may be needed to get rid of Dark Fog. Plus, he will have an easier time getting through the Village if needed.TURN 8SH (+):E: Eluded using Balance; Move to Monastery (+1S = 2)DR (R):E: Eluded using Camouflage; Hide (+1S = max., refresh Vines)KN (F):NM present (-1S = 3); E: Eluded using Sprint;Attack Desecration (-1S = 2) with Charge (2d) = Fail (-1G = 4)PG (+):(No Event); Move to Forest (S at max.)NM (M):D:+1 (10) + Desecration (11) – NM now drops 2 Blights in any location without oneM:Stays in Forest (with Knight)B:Zombies (2, with Desecration)Comments: Hmmm...that was a mixed turn. The Shaman made it to safety and the Druid eluded his Event, but the Knight blew it and now we have to deal with 2 Blight drops in each open location. Hopefully, we can set ourselves up in the Ruins for a good result.TURN 9PG (F):NM present (-1S = 4); E: Fight with Rebuke (2d) = Success;Attack Desecration (-1S = 3) with Rebuke (2d) = Success; Blight = Elude Fail (-1G = 2)KN (F):NM present (-1S = 1); E: Quest +1T – Dark Seed (5T / 1P, Village); Move to Ruins (+1S = 2)DR (R):E: Elude with Camouflage = Success; Retrieve Holy RelicSH (+):(no Event); Pray = +0G, refresh Ancestral Power; +1S = 3NM (M):D:+1 (12)Q:Dark Seed = +1T (2 / 5 Turns) (We may have to let this go...)M:Stays in Forest (with Paragon)B:Shroud (2, with Zombies)Comments: At least the Desecration is gone—that should help—and the Paragon's two powers are looking more and more essential for tackling Blights prior to a NM attack. The Druid retrieves the Holy Relic in anticipation of using Vines on the NM. The Shaman gains no Grace, but does refresh a potentially helpful power. Here goes nothing...TURN 10KN (R):E: Startling News (+1T Quest = 3 / 5); Activate Oath of PurgingSH (+):(No Event); Pray with Ancestral Power (2d +2d) = +2G (4), refresh power; +1S = 4PG (F):NM present (-1S = 2); E: Ritual > Zombies (2, with Shroud + Zombies);Move to Ruins (+1S = 3)DR (R):Holy Relic (-1S = 4); E: -1S = 3; Search = FailNM (M):D:+1 (13)Q:Dark Seed = +1T (4 / 5 Turns) (This isn't going to happen...)M:RuinsB:Vampire (2, with Dark Fog)Comments: The Shaman is getting back to a useful state, and we may need her yet. The Knight gets his Oath ready for the Vampire and the Paragon move to the Ruins to tackle the Dark Fog. The Dr[...]

Session: Darkest Night: With an Inner Light:: AAR #1 Part 1 - Comprehensive Session with Beta Test Kit

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by AfrikaKorps14 INITIAL SETUP* Rules Set (DN):Latest published rules from web site* Rules Set (WAIL):Beta rules provided with test kitCharacters* Rogue (RG):Eavesdrop (Spend 1S to Search with 3d)Vanish (Elude w/ 2d; Gain +1S on 2 successes)Ambush (Spend 1S to Attack with 3d)* Crusader (CR):Wrath (Spend 1G to Attack with 4d)Providence (Spend 1G to Search with 2d; keep 2 Map cards if 2 successes)Anointed (+1 to default G; +1d when Praying)* Scholar (SC):Preparation (Exhaust after any die roll for a re-roll)Foresight (Elude with 2d)Thoroughness (On successful search, draw extra card and discard 1)* Monk (MK):Chi Burst (Exhaust to use Chi Powers)Quiet (Elude w/ 2d; Chi Tactic = Elude w/ 5d, +1S if you roll a 6)Clarity (+1 to highest die when Searching;Chi Bonus = use after Search to select result from other location)Comments: We decided on this mix of characters partly to test (a) if the Crusader is a valid replacement for the Fighter (i.e. how much is the Crusader a basic “tank”); (b) if the Monk can effectively split his actions between Searches (using Providence), limited attacks on low-power Blights, and completing Quests; and (c) if they both rely too heavily on a limited element (either Grace or Chi Bonuses, respectively) to be practical.Blights* Mountains (M):Curse* Castle (C):Unholy Aura* Village (V):Spies (But Mom! We ALWAYS start with this Blight here...)* Swamp (S):Skeletons* Forest (F):Confusion (Yuck. This one is always trouble for most of the characters.)* Ruins (R):Vampire* Monastery (+):(N/A – included simply to indicate abbreviation)Comments: The Blight draw was not too bad, although it seems that EVERY GAME starts with Spies in the Village—that's just bizarre. One thing that we noticed as soon as Confusion showed up in the Forest—almost all of our Fight/Elude Powers are Tactics. This could be a problem...TURN 1Start Phase skipped – Nothing happened yet which would affect another character during the Start Phase.Event Phase skipped – Characters start in the Monastery, so no Event cards are drawn per Rule 11.1.Crusader (CR):Stays to Pray (since default Grace is 6, have to Pray to reach new default of 7)Scholar (SC):Move to Village (V); -1S due to SpiesMonk (MK):Move to ForestRogue (RG):Move to Village; -1S due to SpiesNecromancer (NM):Darkness Effect:+1 (1)Movement (from C):Stays in CastleNew Blight:Vampire (2nd Blight at this location)Comments: Even before proceeding very far, I get the impression that the Crusader will be spending a LOT of time returning to the Monastery to “recharge”. This may end up restricting his freedom of movement to the far side of the board. If he does need to spend time over there, then he will probably be one of the characters that needs to rely on Waystones to get back and forth from the Monastery quickly. Moving the Monk to the Forest may not have been smart, as the Search roll is higher and he can't use any Tactics to attack the Confusion Blight. Hopefully the Scholar gets a good Search result and start us off on a high note.TURN 2N.B. – Going forward, moves will be abbreviated to show only important changes in game state. Notations about Events, Quests, and Blights may be shortened to show only the relevant effect on the characters.CR (+):Pray = +1G (7)MK (F):Event: Quest – Dark Seed (5T, 1P) > MountainsSearch with Clarity = Epiphany > Quivering Palm (Attack w/ 2d, C[...]

Session: Burma:: Campaign Scenario 2

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by sscharlesk [ImageID=]Here we go. I figured I would put out a report on a game of Burma campaign scenario 2. I am the Japanese and I have finished my first turn. The special rules we are playing with are the allies get the reduced strength c-46, 4.8 where the allies get the big 5.5 guns (which cost vps to use), rule 4.6 that make allied tanks powerful (which they were historically) and a couple special ones I made up. First the Japanese can eat their mules (1 mule equals 1 sp) and finally if the INA units are involved in any combat that the Japanese player is not the winner in they are eliminated forever. I thought that was a good rule because they are strong units that can help the Japanese a lot. However morale and equipment was bad. I figured if the Japanese are doing well then they would continue to hang around. However if they run into difficulties then they would melt away due to desertion. These rules all favor the allies but I believe they are accurate and proper to use. Japanese turn 1 report March 15. Bad supply and reinforcement rolls. No reinforcements and only 1 sp in Mandalay. Not too much to worry about yet because there are good Japanese stockpiles and we are at almost full strength. 2sps (entire Japanese rail capacity) are immediately sent north to Mitch. It is important to get as much up there as soon as possible because the Chindits will cut the rail lines immediately (1/2 vp per turn and just good strategy). It will be hard to get supplies from Mandalay up north through Bhamo. The Japanese have two trucks only and they will be needed to supply the Imphal offensive for the most part. It will be hard to keep the 18th division in supply. But there are ten sps up north right now. So we have time. Northern Front: Supplies are shifted around and a battalion is sidestepped to block Merrill's direct path through the mountains. Everyone else hedgehogs and prepares for the Chinese onslaught. Artillery units are placed in reserve. One battalion guards Mitch to the north (allies can't get there for some time though) and one battalion moves to protect the HQ from a possible Chindit assault from the southeast (I don't think its very likely due to supply constraints and dispersal concerns). Tanaka and the 18th division are in for a rough time. Let's see how they can do. A trickle of reinforcements will arrive throughout the next month. Here's hoping the low Chinese morale and thievery (1/2 of sps lost at Ledo) keep the Chinese from making too much progress too fast. Central front: The area is going to be surrendered to the Chindits for now. The railroad will be cut. It is simply too difficult to keep open. I also don't want to disperse battalions there just to get destroyed by quality Chindit attacks. I also want the Imphal offensive to be as powerful as possible as quickly as possible so I moved two 15th division battalions straight towards Imphal. I want to hold Indaw and Hopin for now. Indaw is safe for one turn but needs to fortify as quickly as possible. Wait for reinforcements before considering anything against the Chindits (one average brigade and one lower quality brigade). Should be interesting. The Chindits cannot go south of B.30 so the Japanese HQ at Wunthe is safe from them. They also cannot cooperate with Stilwe[...]

