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Session: One Deck Dungeon:: A death in the 3 doors

Wed, 22 Feb 2017 01:55:55 +0000

by spyridon

"Dragon's Cave, indeed!", laughed the Archer, as she dexterously traversed the bear trap strewn floor of the second chamber she'd explored. "More like a trip to the candy store!"

Two remaining doors stood before her. "Eeny, meeney, miny, moe.." she whispered under her breath, before kicking open the 3rd door. As the dust settled, she could make out the shape of an enormous Ogre looming over her, its horrid visage just beginning to turn in to a gaping maw of teeth and rage.

"No man can stop me!" she cried, as she began to draw back her bow.

Moments later, life and light fading from her eyes, her last thoughts were of her father telling her that "rashness is the characteristic of youth, prudence that of mellowed age, and discretion the better part of valor."


This was my third play of ODD and clearly it did not go well for me. I rather easily handled the first two rooms on the floor, but clearly made a mistake taking on the Ogre so early. In hindsight, such a battle was clearly beyond the abilities of a Level 1 archer, but I was blinded with greed... that Chaotic Aura would have been so sweet.

Session: Pax Pamir:: Game seen as too short

Wed, 22 Feb 2017 01:55:42 +0000

by Rick McKown

Our gaming group tried Pax Pamir last night for the first time (I've played solo but the other two guys had never even heard of the game). We used the expansion set as the new cards add additional flavour. After a rules intro we jumped into play and got in two games in the space of four hours. A few rules hiccups but nothing major. Since we played with Nation Building needed two successful Topples for an early end, but never got more than one Topple per game (so both went to the end).

The guys liked the game but thought it was just too short to really develop one's strategy between Topples. Our group (the fourth player was away) usually plays longer games that typically take us 2-3 weekly sessions (i.e., 8-12 hours) to complete, such as the COIN series, so the shortness of Pax Pamir came as a surprise to them. Next time they want to play it with more cards (we used the standard three-player deck (50 + [3 x 8] = 74); the suggestion was even made to play with the entire deck (147 cards, I think) so that there would be twice as many cards between Topples.

Anyone out there have any experience with playing Pax Pamir with a larger deck?

Session: Tuscany Essential Edition:: I managed to win the Automa !!!

Wed, 22 Feb 2017 01:00:40 +0000

by tdakanalis

On Saturday I was very decisive to win (like all the other times (image) ) and I had one of my best sessions !!!

Papa gave me a medium cellar, I sold a 7 lira worth field to build the large cellar and to place the Fruit Dealer in a field in the second year.

I filled in 2 wine orders that gave me 12 VPs, Grant Sponsor gave me 2 VPs, Cultivator 3 VPs, Fruit Dealer 6 VPs, Exporter 2 VPs, I traded some cards/coins/wine tokens for 4 VPs in total and 6th year's wake up track gave me 1VP. I won 30 - 29 !!!

Session: Star Wars: Rebellion:: Rebellion in Japan Episode 0: Spark of Rebellion

Wed, 22 Feb 2017 00:58:03 +0000

by n107 I apologize to any reader, especially any who know me and are kind enough to follow my session reports, for this is going to be a far simpler session report than I originally anticipated. Not only is it about a month overdue and my memory, much like that old gray mare, ain't what it used to be but I also did not take as many helpful reference pictures for this report. I really did not know how best to gather information for the write up so, again, sorry for the sparse details.Players:Empire - meRebels - LolaiStarting Systems:-Beginner's Set Up-Rebel LoyaltyKashyyykBothawui - 1 Corellian Corvette, 1 X-Wing, 1 Y-Wing, 3 Rebel Troopers, 1 AirspeederNabooRebel Base - 1 X-Wing, 1 Y-Wing, 3 Rebel Troopers, 1 AirspeederImperial ControlledSaleucami - 1 Star Destroyer, 2 TIE Fighters, 2 Stormtroopers, 1 AT-STMandalore (subjugated) - 1 Death Star, 4 TIE Fighters, 2 Stormtroopers, 1 AT-STCoruscant - 1 Star Destroyer, 1 Assault Carrier, 2 TIE Fighters, 3 Stormtroopers, 1 AT-ST, 1 AT-ATCorellia - 1 Assault Carrier, 1 StormtrooperSullust (subjugated) - 1 Star Destroyer, 2 TIE Fighters, 2 Stormtroopers, 1 AT-ST Mustafar - 1 Assault Carrier, 2 TIE Fighters, 2 Stormtroopers, 1 AT-ST---This was our first time playing so we followed the first game set-up in the rule book including not using Action Cards outside of recruiting. After about an hour of setting up the board while explaining the rules, we were off. As it was the first turn of the first game, we both felt rather comfortable that we could make any play as the other had no idea what to expect. Round 1 Summary:The Rebellion used a mission to move ships from the Rebel Base to any adjacent system. Lolai moved the X-Wing and Y-Wing to Ryloth. At first he made the mistake thinking that all his forces at the base could move but since he could not transport them with the fighters, he would only be able to move the two ships. I offered to let him take back the move but he insisted it was fine. The Rebels also managed to gain the loyalty of the Hutts, taking Nal Hutta. Princess Leia led a Sabotage mission to Mustafar, which was successful. However, she did not expect Darth Vader to show up and place her under arrest. A Star Destroyer moved from Saleucami to Mon Calamari which was now Empire-loyal, thanks to the Emperor's visit. After a mildly successful first round for the Empire, we moved into the Refresh Phase. The Build Orders came in putting a lot of small units on the Rebellion side while the Empire gained two Star Destroyers on the third space along with a number of smaller ships waiting to be released. The Rebels recruited young Luke Skywalker while the Empire recruited someone I forgot, sadly. I think it may have been Wulf Yularen. Sorry.Round 2 Summary:The second round did not lead to any huge movements aside from the Star Destroyer at Sullust taking a landing party to subjugate Naboo. Two TIEs came to defend while an AT-ST and a Stormtrooper landed on the planet. Mon Mothma finally made Ryloth a loyal system to match the two fighters remaining in orbit, which Lolai was doing nothing with. It was a little suspicious to me, but it would eventually slip my mind.I left Princess Leia captive on Mustafar simply because I forgot that prisoners could be moved like a unit. Had I remembered, I would have brought her to a more fortified area. Although I needed to repair the sabotage on Mustafar, I ended up preventing a second system from getting sabotaged for the time being.The only major thing that happened, in my mind, was I began construction of a second Death Star in the Hoth system. I figured it would be good to have presence in that corner to hopefully close in on the Rebel Base in the future. At the end of the round, the Rebels devoted resources to backing up the fleet at Bothawui as well as the hidden Rebel Base. Lolai played the Objective "Defend the People" to earn the Rebels' first point moving the Reputation Marker to 13. Round 3 Summary:Now it came time to start p[...]

Session: Brazilian Checkers:: Position Puzzle 06

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 23:45:53 +0000

by anemaat

This Monday I had the position below on my checkersboard. White to move. My opponent kept thinking for a while. He wanted to move
. It proved to be decisive for the game. But in whose favor...



White wants to move
. Is that wise?

[o]Ofcourse not, you silly! Keep in mind the Majority Capture rule.[/o]


1. 16-11 18-22
2. 11x25 21x23


The game continued for a few moves.

3. 29-25 23-27
4. 25-22 27-32
5. 20-16 32-14
6. 16-12 8-11

... and White resigns.

Session: Vivarium:: 4 player session of new players

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 22:57:34 +0000

by Orya SetupPlayers: 4Species: anacondas, bears, tigers, wolves.Player experiene: the anacondas had played the game once before, the others were new to it.Duration: ~150 minutesThe rough run of play was something like this:Very early game:The anacondas started, and focused on spreading out and gaining control over multiple swamps and river territories, to then propagate, as they gain additional cards and energy if they control three swamp and/or river tiles.The bears very slowly moved towards the center, while focusing on acquiring combat related behavior cards.The tigers focus on getting quickly to the Oasis, in the center of the map, to thus gain more cards and fitness points early. Remaining energy was spent on movement and combat related cards.The wolves also acquired combat related cards, while slowly propagating as well.The seasonal events were combat related, and thus not relevant early on, as the species were still too far away from each other.Early game:The anacondas invested most of their energy into propagation. As they gain bonus energy and cards for controlling swamps and rivers, as well as more bonus energy and cards for deploying mature anacondas in swamps and territories with just a single other anaconda, they could gain quite a card advantage, and slowly started buying more propagation and utility related cards.The bears noticed the increasing numbers of wolves and anacondas and started up saving energy.The tigers reached the Oasis first, controlling it for three or so turns, thus gaining a substantial number of fitness points and cards. They gained some further fitness points by gaining control over multiple mountain areas. They also snatched some very expensive combat cards that would also generate quite some energy when played.The wolves stayed mostly on their side, splitting up their energy equally on acquiring combat related cards and progation.Mid game:The anacondas kept on spreading out further, attempting to complete area control related seasonal events to increase their number of victory points. The increased card draw was used to keep up propagation, now at a lower priority, while focusing more on utility and propagation related behavior cards.The bears bought a few more cheap combat cards but kept on saving more energy.Of the three tigers, one in the oasis was killed by a hippo. Another one watched a member of the same species swallow and die of a poison dart frog. The combination of the (then ended) control of the oasis and the tigers learning about poisonous frogs kept the tigers in front on the fitness chart. The lone remaining tiger decided to carry some food it found back to its starting territory.A large wolf pack moved out in order to intercept the tiger.Mid to late game:The utility and propagation behavior engine of the anacondas started kicking in, allowing them to spend now more energy on movement. They now had a home in about 40% of the swamps and forests of the map. Buying more cards and sometimes completing seasonal territory events kept them gaining steadily more fitness points.The bears had a population explosion, with one part of it focusing around the oasis, and another on their starting territory.The tigers tried to increase their numbers and get their snatched food home.The wolves intercepted the lone tiger and tore it apart, while a smaller second wolf pack attacked a lone anaconda. The victories and completion of a "participate in two fights in one turn" seasonal event gave the wolves quite a population boost.Late game:A pack of african wild dogs appeared near the oasis.The anacondas started fighting back against the wolves while also moving towards the oasis from two sides.Most of the bears went towards the oasis, killing the hippo and some of the wild dogs, gaining thus some significant fitness points.The tigers acquired more combat cards, saved up some energy, and scared off a bear.The wolf packs regrouped, started to propagate aga[...]

Session: Do Not Forsake Me (Oh My Darling):: Play #3: Galactic Patrol beatings... Just merciless beatings

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 20:24:13 +0000

by knuckles29

Having seen most of the game last time with my 43 turn crawl, I want to see what sort of mayhem ensues when the Galactic Patrol expansion sinks its higher die faced teeth in.

Nearest Space station is 16 spaces!!!

Turn 3
Lost a Fusion + Crew

Turn 4, repair Fusion to (4)

Turn 5 - still Move 1x
Techstar - 8-9, dmg WMC

Turn 6 - Solar Flare, miss
They of the Ohn, evade fail, 9-10, WMC dmg

Turn 7, 2x move, ED 4, evade.
Cassandra Nix, no evade because no $$ (I need to get some or this will be bad)
5-10, WMC dmg

TURN 8, ED 5, evade
Warrior DL12, evade= Snake-eyes

Turn 9, ED 7, evade
Valeria Cross DL13
10-8. BOUNTY 4, I have money again.

Turn 10, ED 5, evade
Vorhh 7-8, WMC + Crew lost
Fight again, 3-11, NavComm

Turn 11, ED 6, Pulsar hit Fusion
Cassandra Nix evaded

Turn 12, Move x3 to SS, repair WMC to 2
ED 5, Pulsar missed
7 spaces to next SS

Turn 13, Move 1
ED 2, no need to draw
Infinity DL13, 10-11, WMC

Turn 14 ED 4, evade
Infinity, 7-9, NavComm (2)

Turn 15, Move x2, ED 5, Pulsar missed
Vorhh 9-10, WMC
Round 2: 3-10, WMC + Crew lost (5)
Round 3: 6-5+2CV, WMC + No Crew lost
Round 4: 9-10(3+7)+2cv, WMC
Round 5: 4-10, NavComm (1)

-Too tired and behind the 8-Ball, I tell my crew to abandon ship as I have succumb to "Space Depression"

Session: Mage Knight Board Game:: Shades of Tezla -- Life and Death Solo.

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 19:26:53 +0000

by albcann MK'ers, Pleasantly surprised that enough people responded positively to my last playthrough that I will do it again. This time Shades of Tezla is the choice. I haven't played this expansion yet, so this is the first try probably full of mistakes. Any and all feedback, criticisms, suggestions, are very welcome. Life and Death, Solo.Mage Knight: BraevalarDummy Player: ArytheaROUND 1, TURN 1Opening Draw: March, Druidic Paths, Mana Draw, Tranquility, PromiseSource: green, black, whiteSpell Offer: Restoration, Call to Arms, Mana BoltAdvanced Action Offer: Blood Ritual, Learning, Ice ShieldUnit Offer: Utem Swordsmen, Utem Guardsmen, PeasantsTHOUGHTS: Not a great start. No attack cards, and a useless black mana in the source. The two rampaging orcs both are worth 2 fame to eliminate and thus, individually, will not send me to level 2 to get a skill and Advanced Action. Plus, I have 5 MP swamps and 5 MP (in the day) deserts to traverse through. The Graveyard containing the Dark Crusaders is a long way away from my starting position. Bad luck right off the bat. As far as the Offers go, there is nothing that excites me in the Unit Offer and the Swordsmen are currently not available to me because they can only be recruited at a Keep, and there are currently no Keeps on the board. However, the Ice Shield is enticing in the Advanced Action Offer, as is the Call to Arms in the Spell Offer. I think I am going to move to the north to the village and take on the Rampaging Orcs and then decide whether to go after the Dark Crusaders or the Mage Tower. Often the path is obvious, it isn’t obvious here. Given that I have no attack cards, I went with the Great Start Tactic to get two more cards. The Dummy drew Rethink and will go first.Dummy drew 4 cards.Great Start draw: Stamina, CrystallizeMOVE: 1.Played strong March, with green mana from the source, plus Druidic Paths for 6 MP. Druidic Paths reduced the movement cost of one hex by one so the 6 MP got me to the village, 7 MP away.2.Played Mana Draw to use an additional crystal die from the source.3.Used white from the source and played the strong Influence to recruit PeasantsANALYSIS: The Peasants aren’t much but they are versatile enough to provide 2 attack/block, 2 influence or 2 move. Plus, they can absorb damage. Now I am in position to attack the Orcs to get to second level.ROUND 1, TURN 2Hand: Rage, Swiftness, Tranquility, Stamina, CrystallizeSource: black, gold, blueDummy drew 5 cards.MOVE: 1.Played strong Crystallize using blue mana from the source and took a white mana for my inventory.2.Used the white mana from inventory to play strong Swiftness to eliminate the Prowlers (+2 fame, +1 reputation). ANALYSIS: Didn’t want to use the gold mana from the source so I took blue and Crystallize to work around it and open up two spots in my hand for my next draw. I will see what the cards bring before deciding to go for the Mage Tower or the Dark Crusaders.ROUND 1, TURN 3.Hand: Rage, Tranquility, Stamina, Concentration, SwiftnessSource: black, gold, whiteDummy drew 4 cards, 3 left. I will have 3 turns left in the round.THOUGHTS: Dummy isn’t doing me any favors drawing 13 cards in three draws (max 15, min 9). I am going to take out the Diggers so I can gain a Skill and an Advanced Action.MOVE: 1.Couldn’t attack the fortified Diggers without a siege attack, so I absorbed the 3 attack from the Diggers. Blocked with Rage (2) and Stamina sideways (1).2.Played white mana from the source to use the strong Swiftness power to get a 3 ranged attack and eliminate the Diggers (+2 fame, +1 Reputation). 3.Took Ice Storm as an Advanced Action4.Took Secret Ways as a skill over Feral Allies5.Arythea put the Dark Fire Magic skill into the Common Skill OfferANALYSIS: Took Secret Ways because the move 1 will help as will the ability to move through Mounta[...]

Session: 7 Wonders Duel:: Fatherly Pride and Horror: Losing to a Six-Year-Old

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 19:26:37 +0000

by cartwright I picked up 7 Wonders Duel a month or so ago to play with my girlfriend (we're always looking for quick, two-player games that have some strategy in them). We played it and left it sitting out under the coffee table. A few weeks later, as my sons were playing army men on the floor next to the coffee table, my six-year-old son, C, spotted the game and pulled it out. I'm raising C right--by which I mean as a boardgamer--so he had no compunction with busting open the box and examining the pieces. We play a lot of games, but they're usually more driven by minis--Star Wars: Imperial Assault; Axis & Allies; Mice & Mystics. In those games, we tend to make up the rules and just have fun. He's a competent Stratego player, which is the first game he learned to play "like a grown-up." But he's never played a boardgame without minis to move around.I saw him examining it out of the corner of my eye, and let him be, figuring he'd take a look, decide it wasn't for him, and then move on. Not this time: he asked me to come over and teach him "the real rules." I was a little hesitant (he is six, after all), but I figured, why not? So we set it up. I explained how resources worked, what the cards cost, how to match the images and link buildings, etc. He was asking a lot of questions. I assumed we'd play for a few turns, going through the mechanics, and then he'd want to go back to playing army men.At the end of Age I, I asked if he wanted to call it quits. He immediately protested that he wanted to keep playing. So we kept at it. There were a few things that were tricky for him--he didn't quite get the concept of buying resources from the bank at variable costs, and he wasn't a fan of the science symbols (though he did pick up the one that allowed every wonder to generate a second turn). Regardless, we kept powering on.As we entered Age III, I suddenly realized he had been buying up all the military. I wasn't in great shape, but I thought I still had some time to go before I should worry about it. Then he bought a 3x military--uh oh. No military were showing for me to pick up, so I bought a yellow card and hoped for the best. On his turn, no military was showing, but one--a 3x--was buried beneath a card that neither of us wanted. He grabbed the card and used it to build his Colossus--2x military--and then triggered his next turn, which he then used to buy the now-showing military card for 8 coins (!) and secure an automatic victory.Ouch. Certainly had to be dumb luck, not careful planning on his part, right?I congratulated him and mentally chalked it up to my subconsciously taking it easy on him. The next morning, I insisted on a rematch. I determined I would match his military purchase for purchase, and reasoned that there was no way a 6yo could outplan and outthink me if he had to adjust his strategy. And so we set off. Every card contested, every battle a fierce one, me setting out to reclaim my fatherly honor, him trying to demolish me again.Age III drew to a close. We sat down to count up the points. I was assuming I had won handily, but as we counted, I realized this was going to be closer than I thought. By the time the dust settled, we were deadlocked 47-47 (!). On the tie-breaker, I won with the blue cards, but in his defense, I hadn't told him about that rule because I considered a tie so unlikely that I didn't want to burden him with the extra rule.So I guess I won and reclaimed my honor, but it definitely wasn't a convincing victory. Now I'm eagerly awaiting round 3 to try to get a more legitimate victory over the little bugger. I thought I'd have at least a few years before my kids would be able to play games competently, but that window is rapidly closing. On to ASL next? [...]

