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Session: Quartermaster General: 1914:: A tense standoff in the English Channel when Germany battles into Britain

Mon, 26 Jun 2017 00:06:38 +0000

by Norbert Chan Don bought lunch for Trevor and I, then we were expecting Ken at 2 pm. They asked me what I wanted to play, and I was leaning towards Terraforming Mars as we had 4 players. Don mentioned that Ken would want to play Quartermaster General 1914, and we found out that one player would play Austria Hungary and Germany together. I then remembered that Ken could recruit Rob on occasion, who lives about 5 minutes from Don’s house. We found Rob’s phone number and I could hear Ken telling Rob on the phone that it was an emergency gaming situation. The good news was that Rob was able to arrive within a few minutes.I was Austria Hungary, Trevor was Russia, Ken was Germany, Don was France, and Rob was UK. I didn’t draw a build navy or Franz Ferdinand Avenged, so I decided to mulligan, and didn’t get either of those cards again. So I built an army into Tyrol. Trevor played Russia mobilizes and is in Galacia. Ken plays an event card that allows him to attack into Burgundy and knock out the French army. Don plays France mobilizes, getting a army into Picardy and a fleet in the North Atlantic. Rob plays the Grand Fleet event card and builds a fleet in the English Channel. I build into the Italian Alps. Trevor builds into Prussia. Ken plays an event card, allowing him to play Stosstruppen (discard a sustain land battle to attack after you build) knocking out the army in Paris. Don builds in Paris. Rob gets another fleet on the board. With Rome empty, I draft a build Austria Hungary army card and build into Rome. Now, Don could have built into Rome, letting Rob build into Paris. Before the game, Ken had explained to Rob that even with 2 defending armies in a spot, if the spot loses, both armies are lost, so I don’t know if that had anything to do with the decision making. Trevor attacks into Berlin successfully, forcing Ken to build into Berlin. After the first scoring round it is Central 8 – Entente 8.Ken has to shore up his defences on the east side, eventually knocking out Russia from Prussia. I then build into Prussia , absorbing one attack, to gave Ken some time to regroup. With the eastern front secure, I get the Ottoman into the game, building into Istanbul, Annatolia and Middle East. Trevor is diverted and attacks me out of Azerbaijan. Second round it is Central 19 – Entente 15.On turn 10, Paris falls to the Schlieffen Plan. Trevor remarks that we haven’t seen Rome and Paris occupied simultaneously by foreign armies. The game is going badly for the Entente, but Paris is attacked by Rob, allowing Don to build back in by turn 11. But I have most of my armies on the board, only 1 off the board, and I am scoring 9 pts on the third scoring round. Score: Central 34, Entente 21. The Central powers win by the 12 pt margin after the third scoring round. With Rome lost on turn 3, and Paris falling albeit for one round, the Central powers win easily. Game 2: Rob wanted to play UK again. Drawing randomly, Don was Austria Hungary, I was Russia, Trevor was Germany, while Ken was France. Trevor decided to mulligan as he had no status cards, and his next hand had 2 build fleets and a sea battle (Trevor and I carpool home, so we were talking about the game, always a sign of a good game).When Trevor was Germany, a couple of weeks ago, he had expressed the opinion that if Austria Hungary builds into Prussia/Poland/Galacia, that allows Germany to put all effort into the western front, without being harassed by Russia. I’m not a believer of that, as I think Germany should be able to hold off the Russian attacks, then Austria Hungary can step in later. Austria Hungary can put pressure on Italy, taking away time on the western front. Either way, Don built into Prussia to execute the grand Central plan. I built into Ukraine. Trevor plays Hindenburg line, building into Belgium. Ken plays into Picardy, while Rob plays an event allow him to play a status card and a navy.Don builds into Galecia, while I play an event card allowing me to build into Romania and attack Galecia, but I am unsuccessful in the attac[...]

Session: Memoir '44:: Putin vs. the Yeti -- Russian Spetsnaz in the Himalayas

Sun, 25 Jun 2017 14:21:37 +0000

by pete belli Putin vs. the Yeti -- Russian Spetsnaz in the Himalayas Vladimir Putin has established a reputation as a rugged outdoorsman. During an expedition to Nepal a group led by Putin encountered a legendary creature of the Himalayas known as the Yeti. During the subsequent pursuit of that Yeti along a narrow river valley a high-ranking subordinate of Putin's was killed when he fell from a helicopter onto the rocks below. The death of his close friend enraged Putin.Disregarding normal diplomatic protocol, Putin ordered immediate retaliation. Protests at the United Nations by India and China were ignored. An extremely unfavorable "Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation" between Russia and Nepal was signed at a major airport near the city of Pokhara. The ceremony was attended by the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, three minor officials from the government of Nepal, a few reporters from TASS, and approximately 5000 soldiers from the elite 45th Guards Airborne Brigade. As the Russian troops deployed near the outskirts of Pokhara the Yeti gathered in the mountains a few miles to the north. These normally solitary creatures were ready to protect their cave systems after this unexpected clash with the humans... a species the Yeti usually avoided. The elusive Yeti have the ability to communicate with a form of mental telepathy when in close proximity; this cerebral linkage is one of the reasons most purported sightings are of a lone creature. A plan was developed to block a Russian advance into the Yeti homeland while simultaneously throwing the citizens of Nepal into a panic that would result in demands for a speedy withdrawal of Putin's troops. The board depicts the region north of Pohkara (one of Nepal's largest cities) at a scale of about a mile per hex. Terrain types include town, plateau, river valley, hills, and mountains. The compass would point north to the right side of this photograph. Russian units represent formations about the size of a company in this heavily reinforced brigade. Often called Spetsnaz, these special operations troops are trained for winter warfare in the snow that can blanket the higher elevations of Nepal. Each of the Yeti miniatures represents an individual creature. It takes four "hits" to bring down a Yeti. The figure with the long rifle represents Vladimir Putin. He has special leadership abilities. A formation accompanied by Putin never requires activation to maneuver or attack. An infantry formation accompanied by Putin can move two hexes and fire. A formation accompanied by Putin ignores the first retreat flag during a battle.The special Putin miniature can be removed from any hex by a transport helicopter and immediately placed with another formation. Putin must be evacuated if the formation he is accompanying is destroyed. The miniature is placed with another unit but the Russian player suffers a loss of "prestige" and pays a victory point penalty if this evacuation occurs. The mountains are a Yeti stronghold. Russian units may never enter or attack a mountain hex. The flags represent the cave systems that are Russian objectives. These underground networks can only be destroyed by an airstrike.There are ten Yeti miniatures on the board at the beginning of the game. Any or all of these figures may be moved from their cave hexes by the Yeti player before the Russians take the first turn to begin the session. Yeti figures have three movement points. Entering a mountain hex costs two points but every other terrain type costs just one movement point.The strength of a Yeti attack is dependent on the terrain from which the creature is attacking. An attack from a mountain hex would roll four battle dice. An attack from a hill or river valley hex would roll three dice. An attack from a plateau hex would roll two dice. Yeti miniatures are not permitted to enter or attack town hexes; city streets would be a totally alien landscape for these creatures. Yeti may only attack adjacent hexes unless the special "Blue Yeti" action occurs. More on that later.[...]

Session: Tetrarchia:: Three sessions to learn about the aftermath.

Sun, 25 Jun 2017 12:35:58 +0000

by TimTix I was on the fence for this game for a long while - mostly due to the comparatively high shipping costs (about a third of the game itself). So I put together a really rough PnP version and started trying it out.Today, I played my third game. The first time with a hard setting, the first loss as well. But I only now got to understand the aftermath of an uprising. (I'm usually a rather light, nearly casual gamer myself.) Here are summaries of the first two games and a session report of the third. But I'll use these to ask some questions that remain with me. (I'll mark these with capital letters - so they are easier to discuss/answer. Thanks for your input!)LVDVS PRIMVSI played with a very easy setting to get started. 5200, I think. I won handily supported by some luck - when the African hordes couldn't cross the Mediterranean from PROCONSVLARIS for a couple of turns.So while his allies decimated the Barbarian support in HISPANIA and Eastern AFRICA, [BGCOLOR=#FFFF00]GALERIVS[/BGCOLOR] built a support chain and patiently awaited the Barbarian attack across the sea. After the victory, [BGCOLOR=#FFFF00]GALERIVS[/BGCOLOR] landed in PROCONSVLARIS and attacked the sole remaining Barbarian with the support of DIOCLETIAN. I even played further until all revolts had been swiped off the map and only a few unrests remained.LVDVS SECVNDVSNow I chose a little more difficult setting: 5101 if I'm not mistaken. In general, I think I want max Emperor tokens for good control but content myself with only one fleet (so there are some decisions to make considering there only are three seas). Also, I prefer one or two early Barbarian armies to additional revolt tokens because the latter don't seem to change as much. A) Thoughts?In the first two games as well as in the third one, the trouble spread across the South quickly. That's just logic considering the map and the location of the 5 capitals. This is historic and thematic so I'm fine with that. B) But doesn't this lead to quite similar games, you'd think? My three games told different stories, but had a very similar story arc: Northern borders secured in a couple of turns, then fighting in the South.So, this time the Barbarians ravaged in HISPANIA. Early uprisings had spread revolts in this region - so when the enemy crossed the Strait of Gibraltar there were revolt tokens already wherever he went.C: A question about "Devastation": When a new Barbarian army enters such an area (of several provinces) occupied with revolt tokens,... that's basically better than if it enters a pacified/subdued area? Because it doesn't add a revolt token with every step? ("...remove any token and place a Revolt token." = nothing changes.) Thus the moving army doesn't cause an uprising either with every step on an already revolting province? (It feels like a freebie.) Same with uprisings... An uprising happens "best" in a region that is largely revolting already - because then not much more bad happens, right?In this game, when the revolting started to become somewhat critical, I had already secured most borders and while the African brutes partied through HISPANIA, I had time to get my men to the peninsula where they combined their forces and smashed the enemy.In fact, I waited until the enemy ran into MAXIMIAN and his massive Cisalpin armies at NARBONENSIS - well supported by [BGCOLOR=#FFFF00]GALERIVS[/BGCOLOR] and CONSTANTINVS. The latter even had to rest for a couple of turns at AQVITANIA while the Romans were waiting for the enemy to step into the trap of TARRACONENSIS. (And maybe even longer because it took some time until he managed to cross the Pyrenees? I cant' remember.) D: Question: May I voluntarily let the enemy pass a broken link (without rolling the die) if I wish? Or is that time/turn management and I have to roll?LVDVS TERTIVSSo today I tried something heavy: 4122. Or rather 4102... I made a mistake and didn't put a revolt token on the yellow and green capitals when the dice told me so. E: Was that a mistake? When can capitals be[...]

Session: Ten-Minute Dungeon Delve:: They drew first blood...

Sat, 24 Jun 2017 16:39:11 +0000

by KingJackalope

Got my copy of the game tonight from Game Crafter. I was afraid that maybe the shine had wore off and maybe it wouldn't live up to what I was hoping for from the pnp. As it turned out I had NOTHING to worry about. Still an outstanding game! I enjoyed my first game very much and am looking forward to many, many, many more games.

First to put the cards out:

Then randomly draw out my 4 heroes:

The Rogue, Swashbuckler, Paladin and Cleric. Pretty happy with this draw. Lets see what we can do. I decided to go for a 7 room delve.

First room I draw was the Armory.

So I need to draw 4 monsters to match my 4 heroes I entered the dungeon with. The usual suspects that want to play (Sorry just watched the Substitute Teacher Key and Peele lol) are 2 Sewer Rats, Alpha Wolf and a Goblin. I like to place the heroes a little higher so its faster to pick them out of the crowd.

After placing in INIT order I get:

I used some heart tokens I had ordered, large are 5 HP's and the smalls are 1's. For the heroes special powers I use a yellow cube and for tokens on the characters (like Sewer Rats and Zombies) I'm using black cubes. Works well and looks good.

I made it through the first room took some damage but wasn't bad. I didn't record every room but during my adventures my Rogue and Swashbuckler died. I ended up resurrecting my Swashbuckler with the Paladin later and my Cleric ended up healing himself a few rooms later. Luckily in the very first room I found a treasure map to the Cove.

My 6th room I thought might be my last but I ended up beating it. In the room 2 of the 4 monsters was a Juvenile Red Dragon and a Cave Worm. Both capable of doing massive damage if they hit. I took out the Dragon ASAP. I think the other Monsters were a Zombie and a Imp. I ended up taking some damage thanks to a 20 against my Paladin which dropped him to 2 HP.

For my 7th room I decided to chicken out and use my treasure map to the Cove. It is an empty room that gives you a treasure. I ended up with 35 gold and 3 living heroes, one of which was resurrected.

I was happy with the results for a first game. Once the heroes got back to the Inn they toasted the Rogue and called it a night.

I had a great time playing and wish it wasn't so late or I'd play again. I'm looking forward to playing all the heroes and getting more of the rooms.

Great game and still can't recommend it enough. This one is a treasure in my book! On a future play through (not after work on Friday in a resturant) I'll write up a better/more detailed delve.

Session: Sword & Sorcery:: First playthrough with the fam

Sat, 24 Jun 2017 11:19:51 +0000

by notwebsafe

Here are some impressions after playing through the prologue with my wife and daughter. Probably some mild spoilers.

* It was definitely good that I'd done some solo playing before introducing the game to them (and had had some GD experience as well). It actually didn't take that long to get through the basics before we started play, and I could introduce a lot of the more detailed concepts as we went along.

* Overall challenge level seemed pretty good for us (we won with probably a round or two to spare, and nobody died, though my daughter got very close - she was playing Victoria and killed the boss at the end; she would have died from a spines attack, but her innate ability saved her).

* Ending loot is more forgiving than Gloomhaven in that you automatically get all loot and coins near you when the scenario ends. But you don't get chests, and the scenario ends *immediately* as soon as you fulfill the quest conditions (you don't even get to finish the round), so plan ahead if there's a chest involved. (We didn't - or rather, we sort of did, but we ended up killing the boss faster than we thought we would.)

* The only major rules screwup we had (that I noticed (image) ) was that

[o]during the round where we were supposed to treat the first attack of each hero/enemy as critical, we kept forgetting to do that. We tried to sort of fix it up towards the end of the round when we noticed it, but it's possible we didn't apply enough criticals to ourselves.[/o]

* But we also made things overly hard on ourselves: we forgot for awhile that enemies don't get to roll blue dice unless it says on their card, and we also forgot to apply our supremacy bonuses (though we remembered for the enemies a few times).

* We also used the Spear, and were sad to learn later that it was supposed to cost us 60 (image) We're trying to figure out if we want to pay for it...

* My organization solution using the insert (see worked out pretty well.

Session: Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization:: TTA; ANOC four player game played solitaire

Sat, 24 Jun 2017 09:52:36 +0000

by esabatine

This is a description of a replay of “Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization” of a solitaire four player game played by myself. Hopefully people will be interested in the discussion of why i made the choices I did in playing.

The medium was Boardgaming Online, and using Boardgaming Online solitaire games of “Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization” works quite well except for Pacts, which I just ignore when playing solitaire, though I rarely use them when playing against other players. Note that the four player game is considerably different than the two player game, specific cards and particularly yellow cards are harder to come by and the game is less military focused. I am a moderately bad player, with the weaknesses of being insufficiently focused on military and having an aesthetic preference for upgrades instead of worker spam strategies.

Since I want this to be new player friendly, I will post a lengthy game description first, in the next post, and try to explain the cards and rules when they come up as I post. This stuff should fall away as the game progresses in favor of more discussion of strategy. I plan to post one player turn per day, to give time for those who want to comment to comment. However, the game is already completed and the replay already written in a separate text file, so I can speed up the postings if people want. Posting one player turn per day will take over two months!

Session: The Hunt for Red October:: Campagin Report with Norway overrun

Sat, 24 Jun 2017 09:09:03 +0000

by blockhead

Played the full meal deal. Soviets had great success executing a series of Naval landings down the Norwegian coast, capturing airfields as they went and basing their aircraft there. NATO was short two carrier groups for the longest time, they were randomly picked as the reinforcements and NATO never rolled low on the initiative dice.

