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The Podcast Where Art Imitates Life... ...And Life Imitates Art. La Cinéfolle talks about movies and life and how each reflects the other. Je suis folle du cinéma, bref une cinéfolle.

Last Build Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2008 07:47:45 PST

Copyright: (c) 2006-2007 Katherine Matthews

Episode 15 - Cupid, Stupid!

Wed, 13 Feb 2008 07:47:45 PST

Cinéfolle Episode 15 - Cupid, Stupid! (duration 16:55 - MP3 file size 15.5 MB) Shownotes: Today, Bollywood meets Hollywood. Find out what happens when the Hollywood film "Hitch" is remade as "Partner". Audio FX, Sound and Music Attribution: "Cinema projector sound" taken from sample recorded by jlozano and posted on The Freesound Project Music featured in this episode: "Magic Man" by Heart (via the Podsafe Music Network) "Dance Dance Dance" by the Lovebugs (via the Podsafe Music Network) Additional Information and Links: As I mentioned in the episode, the brief dance scene in "Hitch" becomes the full blown "Soni de nakhre" in "Partner" -- check for the link at

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Episode 14: The Wheel of Life

Tue, 13 Nov 2007 17:31:40 PST

Cinéfolle Episode 14 - The Wheel of Life (duration 28:20 - MP3 file size 25.9 MB) Shownotes: In this episode, I get to see a Bollywood film on the big screen for the first time, an experience that can be summed up in one word: "Wow!" Audio FX, Sound and Music Attribution: "Cinema projector sound" taken from sample recorded by jlozano and posted on The Freesound Project Music featured in this episode: "Ghoom Tana" from the album Infiniti by Pakistani rock band Junoon, courtesy of "You" by the Indian rock band Pralay via the Podsafe Music Network ( Additional Information and Links: Om Shanti Om -- official site of the film "Om Shanti Om" -- the "making of" "Dhoom Taana" -- promotional clip featuring bits from the song "Ajab Si" -- promotional clip featuring bits from the song The Making of Deewangi (the star-studded song and dance number) The Theatrical Trailer And, if you've been bitten by the Bollywood bug, a good source for DVDs and movie soundtracks is Nehaflix.

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now that you mention it...

Thu, 20 Sep 2007 11:01:17 PDT

I was sent a link to Dinosaur Comics today, in which two dinosaurs are talking about the movies, and one laments that the "slap on the face/smooch on the lips" scene seems to be missing in today's movies. And although I do love me a good car chase (and I did say a *good* car chase), I think there's something to that. I can't think of the last time I saw the slap/smooch combo, can you? Also, in other Very Exciting News -- I am now in possession of a copy of "Khabi Khushi Kabhie Gham", the film I mentioned in the last episode. The Tech Guy was given the very kind gift of an gift certificate for some help he'd given a fellow podcaster, and Amazon just happened to have the 2 DVD Special Edition available to order. I am So Excited I Could Plotz. Seriously. And now I have a conundrum -- do I keep working on the next two episodes (on a couple of more serious themes)? Or do I throw everything to the wind and just enjoy The Big B? Decisions, decisions...

