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Session: British Vs Pirates:: First Game with Comments & Questions

Tue, 17 Oct 2017 17:13:52 +0000

by Arkobla Conn

BvP arrived yesterday and I broke it out... unfortunate use of words maybe as when I opened the ship bag, 3 masts came tumbling out. it wasn't my handling of the bag, this was a shipping issue. Disappointing, but I'm sure we can deal with that.

The game itself does have the wonderful ship and captain cards that seized my attention from the Kickstarter. I'm a guy who loves deep sailing combat games, but I'm ok with lighter ones too. I bought this knowing it was a light game.

My son took the pirates and I took the Brits. I had the weather gage and sailed right up and put both pirate ships into a bow rake position. And then found that A. British Cannons don't really do much at close range... and B. My cards reward long range as well. It took several turns to get to an appropriate range after seeing the brutality of his return fire but he did too much damage for me to recover and he took both my ships easily.


A. I *get* that there was some incentive at balance, but severely limiting the British at range 1 with a Ship of the Line is silly. That should have been devastating with 3 dice rolled...instead it was 1, with no accuracy.
B. The rules for the wind are a bit light. I'm ok with not putting ships in Irons (for example) but a separate section on how the Wind is initially set (first player chooses to go first or set the wind....assuming that if he doesn't, the second player sets the wind...but that's never actually stated).
C. I would have liked a bit more clarity on the cards in the rules as well.. see my question
D. the weather vane is too big... Alas, I can see us moving it of the island in the middle, as it kept getting in the way with some of our combat there.

1. How many cards can be used a turn? There is a cost in Moral - does this reduce moral or is it just a limiter? Does the TOTAL cost of the cards need to be equal to or less than Moral?? or just each individual??
2. What happens if you sail off the map? I missed that in the rules
3. A ship can shoot at 2 separate ships from each broadside... per what I remember in the rules... and a ship can only take one type of attack, I think... so a ship that is next to one ship and several hexes away from another can not grapple the close ship and shoot the far ship...correct?

Overall - not bad for the weight of the game. It's what I wanted... I'm just a bit disappointed in the ability of British ships at close range. It seems absurd that the brits can hit ships 4 hexes away with relative ease and not hit the ship that is right next to them. I would get it if there was a modifier by ship type (IE, SOL v Zebek, with the Zebek able to flit in and out) but a Large ship v Large ship should not have that similar advantage. For me, this single issue may cause this game to stay on my shelf.

(did not mind the dice - did not find them to be 'shields' per say as I saw in another post - but a representation of exterior damage leading to interior. All that seemed well done.)

Session: Quartermaster General:: Result seems counter-intuitive

Tue, 17 Oct 2017 16:52:02 +0000

by johnclark

I really enjoy this game. It plays fast, there are interesting decisions and it plays differently every time.

The last game was weird, in that the winner of the game did not seem to be the 'moral' winner.

Japan took Western United States and held it for a good chunk of the game. While US had eventually battled Japan out, the area was unclaimed. Japan also held Hawaii, Iwo Jima, Philippines and Pacific Northwest.

Meanwhile in Europe, the Axis held Western Europe for the entire game. The Allies never got close to launching an invasion. The Soviets were a nuisance on the east front but Germany and Italy held them off just fine. Germany bombed UK to bits. Italy held and Med. Sea.

The result? Thumping win for the Allies, who got to +30 points on Turn 19. The UK, who were impotent through the game in terms of the actual war theatre, simply got 6 to 8 points each turn from UK, Australia, India and later China. This, plus 4 points a turn from the Soviets, was more than enough to counter points achieved by the Axis.

The result just seemed odd. By any 'real world' measure, the war was a triumph for the Axis - they actually conquered and held enemy territories - but the Allies won the game just by holding their own territories. It was a an entertaining game but the ending was a bit unsatisfying.

Anyway, its still a great game. I just don't think that Australia, in particular, should allow 'free' points to the Allies just for being on the side of the Allies. They recruited in Australia on the third turn, so Australia got them 34 points over the game.

Session: One Deck Dungeon:: Hydra Down - Lich you are next!!!

Tue, 17 Oct 2017 16:52:02 +0000

by DocZagreus

Last night I played the Hydra's dungeon with my rogue Akaja and I did it was epic!

My setting was like this:
Focuses: Basic + Healing
One extra potion - One extra HP - Heal 1 HP with every potion used

Basic skill
Precision (if I remember right) - add 1 agility dice value to another dice

During the exploration I was able to chain some interesting skill combos:
Backstab (one agility dice for 2 strength dice)
Dodge (one agility dice to prevent 1 damage/2 against bosses)
Shield Bash (one strength dice to obtain a black 6 dice to use only against shield)
Consistency (change any or all your dice to 4s)

My stats at the end were:
+2 hearts (+3 total with the focus)
4 strength
4 agility
2 magic

I was able every time to fill all the 3 long boxes to deal damage (and prevent the hydra to regenerate!) and, thanks to the dodge skill and the "heal 1 hp using any potion" focus I was able to resist the last round against all the heavy hits, exiting the dungeon with just one hp, but a lot of experience (image)

Epic game, I love it!!!

PS: Just one more thing, I've used the ODD Campaign sheet App and I found it incredibly useful! Not only I was able to keep track of all my focuses skills really easy, BUT, at the end of the dungeon, the app gave me the total amount of exp I've received, based on my pg level, the dungeon level I've reached and which kind of difficulty I was playing!

Session: Eldritch Horror:: In the annals of memorable defeats...

Tue, 17 Oct 2017 16:49:23 +0000

by Gbierly

After dozens and dozens of plays, I am still struck with breathless admiration at this game's ability to confound one's plans with some unforeseen stroke of Lovecraftian misfortune. Having awakened and injured an angry Yig, and after having resolved three mysteries (including the horrid Crown of the Serpent), Charlie Kane's next turn would have engaged with an old sailor in Tokyo, learning the Vach Viraj incantation to deal 2 Health damage to Yig. Meanwhile, Ursula Downs and Darrell Simmons would have departed from Buenos Aires to confront the epic monster in Central America. Armed with the T'tka Halot, Ursula would have finished the monster at the expense of a sanity loss. A quick peek at cards to come, and trial die rolls, showed this.

None of this came to pass, however, as the reckoning of the preceding Mythos phase activated Quachil Uttaus in Rome (Treader of the Dust rumor), forcing Charlie Kane to impair his Strength (again). This he could not do, already holding an Impairment token of -2, and thus a second Mythos card was drawn, The Storm, whose omen effect advanced doom by exactly 2, removing the 2 remaining eldritch tokens from Yig's card, and ending the world. Should have moved the lead investigator token, just once.

I do love this game.

Session: Slaughterball:: Fury neuters Katanas and spays Valkyries

Tue, 17 Oct 2017 16:48:15 +0000

by Gavanized Yankee

In an ugly three way Fury crushed the Katanas and Valkyries. The writing was on the wall at the end of the first onslaught phase all three Katana Buchers were on the deck having lost to Fury Cleavers, by the second onslaught phase the Valkyrie Butcher was in the slaughter box, by the third phase one of the Katana’s Butchers joined her.

To add insult to injury Mr Bojangles the Fury Razor scored a 6 point shot. By the third turn the Fury Cleavers using speed cards had run down and killed both of Opposing Razors! Rubbing salt in the wounds both Cleavers then played “Get out of Jail Free” cards!

Most one sided game of Slaughterball I have ever seen not only did the dice roll their way, they always had the cards they needed.

The Valkyrie player and I surrendered on turn and sobbed in our beers...

Session: Pax Renaissance:: 3p Solo Game Log + Commentary - Fugger/Marchionni/Coeur

Tue, 17 Oct 2017 14:38:29 +0000

by Jobermallow The following is a game log of a 3p solo game between Fugger, Marchionni, and Coeur. I’ve played probably a dozen or so games of Pax Renaissance, with most being 2p games, and I feel like I”m still just beginning to understand some of the deeper strategies and possibilities presented by the cards and board state. I promise that better moves could have been made, but I wanted to provide a detailed game log that explains not only the moves made but also the thinking behind the moves. Folks can and should suggest better plays or strategies so that others can learn and make their own play better.Note: I”m using the base game + expansion + BGG cards. Underlined words are game actions. Italicized words are my own commentary. [Words in brackets indicate card entry and movement on the East and West Market, with their location denoted by the cost, i.e. 5-spot is in the fifth spot or the card that requires five florins to purchase]Turn OneFugger - Purchases and plays Hanseatic League, cost 1. Places a concession on England/France border. (Looking at the opening set of market cards, nothing really jumps out as a must buy. Fogger needs to start thinking cash flow, as their initial concession is far from the origin of the Western trade routes. The Hanseatic League was cheap, has a West Commerce Op, and gave Fogger a concussion to boot. It also buys some breathing room in case the other players decide to go for an Imperial victory.)[Almeida Armada enters West Market 5-spot]Marchionni - Purchases and plays Elzbieta of Bohemia, cost 2. Triggers Coronation, acquires Portugal Empire card. Places concession on Portugal/Aragon border. (With Fugger already adding more concessions in the West, Marchionni decides to match with a play of Elzbieta to secure Portugal. With no other Discovery icons available in the market, securing Portugal just might be enough to edge out a Globalization victory.)[The Last Sigh enters East Market 5-spot]Coeur - Purchases The Grim, cost 2. Conducts East Trade Fair. Coeur nets 2 florins. (Going for an early East Trade Fair allows Coeur to place a white rook levy on the Ottoman Empire and set up a nice Jihad one-shot play with the Grim next turn.)[Celebi Tax Revolts moves to East Market 0-spot, Grande of Spain enters East Market 4-spot, Despina Khatun enters East Market 5-spot]Turn TwoFugger - Purchases European Union, cost 2. Runs West Ops. Commerce (Hanseatic League) to take 1 florin off of Marechaussee card. (With play of the Grim on the horizon, purchasing the European Union- with its Apostasy capability to remove Islamic cards- is a good hedge to help check the power of Coeur.)[Order of Santiago enters West Market 5-spot]Marchionni - Conducts West Trade Fair. Marchionni nets 3 florins, Fugger 1. Fair ends at England/France border. Purchases Reichskrone, cost 3. (The Reichskrone allows Marchionni to acquire another Empire card, plus it has the added ability to allow Voting in the West. Flipping the HRE to a Republic via vote will discard the Reichskrone, but the HRE Republic side has a Vote Op of its own + a Law icon, giving Marchionni a path towards Renaissance victory. Conducting the trade fair not only brought in much needed florins, but also raised a key red rook levy on the Ottoman map card that would make a possible Jihad play more costly for the Coeur.)[Marechaussee moves to West Market 0-spot, The Mary Rose enters West Market 4-spot, Margaret of Austria enters West Market 5-spot]Coeur - Plays The Grim. Triggers Jihad one-shot for Ottoman map card. Adjacent black knight in Byzantium joins fight against two heretic rooks. That night and a black rook are removed. Ottoman map card flipped to Islam side. Coeur acquires Ottoman Empire card. Places concession on Papal/Ottoman border. Places black bishop on The Grim card. Purchases Sitt-i-Hatun of Dulkadir, cost 1. (The threat of an Apostasy play by Fugger is huge, but opening the path towards a Religiou[...]

Session: Vietnam 1965-1975:: Me, Myself, And I Campaign Spring 66 Turn 2

Tue, 17 Oct 2017 14:37:54 +0000

by Dren608 Spring 66 turn 2Special Ops: US 40/22 patrol, VC some units next to roads go on patrol, but most are available for movement to contest pacificationUS Strategic movement phase: set A couple to block SR by VC?Operations Phase:VC strategic movements all over to form blocks in provinces in the mid-range control to try and win a few points of Pop (more to keep the Population from swinging too far this turn), next 2 turns Will be rebuilding turns for VC and NVA needs attention.US OP1: Security 23 HQ, 55/23 -5639, 1 Air move via road to 3204 (1MP) 6 ground +4 (8/2) = 10 - 2 = 5-1 -1 for town = net +4 both on the 3-7.5 table =mod roll =6VC: Defender lose 2(VC repl) retreat to 3205Stack ends move at 5744(3 more MP for ZOC)US OP2: Target 4559 Activate 1C HQ, 1/1/1C, 1/27, 3/197 (for ranger bases),57/3 ARVN, 2/1/1C Ranger roll = 3 , go in 4454, 4157 49582/3 then 3 ARVN HQ to 4458, 2/1/1c to 4658 ranger to 4459, 1C HQ to 44581/1/1c to 4560 VC react to 4361 Give away MP of 7) the rangers to 4659 and 4557to complete encirclement, drop 5 ARVN and 1 fron 1C for 6/2 = 3 fp for 1 interdictVC alert of 2 +3 terrain, +1 ARVN = 6 MP need 7 to get outside of encirclement, disperse, get a repl and keep pursuit movement from happeningUS well got the unit and the 2 artys didn't move or fire so can reuse them, but now I got a clump of units not really doing much other goodUS OP 3: Target = 4661activete 1/1C HQ, 3/1/1C (4253) 1/27, 3/197 and 3/31C, 101 ACRngrs = 6! damn! 1101/AC to 4562, and 1/27 to same hex., 3/3/1C to target hex 1/1C and 3/1/1C to 4761 drop 9 HQ and 5 from 1/27 for +2 interdictVC Alert = 5 +2 = 7MP (no ARVN) - costs +4 to leave, can move to a Clear hexesbut no further(needed 8MP) that would be 5-1, current hex could would be 5-1 but -1 and hot LZ but retreat is unlikely to get me anywhere safe, can go to Swamp that's 4-1 -1 but retreat will end me up in the clear and on a road! (Here is unclear rule for me, if VC alert away are you still in a Hot LZ as the target hex is now somewhere else? I've played it isn't because markers don't have memory The rule as written would say no it is still Hot LZ cause you moved into a target hex. I find this silly because there is no one in the hex shooting at you, FAQ states both views so consider it a house rule).VC moved to the Swamp BTW hoping for very low rolls.US 3 ground 2/1 Arty from 1/27 = 4-1 - 1 swamp - mod DR = 8 no losses and +4 PursuitVC retreat to 4362US 3/3/1C to 4561 for 3MP, 3/1/1C to 4562, 101 AC to 4461 will leave +7 pursuitVC no react as that mountain is the best terrain if I wish to influence this province in pacificationUS 1/1C to 4461 VC again no reaction 16/2 = +8 +2 ground to 1 = 5-1 and +7 pursuit somax die roll on the 8-13.5 table causes 3 defender loss and +7 pursuit!VC oh well no US lossesUS moves 101AC to 4561, 3/1/1C then 1/1C to 4857, 3/3/1C 4959 3/197 not fire or movestill available.US OP 4: Target 5157 activate 6/32, 2/35, 3/197, 3/1C, 2/3/1C, 1/3/1C rngr = 2 rngrs go in 4958 and 5357 , Ranger to 5256, 5158, 1/3/1C to 5257, 6/32 to 5455, 3/1C, 2/3/1C to 5057 VC react 5056 to Air-mobile 2/35 to 5058 VC react 4856 US drop 5 3/1C , 3 2/35, 6 6/32 so 14/2 = 7 for +2 InterdictVC alert = 2 + 3 terrain +1 ARVN = 6 MP only can retreat to Mountain keep it alive maybe and hope they attack so can retreat to Kanh Hoa US Lets try for a good die roll? 4 Arty (8/2 from Ind Arty) 2 ARVN Grnd = 6 to 2 = 3-1 -3 terrain, mod dr = 3 no losses no pursuitVC retreat to 5155US activate reserve 56/3 ARVN move to 5154, 2/3/1C to 5055, 1/3/1C to 5255, 19 Arty (10 from 6/32, 7 from 2/35 2 from ARVN)/2 = 9.5 +3 ARVN ground = 12-2 = 6-1 -2 terrain net +3 mod dr = 5 def lose 1, pursuit = 2VC Best retreats are jungle for - he will be 5-1 and I on 8 table so at least one more loss ARVN will be there for losses think its time to gain a replacement and end this - lose unit US 56/3 to 5253, 2/3/1C to 4856VC If I s[...]

Session: Gloomhaven:: Because I’m impatient (Scenario 2)

Tue, 17 Oct 2017 05:29:21 +0000

by argology

So, I put together a group to play Gloomhaven back when I thought it would be arriving earlier in the year. We’ve been scheduling our get-togethers a month in advance, and last time we met to play through the print-and-play of the first scenario, and introduce everyone to the mechanics.

I had hoped at the time to have received my copy by now (I’m not complaining: I know production and shipping delays happen, and I appreciate the regular communication we’ve received from Isaac) and I didn’t want to cancel on the one weekend this month everyone could make it, so I went and made further components to let us play the second scenario, and I thought folks might find it amusing to see what that looks like:

Possible points of interest:

1. Minis are from Vlaada Chvátil’s Mage Knight, which I had once thought was as epic as a board game could get
2. Standees are from One Monk Miniatures: (I didn’t manage to glue the zombies in time)
3. We used pennies for loot, dimes for character tokens, and quarters for summons
4. Not shown, but since I didn’t have stat sheets or ability cards for all the monsters in the second scenario, I used johreh’s handy Gloomy Companion:

In case you’re interested in an actual session report: we had an unexpectedly easy time of this scenario, as:
1. the bandit archers in the main room immediately dropped a pair of traps that created a cul-de-sac in the middle of the room for the spellweaver and tinkerer to hang out in without any melee interference
2. the scenario boss declined to open many doors
3. The skeletons that got summoned spent almost the entire scenario healing and shielding. It got to the point that we started joking that being turned into skeletons had been so traumatic for them, they had developed some sort of undead shell-shock.