Session: Runebound: Sands of Al-Kalim:: An Alchemist Flash Mob

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 19:25:58 +0000

by Billythehut Our little game group Ross, Mark and I sat down to play Runebound: Sands of Al-Kalim.None of us had played this game before, although we’ve all played Runebound (Second Edition). Also our last play of that was some time ago. So if you notice we made any errors in the rules you have our apologies. To be honest, this is a great game, but the rules have problems; in it’s organization and what I guess are translation issues. Favorite quote from the rules:“These tales are interwoven throughout the culture, religion, and history of the land, and no bard or sage can say how much of each tale is true and how much is fact” This is found under “The Legend” on the 1st page in the 1st column of copy. Underlines added by me.Kirga the Tracker:I was playing Kirga the Tracker and I started the game in Trader’s Fort. To start I headed one hex south-west to clear out the green challenge. Headed back to Trader’s fort, eventually I got a +2 bow for ranged combat. A good start, but things started to go downhill for me from there. There was a companion, The Youngest Sister in the Market down in Haruun. I figured I’d head that way hitting the Green challenge on the road in route. That’s when I learned the terrain can be tougher in this expansion. Combined with poor dice rolls. I got there, but never moved more then 2 hexes per turn in the process. Getting back out of the Sands of Al-Kalim was as big of a problem. Ended up remaining one legendary quest behind my friends for the rest of the game. Picked up my 4th legendary quest on my last turn just before the game ended. Oddly enough, it was “Sailing the Sands” a quest that required me to wonder about the Sands of Al-Kalim. A place I’d been wandering for a good part of the game.Sahla the Shaman:Ross was playing Sahla and he began in Irram. Like me he hit the green challenge next to his starting city at the start, then picked up 2 more green challenges nearby. Had a good start then heading into the Shadowsgate Rift towards his next green, with a story die, he found a lost city; the City of Faith. Sahla the Shaman at the City of FaithShortly after that he acquired a card that would let him automatically find a lost city if ever the lost citys disappeared again from the board. Vary handy since it would be a while before the other two would be found, and they would all end up vanishing the turn after the 3rd one appeared. At that time Ross was in the City of Faith, so he had it reappear in the very spot he’d found it the 1st time. So for much of the game the City of Faith was the only lost City on the board.Ross was also the 1st to acquire and complete a legendary quest. Lucky for him he was hanging around Irram early in the game and was able to select the quest “On a Dark Steed” which required him to “explore the bazaar of Many-Columned Irram” The game was tight between Ross and Mark, although Ross often was a move of two ahead in his progress. Sadly when attempting to complete his 4th quest Ross’ dice turned mean and he was struggling and failing to roll above numbers like 5 on two d10. Corbin the Axebearer:Mark started with Corbin and in the city of Siryasa. Like me he had a rough start to his game. After also completing his 1st green challenge next to his starting city, he headed west towards the next green challenge along Traveler’s Choice road. What he met was bandits, who knocked hime out, took everything he had, and left him destitute. He regrouped in Siryasa and planned to head right back out to take his revenge on the bandits. Trouble was my struggles down south added to his struggles up north. Moving slowly as I was, my story dice quickly made the sandstorm appear, of course I pushed it north away from me. This ended up becoming a theme for the game. The storm ended covering the bandits an[...]

Session: Dice of Crowns:: First Advanced Play - Needs an Endgame mechanic

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 17:43:38 +0000

by FencePost

We played our first games of DoC last night. We played basic first and that was a great time. Later on in the evening we tried the advanced play.

Things started pretty well everyone was two crowns up as I had none, so I became the scroll roller, and managed to come back to three crowns along with 3 of the other players. Our 5th player had 4 crowns so was the target. She managed to hit her 5th crown while we all had 3. As the round played out each of us got our 4th crowns that same around and managed to pile up the daggers on her so that she didn't end up winning. This was the beginning of the never ending end game as we all had 4 crowns and were all able to steal the winning crown for ourselves.

We played the next 20 minutes or so stealing the crown back and forth. We never got to the point where the player was rolling with the crown for victory. There was only once where I was one player left from having the dice passed to me with the crown but my wife would have none of that and stole the crown for herself.

We ended up just calling it as whoever had the crown after the next full round from the starting player as it was getting late and this was supposed to be the last quick game of the evening.

This felt very unsatisfying as way to end the game but we were seeing no end in sight to this madness.

Afterwards we were discussing better ways to end the game in situations where you're waiting for 4 players in a row to fail at stealing the crown. My one friend suggested that once all players have reached 4 crowns to trigger an endgame clock where once it makes it full round from the starting player, to remove one of the dice from the pool and do so each time it makes it back to the starting player without a winner. We felt like this would push the end of the game while still giving players that ever decreasing chance at victory.

We haven't had a chance to try it out yet but we plan to the next time we end up with all players having 4 tokens.

This game which was feeling fun and interactive than a usual push your luck dice game quickly became monotonous as getting the crown didn't get you feeling excited as you weren't likely to keep it through your next turn.

Session: Saltlands:: Comments and Ideas After First Playthrough

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 17:42:13 +0000

by tommatty This game is lots of fun with a wonderful movement mechanic. But there were quite a few rules questions as we played and we all felt the victory came much to easily.So I’ll present a summary of what we liked, what was issues, and ideas to fix.Then some rules questions we weren't clear about that maybe someone here has the answers.Summary Notes from First Play Through3 players doing co-op mode hard levelGood:- movement with the land sails is really cool. But the fun of this was lost quickly as everyone took a gas vehicle from raiders to remove the uncertainty of wind. - raider miniatures are nice and the theme is exciting.We were getting so bored we almost decided to double activate the raiders to try and create some sense of danger and threat.Issues:Why it was easy to win.- Raiders cannot swarm because each attack is treated separate. - Very easy to avoid raiders in coop as only one type of vehicle activated each time. So just activate what is far away. And each round at least one vehicle will only move and not attack. - Sandstorm effect we just ignored. Stay on same terrain tile and lose nothing. If you move into another terrain you can choose what to lose and there's always something in hand that is sacrificed easily with the large hand sizes.- Raiders cannot do enough damage to make a challenge until you get to 5th or 6th cards. And by then your hand is so full of defense and attack cards you just wipe them out easily. Especially anyone with ploughman character who has natural 1 armor. Basically he’s untouchable throughout the game. - Too easy to explore new terrain making explore and binocular actions / equipment no real benefit. - Vehicles always have gas so just keep moving. Not themeatic with running out of gas and having to look for more. So everyone ditches the wind sails early on for gas vehicles which makes the very neat wind mechanic and movement ignored.- Repair cards action never got used. Most cards are the same and so many in hand already there was never any desire to toss 5 to draw 5 more.- setup takes awhile and have to separate card sets with same back- No real reason to have 2nd companion because you're never beside more than 2 tiles and no raider needs more than 2 attacks to defeat. If you need a third just play one of the many plentiful water cards to refresh and attack again. So just keep the 5 cards you get to have because of an open space on your character card. We're already considering some house rules for next time.- Don't show terrain tiles until character with binoculars gets next to them. - When flipped don't reveal the tokens until next to them or use the binoculars to examine one tile as an action each turn. Toss the explore cards or rule that they only work when played with a rumor card that moves the victory token to an unexplored terrain. If no explore card and the vitory token moves to a face down terrain tile it cannot be flipped up. Have to wait until binoculars gets nearby.- Use vehicle once then consider gas out and must abandon or play a gas card to use the vehicle again. This will make the land sail the attractive transportation. Allowing players to keep the land sail with a vehicle, basically towing it, would use up the extra slot and allow the extra space for a few more cards. If no vehicle you have to walk, one hex per turn, making you very vulnerable to attacks.- Allow raiders to stack attacks so swarm becomes an issue. Activate more raiders at one time maybe for a big challengs and give them ability to do more damage earlier. Maybe only use card numbers 4-6.- Many times could not spawn raiders because other vehicles spawned on the location already. Allow to spawn any tile next to the spawn point. - Reduce hand size significantly. No ve[...]

Session: Gloomhaven:: First play, Scenario 1 (no spoilers)

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 16:48:57 +0000

by supamanu

I've played the game twice - the first time I got beaten to a pulp in the first 20 min and reset (image)

Lesson learned is: this is not your ordinary dungeon crawler, you need to understand how your characters work.

I am soloing 2P with Cragheart and Mindthief. Perhaps not the easiest combo to make work... not sure.

Anyway - reset and here we go. Nail biting till the end. Mindthief got down to 1 hp and next turn would be unable to rest.

Cragheart had one last action and played a super combo (think Tiny if you're a dota player) with the benefit of a much needed bless card THANKS THE GODS. The kind of epic finish we all dream of.

Never thought I was going to make it, honestly.

Now, all that gooooold I cannot pick up mwaaaaaaa

Session: Pax Renaissance:: Ejemplos de "one-shot" conspiraciones y revueltas campesinas durante una partida (peasant revolt examples)

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 16:48:33 +0000

by kopros

Libertad frisona; los frisones conpiran en francia.

La torre blanca y el pirata rojo contra el caballo blanco. Como resultado el jugador que se quede con el reino elegirá si eliminar el pirata o la torre blanca, +1 concesión de su color en la frontera de Francia.

La plata Servobosnia crea una revuelta campesina en el Imperio Otomano

Atacan los 2 peones naranjas, y las piezas reprimidas del imperio Otomano; la torre blanca y el peón verde.
Defienden las cuatro torres de la carta otomana.
El jugador naranja a arramblado con el impreio otomano, dejándolo vacío, aunque colocaría un peón naranja en una frontera, como concesión.
(Si hubiera consistido en una revuelta campesina provocada en su propio imperio, el resultado hubiera sido el mismo, pero cambiaría el régimen a Republica y el jugador verde podría añadir una concesión de color verde.)

(La primera revolución del campesinado español. Payeses de remensa.)

El Sindicato remensa crea una revolución campesina en el Reino de Aragon

Como resultado Aragon queda vacío.

Richard Neville "el hacedor de reyes" conspira en el Reino de Inglaterra.

El jugador verde se queda con el Reino. Como único cambio de piezas, añade una concesión más en la frontera del reino.

Session: Picket Duty: Kamikaze Attacks against U.S. Destroyers – Okinawa, 1945:: Saga of Desron 58 continues....

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 15:42:13 +0000

by p40kitty Saga of Desron 58 continues…..Early hours of April 24, 1945 and the USS Metcalf is patrolling picket duty station #10 off of the west coast of Okinawa. The Metcalf was ordered up in relief of the USS Hart which had to leave to replenish. The crew of the Metcalf is hoping that their patrol duty will be as blessed as the Hart, which was on duty for seven days with no damage and just minor attacks….you don’t suppose the Japanese are saving up for a big attack again?….The crew for the most part is veteran (0) with a well-seasoned XO (+2) but with a green Gunnery Officer (-2, first tour) and an unknown as Engineer Officer (-1).The morning of April 24 starts out with rain showers which keep the Kamikaze at bay and no attacks show up. The rain front moves out by afternoon however, and the clearing weather brings out a 6 plane enemy attack in two waves….surface fire (2markers) and air support is decent (2 markers each of carrier and marine)….1st wave of three planes sees a near-miss with no damage….but the third attacker makes it through (evasive maneuvers unsuccessful) the AA barrage and hits the aft part of the ship….topside, destroying the #5 5-inch gun position….2 hull points lost….the second wave of three sees all attackers flamed with two near-misses, but no damage….the nighttime hours pass with no attacks.The morning of April 25th dawns bright and clear….surface support limited today and only limited marine air support shows up this am….however the Japanese are sleeping in late and no attacks show up (rolled a N/A result)….The early hours of the afternoon start peacefully but with poor marine air support and no carrier support…..however, it’s not long before 5 enemy attackers are detected in two waves….first wave of three attackers lead to one near-miss which causes 1 hull point loss as the plane breaks up on impact close aboard the starboard amidships….2 special attackers appear off of the starboard quarter….one is flamed by the marine air group and is a near-miss which cause penetration of the aft fuel tanks leading to 2 fuel points lost….the Okha it was carrying misses wide of the ‘tin can’….the other attacker is shot down by spray fire and splashes in the ocean….the second wave of two attackers and one special attacker see all of them shot down with excellent shooting from the gun positions and none come close to the ship( Gunnery Officer doing well!). Nighttime passes quietly….fuel at 50%, ammo at 70% and Hull at 70%Weather on April 26th continues warm and dry….surface fire support is very good today….however, it seems like the enemy is sure resting a lot and no attacks show up this am….The afternoon stays clear and both land and carrier support are available, though it is limited (3 markers of land and only 1 of carrier)….just after 1400hrs 6 enemy attackers show up in two waves….the first is shot down by marine air….forward gun positions flame the second with no damage….the third survives all return fire and hits the forward part of the ship (evasive maneuver unsuccessful)….putting two hits (3 needed to destroy) in the CIC killing both the DCO (Damage Control officer) and the Gunnery Officer (both were stationed there…. Chief Petty Officer takes over as DCO and XO takes over as Gunnery Officer)….forward repair crew are able to repair one of the hits….the hit also destroys the forward #1 crew quarters….the second wave sees all planes shot down by marine air and surface fire support….crew impressed with the marine ‘flyboys’….night passes uneventfully….fuel now at 30%, ammo at 50% and Hull at 60%. The High pressure front stalls out in th[...]

Session: The Supreme Commander:: AAR played Feb 12th and 20th, 2017

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 15:21:20 +0000

by turboelec

The first game.

I think I shouldn't have agreed to the Diplomatic momentum rule option #1 as something I had never seen before in a European theatre level game happened. Turkey joined the Allies as an active minor power in the Aug-Sep turn of 1940. Though we had not chosen the wild option # 2 where a player can get a minor nation anywhere to join his side, my worthy opponent, through some odds-breaking die rolls, had Iran/Iraq join his side in the Nov/Dec 39 turn, and after that he started on Turkey. To add insult to injure, he did it on the cheap for 5 MSP on every attempt.

There are two ways to address this problem.

1 Never play with diplomatic option #1 again.

2. Double the diplomatic costs for wooing Sweden, Turkey and Spain to a side's dubious but noble cause. Historically all three of these countries remained neutral throughout WWII, and their astute leadership was wary of getting sucked in to somebody else's war. Thus the bribery money had to be persuasive.

Of course, the diplomatic momentum option works both ways with Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria having joined the Axis cause, and Italy is on the verge of doing so. But it was in Romania that problems were revealed:

There is no direct rail link from Bucharest to Budapest, so the Germans are very limited in their supply capability. And to get supply in Romania, Germany must either conquer Yugoslavia, or declare war on the USSR and take a vital rail line in Eastern Poland. In the mean time the Turkish army threatens from one side, and the Soviet army is building on the other.

The extra income generated by these untimely alliances to the UK contributed to the defense of France which very likely was an indirect cause for my poor showing. The other reason for not having Paris at the beginning of Aug/Sep of 41 was the RAF which shot down a lot of Luftwaffe fighters. So the air advantage was negated in Belgium and in front of Paris, and a definite drain on German production was created. The result: A long bashing offensive in France where the Maginot line was completely taken out. The French army decimated to the point of having 4 corps left, but France fights on! While in Poland there is a garrison of 4 reduced corps. The Soviets (and British) are happily building for their offensive which will be the Third Reich's undoing.

As for my luck in combat, the latest episode of attacking Paris during the July/Aug turn serves as a good example. On a 7+ column +2 drm (highest) I rolled a '1', and on the follow-up attack on the same column without the positive DRM, I managed a '3'; Paris held. Oddly, I think my worthy opponent, wanted me to take Paris with the British army having already scurried to Brest. If Paris had fallen, then Italy would immediately join the Axis which would enable the British to send their two armies in Egypt to roll over the fortress of Tobruk defended by only a reduced army and one corps. And I am sure the Royal Navy was already set-up to cut Africa out of supply.

I do like the combat system in this game, but so far the diplomatic aspect leaves something to be desired. A playbook would be nice.

take care

Rob M'cCoy

Session: Hold the Line: The American Revolution:: Montmorency Falls - the French-Indian Wars expansion

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 15:01:47 +0000

by subudai i]please excuse the hosting of this battle report here, but the site for the expansion is not yet up. The author was the French in this action, his good friend Col the British. Note how many times the British managed to roll six AP and compare that to French AP rolls; fate can be cruel, sometimes[/iGame Turn 1 (BR 6 x AP; FR 5 x AP)The creak of the oars and their rhythmic dipping in the water in the early morning fog was all that disclosed to ensign du Plessey the approach of the English force. Du Plessey, a trapper of some years in Quebec, looked about at the pitiful two sections of militia that was all his force amounted to. Good men all, he felt, but in his heart he dreaded the fact that this day he anticipated the approach of the hated English, each of whose units he knew to be twice as strong as his own.Two units of British grenadiers (the Jacobite rebellions have passed into history; England is now Britain) and one of regular troops approached the shoreline redoubt of du Plessey and his men. It was a lonely outpost, the only French defended position on that long beach at the lakeshore. Nor was it a comfortable position; a perilously exposed gap had to be negotiated if ever du Plessey and his men hoped to withdraw and rejoin the French main force on the ridge behind.In the gloom, English long-boats landed left and right. Scores of huge, bayonet-wielding grenadiers leaped ashore on either flank of the redoubt. Further west, a regular British infantry unit put ashore to the west of the left-most grenadiers. Du Plessey’s French comrades from the ridge behind immediately offered fire at the grenadier unit on the exposed western side of the lakeside redoubt, lowering the British units morale as bullets struck home. Then du Plessey and his men made their first charge that day. Three sections of British grenadiers were either shot down, maimed with hatchets or otherwise induced to flee. Their ensign and what remained of their unit [in fact, only the ensign figure] retreated back onto their boats. Taking quick stock, du Plessey convinced his men not to advance after the fleeing English, but to remain within the protection of their mighty redoubt.GT2 (BR 5 x AP; FR 4 x AP; Victory level at end of GT2 – 0 x FR VP, 0 x BR VP)The British, stunned at the ferocity of initial French resistance, firstly offered musket fire from their western most regular infantry unit against the French militia; but this fire proved to have no effect. The British then threw in fresh troops – another unit of grenadiers – who, like their predecessors, landed to the west or open side of the French redoubt. This unit was also accompanied by General Wolfe. On the fortified, east side of the redoubt, the British grenadier unit there made a completely ineffectual close assault [the militia passed their morale test and also lost no figures]. Meanwhile, at the Montmorency Falls – perhaps in an attempt to distract the French from the debacle rapidly unfolding on the banks of the lake further west - a British artillery unit offered desultory fire against a French infantry unit in the woods to the north of the falls.Against these British manoeuvrers, despite being outnumbered 8 to 1 on the lakeshore, du Plessey’s French militia were fighting like cornered lions. Hence, when their companions on the ridge above poured in fresh volleys of musketry that hit nothing, du Plessey recognised that if his men were to survive, this time they must carry the burden of combat alone. Once again du Plessey exhorted his men to follow him in a seemingly suicidal close assault against the English grenadier unit to their open[...]

Session: Eldritch Horror:: The adventures of 6 investigators against Yog-Sothoth

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 15:01:22 +0000

by dpacemaker ** This report contains spoilers, and requires game knowledge and playthroughs to understand. Read at your own risk. ** On a calm evening night of the 17th February at 10:30pm local time, Yog-Sothoth, an Ancient One, descended upon Earth. Six investigators, namely Diana Stanley, Lily Chen, Mark Harrigan, Trish Scarborough, Jacqueline Fine, and Jim Culver were on-scene to solve the mysteries that this Ancient One has brought with it. Yog-Sothoth provides a trickier challenge than Azathoth. Four out of the six investigators are facing this Ancient One as part of their first Eldritch Horror assignment. Chapter 1 The investigation on the first mystery, codenamed "Arcane Understanding", was initiated by lead investigator Lily. The investigators found a tough time finding clues for this mystery. Yet after finding clues nearby Arkham and Rome, investigators could not quickly solve this mystery. The uncovering of this mystery requires casting of spells. However, investigators were facing a difficult challenge as most investigators are not equipped with knowledge of spells. At one point while solving this mystery, 5 gates were spawned around Europe and Asia.Trish took many bank loans to buy assets and she became the lead monster-dispatcher, while Mark and Jim teamed-up to close gates. Diana and Jacqueline were tasked to acquire spells from America and help solve the mystery before it was too late. Lily, the martial artist, who was supposed to lead the front-line against the monsters, was severely injured by a monster early in the game, as well as the "Unexpected Betrayal" of an ally causing her to lose more health points.Gates and monsters continued to sprung up, as well as the "Growing Madness" ongoing-rumor popping-up near Arkham that threatens to cause investigators to lose 3 sanity points if not solved. Diana Stanley, after discovering 3 valuable clues of Yog-Sothoth, rushed to this rumour site and managed to quell it. After close to half of the Eldritch deck gone, and the Doom Track advanced to 8, the team of investigators were able to solve the mystery, thanks to brilliant work by Jacqueline who contributed 4 out of the 6 clues required to solve this mystery, by using her passive ability to quickly gain clues and gathering spells in America. Chapter 2 Following the efficiency of Jacqueline, she became the lead-investigator for the next mystery, codenamed "The Beyond One", despite being a newer investigator than Lily. For this mystery, 6 pieces of detailed information about Yog-Sothoth were required. These information were spread around the world. The team then took a brave decision to split-up and individually hunt for these information to save time.When the investigators are close to solving this mystery, the Wind-Walker Epic Monster popped-up, again nearby Arkham. Trish, the lead monster-killer, rushed to the scene and disposed the monster before it could cause investigators to lose a whopping 6 health points! Only two investigators would be able to survive this. Torn Asunder occured and investigators lost 2 health points each, and some "Strange Sightings" prevented everyone from resting. Life was tough. Nevertheless, this mystery was solved with every investigator still in one piece. Chapter 3 The third mystery was the emergence of the Dunwich Horror Epic Monster, this time in Arkham itself. Trish and Jacqueline had assets that allowed them to hurt the monster. Although the toughness of the monster was very high, these assets managed to bring the health of Dunwich down to 1 health point. At this point, all 6 investigators were excited that the pro[...]

