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DiCaprio Brightens up on Gloomy Green Outlook
Tired of global warming doom and gloom? Here's something new from Hollywood's king of green, Leonardo DiCaprio: there is hope for a brighter future.

Making Global Warming Cuts Expensive but Feasible for Power Industry, Study Says
Making big cuts in emissions linked to global warming could trim U.S. economic growth by $400 billion to $1.8 trillion over the next four decades, a new study says.

Heat on Australia PM over Climate Sceptic MPs
A report questioning climate change and calling global warming a "natural phenomenon" on Monday led to accusations Australia's Prime Minister John Howard was a climate sceptic, possibly denting his re-election hopes.

Scientists Predict Global Warming Will Step Up After 2009
Global warming is forecast to set in with a vengeance after 2009, with at least half of the five following years expected to be hotter than 1998, the warmest year on record, scientists reported Thursday.

Weather Service Raises La Nina Probability
The U.S. National Weather Service on Thursday predicted slightly increased chances of greater than 50 percent that the La Nina phenomenon would develop during the next couple of months.

Monsoon Floods Hit New Areas in South Asia; Death Toll Crosses 450
Heavy monsoon rains lashed new areas of India, submerging dozens of villages in the west, as health workers raced to provide food and medicine to avert an outbreak of disease in the water-logged north, officials said Thursday.

Bush Climate Meeting Draws Doubts about Action
A U.S. summit in September on climate change, one of at least four international meetings set for this year, is already raising doubts about any action being taken before President Bush leaves office.

Gore Says Polluters Manipulate Climate Info
Research aimed at disputing the scientific consensus on global warming is part of a huge public misinformation campaign funded by some of the world's largest carbon polluters, former Vice President Al Gore said Tuesday.

Spain Hauls in Eight Tons of Jellyfish from Beaches
Spain has launched a campaign to investigate and collect a plague of jellyfish on its coastline, and so far has collected eight tonnes of them, the Environment Ministry said on Tuesday.

UN Says Situation in Sudan Could Deteriorate if Flooding Continues
The United Nations warned Monday that if the flooding in Sudan continues, the situation could "deteriorate considerably." The flooding so far has killed at least 64 people, injured 335 and destroyed more than 30,000 homes, according to the U.N.