Session: Darkest Night: With an Inner Light:: AAR #1 Part 2 - Comprehensive Session with Beta Test Kit

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by AfrikaKorps14 TURN 7MK (F):Attack (-1S) Confusion = SUCCESS! Woohoo for the Monk!CR (V):E: Fight Cultist with Wrath (-1G = 1, 4d) = -1D (5); Move to Monastery (+1S = 5)SC (C):-1S (NM) = 0; No Event – Eluded NM; Move to Mountains (+1S = 1)RG (C):-1S (NM) = 2; E: Panic / Quest (+1T) – Spawning Shades (4T / 3P, Forest)Exhaust Contacts (+1S = 3); Hide (+1S = 4, refresh)NM (C):D:+1 (6)Q:Spawning Shades = +1T (2 / 4 Turns) M:MountainsB:CorruptionComments: Well, I didn't really want to fight the Cultist and risk a failure, but using Wrath made it worth the gamble—that's twice that we've backed up the Darkness track so far, and I'm not complaining either. What's more, the Monk has finally redeemed himself and found some good karma somewhere. However, the Crusader really needs to duck into the Monastery and Pray (with his 3 dice—thank you, Anointed).TURN 8CR (+):(no Event); Pray with Anointed (+1d) = +1G (2) / S at max.SC (C):-1S (NM) = 0; No Event – Elude NM = -1G (2); Move to Monastery (+1S = 1)RG (C):Search = Bottled MagicMK (F):Hide (+1S = 4, refresh)NM (M):D:+1 (7)Q:Spawning Shades = +1T (3 / 4 Turns; we're not gonna make it on this one...)M:Stays in MountainsB:Taint (2, with Corruption)Comments: I was hoping for better Pray results, but with all the 6's the Crusader has rolled, I can't complain. The Scholar needs to duck into the Monastery to shake off the NM. The Rogue's Bottled Magic may come in handy against the NM at the end—that's how we used it last time and it saved the day.(QUESTION FOR DESIGNER: If you are battling the NM with a Relic in a location without any Blights—meaning you can destroy him at that point—how does the Relic interact with Bottled Magic? Do you roll your dice, add +1 to the highest roll and if you fail, roll the +3d for Bottled Magic and again add +1 to the highest roll? Does the Relic only help the initial roll, meaning Bottled Magic has no modifiers?)TURN 9CR (+):(no Event); Pray with Anointed (+1d) = +1G (3); S at max. (Ack! The Monk jinxed him!)MK (F):E: Urgent Plea / Quest (+1T) – Ill Weather (4T / 5P, Mountains)Attack Spawning Shades with Quivering Palm + Chi Burst (4d)= 3 Successes, Quest complete > KEY #1!RG (C):Search = Supply Cache > SabotageSC (+):(no Event); Pray = +2G (4), refresh; +1S = 2NM (M):D:+1 (8)Q:Ill Weather = +1T (2 / 4 Turns; despite this turn, I'm not sure about this one either...)M:Stays in MountainsB:Unholy Aura (3, with Corruption, Taint)Comments: OK, now I may complain. I think the bad karma from the Monk landed on the Crusader. That's 6 dice rolled with a 60% chance of success on each one and only 2 successes. *sigh* Another Quest appears, and this one looks unlikely to be completed, despite the Monk's sudden combat prowess. The Rogue is happily racking up Powers—we'll need them for later.TURN 10RG (C):Move to Swamp (+1S); Attacked by Skeletons = -1G (1; Whoops! That's went backwards!)MK (F):Attack (-1S) Dark Fog with Quivering Palm (2d) = Fail / LOSE TURN (Bad karma's back!)CR (+):(no Event); Pray with Anointed (+1d) = +1G (4); S at max. (ARRRRGGGGH!)SC (+):(no Event); Move to Forest (+1S = 3)NM (M):D:+1 (9)Q:Ill Weather = Time Expires – All characters -1G (Yikes!)M:VillageB:Spies (2, with Zombies)Comments: For Pete's Sake! Talk about a total reversal of fortune. The only person who didn't fai[...]

Session: One-Minute Che Guevara -- Bolivia 1967:: One-Minute Che Guevara -- el Comandante está muerto

Tue, 19 Sep 2017 14:21:12 +0000

by pete belli One-Minute Che Guevara -- el Comandante está muertoNext month will mark the 50th anniversary of the death of Ernesto "Che" Guevara during the 1967 guerilla campaign in Bolivia. One-Minute Che Guevara is a microgame that depicts these events with a small map and a limited number of counters. This is a free "Print & Play" solitaire challenge and the entire campaign can be played in a minute or two. However, the game offers a player many of the political and military choices available to Guevara in 1967.Guevara was sent to the Bolivian wilderness because his presence in Cuba was a political inconvenience to the Castro regime. The so-called Ejército de Liberación Nacional (army of national liberation) led by Guevara consisted of a few dozen ragged, hungry guerillas suffering from a variety of health problems. The citizens of Bolivia did not embrace the goals of the ELN and provided supplies to Guevara with reluctance. Quite often the peasants in the region where Guevara operated became informers. The game reflects this narrative and it is difficult for Guevara to leave Bolivia with anything to show for the sacrifices endured by his compañeros. Speaking frankly, in the historical scenario it is difficult for Che to leave Bolivia while he is still breathing.I decided to step into Guevara's shoes (actually, the poorly supplied guerillas were practically barefoot when Che was captured) and carry the banner of socialism into the mountains of Bolivia. Here is the situation at the beginning of the game:Guevara is operating in the Santa Cruz region of Bolivia. He had originally planned to campaign in the Los Yungas region of northern Bolivia, a fertile area that was closer to Guevara's urban network in La Paz. Che and his guerillas had even studied Quechua, the language of the local inhabitants. However, the Bolivian Communist Party did not approve of Guevara's anti-Moscow rhetoric. Guevara was forced to change the ELN base of operations to the rugged mountains of southwestern Bolivia. An optional rule allows Guevara to begin the game in the Los Yungas area and gain extra support.The three score tracks represent propaganda points, supply points, and evasion points. The first portion of the game is the political phase. Those green Bolivian army units are not active until the second part of the game, the military phase.Random event cards are used to create a narrative during the political phase. This is the Urban Network Compromised event that lowers the ELN supply level by two points and lowers the evasion level by one point. The loss of this network is a heavy blow. Tamara Bunke was a clandestine operative from East Germany. She ran the ELN's urban network in La Paz and was in charge of logistics, finance, documents, and weapons. Her position was compromised after she failed to follow basic security procedures. Bunke joined the guerillas in the mountains and used her nom de guerre Tania; she was killed in an ambush. The player has the option to respond to an unfavorable event card by playing one of three different command cards at Guevara's disposal. I decide to use Armed Propaganda (essentially a show of force among the villagers) to spread the ELN message and gather supplies. The propaganda level is increased by two and the supply level is increased by one.Th[...]

Session: Darkest Night: With an Inner Light:: AAR #2 Part 1 - Complete Session with Beta Test Kit

Tue, 19 Sep 2017 14:21:02 +0000

by AfrikaKorps14 INITIAL SETUP* Rules Set (DN):Latest published rules from web site* Rules Set (WAIL):Beta rules provided with test kitCharacters* Knight (KN):Charge (Fight with 2d)Sprint (Elude w/ 2d)Oath of Purging (When activated, +2d when attacking Blight; +1G when fulfilled)* Shaman (SH):Spirit Sight (At start of turn, take Map card; can be placed on Map deck at any time)Balance (+1d for all Event rolls; when Hiding, can gain S up to default, not just 5)Ancestral Power (Exhaust before any die roll, +2d to that roll)* Druid (DR):Animal Companion (Fight with 2d; exhaust if you fail)Camouflage (Elude with 2d)Sprite Form (Deactivate all Forms, optionally activate;ignore Blight effects except when NM present, but no G gain)* Paragon (PG):Rebuke (Fight with 2d; can deactivate an Aura to add 3d)Effusion (Gain 2G; can deactivate an Aura to give all heroes at your location 1G)Steadfastness (+1 to default G; +1 on rolls to defend against Blights)Comments: For our first test of WaIL, we employed the Rogue, Scholar, Crusader, and Monk. Therefore, we employed the Shaman and Paragon this time. We hoped to test (a) how well the Paragon can function in direct action with his limited G and S (assuming the circumstances work out to try this); (b) does the Spirit Sight power of the Shaman unbalance the game and if so, to what degree; and (c) whether or not the Paragon and Shaman essentially equivalent to the Prince and the Seer, respectively. Do they duplicate the role or powers of these base characters to the point where you wouldn't want to use them together?Blights* Mountains (M):Evil Presence* Castle (C):Zombies* Village (V):Evil Presence (wow, that one twice)* Swamp (S):Shroud (Eewww...this one can be nasty if paired with stuff like Desecration.)* Forest (F):Skeletons* Ruins (R):Skeletons (hmmm, this one twice as well; I think this is a first—double duplicates.)* Monastery (+):(N/A – included simply to indicate abbreviation)Comments: Overall, this was a really good Blight draw in that none of the “monsters” are overly difficult to fight / elude if you end your turn at their location. While I dislike Shroud, it's not quite as bad having it appear in the Swamp compared to, say, the Village (which is the crossroads for movement) or the Castle (which is essential for characters with poor search ability to gain powers). Evil Presence isn't great, but at least it doesn't possess an end-of-turn effect. Notably, this is the first game where two different Blights are duplicated on the initial Blight draw. What is the probability for this given the size of the Map deck? Were the starting possibilities for Blights limited to prevent all Desecrations, Liches, and Vampires on Turn 1?TURN 1Event Phase skipped – Characters start in the Monastery, so no Event cards are drawn per Rule 4.1.Paragon (PG):Stays to Pray (since default Grace is 3, have to Pray to reach new default of 4)Shaman (SH):Start: Spirit Sight > take Map card; Move to Village (V) (S at max.)Knight (KN):Activate Oath of Purging; Stays in Monastery (+), but S already at max.Druid (DR):Activate Sprite Form; Stays in Monastery (+), but S already at max.Necromancer (NM):Darkness Effect:+1 (1)Movement (from C):Move to Village (V)New Blight:Vampire (2nd Blight at this location, with Ev[...]

Session: Darkest Night: With an Inner Light:: AAR #1 Part 3 - Session End and Comments with Beta Test Kit

