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LiU News

News from Linköping University


Mummy visualisation impresses


World-leading technology from Linköping University and Visualization Center C has been described in a prestigious journal of computer science, Communications of the ACM, where it has received a great deal of attention.

Best practices in focus at conference on refugee reception


A conference in Norrköping on 25-27 January will set the spotlight on best practices and innovative solutions for how refugees are received in Europe.

Queer life-courses: Living and ageing as an lhbtq-identified person


A thesis describes life-courses of some elderly lhbtq-identified people. Several are worried about the future: how will they be met by the elderly care system.

Legal aspects of functional sales under scrutiny


A research group led by Jan Kellgren of the Division for Commercial and Business Law is to examine the legal aspects of functional sales in the field of illumination. New business models are appearing in which companies offer functionality, rather than services or products.

Hidden seeds reveal Canary Islands history


Have you tried the national dish gofio while on holiday on the Canary Islands? If so, you have eaten the same food as the original inhabitants ate, nearly 2,000 years ago.

Prestigious grant to environmental research


David Bastviken, professor at Environmental Change, part of LiU’s Department of Thematic Studies, has received EUR 2 million through an ERC Consolidator Grant, a funding type that supports excellent research.

Geopolitics and sustainable development


LiU professor Björn-Ola Linnér has been appointed head of a new major research programme in geopolitics and sustainable development.

Childhood trauma increases dependency risk


Markus Heilig, professor at the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, has been awarded SEK 300,000 from Systembolaget (the Swedish state alcohol monopoly) for research into the relationship between childhood trauma and an increased risk of alcohol-related problems.

Conference on refugee reception


For three days in January, Linköping University and partners are hosting a conference aimed at highlighting good examples and finding innovative solutions to how municipalities can receive refugees.

Two LiU researchers each receive SEK 12 million


Two young LiU researchers, Daniel Aili and Björn Alling, have each been awarded SEK 12 million by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, SSF. A total of 20 researchers have been selected within the Future Research Leaders programme.

New maths collaboration in Mozambique


With a grant from Sida, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Linköping University’s Department of Mathematics can commence an educational project in a fourth African country, Mozambique, together with the Universidade Eduardo Mondlane (UEM).

109,000 Bell test participants


Can atoms talk to each other? This is the question posed by Swedish radio programme “Vetandets värld”, after the BIG Bell test collected no less than 95 million ones and zeros from more than 109,000 participants, 3,283 of them in Sweden.

Political obstacles to mineral recycling


We are keen to discuss how to restructure to bring about a sustainable society, but we seldom discuss how we manage resources. Nils Johansson shows in his doctoral thesis that current policies lead to an increased waste of mineral resources, not the reverse.

New director of human resources at LiU


Pia Rundgren has been appointed as new director of human resources at Linköping University.

New master’s programme in design


The admission period for LiU’s new international master’s programme in design is now underway. This two-year interdisciplinary design programme addresses societal challenges, with the first year focussed on food waste and nomadic welfare.

The Wallenberg Centre – research at the medicine-technology interface


The new Wallenberg Centre for Molecular Medicine at Linköping University was officially opened on 8 December. The centre is one component of a major initiative in Swedish research in the field of life sciences. The opening was marked by a two-day scientific symposium.

American award to LiU professor


Tiny Jaarsma, professor in caring sciences at the Department of Social and Welfare Studies has received a Distinguished Scientist Award from the American Heart association, AHA.

Linköping’s writer in refuge


The Syrian writer Housam Al-Mosilli recently spoke at Linköping University’s Valla Library about life in Syria, the escape that brought him to Linköping and freedom of expression.

Christmas concerts, carols and choirs


Christmas without concerts? That’s simply not an option for LiU’s choirs. This year, seven ensembles will perform at not less than 18 concerts.

Smart cities – more talk than action


The concept of “smart cities” is being used increasingly often within urban development. But this concept lacks a clear definition, and the way it is used depends on who is using it. These results are presented in a thesis by Malin Granath.

Cloudy skies on the Costa del Sol


Homelessness, ill health and the fear of dying in a foreign country. These are elements in some of the narratives collected by researcher Anna Gavanas in her book about Swedish pensioners who have emigrated to Spain.

