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Session: Band of Brothers: Screaming Eagles:: My first play of Band of Brothers. Intro Scenario

Sun, 26 Mar 2017 07:00:30 +0000

by BackIssueBacklog

Took Band of Brothers: Screaming Eagles for a test drive, reading through the first part of the rules and playing the intro scenario. Think I am good to go to play the intro with a buddy this weekend but I might take another crack at it, especially considering the outcome. The game played quickly due to my foolish attempt at jamming Americans down the middle in a desperate attempt to take out the German WT.

Things did not go well for the Americans. The German WT waited until the America Bazooka moved onto the bridge before opening fire and with the WT's fire power and +4 to open combat range they didn't stand a chance. The remaining American forces attempted to move onto the bridge while the German WT was used for the round. The Americans made a desperate Assault Fire while still in the open and faced the consequences of heavy machine gun fire from the Germans in the next round. The Germans spent their command point to fire first and the American squad was obliterated.

That's when I knew that the Americans were done for. With 2 turns to go the American WT revealed itself, trying to land any last ditch effort hits on the German forces fortified in the buildings east of the canal. No luck. By the end of turn 4 (end of the game) the Americans had technically controlled the bridge but didn't even come close to occupying the building complex.

Fantastic intro to the game. I know I'm just scratching the surface. Can't wait to play more.

Session: Elder Sign:: My first solo on-the-table Elder Sign session.

Sun, 26 Mar 2017 07:00:01 +0000

by jduteau

I have played this a ton on the iPad with the App, but after playing it "live" at my FLGS, I decided I wanted to own the actual game itself. I have the Unseen Forces expansion as well as the Gates of Arkham, but I played the original game just to see how it went. Four-hand-solo with Harvey Walters, Jenny Barnes, Dexter Drake, and Darrell Simmons. They took on YIG. I think I made one Mythos mistake, but I also missed using a clue token for one of my investigators, so I think it worked out. I defeated YIG with three Doom tokens left to go.

Gameplay: The Outer World adventures gave me half of my Elder Signs. Dexter was the powerhouse at the beginning with his spells and unique item. Send him to adventures that give spells and you are constantly rich with those. Darrell didn't fare so well at the beginning as my first Mythos card was either a doom token or a 3 damage and I decided to have him take the damage. He then suffered quickly and I had to send him to First Aid. After taking on an adventure that blessed him, as well as giving him some clues, he ended the game for us.

Review: All in all, I actually like this better on the table then on the app. I can see things more easily on the table. I actually played Gates at the FLGS, so I know that that makes it even better. I want to play a bunch more times before I get the two Omens expansions.

Session: Fields of Arle:: Zeromus vs IirionClaus, game #7

Sun, 26 Mar 2017 02:47:15 +0000

by IirionClaus Fields of Arle: Zeromus versus IirionClaus, 2017-03-23And so the seventh game in our 50-game series of Fields of Arle begins! Zeromus has a significant lead. Will I finally steal a game from his clutches? Let’s find out!Starting BuildingsWood Storage, Litter Storage, Carpenter’s Workshop, Schnapps DistilleryTurnery, SmokehouseGulf House Inn, Sluice Yard Inn, Milk House InnZeromus is first (Yellow).Summer 1Y: Fisherman for a Sheep, a Fish Trap, and 3 FoodR: Dike Builder for a Cow, and a DikeY: Cattle Trader* for 2 Grain, a Sheep, and a CowR: Forester for a ForestY: Colonist for a Horse, a SwampR: Clay Worker for 3 ClayY: Woodcutter for 3 WoodR: Master for Workbench, Shovel, Pottery WheelZeromus capitulates on the Smokehouse + Sluice Yard Inn by taking Fisherman for first action. He is a fan of animals and the Cattle Trader on click two pushes for that and complements the Fisherman. He closes his turn with Woodcutter, preparing for a vehicle next turn. Spoiler alert -- this is the only Woodcutter that was taken this game.Before the game, we had a quick discussion about the best first action to take (after I repeatedly claimed that Dike Builder is almost always the best choice). Zeromus listed Dike Builder, Forester, Colonist, Master, and “maybe” Clay Worker. Only after I took the Master did he notice that I’m following the exact list that he pointed out. In retrospect, I should have taken the Colonist rather than the Forester, cause I doubt he would have taken it (no space in his farm) and I continued to lag on Swamps for the remainder of the game.Winter 2R: Wood Trader for 4 WoodY: Wainwright for a Cart and a Peat BoatR: Clay Worker* for 4 ClayY: Potter for 6 Food, 2 PeatR: Cattle Trader for 2 Grain, a Sheep, and a CowY: Grocer for Peat Cutting, a Cow, a Wood, and a ClayR: Master for Workbench, Pottery Wheel, Shovel, SpadeY: Laborer imitates Master for Workbench, Shovel, Pottery Wheel*** Yellow ships Esens (a Hide + 2 Grain = 6 Food), Bee-Moor (a Peat = 2 Food)I collect the Wood to pressure Zeromus into taking the Wainwright now. My Clay run is countered by a painful Potter block by Zeromus. I use Cattle Trader as a plan B, as the Grain can serve for Food. Zeromus builds his board with Grocer. I advance my tools further with Master, and Zeromus pays the Laborer tax so he’s not too far behind on the tracks.That last move was surprising to me, I expected he will take Carpenter for a Stall, pushing on his Animal strategy and preparing for a mid-game Carpenter’s Workshop. In a previous game I ended up behind on the tool tracks, which cost me dearly, so I am guessing he tried to avoid a similar fate.Summer 3Y: Clay Worker for 4 ClayR: Potter* for 12 Food, 4 PeatY: Builder for Sluice Yard Inn (2 Fish Traps, 5 Wood)R: Dike Builder for a Sheep, 2 DikesY: Colonist for a Horse, a SwampR: Forester for a ForestY: Fisherman for a Sheep, a Fish Trap, and 6 Food*** Yellow ships a Clay, 2 WoodR: Laborer imitates Clay Worker for 5 ClayYellow pushes for the Clay, forcing me to Potter for Food and Peat. He feels his Sluice Yard Inn is threatened and gets it earlier than I expected (in retrospect, reasonable given the Smokehouse). This lets me open my board with Dike Builder. He develops with Colonist while I get the Forester in preparation for the Turnery. Following his Fisherman I decide to gamble on a Laborer Clay drop -- I doubt he will block the Turnery for two Forests, and I don’t have the first player button to snag a three Forests run.Winter 4Y: Potter for 6 Food, 2 PeatR: Builders Merchant for 2 Hides, a Wood, and a BrickY: Wood Trader for Smokehouse (6 Peat Cutting)R: Laborer imitates Potter for 12 Food, 4 PeatY: Clay Worker* for 4 ClayR: Wainwright for a Cart and a Peat BoatY: Dike Warden for a Dike, flip Cart into a Horse Cart*** Yellow ships 3 Wood, a ClayR: Cattle Trader for 2 Grain, a Sheep, a Horse*** Red ships 2 Wood, a ClayZeromus blocks the Potter with only two Clay in the bank, more on that later. I get some necessary resources with B[...]

Session: Gloomhaven:: Overreactive Cultists [SPOILERS: Mission 04]

Sun, 26 Mar 2017 02:08:53 +0000

by Saphon

I'm putting this whole thing in a spoiler tag, but Mission 04 (The Ancient Crypt) is pretty early, so I suspect most folks have seen this by now.

This is meant more to be an example of the kinds of stories and laughs that seem to come from this game...

[o]Our group is running mission 4, the ancient crypt. We've got four players (Tinker, Brute, Mindthief and Mage) and the first room is going agonizingly slow. We seem to keep getting the "I'm gonna heal" on the living bones, so they refuse to go down.

The Mindthief looks at her watch and comments 'this is taking too long' and decides to open the door to the second room. This is while we only had two Living Bones left and both were nearly dead. So, even though the Mage is saying "I think that's a bad idea...", so does it anyway.

On the other side are a couple archers and four cultists. The mindthief immediately puts on her cloak of invisibility and vanishes. As per the rules, we flip up a new card for both sets and the cultists immediately decide to heal themselves as the archers put down traps.

All right, not the best start. But we finish up the round and draw the cards for the next round. The cultists (who start with 5hp) draw the card that says "Summon a Living Bones in an adjacent hex. Cultist takes 2hp damage." The card also has the "reshuffle this card" icon.

In game terms, these four cultists saw the door open, nobody step through, and immediately hack off 40% of their own health to summon Living Bones servants.

Now facing off against two archers, four cultists and four living bones, the MindThief takes a quick shot at the nearest cultist (killing him) and runs back to the first room where the rest of the party is dealing with the damned living bones that AGAIN managed to heal themselves.

At the end of the round, we shuffle the Cultist deck and draw a new card. Incredulously, they draw the same card... so they all immediately summon ANOTHER living bones (which now puts 7 on the board) and they each take 2 more points of damage.

I'll cut to the chase... next round, they did it again! So, they saw the door open, nobody walked through and immediately sacrificed themselves within a few moments to create a HORDE of undead to start shambling. We got a complete TPK on that one.

But... it sometimes make me think... maybe the cultists need to cut back on the caffeine. I mean, was self-mutilation really the right answer here? Really?[/o]

Session: Field Commander: Rommel:: First Play

Sat, 25 Mar 2017 23:12:26 +0000

by ncree

I have had this on my shelf un-opened for a while saving it for a rainy day and broke it out for the first time during my "NCAA bracket watching". I punched out the counters and bagged 'em up by campaign. I'm very familiar with the DVG FC series and knew it was tough to win, but I just had to go after North Africa first!

Opening turn.... the Axis exploited through the Allies to El Adem next to Tobruk gaining upgrades (made the 32 cut!).

Second turn they took Tobruk and defended an Allied counterattack gaining more upgrades (sweet 16!).

On to turn three...the reinforced German forces (15th, 21st, 90th, DAK) took Bardia exploiting to Sidi Barrini in Egypt with more upgrades (elite 8!). The Italians hunkered down in the fort of Tobruk (NIT tournament)

In turn four...Rommel expanded out from Sidi Barrini with loads of supply and charged forward through a 7th Arm defense in Mersa Matruh (on to final 4!) and then exploiting through 3 Commonwealth divisions in El Alemain (made the Finals but DAK went out with injuries!) and then exploiting to Cairo with the remaining elite 15th and 21st PzD (the Finals, but the 90th was fouled out!) handily taking down the 2 defending Allied division with no losses. Axis victory!

It was quite a surprise to see this first time NCAA 16 seed go all...the...way! I think the delay in the Operation GO! trigger and relatively low losses helped. I did enjoy the supply management and BP selection aspects since exploiting, salvage, dig in, tactics, press, intel, etc. all seemed to have their moments of glory combined with the the evolving forces upgrades. Good fun!

Session: Duel of Ages II:: Very sleepy hollow!

Sat, 25 Mar 2017 13:17:21 +0000

by Chrisgmay

About my session reports:

I like to focus on the characters and their contributions as well as the type of game. I list the won achievements and then put the charatcer(s) most responsible for getting the points.

Type of game: Medium length Triad

Achievements: combat, base, lith, ancient, modern, future, colonial

Character of the game: Headless Horseman/lia vestri

Final score: white 4- black 2

Black: Jeremy Hudson

White: Chris


Team white:

Davy Crockett
Homer Morgan
Pvt sanchez
Headless horseman
Lisa vestri

Mvp: headless horseman/ Lia vestri

Modern labyrinth: Lia vestri
Homer Morgan

Combat: Davy Crockett (offense)
Headless horseman (defense)

Colonial labyrinth: Lia vestri

Lith: Blackbeard

Team black:
Sven the netmender
El cid
Bill Hickok
Iron head Mcray
Merissa of ravenna

Mvp: El cid

Ancient labyrinth: el cid
Bill hickok

Base: ivymane


The story of the game was 3 amazes by Lia vestri on labyrinth challenges and a whole lot of spooking by the headless horseman.

Team black controlled the game at the very beginning. Ivymane started the game by blitzing the white base and breaking down the gates. El cid, bill hickok and Sven controlled the ancient labyrinth. Within a few turns black had a 2-0 lead with base and ancient achievements. Once the headless horsemen hit the map though it all turned back to white. Lia vestri, her twin and homer Morgan took control of the modern and colonial labryrints. Then the headless horsemen spent the rest of the game chasing ironhead McCray and others around shutting down their adventuring and attacking. Lia got a model 1903 and gave it to Davy Crockett. Pvt Sanchez got a sniper rifle from the vault and together with the headless horseman they shut down the centre of the board Davy Crockett injured several members of black and won for the combat achievement for white. Blackbeard got Lith's favor after picking up his buried treasure which turned out to be Excalibur! Unfortunately this weapon was bad for him as it had power equal to the wielder's honour.


Our team was able to execute a good strategy with the headless horseman controlling the board with the help of Davy Crockett and his model 1903. Team black was very ineffective with their use of merissa and greymeade. They did not use greymeades ability or merissa's henchmen. Lia vestri got lucky with 3 amazes and with two of her blitzing the labyrinths she turned the tide of the game.


Overall this was a fun game. If black had been able to hold onto the base and was a little more aggressive with merissa and her henchmen the game could have been different.

Session: The Red Dragon Inn: Battle for Greyport:: Party, Interrupted (Revised Scenario, Recovery Difficulty 2)

Fri, 24 Mar 2017 21:47:03 +0000

by bhz1

I finally got this game to the table after reading through the revised rules (which definitely clarify a few things, and the adjustable difficulty / modified intro scenario looked good).

At first, the game looked super cruel (see below), but once we corrected ourselves on the rules, everything was straightforward. It was the right amount of "aggro-puzzle" challenge, where we felt we had a decent chance to win as long as we weren't lazy in our pulls and made sure to ration out our hand cards without running out early, nor leaving them unplayed when our own turn ended.

We had a full complement of players so we got to sample everyone's character specialties (most of which are duplicated in the hero deck but tend to be more combo-able, plus you are guaranteed to have them once per go-around, rather than cycling through your deck):

Fiona: with Cleave, you want to take on high HP monsters in pairs to maximize your DPT. Dual-wielding with a light offhand weapon makes her a great duelist, too.

Zot: Splish splash, he's great for when you can Taunt monsters successfully into large groups, damage ALL of them at once, then taunt them away before they attack someone. Splash also helps past annoying front-row/back-row constraints. At level 3, he is great for de-cursing decks in the boss round, or just trimming excess mooks from your rotation.

Gerki: He bats cleanup. When you have a high-damage dealer who's bleeding badly, Gerki ensures he goes quietly into that good night. Do not suffer a nasty monster to get one last sucker punch in just because your damage rolls came up short.

Dierdre: The queen of draw. Who doesn't like draw? Even if you draw into curses, you're skipping past the bad and also providing opportunities for deck-trimming items/heroes to be useful.

We completed the scenario with no one under 5 HP. I feel confident that we could play with Recovery Difficulty 1 in future games, even as the scenario challenge increases. I feel the best way to "progress" through the game is to do all the scenarios with Recovery 2, then on Recovery 1, and then Recovery 0 when you think you have the deck frequencies memorized. (Then start mixing and matching monster decks and locations!)

Only complaint/criticism: the threat values are really hard to read in the lower left corner, and we accidentally mistook them for the damage values during the first turn. Until we figured that out, the game looked super-difficult!

I think the only rule we ended up getting wrong was that defeated monsters are not reshuffled back into the deck when a new encounter starts. You're supposed to only shuffle new cards into the undrawn monster deck - this would increase the likelihood of the fiercer monsters from the second deck making an appearance.

I would very much look forward to expansions that add additional character decks, swap-in-swap-outs to the item/hero decks, additional monster subdecks, and of course, more scenarios and locations.

In recent history I have played this and the Dresden Files card game and both provide just the right amount of initial randomness and midgame risk management to always provide a unique challenge but without being too chaotic in their outcomes.

Session: Pandemic Legacy: Season 1:: Disease Eradication 101 - Re-writing History (SPOILERS May Lie Within)!!! [Early December]

Fri, 24 Mar 2017 13:36:34 +0000

by Neil Thomson Here continues the tale of Earth 2017. Disease is spreading across the planet at a rapid rate.Subscribe to stay tuned to the events of 1 year in this Earth's historyDate - December 9th, 2017Diary Entry - Geena the GeneralistLog EntryAs 2017 entered its final dawn I thought my chance to return to the team had disappeared. I had felt the pain of France's blow only months before and I cheered the news that cities were being brought back from the brink of utter chaos as Vaccinations begun to occur. I was only given a few days’ notice and it was a total shock when Mike, the Medic I had worked with an age ago, called to say that I needed to suit up. Sarah, the team's chief Field Scientist was cooked. She had exerted herself to sheer exhaustion in saving the day in November. Mike had assessed the skills sets of those on call and in the end he wanted my quick actions on deck. I quickly grabbed my travel bag and was on a flight to Atlanta. Our briefing was a simple affair. Cures no longer mattered that much. A tip off had been received and a stockpile of CoDA Virus and other agents had been arrogantly stashed somewhere in our Atlanta CDC facility. The nerve of Zodiac to do that! Our mission was straight forward but anything but easy. We were to strip every panel and every wall sheet of the Atlanta Research Station apart until we found the stockpile. Until it was destroyed Zodiac still held all the cards. The secondary goal of Vaccinating the remaining 14 cities suffering under CoDA was a secondary consideration at this stage. Having started in Atlanta, we were able to find a few clues early on and make a good start to our searching efforts. The factories were soon pumping out Vaccine and we were doing a good job of managing virus locations and Quarantining the odd city of concern. In short time we had made 4-5 important strides forward in our searching efforts but soon it became apparent that the timing of our searches was as important as the ferocity. By mid-operation we were at something of an impasse. Leads on where the stockpile might be located had dried up and we felt further away than ever. The clock was always ticking...we were only too aware and several members had to bide their time to aid the search effort. They made the most of this time to Vaccinate several cities including Essen and Saint Petersburg. It was clear that CoDA was a shadow of its former self, thanks largely to the Vaccination efforts of November. Funding measures and equipment were a powerful combination and despite several Epidemics, we felt we were formulating a great plan. Finally Veronica was able to enter Atlanta once again and she lead a small team into the western wing and tore it apart advancing our search into 3 important sections. That opened the way for me to do my part and whilst I wanted to use some Binoculars to aid our cause, I was unable to do so but still managed to rule out the loading dock area. That left Quinn to be the hero. She had a hunch that no one would think to look into the technical back-up facility and she made use of the substantial info at her disposal to open up a server-cage cover to find that it was in fact a hollow casing. Inside was rack upon rack of vials and chemical storage containers. A flashlight illuminating the silver letters we were looking for - CoDA Batch 56c.Quinn sent the word via our wrist comms that Zodiac were defeated and we then turned our attention to the final free the world of the last traces of CoDA. Ivan was in possession of a massive dose of Vaccine and headed for Africa. We wanted to take care of that continent as quickly as possible. Time was against him but he managed to quickly inoculate Lagos and Kinshasa. There was still a military base down there but we didn't have the right tools to deal with it and that slowed down our efforts. Veronica had flown to Hong Kong an[...]

Session: Seasons:: I beat Seasons

Fri, 24 Mar 2017 09:25:36 +0000

by superpriest

After many plays (probably 30+ games), I finally beat Seasons. An unlikely combination of cards led to a score of... infinity points. Or, an arbitrarily large score.

