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Study Suggests Carbon Market Encourages Chopping Forests
The current carbon market actually encourages cutting down some of the world's biggest forests, which would unleash tons of climate-warming carbon into the atmosphere, a new study reported Monday.

Australia Holds the Last Great Savanna in the World
Northern Australia contains the world's largest remaining savannas and is one of the last great pristine wilderness zones, covering an area larger than western Europe, Australian researchers said on Tuesday.

Chile and Peru in Fishing Waters Row
Chile called home its ambassador in Peru Monday as a dispute flared over disputed maritime territory between the South American neighbors. They have bickered over the rich Pacific coast fishing waters for years, and Peru published a new map Sunday that pushes its bid to negotiate a new sea border.

Brazil Says Amazon Deforestation Down
Destruction of the Amazon rainforest dropped by nearly a third during the last year, reaching the lowest rate since Brazil's space research agency began keeping track in 1988, according to preliminary figures released Friday.

Eating Fish: Good for Heart, Bad for Environment?
Doctors recommend a good dose of salmon or tuna in the diet because of its benefits to the heart. But is it good for the environment?

Once Rare Black-Footed Ferrets Make Comeback in U.S. West
The black-footed ferret, once the rarest mammal in the world, has made an astonishing comeback in the U.S. state of Wyoming after a captive breeding program, researchers said Thursday.

Lab Linked to Foot-And-Mouth Outbreak
Foot-and-mouth disease is so highly contagious -- and such a threat to farm economies -- that the United States won't allow researchers to work with the virus on the mainland. But in Britain, a lab making foot-and-mouth vaccines was located near herds of cattle and may have been the cause of a new outbreak.

Australian Authorities Plan to Shoot More Nuisance Indonesian Deer
Indonesian deer have become a worsening feral pest on the outskirts of Australia's largest city, chomping through suburban gardens and causing traffic accidents, an official said Friday.

Research Reports Good Environmental News
For a change, there's some good news from the world of the environment. Several rare and vulnerable birds are rebounding in Europe. Conservation efforts in Peru are reducing damage to the Amazon rain forest. And black-footed ferrets are making a comeback in Wyoming.

Canada Expands National Park in Northern Wilds
The Canadian government said Wednesday it would double the size of Nahanni National Park Reserve in the remote southwest corner of the Northwest Territories, adding new protection for the region's wildlife.