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Thread: Empyreal: Spells & Steam:: General:: The Cardboard Hoard has posted their initial thoughts on Empyreal!

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 16:01:51 +0000

by Shampoo4you

Check out the blog post here:

Also, we stream a game every Wednesday at 6 PM Central, so check that out if you'd like as well! The Twitch links get posts in the Empyreal community, which you can join here:

Thread: Charterstone:: General:: Charterstone question

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 15:52:03 +0000

by tykemalcolm

Can you retrieve your workers at any time you like? Or must you place all of the workers/meeples before you can retrieve them?

Thread: Ravage: Dungeons of Plunder:: Rules:: XP track roll over?

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 15:49:31 +0000

by FX_Guy

So if you're in an attack and you spend energy and it goes over the fourth spot, does it stop, roll over, or do you level up?

Session: Target for Today:: Not Again! - Both pilots incapacitated, and the Engineer takes over for the 2nd time in 10 missions

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 15:47:16 +0000

by Limburger59 The Flying Dutchman817th Bomber Squadron, 800th Bombardment Group (H)MISSION DATE: 1 JUNE 43MISSION # 010 (7th mission this plane)TARGET: Recklinghausen, Germany (Oil Refinery)Middle Cell – Middle (Position 5)This mission was flown as part of Steve Dixon's TFT 8th AF Campaign.AFTER ACTION REPORT:I’m sorry sir, but I don’t like having to submit these After Action Reports. Only five missions ago I sat down with a heavy-heart to brief you on the circumstances involved with my taking command of the Flying Dutchman, after both of our pilots were incapacitated. Now I must write again with both our replacement pilots seriously wounded in surgery… Take off and assembly went smoothly for the Flying Dutchman. The boys who trained in Texas might complain, but the typical Dutch weather didn’t faze the crew. The trip over the North Sea was uneventful, and as the clouds began to break up (Zone 4), the formation threaded the needle between the coastal flak concentrations around Rotterdam and Den Haag.Over the central Netherlands (Zone 5) the Boche began to make a determined effort to interfere with the mission. In the first wave we faced four enemy aircraft – a ME-109, a FW-190, and two of the new ME-210s. A P-47 took care of the Butcher Bird, while I in the Top Turret, teamed up with SGT Berkhof on the Port Waist Gun to rip the starboard wing off of one of the 210s. I understand that credit for that kill is being assigned posthumously to a gunner in another bomber, and I can’t criticize that decision. The remaining Boche missed us and left the neighborhood. Our only damage was self-inflicted, as one of the guns in the Ball Turret jammed and could not be repaired. A second wave focused on other bombers in the formation, and then we faced a third wave. Three Focke Wulfs came at us, and again a Thunderbolt was there to drive one away. Our Bombardier on the Nose Gun seemed to knock some pieces off of another attacker, who returned the favor by inflicting some cosmetic damage to us, and lightly wounded our Bombardier. When that 190 tried to come back for a second pass the Nose Gun and the remaining gun in the Ball Turret poured two streams of lead into the fuselage of the 190 and it spun to earth. We were approaching the I.P. but in those few minutes, our Navigator was able to wrap up our Bombardier’s arm, and he was ready to concentrate on the march to Recklinghausen.Crossing the German border, we were in the Target Zone, and our welcoming party was five more Focke Wulfs. Again the P-47s chased away one attacker, and again we fired away, desperate to stop the Butcher Birds. Our Tail Gunner, assisted by other Tail Gunners, knocked one attacker down. Abruptly we were rocked by a blast and pelted by what I believed to be shrapnel. My first thought was that the flak was starting early, but as I turned around I saw that where Bombshell Blonde had been only seconds before there was now an expanding ball of flames and black smoke. Nobody saw them get hit, and there was much conjecture that her bombs must have detonated. We had Earth Angel in between us and the doomed B-17, and we didn’t like the thought of what the Angel’s starboard side looked like. There was no time to mourn though, and we focused on the approaching oil refinery. Bombs away, and 30% on target.Heading back to England, we had no direct confrontations in Zones 5 or 6, but as we approached the North Sea, three 190s converged on our nose. The escort stopped one, and I tagged a second one for minor damage when shells slammed into the cockpit. The Captain announced that the Oxygen system was knocked out; everybody grab your A2 cylinders! We were rushing to get oxygen, and as the 190 came back for a successive pass I barely had time to fire before he sprayed the cockpit again with 20mm shells. I heard a moan from the captain, and with visions of the Bergen mission still haunting me I practically sprinted out of the Turret for the pilots. Both had been hit in the abdo[...]

Review: Clank!: A Deck-Building Adventure:: Clank! vs. Every Other Deck Builder...FIGHT!

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 15:47:07 +0000

by DrHenryArmitage In which I compare this excellent deck builder to every other deck builder I know.There’s a lot going on in Clank!: A Deck-Building Adventure, and in our family's experience, it is a reliable crowd pleaser. This has quickly become our most-played game of 2018.The GameYou play a dungeon thief, and your goal is to compete with other thieves to delve as deep as you dare, into a dungeon to nab artifacts and treasure. The one who gets in, gets the most cool artifacts and treasure, and gets out alive, wins the game. However, there is a complication: this dungeon is the lair of a dragon, who is none too thrilled about you taking her pretty things. If you make too much noise down there, the dragon will find you and roast your behind. So don’t make noise, don’t overstay your welcome, and make sure to have most points at the end of the game to win. That’s Clank!Starting Deck and ResourcesEach player starts with the same 10 low-level cards. Each card will generate one or more of the following resources:Skill — used to acquire new cards to upgrade your deck. Analogous to Ascension: Deckbuilding Game's Runes, or Star Realms' Trade.Swords — used to fight monsters in the Dungeon Row. Just like Ascension’s Power or Star Realms’ Combat.Boots — used to move around the dungeon. Closest analogy to my mind are the Expedition Cards that allow you to move across the board in The Quest for El Dorado.Clank! setup with the Dungeon Row and Reserve Cards at the bottom of the imageDungeon Row and Reserve CardsThe top six cards of the Dungeon Deck are dealt face up to form the Dungeon Row, which is just like Hero Realms’ Market Row, Star Realms’ Trade Row, Ascension’s Center Row, or the Hogwarts Deck in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle. You use Skill to purchase upgraded cards from the Dungeon Row, and/or use Swords to vanquish monsters from the Dungeon Row to gain the benefits listed on the Monster card. While purchasing cards from the dungeon/center/market/trade row is a standard feature of all deck builders I’ve played, the ability to fight monsters that appear in the row, I have only seen in Ascension. The Reserve cards are a row of slightly upgraded cards that are a decent default Skill purchase if you can’t afford cards in the Dungeon Row. This is most similar to the Mystics, Heavy Infantry and Cultists cards in Ascension. Reserve cards are comprised of Mercenaries who provide Swords (like Heavy Infantry in Ascension), Explore cards which provide Skill and Boots, Secret Tomes that provide victory points at the end of the game (but nothing else, thus cluttering up your deck during play), and the ever-present Goblin that you can always fight if there are no more interesting or attractive opponents in the Dungeon Row (reminiscent of the Cultists in Ascension).The Game BoardHere’s where Clank! starts to differentiate itself from other deck builders. It has a game board that represents your path down into the dragon’s dungeon. The only other deck builder I’ve played with a game board is The Quest for El Dorado. The game board really does add extra strategy to the game. Do you take a direct path to a single chosen Artifact, then hightail it out of there as fast as possible? Or do you burgle as many rooms as possible, earn enough gold to buy a backpack or two, and spend extra time collecting multiple Artifacts, even though this exposes you to more time underground, and greater risk of death by dragon attack?While the Artifacts are placed in designated rooms (the further from the entrance and harder to reach, the higher value the Artifact), the Major and Minor Treasures are randomly assigned to rooms at the start of each game. This adds an element of randomness that increases the game’s replay value, since players won’t know where the more valuable treasures are located in a given game session.Also on the game board: health counters for 1–4 players (similar to Harry Potter[...]

Review: Face Off Duels:: Hands on review at convention

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 15:45:16 +0000

by 69stalker First off, let me say it was nice to meet one of AGdR team. And to play a game with him and watch a handful of others play at a recent board game convention in Lafayette, La. And I would like to support a local designer. But this game is far far from being anything worth playing more than once or twice. It has some interesting concepts but needs more. The game consists of 21 Victory cards, 13 Ninja cards, 13 Cowboy cards and 14 power cards. You either pick Ninja or Cowboys. Each deck has 7 personality cards and 6 equipment cards. Each deck is the same, just different pictures. You play with all your cards in your hand. The Power cards are placed to the side, it contains 7 personality and 7 equipment cards. 7 random Victory cards are placed down the center of the table. These cards are colored either red, blue or gray. They have a Value on them and 1 to 3 puzzle pieces on them. You try to win these Victory cards for end game scoring. The person with the most puzzle pieces for each color scores the full points of the cards. If not, you get one point per victory card of that color. You win a Victory card by placing one of your personalities at each Victory card face down. You take turns, play an ability on a card, swap unrevealed cards or dueling (face off). There are only two cards with abilities in your personalities. One of them reveals itself and makes opponent reveal a card of your choice. Another one allows you to replace it with the top card of the power deck. But everyone pretty much just faces off. Both players flip over their personality. Compare their strength, highest strength (or attacker if tied) decides if he wants to add an equipment card. These add to your strength. Then the other player decides to add or not. Highest player wins. You either add the victory card to your point pile or discard it to draw from the power card deck and add it to you hand. Discard the used equipment card. The Power cards have some powerful cards in it and it can add needed varity to your hand. But you are giving up points, so certain Victory cards are more likely to be discarded (eg 2 point/1 puzzle piece). Rinse and repeat. After those 7 Victory cards are finished, players pick up their personalities and 7 more Victory cards are placed. Then again on the last round. The entire game lasts 10-15 minutes.As there is a lack of abilities on your cards and you both have the exact same cards. It turns into a game of "War" but with fancier cards. The only variety is added when someone discards a won Victory card and draws from the Power deck. There is some strategy as to when to play your equipment cards as they are discarded. And with only 6, it's easy to run out in the first two rounds and your opponent can win locations at will. Design & Packaging: 5, Can't say much about the card stock or packaging as the cards were sleeved and set-up to demo. The card art varies from really nice to simplistic. And a decent amount of humor thrown in, come on it IS Cowboys vs. Ninjas! The game is lacking in variety. You know what your opponent has left in his hand. In the last round and probably most of the second it is simply, do I want that Victory card or let my opponent have it. Rules: N/A There wasn't any shown at the convention. But anyone can learn it in a few minutes. Their instructional video on Kickstarter is 3 minutes long and describes everything.Fun: 3 If you ever played war with a deck of cards as a kid, then imagine a slightly more advanced version. Value: 2 61 cards for $25? Overall: 3 out of 10. Maybe if they took it back to design and added more variety. Possibly give different abilities to the Cowboys and Ninjas. No point of having two different groups if they are exactly the same except for the art work. Maybe if each side had a personality deck and equipment deck to draw from so that your opponent doesn't know what you have. Or even special location with different abilities. Th[...]