It started with the draft, which left me with two copies of Yjang's Forgotten Vase and a Selenia's Codex. We saw a lot of extra cards, thanks to two each of Otus the Oracle and Naria the Prophetess. On top of that, we had the enchantment Vision of Destiny, which shows the top two cards of the deck.

When one of my opponents played an Otus, revealing a second Selenia's Codex, I knew I was close. I played the second Codex, picking up my first Codex. Then I looked for a Hand of Fortune or a Staff of Spring to complete the combo. I used a Scroll of Ishtar to wipe a bunch of cards off the deck, but it took a lucky card draw on the second to last turn of the game to draw the Hand of Fortune.

So I combo'd out. Play Selenia's Codex for one energy (discounted by Hand), then add two energy from the Vases. Pick up the first Codex. Each iteration nets an energy. Use your die ability to transmute, or transmute as a bonus ability. Infinite crystals!

The combo: Yjang's Forgotten Vase, Yjang's Forgotten Vase, Hand of Fortune, Selenia's Codex, Selenia's Codex, transmute.

You could replace the two Codex with two Potion of Resurrection. I didn't manage to get both of those. As mentioned, Staff of Spring would have worked too. You don't need one of the other pieces (Vase or Hand) and don't need to transmute.

Session: Hornet Leader: Carrier Air Operations:: Stats in Action

Thu, 23 Mar 2017 17:55:13 +0000

by zacharycbruce Here is a play report, testing out my statistics sheets for weapons Campaign is Iran '14, and this is the 4th day of a 9 day tour. It's a Marines squad, 9 AV-8B pilots and 3 F35 A/C's.The chosen target is a Minor Airfield (target 2).There are 5 sites on this mission, and only 3 of them should give me any trouble, being able to fire on me when directly over the target, a SA-2, SA-15 and SA-6. The rest are SA-6's in approach areas, and I plan to be at high altitude directly over the target.There is a possible 7 Bandits, with a new one coming out each turn. I expect 3 or 4 to be present at the beginning and will plan accordingly.The Airfield is going to take 5 hits to destroy.The pilots flying this mission are;Saw, an Average AV8BMystic, also an Average AV8BMeatball, a Green F35 A/C, already carrying 2 stressSalsa, an Average F35 A/C, also carrying 2 stressAs the target is of the upmost importance, I arm for that first. My sheets tell me that Mystic and Saw, who have AtG of +2, GBU-12's are their best option, giving an expected damage of 1.50. They each take 4. I also give Meatball, who has +1 AtG a GBU-12, giving him an expected damage of 1.2. This ought to be sufficient for the target.For the bandits, Salsa and Meatball both have +1 AtA. I give Salsa 3 AIM-120's, which have a 70% chance of hitting, and a AIM 7, which has a 60% chance. Meatball gets 4 AIM 7's.For the sites that I want to destroy, I take AGM-88's. As Mystic and Saw have +2's, against the SA-2(+2) I have 100%, SA-6 (+2) 100% and SA-15 an 80% thanks to it's minus 1. I take 1 AGM each for the SA-6 and SA-2, and take two for the SA-15.This completes my load-out. I'm a little concerned about my AtA capabilities, as I expect I'll expect to take 4 turns to destroy the target, needing to get right overhead to drop the GBU's. I expect I'll be able to destroy the expected 4 bandits from the first turn, but for the next possible 4 I have more doubt. On the way in to the target, the phrase "best laid plans go to waste" comes to mind. My aircraft are attacked from below, and I cannot expend any ordinance to suppress. Thankfully the F-35's are targeted and their stealth capabilities save them, but Mystic has to take evasive action and takes further stress from a near miss. This puts him at Shaken, and destroys my plans. Now his AtG modifier is -1. This drops his AGM's to 50% chance to hit and reduces the GBU's to a mere 40% chance to hit once and 20% to score two hits. It's a big risk to continue the mission at this point, but I grit my teeth and venture in. No Guts, No Glory!!!TURN 1Luckily I draw favourably on the initial Bandit draw, only pulling 2 bandits out of a possible 7, a MIG 21 and 25. As I've been lucky with the draw I can afford to expend more AtA to make sure they don't get a chance to fire at me in the first round. Salsa uses his Situational Awareness and fires off 2 AIM 120's at the MIG 25, and scores a hit. He also fires a 120 and AIM 7 at the MIG 21 and also hits. In hindsight the AIM 7 probably wasn't necessary, with Salsa's +1 and the MIG-21's +2, the probability of the AIM-120 hitting was 90%.Saw uses his Situational Awareness and fires off his AGM-88 for a guaranteed hit on the SA-2, which would have had range on me, and with no return fire from the enemy, my pilots advance towards the target.Turn 2Again no bandits take off from the airfield below. and Mystic fires 2 AGM-88's at the SA-15, a total modifier of -2 for 50% probability for the each of the AGM's. Both 88's miss. This is bad news and not planned for.Turn 3An enemy MIG-25 takes off from the airfield. There is also the SA-15 that has range on me now, and none of my pilots are fast. I have to make a choice, to destroy one or the other, so that I can keep a Situation[...]

Session: Gloomhaven:: Tale of Two Parties - Chapter 5 (Scenario 3, Void Travelers, Scenario Spoilers)

Thu, 23 Mar 2017 17:52:40 +0000

by EventHorizon [Note: Tale of Two Parties is being written primarily as a way to see if the experiences of two groups playing in the same game world can create a cogent narrative and to communicate sessions between groups. Spoilers, such as enemy types, can be inferred, but really shouldn't be relied on in your games as I'm not tracking the game while we are playing and specifics can diverge from what happened for narrative reason. This session report contains story spoilers related to the scenario and should not be read if you are concerned about spoilers. The first session report of the series is here: [url] [/url]Current PartyoAna-Ishi, Savvas CragheartoLenka, Orchid SpellweaveroGaius Stoneheart, Inox BruteoGizmo, Quatryl Tinkerer“I just don’t trust her!” Lenka was pacing in their shared room near the Sleeping Lion. “Something is up, I’m sure of it. I know she knew about that necromancer,” she said, turning to Ana-Ishi. The Savvas said nothing and just looked at her. He had heard some version of this every night for the past few days since coming back from the Black Barrows. He still didn’t have a good response to her. Like her, the Valrath lady didn’t seem right to him. Continuing to do her jobs didn’t sit well. On the other hand, this path did lead back to the Dagger Forest. Back to where they had met. Newly cast out and stripped of his name, family, and future, Ana-Ishi had discovered a family of Humans living at the edge of the Dagger Forest, where they became the Copperneck Mountains, who had taken him in, shattered and alone. They were hardscrabble farmers living on the edge of survival every year. That kind family had looked beyond the Savvas’ size and visage and given him a chance to heal. He had been able to help ensure the crops were a success. Until, that is, the raiders came. They had struck at night, without warning. The farm was torched, the family killed. Ana-Ishi had been asleep when the attack began and had sleepily tried to fight back but had been too slow. A mixed group of Humans and Inox raiders had pushed the mighty Cragheart back, grievously wounding him. He had fled, to his shame, leaving the family to their fate, stumbling through the woods. Hounded by the raiders, he ran until he saw a small opening on a rock face. He squeezed through the opening and frantically looked around for a place to hide. His search disturbed the other occupant in the cave. Lenka, who had been sitting in silent meditation for 50 years, had awakened to the crashing and banging of the Savvas’ panic. The mouth of the cave had darkened as his pursuers closed in. Quickly taking in the fear on the Savvas’ face and the unmistakable look of bandit pursuers, she had flared her magic and a fireball incinerated two of the surprised attackers. The others fled, having anticipated easier prey. She had healed the Savvas as well as she had been able and they had stayed for a few days under the waterfall as he recovered. Later they had visited the ruins of the farm where they had found some odd markings. Lenka had agreed to help Ana-Ishi find both answers and revenge. They had headed to Gloomhaven looking for help with both. And now the Valrath lady wanted them to go back to the forest, but for her own purposes. Gizmo and Gaius were both interested in the prospect of money and a fight, respectively, and had been pushing them to head out to the forest. But Lenka had been holding back, her distrust of the Valrath and the malaise that they had encountered in the Barrows causing her to hesitate before committing. Ana-Ishi smiled sadly, “I don’t trust the Valrath, but maybe there are answers with these Inox thieves.” They had no other leads that he could tell. Lenka sighed, [...]

Session: Scythe:: Joe's Full Solo Run Through - Crimea vs. Automa

Thu, 23 Mar 2017 15:52:23 +0000

by vanflet2 Scythe Solo - [BGCOLOR=#A7A7A7]Crimea[/BGCOLOR] vs. [BGCOLOR=#FFFFFF]Polonia[/BGCOLOR]MAN VS. AUTOMAWelcome to my Scythe solo play through. I have developed a passion for solo board games and have begun logging my adventures as a way to give other gamers an idea of how the games are played and to incite discussions with regards to strategy. This will be my third play through log; if you're interested in seeing some of my other logs, check out the 'Sessions' forum on either the Mage Knight page, or the Anachrony page. Enjoy! SetupI randomly chose which faction I was going to play as and which faction the Automa would play (Invaders From Afar included):Joe - [BGCOLOR=#A7A7A7]Crimean Khanate[/BGCOLOR]Automa - [BGCOLOR=#FFFFFF]Republic of Polonia[/BGCOLOR]Three factory cards were randomly drawn as you always draw factory cards equal to the number of players, plus 1 more.I randomly selected an end game building bonus; this game, I will get bonuses for building adjacent to hexes that have encounter symbols (even if the encounter tokens are removed). Next, I randomly chose my player board (Automa doesn't need a player board but I randomly selected one for them, regardless, as I'll often flip factions and boards for a quick setup for a subsequent games vs. the Automa!Joe - industrialBecause I did not choose an expansion faction, I will use the regular Automa deck that came with the base game (aka, not using the four replacement cards that come with IFA). I play the 'Automaszyna (Hard)' difficulty.Automa SetupPopularity: 10 - Automa always starts with 10 popularity and their popularity will not change throughout the duration of the game.Power and Combat Cards: Automa starts with the power and combats cards that are reflected on the faction board; in this case, Polonia starts with 2 power and 3 combat cards. The 3 combat cards are drawn and kept face down next to the Automa faction/player board.Coins: Automa always starts with 5 coins.Objectives: Automa never draws any objective cards.Joe's Crimea SetupI start with 5 power and 0 combat cards, as is reflected on my Faction mat.I receive the following due to having the Industrial player mat:Objective cards - I draw two; 1. 'Higher Ground Advantage' (1) – Control 3 mountain territories at the end of your turn.2. 'King of the Hill' (5) – Control the Factory at the end of your turn and still have the highest power of any player.Popularity - 2Coins - 4Analysis:Whenever I start a game of Scythe, there are two main things I look at first; 1. I analyze my player mat and determine which bottom row actions are going to be the most advantageous in terms of return; 2. I look at my starting hexes and which resources I will be able to easily obtain. For Crimea, I start with a worker on a village and a worker on a farm; I am also able to get to a mountain with one move action. Now, looking at my player mat, I'll get 3 coins for each upgrade, 2 coins per Mech deployment and 1 coin for each build action. So, if possible, I will want to try and upgrade and deploy mechs in order to best utilize the industrial player mat. I will easily be able to start deploying mechs and I have Produce paired with deploying mechs and easy access to a mountain hex for metal needed to deploy mechs, so I will start there. It will be harder for me to start upgrading as the nearest tundra is across the river and to the north. Turn 1:Players always get the first turn, so I go first. I decide to move first. I move the worker on my farm one space over to the mountain hex; I also move my character from my home base up to the now empty farm.Automa flips 5 for a Move Worker action. I pick the worker closest to the Automa's home base and use reading order to select the worker from the farm and the worker moves into[...]

Session: Tide of Iron: Stalingrad:: SHOT FOR SHOT: We revisit Stalingrad’s Tractor Works on Tide of Iron’s Eastern Front

Thu, 23 Mar 2017 15:52:02 +0000

by JDarlington Last weekend Tom and I continued our play-through of Tide of Iron's Eastern Front. (You can find the list of scenarios and links to our reports so far HERE.) This time were returned to the Tank Factory with Shot for Shot – the same scenario for which I wrote my first Tide of Iron battle report, which you can find HERE. We were both looking forward to this game, as we’d really enjoyed this scenario the first time around.The ScenarioIn Shot for Shot , the Germans are attacking Stalingrad proper at the infamous Volgograd Tractor Factory (the “Tank Factory”). Nearby, all-female AA gunners put up their legendary defense against the approaching German tanks by depressing the AA barrels all the way down to the metal stops to aim at the Panzers.The game lasts six rounds, and is won on victory points based on conditions at the end of the game: - Germans gain VPs for a) each German unit they have in the Tank Factory (A), and b) each neutral Command hex (B) they control.- Soviets gain VPs for a) each German unit they destroy, b) each Soviet AA gun (C) that survives to the end of Round 6, and c) each neutral Command hex (B) they control.The pressure is on for the Germans to conduct a brisk attack, aided by a Flamethrower squad, Nebelwerfer Support, and a pair of mortars to soften the Soviet defenders. The Soviets have access to Sewer movement in this scenario, a pair of Commissars, and a squad of Assault Engineers. Plus, the Factory will start churning out T-34s (unfinished though, and so with Range -3) starting at the end of Round 2.Special RulesWe did benefit this time around from the Stalingrad FAQ (LINK), which wasn’t available the first time we played. Clarifications for this scenario in particular established that:- the Command hexes don’t need to be occupied at the end of Round 6 to gain their VPs, and - clarifying the way the AA guns behave in attack, defense, and assaultWe had the following special rules in play:No dual mortars: Our own house rule, we’ve chosen not to double-up mortars into a single squad. We found the eight-dice area attack was out of line with other attack strengths in Tide of Iron.Area fire vs. buildings: Bombardment Area attacks affect all levels of a multi-level building, but reduce Attack dice by 1 for each level beyond the topmost. (The normal Stalingrad rules only allow area attacks to affect the topmost floor.)Cautious Advance: Infantry units (that’s our chosen limitation) can give up two MPs to gain +1 Cover.Hand to Hand Combat: For our games in Stalingrad (only), we’re using the Hand to Hand assault rules; this lets me use an extra attack die, and the defender will hit only on 5+ instead of 4+. The penalty to the assaulting unit is that they cannot draw on the support of friendly squads.DeploymentCloseup of infantry positions in center and rightTom deployed both of his MGs on the top floor of the Tank Factory, covering the street and faces of the nearby buildings. At this height they also saw over some of the lower buildings to parts of the German deployment area, although at long range.Tom’s other infantry was spread out over his side of the board, with the AT squad close to the German tank positions.German deployment on the left leaves few options . The Shield of Armour rule makes clumping two tanks and squad in each leading hex an obvious choice. On the right, I put the Mortars behind the large building to provide concealment from the MGs, and squads in position to seize the Command hexes near my deployment zone. But even now, the dual Soviet MGs in the Tank Factory had me worried. How would I cross that street with both MGs covering the gap? They’d need to be silenced somehow.Round 1Both sides spent the first ro[...]

Session: Gloomhaven:: Tale of Two Parties - Chapter 4 (Scenario 4, Group 2, light spoilers)

Thu, 23 Mar 2017 08:07:51 +0000

by EventHorizon [Note: Tale of Two Parties is being written primarily as a way to see if the experiences of two groups playing in the same game world can create a cogent narrative. By "light spoilers" I mean that I am mostly concerned about exploring the characters and the story of how the session played out and less about the gameplay or scenario specifics. Spoilers, such as enemy types, are present, but really shouldn't be relied on in your games as I'm not tracking the game while we are playing and specifics can diverge from what exists in the scenario for narrative reasons. The first session report in the series is here: Party: Group 2 (No name decided yet)• Skrrit, Vermling Mindthief• Bonecrusher, Savvas Cragheart• Esmerelda, Orchid Spellweaver• Korth, Inox BruteSkrrit awoke to a searing brightness that pounded into his head. Nocturnal by nature, daylight was normally a bit intense for him. This was beyond anything he had ever experienced though. Groaning, he rolled to sit up. Except he didn’t move and pain shot through his body. Blinking, he looked around him. As the blurs became shapes and the shapes acquired details, Skrrit found himself in a hospital ward in one of a line of beds. Nurses bustled past him, caring for the patients. One of them noticed him looking around and came over to him, “Welcome, welcome. You were in bad shape when you got here. Glad to see you awake. Your head is going to hurt for a while, but you managed to escape with only a few broken ribs besides. My, but Vermilings are hardy folk.” And with that she was off again. After another unsuccessful attempt to sit up, Skrrit grabbed his pillow, clamped it over his head to block the light, and went back to sleep.When he awoke again, it was night. There was a fragrant mix of grains and seeds next to him that, while cold, was the best meal that he had eaten in days. Actually, from what his stomach felt like, it was possibly the only thing he had eaten in days. He was still stiff, but his movement caused slightly less pain now as he shifted into a position to be able to eat better. His ears caught some slight noises and he looked up to see Esmerelda making her way towards him. Sitting on the bed next to him, she said quietly, “Nice to see you’re finally awake. We weren’t sure you were going to make it and you’ve been out for a few days now. Thank you for what you did back there. It was very brave and we found something amazing. How do you feel?”Skrrit made to shrug, but groaned instead, “Skrrit ok. Some pain, mostly hungry.”Esmerelda grinned, “I’m here to get you out, if you can walk. You can get better back at headquarters. If you’re ready, we can go when you are done eating.”After finishing his grains, Skrrit made to stand. It was difficult at first, after being in bed for so long, but after a few hesitant steps in a circle, Skrrit was able to move slowly, but without too much effort. Esmerelda tossed a bag of gold on the bed for payment and followed after. The streets of Gloomhaven were bustling with the kind of street life that is only active at that time of night. Esmerelda walked with Skrrit, supporting him, while playing with a nascent fireball in her other hand to ward off unwanted attention. Back at The Hand’s headquarters, Skrrit took a room upstairs and as each day passed, he felt better. The headquarters was busy as The Hand marshalled his people to the cave and to retrieve technology and others followed up on the increase in cultist activity. After a few days, Skrrit was becoming a bit stir-crazy. His wounds occasionally hurt when he moved, but not enough to justify staying coope[...]