Episode 13: The Last of the Summer Whine

Thu, 06 Sep 2007 19:18:42 PDT

Cinéfolle Episode 13 (duration 26:15 - MP3 file size 24.0 MB) ( To download: PC Peoples use Right-click + Save [ Target | Link ] As... / Mac Peoples use Alt-Click ) Shownotes: In this episode, I whinge Yet Again about missing out on the Toronto International Film Festival, and play the "What if?" game with a twist -- not only choosing a festival top ten, but also the Number One Film to see, if one could only choose one film. And what a film! The Last Lear, directed by Rituparno Ghosh, and starring mega-super-hyper-mega Bollywood star, Amitabh Bachchan (AKA "The Big B"). It's been a long time since I tried an unscripted episode, but I was inspired by some of my favourite podcasters -- Ted Riecken of Island Podcasting, the wonderful Scarborough Dude, and my particular podcast chouchou, The Big Z. Er. The Zedcast, that is. In fact, it was because Bruce Murray seemed to find it hard to fathom that I needed to work with a script to avoid sounding like a blithering idiot that I decided to just turn the mic on and give 'er a whirl. Okay, okay, I made some notes. But I didn't write a script. Really. Honestly. And I'm sorry about hitting the mic so much. I found it really annoying when I was editing, but short of throwing out the episode and going back to a script, well, we're all stuck with that. As for The Big B, as promised a couple of YouTube moments. 1. The song "Say Shawa Shawa" from the film "Khabi Khushi Kabhie Gham" (or "Sometimes Happiness, Sometimes Sadness", and also known as "K3G"). I love this clip not only because it features both Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan, but also because it's Amitabh Bachchan doing his own singing (most Bollywood song numbers are sung by others and lip-synched by the actors, but in this case, Bachchan's voice is so wonderful that it's great to hear it in the song.) (BTW, this one doesn't have subtitles, but I turned up a translation.) And the wonderful "Yeh Dosti" ("This Friendship")from Sholay (1975): (and if you're still curious, Veeru's Water Tower scene from Sholay) Audio FX, Sound and Music Attribution: "Cinema projector sound" taken from sample recorded by jlozano and posted on The Freesound Project Music featured in this episode: "Famous" by Ben Warren (via the Podsafe Music Network) "A Stone's Throw Short of Perfection" by Union of Lanterns (via the Podsafe Music Network) Additional Information and Links: Toronto International Film Festival "Bollywood, the Big B, and Me" -- Jessica Hines on Amitabh Bachchan.

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Episode 12 - Send in the Clowns

Tue, 31 Jul 2007 18:04:48 PDT

Cinéfolle Episode 12 (duration 14:30 - MP3 file size 13.4 MB) ( To download: PC Peoples use Right-click + Save [ Target | Link ] As... / Mac Peoples use Alt-Click ) Shownotes: This episode was drafted rather a long while ago, and recorded before the Juste Pour Rire festival took place in July, but took a while longer than we expected to be finished, so things are a little out of date now. Mind you, they would have been in the end, anyway, so that will teach me to talk about time-sensitive material, eh? I also decided I had to record it while I was sick with a miserable summer cold, and I didn't realize how terrible my breathing was until I listened to the final edit of the episode. I had to record standing up to avoid sounding like I was going to suffocate any minute, so really, it could have been worse. However, to avoid turning my podcast into a toaster, I'm going to post the episode anyway, and hope that you can find something in it of value. And in the spirit of Neil Gorman's talk, I tried something different in this episode. Audio FX, Sound and Music Attribution: "Cinema projector sound" taken from sample recorded by jlozano and posted on The Freesound Project Music featured in this episode: "March of the Clowns" by Derek Sonderfan (via the Podsafe Music Network) Additional Links: Burl the Bubble Guy -- seriously, click on the link to watch his video. Le plus grand cabaret du monde There are a lot of links for Arturo Brachetti on YouTube, but this one is a pretty classic routine. I once saw Arturo Brachetti on the street outside the Galeries Lafayette in Paris and was too star-struck to approach him -- he was wearing a fabulous silver jacket at the time. I found a fascinating report on YouTube about magician Dani Lary that came from France3. And a lot of the numbers he created specifically for Le plus grand cabaret du monde can be found on YouTube as well -- start with this water number for example, which will give you a taste for Le plus grand cabaret du monde, or this one (which is a particular favorite of mine). And of course, things wouldn't be complete without Shirley et Dino! La fille du bas étage (Corrine is actually a really good singer, it's phenomenal what she does to sound so awful!) Le russe And the official site of the film that started all this: Cabaret Paradis

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Episode 11 - Make It At Home For Nothing

Sat, 07 Apr 2007 11:18:57 PDT

Cinéfolle Episode 11 (duration 17:52 - MP3 file size 16.4 MB) ( To download: PC Peoples use Right-click + Save [ Target | Link ] As... / Mac Peoples use Alt-Click ) Shownotes: "Who are you waiting for? I'm right here..." So begins the title song for the Bollywood film, "Main Hoon Na". Today's Cinéfolle is an all singing, all dancing, and (by way of Purl Diving, my other podcast) an all knitting extravaganza! Audio FX, Sound and Music Attribution: "Cinema projector sound" taken from sample recorded by jlozano and posted on The Freesound Project All film clips are from "Main Hoon Na" -- India, 2004. Directed by Farah Khan. (I've used these under the terms of "fair dealing", and if you're curious to see the film, it's available on DVD from Music featured in this episode: "You" by the Indian rock band Pralay (via the Podsafe Music Network) Additional Links: A Canadian Bollywood movie: "Bollywood/Hollywood" -- Canada, 2002. Directed by Deepa Mehta. OMNI Televsion's Bollywood Freetime Movie schedule on OMNI.2