With the lack of NATO carriers, and the Soviet success in Norway, the Soviets led the early turns, by Turn 5, 146 to 113. The game ends on the turn after somebody has 150 points and the initiative die roll ties, so it looked good for the Soviets. Turn 6 saw the first NATO convoy make it to Le Havre though, having lost only 3 ships in the crossing so it was worth 27 points, ending turn 6 as NATO 161, Soviets 160

The Soviets were gaining a substantial superiority in aircraft though, and they bounced back by shooting up a lot of NATO targets, going up by 5 points on turn 7, then 2, then 15 until on turn 10 they captured the Faeroes and ended up ahead 252 to 211

On turn 12 the second convoy docked and NATO cut the Soviet lead to 2, 275 to 273.

By this time the Soviets were almost out of ships and subs, though they maintained a large inventory of aircraft. Most the planes were short range though, and even basing in Norway and the Faeroes with the few tankers left they were not much of a threat unless NATO came into Norwegian waters. NATO was down to only one squadron of fighters (short range Harriers based in England after their carrier was sunk), but lots of surface ships.

So On turn 14 the Soviets sent Ivan Rogov against Iceland in one last attempt to grab a 20 point airbase, and NATO countered with a SAG group of virtually every Knox and Perry afloat, stripped from the carriers which had pulled south out of range of Soviet Naval Aviation. The battle off Iceland was lopsided; almost the entire Soviet fleet was sunk, including the crucial landing ship, while the Perry's used anti-missile fire to protect the Knox ships, several of which were hit, but none sunk.

By turn 16 NATO was ahead, the 3rd convoy was approaching Le Havre and the Soviets were down to only two ways to bounce back. Sending Ivan Rogov to Iceland again, but with only 4 ships as escorts, or using the aircraft against NATO ships that strayed too close to Norway. All NATO had to do was keep the big SAG SW of Iceland, out of air range, as a defensive measure, and keep the other ships out of range as well. Delivering the 3rd convoy, even with a few possible losses to air attack on the last movement into port, would just be icing on the cake. And of course, at any time the initiative roll could finally tie and end the war.

So called it; with a great showing by the Soviets that could have easily ended in a win early, and a surprising amount of success in amphibious invasions and air battles. NATO lost almost their entire air group and had to switch from a carrier-centric approach to something out of WW I, a big fleet action off Iceland. The convoys were harassed and annoyed, but never seriously threatened and that may have been the Soviet downfall.

A great time with an old friend

Session: Ancestree:: Demoed Ancestree at Origins

Sat, 24 Jun 2017 09:09:01 +0000

by AccidentalCultist

So I walked up to the Calliope Game's booth Friday at the Origins Game Fair held in Columbus Ohio. I asked where demos for Eric Lang's yet to be released game 'Ancestree' were taking place. The booth worker I addressed seemed perplexed by my question and called Chris over to provide an answer. He informed me that they hadn't planned on public demos for Ancestree but were happy to do so regardless. I had mistakenly told them that demos were listed in the Origins Event Catalog due to I believe a combination of wishful thinking and an imperfect recollection of the BGG Origins Preview listing.

The game is lightning quick taking 15-20 mins. There are multiple ways to score and as I discovered players REALLY need go keep an eye on their neighbors! The art and layout is pleasing and effective. Ancestree is a solid gateway game that will introduce the uninitiated to the drafting and set collection mechanisms in a very entertaining way. Chris also showed me Capital City which looked like a Rootin' Tootin' good time as well. Additionally a description of Shutter Bug had me intrigued! Thanks to Chris and the Calliope Games crew!

Session: Fields of Fire:: AAR - Finally managed to trudge through the first two missions

Sat, 24 Jun 2017 08:15:36 +0000

by alexbond45 Finally got some progress on this game. I’ve been trying to find time to actually table this, but realized it would be easier to just use the VASSAL module since I love the tool anyway.8th of June, Trevieres Offensive:This mission went quite well. The Germans took moderate casualties while only dealing 2 or 3 to my company. Fire teams were rallied to Assault teams by the First Sergeant near the end of the offensive to keep experience in the company from dropping. This mission is supposed to be the easiest of the Campaign I think. There really is not much else to say. I went through it cleanly and lost barely anything. What I learned1. Clear your frontage as quickly as possible, because this gives your platoons better flexibility to create flanking opportunities. I realized this when I noticed that the potential for a PC marker to be a contact was much lower as more cards were engaged. 2.Bazookas are powerful. Nuff said. So are Mortars. Make sure you have an officer on your Mortars. I typically had my XO on there, but I could see putting the CO or 3rd Platoon’s Butterbar on there. Basically, firepower is nice.3.Point-Assist-Reserve is the way to go. I gave 1st Platoon 2 Bazookas and 1 MG while giving 2nd 1 Bazooka and 1 MG. 3rd Platoon got nothing. This was invaluable for letting 1st Platoon get a breakthrough.11th of June, Foret de Cerisy offensive:This Mission did not go quite as well. The terrain had a few hills and was open enough to warrant the SCR 536, which I decided to use. It was only a problem once: 2nd Platoon was ripped apart by Germans on a card my CO was actually able to reach with his Handie-Talkie. The problem was that the 2nd Platoon HQ was not on the board – it was paralyzed. My 2nd Platoon Leader took a bullet! To the face! The First Sergeant quickly got in there, rallied a squad to full strength and handed the Platoon Sergeant the reins. This happened late enough that the fact that he was green did not matter.Part of the reason for this was a nasty Counter-offensive. On Turn 7 the German Bn HQ decided that the time for defending was over and it was time to mount a counter-attack, which led to a vicious offensive on my front row of cards (all 4 of which had A contacts, randomly, and 3 of which drew contact). This halted my advance in its tracks and created some casualties. Ultimately, however, my troops beat back the Germans by either killing them outright or forcing them to retreat. I ultimately failed the mission while taking 4 casualties. All Platoons except 3rd were hurt badly (3rd Platoon did not get committed). I took 3 rows of cards and ended the mission at No Contact (All the Germans retreated. Almost 2 Platoons worth were demolished in the counter-attack).12th of June, continuation of the offensive:As far as I can tell, there are no rules for keeping the exact same Platoon attachments. A new plan was written up:3rd Platoon will take point while 1st Platoon will be assist. The HMG is the most important tool in this operation, as it will provide the heavy firepower needed to bust open some Krauts. 2nd Platoon will be kept in reserve and hopefully not used (It’s fresh Green S/Sgt. was promoted to line after attempt 1, but I’d rather have my new Veteran HQs tackle the Germans). 3rd Platoon received the support weapons with the most ammo, while 1st Platoon had the ones with only 1 shot left each.Once initial contact was made, the Germans made their presence known with a sniper. Other than that, nothing was found.The A Contacts were not so determined to simply let me off the hook. A defensive position + and a command post draw opened up as Hitler’s Buzzsaw began cutting down the vanguard from first Platoon. Third Platoon’s 3rd squad was incredibly lucky, taking fire from 2 newfound positions while exposed, but achieving a “Missed” result. The Germans [...]

Session: Target for Today:: Badger, Mission #5---The Bubble of Death

Sat, 24 Jun 2017 07:12:20 +0000

by tpholt Campaign Setup and Mission #1: #2: #3: #4: 5, 1942Sgt Weston was turned down for his medal requested by the Squadron Commander. What’s it take to earn some recognition? Maybe if he continues his dead-eye gunnery. He only needs ½ more kill to be an official Ace.Mission # 5 for the Badger II. This time the 613th Squadron would be taking a short trip to Paris to try and knock out some Industry targets. The “Nine-O-Nine” would be given their 2nd chance to be the Mission Lead. The Badger was assigned to Bomber 14, in the Low Cell of the formation.The weather was good over Polebrook, and takeoff was uneventful.Polebrook AirfieldWe were immediately attacked over the Channel by a pair of 109’s from the Abbeville Kids and a Ju-88. One of the 109’s was taken care of by our fighter cover, poor as it was, and the other planes attacked. The 109 came in from 6:00 High, where Top Turret Gunner Irwin, Radioman Leach and Right Waist Gunner Dixon made short work of it, shredding the plain from front to back, forcing the pilot to bail out. The Ju-88 came in from 9:00 Low, but failed to score any hits against us.The Abbeville KidsOver France in Zone 4, we were set upon by another 109 joined by an Me410. The 109, attacking from 1:30 Low was shot down when Ball Turret Gunner Weston and Right Cheek Gunner Nichols inflicted serious damage to the tail, spiraling the Me into the French countryside. Weston was now an Ace!! Despite being hit multiple times by our gunners, the 410, attacking from 3:00 High, managed to cause some moderately serious damage, knocking out the Intercom System, and also knocking out the O2 system in the nose section. Both Bombardier Nichols and Navigator Unger were now on portable O2 bottles.Me410Because of the O2 situation, the Badger was forced to drop to 10,000 feet as it continued across the Western French terrain. Upon reaching Paris, the fighter attacks picked up in intensity. First, 2 Me210’s and a 109 came in. Weston and Tail Gunner Ericson took care of the 1st 210, while the other and the 109 both whiffed on their attacks. After dealing with those, before we could line up our bomb run, another wave of fighters bore down upon us. This time it was 2 Fw190’s and a 109. Both 190’s missed, and we seriously damaged one of them. The 190 scored some superficial damage on its first attack, so it turned back in for another….big mistake on its part. Left Waist Gunner Ivanova, Left Cheek Gunner Unger and Ball Turret Gunner Weston scored hits directly to the engine, which blew up the plane. Bombardier Nichols now controlled the plane on its bomb run, and over a slightly obscured target, we were able to hit with 40% of our bombs.Bombing ParisOn our way out of the Target Zone, we took some light flak hits, and Radioman Leach received a minor cut on his thigh. We were then attacked by another set of 2 Fw190’s and a 109. Dixon and Nichols scored direct hits to the fuel tank of one of the 190’s, and the other two attackers missed us completely.We received quite the scare over western France when Engine #3 caught fire. Luckily, it was quickly extinguished, but Pilot Wilcox shut it down and we were on three engines for the rest of the flight. No sooner had we put the fire out, but we were again attacked by German fighters. This time 3 110’s and a 109 bore in, but some excellent fighter cover of our own was able to take out 2 of the 110’s. The other 110 and the 109 were soon no more, as Irwin and Nichols downed the 110 while Ericson and Weston br[...]

Session: High Frontier (3rd edition):: Interactive AI session reports

Sat, 24 Jun 2017 07:04:03 +0000

by improove This thread will explore AI sessions. You can paste yours here, provided you use Interactive AI.===========================================================SESSION: Shimizu vs. AnonymousSetup:AI vs. AI. No human player.Interactive AI v1.15 with AI's AI and Excel-prototyped Automa locations. Mandatory Exomigration module included. No inclusion of Exploration or Visions although those are normally supported.Only major achievements are listed. Keep note that AI actively plays cards but it is not indicated here. Note that some missions affect two targets in one year due to the Spin-off missions rules.Year 18: SHMZ puts factory on VestaYear 19: SHMZ puts colony on Mars Hellas Basin and has means for a C ventureYear 26: SHMZ puts factory on CeresYear 32: P2P puts independent colony on PolanaYear 32: P2P puts colony on claim-jumped Mars Arsia Mons Caves and brings a BernalYear 41: P2P has means for an S venture (Karin family)Year 43: P2P puts push factory on VenusYear 54: SHMZ puts push factory on Mercury North PoleYear 59: SHMZ puts colony on PollusYear 61: SHMZ makes Mars Hellas Basin colony independent and brings a Bernalyear 61: SHMZ puts Refinery on Hermes AYear 62: SHMZ puts colony on Titan Ontario Lacus and has means for a V ventureYear 69: SHMZ submersible-prospects OberonYear 71: P2P puts colony on Pluto and acquires Rental Body Guild through promotionYear 71: P2P brings CUDO homeYear 75: SHMZ brings Bernal to Pollus and acquires Neumann turings through promotionYear 76: SHMZ puts refinery on Kreutz-SungrazerYear 84: P2P puts independent colony on Enceladus and brings a Bernal and acquires Solem Medusa through promotionYear 92: SHMZ makes Titan Ontario Lacus colony independentYear 98: P2P acquires Fission GCR through promotionYear 101:SHMZ creates independent colony at VestaYear 1022P puts independent colony at Triton Tuenela Planitia having claim-jumped the site and brings a Bernal and scores Outer Diaspora gloryYear 1022P loses Venus Aerostat Xity Mobile FactoryYear 104:SHMZ makes Ceres colony independentyear 1072P puts colony on Callisto Valhalla and brings a BernalYear 1082P acquires Frankenstein Navigators, Archimedes Palmer Lens, Cryo-Librarians and Soldier Caste through promotionYear 108:SHMZ acquires Crossfire H-B through promotionYear 109:SHMZ emancipates robotsYear 112:SHMZ saves the Earth from HermesYear 112:SHMZ busts a Protium Fusion future on Hermes AYear 1142P acquires Renaissance Man and Gypsy Alchemists through promotion and creates Artificial Conciousness at PlutoYear 1142P loses the starhip at Neptune exit with Renaissance Man, Gypsy Alchemists and Rental Body Guild, trying Lithiated Ammonia starshipYear 116:SHMZ is in power after final electionResult:SHMZ 97VPP2P 110VPComment:AI is still too slow. After this gameplay I have given AI more handicup in 1.2 and have provided more intelligent choice of Strategies if AI is pursuing a Future. The player may adjust the difficulty level so that AI plays faster or slower.Next session will be a bit more detailed. I will try it after I am back from vacations.========================================================== [...]

Session: Commands & Colors: Ancients:: SoloGuy's Carthaginian Campaign Log 2017

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 19:00:57 +0000

by SoloGuy

Carthaginian Campaign Log 2017

Welcome to my Carthaginian Campaign Log. I am playing all the scenarios in the base game solo and logging my sessions here. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions as you see fit. Rather than post photos of the gameplay I thought I would take a slightly different approach and kind of just narrate my adventures using some key imagery from random sources to heighten the excitement. I would like to one day do all the expansions in the C&C: Ancients line, but expansion 1 and 5 are a little impossible to get right now. Maybe if GMT reprints them I can finally get them all. Anyway, let us begin and let me know what you think.

The Battle of Akragas - 406 BC

The first scenario of the Carthage Campaign takes place long before Hannibal and Hamilcar and is more in the same time period as Alexander the Great, predating his war at Gaugamela. This scenario is between the Carthaginians and the Tyranical Syracusans for control of Sicily.
The match itself went a little differently than I had expected.

It only took two turns for the Syracusans to get their elite Heavy Infantry into the fight with clever use of Line Command and Double Time orders. Before they knew it, Daphnaeus' men were on top of Himilco's Auxilia Infantry, immediately cutting off the head of the snake with a kill to not only Himilco's men, but Himilco himself with a lucky couple rolls.

Shocked by the sudden loss of their general, what was left of the Carthaginian Auxilia responded with ranged attacks but to no avail. The Syracusan Heavy Infantry was too rugged and their javelins (or whatever) just boucned off their shields (bad luck on rolls).

Meanwhile General Mago on the Carthaginian right was struggling to get his troops moving with the main focus (and the card draw) highlighting the other sections of the battlefield. There was nothing he could do for now.

Turn after turn went and nothing could be done to hold back the onslaught of the Syracusian Heavies as they were easily able to outmatch the Auxilia in melee combat. At one point the Carthaginian Heavy Chariots and Light Cavalry tried to slow down Daphnaeus, but failed to finish him off despite bringing his unit down to one block. The Chariots were destroyed almost instantaneously.

Knowing that this was about to be an all out massacre, General Mago sent out one last Medium Infantry to try to do at least some damage to the foul tyrants but was also, like everything else in this hellpit of a battle, vanquished for the final Victory Banner of the game. Daphnaeus and the Syracusans win by a very decisive 5-0.

Session: B-17 Flying Fortress Leader:: Crossbow: May, 1943, week 1

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 19:00:54 +0000

by aikidorat

Been a hectic week, finally able to write this up so I can move to the next week!

Month 3, week 1.

No purchases, going for better bombs.