One final N.B.: If you aren’t as incredibly impatient as I am, I do not in any way recommend doing this. Just to make the components for the first and second scenarios, along with the starting elements for the initial six characters cost most of the price of the game in printing and supplies, took maybe twenty hours to make, and of course, is all crap quality compared to something professionally printed. If we don’t have the actual game in time for our next session on November 11th, I think we’re just going to play Fiasco.

Session: Century: Golem Edition:: 8 year old daughter loved this game

Tue, 17 Oct 2017 05:25:45 +0000

by Mikecmp

Managed to get this game out and play on a family game night, my brother, both our wives and my 8 year old set this up to play. We had already warmed up playing Tsuro, and everyone was interested to get into C:GE due to the art style and simple mechanics.

I bought the game and the playmat, glad I got the playmat as it really did make the whole experience a bit better, and made managing the cards easier as well - I never splurge for those kind of accessories, but in this case it was well worth it. Everyone commented on how nice the mat was.... Except the smell when we took it out of the box.(image)

We ende dup not even finishing the game, our night ran long and we had run out of time. My daughter ended up winning, she had a little trouble at first, but after a little coaching she managed to put together a combo that let her get a couple golems purchased. She ended up buying the ones she liked the most, as opposed to the ones that had the most points, but it worked out for her. We all ended up drafting way too many cards I think, I might have had more than 10 in my hand, but, i believe that is more due to the fact that we did not shuffle very well, there was not a very good mix of cards out.

Everyone really liked the game even though we did not finish - i bought it partially b/c there are oftentimes 5 of us and its hard to find a good game a 8 year old can play well, doesn't take a long time to play, and plays 5 without having balance or other issues.

Overall, everyone said they liked it, my brother and his wife really like lighthouses, and were delighted when my daughter bought the lighthouse golem - they didn't know there was one and thought that was pretty cool. definitely got the thumbs up from my daughter.

I will say with a younger player, once I coached her a little, she saw how she could make a combo and managed to do that a couple times to get her the gems she needed to buy golems - she struggled at first to understand it but caught on quick once I explained it to her.


Session: Alien Artifacts:: First game 10th October 2017

Tue, 17 Oct 2017 05:07:34 +0000

by steveowen

4 players - Community, Star Union, The League & Clone Clans
Time: 2.5 hours

Really a learning game getting to grips with all the interactions and rule foibles.

Only 1 action per turn but a plethora of options which can lead to significant downtime.

You are completely driven by the mechanics rather than any particular theme.

The only significant interaction comes from Attacks - one of our group used an Alien Artifact card to attack us all with a +1 for his ship and a tech card allowing two draws resulting in us all receiving blockade tokens!

The Assembly limit only allows you to play two cards a turn which is quite limiting although this can be mitigated by preparing resources and some cards.

Everything seems to take some time to come to fruition which is somewhat frustrating.

There are some rule issues which require clarification, usually related to the interaction of different cards.

Two of us enjoyed it despite the length and two of us didn't. I won, which helped, probably due to an Alien Artifact card which gave me three extra turns at the end of the game!. The final scores ranged from 19 to 29.

One of the main issues was the time needed to play it. This should improve with familiarity but unlikely to get down to one hour unless you have lightning turns.

Some rules to remember:

Gold can only be used as wild with basic actions

Every card in a set position on the right hand board require one extra resource

Assembly limit exceptions are usually asset dependent

We assumed the buy discount on logistic planets was across the board.

Will certainly play again when I hope all the available options will become more self evident.


Session: Star Trek: Ascendancy:: Klingon's on the Warpath

Tue, 17 Oct 2017 04:58:27 +0000

by Talker13

3 Player game with Federation, Klingon and Romulan.

Playtime: 150 minutes.

Mods and Varients: None

Early Game:
The Federation started off early forming a Diplomatic fleet that immediately encountered a L1 Warp culture that they were able to successfully convince to join the Federation. Romulans opened up exploration to various systems and the Klingon's we fortunate, finding an abandoned colony (fled before the might of the Klingon Empire) and successfully negotiating with the Children of Tama to establish a second colony. Bolstered by a successful start, they began establishing a Militarized Industry.

Further exploration led to additional balanced worlds for the Federation, mainly research heavy worlds for the Romulans and phenomena that the Klingon used to fuel their industrial designs. The Romulans, hurting from a lack of production facilities, commissioned a Mining fleet to take compensate. The Federation and Klingons met over a pre-warp society to establish strong trade between the two societies and everyone began the construction of star bases to bolster defenses along borders.

Mid Game:
Bolstered by production flowing from trade, the Federation continued its exploration into the galaxy, finding phenomena and commissioning a Science fleet to take advantage of it. The Romulans continued to find Research heavy planets and used the Mining fleet to slowly build up nodes and ships. The Klingons, using their Militarized Industry at this point, were able to successfully increase their shield power and used that to observe additional phenomena that was channeled into exploring Cloaking technology from the Romulans. Expecting glorious battle, they then launched an assault into Federation space to acquire more sources for their Industrial machine. The Federation sent envoys to the Romulans in an attempt to bring military pressure against the aggressive Klingon empire. The Romulans, not interested in expending their limited ships, declined and the Federation chose to end trade with them over the breakdown of the alliance.

End Game:
Fueled by Battlelust and with additionally strengthened shields and weapons, the Klingons were able to push through the Federation ships before them. The Federation made an effort to redouble their cultural capabilities and seek dominance by ascendancy. The Romulans, seeing this conflict, begin commissioning battle fleets as well.

The Klingons push through the remaining Federation forces, taking 3 starbases and Earth, stopping the Federations plans for cultural superiority. They then explored a previously unknown space lane into Romulan space bypassing most of the Romulan ships, destroying a Romulan fleet and capturing a planet and Starbase from the Romulans. With direct access to Romulous now from this system and the ability to comission additional battle fleets so close to Romulous, it was a short time before their numbers overwhelmed the Romulans as well.

After Action:
We typically find that most of our games are about build up and maneuvering with large battles towards the end. We found that the early conflict with the Klingons (started on turn 5) was a definite disruption to our typical game.

As usual, there is some definite luck (the two free colonies and the Military Industry) allowed the to expand culture nodes and capitalize on that upgrade. Overall, it was a great game and I look forward to many more.

Session: Pandemic:: One Shot, One Kill... (unfortunately, not us.)

Tue, 17 Oct 2017 04:57:09 +0000

by Sheryl Nantus

Over the weekend my husband and I, plus a good friend, had the ultimate bad game.

Check out the image below and I'll add in the gory details.

We never got out of the first round. Actually, MY turn, to be specific.

As you can see from the map, during the set-up the majority of cards went into the black zone - chewing up cubes at a ferocious rate. But we got through the nine set-up cities and then began the game.

I, playing the Researcher, did some card sharing with the rest of the team and went to San Francisco with the intention of moving toward the Black Zone. All actions used, I pulled the first card...


We shuffled the nine cards and pulled the two.

Atop a pair of already-maxed out cities with three cubes each.

We ran out of cubes, having no black ones left to put on Moscow after they'd all "popped" and the infection spread.

Game. Over.

Our friend noted it was the game expressing his anger at us for having abandoned him for Pandemic Legacy Season 1 for so long...

But that was it. Shortest. Game. Ever.

After we stopped laughing, we thought we'd share this and see if anyone else had experienced such a quick game.

(we did reset, and lost the next one as well with only one more round to go - but at least we got out of the gate!)


Session: The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game:: Jouney in the Dark 3 player campaign mode played back in September

Tue, 17 Oct 2017 04:55:04 +0000

by Dren608

And so it happened we traveled the Mines of Moria, defeated the Orc Chieftain and 8 of his Orcish followers to at last come to the Bridge and the Balrog. Snowborne scouts, Errand rider, and an iron hills miner all sacrificed them selves as we passed toward the bridge. Then the Balrog made the mistake of turning on Rohan. Eowyn and Ents, and Rohirim together managed 25 attack and did 14 damage to the Balrog, even after it had decimated the followers of Theoden and Eowyn. The next round the Balrog came after the party attempting to cross the bridge after us, But Aragorn with a majestic Voice never heard by the Hobbits before declared "You shall not Defy the King of Gondor" and the Balrog and Aragon went down with the bridge. Merry, Sam and Pippin reacted and out snaked a rope that Aragorn was able to grasp. Whether it was "Fortune or Fate" he was saved from the fall to into the pit. The Fellowship quested out by the 10th round quest phase. We finished with a score of 66 (126-60 VP) in 9 full rounds (I don't count rounds in the scores). It was Epic!! Thank you Liz (Eowyn) and Cullen (Aragorn) for getting us through that!

Session: Holland '44: Operation Market-Garden:: 1st MN Friday playing

Tue, 17 Oct 2017 04:46:19 +0000

by demoss1 Finally got this one to the table with another member of the club. I took the Allies to his Germans.30 Corps got off to a smashing start, with DS results on both Kerutt and the company behind him on turn 1. Coupled with a poor roll for traffic markers on the Germans' part (only one of the three stuck), things were looking good for the good guys. Here's the end of turn 2 there (all of the initial set is end of turn 2):Everywhere else, though, there were issues. The air drops went off almost without a hitch - only a couple of scattered units (all in the 101st sector) and not a single step loss. IMO, the latter is not necessarily a good thing - especially in the 1st AB zone, I'd like to have steps that can be returned to the right place at the right time as a reserve. Can't complain, though.101st Airborne captured the Son bridge intact but not the Veghel road bridge. The Veghel RR bridge was, however, captured, so 30 Corps should be able to at least stage across the canal even if they can't throw supply very far until it is repaired. 101st also advanced on Uden and Eindhoven, making some progress in the latter case.The strongest unit in the unknown pool popped up at Grave and I rolled the '1' needed to fail to take the bridge, which would be blown with extreme prejudice.82nd also expanded the perimeter enough that, with none of the 406th Division being released immediately (except the artillery!), I would be able to drop the 82nd's artillery on turn 3 without having to worry about a blown drop.In the 1st Airborne sector, Frost's men reached the bridge successfully but the following troops failed in their attempt to sneak by KG Spindler - another 1 at an inopportune moment. Note the ENG marker on Spindler. Had he been forced to retreat, I could have gotten the battalions (3/1P and the glider pilots) that were stuck in Oosterbeek into Arnhem instead, and one of those would almost surely have gone on to help defend the bridge.So to summarize, after two turns, 30 Corps is doing great, 101st is doing tolerably well (failure at Uden being the fly in the ointment, but that won't hold up for long), and we're seeing a subpar performance from 82nd and 1st.At this point, the course of the game became dictated more by my opponent's German response. He chose to concentrate on eliminating Frost's battalion rather than send a maximal amount of support to Nijmegen. The battle for Nijmegen turned VERY bloody - we saw each side take a step loss almost every turn over the course of turns 3-5, and the Germans can only sustain that if they're feeding a lot of bodies into the grinder. On the other hand, he DID succeed at crushing Frost at around turn 6 - but too late to help Nijmegen, as the 82nd was already crossing the bridge over the Waal.We had a typical back-and-forth on the western side of the 101st perimeter and the eastern side of the 82nd perimeter for the next several turns.Back near Eindhoven, 30 Corps finished clearing Eindhoven on turn 3 with an Auto DS that allowed the bridging engineers to reach Veghel on turn 4 - meaning that the road bridge was ready for use on turn 6. On that turn, 30 Corps proceeded to Auto DS the brave defenders of Grave (at this point held by the 1st Parachute Army's motorized company) and get the bridging engineers - just barely, with not a fraction of an MP to spare - to the Grave bridge, which meant 30 Corps would reach Nijmegen and cross over the Waal on turn 8.Out on the flank, one of the 101st's battalions snuck into Helmond which was held only by a 0-0-0 Garrison unknown. The wrath of the arriving 107th Panzer Brigade descended upon it, kicking it back to the west side of the canal at the cost of a Panzergrenadier step. In [...]

Session: Commands & Colors Tricorne: The American Revolution:: Brutal Bemis Heights

Tue, 17 Oct 2017 04:03:36 +0000

by P47 Thunderbolt

My Tricorne arrived Friday.

I managed to sticker enough blocks to set up the first scenario, Bemis Heights, and play it with my 15-year-old son, Daniel, Friday evening, with him taking the Continentals.

I warned him about the need to stay in line and keep leaders adjacent to avoid the very bad effects of units panicking and routing off the field. But he is an aggressive player and moved forward quickly on the Continental left with unsupported units. I rolled flags on three units, and his 3 successive rolls of 3 dice, 4 dice and 5 dice, all amazingly failed to produce a flag, resulting in the loss to him of a rifle, militia, and regular that panicked and routed off the field.

But he learned fast from his mistakes. Two Quick Step cards brought all the Militia forward into a huge line that provided support through units and leaders behind them. Then he played a deadly Line Volley Command card and a Regular Infantry Battle Bonus Combat card, which enabled his entire massive line to fire--most of the units rolling 4 dice. He eliminated the British artillery on my right and damaged many other units.

A British Line Volley also did damage, though less, because the British started with 9 units as compared to the 18 Continental units. He attacked repeatedly with fire attacks on the Continental right and center that killed my German artillery on my left, and a German regular. Two successive British Bayonet Charge cards sent 3 units forward (1 of them a 1 block Grenadier with a leader, and the 2 others were full strength German and British regulars), reducing 3 militia to 1 block, but losing 2 of the units. The Continentals forced back both British flanks. The lone British regular broke through the center of the Continental line and killed 2 militia on successive turns.

The score was now 5 to 5. The Continentals attacked on both flanks, but failed to gain a banner. The lone British regular tried to kill a leader in the center behind the Continental line, but he only evaded off the board. Then, Continental attacks on both flanks eliminated a German Regular cowering on the back line. The game ended 6-5, but I allowed him to finish the attack and he also took out a unit on the British right flank.

The game was very close. Either side could have won. But at the end the Continentals still had a big line of troops, while the British army was almost entirely wiped out.

My recollection is that after those first three Continental losses to rout, no one had any additional units lost to rout. We made a few minor rules mistakes, but nothing that would have really changed the outcome of the game.

I like the game very much. It is very similar to Napoleonics, a bit simpler without the Combined Arms rule, though the intersection of the Leader rules and Rally rules can make for some dense material in the rules. But the different dice in Tricorne and the Rally rolls give it a very different feel, appropriate for the period. It is very difficult to convince your troops to fight to the last man and not run far away. They tend to run away sooner and farther than in Napoleonics, but there are ways to help prevent them from retreating and taking rally checks, and to keep them in the fight.

Session: Quartermaster General: 1914:: I almost lose it for the Central after I discard a defense card instead of taking a 1 VP hit for attrition.

Tue, 17 Oct 2017 03:49:59 +0000

by Norbert Chan Don is Austria Hungary, I am Russia, Greg is Germany, Jean is France and Trevor is UK. Don plays the Landweir card to build in Galacia, I play Cossacks to build in Ukraine and attack Galacia (defended by Don), Greg gets down Mustard gas and a prepared card, Jean builds in Rome, while Trevor plays Royal Navy to get down Girl with the Yellow Hands, and fleets in the West Med and English Channel. On turn 2, Don plays Ottoman Mobilizes to get an Ottoman army into Istanbul. I play the East Prussian Offensive to build in Poland and attacked Don in Galacia, which he defended again. Greg builds in Belguim, Jean builds in Picardy, Trevor unsuccessfully land battles into Belgium.Don gets an objective token into Greece, and I get into Prussia. After the first scoring round it is Entente 9, Central 8.Before the next scoring phase, I attack into Germany, and it is successful. Meanwhile, Jean attacks into successfully into Western Germany, and Trevor successfully attacks again into Belgium. Things look grim for the Central Powers and I expect an easy win. Greg is holding onto Germany, but he gets down Red Baron. The second scoring round it is Entente 20, Central 18. Jean and Trevor can’t quite get into Western Germany to put more pressure onto Greg. Don is scrambling, drafting build army cards to get into Berlin, as I had expended a few of Don’s build army cards. This allows Greg to start pushing me back, and Don attacks me in Poland to get me out of supply with my fleet in the Baltic so I can’t get attack into Germany. Germany is back now, with 4 or 5 status cards on the table, and holding 5 territories. The third scoring round, it is a game, and the score is Entente 31, Central 29.With Don defending Germany, Jean is able to push up into Tyrol. Greg can attack me with ease now so I play Peace Land and Bread for 4 VPs to get away from him. Jean is able to buid into Vienna with Italy and Greg has to battle into Vienna to save it. It is now attrition on both sides and the score is Entente 32, Central 30 on the fourth round. But as it happens in these long drawn out games where everyone is short of cards, Trevor has been holding back the 5 German attrition card and forces Greg to lose 5 VPs. The Central powers take too much attrition and the final score is Entente 42, Central 31. After having no German units on the board, Greg emerges with 5 status cards and makes a game of it. It was a close game until the Entente forced too much attrition on the Central Powers. Game 2: I am Austria Hungary, Jean is Russia, Trevor is Germany, Greg is France, Don is UK. I play the Royal Hungarian Honvad, building an army into Tyrol. Jean plays Russia mobilizes, and goes to Ukraine and Galacia, obviously with intent to target Budapest. Trevor builds in Prussia, Greg builds in Rome, Don plays Royal Navy to get down fleets into the West Med and East Med, and his status card is the one that lets you pay 1 VP to recover a build army from the discard.I am forced to build an Ottoman army in Istanbul. Jean examined my hand to throw away an Austria Hungary land battle. Trevor plays an event card to let him play Strossupen, build an army and battle Galacia. Greg builds in the Italian Alps, Don recruits in Belgium. After the first scoring round it is Central 8, Entente 8.Before the second scoring round scoring things get interesting, I play the event card where Germany discards a card and I can attack, and if successful build into the Italian Alps, which I am. Greg tries to battle me out from Rome, is unsuccessful, and I counterattack successfully. This forces Don to use an event card to build a UK army into Rome. But I land b[...]

