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Session: Eldritch Horror:: Atlach-Nacha (SPOILERS)

Sun, 22 Jan 2017 11:04:39 +0000

by Robert Leonhard This is a record of a solo game with four initial investigators, although the Ancient One took quite a toll of our heroes, so that more had to join later! This session is an example of why I love this game so much--it tells a magnificent and unpredictable story, full of drama, sudden heroism, forlorn hope, and unforeseen disasters.I always randomize everything--Ancient Ones, investigators, preludes.Atlach-Nacha—The DreamweaverEver weaving, ever watching, should Atlach-Nacha ever complete her empyrean masterpiece, it would merge the firmaments of the Dreamlands and reality into a single cosmic ingress, opening the way for the horrors of the Underworld to wage war upon the cities of humanity.PRELUDE:An expedition to Antarctica has unveiled a startling secret. Though only one man returned, he spoke of a lost city frozen in the mountains. Most of his rantings were gibberish, but it is clear that he believed that something in this city would bring the downfall of mankind. Given all the horrors Dr. Vincent Lee had seen, he hesitated to dismiss these fears outright. He found himself preparing for a journey to the frozen south.Episode I—Caught in the WebAs the web between worlds nears completion, rifts in time and space appear in places where dream and reality are close, the opening verses of a great ceremony that will bind the world of man to the Dreamlands. Tommy Muldoon—the Rookie CopMost members of the Muldoon family are part of the Boston police force in some way or another. Not long ago, the youngest brother Tommy got his badge. Armed with an eye for detail, fierce courage, and his trusty rifle Becky, young Muldoon is dedicated to law enforcement. Now he finds himself in Anchorage at the request of his cousin, the local sheriff. Something has been killing people, and off the record, his cousin says it’s a wendigo. Tommy’s not sure he believes in any of that, but catching killers is in his blood.Silas Marsh—the SailorEven as a child in Innsmouth, Silas had a special connection to the sea. He’s an able and well-reasoned man on land, but on the ocean he possesses a singular strength and wit. It’s earned him a sterling reputation in every port across the globe, particularly in Sydney, where Silas set ashore last night. But this morning, the smell of the briny air carries dread as well as joy. There is something in his past, something in Innsmouth, that he knows will someday catch up to him.Zoey Samaras—the ChefWhen Zoey was six years old, her parents were killed in a fire. As the flames consumed her home, God spoke to her. He told Zoey that she was special and that He was giving her a special task. As an adult, she now travels from city to city, taking work as a chef to support herself. When she isn’t working, she stalks the night, guided by the Lord’s voice. Wherever she finds wickedness, she strikes it down without remorse or hesitation. Most recently, God has called her to Rome, to dispense His righteous fury.Vincent Lee—the DoctorAfter the third or fourth mutilated body showed up during his time at St. Mary’s Hospital in Arkham, Vincent Lee began to suspect that this was no simple case of wild animal attacks. When a young man died screaming in his sleep from a burst heart, Vincent knew for a fact that dark times were ahead. Taking a leave of absence from his position at the hospital, he has set out to ease the suffering of those afflicted by the spreading chaos, hoping that the trail of bodies will lead him to the answers he craves.Chapter 1—Ancient GuardiansDr. Lee wired his old patient Silas Marsh in Sydney and urged him to look into the rumors brought back from Antarctica, as the doctor had the strong impression that it was related somehow to the mysterious reports of the cosmic spider god. He traveled to Jakarta and focused on finding clues. He fixated on aligning himself with the shifting axis of power surrounding the Spider-Mother’s web. He became attuned and learned for a certainty that the Ancient One was none other than Atlach-Nacha, the Spider god. From somewher[...]

Session: City of Zombies:: Session #6 & #7

Sun, 22 Jan 2017 10:21:51 +0000

by ektopia

Had a couple of great City of Zombies games this morning. I added the level three cards for the first time. They added some tricky numbers but sum fun special cards, too.

First was a shocker. Didn't last long at all. I continually rolled sixes for zombie spawns. The sudden rushes and surprise attacks didn't help either! However, the barricade became overrun, as only survivors, they had no option to retreat. Stef had a cool power - he can flip any dice upside-down to use the opposite number. He'll be handy in the future.


Luckily, the second round was much better. Katherine and Seon-Yeon took on the zombie horde. Seo-Yeon's power was instrumental; she gathers more survivor. Without, it would have been another short one. They managed to keep them away from the barricade for much of the game but still lost a bunch of the previously surviving survivors! With two accompanying survivors, they heard the plane land to save them. Too bad that the barricade collapsed at the last second but Seo-Yeon volunteered to stay and keep the other safe while they boarded the plane and fly away.

Looking, with her tear-drenched face pressed up to one of the plane's round window, Katherine saw her friend's bloodied body become enveloped by the horde until, finally, her clenched fist disappear under the sea of the undead!


Sorry about that... I think I may have been caught up in a daydream! I was playing a game; not watching a film! I think I need to have a rest!

Session: DOOM: The Board Game:: Played a bunch of missions now and it keeps getting better

Sun, 22 Jan 2017 03:31:45 +0000

by II raptor II

So the last week I had the opportunity to play a bunch of missions and boy was it entertaining. I first played alot of 1 vs 1 matches. At first I was afraid because I was getting smashed as the invader. However after carefully choosing my event decks and invasion cards I was bringing more pain for the solo operative getting 5 frags (so close). It still remains a big challenge to beat the solo marine tho so we might play it with 12 health in future games see how that goes.

This evening we played a 1 vs 3 match and it was a blast. We played the guard duty mission from the black bishop operation. The balance in this game felt spot on. I managed to keep my demons on a safe distance also thanks to the darkness event card. Thanks to this I could stack on my cacodemons and at a revenant (absolutely love these guys)on the following turn. at the end of turn 1 I already had 2 frags 1 from the kill and 1 from claiming an objective token. The revanants homing missles abbility kept filtering out those dodges and key weapon cards. Also managed to spawn the cyberdemon. This guy did a massive 10 damage rail cannon attack wich was just.....beautifull. Seeing that my opponents had acces to the super shotgun and rocket launcher I tried to spread ou tmy deamons to get rid of there adjecent damage bonuses. The round ended with 5 out of 6 progress tokens vs 6 out of 6 frag tokens (yaaaay).

One of my favorite event deck sets is blood rush and power everwhelming. What crazy moments have you guys to share ? and what are your favorite decks/weapons.

Session: Red Poppies Campaigns: The Battles for Ypres:: Ypres Campaign 1914 - Gheluvelt

Sat, 21 Jan 2017 20:58:50 +0000

by agonilinx This is a short AAR on the first of the 3 campaigns included in Red Poppies Ypres. This was a great game, contested until the very last turns.October 29th 1914, 6 amAfter a short preliminary bombardment along the roads under British control, 24 companies of the 54th Bavarian reserve regiment launch the assault toward the Gheluvelt village and the Zandvoorde hamlet near Ypres. 10 companies and a machine gun platoon of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) will have to delay them. Another company, 5 cavalry squadrons and 3 artillery batteries are on their way to join them.A very thick fog dissimulates the Bavarian advance and reduces the accuracy of the defenders fire. But it also affects the cohesion of the attacking group – and the very well formed assault line is soon disorganized. Most companies act individually, without effective coordination. Counting on their superior numbers, the German jump on the British lines, engage close combat and try overrun them. But the BEF hangs on and only gives ground after inflicting heavy casualties.When the fog lifts, the south road still holds, and all British companies at the north are either engaged in close combat or disbanded. The Germans too are disorganized – and some companies rally to exploit the breaches hardly obtained in the center fo the British line. The British reinforcements begin to show up, and two cavalry squadrons take their position on the north road to delay the German advance while an infantry company deploys in Gheluvelt, just before the first German troops who consequently bypass the village to the south. Close combats continue during the night and three BEF companies still hold their position in the morning. Only two German companies significantly progressed to an important position near the road linking Gheluvelt and Zandvoorde. British units are rallied in Gheluvelt while the German ones are brought near their most advanced troops south and east of the village for an assauld planed the next morning.October 30th 1914, early morningDuring the night, 24 BEF companies and machine guns platoons arrived in Ypres. But the German brought twice more troops from the 30th and 39th divisions – better trained than the Bavarian reserve.The road between Ypres and Gheluvelt is bombed in the early morning – then the Germans attack. British troops still holding their position of the day before are immediately engaged and the north and south roads are soon under German control. BEF troops in Ypres move toward the front line – priority being given to the artillery and machine guns – but the road is long… German infantries are ready to assault the village, but there is no sign of the promised preliminary bombing. After some hesitation the assault is given. As the Germans enter in the village, the artillery finally fires. Gunners are either very accurate or lucky, but shells fall exclusively on British held positions.BEF troops already outnumbered fall back and the first half of the village is soon occupied. The other half is about to fall but British are finally able to position machine guns and hotwizers west of the village, which fire effectively on the German vanguard and the advance in the village stalls. The German artillery destroys a hotwizer and a MG allowing the infantry to rush toward Zandvoorde (an objective) and expel two British cavalry squadrons. The last close combat turns in favor of the Germans : there is no British unit east of Gheluvelt.October 31st, 1914, early morningDuring the night, both belligerents reorganize their troops on the new front line, just west of Gheluvelt which is now surrounded. The British command is worried : Zandvoorde is lost and out of reach of an immediate counterattack and only one company still hold a small part of Gheluvelt. The reinforcements that finally arrive will have to retake the village. The German command is more confident: the casualties suffered by the frontal assaults of these two days are very high, but t[...]

Session: Vietnam 1965-1975:: Doves in Charge - End of Game

Sat, 21 Jan 2017 20:58:30 +0000

by Raindem This is the last in series of the Doves in Charge AAR. The NLF has conceded, which was the prudent thing to do considering the situation. Both Pat and I were experienced enough in this game to know how it was going to turn out.1969 year start vital stats:U.S. Morale - 506Commitment - 244SVN Morale - 107SVN Draft level - 110Controlled Population - 285NVA Morale - 361Commitment - ?VC Draft Level - ?Controlled Population - 75SPRINGInterphasePopulation went up +4 points. No surprise there. U.S. morale went up +2 and ARVN up +4. No surprise there either. We brought in another +4 CPs, which were split between ARVN and air points. The NLF were very busy during their recruitment phase. They purchased another NVA division, bringing the total to 13. They also augmented 27 NVA regiments. VC recruitment was even more robust. I counted 116 VC counters on the map, which is their entire countermix, minus 2 units (I’m guessing politicals). A bunch of replacements were also added, bringing the totals to NVA: 137 and VC: 162. Finally, the NLF declared an Offensive. Add everything up and the NLF spent 104 CPs this season. So, 9 full mechanized divisions were coming at me up north from three different directions. I studied the map and pondered my options.Further south, not shown in the above picture, is another NVA division on the Trail near Kontum and 3 more full NVA divisions that infiltrated near Chau Doc.With such a battering ram aimed at me I knew the NLF was going to gain ground no matter what I did. There was not going to be a repeat of the glorious battle of Hue. There were just too many of them. But I wasn’t ready to abandon the field yet (although in hindsight it probably would have been the prudent thing to do). I had plenty of replacements and artillery, and with SVN population at 289 I could Free Fire anything I wanted. So the plan was to fight a round or two and then retreat, hoping that his mech units would start stacking up in clear terrain and I could bombard them. The weak link in my battle plan was the ARVN. All the I Corps ARVN that you see above, plus all ARVN artillery, were ineffective this season.OperationsThe NLF came at me pretty much as I expected. Each attack consisted of 3 mechanized regiments, supporting HQs, some independent artillery, and a couple VC units (usually regiments). He entered the target hex which prevented me from doing a defensive reserve swap. And he used enough force to put to rest any question of me making a stand somewhere. Most battles went just 1 round before I retreated. But losses were heavy nevertheless. And I lost a U.S. unit (2/1/82) who was overwhelmed at the border in southwestern Thua Thien. I had planned on reinforcing them with ARVN, but the newly mobilized ARVN 1st division was ineffective and couldn’t move west of Bien Dien.By the time the first wave of northern attacks were over the front had been rolled back 30km, and the ancient imperial capital was once again under the shadow of enemy tanks. My counter attacks were limited, mostly aimed at clearing out the VC interfering with my lines of communication. And I bombarded with everything I had. Around 60 NLF replacements (mostly VC) fell under our barrage. They still had enough to continue aggressive operations. But it was a start. Of course, this was prior to me bringing up reinforcements from quiet sectors. If the NVA mechanized regiments remained stacked 3 high during the 2nd turn, I estimated I could have eliminated another 80 replacements from bombardment alone. Then, I still had 3 divisions up there to attack with, with others arriving from various parts of South Vietnam. All in all, I was satisfied with the situation. However, the fate of Hue still could not be predicted at this point. I was prepared to abandon it if it came to that. But I also wanted to keep enough force up there to take advantage of any counterattack opportunities that arose. Hue was[...]

Session: Flamme Rouge:: Belgian Spring Classic - A Pave Race report with pics!

Sat, 21 Jan 2017 19:37:43 +0000

by DOA_KappaTango So we set out to play a Belgian "Spring Classic" style race - a Cobbled and hilly route to test even the hardiest of riders.We used my Pave designed sections and the rules Pave Sections Clicky3 players, Green,Red and Blue. I used some of my Pave sections to make the following layout:a,n,S,r,cc,BB,aa,X,P,F,k,d,L,H,j,c,Z,w,R,G,UThe race started with a bang as Green decided to make an early break. The first Climb of the day up the Cobbled hill was a few km's down the road, so the plan was to mount an early attack.Caught off guard, Red and Blue responded and closed up the gap - all the riders were aware it was going to be a gruelling race. At the cobbled climb, the single lane allowed the pack to hang on to the coat-tails of the Green riders. The fresh legs soon being drained by the unforgiving Pave and the steep gradient. Riders were already getting exhausted.Again the Greens decided to hit hard,the sprinter racing off the front of the pack, his Rouleur blocking the chasing pack on the tight Cobbled single lane section. Reds were struggling and the Blue's dug deep to try and stay in contention - the Blue Sprinter sitting at the back conserving energy. It was too much too early for the the Red Sprinter, who was tiring and getting dropped.As they next climb approached, the Blues worked well together, reeling in the Greens who were starting to suffer. The Hill gave The red team a chance and amazingly, with a big push and well timed sprint, they rejoined the back of the bunch!A swift controlled descent from the Green team gave the Rouleur a chance to build a gap, but the Blues were keeping them in their sights. Despite the valiant effort from the Red team, the push had taken it's toll and both the riders were tiring fast.The final 2 bends were Pave and then into the Sharp mountain climb finish - getting control of the bunch and holding the line would be the key.The Blues hit hard, sprinting through the cobbles and with a perfectly timed push, positioned both riders at the base of the climb. Taking the 2 lanes blocked the way for the Greens, who didn't have quite enough in the tank to jump into the lead, having to settle for the slipstream.All Green could hope for was that the Blues had given too much, but on the last Sprint for the line, The Blue Duo managed to hit the level 5 effort to get them over the summit and the line. They had taken the first win of the Spring Classic season!Worked great, Intense and Tiring racing!We finished the game with 3 exhaustion cards left - so didn't run out. We would have run out with 4 players, but we simply recycled the Exhaustion cards as we played them into 2 separate discard piles, which we could have drawn from in the event of none left if the draw pile.Karl [...]

Session: Shadows of Brimstone: City of the Ancients:: Chasing Lefty McGrady Vol. 2

Sat, 21 Jan 2017 13:24:41 +0000

by ZombieDad2 He was long gone by the time we got back to town. The stench of retribution probably travelled before us and scared Lefty off, long before we got there. Or, perhaps, he mutated into a big pile of goo and will never heard from again. “Hand’s good as new!” said Miller, the Wanted Man, stumbling out of the Doctor’s Office spinning a pistol in one hand. “Let’s go find that… sunuva…” and he was back on his knees crumbling in pain. A doctor fixes a hand, but now he’s coughing up blood? This Miller is a sick man…Sheriff spent some time at a church, where they spun stories of a cave that leads to another world… Besides the mysterious figure who robbed the Priest and I, at the General Store, the rest of the day was uneventful. A mangled man, hunched over, and fully covered head to toe escaped with 40 pieces of our hard earned money. Miller, Father Patrick, and Sherriff McEmerson stayed in the hotel that night after dumping their spoils from our latest excavation. I wandered out to spend the night under the stars. A sound woke me in the night, to find that same mysterious figure digging through my side bag! I grabbed my bag and surprised the beast man! His robes slid off, revealing a claw like arm, a half bug, half man face. He grabbed my dark stone and took off for the mountains! It was Lefty, mostly beast, part human with a lust for our other worldly treasures. “Revenge is not the way,” said Father Patrick the next morning. I convinced the group it was him, and before the saloon was open for brunch we were off into the mountains. Ignoring Father’s warning, we raced with a personal vendetta, looking for Lefty’s hideout. We found a mine, the same mine rumored to enter another world. It was the only place Lefty could have been. But the powers of Darkness were ready for us. The very ground in the mine was loose, and soft. First one hand reached up, more of like a possessed hand, not moving by its own accord. Freshly dead bodies were rising from the ground all around us! “Is this a bad time to say I told you so?” said Father Patrick. They were tough vermin, but we were rested and ready. Sherriff McEmerson led us deeper and deeper into the cave. With every step his lust for treasure grew, he left no stone unturned as he scavenged his way through the mine. It slowed the pace of the downward decent to a crawl. Until it finally, paid off…discovering a gnarled hand reaching up from ground clutching a cavalry sabre. “What do I need a sword for when I have a double barrel shotgun?” He threw it on the ground, and I quickly snatched it up. The lawman kept looking over every nook and cranny of the mind. The mine opened up into a large underground lake, two eyes peered up from within the water…“What’s this?” muttered Patrick, as the wandering Priest swam into the lake. “NO!!!” we shouted. He reached into the water and pulled up a sawed off shotgun: golden plated with attachments added to the handle and barrel. “Not my cup of tea, Miller?” He handed it to the Outlaw. “Whoa, a Browning XS 1821 Limited Addition with personal modifications..” Grazing it through his hands “There’s a name plate…Jose Sanchez…Great name for a gun.” He pointed it all the way and shot…BLAM!! Rock fell to the ground revealing a hidden library full of books: new sermons, techniques for improving health, the art of dodging. The party dove in and grew in their understanding and stature. “What do you think about a sermon about curing ailments like Poison?” asked Father. “Never seen a thing with poison…ever.” I replied. With that we turned the corner from the lake… When all of sudden a light poured out and portal to another world opened up. We raced ahead while Father slowly went on, still amazed at what he found. We found ourselves in a tangled mess of vines and swamp water. Carefully dig[...]