Review: Covil: The Dark Overlords – The Outposts:: The Purge: # 1751 Covil: The Dark Overlords - The Outposts: A tuck box full of goodness

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 15:44:26 +0000

by william4192

Please check out my other reviews at:


Covil was a Kickstarter game that I bought because of the art work and the game was much better than I thought it would be. The Outposts! was the first expansion I got for the game.

This expansion adds very little. First is the extra cards. You get extra Overlords and Mercenaries which a game like this really needs. You can just shuffle everything together or if you want the exact same balance you can take out a 2 for every 2 you add (and so on).

The outpost are a fun addition. It is an extra wrinkle to the game, but one that may not be worth tracking down. It is a nice option to build an outpost and summon new troops from other places on the board. The closer you are to an enemy the more incentive they have to attack you. The outpost cannot defend unless a person is there so you may want to hold someone back (or maybe not).

This expansion isn't as good as Chaotic Evil. I would only purchase this if I was trying to complete everything as there isn't anything in this expansion that is a must have (well, other than Inspector Gadget of course!). I like the addition, but cost will depend a lot whether you should pick this up or not. If you do have it, there isn't any reason to not add it to all your games even on a first play.



The components are good. You get 2 new wooden outpost per player color. The cards all match the base game as they were printed at the same time. I love the finish on the cards and I think they will last a very long time. I just shuffle all the new stuff in.

Rule Book:

The only rules included is on a single card and explains the outpost. This is really clear, simple to read (30 seconds?) and will not require you to read it more than once.

Flow of the Game:

1. Out post: This is the main addition in this expansion. You can lie down a troop and spend a gold to build an outpost. These count as 1 troop toward control. During morning, you may summon new troops at an outpost. It cost 3 damage to destroy an outpost. Each is worth 2 VP at end of game.

2. In addition, you get some variety. You get 8 new Dark Overlords and 20 Mercenaries. Nothing new; just variety.

Should I buy this game?:

Out of the two expansions, this is the one I would get second. I like the addition variety and the outpost, but it is something different to do and not something that must be added. With that said, it is a cheap expansion and one I do like, but not love.


Review: Okanagan: Valley of the Lakes:: Canadian setting a plus for Canuck gamer

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 15:43:22 +0000

by Talisinbear

Tile laying games are by their nature generally easy for players to get into, and are engaging because players stay focused on the best placement of the tile.

So anytime a new tile laying game comes out, it’s worth a close look by most gamers.

Which brings us to Okanagan:Valley of the Lakes released last year by publisher Matagot.

“The Okanagan Valley, with its huge lakes and fertile meadows awaits anyone willing to exploit it! Shape the land and expand your wealth in this tile gathering and territory building game. The players arrange tiles to design the landscape along with its natural resources. You’ll place in turns one of the three available buildings to obtain and secure these resources and complete your secret goals,” details the company website

The thing that I like is that the game is based in Canada. While little in terms of game play, or aesthetics, would suggest the famed Okanagan area of British Columbia, the background at least suggests game designer Emanuele Ornella had the region in mind, which as a Canadian is pretty cool.

But a pasted on theme, interesting, or not, does not a game make.
There is a solid tile laying game here, one with some interesting feature that offer interesting play which at times exceeds the tile laying classic Carcassonne, a game that sits solidly in my top-25 games of all-time.

Still there are things I like better with Okanagan.

To start with players initially are dealt seven cards, each with goals to achieve through the game which will score points. Generally they focus on collecting certain things; furs, fish, ore etc. You select three and discard the others.

Since goals change game-to-game there is a freshness to each outing.
Of course you can get stuck with cards that do not match how the game plays out. Fear not at the halfway point there is a mechanic to toss some cards in favour of new ones.

Next comes tile selection. Three tiles are shown face-up, so players can select the most advantageous one. It is a better option than the blind pull of a single tile from a bag.

The downside here is that piece placement, they are nice wooden ones, is a bit confusing especially as you are learning the game. With three different types of pieces, each with a different point value, determining majority in a controlled area of the board takes some calculating.

What a player earns with area majority, and what is left for the players with influence but not majority to collect will necessitate referring back to the rulebook quite a lot.

The game also has a quicker end mechanic. Players have a set numbers of wooden pieces and once those are played, a piece is placed each turn, the game ends. That is a nice aspect of Okanagan.

Whether Okanagan gets to the table often enough to just know the rules automatically will depend on how individuals like this one. For our group we saw some elements we liked a lot, as mentioned above, but in the end this one came out average. It would never be a game to pass on playing, but not likely to be a first pick either.

Thanks to fellow gamers Trevor Lyons and Adam Daniels for their help in running through this game for review.

- This review appeared in Yorkton This Week

Thread: 1985: Under an Iron Sky:: Rules:: Victory Point Conditions for Mind the Gap

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 15:43:05 +0000

by ZekeMM25

On page 13 of the Scenario Book, "Mind the Gap", Section 59.0 conditions 6 and 7 are the same but one is 3 vp and the other is 5 vp. Can you review and clarify please? Thanks!!

Review: The Game:: Solo Review: The Game

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 15:41:09 +0000

by BeyondSolitaire For a fully-formatted version of this review, click here: a complete catalogue of my solo game reviews, click here: is this game about? To be totally honest, The Game isn't really about anything. It has a vaguely threatening skull/death theme going on, but the theme has absolutely no bearing on gameplay at all. In The Game, one to five players will cooperate to lay down as many cards as possible before a someone is unable to make a legal play. You can play each card onto one of four stacks. Two start at 1 and go up to 100, and two start at 100 and go down to 1. Cards must be played in strict ascending or descending order, so if you aren't careful, you may lose your chance to play several cards in the deck. The one exception is the "backwards" rule, which allows you to play a card that is exactly ten numbers higher or lower on a stack. In other words, you can lay a card on an ascending pile that is 10 less than the top card on the pile (e.g. you can go from 57 to 47 on a 1—100 pile), or a card on a descending pile that is 10 greater than the top card on the pile (e.g. you can go from 20 to 30 on the 100 —1 pile). That's literally it. You can teach this game to anyone. How does it play solo? When you play this game cooperatively, you have imperfect information because you aren't supposed to discuss the numbers on your cards. In the solo version of the game, you lose that element of mystery/frustration, but The Game is so simple and highly engaging that it plays nicely as a solitaire card game. It also does scale for one player, so it's a breeze to solo.Overall ThoughtsThe Game seems like such a goofy thing to spend your time with. The name alone is absurd—trying to Google it is a huge pain, and your friends will look at you like you're crazy if you open up a conversation with "Hey guys, want to play... The Game?" (In fact, its full English name is, The Game: Are you ready to play The Game?)Its rules are almost ludicrously simple, and while you can play strategically to an extent, The Game is so luck-based that you will rarely win. You will often have games where you do terribly. In spite of that, The Game is shockingly addictive. When I do pull it out to play, I find myself playing it 3–4 times in a row without giving it a second thought. There is an app that is even more addictive, and that comes with a HILARIOUS "scary dude" voiceover that makes me grin every time I hear it. Its irresistible simplicity captivated enough people to earn The Game a Spiel des Jahres nomination the year it was published, and that is nothing to sniff at. (For the record, it was nominated alongside Machi Koro and Colt Express.) ​Do I recommend it? If you're looking for a basic solo filler, or even a very easy solo gaming app, I think The Game is a good choice. It's not deep, it's not thematic, and to be brutally honest, it isn't all that strategic either. But you'll find yourself playing it again and again, trying to do a little better than you did the last time. Overall Rating: 3 starsRating Scale: 5 stars — I love it!4 stars — I really like it. 3 stars — I like it. 2 stars — It's ok. 1 star — Meh. ​ [...]