Tue, 19 Sep 2017 12:21:15 +0000

by AfrikaKorps14 TURN 15SC (F):Search with Preparation = FailMK (F):E: -1S; Search with Clarity + Chi Burst = Success > KEY #3!CR (M):E: -1G = 4; Move to Castle (+1S = 4)RG (M):Search w/ Eavesdrop (-1S = 4) = Supply Cache > Shadow CloakNM (R):D:+1 (15)Q:Dark Tower = +1T (3 / 6)M:ForestB:Evil Presence (3, with Shroud and Confusion)Comments: Ha-HA! The third key pops up, just like we hoped it would. I will say that combining the Monk's Clarity and Chi Powers together creates quite the potential to get Keys fast, especially if the Monk is in the Castle. Now we need to get the Monk / Scholar (one of the two) up to the Mountains / Rogue so that the Rogue can pick up the Relic. Since there is a chance that the Crusader may fail on his first roll, we also need the Rogue to give the Crusader his Bottled Magic for good measure.TURN 16CR (C):E: Quest – Angry Guardian (4T / 1P, Swamp); Search with Providence = WaystoneRG (M):E: Elude (2 Successes) = +1S (6); Search w/ Eavesdrop (-1S = 5) = WaystoneMK (F):-1S = 3 (NM); E: -1G = 2; Move to Monastery (+1S = 4)SC (F):-1S = 4 (NM); E: -1G = 3; Move to Monastery (+1S = 5)NM (F):D:+1 (16)Q:Dark Tower = +1T (4 / 6; if all goes well, this will be irrelevant...)Q:Angry Guardian = +1T (1 / 4; while a Waystone could fix this, I'm gonna save it)M:VillageB:Lich (4, with Skeleton, Zombies, and Spies)Comments: OK, by getting the Monk and the Scholar into the Monastery, I should be able to lure the NM to the Castle at the right time. We just need to keep him out of the Village now that it has 4 Blights. In most cases, getting a Waystone in our group is like getting the consolation prize on a game show, but at this point, we may need them to duck into the Monastery for a quick healing. The Crusader in particular may need both of these—one to get to the Monastery and one to get back to wherever the NM is.TURN 17SC (+):(no Event); Move to Mountains (S at max.); Give 3 KEYS to RogueMK (+):(no Event); Pray = +1G (3); +1S = 5RG (M):E: Elude (2 Successes) = +1S (6); Retrieve Relic; Use Waystone (+1S = 7) > CastleCR (C):E: -2S = 1; Get from RG: Relic (-1S = 0), Bottled Magic, Magic MaskAttack (S = 0) Evil Presence with Wrath (-1G = 2, 4d) + Relic (+1 highest die) = SuccessNM (V):D:+1 (17)Q:Dark Tower = +1T (5 / 6)Q:Angry Guardian = +1T (2 / 4)M:Castle (follows Crusader, as planned)B:Spies (I never thought I would be happy to see THIS come out at the NM location!)Comments: Well, the next turn should tell the tale. The Rogue will need to attack the Spies to pave the way for the Crusader's attack on the NM. Since the Crusader already has the Relic and Bottled Magic, we should be able to get at least one “7” (unless bad karma rears its ugly head again...). While the moves for the Scholar and Monk will probably be academic, we are still allowing the Monk to recover in case he's needed.TURN 18 (Last Turn)RG (C):-1S = 6 (NM); E: Dark Tower +1T (6 / 6) = Expired, +1D = 18;Attack (-1S = 5) Spies with Ambush (-1S = 4, 3d) = SuccessCR (C):No Event – NM present (-1S = 0, but NM Attack forgotten during game—oops!)Attack (-1S = 0) NM with Wrath (-1G = 1, 4d) + Relic (+1 to highest die) = Success, WIN!POST-GAME NOTESAt the beginning of the game, we missed several important rules due [...]

Session: Leaving Earth: Stations:: OKB-1 goes to Mars

Tue, 19 Sep 2017 11:36:43 +0000

by briezee Set up for Normal mode using base (w/ Mercury) and Stations. Missions were:Artificial Satellite (2)Man in Space (2)Venus Survey (6)Phobos Survey (2)Mars Fly-by (4)Manned Mars Fly-by (12)Mars Lander (7)Lunar Survey (4)Manned Lunar Fly-by (5)Extraterrestrial Life Survey (10, upon completion add ET Life Sample (40) to the mission pool)Occupational mission: Man on VenusPlayed as the USSR (for the simple reason, the red pieces stand out to me).Setup for the solo game on Normal difficulty: My plan was to go for as many missions as possible (due to playing on normal which is the step below recommended for solo play), leaving Venus and the Moon for last, and ignoring the ET life survey (because of the inability to chose to not complete a mission and I didn't want to discover life and potential not be able to get enough points). The new Features actually helped me in that goal due to the initial card flip stating if the planet had features or was incapable of further exploration.As many of my missions were the easier ones, I didn't have to go for a lot of the new technology in the Expansion, but I did make heavy use of the new locations Mars Cycler and Earth Cycler.I got a probe to Mars Orbit while working out and purchasing the parts for a manned mission to the Mars vicinity (even with the upped budget of $30M instead of $25, I was still blowing through money like water) and revealed Phobos and Mars. I landed probe successfully and revealed a patch of Badlands, but the engineers steered the craft perfectly and it wasn't damaged. (I explored further features later on Mars incorrectly, so while they are shown in my photo, they are not in my point total.)Due to the new mental health rules, I employed a whole lot more astronauts than in previous games quite and also performed a bit more jiggering of craft in Earth Orbit than normal. (Not sending a trio of astronauts to Mars in an Apollo lander, but rather using the Aldrin capsule, and then having to change rendezvous in Earth orbit to the Apollo lander because it could perform reentry.) The mass of rendezvoused capsules and supplies came to be known as Adhoc Station.Patrick Baudry became the first man in space, and then a decade later, he, Rodolfo Neri, and Vladimir Remek became the first men to fly-by Mars. Remek was originally planned to be the first man in space but he had a bad feeling and called in sick. (i.e. I forgot to put him on the component stack and didn't realize until after I drew the outcome) His craft was launched anyway and unfortunately blew up on the launchpad. Excellent instincts on Remek's part.As a consequence of testing various technologies, I ended up with a surplus of Vostok capsules connected up in Earth Orbit. I came up with the bright idea of using the Eagle Capsule to save weight on my manned lunar fly-by. While my solar radiation was negligible, my suborbital space was dangerous and had a 38% chance to incapacitate astronauts traveling through it. Baudry made two trips through safely and Remek and Neri each made one trip safely through. Buzz Aldrin, astronaut for the Lunar mission, unfortunately became incapacitated in sub-orbit on his way to orbit in a craft that couldn't reenter Earth's atmosphere. While, i[...]

Session: Sentinels of the Multiverse:: Does flesh trump energy? I dunno, but absent-mindedness trumps everything.

Tue, 19 Sep 2017 11:34:56 +0000

by collectible cardinal It’s been too long since I did a mini-villains battle, and since I’ve faced each of the Villains of the Multiverse in solitaire precisely once, and have to start a second series of them, I’m opening with the ones who I’ve not yet managed to lose a game to (there are exactly three of these, and Villains tends to be harder with fewer of them against fewer heroes, although I’m sure there are exceptions), in order to see whether that streak will break. But I’m not exactly trying to lose, so it’s still not an Advanced game, and I’m using my most powerful character, the original Nightmist, as a nemesis to the hardest-hitting and hardest-to-crack of these three villains. For the other two heroes, I’m turning again to my new promo collection; Captain Infinitor returns, and with him is the boring but powerful Legacy in his latest iteration (which I have seen played before, but not played him myself, so he’s premiering in this solo game; only the more boring heroes are allowed to do this). With the very first Environment that I ever battled in (under the mistaken impression that it looked like part of the core game, which was false, and thus was probably a reasonably simple starting point, which was true) as our setting, we’re set to go.Biomancer [18] vs. Freedom Five Legacy [32] vs. Citizens Hammer [17] and Anvil [18] vs. Nightmist [27] vs. Bugbear [30] vs. Captain Infinitor [29] vs. the Pike Industrial Complex.Setup: Hammer and Shield [10], Blood Scent, The Carbon Adept [5], a Homunculus [7], and the Bastion position begin in play; this is the first time I’ve seen Bastion be the initial Position, making it nearly impossible to damage cards other than Anvil (in particular his Hammer and Shield has DR 3, and gives him DR 1, while everything else has at least DR 2, notably including the this-must-die-NOW Carbon Adept, who would otherwise be a weak starting card), while allowing him to resurrect at 5 HP after he’s killed. Not a promising start for our heroes! Legacy begins with two Next Evolutions with Fortitude and Motivational Charge between them; Nightmist draws Tome of Elder Magic {3}, Elder Ring {1}, Enlightenment {3} and Mistbound {1}, while Captain Cosmic gets to start with two Potent Disruptions, an Energy Bracer and an Autonomous Blade.Biomancer 1: Friend or Foe? is played, causing Nightmist to punch Legacy for 3 [29]. Homunculus attacks either Legacy or Cap, and the latter volunteers [26].Legacy 1: Knowing that he’ll be hit for melee at least once, likely twice, Legacy tries out Next Evolution, then draws “THOKK!”, hoping that the Carbon Adept won’t eat the card, but at least having a backup copy in case he does.Citizens 1: Cleansing Flames is played, hitting each hero [Legacy 28, Nightmist 26, Captain Infinitor 25], though the healing is wasted. Hammer flames Nightmist for 2 [24], then Legacy catches the Hammer and Shield attack without harm.Nightmist 1: Equipment is currently safe enough, so she plays the Tome of Elder Magic, but she needs the Amulet, so she uses Investigation instead [22], drawing Oblivion {4}, Mist-Fueled Recovery {4}, and Call Forth {4}.Bugbear 1: Feral Brawn enters play[...]

Session: The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game:: Journey in the dark - 3 player campaign mode

Tue, 19 Sep 2017 03:12:03 +0000

by Dren608

And so it happened we traveled the Mines of Moria, defeated the Orc Chieftain and 8 of his Orcish followers to at last come to the Bridge and the Balrog. Snowborne scouts, Errand rider, and an iron hills miner all sacrificed them selves as we passed toward the bridge. Then the Balrog made the mistake of turning on Rohan. Eowyn and Ents, and Rohirim together managed 25 attack and did 14 damage to the Balrog, even after it had decimated the followers of Theoden and Eowyn. The next round the Balrog came after the party attempting to cross the bridge after us, But Aragorn with a majestic Voice never heard by the Hobbits before declared "You shall not Defy the King of Gondor" and the Balrog and Aragon went down with the bridge. Merry, Sam and Pippin reacted and out snaked a rope that Aragorn was able to grasp. Whether it was "Fortune or Fate" he was saved from the fall to into the pit. The Fellowship quested out by the 10th round quest phase. We finished with a score of 66 (126-60 VP) in 9 full rounds (I don't count rounds in the scores, but do keep track of them). It was Epic!! Thank you my fellow players (realized I didn't ask your permission to use your names so I refer by what I considered the main characters of your builds)Eowyn and Co. and Aragorn and Co. for getting us through that!