Session: Sentinels of the Multiverse:: The Scholar Hides in the Volcano

Tue, 17 Oct 2017 01:02:18 +0000

by DragonsDream

My apologies for not having the blow by blow. I don't usuall keep track and this was supposed to just be a quick game with my nephew - his first chance to play my new characters since getting the base game. I took The Scholar and Unity and he went with Guise and his favorite Tempest against Grand Warlord Voss on Insula primalis.

Things started quite poorly with the first 2 minions doing 2 cold across board each (so 4 points before we do anything!) with the other 2 both hitting the highest HP. We managed to do some damage but couldn't take any out. The environment gave us a raptor though which killed one minion. Voss put out a card that let him play another card the first time a minion was revealed so in a couple of rounds he had 6 minions out. Our heroes were all under 10 HP but managed to get 6 minions in the trash and had 2 out when forced redeploy showed up. We were screwed.

The environment gave us a volcano. ok, this could help. Unfortunately, the redeploy meant 8 minions were out and killed Unity, Guise and Tempest during the villain turn and reducing Scholar to 4. This after 20 minutes of play and maybe 4 rounds. My nephew & I were ready to call it. But then a plan began to form. Unity & Guise incap powers helped Scholar play some cards and use powers to heal some then Tempest made Scholar immune to fire. Then the volcano hit, wiping the entire row of minions and finally doing some damage to Voss himself.

Next round, Scholar put out "Prepare for the Worst", incaps helped regain some HP and the volcano took out the new minions and hit Voss. The pattern now was Scholar had Prepare for the Worst and then retrieved the other copy from the trash thanks to Tempest's incap so he could cycle them and always have one out. Unity incap let Scholar play cards if needed or draw and Guise was either managing the villain deck or keeping the environment in check. Then the volcano would wipe the board and hit Voss.

This continued for as many rounds as it took to get Voss down to a reasonable number (under 20) and a now fully-healed Scholar could play Know When to Turn Loose with 2 obsidian fields out and managed a 14 point hit on Voss. One more time through the volcano finally took him out. It was a good thing too as Voss was at the end of his deck and a reshuffle would have put all 3 Redeploys back in play.

This took over 2 hours. My wife & her little sister were asleep on the couches by this point having gotten tired of waiting for us to die and my nephew & were awe struck. He insisted we "found a loophole" while I replied "we played the cards we were dealt and sometime that's how the hero wins". This was probably the craziest game of Sentinels I have yet played and will forever be remembered as the time The Scholar hid in the Volcano until the villains were dead.

Session: Puerto Rico:: AAR #1 - Two Returning Players and One Newbie

Tue, 17 Oct 2017 00:43:23 +0000

by AfrikaKorps14

After not playing this for quite a long time, we decided to give this a shot. One person had never played, so we spent some time reviewing the rules and explaining the concept.

Not atypically, the first couple of rounds involved acquisition of Quarry tiles. For obvious reasons, two people grabbed the Construction Huts almost immediately to facilitate this. After this point, things diverged a bit. The Small Markets went fairly quickly, as did a Small Warehouse. I purchased an Office early, as I anticipated repeated action at the Trading House (it did pay off, but not as much as it looked like it would).

As far as production, 2 Small Indigo Plants went quickly, but I held out for the full-sized version, as I've never been a fan of the small mills. I focused on diversifying into Tobacco, while my opponents initially focused on Sugar and Indigo (one also having Corn, which really helped his VPs with Captain). Later in the game, my Sugar opponent added Coffee (as he had a Factory, so bonus money), as did my other opponent. I had purchased the other Factory, but that was partially to remove it from the market (and to add some money myself).

My next purchase was a Large Warehouse, as I didn't want to lose anything during the Captain phase. This paid off, as it also allowed me to use the Office more effectively. At this point, I SHOULD have purchased a Harbor for the extra VPs, but I had to get the other Factory off the board (as stated above). Once things got to this point, my Sugar/Coffee opponent bought a Wharf, so I needed to end the game quickly, as he had everything but Tobacco in production. Having lots of income from the Trading House (and some key Role selections which had money on them), I purchased the City Hall, then the large building that gives a bonus for production buildings (blanking on name--this was to prevent the Sugar/Coffee person from getting it). At the end, we had a mad rush on Colonists, but I built a Sugar Mill, even though I had no use for it, just for the VPs. Selecting Builder rather than Captain (as I was literally the last person to go) prevented my Sugar/Coffee opponent from shipping a whole dock full of products, and since he didn't have any cash, I gained the building VPs while he gained no VPs.

The final score was 47 (me) to 42 to 40. Our new person to the game said he liked it and felt it was a good design, so I think we'll probably give it another shot before too long. Our groups likes to mix Euros with heavier, longer games, so this will make a good medium-length option in the future, especially if people are more inclined to something less combative.

Session: Elasund: The First City:: AAR #2 - Refreshing the Game with a Friend

Tue, 17 Oct 2017 00:42:55 +0000

by AfrikaKorps14

After playing this not too long ago, a friend and I decided to play this as a "filler" until another friend could arrive. Good choice. I was green and he was yellow.

Having played this not too long ago, I remembered some of my mistakes from last time. I built my first vertical building along the Trade Fields of rows 8 and 9, thereby insuring that I had a good gold (the other green vertical building starts in rows 6 and 5 and supplies gold also).

We both built 2 City Wall segments costing 2 Gold each in order to build up our Influence cards. However, I built the first 4-gold tower, as I got burned on the Pirate several times last game. This didn't really ever help, but it did get me a VP.

Like last time, I decided to invest in the first Church piece, that way I knew in which direction the Church would expand. Unfortunately, both draws indicated that the Church would ultimately kick my vertical starter building out, so I had to plan ahead for that (luckily, this never happened, as my opponent never bought a Church tile).

This game, I really focused on Trade Fields, and I worked on getting some 2x2 buildings onto these, specifically the ones which provide Influence cards. This helped quite a bit, due to some luck, so I was never short of Influence cards this game. However, there was a running battle to kick each other off TF spaces, so twice we used cards to replace building of the same size.

Lastly, as opposed to the last match, I finally remembered that you can use another person's Building Permits along with your own to complete a building as long as you pay them the face value of the Permit. This allowed my to "steal" a Permit and build a building before my opponent could gather the gold to do so. Often, I'm not a big fan of Eurogames with lots of aggressive "screwage" toward your neighbor, as I play wargames for that. (image) However, the Permit was worth "0", so it wasn't a huge setback in terms of money. This allowed my to set up another Permit with which to win the game over the following 2 turns.

As usual, the pacing sped up near the end, as there was more gold and Influence in each person's hand. I never rolled a "7", but my friend rolled one 3-4 times, so I was disproportionately affected by the Pirate. That's sort of fair, though, as I have more experience with the game.

Once again, we enjoyed the session. There's something "clean" and "crisp" about this title that I enjoy, although I cannot entirely put my finger on specifics. It just flows well and always seems relaxing to play. I think several of my friends like it because it has a non-threatening theme and, again, doesn't require (although it can include) aggressive play.

Maybe my next session will re-teach me something about this game again.

Session: Gloomhaven:: Tale of Two Parties, Chapter 20 (Scenario 31, Riftjumpers) Spoilers

Mon, 16 Oct 2017 23:40:38 +0000

by EventHorizon [Note: Tale of Two Parties is being written primarily as a way to see if the experiences of two groups playing in the same game world can create a cogent narrative and to communicate sessions between groups.Spoilers, such as enemy types, are included but really shouldn't be relied on in your games as I'm not tracking the game while we are playing and specifics can diverge from what happened for narrative reasons. The first session report of the series is here: [thread=25099427]Scenario 1[/thread]Current Partyo Skrrit, Vermling Mindthiefo Bonecrusher, Savvas Craghearto Esmerelda, Orchid Spellweavero Korth, Inox BruteThe Aesther Esmerelda knew lived in a broken-down tavern that Korth felt sure had seen better days. At least he thought that before bringing it up to Esmerelda, who laughed. She explained that Hail had built the place to look like this so people wouldn’t bother her. Korth, who had never met an Asether, took her word for it. They stood on the threshold of the cobwebbed door of the tavern while Esmerelda prepared to enter. The ritual, while odd, was designed to encourage the Aesther to stay around long enough for them to get some answers. Spell finished, Esmerelda stepped confidently into the room.The rest of the group blinked at the relative darkness of the room as they entered. Esmerelda was already hugging an odd-looking woman who had appeared out of thin air near the stairs. Esmerelda introduced her as Hail, an Aesther. Hail smiled, “So good to see you dear. I so rarely get proper visitors. I had a younger Orchid come a while ago and I had to throw a map at her to get her to leave. Too many of your kind aren’t learning the proper forms. But how can I help. I feel something of power here. Are you bringing me a present?” Esmerelda nodded to Skrrit, who drew the artifact out of his pouch and set it on the table. Hail got excited, “The Vessel of the Elements?! What a great present! I had almost forgotten about it. Thanks for…” She stopped talking and withdrew her hand that was reaching for it, “This is fouled. You can’t give me this if it isn’t cleansed. You need to fix it before I can do anything with it.” Skrrit, Bonecrusher, and Korth looked at each other, confused. Esmerelda smiled. “We don’t possess the magical skills to do that,” she gently chided Hail. Hail frowned, “Do I need to do everything? I don’t think so. I’m not going in there to fix it. You need to. Here, I will send you in.” And with that, she started gesturing and scattering magic around the group. “Wait, what do we do?” Esmerelda said, sounding concerned. “Don’t worry. Just look for the giant black pillar and destroy it. Then I will bring you back. It’s simple.” And then the world fuzzed and dissolved into a swirl of colors before finally darkening completely.The world resolved into what appeared to be a dark cave with misty walls that appeared covered in black slime. Esmerelda looked around showing more emotion than Skrrit had ever seen from her. And to his eyes, most of that emotion was fear. “We are in the Plane of Night,” she said with a wavering voice. “We can’t stay here but we can’t go back until Hail brings us back. Where’s Korth?” Bonecrusher and Skrrit looked around and for the first time realized that the great Inox was missing. But there was no time to wonder where he was because they also saw that they had drawn the notice of a pair of Night Demons, which were advancing on them. In the distance they saw weird, tall tentacles with eyes at the [...]

Session: Combat Commander: Europe:: Scenario 7 - Bessarabian Nights

Mon, 16 Oct 2017 23:39:34 +0000

by Chump --aerial view: a deserted forest landscape, bisected by a single track running NW-SE (or was it SE-NW … ?) Suddenly, outta nowhere (hell, INTO nowhere … !), a squad of partisans appears. Then another. And another two! Then some Russian SMG squads and weapons teams. A pattern begins to reveal itself. (Uh, maybe not.) Ah! I know what will bring order out of this chaos! I've got just the thing: two decorated Russian leaders, Sgt. Malsky and Cpl. Bulganin. Well, at least Cpl. Bulganin seemed to care, joining a couple of wayward squads in the NW, not far from a coupla other stragglers in the woods on the other side of the tracks to the east, but Sgt. Malsky … ? Caught w/ his pants down around his ankles, smokin' GOD knows what, all on his own at the southern end of our theatre of operations. He was askin' for trouble, and ze Germans were only too happy to oblige … Sgt. Malsky now finds himself surrounded by the entire German army (or what's left of it, anyway … )! Well, he zipped it up right quick, and, to his credit, held out longer than anyone expected. Long enough for Lieutenant Bijak to materialize inside a pillbox at objective "5", establishing a commanding position from which to rally a critical mass of troops that had been lollygagging towards the NE of this position, as well as send an expeditionary probe to attempt (ultimately successfully, if ever so briefly … ), the key southern most rail position via a eastern flanking manoeuvre.Ze Germans, on their part--after finally succeeding in mowing down the pathetic creature that was our Sgt. Malsky--cautiously moved to eliminate a potential threat which had materialized in the SW where a Russian weapon team armed w/ a captured German mortar decided foolhardily to take up a firing position at the trailhead leading to a strategic intersection of trails not far off inside the forest. They realized quickly, however, what folly this attempt was in the face of such overwhelming enemy numbers, and turned tail and ran, managing to secure the trail intersection briefly, before not long afterwards being overrun in any case by this German force that maintained a hot pursuit.At this point, after a brief hope in the possibility of securing all of the strategic points in this theatre of operations and claiming a sudden-death Russian victory, ze Germans presented a well-entrenched position at the aforementioned trail intersection, as well as taking-out my boys who had just secured the southern end of the railway tracks. Time was suddenly threatening to run out with Russian casualties significantly outnumbering German, and General Honkala[user=snowdog_ix][/user]pulling a radio outta his ASS! Suddenly I gots to deal w/ artillery raining down on me almost every turn!I had one more trick up my sleeve: I managed to draw an advance card and two ambush cards. With a little luck, and if, somehow, General Honkala[user=snowdog_ix][/user]didn't have a corresponding ambush card of his own, I might, just might have a chance a turning things around and recapturing the trail intersection before an ever-increasing flurry of "Time!" triggers did me in.BINGO! Lady Luck smiled my way, the tables turned just as I hoped, and coupled w/ other demoralizing casualties elsewhere on the board, I soon had ze Germans waving the white flag.Chalk one up for the Good Guys! [...]

Session: Minuteman: The Second American Revolution:: Minuteman basic scenario playthrough

Mon, 16 Oct 2017 15:06:47 +0000

by jjcarp The time is June, 1984 . . .This is my playthrough of SPI's 1975 "Minuteman: The Second American Revolution", the basic "Enemy Within" scenario. I'd long been interested in the game and finally got ahold of it. In this playthrough I hope to give a sense of it to others who may be similarly wondering about it. I'm playing solo and with minimal experience, so I by no means have optimal strategies scoped out. I'll assume many readers aren't familiar with the game, so will be discussing rules mechanics (and ambiguities) as I record. I'll also refer to hexes initially by number but then by city name (explicit if printed on the map, guesstimated if not) so that the geography is clearer to someone without the mapsheet.Setup: the map covers CONUS and parts of Mexico and Canada. Topography includes clear, rough brush, south winter cover, north winter cover and sea/lake hexes with impassable and national border hexsides. Superimposed on these are population I and II urbanization, the prior the more dense and the type in which rebels can be created (population II hexes mainly serve logisitical functions).The Army sets up first. Initially I did this in an "historical" fashion based on the mid '70s US forces the game based them on. Somehow this is the first time I've run across SPI's much-used untried units mechanic. The ranges for rebel militias are expectedly high, much less so for the Army, especially since their units are divided up amongst Marine, airborne, armor and mechanized. The rules allow the government player to select sixteen divisions and set them up freely, so long as they are not adjacent or stacked. My setup violates this, but in their first turn they will be redeploying anyway and they don't seem to have trouble getting to where they need to go. However, as I'm limiting the division types to the historical mix I am taking a weaker force than the rules allow. Under the free setup the government's choice is obvious: all six MarDivs and both airborne divisions (even the weakest are strong, and as elites they are immune from subversion), all five armored divisions (only one is noticeably weak) and round it out with three mechanized. Whether this is critically hobbling the government forces I'm not experienced enough to say. One could include the 38th and 42nd Guard Divisions if so, perhaps using Aggressor Security Divisions. These would end up in the big northeastern pop I complex, where a player would likely place them in a free setup so as to hinder initial rebel movement.Here is the setup for those who might be curious. 1MarDiv at Camp Pendleton (0918), 2 MarDiv at Camp Lejeune (4016?), 82nd Airborne at Ft. Bragg (3917?), 101st at Ft. Campbell (3216?), 1st Cavalry and 2nd Armored at Ft. Hood (2421?), 49th Armored at Austin (2422), 50th Armored in New Jersey (4112), 4th Infantry at Ft. Carson (1915?), 5th at Ft. Polk (2820?), 1st at Ft. Riley (2615?), 7th at Ft. Ord (0714?), 9th at Ft. Lewis (0906?), 24th at Ft. Stewart (3820?), 28th at Harrisburg (4012?), 40th at Paso Robles (0715?). If the 38th and 42nd were included, they would be at Indianapolis (3314) and Troy (4110).Rebel setup is semi-random, and this seems a great boon to replayability. Three chit picks are indexed to a table determining where to place nine Minutemen (agitators, essentially) and 18 networks. Two hexes will have one of each. In this setup I pulled 4, 5 and 2, resulting in the rebel stacks being at 3811 (Oil City PA?) and 3413 (Dayton OH?). Lone agitators are at 4212 (T[...]