Session: Gloomhaven:: Gloomhaven Mini-Session -- Week 7 [SPOILERS]

Wed, 22 Mar 2017 23:05:39 +0000

by Annowme This week marked the final mission for my beloved Tinkerer and party MVP, Bart Sprocket. His original quest (chosen way back when just after punching cardboard and before setting up Black Barrow) was "A Perfect Poison," wherein he sought to craft an ultimate poison and use it to toy with life across the continent. Bart had to kill four oozes, four spitting drakes, and four lurkers. Oozes and spitting drakes were easy enough to find, but it took progressing the post-Jekserah quest line regarding the Voice in the Echo Chamber to unlock Shrine of the Depths wherein--behold!--many lurkers, ah, lurked.As far as the Voice quest line goes, when Mike and I completed Echo Chamber last week, we were of a mutual accord to not placate the Voice's request. Mike disagreed with the Voice because he wanted to meddle with forces beyond his understanding and try to foil its nether plans. I disagreed because the thought of already helping some pan-dimensional aberrant horror god break out of its prison was bad enough. I was NOT going to be party to helping that goal any further. That said, while I had a thematic justification, I also saw that the "meddle path" led directly to Shrine of the Depths... it led directly to killable lurkers!This was also the occasion for Anastasia to create her new Valrath Sunkeeper, christening her "Zenith." Zenith picked out some choice items and tossed some gold at the temple, with Bart doing the latter, as well. They consulted with a Quatryl scholar who more or less said that the Voice is likely the extra-planar essence of a trapped mega demon who was probably bound outside of our world for a reason, and is likely powerful enough in full form to destroy the continent. Cool, dude, sounds great. Let's not let that happen.[hr]Anastasia --> Zenith, Valrath SunkeeperJim --> Bart Sprocket, Quatryl TinkererShrine of the Depths is effectively a little tiny antechamber and one massive room, with a treasure tile in the very back of the second room which needs to be looted (loot cards only, not just ending a turn on the dang thing!). The good? One big room filled with a handful of bad dudes is not terrible in a two player game. The bad? One tiny antechamber filled with a handful of oft-replicating oozes IS a terrible thing in a two player game... Oozes. Dangit, Isaac! You made these suckers so spot-on, and it irritates me to the core (appropriately). Right off the bat, we determine initative and boom, the oozes will be splitting into duplicates on their turn. Awesome. Three oozes are going to become six oozes. Our thought is to burn down the elite ooze as much as possible so both it and its replicant will be at lower overall health and can be scorched the following turn. Bart shoots the elite with his hookshot at a +3 flip (some damage negated by shield) and then Zenith hits the ooze once with a melee attack and the one just behind it with a ranged attack. Then they all get nasty and split into new oozes. Lots of damage counters sprinkle out onto the ooze card.Zenith runs forward and lands a massive seven-damage attack on one of the new oozes, killing it instantly due to split damage, but the other three in her threat area take pot shots at her. Bart decides that this is the ideal time to use his favorite new toy, and has enough movement to saunter behind the far ooze which was split and already hit by range in the previous round. Look at that! Three oozes (two regular, one elite) all at five HP or less, and standing in a straight line. Bart pulls the trigger on his outlandish DISINTEGRATION BEAM and VORP!--all three oozes are reduced to molecular detritus. On the next round, Bart summons Battle Bot and Zenith whacks an ooz[...]

Session: Legendary Encounters: A Firefly Deck Building Game:: River Solo Campaign (Game 1)

Wed, 22 Mar 2017 16:40:43 +0000

by chopkins828 I started a solo campaign yesterday, after having played all the episodes at least once.I used a semi-random draw for main characters. Here's how it works.1. Shuffle all avatars.2. Draw the top card (River, for example).3. Set aside the supporting character deck that "pairs" with this main character (Simon, to continue the example).4. Repeat steps 2 & 3, ignoring any avatars that have already been chosen as supporting characters, until all five main characters are selected.My main cast was River (my player character), Mal, Book, Wash, and Jayne.My supporting cast was Simon, Zoe, Inara, and Kaylee.I was happy to be playing River since her Talent (trigger a class combo) is pretty versatile, and her Flaw (everyone else gains a Flaw) is meaningless in a solo game.Episode 1--Serenity (Part 1)This episode went very smoothly. The Salvage appeared toward the beginning of the episode, and I only had to deal with one Alliance Gunship. Meanwhile, I worked on getting several class combo cards into my deck, including Inara's Client Selection, and Kaylee's Machines Talk to Me.Objective Completed (Recover 3 Salvage): +3 Credits.First IntermissionI had no strikes to heal or repair, so I purchased Reinforced Hull (extra Serenity Slot) and Luxury Cabin (once per turn, -1 to recruit rightmost character). One credit was wasted.Episode 2--Serenity (Part 2)This episode started pretty well. I recruited Kaylee's Look at All the Pretties, and later exchanged it for the upgrade Enhanced Sensors (once per turn, -2 to scan), one of my favorites! With this I was able to scan spaces and fight off bandits one at a time. Dobson showed up around the middle of the episode, and I defeated him the same turn. Patience, however, did not show up until very late in the episode. I was not able to get 7 attack in my hand before I was struck by the Inevitable Bounty Hunter.Objective 1 Completed (Defeat Dobson): +1 CreditObjective 2 Failed (Defeat Patience): 0 CreditBounty Hunter Strike: -1 CreditSecond IntermissionNothing much to do here, since I didn't have any credits. I carried a ship strike and a crew strike (Walloped) into the next episode.Episode 3--The Train JobI quickly healed my crew strike and repaired the ship strike. After defeating Niska's Thug and a Train Guard, I came across the Medical Supplies in the front of the train. I grabbed them as soon as the Skyhook was in place, making sure to heal Jayne afterwards. I found Crow shortly after, and spent a couple of turns defeating enemies behind him in order to buy time. Eventually I drew 10 attack, and that was that!Objective 1 Completed (Defeat Crow): +2 CreditsObjective 2 Completed (Steal the Medical Supplies)End of GameRiver may be crazy, but I don't feel like she's greedy, so I gave the medical supplies back the villagers. That meant I only had 2 credits to spend, but I will get an extra talent in my starting deck next game. I bought the Armory (once per turn, -1 to fight in the combat zone).Game Score: 1(A) + 0(B) + 3(C) = 4Campaign Score: 4Next GameUpgrades: Reinforced Hull, Luxury Cabin, Enhanced Sensors, ArmoryShip Strikes: NoneCrew Strikes: None+1 Talent in starting deck.So yeah, I'm feeling pretty good about the next game! [...]

Session: Star Wars: Rebellion:: An ending in Spectacular fashion.

Wed, 22 Mar 2017 16:38:29 +0000

by MrOsterman

It had been a long war.

The Rebel Alliance had taken massive risks and paid heavily. There were raids that went no where. There was the massive assault on the Star Destroyer that failed. Chewbacca had been held on Corelia for almost the entire campaign.

Morale was at a low.

As if the first Death Star wasn't enough, a second had been build and brought online at Endor before troops could get to it and disable it. There had been fleets but there was not time to recall them to the hidden base and redeploy the Hidden Fleet to either Bespin or Hoth. In short, the Alliance was simply out of position and nearly out of luck.

Throughout, the Empire's war machine continued to lunge forward. One after another, Star Destroyers came online. Then the Super Star Destroyer. They remained quietly in orbit as probe droids scoured the universe looking for signs of the Rebellion. The number of worlds the Rebel base could be hidden on began to dwindle even as the Alliance started to mark up small diplomatic victories.

Finally it was time for action.

Han Solo lead a daring raid, leading a fleet of ships to Aldaraan and from there striking out to cripple the Empire's soft underbelly. The battle was hard fought and one of the Calamari cruisers was destroyed. But the Empire had begun to get wise to the plots of of the Rebels. The Death Star began it's slow crawl from Mandalor to Ord Mantel in search of the base. Rather than flee from their hidden base at Ilium, the Alliance dug in and trusted it's exposed navy to provide a distraction and cover.

They pounced, throwing ship after ship at the Death Star. The remaining Calamari Cruiser was destroyed, along with a Corellian Corvette and two flights of X-wings.

But one squadron of Y-wings survived the assault and began their run on the equatorial trench. It was then that the Empire realized their folly. Their hubris was about to cost them the war. Han Solo himself steered his Y-wing down the trench, and at the Exhaust Port released a pair of Proton Torpedoes at the tiny 2 meter target.

But instead of an affirmative signal, he was forced to report back to rebel base: "Negative, it didn't go in."

The Deathstar was able to flee the system intact, flying towards Ilium where it encountered a second rebel force: The Garrison of the Hidden base!

But this time they were ready and ensured that no fighter was able to pass their screens to make a second run on the reactor port. Instead they closed ranks on the tiny base and took the last of the Rebel Leaders prisoner.

(I'm not totally sure if we got the rules right there at the end; I honestly didn't look to see ~IF~ the Deathstar can retreat from a system like another unit can, nor if the Deathstar Under Construction counts as a "unit" in a system for the purpose of deploying units to the system. If I screwed up either rule, that would have changed the outcome but at the same time, I was playing my 9 year old and I don't feel bad with him winning against me. It makes a rematch more likely).

Session: Mice and Mystics:: Sorrow and Rememberance Ch 1: Flight to Barksburg

Wed, 22 Mar 2017 16:38:21 +0000

by knatebaker My son, Hughes Baker, and I were looking at games.  He’s four years old, coming up on five, and is quite clever.  We are working on many things to get him ready for Kindergarten that he enjoys and that we (my wife and I) think preschool may fall short on.  As such, he is working on reading and writing still, but has a steel-trap for a memory.  I decided we’d go with a coop game, and work on a campaign together since he loves stories so much.  I almost went with the Hero Kids RPG from DriveThruRPG, but we ended up deciding on Mice and Mystics, which he is now obsessed with, especially because of the mini’s.  Hughes started with Collin and Nez.  I started with Maginos and Filch.Here are our sessions.-----------------------------------------------------------------Sorrow and RemembranceChapter 1: Flight to Barksburg“The Kingdom is under siege, they don’t even know it, and the King is dying.”Maginos tried his best to explain it to young Collin, the Prince, son of King Andon, first of his name.  Maginos had been the King’s most trusted advisor since childhood when they had been schoolmates, and friends.  A few years ago when the King’s wife, Collin’s mother, died, the King fell into a deep depression of sorrow.  However, most good things come from those that are bad, and this showed Maginos that it was time to start training Prince Collin control of the Kingdom, by teaching him to be leader of the guard.  Collin made friends with a number of his loyal subjects.  A few of those, Nez and Tilda had been invited to this meeting.“Vanestra has taken over the castle with her black knights and we have reason to believe she is responsible for poisoning the King.”Collin tried his best to give the story to his friends, with the help of Maginos.  It was time for an uprising.  The King’s left hand man, Captain Vultis had gone out looking for a new companion for the King months ago, when suddenly he returned with the beautiful lady Vanestra and 100 of her loyal black armored knights.  Soon his spirits began to lift, and their marriage was set when he became suddenly ill in the span of a few weeks.  Vanestra’s knights took over the posts for the King’s, and very subtly, the siege inside the walls began.“NOW IS NOT THE TIME, SHE’S FIGURED IT OUT, RUN!” said an unknown voice running closer to the room.  Maginos acted quickly.  He took out his staff, of which Collin had no idea Maginos was also a mage, and quickly turned them all into mice without a moment’s notice.  At first, the results were dizzying.  Suddenly, his friends, their clothes, and personal effects were all the size of…well…a mouse.  It wasn’t just the four of them however, as a person warning them running toward the room had been Filch.  Filch was a common thief, but also a procurer for the crown, and loyal to the King as his mistrust of the Lady Vanestra had been immediate.The mice ran for the tiny opening through Maginos’ quarters and into the Guard Room.  At this point, Vanestra had figured it out, and before it was too late, turned 3 of her black knights into Rats.  These rats surrounded the Mice at the entrance of the Guard Room.  Collin, remembering his training with the knights, used his Backslash move, and took out two of the rats that ganged up on him.  Maginos quickly began moving the group toward the Sewer Grate in the Guard Room when the 3rd rat came at him.  He quickly ate a crumb of cheese he found at the foot of the Guard’s table and blasted him away with a Mystic Bolt.With the group running toward the grate, they found[...]

Session: Grand Prix:: Seven players, South Korea and an argument over tire changing

Wed, 22 Mar 2017 16:23:24 +0000

by Norbert Chan

When I arrived, they were remarking how I was ignoring texts (I was driving), and they had Grand Prix set up. There were 7 players, and I was going first, followed by Trevor, Gary, Jean, Don, Ken and Greg. I was the only one to choose dry (white) tires, everyone else chose red tires. I thought the red tires you can only use once per game, and since you need a mandatory tire change, I thought I would change to red later in the game.

Round 1: I keep the whole line moving, and Gary breaks out to take the lead by himself, and he sees that is a mistake as he is quickly left behind. The event card is gear box failure, and Don is the only one with a purple wear marker and he loses a car!

Round 2: Ken and Trevor are doing well, with both cars in a line, and I am doing okay just behind them. The event card is strike the barrier, I couldn’t remember who was forced to pit.

Round 3: I think Greg’s car is affected by the event card of strike the barrier, giving him a permanent red damage.

Round 4: Everyone pits as they can see the final lap looming. Trevor and Don believe that you can change tires and get rid of all your wear, which thematically makes sense, but Greg reads the rules a few times out loud and the wear cannot be discarded that way. You still have to take a penalty of spaces according to the number of wear you have. This was resolved with some swearing; I’m thinking to myself, gee, for a light game this can sure bring out the competitive spirit. I was almost expecting the next time cars got passed, there would be some spitting. I change to red tires as well. Somehow Don’s lone car is in front with a neutral car and Don thinks he has a chance.

Round 5: Before the game ends, a traction hazard forces everyone to take 2 close call tokens, as no one is changing their tires. Trevor’s car is first, Ken’s is second, Greg is third, Don is is fourth, a neutral is fifth, Jean is sixth and seventh, I am eighth, Trevor’s second car is 9th and Gary is 10th.

Trevor is green, Ken is purple, Greg is red, Don is dark green, Jean is blue, I am orange, and Gary is yellow.

Trevor 27, Ken 18, Greg 14, Don 10, Jean 9, Norbert 4, Gary 1.

I actually thought I would do better this game!

Session: Star Wars: Rebellion:: ConnCon 2017 Play Session Report

Wed, 22 Mar 2017 15:20:12 +0000

by babisson Hi all. I was the facilitator/teacher at ConnCon for two of the three sessions of Rebellion last weekend. I thought I'd do a brief session report about what I saw and what the players thought. I've never done a session report before so please forgive me if I miss anything.Session 1: Two players, both new to the game, played first game setup without advanced rules.Game took over 4 hours, one of my players was working very hard to make sure he was understanding each mission and assigning the best leader to it. He was playing the Rebels and was working the diplomacy leads to more units angle. No real interest in sabotage or using quick strike missions. Was definitely trying to meet the Empire head on militarily and then try and let the turn meter come to him. The Empire player used a spread out and subjugate approach trying to eliminate bases and push the Rebels toward the corners of the map. The rebels managed to take some key systems and hold out for 6 turns, but at that point the Empire had mobilized multiple directions each turn focusing most of his leaders on activation rather than missions. The missions he did complete were mainly to obtain projects and eventually he had his Death Star in orbit around one of five or six planets he was sure they were hiding on (Tatooine) and activated the super laser. He guessed correctly and the game ended.In retrospect, I should have advised the Rebel player to not force the military issue. I like to give choices whenever possible when teaching a new game, so I said nothing but in this case I think he painted himself into a corner, as soon as the empire started subjugating every planet they checked, I should have advised him to try a sabotage mission.Session 2: Four players, all new to the game, first game setup without advanced rules.This game was a little more than three hours. The Rebels took a much more balanced approach to their missions, they attempted sabotage and diplomacy and they opposed the Empire any time they had a decent chance to prevent them from making headway with missions like Rule by Fear. The Empire took a military buildup and deployment approach attempting to control planets that gave them more diverse and plentiful resources. Unfortunately, the Rebels rolled blanks on multiple occasions when attempting or opposing missions. On one occasion, they were attempting a mission with an opposing leader already present. The opposing leader had no matching icons so all they had to do was roll one positive result on three dice, they rolled three blanks. It was hard to watch at times because these guys were playing very very hard and were thinking through moves in order to try and maximize result and force the Empire to consolidate a bit but could not pull off the rolls. Unable to sabotage successfully or to wrestle imperial controlled worlds due to poor rolling, the Empire eventually began to close in. They made the decision (with some bad advice from me) to empty the base and make a stand before the base could be reached, this would give them an opportunity to move the base on the next turn, but it didn't work, the Empire came from a different angle and reached an empty base the same turn.I felt pretty bad in this one, the learning curve on what would be most effective was steep for the Rebels. Around turn 3 one of them looked at me and said, "I get it now, I wish we could start over so I could do it right this time.", I thought their approach had merit, it just never got traction because of the rolling. I also pretty bad for advising them to try [...]

Session: Eldritch Horror:: Freighted With the Memories and the Dreams of Time

Wed, 22 Mar 2017 14:59:59 +0000

by RTigger (originally posted with images on )In any other circumstance, I would’ve never believed the letter I got from Gloria. “The dreams”, she said in her correspondence, “they speak of unknowable evil and have an undeniable vividness to them. I implore you to help.” Gloria was a writer, and in her work she often wrote of strange and off-putting things. We had shared a few experiences together in our fractured past and I rarely gave her ramblings more than a cursory glance, writing them off as fiction from a lonely soul.I would’ve never believed her… had I not had the dreams myself.I had a feeling we wouldn’t be able to take on a force of this magnitude ourselves, so I leaned on a bounty I had gone soft on earlier in exchanged for an unnamed favor. It was time to collect, and Skids was more than willing to oblige. He didn’t say as much, but I have a feeling he felt the same lingering terror that Gloria spoke about.The first portal we came across proved to be no trouble to close from within. After dispatching of the unsuspecting cultist I can only assume was responsible for opening it, Skids had gone in himself with the usual disregard to his safety I had observed and somewhat grown to admire. Minutes later he stepped out of the other side, visibly shaken as the rift in reality silently closed behind him. Thinking that was that, our group sent word of our success to each other in the party.We resolved to meet in South America to celebrate our success, which was weird considering none of us were particularly fond of the continent. Once we arrived it was as if snapping out of a subconscious state - something in our minds had driven us to a remote location in the Amazon, and it was here we noticed another Gate. But this one was different; on the other side weren’t alien vistas, but rather a hazy familiarity that we all independently recognized. I was the first to arrive, and also the first to explore this new land. Here’s hoping there’s a way out on the other side.- Tony MorganThe lady burst into the restaurant, going on about demons and dreams and the like, her voice quickly switching between whispers and shouts. The boss was quickly on the phone with the cops and I tried my best to calm her down into a booth to avoid her frightening the customers any more than she had. Gloria, she said her name was between breaths, was quickly taken away. Most would’ve left it at that and chalked it up to another strange day in the service business, but there was something about her that… made sense.I later tracked down the institution Gloria ended up at and found her in a chair, staring blankly out a window overlooking a stark forest. “The books”, she said without me announcing my presence, “they’re the cause of all this.” Gloria told me of her writings over the years, of her adventure with two other men and their attempt to save Earth from The Dreamlands. And then she handed me a book that appeared to be in a foreign language, but flipping through its pages it was one I strangely understood. “The Book of the Dead” it was titled.I spoke with Gloria of my own dreams, ones of a lone man taking on all sorts of other-worldly demons in various vistas, which she reconciled with her own accounts. We spoke for hours, and I left having earned her trust and a call to action; to reach out to one Skids O’Toole.- Agnes BakerSkids, as he demanded to be called by all who tended to him, was one of the mor[...]