RECON: V06 and V01 - Medium for V06 and Low for V01. Both planes make it back to base.

M1: V06: 91st, 385th, 303rd, 92nd BG, 4th FG as top cover.

LW response: Average, event is to remove two tactics markers...

Target bound, bounced by a 110, for three rounds. 4th FG engaged but all they did was burn gas and expend ammo - no losses on either side, though 3 peal off for base due to low ammo after the engagement.

Target zone: FLAK was ineffective (first time no losses to FLAK!). Bomb Run was close enough and did just enough damage to destroy the V-site (by 1 damage point! Thanks to the 92nd rolling two "10's" to finish the bomb run! Go figure. Luck was on our side.

Uneventful trip back to base, 4th FG promotes from Ave to Skilled, and 92nd from Green to Average!

Month 3, Week 1, Mission 2:
V01: 93rd, 97th, 306th, 305h BG and 78th FG flying top cover. 44th BG rests as they are nursing losses from the last mission.

Low intel, and LW response is AVERAGE. But a 109 is following us and the response actually is HIGH.. Ugh.

Over the target zone 5 bandits bounce the groups - 2 were unable to engage (no bandits), while 3 Bf-109s scream in from the sides. 78th manages to engage the 2 most deadly flights, while the other targets the 306th..

Fighters are in a heck of fight and lose one but splash one of the 109's. The 306th also loses one but shoots down the 109 - made them pay for it. Chutes were seen from the bombers, but the 78th lost a good pilot. After the engagement 3 Fighters head back to base due to low ammo.

INtel roll: 1: no penalties! Yay!

FLAK: 306th loses 2 more bombers while the others are untouched.

Bomb Run is on target! The site is pulverized (too bad no overkill for this one).

Return flight has choppy weather and most of the groups are dispersed but find their way back with no issues or losses.

97th promotes from Green to Average; 306th from Average to Skilled; 305th from Green to Average!

Week end: 2 Germans shot down, 14 Victory points. (Currently at 42! In the good range and a shot at Great!)

Session: Thunder Alley:: The Oil Can Cup

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 17:08:07 +0000

by kinga1965 My friend Dave is a big fan of Thunder Alley and suggested we get a group together to run a season. We decided to run a season using a combination of tracks from the base game and expansions. We are also using the crew chief expansion to add a bit more chrome to the game. Speaking of chrome, Dave added some cool mini cars that he hand painted in the color scheme of the race teams. Before we started our first race we set up the teams with Dave (yellow - Howitzer Racing), Regina (blue - Quaker Stubbs Racing), Chris L (purple - Orracle Oil Racing) and myself (green - Pockets Racing). Each team will race four cars and the first race is the Thunder Alley 500 at Saint Adriana Raceway. For our season, we will run eight races and the team with the most points will win the Oil Can Cup!In the early going the cars were tightly grouped and cooperation was high among the teams. We all helped one another out in progressing our cars forward. Mayhem started when the number 13 driven by John "Molasses" Vogel for team Orracle spun out with bad tires and went to the back of the pack. Shortly thereafter David McCarson, number 43 for team Howitzer was bumped out of the draft line and knocked to the back by number 9, Jean-Luc Simard of team Quaker and also fell behind.As the race progressed to the mid point rain clouds began moving in and shrouding the track under grey skies. The rain never actually came though and the race continued.Team Quaker was ripping up the race track, but none of the cars made a pit stop, so wear and tear on the Quaker cars was piling up. However, despite the damage three Quaker drivers lapped car 13 and almost the 43 if not for a timely clean air movement. Using the rules from crew chief, the 13 (although lapped) was still in the race and hoping for a yellow caution flag to bring it back into the fold. Shortly after the 13 was lapped disaster struck the Quaker team when the car driven by Jimmy Biggum suffered a blown engine and was knocked out of the race. The other teams didn't say anything, but were secretly breathing a sigh of relief that something finally went wrong for the Quakers.The Pockets team was having it's own set of problems. Three cars fell to the back of the pack and struggled to stay in front of the lead car. Team green was badly in need of a yellow caution flag when one finally happened. All but two cars on the track pitted under the yellow caution and all the stragglers including number 13 caught up to the pack.Heading into the final turn things had sort of bunched up again with cars forming two long draft lines. The Quakers felt they could handle things on their own for the most part as three cars continued to meander around the track in their own draft line. Without help from the other drivers and much to the dismay of team owner Regina, the three Quaker cars were quickly passed and left behind.The Quakers were now desperate to make something happen for their only car in the largest draft line. Jean-Luc Simmard, the leader, pulled the whole line up to the finish line hoping to be pushed across the line by Chris Buhl in car number 2 of the Orracle team. Team Orracle and Quaker had no problems throughout the race until this moment when Buhl pulled around Simmard in a lead movement and crossed the finish line with Pockets racer car number 1 Francois Petitclerc finishing second. Close behind Petitclerc was Orracle's number 6 Alicia Biggum, cousin to Jimmy on team Quaker. Speaking of Jimmy he ended up in sixth place. Not a bad finish considering at one point he was lapped.Rumor has it there was a heated exchange between Simmard and some of the drivers from the Orracle team. It was overheard, in not so family friendly terms, that certain m[...]

Session: TaskForce:: Korean Kim Chee

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 17:08:02 +0000

by Taellik

A quick after-action report of an encounter between the USS Peterson DD969 ( Spruance-class ) and two ( 2 ) OSA fast missile boats off the coast of N. Korea.
During a freedom of the seas exercise the USS Peterson was part of a picket screen for her carrier group detected two ( 2 ) contacts closing fast. Her operating orders were to challenge by radio any approaching contacts and receiving no reply immediately went to general quarters.

Having lost their element of suprise, the Michurinsky & Balykley ( Osa-class ) each launched 2 SSN-2 SSM at the Peterson for their first wave of missile attack.

Peterson, was able to down 2 of the approaching missiles with her area defensive AA fire at range 2. As the remaining 2 missiles continued to approach, she opened fire again with her AA at range 1 and downed the remaining first wave of missiles.

Both Osa's then launched a second wave of 4 SSN-2 at Peterson. At range 2, her area defense AA fire was able to bring down 1 missile closing on her. Further AA fire and jamming failed and her close defense weapon was engaged and able to eliminate 1 more SSN-2 leaving 2 SSN-2 to impact the ship.

The first missile stuck knocking out one of Peterson's sytems, and the other missile hit resulted in a flotation casualty. Peterson's damage control was able to maintain her fighting capability and she returned fire with 4 harpoon SSM missiles with 2 allocated to each of her attackers.

Wave 1 consisting of 2 harpoons were allocated to the Michulinsky which downed 1 at range 1 with AA fire, and the second was eliminated by jamming.

Wave 2 harpoon missiles targeting the Balykley were neutralized by jamming.

The results of Peterson's self-defense attempt were 0 hits registered to either Osa which both reversed course and returned to North Korean waters undamaged.

The Peterson was ordered to make for Osaka, Japan for evaluation / repairs.

Session: Gloom of Kilforth: A Fantasy Quest Game:: Portia the Vampire Priest - The Path of Redemption

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 04:04:47 +0000

by VaultBoy

Portia's fall into darkness as a vampire is a tale for another time. Instead, I'll tell you of her time in the light.

Portia remembered a time when the Old Gods were not old. They were powerful, knowledgeable, and more than a little spiteful. But, with the spread of Gloom, it seemed best to rely on the knowledge of her human life in order to survive.

They called the ancient the Prince of Ruin, but Portia had seen many princes fall in her time. It seemed that this one was simply going to require a bit more effort.

Chapter 1
Portia had heard rumors of villages left to the onslaught of evil. What better way to get back into her Goddess' graces than with some "humble" charity.

After traveling for days and persuading a couple strangers for aid, Portia was given knowledge of a tribe in need of aid. After some prayer and reflection, Portia's Goddess answered with the cryptic message of, "that path leads to Ruin."

Chapter 2
Enlisting the help of the mystic Sorscia, Portia sought out anyone that could provide information about the tribe. The weather turned wicked and the two would either spend part of the day retreating to shelter or shivering in the darkness only to wake with a chill that lasted throughout the day.

On a quest to stop sell swords, they rescued captured tribesmen . An older tribesman implored Portia to help further. His eagerness for the help of a vampire had her questioning his motives. Portia prayed again to her Goddess in the growing darkness. While her Goddess did not answer directly, Portia felt a strength and comfort she had not known for being centuries.

Chapter 3
It only took a couple days for the old tribesman to lead Portia to his hidden village. Unfortunately, the village was under attack by our ravagers. Calling on all the power of her Goddess to destroy the foul beasts. Portia and Sorcia charge into battle as her Goddess' anger rained down as lightning upon the orcs.

After the battle, the old tribesman revealed to Portia that he was the village Shaman. The two spent the night in prayer to their Gods. Despite the surrounding Gloom, both were given messages. Portia was felt that strength could be found in more allies. The Shaman told her to seek out "the one with the shadows."

Chapter 4
The days passed quickly, as the land became more and more tainted with Gloom. Rumors upon rumors, but no signs of a shadow and no time to pursue every lead.

In order speed up her search, Portia sought out and enlisted the help of a dragon. Her flights over the lands of Kilforth spun rumors of the Vampire Dragon Rider. Whether this was a title of hope or fear, Portia did not have time to investigate.

On the 25th day, Portia looked from the skies at the waste that was Kilforth. Her home for centuries covered in Gloom. Had Portia failed the test of her Goddess or had Portia's Goddess failed her?

Session: Shadows over Camelot: Merlin's Company:: 8 Player Game

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 01:29:30 +0000

by JeffreyKnoll We played an 8 player game of Shadows over Camelot. Slav - King Arthur. Jeff - Sir Lamorak. Sumit - Sir TristanShu - Sir PercivalQuentin - Sir KayDaryl - Sir Galahad.Nikunj - Sir GawainSeth - Sir BedivereThis was my first game as a bad guy. I started with a very bad hand. I had a ? fight card which was powerful, but all of my other cards were either 1's or 2's or a grail card. I offered a grail card. Sumit offered a ? card, and Shu offered a 5 card, so I thought both of them were good. Slav played a very good King Arthur, so I thought he was good. I mainly drew cards at the beginning. We decided Shu would go get Lancelot's armor, so she took the powerful cards, but got into prison on the way. This wouldn’t be the last time Shu got in trouble travelling around. Daryl played a Merlin card to free her. Slav said this was suspicious, and I agreed, because usually there are worse special cards to play than that. We agreed that you couldn't accuse somebody of being a traitor if they are in jail, so it came down to me having to waste my accusation to accuse Shu which I did without hesitation in order to make people think I was a good guy. For some reason, Slav didn't accuse Shu during his turn and nobody noticed this. On Shu’s next turn, she got there and started working on the quest. Slav passed her a needed card. Shu said she had a really good special card to play, but didn't pass it to Slav because she wasn't sure he was good, although she thought he was good. Daryl and Sumit went to the grail quest, taking Merlin along with them. Seth and I went to the grail quest and I started dumping all my good cards. Quentin fought catapults and Nikunj fought the black knight. At one point in the game Quentin fought a catapult and rolled a 7 and told everybody that he couldn't beat it - this made many, including myself, think he was the traitor. I was the first to go down to 2 life and I made everybody look bad - soon everybody was down to 2 life. After a few more rounds, I was getting worried that I was helping the team too much. Also, I thought I could do more harm by stealing a card every turn. Also, I suspected there was another bad guy out there and if he remained hidden, that would still turn 2 white swords black. I decided to come out as a bad guy. Daryl ordered the black cards so that Shu could remove a really bad card (Shu had retrieved Lancelot's armor by now unfortunately). Instead of drawing a card as everybody expected, I decided to place a catapult, which made it so there were a lot of catapults out attacking the castle now. Instead of contributing to moving Excalibur, I instead choose to return to Camelot where I would draw white cards and hopefully take good white cards out of circulation. On Sumit's turn, he accused me of being a traitor and I revealed my traitor card. On Quentin's turn, he played a black card that subtracted 1 life from everybody - this brought a lot of people down to 1 life. The real shock came during Slav's turn. King Arthur decided to add a catapult rather than take a card, and he decided to not help fight the Saxons - he was only 1 card away from completing this quest. But instead he accused Daryl of being a traitor, which of course Daryl was not, so this flipped 1 white sword to black. So he basically came out as a bad guy too - my partner. I celebrated Slav's great turn with a high five. Sumit attempted to finish Slav's Saxon quest, but he drew a card that brought him back to the grail quest. On my first turn as a bad guy, I stole a card from Shu who said that she had an awesome special card. It turned out[...]

Session: USAC Auto Racing:: USAC Championship

Thu, 22 Jun 2017 18:39:08 +0000

by shropshirelad

I intend to run a 10 race 'Championship' and will record the results here. The races will be of varying distances with at least one (maybe 2) 500 mile

Points will be awarded to the top 12 finishers. (18 for 1st, 15 for second 12, 10,8.7.6,5,4,3,2 down to 1 point for twelfth.) 1 point will also be awarded to the first 3 cars on the grid.

A couple of house rules. There will be only one lap of qualifying for each car. Those cars receiving any out of the race trouble results during their qualifying lap will record no time. (These cars will be placed at the back of the grid and sorted by a random dice roll.) This should throw up a few surprises.

Any car receiving a 6 or 7 turn stay in the pits is automatically out of the race due to Mechanical problems. Any car receiving trouble result 9 is also out of the race for the same reason.

RACE 1: 250 MILES: 12 LAPS: 17/06/17.



14. RICE
17. KARL
19. J. SNEVA




1. T. SNEVA 19pts
2. FOYT 16pts
3. A. UNSER 12pts
6. B. UNSER 7pts
8. SNIDER 5pts
9. BIGELOW 4pts
10. DICKSON 3pts
11. BAGLEY 2pts
12. MAHLER 1pt

Session: Too Many Bones:: Picket's Log: Day 1

Thu, 22 Jun 2017 17:35:59 +0000

by cyclopticox

Vista ran in through the city gate three days back. It really caused an uproar. She was sobbing and mumbling about Orcs and wolves and goblins. Her clothes were a mess and she had cuts and bites all over her body. She had been soaked with blood, though whether hers or her parents, no one knew. Patches had been called to tend to the child's wounds while she recounted the tale of a crazy goblin with bombs, which had command over the things that lived in the forest. Her parents were lost in the attack.

The council sat in somber silence before leaving Vista to Patches. The reconvened that night, asking for brave gearlocs to go out and put a stop to this mad menace. Well, of course I volunteered. I am the best gearloc for the job, and I would not trust it to anyone else. Patches stood uncomfortably, Vista's arms wrapped around his hips. I do not know if he went because of the adventure (not likely), or if he went to get away from the girl. He was always a little odd around others.

Boomer was next. That girl never has a frown on her face, but even though she smiled, you could see a steely determination behind those eyes, not unlike my own. Ghillie was last, calling from the back of the hall. He was always at the edge of the perimeter. I guess it is a side effect of being the best scout there is.

That next day, the four of us met with the council to discuss battle plans and any information that could be given to us. It seemed that this particular goblin likened himself as a king, and even had a throne and everything. He was also very crazy. Using some maps that Ghillie had fashioned, we decided on a route, allowing for decent camp sites along the way. I was a little annoyed at Boomer if I am being honest with myself. She seemed to think this adventure would be all rainbows and sunshine.

Today there was a party for the four of us 'heroes.' I was only there for a few minutes to make an appearance, so I cannot really say what went on. I spent the rest of my time getting my knapsack ready, my sword sharpened, and testing the sturdiness of my best shield. At the end, Boomer, Ghillie, and Patches showed up and we went over things again. There was a merchant in town, but we decided to steer clear, instead, steeling our nerves against the coming days and weeks. Who knew what we would face out there. But I knew, as long as the others had me as their leader, and we had a good plan in place, we would make this mad king pay for spilling the blood of Vista's parents.

Our honor, and our stature in the world, depends on how we do. Until tomorrow.