Review: Saber & Blood:: Saber & Blood. XVII’th centurys settlements in the eastern borderlands. Rewiev

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 15:39:09 +0000

by Thorkiel Wildbret Game informationSaber & BloodPublisher: Kazrak StudioAge: due to the subject matter, 15 years +Number of players: 2 - possible 3-4-person versionGame times: from 30 minutes"The Anno Domini 1665, border of the Polish-Lithuanian Union was set on fire, there have nothing left but ruins of villages and towns. The air was full of the smell of war, human misery and burning debris. Old people said that ghosts has returned to their former abodes, and the hungry wolves has begun to prowl the villages. Some said that the witches, emboldened by the overwhelming evil, has begun preparations for the Sabbat. Bandits, groups of Cossacks, and ordinary cutthroids mercilessly robbed and murdered unfortunates who were so unwise to travel these dangerous times. Only those who did not part with the saber at their, the gun at the belt and the prayer, had a chance to survive. Strange times were - lawlessness, bribes, and at the same time full of honor and desire adventures ... Those who had the courage to venture on this damned land, they were looking for either fun, or revenge, or redemption."Saber & Blood is a quite interesting project, which has a chance to appear on the tables, if you only have will to support it on the Kickstarter platform.It is some kind of asymmetric game of Kazrak Studio publishing, amazingly atmospheric, with a rather unusual subject - a tavern brawls. It involves performing actions, by playing cards and using dice. One of the players impersonates Polish noblemen , the other impersonates a shaggy Cossacs.Elements of the game.I received a copy of BETA from the publishing house, so I do not know yet how the box will exactly look like, but judging by the graphics on the cards and board, it would have be amazingly climatic.The manual already has a target appearance, although the one you will have in your copies will be colorful, but this is not the most important. It has been written very carefully with examples. The rules have been described according to pattern: each phase is described separately, along with a detailed description of the cards and dice, then describe the rules about how to move on it, as well as rules on fighting. The next part describes key words, Characters and faction abilities, which are slightly different because the game is asymmetrical as I said. The final part contains the scenarios. The game contains six very detailed minis. Unfortunately, the photos do not reflect their actual appearance - they are metal and specifically refract light, although I suspect that using professional photographic lighting can show their actual appearance better. I can assure you about one thing, I have not seen plastic figures or even resin, so detailed in such a small size. In the basic version of the game, we got two different faction. Each additional faction from the campaign that would have been unlocked would have its own deck. There are descriptions of actions or events on them, as well as very interesting illustrations, in my version in a characteristic dark shade, but the authors intend to use a light print to make the details more visible. Graphics, in my opinion, perfectly reflect the nature of individual actions that we will be able to play.The board is small, but graphically maintained in the atmosphere of the interior of a seventeenth-century Inn. It presents a bar, benches with tables, and other utensils characteristic of the epoch.The set also includes tokens - markers: two-sided action markers, and one-sided: hastle, weaken, bolster, stun, slow, wound, poison, wounds, special points - value 1 and 5.The set of dice also looks nice.Because Saber & Blood is an asymmetrical game, each player has a different set of cards. To win, you need to take the most cost-effective tactic, depending on the cards th[...]

Session: Desolate:: Desolate AAR - "The Things from X-483, Part 1"

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 15:38:20 +0000

by bchee "Explore the universe," they said. "Discover strange new worlds and civilizations." What they didn't say was that if you scored 42 on your MilPsychoApp test, you'd end up on guard duty on W-Y Extrasolar Mining Station 04 on the back-end pimple of a rock in System X-483. It really is as tedious and boring as it sounds. If you looked outside, X-483 is a blank velvety expanse of endless, airless slate-grey wasteland, with an equally uninspired firmament of star-spangled purple.This was my third play of Desolate, after the first two learning attempts ended badly. As I was more fluent with the rules, the gameplay on this run went a lot more smoothly.Looking back now, I was in the cargo bay at the far end of the station, all by my lonesome, when it happened. And, boy, did it happen all at once: alarm klaxons going off left, right and centre; screaming over the radio, lots and lots of screaming, grown men included; flickering lights and power, disco-style, as if the fusion reator was making up its mind whether to stay or run.The unofficial story is that one of the mining teams dug too deep, and uncovered something they shouldn't have. Something ancient, otherworldly. Cthulhuean, if you enjoy the fine storytellings of Howard Phillips Lovecraft like me. When the screaming and shaking stopped, the station comm was only putting out a senseless crackle. About half the emergency lights remained on; the other half were dead or dying.Alarmingly, pun unintended, the life support system was offline. I grabbed the emergency rebreather and the vision helm, and counted the remaining ammo in my Weyland-Yutani NSG-23 Pulse Rifle. Ten charges. That would have to suffice until I could find more firepower. The energetic screaming over the comms strongly suggested that lots of firepower would come in handy.For items, I drew the Chameleon Cloak, Extended Mag and Vision Helm. I chose the latter two.I moved briskly along the corridor leading back to the main station. I didn't encounter anyone else, although I didn't expect to meet any. Not after that screaming. With main power down, the escape pods would not launch under their own power: I'd need to collect enough power cubes to manually initiate the launch sequence, five to be exact.I reached the utility section, and the first few compartments I found were clear. I scrounged for useful things, and picked up a couple of power cells, a medpac and two more ammo for my rifle.Drawing and discarding encounter cards, I picked up Engineering, Sickbay, Cryopad, another Engineering, and Laboratory cards, without meeting an enemy - and then I ran into two of them.I smelled it first. It was like the odour of decomposing garbage, permeating the passage outside the lab. Then I heard it, the sound of wet slithering, like a badly-behaved kid slurping pasta. Whatever it was, it was headed down the passage. I hefted my rifle and edged closer to the cover of the doorway, waiting for this... creature to approach.As the body moved into view, I saw something out of Dante's Inferno. It was an alien. A-L-I-E-N. It was impossible for my mind to fully assimilate what I was seeing. I saw grey, scaly skin, like a reticulated python. It moved on a cascade of tentacles, which disturbingly brought to mind a certain kind of Japanese cartoon. The head was blobulous, slightly misshapen, with menacing hollows for eyes.It sashayed along like a dancer, its tentacles undulating in waves. I'm talking ballet, if ballerinas had noodly tentacles for legs. The alien didn't seem to fully appreciate its own implausibility. The rational part of my brain was arm-wrestling with the part that enjoyed fantasy and science fiction, for my sanity. I appreciated the vast historic significance of this moment for a nanosecond - this was, after a[...]

Thread: Sword & Sorcery:: General:: Which character does the wolf mini go with?

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 15:37:22 +0000

by sabgfan

Silly question I know. I can't find the card for this mini anywhere?

Thread: Cthulhu Wars:: General:: Plastic Stands

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 15:36:49 +0000

by Gorski

I haven't played in quite some time and opened the box this morning. Inside were various sized grey plastic stands. Can anyone remind me what they're for?

Review: Planecrafters:: Paisley Board Games Takes Wing with a Winning Debut

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 15:36:02 +0000

by smrvl

Planecrafters took me by storm! I expected a straightforward, old-timey engine-builder, but what I found was something so much more. This game is stuffed to the rafters with theme, fine-tuned in service of excellent mechanics. Learning this game is a breeze, and any small details you might be inclined to forget are immediately at hand on player aids.

I found myself able to make meaningful strategic decisions almost immediately, and enjoyed watching those decisions cascade through the game. It's that rare game that neither ends too soon nor outstays its welcome—the competition ramps up smoothly as play progresses, and crescendos at just the right time for final scoring.

My only critique centers around one of the game's strengths, which are the employee cards at the heart of the engine-building: by late game, a huge chain of abilities can be set off by clever play. This can be both tricky (it's easy to lose sight of how to pull off exactly the right combo) and incredibly satisfying. I don't think it's a design flaw at all—rather, it's the kind of system that rewards multiple plays and deeper study of the game.

Whether you play Planecrafters once or countless times, you'll be delighted with the first play and the meta of constantly evolving strategy as you trade off the strengths of various employees, plane parts, and paths to victory. When a game this charming hits the table, everyone wins.

9/10, Can't wait to play again.

Thread: Hannibal & Hamilcar:: Rules:: Can I activate a general more than once per round?

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 15:34:36 +0000

by nyarli

Hi folks,

got the game last week and I'm currently playing the introductory scenarios.

So far I had the assumption that every general could only be activated once per round and could only be moved a total of 4 tiles (is that the correct English term? I own the German version) per round. Unfortunately that makes scenario number 3 unsolvable.

I've reread all the movement rules and nowhere does it say that multiple activations are forbidden.

So, am I correct in assuming that I can do the naval movement with the entire army to Nicae, then split off one of the generals to cross the Alps?

Thread: Charlemagne, Master of Europe:: General:: A Look at My PnP Copy and Quick Overview of Charlie-Man

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 15:28:47 +0000

by patton55 Hollandspiele has been knocking their solitaire games out of the park lately. Agricola, Master of Britain and Wars of Marcus Aurelius: Rome 170-180CE are things ob beauty. And even some of their two player games are solo-friendly like Supply Lines of the American Revolution: The Northern Theater, 1775-1777. And "Charlie-man" is no exception, in fact Charlie is probably the best of the bunch so far. Like Agricola Charlie uses the 'Cup Management' as one of the main aspects of the game. The three cups you toss chits into are basically the attitudes the people of Europe have of you, they are either Friendly, Unfriendly, or Hostile. And the actions you do in a turn directly effect the movement of chits from one cup to another, and each action you has an opposite and equal reaction to what you do, so you go somewhere and suppress a revolt, you draw a cup of chits from the Hostile cup and add them to the board, so now you have a new problem somewhere else on the board. Go crush some saxons, well more people become unfriendly toward you and more hostile chits are drawn. It's brilliant mechanic. This game along with Agricola kill the States of Siege games for me. More interesting choices, more going on, without much more complexity.The world of Charlie-man:The armies you can levy:You score VPs, and there is a certain threshold you have to reach at the end of every turn, if you don't you lose. So, there is a good amount of tension on you from the get-go. You also have to keep track of your taxation and your treasury, maintaining an army, building churches and roads are not cheap.Charlie in Friuli bashing some green guys, on his way north to go bash some orange pagan barbarians.In order to effective rule, you have to have a close bond with Rome. Scratch the pope's back, he'll scratch your back.My army at the moment. This is important as well, at the end of each turn your army has to be a certain strength, if it's not, you lose. You can't have an iron grip of Europe if people don't fear the size of your army!You're not alone, you can recruit Marquis to help keep things under control. They're not as effective as you are when taking actions, but they know how to bring the $bling$ home.All in all, a fantastic solitaire game. This was my PnP copy I made, but you can buy it from Hollandspiele direct, but your European folks are gonna have hard time getting their games as they don't have a distributor in Europe. But either way, get your hands on a copy regardless. [...]