Session: Hero Realms:: Tournament of Heroes Round 2 - Cleric vs Wizard

Sat, 21 Jan 2017 13:23:54 +0000

by AJEddy For full coverage of this tournament, including the running scoreboard, see this thread:Tournament of Heroes, Season 2Round 2 - Cleric vs Wizard VS Hero PreviewWe have 2 new Heroes doing battle again this round, as the Cleric takes on the Wizard. The ClericStarting with 55 health, The Cleric is all about healing and defence. 2 Followers provide a little defence, but does combo with Prayer Beads to gain both 2 Gold and 5 health. Otherwise, without 2 or more Champions in play, Player Beads is a choice. Another Character without draw in the starting deck, which I feel this tournament will expose as a weakness. Average amount of Gold and a single weapon, the Spiked Mace doing 2 damage. The Cleric does love the Champions, and both abilities help with that. Resurrect allows a previously stunned champion to come back into play. And Bless provides some healing and a +1 defence buff to all Champions. Both handy abilities, but neither providing any draw.Let's see if The Cleric can keep pace without any starting draw.The WizardWhere the Cleric is a Character with no draw and a love for the Champions, the Wizard is flush with draw and an Action junkie. The Wizard has the lowest health of all the Characters at 50. In the deck, Fire Staff provides a fairly reliable draw, if the Wizard can acquire lots of cheap Actions early. Elven Gift anyone? Ignite, providing 2 damage each, also supports Fire Staff as they are Actions as well. Cat Familiar is a handy little guy, often proving that 1 needed Gold to fire off Channel. Channel is the Wizard's draw engine. For a single ping, in addition to the 2 Gold, the Wizard can draw a card. Fireball is a great late game ability.Always choosing to be a Wizard in rpg video games, adventure games, board games...everything...Dad has a special place in his heart for the Wizard and will be "unbiasedly" (not a word, and not true ) cheering for the Wizard. Match-up PreviewIf Round 1 was the most uneven match-up of the tourney, this looks to be the most even match-up. In Season 1 Adam won both games, one as the Cleric and one as the Wizard. He was also the Start Player for both games. The Action Character vs the Champion Character! Let's see if either proves stronger. Odds CalulationI made an adjustment to the odds calculation for this match-up. Since Adam won both games in Season 1, as Start Player, I adjusted my edge to 50-50 and the Start Player edge to 75%. I also made a change to how I will calculate the overall odds. I am still looking for a way to get overall odds from different factors. Until I do, this is what I am doing. When the factor is 50-50, it is ignored. When 2 or more factors are on the same side, they accumulate. I will make a judgement call on the exact accumulation. For example, if the Dad edge is 55% and the Start Player edge is 65%, then the game edge will be 70%. When 2 or more are on the opposite side, they will cancel part or all of the individual factor odds. For example, if the Dad edge is 55% and the Start Player edge is 35% (going second), then the game edge will be 45%.Adam's PicksAdam is predicting a 2-2 draw in this match-up, and won't commit to more that that, ie. nothing on Dad vs Adam nor the start player he is so adamant about having an advantage. I think we will see a 3-1 result for the Wizard...there goes that unbias again. CLERIC - WIZARD ScorecardGame AdamDadStartFavorite OddsWinner------------------------------------------------------Season 12 WIZARDCLERICWIZARD WIZARD10 CLERICWIZARDCLERIC CLERICSeason 2 - Round 25CLERICWIZARDWIZARDWIZARD 75% WIZARD6CLERICWIZARDCLERICCLERIC 75% CLERIC7WIZARDCLERICWIZARDWIZARD 75% CLERIC8WIZARDCLERICCLERICCLERIC 75% CLERIC Season 2 | Total-------------------------------CLERIC 3-1 | 4-2WIZARD 1-3 | 2-4Start[...]

Session: Hero Realms:: Tournament of Heroes Round 1 - Thief vs Ranger

Sat, 21 Jan 2017 13:23:47 +0000

by AJEddy For full coverage of this tournament, including the running scoreboard, see this thread:Tournament of Heroes, Season 2Round 1 - Thief vs Ranger VS Hero PreviewRanger - anticipated to be the strongest Character in the game. Not only because is was the only Character with a winning record in Season 1 of this series, going 5-3, but because it has arguably the best starter deck and abilities. The combos and card interactions in the Ranger's deck seem to be the strongest and most usable of the 5 Characters. It is the only deck with 2 repeatable draws from the Bow and Black Arrow combo, as well as a 3rd one time draw from HeadShot. Track is a very strong ability as it provides deck thinning, as well as deck manipulation ahead of draws. The Ranger played well has so much control, more than any other in the game. It will be interesting to see if the Ranger can live up to the hype and expectation.Thief - a very tricky deck to play. It comes with 2 Rubies, so getting a very early jump on your opponent is very possible. My initial strategy is to jump right into buying damage with the Thief as its starter contains so much econ already. Throwing knives are pretty handy for taking out small Champions, but as the game goes on, they tend to clog your deck. They can and often should be scraped. Heist is an awesome ability, but extremely tricky to play well. But, gaining a 7 cost card AND causing your opponent to lose the same is huge. Pickpocket is just nasty. Add a couple green force discard cards in your deck and you will give your opponent fits.Let's see if the Thief has what it takes to dance with the Ranger.THIEF - RANGER ScorecardGame AdamDadStartFavorite OddsWinner------------------------------------------------------Season 18 THIEF RANGER THIEF RANGER 14 RANGER THIEF RANGER RANGERSeason 2 - Round 11 THIEFRANGERTHIEFRANGER 51%RANGER2 THIEFRANGERRANGERRANGER 61%RANGER3 RANGERTHIEFTHIEFTHIEF 53%RANGER4 RANGERTHIEFRANGERRANGER 58%RANGER Season 2 | Total-------------------------------RANGER 4-0 | 6-0THIEF 0-4 | 0-6Start Player 2-2 | 3-3Game 1 - Dad abused the crap out of Track. Green was the primary color in the Ranger's deck and Adam's yellow deck was never a threat. Besides a couple green Guards, and a couple scrappers, the main All-Stars were actually a couple Blue cards that I was able to ally often thanks to Track: Profit and Intimidation. 4 Gold and 9 Attack in 2 cards that cost just 3 to get was fantastic. A weak combo without Track though. Game 2 - Dad abused the crap out of Track. Dad is loving Track! The All-Stars for Ranger in this game were Spark and Elven Gift. Command was played twice, providing a very helpful card draw each time, that was made even better with Track. Track was also instrumental in keeping great buys out of my discard, in turn thwarting Thief's Heist ability for the whole game.Game 3 - Adam's turn to abuse Track, and abuse he did. I had a very impressive deck, but just couldn't cycle through it to get to the good cards. I even stole Command with Heist, but only got to use it once. Adam had a tidy deck that he used to ping me to death by keeping his good cards coming with all his draw and Track. The lack of draw in the Thief starter is also an issue. Wolf Form was the All-Star for the Ranger.Preamble Game 4 - since the poor ol' Thief has been receiving such a bum-whacking at the hands of the Ranger this Season, I have been thinking about ways to give the Thief a little more umph. I don't want to - and will not - make any format changes mid-Season, although I already have ideas for Season 3 that I will share in the Variants forum. So my thinking has been along the lines of tactics to better use the Thief's assets. It lacks d[...]

Session: Hunters from the Sky:: Pics of my learning game

Sat, 21 Jan 2017 09:27:31 +0000

by Heliodorus04

If I loaded this correctly (fingers crossed), you are looking at the Maleme airfield area at 9:40 on 20 May.

I'm a bit disappointed that the Germans are storming the field like a wave that seemingly cannot be stopped. The defending units on the western side of Hill 107 have done a valiant, valiant job, inflicting many casualties and passing many morale checks. But once the tide of II.Sturm battalion got close enough to perform movement-overwatch-return-fires, suppression enabled the Germans to move with relative impunity.

I have used 20% of the commonwealth artillery ammo (again, casualties have been high, though no units have been completely wiped out of I.Sturm).

I'm not sure what I did wrong as the Commonwealth on Hill 107.

Hopefully if I loaded this correctly, you're seeing what's left of the Eastern AoO. The III.Sturm battalion has lost 6 entire companies and the rest are chewed more than halfway. Trapped on the side of a hill lying within two New Zealand battalion defense zones, they've taken far worse than they've given. With a 4 in Battalion Morale right now, they're starting at Morale 5 on checks prior to casualties. It's a matter of time except for the one unit escaping west to join I.Sturm.

So, since this is the 20 May scenario, and my first try at both the game, and the TCS rules (4.1 edition), I think maybe I'll start over.

The Victory Conditions for this scenario (not the revision ones) make this scenario, in my opinion, pretty difficult for the Commonwealth.

Last thing:
This isn't a particularly easy system to learn, and I'm disappointed in it a little bit. There are some really poorly written sentences and the structure of the rules throughout is too informal (sentences in the rules include "such is life").

I have spent way more time plotting line of sight in this game, and it remains tedious and difficult. The number of contour lines, and the notion that I'm supposed to figure out whether to add 5-15 meters to both the target's and the firer's hex left a LOT of counters to be moved and a fair bit of math/plot-lines to draw. I play Advanced Squad Leader (at a high level of proficiency). Why is ASL line of sight so much easier than this game?

Line of sight is the single biggest discouraging factor to playing another game.

There is a lot of action in a turn, and a lot of Overwatch can happen. That is taxing on a solitaire player, but it is getting easier.

I do think I'll set it up and do it over, but without the historical setups of the British. I'm not sure how I do the German arrivals playing solitaire to surprise my own self...

Session: Churchill:: Insubordination in the Ranks: Stuka Joe's Solo CDG Method in Mark Herman's Churchill

Sat, 21 Jan 2017 05:09:25 +0000

by LeroyJS Some months ago, I watched the You Tube video for Stuka Joe’s clever and inventive Solo CDG method using Paths of Glory. I was very impressed with this method for bringing a much-needed element of uncertainty and unpredictability into CDG solo play. However, while watching this video, my thoughts were not with Paths of Glory (primarily because I don’t own it yet) but rather “Would this method work with Churchill as well?”As we know, Churchill is a different animal than your standard two-player ‘Ops-or-Event’ CDG. Three players, no real Event text, and a debate mechanic are unique features that would require a few tweaks. But I enjoy this game very much and it finds it’s way to the solo table with a pretty regular frequency that I thought I would try to figure something out.I am not going to explain here how the Solo CDG method works and the rest of this session report will assume that you are familiar with the mechanics of it, but if you want to learn how it works you can watch the You Tube file linked above or read the instructions on the Paths of Glory file page.After messing around a bit on Vassal (and some fine-tunings made throughout the course of this AAR), I’ve come up with the following adjustments to Stuka Joe’s Solo CDG method specifically for Churchill that I am satisfied with so far. They are:1) After a card play, I did not move the card in the E space to the discard pile. Instead, I simply moved all cards to the left of the vacant spot down one and added a new one to the A space. This cut down on the churn through the draw deck and also kept more-or-less the same staff throughout each Conference. 2) New draws were not dealt face down, but rather face up since they could potentially be used to debate an issue on the next players turn.3) A staff card must be nominated and an issue chosen before any die rolls are made. If an Alternate card is activated (because the roll on the white die was too high), then the Alternate will need to 1) be played on the Alternate card’s named issue if possible. If not, then 2) it will have to be played on a different issue other than the one originally nominated, which would bring it onto the player’s track or closest to it. If that is not possible (i.e. all other issues are captured), then it can be played on the same issue but with the strength of the Alternate card.4) If the Alternate was activated during a debate, then no other issues can be chosen other than the one being debated. The Alternate card’s strength is used. 5) If I wanted to play a leader card, I did not roll to nominate a card but simply chose one and then played the leader (and then shifted the staff cards on the CDG mat accordingly). To me, this simulated other staff members not willing to talk over or publicly contradict the head of state, which I felt was appropriate (especially in Stalin’s case). The Solo CDG mat with the initial staff. A bit cluttered, but cuts down on the footprint.6) The staff decks are still shuffled after 2 Conferences as per usual. On turns that the staff decks are not shuffled, I simply shuffled the 5 cards that were left on the Solo CDG mat and placed them in different spots, A through E. 7) Because of each power is not discarding like they normally would, I used the spare Manhattan Spy Ring marker to track the Round number on the Victory Point area (6 rounds for each Meeting Segment). Meeting Segment Round TrackerThen, to see how it played, I set up the Tournament scenario and decided to give it an extended test, playing each of the Big Three Powers myself and referencing the ‘Bots flowcharts if I couldn’t decide or wasn’t sure of a decision. After a few rounds, this Solo CDG method really gave the feeling like the Allies were trying to negotiate an end to the war an[...]

Session: Forged in Steel:: First session impressions

Sat, 21 Jan 2017 01:24:24 +0000

by luish

We were four players and we chose to play with the Power of Election variant, figuring that giving points to the Mayor player based on luck would be too much for us beginners. And we thought it would be a right choice to have three elections during the game as well.

We also used an unofficial variant that I saw on BGG where we only shuffled the new Era Cards mixing with those that were just used on the last Era and that had the recurring icon, we did not use the whole deck that was left out earlier. This increased the probability the correspondent Era cards to be drawn. And I believe this made the second and the third Eras to have more cards belonging to its current Era effectively dealt to everybody.

I agree with the opinions that it may be very frustrating if one player happenned to get two or three 1890 cards to be used during 1910, since the decks seems to have some improvement on their “take that” effect. I may be wrong about that, I didn´t read all the cards to compare them all and only played this game once to assure something like that.

After the play, I read the rules again to search for mistakes and I only found that we didn´t build Comercial buildings paying attention to the need of a full block next to it. Looking back, it would not change our game, since we only build three comercial buildings and they were all in crowded areas.

Everybody enjoyed the game a lot. It is very thematic indeed (I am glad I didn´t live in Pueblo during that period!).

It is important to note and call attention of the players beforehand about how aggressive some plays may get against one opponent. Yes, it is this kind of game. And also that, sometimes, the choice between damaging this or that players will probably be made by banishing the leader. It happened three times during this play, each time it hit a different player.

One thing that only called our attention during the game is that spaces with the Factory icon may also hold other types of buildings. One player thought that those were exclusive spaces for industry, and that made a little difference on the strategy point of view.

Well, after all, everybody enjoyed playing. The last turns got very tense. I´ve read some criticism against the fact that some third era cards have effects a lot more powerful than the Muscle number. It is important to note that the MM value is also important for determining who will play first, and it makes a lot of difference. The end game points were very close and we notice that the banishing the leader effect was crucial to determine victory during this first play.

I am looking forward to play it again as soon as possible.

Session: Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game:: Alien - first 2 plays

Sat, 21 Jan 2017 01:16:22 +0000

by Tommygun81

I read everywhere that LE Alien is sooooo easy when playing Solo. After my first 2 games, I tend to disagree (image) . Played the first scenario twice.

First game, Solo, 1 character (Gunner)
Until completion of Objective 2, everything went super smooth. I assembled a powerful deck and managed to prevent any Enemy to reach the Combat Zone. Also got Jonesy along the way. Did make a mistake by finishing off Ash with enough attack (one of which was a coordinate card), but I only found out later when reading the FAQ. Anyway, the Perfect Organism came along with the self-destruct device right behind it. As I didn't have the cards to disable the device, the double strike of the Perfect Organism happened together with the explosion of the self-destruct, which made my healthy character take 2 + 3 + 2 (because of "draw another strike") strikes...instadeath (image)

Second game, Solo, 2 characters (Gunner & Medic)
After reading the FAQ, 2 characters seemed better than one (as coordinate comes in play). Rough start to say the least. Both decks were too weak to do much damage, causing enemies to overrun the Complex in no time and killing my Medic before I even got to objective 3. My gunner continued the fight (receiving 10 damage along the way), managed to complete objective 2, kill a load of xeno's and even got the Perfect Organism into the airlock. Unfortunately he didn't have enough attack left to finish it. Ash himself dealt the final strike, 1 damage...11 in total so game over man!

Great game nevertheless! (image)

Session: Orcs Must Die!: Order – The Boardgame:: 2vs2 session

Fri, 20 Jan 2017 23:52:37 +0000

by Orya This is the second time we played the OMD boardgame, and, same as the first game this was a rivalry match. Setup: - Three of the four players were the same from the first match.- We chose the Bident 1 map. Compared to the Bident 2 map we chose last time, it's the same but one tile larger. Both are Y shaped, with two spawns for minions, one lava tile, and the rift at the other end.- We picked again only the two core boxes, without any expansions.- Order picked Ivy and that Gandalf-like mage, while Unchained picked Midnight and some sort of knight.- Duration: about 150 minutesHouse rule:Unchained and Order got the same incoming armies. So, when one side had, for example, two orcs and three crossbow orcs attacking, the other side got two knights and three crossbow humans.Gameplay:Having learned from the last game, the players tried to pool their skulls together to buy good traps early on, though this of course only works if the riftlord is on your team.The order mage, with his walking speed of just one tile, started too close to his rift, and took too long to get close to the minions or unchained side of the fortress.While Ivy, as well as both unchained heroes, kept on their sides, fought monsters and placed traps. The order mage passed over to the other side, and got killed there quickly, as the unchained used all their "discard after use" items to deal additional damage, and a trap finished him off, dropping the order rift to three health. After that, both teams basically stayed on their sides, as the number of incoming minions quickly rose to threatening numbers. With just three health on the order rift, players didn't want to risk letting minions through. The unchained knight who killed the mage did so near the minion spawns on their side, where he was quite quickly killed by minions, dropping their rift to three health as well.The unchained team invested six skulls to reset their ultimates and heal their rift up to four health, while the order team stayed risky.At that point the third level was reached and a number of greater minions joined the fray. Unchained bought more traps and gear, while order first upgraded their weapons.The game went then quite close, as Ivy was attacked by large groups of monsters, risking to get nearly killed while that way being also in danger of getting finished off by Midnight. Midnight however was killed by minions on the unchained side, dropping their rift to one health. The unchained knight fumbled an attack on a satyr, which ran through, jumped into the rift and had the order side win.Aftermath:Players enjoyed the game again a lot and had fun. However, there wasn't much interaction between the teams. Apart from the order mage once walking to the other side and instantly getting killed, all players stayed on their sides. Following theories were put up:1) Players stay on their sides, because you can lose very quickly. Two players of a team dead, or one player and some minions get through: you lost. So one idea was to give the rift more health in rivalry games, so that players don't have to worry that much about it getting killed.2) If the incoming armies were weaker, players wouldn't have to worry that much about losing by getting minions into their rift. So removing the more dangerous army cards might work.3) It's a 2vs2 game thing. In a 3vs3 or 4vs4 game, you can have two players defend your side of the fortress, while the other/s attack.4) Maybe having random armie cards would improve the interactivity, as a weaked army card on one side would allow those heroes to move to the other side of the fortress, though this would also increase the luck aspect.Also, we decided to change the seating order next time, so it's always alter[...]

Session: Labyrinth: The Awakening, 2010 – ?:: First Play of Awakening

Fri, 20 Jan 2017 23:51:08 +0000

by Rick McKown

After playing Labyrinth in recent months my friend Arn and I made the leap to Awakening, starting with the 2011 scenario. We both enjoy the base game and we felt that Awakening added interesting twists and challenges.

The Awakening/Reaction/Polarization sub-system certainly dominated our game: the early turns saw Arn, playing the Jihadist side, establish a -2 lead in Reaction in Syria and Pakistan; the Polarization "motor", once set in motion, kept pushing both countries (with their five WMDs) toward Islamist Rule in a period when the US player (c'est moi) was only getting cards that barely allowed placing enough Awakening markers to slow the seemingly inevitable rise of Islamist power (at peak Arn had five Reaction markers in Syria at a point when I had two Awakening markers, while Pakistan had three and one). Then I got BOTH Facebook cards in the same hand and was able to place two Awakening in Syria (total four to his five Reaction markers) and one in Pakistan (two to his three) to halt the further rise of the waters and allow me to focus on other things, like building Good governance in the Arabian peninsula area after having dealt with a Civil War turned Regime Change situation in the Gulf States.

