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Comments on: Pageviews are Obsolete

Cleaning up the web with Ajax

Last Build Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2013 12:48:38 +0000


By: K. Bublitz

Sun, 03 Sep 2006 21:17:20 +0000

Simple, as has been said, just count the ad views. I personally hate ads and i dont even try to get money off that, but.. if there is a need for a measurement or - more exactly - a new way to display them to wipe out the pageview-argument, then just put some self-updating adspace on your project and count those to your partners. It's really nothing i would waste too much time thinking upon. The question siteowners have to ask while negotiating with possible clients will always be "how often shall we show the advertisement?", nothing else. It should be clear that if you got to that point they already found the site valuable enough so it is no big deal.

By: kristian.j

Fri, 01 Sep 2006 09:15:30 +0000

The real challenge is to build custom stats that is relevant to the application: number of product views, number of ad views. This is a bigger task than just counting pageviews - but it can also give us an opportunity to have a much more fine-grained view of what the users actually are interested in, and what parts of our application that works.

By: BlogForward : Money » Pageviews are Obsolete

Wed, 30 Aug 2006 16:22:41 +0000

[...] So, the real question he poses is - “what’s a better measurement?” Is there a good way to integrate this new kind of interfacing with our more traditional stats. How do you explain to advertisers that just becaue your page views dropped when putting in this new feature, it’s actually a good thing?[via] [...]

By: CM Harrington

Wed, 30 Aug 2006 14:45:25 +0000

I think advertisers have to start looking at the fact that, in the end, web ads are similar to print ads in that they promote brand recognition. If you're on a page that is an application, you'll have that ad on the page the whole time you're there. That's a hell of a lot better than having someone hit a page via Google, then leave just as quickly. In the print world, advertisers pay big bucks to have their ad in a major publication, and there is no way to tell if that ad has had an effect on the viewer. Why should it matter so much in the online world? Advertisers are fooling themselves if they can get *any* proper measurement of individual viewer behaviour based on an ad impression.

By: benji

Wed, 30 Aug 2006 14:21:50 +0000

Sales. Whoops, web2.0 doesnt do sales. Thats too enterprisey! Our calculations for stealth startup, taken from our web2.0 business model presentation: number of peeps = huge * diggs cost per peep = nothing / ( huge * diggs ) venture capital per peep = cost per peep * idiot peep investors income per peep = the long tail

By: Steve Akers

Wed, 30 Aug 2006 13:56:12 +0000

A more meaningful measure in my opinion would be "ad views". With Ajax you can serve up ads in response to events. For example, if I'm looking at a tv listing and I hover over "Lost" then the ad at the top of the page could rotate to "Lost: Season 2 on DVD". Some may say that this is bad because even with millions of visitors users may not trigger the events that serve up your ads. While this is true, the HUGE benefit is that your ads are now being presented to a more target audience (farther down the funnel as Seth Goding might say).