Thread: Mice and Mystics:: Rules:: Chapter 9 Captain Vurst

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 15:28:05 +0000

by Giorin

Does Captain Vurst change to the evil side twice
in case of a second surge in a single encounter?

Thread: Great War Commander:: Rules:: HMG suppress

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 15:22:45 +0000

by beresford

Can an HMG in a Wire or Water hex use HMG Suppress?

Thread: Utopia Engine:: Rules:: Perfect zero activation

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 15:18:34 +0000

by Teufelhunden333

So I rolled a perfect zero and found the activated construct. That allows me 5 points of energy in the God Hand as well. My questions is can I still try and create a surplus of energy by continuing the activation process on an already activated construct?

Thread: HEXplore It: The Valley of the Dead King:: Rules:: Trying to understand Ruins Rule “When Luck Runs Out”

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 15:17:05 +0000

by silver604

On the Ruins reference placard, at the bottom it states the rule for “When Luck Runs Out”. Is it saying that when (and only when) you use an item or ability to modify or reroll a roll result you will ALWAYS end up with some sort of negative effect? How I’m interpreting is that if the roll new result is between Hex and 4 then you reroll the 6-sided die and so you will end up getting a result of at least 5 or up (= bad news). Or if the result was 5 or higher then you just resolve the effect (= bad news once again). Seems like a strange rule which I’m not understanding the intent or purpose of (thematically or gameplay-wise). So if (and only if) you don’t use a modifying item or ability then you have a chance of a good result if your roll is 4 or lower?

Thread: Eldritch Horror:: General:: Custom Monster Token Tray

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 15:14:48 +0000

by SovietStatic

My monster tokes, especially the core tokens, are starting to show a good deal of wear. The monster bag takes it's toll. Bob @


really came through helping me come up with a solution. The fit is perfect and bob is very easy to work with. Very happy customer here.

The bays are 15 tokens deep and each tray has a lid. Tokens will be sorted alphabetically, a roll on a chart marked in groups of 15 will tell what bay to look in for the monster rolled.

We used these last night and they worked very well. Everyone wanted to be in charge of the monster trays.

Thread: Cards Against Humanity:: General:: Playing with groups larger than 8

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 15:13:59 +0000

by chiefsachem

Can anyone relate their experiences with playing CAH with groups larger than 8 players?

I see two logistical problems with this.

1) With 10 players or more, will the game take longer than 30 minutes because there are more choices to examine?

2) I would imagine everyone would need to crowd around a very large table so they read all the cards. With 20 players, I just can't see how that is possible. Plus I wonder how many rounds could be squeezed in within 30 minutes and still maintain the fun factor.

It's important to keep the game moving along in an alcohol-infused environment.

Thread: Kingdom Death: Monster:: Rules:: The hand: some rule questions

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 15:10:29 +0000

by gvt2000

We faced the hand for the first time and had a few questions with it's rules:

1.Ghost step: Is the monster supposed to collide with the target and full stop right next to the survivor? What happens if the target tumbles out of the way and out of range? Does the hand follow the tumble movement or does it now not attack due to it being out of range?

2. Why do some cards differentiate between drawing the card face up or face down?

3. If we choose to challenge the hand during "regal visit", does he still come back 2 years later?


Thread: Codenames:: General:: Key Card Generator

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 15:08:51 +0000

by gatesman

Hey all, in order to travel with my physical copies of Codenames and Codenames Duet with as few components as possible, I wrote up a quick key card generator tool:

Works with Codenames (and various re-themes), Codenames Pictures, and Codenames Duet. You can optionally enter a 4-character code to get a specific layout (Codenames Duet requires both players to use the same code).

Feedback appreciated!

Thread: The 7th Continent:: General:: Hand vs Inventory limit

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 14:55:22 +0000

by Duguayduguay

Just to be clear, the blue/green limits apply to cards in hand only right? Meaning that when an item is crafted, it is moved to the inventory and counts against the inventory limit but no longer affects the hand limit. Just wanted to make sure.

Thread: Raiders of the Deep: U-boats of the Great War, 1914-18:: Rules:: Conferral of awards

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 14:54:41 +0000

by rodmod

Can the kmdt. receive more than one award per patrol? For example, if an A-H skipper sinks 12,000 tons in one patrol, would he receive both the MVK and OEK, or only the higher award (thus never being eligible, game- wise, for the lower award)?

Thread: Pit:: General:: Why would Pit take 90 minutes to Play?

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 14:52:32 +0000

by chiefsachem

I'm considering introducing Pit to a large party I'm throwing. I'm happy to keep the player count to 8 while the rest of the guests get a kick out of watching the chaos.

So please explain why the length of game can range from 30 to 90 minutes as noted by BGG? What do I need to do to ensure that the game plays in 30 minutes? I like to keep the party moving along.

Thread: Massive Darkness:: Rules:: newbie question about attacking guards

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 14:52:18 +0000

by Mes More

Hello all,

Just bought the game yesterday. Set it up for tutorial and read the rules (and watched a video about the basics).
Just not clear to me:
After I fight a guard (or mob) at the end of my turn if it still lives it will try to attack me. But then the enemy attack phase starts. Does this mean it will immediately attack again? Giving it two attacks in a row, or is the counterattack the monsterattack phase?

Hope you can help me.

Starting my first game tonight. Hope it's as fun as it looks.

Review: At Any Cost: Metz 1870:: Blood And Irony

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 14:47:22 +0000

by Besty Setting the scene     Red sky at night, France is alight. No, not the annual muslim youth festival of torching thousands of cars, but a return to the unhappy days of the Franco-Prussian War. A time when Frogs’ legs were on the surgeon’s table rather than the dinner plate, and brooding Wagner was supplanting the jollity of fife and drum as the soundtrack of military history.     Specifically, we are treading pastures green to the west of the great Lorrainian fortress city of Metz, pronounced ‘Mess’ by the French and ‘Mets’ by everyone else. Here on the 16th of August, 1870, and again on the 18th, Monsieur Chassepot and Herr Krupp exchanged unpleasantries in two mighty jousts of war, Mars-la-Tour and Gravelotte-St.Privat. The home team had the better of the tactical exchanges, but, with these being reverse-front battles and the French unable to get back to the Meuse, the strategic laurels would hang from the pickelhaube. (I’m guessing from his name that our designer isn’t too unhappy at that outcome.)      The pageantry and landscape are vaguely Napoleonic, but the hardware is industrial. A foreboding presence, for we know what the participants did not: that the technological arms race, with its intriguing asymmetry of comparative advantage and concomitant tactical differences, was turning 1870 into a milestone towards that civilisational catastrophe in which man would yield to machine (and ‘sweet sister death [go] debauched’). Yet though the subject matter is sombre, the gameplay need not be, and in At Any Cost the latter renders wonderful service to the former.Roads Less Travelled     Before Hanford broadened the repertoire, and smaller print runs reduced the risk, there were large lacunae in the hobby’s back catalogue. One era still too sparsely populated concerns those conflicts separated from the ACW by an ocean or a decade. The Franco-Prussian War, though long popular with miniaturists, has hitherto been poorly served by boardgames. That the subject is a tough sell was anticipated here by some skimpiness in production - unmounted map, thin counters - and confirmed by its snail-paced ascent of the pre-order board. On To Paris! (Compass), with its hefty rulebook and vomitory colour scheme, is unlikely to have improved things; perhaps AAC could. Certainly it has an engaging freshness you won’t find in your 28th version of Barbarossa or the Bulge - she is chaste who has never been chased.     GMT has visited this neighbourhood the once before. Risorgimento 1859 adopted the same multi-focused approach seen in Cataphract, offering a point-to-point campaign game together with two really interesting battles: Magenta (nowadays memorialised in extortionately priced ink cartridges) and the more famous Solferino. Alas, it proved to be the only volume of the Age of Bismarck series it was meant to inaugurate. Could AAC be destined for a similar fate, parked in the dreaded cul-de-sac marked ‘Non-Series Games’? One hopes that the persuasion of glowing reviews and scorching sales, or possibly blackmail photography, will compel Mr G to approve a sequel.      Let those wavering with topical reservation[...]

Review: Smash Up: That '70s Expansion:: The Broken Meeple - Smash Up: That 70's Expansion Review - Look At My Trucker Hat!

