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Last Build Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2017 08:33:18 GMT


Robert Mueller Was John Kerry's Lacrosse Captain

Sat, 22 Jul 2017 08:33:18 GMT

Smiling alongside John Kerry at their elite New Hampshire boarding school, this is Robert Mueller decades before before he began investigating Donald Trump's election campaign. The contrast with Trump's childhood is stark - although it is the difference not between wealth and poverty, but between the son of a scrappy self-made man from Queens and the son of an establishment insider.

BROKE: New FEC Report Shows DNC Finished June $3.3 Million in Debt

Sat, 22 Jul 2017 08:05:30 GMT

It is difficult to post the entire article here because of graphics, so I will excerpt the important part: The organization reported that May 2017 was its worst fundraising month since the Iraq War in 2003, and April 2017 was its worst fundraising month since 2009. In May, the DNC also reported that it has $1.9 million in debt. Despite the fact that former Secretary of Labor Tom Perez was recruited by Barack Obama to appease the party’s donors, lobbyists and PACs, even they have refused to prop up the failing brand. Not approving of the strategies laid out at a retreat for donors in January 2017, billionaires...

Fukushima robot finds potential fuel debris hanging like icicles in reactor 3

Sat, 22 Jul 2017 06:24:31 GMT

“From the pictures taken today, it is obvious that some melted objects came out of the reactor. This means something of high temperature melted some structural objects and came out. So it is natural to think that melted fuel rods are mixed with them,” said Takahiro Kimoto, a Tepco spokesman. “In that sense, it is possible that the melted objects found this time are melted fuel debris or probably around it,” he said, saying the utility will think about how they can be analyzed to determine if they are the former fuel rods. This is the first time Tepco has...

Pat Buchanan on Mueller’s Mission Creep and MSM Bias -- Hannity

Sat, 22 Jul 2017 06:14:20 GMT

Sean Hannity today Friday 7/21/17 [Buchanan says, "We are right on the road, a familiar one to me, to the Saturday Night Massacre."]

President Trump may thank Attorney General Sessions

Sat, 22 Jul 2017 06:12:49 GMT

Despite his recent criticism of Attorney General Jeff Sessions for recusing himself from the “Russia collusion” investigation of the Trump campaign, President Trump should thank Sessions for stepping aside from the probe that is drawing breathless media coverage almost every day. Why? Because any investigation overseen by Sessions that cleared Trump and his campaign of wrongdoing would immediately draw criticism, due to Sessions’ role as an important surrogate and close adviser to candidate Trump. Democrats would complain that no matter how little solid evidence was found, Sessions would be acting improperly in clearing Team Trump because he was hopelessly biased...

Salvador Dali Still Has Mustache Despite Dying 28 Years Ago

Sat, 22 Jul 2017 05:47:35 GMT

Salvador Dali’s body was exhumed for a paternity test and the legendary artist’s famous mustache is still intact 28 years after his death. A woman is claiming that her mother had an affair with Dali and requested a paternity test. If she’s Dali’s daughter, she’ll have a right to the Dali estate. A judge sanctioned the exhumation. Narcis Bardalet was in charge of embalming Dali’s body after the artist passed away in 1989. “When I took off the silk handkerchief, I was very emotional,” Bardalet said, via BBC. “I was eager to see him and I was absolutely stunned. It...

Teenagers Recorded a Drowning Man and Laughed

Sat, 22 Jul 2017 04:51:52 GMT

The video was shocking in Florida, where shocking videos seem like a genre. A group of teenagers laughed and watched as a man struggled in the water of a pond. The man drowned, and his body was not found for days. The five teenagers did nothing to help him, not even call 911, but after examining the video, the authorities said this week that they did not break the law. “In the state of Florida, there is no law in place that requires a person to render aid or call to render aid to a victim in distress,” Yvonne Martinez,...

Boom: Mining +21.6% in Q1; Construction +5.6%; Manufacturing +4.7%; Bust: Finance -2.1%

Sat, 22 Jul 2017 04:49:26 GMT

The real value added to the U.S economy by the mining, construction and manufacturing sectors boomed in the first quarter of 2017, while the real value added by the financial and insurance sector dropped, according to data released today by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Overall, the U.S. economy grew at an annual pace of only 1.4 percent in the first quarter. But the value added by mining grew by a booming annual rate of 21.6 percent, while construction grew 5.6 percent and manufacturing grew 4.7%.....

Anti-Trump Flake In Trouble As Primary Challenger Surges

Sat, 22 Jul 2017 04:37:01 GMT

A new poll shows Kelli Ward, the conservative Pro-Trump challenger surging against Senator Jeff Flake.Senator Flake refused to support Trump for president in 2016, Flake instead voted for independent spoiler Evan McMullin and even signaled tacit support for Tim Kaine as Vice President. Trying to count the ways I hate @timkaine. Drawing a blank. Congrats to a good man and a good friend.— Jeff Flake (@JeffFlake) July 23, 2016Flake spent 2016 openly mocking Trump and encouraging Republicans not to endorse the president. Flake was one of the GOP leaders pushing the amnesty bill in 2013 and Flake had plans to...

