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Session: Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport:: Two player Undermountain with my wife.

Fri, 23 Mar 2018 08:43:01 +0000

by AceOf86

Lords of Waterdeep with Undermountain

My wife and I sat down last night for a game. We haven't played with the expansion much so, we're still in the “What's that do?” phase. My lord was Tobriand(5 points for every quest worth at least 10) and I started with “Impersonate Tax Collector”. I've never used either of these but, was looking forward to it.

Sheena, my wife, started off by buying “Helmstar Warehouse”(gives two rogues and two coins). I felt that was a strong indication that she was going for skullduggery so, I used her building. She was not amused. I picked up resources and played “sponsor apprentice”, took a wizard and placed one on Castle Waterdeep. Despite already having the start player marker, Sheena took that spot to get the wizard. I was not amused.

Over the next few rounds I bought a couple of buildings and completed “Impersonate Tax Collector”(when I use a building I own I also get the owner benefit). Then I went to work trying to abuse them as best I could, trying to complete as many ten point quests as I could. One of them was “Organized Crime”(gives a rogue any time you take money). I felt that was a good play, it gave me an alternate way to get rogues. During this time Sheena completed three 25 point quests and wasn't pleased with her new options. She was looking for skullduggery and warfare but, couldn't find any plot quests for them. She did manage to play quite a few intrigue cards for some sweet action economy.

I tied the score up in round five with a 40 point quest. While she was building up for her fourth 25 pointer I picked up a couple of ten point skullduggery quests. She should have picked them up, she ended the game just taking adventurers and trying to block me since she couldn't find another completable quest. In the last few rounds she completed that 25 and a 40. I completed those 10 pointers and a 40 and won. She was a little annoyed even though she won the previous two games.

Final scores
Me- 265
Sheena- 233

Session: HEXplore It: The Valley of the Dead King:: A nomad and a berserker save the world

Thu, 22 Mar 2018 22:48:31 +0000

by Hybban

First session report ever on BGG, I hope it will be good.

So, after dabbling with the game last weekend to get a grasp of the rules, I finally decided last night to get serious and play the game.

Seeing how the game can be brutal, I've decided to hand pick my team of two unlikely heroes: a kitsune nomad and a minoteur berserker. As the combo seems pretty powerful, I've decided to not use Double Up, but I still decided to have the Dead King move slow (0 + # of fallen cities) so I could get the pace of the game correctly. As I've chosen the basic starting tiles position, I know thing can escalate quickly.

4 out of 5 quests are on the board already, with a nice 2-step Arc Quest and a bounty for boss #2 and there is a nice variety of circumstances that didn't feel all threatening. Still, I spent the first 4-5 turns moving cautiously and thanks to cheap mounts in first city, I went around the board cleaning quests and the first boss pretty easily.

And after that, I simply rolled over the game. My Berserker would deal incredible amount of damage and the Nomad would wait until the last turn to heal him. As expected, this combo is pretty amazing. Only challenge, no Energy attack to prevent the enemy to cast their masteries, but as no fight would last more than 4 rounds (damn your petrification basilisk), this was not a real issue.

End result:
- 4 fallen cities at the end, one talisman was used
- 12 quests were finished
- About 20 circumstance cards in the discard (got 3 treasures)
- Dead king died on round 3 which he started with 8 health

Now, I get a better grap of the rules and next time, I'll play in moderate difficulty (so the bosses are a little more frightening with their passive).

Two mistakes I kept doing and have to better for next time :
- I never used the favored ennemy bonus, didn't really need it in the end (image)
- Things that last a certain number of rounds (weather effects, afflictions) that I forgot sometimes. Don't think it would have changed much the outcome. Mostly because I got the nomad quest and her First Aid was healing also conditions and afflictions.

The game is really awesome, I LOVE it.

Session: Diceborn Heroes:: Played 5 games so far.

Thu, 22 Mar 2018 14:13:26 +0000

by bluewizard

I was one of the folks that picked up the Print and Play along with the printed game. I have spent the weekend making it and now have 5 plays in since Sunday.

I finally beat the Quest I had attempted 4 times before. There is some strategy and luck with the attack cards. My play style found it important to be able to have a way to modify the die rolled or the monsters attack card.

I highly enjoy the strategy of what die to assign and balancing the wanting to use the stronger abilities with wanting to use lower number die rolls to minimize getting hit.

I was down to my last turn as I would have died the turn after. Looking at what I had and being able to use them in the right order was fantastic! I will say its a good solid game. I have a little concern with some of the templating and rules clarity which prevent me from saying it is great sadly.

I am putting the battle with a photo of the cards after defeating the Boss in the spoiler tag below.


The First round I selected the Mage and the Priest. We had some great die rolls all 1s and 2s with the monsters having cards all above 4. This made short order of those monsters with out a scratch.

The second round I decided to keep the Mage and then upgrade an ability from the CopyCat (EROM ECNO). The Priest leveled up to the Time Sage.
Again some nice low die rolls and the Mages ability to change the value of his dice was ideal. The Time sage and the Mage also have the ability to Stun the monsters so the counter attack didn't do anything after the first hit and I always got to go first was just great! We also picked up some items when killing the bandits so that was nice.

The third round I again kept the Mage and use Ice Blade from the Swordceror. I also keep the Time Sage and Added the Holy Blade from the Paladin to get in there for the level 3 monsters! Yep they are a TON harder. I did some quick damage with low rolls again and escaped with minimal damage.

Then started the Boss and man 15 health! Wow Man! That put on a beating to get to the second size where he is well geez down to 10 health?? With some of the items gathered by leveling up and from the bandits we could do some additional hits. At this point I am out of attack cards and each turn both hero's take 2 points of damage. Wozers!

At the second round of that I just got the 9 points by using an extra hero action to place a second die and my last item for the last 1 point. Man that was close!!


Session: Wing Leader: Blitz 1939-1942:: B09 Port Moresby

Thu, 22 Mar 2018 14:12:57 +0000

by tooslow56 After purchasing Blitz a few months ago, I had not really done any thing with it, so I decided to explore some of the scenarios. B09 Port Moresby looks like a nice one for solitaire purposes, so here goes. Version 2.02 rules.Might be interesting as I was surprised to see that the P39's have a speed advantage over the A6M2's under 8000 feet, and can take some damage to boot. Might be a consideration for the bomb run for the Japanese.Here are the initial wing displays, US blue, IJN green. As the airfield is the primary target, the IJN commander has sent 2 Betty squadrons with veteran crews.End turn 1. FS1 missed it's tally attempt as the P39 squadrons attempt to engage the bombers without any opposition.End turn 2. FS1 tallied IN1 as IN1 missed tallying LB1. IN1 continued to it's vector point, totally oblivious to the bombers. FS1 did not split and followed it's tally to R8 and initiated combat. Choosing a turning fight, breaks IN1 which tried to evade. IN3 attempted vector change unsuccessful. Not going well for the U.S. early.End turn 3. Both IJN squadrons miss their tallies! IN2 tallies LB2. FS1 circling because of missed tally as well as IN3 upon reaching it's vector without a tally. IN2 attacks LB2 head-on, no reaction from FE1. IN2 inflicts 2 losses on LB2, return fire disrupts it and applies a loss.End turn 4. Tallying much improved this turn. Combat in L9, FE1 splits and successfuly reacts to IN3. Neither had any hits, but FE1 was broken. IN4 went to a turning fight in M8, taking a chance because of the bombers defence rating. LB1 took a loss, while IN4 was disrupted. IN2 attacks at a -2 differential(hit run,green,dusrupted) scoring no hits, LB2 fires back, hitting with a loss and straggler breaking IN2 in the process.End turn 5. FE2 tallies IN4 with a late reaction. FS1 employing a free move by keeping a tally on IN2. Combat in K8 resulted in no hits for either side, but IN4 was broken. The bombers plod on to the target.End turn 6. FS1 drops IN2 and misses tally on IN3. FE2 drops IN4 and also misses IN3, crazy. FS1 and FE2 circle in place without tallies. Combat in I8, no hits either side but cohesions left both disrupted.End turn 7. FS1 and FE2 both tally IN3, probably too late now. Heavy flak throwing direct fire at LB1, IN3 in tally chain also affected. Flak gets 2 hits on LB1, resulting in 2 losses, and hits IN3 for no loss, but cohesion breaks IN3.End turn 8. Both bomber squadrons start their aiming. Flak fires a channel at each bomber squadron. missing LB1, LB2 takes a hit for 1 loss, disrupting them under cohesion. Bombing, LB1 rolled at 10% and half for be being broken. Results are 2 divided by 1 for 1 hit.End turn 9. Both bomber squadrons take flak. LB2 is missed, LB1 hit for a straggler. LB2 makes it's approach and rolls a 25 % , 5 hits halved for disruption = 3 hits.Here is the final wing display. US , 12 VP aircraft loss. IJN, 3 VP aircraft loss, 1 VP for damage to airfield = 4. Subtract US (12) - IJN (4) = -8. US victory. IJN units inability to get in the fight due to missing tallies played a big part. [...]

Session: Lifeform:: LIFEFORM Solo Expansion Playtest Session Notes

Thu, 22 Mar 2018 13:26:33 +0000

by Yugblad Sunday afternoon, I recruited playtester extraordinaire Mark Lowe to be the lone survivor aboard the doomed mining starship, Valley Forge - this was a solo expansion (Dragon's Domain) playtest of upcoming survival horror boardgame, LIFEFORM.I thought some of you might like to read a brief summary of what transpired!Mark avoided entering darkened areas of the starship, or vent-connected chambers, and took a route that mainly kept to the "southern" area of the ship.He used up all 3 "trait" powers without much hesitation, and avoided placing 'stowaway' tokens on the emergency escape shuttlecraft Remora, when possible.His 'fear' track didn't completely fill, due to him avoiding terror tokens. This was a cautious playthrough! The 3 secondary objectives weren't a major difficulty for him, as they can be on occasion (he found a mainframe substation to uncouple the shuttle's umbilicus - lucky draw). He seemed intent on only collecting just enough equipment to launch the shuttle, and not a token more! After only a few minutes searching, he found the ship's cat on A-deck.At one point on B-deck, Mark bust open a supply locker and fetched out a harpoon gun - this saved his life within the next 5 minutesNOTE: I did notice he only used the flamethrower on the alien once (maybe twice), to send it squealing back down a corridor.He used his survival skills and quick decisions to overcome chambers containing dangerous, fizzing electrical cabling, and another with an out-of-control fire.After finding the mangled dead bodies of two crewmates, at T-minus 8 mins, the homicidal star-beast confronted Mark: he survived the initial chit-pull (which also means the alien was now even more dangerous than before), and then forced it back with the harpoon gun.At T-minus 3 mins, Mark ran onto the shuttle and launched.As the mining starship exploded in his rear view, and Mark prepared to enter his sleep-pod, the alien unfolded multiple hideous limbs from its hiding spot. It was onboard!(Mark only placed 2 stowaway tokens on the shuttle: one was "safe" the last one flipped said "danger!")A climactic battle ensued. Among his cards and tokens, I think he had of note:1x flamethrower1x shock-prod1x harpoon gun(no halon gas blasts!)The alien's attack filled 4 of the 5 conflict boxes with various strength aggressions - due to decisions he'd made during his time onboard the Valley Forge.Mark's flamethrower made short work of the largest 'conflict zone'. The monster retreated a few feet, shrieking from the superheated blast.A mixture of improvisation and good planning thwarted another attack. Then he used the airlock to distract the creature (emptying another conflict zone).After analyzing his hand and options, Mark said gloomily, "it's got me", but then remembered he still had the opportunity to desperately search the shuttle's walk-in supply locker. This is very risky, as at this point the alien had cocooned/evolved enough that the attack chit cup was heavily weighted in favour of drawing a "killed" chit.With things looking bleak, Mark leapt "Ripley-like" into the locker. Against the odds, he pulled a "still alive" chit (and drew 2 fresh crew cards).Emerging from the locker, shock-prod in hand, with teeth gritted, Mark stood firm against the alien menace.Next, he almost emptied his hand of cards (and fired the harpoon gun one last time), to void another conflict zone on the lifeform's final confrontation conflict board (say that three times fast). With a couple of cards left, Mark faced off against the intergalactic horror - he'd played a good game, but not quite good enough...... the horror opened its jaws wide. Wider still, its gaping maw right in front of the last surviving crew member of the Valley Forge's face. Grabbing his head, the star-beast lifted him off the deck...*As the camera panned to peer out of the shuttle's ventral viewport, a single scream rang out.Roll end titles. [...]

Session: Advanced Squad Leader: Starter Kit Expansion Pack #1:: S47: Not So Disposed

Thu, 22 Mar 2018 12:49:01 +0000

by kilgore234 This scenario takes place on the 1st full day of “Operation Husky”, the allied invasion of Sicily. This is the first of a two-part “mini-CG” replay. Upon the completion of S47, we will play Scenario S48 – with an OOB that is dependent on the results of S47. Sicily has been a previous location for previous ASL Starter Kit scenarios. See my previous AARs S9, S11 and S22 for previous Sicilian battles.Ken Dunn, one of the Lead Developers of the Expansion Pack, described the action in 2009, shortly before the release of the Expansion Pack:“This scenario is another SK 2 level offering. Here we find "Force X" composed of the 4th Ranger Battalion with Colonel William Darby leading it into the streets of the Sicilian coastal town of Gela where they find the 429th Italian Coastal battalion prepared to defend Italian soil. And they were well prepared by their commanding officer Major Rubellino who, contrary to some expectations and hopes by the Americans, was not willing to simply give up. He and his men fought the tough and well trained Rangers for over 4 hours turning every house into a strongpoint. The Italians are well armed with machine guns and Artillery pieces and have a goodly number of men but Darby's Rangers know what they are doing and are well supplied with weapons themselves. An interesting contrast in leadership with Darby represented as a 10-3 SMC and Rubellino represented by a 9-2 SMC. Can you as the Americans take the town without sustaining too many losses or will the Italians prove surprisingly tough?”Location:Gela, SicilyDate:July 10, 1943Participants:Italian: 18th Coastal Brigade / 429th Coastal BattalionAmerican: Force ‘X’ – 1st and 4th Ranger Battalions, 39th Combat Engineers, 83rd Chemical Mortar BattalionROAR:At time of writing, Italians win 100% of time. As such, we’ll implement Balance suggestions and delete two 3-3-6 squads from the Italian OB.Special Rules:• American guns pass Manhandling checks (if any) in Turn 1• All American 7-4-7s have SMOKE of ‘5’• American MMC not subject to ELR.• Italians will secretly record 6 building hexes as fortified (+1 TEM). • No unit may enter fortified building with GO enemy unit.• Scenario will be linked to S48 to make “mini CG”.Victory Conditions:Americans win by evacuating all Italian MMC out of multi-hex buildings (there are 21 of them on board ‘r’), but must do so without losing too many units. Italians get Victory Points for eliminating American squads – 10VP is an automatic win for the Italians.Introduced This Scenario:A)American M3A1 37mm AT Gun Design was based on the German PaK 35/36, eventually replaced by larger 57mm GUN.• Manhandling factor of ‘12’ (QSU unit)• Breakdown of 12• ROF of 2• 37mm Long Range AT shells• Canister round availability (not used in ASL Starter Kit) Manhandling the M3A1 to the next firing position.The M1 MTR was previously used in S12.B )Italian Cannone da 75/27 modello 11 ART.These were manufactured for action in WWI but remained the standard light field artillery cannon for most Italian divisions. Originally (in case of model 11) French made. • Manhandling factor of ‘8’ (QSU unit)• Breakdown of 11• ROF of 1• 75mm AT shells with HEAT depletion number ‘6’ for this Scenario (1943)C) Italian Brixia 45mm Mortar Here is a brief video (in Italian) showing its use – you’ll note the complicated method of loading the shell as well as the detonation charges. One had to pull back on a lever to fire the mortar, however, “in the hand of skilled operators was superior to other World War II mortars and could lay down very precise and intense curtains of fire.” Note in the above photo the padded frame used for the solider to lie down prone while firing. Setup:The Italians can set up both of their GUNs as HIP. They also, per SSR, can establish up to 6 “Fortifi[...]

Session: Hornet Leader: Carrier Air Operations:: Iran 2014 - Operation Radiant Lance - Mission #06 "Battle Symphony”

Thu, 22 Mar 2018 12:46:38 +0000

by bchee USS George Washington // 0845 hrs // Day 04Giving VFA-195 a day's hiatus was a good call. They had taken the brunt of the heavy missions in the early days of the campaign, and it was time for the other squadrons to carry the load for a while, working their way down the hit list of strategic targets put together by the Air Wing's operations and tactical staff. CAG's attention was drawn especially to a major target which so far, had escaped serious attention, but with the Dambusters rotating back on point, it was perhaps now time to deal with it."It" was a bridge, a major six-lane cantilever span of iron and concrete that intersected a deep-flowing tributary and one of the major trunk roads. It was situated far inland, close to the region's refineries, carrying a crude-oil pipeline from nearby oil fields, and it was also a line of communication, allowing the enemy to bring through reinforcements and supplies. Although there were no dams on the target list, for a squadron nicknamed "Dambusters", a major bridge was perhaps the next best thing.Day Four. Drew Major Bridge (#28), Rail Yard (#24), Convoy (#22), and Command Post (#54). I was drawn to Major Bridge. With a mission load of six aircraft, it would take an alpha strike, with not much capacity remaining for a Secondary mission. With most of the pilots rested from R&R, this would be the biggest mission of the campaign so far.Targets came in all shapes and sizes and specifications, but they also had one thing in common: if they were worth attacking, then they were worth defending, and the enemy had placed his SAMs for optimum coverage. CAG knew that it was even mathematically possible to compute the number of projectiles per second required to fill a column of air, to render an object flying through said column of air statistically impossible to be missed. From the drone recon pictures, there were nearly a dozen SAM and AAA sites protecting the most likely axes of approach. The bridge reminded CAG of the infamous Dragon's Jaw Bridge from Linebacker, which had taken over seven years and eight hundred sorties, not to mention over a hundred aircraft lost, before it was finally destroyed. Inwardly, he resolved that that was not going to happen on his watch. For that reason, he knew that he needed to come up with something different - and he would be leading this mission personally.This was the most heavily defended target yet. No less than 10 Sites protected the target, with up to a half-dozen bandits overhead. The Target itself was Small and Hardened. Trying to bomb it at close range would be suicidal, so the best plan would be going with stand-off weapons - namely, the Harpoon SLAM. Time to spend the SO points.You could sense the lifted spirits in the Dambusters squadron ready room when word got out that the Old Man was going to lead the mission himself. When he arrived and started the mission briefing, the pilots sat up a bit straighter. As CAG began to elaborate on details of the Alpha Strike, they instantly understood what he had in mind, and began to smile - some inwardly, others outwardly. This one, they could sense, was going to be different. It was going to be good.For this mission, I felt that it was time for CAG to take the lead. An terms of game mechanics I treated CAG the same as COWBOY, using the same pilot stats and abilities, while COWBOY "sat out" on the mission. CAG and MUSTANG had the highest AtG, so they were fully loaded out with the SLAMs, each carrying a solitary Sidewinder for defence. LIGHTNING and BLACKHAWK had the highest AtA, so they carried Sidewinders and Sparrows, with Rockets filling out as back-up weapons. The two Growlers, ALPO and SCOTTY, carried HARMs and AAMRAMs. The AAMRAMs were lethal because they could be fired Independently, and could strike anywhere on the board where the Bandits might appear.CAG scanned his scopes, noting how eerily quiet the battlefield was -[...]

Session: Hornet Leader: Carrier Air Operations:: Iran 2014 - Operation Radiant Lance - Mission #05 "Maximum Overkill”

Thu, 22 Mar 2018 12:46:03 +0000

by bchee USS George Washington // 1013 hrs // Day 03The onslaught from Strike Group Washington had been relentless. A modern supercarrier carried more firepower than an entire fleet of warships in the Second World War, and woe betide whoever was at the receiving end. At its simplest, carrier-based airpower tactics were straightforward: the more bombs and missiles you could put on the enemy, the sooner every sailor, soldier, pilot and Marine could look forward to going home. With air superiority all but assured over the theatre of operation, the Air Wing ops staff had decided to go one better, and destroy the enemy's capacity to wage war. To that end, factories, supplies and maintenance facilities were targeted, in an all-out effort to ensure total attrition, and an electronics factory was handed to Chippy Flight for their next mission. If technology was the linchpin of modern warfare, then destroying this factory would severely cripple the enemy's warmaking ability.Drawing the cards for the day's mission, I opened up Underground Complex (#55), Electronics Factory (#40) and another Minor Airfield (#2). Although I could draw up to four Targets, I decided to stop here as I had enough targets to work with. The Underground Complex was the hardest with a six-sircraft mission load, but the Improvement from the Minor Airfield was going to be a bother, and had to be taken care of. Having recently just destroyed an airfield, I chose the Electronics Factory, as it could be attacked with fewer Aircraft, giving the others a rest, plus it had the benefit of removing an Improvement card, i.e. the airfield. In the squadron's personnel equipment room, the pilots suited up for work in silence. Each had his or her own routine, a private ritual that helped them get ready for a day at the office. The junior officers sometimes made a big display of it, like medieval warriors strapping on their armour and weapons, putting on a show of pre-flight theatre. The older hands worked in silence, methodically, ceremonially, with no wasted motion or sound. For the three-aircraft mission, I selected COWBOY, BANZAI and MUSTANG, who had the highest AtG scores, and the least Stress. Each Aircraft carried a GBU-16, HARMs, and AtA missiles. I expected air cover to be light, but nonetheless spent some SOs on a pair of AAMRAMs, hoping to take out any Bandits early. I gave them to MUSTANG, who had the best AtA rating of the trio.Rush hour on the flight deck looked chaotic, but impressions could be deceiving to the uninitiated. The multi-coloured deck crews went through their well-rehearsed choreography of prepping and launching aircraft, with a practiced grace and fluidity that would put a ballet master to shame. Chippy Flight was soon in the air.The three aircraft were quickly inbound to target, flying at the speed of bullets. They reached the coast and continued inland, when suddenly, they encountered the high-pitched warning of a Fan Song radar emanating, from a SAM location which had been previously reported destroyed."Guidelines inbound at nine o'clock, approaching high," announced COWBOY. "Launch countermeasures, going buster!"The three Hornets opened up on full afterburners, streaming clouds of chaff, as they gained the distance and outran the SA-2 missiles. It was a tense, unexpected moment, especially for the junior pilots.On the way in, I drew "Long Range Threat!" for the Target Bound Event card, resulting in 2 Stress to MUSTANG and BANZAI. At least none of them were destroyed."I'm picking up a Slot Back radar," MUSTANG reported with a note of surprise."Roger that," COWBOY concurred. "I didn't realize they had any of them left."Slot Back was the pulse-Doppler radar used on the MiG-29 Fulcrum, which was technologically at least as advanced as the Hornet. The surprise to the Hornet pilots was that the opposing air force even had these late-generation fighters, l[...]

Session: Space Empires: Replicators:: Replicators vs Humans - Game 2 - The Humans are Dead!

Thu, 22 Mar 2018 12:01:18 +0000

by remmievets Game Setup2 Player Large MapNo empire advantagesSolo game - not using solo rulesReplicator Starting ForcesFlagship5 Type 0 replicator shipsHuman Starting ForcesFlagship - EnterpriseSmall Homeworld10 CP in bank3 Colony Ships1 Miner4 SY3 ScoutsGame SummaryAfter the easy human victory in game 1, I decided to make things a bit tougher on the humans this game. So I increased the size of the galaxy and downsized the Human homeworld. For the humans I planned a similar strategy of small fast light ships to limit the RPs that the replicators would get from these encounters. This time the replicators would attempt to group a larger amount of ships together and save CPs to purchase RPs if needed to counter the human strategy. By creating a large enough replicator fleet I intended to force the humans to use larger fleets and larger ships and thus gaining more RPs.For the first 4 rounds, I played each side separately. First I played the humans who had completely explored their home system in 4 rounds. With the reduced income from the homeworld it wasn’t until turn 4 that I purchased Move 2 with the majority of money going into colony ships and a few MS Pipelines. Things still looking good and the replicators far away I spent more money on 3 more MS Pipelines in turn 5, but I purchased 3 more scouts and Move 3 as well.In turn 6 I lost another 4 scouts (9 total so far) trying to explore through to the replicator space. With my losses from deep space exploration I only had 2 hull points worth of ships going into economic phase 7. By this time the replicators were starting to explore outward towards human space and I needed to get human production into high gear to fend them off.The replicators again started slowly, but got 30CPs in minerals in the first economic phase. I immediately purchased a RP. On economic phase 4 I purchased explore for 15 CP and another RP on economic phase 7. The replicators were hampered in exploring. Every area seemed to have a danger or black hole. There was just one path through on the far side of the map that just lined up nicely with where the humans were exploring. I tracked the replicator hull points through each turn. At the end of each economic phase the replicators had the following hulls (5 at start, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 16, 25 (phase 7)).In the turn following economic phase 7 the replicators transitioned ships to type 2s and had a large fleet ready to advance towards human space.To counter the replicator threat the humans purchased 7 destroyers in economic phase 7 and ship size 4 along with anti-replicator tech. I also had earlier purchased move 4. I deployed the ships in small groups to protect human space since it was too late to slip past the large replicator force headed the human’s way. I added another 5 destroyers and a cruiser to the fleet to up my total fleet size to 16 hull points. The replicators were sending about an equal size force of type 4s my way (17). I guess the humans were pretty confident in their strategy because I strangely decided on buying Terraforming 2 in economic phase 9 and no additional ships.The replicators had moved close to human space and sent a single type 2 into the force of destroyers and gained 2 additional RPs. The fleet then headed back to replicator space for upgrades and reinforcements. From my logs it appears that I had 17 type 4s and the replicator flagship. On my way back to human space I took out an alien world to give the replicators an advance base if needed. From turn 7 the total replicator force was now growing at a very nice rate. (from 25 in phase 7, 35 in phase 8, and 44 in phase 9). A second force was now gathering to support the first fleet.On the last move before economic phase 10 the replicators advanced and destroyed a force of 4 destroyers with no losses. The humans had to abandon the n[...]