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 14:47:13 +0000

by farmergiles Smash Up: That 70's Expansion Review - Look At My Trucker Hat!When will it end?............when?! Probably never as there's still plenty of room in my Smash Up Geeky Box! This is one of the longest running game systems ever giving even the likes of Fantasy Flight Games a run for their money when it comes to expansions. I will obviously never use every combination ever, in fact some factions may barely see any play from me after their reviews, there's just simply too many. Smash Up WIKI states that I should have 60 factions (subject to promos) and 120 bases making 1,770 possible combinations. . . . oh boy!It saddens me therefore that I have to work at it to get people to play it with me - the fact it's best with only 2-3 players doesn't help. Hopefully one day the girlfriend will progress to this game so we can play it, but I don't know if this will be her theme really.......we shall see. Anyway, we got another expansion full of 70's themed factions - how do they fare? I'll just don my white suit. . .Designer: Paul PetersonPublisher: AEGAge: 10+Players: 2-4Time: 45-60 MinutesRRP: £24.99From AEG:Can you dig it? We’ve put Smash Up into the not-so-wayback machine and set the controls for “GROOVY!”That 70s Expansion celebrates all the greatest pop-culture memories from the Age of Aquarius! Put on your mood rings, bust out your leisure suits, spin that disco ball and put the pedal to the metal good buddy! The streets are mean, there’s a bear in the air, but the music is fantastic and everyone is Kung Fu Fighting!THE WAY I USE MY WALKDISCO DANCERSI'm certainly not a disco fan! Disco Dancers are based on duplicating the effects of standard actions (i.e. actions that aren't attached to any card), therefore increasing the number of minions the action can normally affect. These guys make for some creative combos when paired up with other factions. They work by having extra benefits when someone or something affects one of their minions be it your own or an opponent's. It can get crazy trying to fathom all the different effects that you could gain and so this definitely rewards a player with experience.They have a mix of good card drawn and extra plays and even some means of gaining benefits depending on whether their opponents are tempted by the offer - though the VP one is a little odd as most opponents aren't going to be desperate to kill off their own minions. They're a cool faction in mechanics, even if they're not cool in terms of theme! #subjectiveTRUCKERSNow I didn't know Truckers were a 70's thing - the more you know! Truckers use play-on-base actions to move themselves and the base actions around and gain power. Naturally as you'd expect, mobility is their key strength given that they all have giant trucks carting them around. Combine them with an equally mobile faction like the Bear Cavalry or Pirates and it just gets sick in a fun way!They can also mess with other base actions to screw up your opponents plans. If mobility isn't your key concern, then consider Steampunk as an alternative pairing for all their action love. It's an ok faction, not one of my favourites so far even if it is funny to use the DBZ Abridged "Look At My Trucker Hat" quote whenever I can, sadly few people will get tha[...]

Review: Hànzì:: [Cardboard East] Hanzi Review (2017) Do you even Chinese, Bro?!?

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 14:47:08 +0000

by evilpanda Hanzi Review (2017) Do you even Chinese, Bro?!?Hanzi is a lightning fast 2-5 player memory card game that only takes 20 minutes to set up, play, and put away.  It's a light family game that celebrates Cangjie, the legendary creator of Chinese characters. A Quick WordHANE-ZEE? HON-ZEE? HAN-ZII?Normally I try not to unleash the grammarist deep inside me. Yes, Stannis Baratheon became my hero with his "fewer" comment. However, in this case I believe it is warranted.  The purpose of this game is to celebrate and learn 漢字, so we might as well, at least try to, say it properly.   It is two syllables.  In "Han" the "an" sounds similar to "on" as in "turn on". "Zi" sounds similar to the end of the English/German word "blitz".  Hanzi. Should be simple, right?A VERY Brief History of Chinese CharactersLearning Chinese isn't easy. Trust me; the struggle is real. Even for native speakers.  You could create countless mnemonic devices to help you memorize the characters; however, there really is no way to escape the necessary rote memorization to be able to read, write, and say all 10,000 plus characters.  There are shoe boxes of flash cards in my living room.  Chinese characters of today don't look the same as they did thousands of years ago.  The characters evolved over time.  Before there was a unified writing system, there were even several schools who all wrote characters differently.  So there feared character of turtle 龜 had several versions in circulation.  Eventually Emperor Qin, yes that guy with the terracotta army, conquered China and forced the country to use one unified writing system. Now Taiwanese children and students of Chinese everywhere run in fear from only one turtle 龜.  (Taiwan still uses traditional characters, while China uses simplified characters as an effort to increase literacy.) Turtles in Time!It's important to briefly understand this history in order to grasp what's going on in this game. Hanzi is a memory game. Memory games work with paired cards or tokens.  If you flip over Mario and Luigi, you lose your turn and have to wait.  Unfortunately Daisy saw your mistake and flips over two Luigis and scores the cards. Hanzi is no different. However you're not flipping over pictures in search of video game characters.  You're looking at ancient Chinese characters that hopefully have the same modern Chinese character equivalent.  Hanzi excels here because it's not wild guessing that's driving this game. There's known researchable knowledge being tested here, so with some due diligence, you should be able to improve with every game--tipping the sides in your favor.The fiercest opponentMemory Game BiasI have to admit something.  I tend to not like memory games.  It could be that I'm not good at them, so I don't like them. It could also be I don't like them, so I'm not good at them.  However the cycle starts, it begins and ends at the same place.  I tend to not like memory games--not so much for me, but for other players.  We have all gotten fatigued in a game before; however I've seen memory games take their toll on players faster than others.  It's your turn. You make two guesses--educated or not. You fail. Your turn ends. You w[...]

Review: Shadows of Brimstone: City of the Ancients:: Shadow of Brimstone - My thoughts about expanding the game and what not

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 14:47:04 +0000

by Tezrek Hi there!Before I purchased the game and went mad, I made a lot of research on it, and saw that many people were wandering what expansion to get first, and some repeating complain like simple enemies AI and easy difficulty pass the third lvl.The answer to the first question was often ''Buy the other core box, best bangs for your bucks!'' and while it may be true, I feel it doesn’t more core stuff doesn't address the main complaint with the game that many might have after playing it for a while.That is why I would like to share my thought on expanding the game with you :-)First, I must say that I was not one of the original KS backer, but I did purchase an Outlaw Pledge from one and several expansions since. It was last month.I will do a rundown of all the expansion I have and my though about them, but I will like to start with my general theory on the whole thing:So, you have one of the core box. You've played for a while, and things start to look same-y. Your character have outgrown the core difficulty; you have mastered the ''blocking rushing enemies'' part of combat.The Goliath has shed many tears because of the coldness of you iron.You read that the other core box. For less than a 100 bucks, I'll have 4 new heroes, another otherworld, a bunch load of new enemies, sure sound like a deal, since XL enemies, single XL enemies, are half that price.To me, both core set are different, but not that much, as they are both intended for a similar, beginner experience (Some heroes are similar, exact same number of enemies by size, some similar classes (I'm thinking lawman/Marshall here same six Mine missions).Okay, so what about an Otherworld? They are similarly, but still lower, priced, in the case of Trederra and the Derelict Ship, Cynder been lower priced but also packed with less stuff.New tiles, new monsters, new mechanics, new missions: sound like a blast!Again, yes, please do, but don't forget that Otherworld are kinda ''optional'' in most adventures, and while you may stack your deck or use Otherworld specific missions, you still have the (mostly)same old mine to show.Okay then. Everybody is excited over that Frontier Town thing, what about that? Expanded Town Stay, shooting bandit enemies and a whole new location for adventure with 6 Town missions!Great idea, as far as I know, BUT again, the meat and potatoes of the game (Adventuring in the mine) will remain pretty much the same. This is an expansion for the Town phase of the game, mostly, although the bandit can be seen in the mine and are definitively ''Advanced'' in term of difficulty.So what now? Where more than a page in this fake discussion of yours and we’re running out of options, aren’t we?I would strongly suggest a Mission Packs for you my friend, and here’s why:Missions Pack come with a new type of enemy, enemy traits, one Epic Threat (a stronger version of the base enemy), themed Gear, Artefact, Missions, Encounter and a ‘’Theme’’ card.The theme card basically means that you will draw themed Encounter and Threat more often to help you use your new content, without having to stack the deck or do any other modification. You can use it on any ‘’old’’ Missions, and the[...]

Thread: Altiplano:: Rules:: Do I need to put money in planning phase?

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 14:46:43 +0000

by theglassprison


I bought one extension tile which allow me to trade 2 coins for cacao, Do I have to put money in planning phase?

thank you

Thread: Wings of War: Famous Aces:: General:: 100th Anniversary of von Richthofen's Death

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 14:46:06 +0000

by Falcon2

Manfred von Richthofen
May 2, 1892 April 21, 1918

Rest in Peace

Session: Desolate:: Desolate AAR - "The Things from X-483, Part 2"

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 14:44:43 +0000

by bchee Moving up the ramp to the next level, it was shrouded in darkness. I passed one of the abandoned cryopod chambers - nothing useful there - and edged into a shadowy alcove, hoping that none of these creatures could see in the dark. That train of thought was quickly derailed as an otherworldly yodel echoed down the passage. I tapped my vison mask once. Thank goodness I did. One of them was further along the passage, and it was hunched over the deck with its back to me, eating something with hard, crunching noises. I thought I saw a glimpse of raw and wet as it masticated. I realized that these aliens did not have eyes on the back of their heads.I wasn't here to bird-watch. I dropped to my knee, and raised my weapon. I triggered a three-round burst, center-mass, which should have put it out of my misery, but instead it roared defiance, spun around, and came at me for interrupting its Happy Meal. It landed a stinging blow to my left elbow, but I gave it another blast of plasma energy down the throat for dessert, and that was that.I drew a Cryopod, and then using Vision Helm, Alien [4] and Alien [2] cards. Went with the smaller one, obviously. Also drew a Conflict [6] for a total of [8]. Alien attacked for 4 Health damage, I retaliated with 3d6 getting 2+2+2=6, leaving it with [2]. Another alien hit for 3 Health damage. I fired 1d6 for 3, killing it. Reward was +2 Ammo.I swallowed bile, cradling my tender forearm, as I moved around the alien and its lunch, and picked up two more ammo. In the next passageway, a dim row of emergency LEDs twinkled overhead like Christmas lights. Ahead was the hatch into Sickbay, the door left ajar. A hellish crimson glow limned the hatchway, coming from no human source that I could imagine. There was the odour of bin juice. The little hairs on my neck started doing jumping jacks.I prodded my way in. The radioactive tanks were broken, and pools of congealed ruby red liquid had bubbled onto the deck, effulgent and noxious. For kicks, I picked up a scapel and tossed it into the muck. It made a sad hissing sound as it dissolved like wet tissue. No sooner had I saw this than a runaway train slammed into me from behind, knocking me against the bulkhead.My vision doubled momentarily, and my head spun like a carousel at Disneyplanet. It was one of the tentacled horrors from beyond, snarling with delight at making my acquaintance. I pointed to a space slightly behind its head."Hey, look, it's Natalie Dormer!"I didn't think it would work, but it instinctively turned to follow where my hand pointed. I performed brain surgery with my NSG-23, using one shot to give it an extra ear, and then a second shot into its skull cavity, creating a work of post-modern art on the opposite bulkhead that would have made Jackson Pollock proud. If he used alien brains to paint with, I suppose.I drew Sickbay, and then an Alien [4] and a Conflict [2] for [6]. I took 1 Health damage, and fired back 2d6 for 3+6=9, destroying it. Reward was +2 Health and +1 Ammo.I found two more blessed power packs in the next compartment, and four more rounds of ammo. I didn't need a Mixom Glaev[...]