Two turns before the end, however, Arn was able to shift a Poor Pakistan to Adversary, then remove the Awakening markers there at a point when I was unable to counter this, and in the following Polarization segment Pakistan and its three WMDs went over to the Jihadist side. Given the US lead in Good resources (10) vs Islamist resources (2), with Good/Fair countries as numerous as Poor/Islamist ones (10 each), Arn opted to push for a win by getting a WMD plot in the US, and the rest of the game (two full turns) was spent in seemingly endless rounds of "whack-a-mole" as he used his two cards to recruit cells in the Philippines and move them into the US where I used my two cards to disrupt and remove them. In the end I was able to hang on until the cards ran out - I was lucky that he didn't have a card that would have allowed him to directly place a plot in the US.

We did have abnormal number of countries testing as "Fair" and "Hard" (when the US was still Soft), the one helping the US, the other helping the Jihadists, until the US played a card that allowed it to flip to "Hard". Contrary to our previous experience with Labyrinth the US was able to get (and keep) Prestige high, and, ironically, once the US shifted to "Hard" was able to combine Prestige + Awakening to get high DRMs for WOI rolls (a couple were net +4, i.e., automatic).

We did find that the "new normal" situation (and no cards to fill the void) appears to have left the US much more vulnerable to infiltration and a WMD plot than we had found in any of our Labyrinth games - and most of our games have seen WMDs in the hands of the Jihadists. This doesn't feel right, and given that the Awakening/Reaction/Polarization dynamic actually seems to increase the likelihood of Islamist rule occurring and WMDs falling into Jihadist hands, this also increases the potential for the kind of "state of siege" end-game that we had last night. The jury is out as to whether we might opt to retro-fit "Patriot Act" to Awakening to keep that in check.

Definitely would encourage those who have not yet tried Awakening to get it on the table. The new elements make a challenging game even more so, generating some real nail-biting tension!

Session: Tiny Epic Western:: Epic Solo Session

Fri, 20 Jan 2017 19:38:47 +0000

by DaFees So I just finished playing a solo session of the game on the "Epic" difficulty. For starters I was Red and the Rancher and the Rival was blue. In clockwise order the locations mats were as follows: Town Hall, Green, Red, Sheriff's Office, Blue, and Yellow. The Rival was dealt 4 cards (VP values of 2, 3, 1, and 1).While I don't remember too many specifics round over round I know that in the first round I formulated a plan and while the Rival did try to mess me up by dueling me I defeated him the duel and became wanted. At the end of round 1 is when something amazing happened. The building at the Green location was purchased. So then the building that was in the Green location's porch spot was moved to the buy spot and the new building at the porch became the Outhouse. In case you forgot the Outhouse says "Your Posse cannot duel or be dueled this round."This one building in the very location it was was just the luck I needed. For rounds 3, 4, and 5 my first action then was always to go to the Green location, get 1 money instantly and then never having to worry about dueling against the Rival. This was helpful, not against winning the hand at each location I was, but rather blocking the Rival from getting certain buildings.Maybe how I handled this luck was wrong but I played it that if after going to the Outhouse first that if the Rival rolled a 6 or rolled a number that would put in a location I was already occupying that he would then have to go to the next available location. This of course led to interesting situation during the 3rd round. ( course I know what you are thinking, "But wait, the Outhouse could backfire on you. The Rival could go to a location you want and since you can't duel him you'd be unable to go there." and you'd be right. During round 4 he did actually block a location I wanted to go to.So I adjusted and carried on. Of course after getting the wanted status in round 1 and then always going to that Outhouse in subsequent rounds I able to maintain my wanted status. So I knew I would always have an extra resource going into phase 3 I could count on.So by the end of round 5 I managed to get a nice lead on the mining tokens while it was clear that the Rival had majority of the Railway and Wagon tokens. Luckily I was able to get the Mining Token into the 1 spot and since there was a SMALL chance I could tie the Rival on Wagon tokens I got that into the 2 spot.So now it was the all important final round, round 6. At this point I had to do some serious thinking. I had a "1 steer" and a "1 horseshoe" in my hand. The Rival had a "2 horseshoe" showing. I point this out for the sake of the attached image below. Maybe you'd argue you'd've done something different. Anyways, I gambled and decided NOT to play the Outhouse this time. Instead I went to the leftover space first. Unfortunately the Rival decided to follow. And so we dueled. Fortunately I won. Then I went to the porch space at the Red location. The building there would grant me 1X for every horseshoe card in play. Of course at that moment I knew there was at least 3 horseshoe cards in play.At this point I needed the Rival to not get a 2. Thankfully he didn't and rolled a 3 which ended up putting him on the Blue location since the Sheriff's Office was already occupied. Then for my final placement I went to the Sheriff's Office and modded my card value down from a 1 to a 5. I did this make sure I would win the hand at the Red location.Again for the Rival's final placement I needed him not to get a 2. Thankfully, again, he didn't and rolled a 4. So with the way the hands played out I had e[...]

Session: Formula Dé:: Formula D World Cup 2017 - Antwerp

Fri, 20 Jan 2017 16:43:58 +0000

by Bobbejan

Saturday the 28th of January will mark the beginning of the third season of our Formula D World Cup. I will be making reports of the races and teams throughout the season. We will race every last Saturday of the month. Each season has 12 races.
We use house rules, combined with rules we found on this forum. Our racers will be able to gather XP during the season, with which certain skills can be bought and upgraded. Also racers and teams will be able to gather perk points that can be used to acquire perks. Every team has 4 drivers but only 2 drivers per race per team appear at the start. The spare drivers can be used to replace wounded (or dead) drivers or those that have fallen from grace.

There will be 8-11 teams starting the season, which I will introduce in this post (which will be updated as i receive more info from the players).


This team emerged from the burning rubble of Mora Racing. Season 2 was a tough season for the Dutch deep-fried snack company Mora. No less than two drivers died during the season: the ill-fated Perry Pompernikkel (crashed and died in the 3rd grand prix in Montreal) and the face of the company Cora van Mora (died in race #11 in Hockenheim). After these events the top driver in the team, Jean-Jacques Chapelure, who managed to win 4 races during that season and finished 2nd in the world cup, decided to leave Mora Racing and the team was disbanded.
JJ Chapelure went through a personal crisis after missing the title, but has arisen from the ashes of Mora as "Immortan Jean", with a brand new team: Immortan Jean Customs.

The drivers:

Immortan Jean, France

Born in France as Jean-Jacques Chapelure, 2 seasons for Mora Racing, first season for his own team; I.J.Customs. He is known as Jean-Jacques "le Fou" because of his daring and maniacal driving style and quickly became a favorite of the audience after winning 3 races in a row in season 1. He is known for his all-or-nothing attitude, often winning a race after taking the lead with a daredevilish manoeuvre, but just as often crashing his car and risking serious injury.

Season 1:

1st place: Monaco, Buenos Aires, Zeltweg, Zandvoort
Runner-up: -
3rd place:
Championship result: 4th place

Season 2:
1st place:
Magny-Cours, Monaco, Sochi,
Runner-Up: Montreal, Hockenheim
3rd place: -
Championship result: 2nd place (world vice-champion)

Driver #2: to be decided

Driver #3: to be decided

Driver #4: to be decided

The Sponsors: Aqua-Cola, Valhalla Spray, Patrick Jumpen Heavy Industries, The Cult of the V8 be continued

Session: Hold the Line: The American Revolution:: White Plains

Fri, 20 Jan 2017 15:43:09 +0000

by David Groves

I've just finished a solo session of White Plains and it was a fantastic battle.

The Brits decided to hit the American left and after bitter fighting the American infantry and artillery withdrew in a very battered state allowing the Brits to move against the American defences and start to roll up their left flank and centre.

Washington joined the battered American unit and started to rally it in order to screen and protect the VP towards the rear of the field from the British advance towards that area.

The Brits then launched a frontal assault to support the battered units fighting hard on the American left. However, just as the Brits were making good progress Washington advanced with the rallied unit and artillery and wrought havoc on the British right. But, just as the American counter attack stalled the British advance against the American left the British frontal assault broke through and the battle was over with a Brit win 7 v. 5.

Very enjoyable battle, particularly with the new components. Loved it.

White Plains is one of the original Hold the Line battles and as they say, 'the old ones are the best'.

Session: Snooker Solitaire:: Can I Make the Final? Yes I Can!!

Fri, 20 Jan 2017 14:54:10 +0000

by ChrisSmith4773

I decided to break out Snooker Solitaire during my lunch break at work. I remember being really impressed with it during the 2016 Solitaire PnP contest, but I had not played the final version, which added snookers and redid the opponent AI. I have never made the finals of the 5 round tournament.

Round 1 - Rick O'Shea

I started off slowly, missing a couple of easy shots, but Rick is really a pushover in round one. Once I got over my first round jitters I put him away 72-22.

Round 2 - Billy Yards

Billy wasn't much tougher, and I was starting to get into the groove. I started using the advanced "spin" rules in this game. I only missed 1 shot and won comfortably, 60-12.

Quarterfinals - Ronnie "The Rocket" Rogers

This is when I usually start having trouble. I started really well though, potting several blacks in succession before missing. Ronnie came to play, potting 5 straight browns followed by the yellow. I had a 33-27 lead when I came back to the table, but I had to pot at least 3 balls to win. Fortunately I was able to run the table and win 58-27.

Semifinals - Tony "Typhoon" Thompson

I knew at this point I had to basically run all the reds at least to win a game against Tony. I have never made it past the semifinals in Snooker Solitaire before. I started off strong, potting 4 straight blacks. I started looking at the table, thinking "wouldn't it be awesome if I could get a maximum break?" I had a choice. I could take an easy green, or I could go for the impossible dream, but it required a difficult black. I decided to go for it! Wham! in went black number 5. Blacks 6, 7 and 8 soon followed. I couldn't believe how good the table was. It was almost surreal that I kept getting in position for another black. Down went blacks 9 and 10. Now I just need the colours. I imagined that my snooker "avatar" was starting to shake with adrenaline. None of the shots were easy, but I was up for the challenge. Down they went in order - yellow, green, brown, blue, pink ... and black. I had done it! 107 points for a maximum break!! The announcers went crazy! Whoever I was facing in the finals must have been shaking in their shoes!

Finals - Jimmy "The Wizard" Potter

This was it. I had done it once, could I do it again and run the table? Alas, no. I missed a shot on my 6th red. Jimmy calmly stepped up and ran everything in except the final black. Sighing, I potted the last black and accepted the loss, 60-32. Maybe next time Jimmy!

Session: Next War: India-Pakistan:: Enough! - Session Report Day 7

Fri, 20 Jan 2017 14:07:23 +0000

by ivankent

Turn 7
Weather turns clear again, the Dry season this year has not been clear skies every day.

Supply organisation has improved with only Bhawalnagar and Khargil out of supply.

Initiative fades and the turn is contested. However India gains supremacy of the skies, IROP 0APs, ROI 14APs.

Pakistan destroy a bridge in Punjab trying to block further flanking movement.

Russian airborne get into 4307, bridge is destroyed in Jalalpur to protect Sialkot.

Lahore continues to hold despite losses on both sides. India air support destroys 126/X in 3808.

13/XXXi destroyed in 1815.

Replacements: 7/XI, 8/X for IROP, 50, 6Mtn/I, 102/XIV for ROI.

Slowly India grinds down IROP, and continues to lead.

Turn 7 - Punjab

Turn 7 - Lahore

Turn 7 - Sialkot

Turn 7 - Northern Border

Turn 7 - Kashmir

Turn 7 - Overall

Turn 7 - Overall pt2

Session: Conflict of Heroes: Eastern Front – Solo Expansion:: Solo Mission 1 - Search and Destroy

Fri, 20 Jan 2017 12:42:20 +0000

by HexDude

Finally got around to having a go with the Eastern Front Solo Expansion. Very impressed with the AI but the rules need careful studying and I had to watch several videos and read lots of the threads on here after my first game which took me ages.

I played four games as the Russians a won three of them. My scores were +1, +2, -1 and +4.

My opening gambit is always to shoot the rifle team in the flank with the SMG and add 2 CAPS.

Repeat on 2nd turn if you don't kill it first go. After that fire at any German rifle team still in the open and keep doing that until either they're dead or you're spent.

Once the initial exchanges are finished I move the unit up form the light woods under the cover of the building then try to move in on the objective with several units at once.

Avoid the halftrack unless you're desperate and can get a short range flank shot or close combat attack on it somehow. I knocked it out once after it became bogged down.

Playing as the Germans I played two game which I won +2 and +1. I didn't feel the AI was as good at attacking.

One thing I noticed is that the games play out very differently compared to playing a human opponent who is experienced with the game. The AI is a lot bolder in that it will approach your unspent units across open ground. Something that me and my gaming buddies never do. It also doesn't take advantage of your wounded units and lets them off the hook sometimes.

Another interesting feature is that you never know when the AI might get a command card. If you've approached a spent unit of a human player who has no cards and no CAPs left you know that they can't hurt you whereas the AI could always pull a command card on you (unless you're card counting I guess). I like this feature and it makes me want something similar in the two player game so that you never know whether the opponent may have some CAPs or a command card left. Something like a random check before you take your go to see if your 'command' is spent. Rather than the CAP track that exposes what you have left to you opponent.

Hope to try mission 2 next week (image)

Session: Pandemic Legacy: Season 1:: The Field Medic's Journal - Faded to Black...

Fri, 20 Jan 2017 09:32:10 +0000

by Neil Thomson Here continues the tale of Earth 2017. Disease is spreading across the planet at a rapid rate.Subscribe to stay tuned to the events of 1 year in this Earth's historyDate - April 2nd, 2017Diary Entry - Mike the MedicLog EntryAfter a bump in the road I feel like we are starting to form a pretty good team now. This thing is a long way from over but I feel we are heading in the right direction. For our operation in April we went with the same team of operatives as last month. I know Sarah is missing her home base of Atlanta, as she knows that Research facility back to front. So when I informed here we were being based back in Atlanta she was ecstatic. Quinn has been a godsend with her Quarantine expertise and of course it has been great to have my older brother in a time such as this. We were sent out into the field again in very early April. Slightly discouraging was the fact that we had no more word on what confronted us or how CoDA-403B was behaving. I guess no news is good news. Oh wait, no it isn't. Don't these morons ever funding support again?! Our main threats were highlighted as being LA, New York and Osaka. The CoDA virus was again eerily passive but we were glad to have more of a spread of hotspots facing us. We received word that another Military Base had been established in Kinshasa (Win Bonus) to manage any panic in Africa and that meant we had a head start on this thing with 3 Bases operational. Our game plan was simple...we all stick to the specialisations we have and get the job done. Our key objectives were again to maintain control over the populace with Military Bases in each region and to find the 3 Cures to the secondary strains. Otis was a gun on this deployment and had completed all outstanding Military Bases within a few days, managing several work crews across the globe at once. Europe and North America were initial concerns, followed by Asia and I went about treating the worst affected areas. Quinn's job was simple. She had to manage the infections in Europe and Quarantine as much of the CoDA region of Asia as possible. Sarah really hit her straps in the lab and she was making excellent progress towards the Asian and African/South American strains. By midweek we had our biggest set-back yet. Sydney and Essen exploded with Outbreaks. In fact Sydney suffered outbreaks in short succession and both the Aussie coastal city and Essen were the first cities in the world to riot. Rachael got in touch from her home base to ask what the hell we were doing? Apparently rioters had gotten up on top of the Opera House and were tearing off tiles in protest at the lack of support Australia had received. I got down there as soon as I could to clean the mess up but it cost valuable time. I then received a Priority One communique via military channels, which usually means the worst. Word from the W.H.O was that the CoDA strain had mutated again. Now identified as CoDA-403C the virus was resulting in the mutation of its host. Images came through of people with translucent skin in which the subject's veins and surrounding tissue can be seen through the epidermis. Worse still is perhaps the recorded behaviours. As the infected go through the mutation, they exhibit high levels of adrenaline, super strength and violent tendencies. Circles within the military dubbed them the 'Faded' and it seems to have been taken up by the media. Karachi, Pakistan, by all reports appears to be the location in which the mutations first appeared. It[...]

Session: Space Hulk: Death Angel – The Card Game:: 100 Play Challenge - Games 1-10

Fri, 20 Jan 2017 03:49:40 +0000

by ajax013 [link to the 100 play challenge geeklist]Space Hulk: Death Angel is a phenomenal game. Very few other games pack so rich and deep an experience into so quick of a package. While rookies may cry foul because of the seemingly oppressive luck found in SHDA, a veteran will be quick to point out the myriad ways that you can mitigate those circumstances to often pull out the victory.How I set up each mission:First, I'll choose which expansions I'll be working with for this mission. My intent is to start with the base game (along with the barely-an-expansion Marine Pack 1) and build up when the games start to feel a bit too samey. After deciding on expansions, I'll randomly pull 4 marine squads and pick 3 squads to roll with (with the caveat that I can't turn down a team that has the fewest plays to date). Finally, I'll pull the appropriate stage cards from the full deck of stages included in the expansions I'm using. [BGCOLOR=#FFFF66]My only variant to the official rules is that I always spawn 3/1 for the initial enemy spawn[/BGCOLOR], even if the card shows 1/1 or 3/3.So, with the prelude out of the way, on to games #1-10!Game #1 - OuchThings did not go well. This 100-play challenge is not off to an auspicious start. It's been a while since I've played this game, but I remember that there are certain teams that I love and certain teams that I'm not so hot on. These are probably three of my bottom four teams, though that opinion could definitely change with time.Record:0-1Game #2 - Worrisome DefenseThis game is pretty much the antithesis of my claim in the header that a veteran can affect his own fate to avoid catastrophic loss. On four separate occasions I had a space marine die to a swarm of size 1 or 2 even when having 1 or more support tokens. Oppressively bad luck is different than normal bad luck I suppose. Heading in to room 3 I was pretty confident, but things went south very quickly.Record:0-2Game #3 - Amazing AdronIf you can get mileage out of the Rescued event card, life is golden. The orange squad is definitely my number one favorite at the moment. Not only do you get Adron's superlative Cyclonic Volley, but you can Target Lock at will. So powerful. I would imagine that in the end, the success rate when the orange squad is around will be extremely high.Record:1-2Game #4 - Scraping By (barely)Knowing that there could possibly be an out in the final stage is the only reason that I kept going through the third stage (the Generatorium) after having Brother Metraen fail at using the generator. In the final stage, Raziel stalled the swarm of 7 Genestealers he was engaged with his Traumatic Blow while Valencio tried to crack the code in the Launch Control Room. Valencio failed and was killed, but in the following turn, Raziel tried his hand at the Launch controls and was successful (1/6 shot), leaving a single swarm of 18 Genestealers in his dust. Very exciting end to the game. Epic.Record:2-2Game #5 - Dynamic Duo (two players)Making sure that the correct squad member dies when things get tight is an invaluable skill in this game. Through this mission, Josh and I were able to weather four causalities but still keep one member from all four squads alive to keep our four actions from start to finish. I feel that once you go down an action, it's really the beginning of the end. Already I can feel my dislike of the green and gray squads changing...Record:3-2Game #6 - Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy...I'm curious[...]