Lena Sommestad new chair of LiU Board


The Swedish government has appointed Lena Sommestad as new chair of the university board at LiU. Lena Sommestad has previously been minister for the environment and is today the county governor of Halland.

Two new Wallenberg Fellows at LiU


LiU has two new Wallenberg Academy Fellows, who will get the opportunity to develop their research ideas. The challenges they’re taking on relate to relapses in acute leukemia, a form of cancer, and materials that can help us create new organs using 3D printers.

SEK 3 billion extra to research


Benefit to society, increased gender equality and initiatives linked to societal challenges are in focus in the research bill presented by the Swedish government. The bill provides extra money to LiU for research into 5G and digitalisation.

SEK 20 million to energy research


Five researchers at LiU have each been awarded SEK 1 million per year for four years in research grants from a joint initiative by the Swedish Energy Agency and the Swedish Research Council in energy-oriented basic research.

Measuring stress in chicken’s blood


How are animals in food production affected by stressful experiences early in life? Per Jensen wants to find out whether it is possible to see the traces of stress much later. He has been awarded SEK 8 million by Formas, the Swedish research council for sustainable development, to study the stress reactions of chickens in detail.

LiU alumnus in Venture Cup’s Top 20


LiU alumnus Bengt Wiberg (who studied economics 1978-81) was unwilling to stop using snus, despite the problems it was causing him. So he invented a new method to package snus, Sting Free snus. Patents have now been sought in 38 countries and the method has been selected as one of Venture Cup’s Top 20 Ideas 2016.

Large research grant for greener timber trucks


With the aid of a supercomputer, a wind tunnel and a research grant of SEK 5.7 million, the 2,000 timber trucks in Sweden are to achieve lower fuel consumption, becoming in this way a little bit greener.

SEK 4 million to environmental humanities


The Seed Box, Sweden’s largest research programme in the environmental humanities, is now allocating grants to researchers, writers and artists around the world.

Sooner on your feet after hip fracture


An already available drug can help patients get back on their feet more rapidly after a hip fracture, according to an international study published in the Journal of Bone Joint Surgery. The results suggest that treatment with the drug accelerates the healing process in broken bones.

Major grants for biosensor research


Biosensors with extremely small gold particles known as “nanoparticles” are helping researchers to improve the development of biological drugs. They are also playing a role in the diagnosis of disease. Daniel Aili at LiU is the principal investigator for a project that has been awarded SEK 5 million from the Swedish Research Council and Vinnova’s joint initiative in biological drugs.

Help researchers in The BIG Bell Test


In a large number of identical experiments conducted at nine locations worldwide, the ability of people to act unpredictably will be used in an experiment in quantum physics. Linköping University is the Swedish node of the experiment, scheduled for 30 November 2016.

SEK 20 million for sustainable development


Eight LiU researchers will each receive approx. SEK 3 million for research relating to sustainable development. One of the research projects will answer the question: Which is better and cheaper: renovation or demolition and new construction.

Discourse and dance


Research and revels, can they be combined? Indeed they can, according to the organisers of the g16 conference. Not only researchers from all round the world, but also Linköping residents are invited to several events in association with the conference, 23-25 November.

Trump causes concern at Marrakech climate change meeting


The election of the new US president coincided with the UN Climate Change Conference in Marrakech, and the result led to reactions. Donald Trump has not presented himself as a fan of climate change agreements.

Whiplash – evaluating interventions


Whiplash injury often leads to long-term pain and disability for many people. Around 30,000 people suffer whiplash injury each year in Sweden, half of whom subsequently experience persistent pain. The symptoms often increase during activity and when working with the arms at shoulder height.

LiU researchers make space for drones


Reports of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) that force airports to close are becoming increasingly frequent. Researchers at LiU are now starting to develop models for the efficient management of the increasing numbers of drones.

Trump and bureaucracy challenge when the Paris Agreement is discussed in Marrakesh


The Paris Agreement came into force much sooner than many people believed. But it’s not just the various parties to the agreement who are preparing for the first meeting after it was reached.

“Us and Them” attitudes in school textbooks


The textbooks in secondary schools in Sweden are not racist. Some textbooks, however, divide people into groups, and some fail to discuss Sweden’s national minorities.