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Episode 10 - Grumpy Old Podcasters

Thu, 08 Mar 2007 17:51:53 PST

Cinéfolle Episode 10 (duration 24:54 - MP3 file size 22.8 MB) ( To download: PC Peoples use Right-click + Save [ Target | Link ] As... / Mac Peoples use Alt-Click ) La Cinéfolle and The Tech Guy sit down to watch the Oscars, and the result is an episode filled with sparkle, glamour, high drama and baked tortilla chips. Yes, we sound as if we're recording from deep in the ocean inside a bathyscaphe, but that's what happens when you have two podcasters and one microphone, and you've recently re-organized the tv room and taken out the nice, insulating carpet. Of course, the real question is not which one is Walter Matthau and which is Jack Lemmon, but who is Ann-Margret wearing? Audio FX Attribution: "Cinema projector sound" taken from sample recorded by jlozano and posted on The Freesound Project.

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Episode 9: Birthday Party

Fri, 19 Jan 2007 13:24:21 PST

Cinéfolle Episode 9 (duration 34:35 - MP3 file size 31.8 MB) ( To download: PC Peoples use Right-click + Save [ Target | Link ] As... / Mac Peoples use Alt-Click ) Thanks to the Zedcast and its inimitable host, Bruce Murray, la Cinéfolle becomes a convert to The List. You know. The List. And inflicts a birthday on you. Virtual Cake, anyone? Featured Film: Janis et John (France, 2003. Directed by Samuel Benchetrit, Starring Sergi Lopez, Marie Trintignant, François Cluzet, Christophe Lambert, and Jean-Louis Trintignant) Audio FX Attribution: "Cinema projector sound" taken from sample recorded by jlozano and posted on The Freesound Project. Featured Music From the Podsafe Music Network: "Goldie Hawn" by Bob Gentry "Yeah Yeah Stomp the Bleachers" by The Wylde Bunch From Adrian Recordings: "New Direction" by David & the Citizens (used by special permisssion of the band) ( you see they are playing in Finland at the beginning of February? More of those connections, eh?) Additional Links: Zedcast -- a huge thank you to Bruce Murray for allowing me to use clips from his show, and for his inspiration. What are you waiting for? Go download the Zedcast now! Finnish author Arto Paasilinna -- you can choose from a Wikipedia entry, or one at Virtual Finland. Yes, visiting Finland is On The List. Le lièvre de Vatanen - the official site of the film, which opened in France on December 27. wabi sabi -- my blog. Just in case you're interested in seeing the new blog banner. There'll be another new one in February. Because, of course, it's on The List.

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Tue, 16 Jan 2007 18:26:10 PST

Hi everyone, It's the "Tech Guy" here, with a bit of administrivia to report: for those of you who use iTunes as your "podcatcher" program, the RSS feed for the podcast has been tweaked a bit in FeedBurner and it now includes the iTunes specific tags that will let you add Cinéfolle to your podcast subscriptions in iTunes. You can do this by selecting Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast... from the menus and entering the feed URL in the pop-up window, then click the OK button. Cinéfolle and the available episodes should then appear listed under the Podcasts heading. Depending on how you have podcasts configured in iTunes, you may need to manually update the podcast to check for new episodes or it may be set to check for and download new episodes automagically. If it hasn't downloaded a new episode or you want to pick up earlier ones that you don't have, you can click on an episode's GET button in the list to download it. You can, as always, just use The Podcatcher Of Your Choice instead of iTunes to subscribe to the RSS feed (click on the nifty Subscribe icon in the sidebar), or drop in here at the shownotes page from time to time and see if there's a new episode to download. We like giving you a choice... Finally, up to this point La Cinéfolle hasn't made up her mind whether or not to submit Cinéfolle to the iTunes Store to be listed in their podcast directory, from whence it could be subscribed to directly -- perhaps some encouragement in the comments or via e-mail would help convince her to take the plunge... Yr fthfl srvnt, The Tech Guy

