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1832 - Sauk and Fox cede Iowa Lands


On this date Sauk and Fox Indians signed the treaty ending the

1863 - (Civil War) Battle of Chickamauga, Georgia


The defeat at Chickamauga, Georgia, left Union troops pinned inside Chattanooga, Tennessee, and temporarily halted their advance into the heart of the Confederacy. Nine Wisconsin regiments participated. The chaplain of the 1st Wisconsin Infantry reported that 80 percent of its men were killed, wounded, or taken prisoner. The 15th Wisconsin Infantry, composed almost entirely of Norwegian immigrants, was led on the field by Colonel Hans C. Heg, who was killed in action.

1871 - Oshkosh State Teachers College Founded


On this date the Oshkosh State Teachers College was founded. Formally known as the Oshkosh Normal School, the new institution was destined to become a leader in the state's teacher-training institution. Its objectives were to train thousands of teachers and contribute to Wisconsin leadership in education. In the fall of 1871, under school president President George S. Albee, the college convened for the first time. Albee personally interviewed the 43 students who attended to make sure they met his personal demands in academics and morals. The school was free of charge to any student who had aspirations of teaching in public schools. There was, however, a $1 book-rental fee per term, as well as a $4 weekly fee for room and board. [Source:

1973 - Isabel Lyman Bacon La Follette Dies


On this date