DC Police: Man arrested after attempting to rob 3 banks in 30 minutes

Sat, 22 Jul 2017 04:35:27 GMT

D.C. police said they have arrested a 60-year-old man for attempting to rob three banks in the District within a 30-minute span Friday morning. Timothy Louria Jennings Sr. has been charged with two counts of bank robbery and two counts of attempted bank robbery.

Complaints against Gov. Bevin unanimously dismissed by Executive Branch Ethics Commission

Sat, 22 Jul 2017 04:12:32 GMT

The Executive Branch Ethics Commission has thrown out a pair of complaints accusing Gov. Matt Bevin of accepting an improper gift by spending $1.6 million to buy a home in March from a state contractor and member of the Kentucky Retirement Systems board that had been valued at around $2.5 million by the Jefferson County Property Valuation Administrator. In letters dated Wednesday and first reported by Kentucky Today, the commission’s executive director, Kathryn Gabhart, informed Rep. Darryl Owens, D-Louisville, and Richard Beliles, chairman of Common Cause Kentucky, that their complaints had been unanimously dismissed by the panel at its meeting...

Scaramucci: I’ve Seen Trump ‘Throw a Dead Spiral Through a Tire’

Sat, 22 Jul 2017 04:03:09 GMT

New White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci praised President Donald Trump for his competitiveness and athletic skill Friday. During Friday’s press briefing at the White House, Scaramucci described Trump’s athletic prowess, saying he has seen the president “throw a dead spiral through a tire.” “[Trump]’s the most competitive person I’ve ever met,” Scaramucci stated. “I have seen this guy throw a dead spiral through a tire. I’ve seen him at Madison Square Garden with a topcoat on, he’s standing in the key, he’s hitting foul shots and swishing them. He sinks three-foot putts. I don’t see this guy as a...

Australia Gun Culture, Ownership Increases in NSW and Australia: Part 6

Sat, 22 Jul 2017 03:48:15 GMT

Arizona -( In the above chart, the numbers are unclear. Is it 14,542 registered guns, or licensed gun owners in Tamworth, NSW, Australia? Is the increase since 2010 in registered guns, or licensed gun owners?The number of legal guns and likely, licensed gun owners, is increasing in Australia. It is difficult to know exactly how much it is increasing because statistics are not well kept. National statistics are uncertain because of differences in state systems.From an article in from 2011: Today, that national system is in a mess. No federal agencies or crime researchers were able to tell the...

Spicer Out, Scaramucci And Sanders In At White House

Sat, 22 Jul 2017 03:42:51 GMT

New White House communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, announces that Sarah Sanders will be the White House press secretary, taking over from Sean Spicer who resigned.

Food Stamp Use Falls to Lowest Level in Seven Years

Sat, 22 Jul 2017 03:33:28 GMT

Participation in the food stamp program took a dive to the lowest level it has been in seven years, according to new data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). USDA statistics on Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) participation showed that 42,609,852 people in the U.S. took part in the food stamp program in fiscal year (FY) 2017, the lowest level it has been since 2010 when 40,302,000 people enrolled in the program. Food stamp usage has been on a steady decline after 2013, when enrollment in the government program swelled to 47.6 million, the highest amount it has ever...

Far-right millennials: what drives young women to extreme politics?

Sat, 22 Jul 2017 03:29:34 GMT

Far-right millennials: what drives young women to extreme politics? Right-wing nationalists are on the march in Europe and the US. But if you're picturing men with shaved heads, think again. Polly Dunbar meets the young, far-right British women drawn to the extreme edge of politics I’m on the Strand in London, watching 300 men and women wave St George’s Cross flags and chant ‘terrorist scum off our streets’. They’re members of Britain First, a far-right political party founded from the ashes of the BNP. Along with the English Defence League (EDL), the party is using the Westminster attack a few...

Istanbul’s Neve Shalom Massacre: How the ‘Oasis of Peace’ Turned Into a Scene of Savagery

Sat, 22 Jul 2017 03:09:32 GMT

Inside the Neve Shalom Synagogue after the 1986 terrorist attack. Photo: Facebook.Thirty years ago, Neve Shalom — Istanbul’s largest synagogue, whose name means “oasis of peace” — was the target of a brutal attack at the hands of Jew-hating murderers.On September 6, 1986, Palestinian Arab terrorists affiliated with the Abu Nidal Organization (ANO) bombed and opened fire at Neve Shalom during a Sabbath service, killing 22 people.At the time, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) called the attack “the bloodiest synagogue massacre since the Nazi era.”Gabriel (Gabi) Saul — a survivor whose father, Dr. Moiz Saul, died in the attack — told Şalom, a Jewish-Turkish weekly newspaper, about the moment of the attack: There were...