Session: Mage Knight Board Game:: First play in two years...

Thu, 22 Mar 2018 04:47:45 +0000

by EdUK

...went terribly, but I loved it.

It’s been ages since I cracked Mage Knight out, despite it being my number 1. I’m glad I finally got back to it, just as fantastic as I remembered.

I’ve got Lost Legion mixed in, but just went for a standard solo conquest to remind myself of the flow of the game.

The rules came back for the most part and I was able to quickly find answers to things I’ve forgotten. I’m sure I made a couple of small mistakes at points, but nothing critical.

It doesn’t matter anyway, as I failed miserably at achieving my objectives. I’ve got fond memories of taking City 1 on Day 2 and steamrolling from there. This game I bottled it on Night 2 and spent most of Day 3 trying to get the right cards into my hand to take on the city. Not the most impressive outing.

On reflection, I was definitely too passive at the outset and would have benefited from accepting a wound or two to pick up fame and rewards on day 1. The first few countryside tiles were a bit sparse, but there was some backtracking in later rounds which also cost me tempo.

I loved it though. What a brilliant game. I had a lot of fun puzzling over each hand and smashing two purple enemies to claim a spell and AA from an altar was just as satisfying as I remembered.

To those of you thinking of trying the game, jump in. It’s brilliant. To those of you more experienced, please have some sympathy with my rustiness! I’m planning on another game in a day or two, maybe Volkare’s Quest. Let’s see how it goes!


Session: Darkest Night (First edition):: Trial Run - Four Hours Well Spent

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 19:40:21 +0000

by collectible cardinal Trying out Darkest Night with four base set characters – the Druid, Prince, Rogue, and Wizard. SETUPDruid - 5 Grace, 6 Secrecy; chooses to begin with Animal Companion, Sprite Form, and Visions (not Camoflauge). Prince – 3 Grace, 4 Secrecy; begins with Inspire, Loyalty and Resistance (not Strategy).Rogue - 4 Grace, 7 Secrecy; starts with Ambush, Eavesdrop and Vanish (not Contacts). Wizard - 3 Grace, 5 Secrecy; has Rune of Nullification, Lightning Strike and Teleport (not Invisibility).Initial Blights - Mountain Shroud, Castle Unholy Aura, Village Skeletons, Swamp Confusion, Forest Dark Fog, and Ruins Evil Presence.ROUND 1Druid’s TurnStart - nothingEvent Phase – skipped in MonasteryAction – travel to Village (cannot gain S).End (Blight Encounter) – attacked by Skeletons, fights with Animal Companion, rolls 2 and 1, exhausts Animal Companion.Prince’s TurnStart - nothingEvent Phase - skipped in MonasteryAction – Inspire on Rogue.End (Blight Encounter) – none.Rogue’s TurnStart - nothingEvent Phase - skipped in MonasteryAction – Travel to Mountains (cannot gain S).End (Blight Encounter) – Shroud does nothing.Wizard’s TurnStart - nothingEvent Phase - skipped in MonasteryAction – exhausts Teleport to appear at the Ruins (cannot gain S).End (Blight Encounter) – Evil Presence is passive.Necromancer’s TurnDarkness +1 (total 1)Move – rolls 3 and detects no-one, so moves to Village.Blight Spawns - ZombiesROUND 2Druid’s TurnStart – loses 1 S (total 5) for being with the Necromancer.Event Phase – has Secrecy, so ignores the Necromancer’s presence and draws Vile Messenger. Fights with one die, gets 2, so Darkness +1 (total 2).Action – Travels to the Castle (cannot gain S).End (Blight Encounter) – Unholy Aura is passive.Prince’s TurnStart - nothingEvent Phase – skipped for being in Monastery.Action - Travel to Village (can and does go up to 5 S due to his low starting value).End (Blight Encounter) – eludes Skeletons with 2 dice due to Loyalty, succeeds with 5 and 2; eludes Zombies likewise, rolls two 4s and easily escapes.Rogue’s TurnStart - nothingEvent Phase – draws Sleeping Pollen; spends 1 S (total 6) to ignore the effect. Fails to benefit from this refreshing nap, alas.Action – Performs a Search with Eavesdrop by spending 1 S (total 5), and expends Inspire to use a total of 5 dice. Rolls 6, 6, 2, 1, 1; somewhat disgustedly draws two Map cards, checks their Mountains result, and chooses a Key over a Treasure Chest.End (Blight Encounter) – Shroud does nothing.Wizard’s TurnStart - nothingEvent Phase – draws Blink. (I now notice that this and both previous Events are from the expansion, which I intended not to use, but all three are simple enough, so I’ll run with them; I will veto any Event which spawns an expansion Blight whose rules are not on the back of the main book, or otherwise interacts with a Mechanic that’s not currently in use.) Rolls 4, teleporting him to the Castle.Action – Attacks the Unholy Aura, which subtracts 1 die from his roll, but Lightning Strike allows him to still roll 2 dice. He rolls 3 and 1, so he fails, losing 1 G and the automatic 1 S (total 2G/4S), but Lightning Strike remains available.End (Blight Encounter) – Unholy Aura has done enough.Necromancer’s TurnDarkness +1 (total 3).Move – rolls 2 and detects nothing, going back to the Ruins.Blight Spawns – ShadesROUND 3Druid’s TurnStart - nothingEvent Phase – draws Shambling Horror, has 5S, so faces a Mummy. Tries to Evade with 1 die, gets a 1, and loses 1 G (total 4) to avoid death.Action – Searches with 1 die, rolling 6 against a difficulty of 2. Gets a Supply Cache, chooses Celerity over Camoflauge.End (Blight Encounter) – Unholy Aura does nothing.Prince’s TurnStart[...]

Session: TKG ARENA: General Disorder:: Game Session Report

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 18:27:15 +0000

by Blowindblow

The core mechanics of this game is trumping and reverse drafting. It is interesting to note that reverse drafting (from here on, it will simply be called drafting) follows right after trumping. Tying both mechanics together increases the complexity of the game. The drafting process forces players to re-evaluate their strategy each time they discard and receive a new card, keeping players engaged throughout the game. I believe that this is one of the greatest strengths of the game. At the same time, it also allows player to plan “attacks” against others, by carefully choosing which cards to draft and when to draft them.

General Observations

There is a very distinct difference in gameplay between the early stages and later stages of the game (i.e. late game, when most players are left with four cards). Late game, players are usually left with one of each element and they become increasingly conflicted over which cards to pass. Another observation is that trumping occurs more frequently in the late game. A possible explanation that players are generally resistant to change (i.e. triggering the drafting process) as it will disrupt their strategy. The drafting mechanic introduces too much variability in your hand and makes it difficult to execute complex plays.
Throughout the game, it was evident that everyone was holding on to their high-value cards as the cards being drafted had a relatively low face value (usually below 5). This is generally expected. Take for example a card with face value of 9. It is able to be played under almost all circumstances. Hence, high-value cards tend not to switch hands throughout the game.
From this observation, I realised that if you are dealt a very strong hand initially, a possible strategy is to prioritise the face value of the card instead of the element. Simply keep all the high value cards which you have been dealt from the start and draft your lowest value card each time. It is ideal if you could also maintain a variety of elements otherwise your high value cards will be used up in the early stages. Hence, you should find a right balance between the face value of cards and element variety. This is also one of the fundamental conflicts of the game.

Common Strategies

The most common strategy is to maintain at least one card of each element in their hand. This ensures that players will not run the risk of passing their turn even if a high value card is played. However, this strategy falls apart late game. The stakes are higher and it is difficult to decide which element to forgo. Personally, I tried to draft the lowest value cards while maintaining a variety of elements in hand.
When trumping occurs, it is tempting to draft all the low value cards to attain a strong hand; however, this might backfire in the late game when trumping becomes more frequent. You will likely be forced to let go of your high value cards, which puts yourself at risk. Hence, it is recommended to maintain a good balance of 1) low value cards for drafting during the late game and 2) high value cards for when you are unable to trump. However, this tactic should be used in moderation and calibrated depending on the number of players in game. When there are less players in the game, there is higher chance that the low value cards you drafted will find its way back to you (as everyone chooses to draft that card).

Overall, this is a simple but charming game that is suitable for quick plays.

Session: Dragonfire:: Victory from the jaws of defeat

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 18:06:28 +0000

by Joshuaaaaaa

I was teaching Dragonfire to new people at a convention yesterday. We played dungeon crawl with 4 and beat it rather handily. After a lunch break, 3 of us continued. We lost our fighter, so my cleric also took on the martial class. We started the wastelands and got our butts kicked, despite being loaded up on flaming oil and magic missiles. The problem was in scene 1 where we needed green to beat 2 different enemies and no one could draw it, so the Dragonfire level was already 4 or 5 by the time we hit scene 3.

So, we decided to give it another shot. Scene 1 went okay, and scene 2 went quickly. Then came scene 3, where we all managed to draw our own color. Plus, I had 2 tokens on a goblin. In total, there were 13 tokens facing the 3 of us. The new players were getting frustrated that the game was unwinnable.

And then the miracle. After I finished off the goblins, the Dragonfire was "Kill the Wizard First" and 11 tokens and 4 encounters went to the Wizard who, not shockingly, got stunned right away. However, on his turn, the rogue had drawn the only Flaming Oil we had seen. He goes next, tosses the oil and toasts every token. Plus, with some assists from me, we start to wear down the other 4 encounters. The wizard goes down on her next turn, and by then we're down to 2 opponents. However, due to earlier damage, we only have a couple of hit points. Somehow, though, the impact of the Dragonfire cards was minimal. Things like the Honculus, or the waters that healed us each for 3 and then damaged us for 3, or +1 attack for one of the enemies facing the rogue, but I'd have grapple in my hand and pull it to me and negate the attack. Still, we were 1 bad draw from losing. Yet we made it! The rogue had 1 HP, I had 2, but a win is a win. A very exciting play of a very tough scenario. And the main reason we won was the wizard's noble(?) sacrifice.

Session: War of the Ring (Second Edition):: Second Attempt Using Free People's Auto Rules

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 06:56:06 +0000

by Treebeards Folly War of the RingGame played by me, Treebeards Folly, controlling the Shadow Army against the Free People’s Army using Magic Geek’s Free Peoples Auto Rules for Solo Play.Die Results:(C) = Character (E) = Eye(M)= Muster(P)= Palantir(A)= Army(H)= Army/Muster(W)= Will of the WestTurn 1 - Stuck in the mines of MoriaTreebeards_Folly draws Shadow Character Card, "Shelob's Lair"Treebeards_Folly draws Shadow Strategy Card, "Pits of Mordor"Treebeards_Folly allocates an eye to the hunt.FP rolls C C P M .Treebeards_Folly rolls H E A P P P .Treebeards_Folly adds 1 eye to the hunt for a total of 2.FP moves Free Action Die (C) from FP Dice to Current Action.FP moves FSP from Fellowship Track 0 to Fellowship Track 1.FP moves Free Action Die (C) from Current Action to The Hunt For The Ring.Treebeards_Folly rolls 2 4, an unsuccessful hunt roll. Treebeards_Folly moves Shadow Action Die (H) from SA Dice to Current Action.Treebeards_Folly moves Sauron from Political Track 1 to Political Track 0, “At War”FP moves Free Action Die (C) from FP Dice to Current Action.FP moves FSP from Fellowship Track 1 to Fellowship Track 2.FP moves Free Action Die (C) from Current Action to The Hunt For The Ring.Treebeards_Folly rolls 1 5 , a successful hunt roll.Treebeards_Folly draws an Eye hunt tile. FP kills Gandalf the Grey in Guide Of The Fellowship deciding to take the Guide as a casualty to satisfy the corruption facing the ring bearers. FP moves The Fellowship from Rivendell to Fords of Bruinen.FP moves The Fellowship from Fords of Bruinen to Hollin.FP flips FSP to revealed.FP moves Strider from Fellowship Of The Ring to Guide Of The Fellowship.Treebeards_Folly moves Shadow Action Die (P) from SA Dice to Current Action.Treebeards_Folly moves Pits of Mordor/Desperate Battle from Shadow Hand to Current SA Card.Treebeards_Folly moves group ([2]Sauron Regular) from SA Reinforcements to Moria.Treebeards_Folly moves group ([2]Sauron Regular) from SA Reinforcements to Dol Guldur.Treebeards_Folly moves group ([2]Sauron Regular) from SA Reinforcements to Minas Morgul.FP moves Free Action Die (M) from FP Dice to Current Action.FP flips FSP in Fellowship Track 0 to hidden.Treebeards_Folly moves Shadow Action Die (P) from SA Dice to Current Action.Treebeards_Folly moves group (Shelob's Lair/One for the Dark Lord, Shelob's Lair) from Current SA Card to Board1.FP moves Free Action Die (P) from FP Dice to Current Action.FP moves Narya from Elven Ring 3 to Dark Ring 1.FP changes Free Action Die (P) to CFP moves FSP from Fellowship Track 0 to Fellowship Track 1.FP moves Free Action Die (C) from Current Action to The Hunt For The Ring.Treebeards_Folly rolls 1 5 , a successful hunt roll.Treebeards_Folly draws hunt tile 2 and reveal.FP moves The Fellowship from Hollin to Moria.FP flips FSP in Fellowship Track to revealed.FP moves Corruption from Fellowship Track 0 to Fellowship Track 2.Treebeards_Folly draws and additional hunt tile for the Fellowship being revealed in Moria. Treebeards_Folly draws hunt tile 2.FP moves Corruption from Fellowship Track 2 to Fellowship Track 4.Treebeards_Folly moves Shadow Action Die (A) from SA Dice to Current Action.Treebeards_Folly moves group (Nazgul, Sauron Elite, [4]Sauron Regular) from Barad-Dur to Morannon.Treebeards_Folly moves group ([3]Sauron Regular) from Gorgoroth to Minas Morgul.Treebeards_Folly moves Shadow Action Die (P) from SA Dice to Current Action.Treebeards_Folly draws Shadow Strategy Card, "Threats and Promises" Board after Turn 1:Turn 2 - The White Wizard ReturnsTreebeards_Folly draws Shadow Character Card, “Orc Patrol” Treebeards_Folly draws Shadow Strategy Card, “Stormcrow” Treebeards_Folly allocates two eyes to the hunt.FP [...]

Session: TKG ARENA: The Elemental Kings:: TKG ARENA: The Elemental Kings Game Session Report

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 06:55:03 +0000

by samanthalahh

Game Session Report on TKG Arena: The elemental Kings (2006)

Suitable players of TKG Arena: The Elemental Kings:

The Elemental Kings is suitable to play between 2-4 players. Children as young as 14 years old are able to play as the complexity weightage of the game is rated as 1.06/5. The estimated time of playing one game is 20-60 minutes.

How to win:

There are two ways of winning The Elemental Kings. You either win by
a.Force the opponent to lose 20 life points before the deck is finished
b. Force the opponent to run out of decks to play with and can no longer reshuffle the deck.

The "elemental kings" is a very fun and enjoyable game where players strive to reduce the opponent's life with building a strong combination card at hand.

Observations of this game:
"Players are more favored to charge the Ukelele which allows attacker to redraw and attack, giving them more chances of significantly reducing the defender's life, and possibly win the game when opponent lose 20 life points.
"This game is very similar to Poker and big 2 (Taiti) in terms of the type of combinations one can form as an attack hand.
"This is a very strategic and luck-based game. Players must determine which attack hand to utilize which will be most beneficial to them at certain phases of the game. It is also luck-based because it is highly dependent on the next card that you draw and whether it is essential to form a good combo.
"Players are not particularly concerned with the story of this game. For example, they refer to the cards as "white" instead of "Ukelele"

Strategies to win as a player:

"The Poker: Defender aims to minimize the life damage by placing smallest possible cards to defend when the attacker attacks with solo or twin cards because defender does not have much combinations to play with.
"The hoarder: Defender can make use of this chance to discard certain cards to build combo cards. In the example illustrated in figure 1, defender may choose to use 8 to block a damage from the attacker before drawing 1 more card from the deck. The chances of the defender to form an attack hand "Series" is high as he needs either a "2" or a "7".

Figure 1. Example of certain Cards in hand as a defender

"The attacker can choose to play combinations such as Flash, Series or Combos if he is confident that the defender fails to defend his attack. Usually this takes place in the early phase of the game and defender does not have The Hoarder behavior.
"The attacker can choose to play combinations such as Double, Triplets or Twins as they are easiest to form at the start of the game. Furthermore, this move may force defender to use high value cards, which will provide an advantage for the attacker at the later part of the game.

Session: Scythe:: It's still early, but this is possibly the best 1p board game I have ever played or watched played.

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 06:55:02 +0000

by crash331

I just finished my first solo game and wow, I am loving it. I did use Scythekick just to help out with the Automa movement rules, but everything went pretty smoothly. I finished the game in about an hour and a half and the only real hiccup was I forgot to mark when the automa won a combat so I thought I ended the game by putting out my 6th star, but the AI had actually put out its 6th star the turn before. I just did an undo on my last turn and went from there. This worried me a little because I had several sub-optimal turns and I thought it was going to be a squeaker, but after counting, I won 74 to 66.

But wait a minute!

After reading the scoring rules, the factory counts for bonus points. CRAP! How many???

Phew. 6 points extra. 74 to 72.

I had tons of fun and the automa system is pretty genius, especially with the helper app. There was a perfect amount of conflict in the game in my opinion. I can't wait to try out new faction combos. I could never bring this game to the table on game night and I would still be happy with the purchase. I even ordered the metal coins and bonus game board!

Sorry for the rambling, it's almost 2am and I just wanted to share before I went to bed!

Session: Stuffed Fables:: a walk in the woods... possible minor spoilers

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 01:12:50 +0000

by mbourgeois

... after having left the toy mountain and having failed to catch a ride on the local transport we had to walk through the deep, dark woods. Scary woods full of weird sounds and crackling debris underfoot. We were all nervous and a bit tired... we dealt with a possible problem and after doing our best to help out... 4 black dice were drawn over two turns... a mongrel surge. Jeeze these things are monstrous... they are fast and bite hard. Our only bit of luck was the Leader; a rust old cur went down under our first attack. Otherwise I just know something awful would have come from his ghostly howl. The remaining 3 mongrels savaged us taking Lumpy and I down... we both narrowly avoided the torn status by darting buttons onto the damage spots and then trying like heck to kill them before they did for us. Three separate sleep checks were taken... fortunately the last one was a restless and nothing occurred. (I was waiting for us to lose stuffing over being so far away from our little girl) We almost suffered a second surge right on the top of the first one but Lumpy used his stocking cap to save the day. Our MVP for the game was Penny as Flops who KO'd the Leader with a hardcore attack of 11 on two dice to take down a troubling critter. The others took a bit but we managed. our team effort worked to open a locked door and while trust wasn't really forthcoming... well we learned some things that we needed to and we're on our way to somewhere else next week when we play again.

The girls are having fun and Penny is making more and more decisions on her own for playing. Karolyn is a great player but a bit aggressive and she still doesn't really understand the full idea of cooperative.

Our sleep deck is getting thin so I'm thinking we'll have to be extra careful for the next page or so. Hopefully there isn't a lot more to go because while I don't know what happens when she wakes... well I can assume that it isn't good for us.

Night all.

Session: TKG ARENA: Brethren of Chaos:: The Rojak Deck

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 00:13:51 +0000

by Jokerx3 IntroductionAfter being introduced to many different types of TKG Arena Expansion games, I think that Brethren of Chaos is the most interesting out of all. To be honest, this game was complex and confusing at first glance. I was having a pretty hard time understanding the game flow when Mr. Tan was going through the rules and mechanics of the game. Brethren of Chaos is the direct expansion of TKG Arena: The Elemental Kings, where 2 players, using a hand management mechanics similar to Poker, players can attack and defend against other players by piecing together different attack hands which inflicting difference level of damage. However, in Brethren of Chaos, there is another monster deck where players can use monsters to summon onto the battlefield to aid out in fights. This kind of game reminds me of trading card games that I used to love playing when I was in secondary. e.g like U-Gi-Oh and Duel Master. Currently, the only Card games I am playing is Hearthstone. Brethren of Chaos might the next one to be in my collection.Game MechanicsOn top of using the basic mechanics from The elemental kings, There a summoning field and additional monster deck. It is a classic deck building mechanics but as compared to other pay to play TCGs, where u spend money to buy packs to build the strongest deck, Brethren of Chaos, provides a balanced playing field with a fixed number of monster cards to start with. The only way to add spells/monsters card on to your collection is by helping/doing something related to Mr. Tan, he will then offer players a chance to choose from his limited edition cards which will get a huge boost to our own deck's potential. On the side note, I have collection 2 spell cards from Mr. Tan already.Gameplay sessionAfter going through the rules of the game, everyone in the class spends at least 30mins in deckbuilding. As everyone starts off with the same pool of monster cards, it can expect the similar kind of deckbuilding from everyone. It was a challenge for me as every monster has their own set of unique abilities and some cards have combination abilities under certain situations. Most people build 2 types of heavy focus deck, either the aggressive(Ashw and Ukelele based) or the defensive (Esbner and Ohif based) build. However, for my deck, it comprises of very good basic combination (focus toward to Ashw-based).My key cards combination comprises of:Flame Bubba-Flame dicer: This adds 2 life to Flame Dicer when both in plays.Bushfang Male-Bushfang Male: By free summoning bushfang female, it's bound to die early, and when I get bushfang male in my hand, it adds 2 damange insteadly when played.Octoweb-Snare seal: This combo drain 1 life from emeny to myself.Horn drake: It can redraw and use new attack hand.with these cards along with Ashw-based cards, I can see myself ending my opponent around mid-game, before going into the late game because by then my health resource would already be very low (risk of dying). The reason I use Ashw-based deck is that it is aggressive based and I can drop more Oinks on Ashw and spread evenly on the rest. And I call it the Rojak deck with Ashw as the main dish and other types of combination to enhance the strength of my deck.ConclusionIt is a brain cracking version of the TKG expansion but I had a lot of fun in that session. And only people related to Mr. Tan have this deck so i'm looking forward to play against other players and in the same time slolwy collect different limited edtion spell/monster cards. I'm also looking forward to try out all different type of game machanics as i'm new to the field in tablet[...]

Session: TKG ARENA: General Disorder:: A Game Session of General Disorder

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 00:12:23 +0000

by hilz98 General Disorder is one of the first games I played among the different Arena games. It is one of the more simpler ones among the other Arena games, but it was still enjoyable to play.The game uses an elemental cycle to represent the different weaknesses and strengths between the elements. It’s similar to rock, paper, scissors, except that there are 4 elements instead of three. The 4 elements are Fire, Water, Air and Earth, and their relationship can be easily understood from this diagram.The game is recommended to be played as a group of twos, threes, fours or sixes to ensure equal distribution among all players. Once this has been established, the turn order is determined by the player which picked the highest card in the common deck. If two of the same numbers are picked, the stronger element will triumph and that player would begin first.This is how the game plays out:The starting player would first put down a card in the common pool to begin the game. The player to their left would then have to put a card of either a bigger value than the previous one, an element that triumphs the previous card, or if they choose not to play a card or do not have a suitable card to play, may pass their turn to the next player.See below for example:A Water card with a face value of 5 is being playedA Fire card with a face value of 8 can be played… Or an Air card that triumphs over the Water card can be played.If the face value of the Air card is bigger than the face value of the Water Card, the game would proceed normally. However, if the face value of the Air card is smaller than the Water card, every player would have to pick one card from their current hand to pass it to the player on their left.The game ends when someone has cleared all their cards from their hands or no one else can place down their cards. During my game session in class, it was easy to put down cards in the beginning since I had a wide range of cards with different elements. I would usually try to play my cards as much as possible since the goal is to clear out all the cards in our hand eventually. Clearing out the smaller value cards was a priority since they would be harder to play in late-game.The fun begins when people start to utilise the elemental cycle to clear cards. Since the rules forces everyone to pass one card to the player left of us, our natural instinct would tell us to give away the card with the smallest value, and preferably of an element that we have extra of. This way, you could discard away your smaller value cards in hopes of receiving a card of a bigger value. This worked out in my favour some of the times, other times, not really. There was a period of time where cards are constantly being transferred to their left that the same card I sent away eventually reached back to me again. I also tried to memorise what cards have been played in the common deck and what has been passed around to keep track of the elements and numbers left.However, the game eventually did end with someone successfully discarding all of their cards, with their strategy and a bit of luck on their side with the cards they received. [...]