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Episode 8: I Saw the Light

Mon, 08 Jan 2007 17:56:03 PST

Cinéfolle Episode 8 (duration 28:05 - MP3 file size 25.8 MB) ( To download: PC Peoples use Right-click + Save [ Target | Link ] As... / Mac Peoples use Alt-Click ) Finally we reach Episode 8, in which your intrepid heroine reveals her Inner Grinch, and recounts a series of epiphanies. As with so much in life, the best thoughts came at the end, after I'd finished recording. As I was listening to the Tech Guy's final editing magic, I realized that much like today's film, in which the three Magi follow signs and have the right people thrown in their path at the right moment, so, too, is the life of la Cinéfolle. For which I am truly grateful. Y'all know who you are. But thanks. Featured Film: "Les rois mages" (or "The Three Kings") (France 2001, directed by Didier Bourdon and Bernard Campan) Starring Didier Bourdon, Bernard Campan, and Pascal Légitimus (AKA "Les Inconnus"). Audio FX Attribution: "Cinema projector sound" taken from sample recorded by jlozano and posted on The Freesound Project. Featured Music (from the Podsafe Music Network) "See the Light" by Mangomad "Do You Hear What I Hear?" by Jill Parr Additional Links: Everything you want to know about Canadian Tire 'Money' Videos of Les Inconnus (unofficial French site)

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Episode 7: The Podcrastinator - "I'll be back... really I will..."

Fri, 01 Dec 2006 10:25:32 PST

Cinéfolle Episode 7 (duration 27:46 - MP3 file size 25.4 MB) ( To download: PC Peoples use Right-click + Save [ Target | Link ] As... / Mac Peoples use Alt-Click ) The Podcrastinator returns, with important, up-to-the-minute information about RAI International's stellar programming (including La Prova del Cuoco, Ballando con le Stelle, and Affari Tuoi. The Flavio Insinna fan club line starts here. And there's a blog that gives a day-by-day summary of how each contestant does, useful for those days when RAI International has the nerve to remove it from the programming... Oh, yes, and there's a movie, too. Featured Film: "Le Vieux Fusil" (France 1975, directed by Robert Enrico) Audio FX Attribution: "Cinema projector sound" taken from sample recorded by jlozano and posted on The Freesound Project. Featured Music (from, the "We are not evil" people): "Making Me Nervous" by Brad Sucks "Segue" by Curandero Additional Links: Sylvain Grand'Maison produces his podcast, Le Québec en balladodiffusion, from Montréal. He's been described as a cross between Island Podcasting and the Canadian Podcast Buffet -- but his style is all his own, chaleureux, informative and entertaining. In French, and highly recommended. Bruce ("the nicest man in podcasting") Murray produces the Zedcast from his home in small town Nova Scotia. It's an eclectic hodge-podge of skits, stories, news, in a style that is just...well, Bruce.

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Fri, 17 Nov 2006 09:31:09 PST

The Tech Guy here again, just letting you know that I have updated the link to the MP3 download location on each episode's shownotes entry to reflect the new URL on Internet Archive (the previous URLs on libsyn are no longer active). Your podcatcher program may report these as new episodes -- apologies if that happens; we're not trying to trick you! Yr fthfl srvnt, The Tech Guy