New WH Communications Director Rushes to Delete Gun Control, Anti-Border Wall Tweets and More

Sat, 22 Jul 2017 02:49:50 GMT

Newly named White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci may now be a fervent supporter of President Donald Trump, who he said in today’s press briefing he “loves,” (several times) but not so much for the president’s policies if the tweets he just deleted are any indication. Either that, or he’s had one hell of a conversion. On President Trump’s signature campaign proposal, building a border security wall on the U.S. – Mexico border, Scaramucci tweeted in December of 2015, that, “Walls don’t work. Never have never will. The Berlin Wall 1961-1989 don’t fall for it.” {..snip..}

Pentagon Stops $300 Million Payment to Pakistan, Citing Terrorist Fight

Sat, 22 Jul 2017 02:45:52 GMT

The Pentagon is withholding hundreds of millions of dollars meant to reimburse Pakistan for its fight against terrorist groups, citing Islamabad’s failure to take “sufficient action” against the Haqqani Network, an offshoot of the Taliban based in Pakistan. The announcement on Friday comes as Defense Secretary James Mattis and the White House debate a long-delayed strategy for the war in Afghanistan that could adopt a tougher line toward over Pakistan’s role in the conflict. Defense officials and congressional aides have for months said that the new strategy won’t focus solely on Afghanistan, but take a more regional approach. This includes...

Al-Raqqa’s liberation under way, children overwhelmed by joy (Syria)

Sat, 22 Jul 2017 02:44:09 GMT

AL-RAQQA- Cheerful smiles on their faces despite the hideous scenes they witnessed amid IS rule of the city, by these smiles, they express how much they long to embrace freedom, some of al-Raqqa children missed their school, and some were obsessed with reaching SDF’s points, while some told the tragic story of their family burned.A week ago, thousands of al-Raqqa civilians were liberated from the IS oppression, many of them were used as human shields including children and women, they began flooding to SDF-held areas, every one of them has a tragic story to tell.Ritaj, a girl at 8,...

Hawaii seeks to prepare residents for threat of nuclear missile strike from North Korea

Sat, 22 Jul 2017 02:37:42 GMT

The state's emergency management agency said the threat to the islands from the rogue nation is "currently assessed to be low." But officials added ongoing North Korean missile tests — and growing public concern — have prompted officials to work on preparedness and disaster management plans. Vern Miyagi, administrator of the emergency management agency... said, the public should see the preparation and education much like the work being done to prepare the public for hurricane and tsunami... Earlier this month, North Korea tested an ICBM missile, drawing condemnation from the US and other countries. Experts say an ICBM like the...

Richard Dawkins Event in Berkeley Canceled Due To His “Abusive,” “Hurtful” Words

Sat, 22 Jul 2017 02:30:37 GMT

While that website doesn’t offer any reason for the cancellation, Jerry Coyne notes that people who had bought tickets received a more detailed email with this explanation: We regret to inform you that KPFA has canceled our event with Richard Dawkins. We had booked this event based entirely on his excellent new book on science, when we didn’t know he had offended and hurt — in his tweets and other comments on Islam, so many people. KPFA does not endorse hurtful speech. While KPFA emphatically supports serious free speech, we do not support abusive speech. We apologize for not having...

'I'm done': Fed up with California, some conservatives look to Texas

Sat, 22 Jul 2017 02:19:59 GMT

E mails poured in from across California. “My boys’ minds have been taken over by the liberal teachings of the schools here,” wrote a woman from Westlake Village who works in the courts. “I would like to try to save my younger son before it’s too late.” “I for one wish to not be a part of this control and socialist environment,” said a woman from Vacaville who home-schools her children and complained that California liberals ridiculed her for praying before meals. “I’m done,” announced a financial planner from Monrovia who complained she was struggling to find common ground with...

Pro-LGBT and anti-Trump programming at Comic-Con (vanity)

Sat, 22 Jul 2017 02:04:55 GMT

Have never been to Comic-Con, going on this weekend in San Diego but I've got friends there now. Just out of curiosity I looked at the programming schedule and... well, see for yourself the kind of topics at the biggest science-fiction/fantasy/pop culture convention in the world:Moonlight and Magic: Black LGBTQ Contributions to Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Comics, and Genre The Black LGBTQ experience has brought unique and significant intersectional perspectives to our society and popular media: Black Lives Matter was founded by three black queer women; Black LGBT authors Octavia Butler and Samuel Delany created legendary works; bisexual writer Roxane Gay brought...

Judge Won’t Let Pro-Life People Protest Outside Kentucky’s Last Remaining Abortion Clinic

Sat, 22 Jul 2017 01:59:01 GMT

A federal judge set up a buffer zone outside the last abortion clinic in Kentucky on Friday to keep pro-life protesters away from the area. The ruling comes ahead of a protest planned for next week by the group Operation Save America, which uses controversial tactics to protest abortion. In May, police arrested several pro-lifers from the group when they blocked the entrance to EMW Women’s Clinic in Louisville, Kentucky. The arrests were part of a planned effort by the group Operation Save America to risk “arrest to rescue their preborn neighbor,” according to the group. Federal prosecutors requested a...