Session: Hornet Leader: Carrier Air Operations:: Iran 2014 - Operation Radiant Lance - Mission #04 "One-Second Impressions"

Tue, 20 Mar 2018 19:26:24 +0000

by bchee USS George Washington // 1445 hrs // Day 02The CIC was one deck below the flight deck, and CAG could hear the distant roar of jet engines overhead as they catapulted off the carrier. He was feeling slightly apprehensive. The tactical situation was highly fluid, and the air wing had been running at a high ops-tempo for the second day running. He subscribed to the truism that in waging war, you should hit the hardest with the mostest and finish the fight as quickly as possible so as to minimize casualties on both sides. Yet, his people were only human, and it was a matter of time before someone got sloppy or tired or careless. He pushed the disquiet thoughts out of his head, and refocused on the mission at hand: Chippy Flight's alternate mission of the day, to take out a weapons lab. The aerial recon photos of the target showed a group of ugly, dilapidated buildings, unassuming, even boring, but a stream of waste water away from the site had shown traces of uranium - such as might be produced by someone cleaning up after secret nuclear explosives testing, and that was putting it mildly.On reflection, I wonder if I was being too aggressive in pursuing the Secondary Mission, the Laboratory. The target was rated for four Aircraft, and for this one, I had a pair of Hornets, LIGHTNING and GRIFFIN, and a pair of Growlers, ALPO and SCOTTY. I liked the Growlers for their ECM prowess, but at the same time, they didn't have the weapons capacity of a regular Hornet.As the senior pilot, LIGHTNING was Flight Leader, and he could feel the burden of the Harpoon SLAMs - the Standoff Land Attack Missile variant - hanging under his wings. Costing just over a million dollars each, these were uncommon weapons that most pilots in the squadron had never even live-fired before, himself included - but he also knew that Harpoons were among the most accurate guided munitions in the known universe.The Hornet is an excellent all-purpose aircraft, but I had to be creative in terms of ordnance, using up all the Special Weapon SOs saved from the previous Mission. The Growlers would perform the Wild Weasel radar suppression role with HARMs, in addition to running CAP with a pair of AAMRAMs each. The Hornets were loaded out with the ultra-accurate Harpoon SLAMs.Waiting in the CIC as Chippy Flight covered the inbound distance, CAG reflected that if the crisis hadn't erupted and the Task Group hadn't been diverted to the gulf, they would be enjoying a nice shore leave in Singapore right now. All the same, as soon as the day's missions were done, the fleet replenishment ship USNS Tippecanoe was waiting to top up the carrier's supply of aviation fuel.The Target Approach Event was the "Shore Leave" card - always nice to have, but it was still early in the campaign to derive its full benefits, and not a little incongruous. The Over-Target Event was "Fleet Resupply", which again was a wasted opportunity."Radar contact," ALPO announced. "Two bandits, bearing zero-zero-seven, range fifty, speed six hundred knots, altitude two-zero thousand.""Well, lock them up, and take them out.""Copy that, LIGHTNING."The MiG-21 Fishbeds had no chance against the AAMRAMs, nor did any of the SAM sites on the ground on the Hornets' ingress path. LIGHTNING and GRIFFIN were well out of range of enemy sites when they fired their Harpoon SLAMs, before diving low in their missiles' wake.At the Target, a pair of MiG-21s were drawn, placed on the opposite side of the Tactical Display from the Hornets, but still within range for the Growlers to take them out with AAMRA[...]

Session: Hornet Leader: Carrier Air Operations:: Iran 2014 - Operation Radiant Lance - Mission #03 "High Stakes Chicken"

Tue, 20 Mar 2018 19:26:19 +0000

by bchee USS George Washington // 1455 hrs // Day 02There was an undeniable mood of ebullience, not just in the Hornet squadrons, but across the entire ship. Orders had come down from CINCFIFTHFLT to initiate unrestrained warfare, and the Task Group's intelligence and operations officers were working around the clock to profile and select targets. One of the enemy airfields had escaped significant damage from the previous day's cruise missile attacks, and their army engineers had somehow managed to restore it to operational status. It was a minor airfield, little more than a pair of long, crossed dirt strips and a cluster of hardened bunkers, but enemy MiGs were flying - and that was a problem. A problem that the Dambusters of VFA-195 would take care of.For Day Two of the campaign, I drew Missions #01 Minor Airfield, #11 Enemy Troops, #39 Crude Oil Port and #49 Laboratory. My attention was instantly drawn to #01 as Primary, as it had an Improvement which needed to be taken care of. Otherwise I would have gone for #39 instead. But at 16 Hits and a mission limit of 6 Aircraft, it was too hefty to be a Secondary Mission. In the end, I settled on #04 Laboratory as the Secondary Mission of the day.It was missions like this, CAG reflected, that the Hornet's multi-ability came to the fore. It could fight its way in, put its bombs on the buck, and shoot their way out. COWBOY, the squadron CO, had decided to lead the attack personally, and he had picked BANZAI, MUSTANG and BLACKHAWK to go along with. With the best air-to-air skills, BLACKHAWK had been fully loaded out with AAMs, and his job was to fly TARCAP - Target Combat Air Patrol - to protect his shipmates, who would be laden with bombs.The Airfield mission was not an easy target, as it would keep sending up a Bandit every turn, on top of the usual SAM/AAA sites and bandits. I decided to go with four Hornets, with three of them loaded with a mix of Sidewinders, HARMs and iron bombs, and the last one with a loadout of Sparrows and Sidewinders. BLACKHAWK had the best AtA rating, so his job was to take care of the Bandits, so that the others could get on with their bombing.The mission briefing went uneventfully, and soon, the GW was sailing into the wind, launching her sorties of the day. As was his habit, CAG watched the launch from Vulture's Row, before making his way to the CIC. Running into the Air Wing's Quartermaster along the way, she informed him that the ship's inventory of special ordnance was ready. He asked her to pass his thanks to her crew, and reflected that Chippy Flight, just departed, could have used some of the good stuff.For the Target-Bound Event card, I drew the Smart Weapon Restock, which was a wasted opportunity, as I had been saving all my SOs for the Secondary mission. For the Over-Target Event card, I drew the Bad Weather Event, which moved the Sites clockwise positionally - fortunately, that didn't change things too much.As the Hornets approached the airfield, the sky around the target erupted in a kaleidoscope of AA flak and missile trails, with clouds of black, blue, green, yellow and purple. These were different batteries using specific colours to mark their bursts, embroidered with streaming ribbons of glowing tracer from heavy machine guns. Flying ahead of the others, COWBOY and BANZAI quickly located the myriad fire control radars and began launching their HARMs, declaring in quick succession, "Magnums away!"With the highest AtG modifiers, COWBOY and BANZAI played the Wild Weasel role, saturating the ene[...]

Session: TKG ARENA: Shrine Wars:: Shrine Wars - the beginners

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by Rsing This game session for Shrine Wars is unique because there were 11 beginners, which formed groups of pairs, and 2 experienced players. Unfamiliar with the bidding mechanism, most beginners were thrifty with their bid. The first group placed 1 Oink, whilst the second group placed 3 Oinks. However, when the experienced player became the active bidder, he bid 10 Ukelele Oinks. This allowed him to open the next card from the deck, and by chance, it was a card from the same element. Hence, he gained an advantage at the start by obtaining 2 Ukelele card in exchange for 10 Oinks.As the game continues, the beginners start to behave in three different ways.Strategic playersAs mentioned in many forum articles, there are multiple strategies for the game. Our experienced player opted out of the bet after the first few rounds. He then tried to persuade other beginners to place their bid at a unit value equal to the face value that he has. After accumulating Oinks from gaining a share of the pool, he is able to compete with others at later rounds.Helpless playersAfter the experienced player gained his leading advantage, a group of players felt desperate. They will bid all their available Oinks just to relief their sense of uneasiness, and this often leads to irrational decisions such as bidding 23 Oinks for 1 card. However, these players only acted after the 4th round, when others have already collected cards with a wide range of face values or of different elements. Hence the helpless players will not be able to gain a share of the pool, and it is difficult for them to accumulate their Oinks. This puts them at a further disadvantage, as they do not have enough Oinks to bid for the later rounds.After realizing that Shrine Wars do not have a catch-up mechanism, the helpless players will just play for the sake of going through the motion. They no longer strategise on the unit value of their bid, as it does not matter to them on which player will gain the share of the pool. “Turn the tide” playersPlayers who opted out of the bet in beginning rounds tend to accumulate significant number and mix of Oinks. They are putting their bet on the final rounds. If they have done card-counting and realize that there is a high chance for good cards to come out later, they will have an advantage of being able to control the situation. For example, if an Ukelele card is in play, they can choose to bid at the minimum amount of Ukelele Oink where most of the other players are forced to opt out of the bet. After filtering away several opponents, they can then bid at unit value of 0 such that another card (e.g. an Esbner card) will be revealed. Even if those opponents have Ebsner Oinks, they will no longer be eligible to bid for the current round.However, when facing opponents with many Oinks, these players may consider securing the card at high bidding amount of a single elemental Oink. This will be a better strategy than to go for unit value of 0, which may let another element come into play and invite other competitors to bid with other elemental Oinks.Another threat is that there are limited cards left for them to choose at the later rounds, and it is highly impossible for them to catch-up with the player with most influence points. Yet they get to enjoy the All-in pleasure of the game. [...]

Session: Aeon's End:: MegiDolaDyne's Bogus Journey, part 4: Wraithmonger

Tue, 20 Mar 2018 17:22:34 +0000

by MegiDolaDyne Welcome back! It’s been a while. I feel bad about not posting a session in a while, especially with how underwhelming that last fight was. You know how it goes, life and work get in the way, the next boss isn’t one I was particularly thrilled with the prospect of fighting, I may have obtained a copy of Spirit Island that’s been taking up my time… but enough of that! Let’s start the next match. Setup here:[o]Mages: Brama, DezmodiaNemesis: WraithmongerGems: Dread Diamond, Erratic Ingot, Bloodstone JewelRelics: Unstable Prism, Molten Hammer, Temporal HelixSpells: Void Bond, Planar Insight, Char[/o]And as per the usual, my thoughts spoilered below:[o]Brama: A straightforward character, her breaches and starting card can all be described as “pretty good.” Now’s probably a good time to talk about player life vs. Gravehold life: basically, in a 2 player game, Gravehold’s almost never in any real danger. Sure, there’s the occasional Prince of Gluttons that will try to destroy Gravehold no matter what, but in most circumstances, you’re really worried about player health if you only have 2 mages. So Brama really does shine here. I still prefer my abilities to actually deal with threats rather than stem the bleeding, so I don’t play her very much, but she’s not bad at all, just not my usual playstyle.Dezmodia: A favorite of mine, I find that a lot of people underrate her. I’m going to do a bit of math here: at least for me, a typical 2-mage game lasts until about 2-4 cards into Tier 3 of the Nemesis deck. That’s around 16-18 cards. In 2 player, the mages each get as many turns as the nemesis does, so a typical game, for me, lasts 16-18 turns. If Dezmodia uses her Ability for the first time near the tail end of Tier 2, which I think is common for most mages, there will probably be around 4-5 turns left to use her Sigil Breach. That’s about 8-10 damage, which is okay, but probably a little weak for a 6-charge Ability. If, however, she focuses on getting a lot of charges early on, and manages to get her first shot of her ability near the end of Tier 1, though, there will still be 10-12 turns left. That’s a potential 20-24 damage from one ability use, which is insane. That’s ususally more than Kadir at her best; even a fully powered Garu can’t beat that. Playing Dezmodia requires you to play very differently than you might typically be used to, and she’s pretty awful in 4 player, but she has power to spare if that’s what you’re looking for.Wraithmonger: I generally like this game a lot. In Sentinels of the Multiverse, I cringe internally whenever I see something like half of that game’s villains, they’re so inconsistent in quality. And I don’t like all of Aeon’s End’s nemeses equally; some are too easy, some too frustrating, some with Increased Difficulty rules that ruin the fight; but there’s only two nemeses I can think of that I actively dislike. This here is one of them. Between nullifying your cool abilities, the frustration of dealing with discard effects, and the sudden unavoidable defeats that you can get from an unlucky double-turn, I find a fight with this guy to be miserable. Still, the whole point of this series is that I’m going to have to fight everyone eventually, so I’ll swallow this bitter pill. It’s going to be disappointing if Dezmodia doesn’t get a chance to shine because of this guy, though.Dread Diamond: I’m liking this card more and more ov[...]

Session: Battle Hymn Vol.1: Gettysburg and Pea Ridge:: Picket's Charge - A Feeling of Invincibility

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by wtjBatman Day 3, Gettysburg. The Confederate Army was at the "zenith of assurance". General Lee stated "The enemy is here, and if we do not whip him, he will whip us." The order is given. Attack!Setup and start of Turn 1: The Union army arrayed in the form of a large hook. Confederate forces stand ready to begin the attack.I wanted to give this well-simulated scenario a try using Battle Hymn. For this scenario, only a section of the map is used. I marked off the area using red cubes. Any unit forced to retreat outside of the area is instantly shattered (that did not happen in my game, although it was close several times). There are three turns, and the first one is made up of only the USA and CSA combat phases. That means no movement (other than combat related) during that first turn, only artillery bombardment and the combat that takes place at Culp's Hill.Important Note: The units that are rotated 90 degrees to the right are not allowed to move during the scenario, outside of combat related advances and retreats.Start of Turn 2: Focus is on the fighting that occurred during Turn 1 at Culp's HillThe Artillery bombardments around Cemetery Ridge were largely ineffective. And the only real fighting in the first turn occurred at Culp's Hill. As you can see, the Union forces got the best of the Confederates. The CSA only forced a retreat on one Union brigade (Cutler's), which the Stonewall Brigade was able to exploit and advance. Unfortunately for them, the Iron Brigade was waiting and ultimately the SB had to retreat. With the Confederates retreating behind Rock Creek, the fighting around Culp's Hill was effectively over. South of Culp's Hill, the Confederate forces have begun moving to assault Cemetery Ridge and engage the Union forces. On the Union side, Stannard moves forward and engages with the Confederate artillery just in front of him. This leaves him exposed, but hopefully for the Union it will delay the Confederate advance.Start of Turn 3 (last turn): Focus is on Cemetery RidgeAs you can see if you compare to the setup picture, there has already been a number of engagements that have occurred. A few Union brigades were forced to retreat, along with effectively all of the Confederates that were assaulting in the center and left. On the right, Stannard's brigade was shattered and Picket's division is charging.End GameWhat a charge! Unlike in real life, here the Confederates were able to get a toe hold on Cemetery ridge. A single CSA brigade, Kemper's, stands alone on the right flank of the ridge. However, at what cost? A significant portion of the Confederate army is shattered or outright eliminated. And the Union isn't yet out of the fight. However for scenario purposes, the game ends here.Final Tally: Look at the difference in unit lossesUnion 154 VP's vs CSA 32 VP's.Result is a Union Marginal Victory (Historical result was Union Decisive Victory)The taking of a victory hex, which is every hex on Culp's Hill and Cemetery Ridge, really saved this game for the Confederates. Without control of at least one VP hex, the disparity in VP's from eliminating and demoralizing units would have been far too much to overcome. In the end though, it was still a Union victory, just a b it closer than it was historically thanks to that final charge on the right flank.This was another fun game of Battle Hymn, I really enjoyed it. I look forward to trying more. Really, any excuse to get BH to the table. [...]

Session: Stonewall Jackson's Way II:: Jackson's March, 26-28 August 1862 (Stonewall Jackson's Way II scenario #4)

Tue, 20 Mar 2018 16:51:36 +0000

by lomn It is August, 1862. Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia, having driven George McClellan's Army of the Potomac away from Richmond, has turned north to engage John Pope's Army of Virginia. Warned by a Union cavalry raid, Pope has just withdrawn his army from the Rapidan River back to the Rappahannock to prevent Lee from turning his left flank (see Scenario #2 for the hypothetical), buying time for McClellan's troops to reinforce him.But now Lee, after a cavalry raid disrupts Union reconnaissance efforts, is turning Pope's right flank. Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson has marched his corps north behind Rappahannock Mountain and approaches Thoroughfare Gap, following the same route that won him fame last year. With Pope's army as yet unaware of their peril, Jackson's goal is to raid and destroy the Union depot at Manassas Junction before falling back to the Bull Run battlefield to play anvil to Lee's following hammer.This is a solo play-through.Scenario overview. Jackson's corps must raid three rail stations (Bristoe Station, Manassas Junction,and Bull Run Bridge) on the Orange & Alexandria Railroad before withdrawing to the area aroundGainesville. Pope's army intervenes beginning on Day 2.This scenario uses most of the forces historically engaged at Second Bull Run to cover the climax of Jackson's flank march around Pope's Army of Virginia. Jackson's infantry corps breaks Pope's line of communication back to Washington and destroys the supply depot at Manassas Junction, throwing the Union's command echelon into chaos, before falling back along the route they marched in.To achieve victory in this scenario, the Confederates must destroy all three primary rail station objectives (from Bristoe Station to Bull Run Bridge); only Jackson's infantry divisions can accomplish this. Jackson's corps must then fall back to within two hexes of any of Hay Market, Gainesville, or Groveton to await reinforcement. Three additional secondary rail objectives east of Bull Run are available; Stuart's cavalry brigades are sufficient to gain VP for these objectives. Finally, the usual VP for combat losses are present.Reflecting Pope's ignorance of Lee's intentions, no Union forces are eligible to activate on the first day of the scenario.Day 1 (August 26, 1862)Jackson's troops open the scenario reflecting the effects of yesterday's 25-mile march: all are exhausted and at Fatigue 1, representing the after-effects of a march to Fatigue 4 the prior day. None are yet disorganized, but each march today will be an extended march subject to that possibility. Jackson's goal, therefore, is to gain as much as possible without resorting to combat, as his formation is not likely to remain cohesive.With no time pressure today, the Confederate player opens by seeing how far Stuart's cavalry can ride from the main Confederate army area (Longstreet's corps, not represented in this scenario, is deployed on the west bank of the Rappahannock). Rather than following Jackson all the way north to Salem, Stuart will make for Bethel Church near the foot of Carter's Mountain before deciding on a final objective. A good movement roll puts Stuart across Carter Run; threatening rail stations with cavalry is a reasonable option.The Confederate player now resolves the matter of Jackson's infantry. Two good rolls put the corps near Bethlehem Church on the First Bull Run battlefield, but the divisions of Hill and Taliaferro [...]

Session: Firefly Adventures: Brigands and Browncoats:: Bad decisions, bad luck, or bad design? Yeah, probably bad decisions...

Tue, 20 Mar 2018 16:51:26 +0000

by Marximus

I picked Special Delivery for my first scenario and it went really well...until it didn’t. The game was effectively over early into the second timeline.

The session was played solo with three characters (Mal, Zoe, and Kaylee). Mal and Zoe headed around the left side of the board and entered building 5. After Mal failed the negotiation challenge and the thug started a brawl (a tie roll inflicting 1 wound to each of them), Zoe crashed through the door and killed the thug with Mare’s leg carbine. So far, so good.

Meanwhile, Kaylee headed towards building 8 and succeeded at her tech challenge on the first terminal. With luck on her side, Kaylee successfully opened the locked door and looted the cargo inside. Feeling confident, she exited the building and brazenly walked two squares through the middle of town.

At this point, Mal took his turn and crossed the timeline star. He rolled a 3 on the event chart and 2 goons moved 4 squares. Reasoning that it made sense that the sole goon outside a building (who also happened to be in line of sight to a character) would move, the thug outside building 3 moved 4 squares towards Kaylee. I also moved a thug from building 10.

On Zoe’s next turn, things headed decidedly downhill. She double moved for two actions and her time marker crossed the timeline star. This triggered another roll on the event chart and a 5 resulted in all goons moving 3 squares toward the nearest crew. The goon outside building 3 had already moved 4 squares (as noted above) and 3 more put him right beside Kaylee...which triggered the second part of the event and made Kaylee heroic.

Ugh. Per the rules on p. 11, “at the end of each crew member’s turn, any waiting goon who can see a heroic crew...will be alerted.” Six goons had line of site to Kaylee and thus became “alerted.” According to the scenario rules, the objective tokens of alerted goons are discarded. Since Kaylee had already removed a token from the thug in building 10 (as a result of activating the terminal outside building 8), ALL objective tokens were discarded. The scenario assumes the “last goon with an objective token” is the contact. However, I wasn’t sure what to do when four thugs lost their tokens at one time. Does that mean I lost my contact and can’t get the package?

For Kaylee, that was the least of her worries. The rules on p. 11 continue with, “[w]hen a waiting Goon is alerted, place their time marker on the Timeline, such that the newly alerted Goon will take the next turn.” Three cowboys and three thugs later, Kaylee was down and I’d had enough.

I’m going to play the scenario again and try to be a little more careful. Maybe walking through the middle of town was a bad idea...

Session: Arkham Horror: The Card Game – A Phantom of Truth Mythos Pack:: Chasing the wrong phantom (Spoilers)

Tue, 20 Mar 2018 16:48:23 +0000

by Sethala First off, unmarked spoilers ahead. You've been warned!So, in case you haven't looked at all the cards for this set, it's sort of two alternate versions of the same scenario. You're either trying to chase down the organist and fight him off, or escape from the organist while trying to survive three nights. The latter variant turns the game on its head, with the objective of the game being doom tokens, and doom tokens on non-Agenda cards count against the doom on the agenda instead of adding to it. The Organist also continuously chases after the investigators.For our game, we had more Conviction than Doubt, so we got the "survive three nights" variant... or at least, we were supposed to. Unfortunately, when I set up the scenario, I noticed there were three act cards, and the guide told me to only use one of the Act 1a cards, but I didn't notice that there were two Act 2a cards, thinking instead that they were an Act 2a and an Act 3a. Similarly, I didn't notice that Act 1b told me to use the other Act 2a card. So instead of the Act card telling us to survive and giving a way to spend clues to get doom... we had an objective to fight the Organist, with his 5 fight skill and 3 horror damage.Luckily, we had Agnes, Mark, and Minh on our team. Minh did her usual thing of sucking up every clue we could find, while Agnes went into survivor mode and used every trick in the book to misdirect and escape from the Organist (likely to the Benny Hill theme). Somehow, Agnes lucked out, and just about every token she pulled for evading the Organist was a success - even when she was holding on to Lucky almost the entire game, ready to use it when she eventually failed an evasion check.Mark had a tough time at first, not drawing much for weapons to fight the Organist. His trusty .45 helped with shooting down bhyakee, but with needing to hit the Organist so many times, we decided spending precious ammo on that wasn't the wisest move. Even with Mark's 5 Fight, the Organist was a tough opponent.Luckily, we were able to hold out. Mark got a few lucky hits in, using clues that Agnes managed to scoop up while Minh was gathering the majority of them. Mark also managed to find some spare ammo for his .45, snagged a machete, and convinced a local beat cop to help chase after the Organist (who was busy trying to chase after Agnes). Eventually, in the middle of the second night, we were able to put the ninth clue on the Organist.Eagerly, I flipped over the Act card... and was perplexed at it sending me to a resolution when there was a third card still waiting to be revealed. A few glances at other cards later, and I realized where our mistake was. Now, suddenly it made sense why some cards wanted to remove doom from the agenda, and why cards that put doom on locations that seemed to give us more time instead of less made sense.Discussion with the other players had us decide to continue the campaign despite playing the scenario wrong, largely because we don't get to play very often. After all, if we managed to survive this long by spending clues to beat the Organist instead of just running away all the time, and if we had known that removing the doom added to locations by Twin Spires was part of the objective, we shouldn't have had any problems living for a few turns more. The only extra challenge would have been Jordan Perr[...]

Session: The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game:: Voyage Across Belegaer - Sailing Quests!

Tue, 20 Mar 2018 16:46:58 +0000

by ajax013 (if you enjoy the session report below, please visit my main Geeklist page for these session reports where I take the same deck through all the quests in the game!)Voyage Across BelegaerElrond and Glorfindel take a well-deserved vacation to the coastal region of the Grey Havens. Not even an hour after checking in to their resort, Cirdan summons the elves to ask for assistance. Something about a dream or vision or something, but long story short, the elves get to go on a cruise! So Elrond and Glorfindel hop aboard the Dream-Chaser and set sail across the ocean waters.sideboard in: nonesideboard out:none-------------------------------------------------------------------------Turn 1 (18 threat - 0 progress)Arwen shows up on board the Dream-Chaser; a doubly-Resourceful Elrond finds the bar as he gazes out across the Rolling Seas. In the distance, a Corsair Scouting Ship... no, make that two Scouting Ships, seem to be keeping tabs on the cruise ship. (+2 progress)Turn 2 (19t - 2p)Glancing over the railing down to the choppy water, Elrond is able to see faithful steed (and amazing swimmer) Asfaloth keeping pace. It seems that even the Winds of Wrath can't keep him away from the party.(+1p)Turn 3 (20t - 2p)Glorfindel gets ready for the evening's festivities, putting on the Light of Valinor to show off at the dance. Seems like everyone's turned out for the shindig on deck; Gleowine's spinning records and they even have a Warden of Healing on hand just in case things get too crazy on the Rolling Sea.(+0p)Turn 4 (21t - 2p)The day after, the cleaning crew gets to work. Only a Stargazer seems to be out enjoying the morning while everyone else is sleeping it off.(+6p, complete stage 1)Silently, a Corsair Light Cruiser slides in alongside the two Scout Ships, following the elven cruise ship Into the Storm on the horizon.Turn 5 (19t - 0p)The amassing Corsair forces do not go unnoticed by Elrond. The elven lord dons the mighty ring Vilya and summons forth Boromir, to serve as bouncer for this cruise.(+1p)Elrond's premonition proves correct. One Scout Ship closes the distance across the Calm Waters and rams the Dream-Chaser! A Cunning Pirate board the cruise ship and grabs the Light of Valinor right off of Glorfindel's neck. Wrong move. Boromir, with Glorfindel's assistance, hurls the thief from the ship, sinking to the depths below.Turn 6 (20t - 1p)Glorfindel puts the Light of Valinor back on, but this time, it's not for a party. Elrond summons Gildor with the power of Vilya; it's time to launch a counter attack out on the Rough Waters.(+1p)The heroes leap across to the deck of the Scout Ship, set it ablaze, then jump back to the now-fleeing Dream-Chaser. Hoping that this has sent a clear message to the other distant Corsair ships, the heroes resume their cruise.Turn 7 (21t - 1p)To aid in warding off any possible future attacks, beastly Beorn is called to defend the ship. The cruise resumes.(+0p)Turn 8 (22t - 1p)Elrond confidently Strides up and down the length of the Dream-Chaser, even as yet another Scout Ship is seen joining up with the distant, lingering Corsair fleet.(+3p)It seems that this new Scout Ship, unaware of what befell the first Scout Ship, is curious enough about the cruise ship and its cargo that it closes the distance and rams into the Dream-Chaser. The Umbar Captai[...]