Session: Phantom Leader Deluxe:: USAF War in the South, 1965 Day 1

Fri, 20 Jan 2017 01:50:36 +0000

by Luftwaffe Flak

USAF War in the South 1965

Day 1 - Enemy Troops just south of Da Nang

F-100: Taz
EB-66: Jackpot

Top Northwest corner to bottom south east corner

Target: 3 points of damage (No VP's etc)
Losses: None

Taz: 3 hits from two M117Rs

Jackpot: Caused 4 site misses (-2 site rolls)

I knew this was going to be hard going into the campaign when I didn't roll a single Phantom or Thud pilot in terms of their armament capacity. The added negative of taking 2 less aircraft per target card is a kick right in the bollocks.

Jackpot did a good job of both drawing a pesky M1939's attention and causing it to miss. Said AAA cannon was in the middle so could target every approach. It fired 3 times and missed each time. The infantry on the target targeted Taz and got close to cause him a stress but didn't do any damage.

The attack rolls were abysmal despite a +3 for soft targets from the munitions and a +2 ATG from Taz. Only 3 points of damage, which didn't give me even a single VP for the target.

The cards were definitely against me, everyone got an extra stress on the Inbound draw, two sites moved from an approach to pre-approach. Consolation prize was getting to draw an extra mission card next day on Outbound draw.

Still, no pilots lost, but neither did we really do anything but acquire stress. Seems we are following Vietnam War history true to form in the early war.

Taz, pulling out after a largely ineffectual attack run.

Session: Phantom Leader Deluxe:: USAF War in the South 1965 - Day 2

Thu, 19 Jan 2017 20:32:56 +0000

by Luftwaffe Flak

USAF War in the South 1965

Day 2 - VC build up, just outside of Hue

F-100: Crater
F-5: Montana
EB-66: Bat

East to west

Target: Damaged
9 points of damage +1 VP and Intel
Losses: None

Crater: 4 hits from two M117Rs

Montana: 5 hits from two M117Rs

Bat: Helped negate some site rolls (-1), his real strength of canceling cards on a 6+ didn't come through.

Some of the worst rolls I have ever witnessed in a game...mercifully it was for both us and the sites. Protests went ahead and gave us another point of stress each. Bat did nothing to cancel this...

Over target I thought we lucked out, we gained Spooky support. He failed to hit every turn. Just couldn't find the sites I guess. Attempted suppressions as well, turns out they were not needed but neither did the pilots actually silence any of the sites. Our abysmal rolling was only outdone by the sites terrible rolling, no one scored any hits, a Zu 23-2 stitched the sky near Crater and caused a stress, and a S-60 followed suit but that was it.

Thankfully Crater and Montana showed up for striking the target itself. They inflicted a total of 9 hits which finally gave a VP and Intel marker movement. Certainly not going to get a good rating at this pace.

Another issue with negative two aircraft per mission is the distinct lack of being able to outfit a pilot or two in the SEAD (Suppression Enemy Air Defenses) role. I cannot spare a single pilot to go after and kill sites as I am only able to fly 1-2 aircraft for the time being, each must be loaded for max ordinance over the target itself and just hope they make it in. Even if a site has a max of 5 (So 3 for this campaign), I can't help but wonder if I'll desperately need that extra aircraft in an attempt to actually destroy the target rather than just damage.

Crater coming out of his low level, high speed run.

Montana pickling his eggs.

Session: Kingdom Death: Monster:: Aephyus Lantern Year 5

Thu, 19 Jan 2017 20:32:31 +0000

by JK47 Hope you enjoy the report, you can find a version with pictures at: hunting the proud White Lions, the search for a Screaming Antelope was a new challenge for the survivors and they advanced more cautiously, knowing that new challenges and threats potentially awaited them. Caleb lead the survivors on towards an area where he had previously seen many acanthus plants growing, stating that it was as good a place as any to begin their hunt. When they arrived though they found that the plants had been uprooted and half eaten, certain evidence that a screaming antelope had passed this way recently. It wasn't long until they were able to pick up the trail of their quarry and they rushed excitedly after it. They ran and ran until tiredness took them and they had to pause to rest. Lorena suggested that their hunt may have been too eager and may have caused the skittish antelope to flee from them. Thalia was less sure about this, but either way it was clear that the trail had gone cold. The hunting party continued on, coming to a portucullis standing alone on the plain of faces. It seemed to serve no obvious purpose and the group moved carefully around it lest it hide some unseen peril. In time they regained the scent of their prey and were lead down a strange path littered with the bones of dead monsters. The survivors hurriedly collect what they can. As he reaches down to harvest the bones Caleb pauses as his glance discovers something odd on the ground. One of the stone faces appears in the likeness of his own, but older and wiser. It is then that a scream pierces the darkness, the survivors rush towards it and in a clearing find their quarry, the Screaming Antelope, warily grazing amongst a clump of acanthus. As the survivors try to surround the monster, Caleb stumbles and alerts the beast. In an explosion of movement it dashes straight at him, kicks him in the chest and then bolts away from him towards Lorena. Thalia and Icarus, both armed with Cat Gut Bows unleash a volley of clawed arrows which come to rest in the screaming terror's ear and knee, rendering it maimed and slower for the rest of the fight. Lorena attempts to gut their prey with her Katar but as she strikes the Antelope spasms ferociously and its black hooves strike her hard in the chest.Frightened, the monster bucks wildly, forcing the survivors to keep their distance with the exception of Caleb who closes with it and attempts to bash it with his shield. It all goes awry though and the Screaming Antelope onto him and devours him with its grotesque undermaw. Lorena is horrified by the sight and is frozen for long moments staring into the antelope's restless eyes as it tries to digest her friend. It is the archers who save Caleb, as they let loose another hail of arrows into the beast's flank, causing it to regurgitate Caleb. Panicking, the beast bolts, smashing Caleb over and thrashing its hooves at Thalia's head. The survivors pursue the wounded abomination but as they try to strike it their weapons are ripped from their hands by the multitude of tiny hands which infest the monster's hide!Eventually though, Thalia manages to bring her Twilight Sword down onto its shank, causing it to sink to the ground in pain. This opens the way for Caleb, furious from her near death experience in the Antelope's Gut, to kill the[...]

Session: W1815:: Showdown at Waterloo

Thu, 19 Jan 2017 20:31:59 +0000

by Juppe58 This is a session report of a game of W1815 I played solo. If you can decipher my notes it's all well and good, but I concentrated on the narrative. GT1F - Grand Battery. D6=6: 1AM(9), 1AC(1)A - Blucher. D6=6: 1PD(1)Napoleon opens the battle with a great bombardment by the Grand Battery which causes casualties. Morale immediately drops in the Anglo-Allied army. The Prussians enter the field, however.GT2F - Grand Battery. D6=2: NEA - Blucher. D6+1=3: 1PD(2)The French continue with their bombardment, this time causing no damage. The Prussians keep pouring in troops.GT3F - Grand Battery. D6=2: NEA - Blucher. D6+2=6: 1PD(3)The Grand Battery fires again, again causing no particular damage. The Prussians are now on the field in force.GT4F - Grand Battery. D6=4: 1AM(8)A - Blucher. D6+3=9: 1FC(1). Plancenoit captured.The French keep up the bombardment. The Allied morale drops a little more in spite of having taken few casualties. The Prussians are doing the heavy lifting and take Plancenoit, causing casualties to the French.GT5F - Guard. 1FC(2). Plancenoit recaptured.A - Blucher. D6+3=5: 1PD(4)Napoleon sends his Young Guard and retakes Plancenoit. But the Guards pay the price. Blücher responds by sending in even more troops.GT6F - Lobau. D6=3: 1FC(3), 1PD(3)A - Blucher. D6+3=7: 1FM(9), 1PD(4)Now the 6th Corps under Lobau endeavors to stop the Prussian onslaught, trading losses, but Blücher is not to be stopped and keeps up the pressure.GT7F - Milhaud. D6=5: 1AC(2), 1FC(4), 1AM(7). Orange forms squareA - Blucher. D6+4=5: 1PD(5). Time is afternoonNapoleon is now hard pressed on his right flank and must try something else. His bombardment went on for too long and the Allied army is hardly shaken. So he sends in his 4th Cavalry Corps under Milhaud to charge the Allied line on the sunken road. This works to some degree causing losses and a morale hit to the Allies who go into square formation. Milhaud's troopers are also shaken and have taken losses themselves. Meanwhile over on the right flank, the Prussians are reinforcing while the clock slips into the afternoon.GT8F - Lobau. D6=2: 1FC(5), 1PD(4)A - Orange leaves squareInstead of following up on his fairly successful cavalry attack, Napoleon instead sends Lobau's corps again to strike at the Prussians throwing them back, although taking more losses in the process. On the ridge, the Allies are given a respite and reform into line.GT9F - Grand Battery. D6=1: 1GB(2)A - Blucher. D6+4=8: 1FC(6), 1PD(5). Fr RT+1(FM=9)For the last time the Grand Battery fires to absolutely no effect. Blücher attacks again, chipping away at the French reserves.GT10F - Reille. D6=4: 1AC(3)A - Blucher. D6+5=7: 1FM(8), 1PD(6)Suddenly the left flank comes alive. Reille unleashes an unexpected attack on Hougomont, causing consternation in the Allied ranks. Are the tables turning? The Prussians relentless attacks are starting to drain French morale. GT11F - Kellerman. D6=3: 1AM(6), 1FC(7). Fr RT+1(FM=8). Hill forms square. Time is evening.A - Blucher. D6+6=8: 1FC(8). Fr RT+2(FM=8)Kellerman's cavalry makes a last ditch charge that shakes the Allied line. Will they hold? For now they do. Blücher makes a supreme effort to oust the French from Plancenoit. He does not succeed, but the French losses are now dangerously high. The sun is setting, is the battle nearly over?GT12F - Reille. D6+1=4: 1AC(4). A[...]

Session: Mechs vs. Minions:: Family Fun Day - Episode 5 - Mission 5

Thu, 19 Jan 2017 20:30:45 +0000

by jerkules

Rather than breaking out episodes for each time we play, I'll move forward by just lumping together each mission we play. Unless for some reason a particular mission takes us a BUNCH of tries.

In any case, we played Mission 5 a few nights ago for the first time. My son played Ziggs, as usual. I decided to try Tristana for a change.

For starting position Ziggs lined up on the side and I lined up right behind the bomb.

Turn 1 Tristana was the start player and was able to push the bomb straight forward a few spaces. However, that pushed the bomb right into danger and it took some damage. Uh oh. Ziggs meanwhile Ripsawed down the line and turned with a Fuel Tank.

Turn 2 Ziggs did more of the same and started moving a little. Tristana doubled up on a Fuel tank in order to protect the bomb, which worked a little.

Turn 3 Tristana got into position to get the bomb to the 1st repair pad next turn. Ziggs.....was still on the first tile. Uhhhh....Ziggs? And now the lava has started to flow. Tristana took some damage which also messed up her next turn and the Bomb took more damage.

Turn 4 Ziggs finally gets off the first tile while Tristana moves the bomb away from danger. But....she forgot about oil slicks and a Minion ends up right next to the bomb, blowing it up. Ka-BOOOM! Oopsy.

So mistakes were made, mostly by me although Ziggs wasn't helping much either.

Attempt #2!

Played again last night, same characters. This time I decided that towing would be smarter than pushing. Yes it puts me in harms way and also would take a lot longer, but gotta keep the bomb protected! Plus I lined Tristana up with the first repair pad, so all she needed to do was keep moving forward.

Ziggs used a similar strategy to the last game but managed to get off the first tile a lot sooner. He also loaded up a lvl 3 fuel tank which proved valuable, killing off about 11 minions at one time and clearing the path for several turns.

Tristana used lvl 2 Skewers and some turns and attacks to slowly drag the bomb towards the first pad and kill off some random minions along the way. She took damage once which involved a random direction facing, but that was easily mitigated by a lvl 3 Cyclotron in the 1st slot.

Ziggs eventually got out ahead of the bomb and was able to "clear the track". He also was excited to get to the 3rd tile, thinking again he had won some sort of race only to be reminded a) that was LAST mission and b) IT WASN'T A RACE!

When Tristana got a lvl 3 Speed card in play it was just about over. The final turn took a little positioning / changing of slots, but ultimately went smoothly. Well, except for Ziggs lining up with me and almost Omnistomping me out of the way. Thankfully Tristana reminded Ziggs about the other options available to someone wanting to Omnistomp. Most notably "moving left or right".

The 2nd times's the charm!

Next we are headed underground? In the words of Dr. Sam Beckett "oh boy."

Session: A Song of Ice and Fief:: The King of the North

Thu, 19 Jan 2017 19:49:01 +0000

by CyberGarp Our story begins in summer, 298 AC. The Hand of the King, Jon Arryn has been mysteriously poisoned. Robert Baratheon is badly wounded whilst trying to kill a boar while hunting, and dies leaving the iron throne vacant. He was planning a trip to visit Ned and ask him to be Hand of the King, but died before he could set out on the King's road. It is in dispute that Joffrey Lannister is the rightful heir. Evil crows tell a story that the king was cuckolded. The Lannister's have cried out "fake news" in response. Daenerys has completed her quest of Essos early and her Unsullied armies and dragons are invading now to make her claim upon the throne that was stolen from her when Robert and Jaime slew the Mad King. The other great families have depleted their armies and capital fighting to keep her in Essos and preserve the fragile power structure. The power vacuum rushes forth contenders for the iron throne of Westeros, and a song of Ice and Fief begins.The players enter. Bob Tyrell, Miguel Targaryen, Eric Lannister, and Shawn Stark. Crows reports tell about a plague upon the Eyrie. Arys Oakheart and Mace Tyrell plot in Hightower against the Jayne and Cersei in Lannisport. Ned contemplates his options, lonely up in the North enjoying the fact there is some distance on the King's road before the conflict, and he makes bid to become Master of Law. Daenerys rolls over King's Landing with no resistance and falls upon Highgarden with legions of Unsullied and Dragons laying brutal siege in a lightning strike, leaving the Tyrell house in chaos.Good weather breaks across Lannisport and harvests will be good this year. Ned declares a tax upon Lannisport using his newly found power. Greyworm comes as an emissary of peace into the North to seek the blessing for the Mother of Dragons coming rule of Westeros. The Master of Law, Ned welcomes him into Winterfell with open arms and is brutally assassinated by Greyworm. The small council is emptied again. The Unsullied and Daenerys sack Highgarden and take it for their own. Arys and Mace died in the siege.Goodweather breaks in the west and the north, another good year. Winter is coming, but not yet. Barristan Semy arrives in King's Landing to assist his Khaleesi. Randell Tarley prepares to avenge his fallen home, and has taken control of the Eyrie and convinced them to prepare for war. Rob Stark sends out Ravens declaring his rightful rule of the northern fief. Cersei seeing what has happened to the Tyrell's lays siege to Highgarden to preempt an attack into Lannisport. The siege goes poorly, and she barely survives the onslaught.Jayne Westerly and Robb Stark marry in a beautiful wedding in Lannisport. He leaves Roose Bolton behind in charge, and the Lannisters and Starks agree that Roose has what it takes to be Warden of the North. The Queen of Thorns arrives in the Eyrie, having survived the early carnage and helps in the preparations for warfare. Missandei is left in charge of King's Landing. Stark agents tried to instigate an uprising in Highgarden to no avail. Tywin is declared Warden of the West. Roose takes the Iron Islands and declare that henceforth Starks are the rightful rulers of the islands, giving the title to Catelyn. Robb is elected King and his lovely wife Jayne becomes Queen. Tyrell lays siege to White Harbor i[...]

Session: Legion of Honor:: Águilas sobre Europa: AAR de Legion of Honor

Thu, 19 Jan 2017 17:24:42 +0000

by natx17 Estamos en el convulso 1792. Con el enemigo prusiano a las puertas de Paris, el duque de Brunswick ha prometido no dejar títere con cabeza si la real persona francesa sufre algún daño por la población parisina, harta de su monarca. El pueblo hierve con excitación revolucionaria, y no somos pocos los soldados que tenemos ganas de defender a la nación y librar a Francia de la peste realista.Por suerte, nuestro primer destino es el Ejército Norte, donde sin duda defenderemos Francia de las garras prusianas y, quién sabe, quizá logremos hacer sobrevivir a la revolución entre tanto enemigo encarnizado.De esta manera, y tras sortear una infundada acusación de ser un contrarrevolucionario, el sargento Georges Penneud se dirige al frente con sus armas listas y al servicio del general Dumoriez...Siguiendo con nuestra aventura, la segunda sesión de juego nos depara un apetitoso regalo: la transferencia al ejército de Italia. Con el rey decapitado como consecuencia de su indecorosa huida para traicionar al pueblo francés, nos asignan a defender el flanco este de la República, donde acompañamos a un joven general que consigue victoria tras victoria. Tomando parte personalmente en la captura del puente de Arcole, conseguimos un merecido ascenso a teniente y el primer grado de la Legión de Honor, retornando a la reserva cuando la campaña termina.No obstante, la paz dura poco para Francia. Con Napoleón Bonaparte coronado como emperador, los monarcas de Europa entera se unen contra el nuevo César francés, quien se encuentra con los ejércitos enemigos en una aldea de Bohemia. Allí, los ejércitos reaccionarios son aplastados por la Grande Armée...pero al precio de que nuestro querido Georges, ya capitán, cae prisionero.De esta manera, el año se cierra con nuestro héroe en manos del enemigo, esperando a que un intercambio de prisioneros lo devuelva al hogar...Con el sol de Austerlitz vino también la paz sobre Europa, y en el año 1806 nadie discutía ya el triunfo de las ideas revolucionarias en Francia bajo la batuta del Emperador. Este ambiente permitió que el capitán Penneud fuera intercambiado por varios oficiales austríacos, siendo reasignado al II Corps y disfrutando de su nuevo sueldo como capitán.Pero la traición realista se mostraría de nuevo, y las maquinaciones británicas provocarían una nueva coalición contra Francia. No obstante, la Grande Armée estaba lista para el reto, y los ejércitos austríacos fueron aplastados en Jena, donde el capitán Penneud rechazó un ataque sobre el flanco galo, ganándose así el grado de Oficial de la Legión de honor y un merecido ascenso al rango de mayor. Tras años de lucha, el generalato no estaba tan lejos...Tras un período de relativa paz, la noticia llegaba a todos los cuarteles: ¡España se rebelaba contra su legítimo rey! No obstante, el Alto Mando tenía otros planes para nuestro héroe, quien recibía con curiosidad la noticia de que le destinaban a Polonia. Pronto se revelaría que el objeto de este traslado era servir a la invasión de Rusia, donde Georges se mantendría en la reserva contemplando cómo el invierno ruso derrotaba a las tropas jamás vencidas hasta el momento.Agotado y desmoralizado, el II Corps se batió en retirada, sin poder evitar[...]

