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Korean Pathfinder

by Gilo

Published: Tue, 22 Mar 2016 23:23:03 +0900


North Korean Model of Denuclearization

Sat, 03 Mar 2007 23:34:51 +0900

It is a well known fact that the DPRK has taken the independent road that does not resemble the so-called "Libyan Model" at all. The DPRK conducted a nuclear test last October in order to promote the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and consequently succeeded in getting a multilateral pledge to the initial steps for it in Beijing on February 13. The DPRK has said that the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula is the country's ultimate goal. This stand was reconfirmed in the Joint Press Release announced at the close of the latest inter-Korean ministerial talks that were held in Pyongyang from February 28 to March 2. As for the denuclearization, the document says: "The north and the south agreed to make concerted efforts for the satisfactory implementation of all the agreements reached at the third session of the fifth round of the six-party talks to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula and ensure peace there." I'd like to point that some observers and media have more than enough spread a story far remote from the truth. They say north Korea is making a pledge of denuclearization in order to attract more economic aid from somewhere. This kind of story is simply and totally wrong. When north Korea says of the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, it would mean the denuclearization of "all parties" related to the Korean Peninsula. Once you miss this aspect, you miss all the secret and the truth encircling the six-party talks. Why did the Joint Agreement of February 13 exclude the issue of the nuclear weapon or HEU of north Korea from the fist steps? Why does the US show a subtle gesture as if it retreat from "HEU" offensive against the DPRK? The reason lies in the fact or the multilateral judgement on situation that the condition and the environment to jump into the subject are not ripe. To somebody's eyes and beliefs, the six-party talks have been nothing but a tool to denuclearize north Korea only. In their imagination there is not the denuclearization of "all" parties. Beyond their lacking imagination, however, the six-party talks will transform itself into the six-party denuclearization talks directly after somebody utters the imaginative issue of the north Korean HEU or the publicized issue of the north Korean nukes. This turn of event would be a sudden coup-de-grace to the pretending face of the six-party talks so far. Among the nulcear weapons states, it is north Korea that wants to see the Korean Peninsula truly denuclearized to the interest of whole Korean. The US, Russia and China, they have said nothing about the denuclearization of themselves in and around the Korean Peninsula yet. Here anybody can smell a combination of paradox and hypocrisy again. If the six-party talks take harder agenda, continue hotter argument, and reach higher agreement, all parties will become "non-nulcear weapon states" at least in the region sometime in the future. That would be what north Korea ardently wants and really welcomes. That would be what north Korea has called the utimate goal. The DPRK is very simple, clear and straightforward in its stand and objective. If all parties are to take real actions to denuclearize themselves in parellel, the DPRK will denuclearize itself happily. A problematic question is: Who will follow the DPRK's objective? Will the US denuclearize itself in and around the Korean Peninula? And how about Russia, China, Japan and South Korea? Whether these countries or parties want or not, the DPRK will do its best to denuclearize them all at any resort. Don't laugh. The term "ultimate goal" gives out a feeling of difficulty. The hill to the heights of denuclearization must be paved with thorny bush. The environment explains why the phrase like "concerted efforts" must be included in the Joint Press Release mentioned above. The north Korean pledge of denuclearization should be interpreted as a national call of compatriots to compatriots to accomplish a national goal together. It should not be mistaken as a mere ges[...]

Oh, Margaret, the guardian angel of the DPRK!

