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Last Build Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2017 18:20:48 GMT


Streamclip MPEG creates artifacts (blue and multicoloured lines)

Fri, 28 Jul 2017 15:56:34 GMT

Hi everyone, I'm a newbie here! I wanted to post on this forum as I can see a variety of activity (questions, answers) about Streamclip MPEG. Thanks in advance for your help. Anyway, I'm having issues with clips that I've converting using Streamclip MPEG. The originals don't have these...

Need understanding of modules, anamorphic, pixel aspect ratio

Fri, 28 Jul 2017 11:48:47 GMT

Lately I have been taking unimportant 1080p videos and re-encoding them down to 720p's x264s at around 2500 Kbps in Handbrake ( When doing the resize, I notice that the videos tend to start with a PAR of 1x1. Thinking that this may be important, I...

D-8 to Computer

Fri, 28 Jul 2017 11:19:53 GMT

Hello guys. I joined this site primarily because I needed some authoritative opinions. About three weeks ago, yours truly accidentally overwrote GBs of personal, precious video files on his two backup drives. Some of these are gone forever, some may be recoverable, some are recoverable. It is...

Looking for java-free youtube capture software similar to jdownloader

Fri, 28 Jul 2017 09:50:36 GMT

hello guys, to me jdownloader ( always was the ultimate youtubegrabber (it even grabs media library streams from several channels) but since I got rid of Java I need an alternative. Does anyone know a software which is as good as jdownloader but is...

Alpha Chanel ? transparency in video

Fri, 28 Jul 2017 06:38:08 GMT

Hello I have a question that bothers me. I work a lot in the development of APP Sometimes I need to make video editing in some project. With after effect, it's easy to use an Apple codec (.*Mov)* to get *_Alpha_* Chanel on render video. It allows me to use an *_ALPHA _*layer for background....

Upscaling to 60FPS with MeGUI/Avisynth trouble....

Fri, 28 Jul 2017 05:24:07 GMT

Okay, so... I know there's a lot to be said about the headaches of this process around the internet, but there's actually so much that I can't parse through it and what I've been able to try from it has utterly failed me... So as a last ditch attempt to solve this, here I sit asking for...

HEVC acceleration: DXVA copy-back vs. NVIDIA CUVID

Fri, 28 Jul 2017 04:59:06 GMT

Several years ago i would have chosen DXVA like i always did, but surely NVIDIA has improved it's playback quality when accelerating stuff releaving stress from CPU. What is the recommended stuff for HEVC support? What provides better picture quality? Anyone noticed the difference, share their...

difficult image drift stabilization challenge

Fri, 28 Jul 2017 04:38:16 GMT

Take a look at this short video: It is the Sun, captured with a telescope on a tracking mount. It was originally taken as one frame every 1 second over 2.5 hours (nearly 10k frames total) and then sped up to 60 fps - hence the approx 2.5 minutes...

From VCR to DVD - step by step help please

Fri, 28 Jul 2017 00:10:27 GMT

A few years ago I bought a Compro T300 Analog/Digital TV card, basically to record programs I wanted to watch later. Recently I decided to convert some VCR tapes two of my sisters sent me, burn them to disks so they can be watched on any ordinary DVD player complete with chapter menus and return...

Account deletion

Fri, 28 Jul 2017 00:04:55 GMT

Hello admin, Please consider remove my account from VH base. My best compliments

How to convert mp2 to ac3 for GUI for DVDAuthor?

Thu, 27 Jul 2017 22:32:40 GMT

I captured vhs tape to mpeg2 (see screenshot 1). I want to use GUI for DVDAuthor ( to make DVD. I used TMPGEnc ( to separate video and audio. I have audio file now as mp2 (see screenshot 2). What free...

Downloading Video from Discovery Sites.Can it Be done?

Thu, 27 Jul 2017 22:06:47 GMT

I'm wondering if theres anyway to do this? Ive tried DlNow and Allavsoft with no luck.Here's Some example's of videos on discovery sites : ...

Mitsubishi HS-HD2000U has sound but no picture.

Thu, 27 Jul 2017 19:36:17 GMT

I've cleaned the video heads, erase head and control track head but it didn't fix the problem.

XML subtitle colours

Thu, 27 Jul 2017 19:12:11 GMT

Hi, newbie here :) I am trying to write subtitles in XML format with Notepad and can't change the colours for different speakers.Does anyone know how to do this? Cheers!

MKV2MP4 not including subs when converted

Thu, 27 Jul 2017 17:48:48 GMT

I don't have that much knowledge of converting/encoding videos. I have a couple of mkv files which I would like to convert to mp4. Upon searching, I found that (http://MKV2MP4) works best without any quality loss. But the problem is that when I...