Session: Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island:: Robinson Crusoe, escenario 3: Jenny

Thu, 19 Jan 2017 17:24:28 +0000

by natx17 Tras múltiples e infructuosos intentos, por fin he pasado del tercer escenario de Robinson, para mí el más difícil de jugar en solitario por el alto nivel de suerte que presenta.En este nivel, el juego nos presenta a Jenny, una niña malcriada que solo sabe quejarse y esperar a que la rescaten víctima del naufragio y aislada en otra isla del archipiélago, por lo que mientras ella no hace nada y el resto se parte el culo a trabajar deberemos construir una balsa, rescatarla y salir de la isla en una balsa mayor. Poco antes de ponernos a la faena, Viernes sugiere que igual sería mejor idea crear la balsa grande y entonces pasar a rescatar a Jenny, ante lo cual le mando a tomar por c... le explico que son cosas fuera de su indígena capacidad de comprensión.En este caso, la suerte ha deparado que juguemos con el carpintero, lo cual no está mal. Durante el escenario, serán clave los siguientes elementos:- En primer lugar, necesitaremos la cuerda, tras lo cual podemos crear la balsa con 2 de madera y después rescatar a Jenny. Tras sacarla de su cómodo resort incómoda estancia, necesitaremos el cuchillo, 6 de madera y 4 de pieles.- Como aliciente, cuando exploramos y sacamos una ficha de tótem obtendremos diferentes efectos extra, al principio malos pero después muy interesantes (la cuerda gratis con el tercer tótem y 2 de pieles con el anterior).Para un escenario así, cada personaje presenta beneficios a considerar; en este caso, la habilidad de ahorrar madera y de construir con un solo peón sin tirar dados (a cambio de 3 fichas de determinación) será clave.Para empezar, y no teniendo determinación suficiente, exploramos varias fichas de isla, tras lo cual se descubren 2 montañas, hierba, varios animales y...UN SOLO TÓTEM. Vamos, dos heridas sin comerlo ni beberlo y poco más.Pero decidimos no desfallecer! Mientras Jenny sufre dos heridas por gilipollas en su retiro, un nuevo turno comienza, y nos damos cuenta de que un vendaval acaba de destrozar una de las parcelas recién descubiertas. Aun así, nos armamos de valor, nos fumamos una pipa (lo cual nos da dos fichas extras) y decidimos no explorar más. Para qué, pudiendo amortizar las habilidades de nuestro carpintero?Pronto construimos el cuchillo y la cuerda, mientras enviamos a viernes y al perro a cazar. Usando una pistola que hemos encontrado entre los restos del naufragio y que increíblemente sigue funcionando, nuestro amigo mata a varios animales, consiguiendo así unas cuantas pieles que nos son necesarias. Mientras Jenny pierde salud y espera el rescate, nuestro querido carpintero se frenta a los diversos peligros que la isla le presenta, logrando por fin construir la balsa y sacar a Jenny de la isla, donde tiene los santos huevazos de ponerse a descansar día tras día la enviamos a descansar y recuperarse del trauma sufrido.A poco de lograr nuestro objetivo, la desgracia nos sacude: Viernes muere! Y, lo que es peor, lo hace sin traer de vuelta la piel que nos falta!!!! Solo quedan dos turnos para el situación es crítica!Pero nuestro héroe olvida que puede construir la balsa con menos madera de la habitual. En el penúltimo turno, vamos a cazar un animal, sacrificando la pistola y el cuchillo en el intento, pe[...]

Session: Next War: Taiwan:: The "Liberation" Taiwan

Thu, 19 Jan 2017 14:32:06 +0000

by Sapper_SB China, enraged with the thought of the President of Taiwan making a phone call to President-Elect Donald Trump, decide to invade Taiwan. Building islands in the South China Sea is hard work and Taiwan is just sitting there begging to be subjugated.SITREP up to Day Three•Chinese marines have established a beachhead on the western side of the island.• The cities of Hunei and Nanzih are occupied but have not been successfully cleared of the Taiwan riff-raff.• Chinese maintain Supreme Air superiority and can perform air operations with impunity.• Chinese cruise missiles have been 90% ineffective. Bird's eye view of the Taiwan after day three.Not much happening...yet.Closer view of the action:• A couple of clearing operations. That 6 clearing OP in Nanzih will prove to be a pain.• PRC establishes a beachhead.• The rest of the island is relatively quite except for some cruise missile strikes and Spec OPs.SITREP up to Day SixThe PRC continues its assault onto the island of Taiwan as Marines and Airborne troops expand the foothold. The forces of Taiwan, taken by surprise, simply do not have enough forces in the right places to make much of a stand. ROC forces (Republic of China..Taiwan) can only hope to slow the advance long enough for reinforcements and the US to arrive. American airpower, along with the ROC Airforce, has turned Chinese air supremacy to just air advantage. Despite this the Chinese may still be able to grind down the allied air forces. It's a matter of numbers and the Chinese simply have more aircraft.By the end of day six China seems to have the upper hand. Seeing this the Allied forces appeal to the UN and get a Resolution ceasefire passed. However, China claims it's right to sovereignty and vetoes the ceasefire. For now the fight continues....• Ninzeh still has not been cleared.•The 43rd Airborne Bde advances towards Kaohsiung.•The 45th Airborne Bde has occupied and cleared Tainan.•Several Surface Action Groups and a Carrier Battle Group are offshore lending support to Chinese operations.SITREP up to Day Nine (Game turn 3)With a successful veto of the ceasefire China continues assert its rightful claim over Taiwan. A beach head has been established, port captured, and an airbase secured. As a result PRC forces pour onto the island via air and sea. The South Western side of the island, and the city of Tainan, is in under PRC control. Kaoshiun is currently under siege and will soon fall unless the allies manage to do the impossible. The Chinese air campaign is starting to take a turn for the worse as the allied air forces have contested the skies. However, the PRC Air Force still has the numerical advantage. Their planes may be half as good but they have twice as many.• Overview of the island. (Right map edge is North, Top edge is West)• Several Brigades and a Surface Action Group position themselves south of Formosa Plastics (top right)• Tainan is under PRC control. (center)• Nanzih is proving to be difficult to clear (center, 6 strength clearing marker)• It's only a matter of time before Kaoshiun falls into PRC hands (bottom left)• Taitung (bottom center) and the hardened airbase to the north are in imminent danger. However, the [...]

Session: Sekigahara: The Unification of Japan:: Ishida dealt a crushing defeat

Thu, 19 Jan 2017 13:00:38 +0000

by NeedsNewDice

“I am not good at this game.” That was thought percolating in my head as I surveyed the map of Japan during the fifth week of the Sekigahara campaign. I was playing Ishida.

Tokugawa's forces had effectively crushed my eastern forces, sitting at Aizu and preventing me from bringing any reinforcements into the side of the country. I had a few men near the castle at Ueda, but Tokugawa's men were circling and cutting off any path to easy retreat.

Sure, I still had a sizable force at Kyoto, along with the Mori reserves waiting to enter the field. And I had one or two smaller forces in the immediate vicinity. But my few gold stacks were quickly being surrounded by a sea of black.

I couldn't help but notice the disparity in 'dead' blocks siting to the side of the board. When I last counted it was nearly a 2:1 ratio in Tokugawa's favor.

Too late, I realized my hampered maneuverability and lack of men were not going to allow me to reclaim enough castles and resource locations to claim victory.

My only shot was to kill Tokugawa. I had a reasonable idea of where he was and had a 6 block force I could engage his 8 block force with by burning a card for a forced march.

I didn't seize the opportunity and the cowardly (some said 'crafty') general retreated. Granted, I was pretty unlikely to have taken him out, but it was my only shot, no matter how slim, and I had let it go.

The last two weeks were painful to watch as I fought an unwinnable war, although I did manage to punch through some Tokugawa forces and capture a resource location.

The game ended in a crushing defeat for Ishida. I was so devastated I don't remember the exact score but it was a difference of more than 10 points.

I really enjoyed this game, which was my second play. The first game I also lost, but as Tokugawa. My opponent said he thought this was one of GMT's better offerings.

I like...

The clean design and reference sheets.

That every decision is meaningful and with consequences.

The battle system where a huge stack of blocks could fall to a smaller stack either due to a well timed loyalty challenge or because the large stack was a bluff with few deployment cards available.

That you develop a strategy as the game progresses.

That there are moments with clear opportunities. The game isn't so much trying to locate whatthat opportunity is, but weighing if it's worth the risk to seize it.

The difference in how the two factions play.

I don't like...

That I suck at it.

The block generally work quite well, but when you have large stacks they tend to obscure the location they are on and can tumble if you try to stack them all on top of each other.

It's painful...

When you have a loyalty challenge played against you and there's nothing in your hand to counter it.

Session: Fields of Arle:: Finally broke 100 and then some.

Thu, 19 Jan 2017 12:58:56 +0000

by wildinferno

So it took me 5 solo games and I finally broke 100. What I didn't expect was how much over I went. In this last game I avoided the Master and spent the beginning just trying to get one of the biggest vehicles. This was the first time I got a big vehicle in the first winter and I could be the benefit of doing so because I was able to start making bricks and timber every round after that. Which I needed to since my goal was to get 2 red buildings. Close to the end after I had gotten 2 red buildings I just tried my best to either flip tiles on my board for more VP's (forrest-->parks) or I tried to buy the most buildings I could with the material I had left. This score was kinda shocking to me because while I am playing I don't really keep track of about how many points I might have.

Couple of things I learned this last game.
*How big it can be getting big vehicles early to help try and get some red buildings.
*I feel like I will never send someone to the master again. There are other ways to get workbenches up plus they give you VP's and you don't have to waste resourses.

I look foward to see if I can get a score this close again but with a different strategy. So far I am loving this game. It's a great big game but playing it solo I can knock it out in under an hour. It's very satisfying seeing what you have built and maybe how you could have gotten some more points if you made some different moves.

Session: Daring Racers:: 1952 F1 Season AAR

Thu, 19 Jan 2017 05:12:52 +0000

by capodistria Daring Racers: Formula One 1952 SeasonThis is an AAR of the 1952 Formula 1 season in Roberto Chiavini's Daring Racers.For each of the Grand Prix the winning positions will be given, some narrative highlights andthe running championship position. Points are awarded to the top five racers and only the best four finishes out of seven count for the championship. The US GP is not counted as it had no bearing on the title. * denotes extra point for fastest lapOne major omission from this season was Fangio who was out all season as a result of an issues securing a car and a mid year injury. Similarly the other Argentinean challenger, Jose Frolian Gonzalez, only started two GPs due to vehicular problems. This would leave the field open to the Italian drivers to shineSwiss GP 18/05/52 Bremgarten +1Piero Taruffi *2Jose Frolian Gonzalez3Robert Manzon4Jean Behra5Rudi FischerTaruffi and Gonzalez made an impressive start leaving the field behind but the Italian’s greater efficiency in the straights allowed him to comfortably leave the Argentinean in his wake to record his first Grand Prix win. Gonzalez was heard to complain to his mechanics about loss of power late in the race – he was not to find a suitable car until late in the season. Ominously the first death of the season occurred when Hans Stuck spun off and entered a stand of trees, tragically dying from his injuries.Standings after round 1Driver/ PointsPiero Taruffi 9Jose Frolian Gonzalez6Robert Manzon 4Jean Behra 3Rudi Fischer 2Belgian GP 22/06/52 Spa-Francorchamps 1Alberto Ascari *2Piero Taruffi3Mike Hawthorn4Jean Behra5Charles De TomacoOnce again this race proved to be a tale of two drivers both Italian. Taruffi hoping to capitalize on his first race started out after his compatriot Ascari who had a clear lead by mid way which he never relinquished. Ascari showed the early signs of a dominating season.Standings after round 2Driver/ PointsPiero Taruffi 15Alberto Ascari 9Jose Frolian Gonzalez6Jean Behra 6Robert Manzon 4Mike Hawthorn 4Charles De Tomaco3Rudi Fischer 2Alan Brown 2French GP 06/07/52 Rouen +1Alberto Ascari *2Piero Taruffi3Mike Hawthorn4Robert Manzon5Jean BehraThe French GP was an almost carbon copy of the Belgian with four out of the top five placing again. Once more Ascari showed his dominance in power and technical skill to easily win from his compatriot Taruffi. The latter has been heard complaining that his Ferrari is not receiving the same treatment from the mechanics as Ascari’s! Sadly the second fatality of the season occurred when Swiss driver Rudi Fischer crashed into a stanchion in the pit lane suffering severe head trauma.Standings after round 3Driver/ PointsPiero Taruffi 21Alberto Ascari 18Mike Hawthorn 10Jean Behra 8Robert Manzon 8Jose Frolian Gonzalez6Charles De Tomaco3Rudi Fischer + 2Alan Brown 2British GP 19/07/52 Silverstone +1Alberto Ascari *2Mike Hawthorn3Robert Manzon4Ken Wharton5Maurice TrintignantTaruffi’s disgust at the Ferrari mechanics only increased at Silverstone when he r[...]

Session: Trick-Taking: The Trick-Taking Game:: TT:tTTg First Play

Thu, 19 Jan 2017 00:35:58 +0000

by Kalii

I unpacked the game when I first received it last week and really enjoyed the art and the blurbs at the bottom. This afternoon was the first time I got it to the table, playing with my youngest daughter.

We played the "original" (non-prestige) rules and muddled through. It made more sense as we played along, though I was having trouble seeing the strategic value of the "Vanish" card until we got down to the "Final Performance" and I (cough) recommended my daughter use her vanish card to pick up the two Saw cards under her Illusion that gave her the win instead of "vanishing" the Illusion on my tableau that would have just gone back into my hand for me to replay. I think that's why they changed the rules in the Prestige rules that you can't turn around and replay the card again (although I would have been able to as it would have been my last card).

It was a quick, light game that was pretty to look at and had more strategy than I expected. We did, however, screw up the placement of the "Top Hat" on the lead card as I misread the rules and thought you place the "Low Card Wins" whenever the lead card is 0-3.

All in all, we got through a learning game in under 30 minutes, even with one player under the recommended age. It was interesting enough that I want to try it with more than 2 players and with the "prestige rules" before I write a review. Also, that will give me more basis to decide how I feel about the whole game coming down to the "Final Performance"/"Ultimate Trick" and basically throwing out all the tricks you won before (which does add a level of meta deck building).

Session: Lunarchitects:: Standard Solo Game with "Enclosure" End Game Scoring Condition

Wed, 18 Jan 2017 20:28:35 +0000

by crysknife

I decided to give "Enclosure" another try with plans to expand along three non-adjacent sides of my starting quarters. I chose the orange starting tile which gives two astronauts assuming I would want to get moving along independent paths quickly. About half way through lap one, I realized this would create an illegal blueprint by creating a dead-end at one end of both Tube and Rail lines. Oh well, I finished the game as best I could.

First lap, seemed like a decent start picking up three red tiles, a blue quarters tile, a Biome (resource), and a Dynamo (crystals); seven tiles total. Added three new astronauts bringing my total to five. I felt this would help with my strategy even after realizing my initial blunder. First lap score, 9 (three red tiles, three rockets, and three crystals).

Second lap, I wasn't able to add any more red tiles but did add two more quarters which enabled me to replace three astronauts with rockets (11 total tiles). Started "fixing" my mistake while enclosing one hex for end game scoring. Second lap score, 19 (+12 from three red tiles, six rockets, and three crystals).

Third lap, added five more tiles, including an Exporter (points) and four resource generators (16 total tiles) which gained me a second enclosed hex. Third lap score, 37 (11 from three red tiles, five rockets, and three crystals). At this point, I'm feeling like my lap scoring is lagging considerably compared to previous games.

Fourth lap, added five more tiles helping me enclose two more hexes for a total of four (21 total tiles). Picked up two more red tiles to generate some late game points and the +14 Launcher. Fourth lap score, 76 (+17 from five red tiles, eight rockets, and four crystals).

End game scoring went as follows; Enclosure netted me +20 points (4 hexes times +5 points) for a subtotal of 96 points minus 84 points from taxes on 21 tiles (21 times (-4)). Final score, 12 measly points which is what I feared early on in the game.

I'm wondering if "Enclosure" is worth ignoring completely and instead, focusing on lap scoring and point tiles. I've found trying to keep my plans under 18 tiles to be a successful strategy, though, I've received one comment previously of another solo player scoring big with 25 tiles. I am curious how they managed that game. I will definitely be revisiting this game soon. (next?)

Session: Triumph & Tragedy:: MLK Day Rematch

Wed, 18 Jan 2017 17:22:43 +0000

by pschorf I played my first game of T&T on 12 January with two coworkers, and we decided to meet for a rematch on MLK day. I didn't keep detailed enough notes to write a session report for the first playthrough, but I think I can piece one together this time. It was all of our second plays, and we randomly drew the same sides as we had in the first game. For background, the first game ended in 1939 with the Axis taking Paris and Leningrad. This game went the distance to 1945 and was played very differently.1936West 7 IND/12 POP/11 RES - 4 CV/0 Act/3 InvAxis 12/11/6 - 8/0/3USSR 9/12/11 - 3/0/6Axis was still sore over crappy peace dividend draws and decided to VoN Yugoslavia and Denmark, controlling both.1937West 8/12/12 - 4/0/4Axis 13/15/10 - 7/3/3USSR 11/16/12 - 2/3/6Axis continued to warmonger, taking Sweden and Rumania1938West 9/12/12 - forgot to note productionAxis 14/16/11 - 10/0/3USSR 12/17/13 - 5/0/7Quiet year diplomatically as people start to turtle1939West 10/13/16 - 5/0/5Axis 14/17/14 - 9/2/3USSR 15/16/11 - 4/0/111939 New TurnNote that we missed the "two industry per turn rule" in 1938 allowing USSR to gain 3 steps. Axis VoN Bulgaria.1940 West 12/13/16Axis 16/17/14USSR 16/17/131940 New TurnThis turn the Axis VoN Hungary, Poland, and Baltic States setting up for Barbarossa in 19411941West 14/14/17 - 7/3/4Axis 17/17/14 - 11/3/3USSR 18/17/16 - 10/7/0 In 1941 the bloodbath started. Axis DoW USSR and took Leningrad. The West got opportunistic and DoW USSR to take the Spanish satellite. The Germans made it into Moscow but couldn't quite take the city in a turn. The West then declared war on the Axis and blocked supply by sea, so the land route into Moscow was critical. The stage was set for a dramatic 1942.1942West - 15/16/19Axis - 19/19/14USSR - 20/13/15Battle for MoscowThe Soviets built up forces surrounding Moscow and the Germans prepared to resupply. It all came down to the command card draw with the Soviets getting the initiative (E vs F!) They were able to resupply the defense of Moscow and Barbarossa looked doomed. The Germans fought out the battle in a desperate attempt to win, but were ultimately doomed. That left them as the obvious dark horse candidate between an ascendant West and USSR.1943West - 16/19/23 - 9/5/2Axis - 19/17/13 - 11/2/0USSR - 22/13/15 - 11/4/0Rudolph Hess was able to convince the West along with their new (finally!) US allies that the real threat to peace in Europe were the Soviets, arranging an armistice with France in exchange for continued Axis pressure in the East. The betrayed soviets began to swing towards Delhi while turtling along the European border.1944West - 16/20/15 - 9/5/6Axis - 19/17/15 - 15/0/0USSR - 22/15/20 - 10/3/21944 New TurnThe Western forces started encircling Leningrad in 1944 in preparation for an attack, while the Axis struck back in Kiev to start to reclaim some resources. The USSR got stymied by poor die rolls but eventually took Karachi while still pushing towards Delhi. The Italians prepared to mount their own Gallipoli on the Soviet satellite in Turkey.1945West - 1[...]