Tue, 16 Jan 2007 23:56:49 +0900

By Gilo January 16, 2007 New York -- According to Wikipedia, Gone with the Wind, an American novel by Margaret Mitchell, was published in 1936 and won the Pulitzer Prize in 1937. It was the only book that Mitchell published in her lifetime, but it became the best-selling American novel of the 20th century, surpassed only by Valley of the Dolls in the late 1960s. It might be worthwhile to remember that leader Kim Jong Il likes this novel among "western literature." This novel, or the film based on this novel, left some unforgettable words for next generations. Among them, Scarlett O'Hara's final words may be "the most recognizable, and quoted, in film history. Even those who haven't seen the film know the reference, ..." These are: I'll think of it all tomorrow, at Tara. I can stand it then. Tomorrow, I'll think of some way to get him back. After all, tomorrow is another day.While you may let it be so, you can pick up the other famous words from Rhett Butler's in the same novel. Did you ever hear the Oriental proverb: 'The dogs bark but the caravan passes on?' Let them bark, Scarlett. I fear nothing will stop your caravan.Above quoted words have been getting more famous thanks to the DPRK. I could not choose but say like this after reading the latest article titled "The caravan is bound to go ahead though dogs bark" appeared on Tongil Korea Blog on January 15, 2007. Parts of the article read: History has witnessed the miserable fates of hack writers. The reactionary writers of south Korea who speak for the pro-US traitors will face disgrace only. As the caravan is bound to go ahead though dogs bark, the June 15 Association of Men of National Literature will make dynamic advance no matter how loudly those forsaken by the nation may decry.Many years before this article, Kang Sok Ju, first vice-minister of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK, popularized these words. According to the story that Mr. Bae Myong Bok of Joong Ahng wrote once upon a time* (*text in Korean), Robert Gallucci had to witness that his counterpart Kang slowly reproduced those words breaking the long silence in their hot face-to-face meeting for solving the first nuclear crisis between the DPRK and the US more than a dozen years ago. Since then, Margaret Mitchell has been in side with the DPRK everywhere snow or rain. Let me show some proofs from older to newer. KCNA Slams US Mandarin's Anti-DPRK Remarks KCNA 08/02/2003 The United States is now becoming all the more undisguised in its moves to refer the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula to the UNSC. Upon arriving at Inchon airport of south Korea on July 29, Bolton, U.S. under secretary of state, said that it is proper to discuss the nuclear issue of north Korea at the UNSC and the discussion at the UN would not be obstructive to the multilateral talks.... Bolton's reckless remarks cast a doubt as to whether the U.S. truly wants to negotiate with the DPRK or not. There is no change in our stand on holding the six-party talks including the bilateral talks between the DPRK and the U.S. for the peaceful settlement of the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula. A caravan is bound to go ahead though dogs bark. Such human scum and bloodsucker is not entitled to take part in the talks in view of either the importance of the talks aimed to decide on peace and stability in Northeast Asia or human dignity.Margaret Mitchell's caravan and barking dogs became more unforgettable because of posterior words "human scum" and "bloodsucker." For reminder, this article was chosen as one of the best of the web today by OpinionJournal of the Wall Street Journal on August 4, 2003. Rodong Sinmun Slams Bush Group's Pressure upon DPRK KCNA 05/10/2005 The DPRK will not deal with such hooligans as the Bush group who have become evermore frantic in their offensive to pressurize it, says Rodong Sinmun Tuesday in a signed commentary.... The army and the people of the DPRK will remain undeterred and strong-willed in face of any move of the U.S. to refer the nuclear issue to th[...]

핵전쟁위기 3차례나...