Session: BattleLore (Second Edition):: Core Campaign Report

Mon, 16 Oct 2017 15:01:02 +0000

by Budgernaut Giulio and I finally finished our campaign. We were inspired to play through a campaign as a result of this thread: For me, this was the first time playing through the campaign, so I wanted to try it with just the base game. We were limited to only the number of units included in the base game. For this campaign, I played as the Uthuk Y’llan and Giulio played as the Daqan Lords. For those unfamiliar with the campaign, you start with A1 vs A1. From there, you play the B scenarios. The loser must play B1, but the winner can choose B1 or B2.One last clarification: the pictures in this battle report correspond to the text above the picture. Hopefully that will help you follow along. Oh, and there are lots of pictures.Game 1A1: Blood in the WaterA1: Mustering the MilitiaMy scenario allowed me to defeat enemies next to water hexes to gain victory points and my cavalry could move through water hexes. Giulio got to buy Citadel Guards for 3 muster points instead of 4 and gained a victory point for every two building hexes occupied.I made a strong push to take the buildings in the first part of the game. For the first 4 rounds, I was ahead by a single victory point, but Giulio made a push on his left flank that wiped out all my units on that flank. Then things tipped in his favor and I never recovered. In hind sight, I think I focused too much on denying his buildings and not as much on securing my own victory points.At the end of the game, you can see how many units he had left despite the fact that we each killed the same number of enemy units. Giulio was very wise in combining his discount on Spearmen with his command tent to muster many more units than I could, and it really helped him keep the pressure on me.Campaign Score: Uthuk Y’llan 13; Daqan Lords 17Game 2B1: The Cursed GladeB2: Barrow Mounds of the GatesmenI started the log file late so I only have the picture after round 1. My scenario card let me roll max dice when attacking into or out of forest hexes and granted me a VP for every three forest hexes I occupied. Giulio’s scenario gave him VPs for having Rune Golems on hill hexes and those Rune Golems could make ranged attacks. Giulio had a 1-point lead at the end of round 1, but I got three VP the next round and we were tied 4-4 at the end of round 2. Those forest hexes would be a boon to me for the rest of the game since I could get a VP for every three forest hexes I occupied while Giulio only got 1 VP for having at least 1 Rune Golem on a hill, so having more Rune Golems on hills couldn’t get him more VPs. If we continued battling over VPs each round, we would have gone on getting 3 and 2 VPs respectively, but things turned during round 3. Giulio would have pushed my Obscenes off the left VP banner, but my Obscenes’ Ferocity ability let them counter first, pushing the Citadel Guard back and denying a critical VP.Soon after that, I lost the left VP for a while, but had 6 forest hexes, so I continued gaining 3 VP each turn. The final score was 17 for the Uthuk and 12 for the Daqan Lords. That barely let me pull in the lead for the CampaignCampaign Score: Uthuk Y’llan 30; Daqan Lords 29Game 3C2: Howling Giant HillsC1: Crossing the River of SleepHaving won the last game, I chose my B2 scenario. This one gives archers an edge and I love the Viper Legion, so I had to give it a try. My archers became range 1-5 and I gained a VP if I control[...]

Session: The 7th Continent:: [Complete spoilers] Raz against all 7 curses and all expansions, a step by step report, parts 6, 7 & 8..

Mon, 16 Oct 2017 13:48:57 +0000

by Razoupaf Part 6Raz wakes up after a rough night, on the mountains near the wicker baskets. First thing he does is hunt 3 150 cards, and sneak by a vulture, much too occupied with its prize to realize it's about to be stolen. It's lucky he doesn't lose any card to Bloody, too. Looking East, hoping to reach the necropolis, he notices - how could he not - a giant rockworm where yesterday, an adult one was roaming. Tough luck. So he scouts South and notices a shelter where he could rest. But since he doesn't have enough experience to make it valuable he decides to ignore the shelter and to take a look at the wicker baskets.It's peace for the dead. For now.That's when he notices something hidden - the funny thing being that I totally noticed that hidden number the first time I reached that place - and hops on board to a small cave adorned with yet another massive idol. But this one is not in a very good condition.For whom the bell tolls.He sees a massive bell there too, takes a look at it, ponders for half a second and rings it full force. Bright idea. He becomes deaf as the world around him crumbles and his memory of the places he's seen on that day are shattered. He also loses 7 cards to being tired.Coming to he sees that the place is now a wreck, and notices an opening North where there weren't any a moment earlier. But he needs to eat first, so he builds a fire and eats, mixing his food with some Eubellis to score some sweet and powerful skill cards back into the deck. 18 of them to be precise. Of which he spends 1, to heal his damaged ear.Fed, Raz takes a quick look at the cave, at which point he really becomes determined to survive! There seems to be an impressive tunnel system built deep into the mountain, and something buried not too far from him, but he's wary of going now and starving, so he heads back to the baskets and figures it might be time to repent on his past sins. Not something he'll be able to do just now, but he'll give it a thought. Later.For now, he's back on the ground, the hunting ground. Where he hunts. For 3 cards. Watching out a mole rat he sneaks by yet another vulture and, satisfied with the results, looks West. No worm this time, but a strange tune coming into his head. Interesting but he won't have that just now! So instead he crafts a walking stick and finally thinks back about his Gourmet habits. Just about time.It has taken him quite a while but there he is, reaching the necropolis and deciphering the runes thanks to the clue he found back at the rhino-beetle's cave! He discovers a minor relic that looks like it might be what the swampfolks were after somehow - he's good at reading people.In need of some fiery comfort Raz heads back to the tunnels through the baskets and heals his injury thanks to Improved camp, then makes it deeper in the tunnels, where he finds a metal piece on the floor while scouting. But he still doesn't feel confident enough to really go deep. Expanding is fine and all but he's never heard of that place, never ever, and he wouldn't want his adventure to tragically end in a mad swamp he was not prepared to face. Too many curses are still weighing on him yet. So he curses and goes back.He finds it safer to eat 21 cards chosen with Eubellis, then to take the baskets down again and to go back to village. But travelling along the gully is mighty tiring. He eventually makes it to the village and back into the house where he met the mutt the day befor[...]

Session: Dark Moon:: My favourite Dark Moon session ever

Mon, 16 Oct 2017 13:46:12 +0000

by Tetengo I know there hasn't been a post here in over 2 years, but I just had to put this up for someone to see. This game is incredible, it's shot up to the top of my favourite games lists and here's why:Tonight my group played our 5th game of Dark Moon. There are only 3 of us and we've all been together each game. Prior to this, I had been infected once and won, player Chaya had been infected the 3 other times, winning once, leaving player Steve who had never been infected.We started the game and I was infected with the card for fatigue tokens, which seemed great because the final event was the one where if the commander is infected or fatigued at the end, the infected win. As I always do, I started off by pointing out that statistics are against Steve, he has to be infected sooner or later. The game actually started really badly for me, there were quite a few easy tasks, and the commander was constantly rolling really high numbers. At one point he counted his roll and could have submitted +14 to a task. Ridiculous.Every time it was my turn I tried to repair something and kept rolling all negatives. Normally this would be good but I was the only one doing it, and I was also rolling lots of negatives on tasks. It got to the point where the other two seemed pretty sure I was infected, and the only thing that saved me was my genuine protests that I couldn't roll dice. We were only on the second event and I rolled 3 dice followed by 2 and they were all negative. I was fervently making the point that if I was infected this would be a really stupid thing to do, because it was clearly going to arouse suspicion. Steve didn't seem at all convinced, but the commander bought it. Safe for now. The third event was drawn and it was 4 tasks, but all damage tokens from one area are discarded at the end. I thought how the hell am I ever going to win? Even if I manage to do damage this event without arousing suspicion, they'll surely get rid of most of it anyway. Since I still felt under heavy suspicion, as the commander was still smashing it with his rolls, I didn't feel like I could submit negatives. One of the tasks I drew I could see them looking at me intently to see what I would pick. One card was a 7, but at this point I didn't feel like I could sell it to them as the worse card, so I picked the 3 hoping to buy some good will. Somehow we managed to still fail it, finally something went my way.On my next go I picked a 4, and I started to think I was just losing the game for myself. I didn't dare pick hard tasks so I was just coasting along until I lost, I could see no way out. I submit a positive number, the next player rolls and gets 2 -2s, excellent. The commander steps up needing 7 I think and even though he had to submit a -2 in one roll he still manages it! What can men do against such good luck?So the final event comes around and there is nothing, not one thing on the board. Suddenly Steve starts asking, why hasn't the infected player revealed yet? It all seems too easy, we're 3 tasks away from winning the game. What are they waiting for? Unless...unless they are trying to win through the final event. Unless the commander who has been smashing it all game has been infected all this time, and is playing a very clever game. Well of course, this gets the commander pretty defensive. I've been submitting high dice all game, says Chaya. Well of course, that's what you would say, Ste[...]

Session: The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game – The Black Riders:: Destroyed by those Nazgûls

Mon, 16 Oct 2017 13:39:19 +0000

by joakim589

Session of Lord or the Rings LCG with A Shadow of the Past senario.

Started this today. My first play with this saga (have played the two Hobbit boxes before).

I got destoyed by those black riders. They hit with 5. And those shadow effects did made it hard for me to defend.

Also I needed to quest with many guys because those Nazgûls have high threat.

So then a Hide card is drawn, I barely make it. And then two Hide cards is drawn in the same round I do not have enough guys to defend or fight back. And those nazgûls can take out a hero in one hit.

So it took out my heroes one by one.

The first quest card, 1A-B, is really easy. But could not complete 2-B because I needed to save questing guys so I could hide. And in this session it seemed that the black riders liked to engage with my questing hand and not with my fighting hand (played solo two handed).

So next time I hope to be more lucky and not draw that many nazgûls and hide cards. And would also be nice if those shadow cards does not show up.

Session: Descent: The Sea of Blood:: Five Seafaring Females (First Sea of Blood Campaign)

Mon, 16 Oct 2017 13:23:22 +0000

by Iron Gates Hello, and welcome to my first Sea of Blood campaign. Our group has played two Road to Legend campaigns in years past and we are finally ready to try Sea of Blood. So I thought I’d write down session reports just to record our adventure for any original Descent fans still out there. We’ll be including all expansions and using no house rules or modifications of any kind, although we will be excluding promotional heroes and also excluding all Road to Legend dungeon and rumor levels. We will use Divine Favor for the first time, as we have never used it in Road to Legend.If you join our adventure by following along these session reports, please provide any comments and feedback you wish. In particular, make sure to correct us if we make rules errors. It is our first Sea of Blood campaign, after all. Thank you again for reading, and enjoy. I’ll probably update once a week.You can check out the progress of our campaign here. DRAWThe four hero draws were as follows. The players tried to select the best party and from the final selection each player took the hero he or she liked to play most.1. Varikas, Laurel, Tahlia2. Aurim, Silhouette, Shiver3. Andira, Steelhorns, Corbin4. Ispher, Astarra, RonanThe heroes wanted one melee “captain” and three ranged or magical heroes, including one “runner” with good speed. They debated between two parties: Steelhorns, Laurel, Shiver, and Astarra, or Tahlia, Silhouette, Andira, and Astarra. They settled on the latter option, thinking that while Laurel would be a great ship-sinker, she would bleed conquest in dungeons. Plus, we also wanted to have more normalized sea encounters for our first campaign.SKILL DRAWTahlia chose Weapon Mastery over Mighty, Nimble, and Brawler for some classic attack boosts. Silhouette chose Marksman over Ambidextrous, Burglar, and Cautious to make her a better cannoneer. Andira chose Quick Casting over Saj’s Mark, Koll’s Mark, and Willpower since it was a skill normally taught at a Secret Master and may be harder to access later. Astarra chose Alex the Wise over Fire Pact, Vampiric Blood, and Brin’s Mark, simply to help with the important encounters at sea.So, their final party is Captain Tahlia with Weapon Mastery, Silhouette with Marksman, Andira Runehand with Quick Casting, and Runewitch Astarra with Alex the Wise. An all-female crew here!SHOPPINGThe party skipped the shopping step to spend the first week in Gafford. This would allow them to get cheap potions and copper treasures. I wouldn’t have a lieutenant yet anyway, and they could actually spend a few weeks there before I got enough conquest for The Siren.AVATARI chose the Mistress of Serpents to mess with Silhouette’s ability and also interfere with the aiming of cannons. For my plot, I chose Leviathan for its free XP cost since I am just learning the campaign. Also, the Mistress’s unique lieutenant (Soriss) begins at one of the binding locations (Cerridor Sea). The other “standard” lieutenants (Siren, Kraken, and Ghost Ship) also seem to appear at binding locations as well. So, it seems like I’m pretty much guaranteed four out of the five bindings unless they kill my lieutenants. Even if my lieutenants flee, they still “return” to that location, so the siege tokens should still remain. I spent my f[...]

Session: Pandemic: In the Lab:: First Solo Mode Game

Mon, 16 Oct 2017 13:22:23 +0000

by VirulentStrain

Let me just state from the beginning that I love playing board games with other people. I am very much into having “shared experiences” and my wife and I have already had some good ones between ourselves and with our friends and family. So, I really wasn’t keen on playing the Solo Mode from In the Lab. However, I wanted to try it because I have always felt that you cannot have a true opinion on something unless you have experience with it. Now that that has been made clear, let’s get to the recap.


Epidemics: 4

Event Cards: Government Grant, Mobile Hospital, Sequencing Breakthrough, One Quiet Night.

Starting Role: Medic (I chose it rather than randomized)

Infections: Mostly Red and Black, with hotspots in Algiers, Baghdad and Osaka.

Starting hands: CDC had two yellow, one Black and Sequencing Breakthrough; I received a Yellow, a Red, a Blue and Government Grant


Oh, Government Grant, how I love thee, especially in an opening hand. I was able to set up a new research station right away in Istanbul, which allowed me to clean Baghdad right away and get set up to clean Algiers, which I did on my next turn. My next turn was also when the first Epidemic reared its ugly head. Mexico City was the draw and it also got pulled on the subsequent Infection. First outbreak and I am only two turns in!

Fortunately, the cleanup work in the Black zone paid off and allowed me to get to Asia to clean it a bit and get back to the Yellow Zone to clean up the Mexico City mess with Mobile Hospital. Shortly thereafter, I had enough Yellow to get back to Atlanta, exchange with CDC and cure Yellow. I also had three Red cards in hand and CDC had a Red card, so I decided to switch to the Scientist. After cleaning up the Red zone a little, I finally got a Red card to complete my set. Red cured!

Another Epidemic hit after this, but no Outbreaks. Unfortunately, the next Epidemic came quickly, which easily resulted in two more Outbreaks. Fortunately, the CDC drew a fourth Blue card, so it played Sequencing Breakthrough and cured Blue on its next turn.

I was getting a little worried at this point as the Player Deck was running low and I knew the last Epidemic was there and the infections had increased significantly. Fortunately, I pulled a great two cards - a card to exchange with CDC and Quiet Night! I shut the door on the Infection Deck, CDC traded with me to give me my last needed Black card and I finished off the last cure on my next turn!! The world was saved and all rejoiced!

Final Thoughts

This was really fun! I will still prefer playing Pandemic with others but the Solo Mode is really well conceived and the chalkenge is still there. The most difficult part was timing your moves so that you ended on a research station to execute the Exchange Data action on the CDC’s turn. If I play again, I would probably randomize the starting role and add another Epidemic.

I found it a little odd that I only had to use two roles the entire game. I think, though, that was made possible by the Events that got included and the nice card draws by the CDC.

Session: Doctor Who: Solitaire Story Game (Second edition):: First play

Sun, 15 Oct 2017 02:01:48 +0000

by JRoss Setup: I was given a sneak peak of the new books for the Doctor Who Solitaire Storytelling Game. I am playing through having read the rules thoroughly and having glanced though the enemy book. I haven't really looked at the adventures and have not at all read the events book. We'll be using the optional action rules, but not scaling or personality/ability rules for this playthrough.I've copied and pasted a lot of text from the books so that you can easily follow the game even if you don't have any or all of the books. I'm going to write up a review based on this session.DoctorQualitiesBrains 12Brawn 6Bravery 8SkillsAwareCharismaComputersHistoryRunningThiefTrackingLuck 15CompanionsAlex is Brains 6, Brawn 5, Bravery 5 (Aware, Computers 2, Running, Thief, Youth) and Eva is Brains 6, Brawn 4, Bravery 6 (Aware 2, Charisma, Music, Running, Youth).Native to Near Future. They have a Friend, e046.Equipmente184. Psychic Paper(Gadget) When someone views this slightly psychic paper, it projects whatever they wish to see onto it. This makes it very useful to avoid unpleasant confrontations. You gain +1 to any Talk options or Charisma rolls when encountering Characters (but not Enemies) but it has no effect on any Machine or Characters with Domination.This is one of my favorite builds. I like to have a near-certain chance to succeed on Brains rolls, as it seems more Doctor-y. I like this spread of abilities because I find it useful for most situations. We'll see how this plays out in the new edition.The crescendo of light and fire that had erupted from your body has receded almost as quickly. You can still feel the tingle of regeneration energy as your eyes clear and the throbbing in your ears is gradually replaced by the gentle, reassuring hum of the TARDIS as it flies through the twisting miasma of the Time Vortex.You take your first, deep breath in your new body. It certainly feels different this time around... But one thing is certain – you are still the Doctor!To start the game, first determine the Qualities and Skills of this regeneration by reading ‘The Doctor’ (r001), and how they are used (r002), in the Rules Booklet.Your thoughts turn to your regeneration. How did you lose your last life? What friends did you leave behind? Or did they lose their lives so that you could reach the TARDIS and escape? You lean against the central console as it moves up and down, the light flickering across your sad face. Taking a deep breath, you shake your head to clear it – short term amnesia from your regeneration no doubt.Then you discover something lying on the console and a small smile plays across your lips.Roll 1D6 to see what you have found: 1-2: e182; 3-4: e183; 5-6: e184.Result: 6e184. Psychic Paper(Gadget) When someone views this slightly psychic paper, it projects whatever they wish to see onto it. This makes it very useful to avoid unpleasant confrontations. You gain +1 to any Talk options or Charisma rolls when encountering Characters (but not Enemies) but it has no effect on any Machine or Characters with Domination.This is a very complementary piece of equipment. I'll focus on talking people down.You suddenly realise that you are wearing the clothes of your last regeneration! This won’t do at all – they are certainly not your style! What were you thinking[...]