Session: The Resistance: Avalon:: Coming out as Percival and Merlin

Wed, 18 Jan 2017 11:23:07 +0000

by Robrun I have never been a believer in 'coming out' as your character, with a couple of obvious exceptions when playing with variant characters such as the Lancelots and Puck. However, I believe I missed a trick the other day when coming out might have been the only possible winning strategy in a dire situation.In a 10-player game with Lancelots, Guinevere, the Lovers and Oberon as well as the usual suspects, I was Percival and fourth pick on m1. Fifth pick was RobK, one of my two possible Merlins. He picked AlexB, who was the other possible Merlin, so I wasn't too unhappy about that - succeed or fail, either way I would find out which was which (in Lancelot games, Morgana generally fails m1) - but then to my horror, he picked me, too! One fail duly appeared. So I knew RobK was Morgana and AlexB was Merlin, but how the hell were we going to get anyone to trust both Alex and I on future missions?As the choices for m2 went round the table, I talked a lot, saying all the things I say when I am good. The choice hit AlexB, who was fourth pick for m2. He's smart and he knows me well. He had silently identified me as Percival, and duly picked me for his mission. However, there were many objections and only he and I voted for it together with AlexR - whose voting style is unpredictable (to put it mildly). Fifth pick for m2, Rachel, made a big effort to get advice on what to do. AlexB and I both tried to persuade her to pick us, but as the talk went on I began to fear this was a bad idea. I know Rachel, and when she earnestly tries to pick the right mission (apparently) this usually means she's bad, bad, bad. She chose us both with herself and Eszter. One fail. Gloom descended on me. Rachel was either Oberon, Bad Lancelot or, most likely, Mordred. How could we get out of this one?A Lancelot card was turned, and the characters flipped. Just what we needed - not!As the choices went round the table for m3, I tried desperately to think of a way to get people to vote for my mission (I was fourth pick again) so that Morgana as fifth pick didn't get to choose a failing mission. To muddy the waters, Thomas, sitting in third pick position, announced he was Bad Lancelot turned good. I was suspicious - Thomas might do this as Oberon or Good Lancelot turned bad, or even Mordred. No-one contested this, but somehow I felt uneasy about it. Red and Toran, in the first two seats, made their choices and these were voted down (fortunately). I was still talking, doing my best to persuade everyone that AlexB and I were both good. I hinted, strongly, that we knew we were good because we were the Lovers. Thomas made his choice. He picked himself, Ermanno, Eszter, AlexB and me, and told everyone we must vote this up. I was doubtful, and voted against, as did most people. This was now our last chance: my choice and I had to pick a perfect mission and secure six 'yes' votes. I did what I thought was my best. After listening to advice and a lot of backchat, plus a soft murmur from Ermanno that he'd prefer Thomas not be on the missio[...]

Session: Bridge:: How did you get there?

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 19:34:00 +0000

by Bankler

An expert I've known for nearly 30 years but rarely played with found out his partner was double booked, so I'm playing in the Swiss to make up a team. It's going meh[\i], we're middle of the pack when we play a good team, but I pick up a promising hand.

S:KQ9x H:Kx D:KQJT9x C:x

Nice hand. It gets a lot less promising when RHO opens 1 Diamond. This pair is playing weak NT, so their one of a minor opening shows either 15+ HCP or a real suit and unbalanced hand.

I pass. LHO bids 1 Heart and partner bids 1 No Trump. RHO bids 2 Hearts.

I don't know what partner has. I mean, I literally don't know. I know that we both player with an expert who thinks this should always be a real 1NT overcall (to keep opponents from responding on air to bamboozle us), but we did not discuss this and it could be either 15-18 points or he has the black suits.

OK, looking at my hand, I don't think he can have 15-18. I think he has the black suits. I have too many points for him to have points. But I don't think I need to cater to one or the other. I bid 3 Hearts. If partner can find a heart stopper to bid 3NT, that's fine with me.

Partner can't and bids 3 Spades. We could go down, but I bump him up to four spades. RHO asks about the auction and I say "Undiscussed". Partner volunteers that it was intended as sandwich NT.

I feel a lot more confident about my bid after RHO reveals the Heart Ace as the opening lead. There's nothing to the play, partner was 5-5 in the blacks with a minimum, but we just lose the three (non-spade) aces.

We discover that (at the other table) my LHO made a weak jump shift of two hearts, passed back to me. My hand backed in with three diamonds. Our other pair is impressed that we could find our game. "How did you get there?"

We just shrugged.

Anyway between this hand and getting doubled in a game (making on sloppy defense) we pick up a healthy set and finish off the last two matches with some semblance of style.

Session: Arkham Horror: The Card Game:: Just when you think you're out of it...

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 17:56:20 +0000

by Beloch

Not a full session report, but spoilers, so I thought better here than in the other forums.

My first 2p game tonight, with the recommended starting decks. I've tended to win the Gathering solo, so far, without struggling too much.

I felt that 2p upped the difficulty a little. Not like the upswing in e.g. Legendary Encounters: Alien - where with more players it becomes really very tough; but certainly the attition rate, with 2 encounter cards a round, seems to me to ramp up a fair bit.

We were not drawing well from the chaos pool. 3 or 4 -3/-4s in the first 10 draws. Just unlucky - to the point I started to wonder if we should reboot it, but I figure sometimes the best stories happen in the worst circumstances.

And then Dark Young start bouncing us in the cellar (dunno how those big buggers got in there - maybe a root thing?!) and Wendy is drawing largely hopeless cards (maybe more to the point - I just dunno how to use 'em properly, yet).

But gradually we wear it down. Act 3 is on us, the Ghoul Priest appears, and we're about 5/9 and 5/7 health left (but with lots of sanity to spare).

I engage GP, Evade him, and nip into the parlour with a view to recruiting Lita C. Happens on first test - Result.

My pal daredn't whack the GP, for fear of a retaliate that kills him, so runs into the Parlour to join me and get LC's buffs.

I manage to Evade the GP. A quick dash into the hallway to get out of the line of shrapnel, and it's "fire in the hole!" as a dynamite blast takes out the parlour and its contents - and deals 3 damage to GP, and kills whatever Ghouls are still lurking there. Two health left on GP.

One action left for a final attack. A (discarded) knife will do 2 points of damage, on a successful hit, and GP is toast.

But GP is 4 attack. We can only add 2 to our 4. But surely the odds are - especially given our crappy draws so far - that we'll pull no worse than a -2?




I love this game.

Session: Kingdom Death: Monster:: Aephyus Lantern Year 4

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 17:56:14 +0000

by JK47 For the version with photos check out my blog at:, Lorena, Gaea and Thalia approached the Butcher carefully. The monster stood there motionless, letting its oversized cleavers hang loosely at its side. The only indication that it was somehow alive at all was the misty air from its deep and heavy breathing steaming the cold darkness. Lorena motions to Caleb to flank the monster from a giant stone face and he and Thalia move to take up their positions as Gaea and Lorena move forward to confront the abomination.Once in place Caleb and Thalia both loose their clawed arrows both of which lodge in the Butcher's Gut and knock it down to the ground. Seeing its vulnerability Lorena surges forward and slashes its greaves and thick cape to shreds with her Katar. As the armoured monster scrambles back to its feet Gaea moves in front of it and readies her shield.In a whirlwind of fury and blades, the Butcher lashes out at the survivors around it. It launches a massive blow in an attempt to Hew Gaea in half but her shield takes the force. Frustrated by its lack of success the Butcher carves wildly at the Green Saviour but she is too fast and he manages only to just nick her rawhide headband.Thalia uses the confusion to dash behind the beast and bring her Twilight Sword down across its unnerving mask as Caleb lets loose a hail of arrows which pierce the Butcher's cape and gauntlets. Lorena piles in with more attacks and breaks the nemesis' crown. In an instant it lashes out and sends Thalia, Lorena and Gaea sprawling to the ground. Seeing the vulnerability of his fellow survivors Caleb calls out to Gaea to rise. With effort she does and she brings her shield up to protect her fallen comrades. The Butcher is enraged by her defiance and kicks and hews at her but for naught. Gaea is fulfilling her destiny as a saviour of Aephyus and no harm comes to her.Thalia then rips away the Butcher's Cape with a swing of her twilight Blade, but is knocked away as the Butcher hews away wildly at the survivors. Gaea wears the brutal blows the best she can and applies a bandage to staunch the blood that is now flowing from her chest. From the vantage point of the giant stone face Caleb continues to let fly arrow after arrow into the Butcher, bringing it close to the point of death. It took until this point in the fight but it seemed now that the Butcher realised the mortal threat posed to it by Caleb and it rushed furiously at her to cut her to pieces. It came to naught though as the Butcher once again found its path blocked by the resolute Green Saviour and his cleavers found only empty air and her shield.With a knowing smile and a nod from Thalia, Caleb let loose the killing arrow which buried itself in the Butcher's Furious Scrag. In an explosion of blood and gore the beast was decapitated, though its corpse still stood lifeless in place. All of the survivors let out cries o[...]

Session: Kamasutra:: All shut in for the storm

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 17:10:24 +0000

by ravager

When a family reunion occurs during the GREAT ICESTORM JUPITER'S reign, things can get a little crazy. Twenty-one family members (and dogs and cats)living in close conditions is stressful, unforgiving, and bit gamey after a few days.

I broke out this gem of a game in an attempt to lighten the mood after our third humid evening together. We had sixteen gamers, including two grandmas and three grandpas, two uncles, three aunts and six cousins. To my delight everyone wanted in! Except Laura (my cousin's Billy's wife from Pennsylvania). She's a bit a prude and decided to sit this one out. We let her and the kids off the hook ... today.

We were all a bit lightheaded from generator fumes and having to blow up forty balloons, except for Grampa Larry. He's a smoker and can't breathe right so he just gave advice. We moved the hard furniture aside in the living room and pushed Laura and the kids upstairs.

On each turn, one of us would flip a card and read off the position. Hilarity ensued as our couples attempted to quickly match the positions and pop their balloon first. A leftover cat may've freaked out and a Aunt Freda's labradoodle may've bit cousin Bob but it was loud, glorious fun. You really get to see the dominant partner in relationships! Who knew that big Cousin Cindy is an alpha gamer?!

It was pretty fun but after five rounds, the basic rules seemed a bit stale. Everyone still wanted to play though, so we added the complication of randomizing the couples. We moved the remaining pets into the garage and started anew. I actually cried tears of laughter as random couples crawled over other couples in order to pair up in the middle. We had Cousin Mike and Gramma Marie on the bear rug and Grammas Tammy and Kim rolling on the floor and winning the Writhing Turtles (Kickstarter award). It was sweaty and sometimes painful but lots of fun!

This was an awesome time and we whole-heartedly recommend this game for nearly anyone.

Except Laura and the kids.

Session: SeaFall:: Game 6 (Box 3 unlocked) [spoilers tagged]

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 13:31:21 +0000

by TheRealStupid Our group played through Pandemic Legacy with five players - we had our normal group of four, but whenever one player couldn't make a session, we had a dedicated "filler" player who would rotate in and out. It was with this dedicated group of five that we are playing Seafall. Note this is a continuation of our playthrough. Links to the prior session report arefirst sessionsecond/third sessionfourth sessionfifth sessionWe unlocked the third chest during our fourth game. This report will contain spoilers, but I will try to tag anything that would affect a first-time playthrough. Having said that, the vast majority of the gameplay deals with spoilers in one form or another. Pretty much any discussion of strategy is going to venture into spoiler territory. I will stick with spoiler tags for this game session, but I suspect that I will need to abandon spoiler tags once we open the next box – likely to happen in the next couple of sessions.Also, at this point, I’m going to refer to players by COLOR rather than Rank. While it’s mostly easy for me to keep track of who is who, for that sake of the reader, I think the colors will help track who is winning and who is falling behind.Our players, in order from lowest to highest scores at the outset of the game:- The PURPLE Lord, who is starting this session nearly 20 points in arrears of the leaders. - The BLUE Baron, who seems to have the worst luck possible (and is continuing that trend in this session).- The GREY Merchant, who, despite his color and honorific, will be known by this title. He was playing as the Count in this game, having sprung up from the lowly Lord role to a lead of 5+ points above every other player in two games, before falling back to the middle of the pack in a single session. - The RED Duke, who (in my opinion) is in close contention for winning the overall game.- The GREEN Prince (me), who was in the lead by a mere two points.Going into this game, my strategy was [o]to quickly purchase wood, return home and build a Hold upgrade on one of my ships and then scavenge the six goods required to build a colony. I had tried this in the previous session without success. By making it my #1 goal and staying focused on that, I assumed I would have better luck. The overall goal was to plant the “exploration” colony on Danger Isle, which would hopefully allow me to attempt exploring more Tombs as the game progressed. I went into the game assuming that I would be building the colony right around Turn 6 or 7. I was really hoping to get out of the Prince position. Ideally, I would end up 6 points in arrears for two starting bonuses in the next game.[/o] For the first “year” (six turns), each player seemed to be committed to following their own specific strategy.The PURPLE (Lord) player seemed to be in the best position to get at least two milestones [o](3) colonies, and (5) structures[/o[...]

Session: Star Wars: Rebellion:: Further galactic history insights - BBY2

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 11:36:29 +0000

by subudai i]note: To make the story flow better, often all action on a system is recounted as one episode, even though in reality turns alternate – rebel then empire –and obviously, where two rebel operations happen on the same system, an imperial activity happened either at that same system or somewhere else; and vice versa. Similarly, when some events appear to be written seemingly out of sequence, they were not; they were played in accordance with the round summary on page 20 of the Learn to Play guide[/iPROLOGUEFollowing the empire’s victory recounted at BBY1, emperor Palpatine departed for a series of secret conferences deep in the inner core. Without his presence in the populated sectors of the galaxy, corruption and other debilitating practices swept the former imperial domains. Maintenance and training fell away, units and weapon systems fell into disrepair. As our story opens, Mygeeto and Mandalore remained within the imperial covenant only by force of subjugation. Only Coruscant, Corellia, Rodia and Saleucami demonstrated what passed for loyalty to the imperial cause. A quick assessment of the manufacturing capacity at those imperial systems conveyed a truly alarming message; the empire retained control of a pitiful collection of weapon manufacturing capabilities should a crisis erupt.Such a crisis did arise all too soon. The rebel alliance had regrouped and, given the pitiful state of imperial forces, one cold morning the Holonet burst aloud with the news that Kashyyyk, Mon Calamari and Bothawui were all in a state of rebellion. More disturbing, on remote Dantooine the rebels had established a substantial military presence. Was this the site of a new secret rebel base?ROUND 1Leia Organa had actually begun the rebellion with a detailed planning session at a new secret rebel base b]our most desperate hour – character card actioned in Assignment phase]. There Leia had decided it was her brother who most needed help, so her plan involved him first undertaking some refresher training in a discipline where he was lacking confidence [seek Yoda mission card chosen; however, whilst assigned to her, the mission was not undertaken by Leia this round; it was saved in the hope Luke might later join the rebel cause[/i. At Mygeeto General Reeikan initiated a formal outbreak of combat operations when he led what constituted much of the rebel fleet – a corellian corvette and four rebel fighters - from Dantooine to ambush imperial naval forces at that system b]activate Mygeeto[/b. Shock reverberated throughout the empire when rebel propaganda published images of the destruction of an imperial assault transport and two squadrons of Tie fighters. It was indeed fortunate for the empire that they in turn could publish images of the destruction of the lone rebel Corellian Class corvette. Jan Dodonna, unperturbed by military outcomes, magnif[...]

Session: Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island:: One Explorer and his Dog

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 11:31:20 +0000

by Gribbon I took it upon myself to help the Explorer escape the Castaways scenario - not to be too lonely we took along the Dog and met up with the friendly local Friday. This was my sixth game, losing the previous five All we had at the start was each other! Oh.. and some biscuits, and a hammer and nails. Which came in handy. In the first three rounds my focus was simultaneously on exploring as much as possible, and getting a roof over our heads. The explorers ability 'reconnaissance' is helpful when you only need one or two terrain types left, and after the first part of the game we had used it to effect to get a nice part of the island explored (including all terrain tiles). We got out camp built and a few levels of the roof - by round 6 it was reinforced three times which helped keep the rain out. I also managed to keep my palisade around level 1 to avoid any unfilled demands from damage. I managed to get a lot of inventions built - a combination of nice rolls and two token builds. By the end I had a nice selection to choose from - including the shortcut and hatchet to really ramp up resources!It came at a cost though. I ended up drawing quite a few adventure cards from the build deck, and unbelievably they all came back to bite in a single draw. This mean an increase in build costs across the top of the board and a destroyed roof By this stage I had 4/5 stacks built, and was on round nine, so really wanted to get the mast built but without any felt we decided to try the hunt. We came across that most elusive and enigmatic of foes... the mysterious iguana. I say mysterious because he dropped a nice pelt. It came in to finish that mast and almost complete the final stack, all I needed in round 10 was to get two wood and finish the stack but DISASTER STRUCK... I couldn't draw enough due to the event phase. We dug in, played to survive the round, build up a stock of food and use whatever we could to survive... it was close. I ended up with some snow and rain, but still pretty good on health we plodded into the next round and got the final wood we needed just in time!! The ships rolled in and we were saved. Absolutely fantastic game. By the end it was possibly the most tense I've felt playing a game. I knew it was in reach so planned carefully and tried to avoid the dice where possible!! Feel so pleased about winning - it was tough but glad I know I can do it. [...]

Session: Mechs vs. Minions:: Family Fun Day - Episode 4 - Missions 3 & 4

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 09:15:56 +0000

by jerkules **** SPOILERS AHEAD ****Going to break protocol with this episode and fast forward a bit. My son and I have been waiting for my wife to continue on our campaign and therefore have played Mission 2 a few times over the past few months. Each time has been different but ultimately we were able to pull out victory either thanks to a solid Fuel-Tank board-wipe or the luck of rolling red multiple times and not having a wave of minions to deal with. I haven’t been through all of the missions yet, but currently this would be my default “let’s play this one” mission if I were just going to pick one to act as a good overall representation of the game.In any case, yesterday we decided we were done waiting and proceeded on to Mission 3 - da Boss battle! He played Ziggs, I played Corki.Frankly I was quite surprised we'd square off against the boss so soon. I was figuring that we wouldn't get to open that box until at least Mission 5 but was happy to be wrong. I also didn't know about the hidden programming board beforehand which was another neat surprise.After reading through the mission rules my son at first wanted to play standard mode (10 hp) but after thinking about it a little more decided easy mode (5 hp) was probably a better idea. We each started 90 degrees apart and were on our way. As Corki was right next to a red rune space, he Omni-stomped his way over and we quickly had that unlocked. It wasn't until turn 2 or 3 that we actually got a hit though, which I believe was from Zigg's fuel tank after he got a little closer. Ziggs then got onto the blue rune shield next and Corki was able to use a Ripsaw to deal another point of damage early on. Using the oil slicks and positioning, Corki unlocked a few other shields as well up to turn 4 where Ziggs re-unlocked the red shield and we were able to do 3 damage to the Boss, finishing it off.So yeah, 4 turns felt a little underwhelming, but I guess that is what easy mode is for. And my son was content to be able to move on anyway.Mission 4 - You better run!We ended up playing this one twice and both times Ziggs charged forward set on getting to the finish line first. I had to remind him it wasn't actually a race but a team effort. Both times Corki was left to clean up behind him and in our first run through it got to a point where he couldn't get to one minion on the opposite side of the board and we lost.The 2nd run-through though, although went about the same, ended much better. Ziggs, at the finish line, detonated a lvl 3 Fuel Tank wiping a whopping 21 minions. Meanwhile Corki was still on the 1st tile dealing with all those that had gotten behind Ziggs. However, thanks to a lvl 2 Fuel Tank and a lvl 3 Hexmatic Aimbot, he was able to pick off the biggest threats, line himself up to make a run for it and make [...]

