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Protections Stripped From Endangered Species in Wyoming: Bush Administration Still Putting Politics Before Science
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced Wednesday that the Preble’s meadow jumping mouse will lose Endangered Species Act protection in Wyoming while populations in Colorado remain protected. The change takes effect next month.

Environmental Leaders Set to Gather for 9th Annual Summit on Environmental Performance
The Performance Institute is set to host its 9th Annual Environmental Performance Summit at its headquarters in Arlington, VA on October 3-5, 2007. This year's Summit is designed to equip environmental and natural resource managers with the latest tools and techniques to develop effective environmental performance measures.

Think Ice for Energy Storage
Cheap, readily available fossil energy has driven the world's booming economies for more than a century. But there's no doubt that cracks are growing in the energy supply chain, while we're only beginning to learn about the damage from the uncontrolled spillage of waste from the energy free-for-all.

Five Chlorine Plants Refuse Mercury-Free Technology
Five chlorine plants that are among the top mercury polluters in the United States would reap economic benefits if they eliminated mercury in chlorine production, Oceana ( said today in a new report. The report analyzed over 115 chlorine plants that are shifting or have successfully shifted from mercury-based technology.

Metcalf Institute Awards $75,000 Grantham Prize to Los Angeles Times' 'Altered Oceans' Series
Kenneth R. Weiss and Usha Lee McFarling of the Los Angeles Times are the 2007 winners of the Grantham Prize for Excellence in Reporting on the Environment. Weiss and McFarling will receive the $75,000 prize for their five-part series "Altered Oceans," about a profound disturbance in the ecology of the world's oceans.

Greening the Hotel Industry One Eco-Property at a Time
With eco-tourism on the rise, eco-hotels are fast becoming the darling of the travel and hospitality industry. These days however, staying at an eco-hotel doesn't necessarily mean vacationing in a tree house in the Costa Rican jungle, although that is definitely an option.

The New Outdoor Education
When I was young, I spent my post-school afternoons and warm, summer days outdoors, playing with the neighborhood kids. An intense game of kickball, tag or hide and seek; pedaling our bikes up and down the street we treated like the Tour de France; and exploring a small patch of woods that to us, loomed like a mighty forest, kept us out until twilight, when our mothers stood on the steps impatiently calling us in for dinner.

The New Outdoor Education
Studies show that children who spend time outdoors are confident, smart, creative and flexible; gain self-awareness and self-discipline, and develop problem-solving skills and reduce stress levels.

Alternative Medicine Goes Mainstream
From herbal remedies and yoga to acupuncturists and reflexologists -- more and more patients are looking beyond conventional Western medicine for answers when it comes to medical issues such as chronic pain, stress, high blood pressure and rheumatoid arthritis. According to a nationwide survey by the Center for Disease Control, more than one third of American adults are incorporating some form of complementary and alternative medicine into their healthcare routines.

New Developments in Sustainable Technology
Sustainable technology is making significant advances across several industries -- and that's encouraging news for a nation that is largely dependent upon countries outside of the United States for energy. So exactly what kind of sustainable technology is out there?