Fri, 03 Nov 2006 09:52:17 PST

Hi, it's The Tech Guy at Cinéfolle again. There are some behind-the-scenes (does that count as a movie reference?) changes which affect where the podcast's MP3 files are hosted: they have been moved to The Internet Archive (although they will also be served up by libsyn for another week or so before they're deleted from their servers). While we have been mostly happy with libsyn, we did run into some support issues (e.g. slow to address them) when they had some problems with reporting statistics (which were eventually resolved). The main reason for the switch is that we really did not need all the bells and whistles that libsyn provide in addition to hosting the files, and did not feel we could justify the cost. So, the MP3s for each episode can now be downloaded from The Internet Archive at I've also listed the individual episodes below -- note that this may make your podcatcher think these are new episodes; if so, please accept my humble apologies and thanks for being patient just a little longer while La Cinéfolle herself gets the next episode done. Yr fthfl srvnt, The Tech Guy Cinéfolle Episode 6 - The TIFF Episode Cinéfolle Episode 5 - The Two Solitudes Cinéfolle Episode 4 - Le Tour de France Cinéfolle Episode 3 - Les Coulisses (Behind the Scenes or Le Making Of) Cinéfolle Episode 2 - The Beautiful Game Cinéfolle Episode 1 - Et Dieu créa le podcast As usual, to download: PC Peoples use Right-click + Save [ Target | Link ] As... / Mac Peoples use Alt-Click

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Not a New Episode... Just Yet.

Mon, 25 Sep 2006 18:22:50 PDT

Guest authoring a post today, the Cinéfolle's Tech Guy (a.k.a. The Other), would like to assure all of Herself's faithful listener, er, listeners, that the dreaded podfading has not set in hereabouts. The Cinéfolle has been, by turns, busy with assorted new projects and a bit unwell. As a result, the next episode of the podcast has been a bit delayed, but is definitely in the pipeline and should appear Real Soon Now, so please check back here periodically. Better still, why not subscribe to the podcast's RSS feed using our snazzy little RSS iChiclet in the sidebar and have your favourite podcatcher alert you when the new episode is posted. Yr fthfl srvnt, The Tech Guy

Episode 6: The TIFF Episode

Fri, 08 Sep 2006 06:17:59 PDT

Cinéfolle Episode 6 (duration 27:48 - MP3 file size 25.5 MB) (PC Peoples: right click and choose Save Link As... / Mac Peoples: alt and click) Some whinging. Some grumbling. And a film. I'm breaking the rule about seeing a film more than once before talking about it Yet Again -- and in fact, I haven't even seen today's featured film! Daring, bravado, guts and a lot of rambling. Okay, so not so much daring, bravado and guts, but definitely rambing. Download today's episode to find out more... Featured Film: "Mon Meilleur Ami" (France 2006, directed by Patrice Leconte) Featured Music (from, the "We're not evil" people): "Sweet Dissonance" by Anup "La Casita Del Amor" by Mutandina Additional Links: The Toronto International Film Festival Dany Boon Patrice Leconte The Infamous K-Way Sketch

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Episode 5: The Two Solitudes

Thu, 24 Aug 2006 15:39:30 PDT

Cinéfolle Episode 5 (duration 26:13 - MP3 file size 24.0 MB) (PC Peoples: right click and choose Save Link As... / Mac Peoples: alt and click) "Let's give up the pretence. We are not a Confederation, after all. We are a constitutionally organized hockey fan base built on the three great principles of, no, it's not peace, order, and good government. The three great principles of more forechecking, stay in the slot, and take out the man. " Rex Murphy, in his segment for The National: "Point of View -- Don Cherry for Governor-General", February 21, 2002. Today's episode is as Canadian Tim Horton's Double Double. Canadian Tire Money and curling. Okay, I know curling is played elsewhere, but it's particularly popular here. I suspect that Wikipedia entry was written by a Canadian. All this is to say that sometimes it's good to see a film that presents what makes us unique as Canadians, that define us as a nation, but that also looks at the things that separate us from our neighbours in the world and even within our own country. So, in this episode, Bon Cop, Bad Cop, a recently released Canadian film that has burned up the box office records in Quebec. Take hockey, explosions, car chases, a sexy bad-boy cop, a smooth, suave and debonnaire one as well, throw in a zamboni, Rick Mercer as a mouthy, colourfully dressed hockey commentator (remind you of anyone?), and a whole lot of stereotypes (didn't Winnipeg comic David Steinberg have a routine in which he said that stereotypes come from somewhere?),a lot of things to make you roll your eyes, but an equal number to make you laugh out loud as well. So don't wait, download the episode, and take off, eh? Featured Film: Bon Cop, Bad Cop (2006, directed by Eric Canuel and starring Patrick Huard and Colm Feore) Featured Music (from the Podsafe Music Network): "Married to a Frenchman" by the Polysics (Asian Man Records) "Montreal" by Allison Crowe Additional Links: wabisabi (my home blog, where I talk very occasionally about knitting, sometimes about cooking, and the rest of the time about "stuff") The Chub Creek Dink Dolls (where you can follow the adventures of the dolls on their world tour, read about the places they've visted, and sign up to host them) Chub Creek (where you can go to find out about sending Dave an audio or email message grovelling to host the dolls -- more information in CC Episode 69 -- or just generally enjoy what Dave serves up every week)