Session: Steel Wolves: The German Submarine Campaign Against Allied Shipping – Vol 1:: Scenario Wolfpack SL-34, Hans Rudolf Rösing

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 08:05:46 +0000

by danielschmied Scenario Wolfpack SL-34, Hans Rudolf RösingU-46 (VIIB) 4-2-3, U-101 (VIIB) 4-2-3Operation Zone: SW ApporachesContacttable: blue, big convoyTorpedo: 0Time: week 2, June 1940 (Warsegment 1)This special Scenario is about the second Wolfpack in WW2 ever, only two Submarines could apply because of the beginns of this tactic, Contactholder was Hans Rudolf Rösing on U-48 (not fighting inside the WP).FYI: Rösing asked after arrival in base, that Wolfpacks schould be managed from countryside.The Scenario is only a fighting Scenario without search & contact and everything else...Left outside2 white, 3 red ensignsLeft inside5 red ensignsLeft mid1 white, 4 red ensignsRight mid1 white, 4 red ensignsRight inside2 white, 3 red ensignsRight outside2 white, 3 red ensignsLate value: 1U-46 Placing Roll: 3 + 3 (tactical value) = 6 -> outside lane -> Left outsideU-101 Placing Roll: 7 + 3 (tactical value) = 10 -> anywhere -> Left midU-46 Turning 3 Red EnsignsBritish Merchant, M 6t, 2-0British Merchant, M 5t, 1-0British Diligent Escort "Shrh", SL 1t, 6-3, Emergency Dive Roll: 1 -> successRound 1Attack on 6t -> 3Attack Modifiers: 3 (Attack Value) 0 (Torpedo Value) Total : 3Defence Modifier: 2 (Defence Value) +2 (Escort) 0 (TDC Value) Total : 4To Hit: no Chance to hitAttack on 5t -> 2Attack Modifiers: 2 (Attack Value) 0 (Torpedo Value) Total : 2Defence Modifier: 1 (Defence Value) +2 (Escort) -1 (TDC Value) Total : 2To Hit: 0Roll 0 Hit -> Damage Roll 5 (Ship sunk)Counter-Attack: Base Value 3Roll: 7 -> sightedLeaving the battleU-101 Turning 3 Red EnsignsCombat Event, Roll:9, "attack, then again attack"British Merchant, M 7t, 2-0British Merchant, M 6t, 2-0Round 1Attack on 7t -> 3Attack Modifiers: 3 (Attack Value) 0 (Torpedo Value) Total : 3Defence Modifier: 2 (Defence Value) -1 (TDC Value) Total : 1To Hit: 0-2Roll 8 MissAttack on 6t -> 2Attack Modifiers: 2 (Attack Value) 0 (Torpedo Value) Total : 2Defence Modifier: 2 (Defence Value) 0 (TDC Value) Total : 2To Hit: 0Roll 5 MissRound 2 (extra Round)Attack on 7t -> 3Attack Modifiers: 3 (Attack Value) 0 (Torpedo Value) Total : 3Defence Modifier: 2 (Defence Value) +1 (TDC Value) Total : 3To Hit: 0Roll 3 MissAttack on 6t -> 2Attack Modifiers: 2 (Attack Value) 0 (Torpedo Value) Total : 2Defence Modifier: 2 (Defence Value) 0 (TDC Value) Total : 2To Hit: 0Roll 6 MissCounter-Attack: Value 0Roll: 0 -> NothingStruggle Roll: 2 No change (1)Round 3U-101 Turning 2 white, 1 red EnsignsBritish Merchant, M 7t, 2-0British Merchant, M 6t, 2-0British Merchant, M 5t, 3-0British Merchant, AO 10t, 3-0British Warship "Hastings", SL 1t, 5-1/2 (right mid)Attack on 10t -> 2Attack Modifiers: 2 (Attack Value) 0 (Torpedo Value) Total : 2Defence Modifier: 3 (Defence Value) -1 (TDC Value) -1 (second Round)[...]

Session: Arkham Horror: The Card Game:: Wendy on the Hunt Part II... A play-by-play session report of The Midnight Masks

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 08:05:27 +0000

by xanalor This is the second blow-by-blow session report of my playthrough of The Night of the Zealot campaign, with commentary on my decision-making progress.Note that I use two Core sets, and my goal is not necessarily to tell a story. Though it does make for an interesting tale (and serve as inspiration for the title) that I went out of my way to get more victory points.The deck and play-by-play are below, and there ARE spoilers aplenty, both for Midnight Masks, and a little bit about the third scenario as I discuss my reasoning for my XP expenditures at the end of the report. Any card/resource/token count errors, etc. are most likely just notation errors, but it's possible I may have misinterpreted a rule here and there. You can find the previous session for The Gathering here: further ado, here's the deck list and the report. Note that the deck list below reflects the changes I made after spending my XP from the first scenario.Wendy Adams (x2 Core)ASSETS2x Baseball Bat1x Cat Burglar2x Flashlight2x Leo De Luca1x Wendy's AmuletEVENTS2x Backstab1x Close Call2x Elusive2x "Look what I found!"1x Lucky! [Level 0]1x Lucky! [Level 2]2x Sneak AttackSKILLS2x Guts2x Manual Dexterity1x Opportunist2x Overpower2x Perception2x Survival Instinct2x Unexpected CourageWEAKNESSES1x Abandoned and Alone1x AmnesiaSETUPDraw Sneak Attack, Manual Dexterity, Close Call, Wendy's Amulet, Survival InstinctMulligan, discard all five cardsDraw Manual Dexterity, Guts, Baseball Bat, Sneak Attack, BackstabI'm hoping for an ally on turn one so even though you can choose how many cards to discard with a mulligan action (unlike other games where you must mulligan everything) I go for a complete redraw. Unfortunately I don't get what I'm looking for, but the reason I include max amounts of all the skill cards is because I can use them to move more quickly through my deck. (Sometimes a risky proposition as it could lead to drawing weaknesses sooner, but more often than not work it.)TURN 1a. Move to Graveyard. Play Guts. Draw -3 token (-3). 3 vs. 3. Draw Guts.b. Investigate. Draw Elder Sign token (0). 3 vs. 1. Get Clue (1 clue total).c. Investigate. Draw +1 token (+1). 4 vs. 1. Get Clue (2).upkeep: Draw Close Call (6 resources)The Graveyard is a nice place to start for clue collection, and I'm still looking for allies so by going to the Graveyard I know I'll have a chance to use Guts. Why don't I investigate Rivertown first? Because I want to fully investigate the Graveyard on this turn in case I draw On Wings of Darkness next turn, potentially giving me a free ride back to Rivertown.TURN 2Advance Agenda 1A [1/6]Draw Hunting Shadow. Take 2 damage. (2/7 damage on Wendy)a. Move to Rivertownb. Investigate. Draw +1 token (+[...]

Session: Hero Realms:: Tournament of Heroes Round 3 - Fighter vs Ranger

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 07:44:07 +0000

by AJEddy For full coverage of this tournament, including the running scoreboard, see this thread:Tournament of Heroes, Season 2I am moving the Round reports to separate threads each and placing them in the Sessions area, as that seems more appropriate. Hope these reports show some insight to those interested in how these Characters play. Round 3 - Fighter vs Ranger VS Hero PreviewOur last Character to enter the ring in Season 2 is The Fighter. He is in tough against the favorite and current leader, The Ranger.The FighterThe Fighter will try to gain a very early damage advantage, and use it to overwhelm the Ranger. Damage supports his starter deck draw and will help him keep the pressure on throughout the game. If the Fighter can damage rush the Ranger, he has a chance. The RangerWe already saw how powerful the Ranger's starter deck and abilities are in Round 1. Will it be as powerful in this match-up with the Fighter? I think it will. Nothing new for the Ranger...abuse Track, draw like crazy, play with Blue to add more deck/discard manipulation.Match-up PreviewIn Season 1, this match-up saw Adam win both games, going first. This sets up the Characters in Season 2 with a 1-1 record each, head-to-head. I feel the Start player advantage is significant, with only the Ranger-Thief match-up suggesting otherwise, if you believe that match-up was an even match-up....nope! So, you will see the odds at a whopping 80% for the Ranger when going first, and even 70% for the Fighter. Against the mighty Ranger!?!? We shall see.FIGHTER - RANGER ScorecardGameAdamDadStartFavorite OddsWinner---------------------------------------------------------Season 116RANGERFIGHTERRANGERRANGER20FIGHTERRANGERFIGHTERFIGHTERSeason 2 - Round 39FIGHTERRANGERFIGHTERFIGHTER 70%FIGHTER10FIGHTERRANGERRANGERRANGER 80%FIGHTER11RANGERFIGHTERFIGHTERFIGHTER 70%FIGHTER12RANGERFIGHTERRANGERRANGER 80%RANGER Season 2 | Total-------------------------------FIGHTER 3-1 | 4-2RANGER 1-3 | 2-4Start Player 3-1 | 4-2Game 9 - I mis-abused Track. I was so caught up with trying to be fancy in manipulating my deck that I wasn't buying good cards. In my defense, the trade row was very expense. But instead of buying a second Fire Gem, I would Track. That was a mistake. The Fighter sported a very efficient Green and Yellow deck and the Ranger could not get anywhere on the scoreboard. It was an easy victory for the Fighter. NOTE: Adam likes to use Crushing Blow during the first deck to trigger the draw with Throwing Axe. My strategy has always been to wait on that to take out a strong Champion, but I am warming up to Adam's play. That early draw seems a better tactic in the long run than waiting on[...]

Session: Legion of Honor:: Three solo sessions--quick readout

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 07:43:41 +0000

by RobCarna I was torn between posting this as a review or a session report, but I'm only focused on the gaming experience so I'll keep it as a session.Like many others, I waited a long time for this game. Once it came out, I didn't have time to get to it for a year. It was worth the wait.Disclaimer: I'm a Napoleonics nut. I paint and game miniatures, read the history and fiction, and generally love the time period. I can't say if that is crucial for enjoyment of the game, but it certainly helps.I played three solo sessions in a row, and was eager to get back to the game after each iteration. Each one was different. Summaries below:1. The Unfortunate Soldier: On my first run through my character proved to be a solid, if mostly uninspiring, leader who had a good career fighting for Napoleon. He was fairly unlucky in battle, with the enemy frequently overrunning, outflanking, and generally beating up on the units in which he served. He was severely wounded once, but recovered quickly. He also caught various diseases with some regularity, reducing his health at an alarming rate. He usually had enough experience for the next rank but had to wait on Glory and Napoleon's Notice. He finished as a General de Brigade, a Comte, and was executed after Waterloo (unlucky to the end). Napoleon's Notice (N): 79, Glory (G): 197, Experience (E): 217, Money (M): 345, Health (H): 10.2. The Really Unfortunate Soldier: The second run through ended with a glorious but terminal action at the bridge at Lodi. I figured that when playing solo you might as well just start over. N: 7, G: 20, E: 24, M: 42.3. Fortune's Favorite: Everything broke favorably for this character. I'm almost afraid to play again, based on how well this run went. He was usually way over the rank requirements for "N" and "G" and was usually just waiting on "E" for promotion. He received Arms of Honor for capturing the guns at Jemappes, Protecting the Eagle at Fleurus, Facing the Enemy at the Pyramids, Carrying the Day at Aboukir, and Capturing the Guns again at Hohenlinden. Those Glory bonuses add up when you accumulate them early. He always seemed to be at the right place at the right time in terms of assignments and combat cards. He was made a Comte for leading a counterattack at Lutzen, a Duc for Carrying the Day at Dresden, a Marshal for leading a counterattack during the six days, and a Prince for Carrying the Day at Ligny. His fortune mostly left him at Wavre, where his unit (IV Corps) was decimated and he was lightly wounded. He survived the second abdication and went into peaceful retirement. N: 171, G: 322, E: 261, M: 515, H: 40.The game plays quickly, and I found the answers to all my rules que[...]

Session: Raiders of the North Sea:: Raiders: a son vs. father game

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 06:44:04 +0000

by Lorthania With a game of Shipwrights under our belt, my son Jasper and I cracked open the Raiders box. After my resounding defeat in Shipwrights, it was time to retaliate! Things did not bode well, though: from Rune Saga, my son had won the ability to gain two military strength when spending two silver at the armoury. And when I told him how many points fortresses were worth, a strange glint appeared in his eyes...Our first moves were pretty standard: get some silver, get some cards, get some provisions, hire crew, ... . I then proceeded to raid a harbour to show my son how that worked. Big mistake. It did give me enough goods to get a nice five-point offering, but it also gave Jasper the grey worker he needed to visit the armoury and get his first military upgrade.He then dumped two cards at the treasury to get a gold. In the next round, he used that gold to 'pay a visit' to a monastery, courtesy of another grey worker I'd pulled from another harbour raid. His military strength really wasn't up to scratch yet, but a double five on the dice roll left the monastery all but devastated.Time for me to react! I managed to raid a third harbour and built up for the four-resource outpost, which gave me plenty to make some offerings. I'd also managed to hire a rag-tag crew which I sacrificed in a three-valkyrie harbour raid, moving me way up on the valkyrie track.In the meantime, Jasper didn't seem to be doing all that much, although his frequent visits to the armoury made his intentions clear. About two-thirds in the game, he hired Folke, a hero that gives all crew members 1 additional military strength. Together with a maxed out armoury track, that was all Jasper needed to start mopping up the fortresses.I was still confident that my plunder/valkyrie strategy would win: the fortresses had very few valkyrie in them, so Jasper wasn't getting too many points from that, especially since I managed to steal one fortress away as well. I was wrong, dead wrong.The game, obviously, ended with five fortresses raided. Jasper was way in front on the score track, but after scoring the offerings and the valkyrie and armoury tracks, it came down to our plunder. When I started counting, I realized I had not done enough. Jasper stayed three points in front and rejoiced in another victory!In the end, Jasper slightly preferred Shipwrights to Raiders (probably because it has less interaction between players) but he still liked Raiders as well.Personally, I think I like Raiders slightly more, but it seems less suitable for two players compared to Shipwrights. With two, the board doesn't change very much between turns, making it easier to follow a certain strategy on the one han[...]

Session: Cry Havoc:: Machine Loss - 3-player issues?

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 06:43:49 +0000

by Jowjow I played my fourth game of Cry tonight, playing the Machines. It was probably the most anticlimactic and unsatisfying game I've had so far for a couple of reasons and it's leading me to question whether Cry Havoc has been able to successfully deal with the age-old 3-player wargame conundrum. I'm curious for peoples' thoughts. Here's a synopsis of what happened: After 3 rounds all players were within 3 or 4 points of each other. Machine, at the southeast, had a great building network and the most territories controlled (the four surrounding his HQ and the HQ itself), but the least number of crystals because beyond the initial trogstomps no fighting took place in any of them. The humans, in the southwest, had the least number of controlled territories (3 including the HQ), both in the middle ring right next to their HQ, but to their benefit these were the richest territories in the game with roughly 8 crystals each. The Pilgrims were also low on territories too but had a couple of harvesters up and had the capability to put some points up without needing to muck around invading. To summarize the situation, with the least scoring potential of the three players, Machine had to get offensive to stand a chance while the others would have been perfectly content to defend their territories. I was capable of attacking either of the other players, but this created a dilemma: 1) Attack one and force them to counter, leaving the other player unmolested. That's exactly what happened, but more on that later. 2) Start a two-front war when neither of the other factions is otherwise engaged, i.e, commit seppuku. The game is way too tight for that to be a feasible thing so I chose 1......which meant attacking the humans in Jindar Sound from the Foglands as my primary goal for round 4. I softened them up with orbital snipers and a Shredder Drone from the Foglands then marched dudes in to give me a 4-1 edge in the region. This may have been a mistake in hindsight as I didn't have any cards left to augment battle. Desperate, the human player used his last two round 4 actions to draw cards from the Jungle deck (which are playable in Jindar Sound). The battle happened. I dumped all four of my guys on Territory Control, needing the 8 or 9 crystals there to stay in the game. The two cards the human drew allowed him to bring in units from every adjacent territory, for a total of 3, and make attrition the first objective, changing a won battle for me into a total loss with nothing gained. Yep, I mildly flipped my shit. Meanwhile, the Pilgrims were free to do what they wanted and grabbed Meralas, which was equally as rich [...]

Session: Space Hulk: Death Angel – The Card Game:: Wolf Guard "Leap of the Wolf" Challenge - Mission 2

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 04:26:17 +0000

by dannte This is a session report of a participation in The Wolf Guard Challenge for Space Hulk: Death Angel — The Card Game.The initial formation was:Haegar (Green)Sigurd (Purple)Vulpen (Purple)Ranek (Blue)Fenmar (Blue)Egil (Green)First round and Ranek is surrounded by two swarms of 2 GS.Sigurd frightened one of the GS, Ranek attacked and missed, Fenmar killed one and Haegar killed another one.Brother Ranek was trying to fight off the last GS but failed at that, he was slain.Fenmar, with a grin look on his face shouted "For my Battle Brothers!" and attacked the GS but the creature evaded the attack.Purple team took the matters in their own hands and were able to kill 1 GS. Egil blocked and smashed the remaining 3-GS swarm and 2 GS dropped dead (a "5" and a "2").Fenmar wanted to avenge Egil but his gun has jammed! 2-GS swarms engaged the green team this time!At least 1 GS ran away after Fenmar's Battle Cry! Sigurd was able to frighten another GS and Haegar shot a third one.Egil barraged the last GS and missed (two missed attacks). Fortunately the GS was frightened enough to not do any harm to Egil (rolled a "1" during defense).Seeing that, Egil used the opportunity and with a cry "For my Battle Brothers" was able to defeat the last GS!Marines ventured into new room sealing off 2 GS behind. Surprisingly, 2 new GS have spawned and engaged Egil!Egil was supported by other teams (Purple's support and Blue's movement) and Oath of War was put on Egil, just in case of an unexpected event!Egil Blocked the swarm and Smashed 1 GS during that! (a "4" and a "3" rolled).4 new GS have appeared and Marines decided to Enter a proper Formation. Egil was engaged with 4 GS in his front and Sigurd had 2 in his back. It was tough.Fenmar and Sigurd were able to frighten 1 of the GS from each swarm, Egil tried his best to kill some more GS ("0" rerolled to "3Sk" and "0" rerolled to "0"...) and decapitated one of them, still 2 were left...Egil defended thanks to Haegar's guard and Fenmar (after moving to the swarm's position) defended supported by others ("0" rerolled to "2").Marines have encountered a Hive and 2 new GS have spawned in the room!Vulpen attacked one of the swarms and missed (then moved it to the back of Egil)Sigurd attacked the swarm engaged with Fenmar but missed and was able to move it to Egil's back, hoping that Fenmar, while moving around, will be able to guard Sigurd himself from the GS engaged with him.Egil Blocked both attacks and Smashed 1 of the GS in one swarm (a "3" and a "4") and 2 of the GS in the second swarm ("3" and "0"). What an unimaginable melee skills he has!Sigurd was able to defend [...]