Session: None But Heroes:: None But Heroes - Extended Recap

Tue, 19 Sep 2017 02:50:40 +0000

by catchnick4 These are a series of posts I had previously made in a guild forum, but it seemed logical to add them to the games page as well. This is not one singular session of the game, but we instead played from the 6am turn to 1pm in person and I transposed it over to VASSAL so we could complete the game there.I've become infatuated with the Line of Battle series of games and I'm hoping this recap does the system justice. If it piques your interest, head over to MMP and pre-order To Take Washington to support the series. It sounds like it will be a great entry point for somebody new to the series. Apparently there is another game focused on the Wilderness that is in the works, so there's that to look forward to as well. As of 9/18/17, we aren't finished. I will be adding to this thread as we continue. Here's Uncle John's quick overview from July:This last weekend I took part in the greatest gaming experience of my life. I headed over to Nick's after work on Thursday for one of our gaming weekends. This time it was solely focused on None But Heroes. We had a little pre-gaming with my sister, brother-in-law, and one of my nieces before getting in probably 3 hours. We cut work early on Friday and probably got back to it by 4pm and played until 3am. Saturday we probably went from 1pm until we stopped at 3am to futz around BSing until 5. So great!I'll let Nick do his thing to explain the flow of things but I'm really loving Line of Battle. I love the vaguery of the orders system. I probably bugged Nick too much asking about what I'm allowed to do within the orders I received. From now on, I'm just going to focus on the orders I receive and interpret them the way I see them. I loved the way we played where we were the top commander of one side and then implemented the orders of the other side. Such a genius idea. I've raised Nick right. True. All of it. We both agreed that this one topped the list in terms of most fun we've had on a gaming weekend. Notable highlights for me included winning a bet on a rules dispute and him having to chug a beer, eating the spiciest foods known to humankind, drinking beer and enjoying the lovely Indiana summer, and of course the game itself!So about the game... As mentioned elsewhere, we took the LoB command rules and put our own twist on it. As McClellan, he was responsible for the overall strategy of the Union. As Lee, Jackson, and Longstreet, I was charged with conducting Confederate strategy. However, both of us switched sides and took the roles of our opposing commanders forces on the ground. Those corps and divisional leaders who received orders from the army commanders were charged with implementing those orders to the best of their ability. And so the battle began...McClellan, who was given the ability to begin the game with a command under accepted orders, opted to use this chance to maneuver his cavalry into the flank of the Confederate left flank on Nicodemus Hill. It took them nearly an hour to go from the east side of Antietam Creek to their positions on 1st Corps flank. By that point, the Confederates could see it coming. As the troopers in blue rode forward tow[...]

Session: Liberty or Death: The American Insurrection:: first game report

Tue, 19 Sep 2017 01:43:54 +0000

by Bald Terror We took our first stab at this game at a monthly meetup this past Saturday. We had four players, all new to the game. I think I was the only one with no experience with COIN games. I read the rules a few times, but my understanding was very limited as it turned out. I played the French and only understood how to take my pre-Treaty actions, and not even what the implications were for them since I didn't even understand my post-Treaty actions or the actions of anybody else! We played the full scenario to the final Winter Quarters, where I got the win based on the points. All in all, it took us about 7 hours to finish. This is my recollection of what transpired, maybe some of the other players will chime in and set the record straight. I wish I had taken a game log, but I doubt I would have had the stamina.The strategy that I set upon from the jump was to concentrate on British casualties and to try and enter the war as soon as possible. As such, I never gave the Patriots resources once in the entire game, and I only brought out one Squadron pre-Treaty and a second late. I wish that I had brought out more squadrons earlier. I guess I was worried about not pulling my weight with the fighting. As it was, I didn't even get to play Treaty until after the third Winter at least.The way the game played out was far from optimal on all fronts, however. The Indians did not have much of an impact until late in the game with their Raiding, although there was a point in which they almost won before the Patriots reined in the Support just enough. Because the Indians weren't raiding much of the game, we never saw the need to have the Patriots head out and do anything to them. There was a point where I invoked an event (French Settlers Help, I think, thematically appropriate at least) to place a Patriot fort and 3 Continentals in Northwest Indian province, which seemed like a big thing to all of us at the time, although they were all gone in only a couple of turns from other events that I cannot recall. Other than that I don't know that anybody but Indians ever went into the Provinces.And in fact the whole Southern colonies were completely ignored the whole game as all the forces were concentrated in the North. That was probably because I never gave the Patriots any resources to place anybody there, and the Brits were mostly reactive to what we were doing.We had several smaller battles and two big battles in Boston and Massachusetts that went against the attacker in each case because we didn't really understand the various loss level modifiers beforehand I initiated the one in Boston and ended up losing on the tiebreaker and lost a couple of levels of Opposition, but the one in MA was started by the Brits and they lost to Washington, leading to great changes in Opposition in the surrounding countryside early on that carried us the whole game.We didn't even Skirmish that often, on the other hand. I confess that I realize now that I cheated on a couple of my Skirmishes as I removed solitary British forts without removing one of my own cubes. I can see it right there [...]

Session: Navia Dratp:: summary of first four sessions with my daughter

Tue, 19 Sep 2017 01:43:43 +0000

by oneiric

After being kindly gifted a set of Navia Dratp, I've been able to get in a handful of games with my daughter (age 7). She thought the game looked interesting - fascinated by the Navia figures who control the action, and the ability to use different figures with different powers.

Our first game ended with my daughter securing an economic victory - in part because she begged me not to take her Gullayas Turtle, but also because I left an expensive figure open to attack that gave her the last crystals she needed.

The second and third games were played back-to-back. I wasn't as kind to her, winning both games by putting her Navia into checkmate. The second game surprised her as she was still focusing on gathering crystals while I picked off her pieces and left her vulnerable; the third was more tightly contested as she tried to balance between money and board position.

Our final session was the first time we didn't use the standard starter figures on each side. I let her pick her army, and she selected mostly expensive figures. That came back to haunt her, as I took my first economic victory.

So what are our impressions so far?

* We both really like variety. Having so many distinct and interesting pieces available is awesome - although it does introduce a high learning curve, as each new piece brings with it new strategies and possibilities.
* We both like how there is a delicate balance between economics and time and board position. Don't spend too much time putting out pieces you won't use, or that effort could come back to haunt you (losing pieces is very costly, as is losing time).
* We both like how the base rules are easy to understand: either drop a piece onto the board, or use a piece already there. The complexity comes from special rules attached to each character, so you often only need to be familiar with a few at a time.

* We do wish that the game went a bit quicker. Right now we are slow enough when playing that it's hard to get a game in weeknights due to early bedtimes for my daughter.
* It would be nice if the learning curve could be reduced by not having to constantly flipping pieces over. Cards would do that (game comes with cards, but they were lost in transit before the game was given to us) or a player aid.

Overall, I have to say that Navia Dratp is a fantastic game. I'd like to play against adults eventually instead of just with my daughter - but exploring the strategies together has been a blast so far.

(Some pictures will be coming soon... but every time we play I get engrossed and forget to snap photos until after we are done!)

Session: The Scepter of Zavandor:: 2p Witch vs. Kobold

Tue, 19 Sep 2017 01:29:02 +0000

by Osirus The final game of our 10th Annual Alphabetic Boardgaming ChallengeDebbie took the Kobold and gave me the Witch which is (is) probably my least favorite. We both played sub-optimally. Debbie bought onto a second track before even buying her 5th gem, let alone 6th kobold slot. This should have let me leap ahead of her, but I ended up with poor hand management and bought the Crystal Ball to lessen the pressure, which set me back a turn.Debbie leapt ahead in income and artifacts as I bought onto the Fire track and crawled my way towards rubies. The card I was saddest to see come up early in the B artifacts was the Magic Belt, because I desperately wanted more gem slots to avoid having 5 rubies and nothing else, but Debbie bid it up and buying it would have delayed me at least two more turns while climbing towards rubies. So, I had to abandon that one to her too, along with the Spellbook and Runestone.But finally, I reached the end of the Fire track. I decided not to wait to get to Lv4 of the knowledge of gemstones track, and sold some gems to buy my first Ruby for 42. The next turn I really wanted to finish the gemstone track, but I still couldn't afford that and a second ruby, so I decided to get another ruby.My income had improved, but not enough to stop Debbie from buying the Elixir. This meant I was now locked into Rubies and Sapphires. Once I had four rubies, I decided to buy onto the knowledge of accumulation track, lest I buy my 5th ruby and immediately get Mirrored. Debbie continued to buy diamonds, as I got my final ruby, and realizing my income was still a bit weak, I picked up the Crystal of Protection as well.The Magic Wand flipped up as first of the C artifacts, and I was definitely interested. But Debbie was apparently more interested, as she bid me up beyond what I was willing to pay, especially given that the Wand (while lovely) always seems like the weakest of the C artifacts. Next up came the Chalice of Fire, and while I was considering going straight to sentinels with only 2 artifacts to my name, I had a feeling I wanted an extra ruby income, and that I didn't want Debbie having extra ruby income. So when Debbie opened on that, I overbid and bought it.This, in turn, left me slightly under-moneyed next turn when the Mask of Charisma flipped up. I have been known to bid over 100 for the mask, but with my income now averaging over 100 a turn, it seemed like time to go for sentinels, especially as Debbie was at the end of all her tracks and would waste the movement. I let her have the mask somewhere in the 90s.Then it was sentinel time. I bought the Owl, since that was the only one we both wanted. The following turn, I *should* have bought the Ruby sentinel, but I figured I was going to get 3 sentinels eventually to Debbie's 2, and decided to grab the Phoenix before she could. This catapulted me up front, and Debbie was happy to save all her money until she wasn't paying the first player penalty.On the final turn, I bought my third sentinel, for Ruby bonus. Debbie, between having saved all her money and ge[...]

Session: The Hunters: German U-Boats at War, 1939-43:: RIP KptLt Krampitz - U-37 (IX-A) and U-183 (IX-C)

Mon, 18 Sep 2017 21:13:23 +0000

by irishshylock

Another great game of The Hunters today and an unfortunate end to KptLt Krampitz in May 1942.

Krampitz was promoted to KptLt in September 1941 having sunk 72,200 tonnes of allied shipping for a total of 13 ships sunk and 3 damaged.

Krampitzs U-30 was assigned for Atlantic patrol in October '41 and early in the patrol sank the Anselm before being attacked and escaping destroyer escorts. The second convoy is where Krampitz made his name, coming across a convoy at night U-30 managed to sink 23,200 tonnes of shipping, 3 ships, before eventual detection by destroyers. The u-boat took punishing damage resulting in one dead, Krampitz severely wounded and sub damaged. The U-30 managed to complete the patrol and returned to Lorient. Krampitzs wounds were severe enough to keep him out of action for 6 months. This meant Kmdt Edelmann was assigned command of U-30. Krampitz was awarded the Knights Cross having taken his tally to over 100,000 tonnes of shipping.


Following recuperation Krampitz was assigned to U-183, a new Type XI-C ubooat. His first patrol assigned him as part of a wolfpack Atlantic patrol. The pack soon fell upon her first convoy at night, Krampitz soon realised that the 42k tonnes Empress of Britain was in the convoy and he was well placed to attack. Destroyer escorts had been drawn off by other subs within the convoy. All forward tubes were emptied and the ship was soon burning and sank quickly.


