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Suresh Behera

The Microsoft .Net Junkies


Configure Open Live Writer To

Tue, 31 Jan 2017 20:05:00 GMT

I was not able configure “Open Live Writer” for my blog post but after few attempts able to make it work.

Step 1.


Step 2.


Step 3.


Step 4.


Step 5.


This is my first post using Open Live Writer(Previously it was Windows Live Writer ) after very  long gap (image)  



Files and content search outside from opened Visual Studio solution

Wed, 30 Nov 2011 19:40:57 GMT

I have been using Visual studio for decade now and never notice a useful search option on “Find and Replace”  wizard.One of my client still use Windows XP for their development machine.We have set of projects separated to specific group or solutions. So,i always have challenge to find some contents or files other than current opened solutions.On windows 7 it is easier go folder and look for content but not so easy on windows XP.Following “Find and Replace” and content search found very helpful.

(image) (image)

Hope this help.


Suresh Behera

Good list of cloud computing learning

Fri, 18 Nov 2011 22:22:47 GMT

[1:08] Motti Shaked's Interactive .Net Tutorial (Motti Shaked) [2:14] Updated Windows Azure SDK & Windows Azure HPC Scheduler SDK(Himanshu Singh), Download Windows Azure SDK, Manually download/install,Windows Azure SDK for .NET - November 2011. [3:50] NuGet Packages for Windows Azure and Windows Phone Developers(Wade Wegner) [6:07] Video–Building a RESTful Service in Azure, Source Code to Azure RESTful Service, Android Mobile Client, iOS/iPhone Mobile Client, and Windows Phone 7 Mobile Client (Bruno Terkaly) [7:37] Implementing 5 important principles of REST using WCF Services(Shivprasad Koirala) [8:15] JSLint for Visual Studio 2010 (Luke Page, "baretta_x" and "markist") [9:10] Download: Visual Studio 2010 Project Template for TFS Utilities (Neno Loje) [10:40] Build Explorer version 1.1 for Visual Studio Team Explorer is released(Terje Sandstrom), Visual Studio Gallery and Codeplex. [12:45] Visual Studio Feedback Tool, Visual Studio User Voice [15:30] Basis of Tactile Programming with WPF4 and Surface 2.0 SDK (Nicolas Calvi) [16:42] PhoneGap on WP7 tip #1: Handling Orientation (Glen Gordon) [18:45] Free Art for your WP7 App (Andrew Coates), Windows Phone Apps Art Gallery [19:19] XDSK2 (XNA Developer’s Survival Kit) [20:12] How We Do Language Design at Microsoft (C#,Visual Basic,F#) (Alex Turner , Donald Syme , Lisa Feigenbaum , Lucian Wischik) [21:52] The Roslyn Project - Meet the Design Team (Charles Torre, Anders Hejlsberg, Karen Liu, Matt Warren, and Peter Golde) [...]

Internet Explorer 8 developer tools debugging on Windows XP

Fri, 18 Nov 2011 06:04:04 GMT

Although , Microsoft officially not going support Windows XP  but still many healthcare companies preferred to use windows XP internally. They buy windows 7 laptop and convert to Windows XP.This sounds funny but it true.

I was trying to use IE’s Developer tools(F12) to debug one of JavaScript issue found that “jscript.dll” has to be registered explicitly    to your machine.


even if i have IE8 and javsascript enabled on browser it was not stopping on breakpoint.

Solution : register jscript.sll
type “regsvr32 jscript.dll” on command prompt and your good to go.

All credit goes to

More about debugging on IE


Suresh Behera

No Internet Explorer 9 for Windows XP

Thu, 17 Nov 2011 17:57:01 GMT


Good to know :)


Suresh Behera

ReportViewer configuration

Wed, 16 Nov 2011 22:43:20 GMT

Some of my team member was facing configuring report viewer.Most of the post are confusing or not able to understand properly.
This is what we concluded and thought to put a quick note on it.

No 1 Section : This is the report name
No 2 Section : ReportServer make the default name on URL sometime even if you don’t see on browser you still need to try with “Reportserver” on url. In our case the DB/report team did not mentioned nothing about “ReprtServer” on URL but it was needed.

No 3. “Adventure Works” is the folder path name.This required as full path. Don’t confuse with browser URL path. Look for actual server path. Browser show something like this “Report/page” blah blah..But this is not the right URL.

No 4: Credential are configured on server and you should able to see report without any login prompt even if you gave “MyReportViewer.ShowCredentialPrompts = false” option. this also need to inherits from IReportServerCredentials  and pass the user id and password using NetworkCredential .



Hope this help somebody and save sometime.

Good luck


Suresh Behera

Javascript : Modifying parent element from child block the web site to display

Wed, 16 Nov 2011 17:38:48 GMT

Well recently i was working with Dotnetnuke and we are using lots of JavaScript around this project. Internally, dotnetnuke use lot of user control which lead to have a situation where child element accessing/modifying data of parent.

Here is one example  

the DIV element is a child container element. The SCRIPT block inside the DIV element tries to modify the BODY element. The BODY element is the unclosed parent container of the DIV element.

   1:  <html>
   2:    <body>
   3:        <div>
   4:                    <script type="text/Javascript">
   5:                      document.body.innerHTML+="sample text";
   6:                    script>
   7:        div>
   8:    body>
   9:  html>

This is by Design,so, upgrade to latest IE :)

For more information
Why do I receive an "Operation aborted" error message when I visit a Web page in Internet Explorer?


Suresh Behera

BizTalk and Cloud computing

Wed, 16 Nov 2011 07:03:58 GMT

Now a day I am more thinking on cloud computing,biztalk ,appfabrick,health care,HPC and data bursting. I guess I should have my own lab now and wish have enough time to play around. I will start writing more blog abound this subject slowly .I am in process to setting up a very nicely distributed and decoupled environment for biztalk .I got my first surprise.I will do more VM Role setup with windows Azure 4.0 .


(Installation on Biztalk 2010 and database on different server.)




TFS Installation

Wed, 16 Nov 2011 06:56:22 GMT

After long time I got chance to configure TFS myself .I did this for my BizTalk team .I was able to install without any issue…




Suresh Behera

Easy way to write WHERE IN clause in Linq

Fri, 29 Apr 2011 18:54:01 GMT

I found many links to write IN clause in Linq but following is the simplest way achieve this

public IEnumerable GetProductsByIds(List ids)
    from id in Products
    where (x => ids.Contains(x.Id))
    select new {x.Id, x.ProductName};

var productids = new List { 33,34,35,36 };



Happy Coding..!

Suresh Behera

Converting SQL To Linq

Fri, 29 Apr 2011 18:08:52 GMT

After working so long on I SQL ,you always need little trick to write you Linq Quires.Here is few tools which might help to generate your linq quries.

SQL to LINQ converter

Code Generation in LINQ to SQL

LINQPad : Code generation for Linq

Converting SQL to LINQ

101 LINQ Samples


Suresh Behera

101 LINQ Samples

Wed, 13 Apr 2011 15:37:28 GMT

Awesome list of LINQ sample Restriction Operators Where - Simple 1 Where - Simple 2 Where - Simple 3 Where - Drilldown Where - Indexed Projection Operators Select - Simple 1 Select - Simple 2 Select - Transformation Select - Anonymous Types 1 Select - Anonymous Types 2 Select - Anonymous Types 3 Select - Indexed Select - Filtered SelectMany - Compound from 1 SelectMany - Compound from 2 SelectMany - Compound from 3 SelectMany - from Assignment SelectMany - Multiple from SelectMany - Indexed Partitioning Operators Take - Simple Take - Nested Skip - Simple Skip - Nested TakeWhile - Simple TakeWhile - Indexed SkipWhile - Simple SkipWhile - Indexed Ordering Operators OrderBy - Simple 1 OrderBy - Simple 2 OrderBy - Simple 3 OrderBy - Comparer OrderByDescending - Simple 1 OrderByDescending - Simple 2 OrderByDescending - Comparer ThenBy - Simple ThenBy - Comparer ThenByDescending - Simple ThenByDescending - Comparer Reverse Grouping Operators GroupBy - Simple 1 GroupBy - Simple 2 GroupBy - Simple 3 GroupBy - Nested GroupBy - Comparer GroupBy - Comparer, Mapped Set Operators Distinct - 1 Distinct - 2 Union - 1 Union - 2 Intersect - 1 Intersect - 2 Except - 1 Except - 2 Conversion Operators To Array To List To Dictionary OfType Element Operators First - Simple First - Condition FirstOrDefault - Simple FirstOrDefault - Condition ElementAt Generation Operators Range Repeat Quantifiers Any - Simple Any - Grouped All - Simple All - Grouped Aggregate Operators Count - Simple Count - Conditional Count - Nested Count - Grouped Sum - Simple Sum - Projection Sum - Grouped Min - Simple Min - Projection Min - Grouped Min - Elements Max - Simple Max - Projection Max - Grouped Max - Elements Average - Simple Average - Projection Average - Grouped Aggregate - Simple Aggregate - Seed Miscellaneous Operators Concat - 1 Concat - 2 EqualAll - 1 EqualAll - 2 Custom Sequence Operators Combine Query Execution Deferred Execution Immediate Execution Query Reuse Utility Routines GetProductList code Join Operators Cross Join Group Join Cross Join with Group Join Left Outer Join   Thanks, Suresh Behera[...]

KeyMaps for ReSharper 5.1

Fri, 25 Mar 2011 15:11:44 GMT

ReSharper is very nice tool and I am still learning the shortcuts.I thought to install kepmay plugin for ReSharper and try my luck.Well the batch file installed it under 5.0 but failed to copy other directories.So I manually copied but still no hope.

(image)    (image)

Could not lead assembly



Good luck.



Double click on Visual Studio short cut

Fri, 04 Mar 2011 21:49:16 GMT

Well, for some unfortunate reason double click to visual studio 2010 shortcut does guarantee it will work all time.I had this situation n-no of time before and today.I wish I would know why and this can be reproduce easily on any windows 7 enterprise OS.

Please comment if you aware of any trick to this (image)



Suresh Behera

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 crash

Thu, 03 Mar 2011 22:34:17 GMT

I add a .CSS file to my MVC3 solution and it stops working with below error.


I am not sure I can reproduce it but will try sometime.

Well, I lost few lines of code because of this.


Safe coding ;)



Advantage of MVVM

Thu, 02 Dec 2010 22:26:57 GMT

- Separation of concerns
- Data Binding
- Unit Test
- Designer Vs developer integration
- Easy to change UI
- Easily can integrate with multiple platform like Windows Mobile,Web,Desktop

Delete bin and obj folder from projects directories

Thu, 02 Sep 2010 22:26:00 GMT

You always have problem to debug when you do latest from source control.You might end up deleting bin/obj folder sometime.Here is nice bat file which delete bin/obj folder(s).
1. copy this on notepad and save it as clean.bat file
2. Keep this file on root directory
3. Double check the directory on "DIR /B /AD /S obj" and "DIR /B /AD /S bin"

FOR /F "tokens=*" %%G IN ('DIR /B /AD /S bin') DO RMDIR /S /Q "%%G"
FOR /F "tokens=*" %%G IN ('DIR /B /AD /S obj') DO RMDIR /S /Q "%%G"


Try this some dummy folder and your ready to run.

 There is other way to use msbuilt but this one found easier for me.



Deselect first row on gridview onload

Sat, 22 May 2010 08:49:52 GMT

I had situation to deselect the first gridview row on load and came to know IsSynchronizedWithCurrentItem on Gridview should able to that but some how i missed on gridview.

Mean while below one should work

        void gvMain_RowLoaded(object sender, RowLoadedEventArgs e)
                GridViewRow row = e.Row as GridViewRow;
                if (row != null && !firstItemExpanded)
                    row.DetailsVisibility = Visibility.Collapsed;
                    firstItemExpanded = false;
            catch (Exception ex)
                throw ex;


Suresh Behera

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Is this bug or by design on Excel

Fri, 21 May 2010 18:44:00 GMT

try this –

- save/create two excel files
- Open one and edit a cell and keep it like that on edit mode
- now go and try to open the 2nd excel file, it won’t until you close editing first one.

how i had this situation? Well i was filling something on 1st one and recall that i need to copy some text from 2nd excel.

any feedback ?



Suresh Behera

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Silverlight hierarchy gridview with MVVM

Fri, 21 May 2010 01:22:51 GMT

Since few days i have been struggling to bind a gridview from a simple WCF async call.
Following article look promising…

I conclude binding is not simple traditional databind() method call from gridview if you don’t know howto ;)