Session: Gloomhaven:: First Play - Terrible Luck

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 05:07:53 +0000

by VaultBoy

My girlfriend and I played for the first time. She was the Tinkerer, and I played the Mind Thief.

The opening room was a bit rough, the Mind Thief ended up down to 1 HP pretty early. Luckily, there's an augment that made this a little easy to get back from and I went invisible the same turn.

We killed the two normal guards fairly quickly. I tried to take out the elite card with one of my stronger attacks that had a base attack of 9, but ended up drawing the miss. It really sucked to see that card go to the lost pile without any result.

For my last action, before having to take a long rest, I summoned rats. I didn't realize the rats only had 1 movement. They didn't do much the rest of the game because their slow movement kept them too far away from the combat.

In the second room, the Mind Thief used the push attack to push a guard and the archer each onto traps (separate turns). After the first push, the Tinker helped out by giving me a free discard pickup since I was pretty much out of cards.

In the last room, the Mind Thief again tried to do a big attack to kill a living bones, only to draw the miss again. In the third room, I had too few of cards left to be effective for long. The rats managed to catch up and kill a skeleton. I nearly killed the other skeleton, before using my last action to loot.

The Tinker finished off an archer and the last skeleton, but ran out of cards before being able to finish off the last archer.

I had 3 misses and the Tinker had one or two. Neither of us ever got our x2.

Some lessons learned...
- Summoning the rats upon entering the last room would've been more useful than early on with a lot of ground to cover.
- I didn't change the augments often, I think I'd have been much more effective if I used the +2 attack and maybe even the shield one more.
- Pray more to the card gods when attempting to make a big attack. Having my two biggest attacks miss forced us to use a lot more small attack cards to take down some of the enemies.

Session: Sylvion:: Fun solo game

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 05:06:47 +0000

by Jiryfoe

Last the intro game but wanted more.

Decided to use only the extra Forest cards for the advanced rules not the Fire cards - didn't feel like introducing that many discard mechanics yet. Which reminds me, I forgot to use the desertion rule for when the deck is Reshuffled.

I didn't like the look of the expansion cats so I left those out.

I figured out the whale cats could be used to send a weak Flame to it's doom before it is potentially powered up.

I enjoyed drafting my own deck and the mechanics used for that part.

Just managed to scrape a won - no more and no less than the required tree points to survive with zero desolation.

Very fun and tense. The decisions are fun when deciding which cards to pitch to pay for others and the unknown cards coming - Squirrels are a godsend and combo great with pidgeons.

More entertaining than I expected for a solo card game. This feels like I was fully engaged with another player.

The art is beautiful.

Wow, it is a good game!
Some games sit on the shelf and never get played. After playing this for the first two times today, after it sitting for a while for the opportunity I can now say it is a well done game with great replayability and engaging mechanics and thematic gameplay.


Session: Memoir '44:: Battle report of Operation Cobra

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 04:25:57 +0000

by Belasch


This is my third match vs human and i am so far 3-0 as allie as Operation Cobra. I am not a exptert and this only i my ideas

This is battle report. i was printsceening as I was playing against a human so my Picture is not so good.

Operation Cobra the map. Its 52% allie / 48% germany

My thought.
Left flank(A). Goal protection
They need to go to protection at the Woods. First move if possible

Center (B). Goal collect card and advace with a large force in center and engage the germany.
Advance up with infantry and tanks .
The tanks is great to hunt down enemy infantry, if they retreat to open area. The tank is also good to fight of the elite enemy tank.
infantry is good to take hills and if it possible take the center hills.

Right flank (C). Goal to make germany infantry retreat from hills and tanks join the center, and infantry take the hills
Move infantry to Woods. Advance with tanks so it can be both center and right flank. Also try not the infantry i yellow not to block retreat


Round 1

I do defensive move at left wing
Move 2 infantry to safety.

Germany do offensive move to my left flank

Round 2

i am lucky and do offensive move at left flank, and position move at right flank.
In my offensive move i kill the german infantry

German player fight back at my left and right flank. He also open up the elite tank

Round 3

position move in center
I feel its time to advance in center to get a better position. Before the elite german tank going down.

German player shoot at my infantry in the Woods.

Round 4

to be continued

Session: Ulm:: First game (solo with two colors)

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 22:24:57 +0000

by killerjoe1962

Hi, I just picked up this game last night (2/18/2017) at our gaming club (GASP Gaming Assoc. of SW PA) and I got a chance this morning to unbox it, watch a few more video reviews, read the rules and chronicle (somewhat) then set-up and basic rule;"...Push a tile into the cathedral area and carry out the 3 associated actions."

So, 1.) you draw a tile from the bag (Carcassonne style!) then 2.) push a column or row with it. There are 5 action tiles and three of them you will use that were the row or column you pushed the tile into (3x3 grid), they are:
Money tile: take 1 coin
Clear away (Checkerboard) tile: take all of the pushed out tiles on any one side
Seal tile: pay 2 coin to place on of your seal tokens in the city to do an action associated with that spot
Card tile: pay two tiles you have (you gain tiles from the clear away action tile) and draw a card from the top of the deck. If you payed with two tiles of the same type then draw two cards from the top of the deck, choose one to take then discard the other one.
The Boat tile: you move your boat on the Danube River one space (hop over any boat in your way and it still counts as one moved spot)

3.) (optional) Play one card from your hand at anytime during your turn. This is not to be confused with the "Card Tile" where your action can be to buy or play a card from you hand, so it's possible to play two cards in one turn but you're guaranteed to play at least one card should you have one in your hand to play.

And so that's all well and fine, very Euroey feel to it but it's the thinky part that makes this game either great and by great I mean AP fanatasyland or your own personal hell but either way it's fun to me!

You see, the river spaces are worth either negative or positive points at final scoring so the farther you are to the left of the bridge the more points you'll lose but the farther right you are of the bridge the more points you'll earn but then you can get all kinds of bonus points either right now or at the end of the game with the cards or with the City Coat of Arms not to mention all the cool things you can get by buying a spot for your family seal to be placed so long as your boat is in the divided columns on the board, the board is divided into several sections so that you can only put your seal near a building in the same section as your boat is in....oh the choices that need to be made!!!!!!!!

Oh, and you only have 10 rounds to do all this stuff in,....crazy, right?

Of course and that's why we all LOVE Euros, it's what I live for so that I can appreciate my precious FFG Arkham games.....mmmmm, madness, insanity,.....

I love this game, ULM, and am glad I bought it much to the shigrin of my wife's face when she saw it this morning all spread out looking busy and giving her nightmares from when she played Bruges, LOL!!!!

I recommend getting this game especially if you like Euro-Strategy type games like Marco Polo or Bruges.

my rating: 8/10

my complexity: 2.4/5

Ranking among my games: soon to be in my top 10.

Session: Twilight Struggle:: The Turn 3 USSR Trifecta

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 18:52:17 +0000

by jaysachs This is a session "excerpt" from an ACTS game I recently completed as USSR. I put a lot of energy and sweat went into handling a challenging turn 3. I recorded my thoughts in case they might be interesting to others. I'm very interested in opinions / ideas on how I could have handled it better or differently.BackgroundTurn 1 was not a great one for the USSR. Mediocre hand: Asia scoring, low ops (13), but I had Vietnam and D&C, so I headlined VR and couped Iran AR1 with D&C, to 0/2, but the US countercoup with NATO rolled a 6. Not enough ops to fortify Thailand, so I had to hold onto China. I'd at least taken Afghanistan while the US took Pakistan and India.Turn 2 was better, but I did an early De-stal, as I UN interventioned Marshall Plan instead of spacing it, and didn't want to hand over China, and didn't want to play Destal for ops (since I'd be unlikely to get the event later). Destal was into Angola, Brazil, Venezuela and France. It was a little precarious.The US had churned through a lot of USSR event cards. I was still hopeful for a decent turn 3.Board position:VPs at -5, DEFCON 3.Turn 3USSR hand: (italics means US knows I have it)5 / Five-Year Plan (US)20 / Olympic Games (Both)4 / Duck and Cover (US)13 / Arab-Israeli War (USSR)1 / Asia Scoring (Both)10 / Blockade* (USSR)3 / Mideast Scoring (Both)26 / CIA Created* (US)6 / The China CardUS hand:15 / Nasser17 / DeGaulle24 / IPW25 / Containment30 / Decol???Permanently removed:9 USSR Vietnam Revolts16 USSR Warsaw Pact11 USSR Korean War18 Both Captured Nazi Scientist19 US Truman Doctrine12 USSR Romanian Abdication35 US Formosan Resolution22 US Independent Reds33 USSR Destalinization14 USSR COMECONInitial thoughts:Terrible hand. Low ops, two scoring, and all three problem cards. Asia for the headline seems a no-brainer, it can only get worse there. Instead of fighting for ME, since he could outwait me for Nasser, or even space Nasser given Containment, I would instead nerf ME via 5YP. However, having D&C, 5YP and CIA is problematic. I can't hold those if I'm going to play 5YP for the event. So I will have to play both, and only D&C is spaceable. So CIA is going to get triggered. I don't have to do it in the headline, but will in AR1. The other choice is to eat ME scoring (-4) and then space either 5YP or D&C, and then play China Card, holding CIA and and un-space 5YP/D&C. That would require fortifying Thailand, and I'm low on ops.So choices are:1. Play CIA AR1 and take my punishment.2. Hold CIA and D&C, space 5YP and play China. That pushes the problem to another turn, though presumably I'd be able to space 5YP at least. If I'm lucky, I could in fact space both D&C and 5YP this turn. Just leaves me with very little in the way of ops. And with a lucky AR1 coup (using China) I could take Libya and eliminate the ME pain. I could also instead use China to bolster Asia (Burma to 1/3 and Malaysia to 1/3) ... but that's not coming back for a while.Headlines:USSR: Asia Scoring for +1 VP USUS: ContainmentPlanningIt's turn 3, so he can and probably will Decol. So he'll play either Nasser or DeGaulle or both (maybe Nasser). Since he headlined Containment, it's reasonable to assume he doesn't have any of the 4-op cards. But he still out-ops me. If I fail Libya coup, he could be free to play Nasser. I could try AIW for the event, but with Egypt in place that's only a 16% chance of success.So, do I CIA AR1, do I do it event first? Then e.g. he coups Angola, I reinforc[...]

Session: Arcadia Quest: Inferno:: Initial thoughts on the Frost Dragon

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 14:34:33 +0000

by stenfisker

Today I played the two scenarios of the Frost Dragon expansion, after completing Inferno.

The first scenario went pretty smooth and we quickly grounded the Dragon. This was very entertaining, with dragonstone cards, ice boxes and all that. And, oh, the dragon himself, was very cool !!!

However, when playing the second scenario, where one must kill the dragon, we ran into trouble. To win, the guilds must cooperate to first kill side 1 of the dragon's card and then you flip the card and kill the other side. In reality the dragon has a sum of 17 HP, 3 white defense dice and is only hit on "burst" dice-rolls (and also, once in a while the dragon heals 2 HP).

I know that it's supposed to be tough to defeat a dragon, but the scenario just kept going on and on, it was like classic "grinding": we hit the dragon with 3 bursts, then it defended 2 of them, so only 1 wound. Then we did exactly the same again a couple of times, then the dragon healed 2 HP and so on and so on. In the end, after 2 hours of play, we got through side 1 of the dragon card and then it destroyed house #3 and we lost. Not a single one of us died in the process (you get to be pretty awesome with Level 6 upgrade cards). But we didn't really have fun while playing. It felt a little like one of those times when we played an endless game of Arkham Horror, where we never really were close to winning and everyone was slightly depressed - where we usually when we play Arcadia Quest have a happy winner and some revengeful losers.

What I am trying to say is, that I love Arcadia Quest, Beyond the Grave and Inferno, I have played 6-7 campaigns all in all and have had tons of fun. But I am not so sure about these dragon expansions. Especially the second scenario seems to have lost the "magic feeling". Somehow, when the very cool dynamic where everybody is trying to mess with one another is lacking, the game falls a bit flat for me. I don't think the Arcadian guilds were meant to cooperate...?

In a couple of days we will probably try again, maybe against the Poison Dragon. But my initial overall impression the Frost Dragon is somewhat underwhelming.

Session: Hell Hath No Fury:: Rome triumphant!

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 13:01:12 +0000

by Andrew H My first solo play of this game back in 1985, when it was fresh out of the magazine. No photos I’m afraid. From memory played with the variable tribal activation and other optional rules.August 2-4th – Boudica and her hoard fell on Camulodunum, took the colony and settled down to an orgy of looting. Other Iceni units headed towards Verulamium. On hearing the news Cerialis and the IX Hispana force marched south, other auxillia units headed towards the trouble. In Wales the Ordovices threatened the main road, II Augusta cautiously moved towards them. The Deceangli rashly blocked the coast road; three cavalry ala routed them and wounded their chief.August 5-10th – Verulamium and Londinium fell and were looted, The IX Hispana neared Duropolis. The Trinovantes joined the revolt and assembled west of Camulodunum. The Ordovices approach Viriconium, but Paulinus, leading the auxiliary horse, defeats them. Cerialis and the IX destroy the Britons looting Londinium, but three auxiliary cohorts are repulsed by the Britons in the ruins of Verulamium. August 11-14 – The Trinovantes attack Cerialis at Londinium, but are defeated. Cerialis then force marches north, but is badly beaten by Boudica west of Canonium. Paulinus arrives at Glevum and Postumus kills himself. Five cohorts of the II catch part of the Ordovices and massacre them, removing the threat to Viriconium.August 15-18th – The Iceni pursue the rest of the IX Legion and send the 1st cohort running for Lindum, with Cerialis wounded. The Trinovantian cavalry occupy Durobrivia Catevullaunium. Paulinus begins to gather his forces at Venonae.August 19-26th – The Cantiaci rise and send cavalry to raise the Atrebates, Regnenses and Belgae. Boudica waits for the Cantiaci to arrive. Paulinus does not attack her in case the Catevullauni rise. Troops sent from Wales by ship land at Calusentum and occupy Venta Belgarum. Legionaries from Glevum attack and route a Trinovantium cavalry unit in Durocornorium.August 27-28th – The south and east erupts as the Catevullauni, Atrebates, Regnenses and Dumnonni revolt. Two cohorts of II Augusta are massacred by the Atrebates at Durocornorium, another cohort of XIV Gemina is destroyed by the Regnenses near Calusentum and the Decangli ambush and destroy a unit of auxiliaries on the road form Mona.August 29-30th – The Durotriges rise. Paulinus, his concentration complete, slowly advances south. The surviving cohorts in the south are surrounded by rebels, they attack Sorbiodunum but are driven back.August 31-September 6th – The Atrebates storm Glevum. Paulinus force marches with half his force, destroyes the Trinovantes north of Verulamium and demoralises the Iceni and Cantiaci. The Dobuni rise; the Catevullauni attack Paulinus but are defeated. Half of the Roman force pursue and disrupt them, the tribal host falls apart as the Romans pursue. Cerialis destroys the last of the Iceni and the Continental relief force attacks the Cantiaci. September 7-10th – The southern tribes assembled around Corinium. The Welsh tribes are defeated at Viriconium. The Atrebates attack Magnis, but are repulsed. Paulinus swoops on the Belgae at Corinium and destroys them; other Roman forces wipe out the remaining Trinovantes and the Cantiaci are also destroyed. September 13-19th = Boudica leads the Dumnoni and Dobuni against Paulinus; the tribes are repulsed with light losses but the three leade[...]

Session: Arkham Horror:: The billionaire party, and the feasting Abhoth (session report)

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 09:49:31 +0000

by Scarlet Witch Time to return to Arkham tonight; Michael, Rita, Mary, George and Bob are summoned to send back to sleep Abhoth and the Black Goat of the Woods. Abhoth’s difficult on its own: very short (11) doom track, with a built-in doom accelerator due to its Children (have 3 into play and the next one that should land on the board triggers both Terror and Doom), so that the help of the Black Goat (+1 doom on surges) isn’t really wanted. If you pair this with the fact that the total amount of starting clues among the different investigators is 2, well, succumbing to an ill fate seems quite probable. So, in terms of strategy the whole game can be summed up as: will the investigators be able to gather 28 clues from the board / eventually helpful items in less than 10 turns so that there’s a chance at sealing the ultimate evil away? The party’s loaded with money, so that farming the Unique item deck for at least one Elder Sign could be the way to go; but the real safe bet of the game is Bob Jenkins, whose passed personal story allows him to cash money and then convert money into clues at a 3 dollar = 1 clue / round ratio. So, we need to have Bob pass his PS asap, and organize the strategy accordingly. Setup is rather good, with a few major weapon entering play (Golden Sword of Y’ha-thalla, Sword of Glory, plus Michael’s starting Tommy Gun and Dynamite), but the real blessing is George pulling Ancient Tablet (spend 3 movement points and roll 2 dice, for each success get a spell, for each failure get 2 clues). Opening gates is an Abyss gate at the Historical Society, spawning a Black Goat and the Color Out of Space.Round 1: Michael goes to the Science Building to get 1 clue and have an almost safe shelter above head; Rita moves to the Silver Twilight Lodge to get 2 clues (for a 4 clue total); Mary decides it’s time to start playing a few tricks, moves to the Historical Society, defeating both monsters (the Color isn’t difficult once you’re Blessed, and for the Dark Young, Wither helped a bit) to later enter the gate, hoping someone could fetch her an Elder Sign for the first seal (indeed, it’s a heavy bet. But having 4 investigators starting at 0 clues means you don’t have time to have them grow until they have 5 clues each in a game where the AO has a short doom track and you want to keep surges at bay. So, someone had to go there, the Historical Society is a low freq location so that even if she can’t seal, it shouldn’t be too of a harm). George moves towards Bob, so that Bob can get the Ancient Tablet, use it to spectacularly fail both rolls and go to 4 clues, and then spend the very last movement point (the beauty of having a Motorcycle among the starting possessions) to reach the Unvisited Isle for his 5th clue. Personal Story passed, and clue generating engine triggered. We need just a bit more for this first round, possibly Rita getting the fifth clue? She does better than that: at the STL she pulls an encounter not only allowing her to gain the missing clue, but also to gain the Visions card, which allows her to gain clues equal to 1+the San cost of spells discarded. So, round 1, two investigators with 5 clues, and two clue generating engines activated.Mythos: Abhoth starts sweating, and opens a gate at Independence Square (Werewolf + Dark Young)Round 2: Bob moves to the Kadath gate on Independence Square, killing[...]

Session: Quartermaster General: Alternate Histories:: I never thought I would see Operation Sea Lion

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 09:46:16 +0000

by Norbert Chan

I didn’t think we would be able to get 6 people for this, but Ken came back, and had called Rob to join Don, Gary, Trevor and myself. Rob had never played before. Trevor was Germany, Gary was UK, I was Japan, Don was Russia, Rob was Italy and Ken was US.

The French force in Western Germany were land battled out, Gary played a response card (yes you can argue the UK should discard 3 cards to build a navy here), I played a response card, Don built into Ukraine, Rob built a fleet as he did not have a build army card to go into Western Europe, and Ken built an Army into the western US. The allies had an early lead.