Undetected the U-183 delivered two hits on the Tajandoen large tanker which stubbornly would not sink. Running out of luck the U-183 was soon discovered by allied destroyers which pummelled the sub. Diving deeper into the depths of the freezing Atlantic the damaged hull eventually gave way resulting in the loss of all hands.

Total patrols 10, ships sunk 18 for a total tonnage of 143,700
RIP Kpt Lt Gunter Krampitz KC

***** I knew after I sunk the Empress i should move on but the damaged Tajandoen was too much of a tease! Unlucky for Krampitz that he died on his first patrol following 6 months recovery! I havent pulled the game out for quite a while but it continues to deliver great stories.

Session: The Battle of Corinth: Standoff at the Tennessee, October 3-4, 1862:: NEW Cross Keys/Port Republic

Mon, 18 Sep 2017 12:29:05 +0000

by thomas7163

The follow was a recent session of the NEW Cross Keys/Port Republic battle, soon to be in all your hands.

The first thing you may notice is the oversided map hexes, yes I had the map blown to double its size, I'm getting old can't see as well anymore.
The new map is very detailed, slope, gradual to steep gradual, gullies and ridges.

Cross Keys, AAR 0800 thro 1100
The set up 0800

Turns 0800 to 0900
Today we got 4 turn hours done in 6 real hours, WOW! What see saw ride but I think the CSA got the better of the USA, even with the over whelming USA numbers. The CSA got to be very aggressive and it paid off, achieving an early collapse with Trimble units against the Union 8WV.

Which mean all USA change orders are by die roll. Both the 2NY & 12OH batteries managed to get their crews routed as did the 8th NY rout, without a step loss. The CSA managed to get their own losses but not as critical.

End 1000 turn
Both cavalry's shadow box each other until CSA moved the 2VA and then the dance really started, top of pic's.

Just a very nice close up, end 1100 turn

More to come
I still owe you a close for Cedar Mountain using new rule set

See you soon

Session: Commands & Colors Tricorne: The American Revolution:: Staking the Vampire at Freeman's Farm

Mon, 18 Sep 2017 12:27:14 +0000

by aforandy At the club, Andy Campen with the Americans again. Clearly the right flank is quieter than the other. I started with Scout card #1, Bayonet Attack and a Call Forward Reserves, so these would be used for rapid intrepidity on the left. The rifle was marked for early & hopefully permanent retirement, so no doubts. A common dilemma is whether to wait a turn to attach leaders before the big attack, but this threatens loss of blocks from enemy fire. The rifle lost a block to the Opening Cannonade [two blues -- the central artillery fell back to five hexes range] so the Operation was definitely On. The Rifle retired but then failed to Rally, and Riedesel came up. At this point you think you couldn't be doing better, but in this game strength is illusory because firepower is strong. Philips and Riedesel were pushed back with losses, but they replied killing an American Regular. Finally the zone was held by the full strength Light under Arnold alone, and it represented a threat as well as a defence against what was left of the original attackers. Even my Quick Step card wouldn't help here, when played on slow Hessian regulars.The action switched to theatre #2, the centre, where the American Regulars advanced. Sadly Hamilton and his full-strength unit failed to Rally, which left the Revolutionary player with a flag advantage. It was left to the artillery to stop the advance with a last-ditch crossfire.Skirmishing on the right now developed into a bigger battle, as the Americans kept playing Rally cards to get most of their survivng units back to full strength. Learned's command came up as fighting intensified in front of the Coulter Farm, and they pressed on at full strength to the two-hex forests. Fraser and the Grenadiers held them from behind the forest barrier, with the battered Light on the other side, helped by a long range artillery Bombard. This advance ended with the final Regular assaulting a Provincial in the McBride farm, with the American unit being slowly hammered to death one block at time, as the defenders just managed to survive. This combat represented the game in microcosm, which seemed to have fought itself to standstill elsewhere, over a long period, with centre pretty much denuded of units.Finally, with both sides needing a flag to win, Riedesel and Philips were obliged to advance against Arnold, though they weren't to keen to see a unit go down to a four-dice roll. I was getting tired as I put the second Hessian in the woods on the boardedge, forgetting that he had no support nor a retreat path, and sadly he fell prey to flags, which decided the action.This seems to be a very well-balanced scenario. The British artillery would seem to confer an advantage, but the juxtapositions of forest hexes in this centre-left line probably gives a slight advantage to the Americans. Neither side can afford the first Line Volley to be used against them, so removing units from either line is in both sides best interest. The artillery in [...]

Session: Leaving Earth:: Hard Solo Mission, featuring Mercury Sample Return, Lunar Landing, and Man in Space

Mon, 18 Sep 2017 09:13:21 +0000

by carrots67 I’ve just finished a Hard-Level Solo Game session and it’s been an intense but very rewarding experience. It took a few hours to plan and execute (as I’m new to this game) and a particular challenge was getting my mind around how to incorporate Ion Thrusters in to a reverse mission plan but I think it’s clicked now. A few visits to boardgamegeek helped me clarify a rule or two so thank you to anyone reading this who helped me with my questions! I think next time things should move along a lot quicker with all I’ve learned during this session.Now I’ve put the game away and finally got some desk space back I’ve decided to sit down document how it all went… please feel free to let me know if I have made any errors along the way. To summarise, this was a really enjoyable game and I’m really looking forward to the tackling some more missions using the Outer Planets expansion.HARD LEVEL MISSIONS DRAWN (I grouped them in to missions that could be tackled together)Lunar Mission:6 – Lunar Lander, Working Probe/Capsule on the Moon - ACHIEVED1 – Sounding Rocket, Working Probe/Capsule in Space - ACHIEVED2 - Artificial Satellite, Working Probe/Capsule in Earth Orbit – ACHIEVEDMercury Mission:7 – Mercury Survey, Reveal Mercury Location - ACHIEVED13 – Mercury Lander, Working Probe. Capsule on Mercury - ACHIEVED19 – Mercury Sample Return, Mercury Sample on Earth - ACHIEVEDIn Reserve – depending on outcome of Moon/Mercury missions:20 – Mars Station, Man on Mars at start of year – NOT ATTEMPTED2 – Man in Space, Man to Space and Back - ACHIEVEDPresuming I got the rules right I achieved 50 out of the 60 available points.REVERSE MISSION PLANSI’m using Ion Thrusters a lot since they keep a spacecraft nice and light which really helped to keep costs low for the lengthy return trip to Mercury, and since they are re-usable I could utilize three particular Ion Thrusters for two separate missions. RUN-THROUGH OF EVENTS1956 – 1964 – Acquiring and Testing ComponentsSpent first few years acquiring advancements and testing. Used Saturn testing as an opportunity to leave cheaper components in Earth Orbit in readiness for the Lunar mission.By end of 1964 Juno and Saturn rockets were fully tested (no outcomes remaining). Advancements for Ion Thrusters and Rendezvous were not yet fully tested (3 outcomes remain on both). An inventory of Juno and Saturn rockets, Ion Thrusters and Probes were on hand.1965 – Launching the Lunar MissionCompleted the assembly of the “Lunar Explorer” spacecraft consisting of 2 Saturn/7 Juno/3 Ion Thrusters and launched the spacecraft in to Earth Orbit using 2 Saturn rockets. On arrival docked with the 8 Juno and 3 Probe which were left in Earth Orbit through testing activity in previous years.The planned maneuver to Lunar Orbit had to be aborted due to the minor failure of an Ion Thruster.1966 – Ion Thruster Failures Delay ProgressA further attempt to mane[...]

Session: Quartermaster General:: Axis win two in a row

Mon, 18 Sep 2017 09:10:30 +0000

by Norbert Chan I was Germany, Greg was UK, Craig was Japan, Jean was Soviet Union, Trevor was Italy and Don was US. Everyone but me decided to mulligan their hand as I had Bias for Action and Blitzkreg. I played Fall Weiss, which lets you recruit in Eastern Europe, and play another card, which was Blitzkreig. Greg was able to recruit in Australia. Craig played a response card, Jean played the status card where his units were never out of supply, Trevor built a fleet into the Med, while Don built in the Western US. I land battled into Western Europe using Blitzkreig to build in there afterwards. Greg played a response card. Craig played a response card. Jean built into Kazakhstan. Trevor played the event card Italian East Africa giving him an army in North Africa and a fleet in the Bay of Bengal. Don played an economic warfare, oil embargo causing the Axis to discard 2 cards each. I didn’t get my Bias for Action down right away. I built a navy in the North Sea, which was promptly sea battled away by Greg. I wanted to slow the Allies down enough so I wouldn’t get harassed on the western front. Jean had built into Ukraine, but once I played Bias for Action, I was able to get him out of Ukraine and takeover Moscow in about turn 6. This was aided by Trevor’s card which discarded a Soviet response card from the table. But I was weak on the Western Front. I got knocked out of Western Europe, to see a French unit go in there. Then a British unit came in. But I was able to landbattle a couple of times to free it up, which allowed Trevor to build in there with an air force which allowed the Axis to hold it for good.I haven’t been mentioning Japan much here. Craig would admit he was glacially slow, taking over China fairly late (turn 5 or turn 6) and a status card which gave him 1 VP in the South East Asia. But with Moscow occupied (I was knocked out once with global winter, which took me a turn to get back in, then Ukraine was reduced to it wasn’t a supply center for the Axis), the Allies couldn’t score many points, and it was a 30 pt autovictory by turn 10.Axis are able to prevail despite a slow start from Japan, and Germany gets good status cards, while UK cannot get engima. I had 11 cards left in my deck. Don had done some economic warfare on me for about 5 cards, and Craig had forced me to discard 4 cards, so if the game went on longer, it wasn’t going to be in the favour of the Axis. Game 2: Trevor was Germany, Don was UK, Jean was Japan, Craig was Soviet Union, I was Italy and Greg was US. Trevor land battled into Western Europe, Don played Polish Sovereignty which allowed the UK to build into Eastern Europe, Jean played a response card, Craig played Women Conscripts, I built into Western Europe and deployed an air force there and Greg built into the Western US. Trevor builds an army into Eastern Europe, Don builds a navy in the North Sea, Jean plays a response card, Cra[...]