A refugee expert and a hearing researcher are Alumni of the Year


This year’s Alumni of the Year at Linköping University are Suad Ali, expert on Sweden’s refugee quota, and Thomas Lunner, one of the researchers behind the world’s first digital hearing aid.

Shedding light on cellulose quality


Researchers from LiU have developed in collaboration with others a molecule that changes colour when it binds to different forms of cellulose. The researchers demonstrate how the molecule can be used to make rapid, optical measurements of cellulose quality.

Tuberculosis and HIV co-infection


The HIV virus increases the potency of the tuberculosis bacterium (Mtb) by affecting a central function of the immune system. The discovery helps to explain why infection with HIV greatly increases the risk that infection by Mtb will progress to active tuberculosis.

Violence and abuse against children with disabilities


Children with disabilities are subject more frequently to violence. Despite criticism from the UN, Sweden lacks a comprehensive picture of the situation for these children. Two LiU researchers have surveyed our knowledge in this area.

SEK 10 million to research in the circular economy


LiU researchers have won two major research projects within the field of design and construction for a world in which we husband, recycle and reuse natural resources. Both will be carried out in close collaboration with industrial partners.

Artificial intelligence reveals new materials


Artificial intelligence is helping researchers in their search for new useful materials. Researchers at LiU have discovered 90 previously unknown materials, which they predict can be created in the laboratory.

Technology and aging – where to?


Sensors that are swallowed or woven into clothes. These are two of a wide range of technical solutions that may be reality for the elderly and the personnel who care for them. Because technology will play an increasing role – this was the conclusion of the Aging & Society conference.

Intestinal diversity protects against asthma


Children who develop asthma or allergies have an altered immune response to intestinal bacteria in the mucous membranes even as infants. This new study also suggests that the mother’s immune system plays a role in the development of asthma and allergies in children.

Efficient organic solar cells with very low driving force


Researchers at LiU, together with Chinese and American colleagues, have developed organic solar cells with a significantly lower driving force and faster charge separation than previous cells. The results have been published in Nature Energy.

SEK 11 million for research in health and welfare


Four research teams at LiU have been awarded a total of SEK 11 million from the FORTE research council. These include a team working on a project looking at what mental ill-health means to young people, and another analysing how easy people can obtain assisted conception.

Students teach Swedish to those newly arrived


“Language is the key to success in Sweden,” says Semir Abdulkader.
He is studying at LiU to become a nurse, and one of several students with non-Swedish backgrounds who are helping newly arrived young people to learn Swedish.

Training for newly arrived scientists


The Swedish government has given Linköping University the task of starting supplementary education in biomedical laboratory science for people with higher education qualifications from abroad.

Feng Gao awarded ERC Starting Grant


LiU researcher Feng Gao has been awarded one of this year’s ERC Starting Grants by the European Research Council in stiff competition with other applicants. He will use the money, nearly EUR 1.5 million, in his work to develop new materials for light-emitting diodes.

Genes that underlie dogs’ social ability are revealed


The social ability of dogs is affected by genes that also appear to influence human behaviour, according to a new study by scientists at Linköping University in Sweden.

Research to the people on Researchers’ Night


How do we deal with men subject to violence, what myths surround open data and what do we actually mean by ‘typically Swedish’? These were some of the topics at European Researchers’ Night, when LiU researchers met the public at cafés and other venues in Linköping and Norrköping.

Feral chickens spread light on evolution


Different genes are involved during the adaptation of a domestic animal to life in the wild than when a wild animal becomes domesticated. This is the conclusion of a study led by LiU.

LiU alumnus appointed vice-chancellor in China


Zhong Zhihua has been appointed vice-chancellor of Tongji University in Shanghai, which has for several decades been ranked among the leading technological universities in China.

Johannesburg looks to biogas


South Africa’s largest city, Johannesburg, wants to reduce its impact on the climate, solve its problems with waste and become an environmentally sensitive city. Representatives of the city have come to Linköping and met Professor Mats Eklund in their search for ideas and knowledge.

Biogas – worth fighting for


“We must tell the world that we could achieve 50% of the EU’s environmental objective for the transport sector using biofuel”. Willy Verstraete, professor emeritus from Ghent, Belgium, issued a call to arms to the participants of the ATBEST biogas conference in Linköping.