Session: Champions of Midgard:: Two games, two sets of players -- left feeling something is lacking in an otherwise wonderful game and I am going for the longest post title that I have seen on Boardgame Geek. If it isnt then please show me a longer one (thats what she said! HA! lol/jk)

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 03:43:32 +0000

by Gutrender

I borrowed Lords of Water Deep from some gaming buddies and played it with my two sons, 9 & 12, and they both enjoyed it very much. I considered buying them a copy but in doing some research I noted discussion of Champions of Midgard and thought my kids would prefer a game that allowed them to roll dice and slay monsters rather than turn in colored cubes that allowed them to turn in cards about others doing quests. So I picked up a copy when (fortunately) it was at a pretty good discount for Christmas.

I was wrong. After one game they have little interest in trying it again. I will wait a couple weeks and then try again but once they make up their mind against a game it is tough to get it to the table again.

I then played with they jolly good fellows from whom I had borrowed Lords Of Water Deep and they too came away from CoM feeling a little let down. They'll try again but would prefer LoWD at our next meeting.

The feeling expressed was that CoM has a bit too long of a start up to get resources to get rolling on the monster slaying. They suggested adding a couple turns or starting with a bit more resources.

I am not so sure. I suspect that everyone was playing the game a bit too safely, waiting to get overstocked on warriors and food before tackling the Daugers and especially the Monsters.

I still have hope for the game and think some more experience will bring them around but for now CoM does not over shadow LoWD

Session: Gorechosen:: Gorechosen season 2

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 02:18:25 +0000

by valenswift

My gaming group, collectively known as Thursday Night Blood Bowl, are loving Gorechosen and after a successful first league we have just started Season 2.

We now have 7 players: Current champion: Dan C (Heldrax), Marc (Vexnar), Dan W (Atorg), Joel (Fexgor), Dan Clay (Redarg), Luke (Kore) and Tim (Tark)

The league will take place over 5 nights with hopefully 3 games per evening.

These are the results from the first session.

Gorechosen league Season 2

Night 1 results:

Match 1
Kore decapitates Atorg, Vexnar decapitates Kore, newcomer Redarg kills Vexnar for the win.

Match 2
Tark decapitates Redarg, Tark kills Fexgor, Heldrax kills Tark for the win.

Match 3
Kore decapitates Heldrax, Kore kills Atorg Fexgor decapitates Kore for the win.

Points after night 1 - Kore (8) Fexgor (6) Fexgor (6) Heldrax (5) Redarg (5)
Tark (5) Vexnar (3) Atorg (0)

Session: Pandemic Legacy: Season 1:: The Science Periodical - The Scientist Strikes Back

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 00:28:22 +0000

by Neil Thomson Here continues the tale of Earth 2017. Disease is spreading across the planet at a rapid rate.Subscribe to stay tuned to the events of 1 year in this Earth's historyDate - March 22nd, 2017Diary Entry - Sarah the ScientistLog EntryEarly March was gruelling to say the least. I just needed to recharge my batteries back home in Atlanta but there simply wasn't enough time. Whilst our first few weeks in the field for March was tough, we did learn some vital things about the movements of CoDA-304B and the other strains menacing the planet. More importantly Otis managed to get a Military Base erected in Saint Petersburg and the scientific community established a new Research Station in Hong Kong. With these new assets I felt like we had the upper hand. We also put Mike onto hounding the agencies that be to increase our funding and he had some moderate success. We only had a few days back in Cairo to set ourselves before we were sent out into the field again. The Mission Briefing was in and this time it was Madrid and Osaka that offered the initial major threats and CoDA-304B had targeting Istanbul this time, which was nice and close to home at least. I really felt that my skin was on the line with March closing fast. I had gambled on researching the 304B strain in early March to no effect. The new guy on the team, Otis, really took it out on me. I like Mike but his older brother is a no-nonsense kinda guy and must be at least 60 IQ points below me. I hate jerks like that. Quin got a good start on the establishment of Quarantine zones and Otis headed to New York and established a new Military Base. We had agreed that keeping the populace under control by establishing Military Bases in all major regions was probably our best avenue of attack. Given we already had one established in Saint Petersburg it made sense. The team quickly dispersed, Mike heading to Asia to keep things under control there and I went south to Khartoum to treat the sick in Africa. He might have been a little more direct than I liked, but I have to hand it to him, Otis knows his job well. He was soon criss-crossing the globe, erecting Military Bases at speed and assisting in the treatment of the ill when required. Things were looking really great. Asia threatened to explode at one point but Mike and Otis soon had it under control. What we were doing better on this deployment was that we were Sharing Information we had gained with one another more regularly. The only worrying sign was that our Funding hadn't come through yet and if it didn't [...]

Session: Rise and Decline of the Third Reich:: A legendary 3R game - Part 11: Winter 1939 Axis Turn

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 00:25:53 +0000

by kostaskav Overview:After a devastating allied double turn Rome has fallen and Italy is in the verge of being knocked-out of the game! The big question is the following: Will Germany try a reconquest with very limited chances of success, or instead, give Italy up and try to do its best in this game without it? Most players I know would go for the low-chance Rome recapture attempt, having already decided that if it does not work out they are going to surrender. But to me this decision is a lot harder if the German decides to continue the game, because actually Germany can fight quite well on its own, and can even win the game without Italy! Plus abandoning Italy under these circumstances is more realistic historically: Would really Hitler have surrendered to the allies, because Italy was conquered? No, of course not! It did not happen in 1943, and it would not have happened, even if the Allies had captured Rome in 1939! He also would not have sacrificed the German forces in a desperate attempt to capture Rome and save Mussolini, and yes he would have continued the war till the end unlike many 3R players taking the risk he needed to stick it to the allies and win the game! So what did the Axis decide in this game?The action:Three declarations of war are announced against Denmark, Netherlands, and BelgiumNew BRP levels are Germany 45(45), Italy 38(37).After this announcement, the possibility that the Germans may have decided to abandon Italy, appears more likely.The setups for the minors are shown below:The only real choice is in the Belgian setup. In this case a setup that covers all Belgian hexes appear to be a no-brainer, as it is the one demanding more air and armor from the Germans (which is desperately needed for any Italy reconquest attempt). The 1 Belgian AF is placed in Antwerp not Brussels, as this way it will impose to the Germans an additional need for partial counter breakdown.Option Selections:Germany will take an offensive option in the West, while passing in the Med And East. Italy will take an offensive in the Med, while passing in the West and East.New BRP levels are Germany: 30(30), Italy: 23(22).Obviously, Germany has given up on Italy, and its forces in the Med will “freeze” while the Italians commit desperate kamikaze style suicide attacks!Movement of fleets:The Regia Marina announced the following fleet movements: 1) 9FF from Taranto to Tobruk (as shown)2) 9FF from Taranto to Tripoli (as shown)Movement of fleets is shown below:Obviously the Italians are trying to r[...]

Session: Space Hulk: Death Angel – The Card Game:: Wolf Guard "Leap of the Wolf" Challenge - Mission 1

Mon, 16 Jan 2017 20:17:17 +0000

by dannte This is a session report of the participation in The Wolf Guard Challenge for Space Hulk: Death Angel — The Card Game.The initial formation consisted of:Torfin (Yellow)Gunnar (Red)Luther (Gray)Njal (Gray)Vortigern (Red)Alric (Red)It all started well, Gunnar killed two GS, Yellow team with the help of Vortigern got rid of the other two. Grey supported Gunnar with Precognition.No Cleansing Flames were needed and another 4 GS have spawned.The Marines were able to kill 1 from each side. A single GS attacked brother Njal and he was slain ("0"). Alric wasn't able to guard him.Exactly the same happened to Vortigern. Those Genestealers are really aggresive!Quick Instincts of Luther got rid of one of the GS. 4 new ones joined our Marines at this helpless situation! Radar shows no blips ahead of us, let's move on! (both blip piles cleared, the game had no mercy on me!)Two GS were sealed off by the door, 3 left engaged with Torfin. Gunnar was able to kill the two on the left and Alric killed one on the right. Torfin was able to activate the Door.This round was tough, Torfin got Second Wind to be able to fend off the newly spawned swarm (2GS).Unfortunately, in the heat of the battle, something went wrong. Luther missed his attack, Torfin too, only Alric was able to kill a GS, Unconventionally Defending himself. Torfin got slain. But he will be avenged!We were getting close to the lair but with 50% of losses in our team, it was almost impossible to succeed in this mission...GS started to Evade us for some reason and this looked like the calm before the storm...Gunnar again was able to kill 2 GS with his Plasma Blast (aided by Grey's precognition), Alric killed another one. Alric was in the middle of the formation with 2 ST on him. Gunnar was able to fend of the attack.It's Hive! 4 more blips on our radar! 2 new GS assaulted us! Alric swapped places with Gunnar to defend against the swarm, Luther was able to kill one of the other GS.Unfortunately, Alric was not very careful. He thought he can fend off the swarm by himself and was wrong. He was slain (3x "0" in a row...).We were lucky to find a Temporary Hiding and we lost 3 GS pursuing us.We encountered 4 new GS. This round, "the team" decided to support each other. Gunnar was defending against two swarms. (both ST on Luther, Precognition on Gunnar).GS weren't satisfied by the previous kills of our brothers... Brother Gunnar had to be aided twice by Luther's Guard and Precognition helped a lot against the swarm on th[...]

Session: Combat Commander: Europe:: Scenario 90 When the King stays to fight

Mon, 16 Jan 2017 20:17:12 +0000

by huffman123 This is an interesting scenario. The Italians get a HUGE shot on my single squad in Obj 4. I thought he had survived, but one last shot made him into a Team via Light Wounds. Here is the early on situation:The Fascists have the luxury of not being harassed as the setup their initial run. If any British are foolish enough to get within range of the Fascists, they get lambasted. Lt Pani took his troops down the right flank to Reconoiter and see if Romero was on the northern part of the Prison. That was a good idea. But for some reason, Pani thought it would be better to run down there himself. He did get one dissident out of Prison, but before he could check out the back building (Objective 3) The British moved strongly to him and killed him. The British were almost taken out of position by Pani's men, now leaderless, but the center group demanded their attention. Just in time, it turned out.The Southern Flank went better for a long while as they stayed away from the wall and oozed toward the exit. The Center group moved the MMG into Objective 4, where it lasted a long time. On one huge massive outlet of ammo, the Center Machine Guns were shut down. Every single man was out of Ammo (Jammed result) but almost instantly, a cache of ammo that the Guards had set near the wall was found and they were all back in action. (British sniper at F6 had no effect but repair 5 MGs). Sgt Carboni had the Center group follow the Southerners and then ordered brave young men to find Romero. He was found and escaped. But initially thinking to help the MMG in Objective 4, instead he decided to help lead the charge of freeing all the prisoners. There would be no running for this Fascist hero. They quickly overwhelmed a team, but when faced with a slightly more organized Guard counterattack, Despite being prepared for such a fight, Romero converted from Rebellious leader to Martyr.Part of the problem was that Paul misunderstood the exit rules. I think he thought that the Fascists could exit once Romero was on the board. The rule is they can't exit until Romero exits. Even still, he almost pulled out another victory.The Fascists put on a good show, as earlier in the fight both sides knew that the Prisoners had to be kept from escaping (Objective 5 was suddenly worth 10 VPs). As you can see below, the Fascists almost succeeded. Had they drawn an Advance before I discarded twice! to get a Move/Advance card to save the LOAN squad in the Prison, it wou[...]

Session: Space Hulk: Death Angel – The Card Game:: Wolf Guard "Leap of the Wolf" Challenge - Mission 3

Mon, 16 Jan 2017 15:14:07 +0000

by dannte This is a session report of a participation in The Wolf Guard Challenge for Space Hulk: Death Angel — The Card Game. At this point, only team Sköll could participate in the mission and so they did.My initial formation:Egil (Green)Vulpen (Purple)Ranek (Blue)Sigurd (Purple)Haegar (Green)Fenmar (Blue)We were ready to retreat. We could confirm that Wolf Pack Hati failed at their mission because there were more blips on our radar than usual. Those blips were coming from the Genestealer Nest and we got no response when trying to contact...Fenmar was eager to motivate the team and started with his Battle Cry scaring off one of the GS in the way.Egil prepared to block the invaders, Sigurd frightened the other swarm. Egil Smashed 1 mutated head during his Block (a "3" and a "2") and Sigurd didn't have any problems defending against the lone GS. (rolled a "5")Out of Thin Air, 2 GS have appeared behind Sigurd. Purple team have given an Oath of War to Haegar, who then killed 2 GS (a "2sk" and a "4sk"). Egil missed both of his shots (a "4" and a "5").Egil blocked the swarm he was engaged with and Sigurd luckily escaped the GS grab thanks to Fenmar's guard (a "2" + 1ST from Fenmar).We have heard an explosion behind us and in the Chaos of Battle, we have lost track of the swarms around us. Hopefully, Haegar was able to support Ranek when he made the shot.In the meantime, Sigurd was able to scare one of the GS. Ranek killed the GS engaged with him and turned back (rolled "1" and did not attack again because I forgot he has range 1 and could've performed another free attack).Fenmar attacks and misses. While defending, Egil Smashes one of the GS (rolled a "3" and a "4"), Haegar defends without any help ("2") and Sigurd takes advantage of the fact the GS engaged with him was frightened and successfully defends as well ("1"+1)Fenmar got Second Wind, planning to engage some of the GS left. Haegar was reminded about Vulpen's Oath of War and was aiming at one of the swarms.Blue team took the matters into their own hands: Fenmar swapped with Sigurd, Ranek swapped with Haegar and they both engaged the swarms.Haegar attacks and kills two GS clearing up the way for Ranek and Fenmar a little ("0" rerolled to "2sk" and a "3sk").Egil had a GS on his back but was able to defend successfully ("2"), Ranek and Fenmar were able to defend without any help as well (both rolled a "3").Vulpen was able to perfom a Full Scan and it turned[...]

Session: Arkham Horror: The Card Game:: Wendy on the Hunt... A play-by-play session report of The Gathering

Mon, 16 Jan 2017 11:23:34 +0000

by xanalor I haven't seen many of these yet, so here's a blow-by-blow session report of my play through of the first campaign, with commentary on my decision-making progress.Note that I use two Core sets, and my goal is not necessarily to tell a story. Though it does make for an interesting tale (and serve as inspiration for the title) that I went out of my way to get more victory points.In any event, the deck and play-by-play are below, and there ARE spoilers aplenty, both for The Gathering, and a little bit about the second scenario as I discuss my reasoning for my XP expenditures at the end of the report.Any card/resource/token count errors, etc. are most likely just notation errors, but it's possible I may have misinterpreted a rule here and there. (Though I have painstakingly read through the Rules Reference, so I THINK I got everything right.) My notation should be pretty straightforward. Any time I list resources in parentheses, it's the number of resources I have in my pool AFTER paying a cost or gaining a resource. So "Play Backstab (2 resources)" means I had 5 resources, and 2 left after paying the three to play Backstab.Without further ado, here's the deck list and the report...Wendy Adams (x2 Core)ASSETS2x Baseball Bat2x Flashlight2x Pickpocketing1x Stray Cat1x Wendy's AmuletEVENTS2x Backstab2x Elusive2x "Look what I found!"2x Lucky!2x Sneak AttackSKILLS2x Guts2x Manual Dexterity1x Opportunist2x Overpower2x Perception2x Survival Instinct2x Unexpected CourageWEAKNESSES1x Abandoned and Alone1x AmnesiaSETUPDraw Wendy's Amulet, Flashlight, Survival Instinct, Perception, Backstab.Discard nothing.TURN 1a. Investigate. [Discard Perception for +2.] Draw -1 token. 4 vs. 2. Get Clue. Draw Sneak Attack for successful test.b. Play Flashlight. (3 resources remaining)c. Investigate with Flashlight. Draw Skull token (-0). 3 vs. 2. Get Clue.upkeep: Draw Lucky. (4 resources)Basic first turn. I've got no allies to play and with no events in the discard pile there's no reason to play Wendy's Amulet yet. I investigate first without the Flashlight because I plan on using two of the Flashlight's three charges in the Cellar. I don't advance to Act 2 yet because I might as well wait until next turn in case an enemy spawns.TURN 2Advance Agenda 1A [1/3]Draw Ghoul Minion. Spawn in Study, engaged with Spend 2 clues to advance act. Discard Ghoul and put Wendy in Hallway.a. Move to Attic. T[...]

Session: SeaFall:: [SPOILERS] The Province of Mainframe, Game 7

Mon, 16 Jan 2017 11:23:27 +0000

by lactamaeon IN WHICH...A Long War Begins?...A Shrine is Honored With Gifts...Courage Faces the Depths...The Stars Are Wrong...Arrakeen Becomes Clad In Marble...We Are Saved By The BellWelcome to another Seafall session report! Game 7 was an interesting study in the nature of Seafall: one player got kicked in the teeth really hard, another failed to move the needle at all, two of us made some minor headway, and a player that really needed a break finally got one.Because of all that, it's the best story we've had so far. Read on, if you will, aware that I will not be making any special effort to hide SPOILERS.During the first winter, the Provinces of Arrakeen and Leicester activate their colonies (Alpha and Virginia, respectively). These are the only two on the board right now, but we feel a strong probability that two more will be constructed in short order.With the soothsayers declaring Good Omens, the province of R'lyeh constructs a Reliquary (rocketing to a significant early glory lead). Princess Dot hires Mr. Andrews (The Thug) for later, and sends Hardboot (The Grizzled Veteran) into R'lyeh's harbor to steal the Strange Chart from their Treasure Room.Undaunted by this turn of events, Count Dexter of R'lyeh sends his ships through the Smooth Seas into the open Tomb on Bermuda. Inside, they pay respects at the Shrine of the Fallen and claim the Sword of God, for another massive burst of glory! Princess Dot simply sends Mr. Andrews to buy four goods from the island of Stygios (although with no enmity, we had to purchase them with gold).Whispers Begin to circle among the council back home. With the current crop of advisors unhelpful and a shortage of cash, Dot raises some taxes and pushes her ships out towards the frontier.As the Restless Bones begin to Stir, Lord Hulk of Arrakeen builds the colony of Beta. Duchess Talina of Prenderthale orders her ships into the Tomb at Bermuda. Encouraged by an extra helping of spice, her crew emerges from the depths carrying an Antique Tablet and closing the tomb. Princess Dot hires on Matrix (the Patriot), mostly to prevent the other provinces from turning him against her. Her ships sail out to the dangerous waters of Innsmouth, exploring one of the easier sites there in hopes of finding two more goods to construct another colony. We found a gold mine instead. The Restless Bones attack Arrakeen's ship, leaving minor d[...]