Session: Arkham Investigator:: Let's throw Armitage to a shoggoth [also: he's to blame for SPOILERS]

Wed, 22 Mar 2017 14:34:02 +0000

by Kaffedrake NOTE TO GEEKMODDERS: THIS REPORT CONTAINSTRACES OF SPOILERS AND NUTSTO PRESERVE ANY REMAINING VESTIGES OF SANITY, SELECT "1" FROM THE ELDRITCH DIAL AND CLICK "APPROVE" TO LET THE DISMAL STARS WORK THEIR WILL IN THEIR UNFATHOMABLE COURSES......(Useful context for this report: Let's punch Holmes in the gut)Case one: A Grain of Evil"Well, well! That worked out smoother than the old limey could ever have managed. I'm glad you could join me after receiving my telegram, to witness my triumph.""Uh, about that telegram... you do know we both live in the same town.""Ahem! Now, the details of our little case of parks and recreation. A visit to the hospital revealed two things: that a suspicious substance from the victim's wound had been sent to the library, and that her purse had been sent to the criminologist.""Yes, I caught those things too. Also a few vague leads from her ramblings, but I guess I should have known those would not be crucial, since you would not have heard the exact same ramblings on your visit. Unless you did, you can never be too sure about these things.""One of these clues led me to learn of the Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath, and the second to learn of the young woman's place of residence.""And the connection to Shub-Niggurath naturally leads one to consult later on with Pasquale Fenton - well, if one happens to know what a Shub-Niggurath is, anyway. But at this point our paths diverge. Whereas I went to the bookstore...""... I of course visited the young lady's abode, where the landlord informed me of not only her name but the name of her sweetheart, and allowed me to inspect a photograph placing him at the scene of the crime.""A couple of things are awfully convenient for you there, though. First, the landlord spontaneously divulges Modine's full name but the storekeeper doesn't, even though it would be right there in his book, and I cannot ask him for it. Second, the landlord allows you into her room 'to help with the investigation', even though you are not an agent of the law. Well, I guess I should count my blessings that there was anyone to talk to at the store.""My new information allowed me to quickly make my way to the home of Edward Hartwell.""Yes, I noticed a cat outside reacting to your foul presence.""The dagger and seeds in the basement told me all I needed to know, how Hartwell had used Modine for his foul purposes.""And then I had to make use of Hartwell's note to visit Bee's Diner and confirm Hartwell as the fugitive, whereas you did not need to, having seen the photograph. Instead you informed Garrison of the meeting, which apparently did not cost you any time. But one thing is not clear to me, or to be precise, two things. Seemingly on a hunch, you visited the museum, which was mentioned in the paper only as the site of one suspected crime out of several.""A hunch that rather paid off, I would say! Not only did I learn of some ritual bowl, which may well have been the one used by Hartwell, but I also heard of one Mr Ingram from Boston, who was no doubt Hartwell's accomplice.""Ah, but we are now dealing in the kind of assumption that gets you thrown to a shoggoth. You could only link the bowl to the ritual by visiting Rare Books & Maps, which you did not. And you could only identify Victor Ingram as a cultist by visiting the Bancroft Arms Hotel, which you did not.""Poppycock! I call those reasoned deductions. If there is evidence of two ritual bowls in the same town, then by all laws of narrative economy they mus[...]

Session: King of Tokyo:: King of Havana

Wed, 22 Mar 2017 13:41:12 +0000

by Hemlockaaa The Setting:My family just returned from a wonderful week at an all-inclusive resort in Cuba. Trust me, there's nothing like a vacation at the beach to maximize relaxation and rejuvenation. Among the many highlights of our trip was a King of Tokyo Tournament we created for ourselves. (Not to worry, we also found plenty of time to enjoy the sun, surf, bars and buffets). There were four of us. Dad (me), Mom, and our two sons (Ry & Gar). The idea was to determine which monster would be crowned the ultimate King of Tokyo. That's right, our tourney was more focused on determining which "Monster" would win - and less focused on which "Human" would win. Ry took to the concept right away, Gar needed a little more convincing, and Mom generally goes along with anything as long as it doesn't take too long or become too complicated. The Set-UpThe tournament consists of 4 Qualifying Matches, with each Human playing a different Monster, chosen at random. The winning Monster of each Qualifying Match advances to the Final. Humans stay with their Monsters (ie. if you win one QM, you play that Monster in the Final - if you win multiple QM, you get to choose which Monster to keep - if you don't win any QM, well, you get whatever's left). The Monster who wins the Final Match claims the Cuban National Championship title! (See, only 5 games needed - plenty of time for the beach). The problem was, we had 17 available Monsters (6 base King of Tokyo, 1 KT Power-Up, 2 KT Halloween, 6 base King of New York, 1 KNY Power-Up, and 1 KT/KNY Monster Pack), and only needed 16 for the tournament. We always play with Evolutions, so Cyber Kitty and Space Penguin had to sit this one out since the 2nd Edition KT Power-Up isn't out yet. Yes, yes - that means I've purchased both the 1st and 2nd Editions of KT, plus KNY / Power-Up (just for the extra Monsters). What can I say - I'm a big fan of the series. Once the 2nd Edition KT is released, I'll pass my 1st Edition to a friend who needs something to amuse her sister's kids when they come over to visit. (I'll be keeping Cyber Bunny and Kraken for myself - I'm not that crazy.) So back to the 17/16 problem. How to decide which Monster couldn't participate? Do we pick favorites? If so, Captain Fish, Kong & Sheriff were definitely on the chopping block as far as I'm concerned. Ry thought we should eliminate Cthulhu, because he was the 17th released, but I didn't agree because .. well, it's Cthulhu. Gar suggested that Kraken be eliminated since he's no longer a current Monster, but he wouldn't accept the same argument regarding his precious Cyber Bunny. Mom smiled faintly while thinking her secret Mom thoughts, but didn't offer an opinion. We finally decided on a purely random selection, with everyone agreeing to honor the result even if their favorite Monster was auto-eliminated.We used an app where you input a list of names, and it selects them one by one - kind of like picking names out of a hat. So the four Humans gathered round a table where the 17 Monster standees has been assembled. As the app revealed each name, the respective standee was moved off to the side, representing that Monster's inclusion in the tournament. The tension grew as each Monster was selected, and the "unpicked" group of Monsters slowly dwindled. A small cheer was often heard whenever the name of someone's favorite Monster appeared on the screen.Finally, there were only two Monsters remaining - Rob & Pumpkin Jac[...]

Session: Terraforming Mars:: Terraforming Mars in Cancun

Wed, 22 Mar 2017 13:40:34 +0000

by klinsy73

I'm going to eventually do a review of this game. It absolutely merits one. For me it's one of my rare '10' rated games.

We've been playing this solidly since Christmas. I know it works best with four or strangely solo! We think it works great with just two of us. We play quick and normally end in generation 12-13 in 90 mins.

Given the number of corps and projects no game plays the same twice. That's what we love plus the drafting element. My favourite multi player game is or was Agricola. Obviously that has drafting only at the start. This has it throughout. Plus we pick our initial ten cards and keep five, drafting the rest. It really adds to the tension and makes for agonising decisions. Will they want or afford that card? I cannot possibly let them have that etc!

We go through all the corps apart from Ecoline which we deem too strong with 2. Plant production early is rare and we deem it OP. Tharsis is strong but beatable. An early city is hard to come by but not always. Both of us rarely lose with Hellion. Draft the right cards, Soletta or Mole and you have a powerful dual economy. We don't think of any corps being weak but Interplantery and the Mining Guild often get eschewed.

Anyway this is turning into a review! So I will have to stop.

Our other house rules:

You can only claim two milestones. We don't allow one person all three as it's too much. Still makes for a good race.
Can only sponsor two awards. Again all three would be too dominant.
No one is allowed to play the project protecting plants, animals and microbes. It's a bit like the open lord card from LOW. Too powerful.
No Ecoline as aforementioned.

Over eleven sun baked days we've been playing three games a day. The score is something like 14-13 to me. We occasionally win two or three games on the trot and think we are the nuts. However we are soon brought down to Mars with a resounding defeat.

We are truly addicted. We've brought Great Western Trail, Tzolkin, Twilight Struggle and FCM. In comparison we've hardly touched them.

Thanks to everyone involved with creating this awesome slice of gaming.

Session: Agricola (revised edition):: More 2-player Mayhem, or Are You Playing Baseball, or What?

Wed, 22 Mar 2017 13:38:52 +0000

by MisterG Apologies in advance for my foot-dragging with this one. Another bucolic joust from a month or so ago, the results of this one may surprise you. Or not. Pure revision cards, deal ten, drop three. Ron has the button, having lost whatever prior bout we had.Round One/FencesRon – Occ/Seasonal WorkerGeoff – 3W(3)Ron – 1R(1)Geoff – SP + Rammed Clay (1C)The only thing out of the ordinary in the opening moves is Ron's 1Reed draw. I can only wonder which Minor he has in store as I claim the button in pursuit of my own stratagem.Current StatusGeoff – 2Wood Rooms, 2 Peeps, 3f, 3W/1C, 1 MnImpRon – 2Wood Rooms, 2 Peeps, 2f, 1R, 1 OccRound Two/MIMIGeoff – 1C(2)Ron – Occ(-1f)/Assistant TillerGeoff – SP + Scullery (-1W/1C)Ron – 3W(3)With MIMI in the house, I can't resist the clay. Ron ocks again, ramping up the DL for himself, and I step on the button to activate a favorite revision Minor.* Ron spikes the wood, as expected.*Which, oddly enough, I still cannot find on I really, really wish they'd update their card roster for the revised game. Really.Current StatusGeoff – 2Wood Rooms, 2 Peeps, 3f, 2W/2C, 2 MnImpRon – 2Wood Rooms, 2 Peeps, 1f, 3W/1R, 2 OccRound Three/Sheep Geoff - 1fGeoff – 1R(2)Ron – Fish(3f)Geoff – 3W(3)Ron - Occ(-1f)/Consultant (3C)I snap up the reed,* Ron restocks his larder, and I top off building materials. Ron unleashes yet another Ock,** cleansing any thoughts of clay denial from my mind.*Though briefly tempted to go fishing...**Note that the linked mock-up does not match the finished card.Current StatusGeoff – 2Wood Rooms, 2 Peeps, 4f, 5W/2C/2R, 2 MnImpRon – 2Wood Rooms, 2 Peeps, 3f, 3W/3C/1R, 3 OccRound Four/Grain Utilization Geoff – 1fGeoff – MIMI/Fp2 (-2C)Ron – DL(2f) + 1G/PFGeoff – SP + Hand Plow (PF> r9 -1W) Ron – 3W(3)I fire up a cookery, Ron circumspectly cashes in on a visit to the DL, and I step on the button, a possible mistake given the Minor I play.* Ron spikes the lumber once more.*I've momentarily taken myself out of the expansion race.Current StatusGeoff – 2Wood Rooms, 2 Peeps, 1f, 4W/2R, 1 MjImp/3 MnImpRon – 2Wood Rooms, 2 Peeps, 1f, 6W/3C/1R, 1G, 1PF, 3 OccRound Five/Renovation + MIMI Geoff – 1fGeoff – Sheep(3)burn2Ron – 1R(2)Geoff – SP + Caravan (-3W/3f)Ron – BR(1) + x (-5W/2R)I hem and haw, but ultimately can't risk Ron scattering the woolies, a favorite diversion of his. He pounces on the reed, and I unveil my master plan: a button-stepping cheap room. Ron counters with a room of his own, leaving him in a strong position no matter what comes up next Round.**I'll leave it to Constant Reader to figure out why that's true.Current StatusGeoff – 2Wood Rooms, 2 Peeps, 6f, 1W/2R, 1sh, 1 MjImp/4 MnImpRon – 3Wood Rooms, 2 Peeps, 1f, 1W/3C/1R, 1G, 1PF, 3 OccRound Six/Stone Geoff – 1fGeoff – 3W(6)Ron – SP + Loam Pit (-1f)Geoff – DL(2f)Ron – MIMI/Fp3 (-3C)Rock, hard place. Conventional wisdom compels me to claim the cheap lumber, and quite naturally Ron snags the button, solidifying his DL combo.* I block the danger zone reflexively,** and Ron then builds his own cookery.*Again, note the difference in the original card and the revised version (name change and cost).**I may well have been better off doing something else, but what? Comments encouraged...Current StatusGeoff – 2Wood Rooms, 2 Peeps, 9f, 7W/2R, 1sh, 1 MjImp/4 MnImpRon – 3Wood R[...]

Session: Guilds of London:: Solo playthrough

Wed, 22 Mar 2017 13:37:40 +0000

by Dave in Ledbury

My ninth play with the excellent solo rules, using the Virginia plantation as the start plantation.

I opted to focus on gaining the ability to hold 8 cards by targetting the University of London, and managed to win that on the first resolution phase (turn 2). In fact I only managed to hold eight cards one more time in the game, but it's a 'good to have'.

I won both of the plantation rounds, and managed to gain a couple of guilds which gave me some neutral liverymen. I love 'em! I used them to knock Boris's guys out of a couple of guilds and deny him points. In fact, Boris resolved just nine 4-point guilds and a 5-point guild, and I only let him get one 2nd place reward. His total was 44.

However, with four scoring Mayoral cards picking me up some great bonuses, and even 2 points from adjacency, I took the game with a whopping 54 points for my first win!

End game position

Session: Food Chain Magnate:: Attention: The Overlord has demanded that you all buy pizza

Wed, 22 Mar 2017 09:01:40 +0000

by clarbri85 So, after 5 plays where I taught, and trounced, new players, I finally got to play a game against another experienced player. We did end up dragging three newbies around for the experience, though. This is our story.Dramatis PersonæFried Geese & Donkey - Discount food and beverage emporium and humble narrator.Gluttony Burger - Experienced food chain and budding Overlord; not a purveyor of hamburgers or hamburger-like foods.Santa Maria Pizza - A slow starter and unwitting enemy of FG&DXango Blues - Beleaguered beverage kingpins.Golden Duck Diner - A lemonade stand.Act 1The town is, roughly, split into 3 neighborhoods; four houses on the western/southwestern portion of the board, one of which is completely encapsulated by roads. Another in the middle of the board, although it's spread across 3 or 4 tiles. And 2 on the far eastern side of the board. The middle of the board fills up quick, with Gluttony Burger, Santa Maria Pizza and The Golden Duck Diner all placing in the vicinity. Fried Geese and Donkey and Xango Blues, on the other hand, split the western neighborhood down the middle, XB taking the northern end and FGD taking the southern end.Two strategies emerge in the beginning - GB,GDD and XB all go towards the Training route, all of them getting the salary discount in the second turn. SMP and FGD go the hiring route, each of them getting the Hiring milestone, the Waitress cash increase, The Freezer, and the First Errand Boy milestone in quick succession. From here, things diverge pretty significantly.Act 2Fried Geese and Donkey and Golden Duck Diner are the first to put marketing campaigns out - Cola and Burgers, respectively - both opting for mailbox campaigns hitting two houses and so not getting the infinite marketing campaigns. FGD also hires a Discount Manager and plays it the next round, getting the forever discount. Meanwhile, Gluttony Burger furiously expands his corporate structure, focusing on ensuring his upper management is in place before doing anything else. They get an early Guru, and use it to devastating effect, securing numerous high level employees before they even open the door. Luckily, they make a blunder , opening an infinite billboard campaign for Pizza too close to FGD, losing quite a bit of the market base he was counting on to the discount food chain.Santa Maria Pizza and Xango Blues flounder for a bit - XB gets the First Cart operator milestone, and causes some anxiety for FGD; dependent on cola, intervention by XB would be devastating. However, XB elects not to get into a pricing war and stays out of the beverage game (and the marketing game). SMP makes some early sales from waitresses, but uses that money to train employees, never really building up a significant cash reserve. A garden house is placed in what has become known as the Cola Neighborhood.FGD and XB are first to $20 dollars, and here your humble narrator blunders - he sees that it's going to be a short game (3 $100 and 2 $200 reserve cards), but doesn't plan for the shrinking of his CEO's management. He trains a Brand Manager just as GB trains a Brand Director, and then the bank breaks. FGD is far and away in the lead at this point, with about a $100 lead on his next closest competitor. His CEO becomes a CFO as well, and we move into the final few turns. The corporate structure shrinks by one.Ac[...]

Session: DOOM: The Board Game:: Game #2

Wed, 22 Mar 2017 09:00:54 +0000

by merkaba48 Had a second game with a new cast of marines, all new to the game. We played mission 3.This post is focused more on things I did to try and increase enjoyment of the game, from the perspective of the Invader & owner of the game vs newbies.People enjoyed the game, but there was a sense of helplessness from some of the marines who thought the invaders were overpowered. I think this is just due to having no experience with what the invader cards are capable of - or what they are capable of. Toward the end of the game I played an open hand so everyone could learn exactly what I could do if they liked. It struck me as an odd state of affairs in a DOOM game that people aren't aware of the capabilities of others. In future games with new players I think I will spend a bit more pre-game time explaining the capabilities of marines and invaders, perhaps go through the invader event cards in the deck so there are no surprises, and explain the general abilities of the weapons in the map.The game will definitely work best when people are comfortable with the behaviours of weapons and invader cards. I think this is a common issue with these types of board games, but much of the game was simply reading out numbers and rules which somewhat detracts from the drama of what is happening. This will come with familiarity to the game.Consider, instead of saying "I play this card which lets me move 4 across the board)...three...OK. Now I'll attack this guy with these dice...and I get to do 1 black dice roll to adjacent figures...", you say, "I pull out my rocket launcher, spin around the corner, and fire at that pinky!", it helps the flow and narrative of the game immensely.The behaviours of the marine cards are excellently tied to the equipment type they are - Chainsaws let you charge in and glory kill, chain guns let you fire off multiple attacks, rocket launchers deal high damage and splash, plasma stuns, BFG just wrecks everything (christ does it wreck everything). In future games I will suggest to marines they focus more on announcing the type of card it is rather than the details, as it tends to make it a more enjoyable experience.Something else I have begun doing is giving fragged demon figures to the marine that killed them, as a trophy. This does wonders to the sense of accomplishment on their part. Before I started doing this, people weren't sure how much progress they were making, particularly when more demons spawn on the board, it felt somewhat overwhelming. However, once each marine had a line of their quarry in front of them, it made them more invested in building it up some more - as well as introducing some competition between marines as people were envious of the guy who had the bigger haul (chainsaw FTW!). The caveat to this is that often the invader will need to steal some back to respawn on the board.Before beginning the game, or at the start, let marines know that there are no hard penalties to them if they die. They don't miss a turn, they keep their weapons, they simply are spawned at an active teleporter and their equipment is reshuffled. There was some stress from marines as they thought they only had 1 life.At the beginning of a new round, as an invader, try and give a marine an upkeep task to do so you can draw your hand and discard for argent with[...]