Three days of Julia Kristeva


The famous psychoanalyst, linguist, philosopher and feminist Julia Kristeva has her own dedicated conference. This year it will be held in Stockholm from 13 to 15 October, with researchers from a number of countries coming together to discuss her work and ideas. Co-organisers include LiU’s Department of Culture and Communication.

Up and down in global rankings


Linköping University has climbed to place 21 in a ranking of universities less than 50 years old, but has fallen in another ranking.

Researchers’ Night – a public service


On Friday 30 September it’s time for European Researchers’ Night in Linköping and Norrköping, where a selection of LiU’s research will be presented to the public.

The next


Linköping University has opened a test version (beta) of its new website. “We want everyone to have access to the new website, even during the development phase. This will give us a few months to gather responses and to test the website before it is launched at the turn of the year,” says Director of Communications Mariethe Larsson.

Help in understanding a parent’s suicide


Talking about suicide is associated with such strong stigma that young people whose parents have taken their own life must turn to strangers, for example people they meet on the internet, to ventilate their grief.

International conference on aging and the elderly


The global population is becoming increasingly older, while the experiences of the elderly are becoming increasingly diverse. This will be discussed at an international conference on aging to be held in Norrköping, 6-7 October 2016.

Many visitors at opening of student accommodation


New student accommodation in the Irrblosset development of Linköping has been opened. At the same time a work of art in the form of a façade painting, dedicated to Linköping University and its 40th anniversary in 2015, was unveiled.

Predicting the severity of multiple sclerosis


Cells in the immune system of patients with multiple sclerosis behave differently from those of healthy individuals. Researchers at LiU have exploited this difference to develop a method that can predict disease activity in multiple sclerosis.

More frequent discovery of research misconduct


The Macchiarini affair in Sweden has directed the spotlight onto research misconduct. LiU researchers Solmaz Filiz Karabag and Christian Berggren show in a new study that the problem is also serious within the social sciences.

Major EU grant for research into regional innovation


Together with six other European institutions of higher education, Linköping University has been given the go-ahead for a project designed to reinforce the role of the universities in innovation and regional development. The total grant is approximately SEK 35 million.

Mediterranean crisis is brought to students


At a guest lecture, students at Linköping University found out how the Swedish Coast Guard executes a rescue mission in the Mediterranean Sea.

Research centre for printed electronics opened


The Swedish Research Laboratory for Printed Electronics has been opened at LiU, with new equipment and many warm expressions of affection.

Refugees and occupational therapy


What can occupational therapists do in issues relating to refugees and integration? This is a new area for a profession in transition, and it will be discussed at a seminar this week in Norrköping.

Nominated for environmental award


Rebecka Le Moine, biologist and master’s student in ecology, environmental management and nature conservation, has been nominated for the Environmental Hero of the Year award.

Driving or talking?


When we are busy with something that requires the use of sight, the brain reduces hearing to make it easy for us. The study give researchers a deeper understanding of what happens in the brain when we concentrate on something.

Small lift in latest ranking


Linköping University comes in at place 282 in the latest ranking from QS World University Rankings – a lift of four places from last year.

Best project stops cycle theft


Fredrik Löfgren and his teammates are fed up with having their bikes stolen. They have developed an ingenious solution that also makes it easier to get hold of a bike when you need one. Their idea won the Best Project prize at this year’s East Sweden Hack.

Barnafrid to open in December


The Swedish national knowledge centre “Barnafrid” is to open on 7 December, in an event that includes international lecturers and Åsa Regnér, minister for children, the elderly and gender equality.

Malmstens at London Design Fair


Graduates of the Furniture Design Programme at Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies will attend the London Design Fair, 22-25 September. The graduates will show innovative lighting for the private and public sectors. The pieces were first presented at this year’s Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. In conjunction with the Stockholm fair, the graduates received invitations to participate in London.

Vice-Chancellor to continue


The University Board has unanimously recommended that the government extend Helen Dannetun’s appointment as vice-chancellor of Linköping University. The decision was reached at a board meeting on 1 September 2016.