Session: Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition:: Twilight's End

Sun, 15 Oct 2017 02:01:46 +0000

by jeffwagner As Mahthom Iq Seerva had predicted, the Winnaran custodianship would indeed end during his lifetime.The Federation of Sol, the war faring insects of Sardakk N’orr, the space trading Emirates of Hacan, the technological advanced Universities of Jol-Nar and the diplomatic Xxcha Kindgom began awaking from the twilight slumber and determined it was finally time to reclaim the throne on Mecatol Rex.Events opened peacefully enough, though each faction was posturing for the inevitable war. Jol-Nar began building PDS on their planets. The other races expanded into the neighboring planets; increasing resources and influence for the struggle to come.Sol used their resources from newly assimilated systems to Erect A Monument (Spend 8 Resources – 1 VP). Not long after they chose to Lead From The Front (Spend 3 CC – 1 VP).The other races continued to expand and build formidable coalitions, controlling many planets and commanding large amounts of resources and influence. The Federation of Sol realized the time was right for a daring move into Mecatol Rex. With limited resources, they could only muster a carrier, cruiser and diplomatic party along with a forward vanguard (2 GF). They had enough influence (6 Influence – 1 VP) to convince the Winnarans to cede Mecatol Rex to Sol and begin a new age of politics amongst the great races. The Federation felt being the first to take control Mecatol was worth the risk of the exposed flanks. Based on the galaxy configuration, diplomacy was the most probable route to the throne for Sol.Sol Diversified Research (2 Technologies in 2 Colors – 1 VP) instead of using resources for larger fleets as the other races. The Federation did not realize how fragile and exposed their positions were, but had negotiated a mutual Cease Fire treaty with his closest neighbor, the aggressive and powerful Sardakk N’orr. The N’orr moved aggressively against their other neighbor, Jol-Nar, taking the system next to the Jol-Nar home world. They moved in with a fleet of three dreadnoughts and three fighters. Pds fire from the Jol-Nar systems inflicted damage to all three dreadnoughts and the ensuing space battle eliminated 2 fighters. Jol-Nar lost the system but responded with another salvo of PDS fire, finishing the last fighter and a dreadnought. This was enough to deter further aggression from the N’orr.The Federation then employed Imperial to move closer to the throne (Control Mecatol Rex – 1 VP) and continue to Develop Weaponry (2 Unit Upgrades – 1 VP).The other races started to take notice of Sol’s aggressive move toward claiming the throne and began moving against the Federation. The N’orr sent a fleet to the Sol home world but was stymied by the Cease Fire; Sol tried to negotiate an alternate target for the N’orr aggression hoping to hold the Cease Fire to use when the N’orr fleet was ready to move against Mecatol Rex. Sol realized Mecatol Rex would be lost soon and began preparing retreat options.While this threat was on-going, Xxcha warped across the galaxy through the worm hole to take a Federation system. The N’orr moved into Mecatol and the Federation fleet was saved from destruction by Skillful Retreat. They then took another system adjacent to Jord from Sol, leaving [...]

Session: Flamme Rouge:: Grand Tour - Solo (a 4 stage session report)

Sun, 15 Oct 2017 02:01:37 +0000

by nunovix

Grand Tour - a 4 stages experiment

Hi all!

This is my second grand tour. You can find the 1st one here.

In the first tour i made, i noticed that the rolers dominated big time, and the sprinters didn't have much of a chance in the overall standings. So i made this mini tour to correct that, and so i did some changes.
First i added a 5 energy card to the decks of all the sprinters ( as in the peloton rules) and i think it worked fine. I think it balanced things a bit.
If we want sprinters to win grand tours like rolers i think it isn't enough, but if you want sprinters to win more stages i think it can get you there.
The other change i made was to make half of the stages completely flat to give some edge to the sprinters, and the other half were mountain stages for the rolers.

In this tour the 1st and 4th stages were flat, and the 2nd and 3rd were mountain.
I added 3 exhaustion cards to each rider (so, 6 in total).

1st Stage - Flat

Here you can see the sprinters already claiming some top spots in th flat stage.

2nd Stage - Mountain

Mountain stage for the rolers as usual (image)

3rd Stage - Mountain

In this one the sprinters did very well with a 2nd and 4th place

4th Stage - Flat

In the end my sprinter could have won the whole tour, had he drawn one of is two 5s. Which is just what i wanted, to have the sprinters have some say in the stage wins, and perhaps even in the final tour standings.
I am happy with the outcome and will start to use this rules in further tours with 6 or more stages and see if it plays well.

I suspect the sprinters still need an extra boost, but as i play more tours i will keep you informed (image) (image)

Session: Gloomhaven:: Tale of Two Parties, Chapter 19 (Scenario 15, Void Travelers) Spoilers

Sun, 15 Oct 2017 02:01:27 +0000

by EventHorizon [Note: Tale of Two Parties is being written primarily as a way to see if the experiences of two groups playing in the same game world can create a cogent narrative and to communicate sessions between groups.Spoilers, such as enemy types, are included but really shouldn't be relied on in your games as I'm not tracking the game while we are playing and specifics can diverge from what happened for narrative reasons. The first session report of the series is here: [thread=25099427]Chapter 1[/thread]Current Party:o Ana-Ishi, Savvas Craghearto Lenka, Orchid Spellweavero Gaius Stoneheart, Inox Bruteo Gizmo, Quatryl TinkererThe night after finding the orb in the Frozen Hollow, Gaius sat staring into the fire. They were deep in the Copperneck Mountains and the nights were cold. But Gaius did not seem to be drawing any warmth from the blaze. Ana-Ishi sat down next to the Inox Brute with an inquisitive grunt. Gaius looked over, “Remember that shrine we went to? The one that told us where we can go to test our strength? I want to go there.” The Savvas stared and then shrugged. Gizmo looked up from the net shooter he was tweaking and shook his head, “Too risky. Have the orb. Losing it would be…problematic.” Gaius bared his teeth, “Isn’t it near here though? In the Coppernecks?” Gizmo nodded, “Two day’s walk. Still, too risky.” Gaius looked to Lenka, “How hard is it to damage those orb things?” Lenka shrugged, “This magic is beyond my understanding. I don’t know.” Gaius looked back to Gizmo, “We could hide it outside before we go in so it’s not at risk. When are we going to be so close again?” Gizmo thought for a bit and then nodded, “We will hide the orb.”In the early evening two days later, the group caught sight of the Shrine of Strength. It was hidden and wouldn’t have been found if they hadn’t been looking for it. It was nestled in and hidden by large trees and a forbidding glacial lake. Not wanting to enter so close to night, they took shelter in the trees and rested. Gaius was up the earliest of the four and by the time the others were up, he had geared up for battle and was ready to go. The others required a bit more convincing to get up and going but a few hours before noon, they hid the orb in some bushes and pushed forward to the shrine. The outer walls were inscribed with runes and sigils representing power and strength. Gaius seemed to gain in confidence and anticipation with each step forward. Lenka stopped at the entrance and looked at the writing over the door. “Old writing, but it seems to mean ‘Strength begets strength.’ Let’s be careful inside.” The room on the other side of the entrance appeared empty at first with some pillars and half walls. But suddenly and soundlessly, two Stone Golems and a Savvas materialized in front of them. The Savvas was not like Ana-Ishi. Craghearts were failed Savvas, but this was a full-fledged Icestorm; a Savvas skilled in the use of Wind and Ice magic. Instantly Ana-Ishi roared a challenge at the other Savvas. Then both Ana-Ishi and Gaius charged into the Stone Golems roaring their battle cries. But while Gauis stopped to trade blows with the golems, after an initial attack Ana-I[...]

Session: Gloomhaven:: Tale of Two Parties Chapter 18 (Scenario 22, Riftjumpers) Spoilers

Sun, 15 Oct 2017 02:01:25 +0000

by EventHorizon [Note: Tale of Two Parties is being written primarily as a way to see if the experiences of two groups playing in the same game world can create a cogent narrative and to communicate sessions between groups.Spoilers, such as enemy types, are included but really shouldn't be relied on in your games as I'm not tracking the game while we are playing and specifics can diverge from what happened for narrative reasons. The first session report of the series is here:[thread=25099427]First Session Report[/thread]Current Partyo Skrrit, Vermling Mindthiefo Bonecrusher, Savvas Craghearto Esmerelda, Orchid Spellweavero Korth, Inox BruteIt was a quick journey back from the Clockwork Cove for Bonecrusher and Korth, despite the perpetual wooziness of Skrrit. The Vermling walked when able, but most often was carried as he recovered from his most recent beating at the hands of the Cove’s defenders. In his lucent moments, Skrrit almost found it in him to be grateful that he was (mostly) walking out this time. Almost. His annoyance at Bonecrusher and Korth, who let him take the beating he did, usually took precedence though. As the party neared the city, they were met by a group on horseback coming from the city. The group reined their horses in and the man in the lead hopped off and nodded to Korth, “We are glad that we found you so quickly and you are so close to the city. You are needed by The Hand for a special assignment.” Korth grinned wickedly, “Glad to hear it. We’re ready. Except for Runt here. We will hurry to The Hand but horses are useless for Bonecrusher and me.” The Cragheart laughed and interrupted, “Might as well call me Horsecrusher.” Korth laughed and clapped him on the back, “We’ll get to Gloomhaven soon, but Runt had a bad run in with a Stone Golem and should be looked at. Can you ride him back to Gloomhaven ahead of us?” With a nod the man lifted Skrrit into the saddle and mounted up behind him. Then the group wheeled around and took off.Skrrit was glad for the ride back to Gloomhaven, both for the speed of it and the relief from being away from his two large tormenting travel companions. He felt that his bravery in the Cove should be one of honor, not of ridicule. And without Esmerelda’s moderating influence, the trip back had been brutal. In truth, the Vermling wasn’t as injured as he seemed and had been playing things up a bit because he figured if he was going to get the abuse, he might as well make the most of it. Now there was no need for the deception, even though the drumming of the horse hooves hurt his head, and he clung to the horse and tried to enjoy the ride. Arriving at the headquarters of The Hand, Skrrit went and found a dark room to convalesce in. His rest was short-lived as, shortly after he had laid down to rest, Esmerelda came into the room with concern on her face. “They said you had been hurt again. How bad is it?” Skrrit looked up from the bed groggily, “Skrrit doing better. Quest successful but Skrrit ended in same place.” Esmerelda was concerned, “Will you be ready to travel and fight soon? The cultists are moving to secure the artifact the Demon Prince told us about. We need to beat[...]

Session: HeroQuest:: Sesión épica 2017 - Heroquest

Sun, 15 Oct 2017 02:01:16 +0000

by ruferto (reseña publicada originalmente en )Al vivir lejos de mis colegas y disponer de poco tiempo para jugar a principios de año les propuse organizar lo que llamamos una jornada épica anual. Es decir, una vez al año juntarnos para jugar una única partida a un juego durante todo el día.A raíz de eso les propuse jugar a Medioevo Universale, cuyo Kickstarter estaba en ese momento en marcha. Sin embargo el juego no llegará hasta principios de 2018 por lo que necesitábamos otro juego para poder jugar este año. Hicimos una votación sobre géneros a los que nos gustaría jugar y el ganador fue el mazmorreo fantástico. Yo me encargaría de elegir juego y organizar la partida. Había unos cuantos jugadores con bastante experiencia en Descent, a algunos les gustaba y otros guardaban malos recuerdos. Eso hizo que lo descartara casi de inmediato, así que después de mirar algunas opciones me decanté por el mazmorreo Old School y en concreto por su principal exponente en lo que a mazmorreo se refiere.Había 3 problemas en lo que se refería a Heroquest:- solo llegaba hasta 4 jugadores- las reglas eran excesivamente simples- las partidas no eran muy largasLas 2 primeras se solucionaron gracias al enorme trabajo que desde hace años lleva haciendo la comunidad en este juego: han evolucionado el reglamento del juego, han creados nuevas clases de héroes, han ampliado las cartas de 80 a más de 700 cartas, han creado nuevas losetas para el tablero, ... y todo ello en español. Es impresionante.El tercer problema era la que más me preocupaba ya que las misiones de heroquest siempre han sido tirando a cortas y estaban pensadas para 4 jugadores. Ésta me costó más solucionarla pero finalmente la solución no fue demasiado complicada. Además de todo lo que he indicado referente a la comunidad, también han publicado decenas de misiones con diferente dificultad. Después de revisar muchísimas de ellas lo que hice fue elegir 5 misiones con dificultad creciente. Deseché el argumento de esas misiones y me quedé con los mapas, los cuales ya estaban testeados y funcionaban, y añadí un argumento que le diera continuidad a la partida.En Heroquest las misiones se clasifican en años, del 1 al 10. Las misiones del año 1 son muy sencillas y las del año 10 son muy complicadas. Se supone que se juegan en orden. Al pasar de año los personajes evolucionan y se van tocheando. Enfrentarse a una misión del año 10 con los personajes iniciales es un suicido, así que necesitaba un mecanismo de evolución de los personajes en nuestra partida. Esta parte la resolví de dos formas. Por un lado el argumento y los eventos que sucedían en la partida no eran rígidos sino que estaban diseñados como una escaleta. Por ejemplo, para que un personaje encontrara un objeto no era necesario que registrara una habitación concreta sino que lo encontraría en la tercera habitación que registrara, fuera cual fuera. Por otro lado, deseché el jugar con los dados originales de Heroquest. En el juego original existen dos tipos de dados, los dados de movimiento (dados de 6 caras normales, [...]

Session: Arkham Horror:: Web of Dreams: 2017 Narrative report.

Sun, 15 Oct 2017 02:01:12 +0000

by Beholm First I must apologize for dropping off during last years narrative. The game never got finished as events kept me away from the game. I realize now that I tried to add in too many variables with relationships and personal stories. I stripped this years attempt back to just Base + Kingsport and 1 Herald. I also am trying a new format for the story. I hope you enjoy (and I hope I can finish!)With no further ado, I presentFrom the case files of Vilhelm Roop, lead investigator into the strange events surrounding a series of unsolved mysteries in Massechusetts.WEB OF DREAMS! 1917DATE: 13 October, 1917 LOCATION: Arkham Massachusetts - secondary Kingsport MassachusettsREPORT:Strange sightings and mysterious happenings have been reported in both towns by reputable citizens for the past few years. Creatures have been reported seemingly hunting the streets at night, but when cornered by officers they find ways to evade capture. Eerie lights flash and flicker in the misty waterfronts, and gatherings of small groups have been reported for disturbing the peace. In my investigation into the mysteries surrounding these two towns, the following story is what I have been able to piece together.PERSONS OF INTEREST: Background statementsGeorge Barnaby: As I sat in the Library researching the occult history of Arkham, I struggled to understand what I read. Rambling phrases and sketches; one of radiating lines connected with uneven scratches and another of a face with many small eyes were all I had put in my notebook. Painful memories kept running through my mind; memories of Maria. Just a few short months ago we had been sitting in front of the fireplace, her working the puzzle I had gotten her and I pouring over the latest case files. Who could know that, by the next afternoon, our home would be a pile of ash and she would be taken from me! Following the clues, I had tracked the two men to Arkham. I vowed to find those responsible. I would leave no stone unturned!SHOTGUN, PALLID MASK, INTERVENE, EXPERT OCCULTISTLuke Robinson: Always, my dreams have called to me. As a child I would dream of fantastic worlds and exciting adventure. Upon my 18th year I was struck with a fever and spent 3 incoherent days in the care of my eccentric Uncle. He revealed to me that my dreams were actually visions into the Dreamlands and a gift of Hypnos, Lord of Sleep. The day my fever broke was the last time I saw my Uncle, but on the stand by my bed was an intricate puzzlebox. Upon opening it, I found a small map that I followed to a shimmering gate, the gate to Dreamlands. Spending the next few years traveling both the other worlds and the town of Arkham, I have learned of an awakening evil trying to invade. I must return from my Dreamland to save the city, and the world!GATE BOX, ZANTHU TABLETS, FLESH WARD, ENCHANT WEAPONLily Chen: Spirited away as a newborn my parents, being poor, allowed the Monks to raise and train me. Rigorous training in many martial arts, I honed my mind, body, and spirit into one of the finest warriors in China. At my 15th birthday, the ancients revealed a prophecy involving me. I was to travel to Amer[...]

Session: Gorechosen:: Any Given Thursday: Gorechosen Season 4

Sun, 15 Oct 2017 02:01:06 +0000

by valenswift

For season 4 we have decided to go with two boards placed together and all six gladiators fighting at once. We tried this for the finale of season 3 and it seemed to work better than two separate games which would often end up 2V1.

In game one Atorg (Tim) cast his usual portal of skulls which immediately put a target on him. Vexnar (me) decided to charge him with the hope of smashing him with 2 extra dice for him being directly in front of me.This worked up to a point but I'd not factored in Bloodwake and this caused me a lot of damage. I managed to get the kill but at a cost...

On the other side of the board Heldrax (Cleall) and Hagreth (Clayton) continued there endless feud whilst reigning champion Fexgor(Joel)kept his distance with Blood Bind and Kore (Luke) couldn't make his mind up and ran around in circles for the first couple of turns.

Kore wasn't undecided for long as he sensed an easy kill in the wounded Vexnar and he wasn't wrong. Next to go was two-time champion Heldrax who was beheaded by his bitter rival Hagreth.

Then, much to the disapproval of the blood thirsty crowd, Hagreth declared a truce with Fexgor as they concentrated on Kore. This nearly backfired as on the brink of death he nearly did 21 wounds to the champion only to see a '6' on the dodge roll. That was to be his last hurrah as Hagreth impaled him from behind.

This left the two conspirators to duke it out and it was Hagreth who made the kill and got the first win of the season.

Game two was a much quicker affair as no alliances were formed and the fighters went straight in for the kill. As for the kills, all but one went the same as the fighters wore each other down, Heldrax stole in for the points with his Blood Boil ability. This continued until only he and Atorg were left standing but Portal of Skulls meant that Heldrax was at death's door. With a final throw of the dice Heldrax left himself to the mercy of the blood god would his his prayers were answered?

