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Preview: Comments on: Admit it, the future of India is with her women

Comments on: Admit it, the future of India is with her women

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By: Vijay M.R

Mon, 31 Jul 2006 15:40:35 +0000

Touche !!

By: H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana

Mon, 31 Jul 2006 14:39:14 +0000

It is good to note that there is large measure of concurence to my point of view. Yes Mr Basavaraj difers from this point of view. In fact I was discussing with one of my friends who said that at ordinary level what I say is very true and qualified it by saying that when a woman becomes corrupt she makes male to look like novice in the game. My general experience (I have discussed with my freinds too) is that a man would be well advised to consult his wife whenever he takes some important decision whether it is relationship, investment, or even management issues. Too often man's bloated ego is dismissive of his wife's opinion and even if out of hubandly politeness deigns to consult her he will ignore her advice thinking what does she know of such complicated issues and comes to rue his decision when it backfires. Any takers for this?

By: M. Basavaraj

Mon, 31 Jul 2006 12:35:41 +0000

With due apologies to Bapu Sathyanarayana I beg to differ with him on whether women have an edge over men in managerial skills. Woman's foray into any man's domain is like a dog's walking on its hind legs. It is not done well but it is satisfying that it is done at all!!! It is not for nothing that it has been said that "Man for the field and woman for the hearth". I think it takes much time for woman to prove this statement wrong. I only wish good luck to woman in this regard.

By: DesiTechieUSA

Sat, 29 Jul 2006 17:39:15 +0000

Now don't say Sonia must become PM. Then there will be greatest disaster of India.

By: virgopal

Sat, 29 Jul 2006 14:25:09 +0000

In India,my personal experience is almost all services have improved in efficiency-Railways,Post office,Income Tax,bus conductors,hotels,hospitals where they have replaced men,generally.Though not generalising,women are prone to be efficient either in homes or offices,with some exceptions. They have turned very confident in their attitude too-this bodes well for the country

By: December Stud

Fri, 28 Jul 2006 18:23:32 +0000

Interesting perspective. If you go to American History museum (part of Smithsonian) in Washington DC, there is a very good video about the growth of communication industry in America. Initially, when the telephone industry began, all male employees were recruited to do the "technical" work, you know making connections between different lines etc. It turned out to be an utter mess. The conenctions were always wrong, bad or broken. The budding telephone industry suddenly had a major crisis. Some brilliant guy then decided to replace all the male employees with women. And, I am sure you've predicted by no, the system tuned out to be extremely smooth and the telephone industry flourished. That example actually drives home a few different points - lack of concentration, patience and inability to do routine work byb the male species. I am NOT generalizing it and I am really not convinced all the way. But, this is something which happened and it makes you wonder. There has to be some explanation as to why the male employees failed miserably whereas the women folk did the job very well. Now, let me come to another point. Many of my friends have observed this. We all know that America is a "deal dEsha". For thsoe of you who don't know, end user keep getting all kinds of deals on all kinds of products. That is one of the basic tactics of survival in a capitalist society. Let's say you call up a newspaper office, or a television service provider or internet service provider or someone similar. They give out the prices for the products. Now try asking for a discount, either because you are moving from dish to cable TV or because your friend's friend got some discount or any other reason. For the most aprt if there is a male voice at the other end, they try to search through their application to see if there is anyway the sotware allows them to add some discounts. And, most of the times there will be (obviously, since they need your bisuniess). But, on the other hand, if it is a woman on the other end, she would be quite reluctant to even do a search. Most of the times her answer will be "No sir, this si the price we have". Here cost was just an example I took. It could be any kind of service. Again, I hate to generalize and am not too convinced to stereotype and say that men take more risks than women. But, then, this is something to ponder about.

By: Ponnathapura

Fri, 28 Jul 2006 09:47:35 +0000

What Bapu Satyanarayana says is correct.Post offices/Banks have become more efficient only because of women employees.But they appear to be bad managers as they are more emotional.Exceptions are there.May be if more managers are groomed,they would be better. Another thing is that people do not pick up quarrel with women and it is universal. William Shakespeare's words-Frailty thy name is women -Whether it is to be believed?

By: Vijay M.R

Fri, 28 Jul 2006 09:28:14 +0000

I will agree with Bapu Satyanarayana. Not to generalize here but I find lady managers more responsible. No follow ups needed for any tasks given. Maybe its only my experience. I run a company of a little over 100 people, run by 7 managers, 6 of them women. None of it planned. It just worked out that way.

By: Mysore Huduga

Fri, 28 Jul 2006 09:12:01 +0000

i used to think that women may be better administrators but had to change my view a bit after hearing/knowing about these two incidents. i was told that there is a lady sub registrar in srirangapatna who has been recognised as able administer by lokayuktha. apparently she is no less than a man when it comes to corruption. while setting up for loot, this woman nicely says the money is not for her but to survive she had to collect it for the people above and below her. guess what, people fall for the gentle talk. what a smart lady (and way to convince !!!). saw another lady sub-registrar in mysore. don't know how good she is (in corruption !!!). met a lady IAS officer few months back in connection with NGO work which has been blocked for sometime now. her dept is one of the parties to approve the case. she assured us that she will do her best while working with another dept to get our job done. in the same week we met, she met head of the other dept (who is also party to our case) but it seems she never brought up our case. this was told by other dept head. don't know what she expects from the NGO, to do her best.