Session: Thornwatch:: Variant Session: 2-player Thornwatch

Thu, 22 Jun 2017 17:09:22 +0000

by culix One great thing about Thornwatch is that the number of players can easily change. Unlike most pen and paper RPGs you can play a game with whoever shows up for a session. But what if only one player can make it?Thornwatch lists itself as a minimum 3 person game - 2 adventurers and a Judge. But sometimes you only have two people. And some board gamers prefer 2 person games. Can you do this in Thornwatch? It sounds like an interesting challenge!Introducing: Thornwatch 2-player Mode [microbadge=6632]We tried running Thornwatch with 1 player and 1 Judge, using the following rules:• Two hero momentum cards. When selecting their class, the player adds *both* of the momentum cards for their class to the Momentum deck. They will take two turns each round.• Twenty wounds. Add 20 wounds to the wound deck.• Party size: 2. Treat the party size as if there were two Thornwatch present. Set up all scenes and monsters as though the party size were two.• All player attacks receive + (one extra die on every attack roll)• One tracker ability per round. Once per round the player may use their hero's secondary ability (the one that reads "once per ally’s turn") on or with themselves. They count as their own ally and/or target (e.g. the Blade can roll a + attack; the Guard can prevent 1 point of damage; the Greenheart can heal themselves). Use a Hero Die card and flip it over to represent when it has been used. The player un-flips (or un-taps) the card every time a new round starts and Momentum is resolved.The trick about Thornwatch is that the players have to work together to win. Enemies must first be hit to the edge, and then killed. In our group we've found this is difficult in three-player games, so during three-player games we grant Thornwatch players + on all attack rolls to make this more feasible. This gives the players a better chance at success, and its not so disappointing or impossible if you happen to miss your first attack in the round.For 1v1 games, the simplest mechanic seemed to be just granting the player two actions per round. As we learned below, this did not work out perfectly, but it's an interesting place to start.--The First Test: Two ScenesTo try out our rules we tried two runs of a scene using different classes. For each of these I would try out the new Judge of StarsJudge of Stars concept art. Art copyright Mike KrahulikFirst Scene: SageSage momentum card. Art copyright Mike KrahulikParty: 1 player, SageScene: Singer in the DarkJudge: Judge of StarsPlay Time: 20 minutesHow it playedThe Sage moved forward charging Fireball and other powerful abilities and was able to get into dealing damage quickly. They used two Verdant Shields to ignore damage and played Skip Through Time to give themselves an edge. They were able to quickly chew through *four* Glider enemies with no problem, and used Siphon Life on themselves to get rid of the few wounds they picked up.The Sage is a powerhouse in solo mode. They were able to power most of their best abilities and deal out tons of damage. Defeating four Gliders was no issue for them.As the Judge I was focusing solely on dealing damage to the player. In retrospect this was a bad strategy. The scene might have been closer if I had focused on killing the Villagers instead. We would have moved around the map more. The Sage would not have been able to automatically deny my Ebb Vortex terrain card. They would have had a harder time hitting me with so many abilities.Maybe the insight is that Thornwatch works best when the players and the Judge have *differ[...]

Session: Star Wars: Rebellion:: Another first-play session report

Thu, 22 Jun 2017 16:52:53 +0000

by Budgernaut My friend got Rebellion for Christmas last year. The other night he finally got it to the table. We played the four-player variant. One person had played 2 games as the Rebels and he was the Rebel admiral. The other three of us hadn't played the game before. I chose to play as the Imperial general in hopes of gaining control of Boba Fett (and wore my Boba Fett shirt for the occasion!). We played with the recommended first-game setup and also left out the card text on the recruitment cards.In the first two rounds of the game, we drew both of the cards that let us use diplomacy without first subjugating a system. We were able to control all Star Destroyer systems and begin producing Star Destroyers. Also, we got Boba Fett as our first additional leader! Unfortunately, it took several turns for us to be successful at capturing anyone, and by that point, 6 of our 10 missions were against captured leaders. It was rough. But things soon changed. We had a hunch the Rebel system was on Tatooine, so my the admiral moved a decent-sized fleet toward that sector. When we were adjacent to Tatooine, Admiral Ackbar led an attack from their hidden base with all of their units. Unfortunately for them, the battle didn't go as planned. They lost their Mon Calamari cruiser in the first round and lost half of their ground troops. The retreated their remaining forces to Naboo. This attack put us in a difficult situation. That was basically the whole of the Rebel fleet, so we wanted to have a successful battle, but we also wanted to move our fleet to take their base. If we used a leader to support the battle, we wouldn't be able to move those units later in the round. The admiral decided it was worth it to have the Emperor himself oversee that battle. His tactics cards were critical, allowing us to deny blocks to the Rebels, which is what allowed us to eliminate the Mon Cal cruiser.Later in the round, we detained Admiral Ackbar with Tagge, meaning he didn't go back to the leader pool at the end of the round. It also meant that the fleet was stuck there and couldn't leave Naboo. During the next round, we moved the Death Star to Naboo and decimated the rest of the fleet. Then we blew up Naboo and all the Rebels on the ground. We were then able to finally capture Admiral Ackbar and put ended up putting him into carbonite in the same round. It was a crucial round for us. Unfortunately, the Rebels moved their base. It turned out the base was on Ryloth, not Tatooine, so it's a good thing Palpatine supported the fleet instead of having us try to move later.Over the next few rounds, we battered Ackbar with interrogation sessions. Using Yularen and Boba Fett for the interrogations gave us a lot of insight in the system, so the Rebels kept on choosing not to play their rescue mission that they had committed a leader to, which meant it was a whole activation wasted for them on top of having lost Ackbar.As the Imperials, we spread out over the right side of the board, but the Rebels were starting to lock down the left side. My partner had a feeling the base was on the left side of the board. We tried interrogating Ackbar to make them tell us three systems where the Rebel base might be. Unfortunately, we played our missions wrong and lost the opposition. We should have had Vader go before Yularen because Yularen's mission would have allowed Vader to use all his symbols to help the mission. It was a set back that left us still scrambling to find the Rebel base. Time was running out. The Rebels were 3 re[...]

Session: Target for Today:: The Badger, Mission #4...The Badger II

Thu, 22 Jun 2017 14:24:41 +0000

by tpholt Campaign Setup and Mission 1: #2: #3 and further Campaign setup: AAF gives the 613th some time to recuperate after their severe losses, and waits until 6 new B17-F’s are delivered to Polebrook:• Schnozzle• Screwball Express• Devil’s Coming• Fuddy Duddy• Yankee Lady• and...... the Badger IIThe Badger welcomes 2 new crew members:Co-Pilot George Larson, 23, from Bainbridge, GAIra Leach, Radioman, 18 from Danville, INOn Sept. 1, 1942, the 613th flew Mission #4, to Brest and their Sub Pens. The Badger II was assigned spot #5 in the Middle Level. The “Qualified Quail” would be the Mission Leader todayGood weather over Polebrook meant there were no problems with takeoff, and with a long trek over Southern England, the early part of the mission was completely uneventful. Nothing of note happened until the Squadron headed out over the Channel in Zone 5. 4 Me109’s came after the Badger, but one was chased away by the fighter escort. The first fighter, coming in from 12:00 Level managed to get a damaging hit on the flaps in the left wing. This could prove worrisome if the flaps on the right side were also damaged. The fighter coming in from 12:00 Low was destroyed by Ball Turret Gunner Edward Weston when he damaged the right wing so severely, the pilot was forced to bail out. The last fighter, coming in from a vertical dive, missed completely. The First fighter came around for another attack, this time from 3:00 Low, but West and Right Waist Gunner Dixon zipped the left wing clear off the plane, forcing the pilot to bail out.The skies were again quiet until we reached the Target Zone (Zone 8). Even though Extreme Cold Weather at altitude was apparent, none of the guns or gunners were affected. Another wave of 4 109’s jumped the Badger just prior to starting her bombing run. The gunners drove off 3 of them, scoring a few minor hits, but the fighter attacking from behind at 6:00 High was literally cut in half by the tandem of Tail Gunner Ericson and Right Waist Gunner Dixon. Pilot Wilcox lined the Badger up for the run, and Bombardier Nichols took over. Even though the target was mostly obscured, he was able to drop 30% of the payload onto the Submarine base. The rest of the 613th fared slightly better, with an average 42% hit rate. Both the Lightnin’ Strikes and Rosie’s Riveters led the way with 60%, while “Just Right”, “Sugar Puss” and “Fuddy Duddy” could only put 20% of their bombs on target.The Squadron was able to make its way back to the Channel before meeting more resistance. In the 1st wave, the Badger took on 2 Me110’s and a single Me410. Both 110’s were blasted from the sky, the first by Left Cheek Gunner, Navigator Kenneth Unger and the 2nd by Tail Gunner Ericson and Ball Turret Gunner Weston. The 410 was sent packing with multiple serious hits from the Badger’s other gunners. A second wave of fighters hit the 613, with 2 109’s coming after the Badger II. Though damaged, the first coming in from 9:00 Level was able to inflict some moderate damage. It damaged the Tail Wheel, which could complicate landing and also managed to wound Right Waist Gunner Dixon, who tore a pectoral muscle. But it was also able to “walk” some hits against the wings, knocking out both the Left an[...]

Session: Scythe:: Saxony Mechanical, 16 rounds

Wed, 21 Jun 2017 20:39:09 +0000

by Imsevimse

Prior to this session I had been thinking about ways to minimize production and bottom row actions and still win. I drew Saxony Mechanical which was great seeing how Saxony has no limit on stars for completing missions and winning combat AND I was looking for a playermat which combined deploy with either bolster or move. Bolster and move were going to be the focus of my game. My missions were "control at least 3 mountains" (mission 1) and "have at least 6 tokens on 1 territory" (mission 13).

Turn 1: move both workers to village
Turn 2: produce 2 workers
Turn 3: move Gunther to mountain
Turn 4: produce 4 workers, gain 1st STAR (8 workers), gain 2nd STAR (completed mission 13)
Turn 5: move Gunther to village,
encounter gives 1 upgrade (bolster->deploy) and 2 resources (metal)
Turn 6: bolster +3power, deploy riverwalk mech on village
Turn 7: move Gunther, mech and 6 workers to mountain
Turn 8: produce 6 metal (this is my last produce)
Turn 9: move Gunther, mech and 6 workers to forest with encounter which
gives 2$ and 1 popularity
Turn 10: bolster +3power, deploy speed mech on forest
Turn 11: move Gunther, 1 mech and 6 workers to nearest tunnel
Turn 12: bolster +3power, deploy disarm mech on tunnel
Turn 13: move Gunther to factory, move 1 mech and 6 workers to mountain
tunnel attacking Connor, gain 3rd STAR (combat victory)
Turn 14: bolster +3power, deploy underpass mech on home village,
gain 4th STAR (deploy all mechs)
Turn 15: move Gunther to mountain adjacent to factory,
Move mech from home village to tundra, via home mountain dropping
off a single worker, gain 5th STAR (mission 1)
Turn 16: factory card, skip top action, move gunther to factory
to engage Bjorn, gain 6th STAR (combat victory)

I didnt want any half measures with a couple of buildings or worrying about popularity. I just wanted to move and bolster and that's what I did. I'm sure this could be done faster but I had an overall plan and came up with the particulars on the fly. So I was quite pleased to pull off a win.

Saxony mechanical 47
Crimea patriotic 40
Albion agricultural 27
Nordic innovative 21
Togawa industrial 13

Session: Championship Formula Racing:: Rosie's Solo Championship Series. Round 3: Silverstone

Wed, 21 Jun 2017 16:14:24 +0000

by rosie_187 Pre RaceRound 3 is taking place at Silverstone. I was keen to add more cars to the mix, to make traffic management more of an issue and because I wanted to use all 8 of the Eureka miniatures cars I have painted, so I will be introducing two drone cars to the championship this round. The idea is that they will:1) Make pole bidding more important by filling the front of the grid.2) Mean that a crippled car can't guarantee finishing in the points by crawling over the line.I have built the drone cars to minimise admin. They have:Top Speed 160, Accel 80, Decel 80, Start Speed 60, 2xLaps Skill, 5xLaps WearThis should mean that I can set their speed based on track notation almost all the time, as there are few situations where 1ooMark Blundell is driving the 1995 McLaren. He always travels at O* speed until his wear is exhausted, otherwise at default speed. Jos Verstappen is driving the 2000 Arrows. He always travels at default speed until the final lap when he travels at OO speed until his wear is exhausted.They both bid Track Value + 1d6/2 for qualifying, using green skill in full before wear.They spend 2 green skill if available to automatically push Start speed. They never push Acceleration or Top Speed.Meanwhile, I have rejigged my car: Top Speed 180, Start Speed 20, Acceleration 80, Deceleration 60, Wear 6xlaps, Skill 2xlapsQualifying8th Graham Hill keeps up his form, by bidding nothing. He continues to run Back Standard7th Me. This time I bid 1 green, banking on Graham Hill keeping me off the back, which he does.6th Mark Blundell, who will look for high reward single wear spends.5th Pastor Maldonado, who is Stalking4th Jos Verstappen, who will effectively pursue conservative strategy until Lap 33rd Nigel Mansell, running Front B.2nd Nelson Piquet, running a Mathy strategy1st Jim Clark is still on Pole, and back to running an even strategyRaceUnfortunately I lost my notes for the first half of the race. Working from memory though, Piquet started like he'd been shot out of a cannon, pushing his start speed up to 120 and tearing through sector one. Verstappen, Maldonado and Hill all pushed start speed too. Piquet spent wear early to extend his lead, and Maldonado and, surprisingly, Hill also spent a lot through lap 1. I was able to pick up slips off Hill to keep up with the pack while spending very little wear, relying on my great acceleration and good top speed to gradually reel my opponents in.The lead changed hands a couple of times, as Piquet took a more conservative approach into lap 2. Maldonado briefly took the lead, but Piquet soon got back on top and Pastor fell away once he had exhausted his wear. When the race was suspended overnight after 1.5 laps, their were two groups of four cars. Piquet, Mansell, Maldonado and Clark were just about to enter Stowe, whilst I, Blundell, Hill and Verstappen were halfway down Hanger Straight.When the race resumed, Maldonado fell back as he ran out of wear and I took his place with the front runners. The drones were in 7th and 8th place, but they had a wear advantage over most of the field – interestingly Piquet still had a substantial amount of wear thanks to his conservative lap 2. I was interested to see how Verstappen would fair having saved all but 2 wear for the final lap.To my surprise, Piquet managed to hold onto first place, just ahead of Clark who finished with wear and skill left over – different luck with strategy rolls might have s[...]

Session: High Frontier (3rd edition):: My third CEO game

Wed, 21 Jun 2017 16:03:07 +0000

by Zlarp After my first two failed attempts at a CEO game and many missed rules and problems, I mustered up the courage to try again. I was going to make a factory this time, and it wasn't going to be on Mars and useless, and I wasn't going to get stranded on Mercury, I was going to prospect some asteroids, it was going to work and everything was going to be fine.I started up pretty quickly and found a colonist that conveniently had an in-built nuclear reactor. Since I was NASA, they would still be able to do the research action to provide me with some cash flow while promoting the bernal all by themselves. This was awesome, so I bought them immediately. Which was lucky, because in that very first round I had to discard all the top cards on all decks.I soon shot the colonists to space and promoted the bernal. With two operations a turn, this was all going to be easier, and the bernal would now protect me from all flares, glitches, pad explosions and space debris. Wonderful!I cobbled a ship together with no radiators, and only mass 5 despite carrying a refinery and a robonaut with a missile ISRU of 3. A thruster with mass 0 and 5-2 thrust, and its solar powered +1 thrust reactor. Everything survived the radiation rolls from boosting, as everything had good rad hardness. The whole righ didn't require any radiators, which saved on mass immensely and made it a lot less suspectible to radiation.Some income actions later, I was ready to go. First thing I made my way to Deimos, as it seemed to be basically a free flight with no fuel requirement when spending a turn at the Hohmann intersection, so I decided to go for that. Sadly, the prospect roll turned out negative, though I'd expected that and bravely soldiered on.I went back to the Sol-Earth Lagrange for a Mars fly-by. This time I spent 4 steps of fuel at the Hohmann intersection, as I was feeling impatient. and I realized I'd brought way too much fuel anyhow.I boosted out to Minerva. Next turn I landed there with an afterburn, managing just enough thrust despite my solar generator, as my rocket had gotten lighter from expending fuel. I prospected... and failed the 50/50 chance. Damn.But there was still that size 1 aegis moonlet right next for it. I decided to go for the 1 in 6 chance, as it cost me only an afterburn's worth of fuel.This time the prospect roll was a success and in the same turn my engineers back on the bernal used their action to industrialize the asteroid. Only now did I realize I'd brought way too much fuel for all this. Oh well. Wow, I'd done it, and with a few turns to go until review, even!I also immediately decommissioned my remaining crew (for a colony) and my thruster so I could reuse everything back on Earth.I then realized that a Carbon site wasn't quite ideal, as I had no technology that could be produced on a carbon site. I had built a useless factory. But it was a factory, and it was going to buy me another 12 turns at least, so that was nice.I managed to snag a C freighter from the research decks and build it up there, and also a nice C generator. I decided to send that one back to the bernal so I could use it. When it arrived at the bernal though I realized it was best to just sell it. 10 water tanks isn't exactly small money.My next rocket mission - using the same rocket, it'd been very successful, so I thought it a good idea to carry on with it - was going to go for Lutetia. I still brought a [...]