Trevor would later be able to build into the North Sea, and things were looking bad for the UK. Ken had threatened me with the build navy/army/navy event card into Hawaii. I had built into Vladivostock to get 1 VP for the status card. I then had to spend my time sea battling into the Central Pacific to cut off Ken’s supply. He was trying to make a beeline for Australia. Everyone else was expecting him to start trying to firebomb me from Iwo Jima. I was prepared for that, having already got 3 build army cards into my hand, so if I had to discard cards, I wouldn’t lose too many crucial cards. Ken had to build navy twice to keep his armies in Iwo Jima and the Philippines in supply. Discouraged, Ken did a theatre shift to try and relieve the pressure on England, but it was too late. After Trevor got a Blitzkreig down, the UK had fallen, even with a French unit there as well.

Don had done well with Russia, having gotten adjacent to Italy and Germany and kept attacking into Italy. I felt bad for Rob, as this was his first game, and he had to keep building back into Italy. He felt like he was in a mini death spiral. Once, I built to Siberia to threaten Moscow, but Don even had time to land battle me out of there. Once Ken abandoned the Japan attack, I brought a plane and a unit to Siberia. I had 3 land battle cards in my hand now, and I told Rob that I would get revenge for him as Don would have to build army into Moscow at least 3 times and start entering a death spiral of his own. At this point, each Axis country was earning around 6 VPs each ( I had China and Japan and the status card that gives a VP for Sibera and Vladivostock), Rob had a status card for navies outside of Italy, while Trevor had UK, Germany and Western Germany. The Allies were earning 3-4 for the Americans, and 4 for Russia. Don had been earning 6 VPs, but Ukraine fell, leaving him with Moscow and China. UK was getting 0. So by turn 15, the Allies resigned falling behind by around 25 pts at this point.

Don as Russia, could have attacked into Germany, rather than Italy, so I’m not sure why he chose Italy. But Gary as UK had a bad draw of cards and didn’t build a fleet into the North Sea, allowing both an Italian and German fleet into the North Sea, and it was curtains for the UK.

Germany occupies England. The Americans tried desperately to dislodge the Germans from the North Sea, but the Italians are also there. Japan is knocking on Moscow's door.

Session: Tuscany Essential Edition:: Proud purveyor of the worst wine in Tuscany - a victory without harvesting

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 05:42:32 +0000

by flaquito

One of the reasons that I love Tuscany is the variety of strategies. Tonight, I won without planting a single vine or filling any wine orders.

The setup: 2 player game using extended board, structures, and special workers. No scoring of influence.

Special workers:
Farmer: Take any bonus from that action.
Messenger: Place Messenger on an action in a future season to reserve it.

My Mama: Alyssa - Vine, Summer Visitor, Winter Visitor
My Papa: Raymond - $3 and Cottage

I'm going to forget a lot of the details, but I'll try to summarize the important stuff.

To start the game, I think I chose 4th position. Sold off my $7 field, trained my farmer, and drew the Gazebo structure (Place/Move a * any time you give a wine tour). So I decided to make things interesting and build my Tasting Room in the next year. Took the 7th position so I would have an extra worker. I used my farmer double up on the trade action, and traded for 1 of each grape. At some point in the 2nd or 3rd year, I drew the Tap Room, which allows you to discard any wine for 2VP.

Since I already had my Cottage to gain visitors, and my farmer to let me double up on playing visitors, I decided to go all-in. I proceeded to sell all of my fields, as well as train my Messenger. The Messenger was usually tasked with giving tours in the fall. That got me $3 plus a point, since I always kept some cheap wine around. The * bonus from giving tours was used to keep getting visitor cards.

My Farmer rotated between getting me the double trade, double summer visitor, and double winter visitor bonuses, depending on what I needed at the time. Enough of my visitors helped with making the wine that I rarely had to allocate a dedicated worker to the wine token action.

I was consistently getting 5-7 points every year from this, and ended up winning 27 to about 15. I didn't keep track of years, but I think it was probably right around the typical 7.

Thematically, this victory really amuses me. After inheriting my vineyard, I proceeded to sell all of the actual fields. Then I started buying the cheapest grapes I could find, and had visitors turn them into crappy wine for me. I then gave tours and tastings, pretending that it was all from my great fields, conning both the tourists and visitors into thinking that they were trying the best vintages. All in an honest day's work, I say!

Session: DRCongo:: 4-Player Ragnar Game with New Players

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 04:38:40 +0000

by ted11 Brief session report follows of a 4-player, full Ragnar Game.Ted started in Nord Kivu, Joe in Bandundu, Don in Province Orientale, and Lidija in Sud Kivu. This was the first time playing for all but Ted (who ran through it solo the day before to be clear on the rules, so to be fair he had an advantage). It was well-played all around, though we learned many lessons which would make a second game much more informed from the start.This was the game of the "1" -- we lost count of battles against insurgents where "you can only lose if you roll a 1" and that happened repeatedly. I'm not superstitious about these things, but even I decided to switch dice halfway through. So the game was off to a slow start with multiple, expensive peacekeeper defeats. Likewise, players bid too much money for the ministers at the outset, a 1K and a 2K outbid. While the Defense Minister is key at start, Interior is weak until there is industry up to make money or cities, Finance also has limited early value when you're selling only 1 or 2 resources, though it was later used to excellent effect repeatedly by Joe to push down oil and raise electricity in particular. We even rolled low for international market fluctuations early, then higher numbers later, which well simulated the boom/bust of the commodity price markets which severely impact African producers.Joe was able to take advantage of good starting position in Bandundu with a clear route to international export and by supplying lucrative power to Kinshasa. Lidija had the toughest initial position in Sud Kivu and struggled for cash through much of the game. Don in Province Orientale had repeated insurgent problems, but expanded well and soon competed for the electricity supply to Kinshasa (which set off an early production/phase war with Joe for the ~8,000 up for grabs, though at the cost of burning 2 actions). Ted in Nord Kivu went heavy on oil and especially food (cheap industries, but still worth one Medal Point at end). All soon agreed to cooperate in fighting rebels, and built an impressive rail/boat network from Bas Congo on the Atlantic to the Kivus, only expanding late in the game down into Katanga. This unusual lack of mineral exploitation also drove the prices of the other three commodities down, as did everyone's reluctance to build cities, so soon we had excess hydroelectric plants with not much to power. Much of the game is driven by starting position--a player in Katanga rather than two in the Kivus would have made for a very different experience. Next time I think expansion of industries and cities will be more balanced. We played an entire 6 phases/election cycles (so 24 years/turns), longer than usual I think. Joe had the lead from the start and looked likely to win. If the game had ended a cycle earlier due to earlier city growth he would have done so, but Ted throwing up cheap transport throughout (aided by support cards) and then doing nothing but build cities in final cycle, not even producing resources for export, very narrowly tipped the balance as we tallied final score. The game took a whopping five hours, but I believe it was a full election cycle longer than "normal" due to slow city growth some rules explanation, so I think ~4 hours would be typical for a 4-player game. In all it was a very well-playe[...]

Session: Islebound:: Palace gives a 5 pt win over the renown strategy

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 04:38:14 +0000

by Norbert Chan

When I arrived, Don, Gary and Trevor had this setup on the table. Ken had left earlier to take his son to hockey, so I took Ken’s place. I was expecting a larger number of people at the gaming session, and I think Don was unprepared for lesser players, so they had improvised and gone through the rules for Islebound. Don explained the rules to me, and we were ready to start. I got to go first, so in reverse order, Trevor chose Marham as his home port, Gary chose Krazk, Don chose Crimsiku while I was left with Thundrake.

One of the buildings out was the $12 Eichor the Sea Serpent, which also cost 5 fish and 3 wood to build, so I collect 5 fish as my opening move. My next move was to collect some wood. But there was $7 on the hospitality spot, which Trevor took, and was able to build Eichor before I could. So Trevor had a good opening start.

Gary and Don were opportunistic landing on the trumpet place to increase their renown. I was lagging behind on renown. I tried to get influence cubes to go the diplomacy route, and bough buildings when I could.

Gary had the most 7 VP tiles from renown, but Don was close to Gary. I had $11 and could close the game by buying two buildings, a $6 and $5 one, but Trevor bought the $5 building ahead of me, so I couldn’t close the game with the 7th building, which I hoped I could do. So I bought a $6 building which gives 1 renown when you buy buildings, and tried to get ready for the end. Unfortunately for me, the extra round allowed the Palace to slilde down, and Don bought it with $13, leaving himself 7 wood which would be worth 7 VP at the end. Gary had 6 books and converted that to renown before the game closed.

Don 70 (28 from renown, 25 buildings, $10, 7 from palace),
Gary 65 (42 renown),
Norbert 59 (14 renown, 39 buildings, 6 leftover renown),
Trevor 52.

Don is blue, Gary is yellow, I am red and Trevor is green. We all have 3-4 islands from conquering or diplomacy.

Don's winning tableau. The palace was worth 13 by itself, but Don had 7 wood on it for another 7 VPs.

It’s a fresh take from playing Above and Below, so I am looking forward to more plays to explore the strategies. We were playing the base game without the extra buildings, so that is something else to try as well.

Session: Empires of the Middle Ages:: Empires alone - or playing solo

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 02:00:00 +0000

by Andrew H Listening to a BBC Radio programme about the Baltic Crusades ( I was inspired to get out EOTME again. As a sole player I have played all the scenarios, but found as I was reluctant to go to war with other nations – has such a bad effect on your areas social status – the games tended to lack something. But I recalled seeing somewhere a sole game system. A little digging on the COMSIM found this (and it’s now in the file section here).I decided to fiddle with this a bit to create virtually simultaneous play, and a few other tweaks; the result is again in the files section here. And I used my own Leader Death rules; a revised version which is also in the files section. My own rules underwent changes as this game went on so this is essentially a playtest. I picked the Crusades scenario – as there are no nasty raiders or Mongol hordes to ruin everything. So how did it run?Stephen of England (1135-71) gained a diplomatic tie to Friesland. He tried to claim Aquitaine, but this was rejected by the Kings of Europe. In 1162 he conquered Friesland, but died without heir in battle with a recalcitrant baron. Henry II (1163-72) supressed unrest; his heir Richard I (1173-1190) was an ineffective ruler and conducted no foreign expeditions in his long reign before dying of illness. Germany steadily prospered under Lothair II (1125-54) and Conrad III (1155-69). Unrest was supressed, forts built and the land flourished. Conrad looked north for family ties, gaining a claim to Denmark and a tie to Sweden. But he lost Burgundy to the French in 1158 and growing concerns saw him deposed. Louis VI of French (1108-1139) died heirless and was succeeded by Louis VII (1140-1153) who supressed unrest, built forts and ruled the land, before dying of illness. Philip II (1154-79) began his reign with an attack on Normandy, before going on the Crusade. On his return he conquered Normandy, Burgundy and Provence. He acquired Aquitaine from Sancho of Castile by a marriage and conquered Aragon.In the south Roger of Sicily (1105-1151) conquered, then reconquered Sardinia and made a claim to the island. He conquered Aragon, and had his claim to that recognised. Although a warrior he had little income so was reduced to pillaging Granada. After leading the Crusade he dies of old age. His son William I (1152-57) barely had time to do anything before he was killed when a balcony in his palace collapsed with him on it. His son, William II (1158-1174) was a fighter in the mode of Charlemagne – but domestic affairs or diplomacy held no interest for him [Stature 9-1-2]. He lost Aragon to Sancho of Castile as he had no treasury to pay his retainers. After raising some tax he reconquered the province, only to see it rebel. He then turned north and gained a foothold on the coast of Lombardy. Illness blighted his last year before he was murdered by his barons, tired of his focus on overseas.In Spain Sancho II rose to power in Castile in 1158. He conquered Leon, Aragon and Aquitaine, then moved south and by his death of old age in 1176 had liberated all Spain form the Muslim yoke, although he had lost Aragon to Sicily and the French had enforced their claim on Aquitaine.William II of Sicily’[...]

Session: World War II: European Theater of Operations:: All Roads Lead to Rome

Sun, 19 Feb 2017 23:09:06 +0000

by polate

September 1943 continuing from Soft Underbelly.
Amphibious fleets sailed for the northern coast on both sides of Italy. A few bombers intercepted each armada. The Tyrrhennian force was protected by P47s out of Bastia but the Adriatic ships had to chance their luck. Fortunately no damage was sustained by my ships and his planes were ambushed as they returned to base. The axis are down to 2 weak fighter groups and no bombers. I lost my nerve and attacked overland first but this went well. The Italian army was cut to pieces and Naples fell in exploitation. Italy keeps on passing her surrender checks. Germans swarmed to the invasion sites so I aborted, if they had landed they would probably have been overwhelmed. British infantry from Athens advanced up the coast to Valona gifting another infantry to Germany.

Autumn spending.
FW190s and Thunderbolts were replenished. The allies paid for Mustangs, Mosquitoes and more Spitfires to arrive in 1944. The axis bought back some infantry losses. Partisans on Crete were armed by Britain, less risky than a landing and the axis can't do much about it. I had to say goodbye to Patton and there was no money to repair battleships, ground troops or P38s.

October 1943
Montgomery took charge in Italy. The last axis planes were thrown into battle and finally destroyed. Complete air supremacy is guaranteed for 5 months. Rome was isolated and the Italian army disintegrated again. King Victor Emmanuel persisted in backing Mussolini. The Eternal City was soon relieved by a German counterattack but it can't hold for long now I'm across the Rapido. I threatened an invasion of Cagliari to get my paratroops in safely then diverted to Naples. Yanks advanced towards Belgrade releasing the final free German reinforcement. 12th HQ is in Italy and Middle East HQ can't enter Europe so they are uncommanded but he seems content to meet me where the front narrows in Slovenia. Cretan partisans marched into Heraklion and Greece was reborn.

We called a halt at that, things seem to be running in favour of the allies with only 5 months gone out of 12. Still mud and Monty's departure will slow overland advance and Italy is still fighting so nothing is certain.

Thanks to Jon for a good practice game.

Session: Do Not Forsake Me (Oh My Darling):: Play #2: the Victorious Grind

Sun, 19 Feb 2017 23:07:34 +0000

by knuckles29

2nd play - Win - 31MCs on turn 31
Crew: 4
NavComm: 8
Fussion: 7
WMC: 4

So I thought I would grind a game of just moving 1 space to experience as much Bounty Hunting as possible. I got the NavComm to 8 before I rounded the bend on turn 13. This basically excluded me from events until I took a bit and dropped it to Nav 7.

Got a lot of chances to evade some of the big bads. I prioritized Evading any Bounty that kept 3+ dice; just worse odds vs WMC 2 or 3.

It took a bit but i generally upgraded Fusion when I could to keep me with CV +2, and eventually an extra die. By the end I liked WMC 4/Fusion 7 (over 8). I always tried to dodge the KW'ch' (keeps top 3 of 4 dice). I saw the Big Bad- Captain Techstar (keeps 4 dice at WMC 2+) four times. Dodged once; won once.

Great example of a Print & Play, as well as a Microgame. You can really play it your way, challenging yourself and pushing when you see fit. Many of my lost Bounty beatings were by 1-2pts, and the wins versus the ones keeping 3+ dice were often by 1-2pts.

I will be adding the Galactic Patrol.expansion next time for a longer drive through the galaxy as well as more, scarier, battles.
(image) (image) (image) (image) (image)
(-0.5 because this game really lives and dies based on newer experiences sooner or later)

Session: Tide of Iron: Next Wave:: TANK TRACKS: Close-Quarters Carnage over an Armoured Prize on Tide of Iron’s Eastern Front

Sun, 19 Feb 2017 16:43:49 +0000

by JDarlington TANK TRACKS: Close-Quarters Carnage over an Armoured Prize on Tide of Iron’s Eastern FrontAfter a few month’s absence from this particular game, Tom and I resumed this week our chronological play-through of all the Eastern Front scenarios in Tide of Iron. You can find our scenario list, and links to all of our previous reports in this series, HERE. (Not that we haven’t been gaming; but we had extra players over the holidays and tried out some entirely different things OF THIS NATURE.)The ScenarioThe next scenario on our list is Ray Trochim’s TIGER TRACKS, in which German Engineers have six rounds to recover a broken-down Tiger tank, while Soviets try to destroy it.Looking over the scenario beforehand, I could see that there was no time for the Germans to waste. The Tiger tank starts the game immobile (and represented by a VP marker). Only after a German Engineer squad ends a Round on that VP marker is the Tiger placed on the map. It then needs to exit the board from a specific hex – and it will always take a minimum of three Rounds for the Tiger to make that journey. (The Tiger’s movement is 5; see the image below for the basic paths the Tiger can take. The big hurdle is crossing the shallow river, which costs infantry 2 MP but costs vehicles 4 MP).The Tiger Tank exit paths and movement costsThat means the Engineers must be on the Tiger hex no later than the end of Round 3 in order for the Germans to have any chance at victory.I was really concerned about this, as the Soviets have many squads and it seemed like all they had to do was ignore everything except the German Engineers; if they could be killed or just kept off that hex for three Rounds, the Germans would be thwarted . But that’s just a draw; the Soviets themselves can only win by destroying the Tiger. The Tiger has Armour 6, and the Thick Armour trait (so that really its armour is 5@5+, plus 1 free success). Since the Soviets have no AT weapons, they’d be hard pressed to destroy the tank with anything but a mob or great luck. (A single Soviet squad firing from an adjacent hex would get four dice @4+, which should achieve no hits after deducting the Tiger’s defensive successes. Two squads combining from an adjacent hex would get six dice @4+, and should maybe manage one hit; and you can add one more hit for each additional squad that joins the action from an adjacent hex).One thing we weren’t sure of was whether the Soviets could even attack the tank before the Germans repair it. We assumed they could attack the tank even when it was represented just by the marker, but strictly speaking the tank isn’t actually there until the repair is complete (“If the Germans have an Engineer squad in the hex containing the Victory Objective marker (board 33B) at the end of a game round, the marker is removed from the board and replaced with a Tiger tank. Once the Tiger tank is placed on the board, the German player controls it as if it were part of Division 1.”). The Germans and Soviets have ten units each, but the German forces have better quality. Where the Soviets have a pure infantry force with no support weapons, the Germ[...]

Session: Advanced Squad Leader: Starter Kit #1:: My first attempt at Retaking Vierville

Sun, 19 Feb 2017 14:12:46 +0000

by Fly by Night My very first attempt at ASLSK. Totally Freaking Awesome! I had to call it at the beginning of Turn 4 during the German Prep Fire Phase because it was then that I realized I had been making a recurring mistake, and it had a huge impact. I didn’t realize the ELR for the Americans was 5 (not 3), and a few of these were lost and replaced with lower quality units for failing there MC’s by more than 3. Regardless of that glaring mistake, it was still Totally Freaking Awesome!Here is how it went.After looking at the board again (I had set it up the night before), I decided to change up the German entry points on the East. My initial though was to use the buildings at yK8 and yL7 as cover, but realized I could take one of the Victory Hex’s (N6) right from the start with using the Leader Movement Bonus. Not sure if its wise to take in the MPh with a CX’d Leader and Infantry Unit or during the APh.My very first Defensive Fire roll is Snake-eyes! Make sure I did this right. The German 1st Line Infantry unit double times it to the building at L7. The American Elite unit at L5 opens up with First Fire with 7 Attack Factors (6 Column on the IFT), get -1 FFNAM, +3 shooting at units in a Stone Building which nets a +2 DRM. So with the 2 rolled, adding the +2 makes it a 2MC result, Correct?The German unit rolls a 9, with a +2, so it breaks and is reduced to a 2nd Line Infantry unit, Correct?HOLLY CRAP!!I’m coming up with a Residual FP of 3 but there are no 3 Counters. What am I missing?At end of Movement Phase for Residual Fire Power markers removed.End of German Turn 1. Two Victory Hex’s already under German control after APh.Begin US Turn 1Prep Fire from Elite unit obtains a NMC roll on the German 2nd Line Infantry positioned on road. A natural 12 is rolled, so casualty reduced and replaced with a lower quality unit half squad (Conscripts), correct?German DFPh is spot on, wounding the American Leader and reducing the quality of the Elite AB unit. (This is the first blunder with the ELR)End of DFPh. Not good, only option is to low crawl and still be in LOS.End of Turn 1German Turn 2 after DFPhDuring the Rout Phase, the German unit and Leader at O6 are eliminated from what I’m understanding of the rules. A Low Crawl in any direction that still has the unit adjacent to a Good Order Enemy unit requires it to be eliminated, Correct?US Turn 2 BeginRout Phase has the US Unit in M6 eliminated, even though its in a building.Now my first Close Combat PhaseThe Ambush Roll is a 3 for the Germans and a 5 for the Americans. Just by having a Leader does not add to the drm, he has to have a Leader Bonus as well, correct? So no Ambush.Americans roll a 5 (Kill # is 7) on 2-1, the Germans roll a 9 on the 1-2 Column so the German unit and Leader is destroyed, correct? Begin German Turn 3During the German Movement phase, the 4-4-7 moved into M6. Does the American 7-4-7 and Leader in in O6 have LOS? I voted no since there are buildings in either hex of the firing line, but I think this might have been incorrect. Was I wrong?Begin US Turn 3Germans have control of 3 of the Victory Buildings.Clo[...]