Session: Crimson Skies:: Crimson Skies at the Phoenix Con 2016

Wed, 22 Mar 2017 02:42:46 +0000

by McForrer OverviewThis year's Battletech convention Phoenix Con 2016 was again home to Crimson Skies. On three of the four days 20 of 22 planes took off, albeit only five of them were shot down, mostly due to the abortion of the big skirmish on Sunday.As most players were new to the game or hadn't played for quite a while, only standard encounters were carried out, no scenarios. Should a few veterans find their way to next year's Phoenix Con we might actually hold an Air Derby or play a scenario with a mission goal.I hope it was as much fun for all the other players as it was for me. I'm looking forward offering to play this great FASA-classic again next year!Main Flight BookThe 1st game was taking place on Friday, against a player who - up to then - had only read the rules, but had not yet found an opportunity to actually fly.We both chose two planes each from the basic game: he selected a Fury and a Raven, me a Firebrand and a Bloodhawk. We played on the Rural map without obstacles. Rockets were also used, but no Special Characteristics.My Firebrand harassed the Fury quite a bit, but she returned fire and hit the same column of the right wing several times in a row, bringing down the Firebrand in turn 8.The Bloodhawk was able to evade the enemy a little longer, but eventually shared the Firebrand's fate when a long-burning magnesium round finally destroyed the right wing.With only light and medium damage to his planes a raving success for the new player!The 2nd game occurred on Saturday against someone who had played before, but not for more than a year.We both rolled random planes: he got a M112 (Bloodhawk mini) and a Ramrod (Firebrand mini), me a Devastator and a Sandhill (Vampire mini).We played on the City map between the skyscrapers. Rockets were used, but no Special Characteristics.Another player canceled on short notice, otherwise there would have been a Black Bat (Avenger mini) and a Monitor (Brigand mini) in the mix.The M112 was the first fighter to go down (turn 5), again by a sheared off right wing.Its maneuverability already highly limited by damage, the Devastator tried a rather difficult move and crashed into the high-rise with the landing platform in turn 17.The Sandhill was able to pour a lot of damage onto the Ramrod until turn 23. This destroyed - amongst other things - all four .40 caliber guns; but ultimately the Ramrod remained airworthy and the encounter was ended here.The 3rd game was also played on Saturday, against another veteran who hadn't been flying for a year or more.We consulted the random tables and got: a Phantasm (Fury mini) and a Zion (Raven mini) for him, an Aguila (Brigand mini) and a Cutlass (Avenger mini) for me.We used the River map without obstacles, along with the usual: rockets yes, but no Special Characteristics.Completely miscalculating my opponents moves, I flew my Aguila directly in front of both his planes in turn 2.Naturally, he was happy, but luckily for me he didn't land too many hits. Only the magnesium round – which was burning through the Aguila's cockpit for five rounds – was rather debilitating.When finally the fire ceased burning in the wing spar behind the cockpit, the Aguila was hit by a .50 magnesium round in just that column, causing the wing tank to explode in turn 8.Subsequently my Cutlass lost a l[...]

Session: Orongo:: First game with 4 new players proves to be...

Wed, 22 Mar 2017 02:40:08 +0000

by alexankh AMAZING!I picked this game up on a Ding and Dent sale and am just getting around to playing it. I am a fan of RKs other works so I was willing to take a gamble on this one. I love the components (minus the shells, but I will talk about that later), and the rich colors on the gameboard make this one a pretty sight on the table. At first I thought this would be another pure auction game, but I found elements of both route-building, and some take-that buried in the gameplay.Anyway, we jumped right into the game with very little explanation needed, and by the second round we all had it figured out. Each round a number of tiles are drawn randomly from a bag and placed on the board. Each tile can only go in one spot so the tiles you draw from the bag direct you where to place your own markers.Players are trying to link specific groupings of tiles with their player pieces, so everyone will see the new tiles placed on the board this round, and then bid for turn order to claim the tiles (place the player markers). If a player is able to link specific groupings with the player pieces, AND has an open spot on the border, they can build their Maoi statue, and subsequently pay shells to do so.We were all new to this game and have various levels of gaming experience. As with all auction games you haven't played before, it is hard to judge what an appropriate amount of shells (currency) to bid is. For the first few rounds we overpaid, but that just helps to highlight the clever mechanism used to get shells (currency) back. Only the winner of the round's auction (highest bidder) loses their bid. Everyone else keeps theirs and in order to get shells back, you have to bid Zero. It is not enough just to lose the bid, you must bid Zero, and in doing so, you retrieve any shells left on the board from the previous round, plus the shells from the current round's winner. And if you tie, divide the shells evenly leaving any extras on the board for next round's "loser" to claim.One round mid-game there was one shell on the board from the previous round. I was going to bid zero attempting to increase my stockpile of shells so I could control the next auction. Two of my opponents had a bunch of shells, so I knew they were probably going to bid a few. One opponent had one shell, so I knew she was going to bid zero. What really happened...The opponent that had one shell left bid their one shell and everyone else bid zero. The person who bid one basically got the deal of a lifetime, by getting to place all 3 of her markers for only 1 shell. And since she only bid one, there weren't enough shells for the rest to split. That moment when we all opened our hands and everyone had an empty palm except for one...just awesome, we all died laughing. It was completely unexpected.The game flows smooth as butter with each round being pretty quick, so before we knew it we were getting close to the end of the game. This game is a race game, and it's always clear who is in the lead. I mentioned some take-that before. If you win the auction, you place your markers first. So if you see someone is setting up a combo, you could place your marker in a way that disrupts that entirely. I think this is the main decision point behind this game. There are some very simple combos/group[...]

Session: Magic: The Gathering:: True_Dave versus Bristol's FNM scene (weeks 2 & 3)

Tue, 21 Mar 2017 15:19:22 +0000

by True_Dave Intro and week 1 can be found hereExcelsior!Being located in the main shopping area of the city meant that I had plenty of choices of where to get dinner before gaming commenced, and I turned up full of chicken and rice. Again their gaming space is located above the main store and consists of a single large, well lit room with toilets located on the second floor. When I got there, there were a few different groups using the room, but there was still plenty of room for us MtG players (yeah, by this point I'm already counting myself as one again). As I’m sat sorting through my deck, which by this point actually has a sideboard, a chap sits down opposite, introduces himself as Konrad, and asks if I fancy a friendly game. Annoyingly, I can’t remember what he was playing, but it stomped me good. As we’re playing the first round match ups get announced, and I’m playing Konrad. The match goes the same way as all our friendly games, and with the official business out of the way we get to talking. He got into MtG about the time I got out (2003-ish), and he looked through my deck offering advice on little tweaks I could make. Honestly, he was such a nice guy that it was a pleasure to lose to him. The next round was also a loss, but my opponent kept criticizing my deck and going on about how I shouldn’t be losing to them as they had built their deck in 20 minutes (based, I feel I should add, on an established G/B energy archetype, so I don’t believe that it was exactly built from the ground up in that time). As we had time I asked if they would fancy letting me try another deck I’d built which I felt was more fun, but a lot less powerful. This time round I took the win and while their feedback was positive, it did feel like their attitude towards me soured a little bit as a result. But this could also have been due to them not looking forward to facing their opponent for the next round, and I like to think that they meant well and just didn’t come across as they intended.After a bye in the third round (and more deck advice), my fourth round saw me paired with against a player running a U/B control deck. Again we got to chatting and they started complaining about there being too many people running netdecks, and this was something I have to agree with as I’ve always preferred to build my own decks and really enjoyed the diversity of decks in the early days. I get a win in the first game, but then lose the next two. I think it was maybe for being the new player, but I came away from the event with a couple of promos and an Aether Revolt booster. Handy, spacious locationPlenty of interest in StandardStill a high standard of decks/playersToo often the ‘advice’ seemed to boil down to ‘spend a fortune on cards/just buy a netdeck’ Some of the chairs are terrible (I was worried that the backs of some of them were going to fold backwards if I put my full weight on them). Other observations: Play the other deck, it’s much more fun.Forbidden PlanetThis was described to me by a couple of players as being the ‘least spiky’ (least competitive) place to play in Bristol, and it’s free to enter too (the other venues each charge £5). Again, due to its location, I had plenty of choices for dinne[...]

Session: Heroes of the Great War: Limanowa 1914:: Limanowa playtest - 2017.05.15

Tue, 21 Mar 2017 14:31:50 +0000

by sasy0174 How else could we celebrate the prelude to the 1848-49 Revolution and War in Hungary on 15th of March, but leading the heroes of Limanowa into battle and stopping the Russian Steamroller!We played three battles, with two scenarios (Siege of Gorlice and Occupation of Podolin). On the former, the Russian forces defend the town of Gorlice, headed by Nikolai Orlov and Vladimirovych Eck, while the two K.u.K. armies, led by Generals Imre Hady and Sandor Szurmay, are trying to break through; on the later scenario, the situation is reversed: Podolin is in the hands of the Austro-Hungarian army and the Russians try to take this by storming down from the mountains. Although there were heavy fights near these cities during WW1, the played battles are fictitious, they didn't happen in real life - not like the Battle of Limanowa, played on a 4-times larger map!One of the developers (Manticor), two wargamer veterans and myself tried to trick our enemies, with varying success. One of the veterans already knew the game, but the other guy had no knowledge about it, he had to learn the rules on the fly - for me this was the second session with Limanowa, but I've played it's predecessor many-many times years ago.***Siege of Gorlice I.12 rounds - this is the time the attacking Austro-Hungarian army has to take over Gorlice. After that the Russian reinforcements arrive, killing everyone on sight.Manticor and I led the defending Russian army, with the two wargamers commanding the K.u.K. armies: Hadfy in light blue, Szurmay in dark blue, Orlov in dark green, Eck in light green.This was a relative short brawl: the Hungarians stormed the Russian wall only to get immediately repelled. We finished the battle in 3 rounds, it took approximately 3/4 hour.To be honest, the lack of experience greatly reduced the chances of the Hungarians: the set up of their armies and the too cunning tactics didn't play off as they wanted, and to worsen the situation, they didn't have luck with the dice as well.General Szurmay fell in the first round, after he could not utilize neither his "Organised attack", nor the "Relegating attackers" ability: with the former he can deploy a unit next to the unit under his attack to launch an overwhelming group attack, with the later he can push back one of hostile units away from his position, and if the enemy cannot retreat, it suffers further damages. The infantry general launched a brave attack against his enemy, only to find himself next to Orlov, who strenghtens one of the units next to him: weakened by the covering fire of the Russian cannons, the general left the battlefield after a single counterattack.Hadfy tried to break throught at the same spot, leaving a bunch of time for Eck to organise: by the time the Hungarians arrived under Gorlice, both Russian was prepared. Although at this stage even the dice rolls started to favor the blue armies and they managed to play their battle cards well, this did not save them. Almost all of their attacks turned into defense and in addition we could demolish them from behind, we had more cards from the destroyed units, we were in dominance in total: we had some answer to all of their moves, but we would have destroyed them even with brut[...]

Session: Dominion (Second Edition):: First Play of "Deck Top" Card Combination

Tue, 21 Mar 2017 13:59:47 +0000

by AfrikaKorps14 My wife and I picked up a copy of this a few months ago and have been using the default "First Game" set as we learned the basics. This time, however, we decided to try a new combination of cards. After looking at the suggestions in the back of the 2ed manual, we chose the "Deck Top" set which includes the following cards:Deck TopArtisanBureaucratCouncil RoomFestivalHarbingerLaboratoryMoneylenderSentryVassalVillageThis combination of cards has a higher average cost for Action cards compared to the default combination. However, this set also includes three Action cards that can provide extra income (Festival, Moneylender, and Vassal). There are also three cards that allow a player to either move cards (Artisan and Harbinger) or reorder cards (Sentry). Overall, this set is slightly more complicated to use, as the interaction between the cards may not be entirely obvious at first glance.Early Game - Both of us started with Harbinger and Vassal cards, as Vassal forces a discard and Harbinger allows recovery of cards from the discard pile. This seemed like a natural connection, but at the beginning, when the discard pile was small, we burned a few uses of Harbinger, as we had no discard pile at the time. My wife got an early jump on the first Artisan card which helps to gain other cards. I focused on Festival for the extra money + 2 actions. I also tried to get a few Village cards for the card + 2 actions, thinking that having more actions is generally better. I also had a harder time getting card draws that led to high-value card purchases. I noticed that for whatever reason, we seemed slower on getting Silver and Gold cards, possibly because everything else was more expensive.Mid-Game - Around the middle of the game, we both had 2 Festivals, 2-3 Artisans, 2-3 Sentries, 2-3 Laboratories, 1-2 Council Rooms, a Moneylender, and 2-3 Harbingers / Vassals / Villages. My wife was leaning more on Council Room and Festival, while I was trying to harness the Harbinger / Sentry / Vassal combination. I was hoping to move cards to my deck, then reorder them so that I could use Vassal to either discard a VP card or draw an Action card, that way I never had to discard a Silver or Gold. This didn't always work, but it helped in a couple key turns. Near the end of the mid-game, I fell behind in Provinces, so I had to make up the difference with Duchy cards.End Game - By this point, we both had several Gold cards and were working on accumulating VP cards. My wife was getting outrageous combinations of Actions where she would purchase a Province, a Gold, and something else all in one turn. That's just hard to beat. I did have a good run a couple of times, playing almost 10 Action cards before I had to stop. Near the end, we had a mad rush to get that last Province. I had been accumulating extra Duchy and Estate cards for fear that I couldn't get that last Province, so the game was tight.Final Score:Me - 37Wife - 39 Thoughts on Card Combination: Since the average price of each Action card is greater, you have to gain some cards early that provide additional actions, otherwise it becomes difficult to pay for cards. Two-thirds of the cards that prov[...]

Session: Shadows over Camelot:: Playing with the children ...

Tue, 21 Mar 2017 13:58:34 +0000

by Professor X

My family and I picked up this game for Christmas.
After mastering the game without a traitor, we moved on to playing with the traitor.

Since six of us play together, the traitor is almost always in our midst, and as such it's become a lot more difficult for good to win.

This afternoon, however, good cruised to a 10-4 victory ove evil.
We were convinced that there was no traitor. But to our surprise, there was indeed a traitor: our youngest, Gabriella (age 7).

She's a precocious little thing and knows how to play the game quite well.
She fully understands the traitor's job and strategy having been victimized by traitors over several games.

When we asked her what she tried to do to undermine the team, she responded:
"Nothing - even though I was the traitor, I wanted the good guys to win!"

Session: The Siege of Jerusalem (Third Edition):: Campaign Game - AP I (Martijn & Alan) Turn 9

Tue, 21 Mar 2017 10:30:19 +0000

by VladNL Turn 9! 2 turns for the Romans left, in which they would have to take the Tyropean.. But first rally. Most crucial part was the ram at the Psephinus.. rallying one unit would be great, but with a +2 penalty.. one succeeded! Now it only needed to survive the upcoming firephase..In the centre, one routing unit failed. But since it was night (+1 penalty), I was happy with the result (no panic)In the east two more units failed, but didn't rout (or worse). By this time, I couldn't care at all.. all I wanted was the Tyropean!Next, The Judean still had a few shots (again, I'll put the two firephases together).First the important shot on my ram.. this time Alan scored a single D. I chose to eliminate the already disrupted unit (yes, points for Alan..) to keep the ram mobile the next movement phase.On the western Tyropean wall, a regular killed (another) base unit of an escalade. Another unit locked up in a bastion..In the south a velitae luckily disrupted that annoying cauldron (in the Roman turn, shown here for the sake of simplicity. It was also the only fire attack this turn).Finally, in the east one shot luckily hit a heavy infantry on the Tyropean wall. Outside the wall, the combined four ram blockers killed 2 heavy infantry. (note that's the reason why those units were not attacked last melee.. Alan wouldn't want to get a B or D allowing my units to escape from his fire..)On to the Roman movement! Stay tuned! [...]

Session: Telestrations:: That's not a squirt gun...

Tue, 21 Mar 2017 10:30:03 +0000

by danaolson

So I had some people over last night and we did a bunch of games, including three rounds of Telestrations. One of the books from our final round made us laugh so much that we agreed it had to be scanned and shared on Facebook, mostly because of my wife's drawing skills. So, since I had scanned it all in, I figured I'd share here as well, in case anyone gets a chuckle out of it.

Stephan's card started him off with "Squirt Gun" and so he drew it. I know, he used letters and numbers... We let it slide because we forgot about that rule, even though it's right in the booklets.

He passed it to Bob, who guessed pretty much correctly:

He passed it to my wife, who drew something she called a "rifle."

My nephew looked at it and saw what we all saw.

I had a good idea what he witnessed, but I went a different direction with it:

I passed it to my sister, who correctly guessed what I drew, but it was a long way off of the original drawing.

This is such a great game, I wish I could get 6+ players together more often. I feel like you need at least the three drawings for it to have more opportunity to morph from start to finish.

Everyone had a great time with all of the games we played, and we're looking to do it again very soon!

Session: Memoir '44: The Battles of Khalkhin-Gol:: Tightening the Noose: M44 BoKG Breakthrough

Tue, 21 Mar 2017 09:28:15 +0000

by danevilparker Well after a long, long, wait I finally got Battles of Khalkin Gol for my B'day a couple of weeks back, and this weekend saw me able to finally rip that sucker open! I have a fair old amount of M44 kit already, but frustratingly I always appear to be missing one tiny piece of the puzzle for the 'perfect' set up. The well-known Days of Wonder purchase creep dilemma saw me testing out this expansion without any lovely horsey Cavalry figures, and with a mismatched band of allied troops as I've only got one base game and one Eastern front exp' – so I ran out of Russians. Nevertheless I've got to say I was feeling pretty excited s I cracked out the Breakthrough deck which till now I've never used in anger aside from in D'Day landing scenarios.We flipped a coin and discovered I was going to get the joy of the Commissar chip for this game with my motley band of brown and green troops, and the wife was going to get the entirely matching Japanese forces. Grrr, stupid chip! Quick refresher of the imperial army and chip rules, cuppas made, and we were ready.Initial impressions however made me feel a bit better about this situation once I realised I was going to have some nice chunky groups of infantry just waiting to hammer the isolated Axis figures on my side, and a lovely line of tanks ready to roll over the enemy sitting duck units on the far side. To make things better I'd managed to draw ALL the nice cards straight away! Armoured Assault, Order Everything here/there/everywhere etc… Chomping at the bit I was ready to go – until I was informed a mistake had been made and we had to re shuffle and deal again. Sad face. It's an 8 medal map, and Japan starts with 2 temp' medals already, so despite their forces being somewhat here, there, and everywhere, they do start with a bit of advantage. I had to ensure I flushed them out of a section and take those away from her, and thus glean one back for myself as a reward. The Axis needs to maintain at least some presence in all 3 sections to maintain their temp 2 medals.The first part of the game was predictably slow manoeuvring as I marched towards her dug in positions on her comparatively weak right flank. She was never going to leave those nice warm nests, and so I endured pot shot damage until I managed to get up close and personal. I spent a few turns convinced that a big assault here would flush out her little enclaves and break her 2 medal lead. Card after card after card I found my confidence knocked as I did nothing but roll flags and tanks against the sandbagged Japanese. I had numbers, but not rolling enough dice, or at least not the right ones! I kept placing orders for this flank under the chip assuming it had to go my way any moment and grant me a clean sweep on that flank. All her units were understrength now, and surrounded. It was just a matter of time now. I started hoarding cards for this side for a big push.Of course whilst I'd been doing this, she'd been gradually using On The Move manoeuvres to progress her previously 'sitting duck' units into closer quarters on her left flank[...]

Session: Hapsburg Eclipse:: First Play and.... MINOR VICTORY!

Tue, 21 Mar 2017 05:54:18 +0000

by SDF3

So, in the end I managed to scrape a lucky victory with 13 points. Realized that I got incredibly lucky on two counts: firstly, the kaiserschlacht didn't kick in until very very late in the game, maybe 10th from last card or so? Second piece of luck was the advance of war status from expanded to Great War. These two cards ended up pretty close together on the bottom of the deck! So, I was able to basically get through all the various crises of the morning and midday cards before dusk came into play. I saw loads of Romanian and Balkan advances go by without their fronts being on the map! Mackensen was also a great help. Rebuilt przemysl back to 1 and managed to hold the Carpathian front there until the Bolsheviks came to my rescue! Flubbed the Croat vs Czech revolt effects but don't think it was a massive game changer??? Anyway, I'm sure it'll be more difficult once I get all the rules down pat but it was a great pleasure to save this anachronistic dynasty (being a holdover from the HRE, a late Antique/early medieval creation!!) in the 20th century. Thanks to Darin Leviloff and the team for such a pleasure, and especially for the speculative blurbs on the various victory/defeat results! Really added to the narrative! Extra kudos to VPG for replacing the Ottoman Sunset cards that were in the box (image) with the correct cards within about a week, free, no questions asked! Great customer service.