Session: Letters from Whitechapel:: Letters from Japan Game 11: Like a (Dear) Boss

Mon, 18 Sep 2017 06:03:51 +0000

by n107 Moments after ending Game 10, Bro challenged me to a rematch but on the opposite sides of the law. I knew he was out for blood and I just showed him how completely changing up strategy as Jack was enough to leave him perplexed as the detectives. I had a feeling he was itching to try some fancy footwork against me as he attempted to evade capture. It was time to pit mind vs mind once more.The Missus was supposed to join in, but she took a shower first and, though we talked to her as if she was in the game, she pretty much left all the moving and decisions to me. So technically she was part of it but in reality she was just a ghost in the room. Dramatis PersonaeJack the Ripper - (Bro)InvestigatorsFrederich Abberline - (The Missus)Sir Charles Warren - (The Missus)George Lusk - (me)Donald Swanson - (me)Edmund Reid - (me)Hideout: Location 194Night One: HellHead of the Investigation: n107A Corpse on the Sidewalk: Location 144Time of the Crime: Space IIISticking with our house rule, Bro chose his location via a random number generator. The Missus and I, of course, had no idea where he was hiding even though the answer is right there above this text. Bro waited twice before making his kill, not imitating the rush I had performed on him during the previous session. He took out the Wretched who we moved from her starting Location of 158. Now it was time for the hunt to being.Night One: HuntingThe chase began with Jack taking a Coach two spaces through Location 143 and ending on Location 101. My team of detectives closed in on the scene of the crime hoping to figure which route the dastardly criminal had taken to escape. Before we could get in position to find any Clues, Jack had used a second Coach going to Locations 124 and 170.At this point, The Missus and I got close enough to the scene to find the Clue at 143. Ok, first idea is he's fleeing to the west of the victim. Must keep that in mind.Jack then took a third Coach, flying through Locations 182 and 192. Indeed, he is trying to get far or muddy his tracks. My detectives were able to find a Clue at Location 124 giving yet another idea about where his hideout might be. So now the obvious question is where did he go from there?We caught a respite as Jack only walked for the next move (to Location 193) and he had not declared himself home. A couple police branched north to try the obvious Locations he could have gone from Location 124 but came up empty handed. Edmund Reid took a south-westerly route and also ended with zilch. Donald Swanson took the interval between the first and second Clues, finding a third strike at Location 101. So now it appeared that his path took him through 101 to 124. OR... he doubled back. It was too early to rule out any possibility, but for now it appeared that his home was west of the crime scene and likely not north. Before we could do any more to track the fiend on[...]

Session: Terraforming Mars:: Four Rookies Playing Terraforming Mars

Mon, 18 Sep 2017 01:15:27 +0000

by art642 09/16/17Pre-GameI picked up Terraforming Mars a couple of days ago for 1/2 off (scratch-and-dent) at our friendly local gaming store. I’d been looking at it for a while, and have also been sore-tempted by Mission: Red Planet (which I realize is a very different game). After reading and watching The Martian, who doesn’t want to spend some time on the surface of the fourth planet? We were able to get the game to the table with four players last night, and I’m so glad I picked this up. It is a rich, immersive game and a rewarding engine-builder. It wasn’t too hard to learn, and about a half hour into the game, things were flowing pretty well around the table.I had printed a couple of player aids, and they helped a bit. I’d read the instructions (mostly) and Jordan and I had watched a how-to-play video. He also skimmed the rule book when he arrived at my house. Eric had some idea how to play because he’d been interested in the game beforehand. John was totally oblivious to the rules when he sat down at the table, but but his easy-going nature worked in our favor as he patiently endured our confused, repetitive, non-exhaustive rules explanation.Because I’d seen complaints about some of the components, we taped our player boards down to the table. This avoided tragic bumps that might’ve scattered our production levels and resources to the far corners of the solar system. The tape worked great, and came off easily enough at the end of the game, with no damage to the player boards.I picked Yellow. John was Grey (Black?). Eric went with Green. And Jordan selected Blue. We were all the basic Beginner Corporations.Jordan's corporation was the first to step bravely onto the Martian surface to start our game.Early GameRight out of the gate, Jordan built Space Mirrors, which I honestly thought was pretty impressive until John built his Giant Space Mirror late in the game. Jordan also created GHG Producing Bacteria, thus starting a bacteria-heavy strategy that none of the rest of us seemed to grasp. After all, we were just a bunch of suits working for greedy interplanetary corporations. We let him pursue his crazy science strategy throughout the game, however, and our anxiety continued to go up as he played Decomposers, Regolith Eaters, Ants, Small Animals, and Advanced Ecosystems. Our nervousness only increased as he kept putting small production cubes on these cards and seemingly moving them around at will. We started to worry that one day his strange microbes might wipe us all out….Very early on Eric crashed a Giant Ice Asteroid into Mars, creating two oceans, raising the temperature four degrees celsius, and establishing himself as the terraformer par excellence. He broke out into the lead with his Terraforming Rating, and did not look back. Wowed by EricCorp’s ability to manipulate celestial objects, I vowed from then o[...]

Session: Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition:: Epic Board Game Extravaganza Meet-Up @ Family Time Games for TI4

Mon, 18 Sep 2017 00:18:59 +0000

by jeffwagner We had a pretty tense TI 4 game with 5 players today. Highly recommend Family Time Games and Epic Board Game Extravaganza Meet-Up if you are near Indy and want to play TI4 with a great group of players. We had 3 games going (17 players) with a 4th copy of the game if more had shown up (Spoiler Alert: GenCon was in Indy so a lot of copies of TI4 are there)Our game was 5 players:Me - SolDaniel - Jol-NarIndyBart - Sardakk N'orrBrandon - HacanBrian - XxchaI followed the script of trying to complete objectives as often as possible; while it lead to an early big lead, it also meant I did not have much and had placed a bulls eye on my back. I extended to get Mecatol Rex and held it long enough to get a 2nd VP. I spent 3 CC's early for another, spent 6 more later for 2 more to push my total to 8.N'orr moved his fleet into my homesystem and I was down to 4 planets and limited resources and a scattered shrinking fleet. He did not take my homeworld, I thought because he was being nice since I was new and from out of town. Turns out his secret objective was blockade a space dock.Also, the remaining Public objectives that I had not claimed were 16 resources and 2 techs in all 4 colors. I had nothing I could achieve, and everyone else had massive resources and were starting to score objectives.Hacan catupulted past me to 9, N'orr moved to 8 by trading our Support for the Thrones and giving me his cease fire. [Just realized we broke a rule - he gave me 2 Promissory Notes, Ooops] The cease fire would be critical as the next Public Objective to be revealed was have 3 unit upgrades. I had 2 and needed 1 more and to score before Hacan - they had multiple ways to win at the next status phase.Politics would play a huge roll in the outcome. I had the speaker token and an agenda came up that we planned to vote a certain way; Hacan played an action card that if correct, they would take the speaker token - taking away my needed chance to choose first.I convinced the Xxcha to use his ability to cancel the Hacan action. The next agenda allowed players with ships in wormhole systems to research a tech an destroy all ships in the wormhole. Or do something else. 3 of us wanted it and we got it to pass allowing me to get my third unit upgrade and setting me up for victory.Hacan had a racial ability to take strategy cards and could have taken Imperial from me - preventing my early score - however he had Jol-Nar with a war sun, flagship and a host of other ships ready to take his home system and prevent any scoring - he stuck with diplomacy to hold his home system.N'orr wanted to take my home world with his massive fleet, but I had his cease fire and was able to last the round and play Imperial to immediately score 3 Unit Upgrades and win the throne.I have only played limited TI3 games, but think TI4 has been greatly [...]

Session: Dice Nutz Pro Football:: 1969 Packers Season Replay Week #5

Sun, 17 Sep 2017 23:51:55 +0000

by Pacific1derland

1969 Week # 5 at Los Angeles

October 19, 1969

Los Angeles 0-3-7-14 24
Green Bay 0-0-3-7 10
Los Angeles Coliseum, Los Angeles, California

The turnover prone Packers visited the Rams at the Coliseum Sunday and out did themselves with 5 in this game. It was a sad day in Title Town when in the 4th quarter, the Packers sent in Don Horn to replace Bart Starr at quarterback. Starr was intercepted 3 times in this game and has thrown 9 in the last 3 games. Travis Williams lost 2 fumbles for the Packers so he will probably be walking around the Packer facility with the ball in his hand.

Despite the Packers turnovers, the game was 3-0 at the half. There was some brilliance on the Packers part as Starr and end Carroll Dale hooked up for some long gains. The Packers hung tough in a 10-10 tie until midway through the 4th when the Rams turned crucial turnovers into 14 points and closed it out. Rams running back Les Josephson would rush for one TD and catch another to lead the Rams scoring. The Packers fall to 2-3 on the season and return home to host the Falcons next Sunday. No word on who will be starting at quarterback for the Packers.


LA - FG Gosset 10 yards (LA 3-0)

GB - FG Mercer 30 yards (Tie 3-3)

LA - Gabriel 2 yard run, Gosset kick (LA 10-3)

GB - Grabowski 4 yard run, Mercer kick (Tie 10-10)

LA - Josephson 4 yard run, Gosset kick (LA 17-10)

LA - Josephson 14 yard pass from Gabriel, Gosset kick (LA 24-10)


LA - Gabriel 13-30 141, TD (sack 1-6)

GB - Starr 13-28 217, 3 INT (sack 4-37)

Horn 0-2


LA - Gabriel 2-18 TD, Josephson 5-18 TD, L. Smith 19-89

GB- Anderson 1-17, Grabowski 8-68 TD, Williams 17-67 2F


LA - Josephson 1-14 TD, Smith 6-27 F, Snow 1-14, Truax 4-56, Tucker 1-30

GB - Dale 3-100, Dowler 3-42, Fleming 4-32, Spilis 1-28, Williams 2-15


LA - Gosset 1-1

GB - Mercer 1-2 (missed 23)


LA - Studstill 7-280 (net 178)

GB - Anderson 4-177 (net 110)

•Punt Ret

LA - Haymond 2-27

GB - Williams 2-6, 2 FC


LA - Jones 2-16, Pardee 1-13, Talbert 1-8

GB - Davis 1-6


LA - 3 (Meador 1-0, R. Smith 1-24, Williams 1-15)


LA - 1 (FUM)

GB - 5 (3 INT, 2 FUM)


LA - 4-40 (offense 2-20, defense 2-20)