Session: Advanced Squad Leader: Starter Kit #1:: S5: Clearing Colleville

Sun, 19 Feb 2017 14:11:25 +0000

by kilgore234 In this scenario, taking place on D-Day, the US role is to enter the town and effectively eliminate or chase away all German units within 5 turns.The Americans start coming from the West and the North - but there is a lot of open ground between their starting positions and the safety of the village buildings.The Germans set up first and I’ve done so, perhaps placing too much emphasis defending from the west and not enough from the north. I put that HMG in M4 and now, after setting up the Americans, I don’t think this was ideal.I will also have to figure how to effectively use my 6+1 Colonel. He seems like a bad rash that must be tolerated when all else fails.All parties have an effective range of 6 hexes, so there are no advantages there. The Americans Special Rules roll for Turn 1 yielded 4 3-4-6 half squads.Turn 1The Americans started with an ineffective PFPh and then began their movement. Squads from the north took immediate defensive fire which, despite two hexes of grain and a wooden building, still managed to break. Several more 1/2 squads who tried to approach to draw some other defensive fire were quickly repulsed. I am already starting to feel the pain of the American’s 6 Good Order morale. And with two MC rolls of 10 and 11, the American’s squad quality has already been reduced twice. I don’t have a lot of time in this game to try and Prep fire may way to success, so the Americans will just have to approach as cautiously as possible, focus their fire, lay smoke & etc to allow them to gain purchase to the most westerly or northerly buildings.Above: Situation at the end of the American’s half of Turn 1.The Germans know that reinforcements are coming in Turn 2 - both for the Americans and for themselves. They have little to do this turn but to take shots during the PFPh and perhaps maneuver a bit around to strengthen the northern positions.The Germans didn’t manage anything in the PFPh - too many obstacles (grain, orchards) and yet too much distance.Rule Check: During the American’s DFPh, I ran into the below situation:The squad in O10 is to shoot at the Germans in P6. There is LOS; a string sighting between both positions suggests that the LOS runs right through the vertex (is it a vertex or just the intersection?…) of O9/P8/O8. So what is the Grain Hindrance for this shot? +1? +2? +3? I used +2 for the grain, +3 for the building TEM and -2 for the leader for net of +3. Was this correct and if so, why? If not, why?After the Americans defensive fire and some advancement by the Germans, the Turn finished as per below:Turn 2The Americans used their turn to move and assault. Their DR for reinforcements brought 5 more 3-4-6 half squads - all coming in from the north.Several good rolls during the AFPh eliminated one German squad. CC in hex P5 got rid of another. Now, the Americans do some APh adjustments and wait for the Germans to come in from the south.Those American half squads don’t have much punch, but they sure do serve a purpose in tying up German defensive fire; a great deal of activity can take place 1+ hexes further [...]

Session: SeaFall:: The Port Penland Pirates and the Demon Sea, Game 3 (Spoilers Box 1, 2, & 3)

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by motrax78 This is the Game 3 report for the 4-player game of the Port Penland Pirates. When this game started, we had Box 1 and 2 opened... box 3 became opened near the end of this game. This content will have SPOILERS for Boxes 1-3, read at your own discretion.Our players and current ranks are:Purple Princess, Aerternitas - 23 pointsBlue Duke, Galleonspray - 18 points (ME)Grey Count, The Phoenix - 17 pointsRed Baron, Kadonia - 15 points.This was my first time getting a catch-up bonus, I elected for the 3 gold. The top two provinces gave out enmity to those 2 ranks or more below them as normal.This game I started with a well crafted plan of attack. First I immediately used my startup cash to buy a guild hall so that I could cycle through advisors, and strategically placed it on my center location so as not-yet to earn the bonus glory, I planned to use it later.I sent both of my ships to Ayeland (the 2nd closest island). On my 2nd turn the LORD advisor, with a Sell+3 ability became available. I spent both of my REP tokens on him, and knew that at least 1 of those would be returned when I activated him. I then used the Soldiers Guild to TAX and RAID... using my newly upgraded Renowned Soldier (I had added Tax+2) netting me 7 gold, and a successful dock raid to take the Explore+1 upgrade. The Sapphire Serpent was minorly damaged so I did not earn a bonus glory for the endeavor, but I was quite satisfied with the turn overall.However, the Pirate King was demanding gold... and my Tax action had now made me the target. He took half my supply (4) so essentially wiped out my Tax bonus from the Renowned soldier. This left me cash strapped on my next turn, but I did what little gold I had to buy 1 linen and then sent the Sapphire Serpent home to warehouse the good and eventually repair. This stored linen would be CRUCIAL later in the game.My other ship, Sage Cellars, moved towards a recently discovered island, but was late to the party. Kadonia had beelined for it and had already cleaned up most of the easy exploration sites. I did arrive in time to explore 1 of the last easy sites... and discovered an IRON supply, which I chose to try and keep its location secret for as long as I could. This brought me two iron goods, but left 2 enmity on the island.Winter came and went, refreshing the islands. I started back home with the intention of buying two more goods from Eryn island... but the Phoenix used a Thug advisor to CLEAN OUT all the island's wood. So I instead transferred the iron to the Sapphire Serpent and ferried the goods home. Now I had 3 goods in my warehouse. Sage Cellars headed to Ayeland to buy 2 more goods, and the previous raid I had done increased the price somewhat, but I readily paid the markup.The Phoenix meanwhile had accumulated 5 goods as well, but could only sell 4 in a turn with the advisors he had. So he elected to discount for a Wooden Table treasure, and sold 3 more wood with the Renowned Merchant for a bonus glory.Finally, I returned to my port with the 4th and 5th goods... and using my Lord advisor with Sell +3... I [...]

Session: Warfighter: The WWII Tactical Combat Card Game:: Soviet recon AAR

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by Moezilla December 14, 1942 – Caucasus, Soviet Union1100 hoursSoviet reconnaissance teams are being dispatched across the front to determine the strength and disposition of German troop positions prior to the launch of Operation Little Saturn———————————————————————————————————————————————————————-Something big was happening in the coming days, Sgt Abakumov wasn’t exactly sure what it was and frankly didn’t want to know. What he did know was that the officers were pushing the men more harshly than normal to make ready. His suspicions were confirmed when Lt Gorsky called him into a briefing and stressed the importance of the reconnaissance mission he was being sent on. The terse meeting was made worse by the ominous presence of the kommisar, his intense stare boring into him throughout its entirety.Sgt Abakumov was told to pick the two most reliable men from his platoon and gather all of the weapons he felt they’d need for their journey. They were to venture to a small bridge south of their position and gather intelligence on the German lines. The team departed immediately after lunch, if you could call a chunk of stale bread and some cold, bitter tea a lunch.Shortly into their patrol, the team came upon an abandoned apartment complex with a mixed German unit reinforcing a Pz1 tank. A lone soldier could be seen meandering back to the German position, probably making his way from the latrine. “Why bother taking the risk”, thought Abakumov, “this whole place is a latrine.”The Soviets went immediately on the attack as Private Isakov shattered one German trooper where he stood with a burst from his PPSH. Abakumov followed suit, pinning the remains of the German squad behind cover. Pvt Novikov lent another volley to the fight, keeping the German’s heads down while Abakumov changed weapons and readied his rocket launcher. The German Panzer began slewing its turret in their direction, intent on dealing with the new threat.Reinforcements taking a beatingAbakumov aimed his rocket launcher deliberately, preparing to fire what he hoped would be a kill shot on the Panzer. His calm courage was rewarded as the projectile impacted squarely on target. The hulking beast shuddered from the impact, Abakumov realizing there were casualties on board the tank yelled to Novikov to deal with the infantry, “hit them again Evgeniy, pour it on!”Panzer 1 takes casualtiesNovikov continued to engage the Germans hiding in the rubble. His PPSH burped two long hails of lead, eliminating another German. Abakumov then heaved a grenade behind the barrier separating him from the beleaguered Germans. His Close Combat experience payed dividends, allowing him to take out the remaining two soldiers.Abakumov’s grenade finishes the job!The Pz1 was immobilized and as such could not pursue them, but first they must survive the deadly return fire. As Abakumov’s team sought cover from the tank, the forgotten lone German straggler, fresh fr[...]

Session: Warfighter: The Tactical Special Forces Card Game:: Operation LARAMIE

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by tuner 13 Hi from Germany,modifying and hopefully improving a great game system never stops.Here is an example for a Night mission no longer limited to the few specific "night" cards.The team:E.S. Lawrence (skill level 7); operator, leadership; HKG28 Sniper Rifle (with suppressor), night goggles.A. Richards (skill level 2); fast learner, zeroed; L22A1 carbine (with suppressor).Operation LARAMIE is to be conducted at night and stealthy (SITREP).Mission: In and out.Objective: Reinforce Outpost (location #6).Time left: 270 minutes.Hostiles: insurgents.Location: north Iraq.The two soldiers were dropped in the LZ.The advance route was quickly found.A truck and its crew were pinned down by accurate sniper fire.A large group of militia was fixed and decimated at close range. The surprised insurgents were unable to react effectively.This first firefight apparently was noticed by a lone fanatic, yelling his eagerness to join the battle.This is what happened regarding the game mechanics.R: Location #2 is Low Ground (night entry penalty: +4; reinforcement range: 2-7).Large truck at loc #2 (3 or 4 hostiles; visibility -10%).Armed Mob at loc #1 (6 or 7 hostiles).L: Scans loc #2; large truck revealed; loc #2 checked for advance moves.L1: Stealth Range Attack; large truck 1 KIA.L2: SRA; large truck 1 SUPP.L3: SRA; large truck 1 KIA.L4: Move into loc #2.R achieves skill level 3.R1: SRA; armed mob 1 SUPP.R2: SRA; armed mob 1 KIA.R3: SRA; clip emptied; armed mob 1 SUPP.R: Move into loc #2 (Move Out).No reinforcements for the hostiles.The armed mob fails to target either soldier.1 fanatic appears in loc #2.255 minutes left.The team had to clear the situation before advancing further. Two threats were eliminated, the remaining one was finally identified: "Group of five; unaware of our position." A new hostile or hostiles entered the stage, barking orders.R1: Reloading.R2: SRA; large truck 1 KIA (unit destroyed).L1: Discard & Draw.L2: SRA; fanatic KIA.L: Scans loc #1; armed mob revealed.L3: SRA; armed mob 1 SUPP.Insurgent leader/s? enter/s loc #2; no target acquisition.Armed mob again fails to locate the soldiers.240 minutes left.Lawrence checked the map and decided to advance through a nearby town. Good decision as this place was found to be empty of any people, neutral or hostile. Right after entering this new location, hostiles did show up though. And more appeared in the team's back, apparently some sentries were then aware of the intruders. Lawrence eliminated the leaders (or was there only one at all) in location #2. Richards cleared the City Street. The team was then confronted with the bad news that the City Street had been mined. "Two enemy groups moving towards us." L: Good Comms.L: Loc #3 is City Street (NEP: +4; RR: 1-7).Loc #3 is completely empty of hostiles.L: Scans loc #3. Effective routes to enter loc #3 detected.L1: Move into loc #3.Two militants show up in loc #1.L2: D&D.Two or three gunmen detected at loc #3.L3: SRA; leader KIA.L4: SRA; leader KIA (unit destroyed).L rises to skill level 8.L scans lo[...]

Session: Chandragupta:: Battle of Magadha 317 BC play-through

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by Jonathan4290 IntroductionCompared to other GBOH games, there are relatively few sessions on BGG for Chandragupta and they do not come close to covering all eight scenarios. This is a shame as Chandragupta is probably one of the most underappreciated games in the series. So I have decided to do a few sessions to better showcase this game’s unique rules and scenarios. I have yet to find someone in the Toronto area willing to take the time to learn and play GBOH so these sessions will be solo. While I like playing these games on the board on a table I find it much easier to just recreate the images on Vassal so readers can follow along the action better. I am going to start with Magadha 317 BC scenario and try to cover off a few others that no sessions exist for.From the designer: “Chandragupta brings the art of war in ancient India to GMT’s Great Battles of History series. It covers the brief but rapid rise of the Mauryan Empire, from the Emperor Chandragupta’s first victories over the Nandan clan to the expulsion of the Seleucids from the Indus river valley, and finally the conquest of the last independent kingdom on the subcontinent, Kalinga, by Chandragupta’s grandson Ashoka.”Chandragupta’s rules are obviously similar to the other games in the GBOH series but probably closest to the Alexander Deluxe rules. The main differences in Chandragupta are in the increased capabilities and rout point (RP) value of chariots and elephants, due to their prominence in the Indian military system of the time. There are also some special rules regarding less reliable tribal/guild contingents, which sometimes flee altogether if they suffer any casualties. There is also a unique command hierarchy/system for the massive Indian armies that involve wing commanders (WCs) activating Nayakas (basically brigade commanders) to issue line commands (LCs), which are vaguely similar to Macedonian contingent commanders in Alexander Deluxe but a lot more similar to tribunes in SPQR Deluxe. There is also an optional Dharmayuddha rule to simulate the Indian military code of the time which prohibits attacks by units against “subordinate” units and all flanking attacks. Players make secret pledges to abide by Dharmayuddha or not, and gain or lose RPs depending on whether they stick to their pledge.Scenario OverviewThe Battle of Magadha takes place in 317 BC and is round two in an ongoing battle between the insurgent Mauryans and the growing Nandan empire. Basically, in their aggressive expansion at home and abroad, the Nandans creates some enemies by cracking down on the aristocrats and the Kshatriya warrior caste, namely a young Chandragupta who claims to have fled from Alexander the Great, and Chanakaya, an exile from the Nandan court who holds a grudge. These two meet, become friends, and raise a Mauryan insurgent army to defeat Nanda. The first Battle at Pataliputra in 319 BC does not go so well however and the insurgent Mauryans must regroup in the countryside. The Battle of Magadha[...]

Session: Fatal Alliances: The Great War:: Solo AAR: Kicking the Tires

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by srd5090 Hello all. This thread is going to contain my session reports of a VASSAL solo game of Fatal Alliances. All turn reports will be in the single thread to decrease spamming. I'll be trying to play my best for both sides, and human nature of committing mistakes will probably impact both sides. I'm still pretty new to the game, so I'm liable to make rule mistakes, but I'm using this play-through as a mechanism to learn the rules more thoroughly.I will aiming to be using Optional Rules 1 and 2, related to overseas supply and vulnerable straits. Also, very important, I'm going to be examining the impacts of a potential optional rule pending Andrew Rader's consideration. This is in regards to objectives and ending the game. In principle I will going with the idea that if Germany's morale hits zero and conditionally surrenders, the game ends with Allied victory. If it seems this rule will end up being too convenient for the Allies to just subvert like crazy (based on numbers versus time) then I will instead just go with the idea that a neutral Central Power (GE or AH after conditional surrender) will not get to count its objectives for VP tallying at the end of the game, May/June 1919. Which rule I'll stick with will depend on the results of the stress I put on the system and mechanics.-----------------Set-up 1914:United States: The United States, in 1914, is a regional power with a decent navy. A few more surface ships are being constructed, but no large standing army is present. I've followed the basic setup here, with the convoys going to Germany and one to get the resource from Cuba.Austria-Hungary: As Franz Ferdinand dies, Austria-Hungary mobilizes its forces for an invasion of Serbia. Perhaps unsurprisingly I have split their forces with mostly Austrians ready to invade Serbia and Hungarians protecting the border with Russia. The Serbian front will proceed with the aid of artillery, engineers, and scouting balloons. Friedrich will be leading this offensive, but Conrad will also be pushing East from Bosnia. Krakow has been fortified to protect against Russian offensives, with the line ready to move back into the Carpathians as needed. The Austrian fleet is strong enough to challenge a smaller British convoy escort fleet in Malta should the need arise, but the French fleet will be a greater concern.Japan: Oddly when I played this game in person with folks we didn't really set up Japan or mess with their funky special rules at all. Will have to be careful how I play this. There is a sort of meta situation, where Germany is controlling some Japanese units, potentially attacking weak German holdings. Why deprive oneself of territory? Because if the Japanese don't take it, the Commonwealth will! Half an objective point is better than none. Japanese objectives count for half for purposes of CP VPs, except if the Allies are able to bring the Japanese over to them politically. This forces the expenditure of political point[...]

Session: Shadows of Brimstone: City of the Ancients:: How the little Outlaw learn not tu run ahead alone

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by Bastian81 I usually don't post sessions, but this one got really funny by the end so I will comment. Also please bear with me, English is not my main language (Argentinean here).First I will tell a little about the three persons playing the game. There was Nicolas, he is a regular board game player, and a really good strategist. He had played all three sessions I have played so far since receiving the game, so he and I have the same experience towards this game. He had played a saloon girl through two missions with 6 players total. We played on those sessions the initial adeventure and for a few dark stone more. I played a Rancher on those two. Not a single hero KO'd in any adventure so far. On the third adventure we played just the two of us with each player having two heros, US Marshal, Bandido, Outlaw, and Priest. That third game was Blow the mine. Another success.So this was our fourth game, Nico playing a prospector, me playing a Drifter. And a friend of us, playing the game for the first time with an Outlaw.We played the dread temple from Jargono game. We started easily, then we found a portal and our Outlaw friend rushed through it leaving the two of us on the other side of the portal. Of course an ambush occur, 6 bogbats surround our friend (only 5 where able to hit him due to space layout).An important thing to bear in mind right now is that three darkness card were in play, +1 Combat to Demons, +1 Combat to Void, +1 Combat to Demons. So being both Demons and Void these bogbats had a total of 6 combat, with 3+ to hit. And well having a Difter on the party gave them one elite skill. I roll a 6 and so the damage for each bogbat went from 1 to 3.So on this first turn of combat, I roll 30 die to hit, succeeding on 24 of them. For a nice total of 72 wounds and 24 horror hits. Of course the poor outlaw KO'd.The Prospector goes threw the portal next turn and with dynamite kills most of the bogbats.Later the outlaw rush to the last room activating the epic threat, it was something big (don't remember now what) and again 6 bogbats amsuhing all of us. But the prospector and myself only had 1 spot each from were we could be attack, so 2 bogbats for us, and 4 for our friend, and the big guy. Again rolled 6 on the elite.First turn of course the outlaw hit the floor, this time I think it was only 36 damage. I hit the floor with 10 damage (no grit to reroll for defense), it was a total of 4 out of 6 hits, with 12 damage and only defended against 4, but already had 2 wounds so got 10 and hit the floor.The prospector having received only one wound, no more dynamite, and seeing everything there decided to abandon the temple (so we are now al cursed).A few problems on the way back, a town that almost blew on our faces on the first night, so all in all it was a nice first adventure for our friend Hector, and Nico and I tasted the first fail playing this game.Also we learnt that a Drifter for a level 1 party get's really hard. [...]