Session: Sidereal Confluence: Trading and Negotiation in the Elysian Quadrant:: Origins Demo: Amazing game, bad graphics.

Wed, 21 Jun 2017 16:01:06 +0000

by atrox7

I had the chance to demo a few rounds of this at the 2017 Origins Game Fair, so this is just a brief impression.

The game is basically turning stuff into other stuff to get the stuff you want.

But its really great! In fact let me be 100% clear, it took like 5 minutes of playing to realize this is a GREAT game! Why? Because you have to negotiate right out of the gate to get anything. In fact, I was cutting deals and making crazy trades before I even totally understood how everything worked. And I loved it! It was so much fun to just jump into the fray like that.

All the player's races behaved in very unique and interesting ways. It is very asymmetrical. So I could see the replayability of this being off the charts.


It's almost devoid of art, and that personally killed it for me. The player screens and reference sheets have a nice illustration of the alien you are playing. But the rest is just a sea of arrows and cube symbols surrounded by basic Photoshop 'outer glow' and 'gradient' effects. (It's not prototype level art, but it's not far off either.)

Obviously art and design are subjective, but they are extremely important elements for me. This otherwise excellent game fell very low in that department. The graphic design is strictly functional.

But if you feel that gameplay is far more important than the appearance of a game, then I think this is going to make you very happy and I hope you give it a try.

Like I say, I only had a few rounds but the fun potential is very high for this one; I just wish the graphic design wasn't so low.

Session: Target for Today:: A Three Mission Blitz

Wed, 21 Jun 2017 16:00:30 +0000

by Dancing Frog I decided to play three missions of Target for Today. I choose to fly with 851st Squadron, 490th BG, 93rd BW, 2nd Air Division, 8th Airforce. Well, now that chain of command has been established, it’s a B-24J named Bandwagon. I don’t like to pick crew names for these games, because the crews don’t last all that long. Well, what the heck. So, I gave them first names, Alex (Bombardier), Gary (Nav/Nose Turret), Neal (Pilot), Jimmy (Co-pilot), Bob (Eng/Top Turret), JP(Radio), John(Ball Turret), Bill(Left Waist), Marcel(Right Waist), and Les(Tail Gunner).Mission 1- December 1, 1943The target for today was Oranienburg, a Messerschmitt Factory, 11 zones of fun. The weather at the English base was poor, but Bandwagon got off OK and formed up in the lower cell, the 4th plane from lead. They don’t put rookie crews in either the lead or tail slot for obvious reasons. Despite the bad weather over England, the weather was hazy over the North Sea. Luckily, the conditions weren’t right for contrails until we got over the Netherlands which helped us, because our little friends were late for the party and gave us poor coverage right up to the German border.As result of the fighter escort problems, we got into trouble with the Luftwaffe over the North Sea. We got bounced by a pair 109’s with Gary bagging one, and we drove away the other. That wasn’t too bad, but we started leaving behind contrails which attracted the attention of about squadron of Me-110’s in two waves over the coast of the Netherlands. We fought them off bagging three of them in the process. We could see bands of broken clouds ahead that we hoped would give us some relief from the onslaught.It was about that time that Les noticed that there was a strange plane following the formation. It looked like a B-17, but with German markings. What the hell were they up too? We didn’t have long to find out. It was coordinating an ambush that happened just short of the German border. A Me-110 lobbed rockets into the formation, and then we were bounced FW-190’s. Les got one of them. When we arrived at the German border, we got more fighter support and more clouds which pretty much kept the fighters off of us until we got back to the Netherlands. We had a couple of occasional brushes with 109’s and shot down a pair of them. The target was slightly obscured, but still got bombs on target, 98% accuracy. No flak in, but light flak out. No damage to the Bandwagon.Due to bad Luftwaffe communications, the flight back was pretty uneventful until we hit the Netherlands. Then, we got bounced again by Me-110’s and Fw-190’s, splashing two 190’s and a 110. After that, there was nothing else, and we landed in England in bad weather.So, that was what a milk run looks like. Didn’t feel like it at the time, but it reads like one. We got rocked, but we didn’t even get nicked.Mission 2- December 8, 1943.The target was another aircraft factory in Dessau. Not quite as far as Oranienburg. We were in the same exact place in the formation, lower cell, 4th plane from the lead. After the mission had been scrubbed for five days previously, we took off in clear weather. Fighter cover was good all the way to the German border. Other than a few rockets dumped into the formation over the Netherlands, nothing happened.Then, the fighter cover started leaving us around[...]

Session: Terraforming Mars:: First attemt at a (not very) competitive solo play.

Wed, 21 Jun 2017 14:54:14 +0000

by collectible cardinal I'll go ahead and try one of these, using Helion.Start of game: 42 MC and 3 Heat Production.Neutral Tiles: Discarded Large Convoy and Business Convoy for cities, Energy Savings and Breathing Filters for forests. The last forest covers a free-card spot, while the first city obliterates a single plant; the second city is adjacent to the two-titanium ocean space, but otherwise doesn't hurt me, nor does the first forest.Initial 10 cards: Trees, Moss, Io Mining Industries, Gene Repair, Big Asteroid, Tectonic Stress-Power, Extreme-Cold Fungus, Regolith Eaters, Titanium Mine, and Mineral Deposit. Of these, I keep only the two microbes, paying 6 and left with 36.Generation 1: Created both microbes (10 MC left), using both their actions to raise oxygen by 1 (TR 15). Produced 3 heat and 15 MC.Generation 2: Picked up my first research pile, but found five cards in it; rather than figure out which card to lose after a casual glance at them, I simply put them on the bottom of the deck and drew four other cards. (I'm liveblogging the game, so I didn't strictly need to do the card-pile thing anyway, but whatever.) The replacement cards are Callisto Penal Mines, Advanced Alloys, Quantum Extractor and Mangrove, none of which I decided I wanted, so I ditched them all, raised the oxygen again, and bought one Asteroid (11 MC left). Produced 3 heat and 17 MC.Generation 3: Drew ecological Zone, Release of Inert Gases, Space Station, and Water Import From Europa, keeping the second and 4th (22 MC left). Inert Gases raises my TR twice as much as an Asteroid for the same price, but doesn't get me any closer to winning - but hey, I'm Helion here. Microbes get me to TR 20; I have 28 MC and 9 heat after producing.Generation 4: I research Tropical Resort, Invention Contest, Media Archives and Small Animals, keeping only the second. All my remaining money goes to playing Water Import from Europa; heat is spent to raise temperature and the microbes create oxygen. I produce 3 heat and 22 MC.Generation 5: I research Corporate Stronghold, CEO's Favorite Project, Plantation and Towing a Comet; the last two are keepers. They are not playable yet, however; all I can afford to do is import water (4 MC left), placing it to gain 2 Titanium. Microbes provide my only other TR increase for the round. With leftover money, I play Invention Contest. Toll Station is completely useless in solo and Open City isn't great, so I keep Archaebacteria. Just for laughs, I spend my 4 heat and the last of my money to play it at once; I then produce 3 heat, 1 plant, and 24 MC.Generation 6: Adaptation Technology tempts me, Fueled Generators do not, and Decomposers are a VP card, so the only thing I take is the Giant Ice Asteroid. Microbes go off, then I spend all my cash on Towing a Comet, gaining 2 TR and 2 plants, dropping the ocean on Ius Chasma to gain 2 more plants. I produce 1 plant on top of those, 3 heat, and 27 MC.Generation 7: Ore Processor might me awesome in a different game, and Heather would be super handy at this moment if I could play it, but I'll have to settle for just mohole Area and Black Polar Dust. Water Import from Europa is fueled by the 2 Titanium along with 6 MC, and gets me two plants and 2 MC. I spend all my MC except those 2 to play the Polar Dust, reducing my net money by[...]

Session: Bios: Megafauna:: Solo Session with Paul Harford Variant and Living Rules - detailed play by play

Wed, 21 Jun 2017 14:54:09 +0000

by DocSavage2001 PART I - THE TRIASSICWell, it's been over three years since I posted my last detailed Solo playthrough. Long story, and not going into it, but I ended up without this game for a few years and I honestly thought I would never own another copy (at a price I would pay). But thank goodness for BGG's GeekMarket, I was able to reacquire this excellent game. I'm glad I had a chance to get it back again because I rank this as one of my Top Five all time favorite games. It's that good.I am doing a very detailed writeup because a) I love recording the details of my plays of this game since every game is so different and b) hopefully it helps people who might be having trouble with some of the rules (especially the Living Rules version).I will be using the Living Rules Paul Harford Solo variant with a slight modification. The AI Two-Tusker plays a little smarter in this version and can even change size or go to predator under the right conditions. The AI Player will also spawn off a new species with MM DNA if no other options or biomes are available. (24 shilouettes are used for main species just like regular solitaire game, but the other 8 are not put away, but reserved for the potential MM species. I used the dolphin shilouettes for this, of course!)This variant uses most of the Living Rules changes and allows the Two-Tusker to Lazarus itself if it goes extinct. There is a use for Genotype cards in this variant called “crossbreeding” available to both the player and the AI. That use requires removing all mammal genotypes under size 3 and without any G, B, or I DNA from the deck. (That ends up taking 16 cards out of the 92 card deck for 76 cards left over.) I will be using the optional Scythian setup (though it turns out it wasn’t needed in this playthrough again) and I will be using the two-player suggested set up of having only one row of five cards in the card display instead of the two rows. Lastly, the slight modification I am making to Paul’s rules is that the optional Player Actions in the Living Rules, 4.2.e Roadrunner Action – Allow a player to spend 2 genes to gain or lose a level of Roadrunner DNA, and 4.2.f Genetic Drift – Steal a gene from the player with the most genes, will both only be available to the Two-Tusker AI player. I figured this would be a nice handicap and figured having these options available to me would make things too easy. So if I want a Roadrunner DNA, I’ll have to get it off a card, and no gene stealing for me. (Since the AI starts with 10 genes and the player none, I could spend a couple turns just taking genes.) The only caveat to that is I, the player, will still be able to have my predators react to AI Roadrunner DNA purchases for free (assuming I have the animals to place on the DNA track at the time).INITIAL SETUP: The AI player is the 5-tooth Two-Tusker mammals and I am playing the 3-tooth Dog-Face mammals (chosen randomly). It is the battle for mammalian dominance!The five cards in the Display at start are (in order): Courtship and Territorialism (1-6, Social Skills), Nest Building(1-5, P, Manual Dexterity), Adrenal Glands (1-6, AS), Cud-Chewing (2-3, BGG), Opposable Thumbs (1-2, BI, Manual Dexterity). The Scythian Setup turned out to be irrelevant as I only pulled four Immigrant tiles from the first 22 ti[...]

Session: Target for Today:: Bucky Badger, Mission #3--a Dark Future

Wed, 21 Jun 2017 09:20:29 +0000

by tpholt Campaign Setup and Mission # 1 can be found here: #2 Can be Found here:, a few updates on rules/setup.--I've modified the "Days to Wait between Missions" as follows. 2d6-1, but on a natural 12, re-roll with a 1-7 being 1 day, an 8-9 being a 3-day, a 10 giving a 15-day wait, an 11 means 20 days and another 12 is 30 days.--New planes arrive on the 1st of the month, 1d6, with a max of 24 bombers for the Squadron.--Squadrons must have at least 15 flight ready bombers to be assigned a mission.--Using the Peckham damage points and the Repair Table by jasta6 from QotS--I've also decided to use the Group Game to "run" any missions where my plane does not fly.The Bucky Badger welcomed three new members, including a complete, new flight crew. Joining the Badger are Pilot Capt. Donald Wilcox, 23, from Flemington, NJ, Co-Pilot Lt. Kenny Kauffman, 22, Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA and Ball Turret Gunner Sgt Edward "Don't call me Eddie" Weston, 18, from Breezewood, PA.The 613th is down to only 17 Flight-Ready planes for today's (August 20, 1942) mission, which is a Raid on the Industry at Lille, France. Just a short hop over the Channel and a quick milk-run. The Mission Leader for this Op will be the "Rosie's Riveters". The Badger is assigned slot # 6 in the Middle Cell. Take off in Good weather for all planes goes Zone 2, over the Channel, things heat up as the squadron is jumped by the infamous Abbeville Boys. The Badger was targeted by 2 of the Me109's. The first, attacking from 9:00 Low, achieved just superficial hits to the Bomb Bay, while the second, coming in from 12:00 High, though damaged by the Bomber's guns (FBOA) managed to get in some significant damage. First hit was the Tail Turret, knocking the guns completely out of the rest of the mission. Tail Gunner Ericson was now on fire watch. This second fighter also managed to get a hit on the Right Wing Root. The Abbeville Boys were famous for their tenacity, and both planes circled around for another attack on the Badger. The first this time came in from 6:00 Low, trying to take advantage of the Tail Guns that had been knocked out, but new Ball Turret Gunner Edward Weston made him pay, buy nailing the Me109 with extensive structural damage to the point the pilot had to bail out. The second attack this time came in from 3:00 High, and luck was with Bucky as Top Turret Gunner Irwin and Right Wing Gunner Dixon combined to slice the Left Wing completely off the fighter, sending it and its pilot to their grave.Nothing further of note happened until the Squadron arrived in the Target Zone, Zone 4, over Lille, France, when once again, the Abbeville Boys were back, and this time they were out for revenge. 4 Me109's targeted the Badger, and while the 1st, 2nd and 4th all missed on their first run, the 3rd did not. On his first pass, he managed to knock out both the Top Turret Guns and the in-plane intercom system, which would put the Badger at a serious disadvantage for the rest of the flight. One of the original 4 fighters had attacked from a Vertical Dive position, and so was carried away from the bomber, but the other three turned [...]