Session: TKG ARENA: The Elemental Kings:: Absorbing the damage or protecting your life points?

Tue, 20 Mar 2018 16:46:09 +0000

by kangpeiying TKG ARENA: The Elemental Kings After playing a few rounds with my friends, I think that the most important point is to observe your opponent. For example, he put the bigger cards at the back of his hand or he takes some time to think which card to play. I remembered incident where I am very frustrated when my friend used a single card to destroy my combinations or the charge bar to deplete my life points as quickly as possible. Hence, I had found out some attacking and defending strategy.Attacking StrategyWhen you are attacking first, you control the game as you get to decide the game strategy to play. If your attacking hand is strong, you should attack your opponent before he draws better attacking hand. For example, if you have TWIN, TRIPLETS and DOUBLE, use them to damage your opponent’s life point. Follow by throwing out SOLO small face value card to destroy your opponent’s strategy and keep the SOLO high face value card to defend yourself when your opponent is attacking. However, if your attacking hand is weak (no combinations), you should discard cards that have no link in your hands. For example, when 3 of your colour type card is white, you should discard the other two colour cards as you are trying your luck to draw another two cards of the same colour to form FLASH or if you have consecutive cards such as 4,5,6,7 but the last card does not have any link, you can discard the no link card as you can wait for 3 or 8 to form SERIES. However, you must know the chances of getting SERIES, POWER or even SUPER are very low. When you are using SOLO to poke your opponent and if he is willing to take the damage, it shows that he have good cards in his hand. Hence, we should continue poking him as the damage can reach up to 5. When this happens, do not forget about the charge bar, remember to charge up ESBNER as it helps you to restore 5 life points in the subsequent turns or charge up OHIF as it helps you to block 1 attack.Defending Strategy When you are defending first, you will follow the game flow set by the attacking player. If your defending hand is strong and it deals more damage than the card the first player plays, pass and absorb your opponent damage first. When it is your possession, you should then counter it with your stronger attacking hands. For example, when the first player plays a TWIN and you have a TRIPLETS, keep the TRIPLETS and attack later as it deals 1 damage more than your opponent. When this happens, the charge bar will be at a great advantage. When you charge up ASHW, you can double your attack damage.Whenever the attacking player is playing a SOLO and you pass your turn, the opponent will know that you have strong card types in your hand. Hence, he will continue poking you. This is the time to think that if it is more worth it to absorb the damage or to protect your life points. When you do not have any card combinations, life points are important. Therefore, use the no link card that has equal or higher face value to block the attack. However, if all your cards are lower, then use this chance to discard card with small face value as you may use this chance to draw a new card which have a higher face value or a better combination. [...]

Session: Aeon's End:: Adelheim and Brama versus Rageborne

Tue, 20 Mar 2018 16:45:59 +0000

by OzCrescendo There's storms on the horizon here in Australia, so it felt appropriate to crack out Aeon's End and defend Gravehold against its supernatural foes.---With magical energies crackling and warping in the vast caverns around Gravehold, the massive creature dubbed 'Rageborne' appeared through a breach in reality to threaten the last bastion of humanity. Adelheim and Brama ventured forth to attempt to thwart the raging monstrosity.Within a few short hours Gravehold's walls had already suffered damage while the breach mages struggled merely to keep Rageborne's minions and powers at bay. Rageborne itself was untouched by their early efforts.More strenuous hours passed, and the torrent of supernatural minions seemed endless. One creature would fall to their sorceries, only to be replaced by another. Gravehold's walls began to crumble in places beneath the relentless onslaught of Rageborne and its numerous subordinates. Barely scratched, the behemoth focused most of its violent attentions on Adelheim and Gravehold itself.With humanity's existence on the line, Adelheim and Brama clenched their teeth and wrenched the treacherous energies of the breach to their will, laying waste to the creatures assailing them and leaving large seeping wounds on Rageborne itself, but their was no time to for celebration.Further enraged, the monstrosities erupting from the breaches came close to levelling the walls of Gravehold, but their singleminded focus allowed the breach mages to direct all their energies into destroying them and further injuring the relentless RageborneRageborne was reared back and ready to reduce Gravehold's walls to rubble once and for all. In that moment, holding on to hope at the last, Brama summoned a mighty convocation of sorcerous energies and reduced Rageborne to ashes.Gravehold and humanity were saved, but will the walls be repaired in time for the next assault? [...]

Session: Rory's Story Cubes:: Attack on Euretheum 314

Tue, 20 Mar 2018 16:45:48 +0000

by provence This is a sci-fi story. I intend to roll 3 cubes in order to start writing each paragraph but provide additional details with extra cubes as necessary. The extra cubes will be on the right of the original cubes in the photo below. Also, an * will be used in the write up to indicate that a cube has been used to inspire that detail.Attack on Euretheum 314Once upon a time there was a young man named Anchor* who had just joined the spaceship pilot's academy at the service of the 1000th* King of Planet Euretheum 314*. It was a very rich planet that made its wealth from the mining of an incredibly valuable mineral that was becoming the new currency of the eastern region of the galaxy. The people of Euretheum 314 had an ancient culture that once had flourished thanks to its medical* discoveries which led them to sell medicine across the galaxy. However, they had declined due to a web* of conspiracies until the recent discovery of the precious mineral. Meanwhile, the largest empire called Agua*, whose currency had been the "gold standard" for centuries, was declining due to the depravity of the power-seeking monks* who were manipulating the political system to stay in power. The strength of Agua had been its puritanical values that appealed to a wide swath of the galaxy but the recent corruption of its spiritual leaders too eager to fight over power had led to a weakening of the moral fiber of the empire and a resulting decline in Agua's inspiring influence.In a desperate attempt to claw its way back to its powerful role in the galaxy, the empire of Agua decided to organize a surprise attack on Euretheum 314 using its newest very impressive Wolf Class starships. The Wolf Class starships were equipped with the most powerful bombs that had ever been seen in the galaxy. The bombs used a special glide* technology which were designed to allow them to enter the tunnels and explode deep into the bowels of the mines. Young pilot Anchor's spaceship academy was located near one of the targeted mines. The cadets were scrambled when the Agua fleet appeared out of nowhere over the mines of Euretheum 314.As the bombs were falling on Euretheum 314 and all the spaceship pilots where taking to the skies, Anchor, in the hope of finding a remedy to this terrible situation, decided to run for the library and consult old military history books that contained the accounts of past invasions. At first, he was so scattered and worried that he was wasting precious time, that he couldn't find any relevant information. He calmed his mind and prayed. Upon closer examination*, he discovered that coordination and communications* had historically been the weakness of past surprise attacks. Could there be a way to perhaps deflect the strength of the attack by disrupting enemy communications?As Anchor sprinted down the hallways of the academy from the library to the command and control tower he realized that all the officers were directing the pilots towards the enemy Wolf Class starships but that no one was trying to hack into enemy communications! Anchor, who had been top of the geeky cybersecurity class sat down and accessed the control tower computers. Once again, using his smarts and the power of prayer, a light appeared [...]

Session: The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31:: 8 player mayhem

Tue, 20 Mar 2018 16:44:45 +0000

by neigutten

I played this game last night, and it was a lot of fun. I had gotten 7 players for the job, so we were good to go!

The basis of the rules are quite fine, so everyone got the jist of them real easy.

I ended up getting the first infection card, and misplaying my first captain turn, managing to complete a mission that should have been failed. (I didn't read the mission card properly, so I thought we already failed with the cards in my hand, but someone pointed out that is said "or" not "and", so the gun that I could have swapped to fail it was, sadly, still qualifying for the mission) This could have thrown suspicion on quite a lot of people, since it was a 6 player mission. Alas, humans got off to a good start. I got a rope from completing the mission, so not only did we complete it, we also got further towards escape. Luckily I was the one with the rope, so nobody could tie me up at least.

There was a slew of low player count missions, so I spent my time in the rec room, trying to stack up a few sabotage cards, while doing nothing else in particular for a while. They were able to kill off the first thing pretty easily, and found the second thing in the first sector 2 room they went to also. Then I ended up finding the dynamite, so another win for me at least. I ended up getting figured out later on, so nobody wanted me on missions anymore, but by then, two others had been infected in the assimilation face, and they started getting their sabotage on.

In the end, we managed to get the infection rate to the max, and winning. The humans never ended up finding the flame thrower to be able to torch us and stop us from doing so.

A pretty fun experience, I am excited to play this game again.

The thing that worked the least - the miniatures. Moving the miniatures on the game board seems slightly pointless, outside of providing a trigger for specific actions like drawing up cards, and cycling cards for the rec room users.

Session: TKG ARENA: The Elemental Kings:: Game session report: Elemental kings

Tue, 20 Mar 2018 16:25:59 +0000

by ahmin Initially I thought this was a game of luck and the first time I played was without any strategy. Following which, I played a few more sessions of elemental kings and tried to improve on my strategy each time. The few important things that I set out to keep a tab on are: the remaining life points of my opponent and myself, cards played by opponent and myself and trying to read and anticipate my opponent’s move. I’m not used to multi-tasking so I found this aspect to be an ordeal.Figure: example of a lousy hand that I got (cards at the bottom)In these few sessions that I played, I keep getting a lousy hand. The numbers were spaced out and the colours of my hand were totally different, so I found it hard to form combinations for the attack hand. Or in other cases, my hand would contain mostly cards of small values, eg, 1-4. At first, I thought that having cards with small values were useless since I am only able to play SOLO with small values and surely, the opponent will be able to counter that. However, after a few games, I noticed that even a lousy hand with small values cards can be powerful too.One good use of playing SOLO with small values is to put pressure on the opponent to break up her combination. It is logical for people to aim to form combinations such as COMBO, FLASH, SERIES in the start and middle of game. One sure way of knowing is when it’s the opponent’s turn to attack and she attack once and end turn as she would be waiting for a specific card to form a combination. This means that she is waiting for 1 card. So when it is my turn to attack, I’ll attack using SOLO with small value. This way, if the value of the card she is going to discard is smaller than the SOLO I used for attack, I can begin poking at her and taking 1 life point each time. The weakness of this strategy is that there might be a slight chance that she might be able to defend against my SOLO attack too.Thus, It would be best to attack the opponent who is waiting for a 5 card combination with a TWINS as it is almost impossible for the opponent to break up her cards here. She will only do so if she is left with a few lives.Once opponent absorbs damage without hesitation instead of defending (it is a sure sign that she has a 5 cards combination eg. COMBO, FLASH, SERIES, SUPER), continue to attack and take 1 life point each time, unless you think u have better chance of getting a SUPER, to force her to break up her combination. This way, I can reduce the opponent’s life points by 5 and with her hand, she will likely minus 5 life points off me as SUPER(-10pts) is difficult to obtain.At this point, my opponent said she finds it frustrating because I’m chipping away at her Life points and she is trapped as she is waiting to form 5 cards combination and she doesn’t want to break up her cards to defend.I played both versions, one with the winning condition either by depleting the opponent’s life points to 0 or by using up all the cards and another without the latter. The latter is more challenging as I need to time my last few attacks well. Overall, I enjoyed this game a lot and find it a good game to challenge my mind to think a few steps ahead. [...]

Session: Quartermaster General: 1914:: First time we have seen Germany in Rome

Tue, 20 Mar 2018 14:15:03 +0000

by Norbert Chan Don was Austria Hungary, I was Russia, Jean was Germany, Trevor was France and Gary was UK. Don builds a navy in the Adriatic, I build in Ukraine, Jean plays 9th army to build in Prussia and play German Aid in the East. Trevor builds in Rome, Gary plays First Lord of the Admiralty to play Pals Battalion. On turn 2, Don plays the Royal Hungarian Hunved to build in Tyrol, I play Brusiliv Offensive to build in Poland and attack successfully into Prussia. Jean plays Tannenburg to build in Prussia and attack successfully into Poland. Trevor plays France Mobilizes to build in Provence and get a fleet in the West Med. Gary builds in the North Sea.ON turn 3, Don builds in the Italian Alps. I build I Poland, Jean plays Weltpolitik Drives Military Expansion and battles into Ukraine successfully. Trevor gets the status card that requires a French fleet in the Med and you can draft a French army for free. Gary recruits in BelgiumThe score is Central 8, Entente 7.Jean has no real Status cards to hurt me, so I exchange blows with him on the east. Jean will get as close as Petrograd before I strand his army there. Meanwhile, Trevor and Gary are slowly making their way eastward, with Gary getting Commonwealth support down. But the Central still have a slight lead after the second scoring round at 18-16.The third round get worse for the Entente. There was a but of a skirmish for Prussia, but I have used up 4 land battles at this point, hoping to get a 3 on 1 situation on Germany, but the Central hold more VP points. Tactically, France and UK are on Germany’s doorstep. The score is Central 32-Entente 26.Jean gets Triple Trench Lines up. By now France and UK are in Western Germany, but with a couple of rounds left, Gary has no deck left and cannot attack since he cannot discard for the Triple Trench Lines. As well, Gary said he lost 7 points in attrition cards against the Germans, and they are now starting to take attrition. Jean had used a card that made Trevor throw out 7 cards as Trevor had all his French armies on the board. The score is Central 46, Entente 38On the last round, I use the Czar will not help us for 2 VPs, I use Peace Land and Bread for 3 VPs to abandon a fleet in the Baltic, Ukraine and Caucuses. I was hoping the attrition from the UK will get the win for the Entente; it felt like a winning position for the Entente, but once Gary couldn’t attack into Berlin, and didn’t have any attrition, it was a victory for the Central, 57 - 53. A game where the UK lose their game winning attriton cards due to Triple Trench Lines. Game 2: Gary was Austria Hungary, Jean was Russia, Trevor was Germany, Don was France and I was UK. Gary plays Royal Hungarian Honved to build in Tyrol, Jean builds in Petrograd, Trevor made me throw away 5 cards as I did not have 3 fleets yet, Don plays Renaud FT tanks, while I build in the US. Turn 2: Gary builds in the Italian Alps, Jean builds a fleet in the Baltic, Trevor makes me throw a further 6 cards, 3 from a prepared attrition card. (Mr. Chan, your endoscopy is scheduled for September 29, 1914) Don builds in Rome. I play Commonwealth Support. On turn 3, Gary builds in Bulgaria. Jean bu[...]

Session: Lone Jack: Folio Series No. 5:: Down to the Wire at Lone Jack

Tue, 20 Mar 2018 14:15:02 +0000

by haubitze Rebel Yell had been on my "to play" list for years, so when I learned a long-time PbEM buddy, Kevin Treese, was likewise interested, I seized the opportunity to play Lone Jack using the game's Vassal module. In Kevin's own words, "I had also been wanting to give Lone Jack a try since the DTP version came out and I read the article, "All Shot to Pieces". I was happy to see that One Small Step was going to publish it as a folio, and ordered it as soon as it was up for pre-order."Lone Jack has been around in a DTP edition for years, but One Small Step published it as a "folio" only in 2015. The Vassal module's graphics are those of the DTP edition. Although entirely functional, they don't compete with OSS's folio for esthetics.But hey, I wasn't looking for an esthetic experience -- I wanted to learn how to play Rebel Yell. Richard Dengel, the designer, readily states that RY is complex. I agree in the sense that there's a lot to absorb, but not in the sense that any of the rules are somehow beyond the comprehension of anyone familiar with tactical wargaming. As Kevin and I were rookies, that meant a lot of on-the-job training for both of us and a few goofs along the way, but a little persistence and patience ultimately paid off.Lone Jack pits Confederate irregulars against three Missouri State Militia (MSM) regiments and the 7th Missouri Volunteers (MOV). Everyone is from Missouri, and the special rules for the scenario suggest the two sides are pretty steamed at each other. Those with a "politically correct" orientation may feel a little squeamish playing the Rebs, because none other than William Quantrill's guerillas show up as reinforcements. Their lack of training shows, however, and they'd have to be pretty lucky to prevail, even against Union militia.The original DTP edition was subtitled, "A Missouri Street Fight". That's because the action does indeed swirl around the town's buildings, which cluster along a north-south road running straight as an arrow through the map. The buildings afford excellent defensive advantages, and the Rebs are tasked with flushing their opponents out of them. A cornfield lies east and south of town, and an overgrown prairie lies to the west. A fence separates the town's cleared area from the prairie, while an osage hedge demarcates the town's east edge from the cornfield beyond. (Note that north is to the right of the map.)Whoever controls the Union headquarters hex at the end of the game wins. The HQ must be placed in the Blacksmith's shop, and Kevin picked the building's southwest corner. As the Yanks, his strategy was to occupy the buildings and try and set up overlapping fields of fire to keep the Rebs away from the HQ unit as long as possible. As the Rebs, I was looking for a soft spot in the defenses.In the words of the Designer, Rebel Yell is all about "the problem of Approach" -- get too close to the enemy, and he starts blazing away. Complicating Confederate Colonel Jeremiah Cockrell's problem is the fact that his men are armed with smoothbore muskets and shotguns, while most of their Union foes, who are all cavalry fighting dismounted[...]

Session: Arkham Horror:: Arkham in Japan Game 28: The Shape of Slaughter

Tue, 20 Mar 2018 06:18:45 +0000

by n107 Here is a link to the previous session reports for anyone interested in following my group's progress:Season One - Base Game Ancient OnesGame 3: The Ladies of Arkham VS Nyarlathotep!Game 5: The First Casualties...Game 7: VengeanceGame 8: Over Before We Knew ItGame 9: Answering the CallGame 10: The Curtain Rises...Game 11: ...The Next Act Begins...Game 12: ...The FinaleSeason Two - Dunwich Horror and Kingsport Horror Ancient OnesGame 13: Return to DunwichGame 15: If Man is FiveGame 16: WRONG!Game 17: The Violinist in the WoodsGame 18: City in the MistGame 19: BibliophobiaGame 20: The King and EihortGame 21: Eihort HuckabeesGame 22: Catch-22 or wRex-n-Effect(ive)Game 23: An Eye for an EihortGame 24: The A-Team vs Yibb-TstllSeason Three - Innsmouth Horror Ancient OnesGame 25: No QuarterGame 26: Dust to DustGame 27: Better to Burn Out Than to Fade AwayOur set-up was AH + IH + CotDP(R) + MHRules: -Players controlling 2 Investigators draw three randomly and choose two to play; Players controlling 1 Investigator draw two and choose one.-Ancient One is drawn randomly.-Devoured Investigators are removed from the game PERMANENTLY. (Exception: An Investigator Devoured during final combat with the AO will be "rescued" if the AO is defeated.)-Defeated Ancient Ones are banished PERMANENTLY.-Encounters are read by a different player than who is having the Encounter. Reading stops at the point of any decision or skill check so outcomes are not known until the player either makes a decision or passes/fails the check.-If a named Ally to be gained from an encounter is not in the Ally deck, that Ally card can be taken from the box while a random Ally from the deck is discarded to maintain the number in the deck.-If using a Herald, both a Guardian and Institution will be chosen at random. If no Herald, then only one random Guardian or Institution may be chosen. -All other game rules must be followed exactly as described via rulebook/FAQ/determined via consensus or discussion on BGG. Investigators:Patrice Hathaway {7} (me)Wendy Adams {2} (me)William Yorick {4} (MerkabaZA)Marie Lambeau {2} (MerkabaZA)Ancient One: BokrugHistory: The return of our first IH AO, who destroyed the party of Investigators back in Game 25. It's been so long I forgot just how bad the Beings of Ib are. I was hoping that we'd be able to take some of them out this time and I was definitely hoping we wouldn't have to face him in combat again.HeraldNone GuardianHypnosIf there is ever any other Guardian listed in this space, that is a sign that I have been kidnapped and someone is impersonating me. Contact the authorities immediately. InstitutionNone ---Now we are in the home stretch of this campaign. 7 Investigators remain against 7 Ancient Ones. This session, as usual, will pit 4 against 1; terrible odds... for the 4. I drew Patrice as part of my draw of three so there was no choice but to take her for her seventh appearance in the campaign. She has been the one shining star of victory until now and she was our best bet again. Still, with most of the other powerhouse Investigators already dead, I wasn't sure how [...]

Session: Hornet Leader: Carrier Air Operations:: Iran 2014 - Operation Radiant Lance - Mission #02 "The Day of the Nuggets, Part 2”

Tue, 20 Mar 2018 06:17:35 +0000

by bchee USS George Washington // 1640 hrsIt didn't surprise CAG that Washington (the politicians, not the carrier) had ordered a retaliatory strike after that morning's attack. The cruisers and submarines had fired off volleys of Tomahawks, wrecking most of the enemy's airfields and bases. It was hard to take off when your runway was as cratered as the dark side of the moon.In the meantime, Special Forces Pathfinders had gone in ahead to reconnoitre and provide ground info. One of the platoons had found themselves boxed in by enemy movement, and once again, VFA-195 Dambusters were being called into action.For the Secondary mission of the day, I used the other half of my squadron - three Hornets, COWBOY, BANZAI and MUSTANG, and one Growler, SCOTTY. Using the remaining "free SOs" for weapons, I picked AAMRAMs again.Based on real-time drone intel on the target area, there was an ancient SA-2 Guideline to the north, with a smattering of SA-11 Gadfly, SA-8 Gecko and SA-6 Gainful SAM batteries around the target area. The plan was straightforward: smother the radar sites with HARMs, then cluster-bomb the target area. What CAG forgot was to plan for the proverbal law named after Murphy.Setting up the target area, I drew mostly low-altitude SAM radar sites. For the bandits, I drew five "No Bandits", indicating that in narrative terms, the enemy airfields had been severely attrited. Without having to worry about bandits, I equipped the planes with a mix of HARMs and Rockeyes.The GW made a slow turn to starboard, coming about to southerly in readiness for launching aircraft. The Hornets and Growler selected for this mission were already queuing at the forward catapults, their wings laden heavy with munitions.The launch went uneventfully. CAG watched the tactical plot in silence, as the quartet of Hornets went in low and fast. "Battlestar, this is Chippy Lead. Feet dry."They were over land, and perhaps ten minutes away on ingress to the target area."Sir, FLASH traffic from COMFIFTHFLT, orders from Washington. Due to political sensitivities about possible non-combatant personnel in target area, we are not allowed to attack sites along the approach path, only the target area.""What the-? Let me see that."As CAG confirmed from the readout what Air/Ops had just told him, he pondered the new conditions. Bad enough the flight couldn't smother the SAM from a distance with HARMs, they couldn't even drop bombs. The radar sets would light the area up like a Christmas tree, and the Rockeyes had to be dropped from low altitude, which meant that any bombing aircraft would be vulnerable to SAMs. Damn.For the Approach Event, the "Political Limitations" card was drawn, which prohibited the SAM sites around the target from being attacked. What should have been a mission by-the-numbers suddenly became hairy. The Hornets would have to make the bombing run over target in a veritable minefield of SAM and AAA sites."Sir, should we abort and recall the Hornets?""No." CAG weighed the risk in his head, and knew that as challenging as the mission had become, he could not also abandon the g[...]