Sun, 14 Jan 2007 08:24:56 +0900

올해 들어서자마자 나온 소식은 세인을 경악시겼다. 미국이 전폭기를 이용한 대북 핵공격을 연습했다는 것이다. 한반도에서 "핵전쟁"이 상시적으로 "연습"되고 있다는 이 기막힌 현실. 핵전쟁 연습중인 러시아병사 미국 핵탄도탄 美苏核演习险些引爆核战 神秘间谍制止惨剧发生 2007年01月13日 08:33 美国出动轰炸机演练核攻击朝鲜的新闻一出,立刻震动了东北亚乃至整个世界。对今天的人们来说,核战争演习似乎有些遥远,但在冷战时期,美苏两大阵营用核战争演习讹诈对方却是家常便饭。其中,有三次大演习差点擦枪走火,引发世界范围的核大战。 美军核导弹诡异发射,古巴导弹危机险成核战争 对于世界历史来说,1962年绝对是个关键年份,这一年美苏在古巴导弹危机中的对抗使世界一度处在核战边缘,而就在这关键时刻,美国方面的一次核导弹试射演习,差点扳动了美苏核战争的枪机。 1962年8月底,美国U-2高空侦察机在古巴上空发现近程导弹发射场,古巴已然开始安装苏联的中程核导弹。10月22日晚,美国总统肯尼迪通过电视向全国正式通报苏联在古巴设置中程导弹的“惊人”消息,同时宣布对古巴实行全面海上封锁,以阻止苏联向古巴运送导弹。随着肯尼迪一声令下,180多艘美国军舰密布加勒比海,载有核弹头的B-52轰炸机进入古巴周围的上空,美国在全世界的海、陆、空三军部队进入最高戒备状态。一场前所未有的、可能触发核战争的危机笼罩着全世界。 古巴导弹危机发生后,美苏双方展开了谈判,由于苏联在核武器方面还落后于美国,赫鲁晓夫在谈判中步步后退,最终同意从古巴撤出导弹。但就在双方的谈判紧张进行的时候,美国方面的一次导弹试射演习差点毁掉了和平的希望。 1962年10月26日,一枚载着核弹头的洲际导弹拖着长长的尾焰,突然从美国加利福尼亚州的范登堡空军基地腾空而起。这本来是美国的一次例行性洲际弹道导弹飞行试验,鉴于当时的紧张局势,美国所有的导弹都被装上了核弹头。尽管是例行性发射演习,但在当时的局势下,很可能引起苏方的过激反应。因此,在发射演习即将开始的时候,华盛顿方面迟迟不肯下达发射命令。很显然,美国政府并不希望进行这次例行性的发射演习,破坏谈判。但不知什么原因,这枚“大力神”2型洲际弹道导弹却突然点火升空,径直向南太平洋方向Ƈ[...]

핵무기로 무장한 병사

Sun, 14 Jan 2007 07:54:19 +0900

핵무기 하면 대륙간탄도탄의 탄두에 장착될 핵무기부터 염두에 두기 쉽지만, 걸어다니는 병사를 핵무기로 무장시키는 문제가 "선진" 군대들의 주요 관심사로 떠오르고 있다. 机器人战争时代将到来 对战争态势有巨大冲击  2007年01月13日16:46   中国国防报  深入敌阵侦察,在危险地域扫雷,代替士兵冲锋陷阵…… 机器人士兵的众多优点引起了美、英等军事大国的强烈关注 说起机器人士兵,人们脑海中首先想到的可能是科幻大片中的那些钢铁巨兽、机器战警等等。其实,机器人士兵上战场现在已经不是新鲜事了。据英国媒体报道,美国有科学家日前表示,他们已经成功地研制出可以利用脑电波进行控制的机器人。军事专家指出,如果这种机器人也上了战场,将会对战争态势造成巨大的冲击 面对越来越多的新型机器人参战,有美国媒体惊呼:这是一场巨大的革命,酝酿了几十年的机器人战争时代即将到来!未来,机器人士兵成群结队地杀上战场看来也并非不可能。 用脑电波控制机器人,不用手就能过两关游戏 据英国媒体报道,国际人脑-计算机学术会议近日在英属哥伦比亚的惠斯勒市举行。美国华盛顿大学教授拉杰什·瑞奥展示了他们最新研制成功的脑电波控制机器人。 据介绍,机器人通常都是按照事先设计好的程序执行任务。而这种新型机器人的原理与此不同。它先感应并分析各个构件的反应,然后再根据具体反应自行制定行动程序。分析人士指出,这在机器人发展史上是一个巨大的进步。 参与这项研究的美国脑神经学副教授约翰·鲁塔德指出,此前科学家们曾在一名14岁的少年身上进行了测试。其间他们要求这名少年完成多种运动神经及语言任务,例如移动手指、舌头及思想等。结果研究人员成功地通过计算机程序提供的脑电波扫描记录,掌握了该少年脑部的活动情况。随后科学家们又把感应电极板连接至计算机游戏《太空侵略者》中,结果发现这名少年只须凭借思维就能驱使画面中的炮台转动。 鲁塔德兴奋地指出:“他以思维成功地完成两关的任务。他在游戏过程中反应愈快,控制效果愈理想。” 从“魔爪”到“背包”,美机器人士兵轮番上阵 据美国媒体报道,作为机器人的诞生地,美国机器人技术在国际上一直处于领先地位。而在将机器人用于作战行动上,美国更远远地走在了前面。美国媒体日前报道说,美国军方目前打算大规[...]