Session: Gloomhaven:: Die Realität wird durchscheinend [Spoilers] Kapitel 4: Sulfur Mine (65)

Wed, 21 Jun 2017 08:56:27 +0000

by UlliM Die Realität wird durchscheinend!aus den Aufzeichnungen von Lightning, einer Spruchweberin der OrchidKapitel 4: Sulfur Mine (65) – Die SchwefelmineEs gibt keinen besseren Ort, um sich bei einem guten Drink von einem anstrengenden (und frustrierenden) Abenteuer zu erholen, als den Sleeping Lion. Meinte jedenfalls Mücke. Dort saßen wir auch eines Abends, nachdem wir uns von unserer Niederlage im Tempel der Finsternis erholt hatten, und diskutierten, was wir als nächstes tun sollten, als wir von einer schwer vernarbten Inox angesprochen wurden. Sie setzte sich an unseren Tisch und schob ein Stück Papier in die Tischmitte. „Hallo Schönheit“, säuselte Mücke, doch sie ignorierte ihn. „Meine Auftraggeber würden Euch gerne anheuern, um eine wertvolle Porzellanfigur aus einem Anwesen innerhalb der Festungsmauer zu stehlen“, sagte sie sachlich. „Die Details stehen auf dem Zettel. Trefft mich zwei Tage, nachdem Ihr den Job durchgezogen habt, in der Gasse hinter dem Sleeping Lion.“ „Geht klar. Aber Du hast noch gar nicht gesagt, was unsere Belohnung dafür ist“, stimmte Mücke zu. „Geht klar?“ riefen Tinker Bell und ich entrüstet. „Gar nichts geht hier klar! Wir sind doch keine Diebe!“ Scibbler schnüffelte. „Ich finde, sie riecht nach Ärger“, meinte er. „Oder sogar nach Verrat.“Gerade als die Inox aufstand, griff ich nach ihrem Arm und hielt ihr das Stück Papier entgegen. „Du musst uns verwechselt haben“, erklärte ich. „So etwas machen wir nicht.“ Ungehalten schnappte sie sich den Zettel und stürmte aus dem Raum.„Na toll“, sagte Mücke. „Da bekommen wir einen machbaren Auftrag angeboten, und ihr seid pingelig. Was sollen wir denn jetzt tun, um an Geld zu kommen?“ Das war eine gute Frage, die wir lange diskutierten. Mücke ließ sich nicht überzeugen, den neuen Auftrag von Jekserah anzunehmen. „Meine Leute“ wiederholte er immer wieder. Er plädierte für den Ort am Stillen Fluss, den wir in Jekserahs Unterlagen gesehen hatten, aber schließlich konnte ich Scibbler und Tinker Bell davon überzeugen, dass wir zu der Schwefelmine reisen sollten, auf die wir während unseres ersten gemeinsamen Auftrags Hinweise gefunden hatten. Mir war klar, dass dieser Ort ein Teil meiner Bestimmung war, und nachdem wir die Überreste des alten Tagebuches endlich entziffert hatten, hatte auch Tinker Bell den Wunsch, sich dort umzusehen. Denn in dem Tagebuch wurde ein machtvolles Artefakt einer untergegangenen Zivilisation beschrieben, das sich in dieser Mine befinden sollte: Eine Art Dampf-betriebenes Bohrgerät, das in den richtigen Händen sicherlich sehr nützlich sein könnte.Also machten wir uns auf die lange Reise zu der Schwefelmine – und waren erstaunt darüber, wie unerwartet ereignislos die Reise verlief. Die Schwefelmine letztlich zu finden, war kein Problem. Der Gestank war aus mehr als einer Meile Entfernung (zu) gut zu riechen. Je näher wir kamen, desto stärker wurde der faulige Geruch, bis wir schließlich kaum mehr atmen konnten. „Puh, wie das stinkt“, beschwerte sich Scibbler. „DU meinst, dass es HIER stinkt?“, maulte Mücke. „In der Krypta hat es doch auch nicht besser gerochen.“ „Ob das Artefakt diesen Geruch wirklich wert ist?“, [...]

Session: Gloomhaven:: Tale of Two Parties Chapter 14 (Scenario 4, Void Travelers, Casual) Spoilers

Wed, 21 Jun 2017 05:10:43 +0000

by EventHorizon [Note: Tale of Two Parties is being written primarily as a way to see if the experiences of two groups playing in the same game world can create a cogent narrative and to communicate sessions between groups.Spoilers, such as enemy types, are included but really shouldn't be relied on in your games as I'm not tracking the game while we are playing and specifics can diverge from what happened for narrative reasons. The first session report of the series is here:Tale of Two Parties StartCurrent Partyo Ana-Ishi, Savvas Craghearto Lenka, Orchid Spellweavero Gaius Stoneheart, Inox Bruteo Gizmo, Quatryl TinkererLate one afternoon, the group had put the mountains at their back and were making good time getting back to Gloomhaven when they were halted by Gaius. The Inox was sniffing the air and looking worried. He glanced at Gizmo and grunted, “Cultists!” At that, they looked to the sides of the road for cover. A mall copse of trees set back from the road looked like the best place to retreat to. Huddling amongst the trees it didn’t take long for the cultists to come into view walking in the opposite direction the group had been. They were all dressed in black and walked with heads forward, close to the person ahead of them. The group swayed in an odd, undulating manner while they walked. Taking advantage of the quirks of the odd procession, Gaius and Gizmo stepped out of the grove of trees once they were passed and motioned Lenka and Ana-Ishi to follow. They tracked the cultists for 10 minutes until they turned abruptly onto a partially hidden side path into the woods. Gaius let the procession get a little further ahead before motioning the group to follow. The group prowled softly through the woods in pursuit of the cultists. Gaius stopped occasionally to make sure they were still on the trail. The trail stopped abruptly at the doors of a neglected crypt. Both Gizmo and Gaius stepped back a bit from the entrance and made preparations for fighting. Gaius glanced over to Lenka and Ana-Ishi, and shrugged, “We have some bad blood towards the cultists and their demon spawn. We take the opportunity to stop their evil when we can. You are welcome to join in the fun.” That last was said as Gaius showed his teeth and started darkening his face with mud that was near the entrance. Ana-Ishi nodded and dropped his food pack to have more access for his weapons. Lenka did likewise. When the four of them were ready, they eased through the door and moved through the shadows towards the glow of the torchlight.From the shadows, they saw men and skeletons involved a cultish ritual. Gaius nodded at the others and in a rush, they attacked. Time fighting together had improved their ability to coordinate and work off each other’s fighting style. Where previously attempts at this sort of group ambush had resulted in confusion, this went perfectly. In unison Lenka and Ana-Ishi utilized Earth magic to shake the floor and blind the eyes of their opponents. Gaius advanced into the maelstrom as his blade found purchase while one of Gizmo’s contraptions exploded with more chaos and carnage. The initial rush resulted in more than all but two of the enemies dead, and those others were damaged and[...]

Session: Advanced Squad Leader:: 4th Step 2 ASL: ASL D "The hedgehog of Peipsk" (in Russian)

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by longbearder

Итак пехоту мы изучили в полном объёме.
С удовольствием осознал, что из последнего Winter Offensive и приложения к журналу немало сценариев, которые ориентированы только на пехоту. Бери и играй! Уже! :)

Переходим к OBA. Провели пробную встречу. Пощупали правила. Поигрались каунтерами AR, SR, FFE:1-FFE:C. Перечитал ещё раз.
Так как Даниил не успевает продумать расстановку, на стороне обороняющихся немцев буду я. Соответственно мой арт.корректировщик будет вызывать поддержку батареи миномётов 80+.

Карта с непростым ландшафтом. Линии видимости прерываются. Очень не просто выбрать позицию для корректировщика. Так как скрыть его присутствие можно только не в открытой местности (вершины холмов высотой 3 были очень заманчивы), но поостерёгся его открывать сразу.
Сторона входа русских - справа на рисунке. Это восточная сторона по сценарию.

Сцерарий на 10 ходов. На мой взгляд, при такой местности и расстановке в 11 гексах от восточного края карты, перехватить русских на входе невозможно. К городу они в любом случае просочатся. Моя цель - в конце 10го хода не дать им под контроль хотя бы одно каменное здание на карте 3. Центром обороны решил выбрать здание N1. Высота у него L2 - самое высокое в городке. В N2/L2 разместил корректировщика и расчёт тяжёлого пулемёта. Оборона очаговая по принципу "упорно обороняемся, отсупая к ключевому зданию". На востоке обороны и юге - лидеры, для восстановления морали. Все отряды немцев будут совершенно скрыты (HIP) русских.

Вижу серьёзную проблему, если русские при лёгком давлении на город с востока, зайдут группировкой с севера, сразу к ключевому зданию. Для перестраховки выдвинул расчёт с лёгким пулемётом в здание у пашни (пшеница не в сезоне - время событий ноябрь 1941) поля: сдержать продвижение в открытом поле. Но придётся резко перегруппировываться при таком варианте развития событий. Но, данное здание расположено дальше всех от стороны входа русских частей. Шанс основной атаки с севера - минимальный.

Начало событий - завтра вечер. Буду повествовать по ходу игровых сессий.

Session: Gloomhaven:: Tale of Two Parties (Scenario 13, Void Travelers) Spoilers

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by EventHorizon [Note: Tale of Two Parties is being written primarily as a way to see if the experiences of two groups playing in the same game world can create a cogent narrative and to communicate sessions between groups.Spoilers, such as enemy types, are included but really shouldn't be relied on in your games as I'm not tracking the game closely while we are playing and specifics can diverge from what actually happened for narrative purposes. The first session report of the series is here:ToTP Scenario 1Current Partyo Ana-Ishi, Savvas Craghearto Lenka, Orchid Spellweavero Gaius Stoneheart, Inox Bruteo Gizmo, Quatryl TinkererWhile its companions were grumbling about having been in the mountains forever, Ana-Ishi privately welcomed the opportunity to be away from the city and so many beings in one place. There was a purity and a refreshment that came from communing with nature, particularly after what they had seen in that mine. After leaving the mine, the group had made its way back through the mountains towards a temple that was close that may allow them to find traces of Jekserah. However, the experience of the mine weighed on them and has caused the group to move a bit slower than it had previously. Additionally, they were out of the food they had brought and were forced to forage when they couldn’t trade. Gizmo had taken the time to experiment with some new weapons to offset some difficulties they had run into. One night the Quatryl beckoned to Ana-Ishi over the campfire. Approaching, the Savvas saw that he was polishing a giant bow. “Having difficulty against armor. Need a way to penetrate. You should use this.” Ana-Ishi took it and examined it. The bow would obviously require a lot of force to draw. The arrows that Gizmo presented had strong points designed to puncture more than wound. Ana-Ishi grunted his thanks and took it back to his seat and grinned. This was going to be useful.The directions had been accurate enough but forgot to include the treacherous path it took to get to the temple. The high winds, narrow path, and icy glacier made for a much different trip than the group had anticipated. As they stood at the entrance to the temple with snow swirling around them, there was an unspoken agreement that this had better be worth it or when they got back to Glomhaven there would be problems for the person who had sent them here, Sanctuary monk or not. Entering the foyer, it appeared that the temple was unoccupied. Their footsteps echoed across the empty room and ricocheted off the ceiling. Suddenly a voice boomed into the room a warning and demanded they turn back. To back up those words, a group of statues appeared in the previously empty foyer and then groaned to life, taking menacing steps towards the group. Given the trouble it had taken to get here, a few moving statues weren’t going to dissuade them.Fanning out so no statue could focus on any single person, Gizmo took a shot at one of the golems and scored a critical hit. With intense concentration Ana-Ishi formed a large boulder out of the ground and then reared back and sent it smashing into the Golems on the right. Then, leaping forward, took advantage o[...]

Session: Holdfast: Atlantic 1939-45:: First Attempt with game solo

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by alohawild

This game is not meant to be played solo and I would not recommend it for solo. I played solo to just learn the rules and see how it moves.

I decided to let German win as it is best to set a plan when playing solo in a game that is not really solo. I attacked the South Atlantic while the Allies protected the north. I also decided to do a slug-vest in the Mediterranean. Just Italy versus a pile of battleships and after a bit some aircraft carriers too. Italy sank a lot of ships at first and then the Allies got their revenge.

The game is fast paced and the Allies do not have enough ships to protect everything. So Axis can pick the weak points. I had the North Sea once.

I am not sure I am doing the disable rules right. I seem to end battle after battle with everything disabled. Unlike most times I am rolling sixes and ones all the time.

I am going to re-read the rules and hope some how-to-play videos show up soon.

So far I like the fast action. I hate putting stickers on blocks, but now that is done. So next play will be more interesting. Maybe I can find a human to play.

Session: Championship Formula Racing:: Rosie’s Solo Championship series – Round 2: Abu Dhabi

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by rosie_187 Pre-RaceFollowing on from my session report of the first race I had identified a number of shortcomings in my handling of the historical drivers. In particular I had overlooked the fact that they would spend green skill to auto-succeed at tests, so my resource management for them wasn’t quite right as I had been making them roll for tests incorrectly. In any case, I brushed up on the rules so I felt I was less likely to make a substantial cock-up this time.I had particularly sawn off Nigel Mansell, but since some of the other drivers had also suffered, I decided that instead of giving him a free bonus qualifying bid, he would instead have first choice of strategies and automatically win any qualifying tie without a dice roll. The other drivers would get their strategy choice in reverse order of championship standings (Pastor Maldonado will still always pick last in line with his strategy preference).Since I had just printed out the PDF of Abu Dhabi and taped it together, I decided that this track would host the next race, which would be 3 laps. For those of you who haven’t seen the Abu Dhabi circuit, it is available to download for free from the CFR Kickstarter campaign page. It is 80 spaces long, a substantial step up from the 54 of Monaco. There are 8 corners and 5 proper straights (proper meaning that there is time to accelerate substantially between corners), the longest of which is 19 spaces.I adjusted the spec of my car slightly for this race from Monaco, increasing my Top Speed at the expense of wear. In retrospect, I would rather have cut my skill and kept my wear the same. My set up was:Top Speed: 160, Accelerate: 60, Decelerate: 60, Start Speed: 60, Wear: Laps x6, Skill: 3xlaps +1 RedQualifyingI decide to bid 4 green skill. I know that Graham Hill likes to race from the back and this will ensure that I am not at the back of the grid. As it is:6th Place: As predicted, Graham Hill is at the back, once again bidding nothing at all. He will be running the same strategy as he did in Monaco – Back Standard.5th Place: Me. So I overspent by 3 skill to stay ahead of Hill, but the good news for me is that just ahead of me is… 4th Place: Pastor Maldonado. Once all the other drivers had chosen, Pastor randomly selected Front X as his strategy for this race. Pastor being here is good news because his slow start speed means that even if I don’t push it at the start and he does I will be level with him, and if he doesn’t push I can pass him immediately.3rd Place: Nigel Mansell. With first dibs on strategy, Mansell is running a Front B strategy this time round.2nd Place: Nelson Piquet. Piquet once again spent the most resources and ended up second on the grid because of Jim Clark’s special ability. His strategy today is Even1st Place: Jim Clark. Clark is on Pole for the second race in a row. His strategy today is Random.RaceThe start unfolds much as you would have expected. Clark nabs the inside line going into turn 1, Piquet’s superior start speed sees him drawn alongside, with Mansell a little behind. Maldonado pushes start speed and I don’t so we are wh[...]

Session: Gloomhaven:: Tale of Two Parties - Chapter 12 (Scenario 10, Riftjumpers) Spoilers

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by EventHorizon [Note: Tale of Two Parties is being written primarily as a way to see if the experiences of two groups playing in the same game world can create a cogent narrative and to communicate sessions between groups.Spoilers, such as enemy types, are included but really shouldn't be relied on in your games as I'm not tracking the game closely while we are playing and specifics can diverge from what actually happened for narrative purposes. The first session report of the series is here:ToTP Scenario 1Current Partyo Skrrit, Vermling Mindthiefo Bonecrusher, Savvas Craghearto Esmerelda, Orchid Spellweavero Korth, Inox BruteArriving back at headquarters, Esmerelda was pleased to note that Gwendelyn and her company had been able to return before her. Their scouting to the south had been indeterminate and had primarily served to confirm the heightened state of cultist activity but brought no information about an undead army. Stephon and his group were still out and hadn’t been heard from since they had left. They were still a few days away from worrying though. After seeing to the accommodations for Skrrit and calling for a healer to help him continue his recovery, she went down to meet with The Hand to report their findings and advise him of their odd meeting with the projection of the cultist leader.A few days later, Esmerelda was summoned again to talk with The Hand. As she entered the room, his agitation was palpable. He motioned for her to come in and sit down. “I have a couple of updates for you and an assignment. First, we have not been able to track down the projection you encountered on your last mission. He doesn’t match the descriptions of any of the known cultist leadership. We will continue to keep our eye out for him though. Our concern is that the projection was artificial and the real person looks different than what you saw. Second, the Valrath necromancer the figure referenced was almost certainly Jekserah. She was last seen a few weeks ago right before her warehouse was sacked by an unknown mercenary group. She fled but her Inox bodyguards were killed. We don’t know where she is at the moment but we believe that she is no longer in Gloomhaven. Finally, your assignment. Stephon has not returned or sent word. We fear the worst. He was sent to investigate the rift Korth discovered previously. I want you to take Korth and the others to go find Stephon and finish his mission if he has failed.”Esmerelda saw the worry lines in The Hand’s face and the concern in his eyes, even if it wasn’t reaching his voice. She nodded, “I will do that. We will leave tomorrow.”She left the office and went to find Korth. She was glad that his previous indiscretions were not being repeated this time in Gloomhaven. Korth was being considered for greater things by The Hand and his ability to accept correction and grow from it was a good thing. She wanted to talk with Korth to get a better understanding of their mission because she had not seen where they were headed personally. Along the way she saw Skrrit and told him they had a mission. She [...]