Thread: Dungeon Alliance:: Rules:: Pets and Attacking Twice

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 14:38:52 +0000

by Kusanagi888

I see in the rules that attacking twice as a result of not moving does not apply to pet attacks. Does this mean that:

A.) A pet attack can only happen exactly once regardless of the situation


B.) A hero and pet can each attack once in this instance


Thread: Richthofen's War:: General:: 100th Anniversary of von Richthofen's Death

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 14:37:43 +0000

by Falcon2

Manfred von Richthofen
May 2, 1892 April 21, 1918

Rest in Peace

April 21, 2018

Thread: Warfighter: The WWII Tactical Combat Card Game:: General:: WW2 vs modern

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 14:36:53 +0000

by Raider30


Quick question: My buddy has the modern version of Warfighter and knows the rules quite well. I just picked up the WW2 version and rule book reading isn’t my favorite thing to do. Are there any significantly different rules for WW2 or can he just come over and we can jump right into WW2 with his knowledge of modern thus saving me from rule book hell?



Thread: South China Sea:: Rules:: Cratering an airfield that hosts an engaged air unit

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 14:36:29 +0000

by gelston

Here's another interesting situation that recently arose in a game. A Vietnamese air unit attacked a Chinese SSM unit. Both units were in range of each other. The air unit failed to inflict any damage to the SSM, but the SSM inflicted two points of cratering damage to the air unit's airbase. Per 6.457, the Vietnamese air unit was destroyed.

In the spirit of 5.352, however, you could interpret that Vietnam's planes were "in the air" during the engagement and would have the opportunity to rebase to another suitable location, if there was another basing option in range. This latter interpretation makes a little more sense to me, but a literal reading of 6.457 indicates that is not the case.

Thread: Feudum:: Rules:: feudum as a joker

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 14:34:48 +0000

by lgnosis

At epoch 5 final count a feudum as joker can be count as a joker more than ounce?

Thread: Monikers:: General:: Shortening the game with 16 players

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 14:26:24 +0000

by chiefsachem

he rules say to use 40-60 cards I believe. From my experience I found it difficult to play a one hour game when you are throwing a party with 30+ guests. I never expect everyone to play but it's always fun to have an audience watch a party game in action.

Most of my guests have never played "designer" games - other than quick LCR or UNO. So I don't want them to be over challenged with a lengthy game.

Has anyone tried shortening the game with 20 cards in a super casual, alcohol-infused environment? A half-hour game would be ideal in that once other guests see how much fun it is, they'll want to play too.

It's a great way to introduce party games when you have 30+ people in your home. We tend to play about 10 different titles throughout the afternoon and evening so light, easy, and fun are essential.

Thread: MBT (second edition):: General:: Removing Move / Fire spot counter

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 14:22:01 +0000

by ccwyxx

Understand that the move / fire spot counter is placed immediately after moving / firing. At which phase/step is the counter to be removed? At the end of turn? Spotting phase? When a new command is assigned? Or whenever the unit is not spotted at anytime in a game turn?

Thread: Warrior Knights:: General:: Warrior Knights vs Rising Sun

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 14:17:04 +0000

by ChildeRoland1919

I've now had the opportunity to play Rising Sun and really enjoy it. Having said that, can someone who has played both, RS and WK, comment on weather or not WK is different enough for the purposes of owning. If so why? Thanks.

Thread: Aristeia!:: General:: A good MOBA-style game that needs more content

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 14:15:19 +0000

by lindelos

My son and I have been playing a lot of draft Aristeia! and he's introduced the game to a couple of friends (one bought a copy so proselytization through game play works wonders for the hobby :p). We're even considering getting some of that gorgeous hex terrain to visually pop the board.

Anyways, this game is great but needs more content: more characters (looks like that's in the works and would help with a DOTA2 style 'draft exclusion' game model), more scenarios (multiplayer would be excellent), more character tactic cards so that building a deck has more options - even just 2 additional unique character cards (taking the unique decks up to 6) would vastly expand deck building possibilities, and finally, some way of upgrading your characters either pre-game, in-game, or between-game.

Thoughts? Feels?

Thread: The 7th Continent:: General:: 7th Continent Discard Pile Stand project

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 14:14:15 +0000

by Col Pinkerton

I would love to laser cut and make an enhanced version of Discard Pile stand using wood and wrap it with high resolution graphics from the cardboard version for my personal use. Does anyone know if the creator has released a high resolution file/PDF of the stand graphics?

Thread: Atlanta Is Ours:: General:: Vassal module for AIO?

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 14:07:41 +0000

by lomn

Any timeline for a Vassal module release for AIO? I assume there's something already existing from playtests.

I've been polishing the SJW2 module as I've played through that one; if it's a matter of getting the playtest module up to spec, I'd be interested in putting the time in.

Thread: The 7th Continent:: Rules:: Item stack whith a lead card without a keyword

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 13:58:59 +0000

by khushah

The game does reward the player with items during exploration. If one of this becomes the lead card in an item stack. Does one make no changes to the die pips OR does the stack adopt the keyword of the next item added to the stack?

Thread: Regnum Angelica:: Rules:: Lerajie / Erathaol Question

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 13:58:25 +0000

by boydweiger

The card text on Lerajie / Erathaol states:

When activated, you may return one of your opponent's active angels back to their starting zone or nearest space

Q: When you activate one of these angels and your opponent's angel is already in their own starting zone, can you use the activation power to move the opponent angel to a different space within their starting zone?

We decided that since the opponent's angel was already within its starting zone, you could not, because you are unable to move it back to the starting zone.

Thread: Enemies of Rome:: General:: Enemies of Rome unboxing

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 13:58:17 +0000

by mk20336

For all interested, short unboxing move of Enemies of Rome:


Thread: Warfighter: The WWII Tactical Combat Card Game:: General:: Why the different types of soldiers?

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 13:57:09 +0000

by briansommers777

You have 3 types from what I gather. My game is coming today but I've been watching videos on Youtube.

It's like squad, NPC, Individual

each seems to be more detailed.
Wouldn't you all go with individual or ???

Thread: Combat Infantry:: Rules:: Scenario W1 initial deployment

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 13:55:51 +0000

by g1ul10

The scenario does not restrict German units from being placed on beach hexes. If they do so, Americans might not have a sufficient number of hexes to deploy their units. I think this is a mistake. In my opinion, the scenario instructions should explicitly forbid the deployment of German units on the beach. What do you think?

Thread: Kingdom Builder:: General:: Any More Expansions After Harvest?

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 13:54:39 +0000

by TomandJonna

Does anyone know if any more expansions are planned after the Harvest expansion?

Thanks so much.

Thread: The 7th Continent:: Rules:: When is the 000 Gold Card drawn?

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 13:54:36 +0000

by khushah

On drawing the Green 000 card, it says "Return this" which I interpret as return to the box (v/s Discard this)

My question is when does the Gold 000 card get drawn if the green 000 card gets returned to the box after every use?

Thread: Assault on Hoth: The Empire Strikes Back:: Rules:: Action cards question

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 13:54:30 +0000

by rlucas1978

I'm not sure if I'm going to get a response, but I'll try anyway. It seems like there aren't really "turns" between players in this game. Is that correct? I mean, there is only one Action Card deck, so it doesn't matter who pulls the cards? If the card is for Rebel movement, then the Rebels can move no matter who pulls the card? Thanks!

Thread: Hannibal & Hamilcar:: General:: Hannibal & Hamilcar unboxing

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 13:53:37 +0000

by mk20336

For all interested, short unboxing move of Hannibal & Hamilcar:


Thread: Combat Infantry:: Rules:: Bunker deployment and foxholes

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 13:51:43 +0000

by g1ul10

Rules do not (seem to) specify any restriction on the deployment of the bunker. In particular, it seems possible to deploy the bunker in a village hex. In this way, it would acquire a D2 defense status making it an even more difficult target for OB artillery and planes. The same happens if a unit builds a foxhole in the bunker hex. I'm wondering if the idea that the bunker can be somehow protected by a D2 status is in fact intended. The idea that foxholes protect the bunker sounds a bit awkward. What do you think?

Thread: Specter Ops:: Rules:: Can a hunter move onto the same space as a revealed agent?

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 13:50:58 +0000

by Rindel

Have a situation where one hunter has moved onto the same square as the Agent and revealed them. We want to know if you can move another hunter onto the same square?

Thread: Jurassic Snack:: Rules:: Game End - Two Turns in a Row

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 13:48:13 +0000

by Robbus

Does two turns in a row without eating grass or a diplo mean...

1 ... player A goes once without eating anything and player B goes once without eating anything.


2 ... player A goes without eating, then player B without eating, then A again, then B again.

We played it like option 1, but my wife had the possibility to set up her diplos to limit my movement options and force me to move them so my diplos would be eaten (or scared) on her next turn. Since she didn't eat anything and neither did I, the game ended and I beat her on points.

Just wondering if we played this correctly. We love the game (image)

Thread: Great War Commander:: Rules:: Scenario 02 French set up

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 13:44:32 +0000

by Chris stringer

The scenario card says “last; 1 hex deep and A2-A4”
May be I am missing something but what does”A2-A4” mean?
Thanks Chris

Thread: Eldritch Horror:: General:: Composed analysis: Boon or Talent?