Using his final two cards he cast a Blood Boil which he knew wouldn't be enough to finish off his opponent... the only way it could work was causing a critical injury and hoping that it was headshot that was revealed. Amazingly, this is exactly what happened and as Atorg had 4 wound markers he was allowed to roll 4 dice for the headshot needing 1 roll of six for the win. The dice were rolled and Atorg (Tim) slumped in his chair as he had somehow claimed defeat from the jaws of victory.

Session: Massive Darkness:: Sibyl Walks in the Dark

Sun, 15 Oct 2017 00:17:18 +0000

by Old Dwarf This is my 3rd playing of the Tutorial Quest usingdifferent Lightbringers. These Sessions are all 1 playerusing Story Mode. Temple Ward ,Steel HillEarly Morning, Shareel 12th, 5YSSibyl moved along the unlit corridor each step made by her sheerforce of will. She hated the atmosphere of pure evil that radiated fromthis place and wished her partner Whisper was along for this mission.Alas the number of Black Mirrors that needed to be destroy quickly meant that the Lord of Rags had to dispatch each Lightbringer member on a separate Quest.Her luck had been to draw the Temple Ward which was the headquartersof the Darkness Church and it's priests who used their NecromaticSkills to control the Zombies as their guards and minions. To make mattersworst the location of the Black Mirror being construction were in theCatacombs beneath the mansion of High Priest Dorgath Blackhand.Regardless of her feelings of dread the Forces of Light who had given herrefuge were depending on her .Sibyl could only hope that the Ranger she learned in her Erethor Forest home land would hold her in good stead here in these dark corridors.Calming herself Sibyl checked the map and realized she was now at the Chamberthat held the Black Mirror. She noticed the room had 2 doors and decided shewould try the far door as she could spy faint boot marks in the dust before that one.Moving up the corridor she slowly opened the door and was repelled by the putridsmell that assaulted her senses. Nevertheless she could see the Black Mirror butthe sounds of shuffling made her hesitant to enter.The Zombies alerted by the door opening moved through the door and menace theElf. She notice another body rise up as they cut off her escape.The Elf was trapped and then she cried out as a Giant Spider appeared just downthe corridor.Knocking her bow even though the Zombies were hemming her in she managed toattack the Spider her arrows scoring hit after hit but still failing to stop the Monster.The end came quickly the Spiders Web Attack stunned Sibyl and she was draggedto the beast. the Zombies followed and attacked her helpless form.Sibyl managed to shake off the effects of the Spiders attack but was over whelmed by the blows the minions of Darkness rained down on her.She came to alone in a dark corner of the corridor her body wrapped in Spider webbing.She had failed in her Quest but at least she was still alive. Working her way out of thewebbing she fled from this hated place.------------------------------------------------------------------------Well that was really quick basically 3 moves to a dead Elf. I made a mistakeon how Slippey Worked and thus allowed Sibyl to end up in Melee and ofcourse she had no melee Weapon. The Giant Spider getting a Bam didn't helpeither. Her situation was hopeless. So score one for the AI [...]

Session: South China Sea:: quick South China Sea AAR (scenario 1, solo)

Sat, 14 Oct 2017 20:06:45 +0000

by HOI3 Chaplain Thought some of you might like a bit of flavor:SITUATION:  In November of 2017 tensions are high among the Chinese, U.S., Vietnam, Philippines and Malaysia over base-building in the Spratly Islands and oil fields located under the seabeds of this region.  The U.S. Navy is preparing a routine Freedom of Navigation cruise through these waters, and the Chinese expressly forbid it.  Both sides agree to a series of six conferences to discuss the matter, but the Americans go ahead with the operation as a show of strength.  (Game starts with political card play - we'll see what happens ... )TURN 1USA and China initiate talks to discuss the tensions.  During the conference, Vietnam abruptly invites the USA to temporarily base one of its Virginia-class SSN's in Saigon.  Despite the provocative nature of such an act, President Trump accepts, declaring that the USA will no longer submit to Chinese "bullying".  This show of force impresses local governments and the USA gains 1 VP, which means the scenario is currently a win for the Philippines.  Manila asks to buy U.S. weapons in a bid to strengthen ties, and the USA agrees.  Beijing screams bloody murder, but declines to intervene militarily, so another 2 VP to the West, which means Philippines is still winning but Vietnam is close.TURN 2The Chinese continue to issue complaints but take no action.  Exxon-Mobil finds a new oil field in the China Sea and begins preparations for drilling with full U.S. government support.  Again, the Chinese stand down - 2 VP and the USA is winning.  But then Vietnam plays the other side of the fence and invites the Chinese navy and air force to participate in a combined military exercise off the coast.  This moves the VP marker 1 pt towards PRC and squarely into a Vietnam victory.  TURN 3President Trump dispatches the Secretary of State to visit Saigon and meet with local officials over the new base.  This is seen as needlessly provocative and generally panned in the region.  An earthquake creates a disaster situation in the Cam Ranh region and Vietnam (ever the troublemaker) invites the Chinese navy to assist with local disaster relief.  The Chinese take advantage of this to position a heavy missile battery in Cam Ranh, calling it a defensive measure against the USN presence 180 miles away, which they feel is threatening.  A massive civilian Filipino demonstration against China's actions outside the Chinese embassy in Manila results in 2 VP towards the Philippines and the turn ends with Vietnam still winning but the P.I. is one point from victory.TURN 4Every nation passes and there is no change to the situation.TURN 5The USA publishes a human rights report critical of Chinese violations and moves things one VP back.  At this point Vietnam plays the bad guy again, asking for permission to buy weapons from China, to which China agrees.  There are very hot exchanges of diplomatic notes and speeches, but once again everyone stands down.  The VP marker moves two spaces north again, meaning the P.I. is winning by having the[...]

Session: Apocrypha Adventure Card Game:: Dave's Solo Four Saint foray into the Secrets of Candlepoint

Sat, 14 Oct 2017 15:53:46 +0000

by DocSavage2001 The Book: Secrets of CandlepointThe Chapter: No Way Out (October - November)The Saints: Gabriela Vargas, Ophelia Willows, Ruby Thursday, Dr. ZeezFrom this Book, with the same group of Saints, I had also played the Chapter, "Shirts and Skins" (which I won), but did not take enough notes to feel it warranted its own post.I am not sure yet if running a team of four Saints for a game where I am still learning how to play it, is a good idea or not. This game, while somewhat like Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, has just enough differences to throw me off now and then. Also, there is a lot more opportunity for interaction between party Choir members than in PACG or Gloomhaven (other games I am running multiple character parties). On the other hand, I really wanted to play with ALL these characters, so, for now, I am giving it a go.I figured on a layout for my tabletop, two rows of two characters Saints each and I consider the first character Saint in the second row to be to the right of the last character Saint in the first row and the bottom right character Saint to be to the left of the first character Saint. (That's important in this game, who is sitting next to who around the table.)All the saints have Fleeting Fragments in their Halos but I'm not using the 9 pocket card sheets for each saint or I'd have nowhere to put anything on my tabletop. I'm just sticking the Fragments under, on the top, or to the side of each character Saint to save space.In this Mission, there are four locations Nexuses (damn PACG muscle memory) and you have to close them all down, BUT you have to do them in order, 1 through 4. The trouble is, you don't know at the start which ones are which, number-wise. And if you run into one of the bad guys on this Mission (the scary scarecrow demon, the Hay Man or one of his not as scary Dust Bunnies) at the wrong Nexus, you automatically lose your encounter Confrontation to them.I decided to split the team up into sets of two. The creepy Dr. Zeez with the Rollergirl Ruby Thursday (he keeps calling her "the kid" which bothers the crap out of her) and the biker, Gabriella, with the hippie flower child, Ophelia.This is the entire layout for the game on my table.I wanted to stay away from the Farm until I got some Omens of Hope. Those Omens determine whether you get to investigate the Hope side of a Nexus (usually GOOD) or the Doom side of a Nexus (usually BAD). Since the Farm starts on the Doom side and you have to bury a card from your discard pile (and cards are you life in this game, just as they are in PACG) if you end your turn there, I did not want to start there.In PACG, I would have sent one character Saint to each location Nexus to try to find out which ones were which much quicker, but here, there are better benefits to my mind, to keep at least a couple characters Saints around to help each other out. And by seating them as I did, Dr. Zeez, for instance, could help Ruby (by being at same location) or Gabriela (sitting to his left) or Ophelia (sitting to his right)[...]

Session: Lock 'n Load Tactical: Solo:: The Opium Field

Sat, 14 Oct 2017 15:53:37 +0000

by sixthecat This is my first go with the solo expansion. Playing a generated scenario. The AI controls the VC.It was a warm August morning in Vietnam, when the Viet Cong moved in on some Marines guarding an opium field (the blue chip).Turn 1: the AI deck went kind of rogue. About 3 cards in a row had nothing applicable. Wasn't the greatest first impression. Continued the round without the AI.Turn 2: With a battle-cry from the VC and reshuffling the AI deck, we returned to the AI. Suddenly and happily applicable orders started coming.Leading the VC into combat with the Marines.Turn 4: The Marines dropped a MG wielding VC in the north building.The Marines in the middle just survived an attack from the Viet Cong women. The Marines in the south were not so lucky, shaken by the RPG attack.The shaken Marines fled from the RPG wielding woman. Their commander fell back to rally the shaken troops.Turn 5-6: The Marines in the north cheated and took the MG the VC lost, before they were allowed to. A Marine hero was born during an attack from the VC leader.The VC in the north attempted to melee those Marines, but they were gunned down in the open.The Marine leader set loose a vicious attack on the woman with the RPG. She became shaken.Done with the other VC, the Marines from the north started melee with the chief lady VC and her commrades.It was a brutal melee.The Marines barely triumphed.At sunset, the last of the VC surrendered.The opium field would stay in US hands. After the first initial bad impression, I was excited to see the AI start to take control of the enemy troops and give them decent orders.Where to exactly move the AI is left a bit up in the air, but that allows the player help the AI to move sensibly. Definitely more fun with the AI deck than just playing both sides. I'm already looking forward to playing another round with the solo expansion. [...]

Session: Gloomhaven:: Tale of Two Parties, Chapter 17 (Scenario 14, Void Travelers) Spoilers

Sat, 14 Oct 2017 11:24:10 +0000

by EventHorizon [Note: Tale of Two Parties is being written primarily as a way to see if the experiences of two groups playing in the same game world can create a cogent narrative and to communicate sessions between groups.Spoilers, such as enemy types, are included but really shouldn't be relied on in your games as I'm not tracking the game while we are playing and specifics can diverge from what happened for narrative reasons. The first session report of the series is here: [thread=25099427]Episode 1[/thread]Current Party:o Ana-Ishi, Savvas Craghearto Lenka, Orchid Spellweavero Gaius Stoneheart, Inox Bruteo Gizmo, Quatryl TinkererIt was getting late as Lenka hurried back to the Foppish Ferret, the inn the group was using as a temporary base of operations while they were in Gloomhaven this time. The past few days since getting back from exploring the sunken ship, Lenka had thrown herself into finding a lead on either the whereabouts of Jekserah or something that could help Ana-Ishi. She had been so focused on finding something that she hadn’t noticed when shadowy figures started following her. Even now, hurrying back with some news, there was someone trailing behind her but she was too focused to notice. She was too excited, as today was the day that she would make up for her blunder with the Frost Demon. Gaius and Ana-Ishi were in the inn’s common room discussing something when she entered, no doubt something about who was going to kill the most enemies when they next went some place. Those two had a rivalry that no doubt served some need they both had but for the life of her the Orchid couldn’t figure out what it was. Maybe she would think on it next time she got a chance to meditate in solitude. For now she just beckoned to them and climbed the stairs to Gizmo’s makeshift workshop. Apparently Gizmo had a relationship with the human owner which allowed Gizmo to keep things here while he didn’t have an active shop. Gizmo was making some adjustments to the large Crank Bow he had made when she entered. The Quatryl glanced up and when he saw her he put down the bow. “You found something?” he asked. Lenka nodded and took as seat as the other two came in the room. “I found an Aesther who will help us,” Lenka said. “All we need to do is find an orb of power for her in the mountains to the north and bring it back. I have a map.” She presented a rolled parchment.At the mention of a map, Gizmo’s eyes lit up and he took the parchment to examine it. He read it, muttering to himself as he did. When he was done, he looked up, “Aesther parchment. Very high quality. Map is well-drawn. Compliments to the cartographer.” Lenka looked at him, “The Aesther says that she will scry for Jekserah if we retrieve it. This is our best chance to find her.” As she was talking, her eyes found Gaius’ and watched as they became increasingly bright and eager with each word. One of them was on her side, at least. Gizmo slowly nodded, “Aesther[...]

Session: Star Wars: Imperial Assault:: Mission 2: Homecoming

Sat, 14 Oct 2017 11:23:37 +0000

by ndujovne The rebels (Gaarkhan and Fenn Signis) succeeded on their first mission "Aftermath" after the imperial forces failed to protect the beacon.Then the opportunity to help Luke presented itself and they rushed into it (maybe too early on the campaign) barely prepared for what was coming.They got together with Luke and faced a one way path to the only terminal in which they could open the doors to Luke's aircraft.The rebels spent their first turn fighting their way beating the 2 Tradoshans who were targeting Luke and the droid who managed to get into position to get a line of sight and firing at Luke, the Imperial's objective was clear, to defeat Luke as soon as possible.After defeating the Tradoshans and inflicting damage to the droid, the Rebels found the Stormtroopers closing in around the far corner of the path only to find out before the second turn that behind the troopers the imperial forces had deployed a Red E-Web Engineer.Thats when they realized that Luke had to run to reach the terminal while Gaarkhan and Fenn Signis kept dealing withe the imperial forces, if Luke could ran fast enough it could run past the E-Web Engineer without it being able to follow him and they could get together inside the Hangar once Luke had opened the doors.After Luke went for the run, the Imperial Forces didn't realize that the rebels could be able to reunite once the doors opened and the Troopers rushed into the remaining rebels to block their way leaving Luke by himself.It was a risky move from the Imperial Forces leaving Luke alone to reach the Terminal and having only one shot at him from a long range (6) with the E-Web Engineer, but they tried it anyway being confident that Luke would face a surprise once he opened the doors (but without realizing that the remaining rebels would be waiting just outside the east door to enter into the hangar to help Luke out to escape.The imperial forces took their chances... the first shot was a success but it didn't dealt too much damage, they had only one more shot. Accuracy from the dices was 3 plus 3 from the E-Web ability, it barely hit the target... this time inflicting enough damage to wound Luke and leaving him without any chance to reach for the Terminal. Gaarkhan and Fenn Signis couldn't do anything after realizing their plan had failed and were forced to retreat hoping Luke could escape on his own.Conclusion:* I believe the rebels rushing into this mission was a mistake, since they didn't had enough experience or abilities to face the mission. But i had to give it to them that it was very tempting to gain Luke as an ally early on. What do you guys think?* I had a really hard time as imperial forces to pick the troops for the open group. It was my first time picking a open group (only played the tutorial and Aftermath mission before) so at the end i went for the E-Web Engineer as the expensive unit to deploy first, before the rebels approached the deployment spot, and a coupl[...]

Session: La Patrie en Danger 1814:: Brienne - First Scenario in a Five Battle Campaign

Fri, 13 Oct 2017 15:13:00 +0000

by TheMP After posting my Champaubert ftf encounter with Wayne Baumber here the other day, I received some nice feedback. So with that in mind I thought it would be nice to post the two battles before that, Brienne and La Rothiere. Here then is the opening battle in our campaign, Brienne.Weather for the day ended up being 8am-11am Cloudy, Noon-2pm Fair, 3pm onwards Rain & MudThe battle starts quietly for the French. They have a few cavalry units appear on board, whilst the Russians, commanded by Bluecher have to get Olsufev's Corps and some brigades from the cavalry corps into position to face the gradually rising numbers of French formations. The first few hours really were just the approach to battle. The French generally moving towards the north of the higher ground that is known as Perthes en Rothieres. Its about 2 miles north of Brienne and highlighted by the yellow diamond on the picture below. Troopers from Milhaud's V Cavalry corps and Victor's II Corps being the head of this advance. Facing them, Bluecher had placed Olsufev's IX Russian Corps supported by ad hoc cavalry brigades.Initially, the Russians held the high ground and this helped reduce French effectiveness in artillery. But some heavy French probes around 2pm began to make Olsufev concerned about a possible encirclement. This became more of a possibility as Ney's Young Guard corps were also making their way to the area. To the right of Olsufev in the Bois d'Ajoux, French cavalry led by Krasinski's brigade of Polish Lancers and Chasseurs a Cheval de la Garde had also pushed back any Russian resistance there too. A bloody encounter along here between Dautencourt's Grenadiers a Cheval and Empress Dragoons against Poltoratzki's 9th Div, 2nd Bgd Apsheron and Nascheburg Infantry regiments saw the French elite win through as Poltoratzki's regts were eventually scattered. But the price had been high for the guard heavy's too with the brigade taking some unwanted damage. Some relief was promised for Olsufev when to his left, Scherbatov's VI Corps began to arrive. But they too now had to involve themselves in holding off yet more unexpected French arrivals (Alt.Reinforcements) in the form of Hamelinaye's large infantry division from Reserve Corps plus Colbert's guard light cavalry brigade. By 3pm, both sides were now fully engaged between Brienne & Perthes en Rothieres. The French threw in a large assault at Olsufev's line of brigades and did look like they were about to breakthrough. To front this, Milhaud led the attack himself ahead of L'Herittier's regts of heavy dragoons. This seemed scripted to be the romantic French breakthrough. Somehow, the line of Russian infantry brigades held against the odds. There was some wavering here and there, but they held. Furthermore, amongst the smoke and the clash of cavalrymen and infantry, Milhaud received what would turn out to be a fatal musket ball wound to the stomach fired from the musket[...]