Session: Waning Crescent, Shattered Cross:: Christians Hold Out!

Tue, 21 Mar 2017 05:54:06 +0000

by Agip

Being in the blind playtest group for this stimulating and compelling I would like to share a brief report of my first game.

I made mistakes and misinterpretations along the way but felt I got a broad feel for it. It seems tough for the Ottomans. Plague set in on turn five (out of the twenty my game went to, and on the third turn it was rolled for) and took a huge toll of them. Although only St.Angelo was left to the Christians it was 23 : 26 (Ott : Chr) Strength Points left. Though the Otts had all their artillery and half the Chr left were (weak) Maltese the plague would have gotten them before St.Angelo fell.

I made an error in respect to the Ottoman Strategy (No. 1 in this case) in that after Mdina fell the Otts took St.Elmo (in four weeks , with Crossfire from Tigne)when they should have gone for Birgu first. Senglea fell next after a successful Naval Attack left about 6 SP of Janissaries and Spahis in an unguarded coastal TZ. Then Birgu eventually fell (6 Weeks to clear it I think) in a two pronged assault from Senglea and the Southern walls.

Next time the Otts will go for Birgu and the Chr Hospital there first, provided it is not too heavily defended and execute their Ranged Fire attacks more carefully whilst perhaps seeking multiple wall Breaches in a Fortification so as to have more Melee opportunities. Though this will of course require more Actions and time, which are always running on!

Session: Advanced Civilization:: Sing in the eight-part harmony of Advanced Civilization

Tue, 21 Mar 2017 05:51:59 +0000

by TheWheel Dear Players,I want to thank you in advance for planning, as you have, to place ten hours of your precious weekend into escrow against the value of an obscure board game from 1980. For you, this is probably a lark; for me it is a bit of destiny.My board game geek story sort of begins at Waterloo. This is not the municipality of Belgium made famous by the Napoleonic battle, but rather its early-90s namesake small board game shop in Nassau, Long Island. It’s not quite right to call it a “board game shop”; really it was something that doesn’t exist any more: a true war game shop. If you have ever knelt down and thanked the gods above that we gamers were able to graduate from Monopoly and Trouble and all the Milton Bradley dreck into Eurogames, you owe an obeisance to the war game devotees of the 60s and 70s and their dealings in hex maps, chipboard chits, and rulebooks numbered and subheaded like a legal contract.(Advanced Civilization, a simple game by comparison to any war game I know, is a mere 15 pages of dense text numbered I.1.1 through VI.35.2. It comes standard with a 35-page strategy guide)Before he settled down with a wife and two kids, Dad was a wargamer. In fact, as near as I can determine, he may have been more of a wargamer wannabe. As his son, it’s really hard for me to imagine this now, but he tells of frequenting NYC’s The Compleat Strategist in the 70s, watching guys playing WWII naval simulations on boards so large they mounted them on the wall and used poles to move the pieces, a candy bar in one hand, the fate of the free world in another.Marriage and then children ended the hobby for Dad, but even in my childhood I glimpsed the tatters of that old cloak. Once when I was six or so, I saw him taking the shrink wrap off a box and carefully looking over some of the chit sheets, without punching them out. I asked what it was, and he said it was a game. I asked if we could play, and he said I’d have to be older, but he promised we would someday. I already loved all the board games I had and knew I was playing above my age level, but I also admitted in that moment that my little hand was not steady enough to move those pieces accurately on the tiny hex spaces, and agreed we should wait. But I never, never forgot that in a living room cabinet that never opened was a trove of games I had to get older to play.Next came Waterloo. Waterloo was a tiny store on a suburban road. There was always parking out front. When travels took him nearby, Dad would stop at Waterloo if it was just me and him. I don’t really know what he did there, but he never bought anything so I imagine we were doing the same thing: browsing and reading board game box backs, neither of us able to justify buying one. There were shelves and tables packed with standard-format boxes, a legion of SPI imprints. I remember just two specifically: Ragnarok was a war game that simulated the world-ending battle between good and evil as forecast in Norse mythology. It featured a R[...]

Session: Terraforming Mars:: Fastest Solo Terraformation with "perfect cards"

Tue, 21 Mar 2017 05:49:15 +0000

by the_Bzyk Some people, including me, started to wonder - what is the fastest possible Terraforming time in solo Game? So we set to ourselves a little challenge - with perfect cards (but otherwise followed all* other rules) what would be the fastest number of generations to achive full Terraformation?*in purpose to raport/guide/photo be more clear, I didn't put those two neutral cities+forest, You can asume they were in any spaces/hexes We do not use This is my session raport of how I managed to get probably The Fastest solo Terraformation Ever:[o]Formating for this Raport:1$ is 1 megacredit1S is 1 steel1T is 1 Titan1G is 1 plant resource1E is 1 Energy1H is 1 Heat1# is 1 Card (draw)30/5/4.3/2/1 #10 is 30$, 5S, 4T, 3G, 2E, 1H and 10 cards in Hand[14+10/5/4.3/2/1] is Production: 14TR+10$, 5S, 4T, 3G, 2E, 1H<5%/9!/-20> is 5% Oxygen, 9 oceans(! is max) and -20 Temperature Reference numbers of Mars' hexes:---------01(02)03(04.05)-------"1." Full numbers are Card Actions"1a." Numbers with letters are Non-Card actions (actions from blue cards, building Forest for 8G, rising temperature for 8H etc)Corporation: CredicorStart budget after buing 10 cards:27/0/0.0/0/0 #10GENERATION I1. Pay 1$ for Earth Office 26/0/0.0/0/0 #92. Pay 20$ for Earth Catapult, we get +4$ 10/0/0.0/0/0 #83. Pay 1$ for Media Group 9/0/0.0/0/0 #74. Pay 3$ for Mineral Deposit, we get +3$, +5S 9/5/0.0/0/0 #65. Pay nothing for Investment Loan, we get +13$ 22/5/0.0/0/0 #5 [14-1/0/0.0/0/0]6. Pay nothing for Indentured Workers, we get +3$ 25/5/0.0/0/0 #4 7. Pay 4S for Research Outpost Put it on Hex 53 to get +1# 25/1/0.0/0/0 #48. Pay 2$+1S for Olympus Conference 23/0/0.0/0/0 #3+("plus" is a Science resource on Olympus Conference)9. Pay nothing for Invention Contest, we get +3$, +1# and +1# from OC 26/0/0.0/0/0 #410. Pay 8$ for Research, we get +2# and +1# from OC 18/0/0.0/0/0 #611. Pay 10$ for Quantum Extractor 8/0/0.0/0/0 #5+ [14-1/0/0.0/4/0]12. Pay 5$ for Mass Converter, we get +1# from OC 3/0/0.0/0/0 #5 [14-1/0/0.0/10/0]13. Pay 3$ for Space Station 0/0/0.0/0/0 #414. Pay nothing for Optimal Aerobreaking 0/0/0.0/0/0 #315. Pay nothing for Technology Demonstration, we get +6$, +3H and +2# 6/0/0.0/0/3 #4+16. Pay nothing for Import of Advanced GHG, we get +6$ and +3H 12/0/0.0/0/6 #3+ [14-1/0/0.0/10/2]17. Pay nothing for Imported GHG, we get +6$ and +6H 18/0/0.0/0/12 #2+ [14-1/0/0.0/10/3]18. Pay nothing for Lagrange Observatory, we get +1# and +1# from OC 18/0/0.0/0/12 #319. Pay 11$ for Anti Gravity Technology 7/0/0.0/0/12 #2+20. Pay 4 for Advanced Alloys, we get +1# from OC 3/0/0.0/0/12 #221. Pay nothing for Business Contacts, we get +3$ and +2# 6/0/0.0/0/12 #322. Pay 3$ for Asteroid, we get +6$, +2T and +3H 9/0/2.0/0/15 #2 [15-1/0/0.0/10/3] [...]

Session: Pandemic Legacy: Season 1:: The Science Periodical - Centrifugal Force (SPOILERS Lie Within)!!! [Late November]

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 23:54:55 +0000

by Neil Thomson Here continues the tale of Earth 2017. Disease is spreading across the planet at a rapid rate.Subscribe to stay tuned to the events of 1 year in this Earth's historyDate - November 21st, 2017Diary Entry - Sarah the ScientistLog EntryEarly November will never be a happy time in my life again after the events of our last outing. But we had to push on...there was still hope for us yet. World Governments had finally been convinced that the Human Race stood on the edge of extinction and we were given the green light for 10 million dollars in funding for a 2 week operation. At last!!!We flew into Algiers to set-up our temporary HQ there as it was close to the Vaccine Factory in Madrid and we could mobilise quickly. But London was also close and the Zodiac group had somehow erected a Military Base there as well and the Faded had broken out in huge numbers. We only had 3 objectives to complete in this operation and it was a 'go all the way or say goodbye to your loved ones' type of situation, having not registered a successful mission since late September. The early showing was promising. Veronica reached London within only a few days and she Sabotaged that Military Base with ease. Ivan travelled via Madrid and Taipei and picked himself up a big batch of Vaccine and Quinn and I took care of treatments around North America and Europe. We also built a 3rd Vaccination Factory in those early days in Washington and that was one Objective completed in quick time (thanks to our other factories in Madrid and Taipei). Soon we were treating Faded with Vaccine and incubating whole cities. London was the first and soon Istanbul, Milan and Baghdad followed. Ivan was doing a great job and a combination of Funding, Quinn's Quarantine Zones and Veronica's ability to remove Faded with her connections and abilities was helping to keep everything in check. Soon I had the North American/European Cure, although despite our desire to eradicate this strain it always just kept one step ahead of us. Soon more cities enjoyed Vaccination and the use of Aerosol Units and Ivan's skills were making the job much easier. Veronica Sabotaged the Military Base at Sao Paolo (completing Objective 2) and that led to that city, Buenos Aires, Mexico City and Bogota all gaining Vaccination relief in the coming days. In fact that made South America completely CoDA free. News services around the globe were splashing headlines of hope across their mastheads and news broadcasts and the world populace were beginning to dance in the streets on some continents. Quinn soon dialled-in the Asian cure too but we knew the job wasn't done yet and there were a few grey skies looming. By the midway point of this operation we had two grave concerns. Sydney had suffered an unlikely Outbreak and Infected Los Angeles with the CoDA Virus. This was our first infection of this nature in a while. But the greater worry was that we had very few leads on the final cure for the [...]

Session: Tobruk: Tank Battles in North Africa 1942:: Ritchie Railroads, Rommel Retreats

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 17:18:11 +0000

by oceanweather

Two great games of Tobruk scenario 4 "The Panzer Thrust is Slowed" yesterday with Clyde L. This was supposed to be a playtest of a cool Brian M. developed Tobruk scenario from the 1941 Beda Fomm battles (original Tobruk just covers the 1942 Gazala fight) but Brian had a last minute obligation so we went with the learning all tank action. This scenario is a meaty one mind you but Tobruk at its core is so brilliantly simple it supports learning play even with the larger actions.

Scenario 4 features a large German armor force (17 PzIIIh's backed by the longer ranged 3 IIIj's and 5 Marders) being attacked by a large group of British tanks (14 Crusaders with heavily armored 6 Grants and 3 Matildas). The Crusaders and Grants come on one flank while the Matildas can come in on the opposite, thus forcing some tough, tough choices on the Germans who must, by scenario special rule, motor on to the map middle before reacting to the British advance.

In our two matches the British won both despite a fairly even trade of tanks as the British get 5 VP for each German tank lost while the Germans only score 3 VP for the more numerous Crusaders being knocked out.

I really enjoy this game system and the weapon system relationships it highlights. The high rapid fire of the British 2 pounder gun is offset by its weak penetration and short range while the Germans enjoy a longer opening fire reach the penetration is so poor against the Grants and Matildas. As a result both sides strive to get shots at the more vulnerable flanks. Tank maneuver and facing become critical factors along side the more obvious range and rate of fire. Absolutely superb.

Session: Triumph of Chaos v2 DELUXE!:: Triumph of Chaos v2: DELUXE! Playtesting the Beast in NYC post Nor'easter 2017

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 14:40:42 +0000

by Herr Dr Background...Playtest? Sure.So, in 2015, after reading a pile of RCW (Russian Civil War) books printed since my Triumph of Chaos was published in 2005, I got inspired to do another version. The game had evolved due to some fanatical fans (thank you all; Heinzmann, Nels, Anner, Byd, Malcomson, Serge, etc...the "Recommendation on Condition of Insanity" review - the support for the game has been incredible), WBC tournament play (very helpful to have WBC sharks bang on the design) and 10,000 messages, reviews, podcasts, BGG commnts/ratings, AARs, etc posted - and the resulting dialogue. The game reached its final state in 2007 with v1.5. There really weren't that many changes (nothing on map, cards or counters); less than 3 pages (original game had 64 pages of rules/supplement). After we sold out of a couple of print runs and the add-on, Triumph of Chaos Comrades Guide, Ed at Clash of Arms Games suggested we do another version. I thought about it and quickly decided to take the plunge in 2015: who doesn't want to try to improve their baby - their first design? Also, given the 100 year anniversary of the RCW was approaching, I thought there may be some renewed topic interest. So, work began. Some rewriting of the rules...adding a few mechanics to address what I thought got wrong...streamlining some stuff...tossing in a few mechanics to reflect new insights into this epic story... a number of playtesting sessions. We put it up for preorder at on New Years 2016, anticipating an mid 2016 publish date (ToC took only 5 months from preorder to publish). We (Ed and I) searched for graphics artist to redo the map (it is now 44 in x 34 x - a doubling). Had one lined up, but, life intervened. We then secured Terry Leeds (much rejoicing). Terry did the first game's map. Terry took just few months and then delivered big time: a gem of map. I printed out the beauty a few days ago. I dragged it to JR's group on a snowy NYC Tuesday night. I laid it out at JR's lair and mentioned I was going to do some playtesting this week and Herman said, "Let's do it". Not often to you get to playtest a game with great designer like Mark - let alone the dude that gave us the Card Driven Wargame genre, so, I jumped at the chance. Mark subsequently told me during our session that at the vaunted Victory Games (I) , the designers (Karp, Smith, Butterfield, etc) frequently play tested each other's games and very constructed feedback occurred. It shows; VG produced great games - The Korean War being a favorite of mine.Set up begins...the wood shown will probably NOT be included in the game (although maybe in a pimp out option - see below). The upright blocks indicate Resource Centers, the sticks depict the front line and the brown pyramids show where the Socialist Revolutionaries are.Playtest Session Begins; The Diplomatic Tussle ...and setup is completeFaction Control TableThe game begins with [...]

Session: Panzerblitz: Hill of Death:: PanzerBlitz Hill of Death Scn HOD4

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 14:37:09 +0000

by fairnie01

We played the HOD 4 scenario to completion yesterday as planned, and had a blast. The climax was very exciting indeed as my tough Britishers closed with the very professional Wehrmacht in a tooth and nail close quarters action for the hill top. Despite loosing the battle, and if I may say so quite narrowly, I was very proud of the fact that I only lost 5 steps of infantry in the process, in keeping with the cautionary attitude of the Brits at this time of the war. I lost 4 steps of those carrier borne (infantry) in a nasty mistake outside Le Bon Repos when they were minced by a Gerry 75 perched on the end of the hilltop, I guess I would have been the subject of an enquiry for that! In a nice little vignette, worthy of a classic war movie, right thereafter I stonked that gun pit with a 25pdr shoot and duly wiped them out by rolling a 3 right on cue :-)

The system is pretty reminiscent of TCS. We are both gamers of long standing and neither of us could find much to criticize, it seems a shame that this game has attracted a lot of negative press.

I chose the historical tactics of trying to throw the Wiltshires around either side of the hill whilst pushing the Dorsets up the middle. I got all the way around the right flank and gained Esquay, but the arrival of the dreaded Tigers kept my left flanking attempt at bay.
All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable and immersive session, thanks and congrats, to my gaming buddy Paul for a quality win.
(Apologies for the poor quality photography)

Session: Three Kingdoms Redux:: Three Kingdoms Redux--First Games

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 14:35:02 +0000

by chas59 THREE KINGDOMS REDUXTHE FIRST GAMESBy ChasFirst SolitaireJust finished my first solitaire of Three Kingdoms Redux (Starting Player/Singapore, 3 Players) yesterday, in preparation for my first live opponent game today. I gave it a good workout, and I think I tried every possible game action and basic strategy. It gave me a good workout too, as I had to take care of everything myself, and yet only made one rules mistake on one turn (I think). Of course, when you're so busy solitairing, its hard to fine tune these strategies, which I'll try when I have only one player position to deal with (as well as teaching the game). I was surprised that in a game where there are nine ways to score VPs, there was only one tie score between two of the three players (States) in only one of these categories. More amazing, given the very different strategies attempted by each state and different outcomes was the final score:Wei 29, Wu 28, Shu 27.I find in general that games with different ways of scoring VPs that end up with close scores are well designed. In this fun and rather genteel game, the final score would seem to speak for itself!This is a very well received game on borrdgamegeek, with great rules and graphics which summarize them on the board so well you hardly need to look things up! Its also very beautiful for a game that sticks to cardboard. TKRs Second Printing will be available--in the US for the first time--soon, with preorder starting April 1. It is three player only, though I imagine you can play teams of two for each state, especially while learning it.First Live GameThe next day two pals came over to try it out with me. I'm happy to say that all three of us really enjoyed our first live three player game of TKR. Some things happened that were similar to the solitaire game, but the interplay among us was of course much more interesting! Final Score Wei 12 Wu 36 Shu 31. The replay value should be great, because of the many different general and state enhancement cards that can come out, and in a different order and distribution among the participants. And of course I'll be trying it with different players, and running different states. I was very lucky to glom onto this First Edition copy from the pal of a bgg poster who I happened to PM about a different game, and who turned out to have an "extra" copy to sell me.Another nice thing is the historical information built into the game about the culture and technology of China in 200 BCE, and the evocation of so many of the great characters from the Chinese Iliad Romance of the Three Kingdoms, whose powers and stats reflect their roles in the novels and history. Having just watched 95 hours of the 2010 Chinese TV portrayal of the story, I can only say that when the Imperial Jade Seal, the talisman of legitimacy for an emperor, showed up in the State [...]

