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Air ticketing scam includes malicious download
Australian consumers are being warned of a ticketing scam which causes malicious software to be downloaded to their computers.The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has received a number of complaints about a bogus email claiming to be from an airline company.The email, which has a bogus ticket and receipt attached, advises consumers they have been charged about A$500. Opening the attachment runs the risk of activating malicious software, which could infect the computer, the c

IT workers turn down permanent jobs
According to industry experts, a growing number of IT professionals are favouring contract work over permanent employment because of the better pay on offer. But this trend could possibly hamper IT and business alignment, they warn.European IT recruitment firm Parity places IT professionals in both contract and permanent work but finds employers often opt out of hiring permanent staff because they cannot meet pay demands.“All the big blue chips are looking for permanent staff but they canâ

Yahoo Lights Up Location Data With Fire Eagle
Yahoo's Brickhouse incubator opened its latest work: Fire Eagle, a location data management platform for web applications.How much do people want to share with their friends? If it extends to where they are and when they are there, Yahoo's next project emerging from Brickhouse may fill the need.Services like the Movable Type blogging platform and social media site Pownce both support Fire Eagle, Yahoo's solution to location data management. Fire Eagle's implementation for an application allows u

Interview with David Liu, Founder of Good OS
With the recent release of gOS 3 Beta, we thought it was prime time to take a closer look at the company responsible for creating the OS that powered the ill-fated Everex Cloudbook, and the gorgeous (and Mac OS X Leopard-inspired) gOS Space. We chewed the fat with David Liu, gOS founder and CEO, about the operating systems’ new features, potential competition from Ubuntu Netbook Remix, the push for consumer adoption, and the future of Linux on the desktop.

EU Approved Cars that Talk
The European Commission has recently decided to reserve, across Europe, part of the radio spectrum for smart vehicle communications systems. The decision is part of the commission’s overall fight against road accidents and traffic jams, and the hope is that vehicles’ developers will create wireless communication technology that will allow cars to “talk” to other cars and to the road infrastructure providers.Using wireless communication cars could, for example, warn other driv

US failing to prosecute online criminals
A report by the Center for American Progress and the Center for Democracy and Technology has found there is too little action being taken against online criminals despite rising consumer concern about online safety.The report found that state officials were spending only 40 per cent of case time investigating online fraudsters, preferring instead to concentrate on higher profile solicitation and pornography cases.Only 8.9 per¬ cent of investigation involved data security, confidential records

Licensing bug shuts down VMware servers
A software bug is leaving VMware customers unable to log in to virtualized servers.The issue began early on Tuesday when users attempted to power up virtual systems running the company's ESX 3.5 software. The user is greeted with an error message indicating that the machine's "power on" function failed due to an expired license.The company said that the issue is due to a timeout mechanism that had been left on and set to expire on August 12. This, said the company, caused the system to lock out

Gary McKinnon wins short stay from extradition
Gary McKinnon, who may be a somewhat deranged alien hunter or “the world’s most dangerous hacker,” as U.S. authorities style him (according to the Guardian) won a temporary stay of his extradition to the U.S.Last month, the British House of Lords court denied his appeal to block extradition but the European Court of Human Rights grantd a stay un