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Episode 4: Le Tour de France

Sat, 12 Aug 2006 14:39:22 PDT

Cinéfolle Episode 4 (duration 32:45 - MP3 file size 29.9 MB) (PC Peoples: right click and choose Save Link As... / Mac Peoples: alt and click) What can I say? The Tour de France is over for another year. It's dogged in scandal. In a year that's been depressing for cycling fans, this was just the icing on the cake. What to do? What to do? Why, watch a movie, of course. But not just any movie. A movie that reminds the Cinéfolle why she likes the sport in the first place, and restores her faith in all that is good about cycling. Oh, there's a dose of reality, but like all good movies, it leaves you feeling fulfilled at the end. So what are you waiting for? Download the episode now, and let's get on with it! Additional Links: Quirky Nomads Chub Creek -- and how could I forget the Dink Doll's own web page? These wonderful dolls were created by Brenda Dayne of Cast-On, and they are now involved in an amazing World Tour. The essay by Philippe Delerm (and I wondered if he was Vincent Delerm's father!) that I spoke about can be found in English. I didn't know that before this, now I'm curious to see how it was translated! You can check out stills from the movie at Benoît Poelvoorde's web site. Featured Film: Le vélo de Ghislain Lambert (2001. Directed by Philippe Harel, Starring Benoît Poelvoorde, José Garcia and Daniel Ceccaldi) Featured Music (all from the Podsafe Music Network): Bikeride by Scanlan Flowvalescence by Dave of Chub Creek

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Episode 3: Les Coulisses (Behind the Scenes or Le Making Of)

Sun, 30 Jul 2006 15:02:46 PDT

Cinéfolle Episode 3 (duration 50:24 - MP3 file size 46.2 MB) (PC Peoples: right click and choose Save Link As... / Mac Peoples: alt and click) When I started podcasting, I vowed I wouldn't record an episode longer than 35 minutes. It only took three episodes to break that vow. And when you listen to Episode 3, you'll probably notice a certain irony in it all. Also, that annoying ticky noise? Took me three episodes to figure out what it was. My chair. Not changing my chair. Ticky noise stays, I guess. Featured Films: Beyond the Sea (2004, directed by Kevin Spacey) Walk the Line (2005, directed by James Mangold) Capote (2005, directed by Bennett Miller) The Constant Gardener (2005, directed by Fernando Meirelles) The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005, directed by Steve Box and Nick Park) Shijie (The World) (2004, directed by Zhang Ke Jia) C.R.A.Z.Y. (2005, directed by Jean-Marc Vallée) Travellers and Magicians (2003, directed by Khyentse Norbu) The Syrian Bride (2004, directed by Eran Riklis) Yes (2004, directed by Sally Potter) Shall We Dance? (1996, directed by Masayuki Suo) Featured Music: (all from the Podsafe Music Network) "Movies in my Head" by Lorena Miré "Movie Screens and Magazines" by Atomic Tom "Roadmovie" by Zamarro "Movie Star" by Stabilizer "The End of Every Movie" by Coltrane Motion

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Opening soon...

Thu, 27 Jul 2006 19:20:24 PDT

Stay tuned, don't touch that dial, we'll hold you a seat while you get the popcorn... Episode 3 of Cinéfolle - Le Making Of (Or, Definitely Not The Tour de France Episode) is in the works, and should be available for download here on this coming weekend. Yr fthfl srvnt, The Other (a.k.a. "The Tech Guy" at Cinéfolle)