Session: Quartermaster General: Alternate Histories:: Axis are within 2 pts of losing before the game swings around

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 13:32:53 +0000

by Norbert Chan We had 7 players, and Jean had gone home early, so we brought out Quartermaster General. Earlier in the day, the Allies had won twice, with Germany being quite ineffective. I wasn’t there for the games. In this game, Greg was Germany, I was UK, and hoped to duplicate the French sitting in Western Germany for a while, Don was Japan, Gary was Russia, Trevor was Italy and Ken was the US.Greg land battled the French out of Western Europe, while I simply use an event card to build a French force back. I didn’t discard a card so I scored only 3 pts as I saw Greg only scored 1 pt, so I thought one point wouldn’t matter. Don builds into the Sea of Japan, Gary builds in Ukraine, Trevor builds into Germany, while Ken builds in the western US. Greg does another land battle into Western Europe, while I respond with another French force into Western Europe. Greg’s feeling a bit frustrated. Trevor builds a fleet above Germany, so now I have to be careful as I have not built a fleet out of the UK yet. Ken builds a fleet into the Pacific to threaten the Japanese. Greg regroups and plays down a Bias for Action and Blitzkreig. Gary has built into the Balkans and is going to be run over by the Germans if we can’t do anything quick. I have a status card that lets me build into India as a supply square, so I do that, and await developments. But Don had quickly got rid of China and adjacent to me in India. By around turn 7 or 8, the Axis are 2 pts away from the 30 pt automatic win. A couple of times, I had not thrown away a card to score 3 pts rather than 4 and now I am regretting it. But I had watched Germany not take the extra 1 pt either, and I was expecting a longer game. Sure enough, with both status cards Greg runs through Russia and takes Moscow. Trevor plays a booster card that allows Germany to build in the middle east, and soon India falls to Germany as well. I have a status card that lets the French build in Africa as a supply center, but Italy knocks that out as well. Before, I try one final French army in Western Europe, but that gets knocked out by Blitzkreig. I knew it would be a victim of Blitzkreig, but I figured Greg spent a lot of land battles already, could he have anymore?Trevor has used up all his build army cards, and his supply to the army in Scandanvia and fleet in the Baltic Sea are lost. Now it is the Axis running the table. By 13, Ken is able to attack Germany and use amphibious landing to get into Germany temporarily. But the Axis are ahead by 31 pts, and the game is over! Greg is Germany, I am UK, Don is Japan, Gary is Russia, Trevor is Italy and Ken is the US. The US are into Germany, but the Allies lose the game as Germany scores 9 pts per round for a few rounds, Japan scores around 7, while Russia is scoring 0.The Allies could keep attacking i[...]

Session: DRCongo:: Session Report: As Close as It Gets...

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 13:32:17 +0000

by ted11 This was our second full Ragnar game for all but Tom (who had watched playthrough video and learned it fairly well coming in). We finished in 4 hours vice the prior 5, and finished in just 5 election cycles vice the prior game's 6 cycles.Lidija started in Maniema and grew gradually, linking her export route north, and defeated many rebels, making a mint in diamonds and leaping ahead in victory points. Ted started in Province Orientale by Uganda and went heavy oil and building cities early. Joe started in Kasai Orientale and also fought off many rebels, taking the lead to build the transportation network to Bas Congo on the Atlantic (which unlike in the prior game did not come out for awhile due to rebels in Bandundu, keeping initial profits low). Tom started in Bas Congo and built both industries there, a strong base with the only starting access to the international market, but this was expensive, and he had cash flow issues and difficulties expanding due to rebels.The players were largely cooperative on fighting insurgents given the bonus for defeating them, but Joe and Tom in particular had some very effective cutthroat moves, Tom driving Mining prices practically to zero at one point (he had none). There were a few key "1s" rolled where rebels won battles, but by turns 4 and 5 we were clearing the entire DRC of rebels. This pic below shows the board and score after the final turn 5, before we totted up final points.Lidija won with 36, Ted 35, Joe 34, and Tom 25 points, in an incredibly close game. Score pic here--it doesn't get closer than this:This game revealed some key lessons--send a peacekeeper in then immediately build (or others will) as Lidija and I did in Katanga after Joe suppressed the rebels there. Also, we perhaps should have focused collectively on building the export route to Bas Congo earlier for more profit (probably kept scores lower than last time). Above all realize that in a four-player game, the industry slots will go quick, and then players need to focus on building cities given high VP yield (Ted ignored producing and built three in the final cycle, nearly enough to catapult him from behind to win) as well as cheap transport solely for the VPs (Joe built a ton which also saw him leap just 2 shy of the top). In the end, Lidija had a good mixture of all--cities, key industries, transports, and peacekeepers in almost all the diamond provinces so made a ton from that. So perhaps it's useful to stage peacekeepers in the diamond regions early to get a piece of the action from the start).So it was another pleasant way to spend an afternoon rebuilding the Congo. If only President Kabila would follow our lead in real life... [...]

Session: 1856:: Three Investors vie for the Ontario Peninsula

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 12:42:07 +0000

by Tecmagus A precautionary note. This after action report is both long and meandering. We ended up playing for over 8 hours, so I feel the game deserves a narrative matching in scope. I also tend to focus mostly on the events in which I was involved, which means primarily my companies. I was playing my game, not the game of my competitors after all. I will try to post a shorter, although probably not short, post reflecting on lessons I learned later, and if I get to it, I'll try to insert a link here. I also plan on including a picture taken by another player, but I need to get his permission to upload it first. For the brave soul who, despite this admonishment, proceeds, I hope you find something of interest!A Late Spring Evening, Three Robber Barons MeetA bit about the players before I begin. I have the most 18XX experience with a whopping one game of 1846 and a game of 1880: China, played with serious rules mistakes, under my belt. Another of the players was introduced to 18XX in that same 1880 game. The third had played various rail games long ago, but couldn't remember playing 18XX specifically. Given our inexperience, I am sure we made embarrassing blunders, and to protect the anonymity of my fellow players I shall be calling them East and West, indicating their respective spheres of influence.Nonetheless, we were experienced heavy euro gamers one and all, and the rails called to us. Having only vague expectations and dreams we launched into 1856.Laying the Foundation: Auction and Initial Stock RoundWest began with priority, followed by myself then East. Fancying a bold play for the center of the map, West placed a $45 bid on the Kitchner tile, which I followed at $50 with dreams of opening a central railway and dropping a more remote railway into the middle to join it. East purchased Floss, sparking the first auction.I bid up to $60 to keep my central board dreams alive, a move that would ultimately seem quite silly to me. However, I won that bid, then we proceeded to simply by the rest of the privates at their offering price. Thus West ended up with The Canada Company and the tunnel company, East also picked up the bridge, and I grabbed the shipping company.Since I ended up with priority after the privates were gone, I opened LPS to thumb my nose at West. I had hoped I could get him to try and steal it and ultimately loot it to aid my central map company then dump it. West did not end up playing into my pleasant fantasy, surrounding me by opening both CA and GW. East opened CPR and WR, reasonable purchases since he purchased Floss and the bridge company. I ended up opening a central company, BBG, anyway. We each put the PAR value between $65 and $75 and bought 20% or 30%.Stoking the Coal Fires: Phase 1Not a lot happens in o[...]

Session: Magic: The Gathering:: True_Dave versus Bristol's FNM scene (intro and week 1)

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 12:34:02 +0000

by True_Dave (Firstly, a note about my use of the word ‘versus’. In the past, my session reports have always been about solo or co-op games meaning they document myself taking on the game, and for consistency I’ve carried that on here. I was not charging into my local FNM scene jabbing eyes and kicking crotches.)BackgroundAbout six months ago I switched jobs and one of the ladies in the building where I now work is a very keen Magic: the Gathering player. As I used to collect and play in the early days we soon got to batting emails back and forward about the game (although I stepped back from organised play around about 2003 I’ve still kept abreast of how the game has developed and played casually with a few close friends since this time), and she kept inviting me to come along to FNM. I kept declining, because my previous experience had been that some players take the game way too seriously and it stopped being fun when faced with individuals like that (the final straw was a player I’d beaten in a local event coming storming into the FLGS where I was playing a few games with friends demanding that I play them again. When I explained that I wasn’t going to play them as I was simply there to enjoy some time with my friends I honestly thought they were going to start trashing the shop, and fortunately the shop owner stepped in and removed them from the premises before they did anything more than stamp their feet and shout. After that I decided I couldn’t be bothered with the organised play scene and no longer play with anyone other than close friends). But my board gaming group seems to have become much more of a drinking group since the new year, and suffering from gaming withdrawal, I decided to give FNM a go. It helped that Kaladesh looked really interesting, with it’s vehicles and crew, fabricate and energy mechanics, and stunning to boot. Of course, I needed a deck. Planning ahead I decided that, if this was something I found that I enjoyed, I would build from Kaladesh forward; this meant that any cards I bought would be standard legal for the maximum amount of time, and would also allow me to try out the new mechanics of the set. Energy looked cool and seemed to have some nice synergies, but I couldn’t help thinking that it would be a one block mechanic. There seemed to be a lot of potential with fabricate and the modules, but I just couldn’t get it running how I’d like it to. Then I noticed the modifications in Aether Revolt, and they really got me thinking. In my experience, any card with allows you to circumnavigate a drawback designed to balance another card can lead to some pretty powerful plays. With this in mind I built a R/W ‘Waymo’ Vehicles deck and went on the WotC [...]

Session: Dead of Winter: The Long Night:: No Man Left Behind... really?

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 04:44:19 +0000

by Dave Chua Some spoilers for the crossroads cards in this session report. Played the game with all the modules: Improvement, Bandit and Raxxon. Only the second time we've played TLN and we've played the original game quite a few times. The first time we played TLN was the three stage Raxxon scenario which we successfully completed. My version included some promos, such as the BGG Crossroads cards and some additonal characters,We tried a medium length mission; No One Left Behind which required there to be seven outsider cards. Started at 5 morale. I ended up with the betrayal card; need three weapons equipped and three fuel as well as morale at 0. So far, we know enough that one should only make a betrayal move late in the game, so I decided to bide my time and take things easy. Lily Mae surveyed the rag tag group. "So now we have to pin our hopes on these guys and a monkey..." she whispered to Gia."Better together than apart," Gia said. The leader of the group was obviously Rosa, a former prison guard who was as tough as she looked. "I think I'll head to the police station; get some guns which should help us with the bandits... and whatever creatures will come from the research facility," she said."I still have some C4," Lily Mae said. "It should come in handy."First player moves out and rolls a tooth. One down.Gia heads out to the police station. But the next player decides to do the same with Eric Parker. I guess I should have told him to use a fuel. The player rolls a tooth and I roll a wound, so Gia and Eric die. Barely a round and already down 3 morale. Things aren't looking good. The chimp heads to Raxxon but we aren't able to lock it down so the Collector zombie emerges. At least we have a crossroads card that helps us with the bandits. Lily hears about Gia's death and she breaks down. "Damn it," she says. At the colony, they've managed to get the DVD player working and they're watching old Fresh Prince DVDs.Ignoring everyone, Lily makes her move to the Library, but she's nowhere as skillful as Gia at searching. She just hope her expertise with explosives will keep the walkers away.. Library was not the best choice for my objectives, but both the police and gas station were nearly full. At least the library is supposed to have more fuel but with Lily's lousy search ability (5+) things aren't looking too good.The colony's attempts to take down the Collector are for naught. It takes out stuff and rolls its trolley to another location. The bandits are complicating things, and take a 2 outsider card to their hideout.Blue's player gets an outsider on his search. Who else but... Rodney Smith! The mountie gives some hope to the group, at least. The chimp was finding loads of [...]

Session: Cthulhu Wars:: noob threeplayer game

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 00:58:59 +0000

by Orya So, yesterday we played Cthulhu Wars. Since I currently have no expansions, I used a local Facebook boardgame group to find three people in this city who are interested, and invited them. Sadly, a couple of hours before the gaming evening would start, one of them called in sick, and so it was just three of us left.PlayersI have played the game twice before, quite a while ago.Player 2) has also played the game twice before.Player 3) has never played the game.FactionsAs the host I let the other schoose their factions first. Player 2 (blue) went for the Crawling Chaos, as that was the faction he had played his two previous games with, and with which he won both. Player 3) (red) went with the Black Goat, and so I had the choice left between Cthulhu and the Yellow Sign. Since I had played Cthulhu before, I chose the Yellow Sign, to try something new.Now, as said, red didn't know the game. I knew it a bit, but I've never read a strategy guide or something, as I first like to explore a game myself and try to understand things myself before seeking advice of others.Early GameThe game started, with blue being quite aggressive, quickly summoning monsters to capture cultists. I responded by giving red some Doom Points, unlocking one of my spellbooks. I chose the one that would give me power whenever I'd lose a cultist, to even out blues aggressiveness. Else, my plan was to first build a gate and then quickly summon the King in Yellow to start desacrating areas and maybe get some units that way too. Red basically did the same, mostly building gates peacefully and not interfering.Mid GameI was unlocking spellbooks quite quickly, as the other players didn't try too hard to prevent me from desecrating areas. I also turned some of blues cultists into undead, and thus evening out him stealing my gates. In the average, I was at about three gates and four cultists a turn, as well as some desecrated areas. My plan was to get some more Byakhees through the desecration ability and use them to be more aggressive against blue. I was hesitant with summoning Hastur, as that would mean spending basically an entire turn for just one action, and I was worried of losing him.Blue kept being quite aggressive. He was in the average on four gates, thus earning quite much more power and doom points than the other players. I tried motivating red to get a bit more active, but at the same time I don't want to actually tell players what to do, and I am not that experienced in the game myself. Blue also got their GOO first.Red mostly kept on some areas, guarding the gates. Once red moved into a blue territory, and scared them off.Late GameBy now, I had a couple of Byakhees ready to s[...]

Session: Yeomen: The 9 Card Agincourt Game:: A First Attempt at Yeomen

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 00:56:46 +0000

by dtwiley This was my first playthrough of the game, and I was very excited to get a chance to run through this. Here is how the game went:Turn 1, Round 1Played the Cavalry Charge (#7) from my hand to move the cavalry twice. I was successful with both moves (I drew Lack of Leadership, which prevented center track from moving so it didn't affect the cavalry), and chose to move each cavalry one space so as to avoid collision if the archers fired successfully. English archers rolled a 1 and a 2 on the dice, making the left cavalry retreat, but missed when targeting the infantry.Turn 1, Round 2Played Truce with Burgundians for the action points. Attempted to move the left cavalry and drew English Dysentary, which gave -1 DRM and led to a failed attempt. Attempted to move the left cavalry again and drew Skilled French Horsemen which made me roll to retreat cavalry but I rolled a 4 so there was no effect. I was then able to roll for the movement and successfully got it back on the left track. Final point was spent to move frontline infantry and drew Steel Armor, which caused the left units to be unable to move. It was a moot point anyway, as none of the infantry moved successfully. English archers missed cavalry and infantry, which was a lucky break for me.Turn 1, Round 3At this point I debate whether or not to use Oriflamme Raised to move all frontline units, and since it is early I decide to use it for action points. First point used to move right cavalry and drew French Units Funnel to Left, which didn't affect the cavalry's movement. He moved forward one row and then I moved the frontline infantry, drawing French Units Funnel to Left. This makes all infantry roll their own roll rather than as a unit. Poor rolls lead to only the right unit advancing. I decide to run a risk and move the right cavalry and hope to get him in the combat area. I draw English Dysentary which gives -1 DRM for cavalry but it isn't enough and he moves forward. The English Archers attack, missing yet again on the infantry and cavalry. They roll double 5 for the hammer and axe, but since there is no infantry in the combat area the result is ignored. Combat card drawn is Cavalry Charge, but there is no hope of breaking the line with the lone cavalry.Turn 2, Round 1Played the card French Units Funnel to Left to advance left cavalry and the front and rear left infantry by one space. Double threes are rolled for English Archers, but the card played allows me to ignore any effect on the left. Archers fire at the infantry and roll double fours, making the center infantry retreat. Since it hasn't moved, its path is blocked so I lose a total of 2 strength for the[...]

Session: Star Wars: Rebellion:: Death star the double agent

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 00:07:12 +0000

by playl3oii Sorry for any grammar mistakes as English was my second language.Sorry if my article is unorganized and boring as I have never posted any session report before.Last night I (Rebel) played the game with my friend (Imperial). I an the game owner and only played once before last night game, while my friend had never played before but managed to catch the rule pretty quickly. The only advantage I had over my friend was knowing all the cards.We set up the game as first game instructed by the rule book.Episode 4 (early game): My base was in Dantooine. The rebel primarily tried to sabotage the subjugated system, to infiltrate to mill a hard objective card, and to gain loyalty in the upper middle area (Nal hutta, Toydoria, Rodia) in hope to make the imperial think that the base was there. The imperial early seemed persuaded and moved his fleets toward the upper middle region. However, he didn't move much as he also sent the leaders to opposed sabotage mission and build alliance mission every round. At the end of turn 1, the imperial attempted mission "Display of power" at Kashyyyk and succeeded to change the rebel royalty to his, gaining 2 stormtroopers every 2 rounds. In the early stage, the rebel sabotage missions were mostly opposed and they only had 3 loyalty systems. No objective deck I was done (not even close). Not a good start.Episode 5 (mid game): The Imperial attempted to capture the Princess but was saved by the card "Wookkie guardian". The rebel didn't let the opportunity slip away and immediately play the objective card "Leave no one behind" at the end of round 4 to score his first point. However, the imperial continued to capture the leader and eventually got Luke!. The Imperial fleets were spread and covered pretty much half of the map at this point. Things got worse as the Imperial used General Yularen to investigate the Naboo region (using his action card) and found out that the rebel base was not in the region. That's four systems down. Then the General and his interrogation droid managed to get information from Luke. Three systems (Dantooine, Ryloth, and Kessel) were determined as the Imperial smiled cunningly and tended to move his fleets toward only Kessel and Dantooine. The rebel was pretty much hopeless as he lost all loyalties in upper middle zone to neutral by Jenus Greejatus's signature mission card and most systems were also subjugated. The rebel then changed the plan and tried to gain loyalties in Ryloth zone hoping to score "Regional support". He also saw that Coruscant defense was very thin (2 stormtroopers) so he used "Hidden fleet" to move 1 Corvette, some fight[...]

Session: Shadows of Brimstone: City of the Ancients:: An Orphan's Tale: All Hell Breaks Loose... Vol. 8

Sun, 19 Mar 2017 21:39:21 +0000

by ZombieDad2 Previous Adventures:Following the Advice of Lefty McGrady Vol. 1Chasing Lefty McGrady Vol. 2Following the Path of Destruction Vol. 3Hanging by a Thread Vol. 4A Tall Tail Vol. 5Mutant Quarter Bank Heist Gone Wrong Vol. 6Brodie, the Blacksmith Vol. 7All Hell Breaks Loose...LiterallyThe Void Magus' cold body lay on the floor. The warning of the three seals that were broken still hung in the air. We found ourselves at a crossroads, three tunnels went in three different directions. The heat of Cynder was making us sweat through our clothes, at least those of us who were wearing them."We should go get a drink in town…before this Lord of Beli'al shows up and destroys the world. I hate the idea of being sober when that happens," said the Outlaw standing in his skimpies. "Miller, get some clothes on. We have a mere three, maybe four hours until these three seals are broken; Adrian the Blacksmith and I are going to go stop this madness," said Father Patrick."My name is Brodie…" muttered the Blacksmith."I have a transporting crystal we found on one of those void sorcerers in one my backpacks, or my saddle bag…here it is in my fanny pack. Just spin this and…" Miller turned the crystal slightly clockwise and walls of Cynder turned to blackness and space as we entered a Void. Then, space opened up and we found ourselves standing on a River Boat. A town filled the space where walls had once been. "Okay, 15 minutes to get supplies, then we use Millers beam crystal and we save the universe. Go everyone!" said Father Patrick. We split up, Sheriff McEmerson went to smoke a pipe with some Natives to find his Spirit Animal, while Father went to get bandages and dynamite. He always carried the team on his shoulders. I wandered towards the Mutant Quarters to get these Fused Fingers fixed. A Mutant Doctor with a tentacle arm took care of me, Using potions and slicing tools, he cured my hands so I could hold a weapon again, and I ran out of there to join the party… "Don't like Mutations?!?" whispered a voice in the dark. Three large figures stepped out of the darkness and grabbed me by the collar. "We'll show you what you are missing." I was lifted up by my belt and thrown into a side door in an ally. A steam filled the air, and a cauldron of purple goo bubbled in the middle of the back room we were in. "SHERIFF! FATHER! HELLPP!" The three of them picked me up and dumped me in the cauldron, the universe went black, then different colors, and I woke up in somewhere else…my face on the dirt ground."Okay, Miller take us back to the Caverns of Cynder. Hey, Bo, Wa[...]