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 13:40:28 +0000

by zhouluyi

I'm trying to find out if I should leave composed with my Boon pile or with my Talent pile.
I calculated the odds for it with all the different expansions combinations (don't mind my cryptic eldrich writing, the calculations are right as are the stars).

Taking the base case of Core+EH7 you have 3/5 chance of getting other boon instead of Composed (60%) and 10/12 of getting other talent (83%) this is the base case.
Going up in any direction it is clear that Composed affects the Boon pile much more than it affects the Talent pile.
With all expansions you can get other boon only 90% of the time while you get other talent 96% of the time.

So the Boon pile is definitely the most affected one by Composed, also EH7 is the only expansion that doesn't add a Boon, so that's something. At the same time, Composed feels like a Talent by it's characteristic, and EH7 is the only that didn't add a Bane too so there is that.

By its effect on the odds Composed is much more a Boon than a Talent, by its decription it is a Talent, no question.

Now one final piece that is missing, EVERY condition and spell card (considering at least Core+EH2) has at least 4 instances of itself. The only ones diferent are the Talents. So this tells me that Composed, for me, is much more a Talent than a Boon. As such I think I will not consider it a Boon for "get a random Boon condition", but would consider it a Boon for any reckoning or effect that calls for a Boon. So it goes to my Talent pile...

What do you think?

Thread: Azteca:: Rules:: 2 red dice

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 13:30:33 +0000

by echdareez

Hi there,

Decided on playing this game but noticed I have 2 red dice : one with 2 spears and one with 3 spears... Which should I be using???

Thread: Time of Legends: Joan of Arc:: General:: Very last-minute: what expansions?

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 13:29:20 +0000

by Tyrael_


I pledged for a core game of Joan of Arc because I played the Werewolf scenario at Essen and it was pretty cool. Now I'm in doubt what expansions I would take:

- Budget: not too much since I'm already running other Kickstarters like Batman and Kingdom Death: Monster
- What I'm looking for: a good and fun fight in a historic setting. Fantasy settings are also possible.
- Good expansions for 2, 3 and 4 players in which I seek a balance: 33% great with 2p, 33% great with 3p and 33% great with 4p.
- Dragon is out of the question: don't have the place for and and I'm having doubts with the replayability.
- I'm really looking at the Siege expansion but is it enough? Will it be fun? How many players?

Anybody an idea? (image)

Thread: Dicenstein:: General:: Why does this company ignore me?

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 13:24:24 +0000

by Twinado2k7

I have been asking for help because I reciecved my game and it was missing the wolf player board. I have tried emailing Peterson games for a few months now with no response...Anyone have any success reaching this company?

Thread: Darklight: Memento Mori:: Rules:: Discarding.

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 13:21:47 +0000

by hwknight

Are loot, encounter and event cards discarded from the game or reshuffled into the deck when resolved?

Thread: Rise to Nobility:: Rules:: Starting settler and Random workshop Questions ...

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 13:21:35 +0000

by Peisistratous

Hi All

Couple of early questions ...some help would be appreciated ...

In set up each player takes a random level one settler we also receive its reward ?

Does this starting settler require the use of the 1 starting house in order to be satisfied as per normal settler rules or is this an exception ?

2 player and solo rules use a random guild tile from each guild it open for use but just can’t be owned ?

In the solo game which is set up as per 2 player it says only one slot is available ...does that mean one slot for building another guild building ( the first empty one ) or does it mean just one slot to place a die I.e the 1-2 value slot ?

Hope the questions are clear but I have checked the rule book se real times ...



Thread: Dominion: Nocturne:: Rules:: Golem and Necromancer: undead clay?

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 13:14:57 +0000

by cammuppetry

I recently badly lost a game with both Necromancer and Golem because I decided I had to get zombie Golems. I did but meanwhile my opponent was winning. (image)

Anyway this did lead to me thinking about an issue with Golem that wasn't an issue before because Golem couldn't hit and play another Golem. However Golem can hit Necromancer, who can play a trashed Golem who can hit Necromancer etc...

The relevant text of Golem is...
Discard the other cards, then play the Action cards in either order.

I just wanted to check this means that if you hit a Necromancer (and another action), and chose to play it first to use a trashed Golem then you need to resolve that before playing the second action from the initial Golem. That would mean playing out both new Action cards before playing the second action on the initial Golem? This could escalate if you have another Zombie Golem.

(I can see why the Golem prohibited hitting another Golem!)

Thread: Killing Code: Venice Vendetta:: News:: US availability

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 13:14:30 +0000

by thescottproject

Hey there,

This game seems really interesting. Just wondering if anyone knows when it will be available in the US. Can’t seem to find it anywhere

Thread: HEXplore It: The Valley of the Dead King:: Rules:: Confused by Ghoul! Encounter card.

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 13:09:00 +0000

by phil121alt

We are confused by this card.

So on a roll of 1-3 it looks like it does 6 health damage. It then says "Dual target Energy. If one target runs out, both suffer 3 Health damage and the Ghoul Blocks 10 damage".

Dual target seems to imply attacking two people based on the next line. I'm confused then on how much Energy damage it does since the symbol is a Health Attack of 6.

Then on a roll of 4-5 the attack is for 5 Energy. The text then states "Group Health. Any hero who suffers damage becomes Diseased." The attack is Energy so what does that have to do with Health?

Are these backwards or am I just totally confused on how Energy and Health work?

Thread: A Few Acres of Snow:: General:: Plans for a reprint?

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 13:08:00 +0000

by Juperdat

Does anyone know if there are any plans for a reprint of this game? I saw the thread that said FFG bought the rights but I don't really see it available anywhere.

Thread: Neuroshima Hex!:: General:: Differences between 3.0 Smart and 3.0 Smart 2nd edition on coolstuff inc?

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 12:49:12 +0000

by DOAisBetter

Saw a bunch of expansions finally made it out for 3.0. Is there a difference between these two?

Thread: King's Champion:: General:: Is the version hitting retail the same as the KS version?

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 12:46:37 +0000

by Puglord

This game has caught my eye but I was just wondering if the copies now hitting retail in the UK (and presumably elsewhere?) include all (or any) of the stretch goals reached during the Kickstarter campaign. Anyone know?

Thread: Zombicide: Green Horde:: General:: Retail exclusives

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 12:41:43 +0000

by davidj8580

So, has anyone heard or seen anything about retail exclusive characters like the two from Black Plague, or did we dodge a bullet this time?

Thread: No Retreat 4! Italian Front: 1943-45:: Rules:: Diadem 1st turn Surprise query

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 12:39:38 +0000

by capracaligo

section 13, 1st bullet
The first turn Organization Phase (9.0) consists only of step A (Get Combat Markers); skip steps B to F.

4th bullet
Neither player may Improve (9.2) nor Rebuild (9.4) units during the first Organization Phase

If bullet #1 skips the 1st Improve and Rebuild phases, isn't bullet #4 redundant?

Related point- I assume that the Weekly Preparation Weekly Organization Segment activities occur both in Operational Preparation- Organization Phase and immediately before every Allied Player Turn EXCEPT the first one in each Game Turn. I suggest a flow diagram would help clarify.

Thread: Spirit Island:: General:: Any possibility for a second KS?

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 12:37:00 +0000

by Dknight997

Totally missed this game during the first campaign.
Maybe a new expansion to start a new KS?(image)

Thread: Kokoro: Avenue of the Kodama:: General:: German version?

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 12:14:50 +0000

by davidmihola

Are there any talks about a German version of Kokoro in the future? Possibly by KOSMOS, who did the German version of Kodama: The Tree Spirits?

Thread: Dungeon Alliance:: Rules:: Spending XP to Trigger a Quest

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 12:12:41 +0000

by cafin8d

Hello, on p6 of the supplemental guide there are rules for spending XP to help-out fulfilling a quest trigger when game-circumstance just doesn't make it viable. The example used was 'Tira’s Caravan' which says that you trigger by drafting treasures. I grok that no problem.

But when you get to the Resolve phase, you have to sacrifice those drafted treasures. If you spent an XP to progress the trigger, you now don't have enough treasures to fulfill the Resolve which means you're still subject to game-circumstance for the third treasure.

Or ... does spending 1 XP on the trigger imply that only 2 treasures are required to resolve? (That doesn't sound right to me).

Thread: Rum & Bones: Second Tide:: Rules:: Sea Monster / Kraken

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 12:08:18 +0000

by bwort110

I have more than one sea monster. Which one is summoned ?my choice ?

When the Kraken appears, all deployed heroes from the faction with the highest kraken pool get 3 damage, right ?don't understand, would be more logical when the faction with the lowest pool suffer the dmg?

Thread: Dungeon Alliance:: Rules:: Yoo-hoo, Titan, come out, come out! What does "reveal last 3 rooms" mean?

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 12:05:04 +0000

by TomChick

I'm about to finish a campaign game, so it's time to put the Titan's Quest card out. But I'm confused about the trigger condition. It reads:

Reveal the last 3 Rooms in the Dungeon...

Does reveal mean place in the dungeon frame? Or just flip up into the drafting space? And why doesn't it say "reveal the last Room in the Dungeon"? I'm confused about why it's specifying "the last 3 Rooms". Can someone explain to me, like you're explaining to a very small child, exactly how to trigger the Titan's Quest?

Also, anyone care to lay odds that my party will die horribly?


Thread: Leningrad '41:: Rules:: Setup question

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 12:04:07 +0000

by verhoven

Guys, i have hard times setting the first game and scenario, Les Preludes. It says setup as in Campaign game. The last bullet in the Soviet deploy phase says “The Five Yellow, the nine Light Blue, etc. units over the specific icon on the mapboard.” What does it effectively mean? Do i deploy them anywhere on the map randomly or anywhere i want but trying to do it in a smart, strategic way or it is something else...?