Session: Age of Exploration:: So who ended up discovering the Amazon? A solo session of AOE

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by DocSavage2001 After Race for the Galaxy, the second game of my "Tom Lehmann Month" I am playing this June is Age of Exploration. Now, Tom has designed some classics (Race for the Galaxy and Roll for the Galaxy are in BGG's Top 50 games), but Age of Exploration is not as loved as some of his other designs. Of his 20 designs that are ranked on BGG, this one is 19th of 20 (Only Suzerain is ranked lower), down in the 6000s somewhere, with an overal rating of 6.0.I'll touch on some of the reasons why I think there is that low rating later on, but for me, this is actually a game I have liked very much from my first play probably over 20 years ago. I had a copy I gave up in my Great Game Purge, and I was always hoping to pick this up again. I found it recently on E-Bay for just $10! (I also picked up the other Tom Lehmann game I want to play this month, 2038: Tycoons of the Asteroid Belt brand-new sealed in shrink-wrap for just $16.50!)Anyway, Age of Exploration is just what it sounds like, a game of exploring the New World. There is a shorter Exploration game that involves the early discovery phase and there is also a longer Campaign game that includes the Exploration part but also includes exploring the Northwest Passage, find and navigating the Pacific Ocean, encountering (and possibly conquering) the Aztec and Incan empires. The box says 2 to 6 players, but solitaire rules (small but usable since the multi-player game is basically multi-player solitaire for the most part) are included. You take the role of an Explorer or Conquistador, choose your ship(s), and then Outfit an expedition based on either your promise (at the beginning) or your successes in the New World (later on).It's mostly a card-based game with decks for Outfitting, Sea/Coastal exploration/travel, Land exploration/travel and Civilization encounters (the last one not shown above as it is more a Campaign game occurrence). There is the mapboard (filled with details, discoveries, rules and charts), a player expedition mat to track your current statuses, and a bunch of chits for various purposes (supplies, status markers, discoveries, etc.)I decided to play the solo Exploration game which requires 4 VP of discoveries or things brought back to Europe, that has to happen in 25 turns or less. I was playing as the randomly chosen Explorer, Vincente Yanez Pinzon. Pinzon captained the Nina (of Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria fame) in Christopher Columbus's voyage to the New World and later Pinzon would discover Brazil and the Amazon River and become the first Governor of Brazil. In the game, Pinzon is good at Navigation and Ship Handling, and average at Leadership and Negotiation. (All these factors would have an outcome on how the game turned out.)TURNS 1-2: In his initial Outfitting, he took with him, a second ship (+1 Cargo and other benefits), they were Sturdy ships (+1 Sea Checks), a Rutter (+2 Navigation in Known Waters), his extra ship let him take an extra Crew and an extra Provision. (He had a sixth outfitting card he could not use.) Hoping to find a Missionary to i[...]

Session: Vast: The Crystal Caverns:: fairly satisfying loss

Tue, 20 Jun 2017 11:27:41 +0000

by slimy_asparagus

I was playing Goblins (with a handicap so I had to smash 6 crystals). My 7-year old daughter was playing the thief.

I could have made a better use of cave-in to make the crystals easier to get to. I had tried to use it to slow down the thief which was futile. So a bit of a learning curve. Also on the learning curve I am still forgetting some of the more fiddly rules, but I think I was able to retroactively fix.

I managed to kill the thief with a winning haul one step away from the entrance. But then I had to choose between smashing a crystal or letting her just come back, pick up the treasure all the while whistling Lilly Marlene. (Actually I would be really impressed if she could whistle Lilly Marlene but all the same.)

So I went for the kill. That meant she had to go for a much longer journey to pick some locks. She was 2 squares away from victory and I was 1 crystal when the cave finally collapsed.

Session: Britain Stands Alone:: Battle of Britain Scenario

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by kubaman Having played Invasion Norway last year I have always wanted to try out the original game in the series, Battle of Britain. Of course, I couldn't simply start with the Sealion scenario, and therefore decided to try the Battle of Britain scenario instead:Strategic Map setupOperational Map setupThe first step was for both Germany and the UK to draw three variant counters each:German Variant 3: Captured Norwegian ShipsGerman Variant 6: Me-109 Drop Tanks (this one is huge!)German Variant 7: Lower Ju-52 LossesUK Variant 1: French BattleshipsUK Variant 3: Extra Tank ReplacementsUK Variant 4: Free French DivisionsThe Scenario starts on August turn #5 (15th) which is a good 11 turns before the Germans have any sizeable transport-force for its land units. Therefore the Germans will be spending these 11 turns engaging in the grueling task of gaining air-superiority over the British Isles. This involves bombing British airfields and radar-sites, and forcing combat with the RAF's fighter-force.August turn #8 (24th): End of turn, British airfields are heavily hit in southeastern England. Both the RAF and Luftwaffe have sustained losses, however the British are gradually falling behind in their ability to replenish their Spitfire-force. German Ju-88 bombers have managed to inflict damage on the heavy cruiser Glasgow in Portsmouth.September turn #2 (6th): Naval segment, German ships start to transfer their naval units from Kiel to French ports in Normandy and Calais. However the German ships are easily spotted and intercepted by British bombers and ships. Thanks to newly installed drop-tanks on the Me-109’s the Germans are able to provide aircover from its bases in northern France. However the German navy takes some damage as several ships are damaged along the way, mostly from unfortunate mine-strikes.September turn #2 (6th): Naval segment, the British Navy has likewise started some redeployments south from Scapa Flow. However their prized dreadnoughts and battlecruisers are kept out of reach of German bombers.September turn #4 (12th): As the battle over British skies continues, the German heavy cruisers Hipper ventures into the North Sea. The RAF intercepts with some Blenheim bombers which are then checked by a large force of German fighters. The Blenheims take a beating, however a few bombers get through and managed to hit the Hipper! Later a large British Navy task force, comprised of light cruisers and destroyers, is sent to deliver the “coup de grace” to the damage German cruiser, however the latter manages to miraculously escape its doom, and limp into Calais. Meanwhile several British destroyers are sunk by German Ju-88s!September turn #5 (15th): With the invasion imminent, the German battleship Scheer runs the gauntlet from Kiel to its destination in Normandy. Along the way it manages to survive numerous encounters with RAF Blenheim bombers, helped in part by friendly fighter cover from norther France which shoots down several British planes.September turn #6 (18[...]

Session: Advanced Squad Leader: Starter Kit #2:: S13: Priority Target

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by kilgore234 This action takes place near Corinth, Greece – nearby the Corinth Canal that separates the Peloponnese from mainland Greece.Adding some additional background information (to what Brian Youse presented in the Scenario notes) pulled from Wikipedia: German parachutists and glider troops attempted to capture the main bridge over the canal. The British, in concern of an attack wired the bridge for demolition. The Germans surprised the defenders with a glider-borne assault in the early morning of 26 April and captured the bridge and the British resultantly. Other authors maintain that German pioneers did cut the cables, thus securing the bridge, and it was a lucky shell by British artillery that triggered the explosionI also found a nice summary of this skirmish from “The German Campaigns in the Balkans (Spring 1941) by George E. Blau (1953): An airborne operation against the Isthmus of Corinth was undertaken by two battalions of the German 2d Parachute Regiment, reinforced by one parachute engineer platoon and one parachute medical company. On 25 April more than 400 three-engine transport and tow planes as well as numerous troop and cargo-carrying gliders were transferred from the Plovdiv area in Bulgaria to the former British airfield at Larisa. H-hour for the airdrop over the objective was 0700 on 26 April.After leaving Larisa according to plan, the heavily loaded, slow planes took two hours for the approach flight, covering the distance at an average speed of approximately 110 miles per hour. The planes flew over the Pindus Mountains and then dropped to about 150 feet altitude above the Gulf of Corinth, heading toward their objective in column formation. They took advantage of the haze that covered the gulf and succeeded in reaching the isthmus without being observed. The pilots pulled up to 400 feet altitude, reduced speed, and dropped their loads above the designated objectives.The first to land were the gliders, which touched ground on both sides of the isthmus. The parachute troops jumped at the same time and seized the bridge, capturing a large number of British troops.The primary mission of seizing the bridge intact with a minimum of delay seemed to have been achieved, when an accidental hit by a British antiaircraft shell exploded the demolition charge after German engineers had succeeded in cutting the detonating cord. The bridge blew up and numerous German soldiers were buried under the debris. On the same day engineer troops constructed a temporary span next to the one that had been destroyed so that the traffic between the mainland and the Peloponnesus was interrupted for only a short time.During the airborne operation one transport plane was forced down by squalls and crashed in the Pindus Mountains, and two gliders werewrecked while landing. Several planes suffered minor damages from antiaircraft and machine gun fire.Had this airborne operation been executed a few days earlier in the form of a vertical envelopment,[...]

Session: Blood Before Richmond: Gaines's Mill:: Blood Before Richmond: Gaines's Mill or Where's Stonewall now?

Tue, 20 Jun 2017 07:21:25 +0000

by Fulkrum The Battle of Gaines’s Mill was the third in the Seven Days Battles and was notible for a number of interesting facts including it was Robert E. Lee’s first major victory and that it may have included the largest Confederate assault of the war. Read more at In addition to the ten facts listed, the website has a description of the battle, maps, photos of the battlefield and a great image of Dale Gallon’s “Desperate Valor” depicting General John Bell Hood leading the 4th Texas Regiment through the Union line on atop Watt House plateau. Great stuff for setting the mood before playing the game.The following session report is on my fourth solitaire play-through of the Blood Before Richmond: Gaines’s Mill. I have inserted one image showing turn three. Please note I modified the map and counters to reflect my personal gaming preferences including:•Added Hex Numbers•Added additional terrain feature names.•Added pips (dots) on the unit counters to reflect unit strength.•Added pips (dots) on the unit step counters ala Block Game Strength counters.June 27, 1862 – 1:00 pm (Turn 1)(Confederate Command Phase: Activation Roll 8) Confederate units belonging to the divisions of Major General A.P. Hill and Major General James Longstreet stand at the ready along Powhite Creek. Across from them lies Union Brig. General Fitz John Porter’s V Corps, which occupies strong positions on Watt House plateau behind Boatswain’s Creek.General Lee’s plan is to use A.P. Hill and Longstreet’s divisions to pressure Porter’s corps while the divisions of D.H. Hill and Jackson sweep around the Union’s right flank to encircle it.General A.P. Hill’s lead brigades move down the slope south of New Cold Harbor and encounter resistance from Brig. General John Martindale’s and Major Charles Lowell’s brigades who are well positioned in wooded areas blocking the center and right flank of the Union line. The 1st US Sharpshooters positioned on the plateau provides additional support to the blocking forces much to the discomfort of Brig. General Joseph Anderson’s brigade. Hill’s artillery remains hidden waiting for an observer stationed in a balloon to give the signal for firing. Until the divisions of Stonewall Jackson’s command arrive, moving in the open within range of the superior Union artillery positioned on the eastern portion of the battlefield would be foolhardy. (Note – I have mixed feelings on how artillery is handled in this game. Artillery is really powerful and fragile so it is important to keep them out of the way until the opportunity arises. Then you move one hex/one movement point and then fire away).As musket and rifle fire echoes across the battlefield General Longstreet meets with his unit commanders to discuss coordination for the upcoming attack on the Union left flank. Longstreet’s aides accurately observe that move[...]

Session: Star Trek: Attack Wing:: All Kott Up: 2017 Star Trek Attack Wing World Championship

Tue, 20 Jun 2017 02:39:37 +0000

by tsuyoshikentsu I've been following this game for four years now--almost as long as it's been in existence. In that time, I've seen it go through a few ages and shifts: cloaked Klingons, Cloaked Mines, the Borg menace and nerf; the Regionals and first Worlds, and Peter repeating the year after--all the way to the present day. I don't know this, but I feel in my bones that another shift is coming on. I think that, in years to come, we'll look back at Origins 2017--specifically Friday and Saturday, Nationals and Worlds--as the pivot point of a new era of Attack Wing... in the best possible way.It started with the terrifyingly strong field at Nationals. It reached its peak with the announcements of new costs and new templating at the fan appreciation event. And it finished the only way it could: with the final match at Worlds. But in order to get there, we had to have the rest of the tournament first!General ObservationsNg Convenient: One of the top 14 Nationals players who qualified for today was Chris Oberst--but he wasn't able to make it. Fortunately, the 15th-ranked player from yesterday, Howard Ng, happened to be on hand with a fleet! He was happy to join in the fun, and we were happy to have him--he's a great guy and a lot of fun to watch!Nemeses: There were a variety of ships on display--mostly Federation, but bioships and one Borg geometry build also--but there were swarms of Reman warbirds and fighters everywhere. Of course, that's not terribly surprising: both boast extreme firepower and strong durability (assuming the Reman has the requisite Interphase Generator). Of course, one build towered above the rest...Deep Space Mine: Last year, Dustin Gross barely missed the Worlds cut at Nationals with a DS9 build predicated around hiding behind a wall of mines. This idea has worked for others--Albert Hsia made Top 8 at the 2016 Modesto Regional with a similar concept--and Dustin was insistent that the build had legs. Unfortunately, he once again missed making the cut with it here... but almost every Origins attendee walking by turned their head to look at it!One and Done? Not Quite: The idea of the quickplays was to have a quick one-round tournament and award some good prizes--a nice little filler while we waited for the big tournaments. They were so popular, though, that two quickplays happened during Worlds, and when I left today people were excitedly planning for tomorrow's rounds! I've been really thrilled with the enthusiasm that's been shown about STAW over the last few days--it left us all feeling like next year is going to be even bigger!Gee WizKids!: Last year, if you asked any of the WizKids staffers involved with STAW about the game their faces took on what could only be described as a pained expression. This year, though? Their enthusiasm was so strong as to be contagious. They're happy about what's coming up--and in my opinion? You should be too! The SwissFour on the Floor: Af[...]

Session: The Hunt for the Ring:: Half game report from Origins Demo

Tue, 20 Jun 2017 01:39:36 +0000

by jsharp Just done with Origins 2017 and had a chance to play half a game of Hunt for the Ring. I stopped by the Ares booth on Thursday and spotted the game materials, but they didn't have the rules yet; stopped by on Friday and two volunteer demoers were reading the rules and not yet ready to demo. Finally stopped by Saturday afternoon and they were able to guide my buddy Mat and me through the first part of the game.Here's what I can report. The game is played in two parts,with the first part involving Frodo moving from one of three locations in Hobbiton to Bree. Frodo has 16 moves to get to Bree, otherwise he is rescued and takes corruption for each step or location (not sure which) away from Bree that he is. Not sure what the consequences are of his coming into Bree with lots of corruption or fully corrupted.I played the Nazgul with the demoer against Mat who was playing Frodo. Not entirely sure what Frodo's companions do for him, but he has the opportunity to draw cards, play cards (which might deploy Allies on the board who can thwart or deflect the Nazgul, make other sorts of tricky moves, and the like). The game is organized such that there is a morning, and afternoon and a night turn of each day. At the start of the day, the Nazgul roll six or seven dice and then at the start of each part of the day, Frodo can play some cards and in the morning and afternoon he has to move. He can choose to rest or move at night, healing one corruption if he rests and takes a corruption if he moves. Also, if he moves, the Nazgul get to do a hunt for free, which I'll explain in a second.Frodo moves one step on the map with each part of the day and notes this behind his shield. He either writes the number of the location he is in or a dot...which are steps between locations.The Nazgul get a movement on their turn and an action. Actions cost dice, although searches are free actions. A search is simply being in a location and searching for Frodo. If Frodo has been to the location, he makes it known and the Nazgul put a tracker token there. There are also a couple locations determined randomly at the beginning of the game which will turn up information which will allow the Nazgul to take some enhanced actions. For instance, if they turn up two pieces of information, they get the enhanced ability of being able to move and do a hunt as an action for two of any dice (I think that was the step two enhancement.)The Nazgul dice actions allow the following:Hunt for Frodo or attack an ally on the board (removing them). When you hunt, the Nazgul declares a hunt in their current numbered location and if this is the last numbered location that Frodo has been to and has recorded on his tracking sheet, he takes corruption. He also gets to dash two spaces along the board, more if he actually has a dot or two recorded from the last numbered location).The ring symbol action i[...]