역대 중국왕조의 고구려에 대한 인식

Sun, 07 Jan 2007 20:36:22 +0900

중국에서 옛날에 만들어진 지도들을 보면 역대 중국왕조는 고구려를 조선역사로서 인식하고 있었다는 것을 알 수 있다. 历代中国王朝承认高句丽为朝鲜历史的中国古地图? 第三媒体 2007-1-7 作者:花郎,金达莱 刊登在由中国文物出版社于2000年出版的《中国古代地图集》和哈尔滨地图出版社于1998年出版的《中华古地图珍品选集》中的“禹贡九州及今州图”(1209年制作)、“东南洋各国沿革图”(1880年制作)、“东震旦地理图”(1260年左右制作) 等地图,默默地告诉着后人们"高句丽是朝鲜史" user posted image 南宋时期创作的《禹贡九州及今州图》 收录于“中华古地图珍品选集”的宋朝地图 ,不分时代记录了自战国时期以来,中国和韩半岛的历代王朝之名,把韩国标记为“东夷”,并把高句丽、百济、新罗包括在里边 user posted image 清朝时期制作的“东南洋各国沿革图”(1880掖) ”。收录于“中国古代地图集”的清朝地图“东南洋各国沿革图“利用黑白两个颜色分别标记古代国家和现存国家的名称,即用白色标记“朝鲜”,并用黑色标记“高丽(高句丽)、新罗和百济”。 user posted image 另外“东震旦地理图"、"地理图"(1247年制作),"古今华夷区域总要图"(1185年制作)分别将韩半岛的国家标成了“高丽、百济、新罗、沃沮”、“高丽、新罗、女真、渤海”和“高丽、新罗、百济”。 上述地图明确显示,中国历代朝代都曾承认高句丽是韩半岛古代三国之一 南开大学教授编写的《中朝关系史》:高句丽是自主国家 由南开大学历史系的白新良教授编写的《中朝关系史》中称:“高句丽与百济、新罗共同在韩半岛开创了三国时代,此后,国力强盛,与隋唐相抗衡。” 该书是中国教育部主管的“211工程”的研究成果 user posted image 北京大学教材:高句丽是朝鲜历史 由蒋非非、王小甫教授等6名学者在1998年编写的《中韩关系史》(社会科学文选出版社出版)的序文中提到:“中国历史上曾有过夏、商、周、秦、汉、隋、唐、宋、元、明、清等王朝....在韩国历史中,曾有过古朝鲜、三韩、高句丽、百济、新罗、高丽、朝鲜等王朝“。 第三章第一节中,以《魏晋南北朝和高句丽之间的关系》为题目写道,高句丽的很多僧侣曾到中国留学,除了佛经之外,在其他领域还进行了很多研究,北魏曾格外礼待高句丽。 user posted image 北京大学“简明古代史“(1990年):把高句丽划入世界史(朝鲜史) 北京师范大学《中国文化概论》(2004年) 该书第五章第二节第三项‘面向世界的中国文化’在介绍中国与韩国文化交流的内容时,将古朝鲜和高句丽包括在韩国历史当中。 该书中写道:“三国时期高句丽、百济、新罗三个国家通过不同的渠道大量吸收了中国的文化。”还写道:“进入唐朝时期以后,高句丽、百济、新罗三国还积极向唐朝派遣留学生,引进中国文学并学习了中国文化。” user posted image 中国中学历史教材:用不同的颜色表示隋朝和高句丽