Session: Hornet Leader: Carrier Air Operations:: Iran 2014 - Operation Radiant Lance - Mission #01 "The Day of the Nuggets, Part 1"

Tue, 20 Mar 2018 06:17:22 +0000

by bchee USS George Washington // 0545 hrsIn the early gloaming, Commander, Carrier Air Wing Five - also known as CAG - looked out over the deck of the supercarrier. It was cluttered with aircraft. Two Hornets were sitting on the forward catapults, and two more were spotted aft of the waist catapults, ready to launch. Deck crew in multicoloured vests milled about like insects, preparing aircraft for action in the dim light. Off to port, perhaps three miles away, the AEGIS cruiser Chancellorsville was visible near the horizon, slicing through the waves.This activity was all too familiar to CAG, with over fifteen years and three different carriers as a naval aviator under his belt. A fresh batch of nuggets had arrived a week ago, just before the Carrier Task Force had been diverted to the Gulf of Oman. While he had every confidence in his pilots, the nuggets still needed time to integrate with the rest of the pilots. At least Lightning's long-deserved promotion had come through.Playing the Iran 2014 Short Campaign, lasting five days. Keeping things simple, I picked a flight of 6 regular F/A-18C Hornets and 2 EA-18G Growlers. The pilots were:COWBOY (Skilled F/A-18C),ALPO (Average EA-18G),BANZAI (Average F/A-18C),LIGHTNING (Average F/A-18C),SCOTTY (Average EA-18G),BLACKHAWK (Green F/A-18C),MUSTANG (Green F/A-18C),GRIFFIN (Newbie F/A-18C)I've spent 4 SOs for the Growlers, and another 6 SOs to promote LIGHTNING to Skilled. As part of the campaign, the first 8 SOs of weapons for each mission cost zero, so I picked a pair of AAMRAMs, saving the rest for later.The ship's klaxon suddenly came to life, with the voice of the OOD. "Now hear this, set for Condition One. This is not a drill! Launch the Alert-5's!"Surprised but not surprised, CAG made his way down to the CIC, trying to recall who had drawn Alert duty on the graveyard shift. They were the three Hornets of VFA-195 "Dambusters" - LIGHTNING, BLACKHAWK, and the newbie GRIFFIN - supported by ALPO, the Growler from VAQ-141 "Shadowhawks".During mission setup, I drew Mission 46 Close Air Support, followed by Mission 59, Carrier Defence. #59 was a Scramble, so it had to be played immediately, with inbound bandits comprising 6 Su-17 Fitters, along with a Mirage III and a MiG-23, and two "No Bandits". Saving Mission 46 as Secondary, I selected LIGHTNING, BLACKHAWK, GRIFFIN and ALPO for the first one.The Air Operations Officer was already issuing orders as CAG entered the CIC. "Shoot the Alert-5s as soon as they're spooled up, and send up the two Reserves, too. Reserve the waist for a tanker, and launch the SAR helo as soon as the Hornets are done."In the hellish-red glow of the CIC, CAG could see the contrasting green glow of the radar plots. There was a swarm of inbound carets, faced by four of his Hornets - it looked like the opposition had decided to mount a pre-emptive full-scale strike against the GW carrier group.Air/Ops caught the CAG's eye, commenting, "Looks like they launched everything that could fly but the kitchen sink, sir. Even a half-dozen Fitters. Man, those jets are ol[...]

Session: Hidden Intruder:: The Prometheus Saga

Tue, 20 Mar 2018 01:00:04 +0000

by djberg96

Our story starts in the usual manner. Naive scientists bring back a seemingly harmless alien life form into the base, the alien escapes, the crew tries to hunt it down, and bad stuff ensues.

This particular tale began with one scientist taking stock of the inventory, while two engineers began constructing a flamethrower and electric prod "just in case". The rest of the crew went to either pick up various weapons or cages. However, most of the weapons were just for show since only the dart guns were allowed.

The intruder has to be captured for scientific study, it's worth millions to "the company", it has feelings too, yada, yada. You know the drill. This is standard procedure straight from the How to Ineffectively Deal With Aliens Handbook.

So anyway, one of the scientists stumbled across it and managed to actually dart the thing! A cage was quickly brought up, and it was captured. An argument ensued as to whether to put it on ice (favored by the scientists) or shoot the thing out the airlock (favored by the officers). The argument was settled by one of the engineers who determined that it is both immune to cold and gas, and so to the airlock they went.

Don't ask me how the engineer figured out that the intruder was immune to cold and gas, but he appears to be bleeding a strange white substance instead of blood. I'm sure that's not important right now, though. Meanwhile, the crew members who were carrying around gas canisters are bummed but at least they got a bit of a workout in.

Just as the crew was about to shoot the intruder out the airlock, it burst out of it's cage and nearly attacked the crew. Too late sucker, swooooosh! Out the airlock it goes.

Ok...roll credits....where are the credits? It's over, right? RIGHT?!

Session: TKG ARENA: Shrine Wars:: Shrine Wars: My Different Experiences

Tue, 20 Mar 2018 00:56:40 +0000

by Nitroc Having played Shrine Wars twice, with two different crowds of people, using two distinctly different play styles, I have some experiences to be shared. I am not an expert on the game, neither have I played enough of the game to experience a range of situations. However, I have won a game.Shrine Wars is a game focused on the bidding mechanic. Players use ‘Oinks’ in their possession to bid for 36 cards in a TKG Arena Standard Deck. Each bid starts with a card being open. Every time a bid with a multiple of ten is cast, a new card is opened. Players cannot bid an amount with the same ones place value as the face value of any cards in their possession. The amount paid for the card(s) will either be distributed evenly among the players or go to the player who’s in possession of a card whose face value corresponds to the ones place of the bid value.In the first game, I played the game in an “Attention Seeking” manner. I was loud, distracting, and openly exaggerate potential threats other players face. This method usually serves to divide or confuse the players from colluding and is useful for competitive games with more than two players. In the first game, I played with people I have just met.In my second play, I played in an “Isolationist Pragmatic” manner. I did little to verbally communicate my strategy and play style. Instead of focusing on influencing the other players, I focused more on understanding the behaviour of the players and came up with relevant countering strategies. This method requires the player to either play the game multiple times or have a deep understanding of the personality of the opponents. In the second game, I played with people whom I have played a couple of tabletop games together with.I won the second match. The first match, while distracting the crowd, the plan backfired. At the height of my gameplay, the extensive attention caused opponents to work together against me. Not long in, I knew the game was lost. Lessons learnt from the first game:1) Know your opponent;2) Natural collusion is unlikely;3) Newcomers play conservatively and do not have concrete strategies.4) People tend to stop bidding on certain numbers, making them valuable;5) Flush is impossible;The experiences that I have drawn from the first game were brought over to the second game where I had a better understanding of the various personalities of the players.In the second game, I opened my bid with a daring 10 “Oinks”, while newcomers raised their bids slowly. I was lucky, the second card was of the same element, bagging them both.As I had a reputation of usually playing “the fool”, even with lousy face value cards, I was not seen as a threat and easily amassed a fortune. Still, It was inevitable that the attention drew back to me, but at that time I was ready to act. Knowing that I had more of each element of “Oinks” than my opponents, I bid at prices so high that no one can enter. I was not concerned if I was overpaying for a single card. Only [...]

Session: Gloomhaven:: Noobs quick play scenario 30

Mon, 19 Mar 2018 21:28:28 +0000

by TheDalaiLala

Our Gloomhaven
Prosperity: 3.5
Global Achievements: City Rule: Economic, Artifact: Recovered, The Dead Invade, The Power of Enchantment, The Rift Neutralized, End of the Invasion, Ancient Tech I

Our Party
Reputation: +3
1. Emm: music note level 6
2. Emma: 2 minis level 6

Scenario 30: Shrine of the Depths
Level 3
City card 10: +1 rep
Road card 17: +1 prosperity

This is our first encounter with lurkers and I'm 0% enjoying it. Oozes are bad enough but these lurkers, ugh. Music note needs to kill 3 of them to fulfill his personal quest though and then he can retire and open cthulu box.

RNGesus was not with me tonight, though. With ONE -2 card in my entire attack modifier deck, I somehow pulled it twice within 3 rounds. I contemplated flipping the table. Other than that, a straight forward scenario with monsters quite spaced out so this was pretty easy for us. Husband is still opposed to increasing the difficulty level.

I stayed at the front of the second room looting because the chest can only be acquired with a loot card and I don't have one, conveniently heh heh. Music note pushed a deep terror into a trap and then finished him off with a hit of 13. He looted the chest and that finishes the scenario. That also finishes his character because he did kill the 3 lurkers he needed to. +1 prosperity for retiring music note.

Unlock scenario 42 and party achievement: The Scepter and the Voice.

Our Gloomhaven
Prosperity: 4.1

Global Achievements: City Rule: Economic, Artifact: Recovered, The Dead Invade, The Power of Enchantment, The Rift Neutralized, End of the Invasion, Ancient Tech I

Our Party
Reputation: +4
1. Emm: music note retired! Cthulu box unlocked
2. Emma: 2 minis level 6

Session: Gloomhaven:: Noobs scenarios 24 and 25

Mon, 19 Mar 2018 21:28:12 +0000

by TheDalaiLala Our GloomhavenProsperity: 3.4Global Achievements: City Rule: Economic, Artifact: Recovered, The Dead Invade, The Power of Enchantment, The Rift Neutralized, End of the Invasion, Ancient Tech IOur PartyReputation: +01. Emm: music note level 62. Emma: 2 minis level 5Scenario 25: Icecrag AscentLevel 3Our organizer from Broken Token arrived! We love it! We unlocked scenario 76 through some sneaky tricks.2 minis donated 10g to the sanctuary, bringing our total to 100g donated! We unlocked envelope B and gained 1 prosperity.City card 14: +2 rep! Finally!Road card 47: no effectThere was some confusion regarding battle goal cards. My 2 minis character has all of his check marks already so do I still take a card? To what end? I didn't, to keep life simple but I didn't see anywhere in the rulebook that specifically laid out that one should stop using them.This scenario was pretty straightforward: make it to the exit. No big deal. We chose this specific scenario because my husband was itching to retire his character and he needed to kill some drakes to do so.We took the risk of splitting up and taking trap damage in the middle room so that I could continue clearing and my husband could grab the chest. At that point he had killed the 3 drakes he needed for his personal quest so I killed what I could and otherwise kited things to the exit.OutcomeWe unlocked scenario 33, scenario 34, item 108, and party achievement: The Drake's Command.Scenario 24: Echo ChamberLevel 3City card 26: no effectRoad card 19: +1 repHUGE map! But all we have to do is open all the doors so... okay, there are 8 doors... 2 minis is notoriously door opening challenged so this might be interesting.We started off well intentioned enough and managed to clear the first room even though 2 minis lost a card very early to mitigate living spirit damage. We got the first door open and had a huge WTF moment. It was utter chaos and destruction. At that point we realized we were going to cheese the thing and just open all the doors as quickly as possible, ignore all monsters, and hope for the best.Commence pants-peeing. It wasn't that bad though, since we knew we could discard at will to mitigate any damage taken. With big move cards and increased movement boots it took us only 2 additional rounds to get all the doors open and end the carnage.After that, we actually repeated the scenario and used the same cheesy tactic to rush to the treasure chest.OutcomeUnlock scenario 30, scenario 32, scenario 68, and party achievement: The Voice's Command.2 minis leveled up to level 6.Our GloomhavenProsperity: 3.5Global Achievements: City Rule: Economic, Artifact: Recovered, The Dead Invade, The Power of Enchantment, The Rift Neutralized, End of the Invasion, Ancient Tech IOur PartyReputation: +31. Emm: music note level 62. Emma: 2 minis level 6 [...]

Session: Sentinels of the Multiverse:: City of Villains (of the Multiverse): Plague Rat Breaks Free of Revocorp Control, and Bugbear Feasts on the Carnage

Mon, 19 Mar 2018 19:09:20 +0000

by collectible cardinal Extreme Prime Wardens Fanatic premiered in a game that I played offline, and she returns now along with the even-newer Freedom Five Bunker, as I take on five of the Villains of the Multiverse. That game also featured Tachyon, Legacy and Parse, so the remaining heroes in the current rotation, Captain Infinitor and Tempest and Ra, all appear this time. The fearsomely dangerous Plague Rat and the almost-unkillable Bugbear are among the enemies that the heroes will face; having impressively horrible win records with Fanatic and Captain Cosmic, I’ll go easy on them otherwise and use all the weakest villains for balance, with the worst of the worst being positioned at the start and the end of the lineup.Plague Rat [29] vs. XPW Fanatic [28] vs. Miss Information [23] vs. Setting Sun Ra [28] vs. Greazer Clutch [27] vs. Captain Infinitor [29] vs. The Operative [27] vs. XPW Tempest [24] vs. Bugbear [30] vs. Freedom Five Bunker [29] vs. Megalopolis.Setup: The Rat begins with Revocorp Tanker [7] and Revocorp Neutralizer [6]. Fanatic draws Absolution, Final Dive, Divine Sacrifice and Prayer of Desperation. Missy begins with Heroes Unallied and Internal Collapse. Ra draws Flame Spike, Staff of Ra, Flame Barrier and Living Conflagration. The Big G.C. takes out a contract on Bunker, and his Impeccable Pompadour begins in play [4]. Cap draws Construct Cataclysm, Unflagging Animation, Dynamic Siphon and Harsh Offense. The Operative begins with Iaido Practitioner. Tempest draws Cleansing Downpour, Grievous Hail Storm, Ball Lightning and Lightning Slash. Bugbear begins with Blood Scent. Bunker draws Omni-Cannon, Adhesive Foam Grenade, Upgrade Mode, and Flak Cannon.Plague Rat 1: Revocorp Tanker deals each hero 1 damage [Fanatic and Ra 27, Cap and Bunker 28, Tempest 23]. Revocorp Neutralizer deals 2 damage to Captain Cosmic [26]. Another Neutralizer [6] enters play. Plague Rat deals 1 damage to each Handler [6/5/5], Missy [22], Bugbear [29], Operative [26], Greazer [26], and Greazer’s hair [3]. Greazer punches him; the Tanker reduces the damage he takes to 1 [28]. The Rat then deals 3 damage to each hero [Fanatic and Ra 24, Cap 23, Tempest 20, Bunker 25]. Finally, the Rat reduces both Neutralizers to [3] HP and is done.Fanatic 1: Final Dive smashes the two Neutralizers into each other and disposes of them; Fanatic then deals 1 damage to the Operative with Kill the Spirit [25], since I’ve noticed that her Iaido Practitioner interacts very unpleasantly with Captain Cosmic’s constructs, so I want her gone ASAP. Draws Consecrated Ground. And then I realize that I screwed that up big-time; thanks to Heroes Unallied, the 3 damage from Final Dive actually went to Bunker [22], leaving one Neutralizer still in play at [3]. Then Heroes Unallied is destroyed and Missy plays Deja Vu, causing each hero to hit themselves [Fans and Ra 23, Cap 22, Tempest 19, Bunker 21], and H[...]

Session: Cthulhu Wars:: 4-man Dreamlands game with Dreamquest variant spellbook: Race for the citadels

Mon, 19 Mar 2018 19:08:32 +0000

by SpectrumDT

I played a great 4-man game on Dreamlands today with Great Cthulhu, Windwalker, Sleeper and Tcho-Tcho (me). For the Tcho-Tcho we were using Richard Mathis' variant spellbook Dreamquest.

It turns out that the Dreamlands map actually has quite a lot of corners where you can hide. I, as Tcho-Tcho, was able to build several gates that no one could easily attack, so I started raking in Doom like crazy. Soon I was far ahead of the rest. After turn 4, I had enough points in Elder Signs that I could end the game - but I did not want to, because I was still missing two spellbooks ("someone else performs a Ritual" and "a Great Old One is killed"). Great Cthulhu was the first to gather six spellbooks (having farmed Zoogs for his combat spellbooks), so if I had turned in my Elder Signs I would have given him the game.

Windwalker floundered in this game and never got far.

Sleeper had seen from the beginning that catching up to me on Doom would be nigh-impossible, so instead of squandering his precious Power on Spellbooks and Rituals, he bent all his efforts towards a Citadel victory. Sequestered in the underworld, he lost two Gates to the Bhole, but he managed to hold at least two.

In the Action Phase of turn 5, Great Cthulhu was rampaging. He controlled three well-defended Citadels on the surface and was working on clearing out Zoogs to get the rest.

I realized that by focusing on earning Doom and Elder Signs I had neglected other aspects. In order to win I needed to keep great and orange away from the Citadels AND gain my remaining spellbooks. When Sleeper moved in to attack my underworld Citadel Gate I miscalculated, so I fled, thinking I still had time to take another of his Gates. On his next turn, he easily captured my Abandoned Gate and was able to simultaneously grab the final underworld Citadel with a Cultist that was standing right under the Bhole's nose. Sleeper won with two spellbooks and about 14 Doom.

I loved Dreamquest, though. On one turn when Windwalker was out of Power, I was able to waltz two High Priests up to Rhan-Tegoth and turn them into Elder Signs. Likewise, when Cthulhu came to menace my base, I was able to kamikaze at least one High Priest into him.

I love Dreamlands. (image)

Image shows the end result. Tsathoggua reigns supreme in the black, lightless underworld.

Session: Wits & Wagers Party:: Wits and Wager Returns on St. Patrick Day

Mon, 19 Mar 2018 19:07:29 +0000

by pdzoch Our office held is annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration and I hosted the Wits and Wagers Party for the event. As luck would have it, the last time we played Wits and Wagers at the office was last year’s St. Patrick’s Day pot luck. You can read about that event in its own session report. It was a smaller party, so I only had five teams of two participating (one team had a third semi-participating/semi-heckling), but about a dozen or so extra people had gathered on the edges of the game area watching the game and laughing along with the friendly jabs between the teams.As before, I used my custom components for the game so they were easier to view from a distance. Although my white boards are suffering some wear so they started getting smudged. I will have to replace them again soon.We stuck with the seven question format, with the last question open to the bidding of chips.I had to re-generate the Irish themed questions for the event. White we had many new employees, we also had many who played last year and I did not want to reuse the questions. I generated 9 new questions, keeping one from last year for a practice question. The extra questions were for backups or tie breakers.I spent a few short period reviewing the rules and going over a practice question so everyone knew how to play the game. I had sent out the rules earlier in the week so players could review them ahead of time. About half of the players played the game last year so they were familiar with the rules already, but it was important to make sure the new players/new teams understood the game.These were the questions used in this year’s Irish Themed Wits and Wagers Party. Practice Question: According to the Guinness Book of World Records, what is the most number of leaves ever found on a clover? A: 561. Old Bushmills Distillery is the oldest distillery of Irish Whisky. What is the founding year printed on their Irish Whisky labels? A: 1608, the date when a royal license was granted to a local landowner to distil whiskey in the area.2. On 17 March 2012 in County Cork, Ireland, a Guinness record was set for the Largest gathering of people dressed as leprechauns. How many leprechauns were present? A: 1,263 (each boasting the prerequisite green top hat and waistcoat, red beard and black buckled shoes)3. Kansas City held its first St Patrick’s Day Parade in 1873 and held one every year until 1892. When did Kansas City resume its St Patrick’s Day Parade tradition? A: 1973 (This question is relevant because we work near Kansas City so it was a regional question).4. How many calories are in a 16oz (medium) McDonald’s Shamrock Shake? A: 560 (based on yesterday’s nutritional listing from McDonalds.5. According to the 2016 Census of Ireland, what percentage of Irish spoke the Irish language (Gaelic)? A: 40%6. Gaelic Football and Hurling are one of [...]

Session: TKG ARENA: Shrine Wars:: Bidding for The Shrine

Mon, 19 Mar 2018 19:05:41 +0000

by chht Game ObjectiveTKG Shrine Wars is a bidding card game. The main objective of the game is to use the game’s currency(oinks) to bid for cards and gain as many influence points as possible by the end of the game.Influence points are calculated based on the cards that you have acquired. GameplayEarly GameThe first card that was introduced at the start of the game was “UKELELE” with face value of 9. Thinking that it would be advantageous for me to get this card, I went on to bid 10 oinks for this card dismissing the fact that this move would open another card. When the next card “ESBNER” with face value of 8 was opened, I did not continue bidding as I thought it was not worth it to bid for a combination of cards with different face values. I did not expect the third card to be opened would be “UKELELE” of face value 9. The next player who bidded 20 oinks managed to acquire both cards. First round of bidding.Since the cards were all shuffled before the gameplay, you would not know which card will be opened next. With this Random Number Generator (RNG) factor, I realised that apart from a well-planned strategy, luck is also needed for this game.After losing the first round of bidding, it is important for one to pick as many oinks of the same element from the bid pool. This will help you gain an advantage over other players when you bid for cards of the same element.Mid GameLater in the gameplay, I realised it is not very important to acquire the first cards as other players would purposefully avoid bidding values corresponding to cards that have already been acquired.By observing the number of oinks, the other players would have noticed that I do not have the highest number of oinks for the element. I adopted a strategy to raise the bidding price of the card by bidding for a card that I do not wish to get. By doing so, the person who really wanted the card would have to bid for it with more oinks. This will in turn increase the number of oinks in the pool after each bidding phase. I think that this strategy is best applied at the start of the game where cards of different face values have not been acquired. This way, the bids would be equally distributed after their bidding.By this section of the gameplay, I noticed that there was a high downtime for players that did not bid for a specific card.End GameBeing conservative with my moves, I had the least number of cards amongst the other players since most of the other players already have at least two cards with the same face value. By this time, I was so desperate to bid for any cards left that all my thought-out strategies were discarded.On hindsight, I could have adopted the kingmaking strategy by leading other players into bidding oinks corresponding to an ally’s cards or not bidding for certain cards that a possible ally needs.These are my card[...]

Session: Wild Blue Yonder:: Mosquito's Sting

Mon, 19 Mar 2018 14:55:22 +0000

by tuner 13 Hi from Germany,The Down in Flames system has a long history, many expansions, and a lot of stories to tell.Here is a dogfight session report.Enjoy.The core of the matter: The rules covering all the good ideas from the GMT games as well as the DVG innovations. I also added a specific procedure to determine the next Dogfight game to play.The Hall of Fame brought forward this scenario to be played next.Here are the tables listing all fighter aircraft available for 1945 (for Germany and UK).The HoF also provides the amount of points available for each side to select aircraft. As there are so many (slightly different data) for each aircraft showing up over time, I kind of merged them into single Data cards for each and every aircraft (overruling any inconsistent data on the Aircraft cards).Here are the combatants for the upcoming dogfight.The game play somehow suggested that 2 German ace pilots encountered the British really fast Mosquitos. And the Germans apparently suffered from a serious shortage of ammo ... nothing really surprising in 1945.As the German side had only 28 points compared to the 31 for the UK, the German would win by 3 if nothing would happen ... the Brits had to act aggressively. Hmmm ...The TC allowed the Mosquitos to start at Very High altitude, the Messerschmidt started at High altitude. The Germans were asked to start the game.Turn 1The Me-109G element dived to Medium altitude. (The leader's hand contained 2 Ace Pilot cards; to be used well).The Brits saw their opponents move down and followed to High altitude.Turn 2As expected, the German element climbed back to High altitude.Both attempts to gain advantage failed.Note: The GE leader used the Vertical Roll card for its Maneuver 2 option. This was responded by Full Throttle, and so on.The first Messerschmidt attack failed. Next came the British wingman ...... scoring a hit.Note: My game system includes white IMS cards. More options, more thrills.A second attack of the wingman failed.The German leader had to block this, otherwise his aircraft would have been damaged (quite disastrous so early in a dogfight).Now the British leader entered the fray.Improving the position, his aircraft's guns barked ...... and scored a few more holes in the Messerschmidt.Turn 3The German wingman applied the Agile capability; the British leader responded promptly ... and was neutralized by the Ace wingman.Things change quickly playing DiF.The attack of the German leader was inevitable.Full Throttle! The German pilot exhausted his aircraft's special booster. But the British pilot was prepared and applied evasive tactics. Only very few bullets hit the wooden aircraft.But the Messerschmidt did not give up and improved its position.Another stray of bullets moved towards the Mosquito.Again, the British pilot reacted very effective[...]

Session: Quartermaster General:: Prepare for War with only your drawn cards: Soviets have a good day

Mon, 19 Mar 2018 14:53:19 +0000

by Norbert Chan We were playing the Prepare for War variant, but you could only choose your status/response cards from your initial draw of 12 cards. I was Germany, Trevor was UK, Jean was Japan, Ken was Soviet Union, Gary was Italy and Don was US. My status card was Wolf Packs, which meant that if a submarine card was played, the Allies discard 1 card more. Obviously, you want a stronger card, but you go with you get dealt as there were no mulligans. I play land battle into Western Europe. Trevor had a response card and he recruited a French army in Western Europe. Jean had a response card and built a navy in the Sea of Japan.Ken had Scorched Earth (Ukraine is not a supply center for Germany or Italy) and played the status card where his units didn’t need supply. Gary’s status card was the Anti Communist Sentiment (I didn’t remember what it did) and he landbattled Western Europe. Don’s status card was the Anti Japanese Volunteers which forces the Japanese to discard an extra card while battling a Chinese army. He played Land Lease which allowed the UK to play and draw, so now a UK fleet is in the North Sea. In turn 2, I play Bias for Action. Trevor builds into Western Europe. Jean land battles China . Ken builds into Ukraine. Gary land battles Western Europe. Don builds a fleet towards the North Sea.Now I get Blitzkreig down on turn 4, but a French army is still in Western Europe. This allows the French army to eventually build into Italy as the Axis have Russian armies in Russia, and US is in Western Europe and knocked out the Italian army . I use a bolster to get rid of Wolf Packs to replace with Dive Bombers and that lets me defend better by clearing out more units in Italy, Western Europe. But the fun stops when I get firebombed for 7 cards, and Trevor plays Engima on turn 10 to get rid of Bias for Action. I have only managed one foray towards the Ukraine.The Axis resign at this point; the Japanese have been stuck in the Pacific and it is only a matter of time before the Axis go down. Game 2: Don was Germany, Ken was UK, I was Japan, Gary was Soviet Union, Jean was Italy and Trevor was US. Don’s status card was Bias for Action, a good start, and he land battled into Western Europe. Ken’s status card was Free French, and he recruited in Australia. I played a navy in the Sea of Japan (my response card was China Offensive). Gary’s status card was Defense of the Motherland, and his play was the card that lets you build in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Jean was Italy and he built in Western Europe. Trevor’s status card was Artificial Harbors and he played the status card Anti Japanese Volunteers. On turn 2, Don puts down Blitzkreig. Ken gets a navy in the North Sea. I land battle in China and using China Offensive I can build in China and[...]