Session: Battles of the Ancient World Volume II:: Battle of the Metaurus - After action report

Fri, 13 Oct 2017 15:12:09 +0000

by Gentilhombre BATTLE OF THE METAURUS – 207 BCThis is considered the pivotal battle of the Second Punic War, fought near the Metaurus river, in the Northern Italy. A Carthaginian army led by Hasdrubal Barca, who was trying to join his brother Hannibal, short of reinforcements, was attacked and defeated by the Roman consuls Marcus Livius and Claudius Nero. Hasdrubal died and Hannibal’s effort in Italy was doomed.Historical context armies have a similar number of units.The Carthaginians are deployed in three groups, with the Gauls on the left, the elephants and Ligurian infantry on the center, and the Spanish on the right. The Gauls have special rules and they cannot move –unless attacked- until turn 6.The Romans are deployed in two lines, with a separated group of units on the right. Three of those units may be retired from the map to reappear later in another map edge, simulating the historical flanking march leaded by the consul Nero.Summary of the gameTurn 1: The Carthaginians begin the battle, and they decide not to charge with the elephants, leaving them in the rearguard waiting for a better occasion. The Ligurians take positions behind a stream, and the Spanish attack on the right, charging against the Roman cavalry. Only one Spanish unit is lost, but later recovered by rallying it.The Romans use Nero’s flanking maneuver (retiring the consul and three units from the map). They opt for ignoring the right flank -where the Gauls will not move-, leaving light troops in the center (which can avoid combat), and sending most of the army towards the left. They also manage to rally one lost unit.(Carthaginian losses: 0 / Roman losses: 4)Turn 2: Carthaginians think about attacking in the center, but finally they prefer to move the army –elephants included- towards the right, leaving a few Ligurians to cover the stream. In the right, Spanish and cavalry attack. The front takes a 90º angle shape, and after the combats it is a bit blurred.Romans insist on concentrating on their left, leaving only light troops in the center with a few supporting auxilia units. Combats are not successful, but at least another lost unit is rallied.(Carthaginian losses: 23 / Roman losses: 22)Turn 3: Carthaginians decide to attack in the center, to prevent the enemy from moving more units easily from that front. An isolated unit of legionaries is eliminated, and several attacks are launched in the right without much luck, suffering painful loses.The consul Nero and his flanking troops return to the map. There are several opportunities for punishing the enemy line, but Romans suffer a disaster when attacking the Carthaginian cavalry. In general, attacks are not effective this turn.(Carthaginian losses: 55 / Roman los[...]

Session: Mollwitz and Chotusitz: Battles of the First Silesian War:: Chotusitz Scenario 6: Introduction and Set-Up

Fri, 13 Oct 2017 02:16:41 +0000

by mr_peabody Cross-posted from Consimworld, this is a report on a playtest game of Chotusitz that I’m playing with Al Smith. The combined Mollwitz and Chotusitz package has four scenarios for the former battle and three for the latter. This match is Scenario 6, the full battle of Chotusitz with a historical unit set-up and a start time of 7:40 AM.We are using three optional rules. Two of them, Fatigue and Reversed Line, could be applied to any game in the series. The other optional rule, entitled “The Prussian Shell Game,” has been provided specifically for this scenario. As you’ll see in later images, the entire Austrian army starts this scenario on the map, facing just a Detachment of the Prussian army. The remainder (including Frederick) arrives in six groups, one group appearing every twenty minutes for the first six turns of the game. The concept behind the Shell Game is to deny the Austrian player perfect knowledge of just where these Prussian reinforcements are, in the same way a slight crest on the actual field hid these troops from the Austrians.Six sets of three numbered markers are used for each reinforcement group. I sacrificed eighteen markers from Gettysburg ’77 for this purpose. Three number 1s will arrive in a Prussian activation in the first turn. One (marked with an “X” on the back, that is, the “2” side) is a force marker for the actual units, while two others function as decoys (marked “D” on the back). Markers for groups 2 through 6 are marked in the same fashion. On the turn of its arrival and each turn thereafter, each of the markers for a group can move up to eight hexes. Optionally, the Prussian player can remove the group’s markers when Activated, deploying the now-revealed units within three hexes of the actual force marker “X”. The markers cannot move south of the 36xx hex row (nor can the Prussians deploy south of that row), and if an Austrian unit with a Line of Command back to its Army leader moves within three hexes of a numbered marker, its “X” or “D” status is revealed. The revelation of an “X” will result in the Prussian command being deployed at that moment.The victory conditions are straightforward: the first army to reach +20 or higher for Army morale exits the field, granting victory to the other side.Initial Set-Up: May 17, 1742Prussian ForcesLeopold commands a detachment of the Prussian army, consisting of three wings. The next photo, with south at the top of the image, shows the initial placement of the Prussian right and center. Buddenbrock’s Wing, exclusively cavalry, deploys on the right, facing southeast. Gessler’s Command of that wing, four heavy cavalry units (eight counters), is deployed in echelon in an extended front line, with Rothenburg’s command (three heavy cavalry counters and one light cavalry counter) supporting it. A small lake is behi[...]

Session: The 7th Continent:: [Complete spoilers] Raz against all 7 curses and all expansions, a step by step report, part 5.

Fri, 13 Oct 2017 02:08:32 +0000

by Razoupaf Invigorated by his stream of successes from last session, Raz wakes up near the well he's worked so hard to reach, but since he doesn't have a rope yet, decides to look North before doing anything. He notices a caterpillar struggling its way through the weeds and reflects upon his own stranded situation, gaining 1 XP since only 1 terrain card is revealed at this time. That's when he notices the troglodyte village that has been carved in the mountains up North. Truly a sight to behold! And that's where he's headed next.Reaching the village, Raz takes some time to marvel at the architecture and notices an adult rockworm up North, where he decides not to go since he cannot fight it or sneak by it. He's quite panicked until he notices an opening large enough for him to go through on the West side of the village. There is some sun shining through that opening but the wind is strong and a hole in the ground lets him see deeper. Something seems to be glowing. Raz feels quite serene bathing in the sunlight.Heading West again, Raz feels someone is coming and wonders why as this is supposed to be in another area, not in the mountains. Nevermind, the ever useful insects let him escape his potential assaillant without a sweat.A Goddess, a troglodyte village, a rockworm... Truly a dangerous but beautiful place.And there he finds it, the Goddess! An impressive sight for sure! But he doesn't feel ready to confront her just yet. Instead he looks up North where a hollow trunk is standing in the way. But he doesn't feel confident about checking it out. He's heard stories. Spooky stories. Halloween's not that far after all. Plus he's bloody and he's heard it said that sometimes, branches and bloody don't mix well together.So Raz moves back to the village (hey ain't that an Iron Maiden song?) to think, and thinks of a rope. Which is exactly what he was after! So he goes back to the well to craft the item and climb down, finding a Sculpted Flower before he climbs back out. Great. That step is done.Back in the village (damn, that riff!), Raz looks around and notices an opening to one of the houses. There he gets barked at a lot, but manages to tame a white and brown mastiff by... Speaking german to it? Somehow? Wow, that's meta. Raz figures out what the German text says approximately, helped by the fact that basically all companions play the same way. Mh. Much too meta for me. Moving on. With dog in tow, Raz searches the house like a thief and finds a strange cage from which a hissing sound comes.Scared, Raz decides to crush the cage as he's heard that these could hold dangerous scorpions. This time it was a slug though, and crushing it was a bad move, which makes Raz totally lose it and discard all the skill cards from his hand. Devastating!After coming to, Raz goes back to the tree that he leaves alone and North to disco[...]

Session: This War of Mine: The Board Game:: First play thoughts *Spoilers*

Thu, 12 Oct 2017 20:02:20 +0000

by PrefectSarah

My lesson after one play: don't underestimate Misery.

I made it through the first chapter, which took about 4-5 hours solo (with a couple of short breaks). Right before the end of the first chapter one of my characters hit level 4 Misery and died. Then, I rolled a 1 on the black die, which made every other character a level 4 Misery as well. And, one by one... they all killed themselves...

Wow. What a shock! I sat there staring at the board thinking surely that isn't how this game would end!? Pretty sure my jaw hit the floor as I realized what was happening.

I thought I was doing pretty well, fatigue and hunger were kept under control. Nobody was ill or wounded. I didn't expect Misery to be as big of a deal I guess.

Even with that ending, I still had the urge to start playing a new game immediately. I really enjoyed this and found it easy to pick up and learn. Now I get to re-read all the BGG posts to be sure I played everything correctly. (image)

Session: Folklore: The Affliction:: First outing for my clubs foray into the folklore world. (As Spoiler free as possible)

Thu, 12 Oct 2017 16:43:02 +0000

by Drewtavian We set up the map and I explained the intricacies of movement. Worked through each card pack and game effects. I had combined all of the expansion contents into each stack including the expanded available characters.Now moving onto character creation. I had already wrote up a scientist character ( Olivia Moore) for myself to test out the creation system prior to our game. Whilst my team mate wrote up a witch hunter (bounty hunter, Magnum Walker). Unbeknown at the time we both had chosen ranged characters. I chose to interpret the rules that ranged weapons couldn't be used in Melee. ( I will await an FAQs on this or see how it effects our game play.)Journal 1 story 1Everything changesSo now all was in place we set off on our adventure... Arriving at our intended destination in this dangerous realm we overheard an altercation from inside. Bursting through the door we charged at the filthy bandits within. With a brief flurry of crossed weapons and loosed bolts we dispersed the obviously dangerous but desperate men. Amongst the detritus of broken furniture Olivia spies an intriguing document and a few coins to add her notes and purse. Leaving the stunned man inside to make his introduction.Speaking with the shaken curator he thanks us for our timely help. But explaining far worse is going on in the wider world to the north. Take this for example, with a flourish he pulls a cloth off of a table. Immediately Olivia lost her lunch at such a sight which brought great hilarity to Magnum " some scientist you are..., looks to be a wolf of a type I've never seen in these or other parts. What foul perversion as tainted such a noble beast?" The curator explains that's what the priest had intended to find out on his days ago journey having expected him back by now. As a reward for our earlier aid and with the promise to locate the overdue priest the curator allows us to restock our supplies from anything that may remain within the cellar. Magnum took a flask of holy water, a note on elixirs whilst Olivia took a treaties on a potent magical weapon. From a brief discussion with the curator he disclosed that A nearby town being the eventual destination of the missing priest we took advantage of an available stagecoach heading in the same direction to speed us on our way.Lots of small settlements dot these wild lands with most connected via the roads we travelled. Finding nothing but suspicion and violence along this route which sapped our spirits and bodies equally. Several days pass before we spot the rising smoke of civilisation foretelling of our eventual destination was near at hand. For the most part all we received from entering this town was more of the same stares and furtive glances with some eying the party for future violence. But one person stood o[...]

Session: Heroes vs Warlords:: Heroes vs Warlords After Action report part 1

Thu, 12 Oct 2017 13:14:46 +0000

by Udo Grebe Game Shop

We used an older prototype with white reverse sides of the terrain tiles. We show miniatures and wooden models for heroes.

A random world is set up consisting of 16 terrain tiles. Each player buys an initial army for 20 gold. We speak about that armies later.
Players agree to use the advanced rules with arena combat, battle chart only for the most important combats.

Initiative die rolls are made Knights roll 20, Amazons 12, Barbarians 17.
Knights go first.

Knights Hero Sir Mondrian moves from his starting city to the wood resource (1), attacks and defeats the guards there, get 5 experience points, 1 honor point, for slaying one enemy stack, marks the resource with the knight control marker. Then he moves back to the starting city (2) and from there to the stone resource (3) attacks and defeats the guards there, get 5 experience points, marks the resource with the knight control marker.
All of that was road movement 1 MP per hex, he has one MP left. With his last MP he explores the unknown terrain tile east, that is flipped to the front side and is entered. See pic 1.

Detail 1 first combat against 5 level 1 guards of the wood resource.

Units are placed from the hero display on the arena, 5 neutral guards are placed on the arena defenders side.
First is ranged combat. The defender has no ranged combat units. So the knight archers open fire:
6 (red attack rating of the archers ) + 11 die roll = 17 defense roll = 16, the defenders are hit.
Each unit scores hits according to its level, 9 hits are scored, only 5 hits can be taken to eliminate all units. Excess hits are ignored.
See pic2.

Sir Mondrian scores 5 experience points + the 5 from the second combat he is promoted to level 1, and removes his 10 experience points from his display. He increases defense to 5 and increase trade to level 1 (first skill)
See pic 3.

Will the Amazons and the Barbarians have such an easy start as well?
To be continued.

Session: Glass Road:: Bricks and Groves

Wed, 11 Oct 2017 23:12:03 +0000

by joakim589

Session of Glass Road (solo)

From the start I was interested of two tiles. One that makes the glassworks much better, so I instead gets 3 points for each brick in the end. And one that gives 1 point for each grove.

So I played Forest manager every other turn. Also played the cultivator.

Also played card to get goods, so I could get the bricks and glass and other stuff needed to buy those tiles.

Soon I had those two tiles. And nothing else of interest showed up.

So I worked with those. Trying to get as many groves as I could. And also to get 3 brick, and if I could also get 3 glass. Was also looking for getting some sand, but could not do it without miss to get 3 bricks and three glass, and more groves, that was more important because those give 3 resp 1 point each instead of ½ point. So in the end I only had 1 sand (there is so many other goods to get to get those bricks and glass).

Glassworks 9p
Colony 0,5p
Masons 3p
Plant Nursery 8p

Total score 20,5p

Session: Talisman (Revised 4th Edition):: TALISMANGLER II: THE RETALISMANGLING

Wed, 11 Oct 2017 15:38:31 +0000

by HiveGod I am THE Magus.Not “a” magus, some mere peddler of infinite scarves or sudden doves in a sedan chair with no one to carry it—I am THE Magus.Fig. 1 — It says so on my sheet.You have heard of me. And if you claim you have not, you are a liar. My mind shines through you like the sun through brittle glass—I see every insignificant flaw even as you are blinded by my radiance. Fear not, for I love you. I love you in the way that all those who have professed their love for you actually hate and despise you, envious of everything you will become. I, alone, love you, and as soon as we have three more members you’ll see just how much I love you when we get this goddamn sedan chair moving. Wait! Don’t go! I can show you the magic river that flows beneath the world! The magic within you! Like this dove behind your ear—which I swear was alive this morning. Dammit.Ten years ago the most beautiful thing in creation intersected my soul, altering the core of my being in fundamental ways—no, I’m not talking about a baby, as those are leaky and squally and can end up as either Hitler or Buddha at the end, a total grab-bag—I am, of course, talking about TALISMAN. I’ve written extensively about how and why Talisman is the best board game possible for me, my family and friends, and I totally get that it’s not for everyone. Games, by themselves, are dead things—meaningless scraps of paper, wood and plastic collected in a box like so much garbage—without the minds to grind the algorithms described in the rulebook. They live or die based on the quality of those minds; a deeply random storytelling game is going to suffer horribly in the hands of a bunch of chess masters, much in the same way a six-year-old would complain about a bedtime story read by a semiliterate misanthrope:Semiliterate Misanthrope: What’s this word?Six-Year-Old: Let me see. Looks like... “cat—cat-a-com-bees”.SM: “Catacom-bees.” Maybe it’s “catacombs”.6YO: What’s a catacombs?SM: It’s like a graveyard in a cave—two of the scariest places possible crammed together all at once.6YO: What?!SM: So there’s tombstones sticking up out of the ground, but they’re also sticking out of the ceiling.6YO: MOMMY!!!But with the right minds you can breathe such life into that dead box that it gets up and walks and talks and pirouettes and shits on the rug—a mass hallucination spun from the thinnest of associations—just molecules in synapses, unfathomably small, chemistry painting an entire world and the artillery-shell arcs of the people who eat, fart, slap, cry, steal, stab and get stabbed there. There might also be some sex stuff (aw, who am I kidding[...]

Session: La Patrie en Danger 1814:: Champaubert - Third Scenario in a Five Battle Campaign

Wed, 11 Oct 2017 14:31:49 +0000

by TheMP This was played against long-time adversary Wayne Baumber ftf at home. Before this battle, both sides receive a few campaign replacement points to bring any reduced units in the OOB up to strength. Russian IX corps appearing here benefit from some replacements as well as other formations that will appear in the next battle, Montmirail.The allies began this battle in determined mood to simply exit and wasted no time in starting their retreat towards the edge of the board and safety. It remained for the French forces to try and catch them and attempt to cut down whatever or whomever straggled along. The battle quickly and simply became a race for both sides. The French trying to get their cavalry to catch up, the Russians hoping the weather would stay as mud free as possible so that artillery and baggage could be saved. The gane commenced on the night am turn of 10th Feb.1814 and runs the whole day until the night pm turn. There were only two main encounters throughout the day such was the Russian retreat. The first at midday around the edges of the Bois de Ferebrianges which is just north of Champaubert itself. Here the he French brigades of Fournier & Joubert (amalgamations of surviving line and light units), plus Pelleport's Marines, all from Marmont's VI corps, caught up with the rear elements of the Russian IX corps (now commanded by Toll after the capture of Olsufev in our Brienne game). In the first hour of this encounter, the fire from Melnikov's Jaegers and the 12 guns of #29 battery stood stoically and rebuffed the French attack against the odds. The Frenchmen were then regrouped for another assault, but this time, Watier and his Hussars & Chevau-Legers from I Cavalry corps had arrived in the Russians rear. With many newly arrived greenhorns within the Russian ranks, this second attack proved too much chaos for Melnikov's men. They were thrown back with losses including 6 of the artillery guns taken. What was not known at the time was that the hour that Melnikov held out probably saved the whole corps from annihalation! That one turn eating into much needed French time that would deny them a final fling at cutting the Russian corps off.The second encounter came at 3pm. About 7km further up the main road and just south of the village of Loisy en Brie. Once again, the tail end of the Russian march had been caught up with. These hunters were the light cavalry brigades of Wathier & Guyon from Doumerc's I cavalry corps. The two brigades are made up of no less than 11 or 12 different regiments of hussars and chasseurs a cheval. However, most of these 'regiments' are little more than squadron sized affairs that under better times would have s[...]