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핵확장의 길로 나아가는 미국

Sun, 07 Jan 2007 19:12:25 +0900

얼마큼의 위력을 지닌 핵무기를 얼마큼이나 지녀야 안심할 수 있을까? 이미 가질만큼 가졌다고 하는 자부심과 자위감 속에서 그만 둘만도 한데 미국은... 아래와 같다. 美国拟研制新式核弹头 可能需投入上千亿美元 中新网 2007年01月07日 13:11   中新网华盛顿1月7日电 美国核武器委员会将于下周宣布美国近二十年首次研制新式核弹头的一项重大举措,建议将两家武器实验室的设计方案综合利用,这被部分专家视为冒险行为。  新式核弹头可靠性更强,不会轻易发生意外引爆的事故,而且更安全保险不易被恐怖分子窃取。美国核武器委员会已将其命名为“可靠的替代弹头”,并计划首先在潜射导弹上安装。如果得到布什总统的批准,并获得国会的财政支持的话,从设计到生产大概需要超过1000亿美元。   美国核武器委员会决定将一种老设计方案中经过试验的元素与另一种新设计方案中能够确保安全性的元素综合利用。这引发的两个问题,一是可能推迟武器的投产,二是最终可能迫使美国结束暂不进行地下核试的现状,以确保新的设计元素能够得到验证。   美国能源部国家核安全局发言人布莱恩-威尔科斯5日称,“如果确定需要进行试验”,政府不会继续进行“可靠的替代弹头”项目。但是负责武器控制和国际安全事务的副国务卿罗伯特-约瑟夫表示,白宫不会就核实验做出承诺。 而目前美国正在迫使朝鲜终止核项目。美国战略司令部司令詹姆斯-卡特莱特辩称,美国为许多国家提供核保护伞,因此保证美国核武器的可靠性至关重要。   参与新式核弹头设计竞争的分别是洛斯阿拉莫斯实验室和利佛莫尔国家实验室。如果美国核武器委员会的建议得到批准,工程研制将从2010财年开始,2012财年前可以开始投产。(古力)

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중국 신간 : 미국의 본질

Fri, 05 Jan 2007 06:54:45 +0900

“我知道,上帝更喜欢你们” 新浪 2007-1-5 02:32    《美国的本质》———基督新教支配的国家和外交   于歌 著   当代中国出版社2006年12月出版———评说《美国的本质》   □葛传红 1972年毛泽东对来访的美国国务卿基辛格说:“我知道,上帝更喜欢你们”,当时基辛格谨慎地回答说“美国是一个多元而世俗的国家”。事实上,长期以来对于美国是一个多元世俗国家的命题,已是世人心目中一个根深蒂固的观念。但《美国的本质》一语揭穿说,一个多元文化的美国是不可能的,因为非西方的美国便不成其为美国,而世俗化则更不是美国的特色。该书中大胆解构美国,结论石破天惊———“美国是一个表面上世俗化,而实质上非常宗教化的国家”,并认为这是美国文化的本质。实际上,这也是破译美国“政治文化乱码”的一把万能钥匙。 应该说,这个结论相当富有启发。实际上,很多国外学者已经论证过,美国是一个非常宗教化的国家,基督新教在国家的政治生活、社会生活、国民心理上起着关键的主导作用。据美联社调查,美国人花在宗教上的时间和金钱,远比花在体育娱乐上的时间和金钱要多得多。例如,1990年,美国人观看各种体育比赛的人数3.88亿人次,而出席宗教活动的人数则为52亿人次,比看比赛的总人次多出13倍;1992年捐给宗教事业的资金总额为567亿美元,而棒球、橄榄球、篮球三大联赛的总收入40亿美元,两者相差14倍。人们还可以看到,美国的货币上至今印有“我们坚信上帝(IN GOD WE TRUST)”的字样,美国的“爱国誓词”也说:“我宣誓效忠美利坚合众国的旗帜以及它所代表的共和国,一个国家,归上帝主宰”。在美国的总统就职仪式上,新任美国总统也必须手按《圣经》,向《圣经》宣誓。显然,这些做法反映着美国人的强烈的宗教情绪。 本书作者于歌自从学生时期就潜心研究宗教社会学,“9·11”事件以后,他发现美国外交已经越来越露骨地显露出意识形态外交的特色,基督教新教文化在外交领域占据了主导地位,正成为美国改造世界的强大意识形态武器。美国将一些国家贬低为“邪恶轴心”甚至是“流氓国家”,而在进攻阿富汗时布什在讲话中还用了“十字军”一词。然而,直到此时国内的大多数学者还在大谈外交中的国家利益因素,&#[...]