Session: Revolt in the East:: Some Stray Thoughts About A Game That's Now Over 40 Years Old

Mon, 19 Mar 2018 14:51:57 +0000

by RLMNANJING I just finished taking this game out for a spin this afternoon. It’s really a fine design. While it might seem unbalanced (at least from a player’s point of view), as a case-study of both elegant design as well as an accurate simulation of the situation that the various parties faced during the 1970s, Revolt In The East remains impressive 40 years after it first appeared. I shan’t do a full-blown AAR. My copy was missing a few counters after all these years; I bought it for $3.00 at a Connecticut hobby shop as an unpunched ziplock game—no folio and no magazine, they were sold that way too. I made a few substitute pieces and pushed on. I played the standard scenario, and did so solitaire here in the Yangtze River Valley in what has been a cold and wet spring. Hungary revolted the first turn; Rumania, Czechoslovakia followed, along with Bulgaria, and then the GDR shortly thereafter. NATO intervention occurred on Game Turn 4. Poland rebelled on Game Turn 5. It looked like the tide had turned in Eastern Europe, and Moscow had lost control. That’s not what ended up happening. Instead, Moscow won back the day. What hurt me was a far too aggressive strategy when NATO went off hunting Soviet units in an attempt to eliminate them and secure the rebel’s hold on cities. Even with good odds and far-reaching NATO airpower, too many “Exchange” results hurt the Western forces and depleted their numbers without the chance of replacements on the schedule that the USSR enjoyed. A far better approach would have been to use NATO units to screen and protect those Warsaw Pact units that had defected, instead of seeking to engage Soviet units head-on. By Turn 7, it was clear that the Soviet forces that were starting to be replenished would win back the territories lost—and that they eventually did, for a score of 16-4. There’s a lot to like in this game, just as a player. If you're Moscow, you’re wondering what’s next. If you’re NATO, you’re just wondering—watching and waiting for the chance to move in and defend those who want out of the alliance. The Soviet player has to be careful not to allow revolts to linger, and to crush any attempt to exit. But if Moscow moves against every attempt to breakaway, it could find itself just a firefighter, without the resources to battle the bigger and more important blazes (Poland is usually cited, but good luck getting the requisite forces to Bulgaria and cutting off efforts by the army there to move west of Sofia into the mountains). The NATO player has to be patient, but not ponderous. At some point, there will be a chance, but it might well be too far away (see Bulgaria again). The GDR is a temptation, but that’s a revolt that can be contained easier than others by Mo[...]

Session: Feudum:: 2-player game impressions

Mon, 19 Mar 2018 14:48:41 +0000

by isudoog I got in my first play of Feudum this last Thursday, with MPMelanchthon. He beat me by a very close score of 151-150. Here are some of my thoughts about the game.As this was the first game for both of us, we mostly stayed away from direct confrontation. We were largely content to each do our own thing, using this first game to "pull all the levers". Particularly in a two-player game, there is more than enough room on the board to play a full game without directly butting heads with the other player. That being said, if we had wanted to have more direct interaction, I think we would have been able to. I think that at higher player counts, the more limited amount of land and resources to go around would force more confrontational playing styles. As it was, there were more than enough locations to go around. This did lead to a couple of peculiar situations that I don't think would have come up in a higher player count game, or one where we were directly attacking each other.The "economy" of the guilds was somewhat stagnant in our game. This was due to a couple of factors. The main one was that with the large number of farms that we were each able to control, it was much easier to use a harvest/kickback + selling to the farm guild combo to get the food that we needed to feed our pawns. At the same time, this meant that there was much less pressure to purchase items, particularly food, from the merchant guild. The result was that the merchant and alchemist guilds quickly became saturated with goods due to spillover from the farm guild, meaning that the movement of goods from farm to merchant and from merchant to alchemist quickly became impossible. The other factor was that Michael was the guild master of the alchemist guild for most of the game, and just wasn't using the push action to clear out space to break up the logjam. In retrospect, I should have cozied up to his alchemist pawn and thrown a feast or two to steal some big points and to clear out some space. In a more aggressive game or a game with more players, the harvest action probably wouldn't have been as strong, and buying food and other resources from the merchant guild would probably have been more tempting.We also had two of the guilds go leaderless for most of the game. Michael got all three of his pawns out in the first round- Alchemist, Farmer and Monk. I had out Alchemist and Farmer, and got my Merchant out later in the game. This left the Knight and Noble guilds empty until I finally build a Noble feudum late in the game. The lack of ability to push and pull goods on that side of the board also slowed the economy.By coincidence, we each drew an archery landscape with our first improve actions, and were soon ab[...]

Session: TKG ARENA: General Disorder:: General Disorder Game Session

Mon, 19 Mar 2018 08:51:35 +0000

by lishella IntroductionGeneral disorder is an expansion of the game “The Elemental Kings” and the standard deck of cards from the latter is required. OverviewTo win the game, the player has to finish all the cards in his current hand. In the case where there are no available cards that can be played, the player with the least number of cards of the smallest numbers will be the winner.GameplayThe cards are numbered 1-9 for each of the 4 elements (Ashw, Ohif, Ukelele and Esbner) in which Ashw trumps Ohif, Ohif trumps Ukelele, Ukelele trumps Esbner, and Esbner trumps Ashw. To start off the game, each player draws a card from the common deck and the player with the highest number starts the game, which then proceeds in a clockwise direction. The first player plays 1 card from his hand into the common pool. The next player must play a card that has a higher number than the one in the pool or a card that trumps the element of the previous card. When a card that trumps the element of the previous card is played, each player has to choose a card from his current hand to pass to the player on his left. If there are no cards that can be played into the common pool, the player needs to pass his turn. StrategiesSince the main goal of the game is to finish all the cards in your current hand, the player should ensure that he is able to play a card in his hand for every round. Once you pass a turn, you put yourself at a disadvantage as you are unable to discard a card in your hand. To do so, it is best to have cards of the 4 different elements in your hand.During early game, it may be more advantageous to play cards with higher numbers and only using a trump card when it is necessary as most players would play cards of the same element in the early rounds. When a trump card is played, it is better to pass on a card that has a low number with an element that is unlikely to be played within the next couple of turns. For example, if Ashw was being trumped by Esbner, cards having Ashw or Ohif would be the best cards to discard from your current hand.In late game, most of the cards with the highest numbers will already be in the common pool. This is when having cards of the 4 different elements will be most advantageous as most players will likely only be able to continue their turn by using trump cards. As such, cards with high numbers are less useful as they may not be played at all, especially when the element of the card in the pool is trumped frequently.ConclusionIn my opinion, this game is an interesting twist on “The Elemental Kings” with drafting introduced into the game mechanism. It is challenging to figure out at which point of the game would it be advantageous to have a hand w[...]

Session: Doctor Who: Solitaire Story Game (Second edition):: Why is it always Earth..?

Mon, 19 Mar 2018 08:48:40 +0000

by drb1004

I’ve spent so much time helping Simon out with developing the Second Edition that I haven’t actually had time to play it yet (image) An afternoon without work gives me the chance at least to start a game…

There have been some excellent narrative session reports of the game (which is exactly what it is designed to do, of course – generate Dr Who episodes that could come straight off the screen), but I thought I’d go the other way and detail the mechanics of the game – something of a companion piece to the example of play at the back of the rulebook.


I see my Doctor as something of an engineer, a tinkerer, so for starting Qualities and Skills she will have:
Brains: 12 Brawn: 7 Bravery: 7
Skills: Aware, Computers, Demolitions, 2 Engineering, Pilot, Running, Science
Luck: 5
Companions: None
Allies: None
Friends: None
DM: 0

Starting at the Adventure Prologue, I roll 1D6 for a Gadget – a 6 is e184: Psychic Paper
Then another 1D6 for my first Adventure – 1: a001. Earth - 2018 (7; Post Modern Era)
Finally for the Prologue, 2D6 for a possible Landing Encounter – 4: no encounter

Where better for a new regeneration to begin than back on Earth? Early 21st Century from the look of the cabs and the buses.
So far, so familiar. But why has the TARDIS brought The Doctor here..?

Session: TKG ARENA: Shrine Wars:: Game-play experience

Mon, 19 Mar 2018 03:45:56 +0000

by jinhao94 Shrine Wars game-play and experience:Before the start of the game,The sole playing mechanism in this game is bidding. Since this is a game session as well as a learning experience for me, I paired up with my friend. During each bidding round, the top card of the deck was revealed and only oinks of the same element in your possession can be used for bidding.Each player starts off with 10 oinks of each element.Beginning of the game,During the first round, as everyone was new to the game, the pace of the game-play was slow. Everyone simply increased their bid by one at a time when it was their turn. Finally, during our turn, we were fortunate to win 2 cards. After every time a bid with a multiple of ten is made, another card will be revealed. We were lucky that the second card revealed was of the same element. Since no other player had more than 10 oinks of the same element at the time, we won both cards. Midsession of the game,After everyone got familiar with the gameplay, the pace started to pick up and the intensity of each bid went up. Everyone started to bid for the card that will increase their chance of winning. Still, there are constraints to what each player can bid. In this game, no one is allowed to make a bid with a ones place digit similar to a card already in the individual's possession. At this point in time, several thoughts came to mind:1) Who should I allocate my oinks to after winning the bid such that it will not affect our chance of winning;2) Do we really need that card; and3) Is it worth it to make such a big bid for a certain card?Finally, this is where the real fun begins, each and everyone starts to comment, or as I call it "advise", the bidding players and try to influence them to play by their scripts. The game session soon turns into a battlefield with everyone trying to formulate individual winning formulae just as what I had initially imagined. Different players have different play style and it is quite fun to see other players try to affect the bidding outcome; influencing other players to drain the resources of the strongest player while some quietly wait for the kill.End of the gameWhen the game is about to end, and the deck reaches near the bottom, most players simply went all out as oinks left after the game serve no purpose. Finally, with the last card won by another player, the game ended. At this point, I looked around, there isn't any player who managed to pull off a straight flush, which I think is quite normal. In general, most players will stop at no means to hinder any player who is trying to form a straight flush. Fortunately, with luck and strategy, we managed to win 19 p[...]

Session: Desert Steel:: Head-On Clash at Gazala (with photos)

Mon, 19 Mar 2018 00:43:36 +0000

by M St Fired up by the previously posted Alam el Halfa session, within a week of that I played out the Gazala scenario, showing the attack by 8th Pz regiment on the 4th Armoured Brigade on 27 May 1942.The terrain here is flat again, and the goal of the Germans is to break through the British line and get at least 8 tanks onto map B on the right (north), while destroying more tanks than they lose. The British have basically the same team they had at Alam el Halfa Ridge, but this time everyone from the start. I put the Grants on the flanks and a big squadron of Stuarts in the center which was kept in reserve. The Germans also have the same two PzIII companies as in the Alam el Halfa Ridge scenario, but are bolstered by two extra companies, one of Pz IV's and one of PzII's but with one platoon upgraded to the as-yet rare long-barreled 50mm PzIIIJ's. The Germans used one company of PzIIIH's to fend off the western Grants while another one on the right wing. The Pz IV's and Pz II's went in the center.The CW decided to move forward since keeping the Germans off map B is part of their victory conditions.The Germans started slipping slightly to the right on the second turn.Visibility in this scenario is very good, so both sides could start firing at extreme range on turn 3. On the Germans side, B/1 and C/1 slip to the flanks, while the PzIV's of D/1 and the single platoon of A/1 equipped with long-barreled PzIII's stayed back and fired at long range. They did manage to eliminate one of the C/12 Grant platoons on the CW left.Virtually all the German units are veterans, and the Grants of C/12 on the British left were only seasoned. On Turn 4, the PzIII's of B/1 opened concentrated long range fire on this squadron and crushed it. The Stuarts, feeling outgunned, started slipping backwards.In the meantime, the PzIII's of C/1 kept slipping around the CW right flank.At this point everything seemed to be going fine for the Germans. However, as it had turned out, the PzIII's of C/1 on the left had danced too close to the Grants of B/12, which were also veterans, and at some point the Grants found the range and the big 75mm guns took out one platoon of PzIII's.The PzIII's struck back though on Turn 6 and eliminated a Grant platoon! Meanwhile, the companies on the German right reorganised, keeping the PzII's to the rear. The Stuarts kept falling back but slowed down, realising they had crossed back onto Map B.At this point, things turned dramatic. The Command card in this scenario allows the British to activate one squadron at will. The Grants of B/12 activated first and destroyed two of C/1's PzIII platoons, and[...]

Session: Spirit Island:: Burning Roots Reach Far and Deep

Mon, 19 Mar 2018 00:42:59 +0000

by Flamethrower49 A Spread of Rampant Green (B) and River Surges in Sunlight (D) Vs. England Level 4River and Green were keeping up with England’s High Immigration. In the early game, River danced invaders away from threat zones, while Green blocked a few key ravages and strategically ceded two blight, planning to heal it later. Since these spirits struggle for damage and fear in the early game, they were having difficulty making headway in advancing towards actual victory. River had good fortune in acquiring several cheap powers that matched its preferred profile with Sun and Water. With the presence boost from Green, this enabled River to unleash Massive Flooding every turn, starting from turn 4 or 5. Green had flexible damage against buildings due to River’s help with Reaching Grasp, so this would knock out the Capital candidate every turn. The pair finally began to acquire fear cards at a reasonable clip. This synergy still was not enough to match England’s terrifying build rate, and the land Blighted while repulsing an attack against the spirits’ many sacred sites. This had the side effect of spilling even more buildings onto the board, so Green went hunting for options. It had acquired a large surplus of energy with River’s help, so money was no object, and we needed devastation. It took Volcanic Eruption, and blew up a possible Capital site across the island with Reaching Grasp. I figured I couldn’t possibly get to activate that elemental threshold, not having any of the elements to begin with. But Green took Fire in the Sky the next turn, and Elemental Boon the turn after that, making it look almost inevitable.Maybe...While the Spirit-Speakers noted the fiery mien of the spirit formerly known as A Spread of Rampant Green, River took an accelerated approach to growth by taking Unlock the Gates of Deepest Power. River had cards of all elements to trigger the threshold, and lucked into either Tsunami… or Cast Into the Briny Deep.Definitely.River sunk two massive metropolises into the ocean, and catapulted the game into terror level 3. I still hadn’t stopped the relentless creation of cities from England’s double builds, so further measures would be required. Burning Roots Reach Far and Deep emerged in full glory the next turn. It silenced the only ravaging land with Quicken the Earth’s Struggle, while River swept a few stragglers into the path of the volcano (and a few Dahan out of it). After an impotent invader turn, the second volcano erupted, showering more than half of the remaining land with magma and debris. While a large amount of Dahan and[...]

Session: It Never Snows:: A Good Start for Monty - The First Two Turns of The Scenario 5.1 Campaign

Mon, 19 Mar 2018 00:42:47 +0000

by autumnweave OverviewA bunch of us are getting together to play It Never Snows for the first time. We have around 4 allied players and 2 German players. I got to play Monty, leading XXX Corps onto the map, so my level of following what the airborne divisions were doing is with less detail. We chose Scenario 5.1 which is the Market Garden Campaign that allows the Allies to choose their drop sites rather than being restricted to historical drop and landing sites. The only restriction is that all units within a division must drop within 20 hexes of a central hex.Drop Planning: The biggest change from the historical drop locations is that for the British 1st and US 82nd airborne we wanted to land a lot closer to the target cities of Arnhem and Nijmegen. We picked some locations, and then realized many of the paratroopers would land in polder and be unable to move our first turn. So we went back, looked at possible drop zones, and moved them to try to maximize the number of units that would be free to move on the first turn. The other big difference was that we chose to land the Polish division just north of Nijmegen rather than the historical location to the south of Arnhem. The 101st landing was centered around the Son bridge.Drop zone ImagesArnhem DZs (1st Airborne)Nijmegen DZs (82nd Airborne)Son DZs (101st Airborne)XXX Corps Entrance AreaThe next set of decisions was about what troops to land on the first turn. We chose to drop most of the 1st airborne – 1st and 4th Paras, and the 508th regiment of the 82nd at Groesbeek. The 4th Paras and the 508th in particular because we were worried about their landing zones being overrun. We also went heavy on landing artillery the 1st turn. Of course you can’t go in heavy with everything. We chose to land fewer of the 101st division hoping that their task of clearing Eindhoven and the route north of there would be easier than the task of holding Nijmegen and Arnhem which had been assigned to the other two divisions.Air Drop and Glider SelectionThe LandingWe took about 11 steps of losses on landing. The 1st Para got hit hard with 5 step losses which included a destroyed formation which landed in woods, and then lost a second step due to landing in enemy ZOC. The Polish managed to twist many ankles in the polder and lost 3 steps. The 82nd lost a couple of steps with companies being reduced landing in the woods and polder.Arnhem Drop Polish Drop at Nijmegen82nd Drop South of Nijmegen82nd 508th Drop at Groesbeek101st Drop West of Nijmegen101st Drop North of the Son Bridge101st Drop North o[...]

Session: Combat Commander: Europe:: Fat Lipki Solo Scenario

Mon, 19 Mar 2018 00:40:49 +0000

by Luftwaffe Flak Scenario 'Fat Lipki'. A German and Russian Recon Patrol run into each other in Russia in '41. Both are tasked with holding key approaches to the surrounding terrain. (I played solo on my table but did the image up in Vassal so as to avoid glare)Came down to literally one victory point. The Russians started out strong, and I mean strong, they had 14 points at the beginning from moving down the road to their open objective (Right arrow) and a very successful Melee (#1)taking out a full squad and Cpl leader.Then they decided to target a lone rifle squad for another melee advance (#2), that they had the clear advantage in force because of their leader. Until they got ambushed, ambush broke their leader, then even with an initiative roll just couldn't top the German's FP roll. The Russian's on the left slowly got moving while the German rifle with MG moved up to their hidden objective. Having lost comms with the two rifle squads on the right, and having positioned his MG team on their objective the Lt set off to gather the loan rifle squads (Dark blue arrow). Having gathered his two rifle squads the Lt and remaining Russian Rifle squad with a Medium MG in their objective house traded fire multiple times, grenades were chucked back and forth with both sides breaking each other at times only to Recover before the other could force a situation. The Lt finally ordered a Melee advance (#3) saying screw the consequences and ordered everyone into the hex, on top of this they ambushed them while the force was suppressed. Having achieved this force advantage they destroyed the Russians in the building while sacrificing his squad to a team (Stacking). The Russian forces on the left in the mean time were making their way down, dodging MG fire as they slowly closed around the German MG team in their objective. Knowing they were going to be surrounded the MG team ordered a counter attack in the hope of throwing off the Russian momentum (#4). They succeeded in killing the Russian Rifle squad and last leader in the hex. However, immediately after having abandoned their position, they were cut off and then cut down in melee. (#5) Which saw the Russians take the hidden objective (Dark red arrow). End commentaryAfter the above I called the game, the Russians had worked the Germans down from their lead again to only 1VP. However, with the Russians losing their last leader to the melee advance, while not impossible it would take a very long time for the Russian side to achieve the right numbers to go after the Germans in the[...]

Session: Julius Caesar:: That was a quick Civil War…

Sun, 18 Mar 2018 23:57:48 +0000

by mk20336 [The post was initially published on my boardgames blog HERE]Usually, when I start with new board game I prefer to play the title as many times as possible in reasonably short amount of time - to better familiarize with it, to be up to date with rules, but also to be able to grasp the deeper strategies and beauty which many games have. Thus this is not surprising that me and Marcin planned to play a re-match after our first game of Julius Caesar. This time I was on defense ([BGCOLOR=#006600]Pompey[/BGCOLOR]) and Marcin was attacking ([BGCOLOR=#FF0000]Caesar[/BGCOLOR]):YEAR 49 BCMain actions during the turn:- Race for Greece started - always the most important and - as we will later see - deciding moment of the game; I managed to grab Ephesus and Byzantium , while Marcin got Athena; seems fine but for Caesar probably it would have been better if he has two cities here, not only one...- Rome - historically and as usually in this game - is taken by Marcin (via hands of Mark Antonius)- I take over Cyprus and build legion and fleet there - I tend to think this is key area in Eastern Mediterranean theater giving access to many Seas- Marcin meticulously plans attack on Tarraco (even using Vulcan) but I manage to survive, inflicting heavy loses on cesarean troopsClick to enlarge:All in all stable turn, but dangerously close for Pompey to victory - both from victory points perspective, as well as strategic situation on map.YEAR 48 BCImportant developments of the turn:- Marcin moves his legions through Italy towards Sicily - nothing decisive yet, but who knows...- I attack with large fleet on Mare Internum but it backfires; despite having 3 fleets with 6 points of health, Marcin 3 fleet with worse statistics and 4 points of health prevails... That was bitter defeat.- However, clouds gather over Athens. First Vulcan strikes, and then Pompey and Caesar fight for life and death. Unfortunately, the latter loses, barely escaping alive. and...- ...that was it! Pompey (me) grabbed last missing point for automatic victory, year finished and Caesar (Marcin) lost 3-10Click to enlarge:I admit, that was surprisingly fast but it definitely underlines strategic importance of Greece, the race to take three victory pints there and possibility to hold them against all odds. Unfortunately, for [BGCOLOR=#FF0000]Caesar (Marcin)[/BGCOLOR] his legions were pretty slow and in decisive battle - gave way the ground to [BGCOLOR=#006600]Pompey The Great (Michal)[/BGCOLOR] [...]

Session: Rogue Stars: Skirmish Wargaming in a Science Fiction Underworld:: Fourarmed is Forewarned

Sun, 18 Mar 2018 23:57:38 +0000

by MusRattus The Inquisition had heard of mutant deviant cults in a rebelling region and dispatched an Inqusitor to clear them out. Rebellion is one thing but alien worship another matter entirely. A team of Grenadiers accompanied the Inquisitor.However, the rebel fire was constant and the Inquisition team sought refuge among some industrial ruins. There they heard the eerie howls of alien mutants. The prey they had sought was now hunting them![My team of Star Cops consisted of 4 Grenadiers with Full Combat Dress, Assault Rifles, and Grenades. One additional Grenadier came equipped with a Flamer (perfect for purging unclean alien filth). Their sealed armor protected them from the thick dust in the atmosphere. The Inquisitor had some more high-tech equipment - a plasma pistol, cyber-arm, and force field. He also had a few mysterious psychic abilities...][The opposing force of cultists were all hideous Insectoid mutants with more arms than a creature ought to possess. They were notably Ambidextrous and well equipped with Submachine Guns. Though they all had psychic potential, there was one, larger than the others, that stood ought both in size and raw psychic power]The game began with one cultist hosing a grenadier down with bullets, taking him out of action.Keeping up the pressure, the Big One teleported onto the platform where the Inquisitor stood with another grenadier. It tore open the grenadier's sealed suit, leaving him gasping in the dust-choked atmosphere. The ensuing struggle was a confusion of claws, rifle butts and plasma bolts.The outcome was something like this:rebels shot a cultist and left it staggering (proving the Inquisition correct on the relative virtues of the two threats), the cultists gunned down 3 more Grenadiers, killing one of them and badly hurting the others. The struggle on the tower between the Big One, the Inquisitor, and the Grenadier was interrupted by fierce rebel gun-fire, but ultimately ended without any conclusion.The game ended with a victory for the Inquisition on points. The Cultists only killed two units which was not enough for this scenario.------------------------------------------------------------------------As this was my first game of Rogue Stars, I'll include a few thoughts on the game in general.First of all, I should have really prepared character cards or sheets for each unit. Would have made it easier to track tokens and skills.Would have been great if the various attack mod tables, weapons table, and armor table w[...]

Session: Terraforming Mars:: Elysium Solo Win

Sun, 18 Mar 2018 23:57:03 +0000

by varianor Solo Game #33 (I think - might be #36) was played on the fields of Elysium. Do you ever have one of those games where it just starts off right? And finishes big? That was tonight’s session. Corporation Choice: Viron or Interplanetary CinematicsInitial Cards: Cupola City Eos Chasma National Park Magnetic Field Generators Insects Mining Expedition Giant Solar Shade Fueled Generators GHG Producing Bacteria Power Grid Orbital ReflectorsChose Viron. Kept the last four cards (above). Built the Bacteria, Fueled Generators and Orbital Reflectors on Generation 1 and felt that I was off to a good start. The Bacteria combined with Viron meant that I was able to get two cubes onto the Gen 2 Bought and Built Lichen, Local Shadows and Micro MillsGen 3 built Mohole AreaGen 4 I’m already feeling like “I’ve got this.” Haven’t built an ocean yet at this point. Gen 5 Grass on Mars. Whoo!Gen 6 first oceanGen 8 Anti-Grav Tech gets bought and built. That card more than pays for itself because by the end of the game I’ll build 16 more cards. (At -2 cost per card built I spent 32 less for 16 cards, most of which I would have bought anyway, for an outlay of 17 (3 to buy, 14 to build). Net savings = 15 MC plus innumerable benefits to cashflow.)Gen 9 Heat is going so well combined with the bacteria that I build Insulation, drop 9 Heat production to 0 in exchange for MC production increase, and revel in it for five more generations. (For a cost of 3 to buy the card, 0 to build thank you Anti-Grave Tech, it turned 45 heat/9 production into 45 MC/+9 production that let me do a lot more.) Gen 11 Between greenery from production and placement plus two standard project greenery tiles and +65 MC from cash flow, I build four in one round. Gen 12 I start buying luxury goods - e.g. cards with Victory Points on them - because I know this game is now. Gen 13 Buy and build Kelp Farming. Plant production is now +11.Gen 14 in the initial draw I get Aquifer Pumping. I don’t buy it. Final Score: 100*Production on last round: +31 MC, +0 Steel, +2 Titanium, +11 Plants, +5 Energy, +0 HeatThis was a really good game. I think it is my highest solo score ever. Have to check my accounts. *This might have been 102. I’m pretty sure that I had bought the last ocean but didn’t place it, however it was still on its space when I finished the game. If I had accidentally missed it, that would have resulted in one less greenery tile standard project in G[...]