Student housing situation improving


Even if lots of students have trouble finding accommodation in the beginning of the term, prospects this autumn are better than in the past six years.

New possibilities for treating alcoholism


A research group under the leadership of Professor Markus Heilig has identified an enzyme whose production is turned off in nerve cells of the frontal lobe when alcohol dependence develops. The deficiency in this enzyme leads to continued use of alcohol despite adverse consequences.

Hackathon aims to solve real-world challenges


This weekend it’s time for the 2016 East Sweden Hack. Equipped with open data and creativity, 20 teams will take part, with the aim of solving important challenges facing society.

Important discussions at AFM 2016


The AFM2016 conference provided two days of the latest within materials science, together with discussions about the benefits to society and the difficulty of applying research results in industry.

Three days of Julia Kristeva


The famous psychoanalyst, linguist, philosopher and feminist Julia Kristeva has her own dedicated conference. This year it will be held in Stockholm from 13 to 15 October, with researchers from a number of countries coming together to discuss her work and ideas. Co-organisers include LiU’s Department of Culture and Communication.

Students taking research ideas to the next level


Knowledge about research and a glimpse into how entrepreneurship can work - these are insights that some students from Linköping University have gained from summer jobs working with scientists in the "Sommarmatch" project.

Ethical discourse as globalisation increases


A newly published book emphasises the importance of communicating shared fundamental values that transcend cultural and national boundaries.

Relief for epilepsy at the scale of a single cell


Researchers at LiU have developed a small device that both detects the initial signal of an epileptic attack and doses a substance that effectively stops it. All this takes place where the signal arises.

LiU student takes gold


Jerker Lysell, an undergraduate in civil engineering at LiU, took gold in the sprint event at the World Orienteering Championships last weekend.

The students are here


They’re here. Over the next few weeks, LiU’s campuses will be teeming with first-year and returning students.

Improved global ranking for LiU


Linköping University has improved its position on the “Shanghai list”, a global ranking list that principally measures research prowess.

Refugee children arriving with family are overlooked


Refugee children who come to Sweden and seek asylum together with their parents risk being overlooked, not getting any systematic help with school, healthcare and other care. There is no functioning system for them, in contrast to the unaccompanied refugee children, for whom responsibility is more clearly allocated.

International students have most trouble finding accommodation


LiU’s international students have started to arrive, and many are having difficulty finding accommodation.

LiU condemns encroachment against higher education in Turkey


After the attempted coup on Friday, July 15, the Turkish government has carried out a number of encroachments that threaten freedom of expression – as well as academic freedom – in Turkey. Among other things, 1,577 deans have been fired.

To Boston, with algae in their bags


LiU’s team in the iGEM international research competition is betting on getting algae to produce so much fat that it can be profitable in the manufacture of biodiesel. In October, they’re travelling to Boston and MIT with their contribution to the competition.

New discovery on how the inner ear works


Researchers have found that the parts of the inner ear that process sounds such as speech and music seem to work differently than other parts of the inner ear. Researchers from Linköping University are part of the team behind the discovery.

Plastic can cause obesity


Environmental contaminants, for instance those found in plastics, can affect our metabolism and lead to obesity – according to LiU researcher Carlos Guerrero-Bosagna and several leading experts in a statement in Environmental Health Perspectives.

First International Summer Academy


This summer Linköping University will host its first Summer Academy for students from international partner universities.

Softwares for fMRI yield erroneous results


Common statistical methods used to analyse brain activity through images taken with MRI scanners cannot be trusted, as shown by Anders Eklund and Hans Knutsson of Linköping University, and Thomas Nichols of the University of Warwick, in the highly-ranked journal PNAS.

Organic solar cells: coming soon near you


Organic printed solar cells will soon be in a window or a bag near you. In “Sunflower”, the recently-concluded EU project, researchers and businesses brought the technology a great deal closer to our everyday lives.

New Director of International Relations


Maria Engelmark, head of studies administration at Kristianstad University, will become the new Director of International Relations at Linköping University. She will take office on 18 August.

Solar cell première


Printed organic solar cells produce electricity from several of the windows at Tekniska verken in Linköping. Professor Olle Inganäs and his research group are leading the development towards the sustainable energy sources of the future.