Session: Gloomhaven:: Slime Orgy

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by ReinhartTR This session report deals with scenario #18 [o]Abandoned Sewers[/o] and while it isn't integral to any story elements by itself if you want to avoid all spoilers, please move on. Also, we're a... colorful couple of guys, so there may be a smidgen of dirty language and crude humor here (you know, if the title "Slime Orgy" didn't tip you off at all).Meet 'Negative Zero', (formerly 'The Big Dick Bandits') our party. We're striving for a positive reputation and are composed of Alexandra Elanora, the female (Yup, 'Big Dick Bandits', not my name) Human Scoundrel (played by yours truly), and BrainPillz, the ultra-traditionally named Inox Brute (played by my gaming partner and real stand-up guy, Bobby).So, after dealing with a climactic boss battle we decided a little trip down to the sewers would be a nice little diversion-- Hah. Hahaha. Ahahahaha. *Cue lightning and Gothic organ music*--it was not.Coming down from the high of shooting a certain boss in the damn face with a black powder firearm from stealth, fulfilling a pact I've made to myself practically since this campaign began and getting to the very respectable level of 6 with an attack modifier deck that has literally no negative cards besides the miss (and almost no non-positive cards)... I felt pretty invincible (that's a big-damn sentence). We found ourselves in the Sleeping Lion with me regaling the patrons with our exploits while BrainPillz, was slamming like, ten 40's of Olde English 800 in the corner (not really, we don't role play, and BrainPillz likes Cosmos with just a hint of lemon). The captain of the guard (Stanley) approached us, and then promptly retreated a few paces because BrainPillz stood up and he's like, 8 feet tall. Anyway, Stan thanked us for that lovely head we brought him, asked us if we would investigate the sewers, promised to pay us, yadda, yadda, you know the usual mercenary business. We agreed of course becausePersonal Quest details:[o]I need oozes to complete part of my career goal[/o][o]Bobby needs lots of verminglings for his.[/o]and they are both down in the sewers. Sure, how hard could it be? Snakes? We aren't Indiana Jones. Oozes? Jelly for my toast! (ewww). Verminglings? practically bipedal rats! Postscript: Scratch, the Mindthief here. Me take umbrage with that statement and have flayed David's mind. Well, it turns out... pretty hard, but pretty funny too. So we had already gone a bit too late but Bobby wanted to push onto one more scenario, I agreed because sleep is for the weak. We set up the scenario and I drew the battle goal that requires you to collect a treasure tile. Fortunately, this scenario has a treasure tile, this will be slightly relevant later. I opened like a normally do: with a rain of very pointy throwing knives. I figured BrainPillz with move up and tank as he normally does, but he went too slow and by too slow I mean he put on snake repellent and dumped a vial of rat ur[...]

Session: Shadows of Brimstone: City of the Ancients:: An Orphan's Tale: A Tall Tail Vol. 5

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by ZombieDad2 Previous Adventures:Following the Advice of Lefty McGrady Vol. 1Chasing Lefty McGrady Vol. 2Following the Path of Destruction Vol. 3[thread=25027746]Hanging by a Thread Vol. 4[/thread]12 Hours Before the IncidentDarkness, like we were surrounded by the emptiness of the universe. We had followed a mysterious figure I a purple robe and hat to a random abandoned mine. Did he know we were following him? The further we got in to the mine, the less and less we could see ‘til it was pitch dark. “Acula – sooza –see – tchrought” a scaly voice broke the silenceEchoing all around us, coming from nowhere, but coming from everywhere.A lightning bolt screamed pass the group lighting up the cave striking a pile of abandoned mining gear. A small fire burned lighting up the room. Shadows filled the halls around us; we were at a crossroads, how did we even get here? How do we get out? Then, we heard the screams of bandits. We weren’t the hunters any more. This wasn’t a random abandoned mine. “It’s a trap!!!” yelled Father Patrick. I ran around the corner near the burning fire..four bandits, four pistols pointing right at me. Zing Zing. Bullets whizzed by my head. Miller, the Outlaw, reached out and pulled me back to behind the corner. Then, the other corridor…one more bandit…another one in the corridor behind us. We were surrounded. “It’s a trap!!!” yelled Father Patrick…”You already said that..” quipped Miller. “I want to name my guns…”, Miller’s timing is impeccable.. “Now, we are surrounded by bandits and you want to name your other guns?” said the Sheriff.“Yeah..How do you say Death and Destruction in Spanish?”“Estúpido and idiota…” replied the Sheriff.Miller jumped out around the corner, making Swiss cheese out of the bandits. “Say hello to Estúpido and Idiota!!” BLAM BLAM BLAM. The six shooters hit their mark. We laughed. One of the bandits were furnished with piles of dynamite. One explosive was thrown and landed right in front of us!! Then, bounced over harmlessly to the edge of the mine wall. BOOM! He lit another dynamite stick…Sheriff McEmerson took careful aim…Bang! He hit the man right in the forehead right before he threw. The two bandits in one hallway exploded into a pile of goo. The threat was dealt with for now..but something was coming…we heard clattering of hundreds of clicking legs… Mutated Void Spiders came around the corner..Stranglers coming from the other direction! Then, one of the sorcerers we were chasing! Tentacles swayed from his mouth; he raised his hand and started casting another spell. The very universe bent around his extended reptilian hand. “It’s a trap!”…we know, Father. McEmerson took out his lucky dice, connected with his demons within, and gave the dice a roll..doubles again. McEmerson used the luck to start firing his newly purc[...]

Session: Tesla vs. Edison: War of Currents:: First session: Couldn't quite get on with it..

Sat, 18 Feb 2017 06:58:11 +0000

by hyphz

Just tried a first 3-player session of TvE. It was quite enjoyable but several of us were a bit lost in terms of how things played in practice.

The most obvious problem was that there was no "War of Currents" at all. Two players went AC and scratched each others backs. There was a bit of horse-trading with patents but nothing that cancelled out the benefits. Only one player bothered advancing DC at all and when they realized they would only lose out by dividing their actions between Propaganda and Projects they just gave up and built anyway accepting the stock penalty. It seems a bit silly that you can electrify several significant cities with DC yet nobody ever cares about it unless you take Propaganda actions.

In addition, for "Tesla vs. Edison", Tesla seems a fair bit weaker than Edison. Edison gets free patents which means there is no reason not to patent everything he invents, and everyone has to invent! Meanwhile Tesla gets exemption from Invention restrictions but you need Manufacturing too and most of the characters that came up (we all got sick of saying "luminaries" over and over) had Invention and Manufacturing in near parallel. Meanwhile there are plenty of characters with Finance and nothing else. Meanwhile Maxim gets "less of a penalty" but not no penalty? It doesn't seem to give him any new options.

We didn't have too much trouble with stock manipulation except in the very last few turns. Does Powering Up rebalance any of the things above?

Session: Fields of Arle:: Zeromus versus IirionClaus, game #4

Fri, 17 Feb 2017 21:32:18 +0000

by IirionClaus It is time for another game in our (planned) 50-game series of Fields of Arle! This time Zeromus (Yellow) is going first.Starting BuildingsLoading Station, Litter Storage, Weaving Parlor, Shnapps DistilleryBakehouse, TurneryPotter’s Inn, Sluice Yard Inn, Farmer’s InnSummer 1Y: Master for Workbenches, Shovel, Pottery WheelsR: Clay Worker for three ClayY: Dike Builder for a Cow and two DikesR: Fisherman for Fish Traps, 3 Food, and a SheepY: Colonist for Swamp and a Horse (of course!)R: Woodcutter for 3 WoodY: Forester for a ForestR: Carpenter for Loading StationStandard opening with Yellow’s Master for a Pottery strategy. Red countering the Clay pickup, Yellow makes sure he can use his Shovel. Red takes the Fisherman (I am planning for Sluice Yard Inn and Sheep). Rest of the actions are building up the board, with Red going for the Loading Station.Winter 2R: Wainwright for Wagon + Peat BoatY: Clay Worker* for 4 ClayR: Potter for 6 Food, 2 PeatY: Cattle Trader for 2 Grain, a Sheep, and a CowR: Grocer for Peat Cutting, a Sheep, a Wood, and a ClayY: Builders Merchant for 2 Hides, a Wood, and a BrickR: Dike Warden for a Swamp and a Dike** R ships two Peat off Loading StationY: Carpenter for a StallI decide to experiment by getting a Wagon over a Cart, with the purpose of utilizing the Loading Station. Yellow loads up on Clay and I take the Potter to prevent him from using his Pottery wheels. Rest of the turn is standard board set up, with Yellow starting to work on his animals with double Stalls.Summer 3R: Dike Builder for a Cow and a DikeY: Clay Worker for four ClayR: Fisherman for Fish Traps, 4 Food, and a SheepY: Master for Pottery Wheels, Spades, Ovens.R: Carpenter for Sluice Yards Inn (2 Fish Traps and 6 Wood)Y: Potter* for 12 Food and 4 PeatR: Grocer for a Brick, a Grain, and a Leather** R ships two Peat off Loading StationY: Builder for Potter’s Inn (Sheep, 2 Cows, and a Horse)Red takes the Dike Builder to force Yellow into the Clay Worker (otherwise he is risking a Summer with no Shovels). Red sets up a full Sluice Yards Inn, while Yellow is forced to take the Potter he missed last turn. Yellow gets his Inn and he’s definitely on track for Animals this game.Winter 4R: Wainwright for a CartY: Wood Trader for 4 WoodR: Builders’ Merchant for 2 Hides, a Wood, and a BrickY: Laborer imitates Wainwright for a Cart and a Peat BoatR: Master for Workbenches, Weaving Looms, SpadesY: Clay Worker* for 4 ClayR: Grocer for a Horse, a Wood, and a ClayY: Potter for 12 Food and 4 Peat** R ships two Peat off Loading Station** R ships a Wood and Aurich (Leather + Sheep for 8 Food)** Y ships 2 Wood and a ClayBoth players get a Cart and start working on resources for buildings. Yellow stocks up on food and resources while Red taps the Builders’ Merchent and the Grocer for a variety of goods.Summer 5R: Cl[...]

Session: Glory to Rome:: Forum Romanum snags a win

Fri, 17 Feb 2017 20:42:38 +0000

by aaj94

This. This is why this game was a masterpiece. Two-player Glory to Rome is its best variant, and this one shows exactly why I love this game. I pursued a vault-heavy strategy, and bolstered by a sewer, I was quickly building a lot of buildings and cranking out vault goods (at the expense of my clientele). Nathan was focusing on buildings and clients, and eventually got the Forum Romanum out, very close to a victory.

I tried everything to end the game early: both rushing the in-town sites as well as starting a catacombs. In the end, we were tensely drawing cards -- would I draw my wood (to end the last foundation) or would Nathan draw his marble to finish the forum?

I drew a wood and tried to keep it quiet, but Nathan legionaried it away from me. I tried to start a catacomb, but Nathan drew a marble. With only two cards in my hand, I had no choice: think. He played his marble and ended it on a forum romanum victory. In our 15 plays, that's the only time the forum has ever won! By every metric, I should have crushed Nathan, but his savvy legionary play helped him to snag an improbable win -- I wasn't even mad!

We didn't even bother to count up final scores, though I had 5/6 merchant bonuses, as well as a statue, as well as the lead in buildings. Nathan tried the only strategy left to him, and it paid off.


Session: Star Trek: Attack Wing:: Assaulting a Planet

Fri, 17 Feb 2017 20:31:06 +0000

by Omnislash024

So, I'm trying out this made up Mission here.

The objective is to rescue an important diplomat or admiral being held captive on a planet.

Place the Planet in dead center of the playing Field. Place a Mission token on the plant. Measuring to the range 1 line from the planet, place a space station token on the field. Place two small and one larger one.

Give the two smaller stations 2 Shields and the larger one 4 Shields. The stations have 4 defense dice each and a Hull value of 1.

Decide which faction is defending and which one is attempting the Rescue.

The Stations are generating a planetary force field that prevents anyone from beaming to the surface. The stations must be destroyed in order to Beam an away party down to the surface.

The Factions attempting the rescue may target the Stations and Attack them. They can also perform a Special action to disable all shields and beam an away team down to the surface. Any ship can add one away team to the planet.

At the end phase, if a player has an away team on the surface of the planet, he must roll one red attack dice. A damage results in the successful rescue of the diplomat.

After the away team rescues the diplomat, any ship rescue ship may spend an action to disable all Shields and beam the away team and the diplomat. Move the mission token on their ship.

If a Rescue ship moves off the map with the mission token on their ship card, the Mission is considered a success.

Session: Phantom Fury:: Second Game AAR, T4-5

Fri, 17 Feb 2017 20:17:15 +0000

by fatgreta

Turn 4

'Breach!' The Captain heard a squad leader call out on the radio, followed almost immediately by an earsplitting explosion and lots of swearing, in English. The swearing was good, the Captain knew. If he heard swearing instead of screams, he felt confident that no one had been killed by the IED. He also heard reports of the rest of his company's assaults going well. Fewer insurgents so far than expected, but his men were keeping up a good pace, and maintaining a coherent FLOT.

[IED pins squad zone 16, 2 step losses vs 1 guerrilla and 1 martyr killed, secure more zones, tank fires on fortified zone left flank]

Turn 5

More explosions, more cries of pain and anguish, but also more reports of progress. The Captain wondered if his men would be better off with more insurgents, fewer IED's and less accurate snipers? He stopped that rumination, knowing it was useless and a distraction. 'We can't pick our enemy, we can only fight them,' he thought, as another report of a man down came over the radio.

[IED kill Zone 18, sniper kill in street with M1, at least the squad didn't pin. Another step loss, but more zones cleared, two heroes created.]

Session: Inis:: 4 players session report

Fri, 17 Feb 2017 19:03:12 +0000

by Torc A game with four players, that I will unthematically call Blue, Green, Orange and White (could be River, Forest, Earth and Cloud tribes though). We played with the French game, so some cards might be translated wrong. The initial setting was very peculiar with the Capital set on a Moutain (lose 1 clan to enter, controller is unaffected), the Forest (draw one Epic Tale when playing one), the Iron Mine (force 1 clan + 1 card to be lost during an attack) and the Moor (when drawing Epic Tale, draw one more and choose).We didn’t notice that the effect of the Moutain was to lose 1 clan “or 1 card”, so we thought that we could not use Emissaries to get a foothold on it. The fact that the Capital had to be stormed by force would shape the coming events. Before Epic Times :Orange took control of the Moutain Capital with a White presence, White took control of the Moor, Blue and Green spread on the Forest and the Iron Mine. Orange quickly consolidated his hold on the Capital with various plays of Festival and New Clans. Seeing that, White was content to remain present in the Capital and spread over the map, avoiding direct conflict with anyone. Blue and Green countered each other with Green eventually controlling the Forest and Blue controlling the Iron Mine. Orange remained only on the Capital where he built 2 additional sanctuaries. He also managed to get two Deeds, making him dangerously close to victory. White was happy to get the benefit of the 3 sanctuaries on the Capital and tried to spread toward additional sanctuaries, but without control of the Capital, he would need to score two victory conditions to win. Note: building a lot of sanctuaries on the capital and holding it against all comers seems like a good strategy, but the window of opportunity is very short. As soon as other players are in position to score two victory conditions, being boxed in just one region is quite a drawback. And being the Brenn makes you play first, which allow the other players to react to all your moves. Orange was lucky (or his neighbors careless) to quickly secure 2 deeds (generously offering Eriu to Blue, and less generously killing one of Blue clans). While all this was happening, Blue and Green kept countering each other for the control of the Forest and the Iron Mine. Green had the Forest, but was kept away from Epic Tales by his neighbors (White and Blue), so that advantage was neutralized. Eventually Green used the Citadel and then the Druid to play twice Artisans & Commoners (1 clan for each citadel), building up a huge force in just two regions (Forest and Moor). Blue explored and discovered the Cromlech, coming with one sanctuary already in place, which Orange gleefully set up near the Capital. Green f[...]

Session: Cosmic Encounter:: To backstab a backstabber

Fri, 17 Feb 2017 15:15:19 +0000

by homertve Once in a while, my gaming group meets and we play a whole day of Cosmic. It happened today and we had some very fun games with the new Cosmic Eons expansion. We were five players and each of us took a day off from works. For the last game we had only four players.I was Alien, Michelle was Sniveler, Joe took Remora and Guy was the almighty Oligarch. The powers wasn't so important for the story (except Oligarch), but I must say that Alien is a very cool power. It works great, it's very enjoyable to play it and it is well balanced. The fact that he can't do his magic as an offense is very important for it not being too powerful.I had a Cosmic Zap from the beginning of the game and with each Privilege that Oligarch placed faceup I though if it was a good move to zap him. I knew that the Victory Possession Privilege existed, but I didn't remember that not only he wins with four foreign colonies, I also have to get to six to win.Oligarch's turn came. I had four foreign colonies, he's on three. He had four of his Privileges placed faceup in front of him (I didn't play my Cosmic Zap and no other player wanted to play one or maybe I was the only one holding one. At that time, I didn't know). The fifth one was the dreadful Victory Possession Privilege. There were only three cards in my hand at that time: Mobius Tubes, that Cosmic Zap and a Negotiate. Destiny chose me. I knew I can't stop him from gaining his forth colony, which would give him an instant win with every other winner, and I didn't want that to happen so I said: "Hey, Guy, why don't you aim the gate to this planet. You already have a colony on it. We'll both play Neg and win the game together after you'll use your power to place that fifth Privilege, I know it makes you win the game with four colonies."Now, he knows that it also means that he's winning the game alone. I don't know that, so that's exactly what he's doing - aiming the gate to the only colony he already have in my system. He's ready to backstab me and win the game aline, and I'm ready to backstab him to win the game alone.But wait - Remora plays Wild Fire Dancer. It forces the offense to aim the gate at a different planet in the targeted system, so now he's encountering a planet he has no colony on it. I have nothing to do. I only have a Negotiate. So I say: "Well, are we going to trust each other and play our Negotiates?" He says: "Why not?"I reveal a Negotiate. He reveals a Morph. I offer a colony-for-colony deal. He accepts. I gain my fifth colony, he gains his fourth and then places the Victory Possession Privilege faceup and says: "Ha Ha! You lost. All other players need one more than normal, so you need six to win! I won alone!"I look at him a[...]

Session: Phantom Fury:: AAR Turn 3

Fri, 17 Feb 2017 12:38:20 +0000

by fatgreta Turn 3The Captain cursed as he got the report that the drone sweep on the company's right flank couldn't ferret out much intel. The troops would have to find out the old fashioned way. He sent his best reserve squad into the fight on the right to help shore that area up, and another on the left.[Zone 18/19 rolled 2 “0” for suspect markers, 1 squad (6 CF) reinforces zone 8, 1 reinforces zone 5.]'Here comes the armor support boys!' hollered squad leader Jenkins. 'When it stops we go across!' Jenkins' squad moved out, stacking perfectly, and paused behind the tank. As Jenkins peered around the tank to see the building that was their objective [fortified Zone 23] a single shot rang out, his head snapped back, and he dropped, dead before he hit the street. Fortunately a Lance Corporal in the assault element didn't hesitate. 'Grab Jenkins, we've got to move out of here!' The man was brave, and smart. The original objective was where the shot came from, so he took them into a less foreboding looking building [Zone 24]. As they entered the courtyard, another burst of AK fire ripped through the air, missing them but alerting the now depleted squad that this was no safe haven.The Captain listened to reports of multiple squads getting pinned down by accurate enemy fire. And he heard about the first casualty. He knew it wouldn't be the last. At least some Marine gunnery training was bearing fruit, as an enemy unit fell victim to a rocket attack.[3 of 4 squads hit by snipers crossing street, 1 a step loss, at least Abrams saved it from pinning.]Now the Lance Corporal showed real fighting spirit. Looking at his SL's body in the courtyard, he paused not at all before ordering the front door breached. As the door went down, he entered, weapon ready. The rest of the assault element hadn't even entered the building when 2 bursts rang out, one a distinctive AK and the other the Lance Corporal's A4. There were no further shots as they entered, both an enemy guerrilla and the Lance Corporal lay dead in the first room. Suddenly the squad's morale dissolved, and they grabbed their comrades' bodies and moved back toward the rear [mutual step loss results assaulting zone 24].The Captain grimaced as he heard about the casualties on the left flank, but the remaining assaults went like clockwork. After less than an hour the company had virtually secured the first two blocks of their area of operation. Time was still against them, but the Captain had some hope that they would clear the neighborhood before dark. [...]

