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Best Slimming Fruits and Vegetables


Here is a selection of the 10 best fruits and vegetables to maintain that hard-earned figure. 1/ Melon If your goal is to keep losing weight,

6 High Protein Foods You Should Eat


It’s not always easy to find foods packed with protein to meet your daily protein intake, so try some of these high protein foods. The bodybuilder’s lifestyle is very different from that of an average joe, with the biggest difference being the bodybuilder’s diet. To the average person, food is another way to pursue some pleasure and enjoy what they put into their bodies. But to

Health Benefits of Banana


Enjoyed in various forms, bananas are eaten raw, accompanied with desserts, added to smoothies and much more. They offer some great health benefits, so add a banana to your daily diet today! Bananas are one of the most famous common fruits amongst people of every age. Enjoyed in its various forms, bananas are eaten raw, accompanied with desserts, added in smoothies and consumed in many

Simple Ways to Tackle Body Odour


Have you ever embarrassed yourself because of your strong body odour? Body odour is one of the biggest problems many of us face on a daily basis. If you are looking at how you can scare this problem away, here are a few easy tricks that may actually help. Bathe to wash off bacteria Bacteria feed on the secretions made by our sweat glands. As a result, the more you sweat the more food for

Fatty Liver


Explore this section to learn more about fatty liver, what effect it has upon the liver's condition and ability to function, and how it can lead to more serious liver disease. What is fatty liver? Fatty liver is just what its name suggests: the build-up of excess fat in the liver cells. It is normal for your liver to contain some fat. But if fat accounts for more than 10% of your liver’s

Budd-Chiari Syndrome


Budd-Chiari syndrome is caused by blood clots that completely or partially block the large veins that carry blood from the liver (hepatic veins) into the inferior vena cava. Some people have no symptoms, but others experience fatigue, abdominal pain, nausea, and jaundice. Fluid may accumulate in the abdomen, the spleen may enlarge, and sometimes severe bleeding occurs in the

Epilepsy and First Aid for Seizures


What is the best first aid for a seizure? Here are some tips if you or someone you love has epilepsy. ·         Always carry medical identification. If an emergency happens, knowledge of your seizure disorder can help the people around you keep you safe and provide the appropriate treatment. ·         Make sure

Caring for a Child with Epilepsy


The challenges of parenting are compounded if your child has epilepsy. Not only do you have the normal concerns about raising a child, but now you have to address emotional concerns both you and your child may have about living with epilepsy. Emotional Toll of Epilepsy It's natural for a child who has a chronic illness or who is different from other children to feel resentful. Children with

Epilepsy: Fact, Causes, Treatment options and Coping Strategy


Epilepsy is a central nervous system disorder (neurological disorder) in which the nerve cell activity in your brain is disturbed, causing a seizure during which you experience abnormal behavior, symptoms and sensations, including loss of consciousness. Seizure symptoms vary. Some people with epilepsy simply stare blankly for a few seconds during a seizure, while others repeatedly twitch

7 Tips to Maintain Feminine Hygiene


Beauty does not only come from your outer countenance or dressing up in the trendy ensembles. Real beauty lies in maintaining personal hygiene and being healthy. Maintaining feminine personal hygiene not only helps you battle infections and detrimental diseases like cancer, it creates an aura of freshness around when you get busy with your household or office chores. While a few women do

How To Live With Failure And Stress


Get the side boob confidence of Jessica Biel with these simple moves to keep your puppies perky and pert.