2006년 국제정치 회고

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国际在线 2006-12-30 00:22:37   2006全球政治:美国受挫 "新两极对抗" 核扩散 国际在新报道:从重要性和演化趋势考虑,2006年的全球政治与安全事态中,有三大现象值得讨论:一是“超级大国”美国持续受挫,二是“新两极对抗”局势若隐若现,三是全球范围核扩散的危险不断加剧。它们均具有全球性后果,不能不引起人们的高度关注。 글 펼치기/감추기   1. 美国:“为什么他们如此恨我们?”   自9·11事件之后,在“布什主义”的导向下,美国始终处在某种暴躁、焦虑和不安全的状态。对当初美国《新闻周刊》的发问“为什么他们如此恨我们?”,至今很多美国人仍未想明白。布什在“纪念9·11五周年集会”上作出的“今天的美国比五年前更加安全”的说法,受到越来越多人的嘲弄。各种迹象表明,无论国际范围还是美国本土,攻击或威胁这个超级大国的势力(及其人数),近年不断增多——美国变得更不安全了。   这从近期的几个事件可见一斑:   虽然“基地”组织在伊拉克的主要代理人扎卡维在6月初被美军炸死,本拉登、扎瓦赫里、奥马尔等人作为伊斯兰反美势力的主要精神领袖,却保持着神秘的、潜伏的攻击状态,构成对美国乃至整个西方世界的持续威胁。美军抓不住这些关键人物,却见到了更多的“基地”追随者。拉登年内两次录相“现身”的反响,以及关于拉登死亡传言被西方主要国家和传媒翻来覆去证实或证伪,这些事实本身提示了“恐怖魔头”在西人心中的可怕分量。   2006年夏天,英国军情部门发现和紧急处置在英美航线上策划、制造多起飞机爆炸的“惊天大阴谋”,这从一个侧面表明英国作为美国主要盟友有多么危险。这也是继伦敦地铁系列爆炸案之后英国遭受的最严重威胁。阴谋的制造者(英国本土出生的穆斯林)与“基地”组织保持着精神上的沟通。   2006年6月下旬,美国联邦调查局采取突击行动,抓捕了七位犯罪嫌疑人(包括五名美国公民和两位海地移民)。借用美国司法部长的警告,美国乃至西方正面临着组织松散但同样危险的“本土恐怖分子”的威胁。   阿富汗和伊拉克几乎没有一天不出现恐怖袭击和教派冲突,美国军队陷入泥潭难于自拔。这两国越来越成为让国际媒体和公众对死亡数目麻木不仁的地带。面对阿富汗和伊拉克严峻的治安形势,带来的大量财政负担且不论,美国[...]

Year in Review: North Korea Nuclear Standoff

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By Lee Jong-Heon, UPI Correspondent UPI December 28, 2006 Defying the world Seoul -- North Korea has described 2006 as a "historic year" to build up its military capabilities, boasting its nuclear test in October. But the impoverished country had to sacrifice its struggling economy to build atomic bombs, which could lead to another economic crisis, with strengthening international sanctions. Defying worldwide appeals and threats of tougher sanctions, North Korea conducted an underground nuclear bomb test on Oct. 9, which put the Asian-Pacific region on full alert. North Korea made clear its nuclear weapons are aimed at coping with "U.S. nuclear threats," saying the test was a "self-defensive" measure against "the U.S. daily increasing nuclear threat and financial sanctions." The North called the nuclear test as "a historic event as it greatly encouraged and pleased the (North) Korean People's Army and people that have wished to have powerful self-reliant defense capability." The country also used the nuclear test to promote the personality cult for its leader Kim Jong Il, praising him as the "sun of the 21st century" who transformed the country into a "Kangsong Taeguk," or a great country with a powerful military and economy. Signboards with slogans declaring North Korea a nuclear power appeared in the street corners of Pyongyang. They include: "Let us make shine forever our becoming a nuclear power, a historic incident in the 5,000 years of our people's history" and "Long live the celestial Gen. Kim Jong-Il, who has established a world-class nuclear power!" With nuclear bombs in hand, North Korea returned to the long-stalled six-nation talks on its nuclear drive in December, but it stood much firmer in the negotiations, coming up with a long list of demands, which included lifting of all international sanctions and help in developing a nuclear power industry. Pyongyang also called for the United States to drop its "hostile" stance and stop targeting the offshore bank accounts of the North's leaders. In addition, insisting it be treated as a full-fledged nuclear power following the test, the North demanded the six-nation talks be transformed into negotiations over mutual arms reductions that would also deal the reduction of the U.S. nuclear arsenal. Wide-ranging sanctions The six-party talks, held after a 13-month hiatus, ended with no progress, and even failed to set a date for a next round, raising skepticism over the framework of the multilateral talks aimed at persuading North Korea to give up its nuclear programs. The stunning nuclear test came three months after North Korea launched a volley of missiles in July, including long-range weapons. Some analysts raise the possibility that North Korea conduct a second nuclear test or launch a ballistic missile which could be equipped with a nuclear warhead and may be capable of reaching the continental United States. "The North's nuclear test that followed missile launches was a carefully calculated move to raise the stakes in the standoff with the United States," said Lee Jung-chul, a North Korea specialist at Seoul's Soongsil University. "After the nuclear test, the North has a sense of national pride as a nuclear-armed country," said Paik Hak-soon, a North Korea expert at South Korea's private Sejong Institute. In its latest edition, Rodong Sinmun, organ of the North's ruling Workers' Party, described 2006 as "historic year" in which its military power was sharply increased, saying the nuclear test was one of the greatest achievements the country made this year. "Our country has been turned into an eternal invincible fortress which any formidable enemy dare not invade as we possess powerful war deterrent able to reliably ensure regional peace and security," the state newspaper said. Rodong also defined 2006 as a year of a great leap [...]