Session: The World of SMOG: Rise of Moloch:: THE GHOSTLY CURATOR: The Gentlemen fend off foes and flames to find some vital clues

Sun, 18 Mar 2018 14:55:57 +0000

by JDarlington Last Friday Tom, Phil and I continued our first evening with World of Smog: Rise of Moloch. You can read about our experience with the campaign's Chapter 1 HERE, including the outcome of the Intermission phase in which the Gentlemen spread out through London to gear up after their experience at the Police Station, and the Nemesis advances its powers through Conspiracy.We now moved on to Chapter 2...Our Story Earlier in the evening, the Gentlemen were unable to save the distressed Damsel from the malicious attention of the Nemesis' Agents. She had died among the burning timbers of the Police Station, her clue about their former colleague Professor Blackmore unshared.But from the rubble of the police station (and the corpse of the Damsel, presumably?) the Gentlemen recovered a set of keys belonging to Blackmore – but marked with an address they don’t recognize. After visiting a few familiar locations to gather equipment, they hastened to their friend’s undisclosed retreat and slipped inside to investigate.The place was cluttered with curiosities, artifacts, and what seemed like random bits of anything and everything. But before they could make sense of the mess, they were greeted by a ghostly apparition of Blackmore himself. He promised that he had a tale to tell, but they must recover four clues from his rooms. Just then, Blackmore was interrupted by groans and shouts from the streets, and the flickering light of several bright, moving fires shining through the windows...Cast of Characters: the New VillainsChapter 2 introduces a new Agent and some new Minions: Ira Kodich: She can summon a pair of Royal Guard Zombies for two Ether, and activate any three Zombies within four hexes for two Ether. She’s not personally fighty, but powerful figures and powerful attacks could mean a lot. (Ira’s flip-side summons Dismembered Zombies instead of Royal Guard Zombies.) Dismembered Zombies: A weak attack, but harm or hamper adjacent Gentlemen when they die. Royal Guard Zombies: Normally Punch 4 with a free Charge (which means with a single activation they can both move and fight). Plus, thanks to my Conspiracy Point investment, these have +1 Punch this Chapter.New Villains reveal themselves!SetupThe Gentlemen and their ghostly friend Blackmore begin in the middle of Blackmore’s secret lodgings. There are four “points of interest” scattered around the house; Blackmore will teleport[...]

Session: TKG ARENA: Shrine Wars:: Session on Shrine Wars

Sun, 18 Mar 2018 04:49:54 +0000

by Funboi Shrine war is a game that requires the players to recruit as many cards as possible with the oinks in their possession. The whole game revolves around the bidding mechanism and the highest bidder will be able to purchase the card on the bidding table with their oinks.The final winner is the one with highest points, calculated by the number of individual cards or scoring combination of cards.I have played this game twice with two different groups of people, this has given me a better understanding that there are more than just one way of winning the game.Initially, each player will have 10 oinks of each element in hand. Your chance of winning the game starts at the beginning of the game, where the successful bid of the first few cards will significantly increase your chance of overall victory. This is because, at mid-game, all the cards of significant value would have been taken. As the player who holds the card value with the same ones-place unitary value will inherit the winning bid’s payment, the early accumulation of cards will allow you to accumulate oinks for future bidding by mid-game. Therefore having a strong start is very important in this game. Having a well-thought strategy is also important during the game as you will want to minimise the amount of conflicting interest with the other players. This will reduce the unnecessary “fighting” for a card which will drive the price of a card up. This reduction of conflict of interest can only be done if you have a long-term well thought out strategy, which can last till late-game when players seek out cards that are beneficial to their hand for large scoring combinations. Still, even if it is necessary to “fight” for a card, a well thought out strategy will also allow you to have an upper hand over your opponent.From my experience, players who are playing the game for the first time tended to hold the oinks until late game and only purchase cards of random significance towards the end. This is an unsound strategy as not only will you be picking up the “scrap” numbers, you will also be building up the stronger players’ war chest by feeding your oinks to the player who holds the card of the same value to your bid’s ones-place value.One of the tactics I have learnt is the act of “phantom bidding”. This tactic is useful when an opponent wants to bid for a particular card to build up a scoring combo. By c[...]

Session: The Cards of Cthulhu: Beyond the Veil:: The Case of Edward Bowman

Sun, 18 Mar 2018 04:45:58 +0000

by Old Dwarf Dr. Marcus Odem,MD, PHD12 East Way-Suite 24San Diego CAPersonal JournalRe: Edward BowmanJuly 14,1931I have started this journal as a record outside the case file on this patient in lightof the above individual's criminal murder trial and my desire not to prejudice my findings to the court.I was appointed by the court to evaluate Mr. Bowman's mental state and my reportwill show this person is sane not withstanding and the occult trappings surrounding this killing.Mr. Bowman belonged to a cult and killed a fellow cultist who was trying to defect from thecult he knew right from wrong and was fully aware of his actions.However as clear as Mr. Bowman's sanity is my interviews with the defendant and examinationsof the many documents & books seized by the police lead me to believe that something monstrousis underway beneath the surface . The cult the defendant belongs to is dedicated to summoning a being called Nyarlathotep into our world. This sounds fantastic and hence my desire to keepmy findings secret least the court doubt my own sanity.Nevertheless the name Nyarlathotep is not unknown to me as I did my undergraduate studies at Miskatonic University and took advantage of it's library extensive occult holdings as preparationfor my interests in Psychiatry . Mr. Bowman's ravings about a Black Man leads me to give credenceto the cults efforts as the Black Man is an avatar of Nyarlathotep.Thus I have resolved to investigate this cult and try to stop them from summoning this horrorfrom beyond the vail .Nyarlathotep is called The Crawling Chaos and to loose it into our worldwould indeed bring massive disruptions to society. I can only hope my efforts will be enough.February 21,1932The horror of the past 6 months is nearly beyond endurance, I have destroyed my journal entriescovering August 1931- through last week least should this journal become public I would be thought mad.Mankind has no idea what lurks just beyond our mundane existence , ancient horrors waiting to returnto reclaim our world and fools that try to hasten their arrival.In the past months probing into this Nyarlathotep Cult I have been attacked by cultist and minions,discovered sleeping Horrors which I was able to dispatch before their awakening ,and suffered thewrath of the Cult's powers & even the cursed symbols they managed to plant on me. I discoveredthe Gates from which these mi[...]

Session: Dragonfire:: The Hard Way

Sun, 18 Mar 2018 04:14:41 +0000

by davro33 My group played Unholy Presence last night - the 3rd adventure in the core campaign. And I accidentally made it way harder than it should have been! Note - If you haven't played this Adventure yet, it contains a twist - a new campaign mechanic that you've yet to encounter. I've placed the twist inside a spoiler tag, but if you don't want to know anything about the adventure at all, don't read past it.First I misread the instructions and drew our starting encounters out of the Adventurers 2 deck, so we were all facing the hard monsters instead of the level 1 undead. Then the first Dragonfire card I drew was "all humanoids do +1 damage" and of course all 4 encounters were humanoids so we all lost 2-3 HP on the first turn.Luckily the DF cards for rounds 3 and 4 had no effects (they were both color specific and we didn't have any of those color encounters in play). Things were looking pretty bad at the end of round 4, but then we drew Dangerous Waters from the DF deck! Everyone healed up 2-3 HP and we managed to kill the last monster before the end of the round so Dangerous Waters got buried and it's deadfall effect never got triggered.As I started to deal out the cards for the second scene I double-checked the instructions and realized that I'd messed up the first round. Since the DF level was at 4 we again faced 4 monsters from the hard deck, plus 1 zombie horde from the easy deck. To top things off, the Adventurer facing the wizard summoned another blue Adventurer, Jeleshava, our most hated nemesis, who has ended several of our previous adventures! (When she deals dmg, all players must make a skill check and take 1 dmg for failing.) Our mage had first turn to start the second scene, but luckily I had just purchased a Tower Shield at the end of the previous scene, so I used it to Assist him and prevented Jeleshava from attacking. On his second turn, our mage Lightning Bolted thru her 4/4 gray levels, along w/enough other blue dmg to kill her before she could ever attack.The round ended after he finished her off, which pushed the DF level to 5. From that point on we triggered at least 1 DF effect on every DF card. We had the lone lvl 1 zombie down to its last damage track when we drew Reinforcements, so it got replaced with a healthy new Adventurer 2!But by this point my fighter had that Tower Shield plus a Grapple, our cl[...]

Session: Fallout:: Thoughts after first 4p Session

Sun, 18 Mar 2018 03:50:32 +0000

by podonnell Have played a few two player games and just did my first 4 player game -- which felt like a much different experience in general.A couple things I wanted to write about to see what others thought... Mainly general comments, but some that may be relevant based on using the popular scoring Variant here - This is based on my 4p playthrough tonight. None of this is necessarily criticism as I am very much looking for other opinions...It seemed that there were few opportunities to earn influence cards throughout the game for all players. I personally focused on the main quest so the game would end in a timely manner, and expected as such that I would not get as many influence cards. That felt normal, but overall it seemed there were not as many opportunities to get them. Sidequests would award them, but only if you follow a specific path in most cases. One player got none throughout the game but luckily finished the vault 84 quest that awards two influence cards. Do people find that influence cards are hard to come by? I feel like it would be near impossible for most players to get the maximum of 4 influence cards in a 4p game.In our case the game was one sided as all 4 players were able to get the red faction card, and blue did not move once throughout the game. Has anyone experimented with splitting both factions evenly at the beginning of the game, or have you found it more fun to randomize?First player did not move once throughout the whole game. Not that it's incredibly important, but there are so many additional influence cards with 4 players.I found myself recommending the 3 new players to acquire weapons and armor, but did not know how to answer them when they asked "How?". The shop only had one gun throughout the game, and one player was able to get it only because they chose to steal. Nobody could otherwise afford it. Caps seemed incredibly difficult to come by. How do you advise others to get caps? The wasteland encounters? Non-faction influence cards.. had a few interesting scenarios. I was a Ghoul and had to end up Idolized. So I start villianized, but it seemed no harder than a normal player to achieve, that was fine.Another player had a goal to get 3 drugs but we only came across one throughout the game. I think a shop varian[...]

Session: TKG ARENA: Shrine Wars:: Bid, and with a dash of luck, you might win.

Sun, 18 Mar 2018 03:46:17 +0000

by Edmondy Game session report on Shrine WarsThe game started with us being briefed on the details of the game. Equipped with the general knowledge of the game, we dived into it straight to better understand the mechanics of the game.Shrine Wars is a game that requires a minimum of 2 players but is played best when there are over 3 players. The objective of the game is to score the most influence Points among the players. Influence Points are calculated at the end based on their sets. Having 1 card alone gives 1 Influence Point. However, having a set grants them more points. Having more than 1 card with the same face value, but of different element gives 4/9/16 points for every additional card of the same face value. Another set is to have a minimum of 5 running numbers will give the squared points of the number of cards they have. (E.g. Having cards with face value 1,2,3,4,5 and regardless of element gives 25 points, and having 6 cards with running numbers will give 36 points, and so on.) Our game started with every player receiving 10 “Oinks” of each currency of each element to bid for cards in a deck. A deck of cards was placed face down in the middle, where it contains cards we will be bidding for. The game started with us deciding on who can start bidding first. Once it was decided, the top card was flipped over and revealed. It was a Ashw card. A player then bid 10 Ashw Oinks for the card. Since the bid was in a denomination of 10, the next card on top of the deck was revealed, and it was another Ashw card. As the game just started, and no other players have more then 10 Ashw Oinks, the two cards were awarded to him as he was the highest bidder. Hence, by going first and bidding 10 Oinks of the element, the player is taking the chance that the next card is of the same element, and can get two cards with no one being able to outbid him. The Oinks he bidded was then distributed in a circle, where each player take turns taking 1 Oink of their choice till there is non left.The game goes on for a while, and as more rounds of bidding passed, players have cards of different face value. Normally, the bidded Oinks will be distributed evenly to the players, but if a player has a card whose face value is the same as the unit value of the winning bid, all oinks will be given to [...]

Session: The Forest: The Manticore Legend:: The Forest: The Manticore Legend on the Geekosphere # 3 in a good company!

Sun, 18 Mar 2018 03:42:41 +0000

by aletyk Geekosphere - a meeting place for Ukrainian fans of board games. March 9-11 in Lviv on the Geekosphere #3 414 games were collected on the game library by participants! It was official Ukrainian record!Game Forest: The legend of Manticore was also represented on the Geekosphere. The game session was attended by 5 people: 4 players for heroes and 1 player for Manticore with monsters.The situation in the first phase of the game was very difficult for players, the monsters settled close enough to the citadel and it was important to protect the fortress at the first step. All the players on equal footing took the fight with the monsters and unfortunately for the elf and the dwarf the game ended quickly enough, both heroes fell on the walls of the citadel detaining the monsters for 2-3 turns. Warrior and Magician were able to take advantage of the time they had won and managed to return to the citadel with some artifacts.A common decision was agreed the tactics of the battle with Manticore, which inexorably approached to the citadel. The magician stood in her way, and the Warrior went around behind Manticore. The life of the Magician hung in the balance, but Manticore was already in a serious problem when, after the next round the Manticore killed the Magician and deprived the fortress of the last defender, and the Warrior unfortunately did not have time to take his place in the citadel and prevent Manticore from capturing the city.Yes, this is the outcome of the fight, the heroes lost the battle and the insidious Manticore celebrated the victory! [...]

Session: The Forest: The Manticore Legend:: The Forest: The Manticore Legend on the Geekosphere # 3 in a good company!

Sat, 17 Mar 2018 21:23:00 +0000

by aletyk

Geekosphere - a meeting place for Ukrainian fans of board games. March 9-11 in Lviv on the Geekosphere #3 414 games were collected on the game library by participants! It was official Ukrainian record!

Game Forest: The legend of Manticore was also represented on the Geekosphere. The game session was attended by 5 people: 4 players for heroes and 1 player for Manticore with monsters.

The situation in the first phase of the game was very difficult for players, the monsters settled close enough to the citadel and it was important to protect the fortress at the first step. All the players on equal footing took the fight with the monsters and unfortunately for the elf and the dwarf the game ended quickly enough, both heroes fell on the walls of the citadel detaining the monsters for 2-3 turns. Warrior and Magician were able to take advantage of the time they had won and managed to return to the citadel with some artifacts.
A common decision was agreed the tactics of the battle with Manticore, which inexorably approached to the citadel. The magician stood in her way, and the Warrior went around behind Manticore. The life of the Magician hung in the balance, but Manticore was already in a serious problem when, after the next round the Manticore killed the Magician and deprived the fortress of the last defender, and the Warrior unfortunately did not have time to take his place in the citadel and prevent Manticore from capturing the city.
Yes, this is the outcome of the fight, the heroes lost the battle and the insidious Manticore celebrated the victory!

Session: Eclipse: Shadow of the Rift:: 6 Player Game

Sat, 17 Mar 2018 20:50:16 +0000

by JeffreyKnoll Losers Game – I picked 6 factions that are not often picked in our group. I then randomized the order and people bid on both the factions and turn order. The players are below along with the amount of points they bid on each faction. These points would be deducted from our final scores.Players:Jeff – Cream Color – Lyra (-3)Daryl – Red – Eridani (-3)Phil – Green – Planta (-1)Shu – Yellow – Pyxis (-2)Nikunj – White – Humans (-2)Quentin – Purple – Exiles (0)Turn 1This was Phil’s first game, so we all agreed to gang up on Phil because we didn’t want a first time player to win. 2 improved hulls came out at the start of the game so both me and Daryl were able to pick them up. Phil did a lot of exploration and got some good tiles and settled them all. He didn’t get any ancients which was both good and bad for him. Shu also did a lot of exploration and also didn’t find any ancients as well. Shu did explore 2 hexes with discovery tiles and ended up getting an additional 10 resources on the first turn! This made Phil scared because he is right next to Shu. Shu spent a bunch of resources on Advanced Economy which allowed her to place 3 more cubes on her territories and really helped her economy. Daryl made a trade agreement with Phil and was worried that Phil would be attacked soon. Shu is known to be the most aggressive Eclipse player in our group. I explored 2 tiles and found an ancient on a tier 3 hex, but only a 1 planet hex on the tier 1 hex. I did a pretty good job of blocking off Daryl – he only had 1 path into my territory – through my tier 1 hex. Phil also did a good job of blocking Shu and Shu only had 1 path into Phil’s territory. Daryl did a lot of exploring and discovered 2 hexes next to him with ancients on it. He continued exploring and settled a 3 hex as well, but all of this, along with his technology actions, was a strain on Daryl’s economy and it cost him 13 economy resources during his upkeep phase. More than half his inheritance was gone on the first turn.Turn 2I had a terrible reveal on my tier 2 hex – it didn’t have any planets at all! I did settle this to get a discovery and I made a trade deal to Quenti[...]

Session: The Speed of Heat:: Solo TSoH scenario V-5: Crusaders against Fishbeds.

Sat, 17 Mar 2018 19:56:07 +0000

by Meeduluk This is a historical scenario based on a 2 vs. 2 encounter between Vought F-8C Crusaders and MiG-21PF Fishbeds during the Vietnam War. The Crusader occupies an undervalued spot in histories of air combat, its exploits usually overshadowed by the better-known F-4 Phantom. The Crusader did however, have the best air-to-air kill ratio of all US fighters in the Vietnam War, downing 19 MiGs for 3 losses. It is known as ‘the last of the gunfighters’ because for most of the War it was the only USN fighter to carry an internal gun, a doctrine borne from the belief that longer range missiles would prevail in air-to-air combats. At the time it entered service in 1957 it had an unprecedented rate of climb so was well suited to the role of fleet interceptor.The MiG-21 was the most successful fighter/interceptor used by the NVAF, responsible for more than 50% of the total air kills during the War. Interception tactics usually took the form of flights of MiG-21s being vectored by fighter controllers to incoming US bombing raids previously detected by ground radar. The MiGs would then execute hit and run missile attacks at high speed followed by immediate disengagement and return to the base airfield. This guerrilla warfare was highly effective; in December 1968 alone, MiG-21s accounted for 14 F-105 Thud kills with no losses. Their reluctance to engage in prolonged air-to-air battles with US fighters was famously foiled during Operation Bolo in 1967 (led by Col. Olds) where F-4s masquerading as heavy bomb-laden Thuds shot down seven MiG-21s in a single engagement, reportedly 50% of the total NVAF MiG-21 inventory. The current scenario utilises the earlier PF variant, devised as a pure interceptor, having a small fuel load and lacking a gun which helps explain NVAF pilots’ reluctance to dogfight. Subsequent variants were cannon-armed and earned a superb reputation in the air-to-air role both in Vietnam and later conflicts.Both the Crusader and the MiG-21 were manoeuvrable and powerful machines, capable of quickly accelerating to supersonic speeds from take-off. Looking at the ADCs that come with the game, the turning and climbing rates of the two types are pretty even[...]

Session: Rising Sun:: How I never took a territory and still managed a win

Sat, 17 Mar 2018 10:05:52 +0000

by Netdogca We just played a 4 player game. Clans were Dragonfly, Turtle, Bonsai, and Fox. I was Fox clan.This was our third game of Rising Sun so we aren't full veterans, witnessed by the fact that I completely forgot about my clan's ability.The game kicked off and the other players were all looking at their strategies for taking the different territories during the war phase. I decided I was going to see if I could compete during spring without actually taking a territory. If that worked I would stay with that for the game. At the end of spring I was only 1 VP behind the leader so stuck with the plan.I Played to gain having my Shinto at the shrine of Raijin so that I could place a Bushi, again, forgetting I actually had that ability with my clan. My strategy was basically to get as many of my Bushi/Shinto or monsters into the territories where I could Seppuku and then Poems. Gaining myself Honor as well as VP.As the game progressed I picked up the card that gave me 1 extra VP each time I would gain one or more VP.I also played to get all my Strongholds out because I planned to grab the card that gives me 3 VP for each one at the end of game. Along with that, I also played to be in an alliance for every season. Also, planning to gather the card that gives me 3 VP for each season I was in Alliance.I managed alliances each season which also helped me get my strongholds out during Marshall as well as help me get more Bushi and/or Shinto out during recruit mandates. Again, looking to Seppuku everyone.Also, in alliance, it allowed me to pay less for Train cards, saving me money for the war phase. I did borrow coin once.Prior to war phase, I would negotiate with the other players to allow me Seppuku and I would give them the province/territory without a fight. I was able to negotiate it half the time. The other half I used my money to position myself to win at least one of Seppuku or Poems. I only lost Poems twice which was fine because on those battles I had fewer Bushi in the province. I, therefore, didn't lose too much VP. I would still Seppuku to gain that VP and Honor. I also stayed away from provinces where there were 3 or more clans fightin[...]

Session: Khyber Rifles:: Carry on up the Khyber, or how I couldn't find the Khazi, March 1883 Mahadra Valley, North West Frontier

Sat, 17 Mar 2018 09:08:26 +0000

by sweaty 13th March 1883, Katpul Fort, Khalabar Province, NWF.We returned empty handed from our mission yesterday to the hilltop village of Tanat at the head of the Mahadra valley.I, Major Abercrombie-Fitch had been given command of the rather grandly named 'Mahadra Field Force' by my seniors in an effort to seize one Randi Lal, the self styled Khazi of Khalabar and leader of the insurrection currently sweeping the frontier. Intelligence had been received that he was in Tanat raising dissent in this part of the province.My 'Field Force' consisted of no more than 2 Companies of the 3rd Foot, a troop from the Derwent Horse and a Gatling gun. The only troops to hand as the Frontier was aflame from end to end!My Force entered the valley by the track from Katpul, which travelled between two hills before reaching the base of a larger mountain where it turned sharp right along the mountain base towards my objective before disappearing out of sight in the 85 degree haze. Prime ambush terrain, but then again what wasn't in this Godforsaken land?I deployed the Derwent horse onto the hill to our right to try and spy out what lay ahead and deployed a half company from A Company onto the hill to our left. The remainder of the Force moved along the trail.No sooner had we moved than shots rang out from a large party of Pathans in scrub to our front left and I am distressed to say that B Company lost nearly a whole section to this accurate surprise. The remainder of B Company returned a ragged fire. I could see more groups of natives joining this group and so I deployed the troops of A Company on the hill on our left to fire into the enemy and pushed a half Company from B onto the mountain on our front to fire on their other flank. Soon enough we had given them what for and all 4 groups melted away.Carrying on around the trail I pushed the Derwent's out in front along the trail and again they stirred up a nest of 100/120 hostiles in scrub ahead of them. They dismounted and engaged them in carbine fire whilst the half Company from B on the mountain to our front circled the rim and poured down volley fire onto the hapless natives cau[...]

Session: Death Valley: Battles for the Shenandoah:: New Cedar Creek

Sat, 17 Mar 2018 08:53:17 +0000

by thomas7163 I've waiting a long time for this oneI have the SDI version with thin counters and TCT style of play, not a fanAs a ACW re-enactor I've done the battle of Cedar Creek for 18 years now so this game means a lot to me.Early morning surprise attack on the Union forces outside of Middletown, VA - The Battle Of Cedar Creek.After a third and final battle at Winchester the Confederate forces under Gen'l Early's - AoS, hungry and tired launch a surprise attack on the Union forces resting near Middletown, VA. at Creder Creek.Acting Union commander Gen'l Wright, AoS places his army in forward positions along Cedar Creek and then has them fortify their positions.Through the woods and brush the divisions of Kershaw, Gordon, Ramseur and Pegram attack.Now alerted let the roling beginFirst Union forces hit are under command of Gen'l Crook= AWV, because of disorder roles throughout the Union commands, they're hit so hard in this first hour that they cease to exist, all div's, bgd's, units and any attached artillery are off the map and the Confederate steam rolling begins.Second Union force encountered is Gen'l Emory = XIX Corp and they met with a almost similar fate McMillan div is under attack now and Grover div is barely holding on.The first initial strike by Gen'l Early divisions has cleared out all Union forces at the first fortification line and now their second fortification line are under pressure from front and left as the Confederates try to envelop that side, closing them in on the artillery at Stickley farm hill, accoss the Cedar Creek. With all this Confederate attacking going on they are not without their own issues the casualties are mounting and will probably be in no shape to handle Mr. Sheridan counter attack, especially Kershaws, Gordon & Ramseur divisions.As a follow up plan, since Wharton div has come on the map and Pegram div has not seen any action, they will be thrown forward to defend the Valley Pike just south Middletown.Some terminology in the above report you may not be use to hearing but it helps this game to work and work well.And with a very schooled testing team[...]