Sorry if the question is stupid, but it is my second war game and first which is blocks based...I did not catch the tutorial on youtube as well, watched it several times, but it is explained in a way like you already should know the basics...and does not even say which scenario is being setup there...Anyways, need help. Thanks!

Thread: Darklight: Memento Mori:: General:: Thumb this post if you would back a 2nd Darklight Kickstarter!

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 11:46:37 +0000

by WrenHong

Let's show DIG our support!

Additionally, if there are certain things that you would like to see in said KS, or that could sway you to back it, please comment.

Review: Imhotep:: That's certainly a lot of stone

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 11:41:29 +0000

by hist The complete review, with more pictures, can be found on my Dude, Take Your Turn blog.I really seem to have an affinity for Ancient Egypt. I’ve played around with burying things and trying to earn the regard of the Pharaoh. But now I want to become an architect! It’s always been my dream, since I couldn’t become a lumberjack.What better place to be an architect than Ancient Egypt?In Imhotep, players are architects vying to build the most prestigious buildings and monuments in that desert area. They do this by getting stones, loading them on ships, and then shipping them to one of the five different sites where they can offload them.Let’s see how this works.Imhotep is a game for 2-4 players where you are shipping stones and building stuff with them.Each player gets a sled in their colour (very earthy colours of brown, white, black, and grey) that can hold up to five stones.The game goes over 6 rounds, and each round a ship card is revealed from a stack that uses a group of cards based on the number of players. These are the available ships for this round.At the start of the game, the first player gets two stones on their sled, the second gets three stones, third gets four, and fourth gets five.During your turn, you can take one of four actions:1) Take up to three stones from your supply to your sled2) Place a stone on one of the available ships for that round. You can place the stone in any slot on the ship. It doesn’t have to be the first available space3) Send one of the ships to a site and offload stones in the order from front to back of the ship. You can only do this if there are at least as many stones on the ship as shown on the front of the ship (the 4-stone ship shown above can only ship if there are three stones)4) Play one of the blue cards that you may have taken from the Market site.So where [...]

Thread: Cosmic Encounter:: Rules:: Angler fishing for Cosmic Zap

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 11:35:35 +0000

by Ondaron

When Angler fishes for a Cosmic Zap, can said Cosmic Zap be used by the victim against Angler in order to prevent handing it over to them?

Thread: Big Trouble in Little China: The Game:: General:: Using the additional content.

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 11:35:26 +0000

by dedindahed

Are there any other changes to a 5-6 player game other than the act 2 setup card, should there be an extension to the scaling table on p8 of the rulebook.

I assume I can just shuffle the new hell and side quest cards into their respective decks?

The 6 demon bag seems to be a mid range version of each minion between the normsl and hard versions, any tips on using it?

Thread: La Grande Armee:: General:: Errata

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 11:32:02 +0000

by cube

There is a massive errata for LGA to be found on
It is listed under "La Grande Armee, Publisher: SPI" even though TSR is the publisher.

The 1972 SPI game "La Grande Armée" is not the same game at all but on they mix them.
On grognard. com only the errata and Chris Perleberg's variant (also on BGG) are to be used with TSR's game.

Thread: The City of Kings:: General:: Creature Setup/Chance to Atack

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 11:31:50 +0000

by ACBez

Hey Folks,

Just wondering, when I explore and flip a tile that generates a creature, if I still have actions left, can I attack it that same turn? This would give me a chance to finish it off before it has a chance to activate next round.


Thread: Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition:: General:: My latest custom board for TI: “Hyperlanes”

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 11:29:02 +0000

by BeckyRose When I made my custom planet models for my first game my group wanted to play on the standard board layout from the book; this meant that I was limited in what I could do for a playing board to put the models on.Now we’ve a bit of experience under our belts; it was time to get creative - so I came up with this: “Hyperlanes” tiles.There are 12 generic tiles, and 8 Home Tiles (each with a single and double planet system). The rules for placement are here : [...]

Thread: Meeple Circus:: Rules:: Card drafting - How many selections per act?

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 11:14:51 +0000

by RowleyBirkinQC

Hi all,

Had my first game of this last night. One thing I wasn't sure of was how many times do players pick cards.

Do you go around the table until all are gone? Or just twice? Does the amount change depending on the act?

Thanks for any help

Thread: Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game:: General:: Fei Long is in!

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 11:09:02 +0000

by TechnoGolem

Thrilled to see that he made it into the game!

Looks like we made it to the point where the rest of the stretch goals are characters. Too bad they are still 100k apart so it will still take time to unlock them.

Things for this Kickstarter have been going well. Looks like we may unlock at least 2 more characters before this ends.

Thread: Feudum:: Rules:: A feudum and money is influence

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 11:01:36 +0000

by lgnosis

The rules says

If you use your Merchant pawn to influence a location ruled by an opponent’s SINGLE marker, you may pay 1 shilling to the general supply to move his marker to the serf position and place yours on top as the ruler!

The location can be a feudum?

Or the feudum is conquer and need to be replace with an outpost?

Thread: Gloomhaven:: Rules:: Monster movement: no valid attack hexes available *minor spoilers scenario 19*

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 10:59:35 +0000

by Lorandar

Yesterday our group of 5 was playing scenario 19. At a certain point our Cragheart was standing in the doorway between rooms 3 and 4, blocking progress of some creatures in rooms 2 and 3. This means there were 2 valid attack hexes (to attack the Cragheart) for melee attackers, right in front of the doorway.
We had a discussion about valid monster movement. In my interpretation of the rules, once two creatures were occupying the valid attack hexes in front of the cragheart, other melee creatures would not find a valid path to the focus and would stay put in their current position.
The other players argued this would not be logical, and urged to move the other creatures as close to the occupied attack hexes as possible.

I tried to find this situation in the excellent monster movement Geeklist (, but apparently I couldn’t find it there.

Any ideas on which interpretation is correct? Any rules references would be very much appreciated.


Thread: Beneath:: Crowdfunding:: Beneath - Update 1 - New Monsters

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 10:58:13 +0000

by Dark Hand Games

Hi all,

As you may know our current Kickstarter is going as well as we planned so we are going to relaunched in a few months and I am turning to you lovely lot to give me some much needed feedback.

We have asked all of the backers on KS what they would like to see in the core game on the re-launch and they have mentioned they would like to see more monsters among other things.

So I have added 3 images below and would like your feedback on the monsters, This could include things like. They look too weak, too powerful, look good or bad. Also if you have any good ideas about the monsters skills/ powers that would be cool too.

In addition if you have any good ideas on a new monster type you might like to see please let me know.

Many thanks for your time

Ross Bennett

Thread: The World of SMOG: Rise of Moloch:: Rules:: Moving around building corners

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 10:46:08 +0000

by Longpig

Are you allowed to move diagonally through the outside corners of buildings?

You are allowed to move diagonally through doors and windows so I wanted to leave no ambiguity about the outside corners of buildings.

Thread: Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game:: General:: Balancing ships (Wave 1-4) with upgrades (Wave 1 -14)

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 10:44:10 +0000

by prokto Hi,My name is Christian and I haven’t posted in months (years?).It has been quite a long time since I last posted on the X-Wing forums.But let’s get one thing out of the way: this is not going to be a “This is why I quit post” (and it’s also not meant to criticize people who post such posts – sometimes you just have to say these things out loud to get some kind of closure or just vent and feel better).Actually, it is a “I still love this game post”.However, I am an “Original Trilogy” kind of guy, I guess. I stopped getting ships after wave 4 and the respective Aces (Rebel and Empire) and Veteran Packs (Empire) and I did not get an E-Wing or Z-95. With the exception of the TIE Fighter PC game (Awesome to this day! – though I better not load it up on steam and risk being disappointed and ruining my childhood memories...) I never got into the Expanded Universe much. The other exception being the equally awesome “Thrawn Trilogy” by Timothy Zahn. But I am not planning on getting the Gunship, because the new upgrades and mechanics feel bloated and complicated to me. I have got all the variety I need.I did get some upgrades from later waves on ebay for my ships. I am a completionist that way and maybe a bit OCD, but I just wanted the real thing. But in the future I will be more than happy to just print out lists and upgrades.Following the discussions of all the new ships, upgrades and tactics from wave 5 and onward became less interesting for me.But enough with the ramblin[...]

Thread: The Eastern Front: 1914-1917:: General:: The East Front 1914-1917 or 1914: Twilight in the East

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 10:41:30 +0000


I have allready The Great War in the Europe, Deluxe Edition, but

.... now i found this series.

... and usually i want all, so any recommend. Which is best variations?
I think, i need West Front and East Front and maybe more.

Thank you.

Thread: Mage Knight Board Game:: Rules:: Two rampaging enemies on the same space

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 10:36:01 +0000

by Qutu

Due to Tezla's necromant szenario it could happen. Can the players choose one of the enemies or do they have to fight both in this case?

Thread: The World of SMOG: Rise of Moloch:: Rules:: Fire movement in the first scenario

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 10:35:51 +0000

by Longpig

Hey I have a question about fire movement in the first scenario.

We've been struggling about the way that the fire can move in the first wrap up phase.
If the fire is allowed to move diagonally, it can immediately block off the rooms in the building that the damsel starts in. This results in only one possible way to get the fire extinguisher; The two bobbies outside have to spend two turns to get to it.

If the fire is not allowed to move diagonally due to the red lining it cannot block it give the bobbies multiple ways to get to the fire extinguisher. Thoughts?

I am aware that in general fire is allowed to move diagonally.

Thread: Mexica:: General:: Any randomness in the setup

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 10:35:22 +0000

by Cazzmataz

Is there any randomness in the setup of mexica?
Or is it exactly the same each time?

I really like games with some randomness, makes the game be a little more replayable.

Thread: F28:: News:: Now availiable in retail!

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 10:32:14 +0000

by Profit

After the successful first printing run of the game, we have now recieved a second, and are availiable in store: