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Bearded Baby Comix

Comics with Gusto by John Stephens

Updated: 2018-02-28T21:23:38Z


Announcing the new excellent website for atom rss feeds and Twitter


You have a new channel for Atom and RSS, is also on the website Twitter. Imperative to perform a bearded channel for baby, reveals unprecedented opportunities for flexible online comic artwork or special offers to grow your audience the purpose of the company by e-mail transmission of unsolicited correspondence.

It is ironic misunderstanding that makes us funny


The circumstances of irony are cheap, and they used a commercial company with the contact form to send me a message about a hundred times more harm. I assure you that I use only the intellectual property, legal means of obtaining the artist’s estate online.

I am making attempts to reach out to the author on the same day, to show that his affidavit statement is correct and authorized to use his bearded features of the child.

As has been proclaimed, he withdraws your rights!


When you wrote a lot of messages, the artist bearded child calls us and says, in his eyes — he withdraws his claim! And he gives them permission to publish the story of picture for all to see his own words and make their minds to understand the truth:

An artist of the comic book graphics

Dear Internet pioneers of the global era.

I’m John Stevens, a respected artist of origin, “the bearded child” of intellectual property and author of the web comic material for entertainment. Also, he marks a turning point in the history of Silent Pulse pictures.

You could be in the employment office or factory, in a yard plowing the ground, or swallowing the soup and bread.

You work fairly for your time in the world, and it deserves a word of truth.

Therefore, to show the world freely I report for Yan Pavlo my wonderful friends, and SIS.

Wherever you are, listen to my voice!

Being well fed, I grow strong and thick.

I no longer require a bearded child’s intellectual property.

So, at my age, for the life of pleasure, I do not have time to toil in the comics online.

I wanted to get rid of these assets, which occupy only the space and add no value to his posterity.

My wonderful friends from the SIS Yan Pavlo make my contact: He is the fan and supporter of brilliant artists!

The company gives me something generous for all his creative assets, and he retains a bearded child continuously for comics can be read on the internet.

Therefore, I totally abandon the sovereign rights to commercial enterprise SIS.

They withdraw from the activity without further compensation.

Now you can stop writing the establishment of business contacts, and we’ll forgive you that, not knowing that the artist is deprived of his property to us. They allow the properties to develop new markets of unsolicited messages to mobile mass society!

This is a sample of what the SIS can do to your business.



  1. Bearded child asks the other a pressing question.

    Bearded Baby

    Why did the belaya kuropatka cross the road?

  2. His friend without a face plumage makes an attempt to explain the rationale to understand the question.

    Beardless Baby

    I do not know what this happen! Tell me at once, you’re a leper dog!!

  3. Bearded child makes a test to tell your friend (the asinine one) about products that will provide a new destiny for his life.

    Bearded Baby

    He did it to buy drugs from the greatness of the performance of this Pharmaceutical Corporation hyperlinks!

You will make preparation to be amazed by the fire, which comic book graphic can be placed on the product and make customers pay attention!

We have a business concept to inflame the mailing list associated with the bearded child every laugh, informing him about the features, advantages and benefits of the industry!

Contact us immediately for more information immediately after the sample graphic comics and exclusive offer to make a bang message of the market!

You have to ask us for a special discount agreement to unwanted e-mail offers to build the company’s brand of praise.

Clearing his cobweb


Long ago, a small blue website entitled the “Bearded Baby Dot Net” came online with big ambitions for broadcasting indie comics.

Over a season, the server continues to sparkle with pleasure, granting exclusive brand of “Comics with Gusto” day and night to citizen judges.

Once an artist flakes, and the site fell into ruins. Now the site is under new leadership, and we try to sort it all.

You can still find classic Baby Bearded old home page and archive of comics, if the things you seek. We could not figure out how to update the old site, so we’re working on something new.

Please accept our apologies for the mess, and not soon return to a better experience bearded baby.