GB - 4-30 (offense 2-10, defense 2-

Session: Pericles: The Peloponnesian Wars:: Turn 2: Suicide of Greece Solo

Sun, 17 Sep 2017 23:51:51 +0000

by jluminati Turn 2: Knights CDue to the presence of the lone Spartan unit in Athens, the Aristocrats choose to defend the homefront. Although they don’t have to worry much about establishment of a Spartan base thanks to the Demagogues (something they’d never admit to the Assembly), they can’t stand the site of even a single Spartan ravaging their fields.* That being said, when the Demagogues raised the issue of War/Peace, they quickly seized the opportunity, surprising everyone with an unexpectedly strong debate performance that both won them a significant amount of honor in the Assembly and also cut off the Spartans in Attica from effective re-enforcement. Issues Won: Mil/Mil/Mil/Games/W&P, Strat: 17The Demagogues, on the other hand, sought to take advantage of the coming period of peace to further isolate Sparta since they knew peace could never last long. Shamed to lose the debate on War/Peace, they surprised everyone by winning back control of the Assembly with a late debate over Ostracism, helping stay within reach of Aristocratic honor. Issues Won: League/Citizenship/Ostracism, Strat: 8 + SoS.Knowing a declaration of peace was inevitable, both Spartan factions chose to forgo their instincts send additional forces to ravage Attica, choosing instead to coordinate their efforts trying to cut off the Athenian grain supply.** The Eurypontid King decided to pursue an ill-fated expedition to Sicily, winning the requisite issues, but miscalculating the geographic limitations and strength of the Athenian blocking force, particularly under conditions of peace. Issues Won: Mil/League/W&P, Strat: 13.The Agiads focused their efforts on Athens’s Eastern granary in Hellespont. Knowing they could never marshal a large enough force to break through Athenian defenses around Attica, they chose instead to seek to insight rebellion in the Hellespont population itself. Issues Won: Dip/Dip/League/Mil, Strat: 13.Moving to the Theater phases, the Aristocrats began loading issues into Attica, while the Spartans set up for efforts in both available Granaries. Surprised by the two-pronged Spartan plan to strangle Athens food supply. Feeling confident about their ability to prevent an incursion into Sicily, the Eurypontids were forced to adjust their approach, placing their lone league issue in Hellespont. The Agiad combination of diplomatic and league efforts resulting in flipping the allegiance of the existing Delian base. Thankfully the Eurypontid efforts allowed construction of a new Delian base leaving the theatre congested but with forces and bases balanced at the end of the Turn.Meanwhile, closer to home, the Agiads were unable get any forces beyond Athenian defenses on the approach to Sicily and their seemingly random attempt to invade the South Sporade[...]

Session: Flamme Rouge:: Bergen 2017 2nd attempt

Sun, 17 Sep 2017 21:06:59 +0000

by provence

2nd attempt... I was hoping not to be left behind but I think I failed - again...

I (black) tried the course solo tonight with a peleton bot (red) and two muscle bots (blue and green). I gave each black rider 2 exhaustion cards.

I thought I had a decent start, keen on not being left behind but diligent not to use my highest cards to soon in the race... I think I was fooled by the AI all playing relatively low cards too...

The first hill started causing me some problems. Blue attacked and I Black Sprinter had a bad hand: should I play a 9 or a low card? I chose the low card and that was the beginning of the end...

The riders ahead benefited from some nice slipstreams while Black Sprinter kept falling behind and accumulating exhaustion.

Blue Rouleur kept his lead and an amazing attack on the descent by the Red Team brought them in a great position before the final sprint. Meanwhile, Black Sprinter was doing the impossible to try to claw his way back...

Unfortunately, Black Sprinter ran out of gas... while Red Team sprinter to victory.

00:00 Red Sprinter, Red Rouleur and Blue Rouleur
01:00 Black Rouleur, Blue Sprinter
01:30 Green Sprinter
02:30 Green Rouleur, Black Sprinter

Ok so next time I won't try to conserve my high cards until the end... Promise!

Session: Massive Darkness:: Quest 4 - When the walls come tumblin' down

Sun, 17 Sep 2017 10:54:47 +0000

by EastCoast Quest 4 was another nicely designed quest. At first, looking at the tokens to start, I thought time wouldn't be as much of a factor, boy was I wrong. I really was only able to open rooms and gather treasure on the first two tiles. This pressed me to engage in situations where I would ordinarily wait for a more opportune time to strike. I really like when the missions are designed to take you out of your comfort zone. I didn't find this quite as frantic as chasing the Black Widow in quest 2, but it was close with a lot of tension.I'm still using the single skill path variant, this one is fast enough that it didn't make much of a difference. I set out when picking my heroes to specifically avoid taking slippery with my Bloodmoon Nightrunner. Partially, I did this for the challenge, but also because after using Whisper in all her glory with slippery, anything less than her would have been a let down.For this mission I had already pre-selected Ajax as a Blood Rage Sorcerer. He gives off a very unstable vibe which fits that of a sorcerer teetering on the brink of madness. It made him a lot of fun to play and maneuver around the board.Sarah was my Shadow Encore Noble Warrior. This was my first experience with the class, and for the single path variant, it's not ideal since the whole character thrives off synergy. Still, she gave me a "Brienne or Tarth" vibe, and I spec'd her accordingly.This left Silence as the Sneak Attack Bloodmoon Nightrunner. He served well playing the "Kingslayer" to Sarah's "Brienne". This was by no means an optimal group and frankly, that made it all the more exciting.The heroes sprinted through the corridor, the war drums echoing all around them. The stone floor pulsed with each beat. They skidded to a stop around a corner coming upon a set of small rooms. Sarah skeptically looked back at the wild eyed sorcerer, his beard and mustache still smouldering. "Are you sure that concoction will close off the lower level, Sorceror?" Ajax cackled maniacally, "Well my dear, it was dark, but I think I used just enough explosive powder." Just then an explosion rocked the underground lair. The ceiling began falling in great shards of stone as the cavern began to collapse. "Or, perhaps I used too much!" Not waiting to see for sure, the heroes began running again as the entire cavern began to creak and grind ominously.The group frantically began back down the path hoping they were going the correct direction. Clearly startled Troglodytes and Reptisaurians poured out of chambers trying to identify the source of the noise. Sarah and Silence flashed steel as the monsters dropped one after the other. They sprinted to the next section of dungeon avoiding anything larger than a group of Orcs, w[...]

Session: Sentinels of the Multiverse:: Introducing Captain Infinitor

Sun, 17 Sep 2017 10:54:14 +0000

by collectible cardinal Thanks to a generous friend, I now have my own Ultimate Hero Variant Collection, and thus will be almost exclusively playing the 16 new promo heroes (the Freedom Five, the Extreme Prime Wardens, Visionary Unleashed, Fugue State Parse, and so forth), who I have previously only had access to on rare occasions when playing with someone else’s SOTM set. Wanting to slow-roll these newcomers and draw out the second-to-last “new shiny” experience that the game will ever give me (actually acquiring OblivAeon and its associated mini-expansions will be the last time I get to discover new stuff, unless I eventually become interested in fan-made expansions such as the Cauldron, which I have so far disdained), I’m starting with just one of these new heroes, which is both the most interesting to me, and also the “oldest”, in terms of having been made public just after, rather than just before, the announcement of this line-ending publication. This, of course, is the Captain Cosmic promo which shows him merged with the energies of his just-slain evil brother, the villain Infinitor; not having any special label other than the power name “Requital”, I will be referring to this version simply as “Captain Infinitor” when necessary. We’ve had his front side almost as long as we’ve had Omnitron-U, who I’ve already played to exhaustion, but I only got to see his reverse about two months ago, when I failed to die during a game and finally succumbed to the temptation to peek. His incap ability is mind-blowing, but I’m not going to try and suicide him or anything; I am however going to really make him the star of today’s game, by including two other heroes who can give him additional Powers (resisting the temptation to throw in the Argent Adept while I’m at it). Randomly including the non-promo Wraith to up the H number, I’m going up against one of the handful of villains who gets harder with more heroes; as dangerous as she is, she doesn’t have a plan for dealing with Cap, so this battle should give him a chance to shine as the focus of the heroes’ efforts.Advanced Miss Information in the Court of Blood (insert Twilight joke here), vs. Captain Infinitor [29], The Wraith [26], Prime Wardens Fanatic [29], and America’s Greatest Legacy [30].Setup: We begin with a “Cat” Stuck In A Tree [10] as our ostensible villain for this fight. (Maybe we should pretend it’s a werewolf, in order to go along with the theme that Aminia has been reading the works of Stephenee Meyer.) Our intrepid Infinitor opens on Destructive Response, Augmented Ally, Cosmic Crest, and Cosmic Weapon. Wraith will be drawing a lot of cards; she has Infrared Eyep[...]

Session: Bitter Woods:: Bitter Woods: A Pictorial Essay

Sun, 17 Sep 2017 03:02:40 +0000

by Sir Cricket DEC 15: All is quiet on the Siegfried Line. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////DEC 16: Following the launch of Unternehmen Wacht am Rhein, the Americans are overwhelmed and fall back to protect key towns.////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////DEC 17: Bastogne comes under seige by the Panzer Lehr Division, while Peiper applies pressure at Malmedy. Houffalize and Elsenborn fall to Manteuffel's 5th Panzer Army.////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////DEC 18: Houffalize is briefly retaken by the Americans, forcing the 5th Panzer Army spearhead out of supply. Ill-advisedly, Peiper and the 1st SS Panzers continue to engage the enemy at Malmedy. The Germans do, however, secure Bastogne.////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////DEC 19: The Americans create a line between Trois Ponts and La Roche, as the Germans advance above the Ourthe River.////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////DEC 20: The 1st SS Panzers finally abandon attempts to break through at Malmedy, and join the German attack upon the La Roche-Trois Ponts line; LaRoche falls.////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////DEC 21: The German front expands to mount attacks at Recogne, St Hubert, Marche, and Hotton. The La Roche-Trois Ponts line continues to take a pounding from both Peiper and the Panzer Lehr Division, but proves to be a tough nut to crack.////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////DEC 22: Monty and his British reinforcements arrive, repelling the enemy at Hotton and Marche. From the south, Patton advances toward Bastogne.////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////DEC 23: Allied forces reclaim La Roche and Bastogne, as the Germans try desperately to break the La Roche-Trois Ponts line; Peiper's progress is stalled at Manhay.////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////DEC 24: Both Peiper and the Panzer Lehr Division are thrown back as Allied forces corral the Germans from three sides. With no avenue to the Meuse, they surrender.//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// [...]