Session: Empire of the Sun:: Struggle over Pacific – EotS for the first time

Sat, 17 Mar 2018 08:52:46 +0000

by mk20336 [The post was initially published on my boardgames blog HERE]They say "Better Later Then Never". And I fully agree, discovering one by one true "jewels" of boardgame hobby. Recently I had pleasure to "taste" something really huge - namely Empire of the Sun. I will be quite honest - there are not many players in my group with whom I can try to tackle that pretty complex game. Still, there are some and Kuba - who is fascinated by War in Pacific in general - agreed to join the endeavor.After reading the rules like twice and watching fantastic YouTube movies explaining the game mechanics, we plunged into the world of land, naval and air warfare spanning almost half Pacific and half of Asia. As players well experienced with Card Driven Games we grasped the mechanics pretty quickly - which does not mean that we had to loop-up rules from time to time.We rolled for the sides and Kuba took command of Japan while Allied forces were under mine leadership. As suggested, we took 1943 scenario for a starter (click to enlarge):Here I would like to mention that I am finding EotS Vassal module quite useful and helpful, especially in depicting what happened during the game. So below you can see two theaters, where majority of our fights took place.China, Birma, India (CBI)Kuba, historically, attacked furiously on the CBI front:However, I managed to trick Kuba there - during his large offensive, I have counter-attacked with air forces which resulted in two Japan armies being destroyed. Of course, my plains also suffered, but it was worth it - especially for the morale of poor British soldiers being constantly attacked here. However, the joyful moment quickly passed away, as Kuba managed to amass new forces and in the end destroyed the British aircraft carrier.New Guinea & Solomon IslandsOn the other hand, in Salomons and New Guinea it was me who had its five minutes of glory:There was not much what can stop me in New Guinea and I managed to "steamroll" through the whole island, eliminating two Japan armies in the process without any causalities on Allied side. Unfortu[...]

Session: Pandemic Legacy: Season 2:: December, highs and lows (Spoilers for December and end game)

Sat, 17 Mar 2018 08:48:21 +0000

by Xarou I have to say that if you aren't prepared for December then you will have a rough time. At the end of November, among others, Johannesburg went to 0 population. We decided that we had other more important cities and/or upgrades to do that we would ignore Jburg. In comes December and it decided to kick us in the teeth. With the rules about cities at 0 population and the only actions being drive/ferry in that city, it meant that we couldn't win our first game of December. Now looking back I can see them hinting at how important Jburg was and that we shouldn't get into this scenario.So with a first game a guaranteed loss we were setting up the optimal rout to Jburg. We had a route of 3 reds, 2 blacks, 1 yellow, and 1 blue. We also created a satellite tower in London, where we have a research station. Now we had easy access to get blues distributed to create the research station in Jburg for the final game. Finally we created new sea lanes to some of the remaining red cities, so we would have more red cards for the final run. All that was left was to lose the first game in December. So, while we were trying to prevent too many cities going to 0, we also did some searching. I think we found some companions that were now completely useless.-------------Now we move onto Late December. We only had 30 cubes to put on 40 some cities, with Utopia needing a few extra. We decided to put a few on Utopia, since there were now 8 Utopia cards that could be pulled. We also made sure our route to Jburg was stocked with at least 1 cube. After our first distribution North America had no cubes on it. We decided that was a bad idea. Looking back now I can't remember all the places we decided we were going to abandon, but I know the outer most cities were ignored. We also had a couple 0 population cities (I think Mexico City and Seoul were two of them).Because we didn't cull the deck, and avoided destroying those blue water cards like we should have, we have 10 epidemics and enough cards to have 4 piles of 10 cards and 6 piles of 9 cards. So I got a p[...]

Session: Gloomhaven:: Tale of Two Parties, Chapter 26 (Riftjumpers, Scenario 36)

Sat, 17 Mar 2018 08:48:10 +0000

by EventHorizon [Note: Tale of Two Parties is being written primarily as a way to see if the experiences of two groups playing in the same game world can create a cogent narrative and to communicate sessions between groups.Spoilers, such as enemy types, are included but really shouldn't be relied on in your games as I'm not tracking the game while we are playing and specifics can diverge from what happened for narrative reasons. The first session report of the series is here:Chapter 1]Current Partyo Skrrit, Vermling Mindthiefo Bonecrusher, Savvas Craghearto Esmerelda, Orchid Spellweavero Korth, Inox BruteEsmerelda stood and looked over the battlements at the demonic mass camped outside Gloomhaven. While the city leaders didn’t know why they had come, she did. She had seen the leader of the demons once before, in the demonic rift up north. She would never forget that sight. Her meditations had been disrupted by a massive surge that marked the entrance of the Prime Demon into this world. She had hoped that not returning to it with the Vessel of the Elements, and their efforts to cleanse it, had gone unnoticed. It appears that that was not the case. Now Gloomhaven was under siege and it was her fault. She had rushed back to The Hand’s HQ when she had felt the Prime Demon’s coming to warn them and gather a group to confront him. But when she got there, she could not find Korth, Bonecrusher, or Skrrit. No one had seen them for a few days and The Hand had not given them an assignment. While there were others under The Hand that she would trust in a battle, no one else had faced demons. Particularly not as many as they had and had survived. But now she would have to make do with who was here. The demon army had arrived at the city gates a couple days prior and had entertained themselves with ransacking and burning the outer villages. With the arrival, The Hand had sent his people all over to help bolster the defenses and support the City Guard. This was how she now found herself on the battlements with the Capt[...]

Session: TKG ARENA: Shrine Wars:: Let the bidding begins.

Sat, 17 Mar 2018 08:47:53 +0000

by lioneltan95 Game Description In Shrine war, there will be a bidding for cards with each player starting with the same amount of oinks. Personally, I especially like this mechanics as the bidding process involves communicating with the players player and in a sense, having a psychological warfare with each other. In each round, a player bids first following by the next player in a clockwise direction, turn by turn. The turn based bidding system is interesting as the bid will get progressively higher through each turn until a clear winner emerges.Game Mechanics The mechanic of Shrine War revolve around turn based bidding. As I enjoy talking to players while playing, I enjoyed the mechanic of this game a lot. Being a risk taker and a calculative person, the bidding session allows me to immerse myself in the game as each bid I participant is a calculated step towards winning the cards and ultimately the game. Through the bidding mechanic, it also allows me to be able to observe each player’s playstyle and character which allows me to plan my bidding strategy. Knowing the player’s playstyle also allows me to also persuade them by my words even when I am not involved in the bidding round which I thoroughly enjoy doing. Gameplay Session Initially, everyone started conservatively and bid the bare minimum amount for each turn. However, as the oinks gets redistributed and some players accumulated more oinks than others, the game start to intensify. Initially being conservative, the players started increasing each bid by a high amount.The rule of opening another card when the bid reaches multiple of 10 was also take advantage of by the players as they will bid in multiple of tens especially when they found out that they have a higher number of oinks that the opposing bidder. This rule however also lead some players to purposely skip bidding in the multiple of tens to prevent opposing bidder from getting an additional card. This adds on to the fun element of the game as each player start[...]

Session: B-17: Queen of the Skies:: Tub O' Lard - Mission 165 - Munich Germany

Fri, 16 Mar 2018 23:36:12 +0000

by blaird B-17 Name: Tub O' Lard IICommander: CAPT Thomas A. LardSquadron Assigned: 78th SquadronSquadron: LowPosition: TailMISSION DATE: NOVEMBER 4, 1944MISSION NBR. 165TARGET: Munich, Germany - Marshalling Yard (This Bomber 11)PosRankNameAwardsTotal Missions FlownPrevious KillsKills this missionDispositionPilotCAPTThomas A. LardAM14------Co-Pilot1LTMark Peterson11------Bombardier2LTAndrew Nimitz20ME-110 / FW-190Navigator2LT Peter Drake20Bf-109RTDEngineer1SGRoger DaleyAM111FW-190 x2Radio OperatorSGTFrank ClutterbuckAM / PH101Ball GunnerS/SGTWilliam McPheeAM112Bf-109PWGSGTJoseph MabusAM60FW-190SWGSGTWilliam McBridePHx2 / AM920Tail GunnerSGTWayne Simpson21Bf-109Claims Bf-109FW-190ME-110Undamaged010Fighter Cover020FCA000FBOA000Destroyed431Bomb Run30%B-17 DamageWindow 1/2Superficial x10Rubber Raftsengine 4 Oil take leak - shut down zone 5Port wing flap inoperableRudder 2/3Starboard Aileron InoperablePort Wing Inboard Fuel Tank LeakPort Wing Root 1/5Peckham Points140 - 2 Days Repair Time + 1 Day Ferry TimeAwardsSGT Clutterbuck to S/SGTAirfieldAlright the weather is supposed to be complete garbage today, but we will have PFF to bring us in. Nimitz and Drake, this is your first trip over the Alps, keep an eye out in the nose to make sure we don't have a face to face meeting with the mountains. McPhee, if a tree tickles your belly in the ball let me know to get some more altitude.Zone 2We were hit right out of the door, McPhee knocked down a 109, Simpson knocked down a second 109, but we missed a 110 which hit the Tub. One shell cracked the window in the pilot compartment, the other two hits were just superficial, one to the port wing, the other to the radio room. Then the 110 came around for a second pass, Nimitz let loose in the chin turrets and the 110 went down.Zone 3Nothing to ReportZone 4We saw a few fighters but they hit the formations in front of us.Zone 5-6Nothing to reportZone 7"Would you take a look at that, those flyboys seem to be zipping around a [...]

Session: The Republic of Rome:: Long Island Boardgaming Organization Early Republic Scenario 9/10/17

Fri, 16 Mar 2018 23:35:51 +0000

by latindog A few days ago, some members of the Long Island Boardgaming Organization (LIBO, for short) played our second game ever of Republic of Rome. Looking back on the LIBO message board, I found this write-up of our first session from last September and thought it might be worthwhile to post it here for anyone curious about how the game plays.Players:Bill -- learned the game at WBC over the summer of 2017 and played 3 games that week. Was teaching the game for the first time.Mindy -- an experienced player who has played at WBC and elsewhere over the years and has a lot of experience with a number of longer AH type games (Dune, Advanced/Mega Civ, History of the World etc.)Vinny -- played two games of RoR over the summer at WBCBrian -- first time playing RoR but a very strong and experienced gamer who tends to excel at multiplayer games like Advanced Civ. and many heavy EurosAndrew -- first time playing RoR but a very strong gamer for whom negotiation and backstabbing games are a particular specialtyPatrick -- first-time playing RoR who is very quick to pick up on strategies and is always a threat in multiplayer games despite his relatively quiet demeanor over the boardThe game started peacefully enough with Andrew, Brian, Patrick, Vinny and Mindy sharing offices and perks amongst themselves rather nicely. In fact if it had been a five player game one could have assumed that everyone was being given a fair share of Rome's bounty. Mindy was victimized by an early death of one of her senators while Bill and Andrew had picked up extras from the pool of available senators and by statesman cards respectively. Vinny was given the Pontifex Maximus after we extracted promises of future priesthoods being spread around the table. His generosity lasted exactly 3 turns before he began giving them solely to himself (when he remembered them at all)Our first major crisis came when (after ignoring the first Punic war on turn 1) we drew t[...]

Session: The Republic of Rome:: Long Island Boardgaming Organization Early Republic Second Play 3/11/18

Fri, 16 Mar 2018 19:59:41 +0000

by latindog Once again we were able to gather players for a session of Republic of Rome from my gaming group (Long Island Boardgaming Organization or LIBO for short) on a Sunday afternoon. We chose to play the early republic again but we began the game with the rules as written (i.e. with the First Punic War in the inactive wars box) rather than use the WBC variant start that begins the game with an active First Punic War with a Naval Victory marker on it.Players:Bill -- this is my fifth play of the game so I'm getting more comfortable with the rules and starting to grok the strategies a bit.Mindy -- an experienced AH gamer who is very familiar with RoR and always a major threatVinny -- is playing his fourth game and he tends to drive the hardest bargains at the table while not being shy about wielding the knife at the right momentPatrick -- quietly amassed a great deal of influence in our first LIBO game, made a timely assassination of the leader's (Vinny's) most influential senator and earned a well fought victory in his first game of RoR everJarett -- first time player but he is a very experienced gamer with a particular fondness for the old school AH title Titan and a math teacher with a great head for strategy who claims that negotiation games are not particularly in his wheelhouse. The first turn started pretty well for Rome. Everyone but Bill wound up with at least one concession in the opening draw (Vinny had three) and several people had multiple concessions. Bribery was rife throughout the afternoon and the censors were never particularly motivated to curb the graft. Jarett drew the opening HRAO and chose the slate of consuls for the new year. Bill became Rome consul and HRAO and Patrick took the Field Consul role for Julius (an important senatorial family as later events would prove). Evil omens came out and set a bit of the tone for the afternoon but we raised a decent military force a[...]

Session: Wing Leader: Victories 1940-1942:: V13 Hey Rube Lexington Survives

Fri, 16 Mar 2018 19:58:28 +0000

by tooslow56 With the recent discovery of the location of the U.S.S. Lexington, a solitaire game of V13 seems to be in order. I have played this scenario both solitaire and with an opponent before and it is a good one.Using the 2.02 rules for this scenario. I am using Vassal rather than set up the board and taking pictures.Here is the run down on the scenario. Looking at the wing displays, I loaded up the IJN bombers with veterans to see how that would go. End turn 1. The Kates and their escort are going to wave top during turn 2. Vals getting in to position for dive bombing runs. IN2 got a lucky "6" to tally TB2. The Wildcats and SBD assigned to CAP hold their positions by rule.End turn 2. FE2 tallied IN2 and split, sending FE3 off to attack IN2, both survived cohesion and FE3 forced a dogfight. The combat in O0 amounted to no losses for either, however FE2 could not react because it was a head on attack. The Kates have started aiming and the Vals plod along to their dive over spot.End turn 3. Direct fire flak from Lexington and Minneapolis open up on M0 and N0, breaking friendly CP1. The dogfight in P0 ends as FE3 is victorious. FE2 broken in air combat vs CP1 which was broken by AA. CP3 executed a head on attack in N4 as FE1 was unable to react. The bombers continue to press on.End turn 4. Heavy flak takes it's toll on TB1 as it fails to score any hits. Good bit of attrition, the 2 expertes square off in N4, with FE1 getting the better of the fight.End turn 5. Ferocious AA hit both the torpedo squadron and the dive bombers. The torpedo attack by TB2 didn't fare much better as a 10% was rolled on the bombing table. The Vals attacked and DB1 missed and DB3 rolled 100%. Lexington has taken 7 hits so her flak is suppressed. No air combat as the aircraft in L4 have no tallies on each other, and they all employed free movement to get to that square. The Yorktown awaits it's f[...]

Session: Gloomhaven:: Tale of Two Parties, Chapter 29 (Void Walkers, Scenario 56, Spoilers)

Fri, 16 Mar 2018 19:50:33 +0000

by EventHorizon [Note: Tale of Two Parties is being written primarily as a way to see if the experiences of two groups playing in the same game world can create a cogent narrative and to communicate sessions between groups.Spoilers, such as enemy types, are included but really shouldn't be relied on in your games as I'm not tracking the game while we are playing and specifics can diverge from what happened for narrative reasons. Class spoilers are below, as there are now unlocked classes in the party. The first session report of the series is here:Chapter 1]Current Partyo Ana-Ishi, Savvas Craghearto Lenka, Orchid Spellweavero Zellaris, Valrath Sunkeepero Divney, Savvas ElementalistIn the morning, a bit worse for the wear, the Void Walkers set off towards the bandit camp again. The trail led upwards across a bluff. As the path turned, Zellaris suddenly signaled for the group to stop. He moved forward out of sight. After a short wait, he came back glowering and swearing under his breath. “What’s wrong?” asked Lenka. Zellaris smiled slightly, “Whoever gave you that map wasn’t trying to help you. They were trying to kill you. The bandit camp is below, a couple hour hike away from the main road going through this forest. That map was about the most dangerous, circuitous way to find the camp possible. It was a trap, and a fine one at that. Luckily, they shouldn’t be expecting many people from coming this way so we should be able to overpower any sentries they have. Lenka and Ana-Ishi exchanged glances, both fully aware that the map had come from The Gloom and both feeling really stupid for taking it at face value. The group moved forward, cautiously now that they knew the bandit camp was close. Once again Zellaris signaled the group to stop, but also signaled them to hide off of the path. They had just enough time to hide when they heard some [...]

Session: Gloomhaven:: Tale of Two Parties, Chapter 28 (Riftjumpers, Scenario 19, Spoilers)

Fri, 16 Mar 2018 19:50:27 +0000

by EventHorizon [Note: Tale of Two Parties is being written primarily as a way to see if the experiences of two groups playing in the same game world can create a cogent narrative and to communicate sessions between groups.Spoilers, such as enemy types, are included but really shouldn't be relied on in your games as I'm not tracking the game while we are playing and specifics can diverge from what happened for narrative reasons. The first session report of the series is here:Chapter 1]Current Partyo Skrrit, Vermling Mindthiefo Bonecrusher, Savvas Craghearto Esmerelda, Orchid Spellweavero Korth, Inox BruteGiven their success at driving back the demons, Korth was pleased that no one had made more of an effort to discover the nature of the scouting expedition they had been on. Of course the concerted effort to find out how the demon had tracked them to Gloomhaven and how to prevent it from happening again had been a large diversion to his benefit. That effort was why he found himself back at Hail’s dilapidated bar with the other three. Esmerelda performed the ritual to alert Hail before they went in, and then they entered. It took almost 5 minutes for the Aesther to appear, and when she did it was with more than the normal complaints. “Esmerelda, dear, so nice of you to drop by but I can’t talk right now. I don’t know if you knew, but there were some demons near Gloomhaven. Gloomhaven! So many spells are ruined. I am going to need supplies and beakers. Yes, can you go buy me some beakers? But seriously, who invited the demons. Was that you guys, dearie? If you are going to do that again, please warn me first. Demons aren’t very kind on earth but they are even worse on the astral planes.” As she paused to take a breath, Esmerelda held up her hand to get her to stop. “We didn’t invite the Demons. They came for [...]

Session: Gloomhaven:: Tales of Two Parties, Chapter 27 (Void Travelers, Scenario 55, Spoilers)

Fri, 16 Mar 2018 19:50:15 +0000

by EventHorizon [Note: Tale of Two Parties is being written primarily as a way to see if the experiences of two groups playing in the same game world can create a cogent narrative and to communicate sessions between groups.Spoilers, such as enemy types, are included but really shouldn't be relied on in your games as I'm not tracking the game while we are playing and specifics can diverge from what happened for narrative reasons. The first session report of the series is here:Scenario 1]Also, this write-up involves the retirement of two characters and the unlocking of two new classes. So there are class spoilers from here on out. In addition, this write-up involves more narration than normal to introduce the scenario because of the need to retire the old characters and bring on the new ones. The actual session review starts about halfway through.Current Partyo Ana-Ishi, Savvas Craghearto Lenka, Orchid Spellweavero Zellaris, Valrath Sunkeepero Divney, Savvas ElementalistIt had been an awkward trip back to Gloomhaven. Ana-Ishi and Lenka had avoided talking with Gaius and Gizmo partly out of frustration at their decision and partly because they didn’t know what to say. To come so close and then have the people they had been relying on abandon them just felt wrong. For their part, Gizmo and Gaius felt bad for leaving but both understood that they needed to pursue The Gloom with a focus they couldn’t get while helping Ana-Ishi get his revenge. However, they couldn’t feel good just leaving. Luckily, there were a few favors that they could call in from the Merchant’s Guild to get some help. The plan was nice and simple. Unfortunately, the execution of the plan was not as simple as hoped. The group could see the smoke coming from Gloomhaven before they caught sight of the city itself. As they app[...]

Session: Gloomhaven:: Tale of Two Parties, Chapter 25 (Void Travelers, Scenario 29, Spoilers)

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by EventHorizon [Note: Tale of Two Parties is being written primarily as a way to see if the experiences of two groups playing in the same game world can create a cogent narrative and to communicate sessions between groups.Spoilers, such as enemy types, are included but really shouldn't be relied on in your games as I'm not tracking the game while we are playing and specifics can diverge from what happened for narrative reasons. The first session report of the series is here:Chapter 1]Current Partyo Ana-Ishi, Savvas Craghearto Lenka, Orchid Spellweavero Gaius Stoneheart, Inox Bruteo Gizmo, Quatryl TinkererThe world shifted around them as the rift closed. Pain exploded around them and images for flayed corpses and clawed demons flashed through their minds. Everything went dark and when they awakened, they were in a bare stone room with no doors. Torches guttered on the walls. A voice boomed out of the air, “Tricked again. Truly amazing that creatures as stupid as you have caused me so much trouble. It is of no matter. You will die here. And rot, forgotten and cut off from your home. There will be no last stand, no heroics. You will simply die and there is no recourse. I leave you now. Goodbye.”The voice faded out and the Void Travelers looked at each other. They spent the next hour looking around the room, trying to find something. Suddenly Lenka stopped and put her ear to the wall. “There’s something on the other side here.” She shot a magic bolt into the wall with no effect. With a roar, Ana-Ishi smashed into the wall and created a small hole. Gizmo came up behind him, “Please move. More efficient this way.” He placed a small ball into the wall, grabbed the torch, and placed it near the ball. It started fizzing and he stepped quickly away. A large explos[...]

Session: HEXplore It: The Valley of the Dead King:: Got in 2 sessions this weekend

Fri, 16 Mar 2018 19:13:25 +0000

by Randeth Well technically I played my first solo session on Friday afternoon so I would get some exposure to the gameplay before our regular session on Saturday.Solo session I used a Priest and Brute and that worked well for a 2 player game. I struggled through the first few turns until I got some useful Power Ups. Had to stop before the end because of time constraints, but it was a great way to learn the rules.Main session Saturday was a blast. Had a Priest, Scoundrel, Brute, and Guardian. Splitting it up to cover 4 different roles worked well I think. I don't remember all the races chosen. The first few turns were rough because of low Survival Skills. But after a couple of quests and some defeated Encounters we had enough Skill to start targeting the Bosses.Best point in the game was trying out our first Ruin and getting the HEX result. The Dead King was coming for us the next turn. Fortunately he was only moving 3 at the time and we had the Reliable Mounts so we could stay ahead of him. And he only focused us for 2 turns. But it was a great tense moment at the table when I read that result. It started getting late so after defeating 3 bosses we decided to to take on the Dead King since we needed to end soon anyway. By then our Brute was doing some serious damage and the Scoundrels Backstap was nuts. We were fortunte on a couple of the Dead Kings rolls not crippling us too badly and ended up taking him down in 4 or 5 rounds.We had SO much fun. I can NOT wait to get this back to the table. I'd like to try a 5 or 6 player game to see how that goes. I am definitely looking forward to the expansion.Recommendations:Moving Cautiously is king in the early game. But after some upgrades start taking out those Circumstances. They are sometimes the[...]

Session: Gloomhaven:: Tale of Two Parties, Chapter 24 (Riftjumpers, Chapter 39, Spoilers)

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by EventHorizon [Note: Tale of Two Parties is being written primarily as a way to see if the experiences of two groups playing in the same game world can create a cogent narrative and to communicate sessions between groups.Spoilers, such as enemy types, are included but really shouldn't be relied on in your games as I'm not closely tracking the game while we are playing and specifics can diverge from what happened for narrative reasons. The first session report of the series is here:Chapter 1].Current Partyo Skrrit, Vermling Mindthiefo Bonecrusher, Savvas Craghearto Esmerelda, Orchid Spellweavero Korth, Inox BruteThe waiting was getting unbearable. The first few days had made Korth fidget with impatience. It had been a couple of weeks now and he was reduced to pacing The Hand’s HQ trying to find ways to avoid the temptation to gambling his impatience away. It was one thing to wait when you know what you are waiting for, but this seemed to have no real point. The Hand had kept to his office with a constant stream of lieutenants and informants going in and out. Something big was brewing but Korth wasn’t involved, which made him even more annoyed. Esmerelda had gone off somewhere after their interaction with the Aesther to meditate or do whatever Orchids did rather than doing anything. Skrrit had been sent to spy on a local group of cultists. Bonecrusher had been tasked to protect some traveling merchants. But nothing had been given to Korth. The lack of a direction or purpose was wearing on him, but requests for an assignment were brushed off. The worst of it was the map that the Aesther had given them sat there, asking to be pursued, and there was nothing to be done about it. Esmerelda had told them to not do an[...]

Session: Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition:: 6 Player game / Noob learning curve vol. 3

Fri, 16 Mar 2018 16:28:13 +0000

by Nexusnk Hello guys,We've just played a six player game last weekend.First we chose races and than roll the order in which we sat, starting with the Speaker:SOLMENTAKNAALUCREUSSHACANMUAAT (me)_--------------We've used full random galaxy set up.The game was pretty slow pace, due to very defensive playstyle of most players and limitations caused by objectives (spent 3 tokens, later spend 6 tokens, as well as spent 8 and 16 influnce and spend 8 resources).I will mainly focus on my game as Muaat.First of all I changed the race from Yin (long before the game) when I saw that two less experienced players went Sol and Naalu, so I would have hard counter them otherwise due to natural focus on Destroyers represented by Yin.I chose Muaat since I percive them as a mediacore race as best, another most experienced player decided to pick Creuss - same reasoning. Due to total random system tiles I ended up having nearly 0 influence around my HS and a lot of resources to play with. Also I ended up placing Supernova in the 2nd ring between me and Hacan - with which I wanted to keep good relations and trade a lot.I went for both racial techs (since I had a Supernova) but must admit Magnus Reactor is TOTAL GARBAGE, even having 2 spacedocks in adjacent tiles wasn't enough to play with. Mostly it was due the fact I was unable to pick leadership throughout the entire game, and I didn't managed to grab Politics as well...ended up with construction turn1 (I had no planet tiles to grab further away from HS and I decided that it is a good openning placing PDS on HS as well as 1 spacedock near Supernova.The problem I had the whole game was to do anything actually Starving with tokens I was forced to play my HS fo[...]