Session: Ascension: Valley of the Ancients:: Not exactly a review, but...

Wed, 11 Oct 2017 11:43:53 +0000

by ZUR13L The first time I played Ascension was back in the spring. I bought Gift of the Elements because of the box cover. Played it one time and sold it. My issues were that: A) I didn't feel involved at all (it was my second deckbuilder ever and I was not yet accustomed to the gameplay style).B) I found the gremlins silly, unattractive, and distracting to the flow (everything they are supposed to be - just not my thing).C) I found some of the art to be godawful. Like someone's nephew agreed to do it for free, so... The box cover tricked me into thinking they had gotten rid of the artist I had heard about on forums.So, last night I finished my second-ever game of Ascension.It was awesome.After searching for a deckbuilder that both my wife and I would enjoy, I broke down and decided to give Ascension another shot. I bought what turned out to be the brand-new Valley of the Ancients (the art of the back of the box got me this time - I'm a sucker for nature stuff). After a day of hand-wringing, I ran back to my FLGS and bought Ascension X: War of Shadows, as well. Sleeved them both up and combined them. We broke this Frankenstein's monster out last night and we both absolutely loved it! We have been trying out various DBGs; Hero Realms, Rune Age, Arctic Scavengers, High Command - and had yet to find one that really did it for us. Ascension finally did it.So, what's different this time? Well, aside from my having evolved as a gamer, there are no gremlins (yay) and the Trials are gone, too. They weren't terrible, just confusing for first-timers. Also, I have come around on the art. I still hate it, but I realize art is subjective - I know there are some who really like it. Plus, the other artist really makes up for it (my personal taste / opinion). As for the mechanics, I think the Temples are neat-o and give an interesting secondary story to the gameplay. Also, the Day and Night effects from X are really cool. We played according to the rules as far as I can tell, that when suns outnumber moons, it's Day, and vice-versa and when we got a stretch of VofA cards, it was Twilight. It was really, really fun. Lots of delicious decisions every round. The game didn't drag at all for either of us, and we both felt thoroughly engaged the whole time.I came out ahead about halfway through, and my wife couldn't keep up after that - out final score was 100 - 64. I have no idea what average scores tend to be, but I have read that the game can be swingy, so I'm sure it will happen where she gets a string of cards she likes and I'll be floundering.Speaking of liking cards, one thing Ascension has over Hero Realms, for e[...]

Session: South China Sea:: First Scenario--Solo

Wed, 11 Oct 2017 11:01:12 +0000

by Robert Leonhard I'm posting the results of a "five player" solo session that includes (so far) the political turns and the first military turn.SOUTH CHINA SEATURN 1China proposed economic sanctions against the US. Malaysia agreed, but Vietnam and the Philippines did not. The sanctions had no immediate effect. Malaysia conducted combined military exercises with China. +1 VP = 11. TURN 2US Navy conducted freedom-of-navigation operations in the South China Sea. -3 VP = 8. Malaysia invited China to use one of its bases. +1 VP = 9. Vietnam demonstrated at the Chinese embassy in Hanoi. -1 VP = 8. TURN 3The US conducted a second freedom-of-navigation exercise in the SCS, touching off armed conflict. -3 VP = 5. +1 VP = 6.MILITARY OPERATIONS—TURN 1Malaysian SU-30MKM Flanker squadron deployed from Sandakan to Swallow Reef. Chinese carriers and escorts proceeded south from Hainan Island to the gap between the Paracels and Vietnam. A Song submarine headed south from Yulin Submarine Base toward the coast of Vietnam. Moving at flank speed, it suffered cavitation. The US fleet moved north from vicinity of Natuna Island toward the Spratlys. The Malaysian fleet sailed from Sandakan toward Balabac Island. A Vietnamese Kilo moved north along the coast from Cam Ranh and evaded Chinese attention. Vietnamese FFGs moved southwest toward the advancing US fleet to cooperate with them. Philippine FA-50s rebased from Puerto Princessa to Thitu Island. The PRC began hostilities with LACM strikes against Vietnamese airbases in Ho Chi Minh City and Cam Ranh, cratering the airfields there and destroying the Vietnamese SU-30 Mk2s. -1 VP = 5. The USN responded with LACM strikes that destroyed the Woody Island airfield and the PRC J-20s there. Further LACM strikes destroyed LY-80 SSMs at Yulin Base. -2 VP = 3.The PLAN fleet tried to target the Vietnamese submarine, but it easily evaded them. They then went after the Vietnamese FFG, but it too evaded them. US carrier-based F-35s went after the Malaysian airbase at Swallow Reef. They shot down the Malaysian Flankers and cratered the airfield, but the Chinese performed a mid-air refueling to send carrier-based J-31 Gyrefalcons from the Liaoning to the fight. They shot down half of the attacking F-35s. +1 VP = 4.Malaysia agreed to military cooperation with China. I'm enjoying the game. It seems a little less complicated than "Breaking the Chains" (also a good game). The interaction is fun and tense. [...]

Session: Scythe:: Trapped by Togawa!

Tue, 10 Oct 2017 23:01:40 +0000

by Omahavice We played our 3rd 2-player game of Scythe last night and I had won the first 2 games which were fairly close in score. Last night my gf drew the Togawa Shogunate faction and the Mechanical player board and I drew the Republic of Polania along with the Militant player board. This was our first time drawing and using one of the expansion factions from Scythe: Invaders from Afar so we had to brush up on their Mech and Special abilities. Armed traps and no Speed bonus for Mechs/Characters seemed interesting. It was also the first time either of us had played the Republic of Polania.The below pics were all taken at the end of the game but it will give you an idea of how things played out and the view that each of us had.Since my special ability was to be able to use 2 of the 3 Encounter options, I decided to start the game by moving my character to try to get in position to snatch as many encounter tokens as I could and take advantage of my special ability.My gf noticed that she had a straight land shot to the Factory from her home base and started out by moving her character in that direction along with a Worker. I quickly realized that I was going to have to get some metal out of those mountains and deploy a Mech so I could gain Riverwalk and try to beat her to the Factory. My next few moves consisted of trading and producing, followed by another Move which gave me my first Encounter and I was lucky enough to be able to jump in and steal a Mech during the encounter. I had to pay a little for it but that's ok. We now have Riverwalk. She had also produced, moved, and traded and was able to deploy her first Mech.She actually got her first Mech to the Factory first but we had both made the mistake of getting distracted by taking our Characters off in search of those shiny encounter tokens and the potential treasures they held, leaving both Characters 2-3 spaces away from the Factory. We end up having our first Combat in a couple of turns as I get 2 Mechs to the Factory at which time she immediately moves her power up 2 spaces on the power track. I ask her what she is doing and she coyly points out that her Mech's ability allows her to move up 2 on the power track prior to Combat if she only has ONE Unit in the fight. Well isn't that the sneakiest thing you ever heard. Between power and combat cards, I end up winning that first battle and get my first combat star on the board. Her Mech is sent all the way back to her home base.Thanks to being able to enlist a couple of recruits courtesy of my encounter bonus, I was able to get all 4 recruits enlisted and my 2nd star[...]

Session: 7 Wonders Duel:: On sword's edge - twice

Tue, 10 Oct 2017 23:01:07 +0000

by da_miche Quick recap of two rounds of 7 Wonders Duel that I had the joy to play against a colleague of mine.First game started off weird. Out of the eight wonders available, there was only one that would give an extra turn. Usually those are the ones that we both like to go for. Also the first age came with very few production buildings available.I didn't really get a good engine started, resulting in me having to buy lots of stuff. When my opponent also caused me to lose money from his wonders, and subsequently from advancing on the military track, I was completely out of funds and could not really do much. He, on the other hand, sneakily advanced the military marker quite a lot.I managed to regain my stride in age two, getting my hand on some resources. So things started to shape up. I got the green tile which would give me cash every time my opponent had to buy goods, which was a great help. However, I missed him jumping ahead on the military track.Come age III, me two points from losing militarily. Darn, I was too preoccupied with getting my production going and catching up victory point wise. Now it got tight. Luckily, there were not too many red ones out in age III (in retrospect we realised that each age had lost one military card in shuffling already, so lucky me). As luck would have it, I could reveal a 3 shield card to my opponent, knowing he wouldn't be able to afford it. This and the fact that I got the green disk which lets me advance one additional field each time I play a military card saved me from doom.In the end I managed to score 71 points, close to my highest. He ended up with 60, which just proofs that aggression is not the way to go.Come the rematch:the game was even weirder. He secured three wonders with military points, I was left a bit hanging. He also destroyed one brown and one grey building from me, severely blocking my mid-term strategy. Luckily he couldn't afford his fourth wonder in his turn, which gave me the chance to get my fourth.Again he got me onto the brink of military defeat, but this time I was better prepared. I managed to fend him off, even though he had several lucky draws with reds.Overall, the second game was very slow, ending in a victory for me with 53:43. A very low score.Funny to see that both games were so aggressive. We usually don't get this close to a military win. I guess, him getting his only win ever on a military basis makes him follow down this road too often. Let's see what the next game brings. [...]

Session: Massive Darkness:: Elias Walks in the Dark

Tue, 10 Oct 2017 23:00:49 +0000

by Old Dwarf Warning Fluff Ahead- As mentioned in my first Session Report "Bjorn Walkingin the Dark" I'm running each Hero through the Tutorial Mission. ObviouslySession Reports on the Same Quest over and over will quickly feel likeGround Hog Day unless you have a hook to save you from the sameness notto mention your sanity. I've set my Massive Darkness Games in the Game World of Midnight anold FFG Role Playing Game Steel Hill Source Book and use that background for my Fluff. Realizing that probably most members are not familiar with Midnight RPG I removed all the Midnight Fluff from Bjorn Session Report to just reflect the Questbased on what background COMON has in the Rulebook.However to continue the Tutorial Session Reports I'll need to reveal some ofthe Fluff I removed for Bjorn's Session Report so here it goes: (I'll be brief)The Lightbringers ( Resistence Forces headed by the Lord of Rags) have discovered aplot by the Forces of Darkness to construct Black Mirrors through out the Catacombswhich if completed will leach off the Wards protecting the Lightbringer hideouts .Bjorn in his Quest has accidently found and destroyed a Mirror and also found a map showingwhere the Mirrors are located at allowing the Lord of Rags to send his Lightbringersout to destroy the Mirrors before they can be activated. The Objective of the TutorialQuest is to destroy the Black Mirror which happens when the Library Token ispicked up. There are 16 Mirrors under construction for the Lightbringers to win the Campaignat least 10 Mirrors must be destroyed.------------------------------------------------------------------------Ore Gate District ,Steel Hill- Early Morning, Shareel 12th, 5YSElias Quest The Battle Wizard had not been pleased when he received word that the Lord of Rags needed himin Steel Hill. His duties to keep up the Resistance to the Shadow in the North made so manydemands.He maintained the protective Wards to the Catacombs that served as the ThievesGuild Head Quarters what else did the Lord of Rags need now.Soon however he found himself traveling through the Tunnels below the Ore Gate entranceto the city his Quest so important he had dropped his other vital missions to respond. TheLord of Rags news had been dire the Legates were constructing Black Mirrors through theCatacombs once completed the network would link up all the Darkness Forces of the CitiesGarrison the Resistance protective wards would be rendered useless exposing the Lightbringersto the overwhelming forces of Darkness and certain destruction.Thank the Ancestor S[...]

Session: Clank!: A Deck-Building Adventure:: One of my fav moments in Clank (storytime!)

Tue, 10 Oct 2017 20:41:17 +0000

by Rotomhotom I invited 3 high school friends over, plus myself so 4 people. I'm always the game explainer in our group and they had never played before. This was really exciting for all of us because we're all 3rd year university students and so we hadn't seen each other in at least half a year because we all went to different universities after spending 4 years together in the same high school.The greatest memory I have of Clank happened that evening, and it actually had nothing to do with the game itself.To start, I was honestly nervous because I hadn't seen these guys in a long time so I wasn't sure what they were up to, if they had changed a lot, etc. We played a warm-up game of Red 7 and then jumped right into Clank. So far they seemed like the same guys I grew up with in high school.Because I was nervous I did a horrible job explaining Clank (they asked more questions than usual when I explain board games), and the part that was really embarrassing for me was I kept forgetting the bookkeeping items, so replacing the dungeon row, moving the dragon track up 1 after a player gets a treasure, etc. They actually reminded me at one point, which was really embarassing for me considering I was already nervous and that I should know the game better than first timers.But then, one friend piped up and said 'hey, why don't we each take a part in helping run the game?' And so we did. I refilled the dungeon row, friend A was in charge of managing the Clank cubes, B was drawing from the bag when necessary, and C was the 'bank' (all money related matters). And that's the moment I'll always remember, and it made me so happy. I'm going to try my best to explain why. The decision was spontaneous, and it made the game run so much smoother after that. It took relief off of me. It told me that even though I'm messing up my explanation, my friends were there for me, and they wanted to play, they were on my side, because otherwise they wouldn't have suggested what they did. It reminded me of how in High School we would always make any game our own (an example is Super Smash Bros Brawl but everyone plays with the controller upside-down ) and all sorts of other silly things. It wasn't silly in this case, but it had that same feel where someone suggested something, and everyone else loved it and went for it and things just fell in place.It felt like a spontaneous Pandemic. Part of the intentionful design of Pandemic is to give each player a unique player power, something oly they can do, a role only they can fi[...]

Session: Aeon's End: War Eternal:: [True Solo] Gex Playthrough - My First WE Solo Victory!

Tue, 10 Oct 2017 19:30:22 +0000

by Ruduen After some 4-player play tonight, I realized how useful Gex's Shattered Geode was for solo play. Since it places the top card of an ally's discard (your own discard) into your hand, this means that it either gives you immediate access to something you've purchased without using the card, or it means you can reuse a cast spell. In addition, Vimcraft Oath's self-healing is immense when playing with a single HP pool. Since Solo is still hard enough and I wanted to focus on War Eternal, I fought against Umbra Titan. I played through a few different random supplies, and this was my fourth attempt in a row. The first few started well but petered off due to a lack of late-game damage, while the third ended up with a start of Bane Sire/Grubber/Cryptid - there wasn't enough time to build up something. The winning supply ended up as follows: Mages: GexNemesis: Umbra Titan (Normal Difficulty, True Solo)Gems: Haunted Berylite (3), Volcanic Glass (3), Banishing Topaz (5)Relics: Riddlesphere (3), Vortex Gauntlet (5)Spells: Spectral Echo (3), Blaze (4), Thermal Darts (4), Dark Fire (5)Final Health: Gex - 4, Umbra Titan - 0. Final Cards: Shattered Geode, Riddlesphere, Thermal Dart x3, Vortex Gauntlet x2The game started off with a turn 1 Spectral Echo prep (3 Crystals->Purchase Spectral Echo, Shattered Geode to retrieve Spectral Echo, prep Spectral Echo). Early on, 2 Spectral Echos did enough damage to keep the minions down. I did lose a number of nemesis tokens early - there's no real way to afford spending a turn's resources to buy Seismic Roar off, or to discard spells and allow Cryptid to burn through prepared spells. I was unlucky and had to deal with Labyrinth Wisp for the enemy, but was able to burn it off and keep it from draining spells due to Riddlesphere. During mid-game, it became clear that Riddlesphere and Thermal Dart were the two big winners for the plan. Riddlesphere actually made it possible to buy off some of the nastier attacks, while Thermal Dart did moderate damage and could fit 2 copies in Breach 3 - there wasn't enough time to open all of the breaches, nor did I need to with its Link helping. End game was messy. I also ended up hitting Gather Darkness and losing 2 Thermal Darts, a Riddlesphere and a Vortex Gauntlet to it - a fair amount of my attacking hand. Thankfully, I still had enough Thermal Darts remaining to maintain a fast attacking hand. Umbra Titan was around 30 HP, but then ended up hitting Demi-Anicent. I thought I would need to fini[...]

Session: Folklore: The Affliction:: Thoughts on Tutorial Story: Spoilers!

Tue, 10 Oct 2017 17:51:16 +0000

by Skipp

Interested to know what everyone's thoughts are on the tutorial story? Please don't read on if you've not played it yet!

I played the first story solo to help me get the rules straight before playing it with our group this week. I'm glad I did as although Folklore isn't complex there are a lot of little rules you read that you can't quite remember the first time you need them in play so there was a fair amount of looking at the rule book that I won't need when we play as a group.

I suppose the first important thing is that I enjoyed it and the narrative, although linear, was engaging with various random events fitting in quite well with the story.

It lasted longer and had more scenes than I was expecting in a tutorial but as expected it's linear and a bit of a dice fest. This didn't cause me a lot of problems as a one off but could potentially wear a little thin...?

I thought many of the rules were showcased so it worked for its intended function as a lesson. Unfortunately total party kill was one of them...(image)

It'll be interesting to see how it plays as a four player game but as a two player game the second chapter felt a little harsh! The penultimate encounter was tricky but the Affliction would probably have comfortably taken my two characters had they gone in hale and hearty rather than in the beat up state in which they made it to the final scene. It was harder to hit, had more vita and delivered more damage than my characters and had two happy helpers to keep it company! The vita spread for 4 players looks much more balanced than for two but I might be missing something.

Hope others have enjoyed it? Be interested to hear how different group sizes have faired and whether later stories have a similar feel and balance or whether they change things up a level?