중국이 미국을 앞지르고 있다

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한국은 지정학적으로 대륙과 해양을 잇는 반도국가다. 한반도 주변의 나라들이 모두 "강국"에 속한다. 한반도, 우리 민족과 영향을 주고받는 대륙국가로는 중국과 러시아가, 해양국가로는 일본과 미국이 있다. 19세기에서 20세기로 넘어오면서 한반도는 열강들의 "각축장"이었고 우리 겨레는 "쫓기는 사슴"이었다. 그때의 열강 가운데 영, 불, 독은 이제는 "멀고 먼 나라"가 되어 있지만 중, 러, 일, 미는 20세기에서 21세기로 막 넘어온 오늘날에도 정치, 경제, 군사, 문화 등 거의 모든 방면에서 한반도, 우리 민족과 영향을 주고받는 관계로 남아 있다. 오늘의 현실은 한반도에 대한 영향력을 "유지"하거나 "확대"하기 위하여 미국과 중국이 "경쟁"하는 모습이지만 중국이 미국을 따라잡고 추월할 날은 머잖았다. 아니, 이미 앞질렀다고까지 말할 수 있는 여지가 있다. 그 이유는 중국이 정치적으로는 한국과 북한, 모두와 수교관계에 있고 경제적으로는 한국과 북한, 모두와 교역관계에 있기 때문이다. 정치적인 "동시수교", 경제적인 "동시교역"은 문화적인 "동시교류"에 의해 밑받침되고 촉진되고 있다. 중국 가정들의 저녁 텔레비젼을 장식하는 인기물들 속에는 한국의 "대장금"도 있고 북한의 "꽃파는 처녀"도 있다. 그리고 한국과 북한 모두에게는 중국과 마찬가지로 "유교적 전통"이 강하게 남아 있다. 이에 반해 미국은 정치, 경제적으로 한국하고만 수교, 교역하고 있고 북한하고는 적대, 봉쇄하고 있다. 일방통행적 노선, 정책은 문화 방면에서도 마찬가지다. 중국이 강국발전전략에서 "평화노선" 및 "공존정책"을 펼치고 미국이 패권유지전략에서 "군사노선" 및 "적대정책"을 휘두르는 틀거리 속에서는 대한반도 영향력 면에서 시간이 흐르면 흐를수록 미국이 중국에게 뒤처지게 되어 있다. "6자회담" 같은 국제적인 정치행사, "한중교역량" 같은 경제수치 등은 그같은 방향으로 나아가는 국제관계의 흐름을 보여주는 생생한 증거물이라고 할 수 있겠다.

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