Session: Commands & Colors Tricorne: The American Revolution:: Bad Luck at Guilford

Sat, 16 Sep 2017 13:36:00 +0000

by aforandy Dr. Campen arrived and decided to play the socialists. The rules explanation revealed just how many inconsistencies there are, indeed enough to confuse one rule with another. The scenario seems a little incongruous as the fence appears to be there for the benefit of advancing Royal units, and also, as the good doctor pointed out, there are only three clear hexes for the five American Opening Cannonade units to withdraw to. He opted to stand with them all, though his light artillery failed to rally after sustaining two flags from their opposite number. This was a great misfortune and rather skewed the ensuing game, as clearly if he fell back, the British cannon could do some five-hex-range bombardment without any return fire. The British then opened with a Line Volley, which left the Militia rather dilapidated. The Americans replied with a command to their left, which forced back the Hessians as Lee's cavalry came forward to pick them off. The Highlanders responded by charging the Continental Line, joined by Leslie. They were forced back with a loss, which allowed a Rally to command them for another charge, taking the regulars' ground and carrying on into the Rifles, who meléed first, both sides ineffectively. On the next turn the Scots overran Light Horse Harry Lee before turning on the adjacent rifles, who retreated and failed to rally. In subsequent turns the Highlanders cut a swathe toward the artillery on the hill, but were eventually stopped and forced back two hexes by Militia units from the main line who had rallied in this position. This however allowed the Highlanders to attack the left end of the reformed American line, which were facing a British force that still had not moved much. The Militia now volleyed with their Battle Bonus, which was the reason why they had advanced, but they mainly missed or rolled retreats, which were nullified by support and leaders. Another Rally ordered scattered British units, who closed in on what remained of the enemy line, to win.The Highlanders, the nearby Regulars and the artillery did most of the fighting in this game. Many British units didn't engage. Early loss of the forward American artillery was ill-luck; its probably best to retire after the cannonade, leaving the two central militia units to their fate.This is certainly a game of extremes and here I got the impression that nearly always you would have a card that could order almost anyone, if not many of them. Losing a single block allowed the advantage of orders off a Rally on several occasions. Even the two-hex retreat that ended the Highlanders' individual effort set them up for the final attacks. [...]

Session: Xia: Embers of a Forsaken Star:: I did Win but did i play it correctly ?

Fri, 15 Sep 2017 15:20:03 +0000

by FreakGIB Oke finaly i did win my 2nd Solo play campaign.But i am not sure if i did do everything correctlyI was lucky with the NPC'sI did play on normal difficult but with progression cards (Really like them.the Enforcer was the first to enter play he got as behavior Single minded.TargetAny ship that entered Loath Behavior1a If no target, move twice to outsite Loath planetary entrance?1b If target, move to target twice2b if in range, attack twiceSo i made sure not to enter it and the scoundrel did also not enter it so the enforcer didn't do anything the whole game only waiting at the entrance of Loath? is this correct Then the Merchant came into play In shortHis behavior was to go to the buy of a planet and remove all cubes from that type from the economy board, if no cubes get +4 on the Solo Round upI play like this if he has to go to the buy of a planet he does not earn the 1000 credits every time he normaly gets when he visites a sell placeThe only thing i had to do now is be sure that there are cubs on the economy board, so i had to fly to the systen after he did depleat it and try to fill that demand slot again (crap while i am writing this i forgot to put 1000 credits on those empty slots) would have given me some credits.Oke finaly the Scoundrel came in the boardHis behavior was if i remember correctlyTargetinnocent ship Tier 1 and Tier 2 Player first if tied.So he would attack me but also the Merchant But later in the Game when i was Tier 3 he didn't attack me anymore is this correct ?The the Events in play whereLoyalty i rolled that all neutral planets are now considered Lawful planetsthis was good for me and a bit bad for the Scoundrel hehe.Mob RuleIf a player on the Kiln takes a sell or shift action u have to pay 1000credits or roll a 1 d12 unblackable.Also Derelict hulk but i already had a tier 3 ship so didn't do that one.And Re-Tethered so that tigris Gate is connected to the other gates.But i had bad luck all Gate where kinda arround each other.And my Goal was Mission Master Earn at least 7FP from mission including captains in needI got that one at the end So the things i am not sure about is was i correct with the Enforcer doing nothing this games as long as nobody entered Loath ?for The Merchant i don't give him credits if he is not visiting the cell spaces on a planet. (forgot the name of the Behavior card)And the Scoundrel can attack me and the Merchant but only till Tier 2 on his behavior card. (forgot the name of that behavior card)At the end it was 13 FP for me and the NPC's and then the last round i spend 5k credtis to get to 14FP and then 1 more mission i had completed m[...]

Session: Commands & Colors Tricorne: The American Revolution:: Bulletswept Cowpens

Fri, 15 Sep 2017 14:21:07 +0000

by aforandy Dr. Ellis came over and we played both ways round, with me trying to reverse history from the off.In both games the 3lbers lost a block in the opening cannonade/fusillade, and this may be mildly significant due to the loss of the full-strength die. Retiring the Revolutionary rifles afterwards is fairly obvious as this allows their whole command to form a multi-limb line of sorts, whereas the light cannon may as well stay where they start.The scenario's main problem is crossing open ground in the face of a lot of dice. The enemy get a flag every time they play a Scout card, so the British have to move forward as fast as they can. Unfortunately for the British they only move one hex a card, which isn't fast enough. Thus the rebels will attempt to place leaders with all three rifle units for that extra die, out to four hexes, which probably makes the the most powerful units in the whole system. The British lights on the right can move two hexes, and as such they represent their side's best chance, along with the nearby cavalry. The Highlanders represent the British reserve, and these have to attach to the forward line so they can move with it. Perhaps the regulars on the British left can run sideways for the forest hexes, and use their cover to get forward along the mapedge.I decided to use the road to move the central units toward the defenders, but this split up the British as their foes were assembling a line. They finally volleyed en masse from the hill hexline. After this Tarleton's command had sustained too many hits, and it was fairly clear they could not prevail, despite a few provincials and militia running away.The second game saw the British lights move forward quickly whilst the rest tried to form a line with bullets whistling past their ears. My rebel line formed just forward of the hill hexes, so the regulars at least could retreat onto it. British regulars on the road and the lights used their speed to converge on militia commander Colonel Pickens, and here both sides lost units, which included a rifle. The Continental line joined the melee, and they eventually overwhelmed the few attackers. Meanwhile the surviving rifles had started to edge forward to keep the distant British line under heavier fire. Multi-hex retreats then broke up both lines, and again it was clear that after six losses the British had no chance at all.This scenario seems so unbalanced one must question the playtesting, or the designer if the testers were ignored. A very powerful balancing measure would be to disallow leaders attaching to rifle units. This would make them more [...]

Session: Star Wars: Rebellion – Rise of the Empire:: The Kessel Run

Fri, 15 Sep 2017 12:25:33 +0000

by cyb3k IntroductionThis is session report of our first game with expansion included. It uses flavor texts and narrative style extensively, thus it's quite long and detailed. If you're more interested about the game outcome and personal comments than game's story, you can jump to the last section right away and eventually watch what's in the pictures. Otherwise, you might want the right theme to listen in the background while reading; >> here's << my suggestion.Italics for flavor text.Smaller font for picture commentaries.Special thanks for my opponent, [username=Perf]for another skirmish and making that expansion play possible!Chapter 1 - A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...The picture will present a setup lot better, So I'll focus on the strategical choices from my point of view. A new expansion setup was used along with all new decks so I've got a choice of a starting remote system for a construction site of Death Star. Tatooine seemed to be the best choice as the access point to Bothawui, Geonosis and later expansion to Utapau and other surrounding systems of Bothawui. A good foothold for otherwise hardly accessible part of galaxy.In response, Rebels deployed their forces in the awkward position on Dantooine. Those units could be used there only either as diversion, to defend base (if that's its unlikely location) or to attack Mygeeto.Darth Vader: What of the reports of the rebel fleet massing near Dantooine?Emperor Palpatine : This is an unexpected move for them. It's too aggresive... Lord Vader, be mindful.Darth Vader: Yes, my Master.Starting setup. Units deployed to quickly cripple systems loyal to Rebel Alliance. And the Rebel strike team on Dantooine prepared to assault Mygeeto.Rebels started with R2-D2 and with action card for Dodonna. Empire started with action card of Tarkin and with a new one (Track Them).At this point it was quite clear how first movements would look like. Mon Calamari, Kashhyk and Bothawui systems were subjugated by Empire fleets under command of Tarkin, Tagge and Emperor respectively. Admiral Doddona led the attack on Mygeeto, but he left all ground forces behind. So that the purpose of this attack was just to blockade the planet and halt its production. And this task was completed, but not without losses. Only a Correlian Corvette survived the attack.In the meanwhile, Mon Mothma convinced Utapau leaders to join the Alliance. Princess Leia sussesfully infiltrated Imperial databases on planet Mandalore. General Rieekan sabotaged Corellian shipyards. Darth Vader could react only on one of those[...]

Session: Arena: For the Gods!:: A close game For the Gods!

Fri, 15 Sep 2017 10:42:42 +0000

by drneau

I introduced 2 friends to Arena last weekend.

As this was their first time playing, we didn't do the auction. I've decided that it isn't fair to new players to have them bid on items when they don't know their relative power. But I'm also tired of going with the suggested items (this was my fifth game), so instead I decided to deal cards randomly to each player. That actually turned out to be quite balanced.

We started with 20 life points each and I used the "long" setup for 3-players. I've found the "short" setup to be a bit too stifling in terms of movement.

They got the hang of it pretty quickly. John discovered early on that he picked a terrible starting spot (not close to a fountain).

My most powerful weapon was the ability to move an adjacent player 2 spots. Given that this scenario had two traps next to each other, I was occasionally able to drag an adjacent opponent across both of them in one move, and then back again on the next move.

The most interesting thing to me (this was my first time playing with adults) was how the tactics quickly morphed into everyone convincing the active player that he should attack someone else besides them...making an argument that the other player obviously had higher health and reminding people of what happened on previous turns. It got very cutthroat.

I finally knocked Cory out. I had two life point cubes left. John lifted his screen and revealed a single cube.

Fun game. Can't wait to play again.

Other thoughts:
- Getting a card that can be activated with a single die is powerful.
- Ending a turn adjacent to someone is guaranteed damage.
- Cory had a power to move people, and all of my power required me to be adjacent. He figured out that pushing me far away helped him last longer.
- Cory figured out a little too late that being stuck between two players was not the best strategy.
- Use placement of tiles and players and player abilities strategically. For instance, Cory had a Protection power that would push people backward when he was attacked. I used that to have him push me back onto a fountain. Very cool.