Episode 2 - The Beautiful Game

Sat, 08 Jul 2006 11:37:16 PDT

Cinéfolle Episode 2 (duration 33:00 - MP3 file size 30.3 MB) (PC Peoples: right click and choose Save Link As... / Mac Peoples: alt and click) "Remarkable. Unbelievable. Impossible. And true. It's all true! We've got the film to prove it." -- tag line for Terry Gilliam's film, "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen". I'd forgotten, in preparing episode two, that Les Bleus were staying at the Schloss Munchausen in Germany -- somehow it seems fitting that their astounding arrival at the World Cup final rivals anything that the good Baron himself could ever have got up to. But that's what's so great about dreams -- you just never know where they'll take you. Featured Films: Bend it Like Beckham (2002, directed by Gurinder Chadha) 3 zéros (2002, directed by Fabien Onteniente) Shaolin Soccer (2001, directed by Stephen Chow) The Cup (1999, directed by Khyentse Norbu) Featured Music: "Daball" by Bangguru "Target Love" by Bangguru (and the record by Gérard Darmon. If you want, has some 30 second or so clips you can listen to) P.S. Magic. Magic magic magic. Magic magic magic magic magic. Perhaps I shall have got it out of my system now... P.P.S Yes, I know there's a problem with the sound. Someone ::cough:: hit one of the knobs on the mixer and didn't notice it until right near the end of the recording. The Tech Guy solved it right away. But I didn't have the heart to re-record, and he did his best to mitigate the worst of it all. P.P.P.S. I can be forgiven. I just watched "Téléfoot", and heard the word "magie" linked so many times to Zizou's play that I can see I'm not alone in finding no other word to describe what he does.

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The Meltdown: Take 2...

Wed, 05 Jul 2006 09:05:17 PDT

To paraphrase the late, great Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) "Rumors of Cinéfolle's demise have been greatly exaggerated". In truth, the Cinéfolle Herself has been ill, which when combined with some oppressive summer heat and humidity, and compounded by frustration over Not Being Able To Record The Perfect Podcast In A Single Take, has led to a bit of a meltdown. However, she's on the mend, both physically and psychically, and is busily preparing Episode 2 which, she hopes fervently, will be posted Real Soon Now. If you look in the sidebar, you'll also see a new feature: a link to to record a message for the Cinéfolle. You can record comments, suggestions, opinions, praise or (well reasoned) criticism. So, dear listeners, rest assured that Episode 2 of Cinéfolle will soon see the light of day. Stay tuned... Yr fthfl srvnt, The Other (a.k.a. "The Tech Guy" at Cinéfolle)

I am an idiot

Fri, 30 Jun 2006 14:32:15 PDT

And I apologize to anyone who was expecting new episodes. Mostly I apologize to my husband, who spent an awful lot of time setting this up and trying to teach me how to do it. But I can't. I can talk about anything except the films. When I try to talk about the films, I seize up. It's the worse case of stage fright I've ever had. I feel like an idiot. But I've spent two weeks trying to just record anything to get it down, and there's nothing about the films. So there's really no point carrying on. I thank everyone who sent me nice emails and comments. And I'm sorry I'm such an idiot.

Episode 1 - Et Dieu créa le podcast

Mon, 12 Jun 2006 22:36:56 PDT

Cinéfolle Episode 1 (duration 31:18 - MP3 file size 28.7 MB) (PC Peoples: right click and choose Save Link As... / Mac Peoples: alt and click) In which Our Intrepid Heroine discovers The Perils of Podcasting, including a couple of Moments of Ritual Humiliation (TM Brenda Dayne) which couldn't be edited out (at least, not easily)*. Today: a series of firsts! First podcast. First film. First French film. Featured Films: Bambi (1942, directed by David Hand) Jean de Florette (1986, directed by Claude Berri, featuring Gérard Depardieu, Daniel Auteuil, Yves Montand) Featured Music: "Le Vide" by Phil Axel (found via Marvin Suicide) "Daydream" by Robin Stine (found via PodSafe Audio) "Running Up That There Hill" by Datassette (found via Marvin Suicide) Tune in next time, to see if Cinéfolle escapes from being crushed by the runaway podcast train, and manages to produce a second episode! *yes, I know that cigales are not crickets, they're cicadas. Yes, I know that laughter is weird. Yes, I know Montand's character is called "Le Papet" (gramps, we'd probably say), but he really is Ugolin's uncle. I've probably missed something....What can I say? Podcasts are like a box of chocolates -- you never know what you're going to get inside...

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