Session: Silver Bayonet: The First Team in Vietnam, 1965 (25th Anniversary Edition):: #03 - LZ Mary

Fri, 17 Feb 2017 00:38:30 +0000

by Derezed

The FWA's free attack against A/8/66 loses them a step after a roll of a 4.

The PAVN recover. A/8/66 moves into the dense jungle overlooking LZ Mary. Reinforcements move to the West of LZ Mary. Both units declare maneuver attack. It is automatically coordinated. The die roll is a 1...D1F1. The lead unit takes the fatigue. Retreat isn't an option, so A/1/9 takes fatigue. This is the best outcome available to the PAVN and leaves them in a strong position for the next attack!

The FWA moves next, reinforcements are deployed to the hot landing zone. 2 rolled so they pass their efficiency check. FWA decide it's not worth attacking even the reduced A/8/66. They retain their air support to provide potential maneuver support and pass the turn to the PAVN.

PAVN reinforcements enter and all units move to ensure the LZ can be attacked from 4 sides. The mortars take the opportunity for a cheeky offensive bombardment.7 rolled with no effect!

Maneuver combat is conducted on the 1:1 odds since no side has an efficiency advantage. PAVN stand to destroy the entire FWA stack and advance victorious into the LZ. It wasn't to be. A roll of 9, adjusted to 7 leaves the lead taking fatigue and PAVN retreating to the jungle.

End Result: FWA 4, PAVN 0. The scenario pivoted on the second maneuver combat roll!

Session: The Walking Dead: All Out War:: Chapter 1: Running Into Trouble, a Comic-Style Session Report

Fri, 17 Feb 2017 00:37:42 +0000

by space monkey mafia

So a while back, I saw [user=maxixe]Maxixe[/user] make the best session report I'd seen to date. It was an X-wing Miniatures game report all set in a comic-style and it was glorious (totally check out that link... after you read my feeble attempt below so I don't lose you (image) ).

Fast-forward to this game, Walking Dead: All Out War, and it's great solo rules and I hit on the idea that maybe I could run a similar comic-style session report.

It has morphed into a little more story and drama but dare-I-say, the report is in there. Hope you enjoy!












If you liked this, I just finished Issue #2 on my blog:
Chapter 2: Ready to Roll

Session: Magic Realm:: Expansion 1, Questing the Realm, Ogre Chieftain and . . .

Thu, 16 Feb 2017 19:41:02 +0000

by Diggy18 StartWeek 1, Midsummer, WarmThe sweet scent of the wisteria climbing the Inn’s stone wall wafted through the open windows, carried on a midsummer night’s cool breeze settling in after the departure of the day’s warmth. The men of the Patrol sat together, drinking and singing songs with the Inn keeper and occasionally joined by one of the many other fellow patrons there that night. Off to the side of the large, table filled room three to four men sitting huddled in a corner and speaking in hushed tones slowly stood, their voices rising with them till the remainder of the room grew quiet. Hands slipped beneath cloaks to the blades hidden within, and slowly edged closer to the shafts of larger weapons laid against tables and walls. The candlelight hitting the largest man of the group, who were all now loudly swearing at each other, revealed grotesque features, monstrous in aspect. It was in fact an ogre, dwarfing the other men who were members of a loose group of highwaymen and cutthroats that frequented the Inn. The Patrol had by now ceased their revelry and also stood, steeling themselves for a fight and perhaps a chase into the night, though after whom they were not yet sure. The Patrol was no friend of the rogues, but the presence of an ogre in the Inn was a grievance against the peace difficult to let pass – or so they thought before the ogre tossed a bag of gold their way, at which point they decided perhaps the Rogues’ activities in and around the Inn were in actuality the greater problem. Without warning, the small group in the corner grew quiet. Not a soul in the room dared move. The ogre emitted a low rumbling growl as he dropped his stance slightly and adjusted his grip around the two-handed war-hammer so that one hand grasped the shaft just below the massive iron head. He knew he was outnumbered, and this would quickly become a close-in fight not suitable for swinging the long weapon through its full arc. He glanced about the room at the other Rogues, quickly calculating who among them he must kill first lest a blade find its way to his heart. All at once the Rogues rushed in for the slaughter, toppling chairs and sending stew and mead flying in all directions. The ogre kicked over a table to slow a few coming from his left but they only leapt over the obstacle like foxes chasing a rabbit. All at once they were on him. At the instant the rogues made their rush, an old hag who had been sitting quietly in a corner with her shawl pulled tight to keep the chill off her shoulders stood screeching and waved her wizened hand across h[...]

Session: Terraforming Mars:: Why Not Terraform Mars on Valentines Day?

Thu, 16 Feb 2017 18:42:37 +0000

by Omahavice

Terri had Terraforming Mars all set up last night so I had no choice but to play her in in one of her favorite games. We passed out the Corporation Cards and she picked The Miner's Guild while I took the Ecoline Corporation. This game always starts a little slow but once it gets going the time just zooms by and before you know it, 2 hours plus has passed by.

I hit the first Milestone and she snatched the next two. She also took 2 out of 3 Awards although we battled back and forth for the Banker and Miner awards.

Here is how the final planet looked once we got it Terraformed:

She got a ton of cards in play and I thought she would probably win this one. Here is her final board:

Thanks to my Jovian Moon onslaught where 1 of my cards was worth 8 points thanks to all the Jovian Moons that I had in play, I was able to pull out a 102-92 win. Here was my Ecoline Board at the end of the game:

To tell you what a true gamer she is, even after a 2 1/2 hour game she said, "if it wasn't 3am, we would run it back and I would kick your butt"(image)

Boys 30
Girls 19

Session: Pirates of the Spanish Main:: Frozen North 10th anniversary game #2

Thu, 16 Feb 2017 17:51:49 +0000

by a7xfanben Today is the 10th anniversary of Pirates of the Frozen North! To commemorate the occasion I played a game using ONLY stuff from FN, with the exception of generic crew so the game would be more fair.Here are the fleets in the order of play, as the Vikings rolled to go first!My current traveling collection actually has some of the better Viking gold runners, though I was disappointed to leave the Donar out. However, with the Grendel, Sleipnir, and Kalaallit (abbreviated KL) getting gold, the Vikings looked to be in good shape. The Wodin looked to function as a hybrid, with 3 spaces open for gold, the captain and helmsman ability with good guns, and the gold capture ability for yet another option. The Hrothgar was the flagship of the 100 point fleet, carrying two of the best Viking named crew (Shayna Deux and Sigurd Andersen) as well as a proxy helmsman as my Viking crew options are lacking.The opposition: a conglomeration of ships from the Big 5 factions, which is almost all the other FN ships in my traveling collection!The rarely used Seminole would try to give the already-deadly Tartessos and Orkney an extra cannon bonus, making for an intimidating gunship squadron. The Marie Antoinette (MA) led a group of four gold runners, the rest of which were small, uncrewed ships. The MA had Leander Arnaud aboard, who would try to take advantage of the MA's S-boarding and steal lots of Viking loot. This would be my first time using the Seminole, Tartessos, and Ahura Mazda, as they are all recent acquisitions.Welcome to the Frozen North!!The Big 5 picked an island near lots of icebergs to be the Viking home island. The Vikings didn't want to deal with the Orkney and Tartessos, choosing one of the furthest islands away, and hoped the arches and some icebergs could give them trouble. The straws at the upper left and right are the round earth boundaries. The 3D foam icebergs would function as icebergs numbered 1, 2, and 3, with the largest being 1 and the smallest being 3 since you want to roll high in this game. For their direction, 1=NE, 2=E, 3=SE, 4=SW, 5=W, 6=NW (essentially clockwise from the north with no due north/due south).6 regular icebergs were also in play, with 6 FN islands making up the home and wild islands. I didn't use my custom islands (with lots of green foliage heh) since I wanted the setup to be as thematic as possible.Arches always seem to lead to great picture opportunities, and this game was definitely no exception.Both home islands and both arches:The Big 5 had 7 ships to the Vikings[...]

Session: Picket Duty: Kamikaze Attacks against U.S. Destroyers – Okinawa, 1945:: Continuing saga of Desron 58 off Okinawa....

Thu, 16 Feb 2017 16:26:54 +0000

by p40kitty Picket Duty: Kamikaze Attacks against US Destroyers - Okinawa 19452008hrs., March 31, 1945 - off west coast of OkinawaDestroyer Squadron 58 orders DD USS Colhoun to replace DD USS The Sullivans that was lost to Japanese torpedo while stationed on picket duty. USS Colhoun is assigned to picket duty station #12.USS Colhoun takes up assigned station in the early morning hours of March 31st. Kamikaze attacks in the area have been heavy and CINCPAC is warning all ships to expect increased activity once the invasion of Okinawa commences on April 1st. At 1013hrs, CIC reports one wave incoming bandits, carrier air support and surface fire support are both limited this morning. Attack in this morning was limited to 4 planes and the attacked was not pressed very hard. Accurate shooting by the gun batteries and carrier air support limited attack to one near miss with no damage. Rain front moved through the area in the afternoon, which stopped further air attacks. Nighttime was quiet as well….Crew couldn’t help but feel that the enemy was just prepping for a big push soon….April 1st, L-Day on Okinawa – invasion begins – April Fool’s Day (crew considers this apt description for the Kamikaze’s & for the one who ordered them out here!) also Easter Sunday – talk about irony!Due to invasion, both carrier and surface support were very limited this day. Morning once again saw one attack wave of 4 enemy planes. Accurate shooting from the 5-inch and 40mm gun stations flames three of the attackers and the carrier ‘flyboys’ eliminate the fourth. However, one attacker was not flamed until almost reaching the ship….emergency maneuvers unsuccessful….and the plane dropped just off the stern in a near-miss….starboard screw was damaged….2 hit points lost off of maneuvering. Rain front was still in the area and no further attacks approached in the afternoon. Nighttime saw one intruder which was quickly dispatched by night carrier air support. Overall the USS Colhoun survived invasion day in good shape….ammo is 60% of capacity….fuel in good shape at 70%....ship handling not as responsive due to screw damage, but ship still in fighting trim.April 2nd, Fifth Fleet sends warning expecting heaviest Kamikaze attacks yet….day turns uneventful, no attacks in the morning (result of the die roll was N/A, no attacks). Rain front stalled out in the area (crew happy!) and no further attacks in the afternoon or nighttime; however, at shortly after 2400hrs, sky turn omino[...]

Session: Advanced Squad Leader: Starter Kit #1:: S2: War of the Rats

Thu, 16 Feb 2017 16:20:11 +0000

by kilgore234 It’s been more than 20 years since I was into ASL - other priorities like jobs and family got in the way. However, I’m a great deal wiser now and been rethinking priorities. :-) and so have been giving serious thought to returning to the fold.I’ve been tinkering around with the ASKSK #1 and have started working through the scenarios to lubricate the more rusty of joints. I certainly do not remember hardly any of the rules, so much of this feels new again. I am very much enjoying reading through the message boards. Both the folks asking and answering questions related to rules have earned my respect.Hopefully during this play through opportunities will arise to question the rules, or learn just a bit more about how the rules apple to some circumstantial peculiarities.On to the game. I’ve set up the Germans and Russians as per below:I’m sure there are far better ways to get the game started. I figured that I’ll learn more from doing things the dumb way than trying to copy what others have done with the starting positing of this scenario.Of note, I’ve got my 9-2 Major, MMG and squad sitting in N3 to hopefully have command of all they survey. Flamethrower in G5 flanked by the DC crews on each side. I put a couple of 5-4-8 units to the west to see how quickly I could punch through the conscripts and get into the building in F8.The Russian strategy is to dig in, soak up as much damage as possible before falling back, and hope for reinforcements in Turn 2 or, at the worst, 3.Turn 1Quickly, all of my plans fell apart. The FT did put one squad into DM, but the rest of the line experienced completely ineffective PF. Most attacking die rolls were in the 8-10 range. When the Germans did get good rolls, the Russians (even those with Morale of 6) didn’t break.One German squad in D6 did lay smoke and allowed another squad to get close, but was quickly pinned in defensive fire. During the Russian Defensive Fire Phase, they got a great shot at the main stack in N3 and were able to put them all into DM.Nobody was able to rally and the Russian Prep Fire phase was also largely unsuccessful.Above at the end of Turn 1. The Russian conscripts in the West have been softened up a bit, but the rest of the board is largely unchanged. The Russians were able to keep the German leader in N3 under DM.Rule Review: During the German’s turn, I really wanted to have a 5-4-8 in D6 lay smoke for the squad in C7. D6 would expend 2 MF for the smoke, allow[...]

Session: Thunderbolt Apache Leader:: Rapid Deployment - Iran 2014 - Day 1

Thu, 16 Feb 2017 16:19:15 +0000

by Luftwaffe Flak The war in Afghanistan was supposed to be winding down. Iran had different thoughts in the Summer of 2014. Their secretly funding and training Al-Qaeda against ISAF forces had not gone unnoticed and Tehran was repeatedly warned via Washington D.C. to curtail their over border activities into the provinces of Herat, Farah, and Nimruz. However, no one expected them to launch a full scale invasion taking advantage of the troop withdrawal and war being drawn down. Tehran had always maintained a large amount of forces on its borders with Afghanistan, especially after in the US lead invasion. For 13 years they had sat quietly on their side of the border. That changed at 0300 hours, July 23rd, on the Sunni Holy Day Laylat al-Qadr, or the Night of Power/Destiny, when the first verses of the Quran were revealed to the Prophet, the quiet hours of the morning were shattered by sudden SCUD, artillery, and air strikes. ISAF air space was immediately violated by Iranian airborne troops and Spec Ops insertions. Though reeling, the ISAF forces quickly found their footing, and began stiffening their resistance. The morning of the holiday chosen was not missed by US intelligence groups, for the Iranians, despite being predominantly Shia, had chosen not their Night of Power, but rather the date for the year for their Sunni Afghan neighbors. Destiny and Power were being brought to Afghan's doorstep, whether they liked it or not.A major push towards Herat airfield was quickly ascertained and come first light as the battlefield intel began to take shape, joint US forces at Herat were scrambled for the first strikes in the new war for Afghanistan. This is their story, compiled from the cockpit transmission and post war interviews. Briefing:Your first priority this morning is dealing with the Iranian Artillery units bombarding the ISAF forces across the border and pinning down our FOB's along the border. They have also begun targeting our supplies into and out of Herat. Expected defenses are in the form of SA-13 Gophers. Beyond the SCUD's they have several 2S1 Gvozdika Self Propelled Artillery units. Our OH-58 Kiowa Warrior scouts have identified the general location of the enemy forces. Pirate will have the lead on this mission. You will be violating Iranian airspace during this mission, be on the lookout for the IRIAF stay low, stay fast.Strike Packages:[BGCOLOR=#FF0000]Gator AH-1[/BGCOLOR]: LAU-68's and AIM-92 (AtG and AtA)[BGCOLOR=#00CC33][...]

Session: Clash of Cultures: Civilizations:: The Mediterranean Romp

Thu, 16 Feb 2017 16:06:34 +0000

by Rainshine The world was new, and all was at peace. From three tribes, leaders arose. In the far West, one called Gaius Julius was proclaimed Caesar by his people, to lead them out into the world, to expand beyond their small settlement. Food was plentiful for Caesar and his people, the Romans, and it was aided by this surplus that the Romans sought to build larger projects, feats of engineering of bridges and structures more wondrous still.In the south, by what we now know as the shores of the inland Sea of Perilous, from the huts of the Greeks, did come one called Pericles. By his guidance did his people turn inward, making much of bits of tree bark and putting symbols upon them, calling it writing. And his people ventured into the dark places, seeking out the land around them, and finding themselves on the shore of the aforementioned sea.To the far northeast did the tribe called Carthaginians after the manner of their village hold one named Hannibal as leader, and studied the husbandry of animals, prospering in happiness and partaking of the fruits of the land. So it was that the story of our land begins.The years swept on. The Romans attracted a man of numbers, who showed them the ways of exchanging their goods for little bits of metal. The Greeks turned towards the irrigation of their barren lands and the education of their people, opening their new academy to all. The Carthaginians, ever enamoured of the sea, built a port there and began a navy, taking the fruits of the ocean to home.The Romans fought little of use in their exploration south, salty ocean and barren wastelands, eventually settling a small community down. On the mountain pass on the other side of the bay, directly south of Caesarea they raised the port city of Thalon. The Greeks settled down in what would be another of their academic centers of Alexandria north of their capital, east of Caesarea. Carthage found plains inhabited by a village of unpleasant and hostile barbarians, as well as a sea full of pirates; undeterred they settled down on the coast of that sea as well.Time passed, Carthage turned to the mapping of the seas and navigating, coming to an arrangement with the pirates -- soon enough, the pirate ships would be carrying grain to and from Grecian cities. The Romans, however, were falling behind in their advancement, in favor of encouraging expansion and migration. In Greece, their academies were swelling with st[...]

Session: World in Flames:: The Great Spanish Deception 14: Advance in the Middle East

Thu, 16 Feb 2017 16:02:41 +0000

by Stevenrd

1944 Mar/Apr
Weather 7
Axis win initiative

Germany finally ground strikes the Russians in the mountains, the Turks can take the hex and establish a rail line to Tiflis. SS panzers and guards blitz the US armor in Syria after the Litorrio, the last Italian battleship and 2 cruisers cut supply preventing Allied air support. Japan sinks some US convoys.


The CW and US retreat in Syria to form a better defensive line while also bringing reinforcements to that front. US art flips 2/3 of the defenders of Rome and France kills 2 German fighters at the Western front. Air battle become more and more an Allied crap shoot feast.

Weather 7
Germany keeps attacking in Syria, killing a CW art. Both sides have now exhausted most of their troops there. 2 bombers and 1 fighter rebase to the M-E from the Eastern front. Italy loses an old bomber. Japan takes an air action to rebase their massive air force.

Big battle in the Pacific near Japan sees lots of aborted convoys and many planes shot down on both sides. The CW also kills an 11-6 german wp armor and the Iraq cav with a roll of 9 +3, in Syria. Devastating losses which can not be replaced. Just as we were having great success on that front.

Weather 5
Germany and Italy try to ground strike in Italy but fail. The kriegsmarine fails to find the lend lease convoys in the Norwegian Sea and Artic ocean.

Japan does better and captures the Burmese oil from the Chinese, yeah the Chinese had a big offensive into Burma. Doing so the Delhi militia and a chinese division get destroyed. Japan now control all mountain hexes on the border between India and Burma, and Rangoon as well.

Session: Phantom Fury:: Second Game AAR, T1-2

Thu, 16 Feb 2017 15:15:22 +0000

by fatgreta The 1st of the 3rd moved into its starting positions and experienced an eerie sense of quiet, and for some dread. Minimal movement or shooting by the enemy as they entered the Jolan district was initially a relief, but some of the veteran Marines were worried. This was a hot insurgent district, what tricks lay in store for them if the enemy made virtually no effort to repel them from the first neighborhoods they entered?[My starting activation rolls were crazy lucky – 1 martyr and 3 guerrillas occupying a total of 3 zones. After my first bashing by the game system, I'll take it].T1The captain watch as his men began the operation. Squads in empty zones that could expect to move roof to roof moved up topside. Squads with CAT support sat tight at ground level, waiting for targets to reveal themselves. And in three areas, squads moved into position to assault known insurgents. Time was of the essence, the Captain was pleased to see that his squads remained mostly intact for their initial push, only one deployed security elements, and that was the hottest zone on the map.[One guerrilla unit was killed in the only effective assault, 1 was able to retreat move, 1 martyr remained.]T2The Captain realized he had made a mistake deploying his CAAT support, leaving the company's right flank without much fire support, while they had the toughest initial resistance. He thought about what type of support mission to call in, and wondered when his armor support would be on scene. Even with limited gunship support, he called in a Cobra to clear out a hot enemy zone. He watched with satisfaction as Hellfire rockets pounded the enemy position. Meanwhile, an eye in the sky clarified the position for the squads on the left flank.[A Super Cobra took out the guerrillas and rooftop suspects in Zone 11, hoping to help the initial push get started quickly. Dragon Eye revealed total of 1 guerrilla in each Zones 14/15.]The Captain saw two rockets fire wildly, cursing the wasted ammo. He knew squads were about to expose themselves crossing open streets. But he watched with pride as his Marines carried out picture perfect assaults, killing two guerrillas and clearing 4 zones.[Continued rolls for dummy units on activation are helping quite a bit here. I can't imagine that won't regress to the mean].About 30 minutes into the operation, the Captain was happy with how his compan[...]