Session: World War II: European Theater of Operations:: Til Valhall

Sun, 19 Mar 2017 21:35:09 +0000

by polate Northward Strike scenario 5.April 1940 Muddy ground, clear skies.The Home Fleet sailed for the North Sea where they could intercept invasions of Bergen or Stavanger. HMS Glorious moved into Sognefjorden, her planes covering Trondheim and Oslo. The Norwegian army split between Stavanger and Oslo, air-force in Bergen and the destroyers also in Stavanger.The invasion fleet left Copenhagen, steaming through the shallow waters of the Kattegat and Skagerrak to Oslo. A swarm of enemy planes descended on them. The Norwegians were shot down for a hit on the Me110s. Blenheims cleared through to the transports missed all 4 shots. The Kriegsmarine's 5 heavy ships and half the light cruisers and destroyers went on a carrier hunt. They were intercepted by the Home Fleet off Rogaland. The British split into 4 groups and all 4 made contact. The first two groups were little threat, outnumbered and outgunned they suffered heavily. The 3rd group were evaded as they were the most formidable with KGV, Warspite and Rodney but slow. That left Revenge, Resolution and some destroyers which had to be fought. Ju88s sank Resolution then Revenge crippled Blucher before going down herself to my massed 11” guns. Blucher turned back whilst the main force raced on to catch Glorious in a very uneven battle. Returning from Oslo the carrier's air wing diverted to Bergen, never to fly act again. Both paratroop divisions dropped over the Norwegian capital but the presence of enemy planes disrupted their landing. The amphibious assault failed miserably despite the element of surprise and the paratroops were sacrificed to cover the withdrawal of the main force.British reinforcements debarked in Oslo and Trondheim but brought no supplies. Despite a clear naval victory the German army has been sent packing.May Mud and clear skies.Ark Royal replaces Glorious in Scapa Flow. Transports from Norway sail for supplies some are sunk by those pesky Ju88s in Orkney along with the new carrier. The 2 unescorted transports which survive carry ammunition and fuel to Trondheim and Oslo. Much depleted, the Home Fleet resumed its patrol of the North Sea. Again the invasion fleet sailed up Oslofjord. At least this time the enemy planes were aborted by Me110s. The German battlefleet ventured up to Trondheim, outrunning the heavier group that found it and battering HMS Warspite for a hit on Scheer. All supplies for the British troops were sunk in harbour before they could be unloaded. Demonstrating little imagination Germany's infantry repeated the Oslo assault. They inflicted 2 hits on the [...]

Session: Advanced Squad Leader: Starter Kit #1:: 4th time's the Charm at fighting the Rats!

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by Fly by Night Yes, I set this game up 4 different times to play. The first two I totally jacked up the play with serious rules violations and the third time was getting the phases out of order. That one was really hard to do since I had that guide right beside the map, but I managed itThe Set-upI went with the wide front set up again. Still feeling my way around this system, meaning I have no freaking clue with what works in this game.The initial Prep Fire phase of the Germans was negligible as was the one smoke attempt during the Movement phase (a 6 of course). The 3 Combat Engineers cautiously moved forward.The Russians in their turn break a Combat Engineer Squad and the 9-2 Leader, which then Pins another Engineer with the FT. Pinning a Flame Throwing Engineer Squad in front of you does not appear to be a good idea. End of Turn 1German Turn 2 has the 9-2 Leader failing his Rally, but the Engineer manages it without his help. They are showing some success in the Southwest by Breaking another Squad and its Leader. The Germans plan to have the first VP building in hand by the end of next turn.ACH! Bad news for the Germans! The Russians role a 1 for the Ad-Hoc Shock Group to enter this turn.Of course the majority are going to enter under cover of the buildings in the Southwest to shore up the defenses there. One of Squads is heading into the Warehouse building to support the units from any FT attacks.A Squad of Conscripts advance into Close Combat with the German Engineers.So by my figuring, this would be a 1-2 for the Russians attacking the Germans and a 1-1 for the Germans attacking the Russians, Correct?The Russians roll their 4 needed, but after reading the rulebook again for the 7th time, I finally discovered that matching the Kill number only reduces the opponents by a half squad, not killing them all outright. I know I did this on quite a few occasions in my play-throughs of S1 and my 3 stop and starts of this one. I got it now.The Germans miss entirely.The German Prep Fire on Turn 3 actually obtains a casualty reduction (inflicting a 1MC and the Russian unit rolled a natural 12) The Russians will have to leave their 5PP MMG behind when they Route.During the Russian Defensive Fire Phase the 9-2 Russian Leader led Kill Stack inflicts a K/4. The Combat Engineers are reduced to a half squad, then fail their ELR, becoming a 1st Line Infantry Half-Squad. Brutal!Close Combat PhaseRussian Conscripts take on the German Half Squad at 2:1 and the Germans are at 3:2. Half Squad is eliminated as are the Con[...]

Session: Wooden Ships & Iron Men:: DYO - Spanish Treasure Ship

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by blockhead I’ve been enjoying getting WS&IM back on my table lately. Several people, including the Designer, have noted it works best with a handful of ships on both sides, unfortunately most of the historical scenarios in the game are either larger than that or single ship duels. I’ve also noticed that I prefer to have some land represented as that tends to influence the maneuvering, and the sailing aspect of the game is a significant part of the fun for me.So I designed my own scenario and I present it here for your comments, I think this is promising. The idea is that the Spanish in the Caribbean are gathering their gold and treasure ships for the big fleet convoy to Spain. In this scenario, a single Spanish merchant ship, the Barco do Oro is being escorted by three SOL 2’s to an intermediate port on a fictional island, while a British SOL 2 and Frigate try to intercept.The island and safe harbor are represented by the spit of land extending from the (4) side of the board, with a fort in hexes KK30, KK29, LL28 and MM29. Any Spanish ship passing the fort and into the harbor in the (3) corner is safe. The Spanish ships start off board and enter anywhere they like along board edges (5/6 )or (1), the British ships start anywhere on the board they like. Both sides choose after seeing which way the wind (randomized) is blowing.Ship Specifications are given as actual, do not double[BGCOLOR=#FFFF00]Spanish[/BGCOLOR]Barco de Oro – Merchant, Hull 8, Crew Avg 7, Guns 4 4, Rigging 8 8San Ildefonso – SOL 2, Hull 20, Crew Avg 8 8 8, Guns 16 16, Rigging 7 7 7Bahama – SOL 2, Hull 21, Crew Avg 9 8 8, Guns 16 16, Carronades 4 4, Rigging 7 7 7San Justo – SOL 2, Hull 20, Crew Avg 8 8 8, Guns 16 16, Rigging 7 7 7[BGCOLOR=#FF3300]British[/BGCOLOR]Agile – SOL 2, Hull 20, Crew Crack 8 8 8, Guns 20 20, Carronades 2 2, Rigging 7 7 7Active – Frigate 3, Hull 14, Crew Elite 4 4 4, Guns 6 6, Carronades 4 4, Rigging 5 5 5 5In the event the wind came up blowing towards direction 3, so the British set up in the middle of the board, just out of cannon range to the NW(6) from the fort, if we may consider board edge (1) to be North. The Spanish elected to enter from the extreme NW along board edge (5/6)In this first play the Spanish gold ship hung back and the escorts forged ahead with the wind at their back. The British ships found themselves between the Spaniards and their safe harbor, good, but also directly downwind of the ships they needed to attack, very bad.British plan had been to in[...]

Session: Warfighter: The WWII Tactical Combat Card Game:: First time Warfighter WWII or any card style game

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by jam920 Played my first game, and the first tactical combat game that uses cards and is more abstract than the traditional counter and hex games.Concentrating more on theme and management with some imagination it was a fun experience.Played the basic scenario with Just Another Day, Warehouse, and Bunker Clearing objective. Nothing new here just thought I post to see if the flow of the game seemed right.First round of Germans we faced Ambushes, a Flamethrower, MG team with an event. MG event got sandbags to only increase their cover. So we had ambush'ers in our location and a FT screening the MG dug in behind sandbags.We are able to use the "Cover Me" card and Smith popped up and unloaded his SMG on the Germans with three bursts (3 actions 2 of his plus bonus from cover me) hitting the first one and the two others jumped immediately to take cover behind a down tree.Taylor next fired off a shot with his M1 and miraculously dropped the FT (6+10, earning XPs). McDougal lobs a grenade near the log with the two Germans behind it and takes out one, leaving only one left. He uses his next action to pull more Action cards (lost 3 to Cover Me plus cost two to play that card). Walsh fires on the last German close by behind the log and kills him (earning XPs)He turns his fire on the MG and suppresses one of them.The Germans fail to get any support (Reinforcement is an Officer card too high for the Warehouse location.) The single crewman fires at Walsh but misses His buddy dusted himself off and rejoins him. (end of turn 1)Smith is a man possessed and charges at the warehouse and the German MG (trading in XPs he uses Advance and prepared fire that will automatically defeat the German cover of 5) Smith sprays bullets at point blank range at the MG crew and after all that misses.Walsh followed behind Smith and enters the ware house and fires at the MG and misses but scares one of them enough to duck behind the sandbag. Taylor fires again at range and hits the other German manning the gun.McDougal thinks over what to do next (uses an action to draw more cards)and decides to make a dash to the warehouse (plays advance) and smashes through a door (kick in the door) to join Smith and Walsh. He yells to Smith to give it to the MG again (plays Snapshot up gunned with XPs) Smith fires but misses again.The lone MG'er is alive but is face down and can not fire. However, 4 more of his comrades join him (1 Grenadier and 3 Riflemen) One German tosses a grenade near McDougal but he some how[...]

Session: Combat Commander: Europe:: AAR Raseiniai

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by alex andy We just played: This is our set upI drew the RussiansAs you can see, most of my guys are hiding and I have a small reserve in the rear. The map after time 1For my hidden random objective I drew dbl elim pointsI find this objective usually does not favor the RussiansHis inf gun has kept a steady fire on my stack, but I have been lucky so far.The team manning my mortar curiously has not been issued orders to fire, smoke would be great against that inf gun, but no orders, no smoke. I move my reserve up.Mean while, Sgt. Biermann and his troops are idle on my left. The map after time 2The Germans have had a hard time capturing building 2.So they have adopted another tactic.Biermann is still idle on my left.After time 3Still no smoke from my mortar.The Germans are moving the inf gun up to get a los on my stack in building 2Biermann has not been issued any orders yet on my left. After time 4The inf gun has me targeted and fires. I have a pillbox card, big help!I’m closing on that pesky squad on my right.Biermann? After time 5, the game ends.The Germans have had a hard time on my right and the battle has swayed in my favour. They never moved on my left.Biermann? Biermann! Final shot of the game track.I underestimated the Russians at the beginning of this firefight.The Germans IMO seemed to have a favorable position on paper, the initiative, 6 cards to the Russian’s 4, more support weapons and first move.But the Russians did well. Must be luck.Sgt. Biermann and his troop have a lot of explaining to do I suspect!Thanks for Watching. [...]

Session: Waning Crescent, Shattered Cross:: Brief note on a first blind playtest play of Waning Crescent Shattered Cross.

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by Agip Just finished my first solo game of this cool game and thought I would post a taster here. This is a brief outline - I played the This Cursed Rock full scenario. I made mistakes and misinterpretations along the way but felt I got a broad feel for it. It seems tough for the Ottomans. Plague set in on the third roll (that's the fifth week out of twenty in the game, and at very poor odds)and took a huge toll. Although only Fort St.Angelo was left to the Christians it was 23 : 26 (Ottoman : Christian) SPs left. The body count was huge! (Christians start with 126 SPs and they garnered a few more in a 'Piccolo Relief' force at one point, Ottomans start with 194, no extras) Though the Ottomans had most of their artillery (they lost one battery) and half the Christians left at the end were armed Maltese civilians the plague would have gotten all the Ottomans before St.Angelo fell to them. They ran out of time before this happened in any case. I made an error in respect to the Strategy Card that the Ottomans started with ( no. 1 ) in that after Mdina fell the Ottomans took Fort St.Elmo (in four weeks , with Crossfire from Tigne)which their council of war agreed Strategy, and hence subsequent Honour, did not require them too. Then Fort Senglea fell after a successful Naval Attack left about 6 SP of Janissaries and Spahis in an unguarded coastal TZ. And Fort Birgu eventually fell (6 Weeks to clear it I think) in a two pronged assault from Senglea and the Southern walls. If St. Elmo had been left alone there may have been time and strength to take St.Angelo and fulfill their Strategy, but they took it in order to clear the way for Naval attacks in order to threaten Senglea and Birgu from both land and sea-ward. I played the Christians quite conservatively as I was focusing on how to Seige successfully. They have difficult choices to made with few forces and extensive locations to defend but are greatly aided in better use of terrain (read more stacking points in each zone, which is enormously important when adjacent zones can support defense and attack),interior lines (though with complications), no plague threat, and a really effective Hospital in Birgu! I am looking forward to my next game!Here is a link to a video of the set up for my next game and a bit of an intro (video pending upload to video section of game page). this is to the Legion Wargames page in case you [...]

Session: Advanced Squad Leader: Starter Kit #1:: S6: Released From The East

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by kilgore234 While reading through the details of this scenario it became clear that I was still sketchy as how ASL defines building control. In Scenario S6, Victory Conditions require that the Russians have control of at least 2 key buildings on the map. Before seeking to make a simple thing complicated, I remembered several weeks ago when Perry wrote to me to always first review the definitions (Sec 2.0) in the Rulebook:* Must be GO unit* No presence of enemy unit* Not all hexes of multi-hex building need be occupied if no enemies present when GO unit enters.Another discussion at the following link (started almost 6 years ago) adds more detail to possible combinations/variations to this:*If your MMC or SMC was last to pass through building (but is no longer in the building), you still have control of that building.One of the responses on this thread indicate that while an MMC can control a multi-hex building by “passing through”, this is not possible with a SMC. The assertion wasn’t challenged in the email thread, but it seems that this point doesn’t necessarily jive with the wording in the ASKSK rulebook, which merely states that the unit must be GO (not MMC vs SMC).Review of an even earlier thread (from 2007):* Jay Richardson clarifies that either an enemy GO or broken unit can prevent your building control.* An enemy cannot regain control of a building previously lost without performing the same tasks as above. * There is a difference between Gaining Control of the building and Retaining/Having Control of the building. In order to clarify the differences, the thread cites specific rules in full ASL (A26.1). ASLSK doesn’t get into gaining or retaining or even the possibility of neither side having control. Both threads are worth reading and help broaden your knowledge on what is surely an important aspect of ASL. There doesn’t yet seem to be any short and sweet answer in how to handle Scenario S6, so I decided to follow the rules with the following assumptions:*The Russians start S6 with control of no buildings. The Germans control all buildings.*The Russians need to gain control (following rules above) of at least 2 key buildings and not lose control back to the Germans of those buildings before the end of the game.Enough on building control. I think I ca[...]

Session: Wits & Wagers Party:: Irish Themed Wits and Wagers Party at the Office Party

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by pdzoch Today we ran an "Irish" themed Wits and Wagers Party game during our company's pot luck party. While I had six teams of two participating, I had about 30 extra people at by end of the dinning room watching the event and cheering, and sometime heckling, the teams from the different departments. Because of the large venue, I've had to custom make components for the game so they were easier to view from a distance.I purchase a set of larger dry erase boards to replace the answer boards. The betting markers are large wooden tokens. Both the tokens and a dry erase boards were painted in team colors. A gold cap on one of the betting tokens indicates the x2 betting marker. I also bought some vinyl coated wire stands to prop up the teams' answer boards.Game ready to run.Close up of components.We stuck with the seven question format, with the last question open to the bidding of chips.I generated 12 questions for the event. One was used for practice, seven for the game, and four in backup just in case the crowd protests a question. I read the extra questions at the end as we clean up the stage (sort of free trivia for the onlookers who did not participate with the teams).These were the questions used in today's Irish Themed Wits and Wagers Party (not in order). These was pulled from a variety of Irish heritage posts that appeared on the web in conjunction with St Patrick's Day this week.1. How many Congressional Medal of Honor recipients were born in Ireland? A: 2532.How many US towns are named Dublin? A:163. What year did St. Patrick die? A: 461 4. Of the 56 people who signed the Declaration of Independence, how many were born in Ireland? A: 95. In what year was the first St Patrick’s Day celebration in America? A: 1737, Boston (1st parade in 1762, NYC)6. How many million Americans claim an Irish heritage? A: 34 million7. What percentage of Boston claim an Irish heritage? A: 24%8. What year were the Boston Celtic founded? A: 19469. If a pot of gold contained 1000 ounces of gold, how much would that be worth today? A: $1,229,00010. For every pub in Ireland, there are how many people? A: 35011. What year did the Philadelphia Phillies begin the tradition of wearing green uniforms on St Patrick’s Day? A: 198112. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, what is the most number of leaves ever found on a clover? A: 56The Seni[...]

Session: Napoleon's Triumph:: “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm“

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by nappeto I had been given the task of commanding the Allied forces in this game. My broad plan was to apply pressure on the French center-right, not commit on the extreme French right, but attempt a breakthrough in the center. Usually, St.Hilaire withdraws to the strong position between the lakes, but I wanted to try to bypass him or maybe knock him out before he did that. Miloradovich was dealt two artillery units, with the possibility of setting them up on the Stare Vinohrady to face possible advancing French. Also, Bagration was given strength to present a credible force on my right. Maybe, if the French committed forces to their center, Bagration could attack from the north, or at least be able to withstand an advance from the French left.(In the setup picture, the fixed artillery with a supporting unit is misplaced; it should be on the Santon. That was corrected later in the game.)7 AM turn:I advance with my three leftmost corps, and with Prebyshevsky and Miloradovich in the center; Miloradovich occupying Stare Vinohrady as planned. I engage Legrand in Sokolnitz to keep him occupied and confined within the village. To my surprise, St. Hilaire, instead of withdrawing, ventures out and forward, with Vandamme filling in from behind. My French opponent has obviously chosen an offensive strategy.8 AM turn:Dokhturov advances through the Castle and occupies a blue star! Legrand in Sokolnitz is now threatened from two sides. Vandamme throws the Allied cavalry out of Kobelnitz.St. Hilaire launches an all-in attack on Langeron, leading with two 3-inf! Langeron defends with two 2-inf, and summons the newly arrived cavalry to join his own for a counter-attack, and throws St.Hilaire back. The French gnash their teeth for not having attacked with St.Hilaire before Vandamme. Without the cavalry, Langeron would have lost the fight! Prebyshevsky is sent forward to exploit the weakened French centre, even though these open areas are dangerous and prone to attacks across multiple approaches.9 AM turn:Dokhturov throws Legrand out of Sokolnitz! Kienmayer pulls out of the approach in order to occupy the now vacated blue star locale, which is soon taken over by a lone French unit. Langeron pursues his success and forces St.Hilaire back into his start locale. Meanwhile, Vandamme advances towards the Pratzen heights. Liechtenstein remains on the he[...]