Session: Nova Aetas: Dark Renaissance Tactical Game:: 0.0 Tutorial

Tue, 20 Jun 2017 01:34:11 +0000

by Jochen2702 I try to write down the first gameplay of the tutorial.Start positions:Apprentice, Squire, Novice, Empty, Empty, Scum (Form Left Touch right)05:00 The Scum sneakes 4 squares forward and one left, pressing her body against the wall. The Squire gets a devence token, moves 2 squares and attacks the Stratiota with his sword. Roll 4d6: 3,6,6,6. The Stratiota gets 3 wounds (light armor is Integrated in the lifepoints) TV2.The Novice moves 2 squares and uses the relic. The Apprentice attacks the Crossbowman roll 4d6 : 1,1,2,3 nothing happens 05:05The Stratiota attacks the Squire, roll 4d6: 1,1,5,5, two hits are canceled, no wounds and no bleeding The Crossbowman shoots at the Squire, roll 4d6: 1,1,4,5, one hit is canceled, one wounds is blocked by the shield (defence token), one wounds is put on the light armor. 05:15The Apprentice moves one squares and attacks the Crossbowman with the arcane bolt: 4d6 1,3,3,6 nothing happens, she uses the mana gem (puts a strength token on it)05:20The Novice moves 1 square05:25The Crossbowman reloads The Scum uses the grappling hook and moves one square up to the roof, activates the lever and moves one square.The Squire gets a defence token, attacks the Stratiota, roll 4d6: 2,3,3,3, nothing happens, he disengages, roll 1d6: 4 success, one square back.The Novice waits, looks in the air and whistle.05:30The Stratiota ignores the Novice (TV1) and moves one square to the Squire (TV2) and attacks him. 4d6: 1,1,2,4, one wounds is blocked by the shield (defence token), the Squire gets one wound and bleeding. The Novice moves one square and enters the building. 05:35The Apprentice moves 3 squares and enters the building. 05:40The Scum jumps down, moves one square and enters the building. 05:45The Crossbowman shoots at the Squire 4d6: 2,3,3,4 3 wounds for the Squire The Novice leaves the building and moves one square in the direction oft the next Stratiota. 05:50The Squire attacks the Stratiota 4d6: 1,1,4,6 one wounds, the Stratiota dies, the TV raises to 4. He moves 2 squares to the door and gets out oft action. bleeding otes to a wound, bow 5 wounds.05:55All Stratiota moves to the Novice , but only one has enough AP to attacks. The Novice uses the blessing, roll 4d6, 1,3,4,5 change to 2,4,5,6, two success, no effect.06:00The Scum leaves the building and moves one square away from the door.The Apprentice leaves the building and attacks the Crossbowman with arcane bolt. 4d6 1,4,4,5 success, 2 wounds for the Crossbowman, TV2The Novice uses relic and than attacks a Stratiota 2d6 5,5, 2 wounds and stunded TV206:05The Crossbowman reloads06:15The Scum moves 4 squares06:20One Stratiota moves 5 squares, the second removes stunned and attacks the Novice, 2d6 with Blessing, 2d6 3,5 => 4,6, one wound and bleeding, third attacks the Novice 2d6 1,1 two woundsThe Novice use the relic (gets blessing) and attacks (us[...]

Session: Enemy at the Gates:: A Tale of 3 Supply Ratios

Mon, 19 Jun 2017 20:54:32 +0000

by Fly by Night Its always a question of Supply when it comes to OCS.So I’m getting back up to speed with OCS 4.x after a long hiatus which involved the original ruleset in Guderian’s Blitzkrieg. It is definitely an Orphan, with very little in common with what we are all used to in these later titles. I have chosen to bring out the next title in the OCS series, Enemy at the Gates, and the Chir River Battle scenario will showcase what I have in mind to explore, which is the question on how much supply is too little or too much. Playing this small scenario will also knock some of the rust and cobwebs that have gathered on my 4.x rules knowledge. It’s been common knowledge that the Supply in EatG should be reduced by at least 25% to bring in line to current OCS standards. However, MMP has this particular scenario as well as the Stalingrad Relief effort up on their site to play on EatG maps that come with Case Blue, and are suggesting that Supply be reduced by as much as 50%!My plan here is to play the Chir River Battle 3 times. Once with the original supply level, again with 25% reduction and lastly with the 50% reduction and record the “stress level” findings on the diminishing supply levels. Those in the know will understand what I mean by “Stress Level”.Chir River Battle #1 - Full SupplyThe Germans start with 11SP and 2T, and receive 2SP per turn and 8 Reserve Markers. The Russians start with 10SP and receive 3SP per turn and 6 Reserve Markers.The Russian 5th Mechanized Division sets up in Reserve as does the German 11th Panzer, and 5 others consisting of a Security Division, Alert Battalions and a Breakdown unit.Russians have first choice and elect to go first.3SP is delivered to the HQ.The Russian plan is to encircle a large group in the center of the line, which includes both Germans and Rumanians, and let Attrition do its work.5th Mech fuels and moves 1 hex, staying in Reserve. Nothing else moves.In the Reaction Phase, the German units move up to bolster the line while 11th Panzer sits idle.Combat Phase sees the Katyusha and Artillery units let loose. Individually of course, since Russian Artillery cannot combine unless in the same hex. This is a massive drain on the Supply, costing a total of 4 SP. Everything targeted is DG’d, and the first Russian attack is explosive, gaining surprise and Exploitation after destroying both Rumanian Breakdown units. Even with this success, the 5th Mech isn’t ready to advance just yet. Had I had the foresight to have them in Move Mode instead, they could have easily taken the Victory hex on the first turn by going through the substantial hole blown in the center. The Russians burned 8.5 SP in total in their opening Operations.German 1st Turn2SP delivered to the German HQ11th Panzer fuels for 1SP (which I should have had them do in their reacti[...]

Session: Gloomhaven:: Chapter 9 - Scenario #18 (Spoilers)

Mon, 19 Jun 2017 20:51:46 +0000

by sevitrm Spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk.Chapter 9 - Abandoned Sewers (#18) Taking our usual route the next day, Ragnar and I stopped by the Sanctuary to give our donations before he muttered something about resupplying and left. I had a brief conversation with the caretaker and the head priest about the latest plans for the Sanctuary and anything I could to do to help before I went and found my dog’s trainer, Azazel. We then talked about my dog's progress and the bonding ritual we needed to perform before I can take him with me on my adventures. He reminded me that I needed to be in Gloomhaven in 24 days or we would have to wait longer. Briefly popping into the Sleeping Lion Inn, I nodded at the bartender, Griffon, and he motioned me over and handed me a mug of ale and a note before he went back to pouring drinks. Downing the ale, I gave the note a quick read and the message was from Rory saying that he had two friends who wanted to meet me down by the docks. Arriving near the area Rory specified, I saw him, a Savaas, and another human talking, as well as the familiar shadow on the roof of the Vermling who has been following me. I recognized the Savaas as one of the speakers from the incident earlier this month, and the dock worker from the Lurker incident. They met me halfway, Rory smiling, and the two looking at me curiously. “Aceline, thanks for meeting us here,” Rory said as I nodded. “Well, it’s nice knowing you don’t contact me just for emergencies at the warehouses,” I commented, smiling at the other two, “I’m Aceline, and you two are?” “This is Jusor,” Rory said gesturing towards the Savaas, “And Osaro. He works down at the docks and saw you handle the Lurkers.” “It was amazing how you got them to leave as soon as you arrived,” Osaro said smiling and shaking my hand enthusiastically. “Thanks, but I didn’t really do anything. Think they were more confused than anything,” I replied, before Jusor spoke up. “You did however, help tremendously will my peoples situation. Thank you for that,” I nodded and was about to speak when an irritated looking manager called out to the men, gesturing wildly for them to get back to work. “Ah, our breaks are up. See you later Aceline,” Rory said while the other two smiled and nodded before they walked off and I turned and made a plan to talk to my shadow. I walked swiftly keeping an eye on where the shadow was before I walked into the crowd at the market and then ducked into an alleyway and saw the shape pause. Clambering up the side of the building that had the most handholds, I snuck up behind the Vermling and stopped at what was likely the safest distance from him. “So, mind telling me why you’ve been following for the past couple months?” I asked conversationally and watched as the V[...]

Session: Operation Dauntless: The Battles for Fontenay and Rauray, France, June 1944:: Cristot AAR - The Germans are in a pickle

Mon, 19 Jun 2017 15:00:19 +0000

by SvenFu So, I’ve had almost a year hiatus from OpD but want to get back into it with the ambition to play the campaign game. My regular opponent and I decided to give Cristot (scenario 18.1) another go first to get back into the swing of things. Which was good, as I realise I’m not very good at the defensive (German) game. What follows is a turn by turn description of the game. Tonight we’ll play Turn 1, Germans, so any advice before then would be appreciated of course - Setup - British: My opponent went for an obvious northern focus with most infantry companies and Centaurs poised for a push into the heavy bocage and woods in 1101/1102/1201/1202. The artillery on the high ground seems like a no brainer and the setup of the armour really doesn’t matter as they are mobile enough to engage any portion of the frontline. German: I decided to keep a continuous frontline, a must with the closed terrain, else you’ll be staring at an armoured British breakthrough. What I did differently than before was to mix in some light-skinned AFVs with the forward infantry (which would turn out to be disastrous). Also, I chose to move the northern strongpoint forward 500m (one hex), before I’ve had it in 1302. And yeah, the pioneers alone in 1202 was just asking for trouble - Turn 1, British - The image shows end of British turn 1. As you can see, pretty disastrous for the 12SS. First he assaulted the woods in 1201 without taking any losses, and pushed the German recon platoon back to the Strongpoint in 1201. Then he did a heavy armour assault on the Strongpoint, supported by one infantry company. My panzerfausts, halftracks and even the AT gun didn’t make a dent in the Shermans and Centaurs, all but the German infantry were destroyed; the remaining 2 platoons retreated to the village in 1401. The fact that he managed to destroy the halftracks in antitank phase of the Assault meant 2 unfavourable column shifts (he got the combined arms modifier and conversely I lost the German armour bonus). The Brits also moved up machine guns and more Shermans into the village in 1102. I guess that I should have reaction moved away some halftracks and armoured cars during this Action phase, but other than that I don’t know what I could’ve done? In the south, the Brits comfortably (and without any game relevant losses) assaulted Les Hauts Vents (0905) and the AT assault rules really shined again. The random modifier chits creates stories, in this case of British boys running from house to house with PIATs, flanking my halftracks, whilst my Hitlerjugend were held off by Sherman mounted MGs. In the Combat phase, the Brits in the south drove off the recon platoon in 1004 and advanced into the same, pushing my shellshocked German infantry in front of them (one platoon as[...]

Session: Quartermaster General: 1914:: Another tense one point game. Yeah!

Mon, 19 Jun 2017 13:24:34 +0000

by Norbert Chan When I showed up, they were playing Tichu, so being the 5th, we were all keen to play Quartermaster General 1914: I was Austria Hungary, Trevor was Russia, Gary was Germany, Don was France, and Jean was UK. Now there are some who believe a first turn Franz Ferdinand Avenged is the best first turn Austria Hungary play, as it is a 1 VP swing, but it costs 3 cards. I prefer to build a navy in the Adriatic, to put pressure on the France player, as Germany usually expands westward as well. So I didn’t mulligan, and built a fleet into the Adriatic. Trevor builds into Ukraine, Gary played 9th army which builds into Prussia (I was hoping he would put pressure on France), Don builds into Rome, while Jean plays the Royal Navy event card. I next play the Ottoman Mobilizes, getting an Ottoman army into Istanbul. Trevor plays an event card to build into Galacia and attack Prussia. Gary battles Galacia, Don is able to play France Mobilizes and Jean I think builds into Greece. Gary is having trouble expanding out of Germany.After the first scoring round it is Central 7, Entente 10.Trevor is now in Prussia and builds a fleet into the Baltic Sea. This allows him to harass Berlin and knock and army out of there twice, forcing Gary to build by drafting an army. Definitely now how you want to see Germany get played out.After the second scoring round it was Central 15, Entente 23.In the third round, France has completely secured the western front, with Burgundy as a status point for them as well. Trevor puts us out of our misery with Peace, Land, Bread, removing 4 pieces for 4 VPs, and the game is over: Entente 42, Central 26. Gary couldn’t get any cards to get going and was squeezed on both sides.Game 2: Gary was Austria Hungary, Don was Russia, I got to play Germany and glad to get a chance to play with Gary to avenge our loss, Jean was France and Trevor was UK. My starting 10 cards had no status card, so I decided to mulligan, and my next set of 10 cards had no status card either!Gary builds into Tyrol, Don builds into Ukraine, I build into Belgium, Jean builds into Picardy, while Trevor plays the Royal Navy getting fleets into the English Channel and North Sea. Gary builds into Istanbul. Don plays Russia mobilizes getting 1 step away from Prussia. Here I play a sea battle into the North Sea, and it is defended by Trevor. I believe that Germany has to try and trim UK’s fleet as their game takes off when they have 3 fleets on the board – they can recycle more cards, land into Persia and make Germany take more attrition. I was still waiting for a status card, and didn’t have something better to play. Trevor is able to play into Persia with the 3 fleets.After the first scoring round it is Central 10- Entente 11.I have a[...]

Session: Myth: Shores of Kanis:: A rousing Adventure, but with Continuous Rules Issues

Mon, 19 Jun 2017 08:38:36 +0000

by carbon_dragon My usual opponent and myself just completed 7 4-5 hour Myth sessions over the last several months. The first few were teaching Steve the game and trying to accumulate some experience and a little gear, and to get a feel for the game. The last 4 games were going through the Shores of Kanis. Kanis took us roughly 16 hours over 4 afternoons.Now I have to admit I have a love hate relationships with Myth. On the positive side, no game gives you quite as much of a rush when the battle is going well — much as a good roleplaying game can when things are clicking and the magic and swords are flying. The rules are innovative and unique, the characters feel powerful, the gameplay is fun, the art is well done, and the minis are pretty good too (at least I think so). The Kanis adventure is well leveled for new Journeyman characters and generally nicely done, except for the sailing rules which we regard as largely unplayable.On the negative side, we find the rules for Myth very hard to learn from and even harder to look up rules once you’re in play. We were constantly having to improvise, making up reasonable rules to cover the holes in the rules and especially the Kanis expansion. Often the rules are there, somewhere, but good luck finding them without a few hours to go carefully through them. And the setups for the tiles within the adventures are confusing and missing important information on setup and outcomes. It’s fun but it’s awfully high maintenance fun. It’s not as complex as a game like High Frontier, but it’s almost as hard to play just because of the rules. This game could be so much better with a really good rulebook.So anyway, we took our characters from 3 days of play (Soldier, Acolyte, Apprentice, and Brigand) and gave them some card swaps and a title and a treasure bag much modified and start the JM adventure. We picked our “specialization” some going light and some going dark and used that to focus the card swaps (since the light and dark card decks are different). Given nearly the entire Kanis adventure is solely against monsters who are immune to holy spells, my Acolyte character had an terrible time doing damage, but was still able to buff the others.It took us time getting the hang of our new powers, and we didn’t always choose good cards, but the start of the adventure was reasonably gentle so it allowed us to get the feel of the game and the adventure. We decided on Kanis over Blackwall Warrens and kind of skipped the sea voyage since the rules made little sense, and from what we figured out we stood a good chance of never getting to the adventure. The sea tiles were gorgeous but it didn't seem as if the rules had been playtested for the voyage.Once in Kanis, w[...]