Session: Gloomhaven:: Tale of Two Parties - Chapter 1 (Light spoilers ahead)

Thu, 16 Feb 2017 15:15:04 +0000

by EventHorizon [Disclaimer/Note: I am writing this mostly as a way to see if the experiences of two groups playing in the same game world can create a cogent narrative. I am also hoping that this can be an effective way to communicate to the two groups what happened with the other group. By "light spoilers" I mean that I am mostly concerned about exploring the characters and the story of how the session played out and less about the gameplay or scenario specifics. I will take narrative license where needed (because I don't want to track stuff during play) and will be trying not to be redundant with the story in the scenario book. Also, I won't be explicit or comprehensive in mentioning specifics of cards or real life. So in this scenario, the Orchid having a Battle Goal of Layabout or the fact that one of our group couldn't make it and we aren't sure what his character will be yet is left to the reader to infer. So while there are spoilers, they won't necessarily be explicit and you probably don't want to rely on my narrative to plan how you will approach a dungeon. Thanks for reading!]Chapter 1“Gaius Stoneheart,” said the mass of muscle sitting at the table in front of her, by way of introduction.“I thought there was going to be two of you,” Lenka said in a suspicious tone to the hulking Inox. Surprises were never a good thing, particularly in places like the Sleeping Lion. Her Savvas companion grunted agreement. The Inox shifted irritably, “He said he wasn’t feeling good and he would meet us later.” This was an unpleasant development. It had taken the Orchid the better part of a week to hunt down what she hoped would be reliable help and this was not the start she had hoped for. As she sat measuring her next words, a Valrath lady approached the table with a proposition for them to retrieve some stolen goods. The Inox looked across the table and then back at the Valrath and agreed, asking only for basic information. Not wanting to make a scene, Lenka held back and once again marveled at the impetuous way that the other races continually tried to find ways to make their already short lives even shorter. When the Valrath woman was gone, she coolly appraised the Brute and asked, “What was that about? Is your life worth so little that you are willing to spill it for a stranger on such little notice?” The Inox grunt[...]

Session: 7 Wonders: Babel:: My first "all-inclusive" game, after 2.4k plays

Thu, 16 Feb 2017 15:14:40 +0000

by Picon 7 Wonders was the game that put me into the hobby and remains to this day within my top #10 games of all time (number #7 as of today) among the ~400 different games that I've ever played. I've accumulated about ~2.4k online plays and about ~55 live. Therefore, it has a special place in my heart.I had played with every single expansion until yesterday, but not with all of them. However, we gathered five players this time, who all of us knew the base game. Therefore, we cracked open the box and played with all three expansions up-to-date: Leaders, Cities and Babel.Seating order (clockwise): George (Alexandria), Damien (Halikarnassos), Arnold (Ephesos), Samy (Stonehenge), Fabrice (Gizah).We all played the B-sides.Leader Draft: I took an easy first pick, Bilkis, followed by Nero and Darius. I was handed Cleopatra as my last leader.Babel Tiles: I took tile #13 (tax on chains) as my first pick, to penalize the Science players. Tile #18 (free ore/clay) was next and I was handed tile #8 (pay money instead of resources for blues) as my last one.Age I: that was a difficult decision between Nero and Bilkis, but I eventually chose to play Nero. I was so lucky to see the Double Walls project, as it combo-ed so greatly with Nero!I took a Clay Pit (Clay/Ore), a Timber Yard (Stone/Wood) and a Clay Pool as my resources, built my Wonder, got both Barracks and Guard Tower, coming with two project participations, and laid down the Babel tile #13, to tax Age II chains. Tile #11 (cheaper raw materials) was the first Babel tile to be built. Thankfully, Damian passed up on Militia (two shields) to get a Scriptorium from the discard pile, thus I received in total 4 "1 VP" Victory tokens and 8 coins!Age II: I put Bilkis on play this time; she really helped me throughout the whole game! The Obelisk Great Project was in play; I participated twice, but the Project was never finished, thus I took no reward.Blues were more expensive from now on, as there was a tax on them. Damien got super lucky and got the School in his opening hand; thankfully, Arnold got one Dispensary and Fabrice buried the other one. I took a red card, but nobody challenged me in the war game.I had to pass up the Architect Cabinet to Fabrice, who had Gizah, as I had the Sepulcher in my opening hand hand (lose coins equal to victory tokens) and I could re[...]

Session: Pirates of the Spanish Main:: Pirates of the Frozen North - 10th anniversary game #1

Thu, 16 Feb 2017 15:11:51 +0000

by a7xfanben Today is the 10th anniversary of Pirates of the Frozen North! Over the course of two sessions on VASSAL a 3 player game using only game pieces from FN was played.These were the combatants, in the order of play:Cursed (agiantpie):Loki's Revenge, Baba Yaga, Serpent's FangFrench (xerecs):La Delacroix, Marie Antoinette, La DijonVikings (a7xfanben):Muninn, Donar, SleipnirWe changed the setup rules slightly, with 4 wild islands (just like a 2 player game) and 6 coins of any value or type (as long as the UT's were from FN) on each island. The VASSAL module doesn't have icebergs, but the fog banks look great as icebergs and even have the same dice markings on the edges, so fog was ice in this game.The fleets after a turn:I forgot to take pictures for a while, and you can see here that a lot of UT's have been discovered and played. Of the 8 coins that I contributed to the mix, all were UT's from FN! Throw in an extra Runes of Death and one Odin's Revenge, and things were bound to get crazy. The Dijon found the first Runes of Death very early in the game. However, she was very close to her home island... but the Loki's Revenge sank her! A whopping 13 gold was sent to the bottom of the sea, and the French had their main gold runner sunk. The French experienced further woes when the Marie Antoinette found many UT's at the northeastern island, among them Odin's Revenge. That UT hurt the Vikings the most, dismasting the Sleipnir. The Vikings were smart to explore with the Sleipnir on their turn, for she found the second Runes of Death that could have been loaded by the Donar! With no crew or masts remaining, death was averted, at least for the time being. However, the Cursed soon played Runes of Magic, moving an iceberg towards the fragile Viking fleet, whose Muninn and Donar would take damage from the iceberg. The Delacroix and Marie Antoinette descended upon the crippled Viking fleet, but they weren't as successful as anticipated. The Delacroix took damage from an iceberg and a ram from the Sleipnir, while the Muninn engaged the Marie Antoinette. Runes of Thor was played on the Vikings' Sigurd Andersen to guarantee an Admiral's Action, since it looked like the Donar (the ship carrying Runes of Thor) would be captured by the MA.This is when the game began to turn[...]

Session: Star Wars: Rebellion:: A Single Moment Can Make a Game

Wed, 15 Feb 2017 16:30:54 +0000

by MhidDa

I wanted to share a single moment from my game this weekend with my son. It isn't a full session, I know, but it's a session-lite and it perfectly displays one of the main reasons we love the game so much.

In Prose:

Luke, having been captured by Darth Vader while attempting to sabotage the Imperial Star Destroyer factory on Utapau, patiently awaited rescue. Fearing that rescue was imminent, and knowing the impact it would have on the Rebellion, Vader traveled back to the planet to encase his son in Cryptonite but was foiled is his attempt by Han Solo. With Han waiting to assist, Obi-Wan set out as well to rescue young Luke. Though Boba Fett joined the Sith Lord in hopes of stopping the old Jedi, his mission was a success and Luke was freed from his bounds. But the Empire had one more trick up its sleeve and turned the tides back on Old Ben, capturing him in Luke's stead. Understanding the true power of sacrifice, Obi-Won gave his life rather than be captive and the Rebellion grew stronger in its promise to avenge him.

In GameSpeak:

My son had successfully captured Luke after he failed a mission to sabotage Utapau in the previous round. Hoping to drop my reputation, he used to Vader to attempt a mission to freeze Luke in carbonite. I sent Han Solo out to oppose the attempt and lucked out on my dice roll and succeeded. For my next command, I sent Obi-Wan to the same planet on a rescue mission. My son sent Boba Fett to oppose with Darth but, between Han and Old Ben, I was able to succeed. As a response, my son played the It Is Your Destiny action card and turned the tables on the Jedi, capturing him instead. I returned the favor with the Noble Sacrifice, which took Obi-Wan from the game but pushed my Reputation up one.

I did end up winning the game in the end but only because my son decided to head to Dantooine with the Death Star after obliterating Dathomir instead of Yavin, where I was hiding.

This game is chock full of moments like this. If you are any kind of star wars fan, it's a must have.

Session: Lords of Waterdeep:: Just had an incredible set of coincidences yesterday.

Wed, 15 Feb 2017 15:56:26 +0000

by Rhalius

Was playing the game with my cousin, we where in the first round, I already had a few cubes but not much stuff yet.
I was resetting the quests since nothing good was there, after the first three where skullduggery quests I decided to shake up the quests pile and added the fourth quest, a merchantile one which I could use.

But not only could I use it, I had the exact requirements for it in my tavern! Not a single coin or cube more or less. The card displayed exactly what I had in my tavern!

While the rest of my first round was very strong, I completed two more quests (I started with two intrigue cards that give cubes) but in the end my cousin did beat me with a difference of 30 points or such.
He started out with a good plot quest, and obtained several more that where usefull to him.
I only had one that lets me place an agent on an occupied space once per round. A good one, but he simply received quite some extra resources and points. from the fulfilled plot quests.
And I had to waste money and agents to block him from purchasing buildings since he'd get four extra points for each purchased building.

I did not get any mandatory quests to give him either from intrigue.
Though one time I did steal a priest from him which he needed and I used it to complete a quest. That's the most agressive thing I was able to do with an intrigue card.

Session: Montenotte 1796:: Next game : "Landau ou la mort", Hoche and the Struggle for the Alsace, 1793

Wed, 15 Feb 2017 08:49:28 +0000

by VinceBGG Hello all,Here is an AAR about Hoche trying to relieve the siege of Landau in 1793. For those who have never heard of Hoche, he was certainly the best general of his time...yeah, I mean ahead of Napoleon. Hoche actually created the "Corps" used during the imperial era and Napoleon learned from this campaign of 1793 in ths Vosges mountains.Here is the initial deployment.Turn of November 19thWith only divisions Taponier and Huet, it's still dangerous to come to close to the Prussian army in retreat to its winter quarters. Ambert would arrive the next day by Homburg, too late to cut the retreat path of the Prussian forces under Kalckreuth and Knobelsdorff. Vincent is 35 miles away and would also need several days to arrive. For these reasons, Hoche only moves to Deux-Ponts and takes control of the cross-roads.In the Valley of the Rhine, Pichegru orders his divisions to move west toward the Vosges. His plan to move from the road of Saverne to Bouxweiler and Pfaffenhaufen, threatening Wurmser's center and right wing. This move started well, Pichegru pushing his divisions forward.Turn of November 20thIn the Vosges, Hoche still let the Prussian army retreat. In the Valley of the Rhine, things are moving. While the French army of the Rhine was moving on the left to threaten Bouxweiler and Pfaffenhaufen, general von Wurmser decided to respond to the French offensive by threatening Strasbourg with two columns, those of the Prince of Waldeck and general von Kospoth. This move brought Pichegru to withdraw Desaix division on the right wing closer to Strasbourg to protect the city. Hatry's division was sent on the track to Haguenau close to the Zorn. Férino and Michaud were several miles away from Saverne. The French army was nicely spread out before its attack while the Austrian were concentrating their forces on their right : Hotze withdrew from Niederbronn toward Haguenau and Pfaffenhaufen. Meanwhile, the Prince of Prussia was moving toward Oberweidental to be able to move to Pirmasens if needed.Turn of November 21stWhile Férino is moving toward Brumath - where Wurmser has his headquarters, the Austrian commander in chief was thinking of destroying this lone division using Baron Spleny's corps [...]

Session: Gloomhaven:: Gloomhaven Mini-Session -- Week 2

Wed, 15 Feb 2017 06:24:51 +0000

by Annowme On Thursday, Sam, Eee, Anastasia, and I picked up our campaign with our party of illustrious adventurers, Dandelion Junction, and opted to follow the next core-storyline mission rather than dabble in the two side scenarios we unlocked over the last two sessions. Sam --> Ambrosia the ScoundrelEee --> Fezzik the BruteAnastasia --> Audraia Filidee the SpellweaverJim --> Bart Sprocket the TinkererPer the initial campaign introduction (which is not a spoiler), our party was sent to go retrieve some documents which were stolen from an NPC who hands out the first mission. This resulted in a tussle with some bandits. Following through with more story content, we found ourselves outside of the city to “take care of a problem.” In a sort of endless-waves-of-bad-guys setting, our team really coalesced to pull of some great cooperation, while still clearly seeing the expertly-integrated greed and self-interest of each character’s private goals causing some tension and interesting moments. Of special note was the amazing tag-team play wherein Audraia incinerated the front line of attackers in order for Fezzik to bum rush the back targets with a big attack, all the while stiff-arming another dude onto a mine I just planted earlier in the round, resulting in a rather impressive explosion and lots of carnage. Slinking behind us was Ambrosia, who went full aggro-mode after dashing with invisibility up behind the biggest elite target in the room and filling its internal organs with daggers. The conclusion of this mission led to a very troubling moral dilemma, and just like that, the plot twists in the storyline hooked us for all we were worth. Several new locations opened up and we saw the first major storyline branch set up before us. It was clear that going one way would lead to drastically different outcomes and progression than going the other. I then tried out the game solitaire on Sunday afternoon by taking the path which Dandelion Junction would have voted on as a group (Ambrosia is effectively an evil wench, so she would have been the minority vote and overruled, anyway!). Opting to go the less morally-ambiguous route, I chose the next scenario and s[...]

Session: Gloomhaven:: Gloomhaven Mini-Session -- Week 1

Wed, 15 Feb 2017 06:24:46 +0000

by Annowme After a solid hour of punching and sorting, Gloomhaven was humming and ready to go. Anastasia and I played the first mission in the campaign, "Black Barrow," which (spoiler free) involves picking up a job from a high-class lady to go and retrieve some stolen documents from a known bandit. He has been traced to the Black Barrow, a shallow anteroom complex of an old crypt north of town. First, we needed to create a party and associated characters. I let Anastasia field the party name, which she dubbed 'Dandelion Junction' (deeply intimidating for a mercenary troupe, I know). I created Bart Sprocket, Tinkerer, and Anastasia whipped up Audraia Filidee, Spellweaver. Bart bought an Iron Helmet and Minor Healing Potion and Audraia bought Leather Armor. Our first play was a bit shaky, though I was generally firm on the rules. Spellweaver is a hard class to start playing without appreciating the gravity of the exhaustion mechanic in the game (which is brutal and brilliant!), as most Speallweaver cards are massively OP and thus are all lost after using them. Anastasia managed to use her back-pocket ability to recover all of her lost cards, but she did so early enough in the scenario that she still ended up exhausted in the last room. However, it was only on the last turn of the game, as Bart was able to immolate the remaining enemies and complete the scenario successfully. We then took Gloomhaven with us to our friends' house around the corner. Sam and Eee are consistent gaming partners with us and Sam has been as excited as I was for this game, if not more. Sam created Ambrosia, the Scoundrel, and Eee created Fezzik, the Brute ("You ARE the Brute Squad..."). We had two choices to progress:[o]1. Barrow Lair (#2), which is mission two in the primary story line (basically, Bandit thief dude from mission one flees into a deeper part of the crypts, where we find him doing all sorts of creepy necromantic stuff).2. Sulphur Mine (#65), which was a random side scenario unlocked by a treasure chest tile during Black Barrow (#1).[/o]We opted to progress the storyline from the first mission's conclusion. I'll spoiler the specific content but provide a g[...]

Session: Agricola: Farmers of the Moor:: Maxing out all categories for a 2-player game

Wed, 15 Feb 2017 06:24:03 +0000

by Yeoster 7 years ago, my Significant Other and I attempted an exercise of maxing out every scoring category (including fenced stables, renovating to stone house and maximum family size) for Agricola (base game only). We eventually managed it for all player counts:• Maxing out all categories for a solo game, before maximising final score• Maxing out all categories for a 2–player game• Maxing out all categories for a 3–player game• Maxing out all categories for a 4–player game• Maxing out all categories for a 5–player gameThe decks used were the E, I, K, O and Z decks, which was what we owned back then.Recently, we wondered if we can achieve the same with the Farmers of the Moor expansion included. We figured the main difficulty will once again be fencing and having sufficient animals for both players. On top of that, the Farmers of the Moor minor improvements are decidedly weaker than those of the base game and we also need to worry about horses and heating. For horses, we set ourselves a target of a minimum of 4 horses per player (since 4 points is the maximum for each scoring category).To reiterate, the objective of the game is to find a selection of cards and route towards maxing out all scoring categories (including fenced stables, renovating to stone house and maximum family size) for a 2–player game. We try to maximise the score where possible, but the primary goal is to achieve maximum score in all categories. The occupation, minor improvement cards, round action cards are also selected and are not random. The decks used are the E, I, K, O, Z, CZ, G, WM, Pi and Bi decks. We also included the Biogas Plant promo card.For the rest of this post, I will address myself as "Uncle" and my Significant Other as "Auntie".Cards chosenOccupationsUncle, 1st set: Carpenter, Seasonal Worker, Herdsman, Merchant, Conservator, Scholar, Professor Uncle, 2nd set: Hedge Keeper, Stablehand, Animal Tamer, Mason, Master Builder, Altruist, Livestock KeeperAuntie: Apple Picker, Field Watchman, Master Brewer, Wet Nurse, Layabout, Market Woman, Governor (Baker, Lord of the Manor)Minor ImprovementsUncle, 1st set: Guest[...]

Session: Maquis:: Just played first game, a lot of fun and came down to the very last placement

Wed, 15 Feb 2017 03:26:17 +0000

by aikidorat I came across this very cool game about a month ago, and finally finished printing it for playing, when I came here and found the VASSAL module. Figured my gaming table was currently full so I'd try a VASSAL game. Glad I did as it answered a few questions I had on game play.For this game I pulled Destroy the Train and Underground Newspaper for my missions. Then I had to figure out how to get explosives, and a ton of Intel! Reading the rules, I figured out a plan and set off.Only to have one of my agents get captured on the first turn! I neglected to secure a route home and had spread them out too far, stranding one. Luckily just one. This was not a good start - I gathered one intel and some food and medicine, but lost a worker. Time to rethink the strategy. I started focusing on securing a route and going the slow, not over reaching, intent on making some explosives! Managed to recruit another worker and via airdrops secured enough money to open up the chemist while getting enough medicine to create the explosives I needed. Things were going pretty well, and by turn 8 I had 2 explosives on location and had just created a third.Turn 9 - set about securing the route to The Fence, only to have a Police patrol there before I got there! argh! Did learn a valuable lesson. But that ensured I could not win, could I get a tie?to keep this short, by the last turn I had finished out 2/3 of the intel needed, and had 1 of the last 2 intel in place. I had the intel in the safe house and had to get it to Point du Nord to tie. Secured my route, was about to place the last worker for the tie, when the last police man drew a Patrol card.... all three locations were occupied, so he started looking to arrest someone. The first place.. Point du Nord. Of course. without a handgun, the valiant gal had no choice and was arrested. The patrol effectively cut me off from completing the mission, and the game ends in a loss.but fun! and I felt the tension as I got closer to thinking I could get a draw.. and that patrol card.. ouch!I am sure I made some mistakes in playing /rules but it [...]